Chris Carson is making a name for himself

When Pete Carroll was asked about Chris Carson early in the week, he gave that look that said, ‘I’m excited but I’m saying nothing‘.

Carroll grinned and uttered a few positive words before allowing the press conference to move swiftly on.

By the end of the week, he wasn’t holding back:

“I’m really excited about this guy. Really have high hopes for him. We’ll see how he does. We’re just getting started. He’s a very physical runner in the style that we like. You can’t tell all of that here because we’re not finishing the runs with tackling but I know it’s in his background and we keep chirping at him and we’ll see it happen when the time comes. We might have a really competitive guy at that spot.”

Carson has been one of the big talking points of training camp so far. In fairness, aside from Frank Clark and Germain Ifedi doing their best impression of Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, there hasn’t been too much to discuss. Seattle’s starters appear to be relatively set in place and a lot of the camp battles are about making up the 53.

The fight to collect the 15-20% of snaps at the SAM linebacker spot hasn’t captured the imagination of most fans just yet.

The praise for Carson hasn’t just come from Carroll. Speaking today, Doug Baldwin stated he was the most polished rookie he’d ever been around and that he has “all the tools”.

Baldwin isn’t one for offering effusive praise about rookies unless it’s warranted. Combined with the positive words and the excitable body language from Carroll, Carson is certainly creating an impression.

Sheil Kapadia’s ESPN report on Friday highlights why he’s had such a productive start to camp:

“Blitz pickup is something that rookies typically struggle with. But that was not the case with Carson.

During one drill early in practice, he got matched up with veteran linebacker Michael Wilhoite on multiple occasions and stoned him.”

Pass-pro is the thing that consistently prevents a talented rookie running back taking the field. It’s why Ezekiel Elliott was considered such a sure thing a year ago — his pass-pro and pass-catching ability were as dynamic as his running.

It’s promising to read Carson is doing well with the fundamentals.

It’s also not a big surprise the Seahawks ended up bringing him in as a seventh rounder.

Seattle has a type at running back in terms of body size and general athleticism — at least in terms of the players they’ve drafted (Eddie Lacy for example is not the body type they’ve selected so far). After the combine this year we noted the minimal number of running backs in the 2017 draft that fit this apparent preferred profile:

The Seahawks have a type (explosive tester, around 5-11 and 220lbs) and the ones best matching it are Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones, Brian Hill and Chris Carson. Kamara might be a top-45 pick and out of contention but Jones, Hill and Carson could provide day three value and extra competition.

He’s 6-0 and 218lbs, jumped a 37 inch vertical and a 10-10 broad.

What he hasn’t had in his college career are breakaway runs for big yardage. Carson never managed a run of more than 26 yards during his 212 carries at Oklahoma State.

And that’s OK.

Marshawn Lynch, aside from two miraculous, career defining runs, wasn’t a breakaway runner either. It’s the physical punishment over four quarters, the tone-setting mentality and attitude that the Seahawks probably like about Carson (and it’s a trait we’ve seen with Alex Collins in college and Thomas Rawls in the NFL too).

This is the type of run that helps establish a tone:

He’s not the quickest (4.58 runner at the combine) but he’s tough and explosive. That’s a Seahawks running back.

He also never gave up a fumble at Oklahoma State. Another plus.

Carson will likely get plenty of opportunities to impress in the four pre-season games — but a note of caution. Thomas Rawls didn’t set the world alight in his rookie pre-season. He had nine carries for 31 yards against Denver, four carries for 20 yards against Kansas City and six carries for 20 yards against San Diego before a breakout performance in the final game against Oakland (11 carries, 87 yards). Rawls did receive rave reviews for his camp work and attitude. So even if Carson doesn’t get the big pre-season yardage, he might win a roster spot anyway.

The other thing to consider is the free stash Seattle has had on the 53-man roster over the years. They’ve red-shirted guys like Benson Mayowa, Kristjan Sokoli and DeAndre Elliott in the past. So even if Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise and Alex Collins get ahead for the 2017 season — there might still be room to keep hold of Carson if they like him.

And let’s be right — Seattle running backs always get picked up by other teams when they’re cut. So trying to squeeze him onto the practise squad might be ambitious.

Better health, depth and quality at the running back position is vital for the Seahawks in 2017 as they look to regain their identity as a physical running offense. Carson seems to be right in the thick of the competition so far.

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  1. Ukhawk

    Hi Rob, Glad to have you back online!

