CFB week one notes: Vita Vea, Greg Gaines stand out

Washington duo make a big impression

Yes, it was against a bad Rutgers team. Yes, there’ll be tougher challenges and better match-ups ahead. But the first performance of the season where two guys simply looked better than anyone else on the field came in Washington’s opening game on Friday night.

Defensive tackle duo Vita Vea and Greg Gaines controlled the LOS every time they were on the field. It was a perfect example of two future NFL players standing out and jumping off the screen.

Vea consistently showed the brute strength to manhandle lineman and shove the pocket from the interior. He flashed a terrific bull rush and he’s a natural nose tackle. The comparisons to Haloti Ngata are not unwarranted, it’s that similar combination of unnatural mobility for his size and simply being the strongest guy on the field.

Gaines is quicker and often he’ll work his way into the backfield and offer more pass rush. However, he’s still incredibly stout and when he needed to work vs the run there was very little mark down compared to Vea. He’s also really busy — the motor never switches off. He works to the ball, plays to the whistle and just keeps going.

On one 3rd down on the goal line the two absorbed the entire three man interior OL allowing Keishawn Bierria the room to explode into the backfield on a run stop.

At the end of the first half, Rutgers went into hurry-up mode and caught Vea/Gaines off the field. They ran the ball to the tune of +30 yards, upping the tempo and not allowing Washington the chance to make a substitution. The difference in run defense when they weren’t on the field was strikingly clear. Rutgers just ran it up the gut three teams with great success.

As soon as the Huskies were able to get Vea and Gaines back on the field just before the two minute warning, the drive stalled at midfield and Rutgers ended up missing a long field goal.

Vea easily has the potential to work his way into the top-15 if not the top-10 in next years draft. Gaines is highly underrated and while he won’t go as early as Vea — he certainly has a NFL future.

If there’s a reason why Washington can again compete at a high level this year, the ability of these two to consistently control the LOS is even more important than the explosive, athletic offense highlighted by Dante Pettis and Myles Gaskin.

Not getting the Josh Allen hype

All we’ve heard over the summer is how great the 2018 quarterback class will be. Never mind that Josh Rosen has serious shoulder concerns, Sam Darnold hasn’t even played a full season of college ball and Josh Allen is, well, overrated.

When you watch his play on tape you do see some real flashes of brilliance. He has the physical tools you’d expect in a first round prospect. You also see maddening inaccuracy, incredible decision making and a player that hasn’t performed well against decent opposition.

Yes, he plays for Wyoming and doesn’t have the best supporting cast. It didn’t stop Paxton Lynch leading Memphis to a victory over Ole Miss and making the Tigers a genuine contender before he turned pro. Allen hasn’t really been able to emulate that so far.

And Lynch really is a good example to mention here. He has the physical tools and arguably played better football in college (at least so far). He was a first round pick. Lynch is currently stuck as the #2 in Denver, benched for a seventh round pick. Why? Because physical tools aren’t enough.

Allen played against good-not-great Iowa today and finished with a stat line that read: 23/40 passing, 174 yards, zero touchdowns and two interceptions. He only mustered three points on offense (Wyoming lost 24-3).

Look at what happened on this screen pass he threw:

A lot of respectable people think Allen is a stone-cold lock for the top five, if not the #1 overall pick. I’m not buying it. Not at the moment.

Other highlights

— We talked about Clemson receiver Deon Cain a few weeks ago. He scored a 61-yard touchdown against Kent State on Saturday. Clemson is basically wide receiver U — the way they coach their WR’s is unmatched. Smart guys, highly athletic. Cain is the next one off the production line.

— Saquon Barkley is a superstar in the making. A freak of nature athlete with ideal size/height. He did it all against Akron in a big opening victory for Penn State, running for 172 yards on just 14 carries (two touchdowns) and adding 54 receiving yards on three carries. He’s a legit Heisman candidate and a top-10 pick in the making.

— Penn State’s senior tight end Mike Gesicki also scored two touchdowns and collected 58 yards on six catches. He’s another name to monitor.

— A year ago I thought Bradley Chubb was destined for the first round. He’s Nick Chubb’s cousin. He could be a big mover this year, potentially landing in the top-20. Here’s how he started the new college football season:

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  1. Volume12

    Chubb plays with his hair on 🔥 man. There’s a lot of twitchy speed rushers this year. Chubb has power.

  2. Volume12

    Seahawks released Desir? Bad call.

    • Trevor

      Pete is a DB guru so hard to question him but I agree Vol I thought Desir was our 2nd best CB in pre-season.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m a bit baffled by this move. But maybe they want to keep all the draft picks form 2017 on the roster. He was constantly in position to make plays (but didn’t)….. maybe it was classroom work that bit him in the butt.

      • Volume12

        Says to me they’re high on ‘Quil. As they should be.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          You could keep both of them….. maybe they want to keep all the safety picks form 2017… otherwise it would be hard to fit them in with Desir on the roster (even if he is a CB)

    • Coleslaw

      This really surprised me 😢

    • C-Dog

      I’m more stunned on this one than Rubin or Mike Davis, honestly. Neiko Thorpe’s special teams play probably won out.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I agree, I thought he played pretty good in preseason. And it seems like they are light with 5 cornerbacks.

  3. Volume12

    The thing with Allen is the same thing with Paxton Lynch. They beat up on non P5 teams and then if or when they do have a good outing against one? ‘See. That means he can play at the next level.’ They get overhyped and we know why.

    If these QBs make bad decisions on the field and cant correct them then what does that say about them off the field? To me? They probably don’t have the drive or the mental capacity to fix mistakes or understand how to!

  4. Volume12

    Josh Tupuo VMAC visitor was just cut. Hmmm….

  5. white-salmon-hawk

    Was watching the Penn game earlier. Saquon Barkley on the Seahawks is fun to dream about.

  6. Brseahawks

    I hope the Seahawks manage a way to stick with Madden, Swoopes and Roos to the final 53. Madden showed potential to be one of those playmaking fullbacks, Swoopes’ seems like he has a future in the NFL, in aseason where the Seahawks have Graham and Willson coming as FA, and Roos haa upside. Seahawks has strong club control over them, which is a plus.

    Didn’t like the Desir cut. I thought he belonged.

    Trading Kearse was the best solution for our logjam at WR. We have too much depth in the position for the Seahawks to stick with an overpaid average #3 receiver long term. Mad respect for Kearse and his history in Seattle, but it is what it is.

    I think the Jets fleeced the Seahawks. In the Richardson trade. A second round pick is too rich given the fact Sheldon had very little value for their franchise in the moment. If the trade negotiation was the NYJ GM charging the Seahawks for a boost to their Super Bowl chances, the pick should be a conditional one, imo.

    • Tbone4444

      Fwiw, I think we did ok, perhaps a bit rich but he either becomes a cornerstone or helps us win the year and turns into a 3rd round comp pick the next year…

  7. LeoSharp

    Appears Cassius Marsh was traded for a 4th to NEP. Traded for Isaiah Battle from the Chiefs for a conditional 2018 pick

    • LeoSharp

      Wow. New England just gave back the 7th for Justin Coleman. No 4th.

      • LeoSharp

        Good News
        Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 7m7 minutes ago
        One more trade update: In return for DE Cassius Marsh, Seahawks are receiving 5th- and 7th-round picks from New England, per source.

        • House

          I feel much better about that

        • Volume12

          He played well this pre-seasom except for the flags. But they gotta get back some draft picks.

          Marsh will excel in NE. There aint a better team in the league that takes undervalued players from around the league and catapult them to success.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Feels like a nuclear arms race is going on between Seattle and New England.
            One side makes a move, then the other one…. the 2 most active front offices the last few days.. wheeling and dealing.

          • DC

            I thought Marsh would get moved but damn…
            New England? Haven’t we learned our lesson yet?

          • C-Dog


            Seattle still has good depth by hanging onto Bass and probably Smith.

            • Volume12

              That and I think DE will be a priority for them in the draft.

              I could see something like this in no particular order. And of course its too early to say, but…

              We have a 1, 3, 4, 5, 5, 7, 7, 7 currently. With a very likely trade back that would add another 3rd.

              Nickel CB
              DT (unless they make a trade for one)
              FS (Tedric has been a huge disappointment. Eddie Jackson in hindsight should’ve been the pick)

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, I would think right now,draft priorities are probably OT 1A and DE 1B.

