College Football Saturday: Open thread

Another week, another tough opponent ticked off for Auburn’s Shon Coleman. Despite appearing to badly injure his knee on the opening drive, he played on and handled Georgia duo Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins.

The video above shows one particular block against Floyd. Coleman just drives him off the screen. He’s dealt with the best the SEC has to offer this season and excelled. What more does he have to do to warrant some deserved attention in the national draft media? Perhaps it’s best for the Seahawks if that doesn’t happen — even if it feels inevitable.

If you missed yesterday’s piece on Pittsburgh’s left tackle Adam Bisnowaty don’t forget to check it out. He needs to be on our radar too.

Indiana’s running back Jordan Howard had a fantastic game against Michigan. He ran for 238 yards and two touchdowns. He also caught a touchdown pass. He’s a junior who transferred from UAB when they closed their football program. Big time yards after contact, nice physical running style. One to watch for Seattle.

Here’s one of his scores:

He was also aided by left tackle Jason Spriggs. He’s a little stiff in pass pro but does a good job in the run game with some key blocks. He’s said to be a good athlete with ideal tackle size.

Meanwhile, Alex Collins did this against LSU…

Whatever game or prospect you’re watching today, let us know about it.


  1. Matt

    That’s an impressive block by Coleman on Floyd, who I like a lot.

    Really looking forward to the Baylor Oklahoma game! Coleman, Cannon, Linwood, Drango, Oakman, Billings, Perrine, Mixon, Striker, Shepard. Ton of talent for both teams on both sides of the ball. Gonna be a good one!

    • Volume12

      Me too.

      That one, the Memphis vs Houston game, Arkansas vs LSU, and Wazzu vs UCLA.

      • Rob Staton

        We’ve got Memphis/Houston and Oklahoma/Baylor over here too.

        De’Runnya Wilson down with a neck or head injury. Scary.

        • Volume12


          • Volume12

            Unfortunately, we saw this 2 weeks ago with Ricardo Lockette.

            Poor kid. He has tears in his eyes. Can’t blame him.

            • Volume12

              Can’t wait to watch this Houston defense, which is loaded with NFL prospects, and RB Kenneth Farrow.

              • Volume12

                This DT from Houston BJ Singleton is a stud! Really liking what I’ve seen from him so far.

  2. Volume12

    Oh no. Hope Miss St WR De’Runnya ‘Bear’ Wilson is alright. Doesn’t look good for him though.

  3. Volume12

    This DE-LEO Ron Thompson from Syracuse is a nice looking prospect. Only a jr., but he had a brilliant game today against Clemson, has the size-6’3, 255, and very good pass rushing production. Might be a guy to monitor for next year.

  4. Rob Staton

    Jordan Howard is intriguing. Having a very good game for Indiana vs Michigan. Yards after contact.

    • Volume12

      He really is. Was fantastic at UAB too. IIRC, he broke a bunch of records when he was there.

      Has a good looking frame too.

  5. Volume12

    What a run by Indiana HB Jordan Howard! Outside zon run, and he has the speed to the edge, and creates the angle.

  6. Volume12

    QB Paxton Lnch is single-handedly beating a really good defense in Houston.

    • Rob Staton

      Alex Collins 80 yards for a TD vs LSU. Video embeded in the post.

      • Volume12

        I turned the channel, and just missed that run. Saw the replay, and that run was set up by his footwork at the LOS, which was really good. He continues to impress me. I like that in a college back as the year goes on.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Definitely looks like a early round draft pick.

  7. Volume12

    Rob, you like ‘Bama DL Jon Allen? For a dude that plays like 60% of the snaps, he’s pretty damn good. But, IDK if he’s legit or perhaps overrated.

  8. Volume12

    I kinda forgot about Oklahoma DL Charles Tapper. Seems like he’s playing out of position as a 3-4 5-tech. Would be better suited as a 3-tech and 5-tech in a 4-3 IMO. A ‘Seahawky’ kind of background though, and is said to be a fantastic athlete, whch he showed a couple of years ago before playing where is now.

    • Volume12

      Loving me some Charles Tapper again. Grown man strength. 6’2-6’4, 282-285 lbs.

