College football open thread & notes (week 3)

Here are the games I am planning to watch over the weekend:

Youngstown vs Kentucky
UL Monroe vs Alabama
South Florida vs Florida
Miami vs Texas A&M
Washington vs Michigan State

Quarterback watch

Sadly I don’t have access to BYU vs Oregon but this is the game I wanted to watch (along with Miami vs Texas A&M). Jaren Hall doesn’t have the stature or the traits to warrant first round consideration. Yet there’s something about his game which is intriguing. I mentioned this week that some of his throws — in terms of loft, placement and touch — are reminiscent of Russell Wilson at Wisconsin.

He led his team to a big win against Baylor last week and Oregon will be a reasonable test on the road. I think if you’re looking for mid-round alternatives to the big name 2023 eligible QB’s, Hall is possibly the one to keep an eye on.

Will Levis shouldn’t have too much bother handling Youngstown and by the time I get home from work, he might already be sat on the bench relaxing. I’ll have the replay of Kentucky’s latest game to watch back at some point over the weekend to see if he can pad the stats and get into a good groove against an overmatched opponent.

It’ll be a similar story for Bryce Young as Alabama take on UL Monroe. I’ll watch that game until Young inevitably takes a seat.

South Florida vs Florida intrigues me because it’s a chance for Anthony Richardson to bounce back from the adversity of last week. I watched South Florida’s game against BYU this week to watch Jaren Hall and they were 28-0 down in the first quarter. Thus, this is the ideal chance for Richardson to hit back.

Tyler Van Dyke’s game against Texas A&M is box office viewing. The Aggies lost to Appalachian State last week and will be eager to bounce back. This is a team that has pumped resources into its facilities, Head Coach and recruiting class (they just had the best ever ranked recruiting class). Losing back-to-back games will be unfathomable. Yet Miami are sufficiently solid and have a top quarterback — so they have every chance to win (and TVD has ever chance to bolster his stock).

C.J. Stroud’s Ohio State face Toledo in another showcase for their talented QB. Can he throw some more of those gorgeous passes we saw last week?

The struggling Spencer Rattler, who should be off the NFL radar by this point, gets the pleasure of facing Georgia today. Is Stetson Bennett worthy of mid-to-late round consideration? He’s had a good start and while he lacks physical prowess, he’s more agile and shifty in the pocket than you realise.

UCLA’s Dorian Thompson-Robinson shouldn’t be troubled by South Alabama. There’s no game for Stanford and Tanner McKee — they next face Washington in a week. Arkansas and K.J. Jefferson should make short work of Missouri State.

I’ll have notes up on the blog ASAP. Also stay tuned for Curtis’ latest watch-notes on the Niners game.

And if you missed it yesterday, here’s my 49ers preview with the always brilliant Rob ‘Stats’ Guerrera…

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  1. DriveByPoster

    It’s a pretty tepid looking schedule for this week & I agree that the Miami/Texas A&M game is far & away the most attractive fixture. Of the others, I also agree that the BYU game looks intriguing.

    I think that I’ve mentioned before that I like the way that Baylor have been building their team over the last couple of years, so I watched some of their game last week & BYU dealt with them pretty handily.;It will be interesting to see if it was a one-and-done performance or if they can sustain it again this week. I am watching on dubious on-line services but, having been out of work for the last three years I really can’t afford subscription TV; please don’t hate me for it 🙁

  2. clbradley17

    Thanks so much for all you do between writing about the Seahawks and scouting for the draft Rob. After today, hopefully there will be a better picture of who’s excelling on defense as well, and who we may draft with our other 4 picks besides QB by day 2.

    Here’s a very good and the longest Seahawks All Access I’ve seen (over 15 min.) of game 1 against the Broncos:

  3. clbradley17

    Really enjoyed seeing Tyler Lockett mic’d up. He said he didn’t have much to say and just wanted to play at the beginning, but he sure coached on the field and was fired up on the sidelines.

  4. Trevor

    Really like the BYU QB Hall. Wonder if the Hawks would consider a high upside guy like TVD or Richardson in Rd #1 if Levis and Stroud are off the board and then take a guy like Hall in Rd 3-4. Perhaps create a little friendly competition and lock up the QB spot for the next 4-5 yrs.

  5. Trevor

    Wondering if anyone has figured out the most cap friendly way the Hawks can move on from the Peacock after what appears to be a really serious injury?

    • Ashish

      Everyone want to see Adams out but it’s not gonna happen for a year so lets revisit later.

  6. JJ

    Any way to track what games the hawks have scouts at?

