Too early thoughts on the Seahawks’ draft options

If the season ended today the Seahawks would own the #7 and #14 overall picks in round one and #38 and #45 in round two.

I want to look at some (admittedly premature) scenarios for the options they might have with those picks.

Firstly, I want to repeat the reality of Seattle’s 2023 off-season. They have $32m in effective cap space with only 33 players contracted for next season — including zero quarterbacks.

Only the Chiefs and Raiders have fewer contracted players for 2023 currently.

So basically, there’s a lot of work to do and not a lot of money to play with.

I really think they budgeted to have a rookie quarterback next year. I think they spent accordingly, expecting to draft a QB in 2023 and be making a big saving at the position, allowing them to spend elsewhere.

For all the talk of re-signing Geno Smith, even if he was given a $15m contract next year — which would be incredibly modest based on his performances so far — that would be half your available cap space gone with only 34 signed players.

People are legitimately saying give him a three-year deal worth $20-30m. The only way to do this would be to severely back-load the deal. It would mean the final year of the contract would essentially be meaningless short of Geno playing at an elite level. The team would need an easy ‘out’ with limited dead money. His willingness to accept such an agreement would depend on what interest other teams show in him.

This would allow you to potentially keep the 2023 cap hit down, with something like a $45m cap hit in 2025. You can see, now, why you’d need a way out.

I do think the Seahawks will consider this. You have to be adaptable and the truth is Smith has over-performed everyone’s expectations (including Seattle’s — otherwise they would’ve signed him to more than they did for only one season).

Of course it’s possible he won’t have much of a market. He is, after all, a journeyman quarterback who is suddenly playing well. It’s one of the reasons you have to wait this out really and let the market come to you. Geno and the team need to find out what the rest of the league is saying he’s worth.

Adjusting spending plans at quarterback would mean making sacrifices elsewhere and thus creating new holes.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, there’s no way they can justify Quandre Diggs’ $18m cap hit in 2023. Cutting him post-June 1st will split the dead cap hit between 2023 and 2024 and you’ll save $14m. That could be enough to retain Geno Smith but would create a hole at free safety — a hole that can be filled in the draft (more on that in a moment).

Gabe Jackson will also surely be cut to save $6.5m — but how the Seahawks worked out a way to be stuck with $4.7m in dead money in year three of his contract is mind-blowing. They have not handled their cap well over recent years.

I think we’ve possibly seen the last of their big investments on the O-line. The Rams’ blocking scheme, which they are mimicking, has been very productive over the years by introducing ‘types’ of players at a cost-effective price. They love to convert college tackles into guards and like the Austin Blythe/Brian Allen types at center. If the Seahawks replace Jackson it could be someone like Jake Curhan or Stone Forsyth already on the roster — or it could be a later round pick.

I’m not against more high picks on the O-line — especially with a good looking center class — I’m just suggesting what could be more likely.

Onto the draft picks…

Let’s start with their top choice which, courtesy of Denver, is currently #7 overall.

I think it’s increasingly likely Will Levis will be the #1 overall pick. He’s an easy projection for teams because everything about him is transferable. The traits, the arm, the size, the pro-style offense.

We all love to have our opinions and people argue endlessly on the internet about players and prospects. A GM picking first overall needs a hit. He needs to look at the owner and say, ‘this player is going to be the guy’ and then provide evidence to back up the argument in basic terms.

Levis provides the easiest set of answers at the most important position. It also helps you can play this clip in the meeting room:

I would predict the top three players will, at this early stage, be:

Will Levis (QB)
Will Anderson (DE)
C.J. Stroud (QB)

After that, we could see Bryce Young (QB) come off the board quickly depending on how teams picking in the top-10 view his size.

Then, things get tricky.

Bijan Robinson (RB) will be the highest graded player on a lot of boards but positionally, it’s always a debate as to how high a running back should be taken. In this draft, I think he’ll go high because the alternatives just aren’t there.

Jahmyr Gibbs (RB) could find himself in the same situation.

The other name I would mention is Anthony Richardson (QB). I know he’s had a very up-and-down season for Florida. However, this is all about projection. Richardson has everything required to be special. He is a physical phenomena. He is a player who, on Saturday, had an 81-yard rushing touchdown and a 51-yard touchdown pass in the same game. If he is developed and fine-tuned, he could be a superstar.

His bad games have been very, very bad this year. His good moments have been eye-catching. In fairness, it was a similar story for Josh Allen at Wyoming. He was awful in college and took two years in the NFL to become the player we see today. Allen was a meme in the early days of his Buffalo career.

Richardson could take a similar path. With time, he has everything to be special. If he declares — with so few options in the top-10 — I promise someone will roll the dice.

I don’t think it’s too unrealistic that a top-six could include, therefore:

Will Levis (QB)
Will Anderson (DE)
C.J. Stroud (QB)
Bryce Young (QB)
Bijan Robinson (RB)
Anthony Richardson (QB)

Again, Bryce Young might be the biggest question mark as teams consider whether a 5-10, 185lbs quarterback is a wise investment. Yet his talent, competitive nature and playmaking quality could tempt someone to look beyond those size limitations.

So the first question is — are the Seahawks better off staying put at #7 or moving up?

Having a quarterback who can learn and develop behind Geno Smith would be a wise move. A Smith/Richardson combo, for example, could create Seattle’s answer to Alex Smith/Patrick Mahomes (although Richardson is far less experienced than Mahomes was at Texas Tech).

Levis and Young would be better prepared to start early if you needed to replace Geno. Stroud, I think, would need time to adjust to the pro-system he’d be entering.

I don’t see Will Anderson as a game-wrecking Bosa brother or Myles Garrett/Von Miller type. He’s a very good pass rusher but you only have to see the way Darnell Wright handled him on Saturday to realise he’s perhaps not going to be an unstoppable force — rather a very useful starter. Still — the Seahawks might be prepared to take a chance on him being special and to be fair, his 2021 season was one for the ages — even if he has underwhelmed at times in 2022.

I wouldn’t be against trading #7 and #14 in this draft to move up if you truly believe in one of the top players. The options in the teens, so far, are not looking great.

If they stay at #7 though — and the six names above are gone — my suggestion right now (and it’s too early to make a firm prediction) would be to pivot to Mazi Smith (DT). He’s an incredible athlete with insane agility, quickness, power and explosive traits. His 0.5 sacks for the season totally bely the consistent pressure he’s provided despite his nose tackle size.

There aren’t many 6-3 325lbs defensive linemen with his physical profile. A 33 inch vertical, a 9-5 broad, a 4.41 short shuttle, a 6.95 three cone. Incredible.

Smith gives you a chance to draft an impact defensive lineman with special upside. For me, he is the clear #2 D-liner in this class after Will Anderson and will likely go in the top-12.

At #14 — you could make a case for Jahmyr Gibbs (RB) or Michael Mayer (TE) based on talent — but neither position will be coveted by Seahawks fans. Perhaps if a Brian Bresee (DT) is available you roll the dice on his massive physical upside but it hasn’t led to great results on the field at Clemson. I think Jalen Carter (DT) is a bit overrated as a top-10 pick and could also be available.

If you wanted the freakiest cornerback pairing in football, Kelee Ringo (CB) playing across from Tariq Woolen would be interesting. He’s 6-2 and 215lbs and supposedly runs a 4.3. I have to admit — that would be something to witness. Yet Ringo hasn’t played that well this year — not even against Vanderbilt at the weekend in a blow-out. So there’s some projection with him (but I guess there was with Woolen too).

If the Seahawks needed a tackle I would mention Darnell Wright (RT) here. However, they have nailed that position down.

You can talk yourself into players but there’s a lot of potential and not a lot of college production among some of the names being touted as early picks.

