College Football Saturday: Open thread

Watching a game? Watching a prospect? Anyone stand out? Or do you just want to talk about the PAC-12?

Whatever you want to discuss, here’s your thread.

Click here for notes on Shon Coleman yesterday, plus a preview of today’s game for Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis) against Ole Miss).


  1. CHawk Talker Eric

    Did Treadwell just throw a TD strike?!?

  2. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Go Dawgs !!! Game is 7:30 on espn2, playing the Ducks at home. A fun day of football ah yeah!

  3. Volume12

    Baylor WR Corey Coleman is the best WR in the country no one is talking about. What an explosive athlete! Dude will crush the combine.

    • Trevor

      Sometimes it sucks for WRs when they play in what is considered a system offense. They get great numbers but no one really puts much stock in them. He does look like a Sunday WR though for sure.

      • bigDhawk

        *cough*Josh Doctson*cough*

        Agree that Coleman is a beast, though.

        • Volume12

          He’s a better athlete than Doctson IMO. More explosive, better after the catch, way more grit. When Zach Whitman gets a SPARQ crush, my antennae perk up.

          • bigDhawk

            Drafting for SPARQ hasn’t exactly won us the last three drafts, honestly. Whatever team gets either player won’t go wrong, so long as they have a QB that can throw to downfield to receivers.

    • John_s

      Absolutely agree about Coleman that guy is a freak and he is very solidly built. He was list as the #1 “freak” in an SI article. Apparently he can jump 45″. That is some serious explosion. 3tds today the last one he stopped on a dime and ran away from the defender

      Even though Baylor runs the spread and there’s the knock on spread WR’s not
      Being ready for the NFL but Baylor has had some immediate contributors Williams in Dallas, Wright in Tennessee and Josh Gordon come to mind.

      Seattle needs a top notch athlete with some bulk at WR and I would love this guy as a Seahawk

      • Volume12

        I don’t think WR is a big need. Do they need depth and a little more size? Yeah. Baldwin, Lockett, P-rich, Kearse will be back IMO, ‘Hardball’ is a RFA, they got the 2 WRs from Udub on the PS. Look for a receiver in the 4th-6th round range.

        Having said that, if Coleman were on the board in say the 2nd, pull the freakin’ trigger. Not many guys built like him with his athleticism.

        Also grew up with no father figure. Had to visit his dad in jail as a youngster. Still is locked up IIRC.

        • John_s

          Totally understand that but can you really afford to pay Kearse this year, Baldwin the year after and also Ricardo Lockette? One or two will have to go. There’s no guarantee that PRich will come back to his full athletic ability even if he did, he’s so slight that he had trouble getting DB’s off of him and breaking tackles. Also can he stay healthy for the rest of his career or is he going to miss a bunch of games due to his stature? I like the UW guys but they are not the caliber of athlete that Coleman is and I think at best they are Kearse like which really should be a 3-5th WR not a starter. Chris Matthews hasn’t shown anything this year which is disappointing after the SB.

          • Volume12

            And I get where your coming from too. Remember, this is a team that prides itself on finding UDFAs at the WR position. They’ll never be a team with one main guy. If they won’t adapt to Jimmy Graham, who will they?

            It’s a weak WR class as is. Teams will overreach because of that. Kearse ain’t going to command much money, they’ll absolutely pay Douggie. They won’t take away RW’s ‘go to guy.’

            I just have a hard time seeing them go WR before round 4.

            • Volume12

              Right now I see our biggest needs as, and not in any order, OT, DT, HB, C, and CB. But CB can wait, because again they trust in finding/taking guys later on like 5th-6th round range.

            • John_s

              They’ve also drafted Tate and Richardson rd 2 and Tyler Lockett rd 3.

              If they draft an OLineman or DLineman #1 I would get not taking a WR and hopefully Rawls is the real deal so they don’t have to worry about taking a RB early. They need to surround Wilson with targets still. I get the UDFA WR model but we’re not going to have the best RB in the league after this year IMO so we need the WR’s to step up. Baldwin is maxed out so is Kearse. Tyler Lockett is going to continue to get better. Richardson is a huge question mark. Ricardo is just a ST guy. I would follow the GB model of taking WR’s round 2 or 3 consistently.

              • Volume12

                They took Lockett and P-rich because it was a position of need.

                Same can be said about Rawls. We don’t know how well he’ll hold up. Most games he ever played was 10. Their still going to be a run 1st team. Having just Rawls makes no sense. It’s a pretty good class of RBs the next 2 years.

                Wilson has targets. The WRs have played excellent this year. I do think they need another gut with size, but it’s a weak class. Some very intriguing receivers that fit that criteria who will be around in the mid rounds.

                • Volume12

                  Michigan St WR Aaron Burbridge and Cal WR Stephen Anderson (unique prospect) are 2 perfect examples.

            • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

              I hope Kearse stays and he’s a local boy. He deserves a fair contact maybe 3 years 8-9 million. He seems like he’s taken the next step in his progression this year to me. He made that one high catch between two db’s against the Bengals last week. Look I know some of you don’t want to keep him, but look at it this way okay. He’s part of the Seahawks family and we all know there is nothing stronger then the Love of Family. That is what makes the Seahawks so good in my opinion is the Love Pete Carroll has in his heart transpires to the rest of his team. Jermaine Kearse is his team’s and my Dawgs!!!

              • Volume12

                I’m with ya on Kearse. He’s played very good this year. I think we’ll keep him. Can’t imagine too many teams would be very interested. But, he fits here and is a good receiver to have.

                • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

                  Cheers Volume12, I’m glad you’re “all aboard” the Kearse train as well. No shit, as I’m typing this I just heard a trains whistle down at the Columbia river. Life can be so awesome some days!!!

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    The only reason people wanted to cut him was the money saved. He has played well this year and deserves a modest salary.

                • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

                  Plus he definitely has that knack of making the huge play in the clutch. So let me get this right, some of you want to get rid of him for who now? True Hawks fans are Kearse supporters and if your not one you best look in the mirror and remind yourself of who you really are!

                  Go Hawks
                  Go Dawgs
                  Okay and Cougars also.
                  Smiley Face

              • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

                “Dawg” Damn, New Google spell correction can’t even be turned off. Just let us be human and make grammatical errors from time to time. Ahhhhhh!!!

                • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

                  Okay I’m probably OCD if that’s a real thing but I want to let you all know that my correction to “Dawg” was for the comment of “Kearse is his team’s and my Dawg” up above. That’s why Rob Staton please add a edit comment option. Just nod if you can hear me! Pink Floyd rules

              • bigDhawk

                If nothing else, Kearse is our best scramble drill receiver. If Wilson turns out to be nothing more than a scramble drill QB, we will need Kearse.

      • cover-2

        Is there any more room for me on the Coleman bandwagon? Baylor is loaded at the WR position. Coleman looks like a 1sr round talent, Cannon is another speedster, and Jay Lee is intriguing as well. Lee is the biggest of the group at 6ft 3in. DT Billings is strong as a box vs. the run, very powerful player with a good motor.

        • Volume12

          Billings is a freak! Broke Mark Henry’s power lifting record at age 17. Much better player than Shawn Oakman. I have a feeling that Billing’s will be another guy to watch come combine time, if he declares.

  4. Trevor

    Rob you were early on Paxton Lynch but I dont think he will be a sleeper after this week.

    Seems to have all the natural ability you look for in a QB. Great size, good speed and athleticism, good arm, decent delivery and appears to make good decisions.

    The question was how he would perform against better competition and he seems to be ticking that box at least in the 1st half.

    In this weak QB class he definitely has a shot to be a huge riser!

    • Volume12

      Yeah he looks like the real deal.

      Mking throws across his body to the opposite hash, good weight transfer, all his throws look the same signaling good mechanics, thst TD to end the half he puts the ball where only his WR can get it and the DB can’t make a play on it, good poise under pressure.

      Some bad coaching on Ole Miss. Decline the penalty and force Memphis to kick a long FG. Punt the ball only down 3, don’t give Lynch a shory field to work with.

      • Trevor

        Yeah I have to admit. I never even heard of him till he was mentioned here. I have since watched some tape which was impressive and the game today is an eye opener for sure. His draft stock is getting a huge boost this week. Just made another nice throw to make it 31-14

    • bigDhawk

      Lynch hadn’t thrown a TD this season before this game? Looks like he can throw TD’s to me. Impressive player. If he is the David Carr of this draft I say we move back early in the second and grab him. Always Compete, Russ.

      • Nichansen01

        Hasn’t thrown an interception before this game, that was a typo he has thrown a lot of touchdowns

      • Nichansen01

        And I see him being the Texans first round pick, Texans have a tough defense with watt and a true #1 in Hopkins, they are a qb away from being a compete be team. They can’t waste watt in his prime any longer.

    • Hughz

      Seems like Lynch has great touch but does he have enough velocity to make the NFL throws?

    • Dan

      He’s also a little too reliant on his abilities at times. There were more than a few occasions where he’s throwing off his back foot. Sure, those ending up being completions but they’ll be pick 6s in the NFL

      • Volume12

        Too reliant on his abilities? As opposed to relying on what?:

  5. Volume12

    Keep an eye on this CB from Iowa, Desmond King. If his arms measure 32″ and he checks in at 5’11, what a fantastic nickel back this guy would be.

  6. Nichansen01

    Laquon treadwell will be a first round pick in a week year for wrs

    • Nichansen01


      • Volume12

        Absolutely. It’s a weak WR class for sure.

        The talent in this year’s draft is on the D-line. Ecspecially DT. I think this OT class is way overrated.

