Pittsburgh’s Adam Bisnowaty — another O-liner to monitor

Pittsburgh’s Adam Bisnowaty could be a good option for the Seahawks in 2016

The 2016 draft looks pretty healthy for offensive lineman. That’s good news for the Seahawks.

Not only is the O-line in need of some care and attention, three fifth’s of Sunday’s starting line against Arizona is out of contract in the off-season. Russell Okung and J.R. Sweezy are hitting the market. Patrick Lewis is a restricted free agent.

It seems unlikely both Okung and Sweezy will depart. The line has suffered enough thanks to a lack of cohesion and continuity. Three inexperienced new starters in 2016 looked like a recipe for disaster and so it has proved. The Seahawks are just hoping they can hold it together enough to avoid derailing a key season in the middle of the teams Championship window.

Even so, they could be facing at least three more changes in 2016. If Okung moves on, Gilliam could swap to the left tackle position. He’d need time to make that adjustment. That would create a hole at right tackle. It seems likely another face will be starting at center.

Adding more youth and inexperience isn’t an attractive proposition. More than ever young lineman are struggling to adapt to the NFL. Even the players drafted in the top ten are having a hard time making the transition. An apparent sure thing like Jake Matthews has been fairly ordinary. The insane upside of Greg Robinson hasn’t provided St. Louis with a fantastic left tackle yet.

The Seahawks would benefit from some choice veteran additions in free agency. Can they afford Alex Mack if he voids his contract? That would be a start. It’s unlikely to prevent at least one rookie starting next year. They don’t have a bottomless pit of cap space to fill the line with experienced vets.

Their ability to fill a hole in round one will be down to draft position more than anything. The later they pick, the harder it’ll be to get at the best group of tackles which for me includes Shon Coleman, Laremy Tunsil, Taylor Decker and Jack Conklin.

There will be options later on. Jason Spriggs is a largely unspectacular, solid blocker for Indiana with a shot to play right tackle at the next level. Joe Dahl is out with a foot injury for Washington State but has excelled in pass protection when healthy.

Time to throw another name into the mix.

Pittsburgh left tackle Adam Bisnowaty is extremely mobile with excellent, ideal tackle size (6-6, 300lbs). He ticks several boxes for the Seahawks. For starters, he’s a wrestler who was still competing as of 2011 (Tom Cable previously highlighted Justin Britt’s wrestling background). He’s a blue collar type who spent his youth fishing and hunting. He played basketball too — a testament to his athletic potential.

He was a former four-star recruit and one of the more heavily recruited prospects from Pennsylvania in recent memory.

He recently caught my eye watching the Pittsburgh vs North Carolina game. There’s no Bisnowaty tape on Draft Breakdown, but there’s plenty showing off Tyler Boyd. Including the UNC game:

Bisnowaty plays LT and wears #69.

So what stands out? He has a very fluid kick slide. Although he was never really challenged by speed in this game, he showed ample mobility and balance. He delivers a fantastic initial punch and showed off the ability to dominate and finish when squared up 1v1. It’d be very interesting to see how he’d adjust to guard where he can focus on downfield blocking where he should excel. I still think he has the mobility and range to play tackle.

There’s a willingness to get to the second level and he moves well laterally so he can pull and kick across easily enough. He passes off blockers and transitions with ease. There’s an awful lot to like here. Attitude, toughness, strength, size, mobility. A lot more to like than someone like Ronnie Stanley or Jerald Hawkins, that’s for sure. Stanley is a borderline first rounder for me, while LSU’s Hawkins has barely warranted a draftable grade (watch the Alabama game).

If the Seahawks wanted an upside prospect who could potentially man a tackle spot or move inside to guard, Bisnowaty is one to monitor. He’s a redshirt junior so should theoretically declare for the draft. He has a chance to rise. The skill set is there.


  1. KD

    Something about the way that the Pitt staff coaches up players and consistently produces solid to great NFL talent.

  2. Dave Crockett

    Good stuff as always.
    I’ll add that Soko, Glow, and Poole are still in the mix on the offensive line. None of them excite, but any could round into a solid contributor after a year of developing much like Gilliam has.

