Combine review: DB’s, overall thoughts & predictions

Two players stand out at #26

The combine is over — and we’re starting to get some clarity on what might happen with the #26 pick.

With Garett Bolles and Haason Reddick driving their stock well into the top-20, it might come down to two players:

Obi Melifonwu & Kevin King

The Seahawks have only drafted one defensive back before the fourth round in the Pete Carroll era (Earl Thomas). If they’re going to break that trend in 2017, it’ll likely be for a truly freakish athlete.

That’s exactly what these two bring to the table.

Melifonwu is 6-4 and 224lbs. He’s the antidote to what we saw on Saturday with the tight end class excelling. He ran an official 4.40, jumped 44 inches in the vertical, recorded an 11-9 broad jump and didn’t show any signs of stiffness during drills when asked to redirect, transition and make sharp turns.

Look at the way Pete Carroll reacted after Melifonwu ran the 4.40. He’s rocking back and forth in his seat before turning to say something to Kris Richard:

This is a Seahawks type of first round pick.

How would they use him? In so many different ways. He’s only two pounds heavier than Atlanta’s brilliant linebacker Deion Jones. He has the physical tools to match-up with big wide outs and dynamic TE’s in the slot. He might be too big to play outside corner but he can travel there in certain looks or motions. He’ll provide depth at two safety positions.

A few fans have questioned his tape on Twitter. Personally I don’t think it’s bad at all. His performance against Virginia (link here) highlights the potential he has as a read-and-react, sure tackler. He makes a terrific play running through traffic to take down the running back for a TFL. He shows range in high coverage and he plays the ball.

Seattle’s Head Coach is the best defensive backs tutor in the league. He can work with this physical profile and that tape.

Here’s how the league views him, per Bob McGinn’s anonymous sources:

Four-year player with 48 games and 48 starts. “He reminded me of Deone Bucannon because he can play in the box and in space,” said one scout. “Physical. Square tackler. I was shocked. He’s big and he can run. I think he’s too big for corner. He can replace a ‘backer in the box because he can cover.” Arms were 32½. Eight career interceptions. “He looks the part,” said another scout. “He’s more of a downhill type but he brings a presence.”

A 6-4, 224lbs Deone Bucannon. Think about that for a second.

King ran an official 4.43 at 6-3 and 200lbs and followed it up with a 39.5 inch vertical. He didn’t record a broad jump according to the NFL tracker but a year ago he managed a 10-10 at the Husky pro-day.

His 6.56 three cone was the fastest among cornerbacks this year and it’s the second fastest in the last five years (beaten only by 5-11 Will Davis in 2013). He also had easily the fastest short shuttle this year by any player (3.89) and the fourth best time in the last five years.

Essentially his long speed is as quick as Melifonwu’s, he’s not as explosive but he’s lighter and probably has superior short-area quickness (Melifonwu didn’t run a three cone or short shuttle).

The agility tests really show off how versatile he is. King might be 6-3 and 200lbs but he’s not just an outside corner. He handled the slot for Washington in 2015 and he can do it at the next level too. He can pretty much defend any type of receiver — with the size and length to handle the bigger targets, the short are quickness to match-up with a dynamic slot and the deep speed to go head-to-head against a burner.

When we talk about the Seahawks likely only taking a special player in round one at cornerback — this is what he looks like.

Of course there’ll likely be other players in play at #26. We didn’t see Justin Evans or Jarrad Davis workout at the combine. Who knows where players like Jabrill Peppers and even Haason Reddick will be projected? There’s at least a chance Seattle won’t be able to resist a player like Budda Baker despite his lack of size.

Even so, it certainly feels like Obi Melifonwu or Kevin King could easily be Seattle’s next first round pick if they’re available at #26.

DB class overall shines

There were two big positives about today:

1. Most of the big name prospects lived up to expectations

2. Several second and third tier players performed better than expected

Marshon Lattimore, Sidney Jones, Marlon Humphrey, Adoree’ Jackson, Tre’Davious White and Kevin King all performed well. Cordrea Tankersley ran a 4.40 to throw his name into the first round mix.

Jamal Adams didn’t have a fast, explosive workout but was never really expected to. Budda Baker is what he is — a 4.45 runner, not the most explosive tester but plays well beyond his size.

Jabrill Peppers hopped around Lucas Oil Stadium like he’d been drinking sunshine in a glass — his personality and leadership shining as brightly as his dynamic athletic performance.

Due to injury, Malik Hooker and Justin Evans didn’t workout.

The majority of the names above could go in the first frame.

A lot of the second and third tier prospects performed as expected and even the disappointments were only minor — such as Rasul Douglas running a 4.59 or John Johnson a 4.61.

Shaq Griffin warrants a closer look after his performance. He ran a 4.38 at 6-0 and 194lbs (with 32.5 inch arms) and jumped well too (38.5 inch vertical, 11-0 broad).

Ahkello Witherspoon did as good a job as anyone covering John Ross in 2016 and now we know why. He ran a 4.45 at 6-3 and 198lbs (33 inch arms). He also recorded a huge 40.5 inch vertical and a 10-7 broad jump. His tackling technique and run defense is poor on tape — but you can work on that with this profile. He could be a Kevin King consolation prize.

At safety, Rayshawn Jenkins is one of the grittiest players in the draft class. His ability to run a 4.51 at 6-1, 214lbs and jump a great vertical (37 inches) and broad (10-8) makes him very interesting. He also has 33 inch arms and has hybrid potential.

Montae Nicholson is 6-2 and 212lbs with 33.5 inch arms and he ran a 4.42. In the vertical he managed 35 inches and he followed it up with a 10-5 in the broad jump. Again, it’s another really intriguing physical profile.

Josh Jones is 6-1 and 220lbs and he ran a 4.41. His jumps were also impressive — he managed 37.5 inch vertical and an 11-0 broad. He’s another player that could be used in many different ways by Seattle considering his size and length (32 inch arms).

And while Shalom Luani didn’t post a freaky explosive combine like the three names above, his 4.55 is good enough to justify a team like Seattle giving him a shot — especially with his gritty backstory and physical, tone-setting style of play. He could be a day three steal.

Overall takeaways from the combine

Some thoughts and predictions on other non-DB ‘big name’ prospects…

Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
One of only three offensive lineman to have a truly explosive physical profile, Bolles also performed very well in the agility tests. His short shuttle and three cone (4.55, 7.29) were similar to Dalvin Cook’s (4.53, 7.27). Bolles is destined for the top-12.

Forrest Lamp (T, Western Kentucky)
He might have to move inside to guard (32 1/4 inch arms) but Lamp was by far the most explosive tester among the offensive linemen. With the league desperately short of good O-liners, Lamp might not get past Denver at #20.

Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford)
McCaffrey lit-up the RB drills, catching everything in sight while managing to look truly pissed off with the world. His three cone (6.57) is the best by a running back in five years (beating Christine Michael’s 6.69) and he was explosive (37.5 inch vertical, 10-1 broad).

Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
It was a surprise to see Fournette only manage 28.5 inches in the vertical, purely because he looks so explosive on the field. Yet his 4.51 forty at 240lbs showed he is 0.02 slower than Dalvin Cook but weighs 30lbs more and he’s only 0.04 slower than Ezekiel Elliott despite weighing 15lbs more.

John Ross (WR, Washington)
He broke the combine record for a forty yard dash (4.22), jumped 11-1 in the broad jump and 37 inches in the vertical. Combine this with the way he gets open consistently and quickly on tape and Ross is a top-15 lock. He’s DeSean Jackson without the headaches.

O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
Howard ran the same time as Leonard Fournette (4.51) but did it carrying an extra 10lbs of weight. He also ran the fastest three cone by a tight end in the last five years (6.85). In comparison, Jimmy Graham ran a 4.56 forty and a 6.90 three cone at his combine.

David Njoku (TE, Miami)
He jumped an 11-1 broad and a 37.5 inch vertical at 6-4, 246lbs. His forty time (4.64) is only 0.04 seconds slower than former top-10 pick Eric Ebron and his three cone (6.97) is the seventh fastest by a tight end in the last five years.

Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
The buzz is starting to develop for Watson with several onlookers praising the way he performed throwing the ball in Indianapolis. He looked in control, his drop-back and footwork was better than expected and he has the arm strength. Someone is going to believe in this guy very early in round one.

Myles Garrett (DE, Texas A&M)
When you put his testing numbers through TEF, he scores a 4.21. Compare that to Jadeveon Clowney (3.50), Mario Williams (3.97), J.J. Watt (3.82), Aaron Donald (3.53) and Khalil Mack (3.81). The term ‘generational talent’ was made to describe Myles Garrett.

Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)
The only player more explosive in the 2017 draft is Myles Garrett, a once-every-ten-years type of talent. Reddick scored a 3.93 in TEF and even when you account for his lighter weight (237lbs), he scores a 93.1 in wTEF. Basically, he’s a genuine freak who will terrorise offenses wherever he plays.

Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford)
Thomas’ TEF score of 3.83 is comparable to J.J. Watt and Khalil Mack. Running a 4.69 at 273lbs is freakish and he managed a 1.66 split despite his size. His 6.95 three cone is the tenth best by a defensive lineman in the last five years. He could be the #2 pick after Garrett.

Charles Harris (DE, Missouri)
His testing numbers weren’t particularly special for a 253lbs defensive end but the way he performed in drills has to have some teams excited. He looked incredibly comfortable working in space and changing direction.

Taco Charlton (DE, Michigan)
He didn’t have the greatest workout, looking quite stiff during drills. When asked to drop into coverage he was the complete opposite of ‘twitchy’. And yet he still had a decidedly explosive overall workout (3.23 TEF) with the size teams love (6-6, 277lbs).

Derek Barnett (DE, Tennessee)
Teams are looking for reasons to draft a prospect with Barnett’s intensity and college production. He had an explosive workout (3.15 TEF) and his three cone (6.96) was 0.01 seconds slower than Solomon Thomas’. He gutted it out despite suffering with illness.

T.J. Watt (LB, Wisconsin)
Watt flashed an explosive physical profile with a 37 inch vertical and a 10-8 broad jump. He had the second best three cone on Sunday (6.79) and the best short shuttle (4.13). His three cone is the eighth best by a DL or LB in the last five years and his short shuttle is the 11th best (and only 0.08 slower than Frank Clark’s).

Alvin Kamara (RB, Tennessee)
A 4.56 forty is good enough at 5-10 and 214lbs. Kamara jumped out of the building with a 39.5 inch vertical and a 10-11 broad. Long speed is overrated for running backs. Explosive traits are crucial. Kamara is the definition of explosive.

Bucky Hodges (TE, Virginia Tech)
Hodges had a ‘wow’ performance. At 6-6 and 257lbs he ran a 4.57, jumped 39 inches in the vertical and 11-2 in the broad. His size, forty time and vertical compare favourably to Jimmy Graham and his broad jump is significantly better.