  7. Volume12

    Seahawks scouting the Miami vs VA Tech game.

    Must really like someone on this Miami team.

    Watch out for VA Tech CB Brandon Facyson. Very ‘Seahawky’ and I like him much more than Kendall Fuller.

    • Trevor

      Petes son and LB coach Barron wereboth on the Miami staff so they should have a good feel for anyone there.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      If they’re scouting the Hurricanes D, then watch MIA’s secondary – FS Deon Bush, SS Jamal Carter and CB Artie Burns (in that order). Maybe DT Jelani Hamilton too. Also watch MIA WR Stacy Coley.

      If they’re looking at VT, OLB Dadi Nichols, OLB/DE Ken Ekanem are the two besides Facyson I think they’d watch.

  8. Volume12

    CHAWK, my man. Remember discussing Clint McDonald and both agreeing we were missing that interior rusher that could also clog up running lanes, anchor againat double teams, etc.?

    Have you checked out VA Tech DT Luther Maddy? Guy might be one of the biggest trash talkers in CFB, but what an interior rusher. Thoughts?

    Who we scouting on Miami? Deon Bush, Artie Burns, Stacey Coley?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Haha check out my reply above. I listed the same ‘Canes as you.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Good call on Maddy. He’s a guy who was starting to tear it up in 2013 but didn’t play last year so I totally forgot about him.

      • Volume12

        I heard he woulda gone pretty high last year had he not got hurt. Maddy that is. Wish I could find that article.

        There’s also guys like DE Al-quaddin Muhammad, and LB Raphael Kirby, who looks very freaky, WR Rashawn Scott, they got another DT. But, other than Coley, gotta be someone on D.

        Trev, nice heads up on Brennan Carroll and Michael Barrow coming from ‘the U.’ I forgot about Barrow.

  9. Hawkfan907

    I have been following BYU’s DE Bronson Kaufusi for a few weeks and he had another amazing game last night with 3 total sacks. Whatever inconsistencies he had before this season seem to have vanished. He overwhelmed an offensive line that had only given up 5 sacks the whole year before this game. 6’8″ 280, former college basketball player, and a crazy motor. I see him as a mid-round pick who could blow up depending on how he performs at the combine. Good potential for that late third or fourth round pick.

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

        +1 ? Does that imply you agree Eric?

        • CHawk Talker Eric


  10. Volume12

    Eagerly anticipating watching my guy Texas A&M RB Tra’ ‘Pluto’ Carson-5’11, 230 lbs., against this ‘Bama defense right now.

    • cover-2

      I’m a big fan of Alabama DT Jarran Reed. Reed is a monster vs. the run and he hits with bad intentions. I also like DE/DT Jonathan Allen, he has very good initial quickness when playing the 3-tech when Alabama is in the 4–3 defense on passing downs. Meh on A’Shawn Robinson.

      • Volume12

        Reed’s one of my favorite DT’s too. Robinson looks like a dude with alot of ptential. Ptobably better lined up as a 4-3 guy.

        Wanted to see what Carson could do against this D, because no one has run on ‘Bama since ‘Zeke.’ I probably overrated him, looks like a nice later round guy.

        Derrick Henry looks a little differenr to me currently, but in a good way. Running a little harder now.

  11. Trevor

    Rob or group not sure if you have scouted Brad Kaaya at Miami yet as he is a true sophomore but would love to get your thoughts?

    To me he has looked like the perfect pro QB prospect even as a rookie. Good size, natural throwing motion and great poise in the pocket even for his age.

    Where does he stack up for you in next years class?

    • Volume12

      I think he has the potential to be one of the 1st QBs selected. His mechanics need some fine tuning, but he’s a gamer and has tremendous upside. I like his grit.

  12. CHawk Talker Eric

    A&M just WOKE UP on defense.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And then went back to sleep

  13. CHawk Talker Eric

    Bollux call on UM LB Joe Bolden.

    • Hawkfan907

      Also on that late hit at the end of the 3rd… Michigan has had a few questionable calls against them.

    • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

      Are you British Eric, or just use proper adjectives, verbs and nouns and such? I myself live in Wenatchee Washington it’s pretty much smack dab in the middle of the state.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Way back somewhere in my family there’s a Brit or two. But me, I’m just a kid from the Jet City (back when it was called that). The proper English comes from a LOT of schooling, and a rap or two across me knuckles from the penguins 😉

        Wenatchee is good country Thy Hawk.

        • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

          Cool! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question Eric it really does mean a lot to me! You called Seattle “Jet City” You must be a fan of Quensryche! The unplugged session from early MTV are completely amazing. By the way my name is Craig everyone.

          GOooo Hawks

  14. cover-2

    Michigan CB Jeremy Clark is one to keep an eye on. Clark is 6-4 205 lbs, long arms, plays press man coverage and the last couple years he was a SS. Harbaugh’s coaching staff liked Clark’s size and switched him to CB this year.

