Wednesday notes: Ramsey trade, Earl’s return & more

Jalen Ramsey has been traded to the LA Rams

Thoughts on the Jalen Ramsey trade

It’s an interesting deal. For starters, it’s very unlikely the Rams were going to acquire a player of Ramsey’s quality with their first round picks in 2020 or 2021. He’s a true elite talent — both in terms of athleticism and proven production/ability.

However, the Rams don’t have a lot of cap space in 2020 (approximately $22m) and they have a lot of holes. Their offensive line isn’t performing well and Andrew Whitworth is 38 in December. Irrespective of whether they pay Ramsey or not, they don’t have much room to make any moves in free agency in the off-season. They have minimal stock to make trades. They’re going to need to find answers to big problems in the middle and late rounds of the draft.

A lot has been made of the amount of money tied into a small number of star players. However, on reflection, I think this is overstated. The problem isn’t the money they’re spending on Jared Goff, Aaron Donald, Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks and eventually Jalen Ramsey. It’s the fact they spent so much draft stock to acquire Goff, Cooks, Ramsey, Marcus Peters and Sammy Watkins and it’s left them unable to plug holes with cheap, club controlled talent. They can make the cap work. Any team can. Their ability to fill out their roster is compromised, however.

Gurley’s career unfortunately appears to be heading south quickly due to injuries. If the Rams part with him after the 2020 season, they’ll save $5m in cap space. They could manipulate a Ramsey extension (after his fifth year option) to coincide with that. Essentially they’d be moving Gurley’s salary to Ramsey. So it’s manageable.

Whether they can address the issues on the O-line and offense in general remains to be seen.

The Rams are now relying on two genuine superstars on defense and an offense managed by a talented Head Coach and a quarterback who has proven he can lead the team to a Super Bowl. The impact of not having Gurley in the backfield is being felt though. For all the handwringing about the running back position on the internet, LA’s offense simply isn’t the same since Gurley’s regression.

Booing Earl Thomas

There’s a lot of fuss on Twitter this week about whether people are right or wrong to ‘boo’ Earl Thomas. It’s typical twitter white noise. If anyone is going to boo Earl, it’ll be a minority. And if someone did want to boo him, so what? Who cares?

Cheer him, boo him, applaud him, ignore him. Who really cares? Do what you want.

Some will want to celebrate his career in Seattle which was superb. The odd one or two will want to give a little bit back after a ‘come get me’ plea to the Cowboys, a holdout and a single digit salute at Pete Carroll.

Neither position is wrong. You don’t have to kiss Earl’s feet because he was a brilliant player. He plays for the Ravens now and there were a few moments at the end of his Seahawks career that won’t sit well with some people.

Personally, none of that stuff bothers me that much. I can appreciate why others feel differently.

Earl Thomas had a wonderful Seahawks career. Everyone, including Earl, benefitted from that. The Seahawks were well within their rights to move on. They needed cap room to pay Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner. Thomas is earning nearly $14m a year in Baltimore with $32m in guarantees. He’s had injuries and recently admitted he didn’t chase down Nick Chubb through fear of pulling (or tearing) a hamstring. Even if you disagreed with the decision, the logic made sense.

So now he returns to Seattle. We can remember the good old days and wish Earl well for the future. It doesn’t mean we need to roll out the red carpet.

What the Seahawks are lacking in their pass rush

Seattle has a collection of defensive tackles but only Jarran Reed has shown he can rush from the interior. They have a bunch of five-technique or inside/out types (Jefferson, Green, Collier, Jackson). Their main two pass rushers are both bigger players (Clowney, Ansah).

Everyone’s big. That’s fine to an extent. Seattle had to repair the run defense this season. That was a stated priority, an obvious priority. It’s possible they’re overcompensating a bit in 2019. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they planned to go big up front, believing they could still rely on Clowney and Ansah to create pressure. As it happens, Clowney and Ansah haven’t — whether that’s because they’ve had to settle into a new scheme, they’re being trained to defend the run first and foremost or they’ve underperformed (or maybe a collection of all three).

To me one thing is missing — speed. They haven’t got that blast of speed to change things up. Frank Clark provided that in an orthodox DE frame. In the past they had Bruce Irvin and Cliff Avril. Chris Clemons was quick too.

They seem to be missing that dynamic EDGE who might be a liability against the run but could be trotted out on key passing downs with the mission of getting to the QB.

Unfortunately the 2020 draft class so far isn’t providing many options. At the moment it’s hard to identify the speed rushers. Chase Young possibly won’t go as high as everyone in the media is currently projecting but he’s not lasting anywhere near Seattle’s pick.

Either before the trade deadline or in the off-season, they could do with adding more speed off the edge.

Some thoughts on a couple of quarterbacks

Yesterday I spent some time watching Jacob Eason and Joe Burrow.

Firstly on Burrow — what a major step forward he’s taken this year. LSU look like a contender because for the first time in years they have a competent quarterback. He’s highly accurate, has tremendous poise. He seems in complete command of the offense and his pocket presence stands out. Without Burrow I’m not sure LSU beats Texas or Florida.

What he does lack is outstanding physical tools. He has a good arm but it’s not a ‘wow’ arm. He’s mobile but he’s not Carson Wentz-like. He doesn’t make the improbable happen and he’s not a big improviser — even if he’s capable when he leaves the pocket. He might be a low ceiling, high floor type. Is he able to elevate a team in the NFL or is he the kind of player who is a nice compliment to a strong supporting cast?

It’ll be interesting to see how far he can take LSU this year.

Eason is the polar opposite. His arm talent is fantastic. Physically he looks like a top-10 pick. He has the size, physicality, arm. If you were going to design a pro-QB they’d probably look like Eason.

He has made some spectacular ‘wow’ throws this year. He can launch the ball downfield with accuracy with very little footwork adjustment. If he’s pressured he can throw from angles and still get the trajectory to fire deep.

There also a lot of inconsistent moments. His decision making at times is questionable and he hasn’t elevated Washington so far with his talent. That could simply be down to a lack of experience. He’s basically played a handful of college games. He got hurt at Georgia and Jake Fromm stole the starting job. He’s had to wait it out and transfer to Washington.

The best thing for his career is probably to return to college football in 2020 and just keep getting snaps. In reality though, his physical talent is so high it might be too tempting to head for the NFL. If that’s his choice it’ll be interesting to see how teams view Eason. It only takes one team to make him a high first round pick. Equally, we’ve seen talented, physical players last into day two or three. Eason’s play so far warrants a similar fate. So it’s incredibly difficult to say where he would land if he does declare for the draft.

The Seahawks and the trade deadline

It’s a little late in the week now for a deal before the Ravens game. I still think if they’re going to do anything — it’ll be for a player like O.J. Howard.

We talked in some detail this week about the pro’s and con’s of a deal. Seattle is going to have to spend a draft pick or some free agent money on the tight end position. It’s inevitable. Will Dissly’s injury history means, unfortunately, you can’t count on him in 2020. Luke Willson and Ed Dickson are both free agents.

That doesn’t mean they necessarily need to make a big splash but they have in the past. Zach Miller was signed at great expense in 2011 and four years later they made the Jimmy Graham trade.

Howard is a good age, has massive potential to be a complete tight end, has some club control for the next two seasons and is the former five-star recruit Pete Carroll loves to target.

He also has the kind of outstanding athleticism to provide an extra weapon for Russell Wilson in light of Dissly’s injury. That’s important because it’s extremely clear that the Seahawks will only go as far as Wilson can take them this season.

Who knows whether the Buccs are willing to do a deal? Especially with Bruce Arians in Tampa Bay. There’s no love lost there. They might not want to give up on the #19 pick just yet, even if his role in the offense makes him expendable. Or they might want a first round pick in return which is unrealistic.

If a deal is possible, it makes a lot of sense. Pete Carroll admitted today that they were ‘working on some stuff’ at the position. It would help the Seahawks in 2019 and Howard would be nice insurance for 2020 for Dissly and a nice partner in crime.

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  1. Kingdome1976

    Terrible move for the Rams and I’m glad for it. Ramsey no question is a top lock-down corner. Seahawks and 49ers are run first programs and when they throw the ball it’s usually to many WR’s during the game. Why should we be afraid of this move?

    They don’t have Talib or Peters. Talib is at the end of his prime and isn’t the player he was before anyway. Who is Ramsey going to “lock” down on either team anyway? Who cares. Both Seahawks and 49ers are not dependent on a superstar WR.

    They gave up first round picks in 2020 AND 2021 as well as a 4th rounder. They basically will have to pay Ramsey about 20 million per year after this year. They are in cap trouble after this year.

    The most important point is that making a big move should not have been at the corner position. Gurley seems like he is already going downhill and they have serious O-line problems. If Goff cannot hand the ball off to an excellent RB AND doesn’t have a decent O-line does it really matter if they switched Peters for Ramsey? In the end I believe this to be a big mistake. Any thoughts?

    • cha

      I think your take passes a cursory eye test but there are several factors to consider:

      * Oddly the Rams have been more efficient running the ball than defending the pass this season. The star power is obviously in defending the pass (Talib/Peters) but overall the no-name RBs and OLs have been more effective. Statistically they ARE shoring up a weak area.

      * It’s really hard to say “should have strengthened X position instead of Y position” in a trade market. Who in the OL out there is a difference maker and available? Washington isn’t even taking calls on Trent Williams, let alone taking offers. Is there someone else avilable with that much ability that we’re not hearing about? (the Rams did make a minor trade for OL that got buried under the Ramsey news avalanche.)

      * Ramsey is the rare ‘top of his position’ player that hits the trifecta: young, relatively cheap and available. The Rams had a need. You can’t equivocate by saying ‘well we think the OL has a bigger need so we shouldn’t trade for him’. You have to be bold.

      That said, as Rob pointed out, the Rams are going to have be really sharp in the low-level FA and post-first-round-of-the-draft markets to build any kind of competitive depth. And yes, they do need to focus on OL in those two areas.

    • Dale Roberts

      As the Seahawks and Ravens have proven defense can take you a long way. It’s a formula the Hawks used with Sherman and Bennett to great effect. Aaron Donald is better than Bennett was we’ll call Sherman/Ramsey a wash. It really comes down to the quality they can find for the CB spot opposite Ramsey, a battle Seattle fought for many years.