Evan Engram (TE, Ole Miss)
Engram is the type of player the league is desperate for. He’s smaller (6-3, 234lbs) than the likes of Hodges and Njoku but he’s just as explosive (36 inch vert, 10-5 broad) with better quickness (fourth best three cone in last five years, sixth best short shuttle). He can be a WR/TE hybrid — a mismatch in a league dominated by mismatches.

Tyus Bowser (LB, Houston)
At 6-3 and 247lbs Bowser ran a 1.59 split (anything in the 1.5’s is elite), jumped 37.5 inches in the vertical and 10-7 in the broad. He had the best three cone on Sunday (6.75) — the fifth best by a D-liner or linebacker in the last five years. He could be a SAM, a 3-4 OLB or a LEO.

Question marks

Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
Allen was the definition of average in every sense at the combine. His times were only decent in the forty (5.00) and three cone (4.50), he’s not particularly explosive (2.75 TEF) and he’s small (6-2, 285lbs). In comparison, Eddie Vanderdoes is more explosive (3.04 TEF), quicker (4.99 forty, 4.39 three cone) and bigger (6-3, 305lbs). There are also lingering injury concerns.

Dalvin Cook (RB, Florida State)
A dynamic runner on tape, Cook had a torrid combine. His three cone (4.53) is a lot slower than Eddie Vanderdoes’ 4.39. He only managed a 30.5 inch vertical and his forty time was only 0.02 seconds faster than Leonard Fournette despite carrying 30lbs less. There are also legitimate character concerns teams will be investigating.

Cam Robinson (T, Alabama)
His combine performance was mediocre (2.67 TEF) and he didn’t even get much of a boost in weighted TEF for being 322lbs (85.9). There are better athletes at his size available (Taylor Moton) and he looks like a borderline first rounder only because of the desperate need for O-liners in the NFL.

Deshone Kizer (QB, Notre Dame)
Unlike the other three ‘big name’ quarterbacks in the draft, Kizer didn’t get a positive review for his performance throwing the ball. He was erratic in college (one really poor game against Duke stands out) and that was the case in Indianapolis too.

Mike Williams (WR, Clemson)
Williams didn’t run the forty yard dash, suggesting he wasn’t ready after a long season at Clemson. On the same day, Deshaun Watson competed in everything. That’s not a good look. It feels like he knew he wasn’t going to run fast and bailed. John Ross and Corey Davis appreciate the help.

Malik McDowell (DT, Michigan State)
There are serious concerns about McDowell’s effort and attitude but he put on a show at the combine. He’s 295lbs with great height (6-6) and length (35 inch arms) and ran a 4.85 with a 1.69 split. His three cone (4.53) was the same as Dalvin Cook’s. So why didn’t he dominate every week last year?

Possible Seahawks targets

Offensive line
Assuming both Garett Bolles and Forrest Lamp are off the board by #26, the Seahawks could look at adding Nico Siragusa, Isaac Asiata or Taylor Moton beyond the first round. All three tested well in terms of size/explosive traits and would add further competition to the O-line.

Running backs
The Seahawks have a type (explosive tester, around 5-11 and 220lbs) and the ones best matching it are Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones, Brian Hill and Chris Carson. Kamara might be a top-45 pick and out of contention but Jones, Hill and Carson could provide day three value and extra competition.

Tight end
With such a dynamic group and Luke Willson out of contract, there’s an opening to draft a TE again this year. With Howard and Njoku possible top-25 picks and Engram and Hodges probable top-45 picks, Iowa’s George Kittle could be a target. He ran a 4.52 at 6-4 and 247lbs while jumping a 35 inch vertical and an 11-0 broad. He’s known for his abilities as a blocker too.

Wide receiver
John Ross aside, the mid or later round options seem more attractive than possible first round picks like Corey Davis or Mike Williams. ECU’s Zay Jones could end up going in round two after a brilliant combine and Senior Bowl. Penn State’s Chris Godwin, Georgia State’s Robert Davis, Michigan’s Jehu Chesson and LSU’s Malachi Dupre have the kind of profile Seattle has liked in the past.

Defensive line
Day three looks like a possible target area considering there are at least 30 explosive D-liners in this class. You can afford to wait and get a nice project. Carlos Watkins, Eddie Vanderdoes and Deatrich Wise are possible options at DT (DE/DT in Wise’s case). Jordan Willis could be seen as a possible SAM/LEO given his sensational workout but how early are you willing to consider him (if at all)? Are there better options at other positions in the range where you’d have to take him?

The Haason Reddick dream is likely over. He’s too good. Jarrad Davis didn’t perform due to injury and won’t workout until the Florida pro-day on March 28th. Zach Cunningham didn’t have a great combine but might be a value pick if he lasts deep into round two as a consequence. How do you view Tyus Bowser and T.J. Watt? Are they capable of playing SAM as well as EDGE/LEO? Is Raekwon McMillan a possibility after his surprisingly good combine? Alex Anzalone is another name to monitor — he excelled in the three cone (6.88) and short shuttle (4.25). Pete Carroll said he wanted to draft for this position but there weren’t a ton of options here. Keep an eye on the pro-day circuit for alternatives.

The early realistic options appear to be Kevin King and Gareon Conley. They might consider Ahkello Witherspoon in the first couple of rounds. Much will depend on the range of a player like Quincy Wilson too (is there a chance he lasts deep into round two?). Shaq Griffin could be a third round possibility. How far does Rasul Douglas fall after running a 4.60? There were 15 cornerbacks with +32 inch arms at the combine — and plenty of opportunities for Seattle.

There are so many options here. Justin Evans didn’t workout due to a quad injury but could come into contention after his pro-day. Obi Melifonwu is obviously another option in the first round. It’s worth keeping Budda Baker on the radar too because even despite his lack of size, he plays with a ‘Seahawks’ intensity. Options later could include Rayshawn Jenkins, Josh Jones, Shalom Luani and Montae Nicholson. This is a DB draft and with five picks in the first three rounds — the Seahawks would be wise to load up to secure the long term future of the LOB.


  1. Sean-O

    Let’s play the fun game of if Reddick, Boles, King & Obi are all gone, what do the Hawks do? Trade down?

    • Rob Staton

      Cry? 🙂

      In all seriousness, in the event that happens others will last until #26. And there’s always Bowser, Davis, Conley, Evans, Budda and about 5-6 others we could list as possibilities.

      • DLep

        Lol, I might shed a tear but in that scenario Id seriously consider Watt. Know it is isn’t particular need but with first round picks I want players with special traits and Watt has elite athleticism to go along with massive hands and 33 in plus arms. Even if he’s not a coverage LB, he would be a fantastic LEO. Clark and Watt together for the next few years would be awesome.

      • Joshua Smith

        What’s not to like about Jordan Willis or Cordrea Tankersley? Both were very good college players and both tested well. Jordan Willis might not fill a need per se according to Pete Carroll, but upgrading the pass rush would be nice. He defends the run too and overall seems like he is gonna be a monster. Teez Tabor would be a good pick too I think.

        • Volume12

          Watt screams GB Packer at me.

        • Rob Staton

          With great defensive players entering the league every year, I don’t feel any pressure to add an EDGE this year early with Bennett, Avril and Clark on the roster. Not with the talent at DB in this draft.

          Tankersley had a nice day but he’s hit and miss on tape. Prefer the other DB’s listed above.

          • Jujus

            If J willis is available at 3.26 do you take him?

            • Rob Staton

              Round three? Definitely.

              I think he’s probably R2 or early R3.

              • Jujus

                I get that we have Clark, Mike b, and avril, but It really seems that we are relying on them so much where back in 2013 it was just a rotation of solid guys and we had Mike + Cliff aligning together in unique ways. Now it seems Mike has to be inside other wise we get nothing interior, pressure wise. Just 1 more stud on the edge to keep them fresh would be a breath of air into the defensive line which seems to be playing too many snaps.

                The more I think about it, Db/S for the 1st 2 picks then some kind of a trade up to get Willis early 3rd round would be so clutch.

                • Rob Staton

                  In 2013 the rotation was Bennett, Avril, Clemons and a bit of O’Brien Schofield — with Bruce from the SAM.

                  Now it’s Bennett, Avril, Clark and a bit of Cassius Marsh.

                  They will probably get a SAM/Bruce type to fill the other hole. Maybe Bowser round two.

                  • Jujus

                    Do you remember the 49ers games? I specifically remember Clem @ leo and then Mike B and Cliff Wide on the Right. Who was playing the middle on these snaps? Was this Clinton? I just recall there being no answer for Cliff + Mike side by side.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Possible Mebane. Maybe McDonald if it was third down.

                      There’s no reason why they can’t do that now with Clarke, Bennett and Avril.

      • KD

        By Zach Whitman’s SPARQ formula, Bowser is the top SPARQ LB at 142.7.

        Numbers are still coming in, but here are some highlights:
        Tyus bowser: 142.7
        TJ Watt:140.4
        Haasan Reddick: 139.3
        Daeshon Hall: 129.3

        Alvin Kamara: 131.4

        (1) Garrett Bolles: 112.5
        (2) Forrest Lamp: 110.2
        (3) Nico Saragusa: 109.3
        (5) Taylor Moton: 105.7
        (17) Isaac Asiata: 94.1

        • Rob Staton

          He’s listed Bowser as an EDGE so not sure how it impacts the grading if his numbers are put into the database for LB’s.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Lamp or Takk McKinley for me

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Why spend a R1 on Lamp when you could get Moton in R2 or Siragusa in R3? From a TEF perspective, they’re almost indistinguishable from each other. Moton also has the length and experience to play outside as well as in.

              If none of Bolles, Reddick, Obi or King are available at 26, and I doubt that will happen with Obi and King, some other top prospect is going to fall. Maybe OJ Howard or David Njoku.

              I still think the plan is BPA at position of need (and I do consider TE a position of need, even if not as pressing as OL, LB or DB).

              • Forty20

                I think the difference between Lamp in Round 1 and Moton in 2 or Siragusa in 3 is that you are rolling the dice on the latter two. Lamp is almost guaranteed to be a plug and play starter at guard and likely our second best linesman behind Britt – assuming he maintains his level of play from the season past.

                I’m not advocating running to the podium if Lamp is there among some of our other prospective fits like Melifonwu or King but I think that would be the consideration in that scenario.

  2. Nick

    Rob, thank you so much for all your hard work. You make me a better Seahawks fan.

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate the kind words Nick.

      And I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who comments here. I don’t know another community like this, that remains so civil even in disagreement and just loves talking ‘Hawks and draft. It’s so un-internet like.

      You guys make this place great.

      • Kenny Sloth

        This was awesome combine coverage, Rob, thanks for all your work!

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man!

    • Trevor

      Agree completely! Rob you made an awesome combine even that much better with your coverage and analysis.

      Seeing how incredibly well the guys you have been touting for months (Bolles, Reddick, King, Melinowfu, Engram) is a testament to the advanced scouting and work you do.

      Huge Props!

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man really appreciate it!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Can’t say it enough, thanks Rob.