      Plays with a ton of passion and swag. Hasn’t let sickle cell holdhm back, lost his dad at an early age, rumored to bge a freak athlete, and was a standout/highly regarded basketball player from inner city Baltimore.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I would think any DL that can legitimately slide between the 5 and 3 tech, Seattle is going to be closely monitoring. Washington, Bullard, Rankins, Allen, Zettel, and this guy all look pretty Seahawk-y that versatile way.

        • Volume12

          I agree except for Sheldon Rankins. I like Rankins, and think he’d be good value in the 3rd-4th round, but he’s more of a Jordan Hill type of DT.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, we’ll see. In a 4-3, Rankins is definitely an inside guy, but I think he might be a bit more of a truer of a 3 tech than Hill. Something tells me if he has a solid combine, he might not get out of round 2.

  9. Volume12

    I know it was against Wake Forest, but ND DT Sheldon Day was a penetrating, disruptive beast today.

  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I know the WSU QB Luke Falk is in a variation of the spread offence. But, does he project as a late round QB prospect for the upcoming draft?

    • Volume12

      I would think more 2017.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Ah. A sophomore…. thought he was a Jr for some reason.

        • Volume12

          Falk just got hurt I think.

          • CHawk Talker Eric


  11. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Demarcus Ayers keeps putting up big numbers….. another mighty mite…. but very impressive.

    • Volume12

      Is he the receiver for Houston? If so, Houston has a lot of mid-late round picks on their team. Not top tier guys, but sleepers, role players, backup/depth guys, PS members. Those kind of prospects. Possibly a steal or two in there.

  12. CHawk Talker Eric

    Some Jason Spriggs vs MICH:

  13. CHawk Talker Eric

    Perkins looking good tonight.

    • Volume12

      Yep. He was impressive too.

      Wazzu WR Gabe Marks is gritty man. I like him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Me too. All of Wazzu is gritty. Falk especially. What a gutsy performance last night. He was beat up pretty good but still manufactured a tough road win.

        • sdcoug

          all-around gritty, heart-filled performance. UCLA defenders spent the entire second half trying to knock him from the game. Turf slams, an egregious non-called Targeting attempt by ucla on a falk head-first slide, etc. Re-shuffled Oline, Williams, Preister and Marks banged up, Falk limping around…and the Cougs just kept picking themselves up off the turf and coming after ’em. What a determined win.

          • Volume12

            Man, Wazzu and Udub are going to be 2 teams the PAC 12 wants no part of the next couple years.

            Just think sd, the Apple Cup in 2016-2017 could end up determining who represents the North in the conference championship and dare I say a possible BCS bowl.

  14. Mike B.

    I watched about half of the Auburn/Georgia game. Shon Coleman did indeed impress; he’s huge and talented, an absolute force of nature. I hope for the Hawks that Coleman continues to fly under the radar (except for their scouts of course) and that they can snag him.

    Among other OL I watched today (there were many), I thought that Jason Spriggs looked good, as did Kyle Murphy (Stanford), Spencer Drango (Baylor; he had a bad play or two), and Ryan Kelly (C, Alabama).

    Several RBs stood out today, including Samaje Perine (just a sophomore, but damn), Derrick Henry (the Eric Dickerson comparisons are looking more and more apt), Jordan Howard (could be a later-round steal if he declares this year), Aaron Green (TCU), Alex Collins (whom I like, except for his absent receiving game), and of course Zeke Elliott (so complete).

    I was hoping to see more out of Andrew Billings–the guy has massive potential and is perhaps the physically strongest collegiate player, but Oklahoma’s O-line kept him mostly in check.

    • oz

      I like Jason Spriggs a lot.

      • C-Dog

        If Spriggs is a Seahawk next year, I would be pretty happy about that.

  15. nichansen01

    What do you guys think of Iowa sr. Running back Jordan Canzeri? Had a huge early season then got injured vs. Northwestern.

  16. nichansen01

    Marshawn could miss tonight’s game… In that case bring on Rawls

  17. John_s

    Todd Gurley is carrying the Rams O. He is a special, special talent

  18. nichansen01

    Bryan Walters is having a 600 receiving yard season… Completely crazy, Where was this guy when he was a seahawk? He looked completely untalented… Wow

    • Volume12

      Jacksonville was kind of missing a slot receiver though. A-Rob and Hurns on the outside, but Marqise Lee has been too inconsistent.

  19. Trevor

    Hate to say it but Sea is a graveyard for receivers and their stats. Look at Zach Miller today. Maybe that is why pC/JS have drafted P Rich and Lockette because they know free agent WRs will avoid us like the plague. Still pissed we never kept Golden because of the Harvin experiment.