      The difference is the compensation expended to acquire the talent and as Rob pointed out the impact on the supporting cast. Bennett never got Donald type money and Sherman, a fifth round pick, really didn’t get big money until after the defense had it’s run. Wilson was also on his rookie contract at that time.

      I agree that this may be a mistake but mostly because I don’t understand their plan for the future. They have five picks in 2020 (2,3,4,6,7) and five in 2021 (2,3,5,6,7) and those picks will likely be in the back half of each round. The question is do they have the pipeline of cheap talent waiting in the wings. Right now I don’t see it but Les Snead hasn’t been shy about pulling the trigger on trades. If they can restock their draft capital and still field a defense anchored by Donald and Ramsey it may turn out to be a great move.

      • cha

        They got a 5th rounder from Baltimore in the Peters trade and are projected to get a pretty good comp pick for Saffold signing with Tennessee (3rd or 4th).

        • Dale Roberts

          You’re right. So add picks at the end of round 3 at best and in the back half of round 5 in 2020. Still it will have been five years since the Rams have picked in the top 32 and you suspect that will eventually catch up to them. They also gave up a bucket load of picks in the 2016 draft to be able to draft Jared Geoff. That said Snead has been a good talent evaluator and has been willing to trade down to acquire draft stock when appropriate. The issue is they don’t seem to have the capital to be able trade down now. Snead’s mid round choices are going to be critical going forward but most of his big hits, with the exception of Cooper Kupp, have been high round picks or trades.

          • cha

            They also gave up a bunch of lower picks in trades.

            2nd for Sammy Watkins (got back 3rd comp)
            2nd & 4th for Marcus Peters (got back 5th in trade)
            5th for Aqib Talib

            Not saying those guys weren’t good performers for the Rams, just underlining they’ve mortgaged a ton of their draft stock for their success and the lack of cheap young talent shows and will show for another season or two.

          • Jamho3

            Top 32 picks might be a titch overrated. See: 2014 Seahawks roster/results for proof.

    • king.

      An appeal: Although Seattle is still, rightly, committed to running the ball, it is no longer a run first team.

      The ratio of called pass plays to running back runs is roughly 6:4.

      Additionally, while Seattle clearly attempted to establish the run on early downs last year (63% on first down, if I am remembering correctly), they are mixing it up much more this year, with over 50% passing on early downs.

      Seattle is currently a balanced offense, not a run first offense.

      • Kingdome1976

        The 49ers are the #1 rushing team with 56% of the time rushing and the Seahawks are the 4th most rushing team with over 48%. I think by most people’s account they would consider both of us a rush first type of team compared to the rest of the NFL.

        • Yup.


  2. cha

    Tom Pelissero

    Goodell confirms 17-game regular season is a part of CBA talks. Says they’d still start the week after Labor Day, but play longer into February.
    9:50 AM – 16 Oct 2019

    • Volume12

      Nooo!. Who asked for this? Show yourself cowards.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’d be ok with it if, and only if, they eliminate at least one preseason game (preferably all of them)

        • DC

          Teams will need a 65 man, active game day roster to make it through a season the way things are trending.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Plz just give teams another bye

      • Sea Mode

        And Thurs. night games should only take place after bye weeks.

    • Simo

      I’m for the 17 game season if they eliminate two preseason games and add another bye week. Having another bye plays havoc with fantasy football, but its manageable. Most important it gives teams another two week recovery period during the season.

  3. Volume12

    I’ve watched his pre snap movement before the first snap for like 5 minutes straight. lol. That’s a DT folks.

    • Gohawks5151

      All that movement has Alex Grinch written all over it all over it. Gallimore is also a beast!

    • Sea Mode

      One of these DTs is going to fall. Not sure if as far as Reed did, but likely further than they should based on talent just because of the position they play.

      If Derrick Brown, Raekwon Davis go R1, Kinlaw and Gallimore can’t go that early as well, can they? Then there’s still Marvin Wilson too.

      Does this perhaps affect whether or not we decide to pay Reed?

      • DC

        You sold me on #90 right there!! Shout out.
        Pair him with Reed in the middle and you’re looking at the quickest route to the QB with 2 pass rushing DTs plus Ford. That opens it up for everyone else.

        Really hoping we can keep Reed, Clowney & Fant out of our 2020 FA class.

        • Rob Staton

          If Clowney can have a few big games between now and the new year I think there’s a pretty decent chance they keep him as long as the price isn’t ridiculous.

          Good age, major talent. Not really his fault he hasn’t had much help.

          • Sea Mode

            Exactly where I’m at right now with him as well.

  4. Denver Hawker

    I wonder if Eason and Bryant declare or stay together. Both seem critical to improving their value by staying. For Eason’s sake, he could be a Top 5 next year behind Lawrence if he cleans a few things up which could come with a few more reps.

    • Volume12

      PFF has Joe Burrows going no. 1 overall in their mock draft. Not something O would advocate, but we’ve seen worse.

      • Denver Hawker

        That’s nuts. I guess if he wins a Heisman, then that would continue the trend.

    • Dale Roberts

      If Eason gets a first round grade I suspect he’ll declare because that usually means someone will make him their franchise QB. Bryant however is unlikely to get higher than a third round designation unless he really shows up in the Husky’s remaining big games. It seems like he’s regressed with Eason at the controls. Ideally Bryant stays one more year, puts up huge stats and elevates his draft status to round one or two but Bryant’s injury history makes not declaring for the draft a risky choice.

    • Sean

      I don’t think Eason goes over Lawrence or Justin Fields, both are generational talents at QB. I think Fields will be favored over Eason because of his athleticism.

      • Ralphy

        You guys are forgetting what happens when scouts watch a player like Eason throw at the combine. Trubisky went third overall. Eason has an arm that would rate at the top of the NFL. On top of this he is huge. I have a hard time believing a player with his size and arm doesn’t go in the top 10 (or 5).

    • Troy

      Considering the youthful nature of the defense most places, if they were to return the Huskies would also be pretty well thought of going into the season with Eason and Bryant back and the continued development of guys like Nacua and I feel Spiker as well. It would also help because they are bringing in 2 maybe 3 TE’s this coming summer and would help to bridge the gap there.

      I think Eason, for his long term prospects, would likely benefit from another year but if he gets that 1st round grade, thats hard to turn down. At the same time he has talked about staying for 2 years and maybe he wants to see if he can get his name in a Heisman race, I dunno.

  5. Denver Hawker

    I’m more interested in Earl’s reaction to being back than the fans reaction. Surely more good memories than bad. He knows Russ and the offense and has the opportunity to make some big plays for his new team.

    I still love Earl and his game. He’s just behind Marshawn a Kam as my favorite Hawks this decade. I’d love them as well if they were playing against us.

    • cha

      This is the Andrew Luck Boo-Gate II: Electric Boo-Ga-Loo (aka Return of the Hot Takers)

  6. smitty1547

    Ive seen most Eason snaps and seen him live, I agree with the arm talent you see but the mobility he looks really slow to me.

    • Eli

      Definitely not mobile in the traditional sense, but from watching him I’ve been pretty pleased with his pocket awareness, seems like he’s pretty good at moving around just enough to get an extra second or so in the pocket when he needs to.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    Maybe I’m not understanding your argument about overstating the cap space issue. To me, the issue isn’t whether or not they can fit their stars under the cap, but rather, by tying up such a large percentage in only a handful of players, there’s no money left for other positions of need. I acknowledge that you said that, but I’m not sure I understand what you think is being overstated with respect to their cap space. I don’t think it’s overstating to point out that the Rams have all but eliminated their ability to sign decent players at other positions of need, and they now lack the draft capital to replenish those positions through the draft.

    Take Whitworth as the example. He may 38, but he’s still an above average LT; I don’t see his age as being a problem so much as his salary, which is $10m this season. Maybe being that old, he’ll be willing to resign for a lower salary, but realistically, how much lower would he take? I suspect nowhere near enough to retain him, even at a discount. Moreover, they can’t draft a quality LT for the next couple of years because they don’t have a high enough pick to draft one. And if they can’t resign him, or draft a quality replacement, which FA LT can they afford to get with so little cap space?

    Same with RB. If Gurley is done, and even if he doesn’t retire he’s nowhere near the running threat he once was, who can they rely on to keep defenses honest by respecting the run? Malcom Brown isn’t a feature back, not by any reasonable estimation. And I don’t think Goff has the scrambling or quick decision making chops to mask that deficiency. The situation is even worse if/when they lose Whitworth.

    All of these issues are causally related to tying up so much cap space in only a handful of players, in addition to the draft capital they spent to trade for Ramsey.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s been a lot of talk about the cap ramifications in the last 24 hours and that it’s possibly a bit of a red herring. Firstly, because it’s very easy to simply shift Gurley’s money to Ramsey. Secondly, because you can always make the cap work. Seattle did in the peak LOB era.

      The main problem, for me, is not having any draft stock to fill the other needs.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I get it. The bigger negative consequence to the Rams from the Ramsey trade are the dearth of draft picks (especially high round) because the draft is pretty much the only way to add talent at needed positions that doesn’t bust the cap.

        Off topic but do you think Javon Kinlaw is in the same league as Derrick Brown?

        • D-OZ

          I do….

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’re very different players. Brown is a bull-dozing defensive tackle more in the traditional sense. He could play the one or the three. Kinlaw to me is more of a Malik McDowell type. I don’t think anyone will ever compare to McDowell BTW — he was insanely talented and that’s why Seattle took the gamble they did. I just mean in terms of length, quickness, frame and the ability to play inside or at the five.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            You think Kinlaw has a bit of Calais Campell to his game?

            I don’t know why, but I’m obsessing on him.

            • Rob Staton

              Not Campbell. Think Raekwon is a better example of CC.

      • AndrewP

        And, you have to be virtually perfect in the draft if you are going to pay a collection of players.

        That’s tough for teams with their full allotment of picks, let alone a team missing their 1st in… god, a lot of consecutive years.

