College football week seven draft notes

There are good centers in this draft

I don’t necessarily expect the Seahawks to draft one, mind. The Rams have a ‘type’ for their blocking scheme. It was Austin Blythe and now it’s Brian Allen. Smaller frame, wrestling background etc. It’s no surprise Seattle recently brought back Joey Hunt who also fits the bill.

The ‘plus’ version of Blythe and Allen was Tyler Linderbaum in the 2022 draft and the Ravens took him before Seattle had a chance to seriously consider him.

The centers in the 2023 class are bigger, more powerful blockers. I’ve not studied the Rams blocking scheme to any great extent so I can’t say why they favour this type of center. It could be adaptable. They might think the position is fungible.

I guess what I’m saying is I wouldn’t rule anything out — but my advice would be don’t get your hopes up too much as I/we spend some time talking about good centers in this class. My guess is they’re more likely to find ‘their guy’ later on who fits a profile — or simply retain Blythe. People won’t like that but they haven’t particularly shown any great desire to invest in a center.

As I’m starting to build my 2023 board, I’ve got four players with tentative second round grades.

Minnesota’s John Michael Schmitz is an incredibly powerful, often brutal interior blocker who drives people off the line of scrimmage. He’s 6-4 and 320lbs but moves surprisingly well laterally. His hand placement appears to be extremely effective and he can drop the anchor when needed in pass protection. Watching him is a lot of fun and while he might have testing limitations and a lack of positional flexibility (he has played center exclusively in college) — he looks like a clear plug-in-and-play type. One note — he will be a 24-year-old rookie.

Wisconsin’s Joe Tippmann has similar size at 6-6 and 323lbs but he’s expected to test extremely well and that could easily promote him into the first round mix. Reportedly he runs a 1.65 10-yard split and a 4.31 short shuttle. He’s also incredibly strong — recording a 455lbs bench press and a 635lbs back-squat. Tippmann is another powerful, impressive blocker who locks onto his target and finishes. He’s not just a great athlete — his power is impressive and you’d expect an explosive testing performance. The only downside is his height and it means he loses the occasional leverage battle. But I like the way he initiates contact and then benches to extend and win blocks.

Arkansas’ Ricky Stromberg is another massive center with impressive athletic skills. He’s 6-4 and 320lbs but ran a 4.46 short shuttle at SPARQ at the same weight. His overall SPARQ score was a 103.86 which is remarkable for a man of his size. Funnily enough despite that great agility testing I think his footwork lets him down at times. He can be a bit flat-footed when engaged but in the running game he has some highly impressive reps. I like his hand placement and I think you can get him on the move to be creative to spring gaps.

Michigan’s Olusegun Oluwatimi might actually be the player I’ve enjoyed watching the most. He possibly lacks the top-level athleticism of the players above and therefore some of the same upside — yet his tape is the most consistent. It’s extremely hard to find bad reps. While he doesn’t necessarily wow you with explosive power or quick feet — he gets the job done. If you need him to pull and get on the outside, then lock on to someone in space — he’ll do it. If you need a couple of yards in the running game, he’ll smash his guy at the LOS and get you your two yards. Michigan has some creative run concepts and sometimes Oluwatimi has to snap then run to the edge and block the defensive end being giving a free run to the backfield.

He does everything well.

He’s 6-3 and 310lbs. In the NFL physical traits do matter and we need to see how he tests. Athletic limitations do get exposed at the next level when you’re not playing for the defending BIG-10 Champions against overmatched opponents, while being coached by a NFL Head Coach who has been to a Super Bowl. Yet everything I’ve watched from Oluwatimi makes me want him. I’m sure he’ll do a great job when one of the AFC North teams take him instead.

I’ve also got Ohio State’s Luke Wypler currently marked in round three, with Notre Dame’s Jarrett Patterson and Alex Forsyth of Oregon in round four. I still have more players to watch, too.

Again — I’m not sure the Seahawks are going to be in the center market in 2023. But the players are there.

Darnell Wright is the real deal

I’ve not really needed to talk about Tennessee’s right tackle so far because let’s be right — the Seahawks are not going to be in the market for one next year. However, Wright is such a fantastic player and is down as a fringe first rounder on my board.

He handled Will Anderson against Alabama. I don’t mean he did well against him. He dominated 1v1. There were multiple reps where he locked-on to Anderson, completely controlled him and took him out of the play.

On one snap he dumped Jah-Marien Latham on his backside. He passed defenders off with ease despite all of the stunts Alabama throw at opponents. He’d clearly done his homework and had an answer for everything. His feet are good for his size, he moves to get into position well, his hand-placement is very good and he finishes.

He’s a very different body type to Abraham Lucas who, by all accounts, had a left tackle body just with exclusive right tackle experience. They are different players but there’s an excitement level with Wright that deserves more attention. For me, he is far better than Paris Johnson Jr and Peter Skoronski — the two offensive tackles often mocked early in round one. I have Johnson Jr in round two and Skoronski as a guard convert.

I think it’d almost be a waste to take such a talented tackle and shift him to right guard but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t consider it for the Seahawks if they want to keep bolstering their O-line. He has the size and skills to make that an easy transition. Although I do think he’ll end up being a first round pick and I’m not sure that’d be the best use of resources — especially when this is a scheme that has been able to plug in later round tackle converts in LA.