    If Dog Baldwin was on the Pats or Packers he would be a pro-bowler likely.

    • Volume12

      I’m with ya on WR Golden Tate. He was my favorite Seahawk when he was here in the PNW.

      Just a heads up, but the TE for the Bears isn’t the Zach Miller that we had.

      • Trevor

        Really that is funny. Sorry about that I thought they picked him up. I really liked Miller he was definitely a team first guy.

  20. Volume12

    With Marshawn Lynch as banged up as he is, Freddy Jackson only here on a 1 year deal and being 34-35 years old, I just can’t see Seattle leaving the 2016 draft without adding a RB somewhere between rounds 2-4. They just can’t play their brand/style of ball without an effective running game.

    Some will say, but we have ‘Lou’ Rawls as if having only 1 back is good enough. And yes Seattle found him in UDFA, but RB’s that have found success in the NFL as UDFA’s have really been ‘flash in the pans’ and had short-lived careers.

    For a team like our Hawks, that want to be a dominant, run first offense, and has shown or proved to us they want 3 good RB’s on the roster (sorry, but the Bryce Brown signing proves my point) they aren’t going to pin their hopes to a late round fringe (53 man roster) player or un-drafted hopeful.

    Let’s also not forget. Had Rawls not had ‘character concerns’ or off the field ‘red flags,’ he probably would’ve been a 4th round pick kind of talent

    • Trevor

      They are definitely going to take an RB in this draft. There are lots of good mid round options with Alex Collins being my favorite if he lasts till the 3rd round.

      But I hope they wait till 2017 if they are going to take one real early.

      • Volume12

        I think they go the way Cincinnati did. Meaning, take a RB this year and 2017. That way they have those 3 backs, some real competition at that spot, and a trade assett if need be.

        There’s Arkansas’ Alex Collins, UCLA’s Paul Perkins, ND’s CJ Prosise, Indiana’s Jordan Howard, Utah’s Devontae Booker, who has some of this back in his game I’m watching now, Chicago’s Jeremy Langford. And Florida’s Kelvin Taylor has caught my eye the past 3 or 4 weeks.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      They’ll take one on Day 2 and another in UDFA.

      Some nice options in that range, if most or all of the juniors declare:


      Elliot is probably the best fit for SEA because he’s the best blocker and one of the better receivers.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        But Elliot will cost their first pick – whether it’s the bottom of R1 or they trade back into high R2.

      • Volume12

        I forgot about Houston’s Kenneth Farrow and Toledo’s Kareem Hunt. LA Tech’s Kenneth Dixon too.

        And of course ‘Zeke’ Elliott, but as you said, they’d more than likely have to spend a 1st on him.

        • Trevor

          I like Dixon alot but he already has alot of mileage.

      • RealRhino2

        I am not a scout by any stretch (I need to come up with a good acronym for that, since I preface a lot of comments with it or something similar), but it must be hard to evaluate RBs these days. We talk about the spread and how it affects evaluation of linemen, but I see a lot of yards being piled up by backs and I still can’t decide if they are good or just have huge lanes to run through.

        I agree we need some new blood back there. Like Marshawn, but his injuries are starting to mean a lot of missed time. Maybe we don’t a real feature back, but healthy bodies would be nice.

        • C-Dog

          They don’t come out of the 2016 draft without a running back, but I think it might be 2017 before we see them taking one high again. A lot depends on how Rawls continues playing.

  21. Trevor

    Carolina is almost a mirror image of the Hawks in the way they play.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Learned well they did

  22. CHawk Talker Eric

    CHI is destroying the Rams in STL.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Jeremy Langford making a strong case for OROY honors.

  23. Volume12

    Wow! GB is strugglin’ man. Detroit should be up by 5. That XP should’ve iced it. And that pick Staford threw to Clinton-Dix could prove costly. 2 missed XP’s. WTF?

    • Volume12

      Meant to say they should be up by 13 and have 5 more points on the board.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      CHI whipped STL without Jefferey, Forte and McPhee.

      If they can have a strong showing vs DEN next week, look out GB the week after.

  24. Trevor

    I don’t know that I have ever seen a team try so hard to loose as the Lions have today.

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    Down goes GB

    What a finish!

