CFB week 8: Oregon, Herbert outgun Washington

Justin Herbert led Oregon to a big win in Seattle

At times the Washington vs Oregon game felt like a Big-12 contest. Neither defense put up much resistance. The game turned into a bit of a shoot-out and a perfect opportunity for Jacob Eason and Justin Herbert to showcase their talents to the NFL.

In the end both had similar performances. There were times when they were red hot, times when they suffered through conservative play-calling and times where you were left wanting a bit more.

Statistically they looked great. Herbert finished with 24/38 for 280 yards and four touchdowns. Eason completed 23/30 for 289 yards and three touchdowns.

At one point the Huskies threatened to break free and win comfortably. Eason was commanding the offense well and having a good day and the running game started to emerge after half time. And yet everything seemed to stall when they were trying to protect a lead. Suddenly everything got a little tight, a little safe. They struggled to move the ball. They started trying things like the wildcat on third down.

If Eason is a NFL talent, it felt like they needed to let him win the game and stay on track. In particular he was connecting with Hunter Bryant superbly. Instead they surrendered the initiative to Herbert and Oregon. They played it too safe. Instead of Eason driving them home, Herbert was given the opportunity to steal it for the Ducks. To his credit, he pulled it off.

That has been one of the big question marks with Herbert. Can he deliver in key games? This will be the tape that people turn to. It wasn’t a flawless performance — but it was a game-winning performance. He avoided mistakes, kept plays alive. He had some misses and as per usual was held down by the never-ending screens and short passing game. When he was asked to improvise and extend he looked good (aside from a couple of short-armed throws).

For me that’s the big difference between the two players. Eason is the more physically talented with an arm to die for. Yet he’ll often make one read then look for the check down. He hasn’t got that ability to create when the play breaks down. He doesn’t really do off-script — and so much of the NFL these days is off-script. One play stood out where he was glued to his first read and stuck with it far too long — only to check-down to a short option that was covered. He made the throw any way and took a loss. It was all so robotic — when really you want to see him improvise in situations like that not just eat a bad play because that’s what the call dictated.

He also struggles under pressure — as seen on the big sack at the end in Washington’s final drive. He couldn’t escape, the eyes come down and he ended up taking a much greater loss of yards as he tried to get free. Again, the modern NFL is dominating by athletic freaks playing on the D-line. So much is off-script now — extending plays, improvisation.

That’s not to say Eason doesn’t have positives. He does. His play-action touchdown throw to Jordan Chin for 48 yards flashed his arm talent. He had a tremendous back-shoulder throw to Bryant right before half-time to set-up a late touchdown. He’s incredibly talented as a pocket-passer with a great arm. At the next level, however, he’s going to need to be able to progress through reads and improvise more.

Herbert doesn’t have quite the same arm (he does have a decent arm) but he’s more mobile, shifty and capable of creating at the breakdown. He’s restricted sometimes by the offense and the play-calling and he’s prone to hot and cold streaks. In this game he started well and faded — just like the Auburn game. Yet today he came roaring back to win. Oregon should make the PAC-12 Championship game now and that’ll provide Herbert the perfect platform to make an impression on NFL teams.

Hunter Bryant again showed his big-play potential and this is why I have him in my top-50. He had an explosive play on a tight end screen off play action. Center Nick Harris had a sensational second level block in space after originally blocking at the LOS. Bryant exploited the opening and has great speed and mobility.

Bryant also had a terrific back-shoulder catch on Eason’s perfect throw before half-time. He showed incredible body contortion to twist and make the grab. He finished with three catches for 65 yards and is clearly the most explosive playmaker at the position in college football and one to watch for the Seahawks moving forward. He and Jake Ferguson at Wisconsin are the two players currently in my top-50. The only question is — why weren’t they featuring him at the end to finish the game?

Harris the Washington center also played well and is gathering momentum. He’s undersized but tough, physical and athletic. Before the game Jim Nagy compared him to Garrett Bradbury, the #18 overall pick to Minnesota this year. That showed up today. Aside from one lousy snap that led to a big loss, he was spot on and could compete with Tyler Biadasz to be the top center. On today’s evidence I’d put him above Biadasz.


— Joe Burrow had another outstanding game for LSU. After a bit of a slow start he ended up completing 25/32 passing for 327 yards and four touchdowns in a big 36-13 win at Mississippi State. He’s just so accurate. His game has gone to the next level but he’s an absolute surgeon in the pocket this year — showing fantastic poise, patience and he’s fitting passes into windows with highly impressive accuracy. On one of his touchdowns he did a remarkable job moving about in the pocket to avoid pressure, kept his eyes downfield and then from a difficult angle, launched the ball for a near 40 yard score. It was a Heisman-type play from a fantastic talent. There isn’t a player in college football that has improved quite like Burrow and he’s turned LSU into a major contender this year as a consequence. He doesn’t have eye-catching physical traits but he looks like a pro, he’s not making mistakes, he’s winning big games and it won’t be a surprise at all if he makes his way into round one. Talented LSU cornerback Kristian Fulton, another player with first-round potential, had an interception in the game (his first of the season). He baited the quarterback into a bad decision and undercut the route. Fulton is physical, fast and has ball skills.