  15. cover-2

    Michigan St (LT) Jake Conklin is having a great game. While he does not look like a elite athlete for a LT, he looks like a day one starter for the Seahawks. Great anchor in pass pro, pancaked 3 guys before halftime on running plays. Very good kick slide for a guy that doesn’t look like a good athlete. Good awareness on blitzes.

    • Volume12

      I like him too. Your about his athlticism, it’s the one knock in his game.

  16. Volume12

    Michigan C Graham Glasgow has looked pretty good today. Got my eye on him.

    I like Michigan’s back. Dude runs hard and with toughness/swag.

    Michigan St DT Lawrence Thomas is an interesting DT too. Looks athletic, disruptive, long, kind of Greg Scruggs like.

  17. Volume12

    Seahawks scouting the ND St. game. I see their LT Joe Haeg-6’5, 310 lbs. is draftscout’s no. 6th ranked tackle.

    Finally, a sleeper! Hoping it’s for him. I

  18. CHawk Talker Eric


    The rival in me just loves to say f@ck you Harbaugh!!

    But seriously, what a capitalization by MSU

    • Volume12

      That was a crazy finish! Has to be up there with the Iron Bowl from 2013 when dude ran back the mised FG!


      • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

        Damn I haven’t seen any of this game. Just got off work not too long ago had to shower and stuff. Can’t wait!

    • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching cool website! Lmao. Shit now I have no ass. Sad Face

  19. cover-2


  20. nichansen01

    Wow must it feel awesome to be a Michigan Stats fan right now

  21. Volume12

    Oh no. Doctson hurt. Hope he’s okay. Ran off the field on his own.

  22. Hawkfan907

    Fournette is a man amongst boys. Florida is doing a great job on him, but he still gets the job done. 8 in the box can’t stop him. Once in a generation type talent.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Give props to Hargreaves for ripping the ball from both Fournette’s hands earlier.

    • Volume12

      Yes sir. The 2 best players in the game are both SOs. HB Leonard Fournette and DE Myles Garrett. The 2017 draft is going to crazy good IMO.

      • Volume12

        Man, ND RB CJ Prosise continues to blow me away. Every time I doubt him, he proves me wrong. How great would he be in thatTurbin/Freddy Jackson role?

        Has the look of an NFL player, explosive, love his competitive attitude, great hands, interesting backstory, runs through arm tackles, home run hitter, and is rumored to be a freak athlete. Makrs it look easy. So smooth.

        • CHawk Talker Eric


  23. CHawk Talker Eric

    I know Cook isn’t Rob’s favorite, but there are aspects to his game I like. He put some passes right on the money today, under serious pressure. His WRs had some ugly drops that weren’t his fault, and credit to the Wolverine secondary for great coverage.

    He’s a gritty competitor who needs to work on his read/recognition.

    • Volume12

      I like WR Aaron Burbridge. I don’t think he’s as big as his listed height and weight, but he’s a gritty receiver.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Right?!? He had his hands full with Lewis all day.

        • Volume12

          If Lewis puts on some more weight, he could be special.

          Michigan St DL Lawrence Thomas stood out today too.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Is he #8?

            • Volume12


              • CHawk Talker Eric

                I saw his number more than a few times. Never saw his name.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    Brian Cox, Jr. looking good for the Gators.

    • Volume12

      Plays with same passion and fire his daddy did. He’s another good D-lineman straight off the production line down in Gainsville,

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    BOOM! Gators strong in Death Valley tonight!

  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    Fournette continues to amaze. Not only a power runner, he has outstanding agility and balance. He just ripped a 10+ yard run through the heart of the Gator D, without being touched until tackled.

  27. bigDhawk

    If USC goes on to handle ND, then the UW’s win over USC will look even better for the rankings.

  28. CHawk Talker Eric

    LSU going for the jugular.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Kudos to Les Miles for the fake FG, and to the kicker for running it in.

  29. CHawk Talker Eric

    Looks like ‘SC wants to give the game back to ND.

    Hey V12, can you imagine Prosise after an offseason working with NFL-caliber trainers? He’s already deceptively strong but not necessarily a tackle breaker.

    • Volume12

      He’s got eveything else. A little bit of coaching to harness his raw athleticism and abilities is flat-out scary quite frankly. Yourright, not a tackle breaker technically, but a dude that isn’t afraid to stick his nose in there. His competitiveness is fun to watch.

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    What a team effort to pin LSU at the 1 yard line by the Gators ST unit.

  31. CHawk Talker Eric

    This Gator-LSU game is something to watch. Fournette bulled Bollard straight through the 1 gap for a 5 yard gain when it should’ve been none. Then he stiff arms…no, he b!tch slaps a Gator defender to the ground. Stay down! Then the Gator D stuffs him 4 yards behind the LOS.

