CFB week 3: Big name defenders continue to make plays

Ohio State duo stand out again

The Ohio State vs TCU game was highly entertaining and featured two big name draft prospects. Nick Bosa (clearly the early favourite to go #1 overall) had a sack fumble that was recovered in the end zone for a touchdown:

Bosa is a complete defender working the edge. Quickness, twitch, the balance to bend and flatten, power. He does it all. Bosa appears faster than his brother Joey and consistently looks like the best defender in college football. The downside? He left the game with a groin injury. Let’s hope it’s not too serious.

Dre’Mont Jones is making a statement at the start of the 2018 season. Against TCU he had a sack, two TFL’s and a pick six. The interception was a tremendous play. He undercut a shovel pass and ran it back for 28-yards:

At 6-3 and 295lbs he has top level speed and agility. It’ll be interesting to see his three-cone and short shuttle at the combine. Based on Ohio State’s first three games (I’ve seen them all) he has a real chance to go in round one.


— The Clemson defenders continue to dominate. Clelin Ferrell and Austin Bryant both collected two sacks against Georgia Southern. Ferrell has five sacks in three games so far. Both players, along with Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkins, are highly likely to go in round one. Ferrell is a nailed-on top-10 pick and could easily go in the top five.

— Florida State are having a miserable start to the season. They look terrible. The only positive might be the performance of Brian Burns. A name on our pre-season watch-list, Burns had two sacks and three TFL’s against Syracuse. Burns looks like he still has some filling out to do but he’s long, lean and quick off the edge. He’s making a strong case for round one with the way he’s started the 2018 season.

— LSU’s Devin White is a beast. In a vital win against Auburn, he had a big-time play on fourth and short. White anticipated the snap, shot his game and exploded into the backfield for a TFL. He is a tone-setter, leader and appears to have the athletic make-up of a very high pick at linebacker.

— Greg Gaines got his first two sacks of the season in Washington’s win at Utah. I have the tape of this game but haven’t been able to watch it yet. It’s difficult to project where Gaines might go in the draft but all he’s done for three years is make plays. He’s really good.

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  1. Saxon

    Take a look at Gerald Willis at The U, Rob. Penetrating DT and former 5 star recruit who’s finally playing to his potential.

    And, yes…I will contine to annoy you about Miami Hurricane athletes all season 🙂

    • Awsi Dooger

      They know all about him. I mentioned Willis here prior to the LSU game, including the 5-star status and transfer from Florida and off field issues.

      He’s played very well but got nicked a little bit against Toledo. Doesn’t look serious.

      Canes have some great looking freshmen like Silvera at defensive tackle and Jordan at tight end.

  2. Tecmo Bowl

    The UDub secondary was great last night. Miller, Murphy and Rapp made huge plays the whole game. They can do it all picks, sacks, ff, fr, pbu, tackle and lay the boom.

    • cha

      Indeed. They have effectively turned out great NFL draft picks the last few seasons.

      (Kevin King just made a great play on Diggs on the sideline)

      That was an interesting Jimmy Lake anecdote they told on the broadcast last night. He only recruits 4 DBs a year and tells HS coaches ‘don’t talk to me about your guy unless he’s got NFL level talent.’

      I know nothing about the recruiting game. Is that a standard tactic for FBS programs?

      • SeaHusky

        I don’t doubt Lake only recruiting NFL caliber talent (or talent that he can develop into NFL caliber), but I highly, highly doubt he only recruits four DBs a year. A typical recruiting class for UW consists of 3-4 DBs each year, and college scouting ranks recruits on a big board similar to how NFL teams rank draftees. Recruiting only four DBs a year implies that Lake is getting all of his top targets, which isn’t feasible; you have to have “backups” to your top preferences in case the top talents pick other schools like Alabama, USC, etc. (which they often do).

    • C-Dog

      Also, there are things about JoJo McIntosh that are very Seahawky.

      • McZ

        Please, for the love, let’s cancel the term “seahawky”. There is nothing such thing, and after falling back in development and state of the art practices and coaching, it certainly isn’t a gold standard.

        But I agree on JoJo McIntosh. In fact, I think he can be better than Budda Baker. Part of the hottest secondary in CFL football, on par with Bama.

        Not too long ago, there was a home story about Rapp. Inclined to say, that this guy brings soft skils aka chips on his shoulders. If they both go into the draft, which I think seems logical re a Mexican standoff between players and owner in 2020 (which, btw, turns our meagre pick count into a disaster), they may come in later mid round.