                Clark is going into a big contract year in 2018, and Avril will also be in that contract year. If there’s good edge rushers coming up, makes sense to dip back into the pass rush pool.

                It will be interesting to see how this new fusion of DTs shake out. Before the Richardson trade, I was ready to say the Naz Jones looked like the future at 3 tech. He might still be that, but they might also decide to put big time $ into Richardson if he comes in and meshes well into this defense.

                The search for the elusive LT still feels likely. Fant needed this year to play. Maybe Rees is an answer, but I wouldn’t run to the bank to cash that check yet.

                I still got some hope for Tedric.

                I kinda see TE potentially being a need. I don’t know how they hang onto Graham and Sheldon Richardson.

              • D-OZ

                Thompson has not been a disappointment at all. Longacres.

                • Volume12

                  Delano Hill has been much more impressive. Tedric can still show out, but it doesn’t hurt to try and find that backup at FS. If they spend a pick on one and he don’t make the team its no big deal.

  8. Brseahawks

    Also, the dealing of a 2nd round pick for Sheldon Richardson makes the trade for Matt Tobin worse, imo. Seahawks will have a much less exciting draft, and the effects of it will be felt by 2019-2020, like the the lack of draft capital in 2013 and 2014 rippled through the disappointing 2015 and 2016 seasons.

    Now the Seahawks will have another logjam to solve:

    – Jimmy Graham
    – Sheldon Richardson
    – Luke Joeckel
    – Eddie Lacy
    – Paul Richardson
    – Luke Willson

    All 2018 UFA. My bet is they try to resign just Graham and Joeckel, and prepare for tough choices in 2019 (Wright, Sherman, Clark, Avril, Lockett, Rawls…).

    • Volume12

      I’m wondering if Tobin even makes the team now. They just got their 5th rounder back for him and got Isaiah Battle.

      • DC

        Maybe they carry extra O line to start the season. Not exactly a proven group.

    • Dylanlep

      I view Jimmy as the only one they actually prioritize. Fant comes back and Odhiambo slides to LG, they let Joeckel walk. Joeckel has a good year and maybe they net a nice little comp pick.

      Sheldon I view as a rental, boosts the team immensely this year (he will be motivated and a good teammate being in a contract year, and then obviously he’s really good), they get out of Kearse’s contract, and then when Sheldon signs for a gazillion dollars elsewhere after the season, they pocket the 3rd round comp for 2019. Hopefully, Malik can play and is back in 2019.

      Lacy walks (if he has a good year and signs for a decent amount, they pocket maybe a 4th or 5th rd comp for 2019 – sense a theme w the comp picks?).

      Wiilson and Richardson I could see go either way but regardless dont think it would take much to resign either of them.

      2019 does become a lot tougher though, yeah.

      • Brseahawks

        I wouldn’t bank on Joeckel and Sheldon being just rentals. I think the Seahawks want to shift the cap allocations from skill positions to the trenches overall. They are imo trying to find players they can commit long term. More so Joeckel than Richardson, but that could change if McDowell’s state is carrer-ending.

        • DC

          I wonder when the interest in SR got serious. May have been prior to the atv accident. Were we going for him anyway? Wouldn’t doubt it.

          • Phil

            This past off season, when JS was said to be shopping a trade for Sherman, I posted wondering if the Jets would trade Sheldon Richardson and a pick to the Seahawks for Sherman. I don’t recall much interest from my fellow bloggers. I think Rob’s reaction at the time, was that there were better 3Ts who might be available.

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Vita Vea is a mans man in the trenches.

  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Brady Henderson

    The Seahawks have made two more trades, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Seattle is sending DE Cassius Marsh to New England for a 5th- and 7th-round pick. That’s a solid return for a backup player who was entering the final year of his rookie deal. The 7th is same one the Seahawks gave the Patriots yesterday in the trade for CB Justin Coleman. The Seahawks have also acquired OL Isaiah Battle from the Chiefs. Battle is a 3rd-year player, listed at 6-7 and 290 pounds. That’s five trades in two days for the Seahawks.

    • coach

      What are your thoughts on Isaiah Battle? Do you think he contributes this year?

      • coach

        I’d have the same question about Coleman. Do you think he contributes this year?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I wonder if they are bringing Coleman to be a TE, not an OT. As Vol 12 mentioned, maybe Tobin is a gonner.. and they want to save some money.

        • House

          Coleman is a CB

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I meant Battle, but was reading the Coleman comment ; )

          • House

            I figured… I was like “Coleman will be the smallest TE in the NFL”. lol

  11. Ukhawk

    PCJS are indeed getting ‘super aggressive’ shedding vets with high salaries to make room for the youth movement & presumably to clear space to sign other players going forward. B@llsy & you gotta love it

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      “Go Big or Go Home”

      • DC

        Go big to stay home.
        The CLink in Jan that is.

  12. Huso Liszt

    Trade for Isaiah Battle seems strange, given his middling tef score: “Battle ran the 40-yard dash in 5.29 and 5.21 seconds. He had a 24 1/2-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot-5 broad jump. He performed 12 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press, but had this exercise cut short because of a cramp in his arm”

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    *53 man prediction mock placed in shredder*

  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    What have the Patriots been excellent at doing these last 15 years (besides cheating)?
    They know when to cut loose a player before they are “done”. I see a parallel with the Seahawks in the last 2 years….. instead of holding onto a guy 1 year too long, they are trying to be in front of the curve and trade or release the player. So, even if Kease has been productive and made ridiculous catches in the past, the advanced metrics (or chips they have in-bedded into the uniform) might be showing him declining in ways you or I can’t see on tape or in a game. I also believe if they were going to make a move, this would be the year, since they appear to be STACKED at WR unlike many other years.

    Just when you think you have a read on the Seahawks…… zag

    • DC

      Kearse was not a core player though.
      Watch the 30+ guys to prove that out. We’re nearly a the point where young potential core guys will bump the older ones off the roster. Clark & maybe SR if he’s retained will force the FO’s hand for cap reasons.

  15. Volume12

    Did Kasen Williams not make the team?

    • House

      I’m hearing he didn’t make the team. I don’t get it

    • Volume12

      According to Gee Scott he did not make the cut.

      • Volume12

        Pre-season game tape is very fluky.

        McKissic’s versatility and McEvoy’s STs ability probably won out.

        • Volume12

          And from everything I’ve read, they really like Darboh’s upside. IMO they see him as Kearse’s replacement.

          • C-Dog

            I’ve hear it go so far as they think he might have the upside to be a star in the makings.

      • icb12

        I was really rooting for Kasen. He showed up big.
        Hoping he gets picked up by another team at this point. He deserves a shot.

    • C-Dog

      Big time shocker. Gee Scott has tweeted that he didn’t make the 53.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Holy cow. IMO Major shocker

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Are you joshing me?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        So you go from having Kearse, Williams and Moore.. to none of them? That doesn’t make sense.
        I guess it does if they are only going with 5 WRs total…. we were assuming 6 in most mocks.

        • C-Dog

          Kenny Lawler may have beaten him out of the sixth spot.

          • Hawktalker#1

            That would be a joke.

          • D-OZ

            MDB liked Lawler a lot…

    • WALL UP

      It’s either he or Tanner, probably not both.

      • WALL UP

        Tanner does offer more versatility, and a better blocker.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          The one catch by McEvoy.. at his shoe tops.. in week #4 preseason was outstanding.

          • C-Dog


            I think McEvoy’s upside is a bit underestimated.

        • WALL UP

          53 Man Roster:
          OFFENSE (26)
          QB: (2) Wilson, Davis (Kapernick)
          RB: (5) Rawls, Lacy, Carson, Prosise, McKissic
          FB: None** Sheldon Richardson
          TE: (3) Graham, Willson, Vannett
          WR: (5) Baldwin, Lockett, Richardson, McEvoy, Darboh
          OL: (10) Britt, Ifedi, Odhiombo, Joeckel, Aboushi, Glowinski, Roos, Pocic, Tobin, Battle

          ST: (3) Ryan, Walsh, Ott

          DEFENSE (24)
          DL: (9) Avril, Bennett, Reed, Clark, Jones, Smith, Bass, Richardson*, Deon Simons or other DT*
          LB: (6) Wagner, Wright, Wilhoite, Garvin, McDonald, Alexander
          CB: (5) Sherman, Griffin, Lane, Coleman*, Thorpe, Shead (PUP)
          S: (5) Thomas, Chancellor, McDougald, Hill, Thompson
          *(New Acquisition – (Sheldon Richardson DT), (Justin Coleman CB), (Deon Simons DT), (Isaiah Battle OT)
          **(No FB initially, until No E is healthy enough to resume kick return duties. Sheldon could play FB short yard situations)

          • WALL UP

            Offense 25 & Defense 25

    • cha

      Gee Scott 710ESPN
      Also hearing that McEvoy, McKissic, and Darboh might have made the 53-Man Roster. #Seahawks

    • Aaron

      Nope, and Hawks Twitter is going crazy about it. They like the younger talent in Lawler and Darboah, plus isn’t Kasen kind of an injury concern. Hawks need talented and healthy WRs after dealing Kearse. It’s about upside and health imo. Wonder if it saves a little bit of cap too. In Pete and John I Trust!

