Chris Harper vs Oregon

Been busy with work for the last few days, while also taking some time after the draft to do ‘life’ things. Expect a couple of pieces later this week. For now, here’s the newest Seahawks receiver versus Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl.


  1. Brian

    It’s hard to see what role he will fill in the NFL. It’s discouraging to see corners bat away or intercept so many balls thrown to him: he isn’t going to be a possession receiver like Anquan Boldin. Neither does he look like a pure burner or have the size to be a Sidney Rice type player.

    I suppose there is nothing wrong with a guy who just adds depth to the WR corps without being special at anything. But he doesn’t seem like a typical Pete Carroll player.

    • Brian

      For the record by “not special” I mean “not elite” rather than “not good.” I’m sure he’s a good player. He just doesn’t seem like a guy who will create mismatches.

      • Glor

        I liked what I saw

      • Belgaron

        He is much bigger and stronger than the former prototypical CB (5’11” 190) before Seattle set a new trend for bigger tougher CBs. This will create some mismatches especially when he has a better quarterback making him look that much better.

        But you can be sure he will be given every opportunity to be a monster on special teams.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I disagree. I’d say he has the potential to be better than Boldin. Certainly more purely athletic. He’s got a good mix of power and wiggle in space. He had terrible QB play and phenomenal coverage on him. That guy who’s last name is in pig latin looks like a potential first rounder. The thing that bothers me is that Harper let all of this affect him. After pretty much every play he threw up his arms. Laid on the turf. Seems like a bit of a diva. I think if he doesn’t make it, it’ll be because he didn’t work hard enough. I’m sure with Russell at the helm we’ll know quickly if he can make it or not. He has the size/speed combination to be a nightmare to match up against.
      Other than that he seems like a prototypical Carroll type.

      • kevin mullen

        I see another aspect: the kid use to play QB. How gross would it be if HE ended up being a Wildcat QB for us, or maybe a WR Pass to Harvin at other end? Just a couple trick plays a game or even better save it for Playoffs. I can see a “Pat White” role for him.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’m not sure. He hasn’t played QB in a long time. But I’d rather see him tossing than Sidney Rice. I’ve always wanted to see Mike Rob toss it. Maybe do a FB pitch with a moving pocket… or maybe he could run an option hahahahah

      • Glor

        I disagree with this, I don’t feel he was showing any diva attitude, he was attacking the ball when he could. The issue is that the QB was pretty bad, I think getting him into an NFL scheme, when you know when and where that ball is going to be will be huge for him.

        • Belgaron

          A qb like Wilson will make all the receivers better. Harper is interesting because ‘Hawks run so much he would be capable of knocking some DBs down.

    • A. Simmons

      I have to shake my head when I read comments like this. How did you even develop such a negative opinion on that footage? Did you even analyze the throws? The interceptions were underthrown, Very little chance of breaking them up. The one pass batted away hung in the air so long both the Oregon DBs closed the distance and the front DB got his hand in to rip it free as it dropped into Chris Harper’s hands. If an NFL QB had thrown that ball to Chris Harper, he would have gotten Kam-bammed. He was hung out to dry. If he wants to be a top receiver, he’s going to have to learn to make catches like that and take the hit. But you could see the QB made a poor throw. And NFL QBs who make too many throws like that don’t last in the NFL.

      I don’t know how you could use this tape as scouting footage given how poor the QB play was. The QB was making short throws all the time and even those were poorly thrown and telegraphed. His long balls were wobbly ducks. I think the long ball that was knocked away was thrown by a receiver or wildcat QB.

      I want to see what Harper does with better QB play before I start making negative assessments. That was QB play was too poor to judge a receiver on.

  2. Jon

    How poor could almost every single of those passes actually have been. My goodness I think with a QB like Wilson this guy is instantly upgraded. Not saying he is the best thing ever, but what 4th round pick has probowl expectations comingout.

    • Belgaron

      Well said, he’ll get his shot with a qb who can put the ball in his hands.

  3. James

    Anyone have any pull over at the VMAC? We need the Seahawks to live-stream the rookie mini-camp. Got to feed the habit! ….I heard somewhere that Russell Wilson has NEVER had an off-season before. All the way through high school and college, he played baseball in the spring and never had an off-season. And last year, he didn’t show up until May, and then he was #3 on the depth chart and had no prep as the starter. This is his first time ever to have all year to prepare, day and night to plan the doom of the 49ers.

    • Kenny Sloth

      You just gave me chills, dog.

    • Belgaron

      I find it hilarious when I’ve seen a few pundits actual predict a sophomore slump. He could have a few moments where he tries too hard and doesn’t let the game come to him but overall I expect him to be much improved and really knock some teams out this year with his heady play, there will be some blow outs.

  4. hawkfaninMT

    Bad QB play… Double Covered on most throws… His stats?