      • BradCanuck

        Keep kicking arse Rob and SDB commenters. Love the Seahawks coverage and the community!

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Brad

  3. AlaskaHawk

    I would think that Peppers is still in the running as combo safety/cornerback. Especially if he lasts through the second round.

    • Rob Staton

      He won’t last that far. I’d say there’s very little chance he even lasts until #26 let alone R2.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Your going to have a hard time cramming all the players you like into the picks before #26. I’m sure one of them will be there for the Seahawks.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Next mock. Just guys we would love to get.

          Basically a need/talent big board hahah

        • Rob Staton

          Peppers’ fall was a media creation though. Latest he will go is Miami to #22 IMO.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Peppers probably will go in R1, but probably not to SEA, even if he is available at 26. Length still matters for SEA DBs and Peppers just doesn’t have any.

        Peppers is a strong, though not exceptional, athlete. His Combine numbers stand out because he worked out with the LB group. Compare him to the DBs (where he should have been grouped) and his numbers are less noteworthy.

        SEA are willing to fudge on the 32″ arm length cutoff for safeties, or rather, for special ones. After all, ET3’s arms are ¾” short of the ideal. Budda Baker’s arms are as short as Peppers’, but he’s a proven playmaker. I could see SEA making an exception for him, but not Peppers.

  4. astraeus

    I remember NFL Network cutting to that video of Pete and John right after Moreau’s 4.35 40 (who ran after Melifonwu) so I think it could have been a reaction to either of them.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought it was just before Moreau, can’t really remember. But they panned the camera to the Seahawks booth immediately after Obi. And Moreau has sub-32 inch arms…

      • astraeus

        • Rob Staton

          I think you can see Pete mouth ‘4.40’.

          It’s possible they’re reacting to the overall speed of the class.

          • EP

            Yeah if my lip reading skills are on point it definitely looks like Pete uttered 4.4 40. Nice smile on his face as well. He was obviously impressed.

          • ImUrHuckleBerri

            he definitely says 4.4

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        PC looks like a kid who knows that he’s getting the #1 wish on his Christmas list, and he’s trying to conceal his glee, because he and JS look directly at the camera and realize they’re being filmed.

  5. J2MED

    I think Obi goes before King, but if neither last til 26, do you trade down?

    • McKitrick

      Based on the other talent ranked ahead of them that would fall to them in that case, I doubt it. If it’s Ram, I think they bite. Otherwise I am sure they have other 1st round grades on LB/DB’s they like at 26. that are special players.

      3rd round trade down still makes the most sense to me.

  6. Rawls1234

    What do you guys think of Fabian Moreau? I know he doesn’t meet the arm length requirements but he looks like a freaky athlete and ran a 4.35.

    • Rob Staton

      He has potential but the Seahawks have been very consistent on not drafting players with sub-32 inch arms.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Didn’t Moreau say he considers himself a safety to Deon?

        That could make a difference. His arms are slightly longer than ET3’s, and he’s pretty explosive judging by his jump numbers (which are better than ET3’s).

  7. Nathan_12thMan

    This draft class is amazing for our needs pretty much everywhere but OL. We really need to re-stock on Def so us grabbing at least two DB’s, a linebacker and a defensive linemen from this talented class is awesome. Then we need a TE which again looks like an all time great class to pick from, and lastly we could use a RB which this class seems to be nice at. The only bummer is that to grab Reddick or King we will likely have to pick at 26. I hate that (sorta) cause I love trading down.

    Finding a way to grab a S, two CB’s, a TE, a LB, maybe an OL (i’m fine not picking a single one), maybe a WR (i’m happy to buy a FA WR like Aiken & not pick a WR) then grabbing a kicker and a fullback in UDFA or at the end of the draft is smart.

    • Nathan_12thMan

      Oh and plus a RB. Either grab a depth guy in R4 or R5 or go for it and grab Mixon in R3.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Somebody may draft Mixon but it won’t be Seattle.

    • Del tre

      In my dreams we get Obi in round 1, King in round 2, and Akhello in round 3, father time is undefeated and the way Kam plays i suspect we’d see Obi in a few years at SS

      • Hawks22Fun

        Del tre… that would be a TOTAL score!! I like these 3 the most…

        • Magmatizer

          Build LOB 2.0 all in one draft. I love it. Who’s going to be able to match up with that size and speed across the board?

    • Josh emmett

      I’m liking Avainte Collins the more and more I see of him. Draft breakdown has 3 games of his. He looks real good in space and a pretty good pass blocker. He ran the fastest 40 and lifted 34 reps plus has the 33+ arms and is an athlete. Didn’t do the rest of the drills at the combine but he looks badass and has a bit of attitude. Can’t wait til his pro day to see the rest of his TEF measurements. Could be a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Nobody is talking about him for some reason

  8. Victor88 Sweden

    Great read as usual Rob,
    Whey it comes to the OL, in which rounds do you expect Nico Siragusa, Isaac Asiata and
    Taylor Moton to be off the board, 2,3 or 4th round?

    • Rob Staton

      I think all three are R2-3 types.

      • Jujus

        Are we opptimistic about the TEF Aviante Collins might post at this proday to make him a later round option?

        • Rob Staton

          Certainly optimistic.

          • Jujus

            Hoping he shows up being the under the radar TEF guy we can snag in the 6th.

        • Trevor

          With 30 in the Bench and that 40 time hard to imagine him not putting up some decent jump #s. Likely would have been the TEF leader.

          • Josh emmett

            Draft breakdown put up 3 games of his. He looks good out there not elite but shades JR Sweezy out there on the second level. I like Collins

  9. AlaskaHawk

    I’ll throw this question out to the pack. Your the Cleveland Browns Manager. Do you still go for Myles Garrett and hope Watson is available at QB for pick #12?

    If you are the San Francisco 49ers and Watson falls in your lap – could you really pass him up.

    My thoughts: It’s exciting to have a good edge rusher, but more important to have a good quarterback. If Cleveland wasn’t the graveyard of rooky QBs I would definitely take Watson as the #1. They can still get a good defensive guy at #12.

    Anyhow – any team that needs a QB and passes on Watson is making a big mistake.

    • Rob Staton

      Garrett physically is a generational talent. That has been proven now. Maybe once in a 10-15 years type of player.

      If I’m Cleveland I take him and see what I can do with #12. Either trade back into the top-10 for a QB or consider veteran options via trade.

      • Kenny Sloth

        His tape is great too.

        He had a fun rivalry with Germain Ifedi in college

        Garrett really seems like the nicest of guys.

        • nichansen01

          Not much more you could ask for in the number 1 pick.

      • RealRhino2

        Agree with Rob. I guess you have to trust your evaluation on the QBs, but “you need a QB” doesn’t necessarily mean “you have to draft a QB early.”

    • Sean-O

      “Do you still go for Myles Garrett and hope Watson is available at QB for pick #12?”

      Yes, that’s what I do. CLE is in the position to take the best player available. Lots of debate who the top QB of the ’17 class is. Not much argument as to who should be the #1 overall pick.

      Personally, I go Garrett at #1, another impact player (not a QB) at #12, pick up a veteran bridge QB then hopefully get one of the ’18 stud QB’s that should come out like Darnold, Rosen, etc..

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah bring in Romo or something

        • Smitty1547

          they got to take Garrett to much of a freak plus if they don’t he goes to 49ers and he kills Wilson.

    • teejmo

      The Browns might not even go with Watson if he was available at #12. There’s been reports lately that they’re primed to go after Tyrod Taylor once the Bills say “Adios.” Now, I wouldn’t say Tyrod’s exactly a quarterback that could lead his team to a Super Bowl, but he could certainly hold off a first round quarterback, and there’s such a lack of talent in Cleveland that they need to get somebody at #12 who can help the team now.

      • AlaskaHawk

        You know the Browns have already put a lot of effort into their defensive line. Last year it was picks #32 DE Emmanuel Ogbah. and #65 DE Carl Nassib, in 2015 it was first round NT Danny Shelton. And yet they remain at the bottom of the pecking order. Maybe they should take Garrett and a defensive secondary as some blogs have advocated, but I’m pretty sure they will still be in the bottom 5 next year. A bit like the rams in that respect, lots of good defensive picks and always at the bottom.

        • teejmo

          Hey, if that’s the case, then they can nab their QB next year. For what it’s worth, I’d keep an eye on Josh Allen out of Wyoming. That kid’s got a cannon for an arm and, considering he led his team to the MWC Championship game this past year after the school had gone four straight years without a bowl appearance, I’m guessing he’s got some leadership skills, too.

    • Ishmael

      Yep. You go for Garrett, and then trade back up for Watson if you’re freaking out that he’ll get snagged. Or you hold out and hope he makes it, and if he doesn’t you still take one of Mahomes or Trubisky. No worries.

      I’m really high on Watson, I think he’s fantastic. But I think we’ve seen that even the most talented QBs need a proper supporting cast around them. I think Watson would be an amazing fit for the Browns, and I truly hope they find some way to get him.

  10. Ed

    I think Rob’s way early list is now gone before 20:


    Next list for me would be:

    1st King (CB)
    2nd Bowser (LB)
    3rd Luani (S)

  11. millhouse-serbia

    If JS can’t reach an agreement on a long term deal with Kam maybe one of options is to trade with browns for pick no12 and grab a Reddick. And than with 26th take Obi.

    • nichansen01

      Browns would ask for more than Kam for the 12th pick.

    • Rob Staton

      As much as I like Kam, you’re not going to be able to turn him into the #12 pick.

      And for me, the #1 priority in FA should be to get him extended.

      • Trevor

        I agree Rob I just want them to get Kam locked up right away so he retires a Hawk. Really don’t want this dragging on at all. Who better for these young guys to learn from than Kam.

      • Misfit74


    • Rawls1234

      I doubt we could even get a 3rd round pick for Kam

      • DC

        Maybe a 3rd round comp pick.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I could see an extension after the draft. They generally don’t do extensions during free agency and the draft.

  12. nichansen01

    First off,

    Hats off to Rob for all the hard work he does providing great seahawks content at no cost to us. I have been reading this blog for three years now and it has always beens the best place on the internet to talk seahawks.

    Second off,

    Jonathan Allen has good sack numbers on a great defense, but underwhelming size and athleticism. How much of his success is because of his talent, and how much is because he was surrounded by stars and had a lock down secondary buying him time to get to the quarterback, while playing on a d-line that has a ton of other guys you have to worry about game planning for? (Foster, Williams, Hand, Anderson, Tomlinson, Payne… you get the picture). Also the arthritis concerns worry me. Does he fall, or is he still a top ten pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 🙂

      I think Allen could fall for sure. Not explosive, not great size, injury concerns. Good tape but teams have to think about the big picture too.

      • Volume12

        First off,

        ‘Hats off to Rob for all the hard work he does providing great seahawks content at no cost to us. I have been reading this blog for three years now and it has always beens the best place on the internet to talk seahawks.’

        This a million times!

