Early 2022 watch-list & final thoughts

Jalen Wydermyer is one to watch for 2022

2022 NFL Draft early watch-list

I can’t believe it’s time for this again already…

Derek Stingley (CB, LSU)
For two years he’s been on a pathway to the top-five and could be the highest drafted corner in years. His physical profile is beyond freakish. He had a 142.74 SPARQ score including a 4.30 forty and a 42 inch vertical. He’s well sized at 6-1 and 195lbs. An elite prospect.

Kayvon Thibodeaux (DE, Oregon)
Another former five-star recruit who has been a top-10 projection since the first few weeks of his emergence in college football. He ran a 4.30 short shuttle at SPARQ and he has the size and length teams covet. He had nine sacks in 14 games in 2019 and three more in the awkward covid-impacted 2020 season.

Malik Willis (QB, Liberty)
Nothing he does is orthodox. He’s the ultimate off-script, playmaking quarterback. He’ll scramble around to extend plays, throw from awkward angles, break off huge improbable runs and frustrate opponents. He’s an ultra-dynamic athlete with a good arm, great speed and he’s one to watch in 2021. Transferred from Auburn. Has plenty of technical issues that need serious work though.

Carson Strong (QB, Nevada)
He opted not to turn pro in 2021 and with a somewhat unpredictable quarterback outlook for the draft next year, he has every opportunity to go from a tier two QB prospect to a tier one. Strong has a great arm with solid downfield accuracy and teams will covet his skill-set.

Aidan Hutchinson (DE, Michigan)
He rushes the passer like an absolute wildman. His father also played for Michigan and he showed great loyalty to them in returning for 2021 after picking up an injury. He’s quick for his size, explosive and a real force getting after the quarterback.

Jalen Wydermyer (TE, Texas A&M)
When watching Kellen Mond, Wydermyer stuck out like a sore thumb. He constantly made plays in the passing game as Mond’s top-target. He’s 6-5 and 265lbs and just looks destined to be a very solid pro-weapon in the future.

Wanya Morris (T, Oklahoma)
A former top recruit, Morris has just transferred from Tennessee to the Sooners. At SPARQ he ran a 4.50 short shuttle at nearly 300lbs. Oklahoma is very capable of slotting him into the line-up and elevating his stock ahead of the 2022 draft.

Haskell Garrett (DT, Ohio State)
A player we talked about a lot before he opted not to turn pro this year. Garrett was shot in the face during the season but returned to play, miraculously. He ran a 4.41 short shuttle at 300lbs, is a 104.64 SPARQ athlete and he’s a dynamic interior rusher with the toughness to win battles vs the run.

Jordan Davis (DT, Georgia)
An absolute mountain of a man, Davis is 6-6 and 330lbs. He absorbs double teams as a nose tackle but the expectation going into the 2021 draft was that he would put on a testing show. Considered the star performer for Georgia last year on a defense that contained multiple high picks.

Zach Harrison (DE, Ohio State)
A potentially dominant pass rusher, big things are expected of Harrison this year. At SPARQ he ran a 4.62 forty and jumped a 38 inch vertical. His overall score was a 125.82. He’s a big-time prospect if everything clicks.

Sam Howell (QB, North Carolina)
He will be an experienced starter by the end of his third season at UNC. He has shown progress in terms of accuracy and elevating his team. How he copes without the two stud running backs and Dyami Brown will be interesting to watch.

Rasheed Walker (T, Penn State)
Considered by many to be a potential top-20 pick this year, Walker surprised many by returning to Penn State. He’s big, long and capable of playing either tackle spot at the next level.

Kyler Gordon (CB, Washington)
I think he looks terrific and the testing numbers hint at a big future. He’s jumped a 42.5 inch vertical and a 10-5 broad. He ran a 3.87 short shuttle and a 6.52 three cone. There’s a lot to work with here.

Obinna Eze (T, TCU)
A talented and athletic left tackle, Eze has transferred from Memphis to TCU for his final year in college football. The upside is big here but he could use a season of consistent football to elevate his stock.

Jake Ferguson (TE, Wisconsin)
It feels like we’ve been talking about Ferguson for years. He really emerged in the passing game in 2020 and with football hopefully returning to normal this year, he could be a big-time weapon.

Jeremy Ruckert (TE, Ohio State)
A player expected to take on an expanded role in 2021 with the athletic profile to really develop this year. He has the size and at SPARQ he ran a 4.40 short shuttle, jumped a 35 inch vertical and had the highest overall score at his position (114.27).

Reflecting on the 2021 draft coverage

I always like to think back on what I got wrong during this process, while reflecting on areas we did a good job.

What I got wrong

— I fully expected Seattle to trade down. Right before the draft, Rob Rang had suggested to the Seattle media that the Seahawks could/would be fearful of trading down at #56 due to the Rams being at #57. I never admitted this on the blog but I dismissed it in my own head, thinking there’s no way they’d only pick three times. In the end, Rang was absolutely right. That appeared to be exactly their mindset and with some justification. Even if the Rams always intended to select Tutu Atwell, they were clearly looking for the same type of player as the Seahawks.

— I over-estimated Quinn Meinerz, perhaps reading too much into Ali Marpet’s rise a few years ago. Someone had passed on information to me that teams ranked Meinerz a little lower than I did but I stuck to my guns that he’d be a top-50 lock. In the end, he went far later.

— I think Minnesota is a great spot for Kellen Mond and it won’t be a surprise if he steals Kirk Cousins’ job within the next couple of years. However, I thought he would go in round two and he lasted to the third. I need to circle back on whether the NFL whiffed and he’ll be the next Dak Prescott or Russell Wilson, or whether I missed on my projection. Certainly it’ll be interesting to compare Mond and Davis Mills to Kyle Trask. I liked Mond/Mills a lot more, yet Trask went earlier.

What I was happy with

— Overall I was happy with the way my horizontal board was constructed. I limited it to about 180 players and all but a handful at the end were taken. Most players were selected in the range I thought they might be. Along with another top-10 placing in the Huddle Report scoring — and a now two-year average which is joint first overall — I feel like the tape study and projection for this class was sound.

— Some examples of this include having Payton Turner in an isolated four-player bracket with Jason Oweh, Kwity Paye and Joe Tryon. All four went in the same range. I feel like we were ahead of the game on Zach Wilson, on having Jaycee Horn ahead of Patrick Surtain and other projections that occurred in round one.

— Perhaps most pleasing though was the way the positional traits we’ve consistently identified and discussed on here show up in team decision making across the NFL. All of the tight ends we identified went off the board earlier than most expected — John Bates, Tre McKitty, Noah Gray, Zach Davidson and Luke Farrell. We’ve written about why. Tommy Doyle, Dan Moore and Landon Young went earlier than expected, we identified why. There was another mad rush for the leading TEF-testers. We all know why. So although we most certainly don’t get everything write — I think the process of how we project players is reasonable.

The Seahawks got who they wanted

Jim Nagy revealed the following earlier today:

“John Schneider told us on Thursday afternoon that Dee Eskridge and (Tre) Brown were the two players he hoped fell to Hawks. Brown’s elite speed & good finishing skills will allow him to compete for a starting role as rookie.”

We can certainly debate the merits on whether the Seahawks were right to put themselves in a position to only pick three times this year. Regardless, it’s always better when they get who they want.

I think we’re all scarred by that press conference after the first round in 2019 when — armed with two first round picks — things clearly didn’t go according to plan. The consequences have been felt too.

That’s not to say them getting who they want will lead to them making the right call (see: Rashaad Penny over Nick Chubb). Yet at least we can judge Plan A going forward, rather than trying to judge a damage limitation exercise.

Certainly there are things to like about the three players they drafted, as noted yesterday. It’s a nice trio and it’ll be interesting to see how their careers develop.

What happens next?

Having watched Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s post-draft press conference I think it’s fair to say that Richard Sherman is unlikely to be rejoining the Seahawks. It appeared to be an exercise in polite dismissal of a topic that was brought up somewhat randomly after the Seahawks have just signed Pierre Desir and drafted Tre Brown.

K.J. Wright is a different story. With no significant addition at linebacker I think they are pinning their hopes on something getting done there. My prediction is that will likely be their only significant move between now and camp.

As I said yesterday, I don’t think the roster as it stands will be good enough to take the kind of step forward required to be a serious contender and it feels like the status-quo has merely been retained.

I think the big hope for Seahawks fans has to be that Shane Waldron can elevate the offense to new levels. He has been given two additional weapons in Gerald Everett and D’Wayne Eskridge. I wouldn’t bet against Tamorrion Terry and Cade Johnson getting into the mix either.

If he can create a consistently dynamic unit capable of playing a season of good offensive football and avoiding the peaks and troughs we’ve seen in prior years, that’s their best shot at being a serious threat in 2021.

I’m just not convinced the Seahawks have the chops to get after it in the trenches when the big games arrive. That was the question mark coming into this off-season for me and it still remains.

Everyone knows my opinion on the Jamal Adams trade by now so I won’t repeat it here. I will reiterate though that I think the Seahawks have spent far too much on the linebacker and safety positions and the key to future success will be shifting resource and adding major talent to the O-line and D-line.

If you take the 2021 draft in isolation and simply judge what they did over the last two days, it was a positive. I think their UDFA additions are very interesting too. I already mentioned the pair of receivers but a quick glance at B.J. Emmons in particular has me wondering if he has a legit chance to make it stick.

A final message to the community

The last year has been a strange experience writing Seahawks Draft Blog, which I started in 2008.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m a journalist and sports editor for the BBC. I write this blog in my spare time as a hobby.

Increasingly I’ve been working this website like a full-time operation. I spend nearly all of my free time watching games, writing long-form articles and recording podcasts. I do it because I enjoy it.

I have also said from day one I’ll be honest and forthright with my views. For the vast majority of the Carroll era, there’s been little to complain about.

However, I do think in recent years there have been some troubling trends and decisions — on and off the field — that need to be challenged.

In some cases these issues are not one-article investigations and then move on to a fluff-piece about the linebacker depth. They’ve demanded conversations stretching over numerous weeks and months.

I’ve been really surprised at how people have reacted to this.

The abuse I’ve received for having strong views on the Jamal Adams trade, the direction of the franchise and Russell Wilson’s future has been an eye opener.

This isn’t foreign to me. This is par for the course in my day job. A few years ago someone sent me a tweet which was a picture of a notepad saying ‘Kill List’ at the top. The list included ‘Rob Staton’ and ‘Rob Staton’s family’.

This was all presumably because I’d said something disagreeable on my radio show.

At the BBC I’ve finished shows I thought went really well, only to have streams of abuse waiting for me on Twitter. Quite early in my broadcasting career I had to deal with this being part of my working life. I can handle it.

With this blog it’s different though. I’m not employed to do this. It’s a hobby, albeit one that has developed into something more significant.

So when I get sent a message like this in the comments section…

Hey rob. Your stupid is amazing. Don’t let your daughter to turn out same way otherwise she will become a prostitute. Even if you are stupid its not too late for your daughter.

… I have to pause and wonder what I’m doing here. My daughter is four-years-old. I only ever think of her as a happy, amazing, joyful little human. She constantly makes me smile.

Yet suddenly, this individual planted this awful post into my head. And it was seared on my brain.

In the last 12 months I’ve had people threatening to hack my Twitter account. One guy spent several months emailing me abuse. I wouldn’t reply but it never stopped. I’ve spent an obscene amount of time moderating the comments, which often leads to further blowback when people accuse that of appearing heavy-handed.

What does the future hold? I’ll take a break, reassess, see what’s out there. I’ll let you know.

In the meantime I’m going to continue doing YouTube videos on my channel. I think it’s a fantastic platform and I want to build on what we’ve started there, so subscribe if you can and stay tuned.

I’d like to thank those in the Seattle media who have invited me onto their radio shows and podcasts in recent weeks. I’m always available, just drop me a line.

My personal thanks goes to Curtis Allen and Robbie Williams who have been a source of great help. Sea Mode, you know how much I appreciate your help too. There are many others, including those who simply tell a friend to check out SDB, who I also need to thank.

Your positive feedback is a constant source of energy for me. Thank you all.

If you’ve enjoyed the draft coverage this year, please consider supporting the blog via Patreon (click the tab below)…

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  1. Dave1401

    Thanks Rob. Another amazing job done this year, my 11th draft as a reader of the blog. Wouldn’t be the same experience without your analysis. Enjoy the break and hope you continue for many years to come

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Dave

      • Tim

        Two days later, and I’ve finally read this article.

        Rob, I want to let you know how much I appreciate this hobby that you’ve had. I am rather sad and am both surprised and not surprised to realize that you’ve been attacked personally for your opinions.

        I’ve found your blog thoughtful, your opinions well thought out, and the amount of content that you’ve supplied for free extremely generous.

        Thank you.

        • Dan


          I am sorry about the abuse and trolling you have been taking. I was a bit offended when you blocked me on twitter because I mentioned off handedly how many are speculating a lot (which I assume you took as an attack on you). It was done with respect and honestly a passing opinion of Seahawks twitter. Now, I understand why you did what you did. Enjoy your break and hopefully your stint back at Twitter next time will be fruitful for you. Thank you for ever candid responses and takes.

  2. Feindt

    Many thanks for your Hard work and your articles. Enjoy your break!
    S/o to the exzeptionell community, looking forward to the next season with you all!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

      • Benjamin Davis

        Thank you Rob, for all the hard work that you put into this. I enjoy reading you’re pieces all throughout the year, and brag to anyone who is a Seahawks fan I know to check out your site. Enjoy the time off mate. Cheers and another job well done this year!

  3. Russ

    Really appreciate all you do Rob. You’re my favorite person to go to for Seahawks analysis. Your level of detail and willingness to ask difficult questions is refreshing.

    I hope you enjoy a well deserved break after this draft and offseason. All the best to you and your family.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Russ

  4. Submanjoe

    Always good stuff Rob.

    For what it’s worth, I’m intrigued by their draft this year. I like the Eskridge pick, they’ve needed a player like him for several years now.
    I’d add that in addition to the hope and changes Waldron brings, staying healthy would be very beneficial..(obviously). If Carson can stay healthy all year (just one time in his career, this year please) and Penny or another back too, and the o line as well.. the certainty of a strong versatile running game would be super beneficial. If the d line can stay healthy there could be a decent enough rotation to keep em all fresh and impactful. Likewise with Adams.

    Say what you will, but that loss to the Rams in the playoffs came down to him missing two tackles because he could not function properly, the idiot play call to DK that became a pick six, and Reeds muff. Several of those have been addressed, and injuries are the others.

  5. Hawksorhiking?

    It’s astounding what you put into this blog and even when I don’t agree I always take something from your points. And honestly you are on point so frequently this is my go to for Seahawks info. The amount and severity of vitriol you take from a sports blog is awful. I would hardly blame you from reigning in the content on here. Your YouTube content is fantastic.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man, appreciate it

  6. TomLPDX

    It was a crazy season, that’s for sure! Your website and top-notch content has been a bright spot for me, especially this year. I hope you take a long break since you basically didn’t last year and leave it in Cha and others hands.

    Thank you, Rob

    I’m going to officially start stumping now for Wydermyer as our next TE! That was my favorite player last year for the Ags

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tom

  7. Hawksorhiking?

    You were high on Cade Johnson, were you surprised he wasn’t drafted?

    • Rob Staton


      • Dan

        But really excited that he was added to Seahawks roster as UDFA……based on Rob’s write-up and interview with him.

        More broadly Rob — thank you for all of the tremendous content. It is truly a “go to” when I am looking for honest, quality discussion of Seahawk issues.


  8. Darrell

    Rob, as a Hawks fan and constant lurker here, I just want to say thank you for your coverage of my favorite team. You offer a different perspective than anything else out there and the fan base is lucky to have you.

    I am a police officer and can somewhat relate to the vitriol and hate directed your way. However, like you said, this is a hobby and not your job. Do you and take all the time you need. Just know there are a lot of us that appreciate your hard work and enjoy it without ever saying anything.

    Great stuff as always!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Darrell, I really appreciate that.

  9. KennyBadger

    I hope you enjoy your well deserved break Rob. And to the scum who threaten, harass, and abuse – get a life.

  10. Pugs1

    Different challenging viewpoints is what makes your blog great! No reason for abusive messages and emails. I don’t agree with you 100% on Adams but you deserve nothing but respect and congratulations on your blog. The other 31 fanbases should be so lucky to have you. Thanks

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Pugs

  11. Ashish

    Rob, please delete your daughter’s comment from article. Just absurd I can’t even read that. No one should say that to anyone period.

    We appreciate your time, effort and quality work. Thank you Rob.

    • BOHICA

      I concur. While I think there’s value in calling out someone for their crass behavior and highlighting some of the garbage commentary that you’re subjected to far too often. I believe it’s empowering to these types of individuals to give them a platform that offers their voice attention when in reality it deserves zero merit. This dudes pathetic so you probably made this shallow piece of trash’s day by posting his comments. I’m certain he interprets this as “Cool, Rob just gave me a shout out”. Consider the source, his words carry no weight so treat him as such.

  12. Albert Bryan Butler

    Thank you.

  13. BoiseSeahawk

    I really appreciate the challenge regarding the Adams trade. There is so much merit to it, it needs to be on the table.

    Everything should be up for discussion and I’m sorry to hear about the threats you received, people are ridiculous. Keep doing what you’re doing and if you ever need some backup I’m sure all the fans of your blog would be happy to address any threats coming your way.

  14. Tyler Jorgensen

    That was sickening. Appreciate your stuff and perspective whether I agree or not. Hope you let that wash away and keep doing what you do here.

    Enjoy the off-season, you’ve earned it.

  15. Noah

    Rob, in my opinion (and I’m sure its the same for many others), you are the best Seahawks writer/reporter out there, and I hope that you continue with the blog, but as always you should do what you see best.
    Hopefully the blog/youtube stays being brilliant in future, and I appreciate the effort you put in, and enjoy the break, its well-deserved

  16. Jerry

    Hey Rob,

    Thank you for all the hard work. I don’t typically post comments, but I read your work often. This is one of my favorite sources for sports journalism, and the depth of coverage stands out. I hope you keep it up.

    It is unfortunate that you have to deal with so much toxic and completely inappropriate comments. I don’t think you should take this as a reflection of your work, but instead just a sad commentary on the state of online discourse. For some reason, a small yet vocal subset of the population seems to interpret any difference of opinion or differing viewpoint as a personal affront, and to treat people with whom they might disagree as the enemy. This isn’t limited to sports. For some reason, the anonymity of the internet makes people say things that they would never say in person.

    One of the things I like about your work is the rather unvarnished honesty. I hope you continue. One thing to keep in mind: for every silly loser spouting hateful, disgusting garbage, there are many positive comments and many more people like myself who just enjoy reading excellent analysis without leaving comments or tweets.

    Don’t let the trolls ruin your day! I know that ignoring things like that is easier said than done. Anyone posting things like the comments you mentioned above has clearly lost perspective on what is important in life, which is sad. Their lives clearly are not going well, and unfortunately social media provides a platform for people to disseminate their hate to a broad audience. I believe the best way to combat this is to just ignore them. Trolling is a pretty transparent plea for attention and attempt to make other people feel as shitty as they likely feel about themselves. Letting it impact your life just plays into their goal. Again, its easier said than done, but ignoring their toxic BS is the best strategy.

    • JimQ

      Well said Jerry. I’d suggest that when Rob see’s comments like that, just envision a pimple faced 13 year old kid siting at his keyboard as you hit “delete”.

    • Balint

      I can’t agree more with Jerry:
      “One thing to keep in mind: for every silly loser spouting hateful, disgusting garbage, there are many positive comments and many more people like myself who just enjoy reading excellent analysis without leaving comments or tweets.”
      Rob, you do an amazing job. I hope you can find energy to continue it. Thx for all your articles, videos and thoughts!

  17. no frickin clue


    It makes me nauseous to see the kind of vitriol that you’re being subjected to, simply because you’re not acting like a shill or a straight-on cheerleader for the Seahawks. For most of us, your analysis is refreshing, differentiated and, much of the time, prescient. I’ve been a reader for years and I respect your process and your writing regardless of how the team happens to be performing.

    Have you considered moving this venture behind a paywall? So that it’s not simply voluntary, like with Patreon. Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I think you’ve built a site that is worth a subscription. Perhaps going behind a paywall would eliminate the keyboard warriors who say crap that they would never say to anyone face-to-face.

    Enjoy some well-deserved time away from this hobby, and I hope there’s a way that this community you have built can revert back to the way things used to be.

    • bmseattle

      I agree about the paywall.
      Low life people who make threats and troll *do not* pay for access.

      They think they are *owed* free content, and refuse on principle to pay for it.

      I think a paywall would solve the problem of trolls… the negative part would be that it would diminish the likelihood of SDB getting more casual exposure and potential local radio spots, etc.

      It all depends on what Rob is ultimately looking for.
      If he wants to increase readership, a paywall probably isn’t a good idea.

      If he wants to maintain a smaller, more supportive community, a paywall would work wonders.

      Perhaps a compromise of a handful of free articles, but the majority of the stuff is behind a paywall?

      • Chris

        Even a $1 paywall/year would be sufficient. Once people are forced to reveal their identity through the process of paying, this kind of nonsense would drastically decrease. These people rely on anonymity.

  18. Hawk Scott

    I don’t comment that often, but it’s rare that a day goes by without checking out SDB. It’s literally become my go-to resource leading up to the draft, but I always enjoy Rob’s spot-on analysis and content.

    Rob, to hear they type of blowback you’ve been receiving makes me just sick to my stomach, and it’s a painful reminder of the world we currently live in.

    I can only hope you’ll continue what you’re doing, because it is HANDS-DOWN, the greatest site for Seahawk Fans.

    Love ya, buddy! Keep that head up and KUDOS to an amazing year of content/comments/interviews/videos!!! Well done, brother!!!

  19. Hawks4life

    Appreciate the hard work and dedication Rob! Now go spend some well deserved time with your family!

  20. NotJon

    You are a treasure Rob, don’t let the terrible few get you down when so many of us look forward to hearing your thoughts throughout the year!

  21. Jordie

    Hi Rob,

    I don’t always agree with your commentary of Seahawks… sometimes you are right, sometimes wrong, but that is your opinion and I respect it. I really enjoy the in depth analysis of players whether they are top 10 prospects or UDFA.
    ANY COMMENT FROM A BORDERLINE ILLITERATE KEYBOARD WARRIOR SHOULD NOT FACTOR IN TO YOUR DECISION (but clearly it will). I sincerely hope you and your whole family have an enjoyable Spring and Summer.

  22. Kevin Mullen

    Thank you Rob for all your time and effort on what I believe is not only the Best Seahawks content, but the Best NFL Draft coverage and analysis on the web. This site is a constant go-to, daily check-in.

  23. bmseattle


    The quality you produce here is unmatched.
    This is truly a unique space, and the fact that a “hobby” of yours has produced a product that surpasses the professional sites, says everything about you and your abilities as a writer, and a thinker, and worker.

