Closing thoughts at the end of the 2021 draft

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The Seahawks came in with three picks and they added three players.

I think there are two ways of looking at what happened over the last three days.

Firstly, you can make a strong case for the new additions.

D’Wayne Eskridge shares similar traits to Tyreek Hill. He’ll provide another explosive, downfield threat in the vertical passing game. He’s adept at competing for the ball in the air, creating sudden separation to help move the chains and he has a knack for making the improbable possible. Seattle needs to be better on third downs and he can help them achieve that. As a kick returner he’s dynamite. The Seahawks badly needed an exciting WR3 and he’s a X-factor talent who was underrated throughout this process. Along with DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and Gerald Everett — the passing game is going to take some stopping in 2022.

Tre Brown is a special teams demon. Every year Seahawks fans underestimate the value of special teams. How many times were people surprised to see Neiko Thorpe and Nick Bellore make the roster? Brown can immediately help fill the void left by Thorpe. He was the top gunner available in this class. He’s very experienced in man-coverage. If you’re going to blitz 30-35% of the time, you need people who can cover in man. He also excelled at the Senior Bowl and was the only cornerback to make an interception in the 1v1’s (he had two) and he led his position group with five incompletions.

Stone Forsythe was considered by many to be a day two pick. He excels in pass protection, he plays with an edge and he looks the part with a 6-8, 307lbs frame and 34 1/2 inch arms. His short shuttle (4.63) is promising. I suspect he fell due to a lack of explosive traits and he’ll need to manage leverage at his height. Even so, it’s not often you get a chance to draft a potential starter at tackle in the sixth round. This is a complete shot to nothing, an investment in a player with potential at a vital position with no consequences if it doesn’t work out.

As a trio, it looks good.

Yet it’s also been a difficult experience to see so many other good players come and go with the Seahawks on the outside looking in.

The draft process was impacted by Covid and many people will make the case that Jamal Adams is worth more than a collection of unproven rookies.

The key to success though is to build through the draft.

Next year the Seahawks don’t have that much money to spend and both starting tackles, their starting cornerbacks, free safety, tight end and center are all out of contract.

D.K. Metcalf will expect talks on a new deal in 12 months and a Jamal Adams extension will be expensive and eat into your available cap space.

There were opportunities in this draft to really enhance your roster on the cheap at numerous positions and help build new foundations. Several teams have done this and it was a deep class, with terrific value stretching deep into round five.

I remain unconvinced that Adams was worth the draft outlay, the record-breaking contract he’s likely to receive or that he’s a natural fit in Seattle — with the Seahawks able to mesh a scheme with his talents that enable both player and defense to thrive.

This all leads to mixed emotions. There’s an appreciation for the three guys they added and some disappointment at what looks like a possible missed opportunity due to a lack of picks.

After all — this was the most explosive O-line class in years and they didn’t tap into it until round six.

Clearly they’re going to try and manipulate their lack of resource into a positive in undrafted free agency. We’ll see if they can pull that off.

There’s also work to be done in the veteran market. You would hope further talks with K.J. Wright are forthcoming. I think they need to throw another running back into the mix.

I also think it’s questionable whether they’ve done enough to manage the loss of Jarran Reed. Yes he was overpaid but he produced 17 sacks in 2018 and 2020 combined. That’s not to be sniffed at. And is Ethan Pocic really deserving of a mostly unchallenged run at the center position?

I don’t think the off-season moves — or any future moves that are forthcoming — have pushed this team dramatically closer to being a serious contender.

That’s a consequence of bad drafting from 2017-20 rather than anything done in 2021, however.

The hope has to be that Shane Waldron can be the difference — taking the offense to a new level which in turn elevates the team.

That could happen and has to be the thing to cling to in 2021. It’s asking a lot of a first-time play caller but other coaches from the Sean McVay tree have enjoyed rapid success elsewhere.

In terms of the rest of the NFC West, I don’t think there was anything too threatening from the other teams.

I talked in detail about the San Francisco 49ers on Friday’s live stream. I think they’ve been given an easy ride by the media for what was a very confusing process of moving up to #3. Neither Mac Jones or Trey Lance, in my opinion, were worth that pick. Yet they gave up their 2022 and 2023 first rounders for the privilege to make the decision between the two. That’s obscene.

I wonder if there was some buyers remorse, given Jones (and maybe Lance) would’ve been available at #12. With hindsight, it felt like a knee-jerk reaction to a frustrating 2020 season and as a Seahawks fan who has studied all of Lance’s college games, I’m not overly concerned with his arrival in the NFC West.

Many Niners fans were celebrating the fact they didn’t give up so much for someone with a dad-bod — but they might want to check out Lance’s tape before getting too excited. Especially his one outing in 2020 — an ugly performance against Central Arkansas.

It certainly feels like the Seahawks usurped the Rams by taking Eskridge, with Tutu Atwell essentially a distant Plan B. The additions of Bobby Brown and Robert Rochell deserve praise but overall LA’s class didn’t feel like a game changer.

As for the Cardinals, I like Zaven Collins but I’m not sure that’s an elevating pick in the top-20. Rondale Moore is a gadget player without Eskridge’s downfield ability. It feels like a so-so group for Arizona.

I thought the Broncos’ new GM George Paton had an outstanding first draft and the Jets made some serious moves to take a big step forward. The Chiefs continued their strong off-season with an impressive class, the Lions set about creating their new culture through the trenches and other teams such as Washington, Baltimore and Pittsburgh made smart moves.

I wouldn’t say any of Seattle’s NFC West foes, however, took a giant leap forward.

UDFA signings

Tom Pelissero is reporting the Seahawks are signing Tamorrion Terry, which would be an excellent addition.