        • C-Dog

          I would say this about Seahawk development. This is the first year since probably 2011 that they are willing to roll out into a season with this much youth factoring into either starting roles or major contributing roles. I would give it the end of 2018 to see if we want to retire Seahawky, personally, especially if at the end of the season Tre Flowers does look like a starting RCB, Will Dissly is a capable starting TE, Rasheem Green and Rashaad Penny have come on, and they have found a productive niche for Shaquem Griffin.

          • McZ

            Lol, okay… end of 2018.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I mentioned that last night. Easily one of, if not THE best, defensive secondaries in the nation. Totally stymied the Utes.

      Also, I think Gaskin will play on Sundays next year. Maybe not as a starter, but he’ll make an impact for some lucky team.

  3. Volume12

    Haha! Pittsburgh is so bad.

    Mahomes is lighting this team up.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Hey my man at least you have KCC to get excited about this year 🤷🏻‍♂️

      I know they’re your other favorite team

      • Volume12

        Mahomes looks like the next great QB. Amazingly talented.

        He’s quickly becoming my favorite player in the league.

        KC looks good, but their secondary worries me. I would say their O-line as well, but Mahomes moves so well he’ll compensate.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Mahomes had more TD passes 6, than incompletions 5. Pretty impressive!

        • cha

          Don’t get sucked in V12. KC always storms out of the gate and then runs out of gas and fumbles to 9-7 and a playoff loss where Andy Reid forgets how to run a hurryup offense.

  4. Ishmael

    Disgusting hit on Cam Newton. I really don’t know why people are still headhunting. Falcons player should be ejected, and he has been. Absolute germ.

    Chiefs look incredible early. Nothing new there, but you have to think Mahomes gives them a better chance if they make it to the playoffs.

    • Volume12

      Never forget. Buffalo traded away the pick KC move up for to take Mahomes and then used their 1st the next year on Josh Allen. Just gross.

      • Ishmael

        Just disgusting. There are about five well run teams in the entire league and they spend every offseason dunking on the rest. Buffalo look absolutely awful.

        How about Rodgers against the Vikings by the way? Best QB ever.

      • cha

        This is how the Patriots win division title after division title.

        I know they should be credited for their success but Buffalo shouldn’t make it so easy. Buffalo has beaten the Pats 3x in the past 14 seasons. That’s a 25-3 record if you’re scoring at home and one Buffalo win Brissett was NE’s starting QB and another Brady only played half the game.

        That’s called getting fat off of a weak opponent.

  5. Volume12

    Is it just me or can anyone else not see new posts?

    • Volume12


    • Rob Staton

      What do you mean?

      • Volume12

        For like 10-15 minutes there I could see new posts under ‘what’s being said’ but when I would click on one of them or refresh the page those posts weren’t showing up.

        • cha

          It’s the lag. They can show up under ‘what’s being said’ within 10-15 minutes of getting posted but they don’t actually show up in the comments for upwards of 30 mins or more. I posted some at 130 and at 230 they still hadn’t shown up.

  6. Volume12

    Brian Burns was pure heart yesterday. Cramps and all. Fantastic performance. The only good player on that team.

    Ohio St’s D-line is just unfair. They got the best player in CFB this year in Bosa and probably next year in Chase Young. Dre’Mont Jones continues to impress me. When Bosa went down, he stepped up. Ya like to see that stuff. He’s everything people think Rashan Gary is.

  7. Ishmael

    Kevin Byard has more passing yards than Blaine Gabbert with a minute left in the third quarter 😂

  8. Ishmael

    Massive Browns choke. I feel so bad for those fans.

    6 TDs for Mahomes!

  9. Ishmael

    Omg that deep ball!! And then he missed the extra point. The Browns are actually cursed.

    As annoying as the Seahawks are, the Browns are something else entirely. This dude has missed two extra points and a FG. They really don’t deserve this.

  10. Ishmael

    Wild stuff in the GB-Vikings game. Gone to overtime after a crazy series of events. Cousins got picked off, but then the int got overturned because Clay Matthews can’t help but push boundaries and got pinged for roughing the passer. Got a wild long TD, then a 2pt conversion. GB drove down to midfield, had a FG attempt from 52 that got made but iced. Missed the second attempt and now we get OT. Crazy stuff.

