College football Saturday open thread

If you’re watching a game or a draft prospect today — tell us about it. Here’s today’s open thread.

Here’s a few thoughts on Florida @ Tennessee:

— This was Derek Barnett’s best performance of the season so far. He basically took over the game in the second half as momentum swung completely to the Vols. On a third down play he beat left tackle David Sharpe off the edge for a sack. During the next drive he crashed the LT inside for a loss of yards on a run play on second down. He finished the drive with a brilliant sack from the wide-9 position — showing incredible lean and balance for his size to again beat Sharpe. I’ve not been one to argue Barnett was destined for round one in the past and he can blow a bit hot and cold. This was a terrific showing though.

— Until Barnett’s masterclass, Florida’s Caleb Brantley was the most impressive defensive player on the field. On several occasions he exploded off the snap and won with a combination of speed and technique. He was constantly in the backfield until the momentum shift. He also forced a turnover, hitting Joshua Dobbs’ arm allowing Jalen Tabor to grab a pick.

— Tabor had that interception and it was an instinctive play. He left the game injured for a period before returning and almost immediately getting beat on a downfield pass for a long TD score. It looked like he slipped on the play.

— Alex Anzalone and Jarrad Davis spent most of the game in coverage which was a bit of a surprise. When Anzalone did rush/blitz he looked sharp and the coverage work was good too. Davis got beat by the TE on a key touchdown.

— It was a shame not to be able to watch cornerback Cam Sutton in this game. He’s out with a bad ankle injury. Providing he makes a full recovery he could easily be a very high pick next year.


  1. Mike

    What happened to Jacob Eason today?

  2. Kenny Sloth

    I really want to do a SDB fantasy football but I’m positive all you smart assholes would kick my ass!

    Regardless of my delicate ego we should really do one up next season.

    Idk how many of you guys play, we might have to make a couple!

    I’ve done field gulls league the last few years but that’s a little more impersonal

    • Greg Haugsven

      I’ve been playing since 95 and don’t really win so you would probably beat me.

      • Kenny Sloth

        We’ll have to put something together Haugs!

  3. Kenny Sloth

    OT I just read a piece on sbnation mother site that seemed to take a lot of the same stances Rob expressed yesterday

    It got me thinking. Germain Ifedi was a big time leader at TAMU

    Perhaps a lot of the consistency and stability they gained through preseason was due in part to him assuming a leadership role

    He might be a motor for our OL for years to come. Setting the intensity level. It will be unsurprising to see the offense explode when he returns and the level of direct competition becomes slightly exaggerated.

    What do you think of his pro bowl potential even with the injury? If he comes to be seen as a catalyst for a dramatic offensive improves

    • Kenny Sloth


      • Greg Haugsven

        Sure hope so. 15 points in 2 weeks is flat out atrocious. We don’t need a spark, we need the whole damn fire.

  4. HawkFan907

    Watched pieces of the BYU West Virginia game. BYU RB Jamaal Williams and WV WR Gipson both really impressed me. Both players seem Seahawky to me and I think both will rise up boards in the coming months.

    Chad Kelly looked great for Ole Miss as well. I have been in and out of watching games today, but that is what impressed me most.

    • teejmo

      Jamaal Williams could very well be a good short-yardage back. However, I don’t think he has the speed to be a starter – he was caught on his longest run today, one I think most NFL backs would have cashed in for a touchdown back in their college days.

      Kelly is perhaps the oddest QB in this year’s draft. At times he looks like a first-round talent… only to look like a late round pick one play later. Watching him earlier this year I questioned his pocket awareness, which is kind of a big thing for a QB whose mostly a pocket passer, despite his 41-yard touchdown run today.

      Gipson really impressed me, though. It was like every time WVU decided to look his way long today, something good would happen. He could be this year’s Will Fuller – a top downfield threat.

      • teejmo

        Ah, it’s Gibson. Shelton Gibson, a junior. Last year had 887 yards on 37 catches. That’s 24 ypc.

        • Volume12

          I think this years Will Fuller is Baylor WR KD Cannon. Even better hands.