Given the way the defense has played it would be very appealing to add high-upside talent to try and create a better unit. I do worry, however, about a team leaning on 32-year-old Geno Smith at quarterback and ending up being another Washington-type with some good defenders but an offense that’s constantly looking for ‘the guy’. Geno’s play has been a nice surprise but I hope it’s simply creating a more attractive bridge rather than being seen as a long-term answer.

That said — I do like investment in the trenches and at premium positions. For me Seattle’s biggest needs are clear — a long term answer at quarterback and creating a defensive line capable of doing more to impact games. They should set an aim of creating a terrifying defensive front.

There are some quarterbacks you could target later on but I would urge some caution for fans thinking there are loads of options beyond the top-10. I think the middle rounds are a fair range for players like Dorian Thompson-Robinson and Hendon Hooker if you want to take a punt there. Some teams will like Tanner McKee (I think he gives off Mike Glennon vibes) and I’m not sure there’s a lot to get excited about after that. BYU’s Jaren Hall has really fallen off recently, for example.

At picks #38 and #45 — this would be a good spot to consider adding someone like Christopher Smith (S). His range and playmaking quality would be a welcome replacement for Quandre Diggs.

I’m very intrigued by Clemson’s K.J. Henry (DE) and Kansas State’s Felix Anudike-Uzomah (DE) also has a lot of appealing tape. I have both players with fringe first round grades.

I’d love to think the four centers would be an option — John Michael Schmitz, Joe Tippman, Ricky Stromberg and Olusegun Oluwatimi. I suspect they’re more likely to retain Austin Blythe or find someone similar.

Although taking another running back early will upset certain sections of Seattle’s fan base — I wouldn’t be upset at all if they were able to land a Zach Charbonnet or Chris Rodriguez in round three. Charbonnet’s quick feet, size and speed could push him into round two. Rodriguez is Marshawn-like in his ability to hammer defenders and create yards after contact.

As I’ve said quite a lot already — it’s early days. There’s still so much that will shape this class — the rest of the college football season, the Senior Bowl, the combine. I’m watching anywhere between 8-12 games a week at the moment and still only scratching the surface of what this class is.

But I do think I’ve got a good feel for the first frame. There are good options in the first few picks. Then there’s a sheer drop.

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  1. Rob Staton

    Jack Coan visiting the Seahawks

    Good for him

    Hope it goes well

    • mtpgod

      I recall seeing your big board and having us possibly taking Kaleb Elerby and/or Jack Coan late. Coan to the PS would be nice to see, having a developmental qb this year would be nice.

  2. Mark

    Hi Rob, none of the linebackers appeal to you in the top 15? What are your thoughts on Noah Sewell from Oregon? How about Justin Flowe in the 3rd or later?

    • Rob Staton

      Definitely not, I’m afraid

      There are no linebackers I’ve seen worthy of a first round grade.

      Trenton Simpson has been awful this season. His game against Florida State was a real low point. His athletic testing will appeal but he needs to play better than he is.

      Drew Sanders looks like he could go top-50 based on his multi-faceted ability to create a bit of pressure off the edge and his old-school mentality.

      Noah Sewell just hasn’t played well either. I think he’s heavy and not sure he fits Seattle.

      The player I like is Ventrel Miller. Not sure he’ll test well enough for Seattle but he’s physical, impactful and a real leader.

      But Seattle showed us this year they are not treating this position with urgency and I don’t see why that changes next year. They didn’t even bring in competition for Cody Barton. I think the days of big investment here might be gone — and it’s time for the trenches to get preferential treatment

  3. Spenny Dunks

    Don’t see any LB mentions. Any Lloyds, Tindalls or Chenal types this year?

    A NT that can cause havoc would be a great addition in this weird 3-4 hybrid. Generally the NTs just clog up space so to get some pressure from that spot would be great. DL definitely needs some young talent anyway.

    Obviously QB is preferable but you can’t force the board. Richardson (QB) and Bresee (DT) would be an alright way to go as well.

    S and LB in round 2 would be a coup.

    • Rob Staton

      See my earlier reply to Mark on LB’s

  4. Peter

    A rodriguez/walker backfield would be quite the thing.

    That clip of levis is stunning.

    Really interested on the safety mentions. I know a lot of us are tired with the safety whiffs, I’d however be fine with one in the second round.

    • Seattle Person

      With Homer and Penny out of contracts — you’re left with Walker and Dallas as the RBs. I think the team probably drafts a RB at some point in the draft.

      • JN

        And thats the way it should be. A constant churn of youth in the backfield.

    • MountainHawker

      Came here to say the same. With Levis clearly hurting they went to the run game and boy was he impressive. He stood out

  5. Seattle Person

    I really dig Mazi Smith. I can see him at that 3T position if they continue to play more Bear fronts. This is where I think he can be an absolute monster. Seems to fit the traditional NT position too. I can just imagine him blowing up Guards in the B gap. That’s very enticing. Plus Poona is a UFA.

    Shelby Harris has a 12.2 cap hit. Q. Jefferson at 5.9. I think you’re spot on Rob with the rookie QB cap slot projection for next season. That’s a lot of dough going towards aging Dline players.

    I’m interested to see if they continue to keep Noah Fant next season. Will he justify a 6.8 mill hit? Something has to be done with the FS/SS combo right? They both have a 18.1 cap hit.

    I’ll be pretty happy with a first round QB and a really athletic interior Dlinemen. Nailing down a FS or SS in the 2nd is a must. We need these hungry guys that just don’t give a care. Someone that wants to wreck a soul. Diggs/Adams just aren’t doing that or not willing to do that. I think coming away with a Safety, QB, and IDL with 3/4 top picks would be a grand slam in my book.

    Great stuff Rob.

  6. Moose

    What would the cost be to move up to number 1 from 7? What would entice a team sitting number 1 who also needs a QB to trade down?? Or rather how much of the present/future would you mortgage to get to Levis?

    In my opinion with the bookend tackle development, Locket and Metcalf at WR, the talent is there to have a very good offense rather shortly…would I give both 2023 firsts a 2024 first and some years second? more? Maybe

    • Peter

      Personally I would love to secure Levis and move up to get him him.

      Six games in I think Carolina will pick number one and I just can’t see that trading out of a QB (the best qb most likely) for anything.

      Maybe if this draft had a lot more top end talent they could do it.

      • Scot04

        I pretty much agree, I guess it depends if you want to guarantee yourself a choice of the remaining who don’t go 1st.
        By both the Jimmy Johnson & Rich Hill chart we could land the #2 pick with #7 & #14. Currently being the Raiders.
        To get #1 it’s gonna cost minimum both 2022 1st & a 2023 1st.
        I’ll be hoping we get Lucky & we score a top 4 pick with one of our 2 picks to make it a little easier; although extremely unlikely it happens.

  7. Sam Bridges

    If we’re looking to replace Geno or even if we’re not we should draft early for Hendon Hooker. Even if we don’t plan to start him he can learn from Geno his first year. He has great composer in important situations which in the SEC is just about every game. He is leading the best offense in the country and he might not have the most touchdowns but he was taken out at the half in two blowout games, every other stat is pretty much his. We can’t over looker Hooker…

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody is overlooking Hooker

      I don’t know why you have written that

      I’ve done loads on him. Watched all his games. I did a big write up on the Alabama game just yesterday

      His accuracy has been streaky as heck and people are not talking about the pro’s and con’s they’re just getting caught up in Tennessee’s season

      • Starhawk29

        Watched Joel Klatt’s interview with Cowherd he does every week, and burst out laughing in my cube when he called a Hooker a “top 10 lock”….Joel might be good at calling games, and even predicting upsets as he did, but boy does he not know NFL QB evaluation…

  8. 12th chuck

    with all the holes on these team, and cap issues, I think we get more trade backs, rather than trade ups.
    Last year may have been an anomaly. Pete won’t change now, but I hope I am absolutely wrong.