    • Trevor

      Minnesota currently leading the Central wow. GB seems like they are in free fall.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’s the kind of loss that can seriously derail a team. A conference rival that is one of, if not the worst, teams in the NFL, at home. It would be like SEA losing to SF next week.

      • Volume12

        That was a huge loss for GB. I for one, could not be happier. Can’t stand the Packers, Pats, Cards, Rams, and 49ers. Dallas and Pittsburgh are right there too, in relation to teams I dislike.

        Anyways, yeah Minnesota could be in the driver’s seat in the NFCN. Strange.

        And QB Jay Cutler might just be the hottest player in the league right now. As CHawk said, getting it done without McPhee, Forte, and 1-2 others. Very impressed by Jay Cutler the past three or four weeks. He’s finally looking like the guy they traded for in the 1st place.

        • Volume12

          And look at GB’s schedule the rest of the way. It ain’t gettin’ any easier.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          NEP down 10 to NYG midway through the 3rd (20-10)

          • Volume12

            Nice. Crossin’ my fingers they keep hold of that lead.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              NYG over NEP 23-17 starting 4th.

  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    At what point do DEN realize that their best shot at a SB appearance is NOT with Manning at QB?

    • Volume12

      KC is playing really well without Jamaal Charles at RB.

      Denver, GB, and ATL are all playing their worst football right now. And these were 3 of the best teams earlier in the year. I don’t think any of these 3 are going anywhere, but it just goes to show. You can’t get too high or too low in September and October. In terms of W’s and L’s.

      • Volume12

        BTW, and this could just be me, but I think STL only wins like 2-3 more games. Teams will load the box and at leadt slow Todd Gurley down, daring/forcing QB Nick Foles to beat them, which IS don’t see happening. He appears to be regressing. The Rams have a great RB and a great D-line, but that’s it. Oh, their P is pretty damn good too.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Totally agree. GB, ATL, DEN all started strong but injuries and opponents’ adjustments have taken toll. GB still has enough talent on both sides of the ball to be competitive down the stretch, but DEN is too one-dimensional with Manning, and ATL lacks the mettle to make a late season push.

          Same with STL. Their OL stinks, despite some high pick talent.

  27. Nathan

    This has the feel of one of those days where everything you thought you knew got tipped upside down and scattered over the floor.

    As everyone seems to have already crowned the Cardinals in the West, this might be a good thing.

  28. CHawk Talker Eric

    Peyton Manning: 5 of 20, 35 yards, 0 TD, 4 INT, 0.0 passer rating.

  29. CHawk Talker Eric

    MIN defense but be better than people think.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      *might* be

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Vikings were a preseason favorite. The Packers losing…. maybe they grab the Div.. which is not a good thing for Seattle, due to head to head loss vs Packers.

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    Seahawks’ Super Bowl run starts tonight


  31. John_s

    Bruce Irvin has been all over the field early in the game. Good version of Irvin is a game changer

    • Ed

      We need to resign him, even if just to be DE. Kam is getting blocked by Fitz. Not cool.

      • Ed

        And let Okung go

  32. Max K

    So sick of these refs already.

    • Forrest

      I hear ya…

  33. Forrest

    And safety…good job Wilson…

    • KD

      That was indeed on Wilson

  34. Forrest

    That sucks…hope he’s OK. Injuries like this always suck…

  35. Forrest

    Defense looks shaky, and the Offense might as well be ghosts…O has to capitalize to end the half…

  36. Haystacker509

    I know Rob your going to hate this and it’s going to cause a lot of feedback but for crying out loud hasn’t bevell worn out his welcome? Can’t corrdinators lose their “gift”? What’s the difference between Peyton manning and an aging OC? Personally I’d rather have neither and get somebody new, someone that WANTS to create plays that get their best players involved. Bevell is so plain vanilla play calling that after 4 yrs every team now knows what type and how often his plays are going to be run. This isn’t a scapegoat post, this is a question from a loyal fan that is starting to wonder if Pete Carroll doesn’t want to be a bad guy firing bevell and instead is trying to show everyone bevell is a good OC… The game isn’t even half over, season IS half over and graham has 2 tds?? Baldwin hasn’t been his normal self this season, so obviously the man can’t figure out how to coordinate players…

  37. Ed

    This season just feels over. Not saying it is, but the emotion is gone. Bevel is not a good play caller. Oline has been bad. Wilson holds the ball. The LOB has been horrible. Lynch had been hurt and ineffective. Pete has not been Pete.