        • Rob Staton

          Clearly having Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey on defense will cover a lot of warts. They also still have a talented Head Coach and a QB who can deliver production — so they’re not going to be terrible even if they fail to plug certain holes.

          But they have a couple of glaring weaknesses at the moment. Their offense is nowhere near what it was because Gurley has regressed due to injury and the O-line is no longer what it was. So there’s a real pressure to find solutions there with the picks they have left. That will be a big challenge. Not impossible but tricky.

          • Andrewp

            You and I will have to agree to disagree about Goff. Seen him since he was a freshman @Cal, and, even though I’m not a scout, I’ve never seen a top-12 NFL QB. And, frankly, since he’s lost an elite Gurley (and/or not had a healthy Kupp), I’ve never seen anything that says he is.

            And, if you invest that kind of $$$ in a QB, he’d better be good enough to cover other warts. Maybe he’ll get there and make me eat my words (I’m sure he totally cares what I think), but, I’ve never seen it.

            • Rob Staton

              Well I never gave a review of Goff. I said he can deliver production, which is indisputable.

              • AndrewP

                Fair. I’ll add this and be done (not trying to be the guy who has to get the last word, I promise)…

                If Goff is one of the two best things the Rams have going for them on offense, I like the Seahawks chances to retake the division from them.

                • Brashmouse

                  Goff is what he is. a starter quality QB who lives off presnap read and is excellent at it. once he hits the 2 second mark he appears to me to be below average and easily pushed into mistakes.

  8. Simo

    Neither of you are wrong IMO! In fact I think you’re both saying basically the same thing, that the Rams player acquisition options moving forward are going to be limited.

    It’s true they have spent a tremendous amount of draft stock to acquire players over the past few years, which has hindered them from drafting enough very good players on rookie deals. We all know from experience this is a staple of JS’s philosophy of how to build a successful team.

    JS also swings for the fences from time to time as evidenced by the Harvin, Graham, Richardson and most recently Clowney trades. He just doesn’t do this as often or seemingly give up as much to acquire so called top players.

    Eric, no question the Rams will be limited to bargain free agent shopping and plugging holes with mid round draft picks, because as you each mentioned they lack cap space and draft stock.

    You guys both nailed it!! I for one won’t mind seeing the Rams fall back to an also ran in the division!! The rivalry with the Niners was a whole lot more fun anyway!!

    • Simo

      Oops! Meant as a reply to Eric’s comment above!

  9. Dale Roberts

    Duane Brown who’s almost the same age got an $8 million signing bonus and an average salary of $11.5 million / year. Why would Whitworth settle for less when he’s arguably a better left tackle? I think Whitworth will sign a new two year contract at an affordable price.

    Gurley will be gone and his money distributed to Ramsey and Whitworth. They have cheap and decent RBs to take over.

    I think their Achilles heal will be Jared Geoff. Seattle, New England, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and New Orleans have been able compete for championships after their salary caps tightened because they had a QB that could elevate the team when necessary. I don’t think Geoff is that kind of talent.

  10. Henry Taylor

    I also had a further look at Burrows this week. Having previously not been that impressed when I’d watched LSU games this year, I did come away pretty amazed by how poised he is.

    He has the demeanour of a 10 year vet in the pocket, just sliding into the open space, going through his reads and delivering an accurate ball. It honestly reminds me of people like Brees and Brady, which you just don’t see in the college game these days.

    Really looking forward to LSU v Bama this year.

  11. BobbyK

    So thankful for what you wrote about Earl. Boo him. Cheer him. Who cares. We all have opinions and if others don’t agree, again, who cares? Too many times we get bent out of shape if people don’t agree with what we think they should agree with. One reason this is the best Seahawks blog out there. It doesn’t happen here nearly as much as most other places and thank you for that.

    • dj 1/2 way

      Rob nailed the ET section, and the implications for the Rams is just Genius. No surprise some do not follow it.

      Everybody will do what they do for Earl at the Stadium. I would vote for cheering him until he cried. I bet it would take less than a minute. That also may have the most impact on his game.

  12. Paul Cook

    As an all-things-Huskies fan, I have a *hunch* that Eason returns next year. This is Eason’s 4th year in college, yet he’s only played steadily for 1 1/2 seasons, and this time was separated by a two year span in between where he played next to nothing. I have nothing to base this *hunch* on other than I get the feeling that he just wants to play now, play for some unbroken consistent period of time. I think he wants to experience some stability, a team he can call his own. That’s the sense I get from watching and hearing him. I could be wrong, of course.

    Eason might have the best pure arm talent in the country. I’ve seen him throw the ball into the tiniest windows, drop dimes over a receiver’s shoulder, and almost casually *flick* the ball some 60 yards down field when he was on the run. With Eason it’s all about leadership and decision making. The jury is still out on both of these. For instance, time and again I’ve watched him throw a pass short of the endzone, or short of the first down marker to a receiver who had little chance of either scoring or getting the first down. There are other such examples. I do, however, think such mistakes can be increasingly pruned and improved upon. He does seem like a willing pupil.

    Eason has been described as somewhat of a laid-back surfer type of personality. I myself would like to see more fiery leadership from him. Football is an emotional sport. It was mentioned, however, that during halftime of the last game, the team losing, and after the team suffered 2 recent losses that they shouldn’t have, Eason became vocal in a somewhat fiery kind of way that people hadn’t seen from him. The Huskies went on to blow out AZ in the second half. So we’ll see.

    Lastly, as for his mobility…no he’s no dual threat QB, but then neither is/was Dan Marino or Tom Brady. You just need good pocket awareness, good down field vision, and the ability to make quick decisions and deliver the ball.

    Just babbling…

    • D-OZ

      It would be a smart move by Eason if he did return for another year. He has the talent but not the game experience. The thing I see is he needs to get better @ adjusting the flight of the ball. That comes with game experience which he has little of. IMO
      He hasn’t even played a dozen CFG for crying out loud. GO DAWGS!!!

      • DC

        How funny (in a demented way) would it be for Eason to return next season & get beat out for the starting job?

        • Troy

          Who would you have to beat him for the job?

  13. Sea Mode

    Whew, it was a long one today, guys! And apparently the Seattle media had a lot to ask about some guy called Earl…? 😉

    Pete Carroll Week 7 Wednesday Press Conference

    On Ravens:
    – Each week is a unique challenge. The Ravens will be tough to beat. Two similar systems that like to run the ball, play tough defense and great ST. All around, tough and physical.
    – Lamar is as good as a runner as we’ve ever seen. Even more willing to let him run than with Cam Newton.
    – We really have to have great discipline in order to defend the run. Gap control, the way we scrape and fill. Gotta be focused and do right every single play or we’ll pay for it.
    – Ingram will run right downhill at you. Presents similar problems as Carson and Chubb for defenses.
    – There are similarities with Roman running the pistol offense with Lamar as with Kaep. Just different personnel.

    On Earl Thomas:
    – We love playing guys that we know. There is no other agenda or storyline for PC. The way Earl practiced and focused was unmatched.
    – PC hasn’t seen Earl much since the middle finger. They were so close, there’s space in PC’s heart to look beyond something done in the heat of the moment. He’s really active, the system is different and they’re using him in many different ways as they see how to fit him in.
    – Guys like Earl and Polamalu at FS are unique because of how creative they are: undersized, but they see plays before they happen. They could sense it and be two steps ahead of everyone else. The success they had gave them confidence just to go for it. Extraordinary savvy and instincts that come from being all-around, multi-sport athletes, and then they need positive experiences that give them the confidence. Ronnie Lott was the first guy like this that PC coached that helped him understand this and it has marked him for his whole career to just appreciate players’ individual talents and give them the freedom to make the plays they know they can do.
    – Earl’s chops at the goal line were some standout plays PC most remembers. Just phenomenal moments of effort, vision, and swings in the game (from their TD to our ball).
    – Earl’s episode “come get me”: PC thinks he made a mistake. Earl told him as much in the locker room after that happened (that he didn’t mean for it to be perceived that way), and PC trusted that he meant what he said. So no, that episode didn’t affect the relations afterwards.
    – Does PC have an appreciation for Earl’s true personality beyond media perception? Absolutely. Even from when we first saw him competing in the weight room at Texas, we loved the type of character he was. “He was a very, very unique player and unique person to have at the club and I totally embraced that. […] I know what the relationship means to me and I’ll always be there for him. If he needs me, I’ll be there.”

    On Seahawks:
    – Looking for more consistency in ST play. A few calls could have gone the other way last week and nobody would even be talking about it. But it’s not a worry, we’re moving forward.
    – The backup OL did a beautiful job. That is a tribute to how they have applied themselves as backups waiting for their opportunity. There are guys that are better than others at accepting being backups.
    – The sack numbers haven’t been there. Reed coming back will help the other guys around him. He learned last year to take advantage of the reads and the tells that the OL give him. The pass rush is a work in progress and won’t continue like this forever.
    – Reed coming back just needs to not try too hard. Just play good, sound, technical football and not go out there looking to prove something and overdo it. Haven’t seen him in practice yet.
    – Jamarco Jones surprised PC with how well he played at guard. And he played even better the second time around, which is a great sign. Great to have a versatile guy like that.
    – Iupati made an excellent pulling block that was one of the highlights shown to the team.
    – How to build confidence in young safeties? Working to show them how good they are, the match-ups that they were successful at, to prove to them that they are worthy of that level of trust in themselves. It’s a process.
    – Ziggy as a pass rusher. He’s been consistent, albeit still working at getting his timing down. Around the edge he hasn’t been effective yet, his up and under have been solid. He’s still figuring it out, and we need to compliment him as well.

    On injuries:
    – Fluker went through the walkthrough.
    – Penny will practice today.
    – Dissly will have surgery tomorrow.

    – Anything new with TE situation? Tyrone Swoopes is in, we’re familiar with him. “And we’re working on some stuff…” (!)
    – Were you guys in on Ramsey? “We’re in on everybody. I can’t tell you any different. We know everything that we could possibly know from our end of it. That’s a huge trade. A huge trade.”
    – Is the XFL good for the NFL to have a sort of minor league? Our guys will be watching every snap. It gives players opportunities, so it’s good for the NFL.

