Seahawks trade for Sheldon Richardson

September 1st, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

I thought Sheldon Richardson was the best player in the 2013 draft.

I suppose I should also say that I thought Dee Milliner was pretty special too and he’s already out of the league. When the Jets drafted both players in round one, at the time it felt like a major coup.

Unlike Milliner, Richardson has enjoyed some success in the NFL. In 2015 he was ranked at #55 on the NFL’s top-100 players list:

This is a major move for the Seahawks to fill a need they’ve had throughout Pete Carroll’s time in Seattle. They’ve never had a dynamic interior pass rusher who can play any down and distance and move around the D-line.

They hoped that could be Malik McDowell. If the Seahawks are spending a second round pick plus Jermaine Kearse on Richardson, it’s fair to wonder what this says for McDowell’s health and future in Seattle.

Another thing to remember here is — while the price might be high in terms of a draft pick, if Richardson has a great contract year (and with the free agency market exploding in recent years) the Seahawks could easily recoup a third round comp pick if he walks.

Here are a couple of pieces I wrote about Sheldon Richardson before the 2013 draft:

The ‘trading up for Sheldon Richardson’ article

Sheldon Richardson – Seattle’s ideal 2013 pick?

If Seattle’s D-line can stay healthy, they’ll now be able to line up a front four of Avril, Bennett, Richardson and Clark when they want to be in attack mode.

It’s not a cheap deal. It came at a price. But this is the type of aggressive move we’ve seen before. Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham, adding Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. And it significantly improves Seattle’s pass rush and defensive line.

The move comes after the Seahawks converted $6.975m of Doug Baldwin’s $7.75m base salary into a signing bonus, creating $5.2m in cap space this year. Trading Jermaine Kearse also saves $2.2m.

Earlier today Seattle traded a seventh round pick (acquired in the Matt Tobin deal from Philadelphia) to the Patriots for cornerback Justin Coleman.

Tramaine Brock is being moved to Minnesota, also for a seventh round pick. It seems like he wasn’t going to make the cut in Seattle and the Vikings wanted to make sure they got him.

According to Ian Rapoport, they could deal Athyba Rubin:

There’s also been talk of possible deals including Jeremy Lane and Alex Collins.

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232 Responses to “Seahawks trade for Sheldon Richardson”

  1. Vista says:

    I just saw the Coleman trade but was unaware of the Kearse one. If it is true, I hope he was a great time in New York.

  2. MarkinSeattle says:

    Brady Henderson on ESPN twitter is reporting the Hawks converted just under $7m of ADB’s salary this year to a signing bonus, freeing up $5.2m. That seems like the magic number for getting Richardson here, especially if Kearse has been traded as well.

  3. Vista says:

    Mike Garafolo is reporting that Richardson is coming to the Hawks and there are picks involved.

  4. Hawk Eye says:

    Welcome to Seattle Mr Richardson!!
    noticed all 4 preseason games not much push up the middle and that is what they hoped they would get from Malik. You need that inside pressure to stop Brady, Rivers, Brees, etc from nickel and diming you to death down the field.
    I know he was supposed to have attitude problems in NY, but I expect that Avril, Kam, Bennett, Thomas, Wagner, and Sherm will not let that happen. Being in a winning environment can change someone.
    Go HAWKS!

  5. Volume12 says:

    That’s a great move. Not sure why the Jets took back what they did, but Seattle fleeces another team.

    Even better? They didn’t give up a 1st.

    That is a fearsome front 4 (front 5 with Clark)! Damn.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Incredible move. Sheldon is one of the most talented DT’s in the league. You know he’s going to have a massive year in his contract season.

    • Matt B. says:

      Don’t think it’s a bad deal for the Jets, they are clearly in rebuild mode, have depth in the interior still (Leonard Williams, Wilkerson), Richardson hasn’t been happy there and would’ve certainly been let go in FA at the end of the year. With their roster they may be paying some big dollars in FA next year as they rebuild which would’ve offset the potential 3rd comp pick that Richardson getting in FA would create. They get a 2nd round pick (hopefully late… very late 🙂 and Kearse is a throw in that they can try out, see if they like him and cut him if not for not much if any dead money (especially post this year).

      Obviously for our side this is a great get for this year, probably will get the 3rd rd comp pick in ’19 when he walks in FA, give up a 2nd in ’18 for a proven talent that takes this roster to an even better level and we may see some more moves to get back some picks to replenish our ’18 take post-this trade. Also, rumor from Davis Hsu on twitter that McDowell lost some motor skills from the ATV accident that Dr.’s think will come back, makes the time table squishy, certainly a possibility that he’s back by next year.

      Love our willingness to take big risks and do everything to make our roster the best it can be to take home the Lombardi this year!

  6. Isaac says:

    This trade also tells me that Malik McDowell is a lost cause for the year if not more.

    Really happy to hear that Richardson is headed to us and I’m thinking the hawks get a comp pick in the 3rd round next year so they weren’t upset to lose a 3rd.

    If the Seahawks deal with the patriots happens. What does that tell us about how the team feels about Pierre desir? Shame seemed like he played really well.

    Don’t know much about Coleman? Can u go into detail for us?

    • Drew says:

      Essentially next year McDowell will be still be a rookie on the 1st year of his contract, so it’ll almost feel like he’ll be the 2nd round pick next year.

    • C-Dog says:

      Mike Garafolo dropped a bit of a bombshell on a Hawkblogger podcast early this week saying that sources have told him that Malik’s injuries could in fact be career ending.

  7. Trevor says:

    Richardson is ideal pickup really with the Mcdowell injury. If likes Sea plays well and we can somehow sign him then great. If not we get Mcdowell next year to replace him and a 3rd round comp pick the following year when Richardson signs elsewhere.

    So basically worst case scenario we are trading Kearse and 3rd in 2018 for 1 year of Richardson and a 3rd round pick in 2019.

    Sounds like a steal of a deal to me.