  32. CHawk Talker Eric

    And when my back’s turned, Prosise scores again.

    I must be the only dweeb with nothing better to do but spend my Saturday night simultaneously watching 3 football games while blogging the play-by-play.

    • Volume12

      Not at all my man.

  33. CharlietheUnicorn

    All I have to say is… the WR Fuller… has ELITE speed.

    • Hawkfan907

      I was surprised he is only listed at 6′. He plays a lot bigger than that.

  34. CHawk Talker Eric

    Fuller putting on a clinic against really good coverage

  35. CHawk Talker Eric

    My two favorite helmet wraps this week:

    Memphis Tigers and ASU Sun Devils

    • Volume12

      I’m feeling those lime green unis from Oregon myself.

      • Volume12

        Where would Oregon be if VA had played this whole time? Can’t say there isn’t a huge difference between him and Lockie. Although having WR Darren Carringon helps too.

  36. CHawk Talker Eric

    UT WR Kenny Scott just made an amazing one-handed catch in a rainstorm. You’ll see it on the highlight reels. BTW he’s 6’3″ 210#.

    • Volume12

      Funny you mention him. He’s grabbed my eye a couple times tonight. Plays unselfish, has that chip on his shoulder it would appear, good run blocker, and that size you mentioned.

  37. Madmark

    In the Michigan St. and Michigan game that I watched that I think sold me on Jake Conklin LT for Michigan St . He ends up pushing the guy putting him on his butt just as the play came to an end. The jumps up and goes after Conklin and gets his self ejected from game. He got nasty in him, and he had a good game holding up that left side of the line.

  38. Volume12

    Even though these numbers are from 3 years ago and he now weighs 7 lbs more, he was a guy that flashed on several occaions Thursday Night. Forgot to mention him.

    Stanford OLB/DE Peter Kalambayi-6’3, 245 lbs.

    4.62 40
    4.25 SS
    35.6 in. vert.
    41.5 PB? (what is that)
    129.42 SPARQ score

    • David M2

      Power Ball Throw. SPARQ is correctly measured by power ball throw, I may be wrong, but I believe there is a way that they also substitute bench press for PB.

        • Volume12

          Dude, that link was cooler than sh*t! They should be doing that at the combine and pro days.

          Love stuff like that.

      • Volume12

        Interesting. Well, that answers that question. Thanks for the info my man.

  39. CHawk Talker Eric

    It’s very strange to listen to the football pundits pick the visiting team (CAR) over SEA at the CLink. Haven’t heard that in a few years.

    • Volume12

      Strahan didn’t. Don’t know about the guys at CBS or ‘forever salty Cris Carter and crew.’

      • Volume12

        Stsy salty my friend. LOL.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Oh yeah, the entire CBS crew went CAR (I think).

  40. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    No they didn’t ? Seahawks are going to eat some Panther Pussy Arse!!!

  41. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    I will say this though, it’s going to be a pleasure watching Kam, just jesting, Cam Newton play today!

    • Volume12

      BWagz aka ‘ninja turtle’ playing today?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        No. Also some speculation as to whether he has a strained pec muscle or tendon. The first one takes about a week to recover; the second one about 3 or 4 times as long.

  42. CHawk Talker Eric

    Pretty disappointed, no disgusted, with the news of a false fire alarm at the Panthers’ hotel early this morning. It’s pretty clear that this was no accident – the only floors affected were the ones with Panthers players.

    I highly doubt anyone with a direct connection to the Seahawks had anything to do with it (at least I really want to believe that), but in the end it’s somewhat irrelevant. If this is the kind of cheap chicanery that SEA fans needs to rely on to win a home game, then their team, our team, deserve to lose.

    How upset would we be if this had happened last week to the team in Cincinnati?


    • Volume12

      Probably some teenagers man. There’s always some type of drama around the Seahawks.

  43. Trevor

    Boy we are thing at DL and LB today. I hope our run defense can hold up because I suspect Carolina is going to try and run it down our throats with the read option Cam / Stewart.

    I really like how our roster stacks up against Carolina normally but not so much this week. Olsen vs Kam and the Car LBs vs Graham /Willson is going to be the key IMO.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      CAR may have Kuechly back but (1) he’s been out for 3 weeks and (2) they’re without AJ Klein who picked up the slack while Kuechly was out.

      In other words, their LB core is far from full strength.

  44. CHawk Talker Eric

    Martavis Bryant looking like Antonio Brown on that TD catch.

  45. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Russell Wilson needs to be are Offensive Cordinator! I am sick of this shite!

  46. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    “Our” not “are” obviously .

  47. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Damn, Luke has the force in him right!

  48. AlaskaHawk

    After all those wild high scoring college games it is nice to watch conservative Seahawks again. Safe, predictable, slow starting Seahawks. Thank god they never throw downfield in the first quarter.