    • Brseahawks

      That might indicate that either one of Swoopes, McKissic or Lawler beat Kasen Williams.

      I think Darboh and McEvoy are better players than Williams.

      I’m thinking they’ll go with just 5 WRs, and cary over Swoopes (banking on his potential for a bigger role in case something goes wrong with Graham, Willson or both) or McKissic (return ability).

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Swoopes looked like a willing blocker and seemed to find the voids in the defense for easy throws from the QB… and caught pretty much everything thrown at him. He even rn out of bounds or fell forward for additional yards after contact. Very impressive for having never played TE previously.

        • Volume12

          I liked Swoopes coming out. Moves very well, versatile, and he’s still learning the position.

  16. C-Dog

    Uh, Folks. If your got the PAC 12 network, I would suggest turning to it now. WMU is kinda handing it a bit to the Trojans right now.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Austin Davis made the roster (GeeScott)…. not a shocker

  18. LeoSharp

    Austin Davis makes the team.
    Gee Scott 710ESPN‏ @TheGeeScott 7m7 minutes ago
    Source tells me that Austin Davis makes the 53-Man Roster. #Seahawks

  19. icb12

    I like this LB Bush for Michigan.

    Seems to be in every play.

    • Matt

      Agreed. Bush has a great nose for the ball. Thought Michigan’s cb #25 played real well too.

  20. cha

    Sherman not happy with Kasen cut

    Richard Sherman‏Verified account
    Replying to @hawkblogger
    3:26 PM – 2 Sep 2017

    • RWIII

      I didn’t know that Pete Carroll and John Schneider needed Richard Sherman’s permission to cut Kasey Williams.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Just an elite Seahawks player speaking his mind. Yeah we should just ignore it. Means nothing. Ah Sure.

  21. Volume12

    HAHA! Sherm is baffled by them not keeping Kasen.

    F***ing love the Seattle office!

  22. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Low rent society we live in >:O

    Liz Mathews‏Verified account @Liz_Mathews 4h4 hours ago
    Friendly reminder that dudes are losing their jobs and dreams today. Pry not the best time to send them your bullshit “you suck” tweets.

    • nichansen01

      “Losing their dreams” thats a bit of an exaggeration. Being cut isn’t the same as being kicked out of the NFL forever. Some guys will never play again, but those guys probably knew who they were already.

  23. House

    After the Marsh trade today, Sheldon Richardson can wear his #91…

    • DC

      Good call

      • D-OZ

        I considered that when I saw #91 on his Jet’s UNI….

  24. WALL UP

    Peeps have to relax. John & Pete know what they are doing. They’ve assembled one of the best if not the best roster in the league.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Just a tough day. People are going to vent. Can’t stop that. Nor should we

  25. Volume12

    Man, Seahawks twitter never fails to entertain me.

    Kasen probably should’ve made the team. I mean there really wasn’t anything more he could’ve done, but come on. He was not gonna be the deciding factor in a SB run. Neither was RB Mike Davis or CB Pierre Desir.

    Desir was a fringe guy. He had 5-6 opportunities to make this team and literally let it slip through his fingers.

    As for the complaining about draft classes? Your trying to hit on 3-4 guys and 1-2 UDFAs. That’s a successful draft. 2012 was not the norm. Those are the types of drafts that change a franchise. And it did.

    • C-Dog

      People are flipping out like the end of he world is happening. Sherman and Hawkblogger are kinda stoking the fire. I’m as shocked as anyone Kasen didn’t mal the squad, but geez, people, do we really know more than the coaches do? Sure Kasen is probably a bit better than Darboh now, but isn’t it possible all things considered that Darboh has significantly more upside than Kasen does?

      Also, just a thing to consider, but some of these cuts and moves have opened up some decent cap room. Another significant move could be around the corner.

      • Volume12

        I actually like the direction their heading in and I’d bet they make a move or two tommorow as well.

        At first I was a little hesitant about the league changing the cut down rules, but goddman if this isn’t exciting and has the whole football world buzzing. Its taken some shine off the opening week of CFB, but as we all know, the NFL is king.

        • C-Dog

          I’m finding it kinda fascinating, actually. I feel good with this.

          Yeah, 10 projected players on the OL right now. The pick to KC for Battle was only conditional. Potentially only 5 WRs. I don’t think they’re done making moves by any stretch.

    • Rob Staton

      Seahawks Twitter should consider trying to calm down and chill out.

      People freaking out about decisions they barely know anything about, making judgements on a few training camp practises or a pre-season game.

      This team and coaching staff spend every day with these guys, analyse every training session and every game tape. They are planning and plotting this roster every hour of every day.

      They know more than we do. And while they won’t get every decision right, it hardly seems like something to get worked up about. It’s not like they cut Doug or Russell or Earl after all.

      • C-Dog


      • Volume12

        Yup. There was always tough cuts coming. The roster was too deep this year.

        And we think we know, but we really have no idea.

      • WALL UP

        Hear Hear!

      • Aaron


  26. DC

    DL Quinton Dial cut by the 49ers and former 9er OG Alex Boone cut by the Vikings.

  27. Volume12

    This W.Michigan/USC game is great!

    Love me some Porter Gustin baby.

    • C-Dog

      It’s been a really good game.

      • C-Dog

        Dude, this game is soooo gooood. Holy smokes

        • Volume12


          And the ‘Bama/Florida St. one is off to a great start as well on ABC

          • Volume12

            Dammit! This one is over.

            • C-Dog

              Well, it was a good game. So much talent on that USC team.

              • Volume12

                Loaded. Liked what I saw from Okorafor too. Raw talent that plays hard.

                • C-Dog

                  Yeah, I did as well. One to watch!

  28. Aaron

    Reece getting cut according to Gee Scott. Likely a Tukuafu situation from last year (i.e. Don’t wanna guarantee a contract to a vested veteran so they cut them and sign them again after week 1).

  29. Matt

    Kasen getting cut because he can’t return kicks like mckissic. Lockett might take another couple weeks to get back into the field.

  30. cha

    Full cut list out

    Kasen was waived/injured?

      • Volume12

        Seattle hits on another UDFA with Roos. And Swoopes could end up on the PS.

        • cha

          Not bad, Moore and Tyson cut, McDowell NFI’d but the rest of the draft class makes it and Roos as an UDFA. Not unlike previous years.

          • Volume12

            2013 was one of the worst overall drafts in a decade. Seattle now has the OROY and DROY from that class.

            2014 they hit one of the best young C’s in the game and we’ve all seen the playmaking abilities of P-Rich when healthy.

            2015 they grab a DE that is 23 and coming off a 10 sack season and doesnt even start. Lockett is one of the best young WRs in the league and a grade A returner. Glow is a good backup or average starter not to mention Rawls in UDFA

            2016 jury is still out on Ifedi, Reed, Odhiambo, Prosise (who is as dynamic ass they come when healthy), Vannett, and UDFA McEvoy

            2017 Pocic, Griffin, Hill, Darboh, Jones, and a potential starter at RB in Carson Roos as an UDFA. Thompson for me has disappointed but can still carve out a role for himself and McDowell is a wildcard.

            Far from as ‘bad’ as some fans would like everyone to believe.

            • Volume12

              * And TE Luke Wilson from 2013

            • cha

              I’d be nice if they could get the bottom portion of the 2016 class cut onto the PS. Jefferson, Collins, Lawler.

  31. C-Dog

    Some interesting players sitting out there right now.

    DL former Coug Xavier Cooper, TE former Husky Austin Seferian Jenkins, OL Adam Bisnowaty, QB Matt Barkley, RB Jermey McNichols, DT former Hawk TY McGill, WR Malachi Dupre, CB Marquez White, and FB Freddie Stevenson.

