Instant reaction: Seahawks coast by Niners, move to 2-1

After a week of overreactions to the Rams loss, this was a refreshing reality check. The Seahawks are still a really good football team. Their offense is still really good. They are capable of blowing out a bad opponent.

On a day when the Pittsburgh Steelers were destroyed by the Eagles and the Cardinals were pasted by the Bills — this was a day to remember the NFL is tough. And when you have an off day it can get ugly. Seattle’s off-day, with most of the offense hurting especially at quarterback, was a 9-3 road defeat to a divisional nemesis.

That same opponent, the Rams, lost 28-0 to this 49ers outfit. That was their off day. Let that sink in. When’s the last time the Seahawks were blown out? Week 2 in 2011?

The win came at a price. Russell Wilson suffered another ugly injury that left him reaching in pain for his left knee. It had the look of a MCL sprain but could’ve been much worse — a broken leg or an ACL.

It was a relief to see him remain on the sideline and actually board an exercise bike towards the end of the fourth quarter. The week five bye can’t come soon enough.

The game also couldn’t end soon enough in that final quarter. Trevone Boykin led a nice scoring drive before giving up a horrendous interception. The defense in ‘relax’ mode gave up 15 cheap garbage time points.

Still, there were plenty of encouraging moments…

— The run blocking was much improved today. On the first score Sowell, Britt and Glowinski nailed their blocks and Tanner McEvoy also helped. Christine Michael looked like he did in pre-season and they need this version with Thomas Rawls still banged up.

— Jimmy Graham was back to his very best less than a year after suffering the worst possible injury. He had six catches for 100 yards and a touchdown — including a highlight reel takeaway on a jump ball vs Eric Reid. At this level Graham is virtually unstoppable and will be a huge weapon for the offense.

— Doug Baldwin is somehow still vastly underrated. His current level of play should put him among the NFL’s top receivers. His quickness, route-running, ability to get open, reliability and production make that new contract look like an absolute bargain. Today he had eight catches for 164 yards and a touchdown.

— No, Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable should not be fired.

— Aside from some sloppiness at the end, the defense completely shut down the Niners. Coverage was excellent throughout. The pass rush was limited today but it didn’t need to be great. Three weeks in the Seahawks are #1 in yards allowed. The Niners completed 4/15 on third downs.

The most important thing right now is getting Wilson healthy. Everything else is firing. Graham and Baldwin are playing at a high level, the defense is on it, the running game is starting to get there. They need their quarterback healthy.

I’ve got a few thoughts on the weekend’s college football coming tomorrow.


  1. Troy

    Pretty sure Wilson is a confirmed robot after taking the hits and injuries he has and still being able to play and perform well on the field. The offense showed what it can do when it doesn’t get in its own ways with penalties and bad Oline performance and bad play calls.

    Great game to get back on track, however looking forward to next week…

    It is an early 10am game on the east coast. Wilson NEEDS to rest. If he rests next week, he can then rest during the bye, almost giving him 3 full weeks to fully recover for the rest of the season. I am 100% in favor of plugging in Boykin and seeing what happens. No reason to risk the future of your franchise when the worst result is a 2-2 record going into the rest of the season.


    • C-Dog

      Let’s see how and if he bounces back this week. It was nice to see Boykin get some quality mop up duty, but he game in when the game was all but out of reach. He did some decent things, but that garage time INT was pretty horrendous.

      • Mr. Offseason

        The bye week will be good enough to rest Wilson. If Wilson can play, he’s the best option, period. Is there risk involved? Yes. Still, every game is absolutely crucial.

  2. East Side Stevie

    Im dissapointed that carlos hyde ran all over u Im use to our defense not allowing running backs to get 100 yards even in the games we lose
    Worried about wilson he cant continue on this season getting another injury ever other game offensive line has to be a priority next draft
    Even though the O line played better today we must ask ourselves if wilson getting hurt is worth it the obvious answer is no we cant keep playin in the coming seasons with an o line like this and expect wilson to not get hurt
    On another note great win but man I wish we could have had a shut out against the 49ers I hate the 49ers and at the end of the game if we could have looked at scoreboard and saw 37-0 that would have been a hell of a feeling

    • Alex Higgins

      And you probably thought that the weather was off today. Sun was too hot. That blue sky was annoying.

    • Volume12

      Garbage points man. Vanilla D, let them run it and let’s get outta here.

      • East Side Stevie

        its the competitive nature in me I want the hawks to be dominant

      • Volume12

        They only had like 250 yards or something? And that’ with the 2 TD’s late.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I agree Stevie, hate giving up that stuff in the 4th.

    • Hawkfan086

      There was no way the oline is to blame for either of Russels injuries this year. The we’re both freak accidents from Russel trying to extend plays instead of throwing the ball away. Now is not the time to panic. We are ok. I too think Russel should “consider” taking next weeks game off if he needs the rest.

      • rowdy

        True. The hit he took today was completely on russ and completely unnecessary. It was 3rd and 19 and he’s scrambling to get a couple yards by running over a defender? His awareness should drop on madden after that lol

    • Scottie

      Dude, punctuation. Pretty please?

    • C-Dog

      They were getting the big runs when the defense was dialed back, probably ready to play the pass more than the run. Hyde is a good back, and they held him pretty much in check 3 and a half quarters.

  3. Volume12

    Other than the defense getting no sacks, wasn’t needed today, as you said, they were firing on all cylinders man.

    Gotta get RW healthy, but no way this dude isn’t gonna play.

    I mentioner earlier that Jimmy looks scary good. As does Baldwin. Wow. He’s a go to guy in this league. A high volume receiver when needed that can carry a passing game. He’s becoming elite if not already.

    If Rawls can stay healthy and return to form? We might have the new version of ‘Thunder and Lightning.’

    The LBs balled out today. Bennett, those 2 (KJ & BWagz), Bam Bam, and Lane were the studs for me today. If we could add one more playmaker or stud to this defense? No matter the position. It’d be close to 2013, except for the depth.

    Great win. So glad our bye is early this week.

    Oh yeah, Ifedi, Vannett, Prosise, and QJeff are all coming back soon.

    • Hawkfan086

      How about we get a free safety that can tackle? Maybe for less than 5 million a year?

      • Volume12


        You do know they couldn’t play this style of D without him right?

        Jags, Falcons, Raiders all run the same D, try to, but struggle with it. Why? No ET type of defender.

        • Hawkfan086

          What does he bring. What play has he effected that made this team win???? No you are just partial and won’t step back to see the big picture. Are we predicated to need a rangey guy with speed yes. No other team has Kam, bobby, KJ, Sherman, lane, reed, avril, bennet ect… ET HAS VERY LITTLE EFFECT TOWARDS THE OUTCOMES OF GAMES. He misses more tackles on our dfence by the widest margins are you aware of that stat?