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man, and thanks for your continued contributions in the comments section. Always valued.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’m still dying to see a guest piece from you Vol.

          Maybe once we get closer you can do a review of visits and games scouted and players that might be targets.

          Plus you’re great at finding guys with intangibles!

  13. nichansen01

    The browns could have a defense next year. Myles garrett, Jamie Collins… well I guess that’s it…

    • Kenny Sloth

      Joe Haden!! Criminally underrated

    • Rik

      Shelton, Kirksey, Ogbah, Nassib. They’ve got some pieces to work with. Haden has had injury issues for several years, unfortunately. I’m really looking forward to seeing what DePodesta and the rest of the analytics crew on the Browns come up with for this draft.

  14. Ukhawk

    I think Obi & King will likely be there at 26 given the depth at the position.

    In the same vein, too bad Reddick is probably gone at 26 as there is likely tons of value at DB on Day 2.

    Hopefully Bowser or Willis are there in the 2nd. Likely gone before 52, I prefer Evan’s skill set and ferocity at S to anyone else and think he’ll test really well when fit.

  15. nichansen01

    Thoughts on brining in TJ Land in free agency?

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s fine.


    • nichansen01


      • Greg Haugsven

        Then what to do with Glow or Ifedi? Seems like the offer is easy line would have more options if Ifedi would just slide to RT

        • Greg Haugsven

          Offensive line

  16. Ukhawk

    Rob, you appear prescient in terms of Bolles, Reddick, Obi, King… your best combine performance yet!!

  17. Aaron

    Absolutely fantastic work Rob! So many great options at 26 and in the first three rounds to add difference makers to this defense. Plus some potential steals in the later rounds and UDFA. This is the draft we’ve been waiting for to, as you said, “secure the long term future of the LOB.” Let the game film binge watching begin!

  18. Trevor

    Rob I have always thought Sid Jones was the superior CB as he just looked so smooth in games but King both tested better and looked smoother in the drills today.

    If both were on the board at 26 who would you take and who would the Hawks take?

    • John_s

      Sidney Jones had sub 32 arms from what I remember.

      • Trevor

        Forgot about that.

    • Del tre

      For me, king all day, he’s a more athletic version of sherman physically. With Shermans mentorship i could see him getting a probowl year 1

    • Ishmael

      Classic case of the combine not being the be all and end all IMO. Jones is clearly the superior CB on tape, and will likely be the second taken in the draft.

      • Josh emmett

        The word is jones is the better player and king is the better athlete.

        • Robert

          Is it possible that 3 Husky DB’s are drafted in Round 1?

          • Josh emmett


  19. teejmo

    I feel people are slightly overreacting with Obi’s huge combine. Just look at his former teammate: Byron Jones had just as impressive a combine as Obi did, but did that shoot him into the top half of the draft? No, he still went at #27 to the Cowboys in a draft that was not nearly as deep as this years. Sure, Obi might be four inches taller and twenty pounds heavier, but this year’s draft is absolutely loaded – and that doesn’t include the fact that perhaps the league’s biggest need, offensive linemen, has such a shallow player pool with few big fish. I highly doubt Obi wouldn’t be available come the Seahawks’ pick.

    • Volume12

      I think your right.

      The one team that worries me? Washington.

      • teejmo

        I’m honestly not that worried about them. For a team that barely missed the playoffs last year, they have a ton of needs. Their defensive line are a bunch of thirty-year-old cast-offs, they don’t have much talent at middle linebacker (which is a pretty important piece in a 3-4), their cornerbacks are meh. And let’s not forget the elephant in the room with the whole Cousins debacle.

      • Derron James

        Exactly. Im worried about them

    • vrtkolman

      The height and weight difference is pretty substantial though. He can play in the box whereas Byron Jones is too light.

      • Trevor

        You nailed it! Jones has played like a legit 1st rounder as well.

        • RealRhino2

          The size difference works against him, too, though, IMO. You could look at Jones and think he could play at corner, and if not, he’s still a good deep safety option.

          I don’t think Melifonwu is a deep safety. I just don’t see the instincts. So if he doesn’t work as some kind of huge corner for a team like Seattle, he’s a SS/LB. I think a CB/S like Jones would be considered generally more valuable than a SS/LB.

      • teejmo

        I get that. Size does play a huge factor – but think of the names that are most likely going to go before the Seahawks make their pick this year, and that list is long, and few of them hurt themselves enough this weekend to drop much. Cornerbacks and defensive linemen really stood out, offensive linemen are going to early to ensure a team fills that need… And there aren’t really any teams just in front of Seattle who are in need of a uber-athletic raw safety.

  20. Volume12

    Great piece Rob. And great coverage of the combine overall.

    ‘Sunshine in a glass.’ What a line man. I was laughing at this for a good minute or two. Love it.

    Gotta agree on 2 things:

    1- Obi or King in round 1
    2- 💯% agree about the very real possibility of a LB coming from the pro days. There’s always at least 1 Seahawk draft pick that does. Let’s see what Jackson St’s JaVancy Jones because game wise? He’s similar to Reddick, both rush the passer with a hand in the dirt, close to the same size, and my god that backstory? Wow.

    OK St Vincent Taylor had a really good combine too.

    • Volume12

      Although doubtful Jones will come close to Reddick in terms of an athletic profile, but then again who will?

    • Trevor

      I am a huge Vince Taylor fan too!

      Any more info you can share on Javancy Jones and his back story? First I have heard of him. You just keep coming up with these guys love it.

      • Volume12

        Seahawks interviewed him at the Shrine game. That was the 1st I ever heard of him.

        Grew up extremely poor, country boy, his mom has a very rare Spine condition that causes her to be paralyzed from the waist down and is blind too. Jones chose Jackson St to stay close to her. She lives in a nursing home, listens to all his games on the radio, and he visits her almost every day.

        Its a very similar relationship Bam Bam has to his mom.

        • Trevor

          Thanks for sharing that is the type of kid you want to see make it!

        • Volume12

          Was the neck down, but she started moving her fingers recently.

          He’s mean on the field man. Off it? Spends time in the community helping troubled teams. Big time vocal presente, leader, motor is always revved all the way.

    • nichansen01

      I would love having Jones on this team, at least for camp and preseason. We need to bring in several UDFA linebackers to push the likes of KPL.

    • LeoSharp

      Vincent Taylor is a pretty similar athlete to Jarran Reed (Taylor is slightly longer) but with a lot more sacks and TFLs. Hopefully Reed will grow in that area next year. his physical tools are sufficient to be a distruptor in the passing game.

      • LeoSharp

        Also If you guys are ever looking for new prospects Walterfootball is a great place to start. Especially for DB’s literally just scroll through the height and weights. I’ve slyly been looking for a 6’3 200+ safety and Obi was on there really early on before there was even tape on him.

  21. McGruff

    I had to leave for the second group of DB’s . . . any observations from drills on Jabrill Peppers?

    • Rob Staton

      Peppers was having a ball out there. Teams will love his personality and his athleticism.

  22. Matt

    Great work Rob. This is an exciting class. I’m not the first to say it, but I think this is the right year to simply punt on the OL class, sans maybe a later pick who has the right athletic profile. I really think taking an OL in the first 3 rounds (not named Bolles or Lamp) is simply taking an inferior player compared to other positions that are loaded. I just don’t think we can justify a lesser prospect in these rounds for the sake of “we need to address the OL.”

    Here are some bold predictions I want to make (these are out there bc it’d be boring not to):

    1. Kevin King and Sidney Jones are off the board by the time Seattle picks. Not a surprise with Jones but I think King (today) vaulted himself into the top 5 CBs. Also, you make a great point regarding his versatility (on tape). He has proven to be able to play anywhere in the secondary and also just proved he’s a generational athlete (considering his size). This may sound crazy, but my gut feeling is that both of these guys are drafted before the 2 tOSU guys (Lattimore and Conley). Buzz seems to be that Lattimore suffers a ton of soft tissue injuries, and considering the comparable talent, I just don’t see a team wanting to bet on a guy’s health. Bold call, I know.

    2. Budda Baker ends up in R2. I love him. Great players and personality and leader. But this DB class is loaded and while he had a fine combine, he’s still 5’9″ and 195 lbs. Somebody will get a great player, but I think that’s a team picking high in R2.

    3. At 26, IF we wanted a RB – we will have our choice of Fournette, McCaffrey, and Cook. We won’t pick any of these 3. Yes, I said Fournette. I love him, but I do think teams will be a little concerned by the testing. His 40 was very good, but I think teams will have concerns about the other numbers. Does it mean I think he won’t be great in the NFL? Absolutely not. I just think with all the defensive talent and the meh combine, teams will be willing to punt on him. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND – I’M ADMITTEDLY MAKING BOLD, OUT OF THE BOX PREDICTIONS.

    4. WR John Ross is the only 1st round WR. Njoku, Howard, and Engram all go R1 taking the place of Mike Williams and Corey Davis.

    5. The Seahawks will…trade down from 26 and draft SLB TJ Watt. The subsequent pick will be CB Akhello Witherspoon (King consolation). The Seahawks fill out R3 with the likes of TE Kittle, S Luani, and CB Awuzie.

    My rationale – Watt ticks a lot of boxes and is still an ascending talent with a marvelous athletic profile. I think he can be a high end SAM whilst providing pass rush. Witherspoon is an excellent outside CB prospect with the requisite length. Awuzie is a break from tradition (by arm length standards) but looks like he could be a dynamite slot CB and again, would allow Lane to be let go the following season. Luani is insurance on the backend when Kam inevitably misses games. TE Kittle is their high upside gamble who could be a more productive Luke Willson (who was a bit more of a paper tiger).

    Again, just out of the box predictions. I’m guessing none of them will be right, but it sounded like fun, ha. Thanks Rob! Keep up the great work.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I get these are bold predictions and a potential hot take, but I got a call you out on Fournette available at 26? AND AND AND SEATTLE PASSES ON HIM. That just seems a little beyond bold to me. COME ON MAN 🙂

      • Overtime

        I gotta agree with HawkTalker. Fournette is not dropping. He may go top 5. I predict there is an early run on offensive guys like Williams, Davis, Cook, OJ Howard and the three linemen. There is so much talent on the defensive side of the ball teams will wait on that. The teams in the top half of R1 need QB’s, QB protection and weapons to throw to.

        • Matt

          I don’t expect to be right about Fournette. Not even close, that said – gentlemen’s bet that Fournette doesn’t go top 5.

        • Rob Staton

          #8 Carolina

          That’s probably Fournette’s floor.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I really don’t want Fournette being a Panther. That dude needs to be in the AFC where we don’t need to see him that often.

    • DLep

      Watt and Spoon would be a great 1-2.

    • Jesse James

      The only thing I can see happening out of the predictions you made is Sidney Jones going in the 1st above Lattimore and Conley, and Budda getting picked in the second. McCaffery in my mind won’t go in the 1st so I’ll leave that alone but if fournette dropped to us I don’t think we could pass that up, even with our defensive needs.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Budda dropped into the third round or lower. I like the guy so I’m not picking on him, I just think his size will cause him to drop.