    Cooper or McGill could be interesting additions now that Rubin is out.

  32. LeoSharp

    Kasen Williams and Pierre Desir waived/Injured

  33. Forty20

    Kasen Williams, Pierre Desir and Rodney Coe were all waived with the injury designation it looks like.

    • C-Dog

      The plot thickens. So the hope is that they clear wavers with the hope that they revert to the IR.

      • Volume12

        I doubt they’re hurt, but its smart to do. U can stash guys with this designation.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, fingers crossed they make it through wavers, though.

          • Old but Slow

            Williams is no longer injured/waived, he just waived. He’ll play somewhere.

  34. Ishmael

    Barkley is an absolute superfreak. I want him in Seattle so badly. He looks like Rawls, only healthy and better at everything.

    Some rough cuts today, it’s a brutal league.

  35. Ishmael

    Waved injured 🙄 Hate it when teams do that.

    Also I know I whinge about Seahawks Twitter a lot, but it really is the worst sometime. People are going off like Williams is peak Megatron, it’s out of control. Not sure how I feel about Sherman jumping on there to pop off at Darboh either… I like having outspoken players, but I don’t really see how that’s helpful.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I think Sherman should have heeded the words of old school personal favorite Herm Edwards and just “don’t hit send!” Twitter is inherently Lord of the Flies. Kasen being a popular local kid and finally balling, its natural for folks to be upset, but come on man, don’t stoke that fire as a member of the freaking team.

    • Volume12

      The fact they have to cut a lot of talent also means their scouts know what the hell they’re doing.

      • C-Dog


      • Ishmael

        Seriously. It’s not rocket science.

    • Kenny Sloth

      What did Sherm say about Darboh?

      • Ishmael

        Was part of a whinge thread about Williams getting cut. Hang on, I’ll go find it.

        Brandon Block‏ @Blockhead1323 3h3 hours ago
        Replying to @RSherman_25 @hawkblogger
        They couldn’t justify cutting a 3rd rounder and keeping an undrafted guy
        2 replies 0 retweets 7 likes
        Reply 2 Retweet Like 7 Direct message
        Richard Sherman‏Verified account @RSherman_25 3h3 hours ago
        One played better…. the tape would justify it
        19 replies 35 retweets 119 likes
        Reply 19 Retweet 35 Like 119 Direct message

        Formatting is all jacked, can see it here though –

      • C-Dog

        I think the strong inference made between him and Mr Hawkblogger is that in Pete’s mantra of
        Competition, Kasen outplayed Darboh and therefore should have been kept over half him. They basically agreed together that Pete’s message will now fall short.. for all to read on social media. Good god.

        • Volume12

          Remember too though. Seattle does not seem to trust the tape as much as other teams.

          With them u need more than good tape.

  36. LeoSharp

    Kasen Williams and Pierre Desir not actually injured.

    Seattle Seahawks‏Verified account @seahawksPR 15m15 minutes ago
    Correction, the @seahawks waived WR Kasen Williams, not waived/injured.

    Seattle Seahawks‏Verified account @seahawksPR 8m8 minutes ago
    Correction, the @seahawks waived CB Pierre Desir, not waived/injured.

    • cha

      Wow. That’s unfortunate.

    • C-Dog

      Well, there we have it. Go Hawks!

  37. cha

    This one’s for HOUSE. And HOUSE’s wife…

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account
    Pending Monday’s physical, Broncos will sign their former QB Brock Osweiler on a one-year, $775,000 deal.
    6:05 PM – 2 Sep 2017

    • Kenny Sloth

      +43-8 lol

      • House

        She is kinda pissed! The fact that we traded the pick to DEN that they took Lynch with really pisses her off. lol

  38. DC

    Anyone else excited to see Marshawn run behind that Oakland line this year? Hope he balls out. I would rather play a fresh team in the Super Bowl than see the usual suspect again.

  39. DC

    QB – Russell Wilson, Austin Davis

    RB – Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise, Chris Carson

    FB – Tre Madden

    WR – Doug Baldwin, Paul Richardson, Tyler Lockett, Amara Darboh, Tanner McEvoy, J.D. McKissic

    TE – Jimmy Graham, Luke Willson, Nick Vannett

    OL – Rees Odhiambo, Luke Joeckel, Justin Britt, Mark Glowinski, Germain Ifedi, Ethan Pocic, Oday Aboushi, Matt Tobin, Isaiah Battle, Jordan Roos

    DL – Michael Bennett, Frank Clark, Cliff Avril, Sheldon Richardson, Jarran Reed, David Bass, Nazair Jones

    LB – Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright, Michael Wilhoite, Marcus Smith, Terence Garvin, D.J. Alexander, Dewey McDonald

    CB – Richard Sherman, Shaquill Griffin, Neiko Thorpe Jeremy Lane, Justin Coleman

    S – Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Bradley McDougald, Tedric Thompson Delano Hill

    ST – Blair Walsh, Jon Ryan, Tyler Ott

    • C-Dog

      Pretty light at DT presently, I would expect another move there.

      • DC

        That’s what stands out to me.

      • cha

        They must be really high on Naz. Also maybe-kinda-sorta reflects that they might see McDowell this year. I’m really straining but maybe.

        • C-Dog

          I wouldn’t count on that. I think they probably add there in the next day or two.

    • Bigten

      7 line backers. Wow

      • cha

        They backed up their words. They wanted more LBs to take some workload off Wagner and Wright. They played crazy amounts of snaps last year.

        • Ishmael

          That and they want to be better on special teams as well I reckon. Getting a lot of guys who can bring some serious teams value.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Seven D Linemen is crazy. There HAS to be another player coming. We aren’t going to get through an entire season with just seven guys.

      Should two get hurt we’d be down to five. Which is completely insane. You’d have guys playing every down of every game. And then they’re beat up for the playoffs. That cannot be allowed to happen.

      We need another DT added in the worst way here. I’ll presume there is a plan for that.

      • C-Dog

        I’m sure there is. Probably tomorrow.

      • Aaron

        Rolling the dice with three true DTs in Reed, Naz, and SR is insane. Those big guys need a solid rotation. Gotta think another run stuffer, like say 6’1 to 6’4 and 300-325 lbs, is in order. That’s the only issue I see with this 53 man roster. Oh yeah, I also hope they bring back Reece after GB.

        • C-Dog


          One more big body who can play nose and 3tech.

          • red

            John Jenkins was cut not sure if seattle interested he played a couple games for the hawks last year 6’3 327 vested vet so no waiver wire.

        • Ukhawk

          +1. Pats have 6 guys over 310lbs, Hawks way too light

  40. Ishmael

    Bama – Florida State off to a decent start.

    The Bama O-Line gassed after a quarter *rolls eyes* Seriously, if you need oxygen it’s time to start doing a bit more cardio. These kids are massively unhealthy, who was the Panthers lineman who retired a couple of seasons back? He was talking about it quite a bit, it’s interesting stuff.

  41. Coach

    My initial thought would be Kasen Williams should be in over Tedric Thompson, but I’m not sure how much Kasen would get on the field anyway if Baldwin, Richardson, and Lockette all stay healthy.


    Go Hawks!!

    • Trevor

      I agree completely based on his play Wiiliams should be on the squad . As you how much play would he even get at WR 4.

      They obviously feel Darboh has more upside and Mcevoy is more veritile on ST.

      Really wish they went 9 OL and 6 WR.

      • Hawktalker#1


    • Forrest

      I’d say Williams over Smith or Dewey. 7 LBs seems a bit overkill.

  42. STTBM

    Pretty crushed to hear about Kasen. Perhaps Seattle goes the injury settlement route, and brings him and/or Desir/Coe back this year…though I think they can sign with any other team weeks before they can resign with Seattle after taking an injury settlement…

    I like Kasen far more than McEvoy or McKissic. McKissic hasn’t run vs starters and looked decidedly mediocre returning kicks. Obviously I don’t have all the info or knowledge our FO does so my opinion isn’t worth squat, but I’m bummed.

    Wonder if any of the linemen we traded for will be worth a darn…

  43. Ishmael

    McKissic is a lucky boy I think, McEvoy too. I don’t much rate either of them. There’s going to be a reason they don’t want Williams though, they aren’t total idiots. There’s more going on here than Williams being decent in preseason.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I’d sure like to know what that reason is . . .