          • nichansen01

            I thought he was excellent in coverage today. As a free safety a lot of your responsibilities take place off camera so to speak.

          • Volume12

            He’s always missed tackles. Always. Even during 2013.

            He’s had an effect every time the defense takes the field.

            • 75franks

              you are right but it just seems like hes missin more this year

          • DavidM2

            It’s because of Earls burst and closing speed. No one can cover the whole field like ET, but it seems like you got it all figured out already. Niners may be looking for a new GM next year, you should apply

            • Volume12

              Safety is the hardest position to scout or watch. Need the All-22 tape and they don’t have landmarks to get to like other positions.

              We see picks, big hits, or missed tackles.

              • Volume12

                Burst, and range.

            • Hawkfan086

              So you agree that he isn’t as pivotal as someone suggest.

              Oh yes that’s I’ll I’m here for is to get a coaching gig and build my own dynasty …

              • Volume12

                Nope. I think he’s the most pivotal defender we got. He’s to the D, what RW is to the O.

              • Frank

                Dude, that’s why we are all here;).

          • The Hawk is Howling

            I am very confident Earl will get it going. He’s one of the most competitive guys on the team and could see the disappointment in his demeanour. Seriously give him the benefit of doubt. He’s a baller, we all know what he’s capable of and done for our team in the past.

            Go HAWKS

          • Mr. Offseason

            Would love to see your notes from film study on this.

      • Rob Staton

        FYI… the Seahawks won today…

        • Ukhawk

          ? LOL

    • C-Dog

      The D was able to still apply good pressure, rushed Gabbert into hurried throws.

      If they can get Ifedi back this week, maybe ad Vannett and Prosise, I’d feel a lot better heading to New Jersey. The bye week can’t come soon enough.

  4. CC

    Grateful for a game where I didn’t have a heart attack!

    So, what’s up with Earl? Another bad angle whiff – now maybe the fact that SF couldn’t move the ball is part of that?

    Heal up Russ – we’ll need you against the Jets. Hoping that Ryan Fitz throws a few more picks next week.

  5. nichansen01

    linebackers had a great game
    Jimmy Graham had a statement game
    run blocking in the first quarter
    presence of garbage time
    boykin looked ok
    alex collins ran better today
    doug baldwin was a beast
    bennet and reed were beasts against the run most of the game
    arizona lost so now la leads the division 2-1 with a win over us…


    Wilson Injury
    Play calling on third and short
    run blocking in the second half
    pass protection the whole game
    wilson was holding onto the ball waaaay too long in the third quarter (led to the injury)
    run defense in the fourth quarter (we really loosened things up)
    garbage time is garbage time
    lack of a pass rush
    boykin’s lazy interception
    penalties penalties penalties

    Fitzpatrick threw 6 interceptions today. The Jet’s defense is good but Revis has been getting burned as of late. We return to metlife stadium where the last two games were a shut out of the giants and a superbowl win. We got this.

    • Volume12

      Unfortunately, I think penalties will always be associated with PC.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Way to leave out CMike

      I think the whole team was making a statement today.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        CMike, Graham and Baldwin all showed up big time. They put them in playcalls that they could succeed at and gain some nice chunk yards. Honorable mention goes to explosive plays, they had at least 4 in the game.

    • Drew

      That lack of a pass rush held Gabbert to just over 100 yards passing.

      There were a lot of hurries, but the Niners were only dialing up short passes. Frank Clark was close a few times.

      • Dingbatman

        Spot on Drew. I was at the game so I don’t know (yet) how it appeared on tv but in person Frank Clark and Michael Bennett were in Gabbert’s face all day long. Gabbert barely had enough time to get off simple 5 yard passes and anything beyond that was nearly nonexistent.

      • Mr. Offseason

        And so the debate continues which is more valuable, pass rush or pass coverage? I don’t think you can have one without the other, but I think I’d rather have pass coverage. The Panthers are showing me that a great pass rush and no pass D is not viable – the offense can adjust to that with quick passing and checkdowns. With great pass coverage, I think there’s more of a barrier to get through.

  6. LordSnow

    Love these sorts of games where we get a big lead and enjoy football without the huge stress.

    – Nice levity Rob brought all week to many of us about what was needed. “Get healthy.” A healthier RW shows how different this offense is.

    – The oline had a nice push all game long. So much so that it looked like Reid or Bethea kept cheating with an inside blitz on nearly every play in the 4th. If they keep that up next time we meet, I think seattle will make them pay.

    – I think Cmike should be the starter going forward and should only lose the job if Rawls is completely healthy and shows the same explosiveness and decision making as last season.

    – Jimmy’s highlight reel catch was exactly why we traded for him

    – Kam was the best player on defense out there today so ideas of trading him should be absolutely shelved

    – Doug Baldwin is amazing, worth every penny of his new deal

    – ET took some bad angles on the last two drives in the 4th, but from my eye he was all over the field in coverage

    – If Boykin has to play any significant time because of RW’s injuries, I hope Bevel uses a Greg Roman approach and gives him only one or two reads – then either run or unload the ball out of bounds. That interception was atrocious.

    • LordSnow

      Also if the oline can cut the # of penalties called to about half of today’s game, I could live with that.

      • Volume12

        Russ is probably gonna play. Sure seems that way now. Him and PC both sound optimistic, but then again, when have those 2 ever not?

        • C-Dog

          If the MRI checks out good enough, he will definitely play.

          • Volume12

            He said it looked worse than it was. Or is that RW speak?

            • C-Dog

              It looked gruesome each time I saw it, but that’s our $20 Mill QB’s knee bending that way. He was able to jog off the field, and was apparently riding an excretes bike. My guess, is he will be able to play against the Jets, and they will let him play.

              If I were Pete Carroll, I would have a really serious solid talk with him about throwing the ball away more often, especially if this defense keeps playing the way it is. IMO, Russell was trying to extend when he didn’t need to, especially with that lead.

              • C-Dog

                *Exercise* bike.

                • Ukhawk

                  Excretes bike… Sounds messy/exhausting. LOL

                  • C-Dog

                    I know! RIGHT?!!

              • Volume12

                I’ll agree with that.

                It looked like he was going to and then for whatever reason tried to pick up a few yards.

              • Ukhawk

                I agree C-Dog. It feels like his injury risk is heightened if he’s less than 100% but tries to perform at his usual 150%. I’m getting flashbacks to another guy who begged to get back in at <100% and ruined his career – Robert Griffin. In agreement with his critics for once, I'd like to have the 'game manager' version of Wilson for the next 2-4 weeks please.