    Imagine if they can somehow resign Richardson. 2018 DL (Bennett, Avril, Clark, Richardon, Mcdowell, Reed) Wow that is stacked.

  8. Aaron says:

    Best wishes to Kearse. Hometown guy, clutch player, Dawg and Hawk for life. Good luck with the Jets. Gotta say, I haven’t been this excited for Hawks news since the Graham trade. Hawks had a top 5 front seven before the trade, this makes them the best front seven in the NFL. Hawks are locked and loaded to go all the way to the mountain top. To all 31 other NFL teams…WE COMIN FOR YOU!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. FresnoBrad says:

    Coleman should be a slot corner. Richardson should be our Super Bowl ticket praying he doesn’t screw up our team culture.

  10. Vista says:

    It looks like the Hawks are now trying to deal Rubin

  11. millhouse-serbia says:

    We gave 2nd round pick!

  12. Greg Haugsven says:

    He may have been a little bit of a problem in New York but there also wasnt much leadership on that D Line either. There is here. Might be a one year deal then get cop pick in return, then replace him with Malik next year. As soon as they restructured Baldwins deal you knew this was coming. Thats a mean front line.

  13. Ishmael says:

    Hooooo boy, well if we’re not going all in it’s not far off. Seriously excited to see what he can bring, tremendous player if he can get his head right.

  14. HOUSE says:

    The fact that the pick was high tells me we are planning on more than a one year rental. With the Coleman trade, Lane’s days have got to be numbered with his contract.

    • Volume12 says:

      Good. Lane is awful. Has some of the worst feet I’ve seen from a PC coached corner since his USC days. Can’t tackle worth a lick either because he doesn’t bring his feet/legs with him.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Or it tells you that Seahawks are going all in to reach the Superbowl now!

    • davidess says:

      He will cost too much House. I don’t think there is a possibility of us signing him to more than where hes at now.

  15. Drew G says:

    This is where the business side of the NFL is tough. Jermaine has always been nothing but class for the Seahawks. Regardless of his recent performance, you have to feel for him. The local kid who’s been in the Seahawks system for awhile now and also just had a baby is now going to the opposite coast to a team that has a pretty good shot of not winning game this year. Tough.

    If Malik doesn’t get hurt would Jermaine still be on the team? Best wishses Jeramine!!

    • Drew says:

      I don’t feel too bad for Kearse. He worked hard and went from undrafted to the Seahawks starting receiver and postseason record holder for receiving TDs and made several million for it. He’ll start for the Jets whereas here he fell behind Lockett & PRich.

  16. FresnoBrad says:

    2nd round is pretty steep unless we’re planning to keep him long term. Greg H. I hope your right about the leadership theory, if you are I’m cool with this trade. Looks like these trades set us up to draft offensive players after we add linebackers next year, assuming Clark stays out of Trouble.

    • Volume12 says:

      Last years class was a DB, TE heavy draft.

      This year? OTs, DEs, LBs, QBs, RBs. Much better this year. The DBs this year aren’t good.

      • DC says:

        Can never count out an EDGE with the first pick. A “special” RB or OT make sense too. After our obligatory trade down/s of course.

        • FresnoBrad says:

          Last year was DE heavy as well as TE, RB, & DB. 2018 the draft 1st round is heavy at QB. As far as OL 1 1st round guard a few LT & some possible big bodies RT possibilities. DE not as strong but LB might be. I think we’re all eyeing the Alabama RB but unfortunately he has a long injury history & Guice only has 1 speed. Quentin Nelson of ND is a monster that I wish was on our OL.

  17. FAN Person says:

    YES!!!! The ‘Kearsed One’ is gone to free up playing time for Darboh and Kasen Williams!!!

    Now our D-LINE is the BEST in the league… right??? Heck yes!

    Sheldon has to be ECSTATIC about leaving a dumpster fire in NY for a Winning team that actually has fun! NY seems like a reality TV show of misery…


    • Hawktalker#1 says:

      I think he would have helped us this year if he stayed, but I think we’re deep enough to be good without him as well.

      However, we could REALLY use a disruptive DT and that is more of a game changer variety add!!

      Go Hawks

  18. DC says:

    F Yeah!!!!

    Northern host city for Super Bowl… check
    Prior year Divisional loss to the Falcons… check
    Supremely deep team w/4-0 pre season… check
    Addition of premiere pass rusher… check

    Love it! The only questions going forward are health & the O line.

  19. Misfit74 says:

    Amazing.move for a team built on defense and in a championship window. Man alive is the DL going to be fun to watch. Finally a disruptor on the interior to go with lethal DEs. This will bolster our secondary and run defense, too.

    My only concern is if it interferes with retaining Graham long term.


  20. Vista says:

    Is it today that the cuts start to roll? I know it has to be done by 1 pm PT but I don’t remember the day it has to be done by.

  21. Saxon says:

    Crow eating time. Didn’t think any team would want Kearse. Perhaps the Jets only accepted him in order to make the cap numbers work, but he was dealt nevertheless and I was wrong.

    Very excited to get Richardson, but a 2nd rounder for a rental is kinda steep. The Hawks are Super Bowl or bust, which is exciting. Hopefully the OL will hold up. If so GB and ATL are in trouble.

  22. Bigten says:

    As far as the pick being high, could that be because the hawks don’t value the pick as much? Looking at resent history, our early picks have not faired any better than later picks or udfa. Collins going to be cut, prosise isn’t anything to clamour at, ifedi is okay, prich meh, Malik possible career over. Maybe just know what we can get later and develop is better than what we draft.

    • DC says:

      Good odds that it will the last pick of round 2.

    • Seahawcrates says:

      The Jets needed compensation not only for Richardson, but also for the comp pick they lose by trading him, likely a third rounder.

      • LLLOGOSSS says:

        The third-rounder we receive if he leaves next year. We traded kearse and a second for Richardson and a third, worst-case scenario. Best case scenario he’s re-signed, in which case, that’s fair.