        Those were some pretty bold predictions about Mike Williams and Corey Davis going in the second. If they drop that far it will be high second round. That will make it a little more difficult for Seattle to pick a defensive guy that they need. I certainly wouldn’t mind Williams or Davis as a target for Wilson, but it just doesn’t seem likely this year.

        • Rob Staton

          Budda — 5-10, 195 32.5, 9-7, 4.45

          Earl — 5-10, 208 32, 9-5, 4.49

  23. Misfit74

    Great article.

    I think Carlos Henderson is a guy who makes sense for us also. Best YAC WR in DRAFT and 119.5 pSPARQ (though ‘just’ 63rd NFL percentile). Good speed and broad jump, though not great 3-cone, Vert. Great tape and production.

    Measurable Measurement %tile
    Height 5′ 11″ 22
    Weight 199 lbs 46
    Arm Length 31⅜” 32
    Hand Size 9⅛” 33
    40 Yard Dash 4.46s 71
    Vertical Jump 36″ 57
    Broad Jump 131″ 94
    3-Cone Drill 7.18s 11
    20 Yard Shuttle 4.35s 15
    60 Yard Shuttle 11.79s 15
    Bench Press 13 reps 37

  24. Turp

    Rob, is there any way we could end up with a draft of:
    R1 – King
    R2 – Witherspoon
    R3 – Luani

    I guess mainly my question – do you think the Hawks would go back to back CB picks, and will Spoon last until our 2nd pick?

    Fantastic combine for you Rob, enjoyed reading every word!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man.

      I think there’s a chance, sure. Why not? Get two long, really good CB’s. Set the team up long term at that position. I think it’s more likely they consider other options rather than go CB-CB but I wouldn’t rule it out either.

    • DLep

      Witherspoon and Bowser are probably the two guys who might fall in that second round range who I would want the most. If King was taken in the first Id lean Bowser but wouldnt be mad at King and Witherspoon either – that would be a devastating combo.

    • vrtkolman

      It’s not every year corners of this size and athleticism come out, and two happen to be in this class. I could see it happen.

  25. MattyIce425

    Great Combine coverage as per usual Rob. Long time lurker, rare poster on the blog, but you are the best in the business when it comes to Seahawks coverage. Appreciate all the work you do.

    Now a question. Do you think Tre’Davious White tested himself out of contention for Seattle? Love love love his tape, but aside from a good 4.47 40 time, he was rather pedestrian in the other tests. A 6.90 three cone, a 32 inch vert, and a 9-11 broad jump. Could you see Seattle pulling the trigger at all? Obviously not in the 1st round, but if he somehow fell into round 2?

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — really appreciate those words.

      I think it’ll probably take an unbelievable rush on other prospects for White to come into contention for the reasons you mentioned (I think he’ll go in the top-45 for sure). It’s not impossible because his speed is good enough and he has the 32 inch arms. But Seattle likes a broad jump in the 10-5 type of range and a vertical in the 35 inch range. So he’s below those numbers and his three-cone isn’t great for a guy who might play a lot of slot early.

      I like him — but probably destined for a different team.

  26. RealRhino2

    Anybody who isn’t as lazy as I feel right now watched much Malachi Dupre tape? Thoughts? I only watched last year’s tape from checking out his teeammate, Dural, and some live action this year.

    I know he didn’t look big or physical when I watched him, but my primary impressions were (a) boy, he gets open a lot, and (b) I wonder how much more effort he’d give (and thus open he’d be) if he actually believed the QB might get him the ball.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not much more to say really.

      He runs really good routes when he wants to and has great hands

    • Rob Staton

      Hard to get much out of the LSU tape because of their terrible QB play.

  27. Poko

    We need Obi who will become the reader of Sea defense in the future.

  28. EP

    Very impressive work Rob. Great to see your predictions come to fruition. Realised you are a fellow Brit just like myself. Was wondering who your football team is in Britain? And what your thoughts on Celtic staying unbeaten are. Think Obi could convert to be a target man in the premier league? He’s got the frame for it. That aside this is my first year following college football and the draft, intensely, blog has been a massive help in understanding the intricacies of the draft process and the typical methods of the seahawks. Let’s just hope we get one of our guys, will be all the better no matter who it is.

    • Rob Staton

      Hey, nice to speak to a fellow Brit.

      I work for the BBC as a football commentator/radio host so don’t have a team to be honest. Used to follow one of the teams in South Yorkshire as a kid but chose career over fandom and channelled that side of my life into the Seahawks when I moved to Vancouver 11 years ago. I think there’s a very good chance Celtic go unbeaten 🙂

      I think Obi would make a good centre half 🙂

      • EP

        Great stuff. Celtic will go unbeaten and they’ll beat Rangers at the weekend, just saying

        • Kenny Sloth

          I don’t have high hopes for a Rangers victory, but I’m rooting for Emerson Hyndman

          I like Hearts as well because of Perry Kitchen and Bjørn Johnsen

          • DavidinBellingham

            Hey! No talking football on the, uh, football… never mind.

      • Cameron

        Wait, you live in Vancouver? All this time I thought you were responding to comments at 3 AM London time.

        • Rob Staton

          I lived in Vancouver, now back in the UK and have been for years.

          • Darryn Trainor

            Wow!! Long time reader, first time poster. I live in the UK now, in Scotland, but grew up in Washington state and attended university in Vancouver, life long seahawk fan. Just want to say thanks for all your work, and I read every article and most comments too.

            • Rob Staton

              Thank you!

          • Bjammin

            Vancouver, wa or Vancouver, BC?

            • Rob Staton

              I used to live in Vancouver BC. Been back in the UK 10 years now.

  29. Poko

    I forgot to write it… Thank you for always for the great article!

    • Rob Staton


  30. Trevor

    Based on this DB class I think we can safely say that despite the Shead injury there will be no veteran CB signings by JS this off season above the vet min.

    • HawkTalker #1

      However, if a vet could start and a rookie couldn’t . . .

      • Jujus

        We signed Parrish Cox.

  31. Ty the Guy

    The Championship Window is Wide Open for us Right Now.

    John Schneider has talked about keeping that window open permanently. And Pete is committed to Forever Competing.

    So looking at that I see we want to address our immediate needs: o-line, RCB. Doing this while adding depth to positions that “may” have some wear on the tires: SS, FS, LB, pass rush.

    I believe we will be in the hunt come March 9th for a veteran tackle. This may be Whitworth with only a few years left or it may be someone like Joekel who needs a change of scenery. Add to that the lack of perceived talent in this year’s OL draft class and you have to say that if the talent is there you HAVE to take it. Which is why I agree with Rob, if by some miracle Bolles or Lamp fall to #26 we need to take them. If not then RD 2 we hope for Asiata to be there or possibly even “reach” for Moton from W. Michigan. After that, I don’t see us taking any offensive linemen until the final 3 rounds.

    The defensive draft class looks strong throughout. I feel we will add at least one player from each position group on defense at some point. TE draft depth is freaky strong so I could see us grabbing one of them (like at the grocery store.) I also see us snagging a RB and/or WR if they value is there.

    So saying all this I will attempt to put together my own mock draft. This is based mostly off discussions on this blog and my memory of many hours of watching random college games the past few years (my wife can attest to that.)

    ***If the board looks as good as I project it might, we will be trading down into the early second. But for the purpose of this discussion I will say we don’t.

    1st – Obi Melifonwu S UConn
    2nd – Isaac Asiata G Utah
    3rd – Dalvin Thompson DT – Alabama
    3rd – Ahkello Witherspoon CB – Colorado
    3rd – Alex Anzalone LB – Florida
    4th – Shalom Luani S – WSU
    5th – TE/WR/RB like the TE from S. Alabama or Brian Hill or Godwin from Penn St.

    As for the rest, I’m sure PCJS already have a few “no-namers” up their sleeves.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Joeckel is an OG. I suppose it’s possible a change of coaching would help him transition back outside, but it’s too much of a question to gamble on. There’s no point in signing him if he can’t play OT.

      Same reasoning with Lamp. I can’t say SEA wouldn’t take him at 26 if he’s there, but it doesn’t make much sense. The need is for OT, not OG, and Lamp’s lack of length means he’s pretty much an interior OL in the NFL.

      Also, I think Moton goes before Asiata.

      • Ty the Guy

        I think there is an outside shot that Lamp could play OT. Just because he doesn’t fit perfectly with our arm length requirement doesn’t rule out his explosiveness.

        Also, even if Lamp or Asiata are put into the guard spot, why couldn’t Ifedi move back to RT? I understand the continuity argument, but seeing how Ifedi was only in his first year at OG, I don’t see how it couldn’t be a possibility.

        Same goes for Joekel. I am not saying break the bank, but he is the type of versatile veteran I feel is needed. Would much rather have Whitworth though.

        • Ty the Guy

          Oh and agreed on Moton. Just thought he might be off the board before Asiata and our pick. With this year’s draft at least. In years past Moton might have been taken in the 3rd-5th range.

    • Bayahawk

      Big problem with your mock – Seattle doesn’t have a 4th or 5th rd pick.

      • Ty the Guy

        Chalk it up to laziness! Good catch though.

        Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up with them!

  32. LeoSharp

    So many guys I like in this draft loads of film I’ve enjoyed watching of some tremendous athletes
    Just a select few I think could all realistically be picked up by Seattle

    Obi Melifonwu
    Tanoh Kpassagnon
    Adam Shaheen
    Rayshawn Jenkins
    Chris Carson
    Robert Davis
    Blair Brown
    Brian Allen ( not that his tape is good)

  33. BobbyK

    About three weeks ago, I was thinking that I’d be okay with Cunningham in the first and King in the second. After those tests, it looks like it could be King in the first and Cunningham in the second. lol

    Would be thrilled with Obi or King at #26. If both were there, I wouldn’t trade down more than one spot though.

    I love Watt and would be thrilled with picking him, but Obi and King are the two guys who come to mind if we translate what Carroll has said the Seahawks need.

    If we were to get one of Obi, King, or Watt… I’d be extremely happy. Who knows? Maybe there’s still a chance we draft King and trade up in the second for Budda. Crazier things have happened.

    Love this blog. Rob — part of the reason this blog is so “uninternet-like” is because of you. Great job, my man! And everyone for doing their part for keeping everything here so civil. Thanks to everyone!

    • DLep

      Im with you BobbyK, for me I want us to get one of Reddick, King, Watt, Obi. In the second, Id be thrilled with one of Weatherspoon, Bowser, Cunningham. Third obviously become harder to project where guys will go but Asiata, Godwin, Tewan Taylor, Josh Jones are all attractive possibilities.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Bobby!

  34. Josh Smith

    Would anyone want Fournette to fall to the hawks at 26 so that they could take him? I think he would be a terrible fit. After the combine (and even before it) I dont think he’ll succeed unless he gets drafted to a power scheme with a great offensive line.