TCU safety impresses again

The Seahawks made some big calls last off-season — trading Russell Wilson and cutting Bobby Wagner.

They need to do the same in the up-coming off-season.

Quandre Diggs is not playing anywhere near well enough to justify an $18.1m cap hit in 2023. So many people in the media and the fan base keep saying the Seahawks have loads to spend next year. They don’t. They’ve spent most of it already on players like Diggs. They have $32m in effective cap space and have only 33 contracted players next year — including zero quarterbacks.

They need to be spending their money in the right areas.

Designating Diggs as a post-June 1st cut will allow the Seahawks to spread the dead money out, paying $4.1m in 2023 and $4.1m in 2024. It’s a waste, obviously, but such is the ham-fisted way they’ve botched their cap situation over the last few years.

Nevertheless, they need that $14m to go elsewhere. Maybe even to Geno Smith.

They should then focus on drafting young, fast, dynamic players for the safety position. It’s just a shame they’re handcuffed to Jamal Adams for another year. Cutting him after June 1st would save you $11m in 2023 but would cost you $14m in 2024.

It’s not a blistering safety class but there’s some nice depth types later on (John Torchio, Larry Brooks, Hunter Reynolds) and there are two players I would circle to be drafted a bit earlier.

The first is Georgia’s Christopher Smith. He wears #29 — a nod to a certain somebody, no doubt — and he has the range, hitting and playmaking qualities Seattle needs in a young free safety. I think he’s a second round pick.

I’d then target Abraham Camara of TCU if he declares.

I love the way he plays the game. He’s not the biggest player or a traditional strong safety. He lines up a lot in the nickel, he lines up deep, he has some snaps outside or covering the slot. He’s a very versatile weapon.

However, the guy packs a tremendous punch. He is a big-time hitter. He leaves a mark and does provide a fear-factor.

He again flashed in the win against Oklahoma State. Camara had a touchdown saving tackle on the first defensive drive of the game. He had an absolute sledgehammer hit on the second drive which had the fans in the stadium gasping. There was another huge hit with 3:47 left in the third quarter. There was also one play where he had a brilliant read in coverage, flew to the ball-carrier and delivered a textbook tackle.

Camara is also a bundle of energy and emotion. He’s animated, he’s passionate. I think he’s a tone-setter. His grading in coverage is superb this season and he led the Big-12 in QBR when targeted in the first month of the season.

He gets around the field, makes plays and he can hit.

Ventrel Miller warrants attention

I’ve watched all of Florida’s games this season and every week he has stood out. When he missed a game through injury, it left a gaping hole in UF’s run defense.

Miller isn’t a brilliant athlete and given Seattle’s preference for great athletes at linebacker, it might put them off. However — I’ve seen enough from the linebackers this year to think maybe having someone who just gets the job done and can lead at a young age is something to desire.

In the loss to LSU he had a brilliant TFL — knifing into the backfield to hammer the running back. He showed speed and anticipation to read the opportunity and go for it.

Laterally he is going to have some issues. He is not a flying linebacker who’ll race sideline-to-sideline and string out plays. You don’t want him in coverage and you do want him playing downfield.

Yet there’s such an intensity to his play and he has been impactful this year with five TFL’s and five QB hurries.

He doesn’t get much support either. Florida’s defense is bad. After a difficult start to the third quarter, Miller stood up on the bench and was shown on the TV copy giving a passionate speech to the rest of the defense. According to the sideline reporter, it was such an emotive speech the crowd behind the bench gave Miller a standing ovation.

Just run a good short shuttle, Ventrel. I want to love you.

Mazi Smith is the best defensive tackle eligible for 2023

I’ve watched all of the big names now and Smith is the best. Week after week he is producing pressure, even if the sack numbers (0.5 in seven games) aren’t there. He is just so impressive.

He’s 6-3 and 326lbs and yet his movement and agility is top-notch. He swims away from blockers to penetrate, he can dart through gaps and create immediate pressure. When you need him to absorb double-teams he can to plug holes vs the run. Not every snap is a roaring success but it never is. Smith is a terrific player.

Given he is also reportedly capable of a 4.41 short shuttle, a 9-5 broad jump, a 6.95 three cone and he’ll do a ton of reps on the bench — he has everything required to be a top-15 (if not a top-10) pick. Especially in this class when the alternatives are so thin.

Is Smith going to be a game-wrecker? No. Is he the next Quinnen Williams? No. Can he pretty much fit into every scheme and provide rare athleticism, quickness and size at defensive tackle? Yes.

He should be the first defensive tackle drafted, based on what we’ve seen so far.

A quick word on Quinton Johnson

The TCU receiver has finally broken out after a slow start to the season. He looks terrific again — combining outstanding size, speed and general athleticism to impact games. Reportedly he can run a 4.4 and jump a 42-inch vertical.

The thing I want to note about him though — his body type reminds me so much of Richard Sherman. A slightly quicker version. But that’s what his frame looks like. He’s also a very good player who will go no later than the second round and could easily go in the first frame.