Cade Johnson, who I graded in round three, is also signing. I would highly recommend checking out my interview with him from February:

Other signings include Jared Hocker (OL), Pier-Olivier Lestage (OL), Bryan Mills (CB), B.J. Emmons (RB), Josh Johnson (RB), Connor Wedington (WR/KR), Jon Rhattigan (LB), Jake Curhan (OL) and Greg Eiland (OL).

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  1. Sea Mode

    What about TE Kenny Yeboah? What ever happened to him?

    Kenny Yeboah

    All I need is an opportunity…

    • Sea Mode

      Just signed by Jets.

  2. Rob Staton

    Live stream starting shortly

    • lex

      I love the draft!
      Rob, many moons ago I came across both your site & Field Gulls at the same time via a search to find more draft/Seahawk content. Within a week of my discovery, some ding-dong on FG had the nerve to suggest your writing lacked original thought. Feel fortunate for those of us that got to follow as you: cracked the Hawk draft formulas for multiple positions, became so adept with player film work to recognize both value and mistakes, then endeavored to question the decisions at the top of the organization in a manner rich in logic and difficult to argue with.
      Thank you for all of that. I share your site with everyone (that’s not in my fantasy football league) and value your analysis.
      I dig TEF/weighted TEF. For all of Pete’s insistence on the importance of the run game, our organization has failed in the draft to fulfill offensive line and running back choices that create ground game dominance. Damien Lewis and Chris Carson are only a couple bright spots in the last decade. It’s difficult to deny concern when we had more 2020 draft picks than there were rounds and a windfall of free agency money, yet the Seahawks didn’t capitalize with enduring solutions. Is it correct that only two of our five starting offensive lineman have contracts lasting beyond this season? It’s painful to watch as this OL draft class, loaded with TEF stars, escapes us knowing how rare that athletic talent is.
      If the chance to take in the 49er presser from last Monday has escaped you, wow, I highly suggest it. Incredibly telling for what was going to follow on Thursday’s start of the draft. Could Shanahan have had his QB of choice and retained the next 2 years first rounders?  Brutal to have Belichick best you in Super Bowl LI then grab Mac Jones, the player Shanny hoped would supplant the QB that couldn’t close out Super Bowl LIV!? That our conference opponents continue to make mistakes shouldn’t cloud our choices. It’s been pointed out that while we haven’t excelled with first round draft choices, the conclusion is not to avoid first rounders, it’s to get better with those choices.
      There’s no guarantee against bad decisions. Passes on the one yard line? The most defining mentor I ever had was adamant that the best of the best still need help staying accountable! Our organization lost that with the passing of Paul Allen. The decision of retaining a coach who’ll start next season at 70 as opposed to a hall of fame QB @ 32!? That outcome has only been portrayed one way, why? I’ll aways be thankful to both Pete and Russ, together they achieved what we hadn’t experienced prior.
      I’d like to see it again & sooner wouldn’t hurt my feelings

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks for following and for the nice words. I can tell you it really means a lot

  3. cha

    Once again Rob, please thank your wife on our behalf for the support.

    Now take her out for a nice dinner.

    • Sea Mode


      Take a whole week!

      • Big Mike

        Ditto from me too

        • God of Thunder


  4. Sea Mode

    For those who liked him:

    John Ellis

    A source tells me that Grambling State OL David Moore is expected to sign with the Panthers.

  5. Steve Nelsen

    Tamorrion Terry is a really nice start to UDFA. If/when he recovers from his knee injury, he has WR 2/3 potential.

  6. Sea Mode

    Pretty amazing falls for Dylan Moses, Marvin Wilson, and Paris Ford from where they were being considered just a year ago…

  7. cha

    I’m a Seattle Seahawk!!!!! #GoHawks
    4:03 PM · May 1, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

    Bryan Mills CB from NC Central, yes?

    • Sea Mode

      correct. still can’t believe how many swings they are taking at CB!

  8. Sea Mode

    Justin Dunk
    · 9m

    BREAKING: Canadian offensive lineman Pier-Olivier Lestage signs with #Seattle #Seahawks

    • CaptainJack

      Center I am guessing.

  9. Sea Mode

    Another OL

    Texas A&M Football
    · 9m

    From the 12th man in College Station to the 12s in the Emerald City

    Congrats, @Jared_Hocker !

    • Sea Mode

      He’s a guard.

      6060, 327, 33 1/8 arm

      Hurt his pec on bench after 9 reps, but if we give him the average of 24, he would have scored a 2.75 TEF and 89.95 wTEF.

      • Big Mike

        Damned fine for an UDFA

  10. pdway

    Agree w everything you wrote here – – thank much for all the awesome draft coverage. Felt like I learned a ton about so many college players. Will be that much more interesting to see how they land.

    I’m w you – all three of the picks tick the right boxes, and it feels realistic that Eskridge can come in and contribute right away. Adding him and Everett, and an offensive coordinator who helped make the Rams passing game so successful w a lesser QB, and well.. hope springs eternal.

    Looking forward to seeing it shake out over the summer.

  11. CaptainJack

    How I grade the picks:

    D’Wayne Eskridge – B+

    Short, but well built, versatile and faster than his official 40 time. Not a slot guy despite his shorter height. Can catch away from his body, snatch the ball out of the air without breaking stride, and can turn on a second gear when he has to outrun DBs. Good hands. The value here was fair, there were other good receivers on the board, but this may have been the best option. Would be an A- if we had been able to trade down and still select him, but he may have been the Rams “guy” so who knows. Not a lot of depth behind him so we will count on him in a big way. He’s older than ideal and his college production really only ramped up in his final season.