    Slightly off topic, I wanted to give a shoutout on the blog to our new Seahawk HOFamer #45. He’s my favourite Seahawk of all time having grownup in the PNW & followed the Hawks since they were founded when I was 7. He was the defensive player of the year in 1984 and only the 2nd safety at the time voted as such; IMO (& Ronnie Lott’s) the greatest safety of all time. He was the original freak – a combo of Earl & Kam, who along with Lott changed the way the position was played so much so that offences had to scheme around them. So cheers to ‘The Enforcer’.

    • Rob Staton

      Good call Ukhawk — congrats to Kenny Easley

  2. cha

    ” So even if Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise and Alex Collins get ahead for the 2017 season — there might still be room to keep hold of Carson if they like him.”

    That definitely merits consideration. They could definitely reason what with the injury history of Rawls and Prosise and Lacy coming off an injury, they would be justified in keeping a 5th RB.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree Cha, if Carson and Collibs have a good August I could see them both on the roster.

  3. Austin

    I read that Baldwin said Carson was the “most polished rookie RB he’s seen.”

    • Austin

      On ESPN. That’s what Sheil Kapadia transcribed. Submitted the first Reply a little too quickly because I was tending to a fussy baby.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Rob said that as well in the article.

        • Austin

          No he said most polished rookie in the article. Baldwin specified rookie RB.

  4. DC

    In that video clip Carson is running left with the ball in his right arm. Anyone know if he’s a right arm only carrier or if that carry was an anomaly?

    • Kenny Sloth

      He didn’t look like the most polished rookie coming out…..

      I tend to think he’s rather raw with most technical aspects at RB. Perhaps what they see is a readiness to learn and accept coaching.

      Glad he’s taking it seriously because there’s no room for a slacker in that backfield he’s gonna have to make them retain him.

      Alex Collins bouta get cut and lead the league in broken tackles for someone else lmao

    • Austin Hall

      Yeah someone I was reading on Field gulls tracked all of his carries and they were all right hand.

      • DC

        Thanks. I know it sometimes translates to a higher # of fumbles but I read that he had zero fumbles in 212 carries at OSU. That’s a number I like.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Plus some of the best RBs of all time wouldn’t always switch arms

          • DC

            My favorite Husky RB of all time didn’t switch. That would be Mr. Corey Dillon… One and done, bummer. What a fierce runner.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Aww man. Forgot about him. Not a huskys fan but I love a good HB

              I prefer a high and tight ball to switching and swinging it around

  5. Brandon Adams

    You’re bang on about RBs getting snatched up. Algernon Brown is now with the Jets.

    • cha

      At this point it would probably be easier to list the RBs the Hawks cut who HAVEN’T been picked up by other teams LOL.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Let’s be honest. The JETS would take anyone with a pulse right now.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    Unpopular hot take;

    The first woman to play in the NFL will be a Lineman (linewoman?)

    Not a skinny little kicker with a pony tail and big butt.

    I watched some WFL and those big beauties (not uglies lol) were bossing that snap count.

    The OL were a little thin.

    Unpopular opinion part 2;

    Screw the lingerie football league! It objectifies women and does nothing but further the fetishizing of womens sports

    • Del Tre

      Firstly, thats a scalding hot take, id be pretty impressed with a woman who comes in a mowes over guys, hopefully if the first female nfl player is starter not just a benchwarming “we are the first team to do this” type of player.
      Secondarily, I agree 100% I’m sick of the objectification of women, they are more than these pretty delicate little flowers and more than sex. They are freaking humans and shame on a lot of people (thankfully no one I’ve seen on this site) who dont treat them the way they ought to. Nice to see you again kenny, go hawks!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Lol only the best for you Tre.

        I got to see some female DL and they are so quick and powerful with great feet.

        Longer legs, higher hips, shorter torsos….

        Did I just stumble on something???

        • Del Tre

          Sounds like you’ve stumbled onto a scouting report profile that most teams want on the DL!

    • jujus

      It will never happen, biology cannot be denied and women do not have the hormones, LBM, or bone density to compete with men in most physical sports.

      Venus williams the best female tennis player of all time got her BUTT SMOKED by the 213th or something ranked male. She would have blanked but he gave her a courtesy point.

      I agree on your point with the LFL though.

      • Elliottatk

        Agree with Jujus point it, you can’t deny biology. It would not be possible for any woman football player to compete head to head against their male counter parts in the NFL. The atheltic difference is just too large.

        In addition to Serena Williams losing to the 213th ranked male player, Profesional Woman’s soccer teams frequently lose to varsity boys high school soccer teams. This trend is observable across all professional sports when you compare the top woman to men.