Alabama vs Tennessee

This was very much a contest between two big name quarterbacks but I want to start by talking about defense. In particular, Alabama’s inability to do anything well.

I can’t remember the last time a ‘Bama unit looked this inept. Especially in the secondary. They looked slow, pedestrian and incapable of impacting the game. They were consistently beaten on short and long range routes in the secondary and the pass rush was ineffective.

It was another disappointing showing from Will Anderson. He only had half a TFL in this game but that barely tells the story. As noted above — he consistently lost to right tackle Darnell Wright.

Let me be clear — Anderson is a very good player with a bright future. He is a lock to go in the top five, possibly the top three. His 2022 season probably warranted the Heisman — it’s a shame that award so often goes to the most productive quarterback. He could and should come into the NFL and provide an immediate presence off the edge.

Is he a game-wrecker though? That’s where I have my doubts. In a game like this you want to see him make an impact. Alabama’s secondary was struggling, they needed someone up front to step up and make a key play.

Like I said, Anderson will be a good player. Alabama’s struggles weren’t on him. But if he’s going to be a Bosa brother at the NFL level, or Myles Garrett, or Von Miller — you want to see him do more in a big game like this.

Onto the quarterbacks and Hendon Hooker will get most of the headlines because Tennessee won. I’ll talk about him in a moment but generally, I thought this was more of the same from Hooker. A continuation of what we’ve seen all year. Some good, some bad. But you have to credit the way he leads Tennessee.

I thought Bryce Young, though, was sensational.

This was Young at his creative best. Alabama trailed 21-7 after the first quarter and there was a feeling they had to keep up or this was going to get ugly. Young kept them alive and dragged them kicking and screaming into a three-point game.

Yes it helped having the brilliant Jahmyr Gibbs in the backfield. He looks, incredibly, like an even better version of former Alabama and Tennessee runner Alvin Kamara. Yet Young himself threw for 455 yards, completed 35/52 passing and scored a couple of touchdowns.

His processing was practically perfect in this game. He consistently made the right decision — when to leave the pocket, when to let plays develop, when to try and create. There were no limitations despite his recent should injury as he threw with plenty of juice. He had a classic Russell Wilson-esque play on one snap — avoiding two tackles to evade pressure, keeping things alive for what felt like an age, then throwing to the end zone to draw a questionable DPI penalty to extend a drive on third down.

He had to work hard for his touchdowns, unlike Hooker who benefitted from some nice lay-up opportunities.

There’s just something naturally brilliant about Young. His feel, his instinct, his athletic qualities. His manner on the sideline is competitive yet measured. He looks like a player people will gravitate towards. He looks like the kind of player you want on your side when the game is on the line, or when you need someone to keep you in a contest after a bad start.

I do wish, however, we could just accept the fact that he is uniquely sized at about 5-10 and 185lbs and there’s nothing wrong with teams (or bloggers) having reservations about that. I can well imagine we’re going to have a lot of chest-beating comments on twitter about the ‘ridiculous’ NFL focusing on his size.

It’s very easy to feel that way when you’re merely commenting on the internet and not putting your job, reputation and an owner’s money on the line.

We’ve never seen anyone like Young before. For that reason, it’s easy to imagine him succeeding with his natural talent and ability. It’s also easy to imagine him struggling to handle the physical demands of the NFL or playing far less successfully without the benefits that come with being the Alabama quarterback.

Someone will take the chance on him working out. He could be a top-three pick. He could last well into the first. He has quite a broad range in terms of stock. And that’s OK. I like him and would be comfortable drafting him. I also embrace the risk factor of selecting a 5-10, 185lbs quarterback. But this game showed he has a magical quality to his game and this was a top performance.

Hooker deserves immense credit for the way he has played this year too. Tennessee has been a clown-show for years and they’ve finally returned to credibility. Hooker is a big part of that.

However, my thought that he’s probably a third or fourth round type with plus-backup potential hasn’t changed after watching this game.

Josh Heupel might look and sound like adult Bobby Hill is running a college football team but there’s no doubt he’s very good at his job. He has created an offense that is dynamic, well executed, attacks opponents and is capable of out-scoring anyone.

Hooker benefits from that but he also makes things tick with his skill-set. He is very good at throwing downfield which helps create those big shot-plays. He can execute when the play is there. The scheme doesn’t demand he run through progressions, read the defense at the LOS and adjust. When things are clicking and on-time — he’s adept at getting the job done.

However — he has almost a perfectly balanced ratio of great plays and ‘urgh’ plays. Even in this game.

For example, his first long touchdown was a beautifully placed pass in behind two flat-footed defenders. It’s not an overly challenging play to make — it was a quick play-action from the gun, one-read and throw downfield. Yet the velocity and timing was perfect. It was a very pretty touchdown. He’s had a fair few of those this year.

Off-setting this is the streaky nature of his intermediate throws and the massive inconsistency in his accuracy. He started off very well throwing over the middle with plenty of poise but things became muddled as the game went on.

He threw high on a short pass over the middle which was tipped into the air and nearly picked off. He had a wide open receiver with 12:44 left in third quarter after the defender fell over. Hooker somehow still overthrew him despite the ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ nature of the play. It should’ve been six.