    Tre Brown – B-

    Yeah, I get it, he’s actually really good. But the physical profile turns me off. His athleticism is adequate but not elite. His size is really a question mark, especially his arm length. But he plays hard and had a knack for making things happen in big moments at Oklahoma. By biggest problem with this selection is Arizona swooping in and nabbing Marco Wilson, a top five overall athlete with good size for a corner, right before this pick. Wilson had question marks about his maturity level and there are no worries there with Brown. At worst he upgrades the special teams unit and provides depth, and at best he wins a starting job, over Witherspoon/Flowers/Blair on the outside, or beats out Ugo Amadi at nickel. But not exclusively a nickel at all despite his size, and his agility is actually a bit subpar for a nickel, so I highly doubt he starts there. There’s no denying he’s similar to DJ Reed, and that can make the selection feel a tad redundant. But they do have a good diversity of physical profiles in the secondary now and they will face Rondale Moore, Desean Jackson and Tutu Atwell twice next year, I can imagine they’ll be rotating players at outside corner depending on matchup. The trade down was a plus but if we had sat pat we could have been able to secure Marco Wilson.

    Stone Forsythe – A-

    Great value here. This player stood out to me when I was watching Kardarius Toney. He’s very, very big. Not the greatest athlete ever, but he’s good enough to start some day. Pretty ideal to pick up a promising developmental tackle this late in the draft. It was an absolutely crucial move. I am not a giant fan of the trade up, but perhaps it had to be done. By far the best pick in terms of value.

    Overall grade: B

    • BruceN

      Good summary CJ. Eskridge wouldn’t have made it past the Rams pick. Overall pretty good haul considering the three picks we had. I’m looking forward to the UDFA selections.

  12. Trevor

    Locket, DK, Eskridge, Swain, Terry is an ultra fast WR group and has the chance to be one of the best groups in the league I think. No shortage of weapons for Russ this year.

    • CaptainJack

      Best group in the league? Absolutely not. After Lockett and DK the depth is really poor, even with Eskridge (still a question mark).

      • Trevor

        Read what I said. One of the best groups. Not the best. I think Eskridge is legit and DK /Locket are as good as any duo in the league.

        • CaptainJack

          Early round receivers turn out to be busts all the time. There’s no guarantee Eskridge is even the main guy at WR3 this year.

          • Jeffers

            Dude he said “has a chance to be one of the best” so if you’re disagreeing with that you’re basically just being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian.

            • CaptainJack

              nah, hyping up this receiving group as “possibly one of the league’s best” is not warranted at this point in time. Not everyone who disagrees with your opinion is a “contrarian”. IN fact it was fairly condescending of you to imply that.

              • Chase

                Out of curiosity who do you rank ahead of the hawks?

    • Henry Taylor

      The Bucs might have something to say about the best group in the league, but for sure it’s up there. Terry is an excellent pick up as a udfa.

      • BruceN

        “ the chance to be one of the best groups in the league I think. ”

        Doesn’t look to me he said “they are” the best in the league. Does it?

  13. Sea Mode

    2 RBs added

    Luke McMurtrey
    · 3m

    Former ULM RB Josh Johnson (@_joshjohnson8) has agreed to a UDFA deal with the @Seahawks

    Ben Standig
    · 12m

    Not a WFT transaction, but FAU undrafted RB B.J. Emmons is signing with the Seahawks, per source.

    • pdway


      • Sea Mode


  14. Henry Taylor

    Did Cade Johnson get drafted?

    • Robert


      • Henry Taylor

        Unbelievable that he didnt get drafted, incredible that we were the guys that got him.

  15. pdway

    a couple UDFA running back signings –

    Luke McMurtrey
    · 5m
    Former ULM RB Josh Johnson (@_joshjohnson8) has agreed to a UDFA deal with the @Seahawks

    Ben Standig
    · 13m
    Not a WFT transaction, but FAU undrafted RB B.J. Emmons is signing with the Seahawks, per source.

  16. J M

    Some undrafted players I think could be good players.

    Adams, Jonathan WR
    Nixon, Dai’jean WR
    Harris, Jacob Y TE
    Morris, Quintin F TE
    Moore, Briley H Back
    Green, Carson RG
    Hutcherson, Sadarius LG
    Snowden, Charles LB
    Bradley-King, William DE
    Hodge, Darius DE
    Stills, Darius DT
    Carter II, Michael CB
    Coyle, Tyler FS/N

    • Sea Mode

      I seem to remember Harris, Carter II, and Bradley-King being drafted. Too lazy to look up the rest right now.

      • Chase

        Carter II is a jet, I know that.

  17. Sea Mode

    Let’s go! Another one of Rob’s interviews.

    Tom Pelissero

    Former South Dakota State Jackrabbits WR Cade Johnson is signing with the #Seahawks, per source.

    • Robert


    • pdway

      wow…can’t say we aren’t being proactive in the 8th round this year….

    • CaptainJack

      Could easily be better than Swain.

    • Steve Nelsen

      That’s a great signing.

    • TomLPDX


  18. Sea Mode

    Justin M
    · 9m

    The #Seahawks are signing former Stanford WR and KR Connor Wedington, per source. #NFLDraft

    Weddington is an ELITE special teams player. @TheDraftNetwork

    • CaptainJack

      Washington kid and former Husky commit. Was a running back coming out of high school. Won’t make the team but pretty cool.

  19. CaptainJack

    49ers draft was flat out bad. The trade up for Lance was just stupid. They could have drafted one of Lance or Jones at their native pick. Took a really un-athletic guard in round 2. Took two running backs when it wasn’t a huge need. Took a few overrated corners. Just total mush of a draft.

    • Trevor

      Love Eskridge but seeing how we got Terry and Johnson as UDFA I tend to agree a Center may have been the way to go.

    • CaptainJack

      Make that three running backs. Hufanga was a good pick though but he’s not very athletic and has injury concerns. Still good value.