    • Peter

      Who are we trading back for and who are teams trading up for is going to be tge problem. If Rob’s insights hold true with maybe a few more names to emerge say Denver keeps sucking and we get number six overall I’m not convinced there’s going to many high buyers to take our pick.

    • Roy Batty

      If anything I would think they stay put and go BPA at positions of need. Replicate what they did this year. It worked.

  9. Zorn Is King

    Outlier idea: what could the Seahawks get in return for trading Geno Smith before the trade deadline?

    • Rob Staton

      That isn’t happening

      • Zorn is King

        To flesh this out: I agree that a rookie salary slot at QB is their preferred way of handling business. In which case, they’d want a high pick…higher than they have slotted into…nor do I think that Geno Smith is their future QB…so this means don’t win now…and if you have a chip that’s suddenly worth more than they’d want to pay, but someone else surely will, (meaning Geno Smith), then it makes sense to get a return on him rather than have him leave for nothing, or overpay for someone they don’t really want.
        To me.. he’s good. But he comes with baggage that you don’t tie a franchise to, especially if he’s not winning championships. Can the Seahawks win a championship with Geno Smith running the show? Here, at the optimistic apex of his career, some would say yes… more prudent minds would bet against it…so why would they not trade him while he has value? He’s not currently part of their long term plans…nor do they truly want to win now..,my two cents

        • Rob Staton

          Because he has zero trade value as a 32-year-old QB who is out of contract in a matter of weeks

          Who are you trading him to in the next 11 days to make it worthwhile? There isn’t anyone

          Then you’ve also got to turn around to the other 52 players on the roster and tell them you’ve just traded away the starting QB mid-season because you’ve decided it’s better to lose every week until the end of the season

          I mean come on… this isn’t happening.

    • Peter

      Even if that was an idea it is do risky for the other team. A cheap player with no contract.

      Who knows how much of what we are seeing is geno vs. Waldron vs the two of them together for two years?

      Like everyone I have been just short of amazed by what Geno has done. Alternately I remain slightly apprehensive that there are stalled halves, if things get off script the offense gets a bit rudderless and before we even think about signing him for a new big contract I’d like to see what he does against some of these teams around the corner.

    • Roy Batty

      Without Geno and his resurgence, they don’t win another game this year.

  10. Scott

    How much do you think any potential Coaching changes could impact what the Hawks do in the draft? Granted, I don’t think any of the key guys (OC or DC) would be potential HC candidates for other teams right now. But, if Seattle’s offense continues to perform at a high level with Geno at QB could Waldron become a hot commodity? Could Hurtt become a potential option to move on if the D starts to evolve into a better unit this year (leading to another D scheme adjustment)? I know it’s VERY early to talk about something like this, but could that potentially impact what the Hawks look to do in the draft in a dramatic way?

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt they will lose Waldron after one good season

  11. HOUSE

    Great piece as always. I REALLY like Levis and I do think a trade up is the only way to get him. That being said, with no QB on the roster, we still have to sign someone prior to the draft. If not Geno, it’s going to be very interesting how the team entices someone to take marginal pay for the potential opportunity to start. I’ve gone back to watch more of Richardson and he is so Jekyll & Hyde. There is the “whoa that was great” stuff and then there’s the “what were you thinking” stuff. I think there is typically a great pressure for that 1st rd QB to start and make a quick impact, but I like the Smith/Mahomes approach.

    I’m going to need to watch more of Mazi Smith. Just seeing the clip above shows me something we don’t have and could greatly use.

    I truly like the idea of moving on from Diggs and Christopher Smith potentially replacing him. I’m down here in GA about an hour and a half from Athens where the Dawgs play. People around here talk about how Smith is a “shot out of a cannon” when he makes a decision to be somewhere.

  12. Zach

    Hey Rob, just a question for clarification – when you talk about the Seahawks effective cap room, that’s with holds figured in for their draft picks, right? If so, then they presumably have more than 33 players under contract, it’s more like 42 or so?

    • Rob Staton

      It accounts for everything to get you to the magic 51.

      32m is still not a lot to get done what they need to get done.

  13. mtpgod

    Sign Coan, make him the backup, trade Drew Lock to the Broncos for a LB and a 7th. A man can dream…

  14. UkAlex6674

    Seahawks trying out Vernon Butler. I recall him being quote highly thought of on here prior to the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      That was nearly a decade ago

      • UkAlex6674

        Yeah he’s not had the stellar career we thought he might. I remember it because that year was the first draft I followed on here. Single handedly you transformed my outlook on the draft and draft process. I get as excited about that as much as any part of the NFL season now, so thanks for that 🙏

  15. Sea Mode

    Cole Cubelic

    Tennessee RT Darnell Wright brought it in the run game as well…

  16. Daniel W

    You still mad robert about being a Pedo apologist? Oh no he denounced the queen how dare he, not i have to act like a little 12 year old girl and never speak to him again. Men are built different in the USA, this is how women act (oh no she said something I don’t like, never speaking to her again). Your soft robert. I know you aren’t gonna pass this comment, please watch this 1 minute video from “A Bronx Tale” so you can learn about idiolizing people who don’t care about you.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve cleared this comment to let people have an insight into the kind of stuff I receive via email and in the comments section constantly.

      This is what you get for providing a free blog on the Seahawks, committing to running it like a full time job, crafting 4000 word articles breaking down hours of college football games and having strong opinions on a team not because I ‘want them to fail’ but actually because I desperately want them to succeed.

      All seemingly because I liked the late Queen.

      Be better than this people.

      • Marcus

        Trollers gonna troll. Not worth a yawn, but still a good reminder that the keyboard heroes are still out there.

        Rob, you do you. Thanks for the content.

        • Marcus

          Rob, I’d also like to add a thanks for being one of the last bastions of longform articles.

          “Articles” on many other sites have devolved into a literal regurgitation of the author’s own tweets hiding behind click-bait titles.

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks Marcus

            • Blitzy the Clown

              I’ll second this.

              Analysis requires reviewing available data, accurately (not just literally but also contextually), and comparing to similar data sets to make justifiable inter/extrapolations and inferences to support a perspective/opinion.

              It can take a lot words to do that properly, not to mention the (at times exhaustive) effort of doing the proper background and foundational analytical work.

              These are the principles of proper sports journalism, and you’re one of the few who still deliver them.

      • Big Mike

        At least he didn’t bring your daughter into it like that guy did a couple of years back. Troll progress?

        I kid in that last sentence. Trying to lighten your mood I suppose.
        Like Marcus said, not worth a yawn. People are such bad-asses typing trash out on their phones/laptops. It’s gotten utterly boring.

        I appreciate all you do and most the regulars here but more than anything it’s the draft coverage I appreciate most. It’s expanded my knowledge base of college players immensely as I just don’t watch a whole lot of college ball outside of the regional (NW) teams.

        Oh, and I loved your Queen, especially her sense of humor. Despite all the old school pomp and circumstance, she didn’t take herself 100% seriously. I liked that a lot.

        • ulsterman

          I’ve said it before, but none of these trolls would say anything to your face.

          You know how much everyone appreciates your work Rob, the site is brilliant, don’t let the likes of Daniel get to you

          • Rob Staton

            Of course

            These people are cowards

            And Daniel wouldn’t last five minutes in Yorkshire talking to people like this

            Men are built different in the USA? Aye I bet they are pal

            • Joshua Smith

              I’m confident he wouldn’t talk to anyone like this if it were in person.
              We are all so much tougher behind the screen…
              I just don’t get people crapping on others for no reason. What does he gain from posting insults?

              Sorry you have to see it Rob. Thanks for deleting it.
              Now ol Danny boy has to read all this without being able to respond. The response would probably be a bunch of one cent words anyways. Lol

            • Palatypus

              Those people are handsome, brave…and strong.