— Isaiah Simmons had a big game as Clemson hammered Louisville 45-10. He recorded two sacks, two TFL’s and led the team with eight carries. On one snap he did a super job in coverage 40 yards downfield. He’s a unique prospect who’s equally adept in coverage or working at the LOS and he’s a big-time leader. He will be a top-20 pick, if not top-12. Travis Etienne ran for 192 yards on 14 carries, adding 35 yards as a receiver. He scored a 49 yard touchdown by accelerating through a well-blocked whole and then broke two tackles to finish. He showed a great combination of balance, explosive physical traits and speed. Tee Higgins was held to one catch for three yards. Higgins had one outstanding grab that should’ve been called a touchdown. He managed to maintain control as he dove for the football, somehow pointing a toe into the turf. The refs called him out of bounds but it was a clear TD.

— I put Minnesota receiver Tyler Johnson in my top-50 and he had another great performance today with six catches for 130 yards and a touchdown in a 42-7 win at Rutgers. Minnesota are unbeaten at 7-0 and Johnson is a big reason why. It’ll be very interesting to see how he tests at the combine. He’s a Senior too so hopefully we’ll see him in Mobile.

— CeeDee Lamb had three catches for 71 yards against West Virginia in a 52-14 win for Oklahoma. Lamb also had one rush for nine yards. Jalen Hurts continued to boost his stock and chances in the Heisman race. He completed 16/17 passing for 316 yards and three scores. He added 75 yards on 10 carries as a runner, scoring two more touchdowns.

— Jalen Reagor had eight catches for 85 yards as TCU were beaten 24-17 by Kansas State. He also had a run for five yards. Reagor has massive potential with great speed and high-pointing ability. Unfortunately he’s a little bit wasted in a stalling TCU team.

— Wisconsin were upset 24-23 by Illinois but Jonathan Taylor still had a big day with 132 yards on 28 carries and a touchdown. Jake Ferguson is a tight end we’ve discussed fairly often and I had him in my top-50 recently. After a slow start to the season as a receiver he’s led the team in yardage in the last two games. Today he had 77 yards and a touchdown. His score was a nice route up the seam. He can block, catch and he’s highly athletic. He’s one to watch.

— Last night we saw another big day for J.K. Dobbins. Ohio State beat Northwestern 52-3 with Dobbins running for 121 yards on 18 carries. He also had 30 receiving yards and two total touchdowns. He doesn’t get much draft hype but he looks like a first rounder to me. Chase Young had another sack and another TFL. He’s up to 9.5 sacks for the season already.

— Jonathan Taylor could be RB1. Dobbins would be competing with D’Andre Swift for RB2. Swift and the Georgia offensive line dominated Kentucky in a 21-0 victory in heavy rain. The conditions made for a difficult contest with both teams combining for 52 (!!!) total passing yards vs 395 rushing yards. Georgia’s O-line were again fantastic, led by likely top-ten pick Andrew Thomas, likely first round pick Isaiah Wilson and promising guard Solomon Kindley. Swift is also physical and athletic and ran for 179 yards and two touchdowns on 21 carries.

— Eno Benjamin is likely to be drafted on day two. He continued his strong 2019 albeit in a losing effort for Arizona State at Utah (21-3). Benjamin had 104 yards on just 15 carries. Receiver Brandon Aiyuk — so good last week — was held to one catch for seven yards.

— Steven Montez’s season is collapsing at Colorado and it’s a real shame. He has talent but for the second year in a row it’s unravelling. In a 41-10 defeat to Washington State, Montez threw two picks and was 16/30 for 129 yards. There are strong reports that Laviska Shenault Jr. will turn pro at the end of the season but he’s also not having a season to remember. In this game he had three rushes for 16 yards and a touchdown plus four catches for 46 yards. We’ve not seen the best of Shenault Jr. this year.

— Tua Tagovailoa is a good prospect. However, I’m still not sure why he’s been vaulted to the status of sure-fire #1 overall pick and franchise saviour. Against Tennessee he completed 11/12 for 155 yards and no touchdowns plus one interception before leaving the game. He injured an ankle and there are concerns he could miss significant time. He’s had some injury issues in college. The pick, meanwhile, was horrible. He was pressured, he retreated and rather than eat the play, he threw an ugly interception into coverage. There are definitely things to like about Tua but for a left handed thrower lacking great size, he can be a little robotic sometimes. In Miami he’s not going to be playing for a powerhouse with talent everywhere. Henry Ruggs had a nice game flashing his quickness and fluidity to gain 72 yards on four carries. Jerry Jeudy took a big hit to the head and ended with four catches for 48 yards. DeVonta Smith was suspended for the first half after being involved in a fight at the end of Alabama’s last game. He only had one catch for 18 yards as a consequence. Najee Harris ran for 105 yards on 21 carries (scoring two touchdowns). Defensively, the superb Trevon Diggs recovered a fumble to score a touchdown, Terrell Lewis had two sacks and three TFL’s and Raekwon Davis shared a TFL.

— Penn State’s K.J. Hamler lacks size but he has electric speed and playmaking qualities. In a 28-21 win against Michigan he scored a 53 yard touchdown on a blown coverage and finished with six catches for 108 yards and two scores. He also ran twice for six yards. He’s a player who will be in my next top-50. Yetur Gross-Matos didn’t have any big sacks but he had a tremendous TFL vs the run showing great quickness and hand-use to work into the backfield. He has talent you just want to see more impact and consistency.