  23. Ukhawk says:

    Really love this move, so keen to se this D with a prope 3T. Richardson looked great in preseason vs the Lions. Hoping/praying they’ve signed him to an extended contract

  24. Kenny Sloth says:

    Can’t even believe it. Definitely getting Madden 18 😂😂😂😂

    Kearse gets his chance in a new market. Paul Richardson is the number 2 in my opinion. You can’t ignore his desire to take that ball away. Lockett is our speed threat and has less pressure to pick up the slack with Williams and Darboh competing and allowing him to stay healthy and get us some hidden yards on teams

    Reed and Richardson are our starters at DT with a strong rotation

    • FAN Person says:

      I can’t believe it either!

      Seahawks get a 1st round pick in Sheldon, Defensive Rookie of the Year, to make our D-Line the HULK-Line!

      I’m shocked that the Jets would allow such a a talent to leave, but that franchise has very bad ownership and leadership…

      We are going to DOMINATE teams this year!!!

    • STTBM says:

      Paul Richardson is only number 2 by default, until Lockett is healthy. Did you not see his pathetic attempt on that INT vs KC? THe guys is tiny, and made of glass. And he doesn’t get open deep, for all his speed. How many passes over 40 yards has he caught? How many long TD’s? Not to mention he’s made of glass.

      To say nothing of the fact he either steps up this year and so earns more money elsewhere, or flops yet again and is not offered a contract.

      Kearse got pushed out by the younger guys, and by the need at Dline due to Rubin falling apart and McDowells idiocy.

      • teejmo says:

        You mean the one where Russell Wilson threw right at the Chief cornerback and Richardson did just enough to make the cornerback drop the pass? Because the only interception thrown by a Seahawk had Kasen Williamsas as the intended target.

        • STTBM says:

          You are correct–my bad. But PRich was a sad sack on that play–He’s just too tiny to be a high percentage bet to go up and get a ball in that situation. The Detroit game was a aberration, a-la Chris Matthews SB….

          • AlaskaHawk says:

            Yes I’m not sure that PRich will last past his rookie contract. But here’s the thing. The Seahawks can’t keep shelling out on defense without cutting back somewhere. And there are already two highly paid receivers in Baldwin and Graham. Now that they are also paying for Britt and a few veteran offensive linemen, they have to save money somewhere. Looks like that will be by using young receivers.

          • David says:

            The 3 amazing catches vs Detroit were an aberration? What about the 2 vs the Falcons playoff game? Or the Cardinals game after Lockett got hurt? So your basically saying the last 3 NFL games he’s played that have counted and he was fantastic in was an aberration? Hyperbole much?

  25. Cysco says:

    What a great move by the hawks. Really stoked.

    And props to you Rob. You were the first one I saw who laid this out as a real possibility.

  26. vrtkolman says:

    So, with Kearse being traded and the team at least rumored to be shopping Lane and Rubin, doesn’t it seem like Seattle is trying to get rid of their mid-tier contracts?

    • DC says:

      It does. We pay our stars. Had we the depth to let Lane & Kearse walk I believe they wouldn’t have been resigned.

    • FAN Person says:

      It is players that under performed last year… but you are right, clearing some mid-tier contracts open up the money for KEEPING Sheldon Richardson, Jimmy Graham…etc..

  27. GoHawks5151 says:

    If need be, can he be franchised after the season?

    • STTBM says:

      Sure, but the Tag for D-linemen is huge and wont fit in our cap. No way in hell Seattle tags him.

  28. STTBM says:

    Really sad to see Kearse go. I think last year was a blip in his career, and he looked really good in preseason this year. But the young guys–like Kasen Williams, Tanner McEvoy and Lawler played well and seem ready to contribute, and even David Moore looks like a guy we don’t want to lose. To say nothing of Amara Darboh, who has done well in practice and finally showed up in the last preseason game.

    Its obvious the decline in Rubins play coupled with the idiot injury sustained by McDowell worried Seattle a great deal and that they felt those holes needed filling in a big way. They needed Richardson more than they needed Kearse and a second round pick next year.

    If I were Kearse, I would make it clear to NY I’m making a business decision and not taking any big hits this year–maybe not in so many words, but they’d get the message. No reason to get hurt playing on a team that is sucking on purpose to get the top pick next year. And no way they pay Kearse what he’s due next year, so Kearse has zero reason to take any risks. Plus, I hate the Jets.

    Tanking is horrible, but in Kearse’s spot I would understand.

  29. STTBM says:

    I cant believe Seattle wants to trade Lane. He had a down year last year, but was still getting over serious injuries. Yes, it sounds like he had attitude issues, but those seemed to be fixed this year and he’s been really good in preseason. I don’t trust Brock, and while I like Desir and think he sticks, Griffin isn’t looking ready to play, and Thorpe isn’t either. Elliot is down with a bad injury, and who else can we count on?

  30. GoHawks5151 says:

    First of all, HYPE!!! Loved this guy since college! Second, besides the speeding arrest has there been a lot of reports of him being an actual locker room issue? Hated by teammates? To my knowledge he was more frustrated with his role once they drafted Leonard Williams and they changed his position despite him being a pro bowler. I think he even played like a heavy OLB at times. That type of scenario is a little more understandable than being a problem to everyone.

  31. AlaskaHawk says:

    I’m really excited by this news. Sheldon Richardson is the missing link in that defensive line. Bring it on!

    Also sorry to see Kearse go. He has had some game winning catches in his time. But speaking of time = it moves on and it is time to bring on a new bunch of wide receivers.

  32. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Pierre Desir had a fine 4th preseason game. He missed out on a few picks, but was always in great position to cause difficult throws for the QB. One ticky tack PI. I’ve had my eye on this guy since before the draft a few years ago….. he is the answer which you seek.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      I like him too, but where will they put him? Is he a starter or Practice Squad? Maybe with Elliot going down that moves him onto the starting team.