                • C-Dog

                  Yup. I think one of Russ’s biggest challenges now is, frankly, letting go of a lot of the instincts that he made a lot of his hay on for the last 4 years; the Superman heroics of extending. On that play, he simply didn’t need to, but his competitiveness took over. He needs to develop a better balance of playing in the pocket, and looking to extend when it is more clearly needed.

                  I think the difference about Russ and RGIII is that Russ has always had better QB mechanics. Russ can play in the pocket, he’s been proving that for some time now.

                  I’m going to look at these injuries of his glass half full. He’s been very fortunate they aren’t worse. He needs to start protecting himself better now. He continue to grow as a pocket passer, trust his reads and receivers and know is his Superman ways have a self life, and once healthy, be smarter about it all.

                • cha

                  I know hindsight is 20/20 but maybe RW shouldn’t have practiced all week leading up to the Rams game. I sure hope the Hawks rest him a day or two this week.

  7. cha

    “Doug Baldwin is somehow still vastly underrated. His current level of play should put him among the NFL’s top receivers.”

    If that Superman-style horizontal one-handed grab isn’t the lead on every highlight real tonight/tomorrow something is seriously wrong.

  8. matt

    Great win by the Hawks today! Graham and Baldwin looked like pro bowlers

    . Michael was explosive and decisive. Thinking he’s earned another week of 20+ touches.

    The OLine took a step in the right direction. Not having Suh or Donald on the other side sure helps!

    4th quarter aside, the defense played tough, hard hitting, assignment based ball. We look every bit the the part of a defense that has led the league in points against for 4 consecutive years.

    Reed is proving that him falling into the mid 2nd round was a mistake. Was paying pretty close attention to him and came away impressed!
    It’ll be cool to see the rest of this talented rookie class get healthy, and contribute.

    Go Hawks!

  9. Steele

    I don’t think there was “overreaction” to last week. The Seahawks played poorly. I think there will be more overreaction the other way this week. Suddenly, they’re unstoppable? No. They beat a bad team pretty easily As they were supposed to. The test is how this team plays against the best, down the road when things shake out.

    As many in here point out, there are positives and negatives.

    They have to rest Russell Wilson, who now has two injuries.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, there definitely was an overreaction last week.

      It was a week filled with one miserable overreaction after another.

      And now it is time to move on.

    • nichansen01

      A reminder: Carolina put up 41 points on san fran last week. Carolina put up 10 points on minnesota this week.

    • sdcoug

      Agreed. I think writing off people’s frustrations of last week is dismissive and misses the point a bit. It wasn’t so much the result and thinking we are all of the sudden a bad team, as it was frustration at our unwillingness to adjust when we face the Rams. We simply put the same ol Rams record on repeat, and to no surprise heard the same broken tune.

      • Rob Staton

        I think the only people missing the point are those who consistently refuse to acknowledge how battered the Seahawks were on offense last week. Half the offense was injured, Wilson played on one leg. If Wilson alone is 100% last week they win that game going away.

        But it’s time to move on.

        • Ed

          You’re drinking your own kool-aid Rob. You are overreacting to a good win versus a bad team. A healthy Wilson was 0-2 last year. CMike was great, Baldwin great, Wilson doesn’t need to run and the back 7 flew around. Necessary win and they need to get a road win next week before 5he bye.

          • Volume12

            Should Seattle have won today? Of course.

            But, it’s not often a team wins in all 3 phases.

          • Rob Staton

            There is no overreaction on my behalf. Just a big dose of perspective to those who acted like the sky was falling last week.

            • STTBM

              Not everyone believed the sky was falling. Seattle made the necessary corrections, Wilson healed up a bit (before his latest injury), and the Niners are a bad team in every single facet.

              The problems with Oline talent eval still happened, and its still an area of concern for some of us, going forward. At least Glowinsky seems to be a good pick, and Gilliam and Sowell and Webb improved. And Ifedi is closer to return.

              Next week will be a big test for this line, and the proof will really be in the pudding. If Seattle can play better than they did vs the Rams, even if they dont look as good as they did Sunday, the improvement will show we’re on the right track.

              Cant wait to see if they can handle the Jets.

        • Kelly

          I don’t think it is an overreaction so much as the Rams being a team we will always struggle with. This team will always struggle against teams with great Dlines. It is why the games with the Rams are so competetive. They have a team that is built to beat us. I would expect us to struggle against the Jets, Bills, Rams, Panthers and possibly the Cardinals D if it ever lives up to it’s talent. I suppose you could say the Patriots because Belichick is a great coach. But every other game I expect our offense to do some work. Thankfully we have an early bye to get these guys healthy again early. I hope the can last one more week without Ifedi so he can get extra time to heal up as well.

        • STTBM

          You were right about Webb. He looked better now that he’s a bit more healthy. Same with Wilson, before he sprained his knee

    • C-Dog

      There was MASSIVE overeaction last week, IMO.

      Two games into the season and A LOT of fans feeling total gloom and doom. From Russell not being able to throw from the pocket, throw receivers open, to having no left tackle, Cable and Bevell not being able to coach, Chancellor sucking in coverage, etc.. etc.. two games, and the team that have been in the playoffs 4 straight years, with two Superbowl appearances, that have notoriously been known for getting off to rough starts was doomed for the season.

      3 games in, it’s still way too early, but I will take a team with this defense, and a coach committed to a balanced offensive attack, and a gimpy QB with this kinda GRIT any Sunday. Are they world beaters right now? No. Can they be at the end of the season? Certainly.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Nicely said C-Dog!

        Go Hawks

      • Volume12

        We’ll never figure this league out.

        Minnesota is 3-0 with Bradford at QB, Wentz has Philly 3-0 and looks damn good, WR Terrell Pryor looks like one of the best receivers in the league, the Giants $200 mil spending spree actually worked, Arizona is the most one dimensional team in the league, Baltimore is 3-0.

        Point is, it’s week 3. Week 6? Brand new storylines. Best damn soap opera ever.

        • Volume12

          TB shoulda beat the Rams earlier. Why they didn’t take a TO? I’ll never know. They could’ve ran 2-4 plays from the 20.

          • Volume12

            34 yardline actually.

        • C-Dog

          Well put, Volume 12. Atlanta was 6-0 to start the season last year, and you’d think with that start they were absolutely play off bound. Way too much football left to be played.

          I still really like Seattle, this year.