        It just wouldn’t be biologically possible.

        • Kenny Sloth

          You gotta think about lack of development too

          There’s absolutely no established path to the nfl for a woman.

          It’s wrong to say they can’t. Denies the opportunity.

          There’s some big broads out there yo.

          “The less a man makes declarative statements the less likely he is to appear foolish in retrospect”

          • MarkinSeattle

            Sorry Kenny, you are dreaming. The number of women who are 6-4 and taller is extremely small to begin with. Then to have the weight and the speed to compete with the top 0.00001% of men who have the athletic ability to play in the NFL, it just wont happen.

            Someday people may modify genes in babies and that could change, but it doesnt exist in the natural world. Evolution didn’t promote hunter biology traits in women, it promoted other physical and mental advantages in comparison to men.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I like your take and respect the science and precedent, but there is nothing biologically prohibitive to a woman succeeding in the NFL.

              Lots of DTs are successful at much shorter heights than 6’4. Pretty arbitrary qualifier for DL success don’t you think?

              I’d never say a woman can’t do something.

              Because women can do anything.


              • Elliottatk

                Why are Olympic events segregated by gender? It’s because if they weren’t men would win probably every event, or at least any event where strength endurance or any physical activity is involved. This do to a concept called Sexual Dimorphism, which in esince shows that men and woman are not the same biologically.

                In the NFL even the most unathletic players are still miles ahead athletically and skill wise then the top hypothetical female football players. If football is anything like soccer it is reasonable to assume the best Female all star football team is probably on par with the level of a High School team.

                This is the main reason it is so extremely unlikely there will ever be a female NFL player, and this not even including the fact that only 3% of all Highschool football players even make it into the NFL in the first place. And that there is no established Woman’s football teams on any Highscool or coligete level. Additionally barely any woman even play Contact football in the first place comparative to other sports.

                Grit alone is not enough to get you on an NFL

  7. C-Dog

    From what I watched at practice on Friday, Carson really jumped out. I might be more excited to see what this guy does preseason than any other rookie, and I thought Pocic and Griffin looked really good, as well.

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Honestly, Marquette King is one of the best weapons in the NFL. A booming leg and great speed. Very accurate nailing 40 kicks inside the 20 last year. 2nd in the nfl.

    The most unique punter in a generation

  9. Sea Mode

    Hey, Rob and gang! Great to finally be back! Hope your summer has gone well so far and you are feeling re-charged after a good, long break from football and the blog.

    Glad to hear good things about Carson. One other thing nobody can deny: that dude has sure put in the time in the weight room! Says a lot about his work ethic. (like bench press test for OL)

    Nice tip on Pettway the other day too. Reminds me of Eddie Lacy a bit, only faster and without the spin moves. He sure does get going in a hurry.

    Anyway, looking forward to another great year of SDB!

  10. Brseahawks

    If it’s close ability-wise between Carson and Collins, the decision needs to be in Carson’s favour. He has an edge in one extra year of club control, he had a lower (and lighter) college workload, has an edge in terms of physical profile and has better injury background.

    • Hawktalker

      +1 time for him to get his shot. I bet they keep Collins and Carson.

  11. James

    As usual, Rob identified Chris Carson as a player who fit the Seahawks profile, amazing work as always Rob!

    Given that Pete & John probably are still suffering from running-back PTSD from last season, it would not surprise me in the least that they find a way to carry both Carson and Collins on the 53, since they probably will not risk exposing Carson to the waiver wire in hopes of stashing him on the practice squad. Looking ahead, they need to protect both guys, since Lacy is a likely one and done (due to salary cap needs next year), and Rawls’ durability remains a question mark.

    …speaking of the practice squad, can anyone direct me to a current list of practice squad eligible players on the Seahawks 90 man roster? Google turns up nothing.

    • James

      Is there anyone besides me who gets charged from seeing that iconic #32 tearing through a line of scrimmage, a’la Jim Brown?

      • Hawktalker

        Count me in

  12. cha

    Jay Cutler is a Dolphin

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 55m55 minutes ago
    The #Dolphins are signing QB Jay Cutler to a 1-year contract worth $10M, source said. There are incentives in there, too.

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 1h1 hour ago
    He’s back: QB Jay Cutler is coming back. Sources say he’s agreed to sign with the #Dolphins.

    • Vista

      They are going to need him if Tannehill is going to need surgery

  13. FuzzyLOgic

    I hope Alex Collins doesn’t get cut. I liked him coming out of college because of his smoothness and savvy. He blew it at the combine but looks like he’s in really good shape now. Can’t wait to see both Carson and Collins in Preseason.