  33. House says:

    The trade with NE earlier today seems GREATLY overshadowed by the Sheldon Richardson trade (rightfully so). One thing I’d like to point out is Coleman has some experience as a KR/PR. Does this push McKissic off of the roster?

    • FAN Person says:

      Thanks for knowing that! Maybe he does!

      So many offensive weapons to chose from… McKissic was just okay… Mike Davis showed more as a RB.

  34. Forrest says:

    So, final 53 prediction:

    QB: Wilson, Davis (I personally prefer Davis)
    RB: Rawls, Lacy, Carson, Procise, McKissic
    FB: Reese
    TE: Graham, Vannett, Willson
    WR: Baldwin, Lockett, Richardson, Williams, McEvoy, Darboh
    OL: Odhiombo, Joeckel, Britt, Glowinski, Ifedi, Roos, Aboushi, Tobin, Pocic

    DE: Bennett, Avril, Clark, Marsh, Bass
    DT: Richardson, Reed, Jefferson, Jones
    LB: Wagner, Wright, Garvin, Wilhoite, Alexander
    CB: Sherman, Griffin, Desir, Brock, Coleman
    S: Thomas, Chancellor, Thompson, Hill, McDougald

    K: Walsh
    P: Ryan
    LS: Ott

    Looks great to me. Deep at pretty much every position.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      I’m pretty sure Jefferson is off the roster. He lost contain on multiple occasions in week #4 preseason.
      Guys like Bass and Marsh at least showed up and made some nice plays. I’m thinking they might be looking for another DT, even after the trade they already made. Perhaps they view Garrison Smith as that guy…. but they need more size inside that 300 lbs.

      Clayton mentioned that Reese would most likely be a week #2 addition, since he is a veteran and his deal would not then be fully guaranteed. Week #1 would be Tre Madden, since he is not a vested veteran.

      I also think you are spot on with Davis as backup. You need a QB to put the ball on guys, within the offense. This is the formula that won a bunch of games in 2012 and 2013. Boykin is way too careless with the football sometimes… doesn’t have consistency in his ball placement or “reading” of the field.

      • Forrest says:

        The only reason I think Jefferson makes it over someone like Smith would be the trade they made to get him. He’s basically a rookie because of his injury last season. Agree with you on Reese.

    • STTBM says:

      Boykin cut and to PS, Madden over Reese at least till after Game One, so they don’t have to gaurantee his whole salary, Mike Davis over Mckissic. I think Hedrick Thompson could get cut in favor of not trading Lane and keeping Coleman and/or Thorpe. He’s done nothing but get beat and look slow.

      Other than that I agree with your roster.

    • Redhawk87 says:

      FYI, Brock’s been traded to MIN for a 7th.

  35. 503Hawk says:

    I really didn’t think this was going to happen until… news of Baldwin’s restructuring came to light. Then you knew something was up.
    Giving up a 2nd is tough, but it seems to indicate that 1.) other teams were inquiring, thus driving up the price, and 2.) McDowoll’s injury is probably more serious than we have been led to believe.
    Concerning Rubin; he had a great first year with us, a mediocre year two, and a lousy preseason this year. This trade seems to assure that Rubin is gone.
    Concerning Coleman; I think “House” & “FAN Person” nailed it with their comments above. McKissic showed some nice things, but would also prefer Davis.

  36. nichansen01 says:

    Jets fleeced us. Richardson is over the hill, and has a concerning off the field history.

    Richardson has as many suspensions as sacks the last two years. I’d rather have the 2018 second.

    At least we got rid of Kearse and his contract.

  37. 12thchuck says:

    Wow! worst case, Richardson leaves via f/a Seahawks get a 3 rd compensatory, essentially trading a 2nd for a 3rd. I hope this helps our ability to get more 3 n out for our d as well. hard for offense to get good momentum trying every 15 min-20 min. Lets face it our o needs help in that area.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      It will be very interesting to see snap count % by the dli e this year. Lots of guys good rotation.

      • 12th chuck says:

        I looked up the o stats, they were 22nd in league for 3rd down conversion and # of 1st downs, while there d did better in that area but were 20th in opponents time of possession

  38. House says:

    I have a feeling someone on this list will be replaced somehow (assuming OL), but here is my 53-man…

    Our 2017 Seahawks

    OFF: 24
    QB (2): Wilson, Davis
    RB (5): Lacy, Rawls, Prosise, Carson, Reece
    WR (6): Baldwin, Lockett, Richardson, Darboh, Williams, McEvoy
    TE (3): Graham, Willson, Vannett
    OL (8): Odhiambo, Joeckel, Britt, Glowinski, Ifedi, Tobin, Pocic, Aboushi

    DEF: 26
    DE (5): Bennett, Avril, Marsh, Clark, Bass
    DT (4): Richardson, Reed, Jones, Jefferson
    LB (6): Wagner, Wright, Garvin, Wilhoite, McDonald, Alexander
    CB (5): Sherman, Griffin, Brock, Coleman, Thorpe, Desir
    S (5): Thomas, Chancellor, McDougald, Hill, Thompson

    ST: 3
    K: Walsh
    P: Ryan
    LS: Ott

  39. Lewis says:

    Now Garofolo says Brock to Minnesota?

  40. Old but Slow says:

    As was mentioned, Rob called it. Congrats, as usual.

  41. House says:

    Should we use the $900K we saved by trading Brock and use it on Brock… Osweiler? lol

  42. Darth12er says:

    Earlier today, Adam Shefter tweeted that the Seahawks traded Alex Collins to the Ravens for Bronson Kaufusi and a 6th rounder. I tagged Rob…and it was deleted within the next minute. No proof on my part, but I did see it.

  43. Coleslaw says:

    Pretty darn good day for the hawks. Just got notified it’s a 7th for a guy we just picked up off the street like a month ago lol. Our D Line is the best in football again.

