Jesse Williams hurts knee, leaves practise

This is unfortunate news for Williams who was hoping to prove he was healthy enough for a shot at a NFL career. There’s no report yet on the seriousness of this latest setback, but it doesn’t sound promising. At Alabama he showed minimal pass rush but an ability to anchor, hold his point and work against the run. At the very least he looked like a two-down run stuffer.

He may never get an opportunity to translate those skills to the NFL.


  1. Steve Nelsen

    Terrible news. I hope Jesse recovers. I really thought he had a strong chance to add to rotation this year.

    The wisdom of signing of Kevin Williams is made more apparent by this unfortunate event. You still have promising young guys like Jordan Hill and Greg Scruggs competing but you don’t have to be anxious that your only choice is an unproven player.

    • Mark

      Very sad for Jesse. I hope it’s not too bad or that he still has a chance at a career next year.

  2. bigDhawk

    Feel terrible for him. Seemed like a nice kid and dedicated to succeeding. Just looking at him he has extremely skinny legs and calves relative to his upper body and I always wondered a little about his top-heaviness and stability. Wish him well and hope to see him again soon. Next man up. Wonder if this means Cherrington or Boatright get a call back.

  3. Madmark

    Watch him with the 1 on 1 drill against Bailey at the end of Tuesday practice. He was a force that Bailey had a hard time with. All I can say is I hope its not serious.

    • Turp

      He wasn’t against Bailey for that drill.

  4. Kyle

    That really is a bummer. Aside from Christine Michael, this was the guy I really want to see play from that draft class. Dammit.

    On an up note though, here is that instructional video that Pete Carroll made about proper tackling techniques:

    With regards to Seahawk drafts, good tacking techniques should be taken into account as well as SPARQ. Now I have a new way to watch prospects. When it comes to defensive players, I am going to start watching their tackling more closely from now on.

  5. James

    Real shame about Jesse, if healthy he could really add to the interior D. I agree with others that he body type put him at risk, maybe next year. ….I suppose the only silver lining is that this fixes the 53 man dilemma at DL. With Jesse, and K Williams, Mebane, McDaniel, Hill, Scruggs, Bennett, Marsh, Avril and Mayowa, that made ten, which was most certainly one too many. Without Jesse, nine is the right number.

  6. James

    Rob…fyi, for your upcoming mocks for 2015, I know you have been watching Amari Cooper for the past year. I’m a Bama alum and the word from inside the program is that Amari is emerging as the best player of the Saban era, ahead of Julio Jones and many others. If Amari stays healthy, and he gets some decent QB play, he will go high in R1.

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