    KC-Steelers close as well, 42-37 with a couple of minutes to go

    • cha

      I’ve watched the Matthews call multiple times and I can’t see him pushing boundaries at all. What is he supposed to do in that situation?

      Horrible, horrible call.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Agreed. Horrible call.

      • teejmo

        Less of a horrible call, and more of a horrible rule, in my opinion. It might be stupid, but the refs have been pretty consistent about making this call since the preseason. Say what you will, but Matthews did “land on the passer,” which is a big no-no according to the rule change. Granted, I’m not sure where else Matthews could have landed without defying laws of physics, but hey! Rules are rules!

        • cha

          The pool report with the ref says they flagged Matthews not for the body weight landing on the QB, but for ‘picking the QB up and driving him to the ground’ so now I’m even more confused.

        • AlaskaHawk

          They don’t like the way he grabs one leg to help off balance the QB during the tackle. It looked like a clean hit to the midsection to me.

  11. Volume12

    Another tie?!? The NFL needs to fix their OT. Just do a coin toss and put the ball at the 50.

    • Aaron

      I’ve about had it with tie games too. Here’s what I would like to see…

      – Untimed overtime
      – Coin toss to start, visitor calls it like opening toss
      – Winning team gets the ball at the 50 like you suggested
      – If they score 3, other team gets it at the 50 and can win with 6
      – If they score 6, other team gets it at the 50 and can win with 7
      – If they score 7, other team gets it at the 50 and must get 7 to continue
      – Basically it goes until a team can’t score to match the other OR they score more

      No more tie games please!

  12. Volume12

    Vontae Davis quit on Buffalo at halftime? LMAO!. Oh my f***ing god!

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is doing pressers in dark shades, gold chains, and a zip up where he has nothing on underneath. What a legend. This is by far the best storyline in this young season.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He look like he just stacked a few M’s losin to Mayweather

      ‘Aye gat sahmtin elss ta say ta Dana Whoite’

    • C-Dog

      I’m officially a gigantic Ryan Fitzpatrick fan.

  13. 12th chuck

    bummer they cut T.Johnson and kept Procise. I hope he earns his spot tomorrow, we need a good game from him

  14. Ben Ft. Worth

    Another one of my LSU boys to grab! I was right when we should’ve taken Jarvis Landry instead of Paul Richardson, or traded up for ODB. And I’ll put my reputation on the line for White. I got to see him LIVE against Miami, and he might be the biggest presence we’ve had in the secondary since Laron Landry or Patrick Peterson. I want this kid in Seattle so badly!!!

  15. Georgia Hawk

    A little tongue in cheek here, but…

    Hey Rob,
    You know how you’ve been saying most of the off season that a team with the likes of Wilson, Baldwin, Wagner, Wright and some other solid players can’t be a 1st pick in the draft type team?

    Well, Seahawks saw your challenge and accepted!

    This is gonna be a rough game tonight….

    • Rob Staton

      They won’t pick #1 overall.

      Arizona look to have the early run on that.

      I think they’re a seven, eight or nine win team.

      • Georgia Hawk

        Oh I’m with ya, and totally agree. I was just joking on how it has played out so far with injuries.

      • Hawk Eye

        Buffalo would like to have a word with you about giving Arizona dibs on the first pick.
        I think they are doing everything they can to make it happen.
        Trade away the draft pick that is Mahomes and then pick Josh Allen the next year may look even worse in a few years.

      • AndrewP

        “I think they’re a seven, eight or nine win team”– RS

        I hope not. I either want 10 and the playoffs, or for the evidence to be there to blow it to smithereens and have a high pick to begin the process.

  16. Trevor

    If the Hawks somehow get a 2nd round pick for Earl my way too early Rd #1 and Rd #2 dream picks for Hawks.

    Rd #1 Celin Ferrell (DE / Clemson) – I think he is the ideal DE in our scheme
    Rd#2 Kyler Murray (QB / Ok) – He and Tua at Alabama are the closest thing I have seen to a Russell Clone. I know he has a baseball deal but rumor is he true love is football.

    • C-Dog

      If they do part ways with RW, do they then need to go after a RW clone, or do they look to maybe go a different direction and go after a taller more prototypical QB, thus making all the RW critics happier campers?

      • lil'stink

        Saying people are critical of RW because of his height is a bit disingenuous, don’t you think? If his pocket presence, poise, and decision making were consistently better nobody would care about how tall he is.