  44. James

    The only real surprise to me in the cut-down to 53 was Pete/John keeping 10 OL (both Tobin and Battle). I wonder if this will last beyond the first game or two, until Cable can assess who he wants to keep? But the 10th OL is probably what cost Kasen his job. Perhaps John has read it correctly again, and Kasen clears waivers and makes it to the practice squad. He is not an orthodox route runner and there are many WRs available, so he might slip through.

    Early speculation on our 7 inactives against GB: Tobin, Battle, Roos, Carson, Thompson, Coleman, and Smith?

    • Coach

      I would think Carson will get some playing time!

      • C-Dog


    • C-Dog

      I wouldn’t be so quick to assume they keep 10, they could pickup an additional DT tomorrow, and one goes. The pick sent to KC for Battle was just a conditional one.

    • Old but Slow

      They kept 10 O linemen, but it may not last beyond a day or two. When they work with Battle who is a pure OT-type, they will cut him or Tobin.

      This 53 is not set in stone, not even sand. This could be a very interesting and dynamic few days before the opener.

      We will be looking around the league at the cuts (Bisnowati?), and the league will look at our cuts. It would not be surprising to see the team resign Kasen, for instance, and then make a trade of some kind. It is an unpredictable time, and for me, a lot of fun trying to keep up.

  45. Sam Jaffe

    Battle will be cut soon. It’s just an attempt to get him on the PS. Otherwise there’s no tackles for the PS. Then they bring in a D: Dial or Simon from NYJ. Or they bring back G Smith. Seahawks cuts that should be claimed: Kasen, Desir, Palacio, Pericek, Hunt. All are potential starters for some teams and better than current backups on most teams. They won’t all be claimed, but should be.

  46. Awsi Dooger

    Actually, Josh Allen has had far more success in an underdog role than Payton Lynch. It’s not remotely close.

    Allen won four times last season as underdog of a touchdown or more. Lynch’s only notable upset was the noted win over Mississippi as 10.5 point home underdog in 2015. Lynch actually had several more flops as big favorite than surprise outings as underdog. He lost to Navy by 25 points at home as more than a touchdown favorite. I remember well because I had Navy. Option teams as big underdog have a terrific history.

    I don’t dispute that Allen has consistency issues. I mentioned here during the offseason that he was likely to struggle in 2017 after losing the most dependable skill position helpers on that offense. But it’s silly to claim he hasn’t defeated any team of consequence. Wyoming has awful personnel so you won’t see them matching up against SEC schools. To defeat Boise State as 13.5 point home underdog and San Diego State as 10 point underdog within a four game span was terrific. Those may not be name brand schools but they are resourceful and incredibly well coached. Notice how San Diego State has fared in bowl games each of the past two seasons. That team is quietly among the best coached teams in the country. Josh Allen didn’t have great stats against the Aztecs in both games last year but he made enough big plays to spring one upset and come within 3 points in the conference title game rematch.

    There were also back to back upsets of Colorado State as 6 point underdog and Air Force as 10.5 point underdog early last season. That’s when the Allen hype train began, because he was doing things that shouldn’t be possible given Wyoming’s roster.

    • Awsi Dooger

      Paxton Lynch, not Payton. Too bad we can’t edit here.

      • Volume12

        The Josh Allen hype train started because of narratives. He’s not very good. Feel bad for the kid. He’ll never match the hype. He definitely has talent and athleticism and is 100% a one man army, but he appears to be lacking between the ears. A supporting cast probably makes pure him in the back half of NFL QBs. That ain’t good enough to go anywhere at the next level.

        There’s good teams in every conference. Absolutely. But if he’s struggling against good coaching, what happens when he faces ‘great’ coaching, complex schemes, and has no idea what he’s seeing?

        A 56% passer in the Mountain West and 15 INTs? Some of those throws showed off his arm talent, yes, but more than anything? Bad decision making.

        In 2 P5 games against ‘meh’ defenses this is what he’s done. Combined.

        39 of 72 att., 54%, 1 TD, and 7 INTs

        Give me W. Kentucky’s Mike White or Miss St’s Nick Fitzgerald over Allen.

        • C-Dog

          He had a crap game against Iowa, but I thought Jake Browning wasn’t sharp against the Scarlet Knights, and Sam Darnold seemed noticeably off today, as well. I think there’s a chance this year’s QB class might be overly hyped on the whole. Which if the Jets are in fact intentionally sucking for one of these guys, let that be a cautionary tale.

          Oregon’s Justin Herbert looked pretty good today, though, I thought at least, and Luke Faulk did what he does.

          • Volume12

            Darnold like HB Zeke Elliott has off field stuff that is being ignored.

            Remember the Noah Spence stuff at Ohio St?

            • Kenny Sloth

              Dalvin Cook’s shit is flying super low too.

              I just fear these guys aren’t getting good help around the league. Just great legal teams.

              Seahawks care about our players psychologicals and whatnot

              • Kenny Sloth

                Wow I’m being so political tonight omg

              • nichansen01

                Where did you hear that? I cant find anything about Darnold’s off the field history.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Forgot to welcome you back, Vol! Helluva roster churn this preseason, eh? Hated to see Rubin go, but FINALLY we got $helly Rich ayee. My favorite from 2013 for sure.

              I’m looking at all the thin position groups this year such as TE and DB. QB is a paper tiger position group for me. Might be two of note this year. Last year was underrated in potential, but very low floors. This year’s class has higher upside but lower floors but overrated in general.

              • C-Dog


    • Rob Staton

      Wyoming’s best wins last season were against Boise State and San Diego State.

      A loaded Ole Miss was a far superior win.

  47. Volume12

    Is there a more overlooked pass rusher in the country than Wazzu’s DE Hercules Mata’afa?

    Good lord. Kid might be Frank Clark 2.0. He can rush from the 5,wide 9, standing up, over the nose/1, plays with tons of energy, passion, and his motor is nonstop. Same size as Frank was too.

    One to monitor closely all season Seahawk fans. He’s got top 50-60 written all over him.

    • C-Dog

      He was a beast tonight. Fun player to watch.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      *Puts another player on the 2018 Seahawks watchlist*

    • Kenny Sloth

      Falks arm seems to have gotten a bit more lively. Let’s see if he has the stamina and consistency.

      I don’t really like either of these washington school QBs

      I don’t like any QB not named ‘Jackson’ this year though

      • Dawgma

        I could see Browning being a good fit for a very west coast, timing based offense – very brainy and accurate, but low tier arm strength. Not a top tier kinda guy, I agree. Vita Vea though….damn. Going to miss him when he’s gone.

  48. Robert Las Vegas

    This 53 is not made in stone changes are comingl.

  49. Robert Las Vegas

    I like the marsh trade but I first thought was he will be with NE for 10 years be like Mike verbal play some de some lb and at some point make a huge sack or pick. I agree with everyone about kasem and why is a fullback on the roster if you have on in Eddie lacy on the roster I maybe wrong

  50. Volume12

    My god!

    Ole Miss has an NWO championship belt, oops I mean title sorry Vince, on their sideline? All in on Ole Miss now. 😉

  51. Old but Slow

    Robert Las Vegas, I found the last part of your post provocative. Just that it brought to mind the difference between running the ball and blocking. Running, you avoid the rusher, but in blocking, you meet him head on. Avoid, or meet? For some, in may be a difficult skill.

    How many capable backs have not made it because they could not block.

    That is not a knock on Lacy’s blocking ability, because I know nothing about it. He might be able.

  52. Volume12

    What is with the SEC? I swear to god. They have guys who have been on the team for what feels like 7 years.

    How old is ‘Bama WR Calvin Ridley now? 26?

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s gross. I hate to see this grey shirt black shirt green shirt white shirt rainbow shirt (waiting for general homophobia to decrease before scholarship offer)

      I mean damn… You know you can transfer right?

      It’s like Barça man. Be like Neymar. Establish your own market. Bama players have super volatile stock because they’re so homogenous.

      Just shows how crazy it is Jarran Reed broke through there with the depth they had.

      • nichansen01

        UW has trouble retaining juniors and redshirt sophomores, so the UW teams always feel so young. This one included.

      • nichansen01

        Whats the longest you can stay? A medical redshirt (or greyshirt) is different from a regular redshirt. Also kids who go on missions get an extra year. Seems like one could stay seven years with mission, plus grey shirt, plus redshirt, plus four years.

        • Dawgma

          Huh, thought experiment….