      • Peter

        First I’m truly sorry you get bullshit like this.

        Second I’m a middle aged guy. Can someone of any age explain to me why when trolls are gonna troll they lose all syntax and structure?

        This is incomprehensible jibberish.

        • TomLPDX

          Because they are most likely in some form of altered state (drunk, stoned, etc), which is when their innermost courage to be an asshat emerges.

          • Peter

            Innermost courage….perfect🤣

      • no frickin clue

        JFC sorry you have to deal with this kind of nonsense. Keyboard warriors suck.

        • God of Thunder

          I couldn’t put it better myself.

    • Zorn Is King

      It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It’s a level that drains a one’s joy. It’s irritating and strange to see someone demand attention in this manner.

      Rob, you are an intelligent, passionate, dedicated man. You’ve made the entire sport of football interesting again..(speaking personally, I’d kind of given up on the sport)

      Can’t thank you enough for the time you put in.

      Hope this balances that negativity.

    • Olyhawksfan

      Dude references a ‘tough guy/be a man’ clip while being a keyboard coward. Not a good representation of my fellow countrymen.

    • HOUSE

      It’s clowns like Daniel W. that are an embarrassment to the human race. This internet tough guy crap is so lame. About 95% of tough guy words would disappear if you were face-to-face with someone.

      Be better at life man. Be better…

    • Rob Staton

      You all won’t be surprised to know that Daniel posted an equally idiotic reply to this post

      He’s perma-blocked now

      • Sea Mode

        What a shocker…

        Keep doing what you’re doing, Rob. I both admire and appreciate the heck out of what you do here.

        • TomLPDX


      • Marcus

        I’m sure it was a clever and well-crafted response with a carefully selected video link that totally brings it all together… Or maybe not.

    • mtpgod

      Daniel W needs to watch The Crown. The queen wasn’t infallible, but she did a lot of good.
      Why do ppl feel the need to attack others with differing opinions, it’ll never make sense to me.

      • Canadian Hawk


        Sorry you have to put up with that BS.

        Think I speak for the vast majority in saying “thank-you” for all the time and work you put into this site.
        We’re lucky to have it.

  17. Forrest

    Great stuff as always, Rob. I love the idea of Mazi up front and Ringo in the back. Can we get Lavonte David to put between them?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d rather put a Ventrel Miller in there…

      Maybe Lavonta Bentley

  18. GoHawksDani

    Mehh, this is a bit depressing. I’d love a baller DT, and Mazi seems nice, but tbh in most cases you usually get these kinds of guys at the end of R1 or even in R2.
    A #7 DT/NT would usually be someone with crazy measurements and like avg 5-7 sacks/season, and a bunch of TFLs too. I know it’s a bad year for early R1, but still sucks.
    If we’d have #7, I’d try to move up one or two spots to get Richardson. Moving from #7 to #5 shouldn’t break the bank, and you’d have a future QB potentially.
    With the #14 I’d try to move down into late R1 with one or more trades. Maybe even early R2.
    With those trades, I think we could have something like:
    #5, #30, #38, #60, and +1 R3 pick
    Traded #7 and #45 for #5
    Traded #14 for #30, #60 and a later R3 pick

    Pick Richardson at #5 (future QB)
    In R2 with #30, #38, #60 pick these guys: Christopher Smith, K.J. Henry and either pick a DT an LB, an OT (convert to OG) or an OG, or an RB at #60
    We’d have two R3s, where we could either take a C, an RB, TE or LB

    So, with 6 picks in the top100, this team could have their future QB, maybe a solution for the safety issue, bolster their DL, add an LB to the mix and strengthen their offense with a weapon or some linemen.

    I’m happy to “sacrifice” an R2 to move up, but I hope they won’t need to give up their other R1 and additionally one or more R2s to do it. Not sure any of these QBs are a no brainer starter next franchise QB. Levis might be but he has some question marks too, and the others are pretty big gambles.
    But since the early-mid R1 is pretty soft, I’d love if they’d move back from there if possible.

    A draft where they come out with a QB, an LB, an S, a defensive lineman and at least either an iOL or an offensive weapon (RB/TE/WR3) in the top3 rounds would be awesome

  19. clbradley17

    Thanks so much for the several thousands of words of articles and comments every week, Rob. I’ve been following this site for at least 5-6 years, and it’s just gotten better and better, and this last year has been your best and most detailed work, possibly because it’s the highest multiple draft picks we’ve had since 2010 in both 22′ and ’23.

    Just wondering if we’re not seeing it, but have recommended this site to several people who love the draft, and they can’t find anywhere to sign up for new members in case they want to ask ?s or make comments. Thanks for any info on this.

    Found this 2 min. video last night from former TB pro bowl CB Ronde Barber breaking down TW’s interceptions.

    • clbradley17

      Another 2+ min. TW breakdown, this time from Brian Baldinger for the NFL network in Baldy’s breakdown. Before the AZ game, even then he was putting out there he’s one of the top candidates for defensive rookie of the year.

    • Sea Mode

      There’s a signup? I thought one just comes here and posts. If you’re a first-time poster or post more than one link in a comment, Rob needs to approve your comment before it appears. But he’s usually lightning fast, even (somehow) in the middle of his nighttime.

  20. JD

    Rob, great article.

    How does Mazi Smith compare to other top 15 drafted DTs? I know you already said he’s no Quinnen Williams but I wonder how he stacks up against Vita Vea, Jordan Davis, Derrick Brown, Christian Wilkins, Daron Payne, etc.

    I don’t want to be an extreme optimist but the scenario to get two top 5 picks is not dead especially with how the Broncos are playing. Getting Will and Will would be the dream and set up our future very well. I completely understand the point about wanting to be a good football team and about how the Marshawn beastquake defined this team but if tanking meant being able to get one of those two players, then I am in favor of that scenario slightly more.

    I am not against any impact player on the DL with one of our first two picks. My 1b scenario would probably be Richardson and Mazi Smith. I think betting on Richardson’s upside is well worth the investment.

    Long way to go until the draft and so much can change so I appreciate every piece of content you are putting out to keep us all well informed.

    • Rob Staton

      Smith will test better than those players (other than Jordan Davis) but I wouldn’t put him ahead of any of them with the possible exception of Payne. But he has a lot of upside.

  21. Cysco

    I just don’t see a way for the Hawks to get one of the top-3 guys. If the draft class were a lot stronger, perhaps you could entice a rebuilding team to take our firsts, but in this class the drop off in talent from the top-3 to the 7-15 range is just so massive. Those picks just don’t provide the value.

    I know I sound like a broken record, but Anthony Richardson needs to be the focus. He is the most realistic option. It is far more realistic to think that we’ll be able to get him with one of our native picks or with a slight trade up.

    Rob’s thoughts on extending Smith and drafting Richardson are spot on. It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s the realistic one. Getting Richardson while maintaining our second first rounder is the dream scenario.

  22. seaspunj

    Mazi Smith is he a comparable to a Carolina Panthers Derrick Brown NT/5Technique?

    Would Mazi Smith be a Dlineman you can build around who is your blue chip dlineman Seahawks?

    If Mazi Smith can stop the run and be that building block I am all for it

    going dee makes sense if QB options are gone. I like Richardson who is raw and I still like TVD in Miami (although if he transfers to Kentucky is moot even if the Kentucky oline may get him hurt like Levis)

    look forward in researching more on Mazi Smith

    the other option which is a hail Mary is to trade for Derrick Brown although it would be expensive

    Would Derrick Brown be a better impact defensive player vs a prospect in the upcoming draft?