  20. Henry Taylor

    I dont think the 2 udfa wrs we got are that much worse than Eskridge. Still got buyers remorse passing on the Centers.

    • Trevor

      Posted on wrong spot .

      Love Eskridge but seeing how we got Terry and Johnson as UDFA I tend to agree a Center may have been the way to go.

  21. Trevor

    Adding Eskridge, Terry and Johnson to the WR group is a great draft for that position group and sets us up nicely going forward.

  22. SteveLargent80

    Very pleased with our UDFA haul so far. I like Terry and LOVE Cade, and some decent fliers at corner and OL. Not taking a center at 56 hurts a bit more now that they’ve taken two stud UDFA receivers, but I guess hindsight is 20/20

  23. Sea Mode

    Finally, a LB:

    Tom Pelissero

    Former Army LB Jon Rhattigan is signing with the #Seahawks, per source.

    • cha

      He’s the world’s greatest criminal mind.

      • Sea Mode


        6003, 236, 4.77 40yd

      • STTBM

        Great reference! +1!

  24. Sea Mode

    Another OT. Jake Curhan from California

    Kenny Zuckerman

    Congrats to @curhan71! Going to the @Seahawks

    @PrioritySports #NFLDraft2021 @CalFootball

    • CaptainJack

      I thought he had a heart issue

      • Sea Mode

        Don’t know.

        6057, 316, 33″ arms, 2.51 TEF, 79.17 wTEF

    • Sea Mode

      Let’s hope so!

  25. STTBM

    Niiice Cha! Love that one!

  26. Sea Mode

    Here’s the full UDFA list so far:

    FSU WR Tamorrion Terry
    S. Dakota State WR Cade Johnson
    Stanford WR/KR Connor Wedington
    ULM RB Josh Johnson
    FAU RB B.J. Emmons
    Texas A&M G Jared Hocker
    Montreal C/G Pier-Olivier Lestage
    Cal OT Jake Curhan
    NC Central CB Bryan Mills
    Army LB Jon Rhattigan

    • CaptainJack

      Johnson, Terry could make the roster. Not confident on any of the others.

    • Cheese22

      Emmons was the top RB coming out of high school. Signed with and played for Bama then transferred to a cc. His tape looks good. Pretty good udfa.

  27. CaptainJack

    They need to add another vet DT in free agency. And bring Wright back.

  28. Sea Mode

    Matt Zenitz
    · 5m

    Source: The Seattle Seahawks are expected to sign Mississippi State undrafted free agent offensive lineman Greg Eiland.

    Versatile 6-foot-8, 330-pound player who was a four-year starter at Mississippi State. Has started games at both tackle and guard.

    • JimQ

      OT-GREG EILAND, MISS. ST. 6-076ft, 335lbs, 10 7⁄8 Hand, *** 88 6/8-Wing, 37“-Arms ***

      • JimQ

        Eiland is about the width of an average pickup truck.

      • Sea Mode

        37 inch arms! Holy cow! I think they may have signed him just to want to see him in person, cause his testing is historically bad…

        6077, 321, 37 arm, 5.77 40yd, 26.5 vert, 8’1″ broad, 8 bench

        1.87 TEF, 60.18 wTEF

        • CaptainJack

          Orlando Brown Jr 2.0?

        • MyChestIsBeastMode

          I’d pay $600k just see that physical specimen.

    • CaptainJack

      That is a large man.

    • Ashish

      We can have him stand between Russ and Donald like a wall

  29. Sea Mode

    Can’t find testing numbers for Pier-Olivier Lestage. Looks like he’s been training at Center, and that’s where he lined up most at the Tropical Bowl.

    And I’ve never actually seen this technique. Sounds unique:

    • Trevor

      He is known for being a tough and nasty. He is a PS guy year one with the potential and attitude to compete for a spot year 2 on think.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, saw him burying plenty of guys in this recruiting tape he put out:

        • Bankhawk

          I can’t judge the tape, as I’m unsure about the level of the competition, but there seems to be a distinct whiff of ‘Big Brenno-style ornery’ in the air for most of those reps.
          Smells kinda like (sniffs-sniff’) brimstone! 😂

      • Steve Nelsen

        Between coming from Canada and having no 2020 tape, he is the type of wildcard prospect that is more common this year. He needs a year of pro strength/weight training but he could end up being better in 2022 than any center currently on the roster. Can he long snap?

    • no frickin clue

      If you plug his name into an anagram solver, one of the options is:

      Agile Pistol Reverie

      Obviously this means we need to run more pistol formations with him in the lineup at Center.

  30. JimQ

    LB-Eli Mencer, Albany added. Thought they were a little light at LB.

    • Bobby

      He was in camp last year as an extremely undersized DE.

    • Sea Mode

      He’s from last year.

    • CaptainJack

      Wasn’t he added last year also?

    • JimQ

      Oops, that was in 2020. was just searching for news. Sorry.

  31. Brett

    Am liking this guy already…


  32. Sea Mode

    I’ll just say again that, whether they end up panning out or not, I’m glad PC/JS got the guys they were targeting in the draft.

    Jim Nagy confirmed this for Eskridge this morning, and JS for the other two in the press conference today:

    Said there was an offer to trade down again further after the trade with Tampa Bay, and the stock gained from that would have allowed them to move up earlier for Stone, but they decided they needed to stay put and take Tre Brown right there. Then in the 190s they started trying to trade up for Stone and finally were able to move up to 208 and get him. Said PC and Walter Jones were super nervous waiting it out.

    • Hawkdawg

      Not Walter. Hutch. Steve Hutchinson, who with Walter was part of the best left side in the NFL for 4-5 years. Hutch scouted Stone for the Hawks quite a bit, apparently.