        Nobody is saying they want Brock Osweiler instead of Russell Wilson.

        • C-Dog

          But isn’t pocket presence tied to height, lil’stink? Hsu seems to make a continual point about that which others back up.

      • JimQ

        A QB that caught my eye last season. QB-Will Grier, West Virginia, 6-2/223, somewhat “mobile”.
        He seems to have started his 2018 season with a bang in his 1-st game against Tennessee (W 40-14), with some pretty good #’s 25/34/73,5%/429-yds/5-TD’s, 0-INT, 228.05 rating.

        IMO, bears watching further, may very well be a good round 3/4/5 (?) prospect in the coming draft.

        2018: 2-games so far, 46 of 60, 761-yds, 76.7% completions, 12.7-ypa, 9-TD’s, 1-Int, 228.38 rating.
        2017: 11-games, 250 of 388, 3490-yds, 64.4% completions, 9.0-ypa, 34-TD’s, 12-Int, 162.72 rating.

        • C-Dog

          I like Grier a lot, actually.

  17. Trevor

    Ideal Hawks 1st Round Picks 2019 / 2020

    Rd #1 2019 Celin Ferrell (DE / Clemson) – I think he is the ideal DE in our scheme. I did not think we would have a shot at him but as injuries mount a top 10 pick might not be out of the question. Resign Frank and the DE spot would be set for a while with Clark, Jordan, Green and Ferrell.

    Rd #1 2020 Tua Tagavailoa (QB / AL) – He and Murray at Oklahoma are the closest things I have seen to a Russell Clone. Seems like a good leader and shines in big moments so far. Would make signing Russ for $30 mil + unnecessary.

    • bigten

      Also a big fan of Tua, and would love for him to be our 2020 pick. Seattle times had some news on Russel being a 3 1sts worthy player. I highly doubt that, but PC/JS are looking to forego his contract, get a few 1st and bring in tyrod next year to hold the fort until 2020? Thinking giants could be an interesting fit, no idea on there cap space tho, but manning retires, and vernon gone, might be some money for russ there. Team him with barkley and OBJ and that is dangeroussssss.

    • dylanlep

      Even better Trevor – sign Jarrett, resign Frank, draft Ferrell. That would be a nice front.

      As for QB, I would be disappointed if they did not at least listen to offers for RW. I think this whole ‘could net three first rounders’ is totally meaningless at this point. But I could definitely see two firsts given what Mack got, maybe even a second on top of that. I would pull that trigger. And love Tua, wow what an exciting player.

    • Del tre

      I agree, Russ got ruined by Bevell and Cable, he is skiddish now and doesn’t trust his receivers. We need to move on, he isn’t winning us another superbowl in my eyes. We snap the ball and i can go make a sandwich then come back and he still hasn’t thrown it. We should trade Russell, he is the problem, honestly i would rather spend the next two years building the roster for his replacement. We have wide open receivers and he blows it again and again.

      • Hawk Eye

        not going to disagree

        Russell is the main problem, he is not playing well at all

  18. Trevor

    Of course the Pats hey Josh Gordon and he will likely score 10 TD plus now.

  19. Rowdy

    Are defense is complete trash.

    • Comfect

      At this point I might say that’s more true of the offense. Which is very disappointing.

  20. CHawk Talker Eric

    Soooo tired of the sloppy, penalty laden play

  21. Kenny Sloth

    I’m not one to throw my hands up in the first half and we’ve won games playing worse than this, but it’s not looking good.

    We need to turn this ship around in a big way

    • Trevor

      +1 agree Kenny that was flat out ugly in every way except Griffins Picks.

  22. Kyle

    Wow, I can’t believe I’m saying this. But put me in the camp to trade Wilson for those 1st round picks. Holy crap dude, get rid of the ball. He had two quick passes on this last drive he could have hit for 3-5 yards but held onto it staring them down.

    This defense is trash, we need some players. For that we need some picks.

    • STTBM

      And what makes you think JS and PC will turn those hypothetical picks into anything but trash? Would you trade RW for Ifedi, Bruce Irvin, and Penny?!

      I’d dump Carroll–along with Schotty and Norton–before Wilson.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m with you Kyle — both in that I can’t believe I’m saying it and that Wilson is a hot mess. It’s maddening to watch him spin and juke, shuck and jive, instead of just making a read and getting the ball out.