          I like Wilson to evolve more in the pocket, trusting his weapons. He practically has to now. I like getting Ifedi back, along with Vannett and Prosise. I like this defense staying stout and solid with Jarran Reed getting more and more rock solid in a lineup featuring pro bowl caliber talent likes of Cliff, Mike B, Clark, Wags, KJ, Kam, Sherm, and Earl.

          Obviously, anything can happen. But I like this team’s chances.

          • Volume12

            Oh yeah, for sure.

            We always finish strong anyways. Plus like you said, getting those rookies going, scary man.

        • bankhawk

          Vol.-Amen! Tell it brother. Its a crazy game-but thats why we love it. From the weekly chess game of the roster churn to the dude who unexpectedly steps up and finally looks like the stud you hoped he would be to the sitting with fingers crossed like war-wives sweating the latest injury updates! Never a dull moment. Keep those plot turns coming. Go Hawks!

  10. Nathan W.

    I thought the Seahawks did very well for most of the game in controlling the LOS. We may not have gotten any sacks, but the four man rush and other blitz packages provided some good penetration as well. Welcome back to the NFL, JFG!

    • Ukhawk

      I wonder as well if they were playing more contain given Gabbert’s ability to run. Think he’s actually faster than Kap and DRuss ATM

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think that was part of the game plan…. make him throw the ball. Checkdown passes. Contain the rush. I would give them a B+/A- overall. They did what they needed to win…. it is disappointing they gave up to late TDs to Hyde, but overall, he was erased. It is amazing what happens to the defense when they can play with a lead…..

  11. Volume12

    What’s this f***’n noise on the Chicago/Dallas game?

    Sounds like a swarm of bugs or something.

    • Nathan W.

      It’s the sound of Bear fans’ souls crying out in anguish.

      • Volume12

        LMAO! I love it.

  12. Frank

    Great division win, if someone else is our division can ding the Cardnials record and we can take one of the two with the Cards, the sky may not fall. What’s up with everyone on Earl? He plays a ton of single high looks and still makes plays. I saw where he didn’t put a shot on Hyde on the Td run but he was going to meet at the goal line and give up the Td anyway, glad he didn’t bother getting steamrolled on that one.

    • Volume12

      Cardinals might be in trouble.

      All they do is take deep shots. And when that isn’t working? They force the ball down field and start turning the ball over.

      I’m not convinced Arian’s is the type of coach that will play the ‘let’s take those shots when they’re there.’ He’s not the most laid back guy. He wants to go balls to the wall and it could hurt them.

      And if their test Seattle deep? Then their gonna play right into our hands. We want those throws. They might have to test us and throw into the teeth of this defense. That’s when the TO’s start piling up for Seattle’s D.

      • LordSnow

        You have to wonder what kind of team Arizona will have after Palmer and Fitz hang it up, which may be next season.

        Arians just doesn’t seem like one of those coaches who has the patience to rebuild. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets canned two or three years after Palmer is gone.

        • Volume12

          Nailed it. Patience is the perfect word.

          Not only that, but he doesn’t have the patience to not chuck it down the field all game long.

  13. The Hawk is Howling

    Well Baldwin “The Baller” just has that determination and drive which is what makes him great besides his obvious superb talent. Cris Carter probably isn’t calling our amazing undrafted free agent pedestrian anymore!

    Jimmy Graham, wow! Like John Lynch was saying is finally getting the confidence from Russ so when he looks covered Russ believes he will box his defender out with his b-ball skills and win the tight throws and jump balls! So promising today. I’ve heard they have become good friends as well which will only tighten the chemistry they have with one another. Exciting

    Go Hawks

  14. Glor

    And today was an example of why I don’t run a blog! Good win, online looked better!

    • bankhawk

      I wont get the chance to watch the game for a couple of days here yet, but think I am noticing a conspicuous absence of any specific mentions of either Webb or Sowell-which Im taking to be a good thing. Im not trying to elicit negatives on a day that should be for celebration to some extent, but how did our OTs fare on the day? It must have been at least somewhat better than previous outings?

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Well “bankhawk” We ran like champions out of the gate. I don’t analize film like some on this blog but I certainly can say we were getting alot more push on the offensive line. Christine Michael had at least 3 explosive plays starting with the 43 ish yard touchdown no contact run on the 3rd play of the opening drive. I don’t analize like someone as a stout as Vol12 but it definitely looked much better then weeks past.

        I believe we kick Arse! However dominant Defensive lines such as Miami and St. Louis are the only one’s that give this team serious grief.

        Russell Wilson is Superman, oh wait that’s Cam Newton. Shit that’s still our only kryptonite I believe. Metaphorically speaking.

        Go MF Hawks!

      • C-Dog

        Sowell looked much better today. They ran really well to the left. Webb held up. Not Suhs or Donalds to contend with this week. Going to have a pretty stout DL to face against the Jets. Would be really nice to get Ifedi back for this game.

        • Volume12

          Webb was much improved. Sowell too.

          Sowell explodes into his pass sets man. Not sure how they aren’t false starts.

          Britt and Glow were the studs. Open holes in the run game before the back even had the ball. Blew dudes off the LOS.

          Gilliam? Meh.

          • LordSnow

            Sowell did have a better game, but I’m still under the same mindset as many are about Cmike (where he can never do anything right no matter what). They should have a secondary option to him all season and be ready to pull him at any moment.

            • STTBM

              Why do you say that about Micheal? Im not judging, just curious. He really took it to the Niners and looked every bit the star he was drafted to be. He was a selfless player too, doing whatever was asked and doing it right, no trying to showboat or turn runs into bigger gains that was there. He played hard, smart, and tough.

              Im thrilled he appears to have pulled his head out and really look forward to seeing him take over the lead back role. He’s more than earned it, and Rawls needs to be eased back in slowly.

              • LordSnow

                I’m talking about Sowell. Many fans are still down on Cmike but I’m not one of them. I’m comparing my feelings about Sowell to their feelings about Cmike.

                • LordSnow

                  Even as I listen to 710, Salk (who has been down on Cmike ever since he came back last year) reluctantly endorsed Cmike going forward. But he was sure to add that you want Rawls as the guy who “best fits” what seattle wants, the bruising guy who bashes the defenders, etc.

                  The problem with this stance is that Rawls probably doesn’t have the body for it. Last year I actually thought Rawls was most effective not for the Lynch style of running, but for slicing through gaps and tearing off big breakaways. Rawls became my favorite hawk because of that.

                  But right now Cmike is the better player and it should be his job to lose. Rawls needs to take it from him by getting back to what he did last season, not slamming into the line then doing a ricky watters scream out just because he got one yard.