    • cha

      One of beat writers observed that Collins is much faster in camp this year than last year.

      • Kenny Sloth

        “He used to run a 4.6 now he looks like he runs a 4.51”

        Or maybe he is more confident and running with conviction. Way too much was made about Collins’ preseason last year

  14. Kenny Sloth

    Check out my fanpost previewing American soccer players in the German second division.

    Give it a rec if you can. Help me get some cred in that area

      • Sea Mode

        Will do! Just joined S&S though, so I won’t be able to rec/comment until tomorrow.

        Nice write-up! If you could insert a pic for each player, it would make it an even more enjoyable read. Not sure what the possibilities are with copyright stuff, etc.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I honestly have no idea how to do it lol.

          The cyclops goal celebration is rad af. He has a single reptilian eye tatooed on his arm that he holds to his face to be a cyclops

  15. Coleslaw

    Really looking forward to watching Collins and Carson battle it out in pre season, thought I’d talk about some guys who could gain from a really good pre-season. Nazair Jones and Quinton Jefferson are gonna be fun to watch, I expect Jones to be real stiff in the running game and Jefferson will play a lot of DE like last pre-season.

    Shaquill Griffin and Neiko Thorpe are gonna be interesting cause one of them is probably gonna start when Lane moves inside. Unless DeAndre Elliot shows up in the slot, he’s one to watch too.

    I think Oday Aboushi can win a starting job at RG. Can Pocic outplay Ifedi at RT? Can Fant keep a tight enough grip to fend off Odhiambo and Joeckel?

    *Dion Jordan*

    David Moore had a big day in camp this week, him, Cyril Grayson and McEvoy is gonna be a fun battle for sure. Darboh can get early recognition and earn playing time earlier with a big pre-season.

    Who wins the SAM job? I saw a quick video of all the linebackers and Mike Morgan looked like a giant next to every one else, he’s my guess.

    And possibly the most relevant battle to last season, Boykin vs. Davis.. I just hope that one isn’t a crapshoot

  16. Old but Slow

    While I admit to being a bit of a Pollyanna, I can not remember a more competitive camp. It seems that every position group has competition. Even Earl and Kam have a new guy in town. New talented defensive backs, some experienced linebackers, even some DLmen, as if we needed them (Welcome aboard!).

    Wide receivers? We gotcha some of those, tight ends, what you need, we gottem. Running backs? All of them will play this season, but for who?

    My biggest fear? Quarterback. If Russell goes down, forgive me making a suggestion, the alternatives seem grim. Almost Grimm.

    On the other hand, and this is my hope, is that they will go to the last moment and then sign the Niner devil, the Afro’d ogre, Colin Kapersomething.

    As far as I know he hasn’t killed anybody, and while he has dated hair, he has fairly good team relations, and he can chuck the ball.

    And he is mobile. He may be at a point where he is ready to accept a backup role in order to reestablish his reputation. I can’t help arguing with myself, so would this be a good place to be a backup with chances to play? Probably not. Russell misses a play or practice about as often as the sun doesn’t come up.

    OK, I admit it, I have wasted our time. No chance he signs here, but I think it would be a good idea if it happens.

    So shoot me.

  17. pran

    Ifedi is a bust at this point… clark told him that with that shot!
    Let’s see if Ifedi realizes and improves

    • Kenny Sloth

      Terrible take.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ifedi is in year 2 and played well at times last year.

      Clark’s punch says nothing about Ifedi.

      Ifedi really needs to stop being hit by teammates. Super bad for anyone’s confidence.

      This was a highly emotionally charged situation where 15+ players were scrumming it up.

      Ifedi is a natural leader and is very nasty. I’m sure he gets under opponents skin and likely earned the slug

      If it says anything about Ifedi, it confirms that he’s a big mean sucker

      • pran

        Ifedi fought in last year camp and again.. its not leadership…he is showing off his 1st round status as if he accomplished something! from what i read and heard so far…there is noticeable 2nd year jump in ifedi

        • pran

          Correction- From what i read and heard so far…there is NO noticeable 2nd year jump in ifedi

          • Kenny Sloth

            And where did you read that? The season hasn’t started and none of the coaches have said that.

            Ifedi is a big dog. He an alpha.

            What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Tempers flare.

            Just ask Mike B, a dogged veteran in this league.

            Ifedi is not someone you want to line up against. In practice, on the goal line.

            He’s as heavy as James Carpenter and moves like Sweezy. Mean like Breno.