    The irony of the fact that SDB is the best out there, and that you are receiving more attention in the media, etc… is that you will also be getting more attention from assholes and losers.

    I feel selfish in asking that you keep doing what you are doing with the site, because I realize you are spending so much of your life doing it. Time you could be spending with your family.

    Whatever you end up doing/deciding, you can be proud of what you have created and produced at SDB… there really is nothing like it, and the quality puts other Seahawks sites to shame.
    Really, if there was any justice, someone *would* be paying you for this, as a profession.

    You’re the best.

  24. Murphy

    Thank you Rob. The level of journalism on this blog is consistently outstanding. The last few years have been frustrating as a fan but I still check this place multiple times a day, so thank you for the entertainment and education.

  25. Timon

    Hey Rob,

    thank you for all the phenomenal articles and podcasts!
    I hope you know how many people enjoy reading your articles and that you bring joy to so many people!

    Can’t thank you enough for all the great content!

  26. Alfred

    Rob, really want to thanks for your efforts to run this site. I came to this site a lot to read, but never made a post. First time poster here. I like your analysis and points, even though I am not 100% agree all the time (probably agree 85%). That’s fine, everyone have their own opinions, but still love to read your works. Big thank you to you and wish your family well.

  27. Frank

    Highly disappointed too hear such nonsense as people getting so personal about a frickin sports opinion, although can’t really think of anything that would justify being threatening towards a person or disrespectful of their family. As much as your options can sometimes have me pulling out my hair, 80-90 percent of the time your logic and level of research changes my opinion anyway. Thanks for another amazing year, you are truly professional lvl knowledge and it’s a joy to be exposed to such in depth thought process. Definitely think you’ve nailed it again and the next couple years of football I fully expect the guys you valued high becoming the stars of tomorrow as is an annual event around here.

  28. Travis

    Rob, another season of exceptional insight and dedication. Incredible, really.

    Perhaps you could promote a few of your trusted contributors to handle forum moderation to weed out the crazies.

    Go Hawks

  29. CaptainJack

    Sadly, ZTF’s pro career is now a major question mark after tearing his Achilles. Won’t play until late september at the earliest.

    Several Huskies always seem to get drafted though (three in the first three rounds this year)

    Rob, tight end Cade Otton is really good. Doesn’t drop anything ever, one handed catches, game winning touchdowns, much better than Will Dissly. So is Jaxson Kirkland at left tackle. Henry Bainivalu at right guard is also a very talented and massive player, and he’d be the first Fijian player in the NFL I believe?

    On defense I know you like Kyler Gordon, but Trent McDuffie will be the best corner on the team next year. Edefuan Ulofoshio is a fantastic inside linebacker you should definitely keep an eye on. That’s about it for husky pro prospects right now.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I second the comments on Cade Otton. Kid’s got IT.

  30. Steven

    Rob I am so sorry to hear about the insane negative feedback. You are my favorite Seahawk blog. Your insights and knowledge are always fun for me to read. I watch many draft analyst and yours is always my favorite. As a father I am disgusted by others willing to say such things! Family and your own mental health are the most important. You do what is best for you and I will keep reading and watching.

  31. Henry Taylor

    Quality on this site is unmatched, we’ve all been so lucky to have you all these years. In depth and honest analysis on the Seahawks and the draft, for the second straight year you got an interview in with an eventual Seahawk (hopefully this one works out as well).

    I only discovered this sport as a teenager and this site has grown an interest into an obsession. Following your work is a pleasure and if you continue or not, sincerely thank you.

  32. Ulsterman

    Rob, the coverage has again been superb this year, it’s easily the best Seahawks site out there.
    please don’t let sad keyboard warriors put you off.
    just remember they wouldn’t dare say anything to your face, they’re pathetic.

  33. James P

    Another incredible season of coverage Rob, thank you so much for your efforts. The YouTube content has upped the ante even more, I’ve really enjoyed hearing from you and Robbie. Please take a good long break, enjoy some family time and recharge the batteries.

  34. OG

    Rob, you blog is my first stop everytime I pop on my phone to see what the Hawks have been up to. There really isn’t a better place for breaking news, thoughtful posts and excellent writing. Sorry to hear you have to spend so much time swatting at gnats. Haters always gonna hate…

    Thanks for all the great reads!

  35. Gohawks5151

    Great work this season Rob. Appreciate all the work. Grateful for the consistently awesome content and discussion.

    Along with Wydermyer at A&M there is also Demarvin Leal. Out of the PAC 12 I like Drake Jackson a lot. Also I think Trent Mcduffie is gonna be a star if he comes out as a Jr

  36. Mw1193

    I’ve read for years, and never commented. I will say your work is appreciated. The fact that you’re getting comments about your child I’m relation to seahawks commentary is ridiculous. That person, and or those people have a lot more going on than your comments they disagree with.

  37. jianfu

    Sorry to hear about the trolls. I’m a vikings fan but have been a fan of this site for several years and am always curious to hear your perspective on prospects. Hope you keep it up but, of course, first things first, take care of yourself.

    Now, is it too early to get a Kellen Mond jersey. 😉

  38. Group captain mandrake

    That kind of abuse is sickening. There’s no place for that. Although I do find it ironic that I’m calling you stupid, the writer backed it up with some of the worst writing I’ve seen in awhile.

    As far as things you think you got wrong, if I remember correctly, the Hawks did try to trade down but it fell through. So I’d say you got that right.

    Keep up the good work Rob. Most of us here appreciate the writing and effort. Don’t let the assholes get you down.

  39. 12sInFrance

    I just would like to thank you for all your hard work, your honesty and your courage. LONG LIVE Seahawksdraftblog !!!! By far, the number one source on all things Seahawks
    Take care

  40. Aaron Anthony Anderson

    I’d be a very sad day for all of us if SDB was gone. You must follow your heart Rob, we appreciate every word you have written. Good luck with your future ventures.

  41. CHawk Talker Eric

    For personal reasons I’ve been posting this offseason under a different username than this one, and under my new username/email, Rob moderates each comment I make before it posts to the discussion (as is his prerogative).

    Anyway, I’m temporarily using my original credentials today so that Rob knows this comment comes from the heart of an old friend:

    You’re the best in the business, Rob. From your player scouting, to your in depth team analysis, to your prospect interviews, it’s all the best football information I’ve ever consumed. Even if I don’t agree with everything you say (and to be clear, I agree with the overwhelming vast majority) I always respect and appreciate you. No other fanbase – in ANY sport – has it as good as we Twelves. Thank you again and always. Whatever you decide to do, you have a supporter and ally in me.

    Same with the rest of the group: V12, Sea Mode, cha and so many others… I for one value and appreciate this online community of ours. Even if you think haven’t seen me lately around here, trust me, you’ve seen me.

    Here’s to hoping we can keep this going, as we continuously strive to make it better.

  42. MBO

    Hey Rob – I’ve read your blog for years but never commented. Just wanted to say that I genuinely enjoy your analysis, and I’m really sorry to hear about the abuse you have taken. Selfishly, I would love to see you continue your work here – but, honestly, speaking from experience, you should prioritize your and your family’s mental and emotional health above anything here. Hope you can find a balance that allows you to continue, but I’ll understand if you don’t.

    And I’m 100% with you on the Jamal Adams trade. I was nervous about it at the time, and his health history (!) makes me even more leery of a monster extension that could pay him closer to an edge rusher than a franchise safety. But I digress. (:

  43. Rob Staton

    Thanks for all your nice words. I am reading every message. It’s all majorly appreciated.

  44. Sea Mode

    I guess PC hasn’t completely lost his recruiting chops!

    “It’s the team that showed the most interest. Pete Carroll called me, so definitely I was feeling a good vibe with them,” Lestage said.

    “The team is definitely serious, when a head coach picks up the phone and calls a player, it’s serious. You don’t do that with any player,” Lestage’s Montreal-based agent Sasha Ghavami said.


    There were offers from competing NFL teams which included more guaranteed money, but Lestage turned down higher amounts of cash elsewhere to ink a pact with the Seahawks. Signing bonus dollars can often indicate the level of interest from a franchise, but it’s not always the key factor in the decision-making process.

    “There were a lot of great options. We had multiple offers, and it ultimately came down to the best fit, the best opportunity that we felt. It’s a question of fit and Seattle’s been talking to P.O. for a long time. There was a lot of interest throughout the building and opportunities there,” Ghavami said.


  45. Kris

    Rob, you’re the simply the best there is when it comes to covering the Seahawks and the draft in my opinion. So sad to hear about the abuse you’re getting but sadly not surprised either given today’s online world.

    I hope you enjoy a well deserved break and really, really hope you decide to continue this wonderful site as it is.

    Is there any way you could maybe have volunteer content moderators to help filter through the abuse on here? Like how moderators on Twitch work. At least that would be a way for you to not have to deal with so much of that garbage on your own…

  46. pdway

    man, I’m so sorry you have to deal with that kind of awfulness. There’s really no excuse, people just feel the right to let their most horrible impulses run free on the internet behind the curtain of anonymity.

    Anyway, as a regular reader, who disagrees with you plenty of the time – just know that your hard work effort – and especially sometimes the crisp debates in the comments – are really appreciated. It’s a real oasis on the internet – and a fun place for a shared passion to have an outlet.

    Hope you get a peaceful break.

  47. Brett

    Rob –

    Another great year at SDB. What you’ve created is truly unique, especially because of its quality writing and scouting. Just completely top-notch. Well done!

    I agree with a few of the comments people have made recently that your evaluation and scout skillset is good enough that you could land a paying gig somewhere. All the more notable given that you don’t live in the US and (I don’t think?) have actually played football your entire life. Just unreal… you clearly have a natural talent.

    Three of SDB’s best qualities were on display throughout this last year:

    1) Your scouting of players and prospects, and the insights you bring to readers *much earlier than many others see them*. The Russell drama, Quinn Meinerz mania, and WR draft depth are three good examples.

    2) The quality of your writing remains top-notch. All those years with the BBC really show up in the blog. Clear, concise and on-point – even if readers don’t always agree, it’s not like people have to wonder where you’re coming from.

    3) Interviews. This is some of your best content, and it gets better each year. Prospect interviews, Pauline & Nagy cuts, live blogs… nothing I’d rather watch when it comes to Seahawks material.

    Some suggestions moving forward…

    1) Ignore the trolls and anonymous social media stalkers. The emotional impact of that loud (but tiny) fraction of your readership couldn’t be less representative of the vast majority of SDB readers. You actually do a good job of powering past those idiots, but keep trying. Don’t give in… they probably want to just make you shut up and go away. Don’t give ’em the satisfaction.

    2) Maintain a content flow that keeps you energized but stays in-balance. Nothing would be worse for the rest of us than to have you get burned out and hang ’em up.

    3) Try and run some more content that’s counter to the accepted SDB narrative. For instance, the interview you did earlier with Corbin Smith (?) was excellent IMO. I’d also like to see you address issues like Russell’s culpability in this whole legacy drama (it can’t ALL be FO mismanagement, can it?). Or whether several of the changes we’re seeing in the ‘Hawks approach might be explained by longer-term changes they’re making but not necessarily advertising. Does the Adams trade + so few LB’s on roster + fast/sticky/short corners indicate we might be looking a defensive scheme adjustment? Same with the offense. Is the scheme morphing according to a non-public plan, or is the FO really just a bunch of inept dolts? How many of the draft misses are really just the downside of “going for it” with high ceiling/high risk late round picks?

    Seeing some of these developments early is the kind of thing you do routinely. So let’s do it some more!

    Your Seahawks content remains the best on the web IMO. And it’s not really even that close. Keep doing what you’re doing. There is more good commentary and discussion generated here on this blog than the rest of Seahawks social media combined.

  48. D_C_

    First time poster here. Just wanted to jump on and say how much I appreciate all your hard work and stellar analysis. Completely understand and respect your decision. Just know that there’s one other devoted (yet heretofore silent) reader who greatly appreciates all your hard work and admires how on-point your analysis is.

  49. Gaius Marius

    Thank you for your coverage! This is really my first off season being here and I have found the analysis and other content fantastic.

    I want the Seahawks to win more Super Bowls. Players and coaches are only of interest to me in accomplishing that goal. I realize having an unhappy QB or one with one foot out the door makes that already difficult task nigh impossible. I greatly appreciate you covering and not ignoring the problems in this off season.

    I still hope the Seahawks offense will explode in wonderful fashion with Wilson calling it from beginning to end this season and taking the Seahawks to their second championship (I don’t see the defense being able to do that). But that is hope. If as I expect things aren’t as rosy you analysis and considerations has steeled me for what will be a bumpy ride over the next year.

  50. Jim Leung

    Great work Rob. Don’t let the trolls get to you. There are a lot of stupid people in the world. I’ve finally became a Patron because of it. Enjoy your break and look forward to the future.

  51. Happy Hawk

    Just read an article promoting the idea of a Wilson for Rodgers trade – straight up? Wilson back to Wisconsin and Rodgers back to the West Coast. Unless RW is adamant about leaving I would not make this trade without additional compensation. Sure seems like Rodgers is aggressively severing his relationship with GB.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Maybe Wilson for Rodgers and Love straight up… There has to be better compensation for the age of Rodgers relative to Wilson even if Rodgers had a better year and, arguably, career.

  52. Dave Bailey

    Great coverage as always Rob, keep up the amazing work.

  53. 206

    I don’t blame ya for taking a break. I wonder if the abuse is a byproduct of increased popularity on SDB or your “takes”, or both? Either way, doesn’t matter, no reason to deal with it especially when theres not check involved. It’s a hobby. Hobbies don’t involve your family being threatened, typically.

    With that said I really enjoying SDB and have since 2010 or so. Like many others, I use it as my primary source of seahawks information not only due to yours and the others great articles, but the comments section where every can share their opinion. If I could donate I would, but I have no money.

    I hope you find a way to continue reporting on the seahawks in a way that is more justifiable and worth your time. Shoot, the state of washington is absolutely beautiful, might be time to hop on the boat and come on over and take over 710 espn.

  54. Jim N

    Rob, i have really appreciated all your hard work. Indeed you are much more often right than wrong and it speaks volumes to have so many comment on your blog with real substance. I am not a big writer but truly enjoy what you have been doing and pretty much detest people who put you and your family down. They are the extremists. Hopefully they can be identified and blocked. I hope you keep up the work, and spreading it around a bit might be a big help for you as well. I particularly enjoy your podcasts with RObby and you guys discussing different opinions.! MY very best to you and your family!

  55. Mick


    whenever you mention this kind of messages, I spend some time thinking before writing something here. Because we’re not in your place and we’re not the ones taking the abuse. I really enjoy reading your posts, watching your interviews and your discussions with Robbie and talking with all these people in the comments section – you have managed to put together a great community. I’m also glad that the mainstream media is noticing your activity and you are turning into a voice that is heard on various channels. I would miss hanging out here and reading about the Seahawks, if you take a step back. But I don’t think it’s my place to tell you what to do – you should take the best decision, so that you live the happy life that you deserve. I can just once more say thank you for everything you do.

  56. Don Hill

    Long time follower 1st post. I enjoy this site like no other. You provide truth and honesty as you see it and you can’t ask for more than that. I find myself following other “Sea Hawk” sites less and less because of all the watered down reporting and head in the sand journalism. Thank you and know that your site and You tube channel are much appreciated!



    Rob, I really appreciate your articles and all the scouting you do. I don’t have the time or TV channels to watch a lot of college players, so it is great to get your perspective. I don’t put too much hope in getting a lot of those players as they always seem to rise above the Seahawks draft position after you have identified them 🙁

    I’m in agreement with others that this could be a pay site. You my as well get something out of it. I personally don’t like Patreon that much and would rather it was just a yearly billing. Maybe that would cut down on the rude people, though if they did pay they would probably feel even more entitled.

    I’ve been disappointed in the Seahawks draft efforts for awhile now. Lets hope that three draft picks is as low as they can sink. Coupled with next years choice of paying Adams or paying two tackles and various other free agents that will be on the market. What a bad choice to make!

    Have a happy carefree summer!

  58. TomLPDX

    Hey Rob, I was just wondering…

    What would it take to get you to the Senior Bowl next year?

    The Seahawks add bonus points to prospects that do well there and it has become obvious over time. Would love to see you get to spend the entire week there reporting, doing player interviews, coach interviews, and of course Nagy interviews!

    Sure hope it becomes a reality for you soon!

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Ya, maybe in addition to patreon or other youtube funding mechanisms, it would be fun and interesting to see how successful it could be if you do an annual ‘Go Fund Me’ to get you in person scouting/reporting at Senior Bowl or other NFL prospect gatherings… NFL combine maybe if that’s even possible? That would be a cool way for the community to give back on a tangible/objective goal that would also further enrich SDBs info.

      • Brett

        I’d kick in for that.

      • TomLPDX

        Me too. We’d probably get plenty of cash to fund a solid round-trip for Rob next year.

    • Rob Staton

      I am planning to try and get out there next year

      • Lewis

        Almost mashed me want to hit up my old stomping grounds (Just East) just to buy you a pint.

      • RugbyLock

        Set up the Go Fund Me for it and I’m sure a lot of us would contribute as a Thank You for all your hard work.

  59. Matt


    I’ve been reading your blog since 2009, and this blog specifically has shaped my love for the draft, and also turned me from your average Seahawk fan into the die-hard that I consider myself now. Your analysis has always been spot on and unbiased, and is an outlook that I know I can count on compared to the changes that inevitably come via other sites. It is a true shame that members of our fan base feel emboldened to hide behind a keyboard and write the things to you that they do. If you decide to hang up the cleats when it comes to this site, that is your decision and your decision alone. But I’ll still be following you on Twitter, YouTube and anywhere else you create a platform. Thank you so much for the work that you have done on this site, and I hope you get some time to step away and be with the family!

  60. STTBM

    I’m terribly sorry asshats send you abusive messages, especially bringing your family int it. This is a sick world.

    Seattle’s Front Office and coach have not had a good draft since 2012: they’ve deserved criticism for years. If anything, you were late to that realization–in large part because you are a journalist by trade and don’t jump to conclusions. You’ve done and said nothing wrong in your criticism of the teams decisions.

    You are heavy-handed and inconsistent with your blog editing–which has really pissed me off. But the crap attacks and drivel spewed by some deserves editing at times, too. And I’m human, I’ve posted some crap comments I’d like to take back.

    But as I’ve said and you’ve said, this is your blog, and you do it as a hobby, and it’s too much work for one guy.

    Thanks for running the only decent Seahawks blog around. I hope you and your family figure out what’s best for you and go for it. I prefer print media, as I read faster than you talk and I don’t have time to listen to your podcasts as much as I’d like. But as I’ve said before, I think you’re excellent on podcast and video, and there’s a possible future for you and your analysis there.

    Best wishes, in whatever you do, for you and your family. And screw the assholes, may they get what they deserve. Me too when I’m out of line, I’m not immune.

  61. Ben M

    That is some weak ass shizzzzz going after your 4 year old daughter man. You should out that posters real name.

    Good starting list for 2022, but FWIW, you listed the wrong UW corner. Trent McDuffie will be the guy in everyone’s radar. Gordon, while extremely athletic has yet to start a game for the Huskies, but I do agree in that I think he’ll be a good one.

    Thanks again for all your work Rob.

  62. SeattleLifer

    Rob, thank you for the immense effort and time you choose to share with us fellow Seahawk fans. I am sorry you’ve had to endure the deeper personal/familial attacks, just a sad shame of a window into the soul of humanity.

    Make the most of your time off, love your family and enjoy a bottle of chateauneuf or two, cheers mate!

  63. Andy J

    Hey Rob… really appreciate coming to this blog like all the freaking time. It’s definitely weird interacting hella consistently with people I will probably never know irl for years on end. Every time you post about the stresses of the platform it makes me a bit sad. You’ve curated a lively community here! Perhaps one of the best within any fandom corner of the interwebz. Hope you take the time you need. Hope you keep spitting hard to swallow truths (even if I quibble with some from time to time). But also hope you know how much you are also appreciated.

  64. Sneekes

    Thanks Rob, been reading the blog for 3 or 4 years now, and it’s pretty much the first site I visit each day. I hope you find the desire and the method that will enable you to continue. Take care.

  65. Jace

    Hey Rob thank you so much for all of your hard work again this year! The blog provided a ton of entertainment for me this year and was a great distraction from all of the negative going on in the world. Sorry about having to deal with some of the terrible comments and actions of others. Just know your work brings a lot of joy to me and makes the draft so much better each year.

  66. MoBo

    Trying to make it not too long.

    First, thanks for another outstanding season and all the effort you are putting in this blog. In the best case you derserve a ton of respect and some money over patreon, the worst case should be respect for your well written opinion and a controversial conversation why someone disagree. I don’t get it why people who aren’t able to do this and obviously getting triggered by you/ your informed review and not just simple cheerleading don’t come here again and again. If they don’t like it and it makes you angry, don’t come here and look for other sites. I’m sorry you and your family getting threatened and you have to deal with this hate. I would really hate to see you stopping what you do cause of these (insert various insults) and letting them win, although its not a competition. Could I understand that decision? Absolutly!

    Cause I’m from germany my main sport way always soccer/football and I started watching NFL barly in 2012. The Seahawks got some awesome characters on the team and I loved the way they played and the contrast to soccer players becoming more and more actors. For a long time I only watched the earlier sunday games and luckily it was often the Seahawks getting a TV spot in germany. At one point I wanted to understand more about football in general and learn more about the Seahawks. I don’t want to lick your feets but honestly, the moment I visited your blog (think it was pre draft 2017) was largely responsible why I became addicted with football. You are responsible for countless sleepless nights watching every game and a complaining gf, thanks mate. So you see, that’s where the trouble began. That site. That damned site 😀

    Why am I telling this? I hope the love from your community wins over the hate by some blokes and you will continue making a lot of people happy and excited, knowing a new article is coming. I hope you find a way making what makes you happy without letting some idiots ruining the joy. If the community can help you with that, let us know. Maybe a new design and site? There should be some guys in here who could help you build it up. A forum with discussions boards for registered members. Some members as mods too clean up the hate comments and if possible IP bans for those who need it. Maybe some sheets for the community to put together test results and interesting stuff from the coming prospects? I noticed that this year many hat own sheets collecting numbers, why not split the work? One big sheet with all the testing numbers would also be fun to discuss possible FA. I would pay for a Paywall but personally I wouldn’t like it. Back in 2017 when I found your blog and would have seen I have to pay for it, I would have closed the site.

    Again, thanks for your work and the best for you and your family

    • Sea Mode

      Great post and cool story.

      I would love to pool together and expand the resources on this site so as to establish it as a reference for all fans of the draft, even beyond Seahawks fans. Rob already has TEF scores, which is something unique.

      Just build it up little by little. Find your niche.