    • nichansen01

      Soko is exciting to me. Pure athleticism, being groomed for two seasons as an understudy. He’ll be a serviceable backup guard next season, and could start in the 2017 season.
      Glow should start at right guard next year unless Sweezy is resigned (which I doubt).
      Poole is the Alvin Bailey can play both Guard and tackle but isn’t great at either type. Again, he’s being groomed on the practice squad but should make the 53 as a back up.
      53 Linemen should look like:
      Okung-Britt-Rookie-Glowinski-Rookie backups: Gilliam, Sokoli, Lewis, Poole, Bailey
      Of course we could also loose Bailey and keep 9 linemen. He seems to be unhappy with his role here.

      • Volume12

        They’ll add a vet somewhere on this line. Whether he’s our ‘first guy off the bench’ type of O-lineman or a starter, they gotta add some experience to such a young group of guys.

  3. Volume12

    Good read, Rob. Another ‘Seahawky’ guy to add to the list.

    Caught a glimpse of this earlier in the year, and he looked impressive. The clip above is even more so.

    You can definetly see the appeal in a guy like this for Seattle. Seems to tick a lot of boxes.

    I think a lot of us are in agreement, Seattle goes (highly likely) O-line with their 1st overall selection, but it wouldn’t shock me to see them take that ‘sleeper’ or fringe 1st round guy like Bruce Irvin with that pick. Depending on how high his stock will be, a prospect along the lines of an Adam Bisnowaty just seems so JS/TC ish

  4. CHawk Talker Eric

    He has a tendency to stand up in his blocks but he’s really good with his arms redirecting his opponent’s energy so he doesn’t give up much ground. It also makes it hard to shed him. He sticks to his man. Of course he’s not going against tremendous competition, but it’s nice to see a blocker use his arms.

    My only knock is that, despite a strong get off, he mailed it in towards the end of certain plays. I’m sure that’s easily coached out, but you want to see a guy go 100% to the whistle. Like Coleman.

    Overall he looks a bit like Taylor Decker. At least in stature and athleticism.

    Nice find.

  5. sdcoug

    Rob – Sorry to go off-topic, but thought you’d like to read this if you haven’t already.

    You’re correct…Corey Coleman does loaf when he’s not getting the ball and that’s just fine with Art Briles. Wonder how hard of a habit that will be to break at the next level?


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      PFF_College: Baylor WR Corey Coleman leads nation w/ 5.22 yards/route, over a yard higher than 2nd place WR Josh Doctson (4.19)

      Coleman and Fournette are the only true Heisman candidates.

      • sdcoug

        Agreed. I only posted as Rob had previously opined that it appeared Coleman took plays off when he knew he wasn’t getting a pass. Turns out it’s a coaching philosophy, not being uninterested or lazy.

  6. Wall UP

    Agreed on Bisnowaty. I was looking for someone in the mid Rds for OT. I think you may have something here. He does have a nice base in his stance and mirrors well. He looks like a natural south paw in his stance. Does get to the 2nd level, at times too quickly, over running his assignment. But, the effort and the potential is all there. Good get Rob!!

    One additional thing to consider is how the FO takes care of their own. A few examples of this is how Lockette was cared for post injury. First class ride home for he and his family. Then the subsequent bonuses to both Shead and Lockette. These are characteristic of a FO that cares for their own. An attribute that is not common in today’s FOs.

    This gives indication that the FO is willing to take care of their own FA. So, I see Okung going nowhere. As good a prospect as Bisnowaty may be. There would still need an adjustment period to the NFL. Why spend more on Mack, or another FA, whom would also need to adjust to new teammates?

    Okung is viewed as one of their own, part of their core. He’s only 26-27yrs old. The traits of loyalty shown to Lockette and Shead I believe will be evident in retaining Okung & possibly Sweezy.

    Bisnowaty would be a good piece in the building of the OL @ OT, backing LT & RT, until Okung does move on. Gilliam may not be the answer at LT. He may have found his position. Run blocking skills can be developed more so, and he should do well @ RT.

    • Wall UP

      Center is the other position that can be filled via the draft and there would be no need of a FA pickup.

      As far as the draft is concerned, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them again trade out of the 1st Rd. The 40-80 range has a good group of skill position players to add to the roster.

      One player that intrigues me is Jayron Kearse. Not as SS, as he is listed, but as the missing member of the LOB & CB. He is 6-4 221lbs as was Browner, with exceptional ball skills. His wingspan is unreal. I was enamored Mills @ that slot. But, the more I look at Kearse the more I think this is the type of pick that PC & JS may make, long in length and great on ball skills.

      Rob, do you think that Jayron Kearse has potential as a CB?