            Give him time. And stop reading so much 😉

            • pran

              Size is the only thing going for him.. rest about alpha mean etc will see if he delivers this season

              • Kenny Sloth

                “He’s just big”

                Terrible take.

                • jujus

                  I love rob, but I have hated Ifedi ever since Rob started talking about him. I wish him all the best but I just havent seen the goods from Ifedi. I fear he is the most recent in busted 1st round linemen the seahawks pick.

                  If he hits in year 4 right before we let him walk ala carpenter was it worth it?

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Who else busted at OL in the first for us?? xD

                    Those two guys that won super bowls here and are playing on huge contracts?

                    Okung the highest paid LT (I think?) in the league?

                    I absolutely know you don’t like him lol

                    What exactly are ‘the goods’ because thats an ambiguous ass qualifier

  18. pran

    Is cable doing the same mistake (Ifedi at RG) by pushing Pocic to RG/RT instead of his natural position C.
    Its in teams best interest to leave skill players at their natural position and once they establish themselves they can talk about adding versatility to skillset

    • Kenny Sloth

      OL isn’t a skill position.

      I think they are doing the right thing in flexing his versatility.

      They’ve given him snaps at C and know what he brings there and he will likely start there when Britt moves on, but his versatility is a major factor in their selection of him as it was with Britt as it was with Ifedi.

      • pran

        as much as they touted his versatility, pocic did not have much exposure at RT in college admitted by him self, may be a little at G.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Versatility is not synonymous with experience.

          He CAN do it. Thats not at all in question.

          Very obvious to everyone around draft analysis that he is not just a pure interior OL and that has been the prevailing opinion since this time last year.

          Pocic is regarded as one of LSU’s best OL of all time.

          He had a spot start at RT last year. Clearly that was enough for the Seahawks. What would you have to see in his tape?

    • Aaron

      Cable looks at things differently. To him continuity is not about playing the same position that you played in college or earlier, it’s about being on the same page play in and play out. While Pocic is a center, why not give him a shot to see if he’s one of our best five? I’m not worried about the o line, instead I’m excited to see our recommitment to the running game. The running game completes the circle of this team.

      • Kenny Sloth


      • C-Dog

        From what I was watching last Friday, and I was pretty glued to the OL, Pocic not only looked at an offensive tackle, he looked like a pretty talented one.

      • Logan Lynch

        Agreed, it’s more important to find out who our best 5 offensive lineman are and roll with those guys. If Pocic is better than Ifedi and beats him out, so be it. The real wildcard here is Fant. If he can prove himself to be even a league average LT, that’s a huge win for SEA since he was a UDFA.

      • Myfanwy365

        I wish he wouldn’t

  19. AlaskaHawk

    Latest news of Malik McDowell is that he will probably be out for the season.

    I feel like the Seahawks have hobbled themselves with their lack of first round picks. Ifedi is okay, but hardly a rock star. Looking back, the last picks I really liked in the first round were Earl Thomas and Russell Okung in 2010. Irving in 2012, was a decent pick but not at the position they thought he would play at.

    I just ask myself how a team can succeed without hitting on first round picks?? And now this injury has to happen. Yuck!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Definitely don’t need to hit on 1st rounders to succeed.

      Just ask New England!

      Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      Our first picks on the roster are still young and developing well

      If Ifedi has a similar jump to what Britt accomplished in year 3, this year or next, he will look so damn good.

      Everyone will be eating tweets left and right and seahawks fans as a whole will taste their feet and it will smack of Germain

    • H

      Well, Malik technically wasn’t a first round pick so no need to worry about missing here…
      If this injury costs us long term then it can hardly be considered a miss on the fo’s part, it’s not like “doesn’t wear a helmet on his ATV” was a red flag we all voiced our displeasure over when drafting him.
      And hey! worse case scenario and he is out all year, think how excited we’re all going to be next year when we have our stud new first (early second) rounder and Malik to add to our super bowl winning roster.

    • C-Dog

      While the news on McDowell feels like a gut punch, if Shaq Griffin or Ethan Pocic end up playing like first rounders, and Naz Jones looks like someone who can be a quality interior defensive lineman for years to come, does it matter where McDowell was taken?