He felt pressure with 3:15 left in the third quarter and threw a high, inaccurate pass that was intercepted. He was very fortunate not to throw what could’ve been a game-losing interception with just over three minutes to go. He delivered an underthrown pass, it was tipped and picked off then ran-back deep into Tennessee territory. Hooker was bailed out by a DPI in the end zone and the Vols scored on the next play.

Underthrown passes and throws that are just ‘off’ creep into his game too much. The gaudy numbers don’t indicate this but sadly, the tape does.

He also had a botched exchange leading to a fumble recovered for a touchdown.

Yet, again, you have to give him credit for the plays he did make and he had an incredible big-time throw at the end to set up the game-winning field goal.

I suspect teams will like him especially because he has good athleticism and the ability to move around, throw downfield and he is elevating his team with his play. Although my expectation is he won’t ultimately be a consistent NFL starter — it won’t be a shock either if someone falls for him, takes him early and it might even work out.

My guess is his pro-play might end up fluctuating just on a grander scale. In the NFL I could imagine a player capable of great quality but also highly frustrating moments. If I sound more negative than positive — let me stress I admire what he’s achieving and have enjoyed watching Tennessee this year. But I do want to be honest about his draft stock — which for me should be marked lower than the likes of Will Levis, C.J. Stroud and Young. And I don’t think he has the upside of Anthony Richardson — even though he is suffering plenty of growing pains at Florida.

Hooker benefitted from an incredible performance by receiver Jalen Hyatt. He had six receptions for 207 yards and five touchdowns. I’m looking forward to studying him closer but Alabama’s secondary was a hot mess.

Tyler Van Dyke is getting there

He still needs to transfer at the end of the season and go to Kentucky (or somewhere similar). But he had a good performance against Virginia Tech until Mario Cristobal started getting in the way again.

Miami came out and attacked the Hokies with their passing game. TVD took a wonderful downfield shot, he scored some pretty touchdowns and he was the focal point. It felt a lot like watching 2021 Van Dyke.

Yet having accumulated a handsome lead, Cristobal then reverted to type. Out came the ultra-conservative stuff again. They took their foot right off the gas and allowed Virginia Tech back into the game. They almost nicked it at the end.

TVD was forced to convert two huge 3rd and 8 players to seal the win — one with his arm and another as a runner. He flashed first round potential in this win.

I’m sorry though — Cristobal is awful. He seems obsessed with creating a certain type of team he simply doesn’t possess with Miami in year one. ‘We want to be physical’. ‘We want to run the ball’. “Let’s make every pass an extended hand-off’. Just put the ball in TVD’s hands and play up-tempo. The offense stinks when they don’t.

Van Dyke finished 29/46 passing for 351 yards and two scores with no turnovers. It’ll be interesting to see what he does at the end of the season.

Tanner McKee is…

Mike Glennon. That’s who he reminds me of. A lot of teams liked Glennon because he flashed a great arm to go with a slightly awkward, taller frame. McKee is very similar.

I thought he played well against Notre Dame and he continues to feature in an offense that doesn’t suit him. I think, like Glennon, he will have his admirers. I think he’ll go in the third round like Glennon did. And I think they’ll probably end up having similar careers.

Anthony Richardson makes magic happen

I know he’s inconsistent. I know sometimes he throws a 100mph fastball when touch is required. I know his touchdown/interception ratio sucks.

I also know there aren’t many quarterbacks capable of an 81-yard touchdown run and a 51-yard touchdown throw in the same game.

Richardson has superstar potential. He just needs time and development. It might never work out for him. He might always be a rough diamond. But what if it does work out? And wouldn’t you love to be the team who drafted him if it did?

Don’t be surprised if he does actually declare for the 2023 draft after all and goes a lot earlier than people think.

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  1. Palatypus

    Get some damn sleep, Rob!

  2. Bob H

    How about Tyler Van Dyke transferring to UW if Penix leaves to showcase his skills in the DeBoer/Grubb offense? Good fit?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Kentucky would be better just because it’s a pro offense and so much easier to portray transferable skills

      • Doge

        Young core has me very excited like everyone else. Im hopeful we continue to draft the best players available – I’d say there is a good opportunity to see the field early at every position right now, barring maybe WR/OT/TE. I will also say if the best edge rusher you can get tops out at a Taylor, Mafe, Nwosu level guy I’d rather use my resources elsewhere. We don’t need more young talent (noth that it would be a bad thing), we need a star. If thats a nose tackle who can eat up 2-3 blockers and dominate against the run, great.

        I don’t break down film – do you think better linebacker play would cover up Digg’s flaws? Seems like he’s tasked very often with flying up to tackle a RB in space which is not his game at all. Obviously at that price tag you want him to do it all, but it seems like hes forced to cover up for others and looks extra bad as a result. Thinking of the impact trading for him had on the defense, I cant help but wonder if using a day three pick to trade for a Barton replacement might give a better idea of the defenses potential.

        Rob you have effectively convinced on Richardson, I’m all in at this point.