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  1. Justin Mullikin

    Great breakdown. Thanks for the writeup. You rock! 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  2. cha

    Spot on with Eason. Sometimes I watch a guy and can ID that he’s not playing up to his potential but I can’t quite put my finger on it. But that’s exactly it. He looks fantastic when his first read is there, but struggles to create anything if the playcall doesn’t materialize as plans.

    Probably not a precise NFL comp but makes me think of Flacco. Cannon arm. When he’s got an OL, good playcalling and time to throw he’s dazzling. But can he put the team on his back and say “I got this” when the chips are down? Questionable.

    • Eli

      He has a crap receiving core outside of Fuller and Bryant. So many games this year where he’s been hurt by drops. The Petersen/Bush Hamdan offense is also questionably conservative, frustratingly so at times.

  3. Eli

    Awesome to see you give a shout out to Nick Harris. Great story, great player. He’s going to be sorely missed once he’s gone.

  4. Jamho3

    Watching game on DVR now.

    Only questions I have re: Coach Petersen and the Huskies going forward can we recruit talent as fast as we develop it and the players matriculate to NFL?

    Meh, macro level problem not any different than for any other school AND the answer is probably yes anyways.

    In spite of the outcome of todays game I couldn’t be happier than with Coach Petersen.

    2nd question… scheduling Ducks for homecoming?

    Bold move but OK coach.


    GO Huskies!

  5. Volume12

    Utah CB Jaylon Johnson is fantastic. Size, physicality, insane recovery speed. This is the best corner in the PAC 12.

    Went up against a very good WR in Brandon Aiyuk who has supposedly been getting higher grades than N’Keal Harry. Johnson shadowed him all day and basically blanked him. 1 catch, 7 yds.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Antonio Gandy-Golden WR out of Liberty turning some heads

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, will definitely take a look.

    • StickyIcky

      Early this season he got torched! He’s got the physical tools but does he have the mental and spiritual qualities
      Seattle drafted last 2 years.

  6. CaptainJack

    Rob… take a look at the Utah defense. You know the hawks will be looking as well.

    • Sea Mode

      Just noticed we picked up ex Utah CB Brian Allen on the PS this week. Unreal length and great athleticism for his size. Remember looking at him back in 2017 draft. He really surprised me when he ran 4.4s, cause I thought he looked a little slow on the field.

  7. Sea Mode

    Well, I’ve finally started making progress on the TE class. In general, I still haven’t found much to get excited about. These are just first impressions though, so highlights (if available) and one or two games.

    Eric, you mentioned Wisconsin TE Jake Ferguson. Didn’t seem like anything special to me on first look. Just kind of gives people a light push as a blocker and doesn’t seem fast enough to really stretch the seam in the passing game. Looks to me to have arms on the shorter side as well. Surprised to see Pauline saying he could work himself into R1 consideration. I’m thinking more like he could work himself into R3 consideration tbh. But since you mentioned he’s a favorite of yours, I’ll let you convince me otherwise of what I am missing.

    The best all-around I thought was Oregon TE Jake Breeland. Real TE size at 6-5, 250. It’s too bad he’s out for the year with a knee injury. I’ll let all the Ducks fans on SDB tell me more about him, but I saw a threat in the passing game and a good blocker in pass pro and in the open field who locks onto his guy until the whistle. Looks like he’ll be an older prospect.

    The best receiving TE who is not undersized (and maybe of anyone, actually…) I thought goes to Arkansas TE Cheyenne (CJ) O’Grady. Right around Will Dissly size at 6-4, 256 and looks to me to have really long arms. Moves incredibly well for his size and I even noticed some nuance in his routes that most guys that size don’t have. Some really impressive catches in traffic like this one:
    and breaks tackles after the catch.
    However, despite the big frame and long arms, his blocking left a lot to be desired for me. Also a 5th-year Senior.

    The last guy I am at least interested in seeing more of is Missouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam (“Albert O”). Big bubba at 6-5, 260. Has a build that reminds me of a less-muscular Jimmy Graham. Good high pointing the ball and in contested catch situations. Just seems like a solid all-around player. Not the fastest, but still effective down the seam. Apparently he came in at 215 lbs. and went up to 260 in just a year. 11 TD as a true freshman is impressive. He is a Junior this year.

    Also looked at so far:
    Colby Parkinson, Stanford
    Jared Pinkney, Vandy
    Hunter Bryant, Washington
    Harrison Bryant, FAU
    Matt Bushman, BYU
    Cole Kmet, ND

    • Kingdome1976

      I also have been looking into most of the TE’s on this list and agree completely about not being excited about any of them. I’m still not sure though that we need a super special TE anyway.

    • Eli

      USF TE Mitchell Wilcox deserves a shout out; averaging 18.0 YPC this year so far, they split him out wide a lot in that offense. Pretty good at finding soft spots in defenses. He’s got some bravado too.

      Wake Forest TE Jack Freudenthal has popped up on my radar too, maybe an option as a Day 3 type. Nothing flashy on tape, just looks proficient carrying out all his responsibilities.

  8. Sea Mode

    The more you can do…? 🤷‍♂️

    Ian Rapoport

    Note on the trade deadline: The #Seahawks figure to be in the TE market with Will Dissly going down, and here’s how badly they need one: They used some of their back-end DEs (including 6-4, 295-pound Branden Jackson) as blocking TEs in practice and could do so in the game today.