      I also don’t like the paywall concept (though I get it), and an exclusive Discord server might be something to consider if he wanted something with fewer dedicated participants beside the free blog.

  67. James Cr.

    Thanks for everything Rob, bringing us so many great discussions about the team we all love and the draft in general. All the best to you and your family. Would be such a shame to have the trolls ruin it for you and us.

  68. coach62344


    I read your article and love your writing. You have a wonderful style of being discerning and making points of view that all of us should consider. We may not always agree but I am among your readers do agree that you do a terrific job. Your passion for the fans, the Seahawks is clear in what you write regardless of the topic.

    Please do what is necessary to protect your mental health and the health of your family. They are precious and each of them is special and a masterpiece.

    Again thank you for your wonderful sharing and please spend some wonderful time with your wonderful family.

  69. SafetyBlitz


    I am a long time reader and I have been coming to SDB every day, multiple times per day, just so I can read your perspective and learn about prospects that I have been looking at as well as learn about guys I’ve not been familiar with. This website is part of my daily routine to say the least. I’m sickened to learn that you have received the nonsensical abuse. It’s terrible. I appreciate all the time and effort that you have spent over all these years. I am in agreement with commenters above that this website belongs behind a paywall. Developing and maintaining websites is my livelihood. If I can help with anything and I would be happy to donate any and all of my time.

    I hope you have a fantastic break. Spend as much time away with your family as possible.

    All the best!

  70. pepoandart

    Congrats on a fantastic year Rob. This is by far the best Seahawks website out there and you have fostered an amazing community. I am happy to admit I come here on a very frequent basis and your interviews with draft prospects and videos with Robbie have been excellent. I am so sorry for the abuse you have had to take running this website. Personal attacks on people and their families is unacceptable, especially over the internet on a FREE website. I hope you are able to find a way to deal with that nonsense in a manner that doesn’t waste your time or hurt your motivation to run this site. If there is anything we as a community can do to help I hope you will let us know. Enjoy your break, you most certainly deserve it.

  71. ABCinco

    Love all your work on this site! Your insight into all topics Seahawks is unmatched. So sorry to hear just little pieces of what you have been dealing with. Take a well deserved mental health break.

  72. Brondleman

    Thank you Rob! I really enjoy the draft and team building aspect of the NFL and over the years I’ve come to rely on your research and opinions more than anyone. I appreciate all the time you’ve put in. It’s sad that something that should be so fun and communal attracts these unhealthy people but such is life. You should hang it up if it’s not fun anymore. It would be a huge loss to the Seahawks and draft community though. You would be missed by many.

  73. Thomas


    You’re the best. I fully agree with you on Jamal Adams.

    You do great work. You make the draft so much more exciting. I trust your opinion more than other scout.

    I don’t get net trolls. Some people just love to be jerks. They can’t get attention through hard work so they want to go after you.

    You are very much appreciated. Take some time off and have fun with your family. My hope for you is some NFL team (even if it’s the Niners.. gasp…) hires you so you can do this.

    Ignore the haters and enjoy being with your family. Your family are the most important people.

    You do great work (even if I disagree with you once in a blue moon – Clowney will have 3 sacks this year)

    The blog is great but drop it like a hot potato if you ever need to.

    I wish you the best Rob.

  74. CaptainJack

    Pretty interesting… Urban Meyer opened up about wanting to draft Kadarious Toney over Travis Etienne. Better idea in the long term to keep this info close to your chest. A bit strange really and makes me wonder if Meyer is going to remain an nfl coach for very long.

    • Sea Mode

      Did he really say that? Surprising…

  75. Demitrov

    Hey Rob, just want to chip in and express appreciation for the great work you, Robbie, and guests do all year long. Seriously the best, most informed Seahawks coverage out there. You do what you need to do to keep your sanity intact. I just hope we keep seeing content in one form or another from you. I always look forward to reading your articles no matter what they say. As a father of a young daughter though I know what is best for them comes first though. Cheers!


  76. Jesse W.

    Hey Rob, thanks again for another great year of work. I still remember the first time I found this blog and it has enhanced my enjoyment of my home town team but the sport in general. I can’t apologize on behalf of the foolish and mean spirited people who would say such terrible things but I would if I could.

    Again, thank you for all the time and energy you put it. Cheers to your amazing wife from us on the blog. She’s a saint. Enjoy your break, I hope it’s not forever but those are great reasons to stop if you choose to do so. All the best!

  77. Jo

    To the idiot who talked about your daughter like that call him out. Also mention if you hate my blog that much then don’t read it.

  78. Tomas

    Rob, I believe you are nothing short of an absolutely first-class sports journalist, with great writing skills, thoughtful analysis, and an engaging personality that comes across both on the page and via video. The famous English wit is indeed alive and well, and I look forward to your continuing video presence and, I hope, writing. Hell, change “first-class” to “superb.” Very best wishes to you.

  79. Robert Las Vegas

    Thank you Rob for everything you do on this site I don’t contribute very much but I read your site pretty much every day.i thank you for all the work you put in And I wish you much success and happiness in your life and your future. once and I thank you

  80. CNote

    Rob, I’ve never written here but feel compelled to do so as a longtime seahawksdraftblog stalker. To put it succinctly and in the words of John or Pete, you are a “unique talent.” I have for many years loved your analysis, and while I sometimes agree with the sentiment of your dissenters it is refreshing to get the counter point of view from the ever optimistic and bullish analysts out there. It’s cliche to point out your nationality as your unique trait and that’s not what I’m referring to. As an overshare, I met my wife in London(an American) but lived there for several months, have a brother that schooled there and love the fact your a Brit with this phenomenal affection for ‘Hawks football. My appreciation of you resides with your arguments and analysis that are well based as it’s obvious you spend a lot of time doing your research, much more time than I have to be honest. For this reason, I implore you to continue what you’ve created here. A masterpiece collection of thorough and for the most part unique analysis that we die hard fans(and season ticket holder of 17 years) covet. I spend a lot on my tickets and greatly appreciate having this venue to “keep tabs” on management.:) Coming home from a game, this is my first stop for analysis…and I crave it. You are a delight and the fact someone invoked your daughter in a disagreement post is deplorable but not all that surprising as these forms of offense are mainstream now. Of course all of the above is selfish and you need to follow your bliss in life. This is more of a plea post than anything else.:) The fact of the matter is you should be compensated for your work here and I for one will cease to be a “freeloader” of your exceptional content. Cheers, Chad

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’ll second your shout out of Rob’s “Instant Reaction” pieces after each game. Not only do I crave the breakdown, analysis and prognosis looking forward, but I respect and admire the dedication and professionalism it takes to write and post many (most?) of them at what have to be very inconvenient hours for him and his family. And for free. After every game.

      Sincere gratitude 🙏

    • God of Thunder

      Agreed. Well said.

  81. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Rob, it’s clear that some of those shit comments and emails have taken a toll. Its frustrating as all hell when you know you want to brush something off, but the message is so damn evil that it burns into your memory – a la PTSD. You’ve shared some of the crap you’ve put up with in the past and I appreciate you sharing the one related to you and your daughter and am both sorry & angry you have to put up with any of it.

    Others have mentioned this above, bringing on some volunteer moderators to help police the comments and screen emails to the site may be a helpful way to shield you from most of the nasty stuff so you can remain focused on doing what you enjoy with less concern for the trolls. My understanding is that many youtubers use this method for screening out hecklers during live streams. If you have interest in this, I, for one, would be happy to be involved in this capacity as I tend to check this site and comments section probably at least 5 times/day on avg. Shoot me a line if you’d like.

    Secondly, I’ve been following SDB from the beginning and have left you a few heartfelt supportive comments over the years which you may (or may not) recall. I’ve always been near broke or in schooling. So, I’ve never had a good opportunity to give back financially in a way that’s reflective of how much I utilize and appreciate this site. Some time in the next year I will be making $$$ again and fully intend to patreon you, call it back pay for services rendered. This has seriously been my favorite website for over a decade now and to see you progress with Seattle mass media is awesome, let alone the consistent improvement in quality and depth of your work on SDB site and youtube interviews. Frankly, there would be a huge void in all things Seahawks if you ever stepped away.

    I really hope the Seattle sports radio stations can pull their heads out of their asses (and assuming you’d be interested) offer you a competitive contract for either regular contributions or even your own regular Seahawks segment. God, you and Brock Huard debating and analyzing plays/players/schemes would be a miracle to behold.

    One last thing. As others have shared, this site has had an affect on my gf-now-wife to the point where she’s noticed. She just asked me yesterday while I was listening to your draft recap, “is that the British Seahawks guy you wanted to have beers with?” I of course said, “yes it is, and yes he seems like a great guy to share a pint with.” I know we don’t know each other in real life, but if I ever bump into you in a bar or at the stadium, you better believe your drinks will be on me. Cheers, and I hope your downtime is rejuvenating!

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I also want to make another comment related to the vitriol you’ve received due to your criticism of Seahawks roster management, etc. Having lived in or near Seattle most of my life, I feel many people in these parts lost the ability to disagree respectfully. It’s part of a bigger nationwide problem as far as I can tell. There are very few good examples in USA mass media where dissenting opinions are both heard and litigated respectfully. I fear you will always receive what I’d call ‘immature responses’ because so many people know nothing better than to talk louder, then talk-over, then resort to “f#&@ you’s”as a last desperate attempt to validate their own world view while completely disregarding yours. It is truly a prevalent issue. From the bits I’ve seen from UK politics, it seems your peeps are better equipped to having opinions and also being capable of defending them under what would be considered vigorous/extreme public verbal dissent when debating by U.S. standards. I have no great answers or advice, but only wanted point out that it sucks that this vitriol is a common response to unpopular criticism and imo will never be adequately improved in our lifetimes. To be clear, I think this issue is different from out-and-out trolls,but rather a far too common approach taken by otherwise regular people.

      TL;DR: vitriol against unpopular criticism sucks and won’t be going away in our lifetimes. Keep your head up and keep on keeping on!

    • Brett

      That Brock & Rob discussion segment is a really inspired idea!

  82. HawkFanGA

    Hi Rob! Tip of the cap to you once again for your excellent work on SDB. I am truly grateful for the time you invest into this effort.

    While I don’t always agree with your opinions that you share on YOUR site, they do give me and other Seahawk fans great perspective and things to ponder. Besides…how boring would this world be if we all thought the same thing all the time? Ignore the haters (easier said than done).

    I’m hopeful that you will take a much-deserved break from this site and enjoy some time with your family. Please know that your energy here is always appreciated! Take care, my friend.

  83. Zxvo3

    Thank you Rob for providing us with such great content on the Seahawks these past few months, not to mention the past years. Please give thanks to your family because it’s obvious you’ve spent a lot of your free time on this blog and the Seahawks. Go relax for a few months. I feel bad for the hate you’ve gotten and I hope it all goes away.

  84. Peter Sellar

    Rob – really sorry to hear about the abuse. Take the break, reassess and however you come back, just know that your contribution to the Seahawks and to us fans is greatly appreciated. You’re the first website I check every day…!

  85. DriveByPoster

    Hi Rob,

    Congratulations on an excellent season’s coverage. When your hobby starts getting you regular invitations onto ‘mainstream’ media then you know you must be doing something right. The KJR slot where you offered up some instant Stone Forsyth analysis made me kind of proud, in a fatherly way, to be a member of the SDB community. That’s my boy!

    Enjoy a well deserved break. I’ll be here again when the new season rolls around!

  86. Joe

    Sorry to hear about the trolls. The net is full of them unfortunately. Just want to say thanks for what you do here! You have a fantastic blog! It is much appreciated.

  87. Rob Staton

    Just wanted to say again guys thanks for all the comments. I am reading each one and rather than reply to all one at a time — I just want to say altogether how grateful I am for the positive messages about the blog. Thank you.

  88. Crosljam

    Dear All, Reading through this and so many nice comments makes it hard to know what to add when so many have eloquently (not a phrase us Yorkshire folk commonly use) shared their own views as before. However I’m sure that Rob will appreciate them.

    Rob, I have no idea how you put the time in you clearly do to be so knowledgeable, and as much as you do it for your own enjoyment and passion, you then choose to share that with us all. It’s scary the world we are living in people believe its acceptable to make threats, to you or your family. As you said yourself, its bad enough when its directly related to your work (obviously still completely wrong) but for it to be related to a hobby where you’re giving your time and effort to others for free makes it even worse. As so many have said before, and likely more will after, take you break, give yourself space and see what the future brings. I’m sure that everyone will understand and support whatever that decision will be, even if its to step back it will just be to thanks for everything you’ve shared with us already.

  89. Bob Johnston

    Rob – So sorry to hear about the abuse you’ve been getting. There are a lot of people who are absolute shit, there’s no other way to look at it. I for one truly appreciate your thoughts because they’re always well thought out and if I disagree I understand I better have an equally well thought out point of view.

    I know most people are like me and truly appreciate your efforts and I hope the actions of a few repugnant people don’t get you too down.

  90. vanhawksfan

    Rob, I want to thank you for the amazing work that you do. This is the most thoughtful and intelligent sports journalism that I have every encountered. The reasoned and well-built arguments that I inevitably end up sharing with my other NFL fan friends always make me look much smarter than I am on this topic. I have been a daily visitor for 7 or 8 years. I don’t post a lot but I am genuinely grateful for your hard work and the brilliant community you have invented.

    I, too, agree that a paywall would get rid of the trolls and give you some peace of mind. Just my two bits.

  91. Spokane Chris

    I have been reading SDB for a few years now and love it. I’ve become sick of the local media’s coverage of the team and their inability to cover anything realistically or ever question his higness Punt Carroll. This blog has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve always been impressed that Rob and the other contributors do this for basically free. I’m disgusted at the idea that someone would talk about a guy’s family in connection to a free to view blog over football. It would be a huge loss to not have sdb in the future, of course I understand a man can only take so much nonsense. Here’s to a superbowl 2021 season! (A guy can dream right?)

  92. Comfect

    Thanks for all you do, Rob. I’m sorry you’ve gotten so many people acting like your not having a perfect rosy view of everything the Seahawks ever do is a personal attack worthy of vitriol and hatred online. Your site is absolutely brilliant and a blessing for us as Seahawks fans.

  93. CB

    Rob, thank you for another fantastic year of coverage. Your articles articles and perspective are truly top notch and you have created an amazing and thriving community here. Like many others, I have been a daily reader for many years (even though I do not comment often). Thanks so much for all that you do and I hope you enjoy your much deserved time away!

  94. Robbie

    I just want to say thank you to Rob for the opportunity to join him on weekly discussions and to be apart of this community. I want to say thank you to this community for welcoming me in and accepting my now journalist take. Just a fan talking Seahawks! I’ve really enjoyed this year and I do hope to continue in the discussions in the up coming seasons. This is best community of Hawks fans I’ve had the honor of being around. Sucks there are a few bad apples that have to be offensive for no reason. To disagree is fine, to throw out utter hate is not. I hope the community stays strong and moves past the words of a very small few venomous individual people.

  95. Common Sense

    Hi Rob,

    You’re site is great, you’re writing is great, you’re opinions are greatly appreciated (although I don’t always agree, but that’s not an issue), however, none of this is worth the mental anguish of a$$ holes who threaten you and your family. Others have suggested a paywall, that might be the way to go, you get some reimbursement for your time and hopefully the a$$holes go away. 99.99% of us who enjoy your site are decent people who can’t stand others who make threats or bring up your family, that’s disgusting. Thanks for all the years of your fantastic Seahawks coverage and analysis.

  96. Jon Stine

    Thanks Rob for taking so much of your time to create such a great website! I have learned so much from you.

    Good luck and continued success with your future!

  97. Justyn

    Rob your work and effort on this blog is truly outstanding. I mentioned this in a post previously, but I must say, when we were all confined in lock down this time last year, your blog was a huge source of comfort for me. So thanks again. PS I think you’re right about Jamal Adams.

  98. Justaguy

    I hope you enjoy life man. Just continue to be passionate. You have been the best Seahawks I could see ever know.

  99. crazykind

    Thanks Rob for another very enjoyable season of high quality journalism, something that is an endangered craft in these crazy times. Enjoy your well deserved break. If doing this isn’t making you happy then it’s unsustainable and more importantly a waste of your precious time. Regardless of what you choose to do with your future, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your perspective, wit, humor, and truly incisive analysis of the team I give a lot of my precious time to. In the end, it is just a game. I’ll finish with one last cliche: Love what you do and do what you love. =)

  100. Hayden Brucd

    Hey Rob: I have been reading your blog for years, never posted. Can’t say I agree with you all of the time but it’s more emotion than anything. I’m a from inception Seahawks fan and long time season ticket holder. Thank you for your time and on the money research. You are far and away the best and I expect great things for you. Bruce

  101. Jim Kelly


    Have I really been following you since the halcyon days of Jim Mora, the Younger?

    I’ve disagreed with you many times, but I’ve tried to be respectful. The posts that you showed us are not only proof that the world would have been a better place if their fathers had pulled out, but that the their lack of ability to step above their own tragically stunted intelligence is telling; their resorting to insults and threats shows that they cannot compete with you on an intellectual level, so they resort to base, emotional attacks.

    It’s easy to stand up to one attack. Yet repeated attacks, even minor ones, will wear us down. Throw in truly horrible ones, and we begin to question our own commitment, which is what they desire. Don’t give into them. You are a stalwart fellow; every year you go against the grain, and every year you admit where you were right or wrong. Your thoughts on this blog have garnered more respect than you realize.

    I’ve never even seen your daughter, but I know that she’s beautiful. All four year olds are beautiful, especially in the promise of their potential. Do not take the words of someone that hasn’t swum out of the shallow end of the gene pool when they insult her; use their words as a buckler to protect her, and guide her towards a full life.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done for us.

    Take care, buddy.

  102. Blackthorn

    So many thoughts and feelings around all this.

    -This is an amazing blog and a wonderful community.
    -The work that you put in here, Rob, is clear and obvious.
    -What is wrong with people? Sometimes I wonder if sports are more divisive than connective.
    – Your work and time are SO appreciated, Rob. This last year has been hard for so many, and this has truly been a place of refuge and escape.
    – If you decide to take things in another direction, it would be a huge blow to this community, and yet SO understandable.

    A huge thanks to you Rob, for easing the burden of a terribly rough year, and for being so authentic, honest and thoughtful in your analysis. Take time to exhale and recoup, my man. And thanks to everyone else who makes this place what it is.

    • Blackthorn


      It’s one thing to say I appreciate this blog, it’s another to show that appreciation.

      Shouldn’t have taken me this long, but just became a patron.

  103. Randy

    Thanks so much. Check in many times a day. So often I got ticketed 6am Saturday checking draft comments on way to work. Recharge and comeback please!!

  104. Seahawcrates

    I am more than a little devastated after reading your last section. I have always been so fond of the time I have spent reading your work here, learning more about prospects, thinking about who the Seahawks might be interested in and why. I’ve told you this before but it has made me a better informed fan by far. I don’t watch college football so your blog is invaluable to me and a constant for intellectually engaging and always interesting writing.
    It’s been a rough year at work. I’m a high school teacher and trying to keep kids interested and growing through zoom and email for most of this year has been brutal. A job I’ve loved and find constantly rewarding has been a long unsatisfying grind. So many kids have gotten lost. It’s not easy when someone tells you they want to commit suicide and you have little more than email to try and keep them connected.
    I haven’t been as faithful to your blog this draft season, Rob. I am pretty tired of screens by the end of the day and with Seattle having so few draft picks I tried to find my joy off screen.
    To know how much you put into this work and how much meaning it has given me over the years, then to read the sickening examples of how you have been responded to makes me sad and angry at once. Those match-set feelings are so familiar to me this year.
    I wish I could offer more than, “I’m really sorry you have been put through this, Rob, when this blog is your gift to us.”
    I don’t know why some people enjoy being cruel, especially when so many people are struggling. I do know I can’t thank you enough for what you have put into this blog. I look so forward to meeting you in the not so distant future as my wife and I love coming to the UK and will do so again before too long. I’m going to buy you a beer and tell you in person how grateful I am for what you’ve done.
    I hope the blog becomes fun again. I am finally back in school with students and though the work is as challenging as ever, seeing kids smile behind their masks when they see me and telling me that what I wrote to them really helped this year has given me a needed reminder of why I am doing this work.
    I hope you find the same, my friend, and if not, your legacy stands for itself.

  105. Nick

    Unbelievable coverage AGAIN this year. It pains me to think of being a Seahawks fan without you and this blog (and the community here). It’s the best sports forum on the planet and I will keep showing up as long as you have it here.

    Thanks so much, Rob!

  106. Sean

    Rob, I have thoroughly enjoyed your analysis and draft coverage, even if I don’t necessarily always agree with it (I had said Mac Jones to the 49ers at 3 was a smokescreen). You clearly do your research and put a TON of work into this blog. Selfishly, I hope you continue writing, but after seeing that comment in your article, I see why you are considering hanging it up. Thanks again for all the coverage, and I hope you plan on taking a vacation soon.

  107. Henrique M

    Thank you Rob.
    You’re trully one of the best blogs for Hawks fans around the world.
    I’ve never written here, but I always read your post and they’re always amazing.
    A big cheers and thank you for all your effort from Brazil.

  108. Seattle Murphy

    Rob, thank you for another great draft season of coverage. It was your draft coverage back in 2017 that got me hooked, explaining why the Hawks took who they did. Since then, because of your blog, I better understand who the Hawks’ types are at various positions, team thinking, and why they appear to do what they do. It’s been like learning from a team insider.

    Since that time I have read every word here. Your blog is easily my favorite source of insight on Seattle. And I read everyone I can get my hands on. Yours is probably the only one I check daily, and reading your (and your guest columnists’) stuff is always a highlight.

    I can’t explain why, but I love reading about pro sports. That’s why your long form articles are such a treat.

    This year, for the first time in my life, I wrote a couple fan posts for fieldgulls sharing some past draft thoughts I wanted to write up, in part, because of the example of devoted writers like you. It was a fun exercise. I probably don’t bother without examples like this.

    Finally, I often find myself agreeing with the insights you share. Adams is a great player, but Seattle is shooting themselves in the foot with his costs in draft capital and future salary. Not to mention scheme changes.

    I am rooting on udfa Cade Johnson because of your coverage of him earlier this season.

    And next offseason, when Wilson jumps ship after another disappointing playoff exit, I’ll be among the first to say, “Rob was right.”

    I hope you’re able to keep up the good work. But if not, know you’ve had a great impact on fans who love in-depth, thoughtful long form articles.

    Family first, man.


    • Calgary Alan

      First time poster, but I have been reading and loving your blog since it started. Hands down, the best Seahawks analysis site and also one of the top sports analysis sites on the internet. Thank you for all the great entertainment you’ve provided over the years. I also agree with you on the Adams trade, but even if I didn’t, it’s so refreshing to have a site that offers a more rationale, refreshing analysis of roster management than what Seahawks fans get from most of the local Seattle radio hosts and bloggers. Thank you again. I wish this latest Seahawks draft had been more exciting with 6-7 picks instead of just 3, but I like the value and fit of the 3 players they did select.