          Shelton Gibson is nice. Went to the same HS as Frank Clark at the same time. Gibson has incredible COD skills.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I don’t think I like his effort tbh

            Decent athlete, kinda boom or bust for me

            • teejmo

              I’m guessing, from a comment below, that you’re talking about Cannon?

              • Kenny Sloth

                Good guess 😉

                He was beatup for most of this game. Like his athleticism

  5. Kenny Sloth

    Just tuning in to Okla at 16 Baylor 7-7

    • Kenny Sloth

      KD Cannon slowed off a perfect loft from Seth Russell

      Whom I like a lot.

      Just had a bullet pass dropped and received by a guy behind Him who takes it to the house 14-7

      • Kenny Sloth

        Okla state te Veatch with the stick.

        Barry Sanders is playing at OkState.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Kendrick Vaughns with the TFl from db

          • Kenny Sloth

            Baylor D caught off guard on a draw

        • Kenny Sloth

          This OklaSt. OL is making space in the run game

  6. Volume12

    Florida St RB Dalvin Cook looking like himself finally.

    Auburn EDGE Carl Lawson stood out to me. Very interesting skill set.

    Wisconsin OT Ryan Ramcyzk looked today. Held up very well.

    Florida DE Bryan Cox, Jr is a man! Instant 4-3 starter at DE for me. He’s gonna be a better pro than he is a CFB player.

    And this DL Solomon Thomas for Stanford? 6’3, 275 lbs. Wow! Explosive. Watched him last week wreck USC early and get double teamed for the rest of the game.

    This are Solomon Thomas’s spring testing #’s I believe.

    4.66 40, 34″ vert, 10’2″ broad jump, 30 reps of 225 on the BP, 8% body fat. Long arms too.

    • teejmo

      Well, Cook did have shoulder surgery during the “offseason.” And while his coach wasn’t using that as the RB’s excuse for not having that productive of games (Fischer’s reasoning was blocking), I doubt it didn’t affect him early this season at all. Perhaps four games in he finally feels confident enough?

      • Volume12

        Could be.

        I do think he was running too not got hurt. Was too hesitant. That’s not who he is. 1st step burst is unreal. So his injuries probably did play a part in it.

        Remember, last year this kid ran the ball and did what he did on 1 good leg.

    • Nick

      Vol 12, is it just me or does Lawson remind you of Frank Clark? Maybe it’s the #55, but both are around 6’2, 250-260.

      • Volume12

        That’s not a bad comp my man.

        I don’t think Lawson is the athlete Clark is, but Lawson is savvy. Frank is just starting to get that way.

        I love Lawson as a rotational pass rusher and think he could play SAM in a 4-3 too.

        • Volume12

          He struggled somewhat today, but DB Chidobe Awuzie from Colorado is the type of defensive back that Damarious Randall was. Great skill set, good interview, smart, articulated, and his production last year was insane! 88 tackles from a CB?

          Awuzie is a corner now, but he seems much better suited for that hybrid CB/S role.

          • Volume12

            Although, Udub’s Azeem Victor looks more and more like a modern day SAM. Same size as Mike Morgan, such a physical presence,all over the field, plays violently all while being a leader too.

            • C-Dog

              I thought Victor, again, looked really good today. That hit he put on Dawkins tonight was beastly.

  7. East Side Stevie

    Man this wide receiver #6 Hansen from Cal is the real deal! I just watched him make the best catch Ive seen all day long and I have been watching a lot of games
    He has over 40 receptions for this season so far 546 yards and 5 touchdowns

    • Volume12

      Him and the WR from Syracuse? Amba Etta-Tawo. Him and Hansen are neck and neck in every category.

      I’ve heard people say this receiver from ‘Cuse is the ‘Nigerian Cooper Kupp.’

  8. Volume12

    You guys heard of this Ejuan Price, EDGE, from Pitt? 6’0-6’1, 255 lbs. So similar to Elvis Dumervil. Older guy, been hurt a lot, dominated today.

    Had 7.5 TFL coming into today. 4.5 sacks, 6 QB hurries, 3 FF.