  38. Forrest

    The Hawk’s Offense is giving me fits…and the Defense looks really off…2nd half has to be better…

  39. rowdy

    It’s almost to the point that they need to bench wilson

  40. Jarhead

    As dominating as we were on defense in 2013 we are THAT horrible on offense this year. It is historic how bad we are. Our defense is still dominating despite the most egregiously officiated game I have ever witnissed, we are holding them under 14 points. But I am going to say this regardless of the flak or disagreement from whomever – Russell Wilson is lousy. He has shown the extent of his regression has renedered him unserviceable. We gave him $20 million a year for what? Sorry but if you try to deflect or say Wilson isn’t the most glaring issue on this team then I personally think you are dead wrong. Sorry but we made a huge mistake

    • Jarhead

      Gonna be super ticked if I just invoked Murphys Law and end up being proven to be a fool

    • Haystacker509

      Fellow devil dog I’m behind you 300% on your assessment on Wilson. We should have kept Bj and throw him in.

  41. Forrest

    And another TD by Arizona…

  42. Forrest

    Oh now they start looking good Offense…this team is hurting my head!!!

  43. Forrest

    Richardson looked nice on that catch…he’s gonna really help…

  44. Haystacker509

    How do you not throw a fade to a 6’7 TE???

  45. Forrest

    Britt looks good at LG! That was a good block…

  46. Forrest

    Is it just me or do the Hawks “love” to play from behind? They looked great on that drive, why can’t they do that all game?

  47. Ehurd1021

    People are watching this game and STILL ARE BLAMING THE DEFENSE for this season and game. Are you serious? What game and season have you been watching. Are you not seeing the field position this defense is having to defend every single drive, against one of the best offense with IMO, the best WR group in the NFL. The defense held was fantastic in the first quarter…. got a interception – in which the offense did nothing (3 and out), came back on the field and got off the field by forcing a field goal. The offense comes back on the field… GETS another penalty that backs them up deep in which Russell fumbles the ball by not stepping up in the pocket. That interception should have been a momentum and game changer, but because the offense gave it right back it didn’t. The same as ET pick in Cincinnati…

    For a entire quarter the offense did absolutely nothing. Leaving the defense out to dry, making the defense have to force field goals, and also making them have to defend a short field. And because of this time possession, the defense – based on their time on the field – is dead tired and reeling. Its really starting to irk me how people don’t wanna place blame on Russell and Bevell. Russell is trying so hard to become a “pocket” QB he is hurting this team and what got him his contract. He needs to RUN THE FOOTBALL and STOP looking for so many deep shots… because when he does the offensive line gets exposed and are WR’s do as well.

    • Ed

      Decent points, but long TD with poor coverage, no excuse. Hold to FG, then you have a point. A 35 yd TD on 3 and 14, no excuse. D is playing just as bad

      • Ehurd1021

        Those drives came late in the second half in which the defense was on the field for more than 12 minutes in time of possession. There is no defense in THIS league, in this passing league, that can hold a team like the Cardinals down for that long. The Defense is the only reason why this game didn’t get out of hand, and the only reason why the game stayed competitive.

  48. Haystacker509

    Why can’t we just go no huddle hurry up for most of the game? Isn’t that playing to wilsons strengths?

    • Ehurd1021

      Think about how fast are offensive drives have been this year without no huddle…. how fast do you think it will be with no huddle?

      • Forrest

        I mean, it’s still better than going 3 and out every drive. As long as it puts points on the board I have no problems…

        • Ehurd1021

          It makes sense in theory, with how this offense has performed its not reality.

          • Forrest


  49. Haystacker509

    Considering that the defense wouldn’t have enough time to swap players, wouldn’t be able to get lined up right and hopefully would force the D to take time outs. Don’t see how it couldn’t hurt honestly

  50. Forrest

    Down by 15 at the half…still winnable…

    • Max K

      As long as the d has any energy left

  51. Ehurd1021

    Cardinals Vs. Seahawks first half stats.

    First Downs: 12 — 1

    Total Plays: 34 — 10

    Total Yards: 169 — 21

    Passing: 143 — 8

    Rushing: 26 — 13

    Penalties: 2/10 — 6/52

    Possession: 18:02******* — 5:17

    Turnovers: 1 — 0

    • Ehurd1021

      This was before the touchdown drive late in the second quarter.