    Oct 20, 2019

    • Rob Staton

      It’s been clear they’ve been trying to do something. Even PC admitted that last week that they were working on it.

      It’s just a case of how bold do they want to be? Go big for OJ Howard or take a lesser option for a much more modest option.

      • Sea Mode

        Yup, exactly.

        Who are some other options besides OJ if Tampa decides to ask for too much? Or do we just roll with Hollister, Swoopes, and eventually Ed Dickson as stop-gaps if no TEs with any real upside are available on the trade market?

        I just went here and then clicked on “team” to sort by team and look for ideas:

        Would CIN maybe give up on Drew Sample after just drafting him in R2 because he doesn’t really fit with their rebuild window anyways? He has a grand total of 3 rec/24yds in his young career. They just signed CJ Uzomah to a 3yr deal and still have Eifert, even if he’s always hurt.

        Durham Smythe is in MIA if we want a young blocker.

        Rams and Texans need to recoup picks at some point, but I don’t see anyone they would probably part with (Gerald Everett just torched us for 136yds a couple weeks ago).

        Austin Hooper seems way too important in ATL to let him go, even if they are in a down year.

        Good ole’ familiar foe Vernon Davis from WAS…?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure to be honest. Can’t see them spending picks on a scrub. Will aim high like they always do.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Austin Hooper makes a lot of sense. The Falcons are primed to go 1-6 and are $8.7m over the 2020 cap. They reportedly put Vic Beasley on the market, why not Hooper too. Dimitroff has some big decisions to make.

    • Sea Mode

      Hmmm. Interesting.

      • StickyIcky

        I knew it! They are considering Jackson at TE that’s terrific news for Jackson. Now all we need to do is wait and see if they are looking for a Blocking/Receiving threat at TE and we will have the data to figure out what they are doing at next years combine

        • Sea Mode


          • Kenny Sloth


          • StickyIcky

            I root for our players to make teams and get contracts that doesn’t mean I’m suggesting he should get a contract in Seattle. It helps with comp picks! We tried Hunt at TE that’s the reason for the speculation.

    • StickyIcky

      Hmmm! Using Jackson as a TE saves a roster spot and reinforces how important the blocking skillset and size requirements are at the TE position. The typical 6th OL and Fullback is not getting it done the way Seattle wants it done. Don’t forget about Shaqueem Griffith is the Hawks attempt to get faster at DE.
      Or Hawks are doing everything they can to keep Jackson which doesn’t surprise me at all because Jackson has done everything he can for the Hawks. Pete said “something” coming from Pete and John that could mean “everything”

  9. Eli

    As much as it pains me to admit it, I really like some players on the Ducks O-line. RT Calvin Throckmorton I find particularly intriguing, he’s really good, but their C Jake Hanson is also someone worth highlighting.

    • McZ

      I think, Udub’s OL is very intriguing, too.

      Trey Adams was really solid at LT, Nick Harris is #2 or 3 Center, and Jared Hilbers is slowly upping his game in the RT slot.

      I think, if the Hawks are ending up with a OT double dip with one of the top OTs and Hilbers as a complementary pick in R3 or 4, we would have nailed it.

  10. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Raiders will be buyers at Oct. 29 trade deadline. Already have called around the league looking for LBs and pass rush help, per sources.

    6:36 PM · Oct 20, 2019

    We got any extras?

    • Volume12

      Boy do they need pass rush help. Clellin Ferrell is not it.

    • StickyIcky

      We might Jackson and Jefferson

  11. Easy Answers Hard Choices

    More organic, intuitive evaluation of Justin Herbert. Has the mobility to create time and space, but too easily panicked when on the run, or when rusher is in his general vicinity (w/o sack being imminent). Doesn’t have the stones or the brains for the next level.

    The second coming of Jared Goff.

  12. Volume12

    How do the Vikings only have 1 point?

  13. Volume12

    Sea Mode. Ur guy KJ Hamler is the real deal. Has take the top off a defense speed. I think he’d be a great fit in Seattle’s offense.

  14. Trevor

    Would love to see the Hawks find a way to add Isiah Simmons. Delpit is my favorite player in this draft class but will be long gone. If Simmons is there in the middle of Rd #1 JS should find a way to be creative as he is the type of playmaker in the secondary the team really lacks right now.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Simmons but I don’t agree he’s what Seattle needs. They need speed and playmaking — a player with a history of forcing turnovers.

      • Trevor

        That’s why I like Delpit so much. The guys you describe are few and far between in CFB right now. Do you have anyone on your radar?

        • Rob Staton

          Nope. Dearth of options in the draft this year.

          But I’m willing to give the guys they have a chance to step up. Marquise starts today and Tedric has had back-to-back games with a pick.

          The pass rush being rubbish doesn’t help too. A much improved, vicious pass rush cures a lot of ills.

  15. Sea Mode

    This is getting ridiculous.

    • Sea Mode

    • Rob Staton

      Killing enjoyment of the game.

    • Trevor

      It really is a bit much isn’t it. Funny though that there were a couple of times this year Russ was clearly hit in the head or out of bounds and they were not called.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Despicable. Just ruining the spirit of the game

  16. Trevor

    That 49ers defense has looked unreal this year. What a turnaround. They are legit contenders in the NFC if that group continues to play this way.