  7. WildBill

    Rob, if you are having trouble finding a game try this site:

  8. Big Mike

    Loved the conversation with 49er Rob, Rob. Good stuff. Vegas is practically begging people to put money on Seattle and they rarely make mistakes. I heard a lot of money came in on the Hawks after Monday night. Beware gamblers. If it appears too good to be true, it likely is.

    Go Cougs! (should make short work of Colorado St. but I fear a letdown after beating Wisconsin last week)

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    Lots of boring blowouts this week so far 😒

    • Roy Batty


      I tuned into Oklahoma, then switched to Michigan, then switched to Georgia…then just gave up.

      Ugh. So brutal to watch.

      Of the three games, the thing that most stood out to me was how bad the UCONN QB was. You could see Jim Mora scowling on the sideline, slowly thinking of ways to throw him under the bus during his after game presser.

      Oh, and Georgia looks scary. Really, really scary.

  10. Rob Staton

    Kentucky’s right tackle is impossibly bad and showing no signs of improvement

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    Not sure who Levis was throwing to there.

    Several plays before though he threw a laser to a diving TE with a rusher hitting him (thanks to another whiff by the RT).

  12. cha

    Finally got a chance to watch the broadcast of the Denver game, it was replayed on NFLN this morning.

    I want to share something that got overlooked in the broadcast, and as far as I can tell has not been reported on in any media format. There was a lot of chaos happening so I get it.

    DK Metcalf saved the Seahawks’ bacon on the missed FG try by the Broncos.

    The Seahawks positioned him in the end zone, I assume to down a short kick and/or be the last line of defense if there was a fake in play.

    He walked out and as he got to the first hash he was counting the men and discovered the Seahawks had 11 at the line. He dashed off the field and got off before the ball was snapped. It wasn’t super close. He had time.

    A too many men would have given them a first down and made it a 59 yard field goal try instead. If McManus makes that identical kick, it’s conceivable that ball hooks inside the goalpost and we are having a very different conversation this week.

    • Bmseattle

      Great observation, cha.
      What a heads up decision by DK.
      Likely a game saver.

      • Justin Mullikin

        That’s why he gets paid the big bucks. 😀

    • Big Mike

      Great eye cha. Thanks for the info.
      And DK is the man.

  13. Blitzy the Clown

    So Levis isn’t perfect. He’ll make mistakes.

    But I’ll say this now: when it comes to the underwear olympics and related circus events that litter the weeks up to the Draft he’s going to WOW with his arm strength, accuracy and timing.

    • Elmer

      Especially if the talent is thin on the OL and he doesn’t have much time.

    • Dregur

      The amount of TO’s despite a bad OL, is still concerning.

      • Dregur

        And I just watched the two INT’s against Youngtown, they were bad throws, and not really due to the pass rush. The first one the CB jumped the route. The second one was a bad overthrow.

        • Rob Staton

          The second was a bad throw because he’s leaning back and it sails on him

          The first is a poor route and a good defensive play

  14. KD

    Guys, Spencer Rattler is a legit NFL QB prospect that deserves 1st round consideration. I swear…. the internet told me.

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    It’s an ugly sloppy game that I’m not fully paying attention to as I get some lifting in, but I’m diggin the Golden Bears vibe today

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Oh come on y’all gonna make me regret my comment 🙄😒

  16. TomLPDX

    I think Oregon is better than they let on…fun game!

  17. Trevor

    My first thought watching Oregon vs BYU is my goodness how good is that Georgia defense again this year. They were stacked with NFL talent last year and this year look just as loaded.

  18. Rob Staton

    If it’s ok with everyone I’m going to do my CFB notes write up on Monday

    Not sure I can stomach another 5-6am all nighter tonight

    Will watch TVD & AR tomorrow

    • TomLPDX

      Rob, you’re an animal! Go to bed already!!!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      So much appreciation for everything you put in. Be kind to yourself.

    • Big Mike

      You know we’re totally OK with that.
      Sleep well.

      The good news is that the Seahawks game tomorrow starts at what, 9:00 PM? for you?

  19. Palatypus

    Spencer Rattler is a corn snake.

  20. Ty the Guy


    Any thoughts on App St.’s Chase Brice. Good size, and seems like an NFL arm. Not sold or anything, but has made some big olays this year already.

  21. Palatypus

    LSU’s offensive line just gave the quarterback about 12 seconds in the pocket and it still resulted in a sack on a four man rush.

  22. Chris

    Is penix jr a sr ?

    • Mike

      Junior. Should the hawks draft him so Abe Lucas is blocking the blindside? Chess not checkers lol

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    What a dreadful goal line series for Washington. Poor play calls.