  33. TomLPDX

    Guys, do you have any heartburn if we have new RBs that beat out Homer and Dallas? I don’t! Love Homer’s ability to pass block but really am not impressed with DeeJay.

    • cha

      A lot will come down to special teams. With Carson, Penny and Collins there won’t be many regular season snaps available.

      I’d imagine they’ll be practice squad guys who get the call up when one of those 3 inevitably gets hurt.

      • Pugs1

        I don’t, it’s all about competition. I would argue with a Saints friend of mine who couldn’t get over the fact that the Saints drafted Antonio Pittman in the fourth round and cut him in the same year. He was beaten out by Pierre Thomas a UDFA who had eighth good seasons for the Saints. IMO it’s bad business for teams to keep guys because of where they got drafted. If the UDFA is better so be it.

    • vanhawksfan

      I don’t like either of them and would have loved to see Kylin Hill knock them both out.

      • DC

        F’in Packers!!! I hate them. Hill was my boy.

      • J

        Not sure if he was a fit for a zone system.

  34. Hoggs41

    I will be interesting to watch the NFC play out this year. You have to think Tampa Bay is head and shoulders the favorite to win the NFC but the race for the next highest could really go to anyone. Why not us.

  35. Sea Mode

    Brady Henderson

    The Seahawks gave Stanford WR Connor Wedington a $20K signing bonus on his UDFA deal, I’m told. That’s a significant amount. The Lake Tapps, Wash. native turned down bigger offers to join his hometown team. He’s listed at 6-0/204 and has return ability.

    • DC

      What’s the total purse each team has to divvy up for udfa?

      • J

        Last I heard it was 140k, though it might have gone up.

      • Sea Mode

        Brady Henderson

        As @bcondotta said, teams can spend up to $160K this year on signing bonuses for UDFAs. So $20K apiece for Bryan Mills and Connor Wedington shows you what the Seahawks think of those two. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall a bigger UDFA bonus they’ve given in recent years.

    • DougM

      Not much in the way of highlights but had a couple of nice catches

      • DougM

        Pro day results for Wedington

        4.47 40
        6.66 3c
        4.07 ss

  36. SamprasSultanOfSwat

    Rob thanks for the information on the undrafted free agent signings. Hopefully Seattle can find a couple of undrafted free agent gems.

    Live long and prosper.

  37. SpennyDunks

    Really excited about Terry and Johnson. I know its easy to get excited about UDFA WRs every year but those two have a legitimate chance.

    • CaptainJack

      Terry is undeniably intriguing. But I feel every season they bring in a tall, fast (4.4 range) guy in UDFA who makes some plays in training camp and preseason games, and then is never heard from again. Jazz Ferguson, Kasen Williams, there are a few others I can’t remember their names.

    • Henry Taylor

      And theres Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. Dare to dream boys!

  38. Thomas Wells

    I’m actually pretty satisfied with our WR, CB, and OT groups at this point. Given our lack of capital I think that’s a job well done, as I thought WR3 and CB were our biggest positions of need and we badly needed a tackle prospect for the future. Just wish we had more stock to tap into rich vein of center prospects in this draft and plan for the future at DE, TE, and OT (on a more substantial level)

  39. Mick

    I hate that Lions beat us to Drake Jackson, but we got really nice additions at WR. Still think that Eskridge was the right thing to do there, too good to pass on.

    Rob, many thanks for the incredible amount of work in covering this draft and providing us with unique content. Hope you get a well-deserved rest for a while.

  40. Brik

    I know it’s not part of the draft, but I’m surprised no one has mentioned the talks between Sherman and the Seahawks.

    • Sea Mode

      But there have been no talks. PC’s whole point was to underline that there was never any bad blood with Sherm, but that they’re not interested in him at this time.

      • Brik

        That wasn’t my understanding from what I’ve read. It seems like there’s interest from both sides, but Sherman wants to see if anything else shakes out now that the draft is over. You could be right though.

  41. Hawk Mock

    Can they somehow pull off signing Sherman, Richardson, KJ and some center competition?

    • CaptainJack

      If 2/3 of those signings happened I’d start talking superbowl bid. Right now playoff team but not a contender. I really want Richardson back. So bad.

      • CaptainJack

        Actually not jazzed about Sherman coming back. I like old grizzled vets at defensive tackle and linebacker. Not so much at boundary corner.

        • Mike

          I agree in that aging corners slowing makes a big difference in play.

          But we got new young corners. Sherm is part player, part coach. He’s one of the most intelligent at his position to ever do it. Im ok with him on the team if only as competition for the young guys and someone that can help them break down film and see the game better.

          • TomLPDX

            I’d be all for that if he comes in at a decent price and is willing to be that player coach. I think he is going to want more money than we can afford though.

  42. CaptainJack

    Looking back on it, I’m kind of sad we weren’t able to keep Stephen Sullivan and Jazz Ferguson around. Tight end depth looks a little thin. No UDFA tight ends.

    • Sea Mode

      We signed Everett and drafted Parkinson last year, gotta see what they’ve got.

      But I wouldn’t be surprised if they add one more after veteran cuts.

      As for Jazz, my understanding is he’s a) a WR and b) currently sitting on his couch at home. I wouldn’t be sad over him or Sullivan (who is not really a TE either, just a big WR).

      • Big Mike

        Sully is a DE guys. I mean he played it in high school donycha know?

      • CaptainJack

        Ferguson is apparently on the BC Lions.

  43. swedenhawk

    Just re-listened to D’Wayne Eskridge’s interview on the Draft Analysts podcast. Really like his confidence. As a bonus, he named Tre Brown as the toughest corner he faced at the Senior Bowl. Cade Johnson also seems like a great pick up as an UDFA. Real fun interview, Rob. Your draft coverage has been tremendous this year. A major feat considering the minimal capital the Seahawks had. Thanks for all your work — you too cha!