      • Ukhawk

        Would love to stock pile picks for next years draft

      • Rob Staton

        I do not see Kearse at CB. Very stiff at times, doesn’t diagnose well or read plays. Often out of position. Think he gets a lot of hype for the size but his play is ‘meh’.

        • Wall UP

          That could be based upon playing the SS position in his reads on play action or run plays? He seem to do well when in man coverage. When breaking down in pursuit for a tackle in space, he showed patience without over committing against evasive moves by the ball carrier. That same patience is what the Hawks require from their corners on the edges.

          There is no film of him playing the edge. The same attributes as were placed upon Browner for not being a viable pick at DB stiff kept him from being drafted. It JC to look beyond that as viewed positive qualities of what he did well. His speed and his physical nature. With Kearse, I see the same but with better ball skills.

          Thanks for getting back with your take on Kearse. As you can see, I’m still intrigued with his potential. I’ll watch how he does in the NFL. I just can’t envision him @ SS.

          What are your thoughts of Evan McKelvey as a 7th Rd SS out of Marshall? He’s 24 yrs old. There is not a legit backup SS on the roster presently. Shead has taken that role for SS, FS & CB. But, does not possess the physical traits that SS would need in the box. Could he be a viable backup to future fill Kam’s role if injured or retires?

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I don’t buy the Kearse hype. He’s a decent athlete, but by no means spectacular. He benefits from playing on a defense that’s loaded with talent. But mostly, he just doesn’t project to any specific position at the next level. He would need to be a special athlete for a team to try and fashion a defensive scheme in which he fits well.

            • Volume12

              Not a fan. Rob summed up Jayron Kearse perfectly. He’s constantly out of position, doesn’t ‘read and react’ and can’t diagnose things quickly. Signaling to me, he ain’t got it ‘between the ears.’

              • Volume12

                Same with L’ville S Josh Harvey-Clemons. What is he at the next level? He’s too hesitant, out of position, and doesn’t read and react.

                Kearse and Harvey-Clemons are nice CFB players, but they aren’t Kam Chancellor, nor are they anything even close to him.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I would feel completely comfortable if they picked up Mack as a FA, then filled any other OL via the draft.
      Will they do that, not sure…. unless they trade a few guys for some picks.

  7. Greg haugsven

    Another guy to watch guys is Kyle Friend, center for Temple. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to look at him Rob but this dudes a beast and he has Seahawks written all over him.

  8. CHawk Talker Eric

    JuJu Smith-Schuster is so impressive. Aside from size and athleticism, he makes really tough catches. Not quite OBJ, but in that vein.

    Adoree’ Jackson is another Miles Jack type but at CB. He’s a bit smaller than SEA like for their corners, but he’s a playmaker. He just blocked a FG then scooped the loose ball and returned it 30 yards.

    And finally, USC RT Zach Banner is starting to come into his own. He moves well for a guy 6’9″ 360lbs.

    BTW V12 Antwaun Woods is having a decent game. He’s made a couple of plays in the backfield.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And then there’s Su’a Cravens.

      • Volume12

        Schuster-Smith and Jacksin are the real deal.

        I know thid comp probably gets thrown around a lot, but Adoree’ Jackson reminds me of Charles Woodsen, but a bit more dynamic.

        I like Woods as that late day 3 or UDFA pickup, as you said.

      • oz

        Zack Banner, Scott Garnnett and Miles Jack, are all from the State of Washington. They were heavily recruited by the Huskies. Miles Jack is originally from Georgia.

        • Matt

          Juju Smith looks and plays like Dez Bryant. He’ll be a top 15 pick in 2017 no doubt. I like the Woodson comparison for Jackson.

  9. Mike B.

    Thoughts on Joe Haeg, OT from North Dakota State? Clearly he plays out of the limelight at ND St., but after reading about him and watching film (there’s a decent amount) I’ve come away impressed. He’s quick and athletic for his size (6’6 310), handles fast pass rushers well, blocks well at the second level, and looks good in both run and pass protection.

    He might not be a Taylor Decker-level talent, but if the Hawks can’t snag a top-tier OT in the first round, Haeg, who might be a 1.5-tier OT, could probably be snagged in the 3rd.

    • Rob Staton

      I wasn’t that impressed with Haeg to be honest. Looked very average.

  10. Volume12

    Watching some games from earlier this year on DVR, and there’s one kid who has me intrigued to wstch him play live.

