Carson Palmer to Seahawks in the pipeline

The Seahawks are interesting in bringing Carson Palmer to Seattle

I’ve been tweeting about this subject, so might as well put it in writing. The Seahawks and Cincinnati Bengals have been in regular contact regarding a deal that will bring quarterback Carson Palmer to Seattle.  

Of course, nothing can be completed because free agency is yet to begin. As the NFL anticipates a ruling on whether the lockout will be ended and we get closer to possibly seeing the league year open, this deal could pick up momentum.  

The rules of free agency would likely mimic those we saw in 2010, meaning no cap and an elite-8 rule which severely restricts the ability of the final eight playoff teams to sign free agents. The Seahawks in qualifying for the divisional round will not be able to sign other team’s free agents until they lose their own players.  

Should Matt Hasselbeck sign for another team, that would open up the possibiltiy of adding another key player at a different position. This may be why the Seahawks have shown significant interest in Palmer, as there are no restrictions on trades.  

I understand initially the Seahawks and Bengals agreed on a first round pick as the price for Palmer during early discussions at the end of the season. This was before the CBA expired and based around this year’s 25th overall pick.  

Things changed significantly when the Seahawks approached Cincinnati about getting a ‘better deal’ for a younger quarterback, possibly Philadelphia’s Kevin Kolb. The Bengals stance on trading Palmer also softened when they came to terms with the fact he would not change his mind about retirement. Mike Brown is known for doing things his way and never giving an inch. However, it seems that he might be willing to embrace the need for a fresh start. Palmer will retire if he doesn’t get a trade and Cincinnati will be left empty handed.  

Another side issue is the possibility the Bengals block a trade, then draft someone like Blaine Gabbert fourth overall or even a player in round two. Having been prevented a trade, what stops Palmer turning up for training camp and getting paid? The usually thrifty Bengals would be paying two quarterbacks a top tier salary.  

The agreed price is now a late round pick, believed to be a 5th rounder. A second conditional pick would be included which could rise to a 3rd rounder depending on performance (eg, Palmer is named to the Pro Bowl or playoff wins).  

That’s quite a come down from the originally agreed first round pick. However, it’s not unrealistic when you consider the financial implications for Cincinnati if they block a trade. I understand the bargain price has also been dictated somewhat by Palmer’s insistence on only negotiating with Seattle. He has family in the pacific northwest and intends to move there whether he is granted a trade or not. I also believe the move is already in progress.  

Things can change quickly, but Palmer starting as the Seahawks quarterback next year is a very real prospect. He is prepared to renegotiate his contract, stressing quality of life over money.  

This doesn’t mean there’s no chance Matt Hasselbeck returns to the team. I was told by the same source that issued information on the draft last week that there remains mutual interest between the two parties in arranging a deal for two more years. However, Palmer is four years younger than Hasselbeck, has history with Pete Carroll and receiver Mike Williams at USC and has outperformed Hasselbeck statistically in recent seasons.  

My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that Palmer or Hasselbeck will start for the Seahawks in 2011 if the season takes place amid litigation chaos. The team has a strong interest in drafting Colin Kaepernick and one other unnamed quarterback. Andy Dalton is the third QB on their board. If they do choose to take a quarterback early on Thursday or Friday, it’ll be a commitment to the younger quarterback potentially taking over the starting role in two years time. That would be a perfect situation for a player like Kaepernick, having worked exclusively out of the pistol offense in Nevada.

The information was discussed in depth on ESPN 710 during the Brock and Salk Show:

More audio at


  1. Dave

    I like the idea of having Palmer and Kaepernick. A 5th round pick is such a low price to pay for a starting QB and the conditional pick for example a 3rd would be totally worth it if the trade worked out. Rob, how do you think the failed drugs tests will affect Houston and Ballards stock. Could Houston now be an option in the second round for the Hawks?

    • Rob

      Some teams will immediately scratch the pair off their boards, others will be less impacted by the news. I’d guess neither will suffer too much as excellent players and are still in that early second round range.

  2. Matt MTJ

    I am a huge fan of Palmer and think this is a no brainer. It would give us more freedom in the draft without handcuffing ourselves, if guys like Mallett or Locker are available at 25, without handcuffing ourselves into selecting guys like Dalton or Ponder (double puke) as well.