    • Volume12

      Look like the #2 seed in the NFC.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Love games like this tbh. Don’t really like video game numbers

        • Volume12

          Most of the time I don’t either. Not a fan of the way the NFL is trending towards. Every once in awhile I love a good shootout.

          I do love this game though. Besides Washington having a terrible offense, the weather has played a huge part.

          • Kenny Sloth

            9ers provin something winning am x-country game

  17. Trevor

    Darren Waller was a mid round SDB favourite coming out of G-tech because of his measurables but as a WR and he was injured his draft year. I was disappointed and thought he was a bust but wow he has exploded onto the screen this year. Say what you want about Gruden he knows how to get production from his TEs.

  18. Trevor

    Does Dan Quinn get fired this week? What a mess in Atlanta.

    The Hawks and Falcons both suffered crushing SB losses to the Patriots. The Hawks have Pete Carrol and JS and have remained a playoff caliber team. The Falcons don’t and have been a train wreck ever since. When people complain about Pete and some of his decisions it makes me laugh. We should be so grateful as Hawks fans to have the coach and GM that we do.

    • Rob Staton

      Decent chance DQ is fired I think. They’re a mess. No fight today.

      Falcons never recovered from losing Shanahan. He was the key.

  19. cha

    Jamison Hensley

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @jamisonhensley
    Ravens inactives at Seahawks:
    WR Hollywood Brown (ankle)
    LB Patrick Onwuasor (ankle)
    CB Jimmy Smith (knee)
    CB Maurice Canady (hamstring)
    QB Trace McSorley
    G Ben Powers
    DT Daylon Mack

    11:57 AM – 20 Oct 2019

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Think Jackson will run for 150 on us

    Their pass rush is very weak. If we can hold them to field goals we should have a good chance to win, but this game has ‘trap’ written all over it.

    Might end up being another classic at the Clink

    • Sea Mode

      Agree. I can’t explain why because I haven’t been following the Ravens to know much about them, but I have a bad feeling about this game too.

      Hopefully home field advantage can be the difference for us if (when…) it’s close towards the end.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s the type of year that we’ll have a bad feeling about every tough opponent. When every win is by a point or two it’s inevitable!

        • Sea Mode


  21. Paul Cook

    The Ravens present the Hawks with some difficulties that could potentially exploit our weaknesses. They are not a good term for us to play as we are presently playing. As much as myself and others have been harping about the lack of a pass rush/getting to the QB, I am less interested in sacks and hurries as I am in QB containment this game. Lamar can kill us with his feet, extending plays, etc… He’s a somewhat unique problem and a unique skill set.

    I think this game will be close (like that’s not a safe bet). I think we will win because I just can’t bet against RW, especially at home.

    Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s the scrambling (we generally are poor at dealing with that) and the fact he still has the ability to throw downfield. We will have to score, have to do a better job controlling the clock. Our run defense needs to be better — it’s still not up to the level they will want. Their pass rush has been poor though so hopefully we can have some success too.

      Bad weather is never good for us though.

  22. Volume12

    Great stop by Blair there.

    • Volume12

      And Clowney. Wow!

      • Sea Mode

        noice! that’s what you pay him for.

      • Rob Staton

        Incredible by Clowney. Absolutely superb play.

  23. Rob Staton

    Felt like DK Metcalf should’ve had that. Bit of a feet for hands moment there.

    • Sea Mode

      His face said he knew it, too. I’ll put that one down to the rain, I guess. Get em’ next time.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not great placement or touch on the pass, but DK should’ve caught it

    • Kenny Sloth

      Feet didnt need to leave the ground. Some of the raw technique we all saw in college, but the route was decent

  24. Paul Cook

    If there’s going to be a Clowney break-out game, this is the game we need it.

    • Rob Staton

      I want to know why rain is so much of an issue for us… when we play in it all the time.

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    And Jarran Reed enters the game

  26. Kenny Sloth

    A West (@oeste) Tweeted:
    Is it time? I think it’s time again.

    mishima plz don’t call me Baker Mayfield ever again or I’ll tell my therapist on you

  27. Paul Cook

    Okay. One long pass against us, and one LJ extension of a play. Other than that, D looking pretty good first two series.

    • Rob Staton

      Decent start in that regard. And to be honest, the long pass was just one of those plays. Tedric had his back turned so hard to locate the ball. The receiver made a nice adjustment and caught a difficult pass.

  28. CHawk Talker Eric

    Chris Carson is so money

  29. Volume12

    DK is special. What a throw though

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He wasn’t affected by the grab at all. He just ran right through it.

      • Sea Mode

        Love how he has gotten called in past games for practically just putting his hand on guys and tossing them aside. Refs are like, “that must have been OPI because the defender went flying out of the frame…”

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    Looked like they could’ve called a helmet to helmet on Ford when he tackled Hollister

    • Sea Mode

      I thought the same thing in real time even.

  31. CHawk Talker Eric

    Nice drive here. Great call by RW on that keeper.

  32. Paul Cook

    RW is just Sooooo…. the front runner for the MVP now.

  33. CHawk Talker Eric

    Gotta catch that man

  34. Volume12

    All Lockett does is???