        • Rob Staton

          I think we’ve seen the best of Diggs and it’s time to get youth and speed in that secondary

    • DJ 1/2 way

      “I’m sorry though — Cristobal is awful.” No need to say you are sorry Rob. You have the privledge to call it as you see it and I think we all agree.

      Maybe Cristobal is unintentially doing some NFL team a favor and reducing the apparent value of TVD. If he does declare and gets drafted on the second day that could be a good value.

      I think Penix is out of eligibility and UW is high on the next Huard, but I am all for excellent older transfer QBs for UW. It sure is working this year. (could we please get a good basketball team!)

      Just to fit it all in one post, I love the idea of Anthony Richardson. We have seen so many top end QB flounder that the Seahawks might as well go for it. If he makes it he will likely make it big. The Michael Vick comparisons are attractive. He was fun to watch on the football field.

      One more thing….I love that Rob is a little high on Bryce Young. Both Rob and Bryce are breaking the stereotype mold. All the smaller QBs are grouped together. Russ made it so Mayfield and Kyler Murray get drafted high. Do those two failing make it harder on Young? The height is an important trait but there is so much more to the job. Robs insight has me rooting for Bryce Young to make it wherever he goes.

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    I gave viewing preference on Saturday to the ALDS so I didn’t see all of Bama at Tenn. But I did see Young make some mighty sweet throws when I tuned in. One was nice enough to elicit a comment from me on the blog’s live thread. He’s supremely poised with a sniper’s accuracy if not a rifle for an arm.

    I saw Josh Allen make the most amazing throws yesterday and thought, if he could go from where he was wit Wyoming to where he is now, what might Richardson become? Richardson already makes some throws that are showstoppers.

  4. Donovan

    I’m curious on how people would order Seattle’s draftees in terms of current and career value. Is Abe Lucas the player you’re most optimistic about? Tariq Woolen? K9 Walker? It’s looking like a heck of a class.

    Myself, I think since corner is so valuable (and expensive) that I’d rank it in terms of career value: Woolen, Lucas, Walker, Cross.

    • Palatypus

      I want to see Boye Mafe on the left side before I project that. He played on the left side at Minnesota and was terrorizing everyone from that side at the Senior Bowl practice I was at.

      Now they got him sharing reps on the right, and I am fine with that, for a while.

      • Palatypus

        Er, I meant the other way around. He was destroying LEFT TACKLES at the Senior Bowl.

        • Seattle Person

          He’s is on early downs on the strong side (Darrell Taylor’s position). I wonder when Irvin is available to play if Irvin take over that role. How will Mafe’s snaps work?

          I would like to see Nwosu get more breaks. He’s playing great but needs Mafe to relive him.

          • Pran

            Could not they find one developmental player instead of a washed up Irvin? Does not make sense for a rebuilding team.

    • Seattle Person

      Tariq has the most upside out of all of them. He’s a true rare athlete at CB. He looked like he was strolling along the sidelines covering and then picking off Hollywood Brown — who runs a 4.3…

      Abe is looking like he can quickly become one of the better RTs in the league. Not just a solid RT but one of the better RTs.

      Cross is progressing nicely too. We all know his flaws at this point. Interested to see him next season with a NFL off-season. He looks like an average/slightly above average LT at this point. He potential for more but he needs to get his body right and get stronger.

      Coby is still a puzzle to me. I still don’t see him as a nickel even though he is getting better. I just think he’ll be much better outside. But if he can continue his progression — we are looking at a solid nickel projection.

      Ken is flashing early and a lot of RBs do. I worry how long it last. He is lower here because he just began to start games.

      Mafe is stealing snaps from DT. I would like to see him in more passing downs but he just hasn’t flashed like the other guys.

      I would rank the rookies in this order in terms of impact so far this season.

  5. Tony

    Those denver picks gaining value.

  6. Cysco

    Broncos lose in OT.

    Let’s Ride!

  7. Troy

    Broncos on pace to donate the !!!7th!!!! Pick off the draft to the hawks! And super early second #39

  8. Stuart

    Let’s Ride!

  9. Troy D

    Broncos could easily lose in New York and crumble. They would be 2-5 at that point and their coach justt waiting for the axe. You saw a lot of upset players on the sideline especially receivers. If their defense starts to falter they are in big trouble. Their O Line is so bad to begin with, no running back quality, and Russ looks bad (hurt or not). The fan base seems about done as well. Seen a bunch of schnide remarks on bringing in Rypien (if Russ is hurt you may want to think about it so he doesnt get buried in Denver). They look bad enough that we could get a top 10 pick possibly top 5.

    • HOUSE

      They traded high picks away to get Wilson cause they were a “QB away” and it isn’t looking good for them. Injuries suck and they’ve been hit with a few, but they just don’t look good. Defense has great looking drives and others tonight we’re just awful. When I saw the Wilson trade happen, I thought “damn. They could be the 3-4 team in that division” just cause u thought KC and LAC were solid. Denver is in a bad spot for sure. Right now, it’s the #7 pick and I agree it’ll probably stay a Top-10

  10. HOUSE


    Great work. I’ve seen a few mocks showing us talking Skoronski and notes reading as “he’d play RG at the next level” as you have alluded to as well. In your opinion, about where in the seat is he a “valuable pick” and not a reach? I’ve seen his name going anywhere from 8-21. Thanks

    • Rob Staton

      With the obvious caveat of having no testing or measurement numbers, on tape I think he’s a day two guard convert

      • HOUSE

        Thanks Rob. I know it was extremely early (only 1/2 way through the season) and just thought it was early for a player that would be switching positions to go in the Top-20 (even possibly the Top-10.