                  I actually get annoyed when I hear salk talk about the screaming and energy Rawls brings to the offense after those one yard bursts. Stop it. It’s annoying. Slash and breakaway are what made that guy great last year.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Rawls is more Turbin than he is Lynch. Turbin+ kind of guy.

                    The success of our runners in this scheme has more to do with Tom Cable being one of the greatest Run Game Planners in history

                  • C-Dog

                    Michael has been the best back through preseason and the first three games, and it hasn’t been close. Getting Rawls back is a big time plus, but I tend to agree with Volume 12, that Seattle might be looking for a more regular bell cow back in the future drafts.

  15. The Hawk is Howling

    Thank the almighty god “Touch downious” for fooling the Ram’s of deceit into drafting Jarod Goff from “Not Readyia”

    I’m so glad they passed on Wentz, that would have suck-ithed!

    Go MF Hawks!

    • Darnell

      I would much rather have Wentz in the division, he is really impressive. Keenum/Goff are tough to watch – just bad.

      • Mr. Offseason

        How did they miss that evaluation? I know there is a lot unknown about Goff. But since the start of last offseason I’ve been convinced Wentz has far more tools to be successful than Goff. When coaches and front-office personnel have million-dollar jobs to protect, they often go with popular opinion. That’s what the Rams did. But my word did they miss out on Wentz, and that’s good news for the Seahawks.

        Wentz’ negative evaluation was similar to Wilson in that: he was docked significantly for just one thing. He was docked for playing in a lower college conference. That needs to come into consideration, but look at all the things he was doing at the level. The ability to run and pass, to scramble and create open receivers. To run a pro-style offense. With Wilson, it was his height that was the huge negative. That needs to come into consideration, but not at the expense of EVERYTHING ELSE he has perfected and achieved. Wentz’ evaluation needed to consider the lower conference, but not completely negate the overwhelming strengths he also displayed in college.

  16. rowdy

    Russ sprained his mcl on one of the dumbest plays of his career. Hope they sit him next week and have him learn how to throw it away on pointless plays.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    Garrison Smith for a bunch of snaps more than Jefferson

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Yeah I noticed Garrison Smith on some plays to Kenny. He got cut by the 9’ers and had something to prove this game. A great pick up I believe.

      Go Hawks

    • C-Dog

      Q Jeff was inactive with a cast on his hand. Garrison Smith held up pretty well.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      What language is that which thy speak-ith, Kenny of Hawksdom?

      • Kenny Sloth

        The Hawk is Trolling xD

  18. Volume12

    Jimmy Graham suddenly has a chip on his shoulder and is playing pissed off.

    This is the Seahawk version of Jimmy. Grit and swag (even more of the latter).

    Barring an injury, I got a feeling he’s going to have a big, big year.

    • STTBM

      He’s not as fast as he was, and he looked very tentative coming down from his TD jump. He doesnt trust that knee all the way yet, and I cant blame him.

      He can still be a dominant player, but his insane speed is likely gone for good. I like his newfound tenacity and fire though. Not the same Jimmy we played in NO a few years ago and dominated, thats for sure…

      Great to see him do so well while still a bit limited and rusty. He will get better..and that is a scary thought for the rest of the NFL.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, he’s definetly not the same guy he was in NO and will never put up those #’s as we all know, he is capable of it, but even a 75% of his old self Jimmy Graham is dangerous.

        I just love the ‘pissed off for greatness’ chip he’s playing with. Fits us perfectly.

        • STTBM

          Considering that Seattle throws far less than NO, Grahams usage here is nearly identical to his time in NO, on a percentage of total passes basis. The area we are most failing to use him in is the Red Zone. RW and Carl Smith (QB Coach) MUST watch some old NO footage with Graham and learn to trust Graham. They need to teach Russ to throw him open, and give him a shot on routes other than a corner fade route in the end zone, even if he’s covered. He’s 6′-7″ tall and can jump for Petes Sake!

          I thought they did a nice job utilizing him in this game, but I still want to see him running Slants, Posts, Skinny Posts, etc into the end zone. Use that height and frame!

          Graham had 10 targets, which is A LOT for an offense that doesnt throw much. Baldwin had the same. Kearse not doing much this year, must be frustrating for him. Lockett barely used, wonder if his knee hurt after that PR. Once Lockett is back to himself, you wont see quite so many targets for Baldwin or Graham, but Seattle made a statement that they are going to use him better going forward.

          • Mr. Offseason

            I literally have no idea what you guys are talking about. Jimmy Graham looks like the same Jimmy Graham to me.

            • STTBM

              Well, Graham himself said his knee isnt back to normal completely left, and that he doesnt have his full strength and speed back yet. Here’s what he said on 710 to John Clayton:

              “For me, my knee is getting stronger and stronger. Every morning I’m still up and I’m still in here working as hard as I can to build the strength up in it, to get even more explosion back and to get more of my power back, which still isn’t there.”

              “Right now it’s good enough to be out there and it’s good enough to be out there for my team, so I’m excited because this is just the beginning and I’m only going to get better and better.”

              So there you go….

              • Miles

                Thanks for citing that. I did hear that interview and yes does seem like he isn’t at full strength. But to me, he looks really close at least. And I don’t see any reason he can’t return to his previous self with how routinely and seamlessly he has returned to the field. I really think that ultimately the Seahawks will be getting the same player they traded for.

                • STTBM

                  We might get a better one, even if his speed is lessened by his injury. He seems a lot more fierce, and his toughness is now unquestioned, whereas in NO he played like a weenie at times.

                  I really like the new Jimmy Graham. He’s focused and intense. I think his injury really made him pay attention to detail–he realized every play could be his last, and he wants to make a legacy. He may join ET, Wilson, Bennett, Sherm, Wags, and Kam as a bigtime leader and potential HOF player whether he gets the speed back or not. His newfound tenacity (or at least newly obvious) may make up for any deficiencies in speed/agility. Plus, Wilson throws jump balls so Graham wont even have to get separation, he can still make big plays.

                  I just hope he can produce on a consistent basis, and that Seattle uses him more creatively–and more often–in the Red Zone.

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I do not care what RW did in the offseason….

    Work with conditioning trainers to prevent injury
    Getting married

    Whatever it was….. KEEP DOING IT!

    He has dodged 2 huge injuries already… one being a foot/ankle and the other a MCL.
    Each could have knocked him out for a significant length of time, but he is incredibly resilient. They need to write a book one day, how he got prepared for an NFL season (in the offseason).

  20. Dumbquestions

    My take:

    Thankful for throws to Graham, but only RW can make them. Baldwin is elite. Michael is reborn, an RB who runs like a knife. It is odd that he has a slipping problem.