    Anybody know if our 2018 draft comp picks are from who we lost this off-season or next? I can’t remember.

    This has to have the whole team hyped. Remember how everyone got tired of ‘Hoo-Rah’? Well I’m pretty sure the messege Pete’s saying is ‘Lets build a monster and win another ring’ and it seems like everyone is buying in again. They’re back, mentally.

    Teams better watch out if we get home field advantage…

  44. Rik says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Willson or Vannett traded or cut to make space for Swoopes. He caught a lot of balls in preseason, some of them in pressure moments. He really helped move the ball down the field.

  45. C-Dog says:

    What a day.

    Did not think they’d find a taker for Kearse, and didn’t think they’d go after Richardson. They did both in the same move. Very, very exciting times. A team doesn’t go this aggressive for a top line player unless it smells a title close by.

    It stings a bit loosing that second rounder, but if Richardson’s presence makes this defense tops in the league and they get back to the Big Show, and win it, I would be totally fine watching the team let him walk in free agency to the highest bidder and they recoup a 3rd rounder in 2019. However, I also wouldn’t be surprised if that second rounder was dealt with an intent on locking down Richardson to a longer term deal.

    Mike Garafolo dropped a bit of a bombshell on this week’s Hawblogger podcast that the word he heard is that Malik McDowell’s facial injuries could be career threatening and that “if he comes back to play at all, it would be a good resolution,” and if that’s the way it shakes out, what a bummer.

    On the plus side, absolutely love the rotation of Richardson, Reed and Jones inside. Wow.

  46. Troy says:

    Ahtyba Rubin for Cody Latimer?

    • House says:

      I was very high on Latimer. I remember him flying into SEA and I can only guess he didn’t blow them away. He looks like a cut in DEN

  47. KD says:

    Sorry to go off topic, but Huskies looked pretty sloppy on their opening offensive and defensive drives, giving up a TD to Rutgers. I know one drive is a 0% reason to worry, but you’d like to see them sharper than that, especially against rutgers.

    • C-Dog says:

      Sloppy start, but Rutgers has brand new coordinators on both sides of the might have been a tough scouting. Expect the Huskies to adjust as the game goes on.

    • KD says:

      Even if that corner strike to Pettis was incomplete, that was an incredible display of concentration and agility. He has been Browning’s saving grace in this game. Keep an eye on him.

  48. JimQ says:

    The Richardson trade has inspired me to re-evaluate my Seahawk season forecast, after careful consideration I think that the Seahawks will go 13-3 instead of 12-4. I’m thinking 10 straight to start the season and then dropping a game or two because of being a lock for home field advantage. The game I changed was game 1 vs: Green Bay. Rogers will see pressure like he’s never seen before. Looks like PC/JS are continuing their magic.

  49. John_s says:

    My prediction: Kearse gets released mid season and resigns with the Hawks

  50. John says:

    Good day overall for the Hawks! But it was wrong to trade Brock to the Vikings for only a 7th! We should have gotten at least a 5th for him.

    • House says:

      We were more than likely going to cut him… We got something for a guy that would’ve been a FA in 20 hours.

  51. Thy Hawk is Howling says:

    I Love the Local Kido Kearse, and I’m sure it’s an extremely emotional time for him now. Interesting that if it wasn’t for Dougie restructuring his contact Kearse would have stayed or possibly been cut however I doubt that do to the cap hit.

    Positives – Tanner McEvoy is now a lock and he’s a true baller who at 6-6 at wide receiver is a mismatch for mostly 6-0 corner backs. Along with Jimmy, Dougie, and Kasen wow get ready Red Zone!

    Sheldon finally gives us that push up the middle with Quarterback sacking potential and if Malik does come back this year which at this point is unlikely. DAMN!

    Negetives – Fair thee Well Jermaine, you will always be a Seahawk no matter what NFL team you play for!

    Go Hawks

    • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

      I can’t help myself *Due not do* Rob I really wish you had an edit option!

    • KD says:

      Huge props to Kearse for what he did here, and I really hope he finds good fortune.

      I was thinking recently about what Rob and Kenny talked about in a recent podcast saying that the Hawks approach to the OL is the right approach. Looking at the market for offensive linemen, there are a lot of teams paying out huge contracts to mediocre players because teams are just that desperate. Finding decent, athletic, smart offensive linemen who can be coached up is a way to compete and be economical.

      I’m viewing WRs the same way. The athleticism is important, but the intelligence factor is even bigger. Knowing the playbook, knowing when to cut on a rout, is so much more important nowadays. IMO, that’s why Doug Baldwin is such an outstanding player. He’s not anywhere near the elite athleticism of someone like Calvin Johnson, but he’s the offensive version of Richard Sherman. He’s just smarter than every DB on the field. WR is just one of those positions that so many players get overlooked because they lack the prototype athleticism and production, but when you dig in to the intangibles, there are probably a ton of diamonds.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

        Well stated KD! You are absolutely correct for this low budget approach at Offensive Lineman which so many complain about has enabled us to build such a dynamic and talented Roster! We, as in the Seahawks are completely Stacked due to the genius of John Schneider and the trust and bond with his players allows us to make a move for a potential All-Pro DT on thy eve of roster cutdowns? No wonder every other team’s fan’s hate our guts!

        How Fortunate and Lucky are we as Seahawks fans in thy era of Carroll!

        Go Hawks Forever!

        • KD says:

          And I think this approach is so much more important for defense than offense. On offense, there are diminishing returns in the sense that only 1 player at a time can have the ball. Everyone else is a “decoy” (except QB). That sounds silly and over simplified, but the same is not true for defense. Defense can have increasing returns as well as synergy (adding one player makes 1+1=3). I bitch about the OL as much as anyone, but if you want Walter Jones incarnate, which starters on the defense are you willing to get rid of?

          I’m an economics student, and my favorite economist put it this way: “There are no solutions, only trade offs.” if you want an OL like Dallas has, then name 3 defensive starters that you would like to get rid of.