      Folks, there isn’t an OL in the League, in the HISTORY of the League for that matter, that can consistently protect a QB for 4 or more seconds per play, every play. Yes, CHI has a strong DL. So does DEN. So do many other teams. But enough already. This year’s OL is much better on paper than last year’s, and yet Wilson has been sacked 12 times in the first 2 games. Most of it is on him.

      The defense at least has an excuse — they’re missing two KEY players in Wagner & KJ. The secondary isn’t that bad considering their inexperience. The DL is soft. For me, the biggest mistake JS/PC made this last offseason was letting Sheldon Richardson walk. There’s just nothing to the DTs, and the ends aren’t getting any pressure as a result.

      And finally, for the second game in a row, PC missed a challenge that would have likely resulted in a turnover. Tonight’s miss wasn’t consequential because of Griffin’s 2nd INT. But that doesn’t negate the fact that Pete blew an opportunity to get the ball back.

      Overall, it’s really disappointing, especially since there’s precious little to be excited about.

  23. Hawk Eye

    have not scored a first drive TD for 31 straight games
    Have to start putting this on Russell, he holds onto the ball too long, cannot get rid of the ball quick enough, seems indecisive

    Trubisky gets all day and throws a perfect pass to……

  24. Michigan 12th

    Rob I think it is time ti start scouting Oline again. We are helpless up front. Wilson looks like he forgot how to play, and this year is all washed up.

  25. Kenny Sloth

    Has Duane Brown even been good for Seattle?

    • Mac

      Not better than Okung. We really should of locked up Okung before the tackles salaries exploded.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        C’mon, man. Brown is much better than Okung. If for no reason other than the lack of penalties. Also, Brown is a leader in a way Okung never was.

        I’m not singling you out, so don’t take my comment personally, but I’m getting really tired of hearing all the scapegoating on the OL. It reveals a simplistic perspective and a lack of understanding. A lot of this is on Wilson – his style of play in terms of scrambling, it’s extremely hard to block for a guy like him. Also, he holds the ball WAY too long on most passing plays. This year’s OL is much better on paper than last year’s (or 2016’s). And yet, Wilson has been sacked more in the first 2 games this year than any pervious season. It’s not the OL.

  26. Dylanlep

    Wow it’s even worse than I thought

  27. Hawk Eye

    Russell very indecisive, he is not playing like even a top 10 qb right now, forget about top 3
    O line not opening up holes for the rb’s, I think the sacks are mainly on Russell and OC in this game
    Penny seems to have no speed
    wr’s not getting separation
    d line gets NO pressure, and I don’t see speed on D
    and I don’t see any creative offensive play calling (except from the other team)

    other than that, looking forward to the rest of the year, when is the draft???

  28. John_s

    From Jim Nagy, former Seahawks scout

    “Most frustrating thing about Ifedi is his inability to improve technically. Two different OL coaches and continues to play with wide hands and invite defenders into his frame. Prototype length for the OT position but never uses it. Can’t remember last time he landed a punch.”

    • Dylanlep

      Saw that, my thought was well then why didn’t you stop them from drafting him?

    • C-Dog


  29. STTBM

    What gives with subbing Penny for Carson in the middle of the first two drives?! Carson has emphatically outplayed Penny, and yet they won’t give him enough carries. Schottenheimer is beyond my worst nightmares awful as OC. His gameplan is far below the worst of Darell Bevell. And don’t get me started on Norton and our sad sack D-line…

    Carroll very well could be going down with the ship after hiring those guys as coordinators. I just hope Wilson makes it intact through this hellhole of a season…

    This is the Miami game with Mora all over again: doesn’t matter if we win this one, the season is likely lost and the team is in disarray; the coaches have no clue how to succeed in today’s NFL.

  30. Ishmael

    This is absolutely brutal. Penny looks like a potato, no doubt the big brains in the front office who decided to jack Wilson, Clark, and Irvin up have got their mitts on him.

    Wilson looks dreadful. A top five pick is very much on the cards. I have so many questions about the coaching, we’re seeing exactly the same problems we have for over a season now. Bringing in more of Carroll’s old mates doesn’t seem to have solved anything for some reason, might be time to try something new.

  31. Gohawks5151

    Thank you for running the ball Schotty/ Pete.

  32. KD

    Admittedly, I didn’t get to see the first half while being at work, but from what i have seen so far in the second half is a team that looks utterly uninspired with no edge or attitude. It feels like a team that is just treading water just to keep from drowning.