    • CHawk Talker Eric


    • Sea Mode

      lol. And RW literally throws TDs when he’s just throwing the ball away!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        That’s kinda becoming their signature — the throw away magic TD

  35. CHawk Talker Eric

    Hey V12, what’s all Tyler Lockett do?

    • Volume12

      Catch TDs baby!

  36. Sea Mode

    hahaha Marlon Humphrey out there just shrugs like 🤷‍♂️ “it’s Russ and Tyler, what do you all expect me to do?”

  37. Paul Cook

    Tyler Lockett’s last contract re-up is starting to look like a steal of a bargain for the franchise.

  38. CHawk Talker Eric

    Nice PB by Flowers

    Our corners play the sidelines well

  39. Volume12

    Blair behind the LOS blowing that play up

  40. CHawk Talker Eric

    Dang. Jackson flat outran Jamar Taylor

  41. Paul Cook

    LJ is just a b*tch to contain. Period end of story.

  42. Volume12

    I gotta say. Love this Ravens offense. Running the option? Hell yes.

  43. CHawk Talker Eric

    Big to hold them to a FG here. That’s how you build a victory against a tough opponent.

  44. CHawk Talker Eric

    Did ET get to Moore early?

    • Sea Mode

      Yep. Veteran bump there got the job done.

  45. Sea Mode

    lol. watch them call OPI upon review for the hands to the face there… 😜 Pistol Pete…

  46. Rob Staton

    That was a frustrating end to the last drive.

    Got into the red zone — had the opportunities with Wilson getting favourable match-ups or scrambling to create opportunities. Then Pete wastes a challenge and a timeout.

    DK had his hands on the facemask on the defender. They were never going to call that. Both guys fighting for it. Total waste.

    • Volume12

      Little surprised they didnt even give Carson an opportunity there.

  47. Volume12


    • CHawk Talker Eric


    • Coleslaw

      Loving his play today. Certainly no worse than McDougald.

      • Volume12

        Agreed. He’s played some really good football today.

    • Sea Mode

      Good for him.

      (and the little unintentional WWE “body slam” on Lamar Jackson on the play before will have appealed to V12! 😉)

  48. Paul Cook

    Wow. A real play-make from Blair.

  49. Paul Cook

    How about we do something different for a change? Let’s go on a TD drive here and take a more commanding lead early in the game. And then get the ball first in the 2nd half.

  50. Sea Mode

    Prosise sighting!

  51. Paul Cook

    Wow. They actually ran Prosise to the outside instead of up the middle. LOL

    • Sea Mode

      One play specially designed for Prosise, then wrap him back up in bubble wrap. They’ve learned how to use him!

      • Paul Cook

        Tis twooo

  52. Volume12

    What the f*** was that Russ?!?

  53. CHawk Talker Eric


  54. Paul Cook

    OMG! It actually happened!

    • Volume12

      Was hoping he’d break Peyton’s record.

  55. Aaron

    Uh…what the frack?

  56. Rob Staton

    Why does it always have to be this way?

    We had a massive opportunity there… great starting field position… to go up by two scores and take control of the game.

    Now we’re backed up in our own half, trailing by three.

    And of all the things too… Russell Wilson just made a throw that’d make Ryan Lindley blush.

    • Paul Cook

      It’s like they just can’t stand good fortune.

  57. Coleslaw

    Dumb throw. Russ needs to check it down. Cant go for the tougher throws every time. Should mix more dunpoffs in to keep the D from jumping routes.

    • Rob Staton

      That was pretty much a checkdown. He just floated it for some reason. If he drills that it’s a first down. He got baited by Peters.

      • Coleslaw

        True, but Wilson should’ve seen the TE crossing and thrown it there, it was a way safer throw and wouldve set up 1 or 2 yards to go.


        • Rob Staton

          Definitely a fair argument. I also don’t understand why he floated it. Made no sense even if Peters was on the turf. Just throw it normally.

  58. CHawk Talker Eric

    Worst thing that can happen is to go 4 and out here

    What a momentum killer

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      Carson delivers

  59. Volume12

    Ravens LB LJ Fort is one helluva of a player

  60. Kenny Sloth

    How to lose to an inferior team at home part 2: electric boogaloo

  61. Sea Mode

    Hey, look. It might actually help to have 2 timeouts left at this point…

  62. Volume12

    That was a 1st. Come on.

    • Sea Mode

      I’ll take the free TO from the refs…

      • Volume12

        Good point.

  63. Volume12

    Seattle has been super inefficient in the red zone today. Just not clicking.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nice coverage by the Ravens on that last one.

      The previous one was all on JBrown. He should’ve made that catch.

    • Rob Staton

      Almost like they need a new, dynamic TE.

      • Sea Mode

        Possible blessing in disguise: maybe this convinces them to cough up the R2 for OJ.

        (pure speculation, of course. I have no idea if TB is even interested in trading him)

  64. Paul Cook

    Well, we actually outplayed a team in the first half, yet…it’s tied at the half. Ugh.

  65. Pran

    Throwing a lot for some reason despite decent run game…

    • Rob Staton

      I know — I don’t get that. 11/23 passing. Wilson doesn’t look as comfortable as previous weeks even though he’s still made some excellent plays.

      Especially in the rain. Feels like a day that in the past Marshawn would have a ton of carries. Let Carson dominate here. There were a couple of plays with Carson where he was so close to breaking free.