    Either way, I think we have to make this deal. It makes too much sense and like already stated, would give us much more flexibility within the draft so those of us who have nightmares about Dalton or Ponder at 25 can sleep well at night.

    • Jim Kelly

      Ponder and Dalton. I like them, as individuals, but I think I throw up a little bit every time I think of the Hawks taking them. This would definitely give the Hawks some flexibility and the fans some hope.

  3. Alex

    interesting, this info somewhat correlates yet differs from the information I heard on seahawks net so I assume the source is different.

    Overall, I would be ok with Palmer especially at the price he’s asking (I’m even ok with a 2nd rounder). An above average starting QB who regularly plays in a division with the Steelers and Ravens defense could do wonders in the NFC West. Further, I’ve heard things about Palmer’s arm strength “returning” and performance returning when the team switched TO and Ocho for the younger receivers. So maybe he truly needs a new beginning.


    • Matt MTJ

      Yeah, I don’t think it can be overstated enough how much a fresh start could rejuvenate Palmer. He’s only 30 and could provide 3 years of high level play (if he’s finds it again) and could be serviceable for another 3 following that. That buys us time into not rushing into a rookie QB we don’t truly believe in. I think this is nothing but positive for the Hawks moving forward. And like I said earlier, if Locker or Mallett is available at 25, they could pull the trigger without being handcuffed financially.

      Get this done PC and JS!

      • FWBrodie

        I agree.

        It’s looking more and more like there could be a battle for Locker in the top half of round one though. Doubt the Hawks are even wasting time thinking about him anymore.

  4. Matthew

    Carson Palmer, for the right price would be a great transitional piece for the seahawks. I say this because he would stabalize our qb situation, and make us somewhat competative, and give Colin kapernick, or Jake locker time to develop. Also I feel with Palmer rather than hasselbeck we would not be in such a bind to select qb this year if petes guy isn’t there, or they just want to go bpa. That’s just my take.

  5. Mike in OC

    First of all, I am really enjoying your blogs. They are well written, interesting, and insightful. Keep up the great work!

    On to the subject:
    I think bringing in Palmer would be the best move, both for the Seahawks and, believe it or not, for Matt. That way he can ride out of Seattle on a highly positive note (a fun, albeit short, playoff run). He can also sign with another team who may be closer to really advancing in the playoffs than the Seahawks at this point.

    For the Seahawks, although I’ve very much supported Matt during his tenure here, I think getting Carson will be a major upgrade. I’ve been a fan of USC football forever (how fortuitous that the coach from there went to my favorite NFL team) and I think he’s been the best QB from that program in a long time (which includes Leinhart and Sanchez). IMHO, I think he puts us as a favorite to win the west again. He’ll also be able to provide a longer link between the present and whatever QB development time is needed for the future.

    • Rob

      Thanks for the kind words and your thoughts on the matter, Mike.

  6. woofu

    Chaos? Chaos?

    This would be chaos!

    • Dave

      No draft- Seahawks have the richest owner in the league, so that would be pretty sweet. Andrew Luck here we come!

      • Alex

        In that scenario, the Seahawks would be the Yankees of baseball.

      • Charlie

        or the players would all go to their favorite/ winning teams

        • Dave

          Thats not the way it works in free agency. I don’t want to say that the only thing players care about is money but it’s still a huge factor

      • Ben

        Paul doesn’t want that. He tried to do it with the Bulls towards the end of the 90s and it just ended in failure and heartbreak. He’s not going to outspend the league. If there is no cap, look for teams like the Cowboys or Giants or Redskins to break the bank.

        • Dave

          I think for 1 player like Luck, he might be willing. In all seriousness though, I can’t see an NFL without a draft

        • Ben

          *Blazers, he tried to do it with the Blazers.

          /brain fart

  7. JK

    Assuming teams can’t (or won’t) trade players for picks this year — and assuming that the Bengals would rather have picks in this draft than next year’s — could we see weird handshake-style deals where the Seahawks trade their 5th-round pick for a “future conditional pick or player” or something vague like that?

    Just wondering if there are ways teams can trade for players without actually trading for players. Sort of like baseball’s famous “player to be named later” trades…

    • Rob

      I’d be surprised if that happened. More likely trades will involve 2012 picks.