      • Nick


  109. CaptainJack

    Rob, do you think they sign another vet DT? I’d love Sheldon Richardson back and he’s a free agent. Gerald McCoy is also a free agent. Damon Harrison is out there. The market seems somewhat cool for these guys. I feel it would be prudent to go out and secure one of them now. Geno Atkins is out there, and there’s the Dunlap connection. Damn, Jurrell Casey and Kawann Short are also available.

    Other vet DT names available:
    Ronald Blair
    PJ Hall
    Abry Jones
    Beau Allen
    Mike Pennell
    Corey Peters

    Would be nice to swipe Blair away from the Niners. Poona and Al woods aren’t cutting it for me.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d like them to but not sure they will

  110. Max

    Great work as always rob.You got a free pint on me if you ever come to Victoria,BC, again

  111. Big Mike

    Sincerely appreciate your efforts Rob and sincerely hope you don’t hang it up as this is my only Seahawks site. Eff the shitheads man. I have tried to bribe you with a donation but regardless it was in appreciation first and foremost.

  112. Scotia Seahawk

    Appreciate all your effort with this blog.
    Loving the YouTube stuff too, your sense of humour comes through on the screen.

    Enjoy your break, cheers

  113. Dee-Mack

    Long time lurker, few time poster.

    Your comments re: the negative blowback you’ve received really hit a nerve. I’ve followed this site for well over a decade and have found it to be a near daily source of entertainment and insight. While I don’t always agree with your perspective it does usually give me an opportunity to assess my views on our favorite football team and evaluate how I can be a better fan, both for football in general and towards our Hawks specifically. Not only that, but you also keep me engaged in the college game as well – inspiring me to stay in touch with the future ranks of up and coming kids and the skills they will bring to the NFL.

    It is a shame that you have had to face such vitriol towards you and your family just for stating your (well informed and articulated) opinions. I for one am hoping that at the end of the day you realize the positive contribution you make towards the Seahwaks fan community and continue to contribute to our education and entertainment, but should you come to the realization that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze I would just like to thank you for your efforts in maintaining SDB over the years – it has truly been a pleasure.

  114. Chris


    I have two daughters and can’t imagine how it would affect me to hear violence hurled at them. I’m sorry you’ve paid that price.

    I found this site in 2010, drawn in by your and Kip’s analysis and insights. I had just moved to Charlotte and was missing regular Seahawks conversations that would happen spontaneously around Seattle. This place has kept those conversations in my life albeit from an infinitely smarter and richer perspective. For the past 11 years, at the end of almost every day, this is the first place I have come to see what you have written about my favorite team.

    Please know that I devour every word you write. My life has been full of more joy for it and while I will go through some withdrawals, I am glad you are taking your well earned break this summer. I can’t wait to get back into it in the fall. Thank you for sharing your words and ideas with all of us. It means a lot.

  115. Henry Taylor

    Interesting cap situation for Kellen Mond fans with the Vikings, Kirk Cousins is slated to receive a massive fully guaranteed $35m base salary in 2022, taking his total cap hit to $45m.

    Which would be fine if he’s your starter long term because you just extend him, but what if Mond looks like he could be your guy the way Russ and Dak proved right away (as I’m sure many of his fans here could see as a strong possibility)? At the very least you wouldn’t want to be giving Cousins a 3 year extension and wasting his rookie contract.

    Then your only option is to trade him, but who is going to want trade for the right to pay $35m for Kirk Cousins? Well maybe Shanahan.

    • TomLPDX

      My understanding is that Cousins has 2 years on his contract, fully guaranteed. After those 2 years he has nada, zilch, nothing. If he continues to be a break-even QB for the Vikes AND Kellen shows promise, which I fully expect from him, then Cousins will be done and a FA once again. They won’t franchise tag him again since it will be outrageous cost-wise.

      My prediction is Kellen starts for the Vikes in 2 years and he gets 2 years to learn behind Cousins. Don’t forget that Klint Kubiak is there and his dad, Gary Kubiak, was the QB for Texas A&M back in the days that I was a student at A&M.

  116. clbradley17

    If only we would have traded Adams, or never traded for him in the first place, we could have had our choice of Meyers, Humphrey, Meinerz or Green to come in and take over at center. “PFF called Green “one of the nastiest players in the draft” and he was named 2020 First Team All Big 10 Selection. Green says the Steelers have talked to him about playing center, and that he wears #53 because he is a big fan of the Pouncey twins.”

  117. Alex

    Been a long time mostly lurker for the past 10 years and the work you put into making the draft fun is clearly appreciated by everyone here. While I disagree with some of your opinions, it’s still a nice perspective to read and consider. Very sorry to hear about some individuals taking things and making them so personal – as an average joe I can’t imagine how frightening that can be.
    Best wishes and stay safe

  118. Gross MaToast

    Over the past decade, this has been one of my must-reads and I cannot tell you how interesting you’ve made the draft and team building. The work you’ve done is nothing short of amazing.

    I’m so very sorry that there are people who choose to attack for opinions that go against their own. It’s a damn shame. I understand the need for a break or to get away from it for awhile. I hope it’s not permanent. I would suggest a pay wall. Even if it’s only $1, the number of idiots would be cut substantially and I think most of your readers would be more than happy to kick in whatever you ask.

    I appreciate the intelligent, reasoned arguments you make for players. I appreciate well-written articles. This blog is so much better than it has any business being. Thanks for another great season, Rob. I’m looking forward to many more.

  119. Naks8

    Rob, thanks for all your hard work. I don’t have to agree with everything you present, but In no way does that mean you need to be threatened or harassed. I appreciate the work you have done even if it’s not the most popular decision.

  120. Brik

    It seems to be that people think Sherman isn’t going to sign with the Seahawks. I have to think there is some sort of reason. If they aren’t looking for him to be a player, then they must be seeing if he wants to coach. Guess we’ll see how things shake out.

    It might be wise to moderate even more. Instead of letting people post and then seeing it afterwards, you could have list with emails that you know are good. You let the people who have shown to not be trolls post freely. If they aren’t on the approved list then you have to approve their messages, and if you think they’re legit you can add them to the list of people who can post freely. Might work idk.

    • Big Mike

      Like that idea Brik

      • Mike

        Yeah its not a bad idea. If we can get a mod community that also would be great. Let rob focus on posting articles and not policing trolls.

        But its also web development that rob would have to do. I imagine this work instead of play for him. If someone has the web dev skills, and the passion to help, I imagine that would go a long way.

        If it is the end of the blog, its been an amazing run. But I really hope it isn’t and that this community can help make this enjoyable for rob the way it has been enjoyable for me over the last decade.

  121. LindyGuy

    Hey Rob,
    I know this is a labor of love. All the effort you put in is greatly appreciated. Please understand that you make the off-season bearable…no, you make it something that I look forward to.
    I agree and disagree with you often, but you always make me think and send me down my own rabbit trails.
    What I’m saying is you make a difference in our lives. I think that’s what most of us hope we can do. But you actually do it.
    Please don’t let the bad apples spoil the barrel. You mean a great deal to most of us.
    And this is coming from someone who has only posted once or twice.
    A very hearty thanks to you,

    From a life long Hawks fan

  122. Alaska Norm

    Wow…. I had no idea you were getting that kind of hate. As a father of two young girls my mind is blown that someone could use that to express their disagreement with you. Amazing world we live in. Although I did not always agree with your takes I truly appreciate your work. I look forward to both your blog and interviews. I’ve been a long time follower and appreciate how much you add to my season as a Seattle fan. Enjoy your time off. Hope you can reset and continue.

  123. Pran

    Rob, Fantastic offseason and draft coverage.

    regardless of what some say…you are spot on in assessing where Seahawks are and in predicting the progress.

  124. Jefferson Van Voast

    Rob, I absolutely love your blog and we are blessed to have you. I think that it is exceptionally cool that a British man, knows 100 times more about football than me. I have watched all of my life, but am only seeing the ball, and almost nothing else that is going on.

    It is quite simply sick that someone would send hate your way for your efforts. i wonder if you could have comments go to an editor, who could filter out the junk, so that you would never see it? It probably makes trolls excited that they have bothered you, but if they go through a filter before you see them, then all of their poison has no effect.

    My best to you!

  125. SebA

    SDB is my most-visited site outside of YouTube – so I’m hugely appreciative of what you do here. Really sad to see people projecting their own issues out into abuse of you. I hope that you can wash away those spikes of negativity in light of the consistent majority of positivity and marvelling at your work and talent.

  126. Mike

    Rob, although this past year has been frustrating starting with the major disappointment with the hawks and how you have been brutally honest with the team assessment, I totally appreciate you fantastic insight on the hawks drafting and season analysis. I would only ask fir a bit more positivity but it is never a reason to crap on you and certainly not threaten you or your family. Those people who do that are just first class losers. The rest of us appreciate you brother. My God continue to bless you and we wish you the best.

  127. Mark

    Rob, thanks for all you do! I’m mostly a lurker on the site but I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for all your efforts in this blog. Love the content you provide, please take time to recharge your batteries and don’t let some ass-hats ruin it for you!

    BtW, I can’t believe the PFN simulator already has next draft class loaded…looking forward to learning/reading on more of these prospects!

  128. Rscott412

    Rob just wanted to thank you for your great insight about the hawks and the work you put into the blog. Enjoy your break can’t wait to hear your great takes on the hawks even the ones people don’t want to hear like Wilson and Adams. Thank you for your great work much appreciated

  129. mister bunny

    Damn, the internet can be a dark place. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that kind of crap, Rob. Sadly people’s anxiety and anger at all kinds of things in their life can get bizarrely redirected at a totally well intentioned person. Best to you in the summer evaluation, and thanks for being honest with your blog community.

  130. UP Hawk

    I visit this site two, five, sometimes 10 times a day. I frequently type “staton” into the search bar to not only gain your insight from your articles but also in the commentary after.

    It is amazing how hurtful and terrifying people’s comments can be.

  131. Robert M

    Rob, I’ve been a regular reader here since the run up to the 2012 draft. I’m not much of a scout, so I don’t contribute too much, but I absorb everything you put out there. The volume and quality this year has been absolutely phenomenal, and on top of your day job, too. Like so many others here, this has become my primary source for Seahawk analysis.
    Take your well earned break, and do what you need to in terms of the blog. I’ll miss the blog if it goes away, but at least I’ll have you tube. And thanks to cha, Seamode et al for all you do to make this place what it is.

  132. RIP Sonics

    Like the Eskridge pick. Hopefully Stone develops, seems like he could be a solid player. Happy we got Terry and Cade Johnson in UDFA. Bummed we missed out on Israel Mukuamu (6th to the Cowboys and Dan Quinn) and wish we pushed harder for Sadarius Hutcherson and Tony Poljan as UDFA. Baltimore picked up Poljan and I can see him blossoming there with the TE centric offense. Sadarius to Tampa Bay where he has some guys in front of him but I bet he takes a starting roll sooner rather than later and makes teams regret passing on him. Just a solid unit who has a no nonsense personality and explosive traits to bully people. Stuck around during this past year to set an example for the younger guys on South Carolina. Leads by example and is an intimidator on the field. We need more guys like this to counter Donald. Maybe the Hawks were in on these guys and they opted to sign elsewhere to stay closer to home or get more clear path to opportunity. I guess we will never know.
    Bummed the Seahawks have given up on the AFC North team building mentality. Makes sense with the shift to speed and space for Offenses in the NFL but just seems like a tail chasing proposition where you are always responding instead of dictating.

    And thank you Rob! This forum is a great reprieve for those of us that love the draft and and by far the most tuned forum for those of us that love the Seahawks.
    Selfishly hope you come back refreshed as ever after the break. Thanks for all of your hard work. We are truly spoiled as fans to have a forum like this.

  133. Arthur

    Rob – My first time posting here – thanks for all the effort making this blog THE place to go for Seahawks insights. Been coming here for a while now and love the informed writing – unlike all the hot takes we see nowadays. Hope you get some well deserved rest and although I understand if you decide to part ways with the blog, I am crossing my fingers for some awesome content in the not too distant future!

  134. Forrest

    Thanks for another great year, Rob! This is so much more than a “draft” blog. We truly appreciate your excellent insights and all that you do to serve this community.

    Best as always.

  135. Bankhawk

    Rob, you and ‘The Posse’ (Curtis, Robbie, and the blog regulars) absolutely crushed it this off season! The embellishments on YouTube to what you’ve built up over the past decade are fantastic, and a real enhancement, as well.
    It breaks my heart to hear the level of abuse you receive, just for daring to think independently and then speak your mind. You’d alluded to it from time to time, but now I fear that I’d envisioned only the tip of the iceberg. Sad.
    I come to the blog to sweep away the brokenness of today’s world, but apparently some are simply too stuck in it to behave with civility.
    At any rate, enjoy the hiatus that is so well earned, and the family time. Leave us an open thread, it that’s a possibility, and I for one will be monitoring those YouTube notifications for the odd thing that might pop up.
    Cheers, mate, and if you’re ever in Asia for any reason, pop round and I’ll spring for a beer!

  136. Gaux Hawks

    there are two kinds of people… those who create space and those who take up space.

    so thank you for continuously creating such an incredible space for seahawks fans.

    • bmseattle

      I’ll throw in a third “kind of people”… those who *support* those who create space.

      Kind words of encouragement are great, but if everyone who loves Rob’s work and want’s him to feel appreciated, simply became a patron of SDB, that would say even more.

  137. HawkDoc

    During this awful pandemic year, your passion, intelligence and hard work have given me a steady stream of the highest quality Seahawk news when I most needed it. It’s been a balm for my battered soul. I dearly hope that the inane vitriol of a few cowardly low-lifes never makes you forget how appreciated you are out here in Hawkland. Those creeps are just a drop of poison in an ocean of your admirers. Thank you for all you do.

  138. Robothawk

    I’m also a longtime lurker who reads the site everyday. I don’t always agree with your analysis. For instance I’m fine winning most days I watch even if the Superbowl is a longshot. I think Pete probably checked with Ed Ogeron on Jamal Adams and was told this is a guy who leads teams to championships and that was enough for him regardless of scheme fit. As doug baldwin recently said it’s not all about x’s and o’s. The point is none of those disagreements in any way justifies personal attacks and I cannot fathom why people would think it was okay to do so. You’ve provided me with countless hours of entertainment and if you stick with it I’ll be here and if you decide it’s time to move on I just wanted to say thanks!

  139. Roscoe

    People can be the worst behind a keyboard. Appreciate the time and effort that you put in and the insight that you provide.

  140. SpennyDunks

    I know my love of the Seahawks and the draft would be significantly hampered without the perspective that you bring and I’m sure theres a huge chunk of Seahawks fans that feel the same. You deserve to do whatever you want, but thanks for all your hard work Rob.

  141. Nico Garcia


    While nothing any of us say can replace any of the poor character and behavior of the few, thank you for everything you do. I’ve been following your blog since college in 2010. My dad and I often have long conversations about your views and where we think the Seahawks might go. It’s helped a ton to be connected to home through crazy times and deployments abroad. We all really appreciate your hard work and time.

  142. icb12

    Sweet Jesus. Takes a special kind of asshole to send digital hate like that to someone over a game.

    Look, I don’t post much, for a variety of reasons. But I will say this; 1.5 years ago I realized I was spending too many sunday’s lazing around watching grown ass men in spandex play a game, when I should be out doing something with my kids, so I made the decision to turn the screens off and go live life. And I don’t regret that. Plenty of rainy snowy dark days in November and December to watch games.

    So I barely even watch football anymore, and i don’t facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, myspace, I don’t follow any forums anymore…. But I still visit this site every day that I can. The only internet location I routinely visit is this one. Because I’m genuinely interested in your opinion and that of the community.

    I guess what I’m saying is you’re appreciated. Your work is appreciated. But if you gotta hang it up. . I GET it. Do it and don’t look back.

    Beastmode said it best:
    “So, while y’all at it right now, take care y’all bodies, take care y’all chicken, ya feel me, take care y’all mentals, cuz little we ain’t lasting that long.”

  143. steele

    Rob, I know I speak for the legions of regulars here: your coverage and analysis of the Seahawks, the draft, and football NFL and college are absolutely invaluable, and the best anywhere. We love this blog, and support you completely.

    There is a lot of mental illness out there, unfortunately, too many idiots who need to get a life, or therapy, or worse. Please don’t ever think that these types represent your reader base.

    As for the Seahawks, that draft was yet another head scratcher, and so is this offseason so far. Another missed opportunity to fill in some glaring holes. The overtures for the likes of Aldon Smith and Nkemdiche suggest desperation.

    The good news, at least I hope, is that the rest of the NFC West hasn’t dramatically improved either. I’m not sold on Matthew Stafford being a huge upgrade over Jared Goff. The 49ers took a huge risk with Trey Lance, Garoppolo is not happy (and will be his usual fragile self). I’m holding out hope that something else happens before the fall to shake things up for the Hawks.

  144. Rowdy

    Rob, the work you have done over the last decade plus has been greatly appreciated. You’re hands down my favorite journalist and most respected.its been a hard year for a lot of people and you can tell from the extra emotions shown on the blog from a lot of people. I’ve seen you go at a lot of people like I’ve never seen from you this year, understandably so I might add. Someone could disagree with your views but they were sound takes and I agree with them. You were also open about the hate mail you were receiving to justify your push back. Even people that agreed with you could be overbearing. You handled both extremely well. I enjoy the comments section almost as much as your writing and you handled the comments extremely well.

    The attacks on your family are unsettling and unforgivable. I’m sorry that you had to deal with that. Absolutely no place for that. I would of lost my shit if in your shoes.

  145. Tony

    Thanks for everything Rob. Love reading everything here over all the years. The amount of hate in this world astounds me more each day. But know that for every loudmouth jerk who crosses those lines, there’s many more who love everything you do here.

  146. Chong

    Fellow lurker but just wanted to say those hateful comments are messed up, and it just sucks you have to spend any time moderating the comment section because of people like that. Based on your track record you CLEARLY know what you are talking about! NEways I appreciate all the awesome Seahawk and draft content. I hope the best for you and your family whatever you decide to do!

  147. Bailey

    Rob, I just want to thank you for the all hard work and dedication you have put into this website over the years. Been coming here since 2008 and this site continues to be my go to on the regular. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and you’re so good at providing feedback and making people feel welcome.

    That comment you received was totally unacceptable and I am sorry that is something you have to deal with. Either this person likes to get a rise out of people or he’s dealing with some mental health stuff. Honestly probably both.

    Just wanted to let you know that I got your back, support you, and will continue to read this site regularly.

    Enjoy your well deserved break, 🍻

  148. gray

    Hi Rob, just wanted to leave another positive comment to hopefully show that the good outweighs the bad. I’m in the UK and have been reading your blog for years but don’t usually post here. For me, it’s a cut above most of the local media covering the Seahawks and a lot of the national draft stuff. I’ve been enjoying the new YouTube shows with Robbie too, so glad to hear you want to continue that.

    I’ve been surprised at some of the negative reaction I’ve seen online to your (imo just) criticism of the front office. I think it’s partly a cultural thing, because if a Premier League team had mismanaged their resources the way John & Pete have over the last few years, the media and fans would not give them the free ride they’ve had in Seattle. Then when you make criticisms that fans aren’t used to reading locally, there seems to be a small element that react very badly to that and take it quite personally. I’ve also seen attitudes where any criticism of the front office means you’re not a ‘true’ fan. That’s been a bit of an eye opener on the difference in fan culture for me.

    Hopefully taking a break post-draft does the trick for you.


  149. Sea Mode

    Full circle…

    Brad Spielberger

    Random nerdy note on Draft trades:

    Seattle traded their 2021 6th to Miami during the 2020 Draft, taking Stephen Sullivan at No. 251

    Miami traded this 2021 6th to Chicago for Adam Shaheen

    This 2021 6th was No. 208. Seattle traded up with Chicago to No. 208 for Stone Forsythe.

    • cha


      • Rob4q

        That is too funny! So they essentially got two shots at players with the same 6th round draft pick!!!

  150. Bender

    Hey Rob…. as an Aussie my first thought is to disagree with anything an Englishman says! Now I’ve got that off my chest I wanted to say SDB is a fantastic resource for Seahawks fans worldwide and I wish you a well deserved break. I would love you to return and continue what you do in the future. It’s a tragedy that people resort to keyboard attacks.

    I also disagree on Adams… but will watch with interest how this plays out… I hope I’m right…but your logic based argument is hard to fault. Pete and Jon don’t get everything right…and you are not afraid to call out what’s you see… keep it going mate!

  151. DavidinBellingham

    I am a longtime reader, since the Aaron Curry days, and at this time of year always offer my thanks to Rob for his dedication and acumen.

  152. Martin

    Just wanted to add to the chorus of well-founded gratitude Rob. I’ve learnt so much from following your work and find I look at the Seahawks in a much deeper, well-informed manner thanks to your insights.

  153. Seth

    Rob, thanks for all that you do. I love reading your commentary and perspectives as they aren’t easily found in other media streams. I can’t believe this is done in your spare time. The level of depth is exceptional and the insights are really thought-provoking. But far more importantly, you are just a guy rooting for the same sports team as the rest of us, the readers. I’m so sincerely sorry to read of the abuse and harassment you have faced. Me saying thank you for your incredible work doesn’t change those experiences. But please know that whether you continue or stop, your time, effort, and passion are very much appreciated. It’s a shame that differing opinions is a reason to dislike one another rather than a reason to have a conversation. Rest up and know that your efforts aren’t in vain. Go Hawks!

  154. bv eburg

    Pretty much echo what’s already been said above. Hopefully you take time to get refreshed and recharged. Thanks for all you do.

  155. Brian Sanders

    You can’t go on forever so I know at some point all you do for Seahawks fans in your spare time will end….just not too soon please! Your study and efforts are GREATLY appreciated. I don’t always agree, but certainly respect what you are doing…helluva lot more than myself! As for all the sniping and deplorable comments directed at yourself and family, it breaks my heart. I have very little to do with social media for that very reason, but you don’t have that luxury. You just be a great dad and try not to fret about all the jackwagons in the world….karma will sniff them out.
    Much Peace!

  156. Ed

    Appreciate the draft work as always Rob. Be back around draft time (if you stick around, or maybe make it a draft only site).

    As for the mean-spirited of the world, unfortunately hate will always be there. Wish we can Thanos snap hatred out of the world.

    You only live once, so do what makes you (and your family happy).

  157. Sea Mode

    Surprise, surprise…

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Seahawks are expected to decline the fifth-year option for RB Rashaad Penny, source said. He played just three games last year.

    • Mick

      I feel sorry for him, he could have been better and played a bigger role if he didn’t get injured so much. But yes, we should find a reliable RB.