    Last year? 48 tackles, 19.5 TFL, 11.5 sacks, 9 QB hurries, 1 blocked kickjkick/punt, 1 def. TD.

  9. Kenny Sloth

    Lamar Jackson with his 24th touchdown this year

  10. teejmo

    Oh dear. Ballage from ASU just went down with a leg injury.

    • teejmo

      Huh. He’s back, and he doesn’t look hurt much. It looked pretty bad when he went down in the first quarter.


    Hello fellow Hawks fans! I have been a long time Hawks fan and l just found out about this great blog. I am in PA. We don’t get Hawks games here. Does anyone on here know how I can get Hawks games online? I tried subscribing for Direct TV’s online version of NFL ST, but they don’t have it for our area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Go Hawks!!!!

    • Nick

      Go to

  12. Volume12

    I like this QB from Arkansas, Austin Allen. Good looking arm and mobility. Love the confidence he plays with.

  13. HawkFan907

    Is it just me or does McCaffrey scream Patriots? Maybe it is the whole shifty white guy thing. Let’s pray he doesn’t fall that far this year.

  14. rowdy

    UW d is looking soft and out of place right now

    • rowdy

      There’s the d we know

      • Volume12

        Right? Love Victor.

        • nichansen01

          Haha talk about a turnaround.

        • rowdy

          Dudes a beast! Still not sure how Ross stayed in on that run. Beautiful block by browning too.

  15. nichansen01

    John Ross reminds me of Harvin. Two wideouts we should start talking about are Utah’s Tim Patrick and Cal’s Chad Hansen. Hansen is the most productive wideout in the country and is having another big night.

    • Volume12

      I like Tim Patrick. 6’5, 210 and 19 YPC?

      Hansen is the next Jordy Nelson. No doubt about it.

      But, this Nigerian kid from Syracuse? Wow! Raw, freakish athleticism

      2016 Chad Hansen stats: 50 rec., 656 yds, 6 TDs.
      2016 Amba Etta-Tawo stats: 40 rec., 706 yds., 5 TDs.

      They’re the exact same size too.

  16. nichansen01

    Huskies defense is looking pathetic. Wow what happened.

    • rowdy

      It looks like there struggling with the speed at qb and hb

  17. rowdy

    Ross is money so is browning

  18. nichansen01

    Horrible end to the half for the huskies. The offense got two big opportunities there… And couldnt get positive plays. Is Gaskin injured?

  19. DC

    I started watching at 28-21 UW. What a wacky finish to the game. Take the W any day and hopefully that’s the kind of win and wake up call that gets them playing their best next week. Gotta beat Stanford and Oregon to really prove they are back.

    • rowdy

      Story of the game is missed opportunities. Bad game for UW and still got the win. I think lack of film for game plan on the qb hurt the d. They played a lot better in the second half but still need to improve to win next week.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Oregon lost Saturday. They are not what they were 5 years ago. Stanford will be a real test. Plenty to watch from a scouting perspective as well. It is good to have some relevant baseball, football and CFB in Seattle. It has been 20+ years when all 3 were good at the same time.

      • C-Dog

        It’s a great time to be a sports fan in the 206 and surrounding area codes for sure.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Aye, Colorado beat us, WAZU beat us last year

        Is UW finally gonna step up and own the North?

        Gonna be pretty embarassing when you lose a 13th year in a row to a Dakota Prukop led team.

        (in all honesty, I’m very ashamed of our team especially the offense)

  20. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Since we are talking about prospects: Lamar Jackson is simply putting up unbelievable offensive numbers (~ 25 offensive TDs passing or rushing). Most likely the early Heisman favorite. Does the player have the right pedigree and coaching to succeed in the NFL? Clearly he is very athletic and talented. Who would be a player, currently in the NFL like him…..?

    • Rob Staton

      He went to Louisville to work with Petrino to help him get to the NFL. Unfortunately, Petrino’s pro-QB record is very average. He’s a tremendous athlete and will have a role at the next level — but as a passer he’s 100mph or bust, lacks touch and his accuracy is patchy. He won’t be able to run up the middle like he does at the next level and he needs to add some weight.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He compares explicitly to RGIII

        Can’t think of anyone better, honestly

        • Volume12

          Right now he does. This kid is only 19 years old. Incredible. His body will begin to fill out, and IMO he’ll start to process the game better as well.