        I was looking at the roster and the 33 contracted players for next season and keep thinking about how you’ve mentioned Waldron’s scheme and using OT to play OG. I remember Curhan getting some time there in the preseason when it looked like Lucas had locked down the RT position. I haven’t heard or seen any mention of him every getting practice snaps at RG with Jackson recently sitting out and Haynes playing in his stead.

  11. HOUSE

    Report is out that Wilson has an injured hammy… The ugly continues to pile up for that team.

    • Palatypus

      It’s like when my MINI Cooper hit 50,000 miles and the warranty expired right as all the maintenance came due.

      • glor

        You can still get to the playoffs with a losing record. the AFCW doesn’t look good period right now and if they do sneak in, down goes those picks.

        • HOUSE

          I don’t personally see three teams coming out of the AFC west. Kansas City looks like the front runner and the Chargers look like they’re number two. They also have the tiebreaker with the Broncos as of right now.

  12. Peter

    Geno stat watch. Aka, buyer beware addition.

    Projection for 2022:

    4255 yards. 25.5 touchdowns. 5.6 ints

    Touchdowns and yards down pretty significantly from last week.

    Currently this team while fun has yet to beat a team with a winning record six games in.

    Two stiff challenges coming up. Hope they can change that.

    • Dregur

      Technically, they haven’t played a team that currently has a winning record either.

  13. JJ

    Rob, you had previously talked about the rams taking tackles and making them guards. Is that something to consider with Wright or the other tackles discussed? Only one mentioned as a guard convert was skoronski.

    • Rob Staton

      It is something to consider but I also think we need to embrace what the Rams did because we are mimicking them. They use cheap value in the later rounds and got Corbett for a bag of footballs. I think the Seahawks might do something similar

      • Trevor

        Isiah Wynn has gotten in the doghouse with the Pats. Would love to see the Hawks target him to play LG next to Cross then move Lewis back to RG. Then add a a young veteran free agen Center like Bradbury or McCoy.

        Focus on QB, DL, LB, LB and WR in the draft.

        • HOUSE

          I’d trade for Isaiah Wynn if the Pats will take Gabe Jackson and Cody Barton. Lol

  14. Trevor

    Rob have you ever seen an NFL season after 6 games with so much bad offensive football? Even from some of the elite teams and QBs like Rodgers and Brady etc.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s ugly. Some of the defensive play has been horrendous too. Ditto in college. Not sure what’s going on.

      • Big Mike

        Do you guys think it’s mostly lack of padded practices as far as the NFL is concerned?

      • Elmer

        Watched some of the Broncos vs Chargers game and came away feeling kind of bad for RW. Denver looks like an unhappy team in disarray. Bad offense, personal fouls on defense, they looked like a team that knew it was going to lose. The passenger list on the Titanic.

        • Rob Staton

          When things go bad, it can be hard to get things back on track

        • Palatypus

          161 yards in penalties was the most this year. That and the muffed punt are not on Russ. Add to that a few drops and Jerry Jeudy looking like he doesn’t know what route to run and there you have it.

          • Glor

            Guess the grass isn’t always greener..

  15. Sea Mode

    This is what we love to see. Besides the obvious development benefits and getting the most out of guys on rookie deals, remember how this used to give us a leg up in recruiting top UDFAs as well? Could be a sign that true competition is slowly making its way back.

    Doug Kyed

    Most combined offensive and defensive snaps for rookies through six weeks:

    1. Seahawks: 1,660
    2. Bears: 1,492
    3. Texans: 1,437
    4. Giants: 1,336
    5. Jets: 1,336
    6. Jaguars: 1,171
    7. Falcons: 1,073
    8. Ravens: 1,051
    9. Chiefs: 1,047
    10. Buccaneers: 1,008

    • Pran

      Also if you observe the top teams in that list, most of them have bad rosters and bottom feeders. Bottom 3 on the list is what makes those teams special.

  16. Sea Mode

    I think like half of them came on that one run, but I’ll take it!

    Also, I wonder if PC’s comment on the RBs in this year’s class includes Pierce.


    Most missed tackles forced in Week 6:

    Kenneth Walker – 12 💥

    • clbradley17

      Fantastic stat! Breece Hall and Khalil Herbert were tied for a very distant 2nd with 5 each.

      NFL’s best rookie performance for week 6:

      • clbradley17

        After watching the NFL video, TW is also on the top 5 rookie performances of week 6, and he can tie the all time rookie record of 5 games in a row Int’s by a rookie next Sunday against the Chargers.

        Also showed 4th rd. QB Bailey Zappe of NE having a great game, the 3rd in a row with over a 100 passer rating. Another reason to draft a day 3 QB in ’23 in addition to our 1st rounder, hopefully Levis. Would be amazing if DTR was still around in rd. 4, or maybe TVD decided to come out and was worth it as a project on day 3.