  8. Matt MTJ

    Rob, you got a shout out of KIRO 710…although John Clayton shot you down (not that I care). How reliable is this source regarding the Palmer news? Just curious to hear your conviction regarding this matter. Love your work man!

    • Al

      You’ve provoked a whole hour long discussion on 710. Mixed feelings on there but they haven’t read this article and are filling the gaps with info that differs from yours. They’re definitely focusing on the 3rd too, and speaking about it as though it’d be next year’s, along with next year’s 5th.

      • Al

        Heaps of namedrops for both you and the site so maybe you’ll see the traffic increase!

        • Rob

          Thanks for passing on the information, I wasn’t aware.

          • Rob

            As for the source, there’s more than one. I know one person who relayed information from a Bengals employee in a position of authority.

            I’ve not heard John Clayton’s view on the situation, but I suspect it’ll be relating to the Bengals’ tough stance. If Palmer is denied a trade, he’s turning up at camp and taking the cash. Cincy aren’t going to cut their nose off to spite the face on this issue. They don’t want to pay two guys starting QB money at the highest tier.

  9. Frank

    Well said Alex. T.O. and Ocho really held him back. I kept wondering why with all the upside talk for Newton and Locker why Kaepernick wasn’t a much hotter prospect. He outperformed both in passing drills in the combine, and is highly comparable Athlete with a stronger arm than either. I swear, I got ripped on this site a couple moths ago for saying he should be a first rounder. Though if we got him in the second I’d love it.
    Glad its Palmer not Kolb he’s never been a consistant performer over a whole season.

    • Dan

      I watched the full games at the end of 2010 where Palmer was passing to guys not named TO and Ocho – and he looked pretty impressive. He’s not perfect obviously, but he still has zip on the ball, commands the huddle, is confident, and can make every pass. He’s the kind of guy that has the ability to put a team on his back – he didn’t get every chance to do that in Cinci, but I think he’s a huge upgrade over anything we have now.

    • plyka

      i got ripped for saying that Kaepernick was a 2nd round talent during the senior bowl, so i know how you feel. Still, he isn’t as good a prospect as Newton. Not really close in my eyes.


      is my list.

  10. Kelly

    As much as Matt has given the Hawks over the past 10 years, I truly believe it is time for the organization to move forward. I see no upside for the Hawks in sticking with him over the next 2 years. I will miss his 2 minute drill efficency though…He often looked like Peyton Manning in the last 2 min. of a second quarter

    I know that reports said that both sides were close to a deal but personally I feel like they had plenty of time to reach a deal and for whatever reason that did not happen. Whether it be…1.) The Hawks organization wanted him cheaper due to his injuries or 2.) Matt wants to test free agency. Again, it is in my opinion that Matt truly does not want to be in Seattle anymore. when the fans started to root “Charlie Charlie” late last season, it was a wake up call that Matt’s time has come to an end. And he gave an MVP type performance against the Saints as a goodbye present. WE CAN NOT WIN 10+ games with Matt Hasselbeck.

    Just for fun…I looked at the QB numbers for Palmer, Hasselbeck and heres the comparison. Keep in mind that Matt has 12 seasons (10 as a starter) and Palmer has 8 seasons (7 as a starter)

    Matt: 2,572 completions, 29,579 yards, 176 TDS, 128 INT’s, Been sacked 309 times, and has a QB rating of 82.2 %

    Carson: 2,024 completions, 22,694 yards, 154 TDS, 100 INTS, Been sacked 160 times, and has a QB rating of 86.9%

    Now, obviously there are some factors that go into these #’s. Palmer has had Ocho Cinco and just recently TO to throw to. the hawks have not…but let’s add three starting seasons to Palmers stats so that he is equal to Matt. This means that Carson would only need 548 completions and 6885 to match Matt’s numbers which he could easily reach in 2 seasons, 22 TDS which he could get in just 1 season and he has a better QB rating and has been sacked almost half as less then hasselbeck (O-line problems!!!)

    Add all of this with the fact that Carson has history with both Carrol and Mike Williams and I truly believe this would be a GREAT move. Especially for a 4th or 5th rounder.