  158. Sea Mode

    LOL! It’s only a matter of time before this happens to Jamal Adams!


    • TomLPDX

      Oh man…that had to hurt! Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to Jamal, he’d never live it down.

    • Big Mike

      Matter of time indeed

  159. Russ

    Hi Rob

    You, and everything that you do on the blog is great and very much appreciated.

  160. clbradley17

    Our UDFA WR Terry repeatedly runs away from the DBs, and he has several big plays as a gunner on STs at about the 7 min. mark.

    So in addition to Ugo being a gunner, our 1st 2 picks in the draft and our 3 UDFA WRs are all supposed to be great on STs. Wish we could have signed DT Stills and G/C David Moore as UDFAs, but we still did pretty well with 2 more WRs that were slated 4th or 5th rounders a lot of places. A WR lineup of Lockett, Metcalf, Eskridge, Swain, Johnson and Terry sounds real good with speed to burn.

    Anyone know DT Jarrod Hewitt out of Virginia Tech Pro Day results? When trying to look them up, can only find results for OL Darrisaw, RB Herbert and S Diablo. All I can find about him is he’s 6’1 to 6’2″, 280-290, and had records for him of 5.5 sacks and 8.5 TFLs in 2020.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Jarrod Hewitt, DT VT
      Height: 6013
      Weight: 290
      Hand: 09 3/8 Arm: 31
      Wingspan: 73 3/8
      40 Yrd Dash: 5.02
      20 Yrd Dash: 2.96
      10 Yrd Dash: 1.76
      Vertical Jump: 26
      Broad Jump: 08’08”
      20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.76
      3-Cone Drill: 7.98

      • clbradley17

        Thanks Blitzy the Clown. Was hoping he had long arms for leverage like Poona, was fast or explosive. But unfortunately none of that is true. Maybe we sign KJ this week, and get a DT and center when the cuts happen in late summer during preseason games.

  161. David Ashton

    Thanks Rob for your writing and analysis. Appreciate what you do. Short & sweet 🙂

    Hopefully, once the dust settles you will see the good in the community over the bad. I don’t post that often but when I have engaged in debate have found it reasonably lively and well mannered. I think if everyone can debate without cutting down opinions of others then it works nice. I personally just think ignoring trolls is best way forward to be quite honest.

  162. One Bad Mata'afa

    Of small consolation, but when dealing with knuckle-draggers, I always try to lean on some advice my father once gave me. At the time, I was stuck in a horribly toxic work environment with a boss who made it his daily mission to wield his power and break people down. Sounds dramatic, but it had become such a daily burden and strain that even walking through the front door of the office each morning would suck the life straight out of me. So happens my dad is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, earned his Ranger tab, and fought in Vietnam. Surely he had endured many occasions of abuse, pettiness, and commands that would drive most others to retaliate with a fist to the jaw. So I asked him how he put up with it. His response was “life is full of people who want to cut you down. In those moments, I would just remind myself that at the end of each day, I still get to be me, and they still get to be an asshole.”

    Your work is outstanding and your labor of love is appreciated. I do hope you always remember how many people enjoy what you have created here regardless of your take. Cheers mate.

  163. Steve Nelsen

    I have spoken to others, including your wife, about you and your blog for years. I mentioned to her that you were dealing with a bit of burnout and she said, “You should help him.”

    The things that have worked for me when I have struggled with whether my work is worth the effort or making a difference may not work for you but I offer them as one Seahawks fan to another.

    1. Think about the parts of your job that you love, and the things that drain you and make a conscious effort to do more of the things you love. We love your interviews and we can see your joy when you are talking to these young men.

    Do you really have to do all the things that you do that drain you? Battling trolls is the most common dislike for bloggers and online personalities.

    2. Don’t forget your positive accomplishments! Your work on identifying skills that accurately predict Seahawks/NFL draft picks is one of the coolest analytical achievements I have ever seen.

    • Mike

      If you do decide to return, why not crowdsource some moderators to at least take that off your plate? I imagine there’s enough of us that can at least contribute in that way to make sure this remains civil.

  164. Gohawks5151

    God dang this comments section is making me sad. Seems like goodbye. What a horrible situation it would be if this place shut down. Selfishly I hope the good outweighs the bad for you Rob. As I said earlier, I love the work you put out and have followed you for a decade. What ever you decide I hope you are happy man.

  165. Chris A

    Rob, thank you for another incredible year, and your best one yet in my opinion. Trolls are an unfortunate part of life now. Thanks to the internet, everyone has a voice. It’s up to all of us as users of the internet to weed through the crap to get to the good stuff. Your blog is a gem to my friends and I, there is nothing like it. Enjoy your offseason

  166. Chris B

    Sorry to hear about the abuse you have been taking for your sports views. Sad world we live in when someone will bring your family into this crap because they disagree with what you write. I have not always agreed with your conclusions but you employ sound reasoning and critical analysis to develop your conclusions which I appreciate and would miss terribly if you quit this blog. I hope a break and some time away will help you decide to return. Seahawks content would not be the same without you.

  167. Henry Taylor

    I don’t know how often people are checking blog atm, but given my lack of stuff to do on a bank holiday Monday over here I’ve been thinking a lot about this roster and how it will shape up. So I thought I’d do a 53 roster projection (a fools errand at this time of year I know) mostly as an opportunity to put out my thoughts, in particular on this intriguing UDFA class and post it regardless. Please enjoy my presumptive and ultimately incorrect projections.

    Offence – 26
    QB (2) Russel Wilson, Geno Smith
    This group remains unchanged for another year, maybe the last year. But for 2021 I’m glad to have our elite QB on the team keeping our faint contender status intact.

    RB (5) Carson, Penny, Homer, Johnson, Bellore (FB)
    For the starters its all about Carson’s health, but I am at least interested to see Penny in Waldron’s offence. I get the impression Collins doesn’t make it, I think insurance if something happens to Carson or Penny, he’s ultimately a replacement level player that you can find mid season if you need to. The wildcard is Josh Johnson of UL Monroe, his burst is really impressive, can block and catch, he was one of 4 players in 2019 to average over 6ypc on 200+ attempts. Sea mode spoke of wanting a Carter type in the offense and I see Johnson as sort of a poor mans version. I know Emmons has some early fans too and I’m not ruling it out.

    WR (6) Metcalf, Lockett, Eskridge, Johnson, Swain, Terry
    Such a good looking group I had to pick 6. I think Cade Johnson has a shot to usurp Swain (who I like) as WR4, or at least the direct backup to Lockett. I do find it interesting that Weddington got the 20k bonus over guys like Johnson and Terry, so it’s tempting to put him in but Terry’s upside is too appealing -outstanding gunner tape, per Zierline, seals the deal.

    TE (3) Everett, Dissly, Parkinson
    Fairly easy group to project, cautiously optimistic that it’ll be a notably upgraded and more relevant group, especially with the Waldron factor. I can see Parkinson benefitting at the expense of Dissly under Shane.

    OL (10) Brown, Lewis, Pocic, Jackson, Shell, Forsythe, Ogbuehi, Simmons, Fuller, Lestage
    Not the upgrade I, or Russ, was hoping for, but Gabe Jackson is a good addition and it’s reasonable to expect a jump in play from Lewis in year 2. In terms of depth I kept 2 tackles so we don’t have to rely on Stone in the vent of injury, Simmons has proven a rock solid back up and the seem high on Fuller. The wild card here is Montreal’s Pier-Olivier Lestage, I think C/G flexibility is a plus not to mention his road grading attitude, ultimately my head is turned by how hard they recruited him and how he seems to feel he’s got a real shot here.

    Defence – 24
    EDGE (6) Dunlap, Hyder, Mayowa, Collier, Robinson, Taylor
    Still not great by it looks so much better than this time last year. I’m being positive on Taylor for now but prepared to be hurt. Surprise cut is Green who has just ran out of time to prove his worth, perhaps he could be traded on cut down day. Keeping 7 DE is not something they’ve done much in the past.

    DT (3) Poona, Woods, Mone
    Despite my love for Poona and appreciation of Mone, this group looks concerning. Would like an addition here. I could see Nkimdiche sticking around as one of the vet PS guys.

    LB (5) Wagner, Brooks, Wright*, Barton, BBK
    Smaller group than usual and therefore the only position where Im projecting a signing. It’s a solid top 3 who hopefully don’t all see the field together much this year. Hoping to see Brooks step into and succeed in a larger role this year.

    CB (6) Reed, Witherspoon, Ugo (NB), Brown, Desir, Mills
    One of the more interesting groups to figure out given how many guys could just as easily be starters or cut candidates. I could also see a situation where several players play the role depending on matchups, especially if Brown looks good but they also don’t want 2 5’9 guys guarding Nuk. Could see a similar situation regarding Blair v Ugo for the nickel. Pierre Desir is a player I’m a fan of and he makes the roster this time around. The group is rounded out by the other recipient of a 20k bonus Bryan Mills out of NC Central, I’m less impressed with what I’ve seen compared to the other UDFA’s I have in, but I wanted more than 1 corner on the roster signed through 2022. Tre Flowers sees the boot, only room for one Tre.

    S (4) Diggs, Adams, Neal, Blair (NB)
    Pretty much as it was last year, how well they take advantage of Adams and his soon to be massive cap hit will determine a lot for this team moving forward. I hope it’s worth it.

    • HawksGal

      Keep an eye on Pier-Olivier Lestage, as a Canadian and former resident of Quebec I have to say this guy is nasty, plays with pure heart, passion and hates to lose. Drives almost every defender to the ground, he has a very high motor and never stops fighting until long after the whistle. He could very well end up being our Center. BTW, I’m super stoked we signed Cade and Tamorrian, they were both my guys and huge steals!

      • Henry Taylor

        Well he is on my 53, so my eye is on him. Struggle to believe he’ll be anything other than the 10th OL you protect on your roster this year though.

    • Big Mike

      Be pretty surprised if Collins doesn’t make it at RB.

      • Henry Taylor

        He could, but like I say he’s replaceable. Depends how the UDFAs look.

  168. Chase

    You are appreciated!

  169. Volume12

    I completely disagree about some saying C was the way to go. It’s why I didnt include any except for depth guys. Seattle’s schene needs movers w/ size at C. There just weren’t any of those guys. Maybe Josh Myers, but we know what they take at the end of round 2. WRs, DL, and SEC O-lineman.

    • TomLPDX

      Did anyone else hear John Schneider’s snide comment/jab about Meinerz during their after-draft press conference when he was talking about Stone. Here’s the quote:

      Schneider: “So, it’s pretty cool to have Hutch spend as much time with him as he did. And, obviously Aaron Hineline and those guys really had him nailed as a person. He’s not going to be cruising around with his shirt rolled up and stuff like that, I guess.”

      Here is the link to the entire transcript:

      • Volume12

        lol I didn’t catch that.

        That’s another thing I loved about this draft. The importance they put on Steve Hutchinson. He nailed the Damien Lewis pick last year. I just feel like Hutch being pretty young still can relate w/ this generation a bit more.

        • TomLPDX

          Hutch’s involvement was pretty cool. I didn’t even know he was working for Seattle until they talked about it in the press conf.

          I’m taking it that JS wasn’t too impressed with Mienerz

          • Volume12

            Doesn’t seem like it at all. Thanks for that. Completely missed him saying it.

            IIRC Hutch was brought in last year

          • Sea Mode

            I caught that and Meinerz immediately came to mind, but then thinking about it I just don’t see why he would take a shot at him. So I think it was an inside joke with someone else.

            If it was about Meinerz, then I think it might have actually been directed at Jim Nagy for hyping up those pics of Meinerz.

  170. DAWGFan

    Rob – You do a great job on the blog and I appreciate your views on the team everyone on here loves. Sad that people have to take things to another level and spew hate towards you and your family.

  171. Volume12

    I like this draft. I’m always excited for these guys because I, and many of us here, watch so many of them. They took guys from the strongest positions in the draft (other than QB). 3 picks gave them way less chances to take chances and outthink themselves. I liked this much better. Can we only pick like 5-6 times next year? 🙏

    Wasn’t gonna believe it until I saw it, but DJ Reed really did change Pete’s mind. Or played the determining factor in this. Tre Brown is Reed 2.0 imo.

    • Ashish

      I agree with less picks, I like hawks didn’t go for # picks but concentrate on getting best player for the team. Do you guys think if we had more picks, we would have ended up same players i.e. UDFA?

    • Henry Taylor

      I’m not sure the lesson is pick less, just pick intelligently more.

      • Chase

        I think the real lesson is don’t put yourselves in a position of having to draft a player solely out of need for bodies at that position. Draft high upside players with freakish traits or a guy that was a solid 4 year starter with the test numbers to back up the film. When they aren’t drafting out of need they get some awesome picks.

    • Gohawks5151

      That’s exactly how I read the Brown pick as well. I think he is a hedge if Reed blows up and gets paid next season. I think it wasn’t just Reed either. Darious Williams played very well against us last year for the Rams. His profile is very similar to Brown’s. They play a similarly aggressive style too. I think they want to stay stickier in coverage so they can move Jamal around. Plus that profile transitions better to the NFC West offenses perhaps. I like all the picks and UDFA guys.

      • Volume12

        ‘I think he is a hedge if Reed blows up and gets paid next season”


        All great points made here btw

        • CaptainJack

          The NFC west is suddenly filled with little fast guys. Rondale Moore, Andy Isabella, Brandon Aiyuk, Tutu Atwell, Desean Jackson. Need to counter that.

    • CaptainJack

      There’s something to having a lower amount of picks. Around 7 picks is perfect, having too many picks can overwhelm the scouting department. I remember when Cleveland had three first round picks and they all were busts. Last time Seattle had two first round picks we ended day one with… LJ Collier. Jaguars had a ton of picks this year but can’t say I’m impressed by their haul. The Ravens and Steelers always walk away with impressive collections of talent we promoted all offseason, and they always pick later. Seahawks never do, end up picking players like Nick Vannett CJ Prosise and Rees Odhiambo in round 3.

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t think it’s the quantity of the picks per se. They can have as many picks as they want, but I just want them to use them to move around and secure their guys, not just look for “value”.

      That’s what I like about this year’s draft. They didn’t mess around and, right or wrong, got who they had wanted.

  172. Rob4q

    Just wanted to chime in and say how much I appreciate all the work you do on this blog and how awesome it is! I know this is a work of love for you and like many others it has become my #1 source for Seahawks info! The community on here is awesome and I visit the page multiple times throughout the day for the latest info. The guest posts by Cha and others are great as well.

    Really sorry to hear the negative responses you have received, those are just awful to hear about. It’s one thing to not agree with something, but some of the examples you have shared are truly sickening…sorry man.

    I really hope we can somehow get you to the Senior Bowl next year – would love to get you some first hand info and interviews! I’m sury Nagy could make use of your talents!!!

    Hope you enjoy some time away and thanks again for giving all of us Seahawks nuts a place to share our thoughts!!!

  173. HawksGal

    Hi Rob,

    I frequent here almost daily, I rarely post but I know my football. I have always enjoyed your articles as they are specific, concise and all Seahawks! I have been a fan for many years, was a former Season ticket holder that traveled from BC to attend games.
    I am disgusted by what I have just read, I would like to apologize on behalf of the scum of the earth that feel the need to hide behind their computers and lash out with hate and despicable comments!

    I would be very sad to not have this forum to visit, if I’m being honest I had become a bit disenchanted with some of your articles in the last year, perhaps hitting a nerve as much of what you addressed is factual. My release from hard times is my team, so reading about everything that was wrong with our team took away some of the joy. I don’t always agree with your point of view but I respect the hell out you! The time, research, knowledge and information you share here is top notch, my favorite is all the draft prospect information. I will always be thankful to have this site, I hope you realize for every scum bag out there you have 25 people or more that love you. That is something to be very proud of!

    I’ve always said when one door closes another opens, you just never know right!

    Good luck to you, enjoy some down time and the biggest of thank you’s for all you do for the 12’s. <3

    • God of Thunder

      Well said! This sums it up ever do well: “I will always be thankful to have this site, I hope you realize for every scum bag out there you have 25 people or more that love you. That is something to be very proud of!”

      • Canadian Hawk

        “I will always be thankful to have this site, I hope you realize for every scum bag out there you have 25 people or more that love you. That is something to be very proud of!”

        Well said and ditto.

    • Lewis

      Great post. Thank you

  174. BobbyK

    I have never been excited about an entire Seahawks WR group before. Until now.

    I love our starters. I wouldn’t trade DK and Lockett for any other duo in the NFL. But I would get so frustrated these past years on the amount of wasted attempts to WRs that I never really liked (Moore, Turner…). I don’t expect Eskridge to be a 1,000 yard guy by any means, but he doesn’t need to be with DK and Lockett. He only needs to be an occasional big play specialist, which teams will have to account for somewhat or get burned with his speed. I remember when the Rams had the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ after Holt and Bruce – they had Hakim. He was lightning in a bottle the way we hope/expect Eskridge is going to be. Having Swain at a #3 sucks, but having him as a 4/5 type guy is pretty awesome. I really like the idea/potential of our rookies for 1-2 to make the roster. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be an explosive offense in 2021 unless Pocic keeps getting blown up all the time from the interior OL (but at least he has a couple strong guards next to him). Besides Pocic getting dominated all the time, my other worry on offense is Carson staying healthy – unless one of the rookie FAs can make an impact and make other teams regret not drafting them.

    Defensively, I’d have a lot more faith if they signed Shelton Robinson (and maybe Sherman, too). Then I think a deep playoff run could be realistic for the first time in a long time.

    Rob – Great job, as always. There are people who do and people who don’t. The people saying such negative things about you are the people who do nothing but sit back and complain. They’re not worth it. Anyone who would say that about your daughter is a POS. We all know that. Get some rest and relax.

    • STTBM

      Bobbyk, I agree that Seattle’s WR group looks the best it’s been in ages, maybe ever. I’m hopeful Swain will improve, I like the kid and think he has a legit shot to turn into a very good player. However, I’m also thrilled they added Eskridge, to say nothing of the guys they brought in as UDFA’s. All three UDFA kids look like they have a shot to make the team. Real competition for the first time since Tate and Kearse were young….

      I’d love to see Robinson back, and for sure Sherman, if only to give Wilson the poke in the ribs he needs. I’m confused as to why they would sign Desir and not Sherm instead if things are as lovey-dovey as Carrol makes out between them….

      Pocic is ok, he’s an upgrade from Joey Hunt at least…..but I was so hoping for a badass C in the second….

  175. God of Thunder

    There are many fans who appreciate the work you do assessing college players, and ruminating on the direction of the Seahawks on and off the field. Keep those in mind.

    As for the others … A goodly percentage of humans (10%? 15%?) are incapable of tolerating dissent or contrary views; obviously the internet, and Twitter especially, gives them a vehicle to hurt and troll. I can’t see it changing. Tolerance is under siege everywhere. (Indeed I see important values such as free speech and due process being challenged in America, especially by an angry radical left minority.) So we weather it. Ideally it won’t get you down. If it does, step away. Reassess. Even if you quit, remember the community you fostered here and how many people enjoyed learning from you and many of the posters (and those who guest posted like cha). Thanks.

  176. Hawkhomer1

    Hi Rob,

    It is so disheartening to hear that you are dealing with cancel culture. I love the honesty here and frankly it is one of the last places I have found on the internet where true discourse happens. Thank you for providing that opportunity. And if you decide to shut it down know that your effort has been truly appreciated for many years now.

  177. Oxfordshire 12

    Hi Rob,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and hearing your views on various podcasts. Yet again you’ve put together some great content for this year’s draft.

    I am both shocked and sorry to hear of the disgusting comments you’ve had online- it’s easier said than done, but do your best to ignore them and remember how highly you are regarded by the 99%.

    Enjoy your well earned break and all the best to you and your family. Go Hawks!


  178. JHCanada97

    Hi Rob,
    I wanted to add my name to the list of people who truly appreciate what you do, I have been reading the blog for years and have never commented before, but I wanted to add that your opinions and knowledge of the draft and Seahawks, add to the experience of the 12’s. I realize the world of social media is a troublesome place but I am hoping you know that the majority of the people that come to site appreciate the work that you put into it and would miss it if you stopped.

    Do what is best for you but know that as long as you are putting out content, I will be following it!

    Thanks for all you do!

  179. Peppapig

    Really appreciate all you do Rob, and everyone here who contributes.
    Would be a sad day if you threw in the towel.

  180. Eduardo Ballori

    Hey Rob,

    I hear ya. Its sad that one can’t disagree respectfully anymore. Though I don’t always agree with your assessment, I appreciate you using this platform for a meaningful analysis of the Seahawks. Though I might not agree, I do see the thought and diligence used in all your commentary. I hope you stick to it. Don’t let the sad few dictate what you do with what you love. Life is too short my friend. Big hug from sunny Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 👊🏼

  181. Matthew

    Like so many others I have been a longtime reader of the blog. I usually check in daily to check for new content. You seem to always a be step ahead of others whether it is on draft prospects or other Seahawks issues like the Russel Wilson drama and your analysis of the Seahawks is first rate. I look forward to your opinions far more than the vast majority of the Seattle media who r mostly just yes men. Don’t let the haters get u down. Hope u continue your efforts on the blog or on the YouTube channel.

  182. Volume12

    Do not sleep on S. Carolina RB Kevin Harris. Especially w/ Penny’s 5th year option being declined. This years RB class has a ton of size.

    Top 3 guys are Isaiah Spiller, Breece Hall, and Brian Robinson. But Harris is all knees & elbows.

  183. Sea Mode

    Oh boy…

    Tom Pelissero
    · 9m

    The #Browns signed free agent DT Malik McDowell, a 2017 second-round pick by the #Seahawks who was injured in an ATV accident and has yet to play in an NFL game.

    • Big Mike

      Didn’t Dallas at least move toward signing him a year or two back? How’d that work out?

      • TomLPDX

        Did they try to sign him? I thought it was only a tryout and it didn’t pan out.

        • Big Mike

          Sounds right. I don’t remember specifics only that he never played. Assume there was a reason for that. Likely Cleveland finds out why.

    • Mick

      I wish him good luck and good health.

  184. TomLPDX

    Look who just popped back into the news…


  185. Jason C

    Thanks Rob and contributors for all the great content thru the years and hopefully many more. As a long time SDB Patreon, it amazes me that this is your hobby because this website is just filled with quality!

    I hope you and your family are well, and you get the time to enjoy every minute of it while you are away. Take care!

  186. Charles Hirsch

    Awesome analysis Rob and well done sir! Appreciate all the extraordinary content that you produce. An amazing site that is my first stop in all things Seahawks. Your comments are thought provoking and sincere. Curious about the huddle draft that is turned in, the one that you were top 10 in again. Are these purely based off of how your picks versus what the team actually picked? Figuring out tendencies off those franchises?
    Would be awesome to have these lists cross referenced after a couple years to determine how well your drafting is. Leading to a scouting internship perhaps!!! Thanks for sharing your free time with all of us!👍

    • Sea Mode

      Have fun…


      • Peter

        That time when a bloke in England writes a free blog for a team centric site and is between 10 and 32 (priscoe) spots better than guys who get paid to do this for a living

      • Charles Hirsch

        Thanks. Interesting compilation of data.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Ya, that 5 year avg is selling Rob short. NFL is all about what have you done for me lately and Rob’s last 2 year avg looks to be tied for top 3 (at first glance).