    • Lupe Green

      Yeah, I’m confused by this. Why aren’t we feeding it to CC? Russ chucking it to much.

    • Bmseattle

      Definitely noticing the lack of a good blocking tight end, tho… especially on the outside runs.
      Gonna be feeling his absence in little ways all year, I’m afraid.

  66. Paul Cook

    How’s everybody’s stomach? That’s what I thought. LOL

  67. Sea Mode

    Looks like the rain let up. Hopefully it is to our benefit.

  68. Paul Cook

    We. Need. A. Turnover.

    • Volume12

      So close there.

  69. Pran

    Russ needs to calm down.. it’s not like we are playing catch up.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, looks really antsy today for some reason. And for no reason since the OL has been holding up really well so far. Shout out to Fant. Seen him absolutely handling some guys on that last drive.

    • Rob Staton

      Exactly. For some reason… they’re lacking any sense of control today.

      In the past Marshawn would often get them back on track. They need to let Carson do that today I think.

  70. Aaron


  71. Volume12

    Flowers with a lick!

    • Rob Staton

      Now THAT is the kind of hit we’ve been missing.

      That kind of play can energise a team.

      Let’s hope so anyway.

      • Sea Mode


      • Volume12

        Thought the same thing. We have been needing some of that. A lot of that actually.

    • Coleslaw

      Aw yeah little guy taking out the big guy!! Right after Clowney chose not to end Lamar’s life

    • Pran

      Flowers balling out…good to see.

  72. Paul Cook

    Great tackle!

  73. Sea Mode

    Clowney looking like an $18m player today.

  74. Volume12

    Is Penny still hurt? Feel like he woulda been effective for us today.

    • Volume12

      Look at that rain. Resembling the 9ers/Skins game from earlier

  75. Paul Cook

    They should have gone for it on that 4th down, IMHO.

    • Aaron


    • Rob Staton

      I think the FG was right but Myers, so far, just isn’t living up to the salary. Too many misses.

      • Rob Staton

        And with that knowledge now… punt next time. The type of game to play field position now. We had a chance to take control and didn’t take it in the first half.

      • Paul Cook

        I disagree this time. It’s pouring rain, a long field goal. Butter fingers could easily happen. You miss it, and they get the ball where it was anyway, even if you didn’t make it on 4th down. I think the odds, or advanced ststs would say go for it there.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s fair.

      • Pran

        50+ he is bad .. Huaschka used to be clutch, miss a good kicker
        Just when things are getting back on track shit happens..
        That 3rd down call is not executed should be snap and dart.

  76. Rob Staton

    I feel like I’ve seen this game every year since 2013 in the rain.

    • cha

      This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Aaron

      Russ doesn’t play well in these kinda games, I’ve seen it so many times.

  77. Volume12

    Wasnt this dude a pro bowl K who got a bag this off-season?

    • Aaron

      Pro Bowl Kicker*

      *In Flurida

      • Volume12

        Not NY?

  78. Kenny Sloth

    Why haven’t we adjusted at all on offense?

    • Sea Mode

      We really couldn’t leave Carson in for one more play to power out a 2yd run?

    • Kenny Sloth

      We have pick routes in the playbook. Our run game is working, Russell isn’t as good in the rain. Let him and Carson chunk it away on the ground and hit DK and Lockett.

  79. Denver Hawker

    Ravens haven’t made mistakes yet. Hawks a pick-6 and a missed field goal. Still tied though. Defense has played well. Let’s see more power run!

  80. Volume12

    Clowney has been a monster against the run

  81. Volume12

    Oohh. They going for this

    • Volume12

      Sorry ya’ll but I f***ing love that. Love the play call, the aggression. So nice to see.

      • Sea Mode

        Yup. Hopefully that figurative punch to the face will wake RW up a bit.

        • Volume12

          Kind of amazing to see Seattle getting out matched physically. Never wouldve thought.

  82. Paul Cook


  83. Aaron


  84. Paul Cook

    So far, in some weird way, this is the game we deserve to lose, at least for me. There were at least two times where we could have taken real command of the game, and didn’t.

    • Volume12

      Sad to see. Seattle has lost the most unique home field advantage in the league

      • Kingdome1976

        What do you mean that statement?

  85. Denver Hawker

    Hawks need to make a trade.

    Rams D looked good with Ramsey, Peters already showing returns for the Ravens.

  86. Volume12

    Baltimore just stringing these runs out.

  87. Sea Mode

    What a gift on 2nd and 20+

  88. Aaron

    So……………..when are we gonna win this???

    • Rob Staton

      Pushed our luck one game too far today.

    • Sea Mode

      PC: “can you win the game in the first half of the 4th quarter?!”

      Team: “yeeee…..noooooo!!??”

  89. CHawk Talker Eric

    This Ravens defense is…impressive. They get after the QB. Relentless pursuit all over the field. Physical corners (I’m ok with the no calls because there’s a lot of push and tug by the WRs) that play the ball.

  90. Volume12

    Special man. He’s just special.

  91. CHawk Talker Eric

    We need a pass rush that can get the safety on plays like that. We won’t be the team we need to be until we get that kind of pass rush.

    I think the Ravens would’ve get the safety on us, or at least forced our QB to get rid of the ball.