    • evan

      Does “And we’re working on some stuff…” mean some new formations or does it mean acquiring a new TE?

      • Sea Mode

        New TE. The question had nothing to do with formations, but rather players on the roster.

  14. Jamho3

    From my perspective OJ H. makes ALL the sense in the world.

    But there are some important caveats:

    Of course at the right price. Meaning, something SEA can pay AND still keep building our overall talent level.

    With that said please understand that every year there is an elder DL player who SEA would love to have and we woo em’ and ultimately don’t sign because we’re not offering the market rate.

    SEA FO is incredibly disciplined at acquiring talent at the price point they feel good about and passing up most other deals.

    So the “right” answer for so many of us fans is that we’ve just got to put our trust in the the FO. We’ve passed up difference making talent so many times in the past and surely we will in the future.

  15. Paul Cook

    ET was my favorite Hawk during the run. I loved the way he played, his passion for the game, his speed, his instincts, the territory he covered, his tenacity to the very end of every play, and his almost never getting beat over the top during his entire career with the Hawks. True HOF and ring-of-honor player.

    He always had kind of a unique and quirky personality and way of expressing himself that I found entertaining. I admit that I was a little disheartened about a few of his shenanigans toward the end of his days here. It took a little shine off the admiration I had for him. But mostly that’s passed.

    I’d cheer him if I was at the game. The good so far outweighed anything that happened near the end that it’s almost inconsequential to me now. Can’t get too crazy and petty about such things, methinks.

    • Sea Mode

      Well said!

    • Volume12

      Feel almost exactly the same. Some of the stuff he did at the end, and there’s alot to unpack there, bummed me out. Still loved him though.

      Will actually be rocking my #29 on Sunday.

    • McZ

      Imagine this team with a healthy Earl at the helm at FS.

      • dj 1/2 way

        Would you trade for him right now? How much salary would Baltimore have to eat to make you trade Earl Straight up for any safety on the team less McDougal?

        I wouldn’t do it. Earl may be healthy by the playoffs or get hurt again. They are better long term getting young. They need difference makers on defense, but not everywhere, but maybe free safety and Leo are critical to Petes Way.

  16. Jamho3

    Again on OJ H. as an interesting aside I wonder what TB would want in return for a talent and contract like that?

    To me seems like it would make sense for them to pick up someone who could help them on the field in the short term as well? Players?

    There is another aspect that is rarely discussed that when teams trade talented players they are decreasing the potential of their entire roster until the drafted players and possibly FA’s are able contribute at the same level.

  17. Sea Mode

    Hmmm, interesting concept for stats.

    So maybe we should see if ATL would (idk why) part with Hooper instead?

    PC definitely dropping a heavy hint in his press conference that we’re looking into something at TE.

    • Volume12

      This doesn’t have anything to do with TE. I’m curious to see if Seattle targets more of an off-ball pass rusher this year. Quite a few this year draft wise. That Bruce Irvin type if you will. Kendricks has essentially been that anyways.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Curtis Weaver V12. You mentioned him at the start of the CFB season. In 6 games this year, he already has 20 TFL and 9 sacks. Any idea if he’ll declare or return for a senior season?

        • Volume12

          I have no idea. Would like to think he’s coming out.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I also like Zach “Sack” Baun from Wisconsin. He’s having a great season.

            • Volume12

              He’s intriguing for sure.

              • Mike

                fun fact..Wisconsin’s defense has outscored their opponents offense this year

    • Ben

      Another TE option could be Delanie Walker possibly? Titans are looking more out of it. Cheap to get out of his contract next year, not too expensive this year (~2.75 mil prorated). Great blocker, Solari has experience with him. He has been an a pretty integral part of the titans for years though.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Rob I was wondering if you think the Seahawks will play a lot 4- 3 defensively against the Ravens. I can see them playing A lot of it .try to stuff the run. And with the Rams the almost have to resign Jalen Ramsey for the priced they paid .if you are going to pay A D and Gott and now Ramsey.

        • Rob Staton

          As usual the main focus of the gameplan will be to take away the run. This game is a little different because the QB is such a factor in the running game. I must admit I’m a bit concerned about this one because Tyrod Taylor had a field day against us with Buffalo a few years ago acting as a runner/scrambler. It took them a while to get a handle on Kaepernick too.

          We’ll probably see even more base than usual and discipline will be key. Got to retain shape and eliminate the big opportunities to scramble into wide open areas exploited by routes to draw coverage. Clowney is key in a game like this. Maybe this is his breakout opportunity.

          It will help if they can play with a lead to force Baltimore to be a bit more aggressive. I like the matchup of Seattle’s offense vs the Ravens defense so hopefully there will be opportunities to run at them with some Wilson magic thrown in too.

          So I would expect some frustrating defensive moments in the game but hopefully they can keep scoring. We’re used to that by now anyway!

          • charlietheunicorn

            The Ravens rush defense was discussed on 710 earlier today. They actually a decently stout, but the pass defense is questionable at best. More or less, they said RW will have to bait ET into making mistakes, since he has been gambling more on defense this season than he ever did in the past. Double moves or mid/deep concepts are going to be where RW tries to get over the top. I guess, play action has torn up the Ravens in a few games as well, but their offense puts up so many points it is masking this deficiency.

            The game will essentially revolve on around which defense can hold down the oppositions rush offense. Might be a lower scoring type of game with plenty of hard nosed football. Be prepared for a close game… as always!

      • Von

        That’s a good name to throw out there. I’m also interested in Brate from TB as well.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    I think the trade was a terribly short term deal for the RAMS. They do not make the playoffs or possibly all the way to the NFCCG, then it was a failure. As Rob stated, they gave up way too much draft capital for the next 2 years. Hell they have something like 12 picks in 2020 and 2021 combined. Seahawks have 10 or 11 just in 2020 right now. Both GMs supposedly place priority on a decent volume of picks over quality of picks.

    Is it true the Rams have had or will have 0 1st round picks for 5 years straight? This comes back to bite teams in the butt, without constantly replenishing the team with decent players at low contracts. Seattle went through a mini drought a few years ago and it took about 2 years to rebuild up the roster to what we see today.

  19. millhouse-serbia

    If you havent allready listened, turn on last hawk talk and just listen what Jim Nagy had to say…

    And when ever you just think to say or write something about Pete like he is washed, he cant follow trends, analyticks are true Pete is false…or about John that he had luck in first 2,3 years and since then he suck…just stop…just stop and remember what Jim (guy from inside)said about them about organization about seahawks…


  20. Sea Mode

    Just gotta put this out there, combining a few different tweets:

    “Brock Osweiler finessed millions out of the NFL (7 years, $41.4m), won a ring, and retired at the age of 28. What a legend.”

    • Greg Haugsven

      In life you got to tell your son to be either one of two things. A back up QB or a left handed relief pitcher. Either way you get to stay in the game a long time and make bank doing nothing with no wear and tear.

    • charlietheunicorn

      The only guy, I can recall, that got traded with a draft pick to get him off the team (and his inflated salary). It took a 2nd rounder from the Broncos to make the Browns take him… WOW

    • cha

      My personal favorite example is Sam Bradford.

      Not just because he was the last #1 pick before the rookie wage scale took effect (seriously, he made more $ than Tom Brady did a couple of those years!), but because teams kept right on investing in him despite his horrible injury record and less than stellar play.

      St Louis had a couple seasons of him and decided to trade away the #2 pick (RG3) for a bounty. Bradford played a decent year, then tore his ACL in back to back years.

      Philly decided to trade Nick Foles and a 2nd round pick for him, and gave him a $26m extension. Quickly obseleted as Philly decided to give up the farm to move up and get Wentz.

      Vikings decided to give up a 1st & 4th for him in trade after Bridgewater got hurt. Had a good season in 2016 then sat out most of 2017 with more injury problems. Vikings let him walk.

      Arizona signed him with a $10m bonus. He lasted 3 games before getting inactived and then cut in favor of Josh Rosen.

      Career earnings in excess of $100m. Appeared in 63% of possible games in his career. More than 1/3 of his possible starts missed due to injury.

  21. Sea Mode


    Kyle Shanahan doesn’t mince words when speaking about time w/#Redskins:

    What was the best part of working in Washington?

    “Being able to work with my dad & be around some other good coaches.”

    What was the worst part?

    “Everything else.”

  22. EranUngar

    Booing Earl? please don’t.

    I have always been a team fan (rather than a players fan). Loved Earl for the fantastic player he was for us and HATE him for everything else. (Yes, I know, I am an asshole, I have never forgiven Kam for sitting out those 2 games…)

    However, If there is a player who will use the booing as gasoline on his internal flame – It’s Earl. So, no booing before the game and all the booing in the world one the game is over.

    As for the pass rush – Following the lesson learned last year, I take PC’s words as they are. I believe that Reed up the middle will have a major effect by taking away the step up into the pocket and enable the DE pressure from the sides to be more effective.

    But, more than anything, as a volleyball coach, I place value in those special “team shaping” key events that will a change a team. You all remember the Win over the bears in 2012 or the “Love Our Brother” sideline gathering that changed a season from bust to SB ?

    Well, Wags collected the defense on the sideline at CLE down 20-6 and said whatever he said. They returned and got 4 turnovers to change that game and win it. I am eagerly waiting for the Ravens game to see how much of that will carry over into this game. It may have been just that extra spark the D needed to take a step forwards.

    We’ll find out on Sunday…

    • dj 1/2 way

      Earl will thrive on the boos. I say cheer him until he cries. How long would it take?

  23. Robeetle12

    I am hoping the Seahawks do a better job on kick coverage. They have had huge holes right up the middle on multiple occasions this year that have led to points and they need to clean that up.

  24. Kenny Sloth

    I love love love love love Earl Thomas

    • Kingdome1976

      I hate hate hate hate hate Earl Thomas…..until he retires.

  25. Kenny Sloth

    A random fan sucker punched Myles Garrett in the face.

    Imagine thinking you want that smoke for even a second

    • Troy

      Seahawks fans wont punch you in the face Myles. Come on down in 2022 or whatever it is 🙂

    • Volume12

      He wanted ALL the smoke.