    And nice defense by the Spartans.

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    Looks like a safety to me

  25. Seattle Person

    Penix may not be the prospect that others QBs are but the kid is ripping MSU apart. He’s been really impressive throwing today.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Yep he’s having quite a night so far

  26. Palatypus

    Michigan State gets 3-0 Minnesota next. Up until now none of these teams have beaten anybody good.

  27. Blitzy the Clown

    Nick Singleton Penn State 👀👀

  28. Denver Hawker

    Penix deserves some draft attention after tonight – throws a really nice ball.

    • Denver Hawker

      I don’t see a Top 20 pick- but there’s been worse guys drafted that early.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s the first time I’ve watched Penex Jr. and he is having a heck of a game. Nice touch on his long ball.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Okay more research, he has had a lot of injuries and hasn’t finished a season. So whenever he come out, he probably won’t be a high pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Major perspective required on Pennix

      I really hope people don’t start talking about him in these terms

      More in my Monday piece

      • Denver Hawker

        The injury history is pretty damning as a prospect- and I’m not just rushing in cause he’s a UW guy- I just saw a QB who can stand in the pocket, be decisive, and have great touch on the ball across the field. He threw a dart for the first TD and had a few deep balls that dropped right into the receiver in stride. Showed good awareness and mobility. Obviously needs to show this for a whole season and prove he can be healthy- but was very fun to watch.

      • Seattle Person

        Agreed. I’m not sure how much of what he’s doing actually translates to the NFL level. UW’s offense is pretty unique but a lot of first reads and high percentage throws. I’m interested to see if DeBoer stays for awhile, his offense churns out a decent amount of QBs. Seems to be really QB friendly.

        • Rob Staton

          Very QB friendly

  29. AlaskaHawk

    When they win should Washington be ranked in top 15 or top 10?

    • Rob Staton

      No chance

      MSU were horrendous and a fraud as a #11 ranked team

      It’s good news for Seattle though because clearly Ken Walker carried them

  30. Denver Hawker

    As a UW fan, no, 20-25

    • AlaskaHawk

      They are beating a #11 ranked team. They should get a decent ranking out of this.

      Also it appears this will be their toughest opponent based on rankings. I see some other challenges ahead like Oregon.

      • Denver Hawker

        Rankings this early are pretty meaningless- MSU looks like a 7-5 or 6-6 team. It’s a nice win for UW for where they’ve been last couple seasons, but won’t catapult them to top 15.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Yep, great to get the win but the sorting of who is who has just begun. UW needs to reach 8-0 before there’s any concern about rankings imho. Get that Tempe boogieman off of our backs & keep winning.

    • CaptainJack

      Washington still shouldn’t be ranked. Michigan State is mediocre this year.

      Washington hasn’t even played a road game yet. Also their secondary is awful and they don’t have a starting level running back

      I love DeBoer and Mike Penix. But this is a very flawed team. Not a top 25 team.

  31. KD

    I think we can take Anthony Richardson out of the QB conversation.

    • Chawks1

      Agreed. He needs more development for sure. Should stay in college another year.
      Van Dyke not looking sharp either. Todd McShay echoing a point I’ve seen, Van Dyke doesn’t look off the safeties enough, locks in on receivers too much. That won’t work in NFL.

  32. Thomas

    Well Rob,

    Speaking as a Huskies fan UW had better coaching and MSU deeper talent. I’ll be interested to see if any Huskies jump out to you. That MSU receiver Coleman looks like a pro to my untrained eyes.

    You’re right on Penix. He has to prove he can stay healthy. Right now he’s a very fun college player. He’s red hot but fragile. Fun to watch though. Has a good coach.

  33. uptop

    I am a husky fan. I love penix, hes fun. But he is a huge injury red flag and plays in a system that makes life SOOOO easy for QBs. Hes not the guy.

  34. Dan

    Time to start doing more work on Hooker from Tennessee. He’s off to a great start and has the size and tools to interest Pete I think.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t see a pro QB personally based on what I’ve watched

      Not sure a win against Akron will change that if I watch the blowout

  35. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have a quick question for you it involves Bryce Young . from what I know is he played high in Los Angeles and of course he plays in Alabama has he ever played a game in the rain or with a wet football.If he has it probably hasn’t been to many is that a question mark for you at all? If you play football in Pacific Northwest you can expect to get wet. I could be wrong but I believe even Russ had difficult time with a wet football at times..Is it a concern at all

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t knock him for not playing in rain but the fact he is small in every way, including presumably hand size, is a slight concern for stuff like playing in the rain

  36. Robert Las Vegas

    High school football in Los Angeles sorry

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