    • Logan Lynch

      Bennett said himself in an interview with 710 that he feels it takes DL a few years (might have been 3-4) to really start to dominate and play well in the NFL. McDowell by himself wasn’t going to win us a championship this year. Yes, I would love to have him available to play and gain some experience, but if he does in fact miss the season it’s not going to completely derail SEA. They want interior pass rush production similar to Clinton McDonald in 2013 which was 6 sacks (plus additional pressures) if memory serves me correctly. Maybe Jefferson can step up? Bennett or Clark can slide inside and cause havoc. There are a lot of variables here. Main point is that yes this news sucks, but it’s not enough of a blow to jump to conclusions. I think success this year really hinges on the offense more than anything else.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes we have plenty of other defensive linemen to step up. It is just such a gut punch to lose your first pick for the season.

    • GeoffU

      Thomas, Okung, and Irving were all top 15 picks…

      • AlaskaHawk

        That was in the heyday of 2010 – 2012 draft picks. What have they done lately? Hopefully the last two years draft will prove out. All ready starting in the hole with the number one pick injured for probably the season.

  20. nichansen01

    I was so excited when we drafted McDowell.

    Later on, I saw him at a movie theater and got to say hello and take a picture.

    I was super pumped for him his season.

    This horrible injury he has suffered as extinguished all of my excitement and hope for this coming season.

    I’m ready for another year of 10-6 and a wildcard win followed by a divisional loss in the playoffs.


    • Sea Mode

      Wow, really. Step back from the ledge, man.

      He was only going to be a rotational piece anyway. We also have Quentin Jefferson back and Garrison Smith, who has had a stand out play (safety and TFL) in each of the last couple days of practice. Reed is going into year 2 and should look even better.

      There’s also Naz Jones the long shot Dion Jordan looks good at DT.

      In short, we’ll be fine, plus McDowell gets a redshirt year to refine his technique and the Hawks get another year of club control. That could turn out even better in the long run, assuming he is able to make a full recovery.

      • C-Dog

        Don’t count out Jarran Reed taking a bigger leap forward in 2017. Watching practice last week, he looks much quicker off the ball.

    • Aaron

      It’s a bummer that McDowell is either gonna be on PUP or IR, but our success this year never relied on him and him alone. He was gonna be a guy who pass rushed in Nickel mostly, not an every down starter. Plus he’s a rookie who flashes greatness but still lacks in terms of fundamentals. If we were a team like the 49ers or Browns that ripped everything to the studs and are starting over then this would hurt a lot. The Seahawks are a perennial contender in the NFC, we have the depth and talent to meet this setback. R E L A X !

    • James

      I was also excited about the selection of Malik. An elite interior pass-rusher is the most difficult player to find other than a franchise QB, and you can count the really good ones on one hand (maybe just one finger, Aaron Donald). If the Seahawks added such a rare talent, our defense would truly be impossible to defeat. And Malik appears to have the athletic talents to be such a player, just waiting to see if he develops the skills from experience, and makes the required effort.

      We are all bummed to hear that Malik is out for the first half of the season, and very possibly the entire season. But he will be back next year. Every team is going to lose players to season-ending injuries. I counted 22 Seahawks players I would protect from such a loss, ahead of Malik. So, the team can absorb this and we hope that Jarran Reed and Quentin Jefferson can step into the role. Reed has the right stuff, and this opening may be all he needs to make the great leap forward as a complete DT.

    • Alex6674

      Dude that’s incredibly negative (although you are entitled to your opinion). I think though that your comment needs to be taken with a pinch of salt; no poster on here would have such short sightedness to have their excitement of the upcoming season ‘extinguished’ due to the injury of a rookie. One can only imagine how you survived the dark times in your life when Thomas went down last season………………..

      • RealRhino2

        I’m pretty bummed about it myself. Frankly, right now I’m operating under the assumption that his career is essentially over. That’s the only thing that explains/justifies all this cloak and dagger behavior we are seeing from the Hawks and McDowell.

        • Kenny Sloth

          His career hasn’t really begun.

          It could be over, but that’s totally speculation.

          It sounds like we’re just taking it slow and being respectful of his family’s wishes to keep it lowkey for now

          • RealRhino2

            100% speculation. I”m just trying to connect dots in a way that makes sense. What possible reason could there be for everybody to be so secretive? This is a business where EVERY injury is reported on in detail, including how it occurred, how severe, timetable for return, etc. And here all we have is “significant.” Weird.

            To me, it seems like it has to be related to the contract and money. For example, if he just broke his orbital bone or whatever, who cares? Just say so and move on. It’s not like that’s sensitive private information. It seems like the kind of deal they don’t want to play out in the press. Which then seems like a PR issue, such as your rookie violated his contract, probably won’t play again, and you need to move on in a way that doesn’t make either party seem like the bad guy.