      🎶 Heeee wants the smoke…. Heeee wants the smoke 🎶

    • charlietheunicorn

      The guy then fled in his automobile, but they have the plates and are going to talk to him later.
      If you are going to be man enough to toss a punch, you should stick around for the result.

      The response was classic, essentially, “that the best you can do?”

  26. WALL UP

    There will be a void in the offense from Dissly’s loss that may not be able to be filled. The little things like: Whomever is used to fill that void, will have big shoes to fill.

  27. Sea Mode

    Quick breakdown of the drive that RW called himself:

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Bloody brilliant. What a time to be a Seahawks fan.

  28. cha

    Totally off-topic and off-sport but how can you not love Jackson?

    He’s kinda shy but also excited.

  29. cha

    Has anything been reported about the CenturyLink turf this year? And/or the equipment guys not getting the spikes configuration right?

    There’s been several instances of guys slipping this year. It’s really concerning.

    The Hawks practice in the indoor bubble when it rains to prevent injury…safe precaution but maybe it is causing problems with the players having trouble getting used to the turf when it is wet come gametime?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Turf suuuucks. Put in grass plz.

      • Logan Lynch

        But Russ is bad on grass. This has been proven by Twitter.

        • Sea Mode

          Sorry, I haven’t ever read any of the data or anything about this whole topic, but I just got a good laugh out of the words “proven by Twitter”. 😂

          • Logan Lynch

            Glad you liked the joke!

            • Sea Mode

              Thank God! You had me worried there for a sec!

  30. Sea Mode

    Friggin’ love this guy!

    Seahawks Legend Doug Baldwin’s Next Big Play | Q13 FOX

    (even his classic “pensive” tone he likes to pull out in interviews… 😁)

    • Rob Staton

      I like Doug.

      His nonsense about Russell though was always a turn off for me. And considering how well RW is playing without him, it makes you wonder if having Doug ‘holding him to account’ all the time was a negative.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, intense personality for sure. Seeing how he himself admits that he’s more of a private guy, it does make me wonder how much of that vocal “leadership” he was kind of being pushed into by coaching staff or even the locker room maybe? Like perhaps he took it upon himself to be the guy that would try and counter-balance Sherman and Co.’s “Russ never receives a word of criticism from the coaching staff” thing.

        TBF though, I think Schotty over Bevell has made more of a difference for Russ than any pressure from Doug being gone. Super cringy, I know, but this guy actually said it perfectly:

        And remember how Doug was always an ardent defender of Bevell? Makes me think something more was clearly going on behind the scenes there between Bevell/RW/Doug. Bevell moves on, Doug repeatedly talks about how the team no longer feels the same, then retires… (sure, the injuries were the main factor, but still)

        At least Doug does give huge credit to Russ for his success in the interview. Yes, he would be absolutely stupid not to, but some WRs are that big of divas and I’m glad Doug’s clearly not one of them. And, of course, really cool how he is still using his platform to do stuff for the community.

        • Rob Staton

          To be brutally honest, I think he’s a bit of a dick about RW. When he was asked a few weeks ago whether RW was a top six QB in the league he said, ‘it depends on the criteria’.

          I got tired of the never ending ‘holding to account’ which felt highly unnecessary from the outside looking in and seems to be a justified viewpoint seeing as RW has never looked better this year.

          • Sea Mode

            Oh wow, I missed those comments, was just going off this latest interview. I mean, doubting even top 6 at this point? Really, Doug? I’ll hold out hope that was just one of his poor attempts at sounding pensive and pondered, though it doesn’t leave much room at that point.

            Either way, I sure do miss him on the field. We really do need another weapon now with Dissly going down. From PC’s “we’re working on some stuff” comment, it sounds like your speculation on a TE trade may very well come to pass.

            • Pran

              Doug did not mention RW in his retirement message! I am sure he thinks RW skills held him back as much as he defends Russ against the players on defense (though he was much more close to them than Russ).

              • Edgar

                Imagine Fitzgerald acting like this about any of his QBs.

                I get the feeling that even though ADB was good at the improvisation plays, he would much rather have had the ball delivered where it was supposed to because he was open most of the time. That era is going extinct, hence another reason why a beat up Baldwin called it a day.

                TJ whosyourmama on the Herd last week mentioned how he despises the scramble drill and was much more about precision routes and the ball right where it was practiced to be. This leads to the underlying thought that most receivers would rather get 10 targets, 100 yards in a loss than 6 targets, 65 yards in a win. That’s why their input always needs to be taken with a lb of salt.

          • DC

            How about this criteria; winning football games, winning championship(s), 14TDs vs 0 INTs. Brady, Brees, Wilson, Rodgers, Mahomes, Watson.

            Nobody is going to hold Russ to more account than he holds himself to. Never have to worry about that. That’s why he’s such a pro. He’s never going to rest on anything. There is always improvement to be had.

            I don’t understand what happened to Seattle’s locker room after ‘the fall’ but the house has been cleaned and the winning continues.

          • Jamho3

            Slippery slope, mind your footing everyone.

  31. Volume12

    XFL’s Seattle Dragons have themselves a fun looking team.

    QB BJ Daniels
    RB Lavon Coleman
    WRs Keenan Reynolds & Kasen Williams
    TEs Jace Amaro & Colin Jeter
    OL Robert Meyers, Isaiah Battle, Cyril Richardson
    DL Martin Ifedi, Tani Tupuo, Will Sutton, Marcell Frazier
    LB Dante Booker
    CBs Mo Seisay, Channing Stribling
    S Kentrell Brice

    • Sea Mode


      Is Ifedi related? (too lazy to Google…)

      Are we too big of draft geeks if a lot of these names that didn’t make it in the NFL ring a bell? 😜

      • Kingdome1976

        XFL? Not this again.

        • dj 1/2 way

          I always think of my Ex when the XFL is mentioned.

      • Volume12

        Yeah. His older brother.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Cool that we recognize most (if not all) of those names. This site has elevated my football IQ and awareness significantly.

      Thanks Rob

    • TomLPDX

      I’m planning on following the Dragons and hope they do well. The NFL needs a development league and I’m glad to see that these guys are getting to still play, even if it is for pennies on the dollar. Keenan is still one of my favorite players and wish he had been able to play at a level where the Seahawks would have kept him on the roster.

    • Jamho3

      We got BJ Daniels!?!

  32. RWIII

    Just for the record. I am ALL IN on a trade for O.J. Howard. You can’t count of Dissly. Even if Dissly does come back. You can’t go wrong with two outstanding T.E.’s. Bill Belichick LOVES the two tight-end offense. You can do so much with two tight-ends. You can run or pass with two tight-ends.

    • Kingdome1976

      I still find it hard to believe the Bucs will trade OJ. I know of the rumors but I simply don’t see it happening…..I do hope I’m wrong though.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Oh they’d trade him if the offer was sweet enough. The question is, would they trade him for what SEA is likely to offer? SEA won’t trade their R1, and probably would trade their R3. But would they trade one of their two R2 picks?

        In addition to not utilizing Howard much, TBB have other considerations, chief among them, what do they intend to do about Winston next year. Do they resign/extend him, or do they go shopping for a new QB? Winston’s been a bust, notwithstanding flashes here and there, so I suspect they’re going to move on.

        In that case, maybe they value the additional draft capital to make a move for one of the top QBs in this class.

        • Sea Mode

          I think one of the late R2s is worth it, personally. If we get a R5 in return as others have suggested, even better. (of course, JS will somehow pull off a way better deal… 😎)

          I’ve yet to find any TE in this class anywhere near OJ’s league.
          (Dane Brugler suggested recently that ND TE Cole Kmet might be a sleeper who could sneak into R1, but I took a quick look and don’t see it for now)

          And if we want to look at it as including his 5th-year option, we would have him on about a 3yr/$9m deal. That’s the value we would get by trading for a guy whose signing bonus is already paid by his former team.

          $3m/apy is cheap, would put him as just the #30 paid TE in the league. (even 32yo Ed Dickson makes $3.5/apy) I’d say that’s close enough to the value you get on a rookie contract for a guy taken in mid-late R1.

          I’d also say he’s one of those “win getting off the bus” type guys just with his physique.

          That’s where I’m at right now, at least.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I’m with you Sea Mode. Even if Howard never achieves his full potential, he’s still so gifted that he adds value at a position of dire need, at a cost that, as you point out, is reasonable. And hey, if he does get that fire lit in his belly, watch out!

            Right now I’d say the most pressing needs for SEA in the offseason are (in order of current importance):

            DE/EDGE (specifically speed rusher)

            Howard immediately removes the top need from the list, and with a better player than any SEA could draft or sign in FA

            We’ll need to see what happens with Ifedi, as well as Reed — do they get extensions or will SEA let them walk? And I’m still hopeful the current safety group will come into their own.

            • dj 1/2 way

              Well put, both of you. Fire in the belly would be great, but I would settle for finally happy at work and willing to try harder.

              • Ralphy

                Agree with both of you. If you can get him for a low second than you have to do it. Its the biggest need and you potentially solve it for a second round pick and a cheap salary on top of it.

  33. DC

    Rob, in your scouting of the Georgia offensive tackles did you watch LG Solomon Kindley at all? Curious your thoughts on him if you have.

    Anyone have eyes on Miss St. CB Cameron Dantzler? He ‘looks’ like a Seahawks’ corner physically. Can’t speak to his play on the field.

    • Volume12

      Watched Dantzler’s clip vs So. Miss I think it was about a week ago. Was a bit hit and miss for me.

      • DC

        Roger that, thx.

    • James

      Watched some Solomon Kindley. He’s a real likable dude, intelligent, very much a team player. Clearly likes to run block, comes downhill, climbs to the second level well, follows plays, puts a lot of people on their back with little effort. MOVES PEOPLE. Pass block is strong, does well absorbing bull rushes, and can be VERY nasty, using strength to pancake/dump/toss/jab (yes jab) people down. When he gets set properly, he can effectively use all of his 6’4/335. I like the way his feet move. Pass protection is still growing, but he’s a big man, wins with active hands and strength.

