Chris Coyle (TE, Arizona State) vs Illinois


  1. Rory

    I like him with the ball in his hand, surprisingly good balance as a runner. That’s kind of where I stop liking him though. He seems to have low football IQ. He looked like a high schooler out there trying to block on a few plays. Zero awareness. The play action passes in the flat seem to be his forte, doesn’t require much knowledge, just run catch and run.

    I’m probably being a little hard on him after watch ASJ and Lyerla, he’s probably not as bad as I’m thinking he is, but I wouldn’t touch him in the draft. Maybe a 7th round project due to athleticism, but knowing pete and how he likes his players to have those instincts, I just don’t see him on the hawks.

    • Adam

      Having watched him all year I can say that is not a fair assessment of Coyle at all, nor a fair assessment of what the Seahawks look for.

      They drafted Anthony McCoy and Luke Wilson; you can’t watch their college tape and seriously tell me they had high football IQ as it relates to blocking.

      Coyle broke Zach Miller’s ASU record for receptions and was dangerous all season long in the passing game.

      Kid has already graduated, I expect a big season from him.

      • Rory

        I don’t mean low IQ in just blocking. When he ran his routes, he didn’t seem to have a good feel for where the zones were.

        The seahawks are definitely looking for high IQ players, at least in the high rounds, I don’t think I’m wrong there, the question is whether or not Coyle qualifies.

        It was all my first reaction, I’ve only seen the one game. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on his football IQ throughout the season.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Personally I don’t see what you’re saying about his feel for zones. He consistently got behind defenders and made catches.
          He did look like a high schooler blocking, but not because of his “low IQ”. He has a slight ass frame. Almost like a WR. I really don’t see any NFL ability as an inline blocker, but he was tenacious and that’s what the Seahawks are going to like.
          He has soft hands and good habits catching. I also liked his balance after the catch, but he only has one move and it isn’t very good. He runs with power and authority, though, making undisciplined defenders pay. In the NFL, he isn’t going to be given as many arm tackles to bully through.
          He’s only had one season of real success, but I’m severely intrigued. Right now he’s got a fourth round grade from me.

          • Rory

            Could be an opinion, I really would need to see more tape and an all-22 to know his feel for zones. My first reaction pointed me towards low football IQ though.

            I agree he catches well, but he didn’t really have any tought catches that made you think “wow, this guy has great hands.” At the very least he isn’t bad at catching like Toilolo.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I’d agree about the lack of spectacular catches, though.

  2. ivotuk

    That play at 2:25 was great 🙂 Fake block, fake block, run, catch the ball, bounce off of a tackle, rumble downfield and plow over DB. He gets in to nice open areas and although I’m no judge of blocking skills, his did look pretty basic. It’s like he knows where to put his hands but beyond that it’s just “push as hard as you can.”

    He looks slow but I bet he’s faster than he looks and fools coverage that way.

  3. williambryan

    One thing stood out watching this tape… Number 9 on Illinois defense jumped out.

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