    • plyka

      1) Matt never looked like Payton Manning, unless you’re talking about the period last year when Manning had 11 INTs in 4 games.

      2) Matt most DEFINITELY wants to come back to Seattle, and there is no doubt about it in my mind. He is worth more to the Hawks than he is to any other team due to sentimental reasons. Other teams will just look at his performances and record and not pay any mind to “how much he has given us over the prior 10 years,” etc. Thus, I can’t see Matt being guaranteed the starting gig anywhere but Seattle. Remember, this is a QB who is 36 years old and over the last 3 years has WORST in the NFL type performances. Why would another team pay for this? No, he will get backup to possible vet starter money and have a chance to compete for a starting gig, in Seattle he will be assured the starting gig and get a lot more money.

      3)Carson is a far better QB and it is not even close. I don’t think even the most crazed Matt fans would disagree. The issue was the cost for Palmer, a 1+2nd rounder is insane. But this idea of a late round pick, totally worth it.

      4) Palmer is not as good as he used to be. Perhaps due to injuries and the like.

      5) You were comparing careers, and over their careers Matt has had far superior supporting cast than Palmer has. The Hawks, for a very long stretch, had the best and one of the best O-lines in the game. Add that to a top 3 RB in Alexander. And his WR weapons were damn good at one time.

      • Kelly

        I agree/disagree with some of what you said.

        1.) Maybe Comparing his 2 minute drill to Peyton was a little much but you have to admit his 2 minute drill is one of the best in the league. Top 5-10 easily

        2.) I don’t agree with you at all that Matt wants to come back to Seattle. Bottom line: NO DEAL WAS DONE when they had the time to make it happen…And your arguement about another team not wanting to start him makes NO sense to me. I can see Cleveland, Arizona, SF, Washington, Cincinatti, Carolina all of whom would use his services for 2+ years.

        3.) Palmer has not been as good as he used to be? Look at the numbers..He had a good 2005/2006 and his 2010 numbers matched his 2007 soso numbers. Give him a new start and I believe he could easily have 28 TD’s/15 INT’s type season.

        Bottom line for me is that Carson is the best option for the next 3 seasons. if he fails, so be it, at the same time START DEVELOPING a younger QB NOW.

        • FWBrodie

          Matt was at his best in the no-huddle rhythm offense. I agree.

      • FWBrodie

        If you look at Palmer’s numbers since his injury, they are very clearly trending upwards. Who’s to say that trend won’t continue. I think he’s a fringe top 10 starter with the upside to climb higher. That being said, at his age it’s reasonable to expect the upward trend to begin trending down sometime in the next few years. You absolutely could not expect the Seahawks to do any better at the position while developing a young player like Kaepernick.

  11. Bret L

    This is what I have been hoping for get Carson and let Kap develop.

    • wes

      yea that would be the ultimate scenario for the hawks if the compensation for palmer is a 5th and a future 3rd. Palmer could hold it down for a couple years and Kap can step in when palmer is done. I think Kap has a higher ceiling for Kolb anyway, and it seems like kolb will take way too much to acquire from the iggles.

  12. ChavaC

    For a first? hell no. 5th and 3rd, why not? I’d be pretty stoked about Palmer/Kaepernick too. Hell with Palmer at QB this team might be able to make the playoffs with a winning record.

  13. amattson

    Perfect. Now I say we trade #25 to someone that needs a young qb and pick up their second and third – now that gives us 2 2’s, 1 3, 1 4, 2 5’s, etc. We can do something with that. Here’s what I’m hoping for:

    1st 2nd Hudson G FSU – can step in and start right away and has a mean streak!

    2nd 2nd Nevis DT LSU – can step in and start right away at DT and collapse the pocket – something we haven’t seen in awhile!

    3rd Young WR BSU – gives us a playmaker that we don’t have

    4th House CB NMSU – can contribute right away at nickel back at the very least

    5th Beal DE OU – great edge rusher – defensive player of year in big 12!

    5th Hurd G UConn – for depth and competition – big enough to play right tackle

    6th Baker FB NWMSU – better than DJ Williams in athleticism and could be like Weaver

    7th McElroy QB OU – A winner – only lost like 3 games in his life and could sit behind Palmer and learn like Rodgers did behind Favre!