      He can get turned around by speed (his weight? agility?). If he can’t get set, he’s movable, though he has the motor and athleticism to recover more often than not. Sometimes when the play isn’t going to his side, he can seem a little lost, off-balance. Can occasionally get a little clumsy when climbing to the second level, whiffing on blocks because he’s eagerly seeking contact.

    • Rob Staton

      I did not but will take a look.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched some Solomon Kindley now. Lot’s to like. Does a good job straight up to drive with power. Very light on his feet which was a big surprise given he appears to be carrying bad weight. Sloppy frame that could do with some work but saw him a couple of times reach up to the second level and he’s good on screens. On his back a little too often at the end of plays. Want to see him finish off those blocks. Does a good job twisting defenders to create running lanes. Good in short yardage situations. He has some potential for sure.

  34. cha

    Thursday practice report isn’t reassuring.

    DNP – Brown, Lano, McDougald, Ziggy

    Blair must be getting major practice reps

  35. Volume12

    Tony Pauline said that Oregon QB Justin Herbert is starting to turn people off.

    • DC

      Starting to???

      He’s been a Duck since 2016. From my perspective it started then. Joey Heisman? Marcus Mariota? Not that the Dawgs are producing any viable pro QBs of late.

      • DC

        I’ll make allowances though for positions of need on the Seahawks of course. For instance, TE Jacob Breeland is of interest. Now that he’s out for the season I wonder how that effects his draft stock.

        On a more serious note, what is it about Herbert that is turning people off?

        • DC

          I listened to that podcast. Not really looking like a ‘franchise qb’ & dominating the competition like they want to see. Hasn’t improved a ton over time.

  36. cha

    Mahomes seems hurt pretty bad…early analysis

    Dr. Mark Adickes

    Follow Follow @jocktodoc
    Patrick Mahomes with patella (knee cap) dislocation. Can be treated without surgery and brace. Could miss just a few weeks. Could also have season ending surgery. MRI will determine which course.

    6:21 PM – 17 Oct 2019

    • millhouse-serbia

      Its season ending imo. If there is 1% chance they could jeopardize his future with coming him back this season they wont do that.

      • millhouse-serbia

        They should try to trade for Rosen. 4th round pick?

        • Awsi Dooger

          The Dolphins would be stupid to let Rosen go that cheap. Nothing on the Dolphins can be evaluated properly this season, especially the quarterback position. It is not a normal team or organization right now. I’m sure Rosen is shocked because he realizes the Cardinals may have been lousy last season but at least they were trying. Many of the Miami players should be arrested for stealing. Go back to the Redskin game last weekend and a swing pass to Adrian Peterson that he took down to the Miami 3 yard line in the 3rd quarter. Reshad Jones made no attempt whatsoever to make a play on Peterson. In fact, it looked like he was boxing out a Redskin receiver to prevent him from entering the area.

          Chiefs tonight were in an incredibly favorable scenario of cream team on the road after 2 straight defeats. It was virtually guaranteed to be a supreme effort.

    • cha

      Adam Schefter

      Verified account

      Follow Follow @AdamSchefter
      Chiefs will be awaiting MRI results on Patrick Mahomes’ right knee Friday, but one league source said that “if there’s no damage, the best case would be around three weeks.” But that’s best case. Worst is downright dreary for the Chiefs, their fans and the league as a whole.

      8:33 PM – 17 Oct 2019

      • Logan Lynch

        This sucks. Not just for Mahomes and the league as a whole, but for potential SEA playoff seeding as well. Guess who KC plays next week???

        GB is the beneficiary. Then again, SEA had NO without Brees and we know how that turned out. Granted, NO is a better overall team than KC. It’ll be interesting to see GB make it to the playoffs and then get ousted in their first game when they actually have to play a good team.

        • Bmseattle

          Yeah, and prepare yourself for another year of the Patriots representing the AFC.
          It was looking that way already, but the only team I see as a true threat would be the Chiefs, with Mahomes, of course.

          • Volume12

            I’m still not sold on QB Josh Allen but Buffalo ain’t that far away from contending with NE. Their defense is tremendous.

            • Jamho3

              BUF has a really nice team all around.

              JA is a great runner and has been timely for his team this year but he well below the NFL standard as a QB.

              Saying this when the team is 5-1 or whatever they are currently.

  37. Hawks4life

    Hope Mahomes will be alright and get back on the field soon, the leagues just to fun with him at his best. All speculation until a true MRI is completed so it’s hard to say what really happened. Could be season ending or just a few weeks.

  38. CHawk Talker Eric

    Watching UCLA-Stanford and Chip Kelly has himself an interesting QB in Dorian Thompson-Robinson. I know Stanford defense isn’t some juggernaut, but DTR is having his way with them. Also Bruins RB Josh Kelly is pretty interesting. Size wise he’s right in PC’s wheelhouse — 5’11” 220lbs. He’s over 100 yards tonight.

    Stanford started their 3rd string QB because of injuries, so there’s not a lot to see with their offense, but Kolby Parkinson looks good. If SEA don’t add a TE during the season, or even if they do but nobody special, I’d be interested in Parkinson in the draft.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Also Osa Odighizuwa looks pretty good at 3T for UCLA. He’s a little undersized but he looks strong.

  39. Gaux Hawks

    over/under on chiefs picking up kaepernick? maybe a quick call from his old pal alex?

  40. CHawk Talker Eric

    Earl Thomas on the Seahawks:

    “I feel like they were kind of trying to phase me out,” Thomas told reporters on Wednesday. “They were thinking more linebackers that you see. They’ve got the three-headed monster with K.J. [Wright], Bobby [Wagner] and [Mychal] Kendricks. And obviously, coach [Ken] Norton is the “D” coordinator. He’s a linebacker at heart, so I understood what was going on.”

    Sure Earl, it was the Seahawks phasing you out, and not your $10M+ apy salary demand 🙄

    I love ET the player. But the person, not so much.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, like having 3 LBs on the field or not affects the safeties at all… If he were a nickel CB, maybe he would have a point.

      Either way, I still like to see this kind of class from fans, especially towards his family, no matter how one feels about Earl:

      Mrs. Thomas

      Seattle showing mad love already 🤗 one of the reasons it’ll always be home for us 💙

      1:47 AM · Oct 18, 2019

    • CaptainJack

      I think he has a point.

      The coaches really didn’t see earl as a long term plan. And earl felt that. I think it’s understandable for him to feel disrespected in some light. Although I don’t think the Seahawks necessarily did anything wrong.

      What I’d like to see if for Tedric to continue to make plays and Blair and Hill to develop. Then we can maybe move on from the Earl saga.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Obviously they didn’t see him as a long term plan, but not because of their defensive scheme. As Sea Mode notes above, playing base 3-LB defense doesn’t impact the FS, only a slot/nickel corner.

        The reason ET wasn’t in their long term plans was because he wanted more money than they were willing to pay him. That’s a world of difference, and renders ET’s comments self serving and inaccurate.

      • Jamho3

        Slightly confused, why would a 30 yr old HOF plyr want to be compensated for his excellence or to play for a team that wanted his services?

    • line_hawk

      The more important conclusion from this factoid is that its Norton’s stupid idea to put 3 LBs in nickel… which to put it mildly hasn’t worked out. If Norton is encouraging having more old LBs on the field over young safetys, he is holding the defense back.

      • Rob Staton

        Does anyone seriously think anyone other than Pete Carroll is arranging this defense?

        Every facet of this team’s design is down to Pete.

        • line_hawk

          This is a quote directly from Earl – “They were thinking more linebackers that you see. They’ve got the three-headed monster with K.J. [Wright], Bobby [Wagner] and [Mychal] Kendricks. And obviously, coach [Ken] Norton is the “D” coordinator. He’s a linebacker at heart, so I understood what was going on.”

          I don’t buy that Pete is dictating Norton play with 3 LBs. Pete is a DB guy. Norton has to advocate for what’s best for the D.

          • Rob Staton

            Earl Thomas has absolutely no knowledge of who or what was making the decisions in Seattle. I think it’s a red herring quote. Earl just trying to explain away the situation in a press conference. The reality is they didn’t want to pay him a massive salary. It’s nothing to do with linebackers.

            Pete makes every decision for this team. He decides everything. Offense, defense. Everything.

            • Troy

              Re-signing Earl would have been about paying him more for services rendered and he would have less and less value all the time. You dont do that in this league (atleast often). While I think there is some critiquing to be made about the linebacker overuse in my opinion, Earl wanted money that we werent gonna give him. Even if he had not got hurt last year, its unlikely we pay him half of what he wanted.

              Even if it was phasing out, it was the right thing to do given his age, injury history and salary demands. If he wanted 5 million per year, he would be here.

            • Jamho3

              Mind reading.

              Rob when you pro-port to know what other people know or understand its at best in poor taste.

              • Rob Staton

                No it isn’t.

                In cases like this it’s called common sense.

                We all know why ET is gone and it’s nothing to do with linebackers. They tried to trade him before the 2018 draft when many of the linebackers were even on the roster. The only reason they have these linebackers now is because KJ Wright’s free agent market was surprisingly quiet and they, against expectations of everyone, were able to retain him, plus the Kendricks law situation presented a unique situation.

                Earl wanted mega money, which he received in Baltimore, and Seattle were not willing to pay him mega money (justifiable considering his injury history).

                • Jamho3

                  “Does anyone seriously think anyone other than Pete Carroll is arranging this defense?

                  Every facet of this team’s design is down to Pete.”

                  PC is the VP and the decision maker. Entirely agree with that.

                  What we don’t know is how much? What’s the threshold? And where the limits are?

                  So when you say or Earl Thomas doesn’t know whats going on at place he worked at for 9 years.

                  That Ken Norton Jr isn’t designing the defenses.

                  That Marshawn Lynch faked having an upset stomach in Arizona.

                  Or any of the other unsubstantiated conjecture that you consistently spin. You need to be called on it.

                  For the record you’ve said all of those things and presented no cooberationg evidence

                  If you can show us I’d love to see it.

                  @Rob Staten

                  You’re one of my favorite journalists in the world but you’re consistently guilty of undermining players by saying they don’t mean what they say, they don’t know what they claim and so forth.


                  • Jamho3

                    I think most of us would agree.