    The defense is strong. The offense is fragile. All depends on RW. Without him, the offense is horrific. When he can’t move, bad things happen. In this transition stage, as he fights through injury, he cannot play hero. We’re about to see the mature version of RW, because it’s the only way he survives. If he gets stupid about it, this will be a painful season. RW is a tough, wonderful little gamer, but his success depends on his mobility, and he’s got to learn how to be effective when his strength is limited. It’s time to grow up.

    The upcoming Jets game is a test. Given RW’s likely limp, I expect a grinding, nerve-wracking game. Best scenario: The D beats Fitzpatrick and Hawks win a low-scoring affair with Hauschka. RW (if he plays at all) will need to play smart. Just get to the bye, and let everyone recover.


    • STTBM

      On Micheal; Ive heard he wears shorter cleats, and that its been suggested to him he needs longer ones, but he refuses. For whatever reason.

  21. Cysco

    Really looking forward to Ifedi being out there. Hope the big guy is 100%. I think we saw a glimpse of what the interior line’s potential could be in the first half. Imagine if the right side of the line could create the same push as the left was. Now if we could just reduce the holding calls a bit.

    At first I was bummed about the week 5 bye. Now, it can’t get here soon enough.

  22. Trevor

    I know they are saying the knee is not serious for Russ and every game is important in the NFL. But I for one would like to see the Hawks sit Russ, Ifedi, Vannett, Rawls one more week and then have the bye week to give all these guys basically 3 weeks to get healthy and set for a playoff run after the break.

    Install a run focused ultra conservative game plan with Boykin running a lot ofzone read sprinkled with occasional deep shot. Rely on the defense and the Jets to turn it over.

    We are likely still going to be 2-2 going into the break but considering the Cards already have 2 losses I think the rest and getting these guys 100% should be #1 priority at this point in the season. I don’t want to see Russ hobbling around all season.

    • Cysco

      Too important of a game IMO to rest dudes. Rams and Cards are playing each other. There’s probably a good chance of heading into our bye in sole possession of first place in the West if they win.

      Going into the break on a 2-game winning streak and in sole possession of first place sure beats being in a 3-way tie or worst, second place if the Hawks lose and the Rams win. The team needs to take advantage of what has been a crazy start to the season and start building a lead. The attitude and tone amongst the fans and I’m sure the team will be drastically better if they’re going into the bye on a winning streak.

      • LordSnow

        I also don’t want to sacrifice any winnable games. If Russ can play, play him. Even if he is 100%, his style makes him an injury risk no matter what, until he learns to start throwing the ball away on dead plays. Both the ankle and the knee could have been avoided if he throws the ball away on both those plays.

        Honestly, I’ll be rooting for the Rams against the Cards. I want to bury the Cards for good. The Rams always fold at some point.

    • C-Dog

      I don’t see the competitiveness of Pete Carroll resting RW, if he thinks he can play and be effective against the Jets. The Jests are a bit vulnerable right now. The QB imploded in KC, the defense is vulnerable against the pass, but stronger against the run. If they start Boykin, and dial down the offense to strictly power run, I think your playing more into the strength and teeth of the Jets’ defense.

  23. nichansen01

    Oline thought: to my eye Gilliam has looked really bad and Webb has looked ok-ish. When Ifedi gets back, why not move Webb to right tackle, bench Gilliam and obviously start Ifedi at Right Guard.

    Fant went in for Sowell on a few snaps. Was sowell banged up or did they just want to test the waters a bit with Fant? Could, after a few more weeks of training, Fant potentially enter the starting lineup by season’s end?

    • STTBM

      I have no idea what you were watching. Even the TV commentators were showing Glowinsky highlights as he mauled his guys. He did pretty well, with a few mistakes. At least he never got Wilson mangled, as Gilliam did.

      • nichansen01

        I didn’t mention Glowinski once in my post?

        • Cysco

          Dude, that’s just crazy, Britt played great. Take away the two holding calls and he was our best o-line player. If you’re going to focus your attention to one potential trouble spot, you need to focus on Gilliam, not Britt.

          • vrtkolman

            Yeah, and this is another reason why PFF sucks. Britt is getting dinged badly for those two holding calls, but everyone knows holding happens on every play – it’s only called at the discretion of the officials. SF was holding our D line on pretty much every in the 2nd half with no holding calls to show for it.

          • Volume12

            He didn’t mention Glow or Britt.

            My take? He was taking about the OT’s.

            • Cysco

              V12, Britt reference was a joke. Keep up. 😉

              • Volume12

                Got cha. Guess I’m slackin’. ?

                Hard to convey sarcasm in font sometimes.

          • nichansen01


            • nichansen01

              I got ya

        • STTBM

          Youre right. Oops. I was a bit bleary eyed this morning, must have confused Gilliam for Glowinsky. I apologize.

          I would think Seattle will likely stay with Gilliam, but let Webb compete back at RT in practice. If Gilliam stops improving and/or Webb looks better, they could make a switch. But its more likely they stick with Gilliam since he’s cheaper over the next few years. They’d rather he kept the job than Webb beat him out.

  24. STTBM

    Still pissed Wilson cant admit he’s limited and play within himself. That play he was mangled on gave him every opportunity to throw the ball away and not take a hit, but he hung on till the last second, when the hit was unavoidable, and STILL achieved nothing except spraining his knee.

    You cant be that stupid and take chances like that, certainly not with a lead the size Seattle had at the time. Inexcusable decision on Wilsons part. Thats as bad IMO as Ken Hamlin intercepting a deep ball on third down along the sidelines, rather than swatting the ball down, ending up carrying himself out of bounds inside the 10 yard line, and giving the other team a 60 yard punt and nearly costing us a game. One of the all-time Russ blunders, along with his gaffes in the Niners title game where he ran the wrong play, or when he “forgot” what down it was and threw an incompletion to Rice deep rather than running for the first down which was open…

    It could cost us the season. Its that serious. One injury can lead to other injuries on either leg, the system interrupted causing muscles and tendons and ligaments to get out of whack. And his frayed or partially torn knee ligament could easily tear through if he plays on it, which would end his season and possibly cause permanent damage.

    He needs to sit next week, period.

    And Seattle must find a way to improve pass pro, or at the lest get Wilson to understand he cannot take a hit, period. You think Manning played so long because he was tough? No, he refused to be hit, getting the ball out before anyone got close, no matter what. Wilson can do the same thing, he just has to choose to.

    • lil'stink

      The play Wilson got injured on is the sort of play where he really needs to just throw the ball away. I’m okay with him trying to make something from nothing, but when he’s trying to get to the edge for a few extra yards against a defender who is closing quickly… I think that’s how he can get seriously hurt. Seems like he’s dodged quite a few bullets the last several years on that exact sort of play. Sooner or later he won’t be so lucky.