        • MyChestIsBeastMode

          Or I could simply (re-)read Rob’s actual article saying he is in fact tied for 1st over last two years. (Insert Homer Simpson fading into bushes meme with your imagination)

  187. Hawk Mock

    I echo the general sentiment around here. Really appreciate all the great content and analysis over the years. Second to none in my opinion when it comes to identifying the best prospects every year ahead of the curve. My favorite site on the web to read up on my beloved Hawks. Honest, fresh and thought-provoking perspectives are the norm. I thank you for that. Contributions from the community(Sea Mode, Vol12, Cha, etc) are also awesome. Obviously, my hope is that you don’t let the internet trolls, tough guys and bullies beat you down. Would hate to have to go back to FG for my Hawks fix.

  188. uptop

    Thanks so much for another great year Rob! This is where I always first turn to for any draft coverage, and its been fun getting my friends and some draftniks I know into this site and your analysis. You don’t deserve the awful treatment you get in the slightest. So many of us here love you and your Seahawks and draft analysis, and I’m so happy to see so many other people sharing that in this thread. Take as much time as you need, you’ve done so much already in this community that none of us can ask for anything more. Take all t he time you need Rob, and we’ll all be here waiting for you. Go hawks!

  189. jackmack48

    Another excellent year of coverage, Rob. I don’t post comments often but read all your stuff and always learn a lot – feel very fortunate to have someone so dedicated, passionate and talented supporting my team from the same side of the pond. Hope you are able to ignore the haters who aren’t even remotely worth the time I’m sure you can’t help but give their words. Can’t say I always draw the same conclusion as you but I respect how considered and detailed the thoughts behind them are and you always at least make me stop and think and see something different, which is the hallmark of excellent sports journalism, in my book. Take a well earned rest and hope to read and hear more from you across the next season. Go Hawks!

  190. Mike

    Take some time and recharge, Rob. As much as I selfishly want to read your content (it’s fantastic), I mostly want this blog to be a source of enjoyment for you too. Its rather incredible what this blog has become. You put in so much time each year and it really shows! Congrats on the top 10 (again)!

    As for the abuse, I cant even begin to express how deplorable that is. It’s probably just the way things are now, but there’s no excuse to say that crap to someone. Especially someone who’s just a fan contributing their time.

    Anyways, I really appreciate what you’ve done this year. The analysis, the guest posts, the podcasts and livestreams. Its all been cool to see. I hate to hear that some internet pond scum are trying to take the joy away from you, but for the rest of us this has become the single best place to tune into the seahawks. No one is even close. Be proud of that.

    If you got ideas that would make this better for you that we can help with, just ask!

  191. 604 to 403 Hawks Fan

    Thanks so much Rob for all that you do. I’ve been a regular follower of your work right from close to the beginning of it all. You’re my favorite source of Hawks analysis.

    Thanks you very much once again!

  192. TJ

    Thanks Rob for all your work on this blog. For every jackass troll, just remember that there are many, many more of us who look to this blog for the most up-to-date and thoughtful Seahawks news and analysis as well for the incredible community that has formed over the years.

    Some years it is very easy to get excited for the draft – not so this year. However, despite the lack of picks, lack of a 1st rounder, and the overall weirdness of the year, this blog (both from you and many of the other readers/commenters/contributors) has provided a lot of insight and kept what in many ways seemed like maybe the most inconsequential Seahawks draft ever,interesting. Nice work.

  193. Donuts!

    Thanks for another great year Rob! I’m a little more optimistic than you for this next year. I feel like this is the first offseason in maybe 5 or 6 years where I feel like they really got better without losing too much. We’ll see. Really appreciate you and fuck those abusive people. I wish the web wasn’t so toxic sometimes.

  194. CaptainJack

    I can’t help but feel this roster is really weak at DT and the depth is still very questionable across the oline, at linebacker and tight end.

  195. Tien

    Hi Rob,

    I’m a little late but wanted to add my thanks for all that you do and the amazing volume of great content that we get here on SDB.

    I LOVE the Seahawks and NFL football but frankly, college ball bores me and I hardly ever watch it. But reading your articles and all the comments keep me informed each year by draft time so much that I end up watching most of all three days of the draft and even by the 6th and 7th round, there are still players (highlighted and discussed here on SDB) that makes me hope that the Hawks draft them. And the Instant Analysis articles after each regular season game is so much better and more objective than the typical fawning rah rah commentary that we get from KCPQ and King 5.

    I totallly understand why you may want to step away after all the hard work you’ve put in and then to get the abuse that you get from idiots who take differing viewpoints personally and antagonistically. I do hope that you continue this site though!


  196. Joel

    Rob, you are a talented man. Your blog posts are easy to digest and fun for the average fan. I enjoy your radio guest spots and podcasts every bit as much. It sucks that moronic fans can steal your enjoyment and cause you and your family to feel threatened so I certainly understand your need for a break. Just know that there are a lot of us the appreciate your hard work.

  197. Jeff

    Hey Rob, I love SeahawksDraftBlog and check it daily! It would be a real bummer for me and a ton of other people if you quit this over some idiot haters. I almost never post in comments but reading your final message to everyone made me think that me (and others that don’t usually post) need to speak out and tell you how much we appreciate what you do and how much we love the content!

    I think more Youtube videos would be great too, I watch/listen to all of them.

  198. Roger Davis


    I’ve an idea which might help solve your harassment problem. IF it is technically possible.

    I suggest you find a reader, or a team of readers, you trust, to be “an editor” and or “an editorial team.” Give him/her/it/they the task of editing, in particular, your non-regular readers for inappropriate, obscene, gratuitously offensive contributions. Have them delete, before publication, to a site you can have access to, where you can oversee their “cuts” to see IF you and they are on the same page.

    I for one would be proud to assist you as a member of such a “team” if I was not presently engaged in an ongoing and prolonged combat with an incurable cancer.

    Regarding my situation, as a wise Chinese Philosopher once said, “Some times shit happens.” As regards your situation, I say, “It would be deplorable if the rude and obnoxious of the world can drive the righteous from their creations.”

    Your creation deserves saving!

    • Martin

      My best wishes go out to you Roger. I agree with your sentiments and admire your attitude.

  199. Ben

    Hi Rob,
    Been reading, watching, and listening to your content since the 2010 draft. First comment though. I remember being late to college class listening to the 1st round picks. I was so excited for Earl Thomas. You’ve taught me a lot about football, and I’ve spent countless hours here relaxing and enjoying all the insight. Thank you!

  200. Mark

    Thanks for all you contribute to this community Rob. I’m so sorry you have had to endure some truly horrible personal attacks from a few. I think there a lot more quiet readers like me who thoroughly appreciate your thoughtful analysis and well-reasoned opinions. Anyway, hope you can take a well-deserved break. Have really enjoyed the live streams you’ve put out as well.

  201. Bill

    Hey Rob! Piss on the Negative Nellies and anyone going after family. I have your back! Keep putting out great content with your informed opinion. I’m always checking to see what you say next. You have the best Seahawks coverage by far because you have an honest opinion; very rare these days. Your English accent could use some work. LOL.


  202. Kyle

    Thank you, Rob. I love this blog. I’ve seen a lot of Seahawks sites gradually decline in quality over the last decade as the participants lost interest or got lazy. Your stuff has always been cutting edge, whether you were trying to decipher what Pete and John were doing, supporting their plans, explaining their thought processes, or critiquing them. I’m sorry that the state of the internet these days brings out so much vile and nasty shite. Thanks for doing what you do and I hope your interest and passion keep you doing it for years to come.

  203. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    You got great content. I dont always agree with you but, God bless you on abuse. I would just block comments and go strictly patreon and you tube super chat donations. Your stuff is good enough to make money to supplement you and your family. Block the negative hurtful. Life is too short God bless and go Hawks.

  204. Mike

    Rob—I wish you all the best. Thank you for all the amazing content you produce. It’s a testament to what you’ve built that this website makes January to August almost as fun to be a fan as during the season. I would hate to see it go.

    At the same time, I get it. Thank you for all of your time, effort, and hard work. I hope to be reading your takes again soon and buying you a pint sometime if you make it to Seattle.

  205. Sea Mode

    Wow, people really coming out of the woodwork. Love to see it!

    Gofundme to finally get Rob to the Senior Bowl so he can network there and hopefully gain access to film and other opportunities.

  206. ulsterman

    How would people have felt if we’d been able to acquire some later round picks and this was our draft:

    2: D Eskridge, wr
    4: T Brown, cb
    5: C Johnson wr
    5: T Terry, wr
    6: Forsythe, T
    6: B Mills, cb
    7: J Hocker, G
    7: J Curhan, T

    I think that looks pretty decent, barring the lack of a center and possibly DT.

    They nailed it in UDFA this year, they all look like they have at least a chance to make either the roster or develop on the practice squad.

    • SpennyDunks

      Yeah surprised to see so many players that had draftable grades. I looked at some of the guys from last year and everyone generally graded out as “priority UDFA” but all of Hocker, Johnson, Terry and Bills were expected to be drafted, even early on day 3. Could be a great year for UDFAs for us.

    • Gaux Hawks

      1: J Adams, s
      2: D Eskridge, wr
      3: J Adams, s
      4: T Brown, cb
      5: C Johnson wr
      5: T Terry, wr
      6: Forsythe, T
      6: B Mills, cb
      7: J Hocker, G
      7: J Curhan, T

      ; )

      • TomLPDX

        Don’t forget our new RG that cost us a 5th round also.

        • Hawks31

          And Dunlap for the 6th round. Or seventh?

          • TomLPDX


  207. ulsterman

    The gofundme for the senior bowl is a good idea btw

  208. Chris

    Thank you, Rob. Your work this draft season has been amazing, as always. I may not always agree with all of your takes, but that is the beauty of sports. Healthy and enlightening discussions, where you more often than not change my mind. I am really sad to hear some of the venom that gets thrown your way. I hope you continue to write for a long time, but you don’t owe any of us anything. Especially when you and your family get threats. We who love the Seahawks are lucky to have you, for as long as you put up with us. Enjoy your break. Go Hawks, from Norway.

  209. Julian Langdon

    Rob, it is a real pleasure reading your draft blog, and has been a highlight during this pandemic, but if it doesn’t bring you the pleasure you want anymore, and just more angst, it’s not worth it. You’re playing the game, we’re just spectators. Do what’s right for you. We’ll miss it, but if you won’t, then don’t do it. Caveat alert: Though if continuing brings you fun, and opens avenues, then that’s a happy day for everyone on here.

    The lack of picks really hurt the Seahawks in this draft, and the success of it really has to be considered in light of the Jamal Adams trade. Pete Carroll framed it this way himself.

    All the picks made were good. The D’Wayne Eskridge pick by the commentariat is seen as a reach, which I see, in the context of purely reading off a big board, as lazy analysis. He wasn’t going to be available at #127, and neither was any other receiver with his skill set. Arguably, after other receivers already off the board, he was the most explosive mid field receiver left in the draft, and that kind of player, especially considering the kind of scheme we’re expect Shane Waldron to implement, is a good fit for the Seahawks, so it was the correct pick.

    But with a 1st and a 3rd we might have drafted Elijah Moore (more highly rated than D Eskridge), and had the space to pick a nasty Center and a Chris Jones type Defensive Tackle in the third round. So the draft has to be looked in this context. The difference in playmaking between Marquis Blair and Jamal Adams is GREATER than the sum of, the greater upside of Elijah Moore over D Eskridge, plus a nasty Center and plus a probable starting 20 year old Defensive Tackle with massive potential in B Brown iii and oh yes a first round pick next year.

    In this scenario it doesn’t look to me that there is much in favour of the Jamal Adams trade, much as Jamal Adams is still a great player.

    On the nasty center I’m not sure Quinn Meinerz was very high on the Seahawks board. John Schneider in the last presser, was disparaging of ‘O linemen with their guts hanging out’, which I took as a pretty strong reference to Quinn Meinerz, as many had mocked him to Seattle. Shame.

    Finally, if the WR group hits its ceiling, it could certainly be one of the best in the NFL. I can see Pete Carroll with his sales pitch ‘receiving passes from Russell Wilson’ being very persuasive with the recruitment of Tamorrian Terry and Cade Johnson, but I’m sure he threw in, ‘you’ll get to learn from DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, guys (respectively) who represent what you can bring to the table in a big way’.

    I’m excited by the Canadian Center Monsieur Lestage, and I would have jumped back into the 7th to pick up Shaka Toney as a KJ Wright replacement, but perhaps it will still be KJ. Much to look forward to in September.

  210. Duck07

    Rob, you do a tremendous job with this site. It’s a shame that there are a vile minority who reach out in such disgusting ways.

  211. TomLPDX

    We have a new addition to the LB corps: Aaron Donker


    Hope the guy is decent. I believe the rules are that if he is on the PS at the beginning of the season he is ineligible to be promoted to the 53-man roster for 2021. If he starts on the 53, then normal process applies.

  212. Volume12

    Boy, Colin Cowherd brings up a great point. RW & Pete never lost trust in each other. They were mad at each other. Wanted more $. Seattle gave him a new deal. Was tired of getting hit and wanted more pieces. They resigned Carson, addressed the O-line, added Everett, kept Lockett, got him a new weapon in the draft. Disagreement on HOW to get better.

    Aaron Rodgers & the Packers r done. He’ll never forget or forgive them for drafting Jordan Love.

    • Sea Mode

      “addressed the OL”

      They made literally one change…

      Cowherd said they never lost trust in each other? Strange, given he’s the one who came out strongest with the “put heat on Pete” narrative.

      • CaptainJack

        The oline wasn’t that bad most of the year though. The rams game in the playoff was an aberration. Blowing it all up and starting from scratch didn’t make sense. I wish they got a free agent instead of having to trade for Jackson but that’s my only critique of how they addressed oline. Traded for Gabe Jackson, kept Pocic who showed promise, and drafted a promising tackle prospect to replace Duane Brown long term. They also resigned Ogbhuei who showed improvement and looks like a competent backup tackle at this point. It was going to be hard to upgrade any of the other spots.

      • Gohawks5151

        Chef Russ never wanted this much heat

        • Sea Mode

          Yeah, he better ask the Seattle media to turn down the heat after all the grilling they’ve been doing of Pete…


          • Big Mike


  213. CaptainJack

    Rob, do you think Washington left tackle Jaxson Kirkland is a first round prospect? Limited games at left tackle but he looks really good there so far.

    Number 51:

    • CaptainJack

      He’s a lean looking 6’7 310 pounds.

    • Gohawks5151

      Saw the kid play in HS actually. As for your question no, or at least not now. Hardly any anchor. Seems to hop a lot instead of sliding. Catches a lot of blocks in the run game. Needs some play strength.

  214. NJHawk

    Rob, sorry for the idiots. We will definitely miss you. I hope you and your family have a great spring. Enjoy your break, take a breath, and if you feel it bring it back. More than any other writer I look forward to your commentary, even if I vehemently disagree I love it just the same. I think it safe to say we all learn from you, your detail and dedication broaden the knowledge of all your readers which in the end makes supporting our favorite team much more enjoyable. I really despise anyone that would bring your family into the discussion, I apologize for that. I am glad you have the youtube outlet, I have been watching, it is awesome. Thank you.

  215. Jhams

    Rob, thank you so much for all that you do. I’m continually amazed at not only the intelligence and insight in your work, but also the dedication. The amount of time and energy you pour into this is unreal, and I’m so thankful for it.

    The best compliment I can give is that I often don’t agree with your positions, but once the draft/season rolls around I usually have to admit that you were right and I was wrong. And learning from that repeated experience has absolutely made me a much better informed fan.

    I’m not a professional writer or media person, but I am a dad and I can’t imagine dealing with those sorts of attacks on my family. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all that. I would just say that there are SO many options out there other than “Keep doing this as an unpaid second job and deal with terrible abuse” and “Stop doing it altogether.” Please consider some of the many options about how to cut down on the abuse (have a few trusted commenters moderate the comments, paywall the articles, eliminate the comments section altogether and just link to a forum post for discussion etc). Selfishly I really want you to keep writing, but as a human I want to see you do what’s best for your mental health and your family. I hope you can find a good mix.

    And I’m still lobbying the Athletic to hire you!

  216. Kris

    Hey Rob,

    I read this article and I’m sorry for the person who wrote that comment to you. I know its easier said than done but your energy and time thinking about comments like that shouldn’t be wasted. Take it from me, I work in the customer service dept of my company and we receive hundreds of comments like that each month.

    Honestly, I check this site for every year before the draft to know the names and mock drafts that you come up with. Your a blessing to the Seahawks community and I hope you continue this site but if not, I’ll catch you on YouTube!

  217. Scot04

    Rob thanks for the amazing content in what was an incredibly difficult year in so many ways.
    The constant in depth analysis and detailed articles were a welcomed repite from the crazy things faced throughout the year.
    I was saddened to hear about the abuse and harassment you received. ( Threats & Hate mail are purely unacceptable. )
    The fact you were able to produce such impressive content; while not only dealing with it, but monitoring it as well, is incredible dedication to a hobby.
    You more than deserve a break.
    I like most here just wanted to express my appreciation.
    This site is a true blessing to all us Seahawks fans wanting Pure Seahawks content. No fluff pieces to just appease others. You’re genuine opinions as a true fan wanting another championship is obvious.
    Holding the Seahawks accountable when necessary is something i know can bring unwelcome responses; instead of logical conversation at times.
    You’re ability to remain un-detoured in this aspect is admirable.
    I hope you find the way to still enjoy providing the content you do while avoiding as many of the negative mided people out there as possible.
    If it be a monthly service or other means; I’m all for whatever enables you to get back to where you can fully enjoy it again.
    The one thing I can assure you as you have given us all a great gift in your blog for the time it’s been here, whether it continues or not.
    Again thank you for that and more.

  218. Jason Monkman

    Hello Rob,
    I am an avid Seahawks fan and have enjoyed your views on the blog for at least 5 years now. You always do a marvelous job, and give an inside peek at things we may not think about. My love for football and the Seahawks has grown because of your blog.

    The haters will hate! And I see a lot more of the hate out in the world recently. Hard to know why the love has grown cold, but never let your love grow cold because of others. I gave up a few things because of such nonsense and almost lost myself in that process, not doing the things I love….

    Stay safe, protect your loved ones and always be real.
    We love you here on the blog!
    Go Hawks!!

  219. DougM

    I’ve been curious about Connor Wedington for a couple of months when I noticed his agility pro day scores when looking up WR pro day numbers. He was on Stanford’s site when I was searching for Simi Fehoko’s results. Now that he is Seahawk I decided to do a little more research. One thing I noticed is that he has had a consistent catch percentage when targeted of around 70%. That seems good but I wanted to compare with other receivers up and down the PFF rankings using playerprofiler.com to make comparisons. I realize that there are factors, such as whose the QB, but generally there seems to be a pretty good correlation with those percentages and PFF scores. There are a few outliers, the most notable being DK Metcalf. When comparing Dk to his teammate AJ Brown:

    2017 DK 52.7% and AJ 79.8%
    2018 DK 61.9% and AJ 70.2%

    More teammate comps

    Devonta Smith 2018(100%), 2019(79.1%), 2020(79.6%)
    Jaylen Waddle 2018(80.4%), 2019(86.8%), 2020(87.5%)
    Henry Ruggs 2018(74.2%), 2019(75.5)
    Jerry Jeudy 2018(74.7%), 2019(75.5)

    Ja’Marr Chase 2018(79.3%), 2019(75.7%)
    Terrace Marshall 2019(75.4%), 2020(68.6%)
    Racey McMath 2019(81%), 2020(53.6%)
    Justin Jefferson 2018(63.5%), 2019{91%)

    Seattle Seahawks
    Tyler Lockette 2014(71.1%) above 70% every college year
    Conner Wedington 2019(70.8%), 2020(71.4%)
    Doug Baldwin 2010(69%)
    Everyone else below 65%
    No numbers available for Cade Johnson

    Top draft picks this year not previously mentioned:

    Kadarius Toney 2019(76.9%), 2020(83.3%)
    Rashod Bateman 2019(64.5%), 2020(64.3%)
    Elijah Moore 2019(57.3%), 2020(83.3%)
    Rondale Moore 2019(67.4%), 2020(79.5%)
    Tutu Atwell 2019(65.1%), 2020(64.8%)

    • DougM

      D Eskridge 2018(55.1%), 2020(63.5%)

  220. MarkinSeattle

    Thank you for all you have sacrificed with this site. I am sorry that there are so many idiots and nitwits who have been taking aim at you. I hope that you stick with it. Even though I live in Seattle, this is my only Seahawks news source, I don’t bother with sports radio or other internet sites like Field Gulls or even ESPN. Your posts helped get me through several hospital stays over the last year and a half, they were a wonderful needed escape. Your thoughts are very insightful and I always appreciate your take, I just don’t put much stock in the established talking heads saying things to ingratiate themselves with the football coaches and the rah-rah fans. I think your Adams analysis is spot on.

    I understand the difficulty in balancing passion and family life. Perhaps there are a couple of people who could help out as moderators? That may free up a bunch of your time and they can filter out or boot the garbage.

    I don’t always agree with you, but I love your takes and insights, you bring a lot of original ideas. I do think you are a little biased against ND players and for Alabama players, but no one is perfect…..except my wife and at times my kids. ;-). On the ND side, for future NFL talents keep an eye on Hamilton (FS), Mayer (soph TE), Foskey (DE) and Austin (WR, if he can stay healthy) next year.

  221. Zach


    Although i still read a lot of the mindless regurgitated sports infotainment “news,” ever since the suits took over deadspin yours is the only blog i actually relish/look forward to reading. What you bring to the table is true journalistic integrity, and even though the topic at hand is ultimately as trivial as a professional sports team, the rarity of of such intelligent analysis, discourse, and open-mindedness is something to be both proud of and preserved. Don’t let the savages get you down.

    Thanks for your effort and content.

  222. Ryan P

    Always a pleasure reading this site. I’m sorry it takes so much moderating. That has got to get old. Agree with the above suggestion that you try to share moderating somehow. Could that work somehow? Hope so. Anyhow – Looking forward to Seahawk seasons with more picks and deeper runs into the playoffs. And hopefully continuing to read Seahawks Draft Blog!

    • TomLPDX

      That was my thought as well.

      • Sea Mode

        C’mon, guys, he’s a professional athlete.

      • RWIII

        Big Mike: Those are might thoughts as well. To be honest I never did like the idea of Metcalf running in the 100-meter-dash. This is NOT a good idea. Is there anything good that can come out of Metcalf running in the 100-meter-dash?