                    ET3 wanted more money and SEA tried to maximize the value of the contract.

                  • Rob Staton

                    I’m astonished that people are seriously suggesting for a second that Ken Norton Jr has impacted Pete and convinced him to play base defense. We have 10 years of evidence of Pete firmly and forcefully running this team HIS way. Any significant change to the defense is from him. Ditto with the offense.

                    You’re asking ME for evidence and yet your only evidence is a throwaway remark from Earl Thomas in a press conference. I’ve already said to you on multiple occasions now. They wanted to trade Earl before the 2018 draft. Fact. At that point they didn’t have Kendricks, they hadn’t extended KJ or Bobby. They didn’t draft linebackers other than Shaquem in 2018. So if it was about adjusting to a new system, they certainly weren’t installing that system in 2018 when Earl was already destined to depart. That is indisputable.

                    The change this year is absolutely clear. Opportunities arrived to retain KJ (unexpected) and Kendricks (expected) and unsurprisingly they have sought to utilise two of their best defenders as much as possible.

                    At the same time, it was as clear as day to everyone that they simply were not willing to pay Earl top dollar. Everyone knew he was leaving as a free agent. Not one fan thought seriously he would return. His broken leg was the latest in a long line of injuries. They had to pay Wilson and Wagner as a priority. They didn’t just choose not to pay Earl either. They traded Frank Clark and let Justin Coleman walk. So far they haven’t extended Jarran Reed. It was purely and simply about priorities under the cap. Wilson and Wagner were the priorities.

                    If people can’t see this then you’re refusing to see it.

            • Jamho3

              “Earl Thomas has absolutely no knowledge of who or what was making the decisions in Seattle.”

              How is that? Where did you come by this knowledge? How do you know what he knows? Even more damning how do you know better?

              • Rob Staton

                1. Because teams don’t tell outgoing players their plans.

                2. They wanted to trade Earl 18 months ago when Kendricks was on Cleveland’s roster and they only had Bobby and KJ and barely anything else.

          • cha

            Not sure what you would expect Earl to say. He’s a pretty proud guy.

            He’s not going to say “Sure, the Seahawks didn’t like my attitude, my salary demands, and my attempt to give Jason Garrett a sloppy wet kiss.” Of course it’s going to be about how the Hawks supposedly phased him out.

            • line_hawk

              If there is one person who does not hold back thoughts, it’s Thomas. He never beats around the bush. He could have said “They weren’t willing to pay his worth. Respect him.. Yada.. yada.. as he said before”. But instead, he brought up Norton on his own.

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t know why you are putting so much faith in Earl’s comments.

                What do you think they did? Explain their entire plan to him on the way out the door?

                It’s simple. They didn’t want to pay him. Nothing to do with linebackers. They’d have traded him 18 months ago if they could, with Kendricks on the Browns roster.

              • cha

                You’re confusing outspokenness and honesty.

  41. CaptainJack

    Rob what do you think of drafting Colby Parkinson out of Stanford? Big athletic 6’7 Tight End with good receiving ability. Would be a great compliment to Dissly.

    I love the idea of a giant superior athlete SEC OT in the first… then the next great Stanford tight end in the second (if he even lasts that far)

    • Rob Staton

      Not studied him yet

      • D-OZ

        Parkinson was instrumental in beating the Huskies as was their corners, one being a freshman.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I never recall Seattle being enamored with Stanford TEs…. ever. I could be wrong, but they shy away from them and love the mid-west kids.

  42. Henry Taylor

    DJ Fluker was limited participant in practice on Thursday, if he returns, and Brown (who didn’t practice) is still out what should they do with the OL after a good performance last week? Keep it the same, just put Fluker back in at RG and keep Fant at tackle, or put Jones back at his natural LT spot and free up Fant to return to his Swing T/TE spot with Dissly now out of the lineup?

    • Henry Taylor

      Lano and McDougald are both also not practising, so we cold be about to get a good look at Marquise Blair in a game that I think really suits him.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Just because Jones played LT in college doesn’t necessarily mean that’s his natural spot. Also, he hasn’t played at LT sine college, so sticking him in there cold would probably be a mistake.

      Fant played pretty well at LT vs CLE, so if Brown can’t go, I’d expect Fant to start.

      For me, Jones > Fluker so even if DJ is able to play, I would still start Jones at RG. Moreover, Ifedi has played noticeably better next to Jones than he did with Fluker.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely! I have always been a big Fluker fan but Jones deserves the start at RG based on how he has played. Leave Fant at LT.

  43. cha

    Brady Henderson with a silver lining tidbit on Dissly

    In his weekly appearance on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, Pete Carroll had some potentially good news on tight end Will Dissly, who is out for the season with an Achilles injury. Carroll described the procedure Dissly had Thursday as “minimally invasive” and “really successful.” Carroll noted that the typical timetable for recovery from Achilles injuries like Dissly’s is a year and said: “He’ll get back a good couple months before he would have got back otherwise.”

    • Troy

      Fantastic news. Hopefully he can stay healthy next year as it is a make or break year on career trajectory and financial earnings. Really hope it works out for him here or anywhere for that matter. Preferably here. Still would love for us to acquire high level competition cause the show must go on.

  44. Volume12

    Hello Sage Surratt (6’3, 215 lbs.) W. Forest WR with 46 rec., 711 yes, 9 TDs.

    State player of the year in Fball and Bball. If he declares, his combine is gonna be one of the more intriguing ones.

    ” “vs NC (2019):

    • Volume12

      Can flat out Reminds me a little bit of Brandon Marshall. Can flat-out browbeat corners like he did against L’ville.

  45. JJ

    Vic Beasley reportedly available. Last year of contract and under performed. Worthy reclamation project?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes — my only concern though is they’d expect a R3 and a R5 like the Rams paid for Dante Fowler a year ago. And Beasley is on such a downward trend I’d never pay that for essentially half a season.

      • Von


        I live in Atlanta. There is nobody here that would expect that return. You could get him for a 6th. He’s not worth that in my opinion.

        • Rob Staton

          The fans might be ready to get rid at all costs but it doesn’t mean the team will be. If it was a 6th I’d do it in a heartbeat. It’d be zero gamble. And they need some speed in the pass rush.

  46. cha

    PC says Lano Hill out Sunday. With McDougald not practicing all week with back problems, Blair might get his first start Sunday.

  47. EranUngar

    Allow me to share something about another site:

    You all know it right?

    FANSIDED – 12th man rising. Sounds like a place where fan’s of the Seahawks are writing stuff right?

    Now don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for the Ravens and they may be the toughest opponents we have faced this year so far and a win is far from guarantied. It is going to be a very challenging game for the Hawks and it could end badly for us.

    And yet, at 5-1 with a franchise QB leading the MVP charts, if most of those guys think that we are more likely to lose this game at home, they have no business writing on a “Seahawks fans” site. Go be an “objective analyst” somewhere else…

    A part of being a fan is believing in your team, isn’t it?

    • Denver Hawker

      Interestingly, on the SB Nation blog for the Ravens, 7 out of 9 of their staff picked the Hawks to win. Seems both teams are skeptical about their respective success.

      Also an interesting stat on Baltimore is that since the Dolphins game, they are 0-4-1 ATS. Seahawks are favored.

    • Jamho3

      I prefer objective analysis.

      To try and put it in some useful perspective:

      The quality analysis, considerable leg work and time spent on SEA’s potential future picks here by Rob Staton, really means a lot to me.

      Those truths udeniably adds to my appreciation and understanding of my team which helps me rout for them in a much more knowledgeable fashion.

      As it relates to Baltimore, on paper they are a very serious threat to us on Sunday. As it relates to Jamarco Jones. He was smooth as a babies bottom playing LT at Ohio State. If I recall he was the 3rd LT taken in his draft.

      And PC said that he relied heavily on his college coaches recommendations.

      All information that strongly suggests to me that he is highly skilled OL player if not a top notch athlete all around.

      • EranUngar

        “I prefer objective analysis” – No argument there I was not calling for insane hommer predictions.

        However, when:

        All eight analysts at side with the Seahawks this week.
        All 10 experts at picks Seattle.
        Six of seven writers at USA Today project a Seahawks victory.

        Even Prisco is siding with hawks….

        I would expect much better for a FAN SITE.

        • Rob Staton

          My message to all fans would be this…

          Just enjoy the ride.

          This Seahawks team has significant flaws but right now they’re 5-1. Which is testament to everyone associated with this club. I’m also wary that the Bengals started 4-1 last year and look what happened then. So enjoy every game, hope for 1-0 every week and don’t worry too much about other people’s views.

          This feels like a NFL season full of teams with flaws. It feels as unpredictable as ever, at least to me.

          I think the Seahawks, like lot a lot of others, could win or lose any game. That is the case tomorrow, too. But there are so many fans of other teams out there who don’t get to hope like we do. So let’s enjoy it while we can.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Amen. Come what may we are so lucky to have such an interesting team year-in and year-out. What a ride it’s been. Nothing wrong with being a bit plucky this year, I won’t be feeling too big for my britches, except when I’m talking trash to 49er fans at work…

            Seattle Seahawks, best television drama, 9 years running. Don’t stop now.

          • McZ

            The NFL is a league of marginals. The Lions lost a couple of games by the same turnout we won four games. The difference between 5-1 and 2-2-1 is 10 points into one or the other direction.

          • StickyIcky

            Big game against the Ravens

          • EranUngar

            Rob, I have been a Seahawks fan for 4 decades.

            Believe me that I am having the time of life following the PC/JS era.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Predictions are well and good… until the game starts. This is game is trouble to me, could go either way. It’s honestly the type of game we’ve struggled with. Hopefully the 12th Man has an impact; need our home field advantage to come back.

  48. Coleslaw

    I love this season. It’s like 2012 but so much better. Instead of finding out that Wilson is a legit NFL QB like in 2012, we’re finding out that Wilson is taking the next step to truly bring elite, or maybe even more than that. Hes only 31 at the end of November.

    I’ve said this the last 2 years, but we are once again set up to add to this team. We can keep who we want and have a haul of picks. We might even be able to add a few FAs or a bigger name. We have a lot of flexibility. Expect John Schneider to do the most with it again.