    • Cysco

      No way Wilson sits, nor should he. (assuming he’s cleared to go) The drop-off to Boykins is huge. You’re basically spotting the division a free loss if you sit him. The team doctors and Wilson himself will decide what’s best for him. If he’s physically unable to play, he won’t. If the doctors say he can go, he will. He can rest during the bi-week. This is an important game coming up with sole possession of the NFCW lead on the line. You don’t mail this one in.

      • vrtkolman

        I agree, we need this win against the Jets. It would be huge. 3-1 with the possibility of Arizona going 1-3 is too much of an advantage to give up if Wilson sits. Combine that with having to stay on pace with the Rams of all teams, who have already beat us.

        I would be more comfortable with Boykin had he not thrown that horrific INT. He had a simlar one against Minnesota in the preseason. That is exactly what will cost us the game against the Jets. It will be a close game where we can’t afford to give them free points.

        • LordSnow

          He really locked into the receiver. On all of his throws I was watching his head and Bevel called plays with only one read. If Boykin plays, that’s about all he should be expected to do, one read and go. But throwing the ball on the int to his one read was classic rookie stuff.

          • STTBM

            It was a bad play, a typical rookie panic mode deal. But it was also a disgustingly conservative playcall on a play Bevell uses far too often. Bevell went back to the well once too often there.

            I understand your playbook with Boykin is limited, especially when you dont trust the pass pro, but that play was simply High School, and the Niners had it diagnosed pre-snap. That play was doomed. Boykin should have eaten the ball and taken the sack, or else dumped it immediately out of bounds. But he’s a rookie, got pressure up the gut, and panicked. It happens.

            Agreed, the passes were pretty much one-read stuff for Boykin. He’s not ready to play in the NFL. But Wilson hasnt adjusted his play to fit his lack of speed/agility, and its getting him into bad situations. His sprained knee could easily become a blown out knee with one hit, as that ligament is weakened already.

            Id just as soon pull out the trick plays on ST’s, get the D revved up to destroy NY, and start Boykin. You cant afford to risk RW’s long-term health on one game vs the Jets. No way.

            Sit the kid, let his knee heal.

            • Rob Staton

              Can a play call really be called disgusting because it was conservative during a blowout victory with the backup UDFA rookie QB taking snaps?

              • rowdy

                Sure cant. Same with the defensive play calling at the end. Get the W and get out at that point.

              • STTBM

                It was a three yard out route to the TE into the teeth of a stacked box. A really bad playcall. There is conservative, and so conservative its doomed to fail. IMO, Bevells playcall was the latter.

                Please dont think that to mean I want Bevell fired, like some, or think he did anything less than a great job on Sunday. He did a fantastic job, which is usually what happens the week after he doesnt do such a hot job (like vs the Rams). He was a bit conservative on a drive or two, we went three and out, and he went back to opening things up and it worked. He did a really nice job overall.

                But that one play was ugly, and a good portion of blame is on him, not just Boykin, which was my point.

                • Rob Staton

                  I beg to differ. Bad decision by the QB — and Bevell IMO can be as conservative as he wants to be with a completely raw, UDFA rookie thrust into the limelight during a blowout win.

                  • STTBM

                    So you give zero blame to Bevell for the playcall? If thats how you see it, then ok. I simply disagree. From where I sit, it was plain the playcall was doomed; it would have utterly failed no matter what Boykin did, and Boykin made it nearly as bad as it could be with his poor decision (at least he didnt fumble the ball or pick-6 it).

                    Had Boykin ate the ball and taken the sack or thrown it away, most would have said that playcall was at best too conservative, and at worst a disastrous playcall.

                    No big deal. Just making sure you realize Im not worked up about it.
                    I havent agitated for Bevell to get canned in years, though I have been irritated when he goes to the well too often…

                    Boykin clearly has a ways to go before he’s ready for the NFL, but I still think with RW hurting and his knee weakened, Boykin should stay and Wilson sit for this one game. Even a loss is great experience for Boykin and a chance to help get Wilson back to 100% for the first time since Game One.

                    • Rob Staton

                      No, I lay no blame at the playcall and think it is bizarre to do so. The Seahawks were being conservative for a very valid reason and to criticise them for that when they’re leading by +30 points with an UDFA rookie QB on the field — I cannot fathom why anyone would do that. It was Boykin’s error, pure and simple.

                  • STTBM

                    Ok. No problem. I see your point, and understand where youre coming from.

  25. STTBM

    I have nothing to grumble about other than that one play by Wilson. A really nice game from Carrol and Bevell on down. Seattle came out with something new in their blocking scheme, or Im a rabbit. The Niners adjusted, but it was too late, the damage was done/

    That 41 yard TD run by Micheals was totally designed to go all the way. You could see the staff (Carrol and Cable and Bevell) wasnt surprised as that play developed–their faces showed concentration and expectation, but no surprise. What a play! McEvoy had the key block, if he doesnt take his guy out its a nice run but no TD.

    Gilliam is not ready for RT, let alone LT but he appears to be improving. Some ugly plays on his part, but some decent stuff too. Webb was better, and so was Sowell. Got to cut down on penalties.

    Speaking of penalties, in the second half, the Niners oline was holding EVERYONE, especially Bennett, on every single play and the refs allowed it. Man, that ticked me off! Just call it fairly and evenly!

    Grahams fumble was a great call by the officials, I have to say. It was the right call.

    D Baldwin is incredible, and I still cant believe Lockett did that PR on a bum knee…crazy!

    • vrtkolman

      Graham looks like someone who can be a Tony Gonzalez type tight end, as in a top level receiving talent well into his 30’s. That unbelievable catch he made in double coverage didn’t require any sort of special athletic ability. He just used his incredible size and hands strength to go along with top tier high point timing. I hope we can re-sign him, as Wilson goes into 30’s, having a safety valve like Graham would be fantastic for him.

  26. LordSnow

    PC on Rawls: “It’s his fibula and showed up worse today and will take a few weeks for him to come back.”

    • vrtkolman

      Not gonna lie, not too upset about this. Michael has looked better in pretty much every game – including preseason. Let him fully heal up and come back strong. It will be nice if Prosise plays next week, I think he breaks a few of those passes that Collins caught.

      • LordSnow

        Clayton just said it is a hairline fracture

        • Volume12

          PC did say it was a fibula issue.

          Might be out 4-6 weeks.

          PC said he’s counting on Ifedi playing this week. Vannett and Prosise could be back too. Would like to see Vannett, and then maybe bring Prosise and QJeff back after the bye.