          Of course, I’m using “you” in a general sense, and not directed at Thy Hawk.

  52. Shady_Hawkster says:

    I still can’t believe that Scot McCloughan just answers questions like this on social media. His take on the SR deal

  53. C-Dog says:

    Outside edge rusher from Rutgers Kemoko Turay is freaking over the place making plays against the Huskies.

    • KD says:

      I would need to see the tape again, but all of the pressure seemed to be coming from the right. I don’t recall seeing much pressure from the left side where Trey was holding it down.

      • C-Dog says:

        He just seemed constantly around the ball.

        • Volume12 says:

          I counted at least 5 times he had a pressure. He’s got natural talent and this game might be that stepping stone to where he actually realizes his worth and achieves all that hype he had 2-3 years ago.

          • C-Dog says:

            Could very well be. Apparently he’s a player for them that had a really strong camp. He looks filled out in a good way. Kinda just felt my eye going towards him a lot.

  54. Thy Hawk is Howling says:

    An ode to the Brotherin of all True Hawks Fans!

    Let me Go Boy
    Let me go Boy

    Let me fall down in the Mud where the River’s all run Dry!

    Go Hawks Boy’s!

    • KD says:

      Look, I’m no Irishman, but if I’m going to go with an Irish song to kick off this season, here it is:

      • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

        Uh?????? That’s what I was thinking, however I’m not quite sure because I have no idea what they are saying?

        Go McEvoy!

        Irish Hawk!

        • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

          I thoroughly love educating people.

          Mc- Son of ( Irish)
          Mac- Son of (Scottish)

          Scoti- Irish Pirate

          That’s why the Irish and Scottish both have different dialects of Gaelic.

          Scottish people are descendents of Irish people. Alot of people have no clue especially in the Big Country (USA)

          Just trying to enlighten a few who care

          Go Hawks!

  55. coach says:

    Can we resign Richardson and fit him under the cap next year? Can you imagine then if McDowell comes back? Richardson and McDowell rotating and always fresh. Reed and Jones rotating and always fresh. Clark, Avril, and Bennett rotating and always fresh!

    Look out! The future looks bright, not only for this year, but for next as well!

    Go Hawks!!

    • Aaron says:

      Gonna be next to impossible to keep Frank, Mike B, Cliff, and Sheldon together beyond this year. If this d line truly lives up to their potential, namely the best d line in football, then it’s gonna come down to a choice. It’ll come down to either extending Sheldon or Frank. Personally I’d keep Clark because he’s a home grown talent. Sheldon could easily command $12-18mil/year if he gets 5+ sacks and either pro bowl or all pro honors. Very hard decision indeed. Hawks are really going all in to win another ring this year.

  56. Awsi Dooger says:

    As a Dolphins fan I wanted Miami to take Sheldon Richardson in 2013. Instead we traded up for that analytics flunking stiff in Dion Jordan. The results have been entirely predictable. I hope Seahawks fans aren’t kidding themselves regarding Jordan amounting to anything. When explosiveness was handed out, Dion Jordan was standing there with his typical blank empty stare, as he received nothing at all.

    During Seattle’s defensive attacking prime I loved watching and betting on your team. Recently it’s been increasingly sad. Sure, you might bully the occasional weakling in meaningless fashion, but top offenses were destined to carve you apart. I’ve noted some denial here, and some acknowledgment.

    This Richardson move is a fine logical patch. Not enough to fully restore but pressure up the middle is such a vital cleanser to other defensive positions and weaknesses. You probably need 2-3 more pleasant surprises or rejuvenations to become a legitimate contender again. At least the situational impact is not negative. Seattle is finally far enough removed from that Super Bowl defeat.

    Too bad about Kearse. From afar he always seemed like he truly loved playing for the Seahawks, and making plays when it mattered.

    BTW, Charles Harris looks like an irrelevant addition to the Dolphins. Decent first step but nothing beyond that. Overmatched athlete considering where he was drafted, and not unpredictable since Harris also flunked those Waldo edge rusher analytics, just like Dion Jordan four years earlier.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

      Awsi Dooger – you’re not really that much of a Dooger are ya? I realize you come to Robbie Staton’e site because it’s the best blog for American Football and being a Dolphins fan it’s way more fun to play “Where’s the Dragon’s Den”or as some call it “make believe”. You should just become a Hawk like the rest of us, for you are always welcome in our kingdom! Used to be “King Dome”

      By the way that’s really sweet that you’re a prominent gambler! Roll tha dice Brov!

      Join us Awsi !

      • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

        We’ll shite what do I know? My thinking of a “Dooger” was a completely different adjective narrative. I wasn’t trying to be mean, honest! I was just jesting around like a fool trying to flip you some Dolphins Football ( another adjective) I actually really like you Aussie, and I’m just playing around from reading your past comments you are a King playing in a rooke’s world!

        Go Chess

        Good luck Dophins, I guess?

        Go Hawks Forever!

    • nichansen01 says:

      Yup, the defense got carved up a lot last year. I’m one of the more cynical membors of this community, which tends to be exetremtly positive. I noticed a steady decline in this defense stemming all the way from 2013 to now. I hope we can turn it around, and Richardson will help with that for sure. I’m worried about the right corner spot. Teams will exploit that.

    • Old but Slow says:

      Here’s hoping that you will continue to provide your insights from the virtual location of the stretched point. Oh, wait, that didn’t quit make the mark, but you get the picture. Florida to Washington State is about as long a diagonal as we got.

      You have consistently made sense in your comments here, so continue on.

      By the way, being there on the peninsula, do you look much at Florida State? Any thoughts on Derwin James? Reports around here said something about Kenny Easley. Is that even possible?

  57. coach says:

    Rob, would it be possible to speak to released players that you think the Seahawks might consider and why.

    For example, would Matt Barkley be a possibility as a backup qb in their minds? He had some really good games for the Bears last year.