  44. Sea Mode

    Finally, a DT, albeit terrible testing numbers:

    Justin M
    · 3h

    The #Seahawks have signed former Virginia Tech DT Jarrod Hewitt, per source. #NFLDraft

    • swedenhawk

      Per Tony Pauline:

      Undersized, explosive defensive lineman who projects as a three-technique tackle. Fires off the snap, plays with terrific pad level, and gets a lot of momentum going up the field. Keeps his feet moving, displays good change-of-direction skills, and chases the action hard. Fluid moving about the field.

      Negatives: Lacks size and bulk and gets easily out-positioned from the action. Possesses marginal strength at the point. Average athlete.

      Analysis: Hewitt is smart and tough and gets the most from his ability, but he comes with size limitations and marginal upside.

    • Positrac

      Jarrod Hewitt needs to be the new Prototype Fullback for the Seahawks. They way he builds momentum and still can navigate through traffic. Please let this happen!

  45. Sea Mode

    Draft call of the year for sure: 🤣

    • Rob Staton

      Love that

  46. Bankhawk

    Rob, you did one hell of a job this off-season, with commendations to Curtis and Robbie as well.
    Now get all the way back from that covid jab, and get some serious quality time in with the fam! You’ve so much more than earned it.
    Thank you so much to you, and the community at large, as well.
    Cheers, mate!

  47. Sea Mode

    Lol, no lies here. 🤷‍♂️

    Josh Norris

    Lock of the summer is a @SethWickersham epic on the Aaron Rodgers – Matt LaFleur – Brian Gutekunst triangle

  48. Noah

    Obviously with our cap space I’m not sure if we can do all of this, but in terms of vets I think we need to get another RB, a WR(even though we’ve added here in the draft), potentially another DT, a cheap C, KJ and maybe a CB like Sherman.
    Its unlikely so I’m sure this list is more wishful than accurate, but to get 2 or 3 vets at these positions would do a world of good in my opinion.

  49. uptop

    One things I’ve seen a lot of dumb people harp on is that our draft picks are “old”. Yes they are all seniors, but it takes me back to that iconic Moneyball clip, where age is a perceived flaw. The talent and potential of these guys exists besides the fact that they were college seniors or older. None of them are even 25, it’s not like we drafted Brandon weeden

    • Henry Taylor

      Tbf, age is a much bigger factor in football than baseball. And this is kinda the reverse of your point because moneyball is all about using analytics to find good players, and theres plenty of data to do with breakout age correlating with NFL success.


        They can last through a four year contract. It’s more about mileage and injuries than age if they are under 25.

        • Henry Taylor

          Not entirely, there’s a big difference in the average physicality of a 23/24 year old man than a 19 old 20 year or old, which suggests if a player only gets good enough in college to attract scouts once he’s older than most the players out there that suggests he’s less likely to carry over that success and continue getting better at the next level.

          It’s not a perfect system but I believe theres historical data to back up having a higher breakout age correlating with not being successful in the NFL.

  50. Benjamin Davis

    Working in the ER tonight, met a huge OU fan. He had on a Sooner mask. I’m wearing my Seahawks Lanier. I said you an Oklahoma fan. He goes, “Boy y’all got a damn good Corner in Brown! He’s a ball hawk and has a nose for always knowing where the ball is gonna be and stealing it. Carroll is gonna love Brown.”

    Just thought I’d share my story. I hope he’s as good as they say.

    • Sea Mode

      Good story!

      Take it for what it’s worth, but JS said if Brown were 6’2″, he would have been a top 10 pick. That’s how much they like his talent at least, and the success of DJ Reed convinced them to be flexible on their traditional CB profile in favor of talent.

    • swedenhawk

      And for what it’s worth, on the Draft Analyst pod Dee Eskridge named Brown as the toughest corner he faced in Mobile.

  51. Mick

    State of the art after the draft:
    – QB: didn’t expect to see a change, I’m happy with what we have.
    – OL: we drafted Stone, a backup LT with potential. I’m curious about our Canadian UDFA Lestage, maybe he ends up getting Fuller’s place as second C. Greg Eiland and Jared Hocker will compete for a place at G. I think we got good depth.
    – RB: no new name via the draft, the UDFA signings won’t probably make the cut. Going with Carson, Penny, Collins, Dallas, Homer.
    – TE: no new signing. Hopefully Colby and Everett deliver.
    – WR: Lockett, Metcalf, Eskridge, Cade Johnson, T. Terry, Swain. If Wilson doesn’t get MVP with this receiver corp, it’s not going to be on them. Could develop as one of the strongest WR group in NFL.
    – DE: no new signing, probably happy with what they have.
    – DT: no drafted player, Jarrod Hewitt doesn’t look too bad, big chance for him to compete.
    – LB: none via draft, Rhattigan won’t make the roster, we better get KJ back on Monday.
    – DB: Tre Brown and Bryan Mills (5 ints in 2019). We have a lot of depth but I’d still say not enough quality. Hope Tre Brown turns into a starter.

    • Sea Mode

      I think one of the UDFA RBs beats out Dallas easily.

      Let’s wait and see about KJ, a DT, and possibly a center when some vets start getting cut in favor of their drafted replacements.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m liking the look of BJ Emmons

        • swedenhawk

          Agreed. He looks the part. A former four star recruit for Alabama who runs hard at 511 220. Pro day results comparable to blog favorite Javonte Williams… Not a bad UDFA pick up for sure.