          Commit to BYU right out of high school (18)
          Delay two years for Mormon mission (20)
          Take a redshirt season (21)
          Get injured, take a medical redshirt (22)
          Transfer w/out graduating; sit out a year (23)
          Play 2 (25)
          Medical redshirt year (26)
          Play 2 (28)

          I think that’s the best (‘best’) you can do. I think you might technically use up a year of eligibility sitting out a transfer too, which would make it 27.

  53. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Now that the blood letting has subsided…. what do we know about the Seahawks…

    I would not rule out them bringing Rubin back….. within 1-2 days. He would then not have a fully guaranteed contract. There would be your 4th DT which you seek. There are some other interesting names out on the wire now… just have to wait to see who gets claimed or Seattle put claims in on….

    I thought Davis played adequate at QB, to justify his getting the #2 job. He actually looked pretty efficient and made some nice plays at all throwing distances and improvised a few plays. I especially liked that he gave multiple WRs/TEs/RBs a chance to catch the ball…. within the offense. Boykin might come back as PS, if he is still eligible.

    Lastly, a guys name that caught my eye mentioned previously on the blog… DL former Coug Xavier Cooper. This guy might be able to do some good things on the Seahawks line.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      oh yeah, Xavier Coopers profile (and he has sub 32″ arms)

      NFL COMPARISON Clinton McDonald
      BOTTOM LINE Cooper must play in a penetrating defensive front in order to minimize his lack of length and maximize his above-average athleticism. He lacks the power to muscle up and hold his ground, but his ability to win with his hands and be a disruptive pass rusher could offer him immediate value as a rotational defensive tackle with a shot to become a starter.

      • C-Dog

        I thought Cooper would be intriguing, but I wonder if they want to add a guy who can play more nose. I think with Richardson and Jones, you probably have more pure 3 techs, and Reed as the only nose. I wonder if the revisit TY McGillis.

    • WALL UP

      Deon Simon wears #93 for the Jets. He has 33″ arms, 6-4 321lbs, 35reps, 291/2″ vert. Watching Sheldon’s featured video, look for #93 in the KC game. He gives a strong inside push working alongside Sheldon. Anchors well against double teams.

      He’s available, if he’s not picked up before the Hawk’s waiver turn. I think this is the last year of his rookie contract of 2015. Just turned 27yrs old last month. He would give Reed some competition. I think he’s stronger, with a greater motor.

  54. nichansen01

    I don’t like hearing Sherm insult a rookie who just made the team. But whatever.

    • nichansen01

      I mean he can express that he is sad to see Kasen Williams cut. I’m just as sad about Kasen not making the cut as the next guy. But seriously it’s so low to turn being sad into a jab at another player. Disrespectful to Darboh, a kid who overcame a ton, A TON, in his life to make it to the NFL.

      • nichansen01

        there’s a line between being “outspoken” and just being a dick

        • Kenny Sloth

          We don’t agree on everything but **** Sherm for getting involved in opinions of business like that.

          • C-Dog

            +1. Didn’t like seeing that at all.

            • Tbone4444


        • Bigten

          I think everyone needs to quit being so sensitive with his tweet. He didn’t say darboh sucked or anything. If he was b I guess a dick to anyone, it was Carroll because he was throwing at his mantra of always compete. And he just stated a fact that kasen had a stellar preseason yet still gets cut is ridiculous.

  55. Brseahawks

    Not too worried by being thin at DT. Sheldon Richardson is a guy that can play 80-85% of the snaps and if they felt confident in releasing Rubin, it’s probably because they believe Reed is one of those guys. They need a space eater for obvious running situations and McDaniels, Rubin, Coe and Garrison Smith will probably be available.

    A couple of weeks ago Cable told press that they might carry a C in case Pocic starts. They released Joey Hunt, so thst pretty much confirms Ifedi starting RT.

    What’s the final statement on Aboushi vs Glowinski? I was rooting for Glow badly…

    • C-Dog

      The vide I got heading into the last game is that Glowinski is probably the starter.

    • WALL UP

      Deon Simon would give Reed that competition. I actually think he’s stronger with a greater motor. He 27yrs old, 6-4 321lbs, 35reps, 33″arms. He worked well alongside Sheldon giving strong inside push, and anchors well against double teams. I apologize for the repetition. I just really hope he’s there for their waiver turn.

  56. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I saw this on Fieldgulls via a Cowboys Website, thought it could be useful.

    Practice squad basics

    1) Each NFL team can have upto 10 players on its practice squad.
    2) Practice squad players … practice with the team. They do not play in games.
    3) Not all players are eligible to be signed to NFL practice squads (see eligibility rules above).
    4) Practice squad players are paid per week and can be released at any point during the season.
    5a) Practice squad players are free to sign with other NFL teams, but they have to be signed to the 53-man active roster of the acquiring team. 5b) A practice squad player cannot be signed to another practice squad unless he is first released.
    6) A practice squad player can not sign with his team’s upcoming opponent, unless he does so six days before the upcoming game or 10 days if his team is currently on a bye week.
    7) If a practice squad player is signed to the active roster, he will receive a minimum of three weekly paychecks, even if he is released before spending three weeks with the new team.
    8) In order to be signed to a practice squad after being released, a player must first clear waivers, and is subject to waiver claims by other teams.


  57. John

    Is Justin Coleman better than Brock or Desir?

    • Brseahawks

      PFF is high on him. Lowest yards conceded per cover snap in the Patriots 2016 roster in a sample of ~250 snaps.

      • WALL UP

        It probably helped to facilitate the Marsh trade as well, by giving the Hawks someone they wanted.

        • Brseahawks

          The 5th round pick alone is outstanding value for Marsh. I like him but given what we saw thus far, Marsh is a long shot for being able to be an above average starter in this league. IMO this is a subtle move by Belichick to gauge information on the Seahawks DL XOs.

          • WALL UP

            Yeah, BB is always competing. It may help knowing the calls and sets. By now everyone is aware of their defense. Everyone knows what they’re doing. But, they just can’t do anything about it, when they’re clicking on all cylinders. This year’s inside push will push them over the top this year. Nobody will be able to stop it, not even BB.

          • cha

            Really? If you just want intel, why not pick up Rubin or Jefferson? Those guys could be had for FAR less than a 5th round pick and would provide pretty equivalent information on concepts.

            Marsh is a decent player. The Pats love solid special team guys and have a knack for turning guys like this into occasionally useful players on defense. They paid good value for that. If they get some intel for the Super Bowl matchup, that’s a bonus.

          • Ishmael

            Nah, if it was just for intel they could pick anyone off the waiver.

            This is about special teams. Belichick famously loves, and rates, special teams, and Marsh is outstanding there.

    • C-Dog

      They most likely fealty they needed to upgrade nickel corner. So presumably they weren’t seeing enough out of Brock.

      • Ishmael

        I reckon you’re on the money. They’re comfortable enough with Griffin/Lane outside to let Desir go, but wanted a bump in the slot. The Hawks started playing more man last year in response to all those Cover 3 beater route combos teams were throwing at them. Stickier coverage in the slot + more interior pressure seems to be their answer in the offseason.

        • C-Dog

          That’s a good point. I think were might see more man. I think Griffin showed some stickiness and grit with man in the preseason. He will probably go through his share of the lumps, but gosh am I excited about that kid. With all the Carson and Naz Jones hype, I think his play kinda got lost a bit.

  58. D-OZ

    DE- Chris Odom, Arkansas St. didn’t make Atlanta’s final 53. Got caught in number’s game. Final pre-season game he had 6 tackles 2 assists 2 sacks 3 pressures and a tipped pass that was intercepted in the end-zone.
    Another Arkansas St. player who showed well was TE Griswold. I would love it if Seattle got Odom onto their PS. GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  59. Alex

    Generally surprised by all the reaction to a Williams not making it. Darboh was never going to cut, and for me, McEvoy has shown he can catch in the NFL (as well as other things!). Sometimes on here I think lots of readers get caught up in the hype created by other posters about certain players and just go with it rather than creating their own thoughts. Nothing wrong with that btw! Not a critiscism. More an observation.

    • D-OZ

      Totally agree…

    • Hawktalker#1

      Although I would agree with you that this can sure be the case and hype can sure skew perception to appar as reality, IMO Williams played his butt off and showed he absolutely has what it takes to make the team. No doubt it’s a tough call from the outside looking in and in expressing opinions of disappointment with staffing decisions, which I personally have, when we don’t have nearly all the information that management has. But we all still want to believe that excellent performance is really what it’s all about at the end of the day

      When Carol puts a mantra out there like “always compete”, he sets an expectation that excellent performance will win you a spot on the team. Williams did such a great job competing and performing, there were many that believed his spot on the roster was nearly a lock as he absolutely outperformed some of the existing wide receivers. It understandably stings a little bit when the great performances we thought it took to win a spot on the team is not enough. I think it also hurts when we come to that realization and it makes us question some of the quotes and “always compete” like comments that come from the front office.