    Would be fun to predict who might interest them.

    Thanks and Go Hawks!

  58. Volume12 says:

    Anyone else excited for some CFB tommorow?

    Thing I’m most interested in? Will Georgia HB Nick Chubb return to form, can he return to form, or is he always going to be the plodder that we saw last year? Injuries are a b**** man.

    That ‘Bama/Florida St game is gonna be a banger!

    Michigan/Florida should be a good one too.

    • Volume12 says:

      Scratch that last one. Florida RB Jordan Scarlett and 9 others are suspended? Yikes.

      W. Michigan/USC: EDGE (true edge) Porter Gustin for USC. Stud. Going up against LT Chikuma Okorafor? Love that matchup.

    • Rob Staton says:

      VERY excited.

      It’s back at last

    • peter says:

      excited to see if Chubb staying another year works for him. and excited to see Royce Freeman see if he’s also made a good move by giving himself an extra year

  59. Volume12 says:

    I know a lot of people like Michigan DT Maurice Hurst as the premier 3-tech this year and rightfully so, but…

    Virginia DT Andrew Brown is something else. He is twitched up. His tape against Oregon is impressive to say the least. Tons of potential. Speaking of.

    I mentioned him above, but I’m digging W. Michigan’s LT Chikuma Okorafor. Super raw, but he checks a lot of boxes. Traits for days.

    Kansas DE Dorance Armstrong, Jr. Has a chance to be special. Keep ur 👀 on him.

  60. dumbquestions says:

    The addition of Sheldon Richardson makes the schedule looks even more favorable, and it fits a little theory that’s been cooking in my head: namely, that the Seahawks have to worry more about facing strong offenses than strong defenses this season. (This theory is also known as defense wins championships.)

    The offenses of concern:

    at Packers (week 1)
    at Titans (week 3)
    at Giants (week 7)
    Washington (week 9)
    Falcons (week 11)
    at Cowboys (week 16)

    Four out of six of those contests are road games, which makes me nervous. Note that I didn’t include the Cardinals on this list. They are certainly the best offense the Hawks face within the division, and the games are always tough, but I place them a notch below the teams listed above. I also think the Cardinal D is better than their O, and I have a hunch that the team is going to backslide in quality while scooping up some crap wins. They have an easy schedule, and David Johnson is great, but I’m guessing they fold when the time comes. Just too old. It’s possible that they snag a wild card berth due to the easy schedule.

    The Seattle D-line was the thing that screamed most for fixing, in my view. Richardson is such an upgrade in that sense. He bulks up the right side, which simply hasn’t been the same since Bruce Irvin left. He makes things easier for everyone else, including the secondary.

    It’s true that Seattle faces seven high-grade D units, but there’s a catch:

    at Rams (week 5)
    at Giants (week 7)
    Texans (week 8)
    at Cardinals (week 10)
    at Jaguars (week 14)
    Rams (week 15)
    Cardinals (week 17)

    The catch is that four of those games (Rams, Texans, Jaguars, Rams) involve conspicuously weak offenses and weak QBs. They’ll be tough, but I think the stars are aligning for some good offense from Seattle. This year’s O-line will be a bit better than people think. The running game will be stronger, and I think Graham is poised for a big year.

    This theory also involves a guess that addition by subtraction will help RW. God bless Kearse – he had a rapport with RW, but it sometimes felt forced. as though Russ looked for him too much. Who does he look for now? If it’s more Baldwin and Graham, good. If it’s fades to Kasen Williams, scrambles to McEvoy (keep him) or dumpoffs to Chris Carson, fine. I just think the mix will be better.

    Go Hawks.

  61. Old but Slow says:

    Rodney Smith made a good showing against Oakland, catching a TD and a couple of other good plays. He’s 6’5 and 225, has some experience, and seems physical. But, there is no mention of him in projections, even as competition for McEvoy and K Williams. It seems at least reasonable to put him out there as a prospect (he’s been around some), so that someone gives him a chance.

  62. JC says:

    I wonder if the Hawks could have gotten this done with a 3rd if they stood firm… Unless there were other teams in the mix. Yes, Richardson is worth a 3rd compensatory, but the Jets are on the wrong side of the formula next off season, presumably, as net buyers.

    • Old but Slow says:

      The Richardson deal can be a good one, a bit like getting Graham, but I always look back at like Bosworth, and the excitement I felt, and Harvin, and earlier Franco Harris, but I still remember that the glass is still half full, maybe 3/4 full, and this is what I wanted, and it is time for this to be right.

      Good on ya’ front office, I think you did good. He is known to give good effort, but it is easy to understand how enthusiasm can diminish if the team is not competitive. He has been stuck on a poor team, and is now with a contender. I am expecting some real enthusiasm, especially when he experiences the environment of the Seahawk experience.

      I doubt that any team trains in better facilities or surroundings than the Seahawks. I can go to practice in my boat, or my plane? The air is clean and the weather is reasonable, and Pete Carroll? I am in.

      But, I am not a football player, and I am half a century too old anyway, but I’d like to go out and show some of them whipper snappers a thing or two, but I can’t quite remember why.

    • C-Dog says:

      I think what the second rounder signals is that they feel this team is really close to a championship with all it’s depth this year, and they probably have some legitimate designs to work out a deal with Richardson long term. However, they might not feel the need to rush into that deal for a good reason; generally, it’s a bit unwise to reward a player off the bat who hasn’t been one of their guys in the program. I think they might have learned of the Percy Harvin trade and sign. This gives Richardson a chance to play a season to establish himself as one of the guys. If it doesn’t vibe right, they can all move on, and Seattle gets a third down the line.

      So much to like about this trade.

      • 503Hawk says:

        Sure would like to know more about McDowell. Seems strange that in this age of “investigative reporting” little to nothing has been written. Pretty impressive how both side have kept the details under wrap.