    What the Hawks are sorely lacking, IMO, is that one guy on either side of the ball as Marshawn was on Offense and Kam was on defense. that one guy who personified what this team is all about. As we all know, the upcoming draft has plenty of explosive pass rushers who can be that kind of guy on defense. As for offense, we have seen the way that players like Odell Beckham, Antonio brown and Julio Jones, et al can be game changers, I’m wondering if that is the type of weapon that this team has ignored for too long.

    • Volume12

      Yes. This is what happens to PC teams. They get stale, he makes bad personnel decisions, and sinks the ship.

      • KD

        Yeah, a tough, punch-you-in-the-mouth defense is one of those things that never seems to go out of style, though as we saw from tonight’s game, they just have not been willing to pound the ball on the ground. I’m genuinely wondering if the paradigm needs to change from a running focused offense to more of an air attack style. Not to say that the running game should be abandoned, but our receiving corps strike all the fear into the hearts of opponents as a flock of butterflies. With Russ being the focal point of the offense, maybe it’s time to focus on giving him those downfield weapons he needs. may be easier said than done with the state of the OL, though i wonder how much our receivers not getting open is the cause of russ’ tendency to hold on to the ball too long?

  33. Pran

    Bye bye Pete, John, Schotty, Russ and Ken. Tear down time… disgusting football that you won’t see from a team with an elite QB (Russ is not).

  34. Emmett Hurd

    Russell Wilson is NOT a 3rd contract player who deserves Aaron Rodgers money. He continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. The Seahawks need to possibly think about trading him at the end of this season for future picks; some sources believe Seattle could acquire 3-first round draft picks. That 3rd contract for Wilson would handicap the Seahawks beyond belief and there are simply far too many holes on this roster for that happen.

  35. Volume12

    See why Bevell wasn’t so bad? What’s the difference?

    • Glor

      You are correct, the firing needs to go up a level or two.

  36. Forrest

    Not defending any coaches or players this week (they all looked bad), but I’m also not going all in on “firing and trading everyone.” This was supposed to be a transition year. We all were fine with MAYBE the Hawks going 9-7 a few months ago. What happened? Despite looking like trash and literally throwing the game away twice, they ended with a one score loss, and the defence looked good despite being depleted as all hell.

    Honestly, I give it until the Rams game. I we have another +40 point game from the Rams with no competition from the Seahawks, then I agree that SOME major changes need to happen. Until then, or a meltdown against the Cardinals, I remain calm and optimistic.

    Let it be known, I’d rather see new coaches and a GM than trading away Russel for peanuts. 3 firsts would be the dream scenario, and even then I would take Wilson with his flaws over trying to find another franchise QB for God knows how long.

    • Volume12

      It ain’t Russ’s fault. They’re wasting him.

      This boring, uninspired, vanilla offense will not win games in today’s NFL. Just won’t happen.

      • Gohawks5151

        Thank you. Dude is struggling for his part but he is getting pounded just as bad as any year. He holds the ball too long sometimes but trust your eyes. No escape from middle pressure. Part of holding too long is no one is open. But what do you expect from old man Marshall, the guy 2 spots behind old man Fitzgerald in AZ, and bubble or fade Lockett? No Doug hurts. Even the pick was set up for failure. Empty vs 6 man pressure. Everyone knows it has to be out quick so they jump everything at the stick. And to the 1st year back that didn’t even draw a LB outside? All favorable to Chicago. Wasting his career.

      • Forrest

        Agreed, Wilson is being wasted, slowly but surely. I think he’ll have a good long career playing into his early 40’s, but he’s only got 4-5 dominant/prime seasons left in him before he becomes…ordinary.

        I also feel like Russ was put on a leash these first two games. There was a timeout called in the 4th tonight were Russ looked frustrated when he went to the sideline, like he knew the play would work, but Shotty and Pete had another play in mind.

        If this winds up being a 7-9/6-10 season, then new head coach, GM, and Coordinators are a must.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        There’s plenty of blame to go around. The offense fails to capitalize on Wilson’s strengths, but nobody is coaching him to hold onto the ball like he’ll never touch it again if he passes it.