    8 recs for 71 yards against one of the top teams in the country. That is balling in my book. Upgrade the QB play, and recognize that he is going to be single covered by a team rd best CB, or a S/LB for goodness sake, and I see good things for this kid. That is assuming he gets some playing time

    • williambryan

      when you put it that way…!!!

  5. Ed

    It’s a slow period, so let’s heat it up. Why in the world wouldn’t we cut Quinn and Portis and bring in Tebow. He would work in our offense and he can throw (not mechanically) better than the media gives him credit for. And he wins. Would you rather have Quinn or Tebow to come in for Wilson if he gets dinged up. Hands down, not contest, TEBOW!!!

    • Belgaron

      I believe ‘Hawks were one of many teams who asked his agent if he’d be will to come in as an H-back. He refused all such requests…this is why he is unemployed. He will not get another shot as an NFL quarterback, but he is a good enough NFL athlete to play FB, TE, and H-back if he let’s go of his ego and decides he’d still like to be part of the league. He could make a lot in endorsements if he joined a winning team and played a supportive role so I expect he’ll probably consider it at some point.

      • pqlqi

        I’d be shocked if the Hawks asked him that. Both John and Pete were asked about Tebow right around the draft, and both sounded completely incredulous and responded with emphatic “NO”s

        • HawkMeat

          Agreed. I do not think the Hawks would take Tebow regardless of position.

    • shams

      Because. Tebow. Sucks.

      • DavidinBellingham

        And there it is, in three short (extremely short) sentences.

    • pqlqi

      “Neigh!” I say, Mr. Ed, “Neigh!”. I’d much rather have Quinn that Tebow. Tebow can’t throw, and he can’t do progressions, and even if he could do progressions, he still couldn’t throw. Tebow couldn’t beat out Sanchez for a starting position.

      I’d rather have Mike Rob run the offense that Tebow. I’d rather have Tarvaris. I’d probably trade

  6. Ed

    He hasn’t even played an entire season. His completion % was better than Elways (as rookies). He lead a crappy team at the time, to the playoffs (everyone says their defense was great, it stunk without him). How many 4th quarter comebacks did he have (4 in one season?, more than Elway). He did something Manning didn’t do, or Elway in his first season. Won a playoff game.

    Why in the world would nobody want that as a backup. How the media and teams have made this guy out to be is real unfortunate.

    • Miles

      1) Tebow had a better completion percentage than Elway? That might be true, but he threw an average of 5 to 10 times per game. And very few of them were deep throws.

      2) Tebow may have been apart of some comebacks, but his role in the offense was to run the ball. The reason the Broncos won so much that year was A) because of the supreme coaching required to integrate a run-first QB into an offense and B) the majority of the games the Broncos played were low-scoring affairs that allowed the Broncos to climb back in. The reason for this is because, yes, the Broncos elite defense. Tebow fed off that defense.

      Tebow really needs to change positions. If he could do that, I would have legitimate interest in him. The kid’s got fire in him as a runner and is just the guy you want on fourth-and-one. He could even be as good as Kyle Juczysk will be in this league.

      Do you like how I compared the potential of a pro player the potential of a college player? Only with Tebow…

  7. Don

    I still say the Hawks should have taken Patton instead of Harper. Compare the highlights, the difficult catches when they were covered and still made the catch, or how they adjusted to the ball. Patton showed much more talent then Harper. I dont understand why they chose him, probably because Harper is an inch taller? I hope Harper is better than what he has shown.

  8. Miles

    I do not understand the shots at Harper. I think the kid is going to be a good player. He does remind me of Anquan Boldin, but he has said he doesn’t like that comparison. He doesn’t think himself a possession receiver, he thinks he’s an all-around receiver. This was from an interview he did with KJR.

    I think the biggest weakness is what everyone has been saying; he needs to work on his route-running. While he can’t run great routes and separate from defenders often, he makes up for it by being able to go up for the ball. Initially, I think this could allow the Seahawks to create mismatches against nickel corners. In his first season, he will probably be used in more of a reserve role, but don’t be surprised if he puts up a few TDs that way this year. He has an elite ability to go up and get the ball.

    I think people look at the play where he went up for the ball and it was tipped out of his hands on a deep pass as a negative. I think that was a great player by Harper. But for him to hold onto that ball he would have needed the strength of God in his hands. He is a big receiver with strong hands, but he isn’t divine; cut him some slack. The defender made a great play, and like another poster said, Collin Klein didn’t throw that ball in a way that gave Harper the best chance to catch it. If the ball had been thrown on a line, Harper could have probably secured the pass much easier although he would have had to go up for it.

    But yeah, line him up against 5’10”, 5’11” receivers and let’s see what he can do. I’m excited for this kid.

    By the way, whoever insinuated that he has character issues, shame on you. Harper is a great kid, scored highest on the Wonderlic test at the combine out of all the players. Good grades in college, never a problem on their squad. He requested a position change and was granted the change, then transferred colleges, but not because of run-ins with the coach or anything like that.

    Come on guys.

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