    Houston OLB Tyus Bowser-6’3, 240 lbs., was going to commit to OK St so he could play basketball, looks like a freak athlete, and reminds me of a poor man’s Aldon Smith. Hoping he comes out this year, he’s a good one. A kid in a grown man’s body.

  11. CC

    I’m a bit concerned about the choices for O line. I’ve been hearing for years that Cable is a genius and can take a d lineman and turn them into solid o lineman. Okay, well, we have Sweezy – and let’s say that has worked out. But for every Sweezy, we have a bunch of guys who have flunked out. Britt and Carp were supposed to be staples in the line – Carp is gone and Britt has gone from RT to LG and has struggled.

    I really would like to see us draft solid O line guys who Cable could coach up rather than teach the entire repertoire on what it is to be an o lineman. Or maybe we need to realize that Cable may not be as good a coach as touted. Every time I hear him say this is the best line he’s every coached or some other bull statement, I have less and less confidence.

    AZ is going to blitz all night long – let’s hope the Assistant Head Coach and O coordinator can figure out a way to keep RW from getting smashed.

    • Ed

      I agree. The philosophy may need to change. The Hawks 2 weak links (OL/WR), continue to be the weak links. I know it’s the philosophy, but eventually you have to adjust. Lynch is on his last leg, Wilson is the future, so it’s time to improve the line and WR with high quality picks, instead of hopefuls. Maybe it’s also time to have one offensive coordinator, instead of running and passing coordinator.

      Biggest needs:


      It would be nice to fill 1 or 2 line spots with FA, but I don’t think Mack would be a good idea. Would rather see Martin/Turek/Allen in the 3rd/4th.

      • CC

        I agree on Lynch – he will still have his moments, but the offense at some point has to be with Russell. The offense is stagnant and predictable. Even if you want to have a run first offense, we need to have fresh set of eyes to jump start the offense. The fact that the red zone offense is the worst in the league – something has to change.

        We keep spending a lot of high picks and money on defense – o line has to be better to keep winning.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Picking up Mack as a FA doesn’t limit Seattle from also drafting a “project” center.

        Does anyone have a take on Ethan Pocic, C/G, LSU? He is a riser according to Walterfootball
        My personal favorite is someone that is under the radar a bit, due to injury… Isaac Seumalo, C, Oregon State. This kid was awesome when he was fully healthy. If the health checks out, draft him!

  12. Rik

    Zeke Elliott ran for 181 yards today. He’d look pretty good in green and blue on a Sunday afternoon. Any chance Seattle picks Elliott at the end of the first round then picks up a sleeper OT like Bisnowaty or Spriggs at the end of round 2? DT and C with the two 3rd round picks?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Henry with Alabama having a good game, just scored a long touchdown.

      • Volume12

        He’s impressive. So unique for a back of his size.CHawk made a good comp between Henry and RB Eddie George. Although, Henry has more speed and bounces it outside more than George.

        Derrick Henry has been one of my favorite backs all year, but like Rob, I don’t think he’s a fit for Seattle. Doesn’t have the style that fits what they do and his size doesn’t match what they like/look for.

        • Rob Staton

          He’d be ideal for the Cowboys.

          • Volume12


  13. Volume12

    Udub LB Azeem Victor might be the best young LB in the country. 6’3, 240 and only 19? Wow! He’s a bad boy!

    And Udub RB Myles Gaskin is the real deal. So impresive for a true FR.

  14. Volume12

    Miss St WR Fred Ross is very intriguing. There’s a lot to like about this guy. Has those COD skills we know Seattle looks for in their receiver prospects.

  15. Volume12

    Is FSU RB Dalvin Cook the next Edgerrin James? No way in hell Cook is only 205 lbs. He looks to be at least 210. This kid has grit flowing through his veins. Electric.

  16. Volume12

    Rob, you watched this Beniquez Brown? LB from Miss St.

    • Rob Staton

      I have the game on record will check it out. Currently watching Michigan vs Indiana. RB Jordan Howard having a nice game for Indiana.

      • Volume12

        Nice. He’s one of my sleeper candidates at RB this year. Him and Houston RB Kenneth Farrow.

        • nichansen01

          Let’s say the Cowboys rebound upon romos return and go 9-7, could anyone see them draft Henry in the first round? Had a 200 yard day today.

          • Volume12


  17. hawkdawg

    Actually, I think it is very likely that Okung WILL depart, if what he demands is Trent Williams money.

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