    • BobbyK

      Yes. I’d take Fournette (over Obi, King, Watt). He’s too good. I just don’t concern myself with those guys who won’t realistically be there (Fournette, Thomas, Garrett, etc.).

      • BobbyK

        That would increase the likelihood of them trading up in the second round though. Pete won’t leave the draft without a DB he loves, but you can’t pass on Fournette either.

    • LeoSharp

      Kinda feel the same way about him he doesn’t create a lot out of the backfield and he’d need to if he played for the Seahawaks. I Can imagine him playing the Rams and just getting drilled on every running play for negative yards. I also don’t think adding another running back early makes sense, especially one who has battled injuries

    • Rob Staton

      Fournette won’t get past Carolina at #8. And he’s an absolute beast.

  35. Radman

    with King and Obi on the board I’d like Seattle to make a move to get them both

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think this is quite possible. Obi at 26, then a move up to early R2 for King.

      • Rob Staton

        That’d be awesome

        • CHawk Talker Eric


          I’ll tell you what else is awesome: You, this blog and the entire SDB community.

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks! 😉

      • Hawks22Fun

        Those 2 would set us up!!!

        Even Obi and Witherspoon, if King is taken before us…would B serious!!!

      • peter

        I’d love this. I’m been scheming for two days on the math of how this could happen. If I want to do some draft day calculus I also try and see how they could get Jarrad Davis from 26-52. Three picks? Can’t say it would be easy. But for me this year I’m not into consolation prizes. So Obi and King…make it happen.

        For me personally Obi, King, Davis, make it happen.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Does anyone see a problem with Obi playing 3 positions. LB, CB, and safety. Or do you think no on LB. I believe he could play all 3 which makes him most appealing.

          • peter

            I truly and stupidly think he can play all three

  36. MarkinSeattle


    Great articles as always. Really appreciate all your efforts, we are lucky to have you.

    How do you think the Seahawks rate the depth of the draft? We have heard in the past that they thought there were “x” first rounders. Is this draft the best in the last 10 years given the depth of talent, or does it just seem that way due to all of the freaky defensive players, top tier RB’s, and freaky TE’s?

    Given the comments on what PC said our needs are and the propensity of this team to draft in that direction, do you think that it is highly likely we draft a LB in the first two rounds?

    Given Obi’s height, he seems like a guy that could put on 10-15 lbs and transition to LB if they aren’t happy with how he does at CB/S. But he could easily fit as Kam’s long term replacement.

    Kevin King seems like he has the athletic profile of Sherm, only faster and quicker. It sounds like he could be a Sherm replacement down the road.

    Is this a draft that the Seahawks look at trading next year’s #1 to jump back in at the top of the 2nd if the right guy slides? Any thoughts on how next year’s draft talent looks in comparison to this year?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a really deep draft. The difference between pick #12 and #45 isn’t going to be that extreme. I would estimate about 20 or so true first round grades which is more than you get most years. There aren’t many ‘legit’ top-10 picks but there are probably 80-90 top-60 picks. So the great value stretches into round three and then after that I think we’ll see a fall.

      The LB remark by Carroll is interesting really because in many ways they might’ve thought Reddick would be there at #26 and that’s the type of pick they were thinking about. With it increasingly likely he won’t be there, it’s not obvious now how they fill that need. It depends how they view Jarrad Davis, Tyus Bowser and Zach Cunningham and the range they are drafted.

      I don’t anticipate Seattle trading their #1 but we’ll see if they take offers for any existing players in FA knowing the strength of this class to add extra picks. They could also move down in R1 and then up in R2 to pick twice in the top-50 — a similar move to the one they did last year.

  37. Totem_Hawk

    Excited to see your next mock draft! Great job on the combine coverage Rob.

    • Misfit74


    • Rob Staton


  38. C-Dog

    Fantastic work, Rob!

    I feel like I can mock Obi Melifonwu all day everyday at 26 for Seattle, but something tells me some other team fascinated with him ahead of Seattle might just grab him up though, and Kevin King feels like the perfect prospect for a Pete Carroll cornerback. The great news is that Seattle is probably going to get a heck of a player to shape and mold if they stay at 26.

    Seattle makes a little FA splash on the DL, OL, and RB.

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    UDFA’s include RB De’Angelo Henderson, QB CJ Beathard, DT Josh Tupou, FB Freddie Stevenson, and OT Levon Myers, all players with draftable grades.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Did you have Bowser off the board at 58?

      • C-Dog

        I have McMillan being a target over Bowser in that he can play SAM but also being more of a pure backer who can mix in with Bobby and KJ. Carraway more of a LEO/SAM later on. Judging from what it sounded like out of Pete at the end of the season, it felt to me like they might want a couple LBs. That’s why I go pretty consistently with two DB, at least, and two LBs.

        • Ground_Hawk

          That’s a good point about McMillan being a “pure backer” C-Dog. He’s not the athlete that Bowser is though, and that could factor into whether or not Seattle would prefer one over an other.

    • Cameron

      This would be a fantastic haul that checks all the need boxes. Seems fairly plausible too.

      • C-Dog

        That’s what I’m thinking.

  39. Ground_Hawk

    I just looked at a some post-combine mock drafts from, land of 10 @, and only 1 of the mocks had Obi in the top 50!!! Walterfootball had him going to Washington at 49… The national pundits seem to be content with Seattle drafting Ramczyk at 26, but not me. If Ramczyk was healthy, and not coming off a hip-labrum surgery, then I could get on board with that, but he’s not, so I would be disappointed if Seattle drafted a player in the first round with medical questions.

  40. Troy

    This is the kind of article that makes both Rob and Seahawksdraftblog special. The way you are able to hone in on Seahawks prospects with such accuracy is unparalleled. I fully expect many of the Seahawks draft picks to be players you identified, thanks for the clairvoyance!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Troy 🙂

    • Bjammin

      Well put. Agree. Cheers Rob.

  41. Smitty1547

    Rob I as well can not say enough how much i appreciate your sight, I still chuckle to myself that the smartest hawk sight out there and really for all of football is run by a Brit. I really think Schneider should read it!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man!

  42. Cameron


    I don’t know how you do it but you’re consistently churning out great content. Better than the national guys and it’s not close.

    I can’t believe this website is free.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 🙂

      • Hawks22Fun

        Talk about a ‘Diamond in the rough’, This man Rob needs to get PAID!

        Yes sir, you dat good…

        • Rob Staton

          Haha, thanks man 🙂

  43. Cameron

    I kind of want to take an informal poll.

    Who’s more likely to be available at 26, Kevin King or Obi Melifonwu?

    I vote Melifonwu

    • Rob Staton

      Melifonwu more likely to be there I think.

      I suspect both will be there though.

      • Derron James

        I think Melifonwu, although their may be one team that loves him and takes him as to maybe not Kevin King.

        • Hawks22Fun

          With the super fast TE’s and handful of OL, Ross and his 4.22…
          This draft is Flush with talent and it will be hard to predict which team BITS on what…

          Can’t wait for April 27th!!!

  44. Rob Staton

    New podcast tomorrow

    • Jujus

      I’m waiting like an opioid addict till I am graced by your luscious British drawl.

      • Bjammin


  45. lil'stink

    Just want to give another round of applause to Rob for being so far ahead of the curve on so many of these players. I’m glad you “chose” the Seahawks to be your team. Can’t help but think this website should be the start of something bigger for you in terms of football writing/coverage.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s the dream, maybe one day. Thanks for the kind words.

  46. Nick

    What does the TE class of 2018 look like? I know this year is loaded, but SEA already hedged with the Vannett pick. Is this an instance of them picking a TE so they can focus on other stacked positions?

  47. Cameron

    I’d be pretty elated with this haul:

    26: R1P26
    58: R2P26
    90: R3P26
    102: R3P38
    106: R3P42

  48. Vista

    I don’t know if someone said this already but there there is some chatter that the Seahawks might be interested in Kenny Britt should he become available.

  49. Nick

    I feel more and more confident that they trade out of the first…

    CLE, SF, and CHI seem the obvious candidates. There’s just too much depth in this draft.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think the opposite. After Obi’s performance today, and all the attention SEA have shown him, I think he’s a lock at 26.

  50. C-Dog

    On the FA front, word on the streets is that the Colts might not tender DT Zach Kerr, thus making him unrestricted for some stupid reason. Some thoughts are that he fits a 4-3 better then a 3-4. 26 years old, with decent production, 6-2 330lbs, PC likes his DTs to be big boys, and this guy has some wheels. I would love to see Seattle make a move on Kerr.

    • C-Dog

      Also, the Seahawks have given Gilliam the lowest FA tender they could give him. They can match anywhere he signs, but no compensation. My hunch is that they are either looking for a RT, or they got someone else on the roster that they think might be able to move into that spot.

  51. Ground_Hawk

    Seahawks offered Gilliam about $1.8 million. I am wondering if this is because they are not really worried about keeping him on the roster? To me, this indicates that they are content rolling with the linemen that they currently have, which is the narrative that has been coming from the FO this offseason. I think PC and JS will consider taking one of the high TEF/wTEF performers after their natural 2nd rounder, so long as Asiata and Siragusa are still available.

    My Post-combine wish list Mock (first 5 natural picks with 2 options per round)

    R1: Obi/ King
    R2: Bowser/ J. Willis
    R3(1): Asiata/Siragusa
    R3(2): Witherspoon/ S. Griffen
    R3(3): Luani/ T. Thompson ( I know Thompson has 31.5 inch arms, but he is a ballhawk)

    Thanks again Rob, and SDB community! Cheers!

    • lil'stink

      With so many teams with money to burn I hope nobody offers Gilliam a deal we won’t want to match. It would have cost an extra 900k to give him a 2nd round tender. Not a small amount of cash, but it would give you piece of mind that you don’t have Fant and ? at tackle next year. This makes me think we will be aggressive in FA to land another tackle (I hope).

      Thompson didn’t look quite as explosive as I had hoped. Neither did John Johnson, who reminds me a little of Thompson. Still like both of them to varying degrees.

    • Ground_Hawk

      *I should have wrote it as this: “I think PC and JS will consider taking one of the high TEF/wTEF performers after their natural 2nd rounder, so long as Asiata and Siragusa are still available**, and Seattle wants to draft an OL.**


      • C-Dog

        Some word started circulating today that Seattle might make a play on some veteran guards in FA, and move Ifedi to RT, which is a bit counter to what they have been saying about Ifedi being a RG.

        I think what they tendered Gilliam is basically telling him, “We are happy to have you come in this year and compete, but we aren’t making any promises.” None of that tendered contract is guaranteed. My hunch is that someone else is going to be playing RT for this team come next Fall, either a veteran, a rookie, or someone else already on the roster.

        • Ground_Hawk

          That seems reasonable to me. I don’t think Gilliam has performed well enough to earn a starting-caliber OL contract. Thanks, C-Dog!