  49. Forrest


  50. AlaskaHawk

    Big defensive QB sack negated by Sherman grabbing a shoulder pad, that’s a 25 yard swing.

  51. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Stefon Diggs has 129 yards for the Vikings, I wanted him until we got fortunate in Tyler instead.

  52. AlaskaHawk

    Looks like it will be a long day for Seahawks defense. They got to stop the run.

  53. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    I just saw Luke K being very caring for his hurt teammate. Luke is awesome! He’s a very special football player!

  54. AlaskaHawk

    Thank god Wilson finally opened up the offense with some passes and QB runs.

  55. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Beast mode!!!

  56. CHawk Talker Eric

    It’s nice to see them finally pack a little piss into their game. How can anyone doubt Jimmy Graham’s competitive drive?

    OLine getting it done.

  57. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Jimmy has drive that’s for sure. I feel sad he had to grow up without his Mom and Dad. His adopted Mommy just passed away. It showed Grace that Russell went to be with him when they had her funeral.

  58. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Rhawls got ballz !!! I’m loving this kid!

  59. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Ball Hawk Thomas! sweet stop on 4th and 1.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Finally a stop. Good thing Campbell got there as Wright wasn’t even looking for the ball

  60. Forrest

    I’m seeing a spark in this offense…let’s hope they capitalize in the 2nd half!!

  61. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Okay The curse is over!

    Go Hawks

  62. AlaskaHawk

    Announcer after Seahawks score on double lateral and pass to Lockette, “don’t you draw those plays up in the dirt?”

    • CHawk Talker Eric


  63. Forrest

    Lockette with the over the head catch…let’s go defense!!!

  64. Forrest

    And interception!!! Let’s go offense!!!

  65. CHawk Talker Eric

    Avril! What a bullrush from a guy known more for his speed than power!

    • Trevor

      Avril is having a great year. He is the only Hawk in my opinion who has played well every game and is more than earning his $.

  66. Trevor

    My biggest fear was that the Panthers would run it down our throats today as I mentioned earlier and they are starting to do that which is a concern for sure.

    I hope Mebane steps up and shows why they kept him.

  67. Trevor

    We have to figure out how to cover Tight Ends it is ridiculous how poor we are in covering them.

    • Trevor

      Seriously how many times are we going to get burned on that wheel route. Unreal that we can’t adjust to figure out a coverage for that play.

  68. Forrest

    Williams getting picked on again…

  69. Forrest

    Graham with over 100 yards…he’s being utilized this game. I knew the TEs would have a good day today!

  70. CHawk Talker Eric

    Pash rush has disappeared.

  71. CHawk Talker Eric

    Looks like it’ll be up to RW and the offense.

  72. Forrest

    …I swear to God, if they gift wrap the game, again, I’m flipping some tables…

  73. Forrest

    Come on defense!!!

  74. CHawk Talker Eric

    Can’t do this without a pass rush.

    Where’s mosesbread?

  75. Forrest

    Big sack, but will it be enough?

  76. CHawk Talker Eric

    It’s not our year

    • Forrest

      I hear ya…I still think they can make it as a wild card team…but damn this is tough to handle…

    • Rik

      I think it may be our year to draft a QB. Russ is playing scared in the 4th quarter.

      • Jarhead

        When he just ran right into the pass rush on that 3rd down late in 4th just made me ill. Yeah I am sure that was just a “coverage sack”. Just sorry…

  77. Forrest

    I’m fed up…what is with this team…32 seconds to get a field goal…

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      They need a TD

      • Forrest

        That would be preferable…

        • Forrest

          Sorry…misread the score…

  78. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Oh no Shaq Thompson got hurt, please be okay!

  79. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Seriously no Hail Mary. Bevell go away

  80. Trevor

    Wow same story now in all 4 losses can’t get a 1st down or stop anyone in the 4th Quarter.

    Hate to say it but we may be able to start looking at some mid to early round picks instead of late round picks if things don’t turn around fast.

  81. Jarhead

    So now let’s see what the apologists have to say. I guess you could tell me that the team that was one yard away from a consecutive SB championship last year COMPLETELY forgot how to play football in less than 12 months and we are fielding 22 nobodies. Yeah that seems likely. It isn’t that our coaching team has become completely inept and this is the proof? I don’t want to hear how “They managed to coach us to blah blah…” because if this season has not glaringly become evidence of superior talent overcoming below average coaching then I don’t know what I am watching every week. I didn’t think that I could feel worse than last week. This was just the next tick in a string of “It can’t possibly get any worse” moments and is just sad. So I guess it really IS just the players not playing well. I guess we are a mediocre team. Yeah, the coaching staff all the way up to Pete Carroll shouldn’t be questioned? Wow, I am at a loss as a fan…

    • Trevor

      I agree we have to look at the coaching staff. But the blown coverage in the secondary because of communication are embarrassing and wreak of lack of commitment and preparation from a group that supposedly prided themselves on working harder and being more prepared than anyone.

