Christine Michael at the Shrine Game


  1. Barry

    Rob you have anything more on that Charter qb?


    Good tape. And nice to see the water for the big uglies at the end there.

  2. HawkScout

    Looks like the Seahawks got themselves a water boy. Hopefully he’s as talented as Adam Sandler…

    • Bryan C

      The Waterboy – that is a perfect nickname, especially if he delivers “high quality H2O.”

      • Kenny Sloth

        That’s a great nickname

      • SHawn


  3. RJ

    You had me when you ran over 46! Beast 2.0

  4. Hay stacker

    That’s awesome taking care of your oline even if its other guys from different schools. Shows alot of maturity and intelligence. I’m still behind Turbin being lynchs replacement but this guy has some class!

    • Bryan C

      Turbin is more of a 3rd down RB and Michael is Lynch’s replacement long term.

      • mjkleko

        While it certainly looks like that may be the case long term, don’t sleep on Turbin. Also, despite Schneider taking Christine in the 2nd round, I doubt you’d get him or Pete to earmark him for the lead back role over Turbin (if, hypothetically, MarShawn went down) at this point. One of the few statements I take at face value coming from Schneider or Carroll is when they say, we’ve brought in X player and we hope he can really come in and compete. In this case, Michael is going to have to earn that #2 spot on the depth chart and as of now you have to assume Turbin has the edge based on the skills he displayed and the experience he gained playing last season.

        • Colin

          I don’t think the experience means much to a guy like Pete. If he feels Christine is a better back, he’ll get the carries. He’s never been afraid to play young guys. Personally, I’m more inclined to see Michael become the feature back of the future. Turbin isn’t the violent runner we all thought he would be.

          • Micah

            I never saw a hardnosed runner in Turbin’s tape. He looked like a finesse back with the cartoon biceps that made you think he would be a power runner. He seemed to go down on first contact a lot in his college tape. That said, he has great hands out of the backfield, and I think if he gets a little more lower body strength he’ll fight through more tackles. I don’t think that Turbin is any kind of out of this competition.

  5. Kenny Sloth

    Hey, Rob I’d really like to see a piece about scouting and what you look for at each position. Could be a nice series tol get us through garbage time. Or maybe a piece on potential needs and way too early potential fits for the Seahawks. Or possibly some scheme stuff. Like some potential wrinkles we might be incorportaing this year. Maybe those versus other teams in our division. Like a series where you gameplan against the teams in our division. I know that that is more like. Field Gulls type articles, but I would love to see them on this site. i’d be more than happy to write one or all of these if you’d put them up. I know Kip’s like hibernating or something right now.

    • Rob Staton

      I could do pieces like that Kenny but I don’t like to pretend I’m something I’m not. I’m just a guy who loves college football and keeping an eye on possible Seahawks players. If I tried to write in-depth game plan’s they’d probably not be very interesting.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Alright, I’ll take your word for it. Looking forwatd to those pieces.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ambitions as a wridah! -Tusloth

  6. Kenny Sloth

    I love Michael. He plays RB like a defensive player. He looks for the big hit. Initiates contact. Soft hands, too. Better than Lynch’s it seems.

  7. Lewis

    He’s going to have to learn not to initiate contact with the crown of his helmet. As Kenny said, he’s looking to deliver a blow. Unfortunately, he drops his head to do that, which is exactly what the league wants to prevent.

  8. Jake

    Love this guy. I’m convinced, like I’m sure JS is, that he is a future All-Pro. Lynch is my favorite Seahawk so it pains me to say it, but Michael isn’t going to be much of a drop-off, and could even take his job in 2014 or at least get a carry split. This season, I hope they give him a couple of series a game to get in a groove so he can break a few – he has that “enough” speed. Doesn’t matter who’s chasing – even Earl Thomas isn’t catching him from behind.

  9. James

    …speaking of the Field Gulls site, if you will forgive me for changing the subject, everyone should check out their link to the ESPN documentary on the 2011 Wisconsin QB race. I remember watching that at the start of the 2011 season and being so amazed by Russell Wilson that I followed his season with the Badgers pretty closely. Knowing that the Seahawks would be drafting a QB, I hoped and prayed that PCJS would see what we (Kip, et al) were seeing: the best season ever by a college QB (under impossible conditions without an off-season) and they would have the faith that he could do the same in the NFL. But what is really interesting is that he also drove his competition at QB into the ground, same as he did Matt Flynn. Russell was competing with another guy, like Flynn, with a weaker arm, and Russell put so much pressure on, with his throws in practice, that it was obvious Russell was winning the competition. The other poor QB threw harder than his arm was capable of, and threw his arm out so badly that he was lost for the season. Russell did the same to Flynn….what are the odds of two QBs going down for several weeks or more, due to a “sore arm”? That rarely happens, but Russell made it happen two years in a row, to two different guys….not a coincidence.

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