    Well, that’s the way I’m hoping it shakes out. I’d be okay with Chebwa OSU at Corner instead of House if that’s what happens. But in this case, I think we’d have 6 guys that would contribute right away at positions of need with Hurd being able to step in if needed. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys think. Feel free to say who would be a better fit at a particular position and round if you see one. I’m looking to find the “best fits” for each round before the draft so I know who to root for! Go Hawks!

    • Charlie

      rodgers was picked in the first round. mcelroy should not even be mentioned in the same sentence, but I like most of the picks, rodney hudson would be a solid investment. i just dont think we should trade mediocrity for talent. Just because we get palmer, if we do, doesnt mean we shouldnt draft locker or kaepernick.

    • FWBrodie

      Like your mock there. I think I’d be willing to take house in the third and take Sands (S, West Virginia) in the 4th. I’d also still really like to see them pick up Kaepernick.

      • amattson

        I agree with Sands – I actually thought about him afterwards and wish I would have written him in. Good call!

  14. wes

    Hey Rob,
    If the hawks value Dalton as the 3rd best QB, where would they be willing to draft him? Surely not at 25 I hope. I assume they would use their second round pick on him if they do draft someone else earlier. Personally, I see drafting dalton as the ultimate settle. He’s a guy with such a low ceiling, I just dont like the idea. There is nothing exciting about him at all.

    Thanks for the great writing. I hope your source proves accurate (but no dalton!)

    • Rob

      It’s hard to tell because everything you hear and read about Dalton is very positive at the moment. I graded him as a career backup and a late round pick. There’s every chance Seattle grades him in a round four type area, but still the 3rd QB on their list. At the same time, maybe they are willing to trade down a little bit and make the deal? I’m not sure, we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Matt MTJ

        Not sure if you saw the recent report, Tennessee considers Dalton an “elite prospect” and is heavily considering him at 8. Now that it’s gotten to this level, it has to be BS. There’s no way in hell a team could spend a top 10 pick. No freakin way.

        • Charlie

          Just relating to the titans, i saw that todd mcshay says they “really love” locker

        • Dave

          At 8? That’s just nuts. I think he’d be a reach with their second round pick. I might just piss myself laughing if they pass on Fairley or Bowers for Dalton on Thursday

    • Charlie

      3rd best qb in relation to where the hawks are drafting. So basically he is considered the 5th best behind presumably newton, gabbert locker and kaepernick. Just because hes 3rd on their board doesnt mean anything except that they’d pick him over ponder. wherever that may be

  15. Mj

    I’m stoked. Now we have some flexibility in who we draft and can focus on good value with each pick. I was a little worried we would have to reach for a QB. I wouldn’t mind selecting one, but if it doesn’t workout, it’s not a huge issue anymore.

    • Charlie

      This isn’t set in stone… so i wouldnt consider qb a non-issue or being set until its a official.

  16. Jeff M.

    If the price is that low, why doesn’t San Francisco try to outbid Seattle? It seems like (given what’s been said about Palmer’s locational preferences over the years) that should be acceptable to him as well, and he’d probably have a better chance of competing right away (and get to play with Davis, Crabtree, Gore, etc.). Is Palmer really say he’s going to retire unless he’s traded to his college coach’s team?

    • Rob

      As it says in the article, Palmer is only willing to move to Seattle. Even if he is forced to retire, he’s moving to the North West for family reasons. It’s a case of, he moves to the NW and takes a job with the Seahawks, or he moves NW and is retired. He is dictating this situation.

      • Jerry Nice

        This would be absolutely unbelievable Rob. I know you briefly mentioned it, but this comes from multiple reliable sources?

        I feel like you’ve recently become very deep in the “in” when it comes to certain news breaks (Marshawn, etc.). Are you just that persistent or lucky?

        If this happens, I’m buying you a sandwich.

        • Rob

          It’s part persistence, part luck. It’s more a case of appreciating information when it comes true. When one source keeps telling you things that come to fruition (eg Lynch, eg the draft last year) you listen. The Palmer stuff comes from a new source, but has been confirmed by multiple people. Others have speculated on it too, it’s kind of a ‘worst kept secret’ type of thing.