        • Ben

          I love these sorts of things. I wish players were given more leeway honestly. Guys get injured tripping over toys, falling asleep with ice packs. Like him training for sprinting sounds like a benefit!

          Cool for track to get a little PR, and I’m curious to see if DK can surprise a little.

    • Jordan E

      I’m all in for DK trying to improve his speed! Would much rather have a player with a promotion oriented mindset rather than one who is complacent and would sit out and miss events and games because of fear of injury.

  223. Brik

    Want to mention that I just watched some Bryan Mills tape. I actually see some Sherman in his game. Problem is he isn’t playing against top competition. Other thing is he is very thin, could use some muscle. With some time I could see him being a solid starter.

  224. PJ

    See, internet trolls? This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Rob, very sorry that you’ve had to deal with this abuse. There is a much larger population of appreciative fellow Seahawks fans who are grateful for the time and energy you put into this. We may not always agree, as is to be expected, but we always respect the analysis and the passion. And I’ve never once thought you were simply reaching for a hot take.

    Thank you for all the time and energy you put into sharing your hobby with all of us. Do what you need to do and look out for #1 always, but know that you’ll be sorely missed if the break turns out to be extended.

  225. mr peapants

    Best seahawks site around. Thank you rob

  226. Sea Mode

    A little over the top with the coaches hooting and all for a guy that was basically forced on them. Awkward…


  227. Sea Mode

    Man, the League just won’t stop using this case to try and pressure the players’ union into submission this off-season…

    Ian Rapoport

    Quinnen Williams is protected in the event his injury doesn’t heal in time for the season since he was working out at the facility. Ja’Wuan James is at risk of being placed on NFI and losing a portion or all of his salary.

    • Sea Mode

      Pile it on:

      Adam Schefter

      Broncos’ OT Ja’Wuan James’ contract tolled last year, so he was playing under his 2020 contract this year, which had $10 million guaranteed for skill and injury, and another $10 million in 2021. So it’s a $20 million potential torn Achilles injury today.

  228. Sea Mode

    Well here’s someone hoping he won’t make the team…

    Bob Condotta

    Lestage signed with Seahawks over weekend. Goes 10th in CFL draft tonight, which just means Montreal owns his CFL rights if at some point he decides to play in that league.

    • CaptainJack

      He won’t anyways.

  229. McZ

    Rob – Sir – congratulations and a heartfelt thank you for draft coverage this season. In these crazy times, watching out for new challenging stuff on SDF has been a real life saver.

    Yeah, haters and keyboard heros are a despisable crop. Have been exposed to such harassment in more than one regard, and sometimes I couldn’t find sleep. You are possibly living through this on a wider scale, so don’t wanna compare at all. All I can say is this… stay the course, whatever the course is. If possible, stay being the voice for reason in a world, where Twitter breaks down in 160 characters.

    Oh, and please don’t let us alone with those FG “experts” writing the following lines:

    “Seattle was some typical Los Angeles Rams woes and horrific offensive synergy away from advancing in the playoffs. Meanwhile, that defense held the Rams largely to field goals, despite bad field position and a 33-26 unfavorable time of possession.”

    (No, the defense couldn’t get friggin’ 2020 Goff off the field, and the offense was not able to stay on the field.)

    “Would rather have him out there than three of the last four first-rounder picks from this team combined.”

    (The jury is out, if one of the players from 23 to 55 becomes a star. On some of them, it’s practically unavoidable (looking at you, JOK).)

  230. Sea Mode

    Nice of them to publish their board… Easy enough to make out the team logos and figure out who it is.


    • SpennyDunks

      Wish someone took the time to transcribe it, would be interesting to see it all laid out.

  231. Blitzy the Clown

    Cowboys are waiving starting defensive tackle Antwaun Woods, per source. They drafted two defensive tackles last weekend, and now Woods is a salary-cap casualty.— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) May 5, 2021

    Love to see him in Seattle. He could really firm up our interior DL.

    • Sea Mode

      31 inch arms.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Yet they drafted a CB with 30″ arms this year so maybe we shouldn’t continue to put so much emphasis on these things. Woods has demonstrated he’s a starting caliber DT. Either way Woods won’t make or break our season but I do think he’d be a valuable addition to a thin position group.

      • UkAlex6674

        And we now have x2 sub 6′ db’s….times a changin’

  232. Gohawks5151

    Listening to Brock and Salk. Brock within the first 10 min:

    “This was not a good interior O Line draft. No one near their pick would start over Pocic”

    Jeeze, just compliment the pick of Eskridge without making excuses for it especially since it WAS a good IOL draft. Also no Creed Humphrey was not off the board Brock.

    I do like his comments about how Waldron and the new O line guy will make the game simpler for the O Line. I think that in itself and scheming quicker options will help the most.

    • BobbyK

      Pretty stupid comment considering two Centers were drafted within 7 picks after the Seahawks took Eskridge. I like the Eskridge pick and I agree there’s no need to tear one thing down to justify something else more.

      Like I’ve said, I think Eskridge was the best pick to win this year but having gotten improvement at Center would probably have been a better investment for the long-term. But Pete and John really don’t care about that anymore like they used to. They say they do, but it’s better to judge people by their actions as opposed to their words.

      Pocic is an okay Center to me, but I think he’s a poor fit for a team that supposed to wants to be the bully. There is absolutely zero “bully” in Pocic. Thankfully, Jackson and Lewis are more than capable guards in terms of strength to help hide the lack of physicality in Pocic.

      • Gohawks5151

        Agree on Eskridge. I think he could be great and is set up for a good rookie year as the #3 guy.

        You haven’t heard them say “Be the bully” for years now. Safe to say that’s not the personality they want anymore? I think they are trending like the rest of the NFC West. More finesse. At least they may be committing to it more with Waldron running things instead of their own awkward attempt at it.

    • J

      Humphrey would not have been the favorite to start over Pocic. He could have won the job but he’d have had an uphill climb.

      Pocic was a better center prospect than Humphrey in college and in his first year at his natural position at center played well, and now he is movj to a system with zone concepts which suits him well.

      And if Humphrey doesn’t start, congrats you wasted your first pick on a backup center.

      • BobbyK

        I have to disagree. People were surprised Pocic was picked in the second round. The Seahawks reached at the time and he has not performed like you’d hope a pick that high would. People expected Humphrey to be taken in the second round for the most part (though he barely was). I agree with you that Humphrey may not have been much (if any) better than Pocic in ’21, but for the future I would say he’s clearly better for ’22, ’23, etc.

  233. BobbyK

    Fun Fact of the Day:

    Eskridge is 24 years old.

    DK is 23 years old.

    Freddy Swain is 22 years old.

    Cade Johnson is 21 years old.

    • Henry Taylor

      I think Cade is 23, same as Terry, but yeah Eskridge is old af. I do gain some confidence in the fact that he’s largely coming out this late because he got injured rather than because he wasn’t good enough.

      • CaptainJack

        I kind of think Eskridge was a terrible pick. Same sinking feeling in my stomach I had about the Penny pick.

        • Sea Mode

          Disagree. I think someone like Tutu Atwell would have been a terrible pick. (hehe, Rams)

          Eskridge had 768 yds and 8 TD in just 6 games this year. Had they played the full 12-game season, he would have been projected for some 1500 yds and 16 TDs.

          Sure, that was at a lower level, but then he showed up at Senior Bowl practice and nobody could guard him.

          He has really good hands outside his frame and is more than just a gadget guy like Rondale Moore (haha, Cards). He can actually be a deep threat as well as add all the pre-snap motions and screen game plays to our playbook.

          Perfect complement for Tyler and DK.

          • CaptainJack

            It was possible to statistically justify the Penny pick at the time. Ultimately it doesn’t appear Penny is an NFL level athlete. Going off statistics at a lower level of competition doesn’t comfort me. And I don’t put much stock in the senior bowl.

            • Moses Lake Brian

              Penny as an NFL athlete is not the question. He has just been plagued by injuries, which when drafted was one of the reasons he was selected (thinking he had avoided injuries in college compared to Chubb).

  234. Gaux Hawks

    I have KJ signed and Aldon Smith filling in until Taylor is fully healthy (…I know, I know, I know).

    Position, Players (Grade) – my thoughts:

    QB Russell Wilson, Gino Smith (A)
    LT Duane Brown, Stone Forsythe (A)
    LG Damien Lewis, Phil Haynes (B)
    C Ethan Pocic, Pier-Olivier Lestage (D)
    RG Gabe Jackson, Jordan Simmons (B)
    RT Brandon Shell, Cedric Ogbuehi (C)
    RB1 Chris Carson, B.J. Emmons (B)
    RB2 Rashaad Penny, Travis Homer, Nick Bellore (C)
    TE Gerald Everett, Colby Parkinson, Will Dissly (B)
    WR1 D.K. Metcalf, Tamorrion Terry (A)
    WR2 Tyler Lockett, Cade Johnson (A)
    WR3 D’Wayne Eskridge, Freddie Swain (B)

    DE Kerry Hyder, Rasheem Green, Alton Robinson (C)
    DT Al Woods, Robert Nkemdiche, L.J. Collier (D)
    NT Poona Ford, Bryan Mone (B)
    LEO Carlos Dunlap, Benson Mayowa (A)
    SAM K.J. Wright, Aldon Smith (A)
    MIKE Bobby Wagner, Cody Barton (A)
    WILL Jordyn Brooks, Ben Burr-Kirven (A)
    NKL Ugo Amadi, Damarious Randall (B)
    RCB D.J. Reed, Tre Brown (B)
    LCB Akhello Witherspoon, Pierre Desir (D)
    SS Jamal Adams, Ryan Neal (A)
    FS Quandre Diggs, Marquise Blair (B)

    K Jason Myers (A)
    P Michael Dickson (A)
    LS Tyler Ott (A)

    • Jordan

      I like it on paper for sure. Hopefully Waldron adds some cool new elements to the offense.

      I’m curious to see what role Blair settles in as. I like the thought of Blair, Wagner, Brooks and Adams all kind of flying around the middle of the field – a lot of wheels and a lot of thump there.

  235. Henry Taylor

    I really think the Seahawks might be all in on Russ cooking this year. Last year they tried it but nothing about their roster construction matched, 2 defensive players early, a run blocking guard, no notable reciever additions other than a speed guy who didnt play and 6th round pick. They didnt have the guys for it so the abandoned ship.

    This year however, they go WR first (and it sounds like they were always doing that), pick up a pass block specialist tackle (who I’m starting to naively feel could start at RT, just based on how high they seem to be on him), then they go ham on high priority UDFA wideouts. They seem set on a C who can’t move people in the run game. Spent a pick on a G who has been one of the premier pass blockers at the position. Not to mention a much more progressive spread out OC calling the shots.

    Last year they tried it and got great results despite not constructing the roster to fit and got great results for a time. I think this year they’re all in.

    • Brik

      I agree Henry. I see a lot of their moves facilitating the offense.

  236. JimQ

    Looks like we may have added a couple of WR’s the NY Jets were considering, nice write ups about these two with films showing particular strengths these guys have in spades. Interesting, we may have gotten a couple of bigtime steals there. This, to me, makes the 3 draft picks a little less concerning. Let RW cook indeed. I hope the new OC has a plan that will use WR’s like these to help loosen the 8 man boxes against the running game hopefully using a lot of motion and good routes from these very speedy WR’s. This reinforces the opinion that the Seahawks will be a bit more of a passing team this year. Should be very exciting to watch how this plays out in 2021 games. Can’t wait, speed kills if used properly, IE: pass to set up run and keep opponents guessing at what’s coming). I’d expect to see a bit more of the run/pass option game and a much more varied offensive attack with all of the speed added at WR. Run, run, pass & punt is hopefully in the past.


    • Ashish

      Thanks for sharing. Scary Terry and Cade Johnson are top receivers along with Eskridge. Some good options for Wilson, i guess even after 3 draft picks we might got 6 real draft picks.

  237. L80

    Maybe open a thread for everyone to discuss all things Hawks without any vitriol?

  238. Sea Mode

    Wow, I didn’t realize he was actually a great athlete. With a free year of practice squad stash, maybe he can develop into a solid backup and ST ace:

    Corbin Smith

    There have been three players in the NFL combine since 2000 who weighed 240 or more pounds, ran a 4.46 40-yard dash or faster, jumped 39 inches or more vertically, and posted at least 22 bench press reps.

    New #Seahawks linebacker Aaron Donkor would have been number four.

    • Sea Mode

      Having trouble verifying those testing numbers that Corbin gave. Please hold…

      There is another set out there that seems much more realistic, supposedly from 3/31 pro day at Florida:

      6000, 230, 31 1/4″ arms, 4.60s 40yd, 1.58s 10yd, 39″ vert, 10″1″ broad, 7.02 3C, 4.24 SS, 21BP

      Still quite good, but not 4.46 @240 lbs.

  239. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    NFL transactions show Seahawks today claimed linebacker Nate Evans off waivers from Jacksonville. He was a UDFA a year ago out of Central Florida. Did not play last season for Jags but spent season on their practice squad. Was waived by Jags on Tuesday.

    • TomLPDX

      Just a JAG ( 😉 ) taking a roster spot I take it! (couldn’t resist!)

  240. theothergreggaines

    There is nothing I can say to make the comments of horrible people less painful. However, I can say thank you for your hard work and thoughtful posts and podcasts. I hope you can continue to find enjoyment in this work. All the best to you and your family going forward.

  241. Albert Bryan Butler

    Maybe I’m crazy, but does anybody else see some Tory Holt in Estridge’s game after watching the film study?

    • Koko

      Will Fuller. Identical agility/speed Dee’s just a couple inches shorter

    • Moses Lake Brian

      I was thinking he reminded me of Mike Wallace. If he produces similarly, we will have a lot of success.

  242. Sea Mode


    This is gold!


    • pdway

      is that a question?

      ….. well executed for sure…

  243. Sea Mode

    Plagued by injuries, but maybe as part of a rotation?

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Lions are waiving RB Kerryon Johnson, source said.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      We already have a stable of injury prone RBs. I don’t think I would want to add another to the pile. It’s a shame because when healthy, he is really good.

  244. cha

    JS on 710 w O’Niell and Gallant.

    [what drew you to Eskridge?] “Area scout in Indy, spent a ton of time getting to know, awesome interview w Nate Carrol & Kerry Joseph. Really focused on the person this year. Previous drafts focused on character, grit, etc, but point where it was hard to make the team. Had to get back to finding level of toughness, grit, confidence. See him as gunner, taking kickoffs, competed at Senior Bowl. Power and toughness. Exciting, explosive player, just load up the Youtube videos.”

    [Tre Brown away from longer taller CBs, like Reed?] “Knowing landscape of NFL. Guys in Big12, running for 4 hours game day. He’s one of those guys. Very, very confident individual, tough, aggressive. Lowest completion % against, if he’s 6′ he’s a top 10 pick. Landscape of draft and where acquire players big part of what we do. Haven’t gotten away from big corners, but he plays big.”

    [Priorities given restraints of cap & picks?] “Priorities never stop. On the hunt. Talent sway to DL from OL. Majority on D. Always hyperfocused on OL. Focus been every position no matter what, every day we don’t think we have all answers. Just 15 mins ago, talking about how get better at certain spot, add a player. Holes we need to address, but not panicked.”

    [Change process or keep vision building roster?] “Combination. Entails knowing landscape of NFL. Looking around, how compete, how get over the top. Cannot talk about competition being #1 priority, then not have years where you take dips. Fans want a shot every year. Don’t see us taking those dips. New Orleans been there, Tampa, San Fran all have been there, we haven’t. Never picked higher than 15 since Pete got here. Proud of that.”

    [Recreate intensity of SB team? Need to get back?] “Can’t practice the way we used to, based on NFL rules. Org been fined before. Abide by specific rules. Atmosphere similar to USC with PC, guys flying around, music blaring. Identify different way of doing it. Shane coming in, Pete’s feel for what is new, focus on basics where expanding where we can, and philosophies.”

    [Waldron & Dickerson Off Coaches, new offense impact draft evaluation?] “Primarily w Stone, so long, big person, running around him is hard. Get out in space and run. Stone can do that. Tre and Eskridge, explosive. Tre, playing against teams we play, can’t have enough corners. Reed played his tail off.”

    • Sea Mode

      Thank you! Was looking for the link, but now I don’t need it!

      Can you clarify what was meant by this, or was it just an unclear thought by JS? I don’t understand the 2nd part:

      Previous drafts focused on character, grit, etc, but point where it was hard to make the team.

      • cha

        It was unclear, but he was mentioning in the past they drafted guys who came in starry-eyed and ‘I played Kam and Earl on Madden!’ and they lost something. Refocused on tough, gritty guys.

        No big revelation. But the context was Dee is one of those types they like.

        (my thought – if you recall in the heyday, Baldwin, Sherman, Browner, Kearse, etc all played ST as well. They’d like guys who contribute there as well as at their position)

    • God of Thunder

      Thanks for this cha, it was very informative. It’s a cliche that the off season IS the time to be optimistic about next season … and I’m duly optimistic, but I also feel it’s warranted.

    • Big Mike

      Is it just me or is the fact that JS has mentioned on more than one occasion that Seattle has never picked above number 15 kind of an attempt to deflect from some poor drafting or like making an excuse for it?

      • TomLPDX

        I didn’t take it like that, moreso that Pete and the team have been a good, competitive team since they all came in in 2010.

  245. God of Thunder

    Over at ESPN, new Hawks’ draftee Stone Forsythe was ranked as one of the top ten steals of the draft.

    Take this for what it’s worth. But let’s hope it’s correct.


  246. Spectator

    I am a little late to the party, but wanted to echo everyone else’s sentiment and thank you for everything you do. You really are in a class of your own and it is amazing how knowledgeable and well formulated your reviews and entries are. There really isn’t anywhere else that comes close to what you produce. This is the first place I go to in the morning and the last before bed. From the people you interview to your in-depth analysis, it really is a special place here that I am positive people would pay for a subscription to. And its not only the content you produce and provide, but the community that you have built here. My favorite part is reading comments and getting different views and perspectives.

    I may not always agree with you, even had one or two comments get filtered out by you, but there is absolutely no denying what you provide is centered in rational thought and analysis. It really is a shame that you have to deal with those kinds of messages and threats. I am very sorry you have to deal with that. I second some other’s opinions and maybe you should make it a subscription based forum to comment and read comments at least. I know i would pay for the sub to do so.

    I hope you have an amazing and well-deserved break away and time with family. Cheers and God bless.

  247. UkAlex6674

    Agree with the above post in so many ways.

  248. Sea Mode

    Seahawks PR
    · 26m

    The @Seahawks signed TE Nick Guggemos this afternoon. #GoHawks


  249. Sea Mode

    Another addition to the CB room competition: a guy we looked at as a potential day 3 target a couple years ago.

    Mike Garafolo

    #Seahawks claimed CB Saivion Smith off waivers from the #Cowboys, source says.

    • TomLPDX

      More training camp bodies. I hope they still try to bring Sherm back though, he would be a tremendous leader for the DBs.

  250. Jordan E

    Hawks deserve some props if they foresaw that they would be able to get a lot of higher quality UDFA due to the pandemic and their limited amount of draft picks… Thinking one step ahead of the draft during covid year.

    • BobbyK

      I don’t believe they foresaw getting better UFA signings due to a limited amount of picks (at least in terms of their “plan”). You always want picks. If anything, the best scouting departments in a challenging offseason like this would want more. I look at Cade Johnson as an UFA. He didn’t sign because the Seahawks had limited amount of picks. After all, the Seahawks took a WR with their first pick – making it harder for an UFA like him to make the team. You know?

    • Brik

      Something I’ve thought about as well Jordan. They may have missed out on a lot of talent, but I’m pretty sure they realized some potential stars would slip through the cracks. Some people think they’re blowing smoke when they say why they gave up picks for Jamal Adams, but JS and PC aren’t stupid people. You don’t do as well as them over the years without some intelligence.

      • BobbyK

        I have a former student who works as a scout for an NFL team. He says this draft had about 1/3 of quality players that next years draft will have (other scouts he’s friends with from other teams acknowledge the same thing). He says guys who would have gotten drafted in the 5th round-ish this year possibly wouldn’t be drafted next year. That means the UFAs from this past draft really suck compared to what they’ll be next year. That kind of shoots down the theory Pete and John are smart for not having any picks so they could load up on UFAs.

        • Henry Taylor

          I’m sure your guy is well connected and that could well be true, but the other factor here was this was just a weird draft overall. Lot’s of players falling for a number of reasons and grades all over the place.

          If I’m just going on my own opinion of these players, especially the WRs, some of these guys are incredible value as UDFA pickups. To the point that I’m flawed at how some other players got picked at that position and they didn’t. Cade and Terry > Tutu for example.

          The notion that it’s ‘smart’ not to have more picks is ridiculous however.

          • BobbyK

            Then that came out wrong because we all know picks is better than not having picks. You know?

            • Spectator

              You can look at that a couple ways tho and I think this is also subjective to the position. I personally don’t think it was smart to give up picks this year, but, to go with what your ex student and now scout said, 5th rounders this year won’t be drafted next year, so a third rounder this year, would be a what next year, late round? So have the 3rd we missed wasn’t worth as much as in other years. So the logic from PC JS can be argued for using your facts. Additionally, position depth comes into play, especially with the players we picked up. Our three top UDFA were all WR. It’s no question this years wr class was historically deep. So maybe a 5th round lb this year doesn’t get drafted next year, but an UDFA this year would be drafted 5th round next year. Also, because of Covid this year, skill position players were probably hit the hardest when it comes to production so those positions are going to be more question marks this year (looking at Cade, Terry and Weddington who didn’t have the best opportunity to shine this year but also had very productive prior years (except weddington)).

              I still hate that we missed out on some talent, but arguments can be made for and against the thought process. Also, the trade was made when conferences were planning to not play at all, which would have made it even more of a crap shoot.

              • BobbyK

                No. You’re right. Even though it does suck not having our 3rd round pick this year, the fact that we have the Jets 4th round pick next year is comforting (because there will be more talent in the draft pool next year). May not be much difference in the quality of player we could have gotten this year vs. next year.

  251. DougM

    How well did the Seahawks do in this draft compared to the other teams from a value perspective?

    I came up with a formula. Taking the ranking numbers from 3 sources and throwing out the largest number and averaging the other two numbers, then subtracting that number for the actual pick. Add all those numbers together and divide by the number of picks. This gives a plus or minus number per pick with the larger number representing better value. So far I’ve only done the NFC West.

    Arizona 52.92
    Seattle 32.83
    San Francisco 9.63
    LA Rams -25.50

    • McZ

      You must be kidding.