          I’ve been a draft fanatic for about 19 years since I was 11 years old and I can’t remember any QB having this kids open field skill set.

          Not Vick, RG3, Vince Young, Randall Cunningham, no one. He is unbelievable in that regard.

          As a passer? Yes, he needs quite a bit of work.

          • The Hawk is Howling

            Vol you’re only 30?

            Man we better get going today and I believe we will!

            Game time!

            Go Hawks!

            • Volume12

              Yup. Turn 31 on Nov. 30th.

              LOL. How old did you think I was?

              • The Hawk is Howling

                I just figured you were a bit older with all your knowledge of the game. In my mind I was thinking 45 or 50 or so. It’s weird when you don’t actually know the person you’re talking too. I’m 38 going on 22 by the way.

                Hope this game cheers you up a bit M8!

                Go Hawks!

                • Volume12

                  Funny you say that. I still feel like I’m 22-23 myself.

                  I’m still a kid at heart.

                  So far it is cheering me up. My moms funeral was yesterday so I could use some.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Yeah I pictured you a young 30 fam.

                    I just turned 21 in June.

                    Been scouting 7-8 years since before highschool.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Those early years were dark, though. Reading Matt Miller’s top 5 at each position group slideshow *shudder*

                  • Volume12

                    Oh man when I first got into it, AOL and dial up was the big thing.

                    Most of the time you had to wait for SI’s draft pieces. And then there was draft magazine’s you cold order once a month. Came in the mail and errthang.

                  • The Hawk is Howling

                    I had a feeling it was yesterday my friend. I’m sure it was a beautiful remembrance and ceremony.

                    Life can be so hard sometimes, but then you feel so happy just to feel alive other times.

                    Glad the Hawks wooped some arse for your Mum today Vol!

                    We’re all alot happier today!

                    Go HAWKS

                  • Volume12

                    Thank you Cragie.

                    Always appreciate your kind, thoughtful words. They help me keep things in perspective.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Russell Okung questionable to return w a knee in Cincinnati.

    Still think we should have kept him around?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ugh. What is Paxton Lynch learning from sitting behind Siemian?!
      I mean Mark Sanchez was in camp, but you’re developing two guys. I guess he could develop muscle and confidence, but there’s nothing like live reps at this level.

      Interesting CJ Anderson says hed teach the young guys like Knowshon Moreno taught him when he got into the league.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Okung back in

      • Kenny Sloth

        Margus Hunt blocks his second field goal of the years

        • Kenny Sloth

          He and Cassius Marsh are two guys on my shortlist for ST Pro Bowl selections

          • Volume12

            If Lynch isn’t ready why put him in?

            This is Siemian’s 1st road game. Whole different animal.

            • Volume12

              This Siemian is the real deal.

              What a find by GM John Elway.Identifying your potential franchise QB in the 7th round? They struck gold.

              • Kenny Sloth

                He does have a phenomenal supporting cast

                Exactly. Its not like he has some experience that will be useful to Lynch’s development and Paxton has an inarguably higher ceiling.

                He looked very composed.

                His throws were kind of grippy, leaning low and close rather than high and away.

                I wasn’t impressed per se

                • Volume12

                  Yeah, he’s not very polished. There was a reason he was a 7th rounder my man.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    I guess they won. Just not a fan of sitting QB’s. Rodgers behind Favre was one thing, but a W is a W

                  • Volume12

                    I am surprised they even went with Siemian over Lynch to begin with.

                    Thought that was gonna hurt them.

  22. Volume12

    Buffalo putting it on Arizona! Hell yeah.

  23. nichansen01

    The vikings defense is very very much legit. Wow. Minnesota the best nfc team right now with Kalil Bridgewater and Peterson ALL out on offense. Incredible.

    NYG will lose to washington. then minnesota then green bay. Philly gonna get exposed by pitt tonight. That will leave minnesota as the only unbeaten team left in the nfc.