    Say it costs a 1st and another add on pick for Derrick Brown for Carolina. would Derrick Brown make sense to be the Dlineman to build around?

    cap wise bonus has been paid out and has a 5th year option also still young at 24 years old

    unsure what the trade ask would be

    Still in trauma with the Jamal Adams trade but for an impact dlineman maybe it makes more sense

    • Rob Staton

      Carolina won’t trade Brown. I think he’s a very different player to Smith

  23. MoBo

    Despite the fact, that our FO possibly wouldn’t do this …
    But could we cut Diggs and Adams as post June cuts or does Adams contract (guaranteed $ after day x in new season?) makes it no real option?
    Cutting Diggs for 14m next season with 4,1m dead money in 23 and 24.
    Cutting Adams according to OTC would be another 7,1m with dead money of 11m and 14m.
    Cutting him normally in 24 would still be 14m dead money for that season.

      • MoBo


    • Ashish

      With Diggs decline, Hawks should get rid of both Safety and save $$. I understand we will carry dead cap but couple of years are right time to do it. Remove the band aid and look for young /draft players. Hope success of Woolen, Coby will encourage them to do so.

      • cha

        Everyone here knew the second they signed Adams to that massive contract, that milk was going to be spilled at some point.

        Now it’s just a question of when and how much.

        • Rob Staton

          Everyone here knew the second they signed Adams to that massive contract, that milk was going to be spilled at some point.

          True enough.

          Shame the media spent weeks talking about how important it was to get a deal done & then celebrated the massive deal when it was announced. Think SDB and Hugh Millen were the only two voices saying they should’ve cut their losses after one season

          • cha

            It’s very possible that is still true.

            Two weeks ago a FG podcast on the salary cap began with the host saying “we are not going to talk about cutting Jamal Adams, get over it people” and everyone agreed.


            • Rob Staton

              Deary me

            • Big Mike

              I don’t think Pete’s ego will allow him to do it. Prove me wrong Pete or have him for another 1/4 of a season or less. Your call.

              • cha

                I think losing a guy to a season-ending injury 3x in three seasons will take the starch out of any coach.

                That said, I think the most likely course of action is they’ll approach Jamal about a contract reworking. But if they take that step, they’ll have to be ready to cut him loose if he tells them to take a hike.

                • Jabroni-DC

                  They’ll probably go in looking to cut Jamal’s pay & the end result will be a raise. John & Pete will come out of it wondering how it happened. I think Jamal has had some kind of hypnotic power over them since before the trade took place.

                • Pran

                  Why would Jamal take the cut when he can be on IR in his couch anyways for the 4th time..

                  • cha

                    After the $2.56m guaranteed that comes due after the Super Bowl, there is no more guaranteed salary on his contract. The leverage swings back to the Seahawks.

    • HOUSE

      I know it might sound a bit crazy, but cutting BOTH Diggs/Adams and just eating the $11.2M in dead cap I. Each of 2023 and 2024 may be the best thing for this team. It would open up some significant cap space and send a strong message to younger players to push. The Adams deal will never not look bad. At least ripping the bandaid off and just owning it would help the transition. Diggs looks to just meander around with zero sense of urgency.

      I’d rather give the opportunity to a rookie (replacing Diggs) and the likes of Ryan Neal (already playing for the oft-injured Adams) and have cap to do other things.

  24. Dan

    Rob, have you watched much of Daiyan Henley or have any thoughts about his fit with the Seahawks?

    • Rob Staton

      I like aspects of his play — some quickness and reads well. I’m just not sure he has the body to do it at the next level. Is he going to constantly need to be kept clean and in space? Probably a developmental type. I think R4-5 range.

  25. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m just getting into the article but I have to comment on the twitter video of Levis’ TD downfield throw across his body to the opposite side of the field…

    Remember when Zach Wilson made a similar throw at his pro day and the sports media crapped their pants gushing over it?

    That was in shorts and a tshirt with zero pressure. Levis did it in a game, when it matters.

    • Rob Staton


    • Peter

      It’s not the throw for me. It’s the absolutely ridiculous foot/ processing speed.

  26. CJ

    I’m willing to bet money that the Seahawks find a way to resign Geno and either pass on QB all together or wait until a later round to draft one. Don’t forget, they still have a relatively young Drew Lock waiting in the wings that I think they see as their “development project”… I agree with you that they probably shouldn’t, I just have the feeling that Geno will have a decent enough year and Carroll will do what it takes to keep the dream alive even if it hamstrings the team elsewhere.

    I think they will aggressively try to trade down one (or both) of their first rounders. I was surprised that they didn’t last draft but this time I think Schneider will be gunning for it this time even if he gets swindled. I think they use the other and one of the 2nd rounders to draft D-line. Smith is a good bet at this point on the interior or someone like him but expect another DE too. I think Diggs will be gone next year and they will use the other first or a second on Safety. Then I expect them to grab a RB (no doubt), maybe a LB and maybe a tackle they plan to move to Guard. I don’t see them drafting a Center though they probably should.

    No doubt they will be riding high on their success of the last draft and reach on some head scratcher at least once or twice. Whatever happens, it is fun to have the picks to start dreaming. Thanks for your content as always Rob! I look forward to your articles and find myself checking for new stuff on a daily basis.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m willing to bet money that the Seahawks find a way to resign Geno and either pass on QB all together or wait until a later round to draft one. Don’t forget, they still have a relatively young Drew Lock waiting in the wings that I think they see as their “development project”… I agree with you that they probably shouldn’t, I just have the feeling that Geno will have a decent enough year and Carroll will do what it takes to keep the dream alive even if it hamstrings the team elsewhere.

      You might be right. But I think Carroll and Schneider know you need special at QB — and that’s why they haven’t drafted many. They haven’t been in range for ‘special’. They might be in 2023.

      I think they will aggressively try to trade down one (or both) of their first rounders.

      I doubt that. And they didn’t trade down this year with their picks. They stayed and picked, didn’t get cute.

      I think Diggs will be gone next year and they will use the other first or a second on Safety.

      It won’t be a first. There aren’t any.

      No doubt they will be riding high on their success of the last draft and reach on some head scratcher at least once or twice.

      In fairness the last draft was a firm commitment to picking the right players in the right spots and they succeeded. If anything, I’d expect them to set out to do that again.

      • Elmer

        I would be beyond stunned to learn that they secretly expect Drew Lock to lead them to glory. But, then, I’ve been proven wrong many times before.

  27. Palatypus

    Say, you can’t resign Geno. What would be the market for Locke?

    It’s gotta be dirt cheap.

    • Sea Mode

      I was gonna say: market?

    • Roy Batty

      He isn’t under contract for 2023, and he isn’t a ready made starter. I doubt anyone gives up draft capital for him before the trade deadline.

      Any team trading for a QB would normally be gunning for the playoffs. A team realistically not in line for a playoff birth wouldn’t trade for Locke and hope he leads them to some wins. It doesn’t help their draft position and they wouldhave to give up a pick to get him.

      • Palatypus

        Which is why I think you bring him back. Did he get a fair chance at the QB job? Most here would say no. He already knows the system. All the players know the system. He’s not going to get a better offer anywhere else – and then he has to learn another one. So…

        If our starting quarterback is just going to be a veteran placeholder for a developmental rookie, then why not sign Locke cheap and let Geno walk?

        Think about it. What is Geno’s agent whispering in his ear? I’ll tell you what – this is your last chance at a big paycheck. And it is for the agent too, to collect 10% of that.

        If you are going to draft Richardson, then let Geno walk and sign Locke.

        • Roy Batty

          So you want a developemental QB to sit behind a QB who has not proven much of anything in the NFL? A QB that one team was glad to be rid of and another team that went with a journeyman over him?

          I think that is a recipe for many, many losses in 2023.

          Locke is not a mentor.