    • Volume12

      They dont have much in terms of run stuffers either.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Where’s our Mebane? Or even Rubin for cryin out loud

        Kind of ironic because now we have the best run defending DE in the League. You see they doubled Clowney on one of those big runs by LJ on that previous drive.

        • Volume12

          That’s really it. He’s all they got.

  92. Pran

    Bobby back to earth?

  93. Paul Cook

    I said at the beginning of the game that it wasn’t about sacks or hurries, it was about containment of LJ. Of course, this is easier said than done.

    • Sea Mode

      This is what people feel like playing against RW usually.

  94. WALL UP

    Good night Irene..

  95. Volume12

    Jackson is putting on some kind of performance. My goodness.

    • Volume12

      Another long, back breaking drive.

      • Volume12

        90 yarder. Ridiculous.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Our defense is gassed. They were stopping drives like those in the first half.

          It’s not that SEA are playing bad. BAL are just better.

          • Volume12

            They look timid. Where’s the aggression? The anger? The pack of wolves shooting and hollering?

            • Volume12

              * hooting

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              It was a dog fight until somewhere in the middle of the 3rd. Then BAL just asserted themselves and SEA let them

              But BAL is just the better team. Credit to them

              • Volume12

                Ton of credit to them.

                Lamar Jackson put this team on his back. Star making performance. He did RW better than Russ did today. They got beat at their own game. From the mobile QB, to the ball control offense, to the conversion of 3rd downs, to the suffocating defense.

                Seattle got beat at their own g

  96. Ishmael

    Lamar Jackson is a nightmare, what a player he’s becoming

  97. CaptainJack

    Jackson is super good.

    But overall I’m disappointed with what I saw out of the offense today, even factoring in the rain.

  98. Henry Taylor

    Lamar Jackson and the Ravens fully deserve win this game.

  99. Aaron

    …WHAT THE ACTUAL FRICK?!?!?!?!?!?!

  100. Drew Castleberry

    The play calling and game plan for this game is just overwelming mind boggling.

  101. Paul Cook

    Game over. Oh well.

  102. DC

    Outcoached again.

    • Henry Taylor

      I think we’ve been outplayed, not out coached.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Mostly outplayed, but there were coaching differences. Harbaugh made some good decisions, like going for it on 4th in the red zone, and Carroll made some bad ones, like challenging that PI non call.

  103. CaptainJack

    Fitting end.

    I’m not trying to be overly negative but I think it’s fair to readjust expectations for this season.

    Still in a rebuild. And most of the teams we have beaten so far are not so good.

  104. Paul Cook

    What’s so strange is that we’re down by 17 points at the end of the game, yet there were times when we actually could have taken command of the game earlier.

    It happened.

  105. Volume12

    Another team has come into their yard, stepped up onto their porch and punched them in the mouth. Punched down. Not good.

  106. Michael Hasslinger

    Lamar Jackson is really fun to watch. Growth year for Seattle.

    10-6 will be hard to make with this defense.

  107. Paul Cook

    Please atke RW out of the game. Why chance he gets hurt here? It’s one loss and the rest of the season remains.

  108. Ishmael

    Just a bad game. Got punched in the mouth and didn’t know how to handle it. Probably got a bit lucky with a couple of wins earlier in the year, due a loss.

    More important than this result though, can they bounce back? The Ravens have been everything the Hawks want to be, only better.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, the Falcons are 1-6 and Matt Ryan left the game with an ankle injury, so we may get another little break next week.

  109. Sea Mode

    Even more apparent than the need for a TE is the need for a tone-setter on defense. We needed someone to step up today and say, “not in my house”.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Hard thing to draft, unless you’re picking in the top 10, and even then it’s hard for a rookie to be a team tone-setter. It’s more of a veteran thing. The veteran on our team who should be setting the tone is Wagner, but it’s getting easier to see there’s something off about his game.

    • Volume12

      Say what u want about him, but Baltimore’s defense is beginning to feed off Earl.

    • WALL UP

      The loss of Dissly cannot be overlooked in a game like this. His blocking prowess is very hard to replace.

  110. Paul Cook

    Well both my Huskies and Hawks lost this weekend. Disappointing football weekend. They happen.

  111. CHawk Talker Eric

    BAL vs NEP will be a good AFC Championship

    • Volume12

      Chase Winovich on the hunt for Lamar? Earl and Peter’s against Brady? Should be fun.

      • Volume12

        * And Humphries.

  112. Michael Hasslinger

    Maybe it’s time to put Blair and Amadi in starting roles and let the kids grow.

    • Del tre

      I agree. Have Lano or McDougold come in on third down to cover tight ends. Honestly I think they should move to a dime set, they have good personnel for it, two strong safeties who can work in the box. I think it’s time to get creative with the game plan on defense. I have faith in this team, Russell.had a tough game but I think drops and lack of awareness from Brown made things worse. 5-2 isn’t a bad record if we can get rolling and break off a streak of wins this team should be great. I trust the potential, and there is nothing to lose because Russell is how we live and die.

  113. Sea Mode

    On the lighter side of things: 😂

    Mike Wells

    Adam Vinatieri to Eric Ebron: “That was one of the top 25 catches I’ve seen” on his TD. Ebron responded: “That means a lot since you’ve been playing 85 years:”

    Oct 20, 2019

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