    WOW. Arizona blown out by buffalo. Something wrong with that team.

    Two NFC superpowers start 1-2… Arizona and Carolina.

    Let’s hope seattle doesn’t make that 3.

    • Volume12

      Alex Boone now out too.

      DT Sharif Floyd is out like 6 weeks, and so is one more defender of theirs, but I can’t remember who.

      These injuries will catch up to them sooner or later.

  24. nichansen01

    Wow Denver is legit. The AFC is where the elite teams are this year. Pats Broncos and Steelers the big three right now. Vikings best in NFC but yes injuries will likely catch up to them. Cardinals Packers Seahawks and Panthers just aren’t the same..

    We will learn if Wentz and the eagles are truly legit tonight against Pitt. Still not super optimistic about the NFC east.

  25. nichansen01

    Kessler might be decent. Wow Pryor’s transition to wideout is looking like a tremendous success. It is becoming more and more concerning that we nearly lost to Miami…

  26. Volume12

    There we go!

    OMG C-Mike kept his balance?

    Guys we’re doomed. One of the worst teams in the league. j/k ?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Those blocks were pretty clean

      Ohp announcers literally right after me

      • Kenny Sloth

        Running behind Glow today

        • Kenny Sloth

          Damn another huge run called back on a Luke Willson hold

  27. Kenny Sloth

    Too many flags. We need to settle the Fuck down

    • Kenny Sloth

      Run game looking soooo good

  28. Kenny Sloth

    CMike is definitely gonna get a fine for that sweet chain, right?

    • Volume12

      Ha! I noticed the same thing. Got the throwback dookie rope almost.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I was like “this ain’t the 80’s boii”

        That’s a 15g chain now hahahah

    • Kenny Sloth

      That fucking touchback was hilarious to me as well

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Oh right, happy Canadian Seahawks Fan appreciation Day, eh.

    That’s what this blog is all aboot, right?

    We need a Brit Fan Day, nowadays it seems

    • Volume12

      Let’s get some maple flavored Skittles going, eh?

  30. nichansen01

    I continue to be very unimpressed by Alex Collins.

    • nichansen01

      No explosion… Simply doesn’t have the ability to break tackles. Pope>Collins

      • Kenny Sloth

        Too bad Pope ran for 120 yards and 3 tds today. That should’ve been for us.

        I miss Nick Reed

      • icb12


        Give it a rest

        I didn’t think it was possible. But you are even more negative than Steele.

        Troymaine pope isn’t exactly setting the world on fire now is he.
        There’s a reason he’s not on the team.

        Alex Collins is a better RB. Pretty simple.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I like having both nic and Steele around. Lets not make it personal, homie.

          I agree, Collins is limited, but Pope is truncated.

          Collins is a 4.59 runner. He has comparable speed to an edge rusher like Eli Harold.

          Its his feet and vision that give him an edge on inside running.

          If you watched earlier you would see the way our 1-2 punch are setting up the whole defense with their initial step. A stutter outside and Collins opens up 5 yards inside.

  31. Volume12

    To quote South Park, Jim-may!!!

    • Kenny Sloth

      He was wearing a necklace on the sideline also

      • Kenny Sloth

        Kerley the SF WR was too

        Wtf is going on

  32. Volume12

    OT and CB. 2 biggest needs for me.

  33. Volume12

    Jimmy looks scary good man!

    • Trevor

      So true Vol! If he can stay healthy all year he is going to provide an element this offense has so sorely missed.

  34. Trevor

    The 49rs are like medication for the Hawks offense and the Rams are like a virus. How can a unit look so bad one week and so bad the rest. I know Russ was hurt last week but my goodness it is like night and day.

    Britt and Glowinski have opened some huge holes today.

    • Kenny Sloth

      DL is a lot worse this week. Two first rounders from the same school

      • nichansen01

        That school known for its great defense

        • Kenny Sloth

          Are you joking?

          Our mascot literally does pushups whenever we score.

          We just hired a new d coordinator to save it.