          • Volume12

            *3-4 weeks

        • STTBM

          Thats not good. A lost season for Rawls already, after all his hard work. Gotta feel for the kid. I hope Seattle doesnt rush him, lets him work back into the game SLOWLY. Sure could use Pope now, since Collins and McGee dont look too shifty.

          I did think McGee and Collins looked decent in their few plays.

          Really need Prosise to heal up. Not sure if his broken hand will let him catch the ball or pass block the way he needs to in order to be our third down back though. I think its plain Seattle really counted on him being healthy and locking down the third down back role. This threw a monkey wrench in their plans for sure…

          • LordSnow

            G scott thinks he won’t play.

            There was a situation years ago where it was an early season game against SF when Singletary was still the coach. Hasselbeck dove toward the endzone to try to score on a short yardage play and was stopped hard, and slammed by Patrick Willis. I think Hasselbeck missed something like 4 or more weeks, but if I remember right it basically ruined our season. I remember John Morgan from Field Gulls wrote an article saying on that play, Matt Hasselbeck put himself above his team and risked the whole season., calling it a selfish act.

            If RW sits, I hope PC says the same thing to him. You are sitting because you made a decision, a selfish decision, a decision that you need to weigh the balance of necessity vs your own desires and what you think you can do. There’s no excuse for that play. None. John Elway showed when you sacrifice your body when you are trying to win the super bowl, not in a regular season game when you are up 27.

            • LordSnow

              I’m speaking of RW, not Rawls. Clicked the wrong reply

              • STTBM

                I hear you. At the time, I loved Hass for his fire and trying to make that play, but I still couldnt understand how he thought he was gonna score. It was a totally senseless play, just like RW holding the ball until a hit was unavoidable on that key play last Sunday.

                If RW cant/wont play within himself, adjust for his injury, and make not getting hit a priority, then he should be benched until he’s healthy. Especially with a knee sprain, which as far as I know, can be either a stretched or partially torn/frayed ligament. Either way, his ligament is weakened, and a brace wont stop everything–just ask RG3.

                This is exactly like RG3 going out there with a brace when he knee was obviously not strong enough. With him, you could see his knee was loose and moving in ways knees shouldnt even before his final injury vs us. That was horrid. I realize Wilsons knee isnt as screwed up as RG3’s at that time, but the same thing could very well happen if he plays on that knee.

                I respect those who think differently, but I cant see risking his career for one early season game vs the Jets.

          • nichansen01

            Who would of thought after having rawls michaels prosise collins brooks and pope we would have to resort to street free agents like mcgee once the regular season came around.

            • LordSnow

              I’m agreeing with Volume 12, I think seattle uses one of their two high picks on a rb next year.

              • STTBM

                Perhaps, especially if Michael keeps playing as he did Sunday. He’ll be likely to get a decent contract Seattle wont match and end up being a lead back elsewhere. Leaving us with Rawls, who cannot be counted on for anything at this point, due to his injuries. No one has any idea if he will come back the same back he was last year.

  27. Volume12

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think Seattle’s offense would miss a beat with Boykin at QB because of OC Darrell Befell. He’ll keep it simple, one or two reads, tons of read option looks as well.

    Yes, they’ll probably struggle to get going or gel at first but not concerned in the slightest regarding that.

    Boykin not forcing things and trying to do too much is a little concerning. If he does start, I kinda think he’ll play the game manager role well and this defense will be even more motivated.

    The D is already pissed off they gave up those late TDs and didn’t finish strong.

    • vrtkolman

      It would be interesting for sure. Personally I think the defense is going to be excited this week. The Jets and Fitz in particular are at their best when Fitz is slinging deep balls to Marshall and Decker. The Seahawks never get tested down field, and they actually might on Sunday. Last time Sherman covered Marshall was in 2012 against the Bears, and Marshall tooled him all game long. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sherman asks to shadow Marshall, but then again Marshall is obviously hurt right now and might not be 100%.

      • Volume12

        Agreed. I’m interested to see our zone against their receivers.

        Marshall and Decker are man beaters coverage wise, so let’s see how they fair when not facing man all game long.

        • Volume12

          He’s so similar to RW, poor man’s version, he could keep us in a couple games.

          If Seattle can score 17 next week, it’s a win IMO.

    • STTBM

      I want to see RW sit the Jets game out, but I totally disagree. Boykin isnt ready to start, he cant read defenses well yet and he panics under pressure. NY has a beastly front 7, and would make mincemeat out of a conservative gameplan.

      But they need to decide quickly who will play. If its Boykin, they need to dial up some sneaky new stuff the Jets havent seen, maximize Boykins athleticism with read-option stuff, and try to throw to open up the run. Jets will expect us to run heavy if Boykin plays, so Bevell will need to be at his creative best and they will need Boykin to get starters reps all week to have any shot.

      Boykin forced that pass into triple coverage, throwing it right to a LB he never even saw. Thats the kind of play you just cannot have, and why Seattle is likely to play a hobbled and braced RW over Boykin, much as I hate that idea.

    • cha

      It would be a good idea to give Boykin all the Wednesday and maybe a big chunk of the Thursday practice snaps. Two purposes: Lets RW rest a little and gives Boykin more time with the starters.

    • lil'stink

      The idea of Boykin getting any meaningful snaps this year makes me incredibly nervous. His accuracy is very sketchy and I’m not sure he has what it takes between the ears at this point. I think getting the read option going would be our best bet if he had to play.

      The way the Jets played yesterday actually has me worried a little bit; I think they will be incredibly determined and focused to bounce back next week. And their defense only gave up 10 points off of 6 turnovers (not counting the 2 that were returned for scores) – that’s crazy.

      • Mr. Offseason

        “And their defense only gave up 10 points off of 6 turnovers (not counting the 2 that were returned for scores) – that’s crazy.”

        That is insane. The way this game has to be is a defensive game that comes down right to the end, in my opinion. We will need the ball to bounce right and play exquisite defense, Wilson or no Wilson.

      • GeoffU

        Yes, Boykin is a ways from even reaching Tarvaris Jackson level. I think his accuracy is ok, even great at times, but it’s his decision making that needs the most work. That interception yesterday, and the one in the preseason, were just really really bad decisions. I guess that’s only two, but he just seems very raw. I think next year he’ll be pretty good. Not everyone can Russell Wilson it their first year.

  28. nichansen01

    The jets could easily shut us out. Our only hope is forcing turnovers off of Fitzpatrick going deep.

    • cha

      “Our only hope is..”

      Seems like a very narrow way to define the path to victory for a team that has had so much success and found so many different ways to win in the PC era.

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