    For the time being, I’m enjoying this era, and especially Russ this season.

    • TomLPDX

      Here is another difference between now and 2012: John S has grown and matured as a GM and is making smarter decisions based on the knowledge he has gained. He is still willing to take risks but they are more measured in that he trusts what an appropriate value tradeoff is for those decisions. I really applaud JS as a savvy GM and I’m glad he is on our team!

  49. charlietheunicorn

    I have this funny feeling Seattle might throw to open up the rush.
    Such as 3 straight passes to start the game, just because. One traditional pass, but 2 play-action in a row…. since the Ravens are going to be expecting run and most likely will start the game with a run heavy defense. Is it the Seattle identity, probably not, but it would give the Ravens some fits. I fully expect the Seahawks to employ multiple running backs in the game, but most likely won’t get over 55 snaps under center. I really want to see them get Prosise on the edge more, that is where he shines. They need a few more mis-direction plays tossed in as well…. perhaps a flea flicker 1st play from scrimmage to get the juices flowing!

  50. CHawk Talker Eric

    Been thinking more about the team’s needs next offseason and I want to amend my previous list.

    In an earlier comment, I said these were the offseason priorities (in order of priority):

    DE/EDGE (specifically speed rusher)

    I’m swapping out SS/FS for Nickel CB. I don’t love our safeties (yet), but I do like them, or rather their potential. Aside from McDougald they’re so young and raw, but promising nonetheless. Also, I’m starting to really like our CBs, who are pretty darn good defending deep and to the outside. They’re not as good in the intermediate and between the hashes. That’s partly because our safeties aren’t quite good enough (yet) to help out on those routes.

    What the back end of this defense lacks at the moment is a quality nickel corner. I understand why they didn’t try to match what DET offered to Coleman, but there’s no denying this defense would look a lot better with him in the lineup. Nickels don’t play enough to warrant high draft picks, but SEA have a bevy of mid/late round picks this year. I’ll be keeping my eye out for potential nickel prospects in this year’s class. Also scan the FA list to see who might be available that way too.

  51. Volume12

    Javon Kinlaw continues to play his way into the top 10. Is gonna be equal to if bot better than Chris Jones.

    • Volume12

      Their end, DJ Wonnum, is super intriguing.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m draft crushing on Kinlaw hard. Might be blasphemous to say, but I think I like him better than Derrick Brown 👀

      • Volume12

        It’s close between those 2 man. I can see a case being made for either. Both have special attributes. Kinlaw has the higher ceiling IMO.

      • Volume12

        Super high on Florida St DT Marvin Wilson too. Love how he demanded his teainmates run extra sprints for pouting. He’s a different type of cat.

        • Kenny Sloth


          Real talk, I want a DT and a TE in this draft but a lot of folks dont wanna hear that

  52. CHawk Talker Eric

    Tony Pauline on Wisconsin TE Jake Ferguson, my favorite TE in CFB:

    “After an uninspired start to the season Wisconsin tight end Jake Ferguson, who I stamped as a potential 1st round pick over the summer, is starting to kick his game into gear. Ferguson caught 4 passes for 62 yards against Michigan State a week ago and has 3 receptions for 55 yards and 1 TD during the first half of today’s games against Illinois.

    Part of the issue in Ferguson’s production has been Jonathan Taylor’s dominance on the ground, which has meant the passing game is not necessitated for the Badgers, a fact reflective in the team stats.

    Regardless, Ferguson possesses the body type, pass catching skill and blocking prowess to be a starting tight end on Sunday.”

    Ferguson is a sophomore so I don’t know that he’ll be part of this year’s draft class, but if he is I hope he’s on SEA’s target list.

    • Volume12

      When has the passing game ever been necessary for Wisconsin?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        True that. For me, Taylor is THE RB in this draft class.

        • Volume12

          Might end up going higher than where they’ll end up picking, but for me he’s a perfect fit for Buffalo. Can really help Allen come along.

  53. Sea Mode

    Pelissero suggesting the Hawks might get some calls about trade offers for TT:

    • millhouse-serbia

      What would be fair compensation for him? 4th, 5th or?

    • Robbie

      I highly doubt this!

    • McZ

      He actually suggested Hill or T2.
      With both Hill and McDougald possibly out on Sunday, who will play?

    • cha

      Hard to think there’s anything there. Just commenting on a guy that has had back to back INTs so he’s seen him on the highlight reel and sees two rookies behind him.

      That said, if a team calls with a crazy offer, you’d have to consider it.

      • Volume12

        How about Greg Cosell saying that Jerry Jeudy is the next OBJ and that Laviska Shenault has ‘Nuke,’ T.O, and Sammy Watkins elements to his game, but admitted he hasn’t seen either play this season.

        • Rob Staton

          Greg Cosell surely mentioned in that quote that although he’s not seen either play, he’s watched 1764 hours of tape so there.

    • StickyIcky

      Well deserved compliment for Tedric, really happy things are finally going in the right direction for him. Just imagine if other young players start making plays this year

  54. JimQ

    Off topic, QB isn’t a Seahawk need but I’m watching W. Virginia vs: Oklahoma and QB-JALEN HURTS is really, really looking good with a bunch of “wow” plays, he truly is a man among boys and should win the H. award. A true dual threat QB with accuracy and timing, this game he’s flat blowing up the stats. WR/KR-Lamb looks to be pretty damn good also, among others. It’s hard to divert your eyes from the slaughter in this game. Oklahoma surely is the real deal this year & should challenge for #1, with some great matchups coming in the post season. It’s 49-14 Oklahoma at the end of 3 quarters, so far…..

  55. Kenny Sloth


  56. Volume12

    Florida/S. Carolina was a pretty good game.

    Illinois down 2 to Wisconsin.

    • Volume12


      2 weeks in a row that an undefeated top 6 ranked team goes down.

      • Kenny Sloth

        If Oregon wins out do you see a playoff berth?

        • Volume12

          They’ll need Ohio St, Oklahoma, Clemson to lose.

          Right now I think it’s gonna be those 3 teams and ‘Bama or LSU.

  57. Kenny Sloth

    Suck that Duck d*** b****

    • mishima


      • Kenny Sloth

        Enjoy the Alamo Bowl 🙍

        • mishima

          You’re quickly becoming the site equivalent of Baker Mayfield. Bro.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Oof, low blow. I’ll see myself out 🤣

  58. Volume12

    Pretty fired up for this Oregon/Udub game.

    Oregon has the most underrated D in the country.

    DT Jordon Scott is one of the best run stuffers in CFB.

    DE Kayvon Thibodaux is a possible top 10-12 pick in a couple of years.

    Really like LB Troy Dye and CB Thomas Graham.

  59. charlietheunicorn

    I originally was going to take a look at some TE fits for Seattle, but got sidetracked checking out a few RBs that could potentially fit Seattle.

    Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin
    From what I’ve read so far, very productive. The million dollar question, would he be available late 1st round or is he a top 15 pick type of guy? He checks many of the boxes they love… except being n early round draft pick at RB.

    A.J. Dillon, RB/FB, Boston College
    I keep thinking Seattle need to add a legit FB to the roster. This guy has been productive this season and according to a few different internet sources most likely fits in as a FB in the NFL. Any thought on this guy and a Seattle fit?

    And since Seattle loves UTAH players….
    Zack Moss, RB, Utah. Very productive prior to 2019, could be a sleeper late round pick (?)

    • StickyIcky

      Love the RB’s but Carson keeps getting better & better. College RB’s pale in comparison

  60. Kenny Sloth

    Vamos Sounders

    • Kenny Sloth


  61. Volume12

    Jacob Eason has thoroughly outplayed Justin Herbert today. He’s legit.

    Joe Burrows is the best QB in LSU history.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Where is the lie?

    • DC

      That’s not a big surprise.

      But losing the game ******* sucks!

  62. Kenny Sloth

    Yo Huskies hold this for me:


  63. Volume12

    LSU EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson keeps growing on me. Speed, decent strength, explosive, seemingly always around the ball, can drop into coverage.

  64. Sea Mode

    Well, I’ve finally started making progress on the TE class. In general, I still haven’t found much to get excited about. These are just first impressions though, so highlights (if available) and one or two games.

    Eric, you mentioned Wisconsin TE Jake Ferguson. Didn’t seem like anything special to me on first look. Just kind of gives people a light push as a blocker and doesn’t seem fast enough to really stretch the seam in the passing game. Looks to me to have arms on the shorter side as well. Surprised to see Pauline saying he could work himself into R1 consideration. I’m thinking more like he could work himself into R3 consideration tbh. But since you mentioned he’s a favorite of yours, I’ll let you convince me otherwise of what I am missing.

    The best all-around I thought was Oregon TE Jake Breeland. Real TE size at 6-5, 250. It’s too bad he’s out for the year with a knee injury. I’ll let all the Ducks fans on SDB tell me more about him, but I saw a threat in the passing game and a good blocker in pass pro and in the open field who locks onto his guy until the whistle. Looks like he’ll be an older prospect.

    The best receiving TE who is not undersized (and maybe of anyone, actually…) I thought goes to Arkansas TE Cheyenne (CJ) O’Grady. Right around Will Dissly size at 6-4, 256 and looks to me to have really long arms. Moves incredibly well for his size and I even noticed some nuance in his routes that most guys that size don’t have. Some really impressive catches in traffic like this one:
    and breaks tackles after the catch.
    However, despite the big frame and long arms, his blocking left a lot to be desired for me. Also a 5th-year Senior.

    The last guy I am at least interested in seeing more of is Missouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam (“Albert O”) Big bubba at 6-5, 260. Has a build that reminds me of a less-muscular Jimmy Graham. Good high pointing the ball and in contested catch situations. Just seems like a solid all-around player. Not the fastest, but still effective down the seam. Apparently he came in at 215 lbs. and went up to 260 in just a year. 11 TD as a true freshman is impressive. He is a Junior this year.

    Also looked at so far:
    Colby Parkinson, Stanford
    Jared Pinkney, Vandy
    Hunter Bryant, Washington
    Harrison Bryant, FAU
    Matt Bushman, BYU
    Cole Kmet, ND

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