          • nichansen01

            yah that was sarcasm

            • Kenny Sloth

              Thank goodness

  35. nichansen01

    Jets offense looking rough against KC. I think we have a a fair chance against them. Buffalo exposed their defense… Now they can’t score of KC (although KC does have a very strong defense). Bengals also beat the jets and the went 0-2… Road games against AFC teams scare me though.

  36. Kenny Sloth



  37. Vista

    Well, that’s just great. But he is back now

    • Kenny Sloth

      He looks ok but I don’t see any reason to play him any longer

  38. Volume12

    Oh sh*t. Hope Russ is alright (knock on wood).

  39. rowdy

    Polar opposite halves for wilson. Why is he holding on to the ball til he gets hit. It’s like he just wants people to hit him because he’s making no attempt to get rid of the ball.

    • Volume12

      I think that sack before the half hurt him.

  40. nichansen01

    What on earth is Russell doing still playing.

    • Volume12

      I just hope he’s alright.

      • Vista

        Looks like a knee injury. He has a brace

        • Volume12

          Exactly. That’s why I’m worried.

          He can play with the brace but it’ll limit his mobility.

  41. Vista

    Finally, a turnover

  42. Volume12

    Kenny, you see that dude on Seattle’s sideline with the ‘Kid N’ Play’ haircut?

    WTF? Is the style from the early 90’s coming back? With the bright colors, gold rookie chains, denim overalls, and everything else?

  43. nichansen01

    Baldwin probably having one of the better games of his career. Wow.

    • Volume12


  44. AlaskaHawk

    Nice to see the offense put in a performance that matches the defense. What a great game, both run and pass working well. I give a lot of credit to RW accuracy, real nice touch on some long passes to Baldwin and Zipping them to Graham. Defense looking strong again.

    • Volume12

      Yup. Mercy TD. We’ll give that to ’em.

  45. Volume12

    Damn, QB Carson Wentz is legit. Only 7 in completions?

    Pittsburgh’s secondary is weak! That could be the downfall of this team.

  46. nichansen01

    WOW Philly is LEGIT. Carson Wentz is the pick of the draft. Great trade up and they got their first rounder for 2017 back with the bradford trade. Brilliant.

    Philly has had fast 3-0 starts before. Will they sustain it this time? Hard to say.

  47. nichansen01

    Top five nfl teams?

    Philly (3-0), New England (3-0), Denver (3-0), Minnesota (3-0)… Baltimore (3-0)?

    • Volume12

      Gave up our 1st 100 yard rusher since Jamaal Charles in 2014.

      • Volume12

        Carlos Hyde is a tough back man. I like him. He’s carried this offense through 3 games.

        • nichansen01

          It was garbage time I am not too worried about that… defense wasn’t playing full throttle the last two niner’s drives there.

          Random note: where was Kearse all game? I don’t understand how he sometimes utterly disappears. Boykins interception wasn’t too comforting.

          All in all good win but man I hope Russell is OK. I still am not sure if Boykin is ready to start a game.

          • Volume12

            That’s true.

            Didn’t need Kearse or Lockett today. Scary we didn’t even need them. Yeah Bokin can make all the wow throws and big plays, but struggles with routine stuff due to the system he came out of.

            I’d almost start Boykin next week versus then we have a bye week.

            Ifedi, Vannett, Prosise, and Rawls could all come back at the same time.

            • Volume12

              *because not versus

    • Forrest

      New England, Denver, and Minnesota yes (for the time being). Philadelphia and Baltimore are just getting lucky early in my opinion. Arizona and Carolina have both fallen drastically and I love it. Health permitting, New England is the only team that I think CAN completely dismantle the Hawks this season…and that’s still a winnable game in my mind.

  48. Volume12

    KC CB Marcus Peters is quickly becoming the games best. 12 picks in 19 games. Stud.

  49. Forrest

    Well, 2-1, and I like the odds against the Jets (Wilson’s health heading into the bye is key though)…

    • nichansen01

      Fitzpatrick threw 6… I repeat 6 interceptions today and completed less than half of his passes. Oh boy….

      • Forrest

        Yeah that makes me salivate…

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