            • RealRhino2

              Oh, and just more info if you want to get the bad news out of the way all at once, Nick Vannett is never going to turn into anything. That’s your PSA for today. Which (a) makes our “losing out” on Kittle, etc. in the 5th round more of a bummer, and (b) makes re-signing Jimmy Graham probably a greater priority. Some will like that, but it bums me out.

              • Kenny Sloth

                I was disappointed in the Vannett pick.

                He knows what it takes to win a championship, but really underwhelming tape and numbers

                • RealRhino2

                  He might *know* what it takes, but doing that is a whole ‘nother story. I’ll just say I’ve heard things that make me question whether he’s “all in” to being a great player.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    I just meant he’s been with championship clubs before and knows how important every detail is.

                    Never said he’s gonna put the team on his back or anything remotely like that.

                    He’s a poor man’s Zach Miller imo

            • Kenny Sloth

              I don’t think thats the case.

              Of course this is relatively new territory for this FO.

              I’m gonna be pissed if we took McDowell and never see him on this team, obviously

              But i don’t think thats likely

  21. cha

    Sheil Kapadia @SheilKapadia
    Two Seahawks depth chart notes from yesterday: Richardson was ahead of Kearse in 2-WR sets. Carson ahead of Collins at RB with second team.
    6:33 AM · Aug 8, 2017

    • C-Dog

      Doesn’t shock.

    • 6Kenny Sloth

      Can’t wait for Preach to have a healthy season.

      I think he is the second most talented receiver on the roster.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Can’t wait for Preach to have a healthy season.

      I think he is the second most talented receiver on the roster.

    • RealRhino2

      Makes the most sense. If you have only two WRs on the field, it helps if both of them are a threat to catch the ball.

  22. Kenny Sloth

    Earl Thomas is too short to play Quarterback in the NFL

  23. Myfanwy365

    OK i’m officially bored in work so posting this, I know everyone loves a 53 man predictino almost as much as people posting their fantasy teams & mock drafts

    QB – Russ & Boykin(Kaep hopefully)
    RB – Lacy, Rawls, Prosise, Carson – Can’t see him sneaking through to PS so gets nod over Collins
    FB – Reece
    WR – Baldwin, Kearse(sigh), Lockett, P-Rich, Darboh, McEvoy
    TE – Graham, Willson, Vannett
    OL – Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Aboushi, Pocic, Glowinski, Ifedi, Odhiambo – 8 seems light so maybe Hunt

    DL – Bennett, Avril, Clark, Naz Jones, Q Jeff, Reed, Rubin, Marsh – McDowell on NFI
    LB – Wagner, Wright, Wilhoite, Alexander, Morgan, Garvin
    CB – Sherm, Lane, Thorpe, Griffin, Elliott – Shead on PUP
    DB – Earl, Kam, McDougald, Hill, Thompson

    ST – Walsh, Ryan, Ott (3)

    So that’s 51 right now, final 2 from Collins, Desir, Dion Jordan? or Hunt unless i’m missing someone really obvious

    • CTseahawkfan

      Bored too – was hoping Rob was back in the saddle again!! Like your 53 man projection:

      QB – agreed – thinking Kaep might be better for us and for him – Boykin wouldn’t take us anywhere but down if something God forbid happens to Russ

      RB – agreed – but they might keep Collins too

      FB – agreed – I don’t think there is anyone else

      WR – agreed – I’m really hoping McEvoy makes it – he’s so diverse and special but McKissic is coming on – can he be snuck on the PS?

      TE – agreed – All three are playing well and the top two are FA’s next year right?

      OL – agreed

      DL – agreed

      LB – agreed

      CB – agreed but like Pierre Desir too

      DB – Agreed

      good group!

      • Rob Staton

        Will have some posts around the first pre-season game.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I have a funny feeling both Moore and Darboh make the 53 man roster at WR.
      I’m still not convinced that Kearse is a lock,,, even if Clayton says so.

      • Myfanwy365

        I would think Kearse is a lock sadly, give him one final chance before he’s gone next year.

        Saw the comments on Roos so possible he sneaks on & then maybe Collins as well leaving Desir odd one out.

        We can’t leave RBs out in the hope of practice squad as they get snatched straight away.

        Could Moore make it to the PS, possibly?

        • Coleslaw

          I can’t see Moore making it to the PS since he’s had success in an NFL scrimmage. His problem coming out was his level of competition, he’s given teams a reason to believe he can work through that and with his skill set that would make him a pretty desirable 53rd roster spot for a bad team that needs a young receiver

  24. Ground_Hawk

    During a recent press conference, Richard Sherman said that rookie CB Mike Tyson looked good at Nickle, but was still working on the Outside CB spot. It will be interesting to see if they play Tyson at NCB during the preseason. Maybe he can fit the “Buffalo” role that was being discussed earlier this year?