        • JimQ

          IMO: Biley Zappe, (VERY much an OURLIER), has shown that the talents he displayed in college & the all-time NCAA records he broke MAYBE should have been considered MORE prior to the draft? Simply dismissing a decent QB because of the “system” they played in without consideration that he MAY be able play in a =different system= may need to be reevaluated by football “analysts”. It’s perhaps the “tough” mental makeup & overall QB intelligence question that needs some review. Belecheat knew better than most other evaluators, I guess. I personally think Grayson McCall MAY fit that narrative this year, check his career stats! A rd-3/4 pick waiting to happen. I’m all for Richardson/Levis as their 1-st pick (if possible) but want them to double dip at the “most important” position QB in the mid-rounds, as well as maybe even adding the UCLA kid as a rd-7/UDFA QB and let them all “compete” with Smith (if he’s extended).

    • Roy Batty

      Walker is so refreshing.

      Soft spoken and seemingly shy at the podium.

      The kid is all about football. Nothing more, nothing less.

  17. Trevor

    Abraham Camara and Ventril Miller both seem to play with a ton of passion. The Hawks defense could use an infusion of that for sure.

  18. no frickin clue

    Well, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on, which is that if Shane Waldron gets hired away at the end of the season after what he’s done with Geno Smith at the helm, Mario Cristobal will be Pete’s top choice as new OC. 😉

    • Roy Batty

      The only way he is hired away is for an HC job, and it’s way too soon for a team to do that. OC and HC are night and day responsibilities.

      If it’s another OC gig, he is under contract with Seattle and they would have to approve it, which they would not.

      He isn’t going anywhere.

  19. Tyler Jorgensen

    Darnell Wright – someone else addressed the sliding in to the interior, but curious about another aspect of that. I know the prior OL Coach model included players able to play multiple positions. Do you see an angle where the Hawks go early with someone like Wright, to start at Guard but swing outside in a pinch, upgrading both the interior OL and the ceiling of the line in general if a starter goes down?

    Or would that counter Andy Dickerson’s style/thought process.

    I realize that the Rams haven’t used a higher pick for an interior OL tackle conversion, but is that preferred form or necessity. Given the high number of picks they’ve traded for vets, they haven’t always had a surplus of high draft picks from which to do so. Given the unique short-term surplus of picks, it could be a logical and valuable pathway for us to establish trench dominance in a way that has been talked about but not implemented for years.

    • cha

      I like the thought process but I’d prefer to tweak it just a tad.

      Go get Elgton Jenkins. Structure his contract aggressively (maybe Gabe Jackson’s cut savings + a couple million) and add an experience/power/flexibility component to the OL.

      You could consider that an easy spend due to getting 5x value at LT and RT with your bookend draft picks and (hopefully) paying your starting QB rookie money.

      Then use that draft pick to upgrade the defense with youth, speed and power (or in trade for a pass rusher).

    • Rob Staton

      I genuinely think we’ve seen the last of the major investment in the OL

      The Rams plug guys into the interior and I think we will eventually do the same

      • Blitzy the Clown


        We’ve two very good OTs, Lewis is returning to form at LG, Blythe is effective at C and Haynes is serviceable at RG.

        I think they’ll look for + upside sleeper types late in the draft and in UDFA.

  20. seaspunj

    Seahawks lack a WR3 slot type and Chase Claypool has been rumored to be a WR underutilized in Pittsburgh. If I am Green Bay I offer a pick to get Claypool but I also am curious why not here in Seattle? Lockett isn’t getting any younger and Claypool has another year left

    unsure what the pick would cost but would ya?

    also I am aware the Seahawks needs are more Dline LB and Safety but I can’t help seeing so many wasted WR picks and believe Claypool is extremely undervalued and would be a great addition

    • Tyler Jorgensen

      First, OF COURSE Green Bay wants to upgrade WR. That’s a reaction to neglecting it for years and then losing their #1, and being forced to make do with mediocrity, youth, excess age, or in their case all of the above.

      I don’t think Claypool is available without an overpay. Pittsburgh has shown an affinity (since they selected him) toward having three legitimate WR’s, first with JuJu, Diontae and himself, and now with George Pickens replacing (and upgrading) JuJu’s spot. While they drafted a 4th rounder and have another 3rd on the roster, neither are currently in “ready” mode.

      I just don’t see them doing it unless you give them a 1st or 2nd which they could then replace Claypool with in the offseason, and I suspect they aren’t going to trade him until the offseason. He was a 2nd round pick, so they’ll probably give him a draft round tender and if he leaves recoup loss with a 3rd round comp pick, which is why I don’t think they’ll settle for less than a 2nd.

      Giving them a second in order to PAY him 11 games from now is really poor roster, cap, and resource management.

      Which means I think there’s a possibility Pete does it, since poor resource management seems to be a particular specialty of his leadership. Although to date he hasn’t done this for WR, a position he’s tended to neglect all and all, over the years.

    • cha

      Hoping this is an under the radar key that Tre Brown is almost ready to come back.