        Just my opinion, but I think Wilson is too cerebral for his own good. When he’s in the set offense, where he has reads to check down through, he stalls. Like a deer in headlights. I think he’s thinking too much. But he excels when put in a hurry up/two-minute offense, where he has to make snap decisions based on instinct. You saw it at the end of the 2nd quarter, and again in the 4th. With the no-huddle, he moved the ball quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

        Look, Pete is a “type”. He’s a rah-rah motivator who leads by being the cool uncle, instead of the strict dad. It works, or it has worked. But it’s not working now. And, again, my opinion, it’s not working because he’s lost sight of the basics. The team has no discipline. Stupid penalties, lack of focus, mild intensity. It’s a culture now. A culture of mediocrity.

      • C-Dog

        Count me in on the It Ain’t Russ’s Fault train. Total unimaginative offense wasting a generational talent at QB. If they trade Russ for a few picks and hang onto a 67 year old HC, this team is heading straight to the basement of the division. Book it.

    • KD

      Pretty much this.

      It’s easy to be reactionary after a game like this, but as you said, this is a severely depleted roster, and this is the start of a rebuild, as we all knew it would be. I don’t share your optimism, in fact this game has made me much more pessimistic about this season, but let’s be realistic. Even with everyone healthy, this is nevertheless a very thin roster compared to two years ago, and it’s hard for even the most skilled coaching staff to make something out of so little.

      • Forrest

        Oh I for sure think this is a non playoff team, and if it’s a top 10 in the draft team, then I think PC and company may be shown the door, but I think like every year there will be a turning point (game) where the team begins to look like a dominant team and puts an impressive winning streak together. 8-8 is most likely in my opinion, but 10-6 isn’t impossible. I just cringe at people who call for scorched earth policy two games into an established “off” year.

        I know people may be opposed to this, but I think that if the ownership caters to and builds around Wilson (after this season), then there may be a Superbowl of two in the near future. Get rid of Wilson, and everything is back to square one, no chance of a Superbowl (in the near future), and nothing build around (except maybe remnants of a PC defense). Just my opinion.

  37. Pedestrian

    I’ve been seeing this coming for awhile now…

    Last few years have been watching an elite QB coming up in the league get wrecked by bad offensive line play in a division stacked with the best rushers. Now he’s rattled, and that’s hard to come back from. How do you give him confidence again after so much punishment? But now other flaws are starting to surface in Russell Wilson. Holding the ball too long and encouraged to do so with play calling looking for “the big play” stalls the offense.

    The depth on this team is bare. Years of bad drafts and bad trades mixed with tension in a locker room that still is haunted by that one play. Pete and John are gamblers, believers in the high stakes high reward mentality. It results in a boom or bust. 2012 was like winning a big hand in black jack, only to keep playing and watching your winnings disappear, then the money you came in with..

    Pete is a great coach, but he is stubborn. There isn’t the time nor the resources for him to right the ship. Russell is great, but his product WILL continue to decline as he gets older and slower. He is not Brees, Rivers, Rodgers, or Brady. He is more Vick than any of those guys, that’s the trajectory I anticipate for his career.

    Trade RW. Trade Bobby and even Doug. As long as it is fair value, get what you can to allow the next regime to rebuild. Those guys are good, and probably will be good for the next 2-3 years. But this team will not be competitive in that time. So why hang onto them?

    A new regime will need all the draft Capitol and cap space it can get before taking over for Pete. And I for one, just don’t see Carroll returning for the 2019 season. Rip the bandage off, let’s start the process now rather than 2 years from now.

  38. kyle

    Instant reaction coming tonight? I’d like to hear your thought on what we just witnessed. Utterly confused

  39. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody else die a little when they Infinity Wars disintegrated the old LOB in that one graphic. Ooph

    • Gohawks5151

      I gasped out loud haha

  40. Thy Hawk is Howling

    It can’t Rain all the time.

    Even after all that we still only lost by 7 and were in it until the end. That’s actually pretty damn amazing being on the road again with the Pumped up Chicago crowd and Mack attack going off.

    I bet we’ll kick the Cowboys arse at C-Link next Sunday. I understand the frustration but it’s just a game with all the changes and Dougie, Bobby, and KJ being out it could have been way worse.

    Shaquil had two interceptions!
    Tyler had another TD on a beautiful throw!
    Dropkick kick off, need I say more?

    Go Hawks Forever;

    • Forrest

      Amen brother!

    • Nathan

      Dickson is from a suburb which is 10 minutes from where I live.

      Big story over here.

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