    • Forrest


  52. Forrest

    Alright Offense, blow everyone’s minds and get a TD…pretty please…

    • Forrest

      I just facepalmed harder than I have ever facepalmed before…

  53. Forrest


    • Forrest

      He’s honestly my favorite Offensive player, so clutch!!

  54. Forrest

    They’re still in it…

  55. Forrest

    Yeah!!! Let’s go!!!

  56. Forrest

    Aviril is a freaking beast!!!

  57. KD

    0_0 Bobby!

  58. Forrest


  59. Ed

    O needs to have a sustained drive. D needs to keep it up

  60. KD

    And another penalty screws everything up…..

  61. Forrest

    Oh here we go again…meltdown incoming -_-

  62. Ed

    I told my wife before the play, “watch for the draw.” Instead, they blow upfield and give up the game and maybe the season.

    Bevell/Cable thing needs to end
    Get OC that knows how to use a weapon
    Kam needs to go (was getting blocked all night by Fitz)
    Resign Irvin
    Sherman and Thomas better find their fire
    Restructure Avril/Bennett
    Resign Rubin
    Draft OL and DT

    • Haystacker509

      Ed, what do you think honestly about trading Sherman? I agree we need to shitcan bevel and cable! Thomas looked slow at the beginning of the season but is damn near his 100% mark id say. Sherman honestly on the other hand has looked like and played like horse puckey this year. Don’t start giving me the he’s a pro bowl CB, part of the lob, etc… By that premise your saying once your a pro bowler you Wont ever get bad? You won’t hit a wall and go down hill? You don’t have to be 34 to start losing your mojo. It can happen anytime in life. My take again; This whole team has gotten WAY to comfortable with back to back Super Bowl trips and now they’re paying for the over confidence.

      • Ehurd1021

        Who told Sherman to stop being himself tho…. you know the fiery, ultra competitive, trash talking, Reggie miller-esque corner back that walked around with a HUGE chip on his shoulder? I have a answer to that question.

      • Rob Staton

        Trade Sherman?

        Good grief people. How on earth would that benefit the Seahawks? Might as well trade Pete Carroll and Paul Allen too.

        • Haystacker509

          No one really knows how bad his injury was last year. Who’s to say he hasn’t lost a step because of that injury? Not saying I want to ship him out right away but there is something off with Sherman. Every qb has been picking on Sherman and winning I’d say.

    • Ehurd1021

      Not sure how you can place any blame on Cable after this season and what he is working with. Especially with the pieces that he has had shipped out or not brought back. Losing Carp, Breno and trading your pro-bowl – maybe future hall of fame – center away for a offensive tight end that you don’t implement right, never gets open in clutch situations, who falls down every time he gets touched, and who drops passes also doesn’t help. Cable has embodied – in this season, and has done a very good job – of having to make chicken salad, out of chicken shit.

      Don’t really understand how you can blame Kam either for his play, but with his holdout I can see why he has continued to not be on your Christmas list. And also Collinsworth talking about the match up between Kam and Fitz all night as well.

      The glaring issues on this team are interior pass rush and O-line play like we had in 2013, 2014 and 2015. That is what is missing with this team, as well as overall confidence which just got a whole lot worse after losing another game that we shouldn’t have.

      • Ehurd1021

        2013 and 2014 is what I meant. And Bevell needs to go… I do agree there. His play calling in that first half was beyond horrible. His play calling in the second half when we started to move the ball was also horrible… no creativity, or ability to stress the defense. Its pathetic.

        • Rob Staton

          Was Bevell penalized for holding?

  63. Haystacker509

    I hope we pick top 12 in the up coming draft. Screw this “championship window now mode”. Maybe too much whiskey watching this pathetic game on both sides of the ball. I don’t want us to win the super bowl or even honestly get to the playoffs. I honestly don’t think and feel like we even belong in the mention of post season football… Just my take on our situation this year

  64. Forrest

    Meltdown complete…I’m setting my sights on the draft…this was the one game they had to win, and they’ve blown it again…still a great team with great players…just no consistency…I know, championship window and all, but this has got to be a “reload” year…I wonder who will be available in the late teens?

  65. Forrest

    Won the turnover battle AGAIN…what’s wrong with this team…just plain flunky…

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