      • HOUSE

        I am thinking the exact same thing. The way I see the depth chart now is Woolen, Jackson, Bryant, Coleman, Brown/Burns and then Dunn. In a perfect world, I think Bryant fits better outside, but he’s learning NB on the fly. Do Brown/Burns push Jackson for the spot? Does Coleman lock down the NB spot or does Bryant hold that down?

        • TomLPDX

          I think Coleman is done.

          • HOUSE

            I am all for going with the youth movement. I know early in the off-season Coleman and Burns seemed like good veteran signings and that was before Woolen and Bryant were drafted. The kids look good and you gotta let them play. Coleman and Burns definitely aren’t in the future plans of this defense. I think Trey Brown is the wildcard. He’s been hampered by injuries in college and while he flashed some with us, he got hurt again. I’m hoping he can come back and show us what he’s got

    • Roy Batty

      The benefits of having starting caliber rookie DB’s…

  21. cha

    PFF Team

    • cha

      PFF Offense

      • cha

        PFF Defense

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Diggs had the highest tackling grade?

          That’s not how I remember it

    • Mick

      Thank you cha

    • Henry Taylor

      Surprised to see Ken Walker grade so lowly, felt he was making the most of very little running room with regularity.

      Huge bounce back day for Taylor, hope that continues, and good to see Myles Adams with a solid grade and a respectable number of snaps.

      • Ashish

        Myles Adams played very well in preseason and glad to see him active + play time.

  22. Zane

    I’m thinking we may be catching the Chargers at the right time coming off a divisional Monday night showdown against a physical defense that went into overtime.

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    Jeez what happened to Takk McKinley? Had hopes for that kid and he’s still only 26.

    He was cut by the Rams today

    • HOUSE

      The guy just doesn’t seem to respond to coaching well and is a bit of a head case. He has just never reached his potential. At 26, he could be somebody’s reclamation project because the dude is talented

  24. pdway

    A couple things on the O-line – seems like Blythe has been a stabilizing force and therefore an upgrade over the past couple years; still feel it’s a position of need?

    Also – of course disclaimers apply (he’s a rookie, he’s facing the opponents best rushers, still a small sample size) but anyone having early concerns w/r/t Cross? Definitely getting beat on plenty of pass rushes.

    enjoyed the game in general, it’s just so hard to have fun watching your team when they are terrible on defense, for one week at least, we were solid at all levels. Allowing only 3 pts against any NFL team is a great day.

    • TomLPDX

      w/r/t Cross – I’m not worried (yet) since he is just a rookie. Give him a solid off season to build up his body in the right places, more experience at LT and more coaching. I can see solid LT in the next few years and along with Abe we will be set on the OLine tackles.

      As for Blythe, has anyone done an evaluation of how he is doing this year? I really don’t know if he is good or bad or JAG. Maybe a more savvy tape watcher can tell us.

      • Big Mike

        With you Tom. And remember folks, Cross is only 21 years old so not only will he build up with the right training this next offseason, but he’ll fill out naturally as a function of maturing as well. Now if we see little to no improvement next season, I’ll start worrying, but not yet.

        As for the C position, I’ll never understand Pete’s seeing it a JAG position considering they go up against Donald 2Xs a year. I still pine for Creed Humphrey instead of Eskridge, but as Rob has stated, I think there’s zero chance they make it a draft priority (if they take a guy for the position at all).

  25. Nathan M

    So Seattle now owns a top-10 pick.

    Rob, hearing your description of this weak first round draft class, wondering if you might do just a top-10 mock of who you see as the legit prospects and how it might shake out for Seattle’s first pick. Not that you aren’t already going above and beyond!!

    Appreciate the great insights you provide here with a realistic perspective.

  26. Robert Las Vegas

    I watched the Denver and Chargers game last night and Justin Herbert is really good easy top 5 quarterback. How did Russ get so bad so fast some blame got to go head coach but some of blame has to go to Russ,I wonder if anyone in Denver is thinking maybe we could have waited to extend his Russ contract.

    • TomLPDX

      Both QBs were playing at less than 100% last night and it really showed. I think Russ may be hurt more than he is letting on. I honestly want Russ to be successful in the long run and hope he is able to snap out of it (next year! 🙂 )

    • Pran

      Russ is bad at times but it goes beyond him. Right from OL to receivers to penalties to coaching…Hackett is gonna be fired if this continues.

  27. Robert Las Vegas

    Is anyone else a little concerned how the Seahawks use Kenneth Walker for the rest of the season.the NFL is a long season running backs in the NFL have a hard time staying healthy we know Pete likes to run the ball but over 20 carries is a little concerning keep him as a healthy as we can.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Their run percentage is only 42% per game at the moment (23 attempts per game) which puts them pretty much smack dab in the middle of the league. As long as Geno continues to perform I am guessing that Pete won’t over rely on the run. They only have 3 RBs on the roster at the moment so I would assume they sign another one from off the street or PS at some point. I don’t think they can solely rely on Walker and Dallas for too long.

  28. Romeo A57

    As long as Denver keeps tanking for a better third round pick the Seahawks will be in good shape.

    I definitely agree that DL needs to be a high priority but wouldn’t be mad if they invested some resources into the IOL.

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