          • Tien

            I don’t care about the losses in 2023, again as long as their draft picks and young players develop, but Roy is right, Locke hasn’t proven himself to be a competent pro QB yet so I don’t see how he could be that veteran mentor to a rookie QB.

            It comes down to whether the Hawks and Geno can arrive at a salary number that doesn’t hamstring the team. I was very much a Geno doubter and he’s proven me wrong so far! He’s still not the QB of the future, IMO, but he knows the offense and is competent and that’s the sort of QB that we want starting while mentoring a rookie.

            • Palatypus

              You’re right, we need someone like Matt Flynn.

  28. EM

    Thanks Rob for the thoughtful piece. I’m curious if Richardson was there at #7 if you’d pick him over a defensive player? It seems like a gamble, but picking him with Geno in the wings makes a high upside player seem safer somehow. Also, curious if you look at the rest of the league and who’d be in those top 6 spots if they are more in need of QBs or other positions. Love the analysis. Thank you!

    • Rob Staton

      I have no issues drafting Richardson to develop

  29. Trevor

    Was just watching Baldys Breakdowns and there was clip where he showed Cross, Abe and Walker.

    When was the last time an NFL team started a rookie LT , RT, RB and never got the QB killed. It is really quite amazing that 3 rookies in the most critical postions have picked up the pass protection so quickly and effectively. What a great sign for the future.

  30. Gaux Hawks

    Looking forward to your big board…

    1. QB (Anthony Richardson)
    1. iDL
    2. iOL
    2. FS
    3. RB
    4. LB
    4. iOL
    5. WR
    5. CB
    6. Trade for 2022 LB depth

    Trade Lock for 4th and sign Coan…
    Add 2023 FA DE

    • Spenny Dunks

      I like the general order of those picks based on what Rob highlighted here. If there is a LB in the 3rd I think I’d rather try to address that position a little earlier, however there looks like a lot of good young LBs available as Free Agents this offseason so that may not be necessary. (granted, most will probably sign extensions before we have a chance).

      I also wouldn’t mind going IOL in the 2nd and 3rd and sort of solidifying that position for the future like we did with our tackles. If we can grab a LG and C, move Lewis to RG, and already have our bookends sorted, that would be amazing for the future if it all comes together. That would be Lewis last chance to prove he’s the guy at his natural position.

  31. cha

    Wednesday PC with Pete Carroll

    [q] Watch MNF? “Great opp to see it. Lot of things with kicker being banged up, see how it unfolds. Good battle for sure.”

    [q] Screens watch? “Watched Cleveland too. Ton of information. Then we go right to the film this morning.”

    [q] Ekeler use? “Star. Great finisher with ball in his hands. Doesn’t give up ever. Passing game features him as a centerpiece.”

    [q] Justin Herbert challenge? Who compares to? “Incredible athlete and player. Really together kid. Reminds you of Josh Allen. Big guy that can move out of pocket, strike you dead. All arm throws and talent you need. Competitor too. Banged up early and fought through it.”

    [q] Conversations with Uchenna going home (to LA)? “Already started. He’s telling me things, I”m gonna keep talking to him. Fiery guy. Keep him at his best.”
    [q] Uchenna brought this year? “Obvious leader. Effort, not what he says, does. Guys love him. He’s for real, you love to have him on your side.”
    [q] System experience a plus? “Yes, shows guys freedom that comes with position.”
    [q] How savvy show up? “Guys take chances at times. Risk involved. Screens, reverses boots, etc all shows up. Has a really good sense. As soon as we realized we freed him up. He has liberties. Not everyone we coach like that.”

    [q] At what point free reign? “At camp, you could see it. Starts with being physical. Took a while.”
    [q] Before games started? “Yeah.”

    [q] Something unique to six rookies playing? “Joey Blount too. He’s unique to it. Great job. Adds to the draft class, playing like a draft pick. Consistency on ST, playmaking ability. Great athlete, fast. Knack for ball is, throw his body around.”
    [q] What saw on draft day? “Exceeding expectations. Bet more rookie time logged than other teams. Well out there. Accelerate the process, help us more further down the road.”

    [q] Rookie snaps plan? “Not intent just where the guys are, we are fortunate.”

    [q] What’s your storyline through six weeks? “Laying low, in the weeds. No expectations for us at all. We haven’t done anything yet. Just getting rolling. Different setting that people figured. Some storylines you can’t ignore. Geno flying. Nobody expected except Geno and us and that’s OK. Tackles playing so well. Tariq and Coby exciting as can be. Tariq DPOW this week, recognition. Keep on climbing. Story line is expectations different than reality.”

    [q] Gauge other’s expectations for Seahawks outside building? “Not just local, national. Until we win a lot of games, not a lot of credit. But they’re looking. People that have megaphones will have to deal with us eventually.”

    [q] Show team things like that? “Not a lot. I don’t use stuff like that. At times, subtle references. Comes and goes. Don’t feel a focus.”

    [q] Tariq award validation? “Well deserved. Keep his head on straight, next step in front of him, things work out.”

    [q] Boye Mafe last two weeks? “Comfortable, physical, stronger than we thought at LOS blocking and disengaging. Exciting to me, playing as a starter. Young guy we’re still figuring out. All the things he can do. We have some cool thoughts in coming weeks try.”

    [q] Tariq not aware of how good he is? “Not overthinking, overtrying just playing ball.”

    [q] Physical skills? “Smart, bright, on it. Enjoying the heck out of it. Knows assignments, asks Q’s, studies, communicates, better than before.”

    [q] Cullen Gallaspia bring? “Great ST. Not drafted, taken to it. Can do other things to.”

    [q] Nose tackle important to create disruption? “Little more freedom too. Mone tearing it up. Really filled in for Al, played like a starter, a factor. Fits differently than we were doing it.”

    [q] Dee Eskridge next step? “Sense he is growing in our program. Comparison, Golden Tate a while to get in program. Sometimes young guys don’t pay attention to details. Dee just like that, natural athlete. Always been within command. Now so disciplined in what we ask guys to do, takes a while to learn what the WR position is. Takes a while. Blossoming right now. Keep working, utilize as much as can.”

    [q] Walker stop, change direction, what about his skill set? “Explosive. So strong in lower body. You saw him first play broke out side to side couple yards in each direction. Amazing lateral power. Marshawn like that. Split legged runner who could do that. Penny not run that way. Allows him to get out of situations. Hard to tackle. Really help.”

    [q] Al Woods practice? “Yeah.”

    [q] Tre Brown & Alton Robinson? “Can’t really tell about Alton yet. Still in middle of it. Tre Brown really close, starting to go. Really fast, change of direction. Couple weeks I’d say. Fighting to get back out there.”

    [q] Walker read the play and shift? “Great vision. Sometimes you can’t see why they make a cut. Reggie Bush had that tremendous one-foot cut. Most like Kenneth does. Amazing ability. Have to be able to see it.”

    [q] Homer and Daryl Johnson? “Homer progress, a week away. Daryl not known right now. Not close.”

    [q] Homer practicing? “Hoping, guessing, not official statement.”

    [q] Penny Hart? “Talked to him today. Could have IR him a week ago. Knowing his nature, 4-week injury make back before then.”

    [q] [who] practiced today? “No, running really hard and cutting.”

    [q] Mone and Poona UDFAs why? “Outside of frame/profile. Mone big and heavy. Guys thought couldn’t control his weight or whatever. Still plays at 350. Concern about that maybe.”

    [q] You wanted Mone? “Cheerleading for him. Not concern about size.”

    [q] Collier? “Gonna practice. Really close now. Barely made it through practice, thumb hurting.”

    [q] Irvin? “Ready to go. Thought he could go in game. Put pads on today bang around a little. See”

    [q] Gabe Jackson? “Don’t know anything today.”