      Not being critical, just saying…

      Go Hawks

      P.S. Although there are some disappointments in the cuts this year, one extremely exciting fact about all of it is that it means this year’s team is truly stacked. It is amazing how deep this team is. Good luck rest of the NFL we are really going to bring it this year.

      • Brseahawks

        I don’t think Kasen Williams showed enogh to warrant a roster spot. He made spectacular catches, but check them out closely: all came on go routes, in jump ball contests. When did PC or Bevell put value on those throws? Did he even ran a full route tree? How about his blocking, how did it go? He played hard and the Seahawks gave him a shot at it, but his jump ball skill alone would never put him above Darboh’s outstanding college tape in those regards, McEvoy actual NFL tape and versatility (and upside, and club control for both), McKissic versatility and PR ability in Lockett’s absence.

        It’ll be interesting to see how much interest he’s gonna draw from NFL teams. Not much, I think. Had teams be interested, he’d be traded for a 6th or 7th round pick by now.

      • C-Dog

        Honestly, as much as I was shocked about Williams not making the squad, I don’t feel this tarnishes the Always Compete mantra at all. We knew midway through the preseason that some very tough cuts were coming, that some nice football players weren’t going to make this squad. After the Kearse trade, I thought Williams was a lock, but there were a number of other players who played their butts off, as well.

        UDFA Jordan Roos played really well. UDFA JD McKissic balled as a receiver, runner and returner. 7th Carson was pretty ridiculously obvious, and might end up being the starter at some point down the road. What would have been the outcome have been from fans if Williams was kept and Carson was not?

        Some folks want to slam Darboh, Hawkblogger is fairly relentless ripping on him, but I can say in the practice I caught, the dude looked impressive, he was making plays. I’ve been watching football a long time, I think I know what I see. There is a reason he is kept and it goes beyond him being a third round pick. The dude balled out at Michigan in a pro style offense. Many professional draftniks applauded Seattle snagging him in the 3rd. Let’s not write a book on him that he’s some chump just because the local kid was balling and didn’t make the squad.

        It’s tough Williams didn’t make the team, but IMO, it’s also tough MikeDavis and Pierre Desir didn’t either. But these don’t tarnish Pete’s mantra. In the end, it’s a numbers game. Seattle is relying again on unproven talent at LT, and a veteran talent at LG who suffered a major knee injury a year ago. The need for extra OL might have been apparent to them after Fant went down. Just so many factors to consider.

      • Hawktalker #1

        Great comments. Thanks all.

    • C-Dog

      The deep fade McEvoy caught for a TD in game three against the Chiefs was the same type of catch Williams had made in the previous games. When that happened, I pumped the breaks slightly that Williams would be a for sure lock. IMO, McEvoy has nice upside.

      • FAN Person

        McEvoy also has 2 years left on his deal, then becomes a RFA.

        If Kasen balled out in 2017 he would be hard to resign, ESPECIALLY after getting Sheldon!

        Tanner for 2-3 years cheap, or one year with Kasen and possibly losing McEvoy, who blocked a punt on ST last year… would be rough…

        McEvoy DOES have upside…

    • WALL UP

      It’s also good to make a distinction between being athletic, or displaying athletic ability, and being a football player. Chuck used to say, “Football players make football plays”. Not necessarily athletic plays.

      Kasen has great athletic ability. Great vertical positioning to his game. As a UW alumn I’m proud of his abilities. But, he doesn’t make the football plays you need for this group quite yet. The point I think Pete, I’m sure, brought to his attention, is the basic football play that he needs improvement on, BLOCKING.

      I think everyone is aware this is an area for growth when comes to Kasen’s abilities to become a well rounded football player and not just an athletic WR.

  60. Rik

    Browns claimed Kasen Williams. Not a huge surprise.

  61. Roger Davis

    The “Always Compete Mantra.”

    The devil is in the details. Firstly, Kasen’s other-worldly catch – the one he dropped, then re-caught the ball an inch from the turf was one for the ages. It was the best of several wonderful, awesome catches he made. I loved his catches, I love him! My aging memory remembers other pre-seasons, other great catches, other great receivers, other great runners, other great linebackers. A long list really – of guys I hated to not continue seeing wear Seahawk colors. Pope, and this years Pope – Tiny Mike, and MANY OTHERS will forever, to me, be Seahawks. Period.

    “Always Compete” – when and for what? For a role, sometimes a very specific, unique and perhaps small and esoteric role (given other players skills on the team, the needs on the team, etc.) on a team that “needs” every facet of every aspect of the game covered by at least someone. The team has (in my opinion) four great (or potentially great) receivers: Baldwin, Graham, Lockett and Richardson. There are only so many passes to be thrown to so many different receivers.

    I trust, admire and respect Pete Carroll. I trust, admire and respect John Schneider. They KNOW the COMPETITION that happened Every second, of Every minute, of Every hour of Every day of Every player who “Competed.” They KNOW every big, small, tiny, obscure need the team has. They have balanced EVERYTHING.

    This team is the result of those ebbs and tides of competition. The end results of ATV crashes, knees and shoulders that won’t respond, lessons that weren’t learned, skills that just couldn’t be mastered.

    Everyone that ever wore the uniform is a respected part of my memories of the Seahawks and ever will be.

    But until ownership fires Pete and John – I reserve the right, even with my imperfect knowledge of every second of competition, to grumble, to scream and rage to the wind and rain at every boneheaded, moronic decision they make! But at the end of the day, at the time all 53 names must be marked in the ledger, PERSONALLY, I will accept their judgement of how every player “Always Competed.” I accept (grudgingly at times), that considering everything, they are most likely making the correct decision.

    Game time.

    • C-Dog

      Nicely done.

    • vrtkolman

      But other plays did compete and win. Everyone thought Boykin would be our backup, but after Davis out-performed him he got the job. Marcus Smith and David Bass beat out Marsh, and now Marsh is gone. Who would have thought that coming in? It’s just possible maybe that PC and his coaches evaluate wide receivers in a manner that doesn’t take into account incredible preseason catches. Stephen Williams and Chris Matthews didn’t make the cut, remember.

    • vrtkolman

      To add, this was a great comment you made though. It’s always ok to criticize even the best and most trusted administrations.

    • Volume12

      Nailed it.

      ‘Always Compete’ ain’t just about flash. Like tackles, catches, or things like YAC. There’s too much that goes on behind then scenes that we’ll never know.

      Invest in yourself and take chances ion yourself because if u don’t, why would the coaching staff and FO?

  62. C-Dog

    Kasen to the Browns. Q Jefferson to the Rams. Pierre Desir to the Colts.

    • Rik

      Beat me to it!

      • C-Dog

        Boykin looks to be going up North to the CFL. That could be a smart thing for him to do.

  63. Rik

    Saw a report that only three Seahawks were claimed: Williams, Jefferson, and Desir. I will be happy to see Swoopes and Moore head to the practice squad!

    • C-Dog


      Joey Hunt and Alex Collins also clear. Seattle made no waiver claims.

      I thought made they would put one in for a young DT. They might decide to roll with three DTs going into Green Bay, and look to sign a veteran next week to a deal that they won’t have to guarantee any cheddar.

      • cha

        Collins signs with the Jets PS.

        • C-Dog

          On the plus side, looks like David Moore is, in fact, heading to Seattle’s PS. Personally, I’m kinda stoked for that. I thought he flashed some really interesting athleticism.

          • Ukhawk

            Liked Moore a lot. Just needs reps

        • Jeremy

          Surprised he didn’t sign on Seattle’s PS

        • cha

          Looks like he changed his mind and signed with Baltimore’s PS.

  64. Millhouse-serbia

    Kasen Williams claimed by Browns.

    • cha

      Terrelle Pryor 2.0 ?

      • FAN Person

        If the Browns had kept Pryor they would have a deep WR room…

        Coleman, Britt, Pryor and Kasen…

  65. Ishmael

    Glad to see Williams getting a shot with the Browns. A big-bodied outside guy will be a good fit up there. Even if he can only run go routes, that’s handy for a kid like Kizer. Nice big catch radius, can bring down a 50-50 ball.