          • swedenhawk

            Javonte Williams

            Height: 5’9 5/8”
            Weight: 212 lbs.
            Hand size: 9 3/8”
            40-yard dash: 4.57, 4.55
            Vertical jump: 36”
            Broad jump: 10’3”
            Short shuttle: 4.09 seconds
            3-cone: 6.97 seconds
            Bench press: 22 reps

            BJ Emmons

            Height: 5’11 1/3”
            Weight: 215 lbs.
            Hand size: 9 1/4”
            40-yard dash: 4.59
            Vertical jump: 36”
            Broad jump: 10’00”
            Short shuttle: 4.14 seconds
            3-cone: 6.89 seconds
            Bench press: 21 reps

  52. McZ

    Draft in the books, and I we made it through with three picks. The results will be felt in a season or two. But now is now, and 2021 could be the last RW hooray at Seattle. How does things Look?

    First, I don’t buy into the Eskridge hype. He is the type of player RW seems incapable of hitting consistently, and we have to see if he is capable to break into the gang of “his guys”. Can he run routes, consistently? Can he escape the higher speed defenders in the NFL? What is his role?

    Tre Brown seems to be a sensible addition, only a bit on the short side. The fact is, you won’t get long and strong corners behind R2 anymore. The Rams just invalidated that selection by adding a big strong possession receiver in Ben Skowronek, in R7.

    Stone Forsythe is a good pick. He has a chance, as Rob says. His ceiling is a starting LT without bend and mobility (rarely happens) his floor is out of the league without a game played. Will he play? I guess not. Not for a long time. He cannot learn at G.

    The UDFA class is looking good. Could carve out a WR#5 and depth at G.

    As for the Niners pick at #3, I thought they picked the wrong guy. In the end, it all boils down to perception, but Mac Jones was a game manager proven to handle NFL caliber wide outs. Same goes for Fields. Trey Lance has everything to prove, and this might be too much.

    One thing still bugs me. People tend to point to Justin Herbert. Remember the PFF dude whining about Herbert slightly overthrowing? That was because the Ducks receivers were crap and not capable to go vertical and make a play. Some of Lance’s throws are reminding me on those words, and his receivers were no better.

    After this pick, I find nothing too exciting about their draft. Is there a strategy, a guiding principle? I honestly don’t know.

    The Rams salvaged their draft in the mid rounds and late in 7th. They added said Robert-Tolyan-type of receiver. Is Atwell worse than Eskridge? We will see. Stafford is proven to be capable targeting those guys. Wilson’s not. He now has a complete toolset of receiver types, RW has not. Robert Rochell will take two seasons, and then will take over and be a star. Bobby Brown next to Aaron Donald is a winner. Their UDFA class contains Alaric Jackson and Paris Ford.

    The Rams added athleticism and traits. Combined with good scouting a principle for success.

    The Cards had serious additions at positions of need. Zaven Collins might be overpayed by 10 spots, but he is the solution to their LB hole. He is a better prospect than Brooks, by a mile. He should talk less and start to deliver. Ah, and no-showman LBs…. generally, teams will cringe about the day they passed don Owosu-Koramoah. Rondale Moore rounds out a stacked receiver group. Michal Menet is a starter at C, in two years time.

    The best draft IMO? Chargers, by a mile. They let the draft come to them and added talent until deep R6. Chris Rumph III could be the bargain of the draft. They clearly were after Elerson Smith, and took him instead. Rountree next to Ekeler is promising, and the RB FA market is still hot.

    Smith went to the Giants, and when Ojularis medical concerns were as reasoned as Montez Sweat’s, they just added two impact players into an already good pass rush.

    My favorite pick? Joe Tryon at #32 (Go Dawgs!), and Ian Book to Saints at #133 (a bit early, but still… football IQ and a pair of balls in the hands of Sean Payton).

    BTW, Jamie Newman went undrafted. How to ruin a career by changing horses and opting out. Hopefully, an example to learn from for other players showing not much loyalty for organizations.

  53. Sea Mode

    I think it would be fun to come up with our own complex grading tags like this.

  54. Henry Taylor

    Rewatching some Terry and Cade film and I’m just in absolute awe they added both these guys, the only time I’ve been as excited for a udfa was Poona and they got 2 this year. Just an excellent job.

    It does have me wondering though, with adding these guys as priority adds (which I can only assume is the case) as well as prioritising the position early, plus the looming threat of a star QB who really wants to cook, are the Seahawks intending to try and get back their early 2020 aerial attack? With the justification that it fell apart last year when teams learned how to take away Tyler and DK? They’ve added a few guys, including Everett, who can take further advantage of underneath stuff as well as just ramping up their depth so they’re not relying on a David Moore or Freddie Swain in a big spot (hopefully anyway).

  55. clbradley17

    BJ Emmons || FAU Owls Running Back || 2019 Highlights

    “He possesses the ability to be a solid north-south runner with great speed. He can also catch passes out of the backfield as a receiver. Emmons’ biggest strength is that he runs hard, and helps his team in tough situations. He has the ability to pick up the first down when there is one or two yards to go and the defense is blitzing. He protects the ball well, as he never fumbled it in his college football career.”

  56. Isaac

    This udfa group looks pretty good. Highlighted by terry and johnson. They have a very good shot at making the team.
    Now that the draft is over what are our needs? Wr was addressed. Cb depth taken care of. Next season looks good. The future looks unsustainable.
    Something to think about. Did we pick up so many receivers due to the potential cost of metcalf and adams?

  57. Benjamin Davis

    Does anyone know how many picks we have in the 2022 draft, and what rounds they are?

    • Big Mike

      If I’m wrong someone jump in here cuz I’m going from memory:
      I believe we have our native pick in every round 2 through 7 and no others.
      Of course we don’t have our round 1 cuz Jamal Adams is the gift that will keep on giving in Seattle for the next roughly 5 years depending on the length of the contract they sign him to.

      • DC

        2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7

        We have the Jets 4th

        • Big Mike

          Thanks DC

    • Mick

      I think JS didn’t want to have yet another draft like this one, and thus next year’s pick were off-limits.