    [q] Fumble causing Coby a skill? “Stands out. Definitely has a knack. Look for that. Hard to find more than one. See impact of guy who has it. Incredible asset. Cool to see. Hope it catches fire with other guys.”
    [q] Before or taught in camp? “No had it before.”

    [q] Rotation Sydney and Mike J? “Rotation. Guys deserve to play.”

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks again Cha

      Saved me watching it

      • Rob Staton

        [q] Justin Herbert challenge? Who compares to? “Incredible athlete and player. Really together kid. Reminds you of Josh Allen. Big guy that can move out of pocket, strike you dead. All arm throws and talent you need. Competitor too. Banged up early and fought through it.”

        Also — more people are making this comp now. And people who know what they’re talking about often bring these two names up when talking about Will Levis.

        It’s why he’s going to go very early.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          At this point, I think anyone who wants to argue someone other than Levis more likely to go #1 overall bears the onus of proving who and why.

          • Rob Staton


        • Starhawk29

          Herbert seems on the money to me for a comparison. I don’t think he’s as freakish as Allen, and while Levis is mobile, I don’t expect to see him hurdling defenders.

          • Rob Staton

            while Levis is mobile, I don’t expect to see him hurdling defenders

            You might want to watch this then…


          • Blitzy the Clown

            Athletically, Levis reminds me of Tim Tebow

            • Rob Staton

              Levis scored a 123.27 at SPARQ

              He’s an incredible athlete — superior to Tebow

              • Blitzy the Clown

                I didn’t know it was that high. That’s elite.

    • TomLPDX

      Excellent, thanks CHA.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Mone tearing it up. Really filled in for Al, played like a starter, a factor.

      That’s a little thick, but I though Mone played well vs Arizona. He wasn’t finishing plays with tackles, but he was pretty disruptive nonetheless.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      [Tariq is] Smart, bright, on it. Enjoying the heck out of it. Knows assignments, asks Q’s, studies, communicates, better than before.

      It seemed to me that the interception he had on Murray wasn’t luck, but rather he recognized the route/play and deliberately trailed Brown by a step so Murray would take the shot, knowing he could close the gap and high point the catch over Brown.

      Anyone else see that?

      • Sea Mode

        I don’t know, but honestly, he probably should have just knocked it down.

        Hard to give up the INT, but would have been much better field position.

      • Starhawk29

        He said as much in his interview after the game. Murray gestured to Brown, and Woolen knew they needed yards so he figured it was a deep route. Guessed right and got the pick. I like seeing him be cerebral…I don’t expect him to be as smart as our last stud 5th round CB, but he’s showing intelligence which is better than most.

      • Seattle Person

        It honestly looked like Woolen was just strolling along with Brown. Which is just crazy considering Brown runs in the 4.3s.

    • Big Mike

      Thanks for your continued efforts doing this cha. It is greatly appreciated.

  32. Nathan M

    Curious to see if the AZ game marks a shift in the D to remove a LB and play more nickel/dime and 3 safety looks. If so, would it be worth drafting a box safety or “death backer” type in the mid rounds for that hybrid role? Is that a position that exists in this scheme?

    • Seattle Person

      On obvious passing downs, Cody Barton leaves the field for Ryan Neal. RN is playing that rover role right now. Josh Jones is actually playing the traditional SS role in coverage.

      They played quite a bit of dime vs Arizona. Barton’s snaps were around in the 30% range. Can they use an upgrade? Yes. Neal is alright but a more dynamic athlete and player would help the defense a lot more.

  33. Sea Mode

    What happened after last season? Is he carrying an injury or something?

    TJ McCreight

    Evaluating Bama’s Will Anderson Jr. Lots of missed tackles, gets bounced around, on the ground too much and I don’t love his motor. 243 pounds is real and concerning. Texas game he can’t finish and comes up with air. Be careful not to grade the helmet.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve wondered on the streams whether he’s saving himself — which to be fair, is exactly what Myles Garrett did

      But his tape has been really poor this year and he doesn’t have the frame of a Garrett or the quick/twitch of a Von Miller, nor the natural qualities and agility/power of the Bosa’s.

      So he’s a tricky evaluation. In this draft he will go top-five but as I’ve said a few times — I don’t see a game-wrecker who will terrify opponents, I think he’s more of a quality starter at his best.

  34. Sea Mode

    Now I’m curious, Rob: what are your viewers searching for…?

    • Rob Staton

      Mine was exactly the same — Russell Wilson subway commercial

  35. Sea Mode

    Since some people appreciated it last week, posting the link to this week’s installment of senior prospects highlighted by Jim Nagy.

    • God of Thunder

      Thanks for the interesting link SM.

    • Palatypus

      If you want to get a good look at Jalen Wayne of South Alabama, tonight’s game against Troy is going to be a big test as 5-2 Trpy visits the 5-1 Jaguars at Hancock Whitney Stadium (the site of The Senior Bowl.) Troy would be 6-1 if not for that wild ending against Appalachian State.

      This one should be great.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Me like!

      Tony Pauline used to have a weekly risers & fallers type of post & maybe still does but I haven’t found it this season. Anyone know where to find it?

  36. God of Thunder

    Not trying to start an argument, just want to say that LUCKILY for our beloved ‘Hawks, with their 2 firsts and 2 seconds, it’s still October.

    I have a reasonable amount of faith that by March Rob — and others — will have a great Draft Board and this Board will have some names on it that will excite us. Specifically I think there will be some OL and DL players rising over the next few months.

    Though ultimately it may not be a banner year for first rounders, I bet we’ll see some improving linemen.

    • KD

      Also, the combine and Senior Bowl will reveal a lot. I just don’t get the overall lack of defensive production from all across the NCAA. In that sense, much of this draft may come down to finding physical freaks who have the right leadership traits. No one had heard of Eric Fisher by this point in the CFB season in 2012, but low and behold, he goes #1 overall.

      Let’s also keep something in mind, a lot of teams at the top of the draft tend to get a bit cute with their picks, as if their whiz kid statistician knows better than everyone else, and they make a head scratcher of a pick at the top of the draft with guys like Bortles, Trubisky, Darnold, Ferrell, Lance. Of course teams may have learned from those past mistakes and a guy like Levis will be long gone by the time the Hawks are on the clock(assuming no trade up).

      Finally, I certainly agree that Levis is the top, most pro-ready QB in the league, but we can’t assume that most NFL teams will see it that way. A lot may see him as a mid first rounder, a lot may see him as a top 5 prospect. We can only speculate. After all, a lot of us here were going gaga when Jermaine Johnson was still on the board when the Hawks were on the clock, but the Hawks passed on him and he ended up lasting until #26. A lot of teams passed on a player at a premium position for guards, LBs, CBs. Teams knew something we didn’t, so I don’t think it should be a foregone conclusion that Seattle won’t be in a prime position to take someone like him.

    • Rob Staton

      There will be players who do well at the Senior Bowl and test well at the combine that we end up liking

      But typically players are not emerging half way through a season to end up being top-15 picks

      • DJ 1/2 way

        I believe you. Of course. It just seems so unlikely that there will be no Left Tackles or Cornerback in the top of the draft. Strange year. I hope it gets better.

        Another great article perfectly timed for your audience. It moght be “too soon” but that said, thanks. It was not too soon for me.

        One way to get into the top seven if for Denver to keep losing. It is embarrasing how much I am enjoying rooting against that team. I try not to talk too much about it. I like their fans and the State, but there is enough at stake to set that aside.

        • DJ 1/2 way


        • Rob Staton

          There’s definitely no left tackles worthy of top 10 — but that isn’t uncommon. Same with corners really. Just nobody elevating

          It happens. This is a year that is very too heavy in R1

  37. Romeo A57

    I fully expected the Seahawks to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season and it seems that I am probably wrong. Many of us were just looking forward to high draft picks in 2023 to rebuild the team. My worry has been that the team would start poorly and PC would start trading some draft capital to keep the team from being atrocious.

