Camp update: Marshawn arrives, McCoy to IR

Marshawn Lynch is back. He’s ended his holdout but does so without a new deal. As Adam Schefter reports, Seattle maintained a firm stance with Lynch — they rewarded him two years ago with a new deal, and they were (quite rightly) wary of setting a bad precedent going forward.

If you pay Lynch this year after a holdout, do you do the same with Earl Thomas or Richard Sherman in a couple of years? They had to stick to their guns.

Lynch is paid handsomely in running back terms. He knew the team had a strong leverage position unlike the Chiefs with Jamaal Charles. Now it’s about calming the storm. Reports suggest the Seahawks won’t enforce the financial penalties Lynch accrued during his short holdout, plus they’ll escalate his pay for 2014. But there’s no true pay rise — just a re-working of the contract leading to a small top up.

If the options were play on or retire, thankfully for Seattle — Lynch has chosen not to call it a day just yet.

And yet I can’t help but feel it’s about time he showed up. As Dan Pompei puts it, “The team already makes a lot of exceptions for Lynch and has done a lot to accommodate his idiosyncrasies, many of which are becoming more pronounced as he becomes more successful.”

This isn’t me bad mouthing Lynch. He just appears to be treated differently to some other players. Whether it’s not turning up to OTA’s, appearing to give the finger to the sideline during the Cardinals road game last year or any of the other things that come with the Beast Mode package — sometimes you just need to accept when you’re onto a winner.

The Seahawks have been good to Marshawn Lynch, just as he has to them. Hopefully this fruitless holdout has led to an epiphany there.

This merely confirms what was feared yesterday. Surgery is likely and Williams’ NFL career may be over before it ever truly began. It’s a real shame for the player and the team. Yet this is why he was available in the 5th round last year.

Teams knew he had knee issues. He was at worst a second rounder without these complications. The Seahawks took a chance and had it paid off, they’d look great. But he fell because of the risk element involved.

Sadly, Williams’ knees wouldn’t afford him a shot in the pro’s.

The recent addition of Kevin Williams looks wiser and wiser with every passing week. Aside from the obvious experience/talent benefit — that extra depth looks crucial today.

It’s terrible news on McCoy as we touched on earlier in the week. It’s also a big blow for the Seahawks, who clearly had visions of big targets roaming the middle of the field in multi-TE sets.

People have asked about Jermichael Finley, a player they showed interest in during free agency. I’d say it’s unlikely. He’s due a sizeable insurance payout (approximately $10m) if he doesn’t play football again. Not only is he risking his long term health if he takes the field this year, he’s also taking a huge financial gamble.

Seattle won a Super Bowl without three assured tight ends and will be able to adapt to this. It’s still disappointing we won’t get to see what they were planning with McCoy, Luke Willson and Zach Miller.

Steve Maneri has been brought in on what appears to be a trial basis. They may look at other TE’s down the line. Maneri runs in the 4.8’s at 6-7 and 270lbs.


  1. Mark

    Reports are that some 2015 money was shifted to 2014 for Marshawn. About $1 Million.

    I’m very sad for Jesse and Anthony. A lot of hard word for some bad luck.

    Good news, 1 less TE means maybe keeping an additional WR. I think that’s a sneaky position of strength on this team.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Marshawn was given an extra one million dollars plus his 500,000 dollar yardage bonus for a total of 6.5 million this year. I would be surprised if he plays next year due to either his physical deterioration, or desire to retire, or team needs money for Wilson’s contract. If he does play next year then I bet he holds out again.

    Glad he is back!

    • SunPathPaul

      He wasn’t ‘given an extra million dollars’, they were all ready there in the contract as escalators.
      1 a roster bonus of $500K, and 2 a $500K bonus for reaching 1,500 yards in 2014.

      Since the contract has that in it, it is all ready “set aside” under the CAP. All they did was guarantee that $1 million.

      Then they guaranteed his $500K roster bonus for next year. So from $5 Million to $6.5 Million this year.

      Plus if he is cut next year, he got $500K of that now. I expect a trade to Oakland Next year…

      Let’s win another one!!!

  3. David M

    I would rather have Phil Bates as a 6th WR instaid of a 3rd TE. Bates is a big reciever, not tall but 230lbs.

    I’m sure he could play as a recieving TE

    Also don’t forget Alvin Bailey as TE. That worked very well.

    • SunPathPaul

      Which ever way he can play, sounds like he is doing real good…

    • James

      I am beginning to suspect that Norwood’s foot issue, which goes back to a surgery in high school, is going to need time and treatment…..that might put him on the PUP, which would free up the room for both Bates and Lockette, to go with Percy, Baldwin, Kearse and Richardson. Norwood would be ready to go during the 2nd half of the season, as needed.

      With so many rookies down with injuries, it is difficult to tell who is doing well:

      – Richardson is lights-out, but has missed half the practices, and must prove that his body can hold up;
      – likewise, Cassius Marsh, who has already worked his way up into the rotation, though he too is now hurt, though likely a minor groin pull;
      – likewise, Norwood has impressed, but is now very questionable;
      – Gilliam is quietly hanging in there, and is being given the opportunity of a lifetime;
      – Pierre-Louis is also hurt (!), and has hardly earned a mention, unlike Coyle and even Horace Miller;
      – Staten and Pinkins are stashed away until next year, which is probably just as well….
      – for the redshirts, Scruggs, Mayowa, Hill, Michael, appear to be playing very well; alas for Jesse, who just doesn’t have the frame for the game, I’m afraid, and hope I am proven wrong next year;
      – who will join Bates, C-Mike and Turbo as preseason stars, for Percy, Baldwin and Kearse will barely play? ….and a couple of prized slots in the LoB still up for grabs.

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