  25. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think you have to say the arrow is pointing way up for CB Griffin, RB Carson and OT/OG/C Pocic…. I’ve also read that Roos might be a lock for the 53 man roster as well. We shall see. I also really like that they do not have to trim the roster so early… finally both the NFL and the NFLPA made a wise decision.

    I’m flat out excited to see the Seahawks hit someone else in anger…. and not each other…. on Sunday.

    • Kenny Sloth


      • RealRhino2

        +3. Ha! Mine’s better, Kenny, because 3 is more than 2!

        Excited to see Griffin. Carson I have my doubts about, Seems to run a little high. Lends itself to looking great in practice, maybe not so much in games. But what do I know? We’ll see.

        • Kenny Sloth


          Seahawks aren’t keeping more than 6 backs. (Full and Tail)

          Someone we like will be cut.

          Quill looks really good. Looks like a total pro

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes seems like Griffin could be the answer for that outside cornerback not named Sherman. It will be great if they can lock down that position. Much as I love Lane, he hasn’t been the same since he got injured in the Superbowl.

      Running back, there are so many now, if should be a battle in preseason. Once into the season it is just a matter of who can stay healthy. Any big injuries and it will be next running back up. The scary thing being other teams poaching off Seahawks stash of running backs.

      I have a lot more confidence in the offensive line this year. With Fants added weight and one year of playing time I am expecting him to look much better. Joeckel is a good veteran pickup, just needs to stay healthy. Britt should be a solid contributor. The right side has many potential players, they just need to find the right combo. I don’t see a large advantage in experience there, it will just depend on who shows up and performs well.

  26. AlaskaHawk

    So Seahawks are playing Sunday at 4:00 pm against the Chargers. It will be fun to see some of the rookies play. What to look for?

    A good defensive seconday, pressure on the QB from the defensive line.
    I would like to see some cohesion on the offensive line. And try out a few of those new receivers and running backs.

    It should be fun!!!

    • cha

      I want to see the DL makeup. How Reed is progressing towards taking the next step, how Jefferson fits on the line, if Marsh really looks as good as his teammates are saying, and if Nazair Jones can fill a role.

      They brought all these new DL coaches in. Let’s see if that produces some results.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Nazair Jones is definitely one to watch. Very unique. I’m not sold Jefferson can keep himself healthy. I guess whoever ultimately gets cut will get the automatic Jets call : P

        • C-Dog

          +1. I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw out of Naz Jones in pass rush drills last week. He looked more athletic than what I was anticipating with plus strength.

  27. Coleslaw

    Paxton just got hurt ): Mariners stay leaving their starters in too long while we have the best bullpen since the all-star break….

    • Kenny Sloth

      Myles Garrett is also the nicest guy.

      Like a skinny mike b

  28. cha

    Trubisky’s debut was encouraging for Bears fans, albeit not against the Broncos starters.

    He looked decisive and in control. Poised and used his arm when he needed to. He made John Fox assure the media after the game that he’s not changing the depth chart based on one preseason game.

    Start contrast to Paxton Lynch. Lynch held on to the ball and didn’t seem to be able to read the field all that well. Did nothing to calm the “Simian by default” talk.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Chicago offense was decent with Trubisky passing.

      Their defense looked good with the first string. Second or third string gave up a couple long touchdowns = hopefully not a pattern. I would like to see the team of old, a tough defense ready to fight.

      • Sea Mode

        I thought Deshawn Watson looked ok as well for his first live action. Moved around well with his legs. Overthrew a couple balls. Seems to have a Kaep-like problem of absolutely lasering every single pass. No touch at all on them. Even a couple 5yd checkdowns were thrown so hard they couldn’t be caught.

        Those issues aside, I think he will figure it out and let the winner inside him find a way as he cleans up the technical stuff.

  29. KD

    Aaaaand Sammy Watkins gets traded to the Rams. My only reaction to this is thinking to myself “But Jared Goff is still the QB right?”

    • Sea Mode

      My reaction was: how do the Rams even still have any more picks to trade away?

      • KD

        I keep hearing this trope about “surrounding a QB with weapons”, but there are some problems with that philosophy

        1.) All those weapons are no good unless you have a QB that can utilize them.
        2.) The best way to protect a QB is with a good a good OL, the 2nd best way is to run the ball.
        3.) A good defense gives you good field position.

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