    The NFC West seems to be up for grabs. Arizona is as pathetic as I expected the Seahawks to be. San Francisco is already beat up and the Rams have a lot of holes in their roster.

    I am now even more worried that PC would start trading some future draft picks to plug in holes in the defense for a futile playoff run. He is not young and can’t believe that he has many more chances for playoff success. I can see a NFC champion with 9 wins.

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t need to worry

      They’re not doing that

      They know this is a build

      • Ashish

        Especially after having good last draft hope that bring them to senses that team has to build using draft capital properly.

  38. KD

    Doing simulated mock drafts via PFN or Fanspeak are really frustrating at the moment. A lot of their rankings i agree with, but a lot have some players ranked WAY too high or WAAAAAY to low.

  39. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have a quick question for you do you see UCLA running back Charbonnet as late first round pick or maybe 2 round pick . Have what I have seen he is pretty impressive. I realize you have talk about him many times before .

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s extremely talented but positional value likely means day two

  40. Palatypus

    Are you guys seeing this segment with Brandt and McCourty on GMFB? They are calling the Russell Wilson trade “the heist of the century.”

    i don’t know. Kessel run? Aldanhi?

    Guess we robbed the stagecoach.

    Let’s ride!!!

    • Rob Staton

      If people want to watch it, here it is:

      It’s not much of a segment really — if people don’t watch they won’t miss anything

      • cha

        Monday morning hoo-hah

    • TJ

      Good Morning Football has become Good Morning Dallas Cowboys Updates. It’s become very hard to watch.

  41. Roland Jose

    Why isn’t QB KJ Jefferson from Arkansas not in the conversation? He’s more polished a passer than Richardson and Jefferson is big and mobile as well, KJ just needs refinement and some adjusting to a pro style offense while Richardson needs an overhaul, who knows if we have the same luck as the Bills; why work so hard to develope a player this raw in passing skill?

    • Starhawk29

      Not Rob, but he has already covered Jefferson in previous articles. Long story short, he doesn’t think much of him. Similar draft grade to Hooker, mid round pick.

    • Rob Staton

      KJ Jefferson doesn’t have 1/10th of the talent and upside of Anthony Richardson

      You’re not drafting Richardson for ‘polish’. You’re drafting him for what he can become — and he has a Josh Allen level ceiling

      KJ Jefferson simply isn’t as good as some people think. He’s a one-read dynamo who can’t run through progressions, play with consistent timing and accuracy or throw with touch. And sure — he can get the ball downfield pretty well and that’s nice. It’ll get him drafted. Good athlete too. But he’s a mile away from saying with conviction he’s going to be effective in the league — with far less upside than AR.

    • AlaskaHawk

      If you were to assume that Pete Carroll likes an accurate quarterback who doesn’t throw interceptions you might look at completion rates over the last four weeks. There are 26 college quarterbacks with completion rates of at least 70%.

      The highest rated being DTR with UCLA at 77.2%

      Will Levis comes in at 72.6 %, which is pretty good considering his poor offensive line.

      Bo Nix is there at 70.4 % and Hendon Hooker at 70.6.

      Two other fan favorites, Young with Alabama is at 66.3% AND Stroud with Ohio State is 68.0%.

      Anyway it’s not the greatest stat since it favors short safe passing but at least it is measurable.

      • TomLPDX

        That’s a pretty good list of some of the best QBs this year, except for maybe Nix. This weekend’s game of UCLA/OR will be a good watch.

  42. Thomas

    Just putting it out there, but I’m thinking 2022 Geno Smith is the equivalent of 2013 Josh McCown. To complete the circle we’ll see Tampa sign him in the off season.

  43. no frickin clue

    If the Hawks hope to re-sign Geno (there’s a phrase I didn’t expect to be typing), his cap hit in 2023 will be considerably higher than the $3.5M this season. This made me question who our competition might be for his services. This is purely on the basis of (my view) of those teams being dissatisfied with what they’re getting this season at the position and thinking of making a change – not whether he’s a good fit or not for their respective offenses.

    Group A are teams which, if nothing changes, those teams are scheduled to incur a big cap hit for a QB in 2023 already. Dumping their existing QB1 with a post-6/1 designation would entail some meaningful dead money hits, but also a lot of cap savings that could ostensibly be re-deployed into Geno, if they wanted to go in that direction.

    Group B are teams who are scheduled to incur a medium-sized cap hit in 2023 for a QB, but could similarly save in 2023 with a post-6/1 designation and minimal dead money.

    Group C are teams entering 2023 with no real QB1 under contract. Signing Geno to a new deal for 2023 will presumably entail a big bump in cap allocated to a QB1 than in 2022.

    Group D are the Packers and Buccaneers. I do not pretend to understand what the cap impact is for retirements, and both Rodgers and Brady are mercurial enough that who knows what the hell they are going to do. I wash my hands of Group D. 🙂

    This is who I see in each of Groups A-C and effective cap space, per Over the Cap:

    Group A
    Lions – $2.6M effective cap space
    Titans – ($22.2M)
    Commanders – ($0.5M)
    These teams have so little space, I’m assuming they are not interested in dead money hits that make a rough situation worse.

    Group B
    Saints – ($67.0M) – seriously? Whoa.

    Group C
    Giants – $50.0M
    Seahawks – $30.3M

    All of this is to say, I think our strongest competition next year for Geno’s services, assuming he keeps it up, are the Giants. They have $50M in cap space with 39 players under contract, yielding an average of $4.2M in effective cap space for every extra guy they need to get back to 51. The Seahawks have $30.3M in space, but only 33 guys signed, or just $1.7M per extra guy. Obviously both teams can choose where they splurge and where they save, but the Giants look like they have more firepower to dedicate to Geno if that’s the route they wanted to go.

  44. Joshua Smith

    There are several mid to low level QBs with starting experience who will be FAs next year. This may saturate the market a bit. I’m confident Geno will level out this year and be an average QB. The market may be cold or at the least there are enough QBs out there that teams won’t feel pressure to overpay. And by several I mean:
    Sam Darnold
    Baker Mayfield
    Jimmy G
    Tyler Huntley
    Gardner Minshew
    Cooper Rush
    Teddy Bridgewater
    Daniel Jones
    Jacoby Brissett.
    I’m not advocating for any of these players as a long term answer. Although I would like to see what Huntley could do.
    But this makes me think Pete & John don’t feel pressured to overpay Geno

    • Rob Staton

      Good point

    • DJ 1/2 way

      Geno and Jimmy look like the best of that bunch with recency bias going Geno’s way. Gardner Minshew will get some fans excited with the “backup QB mystery” attraction. The rest will not move the needle much from the fans perspective (the only one I can comment on!). Thus, Geno might get the biggest/longest contract of that whole list.

      This will be a very interesting next few months and offseason.

      • God of Thunder

        Cooper Rush has won 4 games (so far) this season. I wonder if he would be a bridge QB?

  45. DJ 1/2 way

    The Carolina Panthers just secured the number one draft pick (and Will Levis) by trading their best player. Mcaffery to the Niners for a few picks.

  46. Feindt

    After the 49ers mortgaged a lot of their future on Trey Lance, they decided to give their remaining picks on CMC.

    Not quite the haul in comparison with the Adams Trade but excited to see how many healthy games they get out of him.

  47. Rob

    Pardon my ignorance. OTC has Seattle at 52 million in cap space in 2023, but you have said that the effective cap space is 32 million. Why the discrepancy?

    • Rob Staton

      You’re presumably looking on a mobile device and not the desktop version of OTC.

      If you look on the desktop version you’ll find the ‘effective cap space column’ where it shows Seattle has $31m in cap space.

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