      It is a mess on both sides of the ball to be sure and let me be the first to say it knowing I am going to get bashed. Lynch looks like a 29-30 year old running back with alot of miles.

      I wanted to move on from Lynch this summer after his hold out last year and we should have.

      We should also have waited another year to sign Wilson to a big deal. We always had the franchise tag option if he balled out this year. I am a Wilson fan but he is not progressing as a QB and is playing scared in the 4th quarter. Neither of which bode well for the future of the team going forward given the amount we have invested in him.

      • AlaskaHawk

        At least they didn’t trade their first round draft pick away this year. Should be a good mid round spot.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I totally agree on signing Wilson – what was the hurry? Having said that – there are times when he looks brilliant. Other times he makes rookie mistakes. Last drive he should have thrown the ball away instead of run- time was precious. Too many times he runs backwards and turns into a rusher.

      • Jarhead

        No I am in agreement that Lynch hit the 29 year wall. IT is okay to be an all-time great but lose it in the twilight years. He is a great. But he is not the same this year. I hated Wilson’s contract and he is holding us back. His apologists will scream “Sacrilege!” at this- but even with decent protection and time his eyes are coming down and he is not engaging his receivers throughout the entirety of their routes. It looks like David Carr syndrome in its early stages. All our huge contracts are weighing us down and they may have become our undoing. No one on this team is playing up to their top-of-the-tier contracts. Communication is one thing- but then there is the concept of just being a great enough player to make a play when it counts. A team meddle is truly evident in the 4th Quarter and during finishing. And that also is where you gauge the quality of the coaching. We are sorry as shmutz across the board. From the training staff to the Head Coach’s office. We are one sorry outfit right now

  82. Trevor

    The communication in our secondary is a mess. Wish Kam had just stayed on the couch or we had traded him for a couple of picks because after sitting out the whole pre-season our secondary scheme and communication is a mess.

    I have seen more blown coverages in this year than the previous 3 years combined. It is embarrassing that 4 DBs all making $6 mil+ per season can’t figure out how to sort out some communication issues.

    • AlaskaHawk

      That last td was on Sherman.

  83. Ed

    It was great to see Graham get the focus. Bigger problems are still 3rd down and defense. This may be too big for Richard, maybe we need 2 coordinators. For as much love as Bennett and Avril get, Irvin is our best rusher. Where is Hill? No inside help. Williams has not improved.

    -Have Bennett and Avril go back to a pitch count. We need them on 3rd down
    -Bench Williams and let Smith play
    -Start being creative with your blitzes
    -On offense, mix it up. We ran like 4 play action rollouts in a row and they started stuffing it.

    The Cardinals lost and the door was open, but we blew it again.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I think DT Hill was out with injury today. CB Tye Smith is also injured, not sure how effective he was going to be.

      The TE pass that Newton hit, was right in between the zones. Looked like someone was supposed to carry him up the seam…. I doubt Sherman was supposed to cover the TE Olsen from the outside in or Thomas from the inside out….. essentially, it looked like the play was specifically targeted to beat that coverage. Perhaps too predictable on D is the answer.

      The offensive play calling was more diversified overall, which got Graham involved. Some nice play calls, even when they got very little to show for it. However, the “prevent” offense showed up late in 4th quarter. The plays all appeared to take time to develop, when they needed to throw the ball quickly…. and why not give Marshawn a bit of a breather in mid 3rd, Rawls provided a nice spark in 1st half.

  84. KD

    I just don’t know what to think anymore…..

  85. AlaskaHawk

    How about playing Rawls more then one down? Need a little help there.

    • Rik

      I’m with you here. Rawls shows real burst when he gets the ball, very different from Lynch rumbling into the middle for 1 or 2 yards. After last week, how do they keep him off the field. Crazy decision by the OC.

  86. Forrest

    Well I’m going into defeatist mode now…this team is still great, but they’ve got a werid funk going on that may take a season to get rid of…by the way, the offense looked pretty good this game, but the defense (same as last week) gave it away…

    This team has the ability to win out the rest of the season (very unlikely), but something is wrong. ET looks like the only guy on the defense with any passion, the offense doesn’t look terrible, but it does look like a unfinished painting, and ST just looks meh as usual. The coaching on both sides probably has a bit to do with it, but I’m not jumping on any “fire this coach because…” bandwagon just yet.

    They can go 9-7 and make it as a wildcard team, or who knows, they could go 12-4 and blow everyone’s minds…that’s how this team is…

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      a loss to Carolina is huge. Tie breakers are now against Seattle. They need to run the table to get into playoffs.