    Similarly, Jefferson could turn into a wrecker for Wade Phillips. Think that’s a smart pickup for them.

    • C-Dog

      I can see Q Jeff working out well as a rotational 5 tech in a 34 if he can stay healthy. He didn’t play well when they stuck him at end in our last preseason game, but in a true 3-4, he might do better.

      • Ukhawk

        He did not look explosive…probably a year away from getting it back if he can

    • Volume12

      Aaron Donald still hasn’t showed up for them.

      • Jeremy

        For our next big move, we will trade Jeremy Lane and a 1 for Donald haha

      • Ishmael

        Man, they need to get that sorted out in a big way. He’s the best player on that team by such an enormous margin it isn’t even funny.

        The rookie pay system is messed up. They need to add some form of arbitration after two seasons. These guys have such fraught and short careers that they deserve to cash in as soon as they can. For someone like Donald, who’s legitimately the best player in his position and getting paid peanuts, it’s just wrong.

  66. vrtkolman

    The pleasant surprise in my opinion was Marcus Smith. I went back to his draft profile and wow. Incredible athlete. 1.57 10 yard split, 10 foot broad jump, 34″ arms. He’s 6’3″ 250 lbs. Remember that chart showing the players last year who reached 10 sacks? Yeah, all but 1 were 6’3″ 250 lbs. He has the bend and speed to power ability that Marsh does not have. He’s a legit difference making pass rusher from a physical stand point, whereas Marsh was just an effort guy. I’m excited to see him in Marsh’s role this year.

    • C-Dog

      I think Seattle is genuinely high on him and his athleticism. It’s going to be interesting to see what they make of him. I thought he flashed.

  67. C-Dog

    Just something I want to throw out to the fine folks of the SDB community. With the lack of turnovers in 2015 and even more noticeably in 2016, are we seeing a bit of a change in defensive philosophy, specifically up front?

    Just a fair 2017 time line notes;

    After the playoff loss, Carroll acknowledges lack of turner overs, lists LB and Corner as need spots, but also says the team is looking to add pass rush.

    – Seattle hires Clint Hurtt to take over DL coaching, his trade mark is coaching the pass rush and really the inside rush.

    – Seattle drafts 2 interior DL with relatively high picks that are both 6-5 or taller in McDowell and Jones (possibly not just for sacks, but to effect passing lanes? Jones has shown a knack for this in college and in the preseason).

    – Jarran Reed shows up to training camp with a different slimmed down body and, if anything else, shows immediate improved quickness.

    – Through the preseason with Jones, I’ve noticed a quick penetrating get off at 3 tech. On top of the pass deflection and sack plays, he’s flushed out QB’s a fair amount, and in his start against KC, he blew through his gap and nearly took down the ball carrier for a three yard loss. He wiffed and the play went for a positive gain, but that’s clearly a different read and react gap control style we’ve been accustomed to with Rubin and Co the last couple years.

    – Following the KC game and before the Raiders matchup, Carroll was asked about what he has liked out of Jones, and his words were, on top of his ability to show versatilely, and fit into the rotation, he liked his “aggressive style.”

    -When asked about David Bass, Kris Richard mentions his ability to factor inside as a rusher.

    – Seattle trades for Sheldon Richardson who is as pure a penetrating 3 tech as they get in the league.

    – Seattle cuts Ahtyba Rubin.

    – Seattle makes no initial roster claims on a DT

    Now, Seattle may likely add a vet in a week or so, but are we seeing a trend to a more aggressive style up front as a recipe for more turn overs? Are they maybe now putting more of a premium on athleticism and quicks over girth and steadiness to muck things up?

    Is the added depth at LB to give Bobby and KJ breathers because, in this style, they won’t be kept as clean?

    Are we going to see more man coverage with the additions of Griffin and now Coleman?

    • Ukhawk

      Loving this chat… great points. Maybe an evolution or simply a different look/scheme to change things up. A response to dink n dunk?

      • House

        Interesting thoughts and concepts. I was also reading before that Frank Clark has done work inside as well. The Richardson trade could also create options for Richardson to eat double teams and Clark to scream up the middle. To have Bass/Clark to have those capabilities could explain going light on DT.

        • FAN Person

          Great Post. Having 10 OLineman may just be until they can work out and see Tobin vs Battle – Battle! HAHA

          Or, since the 8 DLineman are MONSTERS each in there own way, they just want them to be on the field!!!

          Pete probably got sick of the lack of turnovers and sacks and decided to go ALL OUT…
          Great job John Schneider!!!!

          • C-Dog

            Interesting note on Battle; he was one of just a few OTs during the preseason to give up zero pressures. Seattle probably saw something that they really liked during that preseason game against the Chiefs.

  68. Volume12

    Thank god Swoopes made the PS. Don’t know if anyone else sees what I see in this kid, but he’s got a chance to a big time player for Seattle. They can get real creative with him.

    • Jeremy

      I’m with you Vol. Chances are high (now with Richardson) that Graham will walk next year. Swoopes hopefully will improve enough to be the next man up

      • FAN Person

        Hey Jeremy, are you saying Jimmy is gone so we can pay for a Sheldon extension?

        We will see this year, but if we can only keep one, I bet Sheldon is the one!

        Hope so…

        • Jeremy

          Yes, that seems most likely to me. I would wager Richardson will get an extension over Graham.

    • Trevor

      I am with you on Swoopes Vol I am surprised we snuck him on PS.

  69. Volume12

    Is Seattle adding DT Cedric Thornton?

    • WALL UP

      I hope not. He’s bit under size for their needs. I think they are need of someone to take on double teams in base 1st & 2nd downs.

    • C-Dog

      Thornton is a solid run defender.

  70. Jeremy

    From Vol..

    Volume12 says:
    May 6, 2015 at 5:42 pm
    Clemson’s LT Isaiah Battle has some freakish length to him. Needs to bulk up, but I really like him.

    What are your current thoughts on him Vol? From what I read, this is worth a shot. Not sure if he beefed up his lower body since college.

    For anybody interested, it came from this article

    its so amazing how Rob can nail a lot of these guys coming out

    • Volume12

      😁 How did u find that? That was 2 years ago! Thanks for the shoutout though. Much appreciated.

      He’s worth a shot as u said. I’m surprised Seattle didn’t take him in the supplemental draft.

      Has bulked up since Clemson no doubt about that. He handled Marcus Smith with ease this pre-season and didn’t allow a sack or pressure this pre-season as well. That’s all I’ve seen of him since he came out so its hard to say.

      Not polished at all. Like Ifedi he’s gonna stall drive with his penalties. Seattle likes these reclamation projects. Will be surprised if he’s on the team by the middle of the season.

  71. Misfit74

    I liked JK Dobbins, Sewo Olonilua, Auden Tate, Kevin Harmon, Michael Gallup, Mike Gesicki, and Cam Akers

    • WALL UP

      I like Tate & Gesicki as well. With no 2nd rd pick, they won’t be available though. Unless, they trade up… Anything is possible with JS. I was hoping that JS could work all of his bartering chips to go get Vea.

      Reed is more 3tech than nose and he’ll need a breather. Jones can be put on skates due to his long limbs when doubled teamed while playing nose. Someone would need to fill that role. Simon could do that now.

      Vea would be a great fit in the future, with Reed or Jones rotating in base dns, if Sheldon gets his big payday elsewhere. Hopefully, Malik will have his role in the future @ 5tech.

  72. Misfit74

    Did SEA sign Jaye Howard or not?

    • WALL UP

      They need a1tech/NT. Jay is a 3tech or 5tech

    • WALL UP

      Deon Simon cleared waivers and is still unsigned. I hope Sheldon put in few plugs for the PNW. It looks like he is enjoying his time here so far, with Brett showing him around. It could be a low cost high reward acquisition.

    • Rob Staton

      They did not

  73. Phil

    SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! The following is a joke …..

    This just in — the Seahawks have traded Richard Sherman to the LA Rams for Aaron Donald.

    (Can you trade for a player who is under contract, but not on team’s roster?)

  74. FAN Person

    This Packers game is starting as a SHAM!!! Lane gets his head RIPPED OFF, and he goes out????

    No video footage of ANY punch!!! Just Lane laying on top of the dirty player ‘little cob boy’…!

    And cob stays in???? WTF???

    This is why EVERYTHING MUST BECOME REVIEWABLE!!! Like college! They just check EVERY PLAY!


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