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, personally, I’ve never been sold on him as a RT for this team, and I wasn’t particularly sold on the idea of him as a LT, as well. For me, it’s a toughness thing. I just don’t see any dog or grinder.

  52. Cameron

    From Tony Pauline:

    “People will ogle over Obi Melifonwu after his superior testing today, but I can tell you scouts are concerned he’s soft on the field and I agree with that concern.”

    When people tell you that Obi won’t be there at 26 because of his crazy combine numbers, this should curb their enthusiasm.

    • peter

      partial agreement. I think this is the reason why the Seahawks have met with him so many times. I also think this is something everyone with their own CB in the hunt should look at. Does the guy you like “open field tackle?” There are some great numbers this year but even the long Seahawks looking corners have a lot of weak spots in regards to run support and overall wanting to mix it up on the field.

    • JMess

      I watched him run people over at the senior bowl. He did not look soft at all.

  53. Ishmael

    Just wanted to quickly say thanks again to Rob and everyone commenting here. This place has totally changed football for me, my appreciation and knowledge has risen out of sight. Every single time I’m on here I learn something.

    I think if Obi is gone, then the trade down is on. There will still be good options, but that kind of freaky athleticism doesn’t come around too often. If the Hawks can’t get at it, then I think they’ll try to pick up another couple of picks in the middle rounds.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  54. bankhawk

    And yet again-serious kudus due our very own Nostradamus of all things NFL Draft! Rob-I spent a bit of time trying to work out how it is you consistantly reveal this uncanny ability to discern things taking shape well before even the most highly touted of the so-called draft gurus of the national media and came to a couple of conclusions of my own.

    You have a preternatural ability to cut through the copious amount of ever present hype that surounds this sport for which we all share such an affection. In short-you dont allow your acute sênse of focus on the essentials to get derailed by the distractions of it all. And secondly, thêre is the châracter and judgement which allows you to buck the herd mentality. All precious and rare in this day and age.

    I, of course, êxtend this to all the brethren, who make this blog what it is-yall know how to make each peak in the season one hell of a football party. Great combine coverage as a coming out ball for what looks like it will be an epic draft class (I loves me some D!). Thank you all for what you do to enhance my enjoyment of the sport.

    In closing, Im coming to grips with an initial crush not being thêre at 26 (Reddick) and transferring that over to an Obi/Bowser/Akhello troika on days 1 and two! Thanks guys, preciate it!

    • Rob Staton

      Really appreciate those words, thank you 🙂

  55. Coleslaw

    I really like how Obi attacks the flat and always reacts quick to runs/ passes behind the LOS. He almost provides the run support of a SAM but from 5 or 10 yards back. His range is obvious, when he’s in on every play, behind the line or the deep balls he can do it all.
    I wanna see more of his coverage abilities, anyone got a recommendation for which game I should watch? Thanks in advance

  56. BobbyK

    I’m just trying to wrap my head around the idea of them somehow getting Obi and King. They could play nickel with Obi on the field over 70% of the time and King opposite Sherman. Lane could sit on the bench and be quality depth (they wouldn’t release him because his ’17 salary is fully guaranteed). How sick would that be?

    More likely (though still unlikely) is getting both King and Baker. The only problem with Baker vs. Obi is the mismatches with the taller guys. More nickel blitzing with Baker on the team.

    • Cameron

      Curious why you think there’d be a problem matching up with bigger targets if you have King (6’3″)?

      • BobbyK

        I don’t. It’s Baker in the nickel where the matchup problems would come if we got both King/Baker. With King/Obi – I see no matchup problems. In either scenario, I would see King starting opposite of Sherm. No matchup problems with either of our starting CBs. Baker is just short and if he’s going against a 6-5 TE or a big WR gets put in the slot… we’ll have problems.

        • Cameron

          To me King would obviate the need for Budda. He can play slot. I’d feel comfortable with King against everything from a Julian Edleman to a Rob Gronkowski and everything in between.

          • BobbyK

            So then you’re saying we’d still have to draft a CB opposite Sherm because you wouldn’t use him there?

  57. pqlqi

    Obi has more average/poor tape than good tape, but the best of his best is pretty special and he is an extreme athlete. It would be viewed by conventional teams as a risk to pick Melifonwu in the 1st round, but I could see this FO seeing the potential for a great player. I think Fabian Moreau would be an interesting 2nd round pick, as he could be the FS/CB hybrid to complement the Obi as the SS/CB hybrid… Moreau’s combine athleticism edges Thomas’,

    Moreau – 6’0″, 206lbs, 31 3/8″ AL, 9″ hand, 4.35/4.12/6.94s 40/SS/3C, 38″VJ, 11’4″LJ
    Thomas – 5’10 1/4″, 208lbs, 31 1/4″ AL, 9 3/8″hand, 4.37s/DNP/DNP 40/SS/3C, 32″VJ, 9’8″LJ

    although we don’t have agility drill times for Earl (they are certainly outstanding). And combine numbers don’t really do justice to Earl’s insane field speed. Nonethless, Moreau is a freak athlete and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him as a 2nd round pick for this team.

    • Ukhawk

      I like him too

    • nichansen01

      I am overjoyed Obi has middling tape. If the tape was excellent, I don’t see how he wouldn’t be a top 10 lock.

  58. Coleslaw

    I could easily see us having a choice of
    Obi, Baker, Jackson, King, Conley. Maybe Cunningham is there. Honestly I hope they don’t trade down cause these guys are gonna get eaten up quick

  59. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I had a hunch, so I went back and looked up Bruce Irvin and his combine #s.
    If you look at the measurables, the overall workout and add 0.1s to his 40 time….
    you end up with Bowser. They are literally identical in measurables and explosiveness.

    I doubt he would last until the end of the second round, but maybe Seattle would trade up or around slightly and grab him in the second…. you theoretically could have Obi and Bowser with your first two picks. This would fill in some depth at LB and SS (and slightly pass rush).

    • peter

      Their sacks and TFL are not even close. Irvin bested bowser in literally two less years. I like Bowser but Bruce was a whole different player.

      • Ukhawk

        Um Bowser missed 5 games last year. In only 8 games he got 12 TFLs 8.5 sacks vs Bruce’s 14/11 so I think Bowser has better Irvin.

        • Ukhawk

          Bruce got those numbers in 13 games

      • peter

        So even if he missed 5 games last year he still had less TFL’s and Sacks in four years with one team then Bruce did in two years with one team. That’s my point with regards to “two years less time.”

        Bruce Irvin; 26 Games….29 TFL…22.5 sacks

        Tyus Bowser 43 Games…28 TFL….22.5 sacks. In five more games at his average he would have had 3 more TFL’s and 2.5 more sacks.

        I like Bowser but I’m referencing only numbers. not scheme. not fit. not how he fits to Seattle. And Combine wise he looks great same as Bruce.

        Something outside of numbers to consider as well though. Pete Carrol recruited Irvin and was very aware of who he was on and off the field.

  60. lil'stink

    Josh Jones’ numbers really jump off the page at you. Only one video on DraftBreakdown and he didn’t really flash. Workout warrior or something more?

  61. bankhawk

    Who would be the best hedge against Earl missing time as we êxperienced last year? Is that not something else Baker could bring to the table?

    • Coleslaw

      Obi could do it if we didn’t trust Terrell

      • RealRhino2

        Disagree. But I think Baker might, Marcus Williams could, a few others.

  62. peter

    Rob you killed it again! I’ve been following this site for years and this is going to be the best draft I think since 2012. Maybe as good actually.

    Up next in 3-4 weeks one of my favorite times. When Rob truly reveals who the seahawks will pick and then his site explodes from confused commenters. It happened with Irvin. Carpenter. It felt like a month out when Rob brought out Bitonio. And that year also mentioned that Prich was a target. Last year there was Ifedi and Reed….who will it be this year.

    One last silly thing. I know it seems like a lot of Seahawks picks crushed the combine and are going to be out of range. But there are still pro-days (bobby wagner for one killed his.) And our prism tends to make us think everyone will rise to 20. But the reality is guys like Tyus Bowser are probably going in the third round. Maybe fourth. Sure he killed it but as an example Bobby Wagner really, truly dominated his pro day, besting Bowser at nearly every turn and…and it’s a bg one…actually had significantly better tape. Point is I think what we like and how draft day goes are going to be a bit different.

  63. peter

    Also I’ll add my popping hot takes:

    1. Jonathan Allen.. Round 4 (not seattle, btw). Arthritis isn’t a knee injury. It literally never gets better.

    2. Kamara is the second RB taken. Cook looks better on tape. Had a better career. But here’s the thing Kamara played in a committee and was a JUCO prospect so he had less time to impress.

    3. One WR in round one. John Ross, come on down. Davis and WIlliams. Sorry dudes but you both just got blown out of the water but a whole handful of TE’s.

    4. Asiata in the 2nd. Not by Seattle. The run on Ol gets wierd and Asiata who should be a later round prospect goes a whole ton sooner then expected.

    5. Seattle takes a DLinemen in the third. Don’t like it. But there seemed to be a good deal of subtle talent at the combine.

    6. Seattle takes all defense with evey pick. After missing out round after round with offensive talent, Seattle decides halfway through the third that their final 3 picks will be all defense making it a solid defensive draft. UDFAs do include OLinemen. Some odd WR. Probably a TE like Kittle drops and so on.

    • Derron James

      I doubt Allen even falls out of the top 15 IMO

      • peter

        More than likely you’re right. I’m just guessing who has a major fall as that there is often a player who does though it’s more about off field stuff. Arthritis in the shoulders for a big man of that age is no joke. And from a cynical standpoint if I was a FO I may look elsewhere than Allen. It’s just a guess.

  64. House


    Tremendous work as always! I truly appreciate the effort/knowledge you put into your research! I’d love Reddick at #26, but I’d be shocked if he’s on the board past #18. I believe Obi is the pick at #26. The versatility that he can bring is beyond appealing.

    I do feel like we’ll move around, but without trades:
    26. Obi Melifonwu (S, UConn)
    58. Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida)
    90. Akhello Witherspoon (CB, Colorado)
    102. Aviante Collins (OT, TCU)
    106. Jalen Robinette (WR, Air Force)

  65. Old but Slow

    The down side of a great draft class is that all the other teams have a shot at the same guys. Who will our division rivals take? We will count on our geniuses (genii?) to do a better job than the other guys. I am very curious how the Niners will handle the draft with a new front office. Will the Rams make that defense even better? I am anticipating nightmares.

  66. Sea Mode

    Shalom Luani’s closest NFL comp? Eric Weddle.

  67. Sea Mode

    Just look at Kevin King’s web on this graph:


    • peter

      That’s a pretty cool site. Nice way to quickly see all the stats organized like that.

  68. Sea Mode

    Just for fun:

    Obi Melifonwu.: 6037, 224, 32 1/2 arm, 9 1/8 hand, 4.40 40yd, 1.51 10yd, 44.0 vert, 11’9″ broad
    Calvin Johnson: 6050, 239, 33 3/8 arm, 9 1/4 hand, 4.35 40yd, 1.52 10yd, 42.5 vert, 11’7″ broad

    Calvin Johnson did all that at 15lbs heavier… Both certified freaks, obviously.