      • Forrest

        Or other teams need to start sucking…the Cardinals need to keep up their current trend…

        But yeah they should try to break away and win the rest of their games…the next two look winnable…and then bye week and three in a row at home after that…

    • Ehurd1021

      Defense gave it way? The offense had five three and outs in this game, how much more is this defense supposed to play? How much more are they supposed to do…. its very hard to play perfect defense, that’s what kind of pressure this offense is placing on this defense, to simply be perfect.

      Did the defense give up the bust to “win the game.” without a doubt. But that doesn’t explain the fact that the offense needed two first downs (like last week) to seal this game and they couldn’t do it. Russell taking huge sacks on crucial downs because he refuses to step up in the pocket. How do you, or really anyone, see this loss or last weeks on the defense?

      • Volume12

        Yeah there’s definetly some blame on this offense. It really needs to be the focus of the off-season. Of course a couple pieces on defense, but the O needs a couple more playmakers.

      • Forrest

        It’s a matter of perspective I guess. I see an offense that is really inconsistent (historically so), and isn’t quite at an “elite level” (yet). Sure getting a few more first downs would have won the game…but that’s not what I “expect” them to do. The defense on the other hand faceplanted for the 5th-ish game in a row in the most crucial quarter, and they are a historically great defense…all they needed to do was create on more 3 and out and the game would’ve been won. Also Carolina’s defense did their job (when it counted). Both sides played terribly in the 4th quarter…but I see the defense as more “responsible” than the “work in progress offense” with the Swiss Cheese O-Line…

    • Jarhead

      It isn’t a bandwagon. It isn’t a concept that people are all starting to agree with because it is popular. There is real merit- actual evidence to support the idea that the coaching and game planning is not good enough. That it is in fact detrimental to this team and causing us to be less competitive. Yes it does seem like a lot of people are looking for a scapegoat- but is it a scapegoat if the thing you are blaming is actually to blame?

      • Volume12

        The coaching staff does need to step up and take some respinsibility? Other than that, what are you going to do? Ya ain’t firing the 2 guys that built this team. PC take over playcalling duties? Until there’s someone out there to go get and we got them, there isn’t a better option.

        • Jarhead

          Give somebody a chance. You have to take a chance and let someone try and do better. What is being put out on the field right is not good enough. The idea that we keep him because “who else will do it” is not the way we should look at it. We need to have someone come in and even if they are untested, give someone a chance to make this thing right.

      • Forrest

        I just think mid-season “fire this coach” talk is more hinderence than help…when off-season rolls around I’ll jump on board…

  87. Ehurd1021

    And once again we lose because the offense cant get two first down… that’s all we needed before the Panthers final drive, was two first downs and it basically would have been over. The same as last week.

    These losses have everything to do with the fact that when this offense needs to pick up the defense, Russell, Bevell, these WR’s and this O-line cant do it. This defense isn’t the same as it was the past two years, unless we blitz or do some kind of stunt up the middle we cant push the QB of his spot. All QB’s are doing is stepping up in the pocket. Brady did it all day, Rodgers has done it twice to us. We need a interior pass rusher almost as bad as we need O-line help.

    Were was Doug Baldwin for the past two games? What is the point of Kearse playing at this point? These are very real questions! At what point is Russell going to start STEPPING UP in the pocket and driving the ball downfield, instead of trying to roll out (spin) to his left on every third down or passing down? Explain to me why we stopped running the zone read with Marshawn after the holding call when we picked up 15 yards? Russell is not getting the job done, especially for a guy who just got payed like a “elite” QB.

  88. Volume12

    Confused, man. What to say? I don’t get how a team can nearly, if not dominant the first 3 quarters as much and play so bad in the final quarter. This team is so close to being elite.

    2-4 ain’t fun. At least we still got ‘Zona and SF twice. This Thursday night game may be what they need.

    I have no doubt we’ll turn it around, but will it be too late?

    • Forrest

      For what it’s worth Arizona didn’t look too hot the last couple of weeks…if the Hawk’s can sweep them and SF then playoffs are within grasp…

      • Volume12

        Oh, I definetly think we’re still in it. If they could fix these 4th quarter meltdowns, we’d be 5-1 and could end up winning a nice stretch of games.

        • AlaskaHawk

          The Seahawks offense looked pretty bad in the first quarter too. Lots of conservative run plays with lynch. A few passes to the sidelines or very shallow. No real movement on offense. Second quarter Wilson took over running the ball and passing downfield, and I thought great! They finally started using him. Second half had some good plays but it just seemed inevitable that the Seahawks would give up the lead and lose. Unfortunately they filled my expectations.

          Defensively the corners look slow. Always a step behind. Not just Williams, Sherman is out of position a lot too. QBs still respect him but probably too much as he looks beatable. So between the lack of pass rush in the fourth quarter and the poor coverage it is no wonder the Seahawks give up 80 yard drives every two minutes.

          Lots of blame to go around. I just hope they will improve.

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