Collinsworth: Mike Brown will trade Carson Palmer

I guess not everyone believes Mike Brown will retire to his bunker once free agency opens, putting up a heavy guard against a potential deal for Carson Palmer. NBC analyst and three-time Pro Bowl receiver (not to mention former Bengal) Chris Collinsworth believes Mike Brown will trade the disgruntled quarterback when the lockout eventually ends.

“I think Carson’s finished here for a lot of reasons — I know that the movers were at his house the other day. … At the very least, (head coach) Marvin Lewis is ready to move on. Mike’s a businessman, and I think Mike Brown is probably the guy that is holding up the idea that Carson Palmer is going to be traded — he doesn’t like somebody to dictate terms to him in the way that Carson has done it. But now with the drafting of a quarterback, I think that Mike will get what he can for Carson Palmer, and I do think there’s going to be some interest.”

It’s a subject we’ve discussed many times on the blog since we revealed that a deal to send Palmer to Seattle was in the pipeline. Mike Brown has stated a couple of times his stance would be ‘no deal’, a point emphasised by many if only due to previous history. My response has been – what do you expect? As I wrote here, when an end to the lockout was not in sight, why would he deviate from the initial statement that he wouldn’t be willing to complete a trade? It would merely create a media storm at a time of limited NFL news.

As Collinsworth touches on, Palmer is in the process of re-locating. I understand it’s a move to the PNW and that Brown is willing to get what he can for the quarterback.


  1. D

    So basically what Collinsworth is saying is that Brown got a braintransplant? The things medical whizzes can do these days…

    I think a trade for Palmer would keep this team as contenders for the division while rebuilding. As Coach Lombardi said “Winning is a habit”, but it is a hard one to aquire.

    • Rob

      Acquiring Palmer would be a big move, affording the team some time at the position while maintaining a quality bridge option.

      St. Louis will be a much tougher match going forward. McDaniels for all his faults is an excellent offensive coordinator, Sam Bradford will benefit greatly from his presence and the defense continues to get better with the addition of Robert Quinn. I suspect San Francisco will be wholeheartedly better considering the huge upgrade at Head Coach. If Arizona can find a quarterback, they will be more competitive.

      It’ll be a tougher division next season. I know that gets mentioned a lot, but for once I think it’ll ring true. The Seahawks need to find ways to remain competitive.

      • Kip Earlywine

        I completely agree. I think the one thing we have in our favor though is that Josh McDaniels’ offense could give Bradford a sophomore slump as it is notoriously difficult to pick up quickly.

  2. Mike in OC

    So did Chris Collinsworth finally read your blog, Rob? This is old news for those of us who follow your site. Seriously though, he’s probably one of the best analysts out there and it only backs up what you’ve been reporting all along. Good Work!

    Anyway, as I’ve said before, I think this would be the best move for the ‘Hawks, possibly even better than getting Matt back (which I would still be happy about if it happened).

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