  69. Sea Mode

    Closest anyone comps to Myles Garrett? Justin Houston.

    M. Garrett: 6044, 272, 35 1/4 arm, 10 1/4 hand, 4.64 40yd, 1.62 10yd, 41.0 vert, 10’8″ broad, 33 bench
    J. Houston: 6027, 270, 34 1/2 arm, 10 7/8 hand, 4.61 40yd, 1.61 10yd, 36.5 vert, 10’5″ broad, 30 bench

  70. Sea Mode

    Your division rival drafts John Ross and you need someone to cover him? Marshon Lattimore is as close as you are going to get. Just look at this 99% comp!

    John Ross: 5106, 188, 31 1/2 arm, 8 3/4 hand, 4.22 40yd, 37.0 vert, 11’1″ broad
    Lattimore: 6000, 193, 31 1/4 arm, 8 7/8 hand, 4.36 40yd, 38.5 vert, 11’0″ broad

    • Sea Mode

      Lattimore was targeted 35 times in his final season, and he was able to get his hands on 14 of those passes!

      I don’t think the soft tissue issues people have commented about above will push him down very far…

      • Sea Mode

        Ok, maybe I’m wrong on that:

        Notes from Pauline:

        4) In my opinion, Gareon Conley showed Monday why he’s going to be the steal of the cornerback position. His film was better than teammate Marshon Lattimore’s during stretches last season, and several people I spoke with this afternoon feel he’s a better player than Eli Apple, the 10th pick of last year’s draft.

        5) Conversely I feel that Lattimore is overrated and a risky pick. He’s a superior athlete to Conley but comes with a thin body of work, a long injury history and, in my opinion, lacks the refined ball skills of his teammate.

  71. Sea Mode

    Miss out on Kevin King in the draft? Take a Sherman clone instead!

    R… Sherman: 6025, 195, 32 arm, 9 3/4 hand, 4.53 40yd, 38.0 vert, 11’0″ broad, 4.29 SS, 6.72 3C
    Witherspoon: 6026, 198, 33 arm, 9 7/8 hand, 4.45 40yd, 40.5 vert, 10’7″ broad, 4.13 SS, 6.93 3C
    (Kevin King..: 6030, 200, 32 arm, 9 1/2 hand, 4.43 40yd, 39.5 vert, 10’10 broad, 3.89 SS, 6.56 3C)

  72. Old but Slow

    While it is compelling to figure out the first 2 or 3 rounds, the Seahawks have been unusually successful in the later rounds, and I am expecting that again this time. Rob’s diligence and wisdom has given us great insight into what the team will be looking for in the third day, but it still is a challenge to find the gems.

    A loaded draft can produce a nice haul of rookies, but how many of this years crop will come in the late rounds or as udfa’s? The real fun for me is to find Thomas Rawls or whoever. As in every draft there will be undrafted players who will outperform first rounders, count on it.

    How to approach it is the question, and I will begin by looking at various “big boards” and mocks to see where the players are rated by those more knowledgeable than me, and attempt to assign rounds to the players I like. I will continue to watch game tape and look for special qualities, and I will be dreadfully mistaken as I have been since they got rid of Ruskell (I used to kill Ruskell’s picks, it was so easy).

    Like most of us, I am addicted to this site, and have gained immeasurably from the info and sharing that goes on. It is amazing to me how much useful information gets passed around in this place, and I am always eager to see what’s new and undiscovered. Keep it up crew, and kudos to our guru, Rob. Thank you.

  73. Forty20

    Kevin King…142.8 SPARQ and 99.3 NFL percentile among cornerbacks. Holy smokes.

    Still waiting for Melifonwu’s data to get processed on Three Sigma Athlete but I imagine he will also output absurd SPARQ numbers.

    You can only dream that the other 31 franchises would be so negligent as to let the Seahawks get their mitts on both of these freaks.

    • Robert

      If the Seahawks trade up in the 2nd and walk away with Obi AND King, I would howl at the moon! I’d put Obi in the slot and King obviously across from Sherm. Obi is a TE neutralizer and could be kinda like a Brandon Browner terror, but in the slot and with great speed, athleticism. I’d bet on Obi’s upside as a great jammer at the LOS. Contesting the receiver’s release is a huge help to the pass rush that we’ve seen a lot less of since 2013.

  74. Robert

    I sure like the idea of Obi in the slot and grooming for Kam’s job. Obi would also be an excellent weapon vs dangerous TE’s. He has a lot of length, which factors big as the ball arrives. And I would love to replace flyweight Lane with a fear inducing hammer in the slot! We played a lot of 4-2-5 last year. This prospect looks like a GREAT fit for us!

    • McGruff

      Melifonwu is probably my favorite player in this draft and has been for the last 4 months. But on film at least he presents a quandary for Seattle.

      He has Earls speed and range, but not his instincts. Can that be coached into him?

      He has Kam size and length, but not his aggressiveness. Can that be coached into him?

      Which is why I’d put him aat corner back for us.

      • C-Dog

        If Seattle drafts him, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he ends up being a cornerback, just likely not in the first year. For me, he might be an more enhanced version of Deshawn Shead, and Shead started out as a bit of a swiss army knife.

  75. McGruff

    Rob, I feel like Daeshon Hall is getting 9verlooked. What are your thoughts on his combine and his film?

    • Rob Staton

      Good combine. He had some dominant games and some anonymous ones. Needs to add weight IMO and become inside/out.

  76. McGruff

    Quick Sparq result observation based on 3 sigma.

    Obi Melifonwu broke the datebase. Literally Zach got to his name and just stopped. I have to imagine he will at least Be a 2 sigma athlete if not a rare three.

    Other than than there are only 4 players who were 2 sigma athletes, representing elite athletic profiles.

    WR Robert Davis
    DL Tanoh Kpassagnon
    CB Fabien Moreau
    CB Kevin King

    While we know TEF reigns for trench play, Sparq is still significant for Seattle in other areas and worth watching.


    • Rob Staton

      I think for Zach’s formula he requires three cone and short shuttle — Obi didn’t do those at the combine.

  77. Reggie Williams

    Is the tackle from Wisconsin (Ramsyck) still in play at #26?

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds like he’s a bit of a shrinking violet.

  78. Sea Mode

    Just thinking out loud here, supposing Jarrad Davis and Haasan Reddick are off the board. Pick with fallback option in the first 3 rounds:

    R1: DB Justin Evans/Obi Melifonwu (Buffalo role, long-term S)
    *Trade up with R3 pick into mid R2
    R2: CB Kevin King/Ahkello Witherspoon (Start opposite Sherm)
    R3: OG Isaac Asiata/Nico Siragusa (competition for Glow at LG, don’t think Moton will still be available)
    *Trade down last R3 comp for R4 + R5 picks
    R4: TE George Kittle (Willson replacement, PC is gonna love this type of TE)
    R5: S Shalom Luani (depth at both S spots)
    R6: RB Chris Carson (competes at RB, brings a power element)
    R7: DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu (cheap depth and size at DT)

    LB Jimmie Gilbert (some depth to develop at LB, just needs to fill out his frame)
    RB Taquan “Smoke” Mizzell (DL in our backfield again? This guy will make them miss)
    WR Victor Bolden (his claim to fame is speed, and he hid it at the combine so we would get a value UDFA)
    WR Keevan Lucas (not so great combine, but has some good tape and we bring him in to see)
    OT Will Holden (will probably get drafted, just wanted to get his name in here after V12 mentioned him)

  79. vrtkolman

    Mike Garafolo on @gmfb : “Ricky Wagner is about to blow the lid off the right tackle market.”

    The Seahawks will add a veteran linemen, but I don’t think it will be early in the FA process. These players are going to be overpaid to an absurd degree. Maybe we wait for teams to cut some players?

    • C-Dog

      I read something yesterday that suggested Seattle will go aggressive at some guards in FA.

  80. Sea Mode

    Great quote from Casserly on the Reuben Foster incident and players with off-field concerns in general (not including DV cases, which he puts on a whole different level):

    “I’ve helped train players in the pre-draft process. And when it comes to the guys who have these kinds of blots on the record, I tell them this: If you have an incident in your past, you can’t change your past — but you can affect the future. […]

    The worst thing a player can do is get caught in a lie. You’ve already made one mistake — don’t make a second. Just admit it and move on — NFL teams will follow suit.”

  81. Sea Mode

    Wondering why Obi and so many players didn’t do the agility drills (SS and 3C). Do they save them for their pro-day or not thing they will help boost their stock?

  82. Brandon

    Just for fun. Tried to make it seem realistic, however they all could go earlier than I have picked them. If it turned out like this I would be quite ecstatic. This scenario has us picking up some defensive lineman through FA.

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    Thanks to the blog and everyone commenting for bringing up some of these guys. These guys are on my list who I want Seattle to draft, but no matter who pick them up (except may our division), I’m hoping they excel.

    • C-Dog

      Melfifonwu, Bowser, and Witherspoon would be a fantastic haul!

      Difficult to say if they all go earlier. It’s a rich draft, Bowser could go higher, but maybe he’s a bit on the raw side for some GM’s tastes with the players still on the board. I have a sneaking feeling Asiata won’t get out of R2.

  83. C-Dog

    Just heard on 710 that the Seahawks are in on DJ Fluker.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe true but the report by Josina Anderson read like an agent name checking every OL needy team in the NFL.

  84. red

    Thoughts on Dede Westbrook? herd he will be off some teams boards with a domestic violence charge if he is there in the 6th do you take him?

  85. nichansen01

    DJ Fluker


    -Plays with intensity and passion
    -Big and strong
    -Imposing Physique, get off the bus first type guy
    -Great class act guy off the field
    -Former #11 Overall Pick
    -Could play tackle or guard
    -Tough as nails, plays through injuries and pain
    -Doesnt miss many games


    -not explosive
    -trouble picking up assignments
    -sometimes makes dumb plays, penalties

    what does everyone think?

    • Rob Staton

      Another con — a team with a weak O-line, that knows him better than anyone, just cut him.

      • House


        Very true. Do you think Cable could resurrect him?

        • Rob Staton

          I was never a fan of Fluker’s personally. Didn’t like him before his draft. He’s just big IMO.

          • nichansen01

            So were Sowell and Ifedi.

            • Rob Staton

              That is simply not true on Ifedi. He is on a completely different level athletically to Fluker. It’s not even a comparison.

              None of us knew anything about Sowell really. That was a swing and a miss on a cheap guy they thought they could mould into something.

              • House

                Thanks for the input Rob. I’ve had mixed reviews on Fluker and a Chargers fan buddy of mine said he felt they were better off without him.

                The point you made above in regards to Ifedi being more athletic makes me also think he can move to RT and we pick up a veteran OG. Interested to see what happens in the next few days…

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