        • C-Dog says:

          I think, by law, since it was a non football incident, the team can’t offer much detail. I would say that by way of tone and actions trading a high pick for Richardson, it’s not an encouraging sign McDowell is going to be getting back to football anytime soon. There’s some suggestion out there that he’s really fortunate to still be alive.

          • STTBM says:

            Rumors are he’s messed up his motor skills. That means Brain Damage. Personally, I’m not optimistic he’ll ever play for us–but its too early to tell and we don’t have enough info. No way his family wants his condition details out there, fans are pissed enough.

            I hope he recovers, but I could care less if he ever plays football for us.

  63. swisshawk says:

    Getting Sheldon (probably only for 1 year), McDowell (hopefully) and a 3rd in 2019 for the seconds in 2017 and 2018 seems like a nice get. Well done JS

  64. Hughz says:

    I know the Richardson deal is good for the Seahawks but I woke up feeling like we cut out part of our family. I’ve been critical of Kearse but he will always have a special place in our hearts and Seahawks history. I hope Malik learned his lesson because I don’t think Kearse would be gone if he doesn’t get in the accident.

  65. Kelly Smith says:

    I can’t imagine we made this trade knowing Richardson is a 1 year rental. This regime has never done that so why would they now? We got some players that are getting older and Richardson is NOT one of them. If anything I would expect Jimmy to go before Richardson. Never really lived up to his potential. We got Willson, Vannett is improving. With the way Carson is playing and if Rawls stays healthy We can free up some money with Lacy ( I know he is a rental but we didn’t give anything up for him like we did Sheldon). Also if we resign Joeckle that will bring down his APY bringing more money to expend. The way PCJS treasure picks I don’t think they would ever give up a pick let alone a 2nd rounder for 1 year.

    I guess the way I think about it is Sheldon Richardson enough to say give us a title? No, he makes us a strong contender but there is still the Steelers, Pats, and Falcons all within reach of us. If adding Richardson was the equivalent of the Golden State Warriors adding Durant then I get that argument. I know it’s a different sport but Durant clearly put the Warriors as the defacto team. No way does Richardson do that to us.

    • C-Dog says:

      The way I look at it, I think this might be a one year lease with an inside track to by. I’m not sure that the team is going to be anxious to jump to an extension without seeing how he fits in with the core members and how he plays. There might have been a valuable lesson learned with the Harvin deal about trading for and instantly rewarding an outside player with a big contract, in that it kinda runs counter to rewarding your own who have worked hard and proved productive. Richardson is a nice player who could do some really cool things for this defense, but I think I would rather have that materialize first before rewarding him.

    • DC says:

      The way I see it this is THE year to go all in(as they have). We’ve got a ton of guys in the last year of their deals. S Rich, J Graham, P Rich, Joeckel, Lacy, Walsh, Marsh, McDougald to name some. We don’t “save” any $ by them leaving. After the Bennett, Chancellor & Britt extensions there’s not a lot of cap space going forward relative to the rest of the league.

      If Seattle wants to resign S Rich and extend Clark this off season and possibly JG then we are looking at some big shifts/trades/cuts in the roster as we’ve known it. It might take a Sherman trade($11m savings), Avril($7.5m), KJ Wright($7.2m), Rubin($3.8m), Lane($4.75m) etc.

      Point being that it is doable but it comes with certain pain. So let’s win it all this year and cement this group’s legacy in the history of great teams making great runs. 3 Super Bowl trips in 5 years with 2 championships is an incredible achievement.

    • Coleslaw says:

      This is the year. Our philosophy has changed completely and this trade is the solidifying proof. We are in win-now mode.

  66. C-Dog says:

    Interesting words coming out of the Jets organization that folks are PO’d about the team trading away Richardson. Some interesting perspective for those thinking Seattle gave up too much.

  67. C-Dog says:

    Cuts coming in. Mike Davis, Alex Collins, Will Pericak and David Moore get the ax. Mike Davis stings.

    • Tien says:

      I agree about Davis. I thought he was good enough that if we had a rash of injuries to RBs like last year, he was talented and big enough to be a legit 3 down back for us.But I understand tradeoffs in finalizing the roster also.

  68. STTBM says:

    I hope Moore makes the PS. Bummed about Davis, some other team is going to be glad to sign him. Thems the breaks though–can’t keep em all…

    Wonder if Lawler or McEvoy sticks…same with Marcus Smith and Nemo Thorpe…

    • Lewis says:

      Yeah, bummed about Davis. A bit surprised about Desir. Maybe they still have moves planned in the secondary.

  69. C-Dog says:

    Quinton Jefferson cut. Rodney Coe make this roster?

  70. HOUSE says:

    Rubin was just released

  71. STTBM says:

    Rumors are he’s messed up his motor skills. That means Brain Damage. Personally, I’m not optimistic he’ll ever play for us–but its too early to tell and we don’t have enough info. No way his family wants his condition details out there, fans are pissed enough.

    I hope he recovers, but I could care less if he ever plays football for us. Seattle took a chance on the kid and he surely paid them back….

  72. Hawkfaninmt says:

    Jaye Howard released… could be an interesting get

  73. FresnoBrad says:

    Wow this is definitely a Super Bowl team! Richardson makes sense considering Sherman & Avrill are getting old & Frank Clark is a walking time bomb. Schneider is a genius, Im gonna puke if David Moore doesn’t make practice squad but now that we have Coleman back I feel much better about the situation, & the possibility we can circle back to Moore.

  74. House says:

    Confirmed so far:

    RB Mike Davis
    RB Alex Collins
    WR David Moore
    WR Darreus Rogers
    C Will Pericak
    C Joey Hunt
    T Tyrus Thompson
    DT Quinton Jefferson
    CB Pierre Desir
    DT Ahtyba Rubin

    I was hoping Desir made the squad…

  75. jujus says:

    We traded Cassius Marsh to the Patriots

  76. House says:

    Cassius Marsh was just traded to NE

  77. jujus says:

    We acquired Isaiah battle OL from Kansas city