  58. Benjamin Davis

    Awesome! Thanks guys. Appreciate it.

  59. JD

    I think a fun exercise is comparing our draft to WFT 2-4 picks. They picked up Cosmi, Dyami Brown and Benjamin St Juste at 51, 74 and 82. Developmental OT, WR3 and CB depth which was our same needs and our same drafted players positions.

    I think we all would prefer that group of 3 players over ours but considering draft placement and further research, JS did a great job. I agree with Rob that 3 picks is malpractice for our future but in trying to be realistic about this draft, I was very pleased.

    When was the last time we acquired a player with as much intensity as Tre Brown? That competitiveness and playmaking has been a bright spot in watching film after he was selected.

    Cade Johnson truly gives me Lockett vibes. I think he is going to earn Russ’ trust quickly this offseason and immediately become WR4.

    Terry reminds me of the Packers MVS. If he can be that guy to score a couple 40+ yard TDs for us as a WR 5,6, that’s a huge plus.

    • J

      I actually have those two groups as a push. I’d prefer Stone to Cosmi. Brown and Eskeridge are a push to me. And I’d prefer St. Juste to Brown. I just think Cosmi is a high floor low ceiling type whose best case is something like Brandon Shell last year. Forsythe has a higher ceiling and when you are talking developmental tackles I prefer that.

  60. Rob Staton

    Man I wish we had more picks

    • Henry Taylor

      If we’d traded down to the mid third and taken either Green or Meinerz I’d be soooooo much happier with this class.

      • Scot04

        It all comes down to Adams. Think of how many good cheap players could have come from those picks. Obviously a trade out of 1st round. So 4 more minimum this year; plus still having our 1st next year.
        Well i guess he’s here to stay.
        So only thing we can hope is he takes 16M per, & he improves immensely, but unlikely on both.

    • clbradley17

      If only we would have trade Adams, or never traded for him in the first place, we could have had our choice of Meyers, Humphrey, Meinerz or Green to come in and take over at center.
      “PFF called Green “one of the nastiest players in the draft” and he was named 2020 First Team All Big 10 Selection. Green says the Steelers have talked to him about playing center, and that he wears #53 because he is a big fan of the Pouncey twins.”

  61. Canadian Hawk


    I know it’s been said many times, but thank you for all the work you’ve put in.
    The insight, the detailed analysis, the volume of content – truly commendable work indeed.

    One thing I’d be curious on now that the draft is behind us would be your thoughts on the Seahawks off-season as a whole.

    The draft. UFA pickups. FA signings.

    What have you liked most?
    What haven’t you liked?
    What’s left to do? (Sign Sherman? Richardson? KJ?)

    Do you feel the team is any closer to being a contender?


    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — I’ve tried to answer some of those questions in my new post (now on the blog)

  62. KennyBadger

    Rob, thanks again for the insight and context you give us every year. I love this site and the community input and I hope hosting remains sustainable for you. The UDFA period seems like it’s off to a good start and I’m optimistic about signing veteran FAs. The organization certainly has its flaws but I think we’re a dark horse for an nfc championship this year. Cheers!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  63. Sea Mode

    It’s been in the works for a long time…

    Tre Brown
    · Jan 6, 2014

    “@49ers: Who’s got it better than us?” The Seahawks

  64. Bill Valent

    So Rob, watching the Seahawks draft process, it is evident the Seahawks place a fair amount of weight on Senior bowl performances. Might the emphasis be too great? LJ Collier, for instance, performed well there but not as well as one assumes the Seahawks expected in the NFL. Is the competition at the Senior Bowl sufficient to justify the kind of weight the Seahawks place on it? Do other teams place less emphasis on these performances? If so, why?

    Thanks for replies.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness that approach also landed guys like Wilson and Lockett.

      I think the Senior Bowl is very important. I am desperate to go next year. I’m comfortable with how the Seahawks treat it TBH.

      • Gohawks5151

        Yeah the senior bowl has given more than it has taken away for Seattle. It just needs to be balanced with the athletic testing to get a full picture. That way you can avoid a Collier type

  65. Trevor

    I actually feel better about this draft than I have some of the Hawks others in recent memory.

    Think all 3 guys make the roster with Eskridge and Brown having the chance to make an impact. Also think the UDFA group will have a couple of guys who make the roster with a couple potentially being impact guys 2-3 years down the road.

    People are going to laugh but I think Pier Oliver Lestage will be our starting Center in 2022 after spending this year on the PS or backing up Pocic. The Hawks coaches are going to love his attitude, nastiness and work ethic.

    • Mike

      Im intrigued by him. I think Pocic’s days may be numbered with lestage on his heels. If pocic slumps again (likely), i think lestage could push his way in. You figure thats why he chose Seattle and PC personally called him up. The guy just has the right attitude and wants to hit someone.

      Also im excited about Forsythe. The guy needs a bit more lower body strength so he can get lower in hist stance and kickstep a bit faster, but that frame and a pro strength training regimen could really produce a monster. His hand fighting looks pretty solid. Could improve still, but he has a nice base skillset to start with. He can get beat around the edge by speedier guys, especially if they line up out wide. He also can get beat when moving between downfield blocks in the run game. But he’s not bad at any of those, just those areas he could improve in. Even when guys get inside leverage on his pads and stand him up, he has so much height to give, with such long arms, he can largely just absorb that. He’s a nice project. Great frame, good base skills and instincts. Just a few aspects of the game he could be coached up in.

  66. Tecmo Bowl

    This highlight video of Pier-Olivier Lestage is impressive. I’m not familiar with the level of play, but his effort to decimate his opponent is ideal. At the 4:00 mark he drives a guy into the padding around the stands! Lol

    • uptop

      Probably should pack on more weight

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