      Seahawks draft claass:
      – D’wayne Eskridge (= Div I receiver with a good SB workout)
      – Tre Brown (= smallish SEC corner)
      – Stone Forsythe (= late round T prospect without bend and move)

      Seahawks UDFA class highlights:
      – Greg Eiland (= intriguing G prospects)
      – Jared Hocker (= ditto)
      – Cade Johnson (= WR4 or 5?)

      Rams draft class:
      – Tutu Atwell (= smallish but producing SEC receiver)
      – Ernest Jones (= much too-early run-stopping LB)
      – Bobby Brown III (= SEC DT from the nasty A&M DL, that nearly captured the Bama-flag)
      – Robert Rochell (= tall 93” wingspan corner)
      – Ben Skowronek (= tall red zone receiver with blocking skills in the Robert Tonyan mold)
      – Robert Harris (= 6’5 TE with 4.39 speed)
      – Earnest Brown IV (= gap shooting DE, who could be another player after one year of NFL grade coaching)
      – Jake Funk (= 4.4x RB prospect)
      – Chris Garrett (= small school OLB with 1.5 sacks per game)

      Rams UDFA class highlights:
      – Alaric Jackson (= possible day one starter at G)
      – Landen Akers (= Cooper Kupp-clone)
      – Paris Ford (= prototype Rams safety)

      Even if you include the players “picked” in R1… Jalen Ramsey > Jamal Adams.

      • Big Mike

        “Jalen Ramsey > Jamal Adams”

        Could not agree more.

        The draft pick by the Rams that concerns the most is Bobby Brown. With Donald next to him all he’ll ever have to do is beat 1 v. 1 and I think he’ll do that too often for our taste.

        • Scot04

          But we have Pocic at Center. Donald and Brown should be no problem.

        • cha

          Whoa there Big Mike.

          Bobby Brown isn’t an upgrade at DT for 2021. I don’t like that he ended up in LA either, but I’d trade Bobby Brown for Michael Brockers any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The Rams won’t be better at DT in 2021 than they were in 2020.

          • Big Mike

            Maybe. Or maybe playing next to Donald makes everyone better. You’re probably right, but Donald is so good I believe that’s a large factor for those that play on the d-line with him. I think Brown will do quite well.

            • CaptainJack

              Eh, Brockers was good before Donald was drafted also.

      • DougM

        No opinion offered here. It’s just a mathematical calculation. The numbers just assess value per draft pick. The Seattle number is probably skewed higher because of the low number of picks. Also UDFA’s not factored into calculation. I have had a problem with past Seahawk drafts because they seem to reach to much and ignore value and I am doing this to compare all the other teams to see how these numbers play out. This year the only value pick was Forsythe. I’m ok with Eskridge as their first pick but I would have much preferred Terrace Marshall and that would have been a better value pick at 56.

        • UkAlex6674

          But does better value equal better player?

          • DougM

            No, but when using a consensus you increase your odds of success, unless you think your smarter than everyone else, but that’s more arrogance than smart.
            I am also keeping track of those players who are significantly over or under to see how those picks pan out in the future. It may turn out that some teams have more success at evaluating players than others. It may turn out that those value picks weren’t value picks after all, possibly some internal knowledge that we presently know nothing about.

          • DougM

            2018 value picks:
            Justin Reid(+52), Maurice Hurst(+107), Ian Thomas(+61), Tim Settle(+121)
            2019 value picks:
            DK Metcalf(+56), Greedy Williams(+33), Eric McCoy(+30), Parris Campbell(+34), C. Gardner-Johnson(+69)
            2020 Value picks:
            Zach Baun(+56), Jordan Elliott(+47), John Simpson(+67).

            To soon to tell on 2020, but a good portion of those players are better players.

            The reaches:
            2018 Frank Ragnow(-52)- good reach
            2019 Chris Lindstrom(-40) good, Daniel Jones(-51) good
            2020 Darrell Tayler(-44) and Jordyn Brooks(-72). What can I say? Two reaches with first two picks, let’s hope they know what they are doing.

        • McZ

          The problem is, that you are calculating something like a “perceived average quality”. So, the best draft in this model is a draft, where you only have a first and a second rounder. Because you scratch the first, and the second rounder grade cannot be diluted by later picks.

          It tells nothing about chances in the draft lottery, it tells nothing about identifying traits and roles.

          As long as the Rams are so good at identifying traits and roles in later rounds (and they are), this whole operation is pretty much meaningless. Which is why I added context to each pick to give an idea, what the scouts might have seen.

          Fully agree on Terrace Marshall. He was #28 on the PFF big board.

          • DougM

            I agree with all of that and I’ve pretty much discovered that it is pretty much meaningless. I set out to see which teams took advantage of players that fell down the board but discovered that those teams also will take players early so the numbers cancel each other out. But I would be interested to see which teams are better at making player evals.

      • CaptainJack

        Meitner Atwell or Brown played in the SEC.

        • CaptainJack

          What???? Neither*

  252. Noah Parker

    Thank you for this blog. I check it multiple times per day as my #1 content for everything Hawks. I don’t know you, but I think I love you!

  253. Happy Hawk

    Early prediction that both UDFA runningbacks Josh Johnson and BJ Emmons make the final roster. Check out Johnson who emulates Beast Mode and his 2 favorite players were S Alexander and M Lynch.

    • BobbyK

      I’ve watched both of them now and I think Johnson has a much better chance at making it compared to Emmons. I really like what I saw of him.

      • swedenhawk

        Just sayin’…

        Javonte Williams

        Height: 5’9 5/8”
        Weight: 212 lbs.
        Hand size: 9 3/8”
        40-yard dash: 4.57, 4.55
        Vertical jump: 36”
        Broad jump: 10’3”
        Short shuttle: 4.09 seconds
        3-cone: 6.97 seconds
        Bench press: 22 reps

        BJ Emmons

        Height: 5’11 1/3″
        Weight: 215 lbs.
        Hand size: 9 1/4”
        40-yard dash: 4.59
        Vertical jump: 36”
        Broad jump: 10’
        Short shuttle: 4.14 seconds
        3-cone: 6.89 seconds
        Bench press: 21 reps

        • Sea Mode

          Yup. My money would be on Emmons too if I had to bet. Johnson seems like just too average an athlete.

          • Spectator

            Emmons issue hasn’t been testing or athletic ability, dude was top ranked recruit for Bama out of high school. His issue has been health and ability to put it together. Hasn’t produced at all and may just not be a good football player. Johnson looks more intriguing on tape to me, but I just can’t see either beating out Collins, Homer, or Dallas.

            • BobbyK

              To me, Homer is the best of that lot and it has nothing to do with running the ball. He can pass protect but, more importantly, he’s a stud on ST. I value that.

              Dallas looked terrible to me last year. Collins is a guy who didn’t even have a job in the NFL and nobody wanted him. But at least Johnson has potential (though nobody drafted him) due to his age.

              I’m guessing Carson, Penny, and Homer will be active on game days, with the guy who makes the team being inactive the weeks there are no RB injuries. But with Carson – expect the worst.

              • Spectator

                I don’t disagree with the premise of arguing for either over guys like Dallas and Collins, but it’s worth noting that Dallas is actually younger than both the UDFAs and Collins is only 2 years older. Dallas could grow into something and Collins has always been solid.

                I wouldn’t mind us bringing in a kerryon Johnson even with his medicals. I personally don’t feel confident with any of our RB (including Carson because of guaranteed injuries).
                Really wish we would have had our 7th and took a flyer on Kylin Hill.

    • Lewis

      I really hope Johnson brings some pain to the proceedings. Nobody in the RB room should feel safe.

      • JimQ

        Nice writeup about “sleeper RB” Josh Johnson here:

        Johnson is probably the better of the two new UDFA RB’s in camp. He’ll have to work to make the 53 but the potential is there + the guys on the roster he has to beat aren’t all that impressive, so I say he has a good shot and if he sticks & avoids injury he could be around for awhile. A one cut & go RB fits the Seahawks RB needs pretty well.

        • Lewis

          Exactly. If he comes in hungry he could easily win a job. Homer could be relatively safe, but Dallas and Penny certainly aren’t.

        • Lewis

          My hope is everyone in the room gets better and there aren’t easy decisions. Don’t mean to sound like I want those guys gone, but we need them to develop

    • CaptainJack

      Certainly a bold prediction.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I hope you’re right on Johnson. He runs hard and easy to see the beast mode comparison in that sense. Devil’s advocate, Marshawn was a 4.49 vs Johnson 4.59. That to me says he can run with the spirit if Beast Mode but will likely very rarely pop 7-8-10+ yard rushes in NFL and likely limits him to between the tackles with less speed to the edge for stretch plays. Now, that’s ok with me as long as he can consistently get at least 4 yards. Still, the occasional 2nd down and short can open up an offense in a lot of ways and may not be likely with Johnson.

      All that aside, if he can mimic some of another Seahawks game, Carson, it’s a great get especially as an UDFA. I also agree with Bobbyk about special teams involvement. In all likelihood he’ll need to show ST skill to ultimately make the team IMHO.

  254. cha

    Sounds like Lockett confirming some of the complacency we saw from the Hawks in 2020.

    Lockett said he’s excited by the changes, which include a new offensive coordinator in Shane Waldron.

    “Every year you come back excited,” he said. “But I think at some point it has to go beyond excitement. At some point we have to get to the nitty gritty of what’s stopping us from getting where we want to go.”

    He believes the key is to assign the urgency of the playoffs to the entire season, and learn from both the wins and losses.

    “That’s the hardest part about the closer and closer you get to the end,” he said. “We think, ‘Oh, it’s playoffs — you lose, you go home.’ Well, yeah, let’s treat that as an everyday mindset. … You have to learn how you survive and what made you survive so you can always progress each game.”


    • Gohawks5151

      Schotty is an easy target and rightfully so. Even though he was probably better than anyone thought when he was hired he just didn’t have the answers needed to adapt the offense and raise it a level. PC is a factor but many coaches find a way work in the margins at times and have success. Waldron himself may not have the answers but at least the search seemed more thorough and he comes from an established scheme.

  255. BobbyK

    I’m trying to take a step back to look at this roster. Offensively, I don’t see why this couldn’t/shouldn’t be the best Seahawks offense of all-time. I love the ’84 and ’05 offenses for different reasons, but on paper this should be the best.

    For as much as Pete wants to run the ball, the strength of this team is its passing game. For as much as I hate on Pocic as a physical run blocker, all the OL are at least decent in pass pro. The top 3 WRs should be the best trio in Seahawks history. The TEs are fine. I think Parkinson will be one of the better TE3s in the NFL. A lot will come down to the health of Carson/Penny, which is more wanting to live in fantasy land on paper than basking in reality.

    I think they could win the Super Bowl if they get the benefit of health and they can add another quality DT somehow (maybe a Diggs/Dunlap type move closer to training camp or mid-season trade).

    That being said, I’d still put at least 10 teams ahead of them that I would put my money on to win the Super Bowl. At least we’re not like the Bears, Lions, Raiders, Texans, Jags, etc. who have no chance to think about a Super Bowl before the season starts. They Jags may get there in a year or two – but there’s no chance this year.

    • Big Mike

      Waldron simply must develop an intermediate passing game. Another season of trying to throw deep into 2 high looks is not going to cut it. And the narrative that Russ can’t throw over the middle is crap. Re-watch XLVIII and it’ll be obvious he can.

  256. KennyBadger

    Agree with a lot of this Bobby. Not sure how Waldron is gonna scheme things but the offense has a chance to be lethal, health permitting as you said. I just hope they can be creative enough on defense to maximize adams talents and hide the shortcomings up front. Special teams should be a big advantage this season.

  257. Kany

    Rob this was my first year hearing about you and I’ve enjoyed your coverage immensely. I’ve
    disagreed with a number of your takes but found your blog very thoughtful and opinionated—which is exactly what it’s supposed to be! I can’t believe people post things like the example you shared about your 4 year old daughter. Social media and the pandemic, man. I hope you can find a way to stick it out, this is obviously a labor of love for you. If things don’t work out maybe you should take it full Patreon. I’d pay for it.

    Kany Levine

  258. RWIII

    Guys. There is an undrafted free agent that has my attention. His name is Josh Johnson. I am really pulling for Johnson. Back in January Johnson told his agent he wanted to be a Seahawk. His favorite player is Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch is 5″11. Weighs 215 pounds. Josh Johnson is 5″11 and weighs 215 pounds. Johnson is as strong as a bull. Enough said.

    • DW

      Are you….. Josh Johnson?

  259. CaptainJack

    DK running the 100 M dash at the Olympic trials is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. He’ll come in last place, and he could suffer a season ending injury. Complete idiotic decision

    • UkAlex6674

      Good for him. I’ve no issue with this. He’s a professional athlete in peak condition, its not like he’s just some dude running a sprint on the dad race at his kids sports day. I guess though it gives the serial moaners something to moan about during the non-moaning part of the season.

      • CaptainJack

        No. He’s a complete idiot for it.

      • Scot04

        If he severely pulls his hamstring and has issues all season to where he can’t play; I don’t think you will fell the same way. People who train for this their whole lives pull up lame, and are never the same.
        There’s a big difference between 100M track speed and football speed. Yes he was at 22+ mph in the football game; but heck our new corner hit 23+ mph maybe he should try out too. Atleast he’s a 3x state champion in 400Meters. So he would be used to it.
        If I’m Seattle I just say no. Not worth the risk

    • Scot04

      Technically Seahawks decision. If I’m them I’d say no.

    • Scot04

      Not that I’m for any of our player trying, but if anyone made sense I would think it would be Tre Brown

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Bad take IMHO. You get one shot at life. Either get busy living or get busy dying. Whether it’s a dream of his or a simply a cash grab (or some degree of both) I applaud someone stepping out of their comfort zone to take a chance that very few in the world ever get to experience.

      • Gaux Hawks

        could not agree more with this… love that he did this, no regrets

    • UkAlex6674

      Good effort. He had at least 50lbs on some of those? Well done DK.

    • Scot04

      I’m just glad he finished without injury.

  260. Ken Leong

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for all your hard work!!!

    I don’t understand some negativity with some of these keyboard “warriors’ who are bascally cowards.

    I might not be happy with some of your comments about certain aspects of the Seahawks but these are all good to challenge the status quo thinking that pervades into the Seahawks bloodstream.

  261. Koko

    I’m really optimistic about this team. I think 12-5 or 13-4 is realistic. We have a tough slate of road games but we match up pretty well imo. I think this offense is going to cause a lot of problems for defenses by being very versatile and unpredictable. Complimentary football might be the key for this team. Keeping defenses on their toes and thinking instead of reacting is a big advantage, the Rams capitalize on it on a per drive basis.

    LA Rams always use a committee RB approach (other than when they had Gurley, cause duh). If we assume Waldron is going to carry that over, our injury prone RBs should stay a bit fresher. We have the depth, along with the hopeful 1-2 punch of Carson and Penny to keep everyone ready. Add in the new short passing game and outside runs to jumpstart the running game, you’re set up pretty nice to compliment Waldron’s scheme with a true power running game. This keeps the defense on their toes by stretching the field sideline to sideline in the running game alone. Not only are you drawing the secondary towards the LOS, you’re spreading out the linebackers. That will pay dividends for our receivers who run over the middle.

    Gerald Everett should be a major weapon for us. We can use him in so many different ways, he is perfect for Waldron’s offense and I think Russ will love him. He can be an inline TE, slot, H back, outside WR, and take outside handoffs. He’s even known to line up in wildcat for the Rams. I think hes going to be a big part of the offense, finding versatile ways to contribute, like a poor man’s Taysom Hill, without the throwing ability of course. Waldron will have a set of red zone plays specifically for Everett where he could really exploit defenders and use his YAC abilities to consistantly gain the 2-10 yards after breaking a tackle or making a guy miss to score the touchdown. Why not just hand it off to him or run wildcat at the 1 with a 240lb dude who is known to break tackles?

    Then you have the receivers. These guys are going to cause major problems on their own, they already have been but this should be a much improved group. Lockett is locked in, we know what kind of guy he is and that should translate to a very good season. DK is a budding superstar, he will only improve with time. Him and Lockett shouldnt need much of an explanation, but they will both benefit on the over the middle routes from the running game stretching the LBs out now. DK has shown in the past what he can do with a slant or a 10 yard post, now we can get him more space after the catch and allow him to outrun entire defenses like he did against SF.

    Dee Eskridge reminds me a ton of Will Fuller. Heres a comparison from Fuller’s combine and Eskridge’s pro day.

    Fuller: 6’0″ 186lbs, 30 3/4th arm length, 8 1/4 hands, 4.32 40yd dash, 6.93 3cone, 33.5″ vert, 10’6″ broad jump.

    Eskridge: 5’9″ 190lbs, 30 1/2 arm length, 8 5/8 hands, 4.35 40yd dash, 6.93 3cone, 35″ vert, 10’4″ broad jump. *10yd split: 1.50*

    Identical speed/agility/explosiveness in a shorter, stronger body. Should help him stay healthier than Fuller and be more elusive. Another thing with shorter players is that their feet are on the ground for a longer % of their stride due to shorter legs, allowing them much better change of direction, sometimes even at full speed (Tyreek Hill and Kyler Murray and good examples of this). They can get so low so naturally that they can cut on a dime. Vick mastered it, Lamar Jackson mastered it. I see no reason why Eskridge cant, and I’ve seen him do it in college. That skillset will be ridiculously valuable as our gadget type WR.

    The depth at WR could be the best PC has ever had. Freddie Swain, John Ursua would be a solid #4 and 5, but Cade Johnson and Tamorrion Terry give us at the least great depth. Johnson could be legit imo.

    Over half of the NFL runs a variation of our new scheme, I’m convinced that we have the best weapons in the NFL to execute it. The only glaring hole in this regard is a true outside zone RB, but Penny could still be that guy, maybe this scheme helps him to a breakout campaign.

    If our defense can just be middle of the pack we should have a shot at a deep playoff run.

  262. cha

    Sorry Robbie.

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Colts are signing former #Chiefs LT Eric Fisher to a 1-year, $9.4M deal, source said. They are comfortable with his rehab.
    8:47 AM · May 10, 2021

    • Robbie

      Ugh, yeah…good signing by the Colts in my opinion. Really was hoping we could pull that off. Hopefully Stone proves he’s the LT of the future!

    • Henry Taylor

      I’d want no part of that deal tbf, KJ and/or a DT if money is to be spent.

    • Big Mike

      Sorry Robbie from me as well. 9 and a half is pretty rich for a guy that may not play a whole lot this year. I did like your 2 year idea for him tho.

  263. AlaskaHawk

    When Rob said it was his Final Thoughts, I didn’t realize he meant it. Now we face the abyss of summer. No player development, no trades, no signings, and no news. Only the sounds of silence.

    Birds chirping.

    I can’t take it anymore. WTF were you thinking when you didn’t put any players from Alabama on your watch list? The greatest team in the history of college sports and you act like they are so pathetic that there are no players worthy of watching??? Idiots, your all idiots, shaking head and mumbling.

    Hmm looks like a snake ate that darn bird. 🙂

    • UkAlex6674

      Haha don’t worry…..he’s currently in his lab working on a million word article to keep us going for a bit!

      • TomLPDX

        I hope Rob is doing the opposite, personally. He has been going non-stop since the pandemic started, didn’t take a break this past summer and poured his life and soul into this place. For that I will be forever thankful…it really helped me get through the past year. He is passionate about the Seahawks though, so I suspect he’ll be back eventually. For now, focus on the family. We’ll all be here chomping at the bit to get on with the new season.

    • Sea Mode

      If you were subscribed to his YouTube channel 😉, you would know that he will be on again in less than 24 hours…

      Are the Seahawks legit Super Bowl contenders?

      Rob Staton is joined by Jeff Simmons to discuss Seattle’s draft and the state of the roster going into the summer.

      • TomLPDX

        Thanks Sea Mode. I’m subscribed but didn’t have the reminders turned on…I do now!

        It is scheduled for 2pm PT tomorrow

  264. SamprasSultanofSwat

    Sad to hear that Rob is done working for the summer. Bummer. However, there is almost an endless supply of conversational topics.

    I have a topic that can be much debate. Between the 49ers, Cardinals and the Rams. Which team will give the Seahawks their toughest run for the division title?

    Well the way I see it(at the moment) I rank 1)Seattle 2) San Francisco 3) Los Angeles 4) Arizona. However I do believe that all times could make the playoffs. For me Los Angeles and Arizona could go either way. The Rams have had heavy loses. Arizona also is no pushers. But I am giving the Edge to the Rams.

    Other opinions please. Lets keep the ball rolling on the blog.

    • TomLPDX

      I’ll bite.

      I think the 49er’s have a big bounce-back year and are the team to beat in the NFCW. The injuries just decimated that team last year. Now that Jimmy has someone breathing down his neck, he’ll step it up a bit. I’m still not convinced about Kyler and the Cards…they have potential but wonder if Kliff is the right guy to lead them to the promised land. Never underestimate the Rams…

    • Big Mike

      I’ll go Rams. Definite upgrade at QB, good to excellent D though not as good as SF’s but whos is? If Jimmy stays healthy I’d go with SF because their overall roster looks like one of the best. But, he’s never stayed healthy so why would that happen now? Cards? I’m not a huge Kingsbury fan and Watt is very unlikely to to be healthy for the entire season. Oh they’ll beat Seattle once and piss us off in doing so but they’re not a contender imo.

      • Rohan Raman

        I think it’s gonna be the Niners that will give us the toughest time. They’re gonna be extremely pissed off after getting swept by us last year and the Shanny offense, when fully healthy, is not an easy thing for us to neutralize. Plus, they really didn’t lose much and upgraded at C and DT. When you factor in a healthier squad with upgrades and more developed players (year 2 of Aiyuk and year 3 of samuel), I expect both of those games to be hard-fought.

        Rams will take a game from us. It’s as constant as the tides. However, the Rams D could very easily return to the one they fielded in 2019 – a perfectly average one. Staley is a big loss and I’m not sure if Raheem Morris is much of an upgrade over Wade Phillips. That being said, the Falcons D played better down the stretch when he was calling plays so we’ll see. Rams O is the real question mark – how much can Stafford elevate this team?

        Cardinals are intriguing. Don’t seem them as the biggest challengers because their CB group is a mega yikes and Kliff is a…..interesting….. playcaller, but Rondale is an exciting weapon. Not super worried about any of their offseason acquistions outside of Rodney Hudson.

        • UkAlex6674

          That is a tough one. I think the Rams though. Stafford gives them so much more, and is better than any current 49er QB. Not sure what to think about the Cards, all the talent in the world, but doesn’t quite yet feel complete.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Cardinals… and only because everyone here seems to be underestimated them.

      • UkAlex6674

        Right but it was justified last year no?

  265. BoiseSeahawk

    Wydermyer > Pitts.

  266. Big Mike

    Got a notification of a podcast by Rob on YouTube tomorrow at 2:00 PM. The title is “Are the Seahawks Legit Super Bowl Contenders?”
    Guessing he’ll drop notification here.

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