          • Jerry Nice

            Would you say this possibility has the most steam given the amount of legs it appears to have? I know you typically don’t get behind rumors like this, but you seem pretty confident that Palmer will be a Hawk next year.

  17. Rob

    I’m only confident, Jerry, that it’s a possibility. A strong possibility. The talks have taken place, I have no doubt about that. Whether it happens, we’ll see what happens.

  18. Ness

    CASEY MATTHEWS 3rd 4th round pick – drooling get him Hawks

    1st. Pouncey
    2nd Ponder or Kaepernick
    3rd(trade) or 4th Casey Matthews if he’s anything like his Brother we will all be happy Tatupu and Casey Matthews – drooling

    • Alex

      only issue right now is that Pouncey is projected well ahead of 25 and somewhere in the 15-21 range. It seems Miami and Kansas City are the two main teams that Pouncey will have to get past.

      I want nothing related to Ponder and I would be ok with Kaep though his stock right now seems early 2nd to mid 2nd.

      I’ve seen Casey play and he is a solid playmaker in the 4th.

  19. Don

    Don’t want Palmer!

    Spending a 5th and a 3rd on a band aid doesn’t make sense. The best teams that end up consistently deep in the playoffs are those that build through the draft. Those two picks could be worth a lot more for a longer time than a rent-a-player.

    Seahawks need to get young talent thoughout the roster. What good is Palmer? You are only delaying the re-build process. Sign Matt instead and keep the picks.

    Sink or swim with Charlie and if he is good, then fine. If not, you get better draft picks.
    A win / win situation.

    The colts had to be really bad for a year to get Manning. So do the Seahawks if they want to get impact players.

    • Alex

      except most 5th round picks don’t even remain in the league after 5 years and 3rd round picks are at best average starters. Not saying that you won’t get a pro bowl player, but it’s highly unlikely. If you can get an above average QB like Palmer for a 3rd and 5th, you take it. People seems to be forgetting that QBs in general are extremely expensive. Kolb is supposedly having a price tag of two 2nds. Schaub had a price tag of essentially two 2nds. Both of these players unlike Palmer were or still are unknown entities yet they costed more. Why? It’s because Palmer is deflating the price according to this source.

      What good is Palmer? He’s better than Hasselbeck in every asset of the game even in his “average” mode. Only Hasselbeck in his very prime circa 05, 07 is better than Palmer the last few years. Palmer actually hasn’t been doing that bad in a division with the Steelers and Ravens. Palmer is also younger, which buys the Seahawks more time for the QB they WANT to develop or draft rather than one they feel forced to draft. Just because you have Palmer, it doesn’t exclude a QB draft pick.

      You are not delaying the rebuilding process. You can still rebuild through the top 2 picks, which is something the FO has never given up. Despite what people like to believe, you have a great draft if you can simply hit on 4 starters in a draft. More often than not, those 4 starters come from the first 3 rounds. Rounds 4-7 yield less starters. In the middle rounds (3-5), you generally are looking for interior OL, RB, project WR. You most likely won’t find a good QB, CB, LT, or DL players, which are essentially the premium positions.
      Overall, if you asking me to give up one pick that will most likely not pan out and one pick that at best yields a starter, I would gladly package those two potential players into a Carson Palmer.

      Finally, you NEVER play for last (you never directly stated it, but it’s heavily implied by your Manning example). It’s bad culture (mind you, the coach who drafted Manning was fired soon) and there is way too many uncertainties involved. Trust me, I’ve seen so many fans from different teams say, “let’s throw away” next year for Andrew Luck or Barkley or Landry. Why the heck is it always next year? By the time those 3 (if the latter 2 even decide to come out) are out, they’ll be so scrutinized that it’ll be another “let’s wait till next year”. And how many teams are actually striving for last for Luck? Are we seriously having a competition here?


      • Alex

        *Overall, if you’re asking me

  20. woofu

    The loss of draft choices to get a mentor for a project who knows Petes system is one way to do it. Palmer would be a longer lived mentor to be than Hass. This allows a little more time to find the project should it be needed.

    Whats interesting about it is the timing with Nelsons ruling. Back channel conversations always exist and lord knows USC was no slouch in that department not to mention the Trojan brotherhood secret handshake stuff. As of yesterday a giant grey area opened up and teams probably wasted no time openly but quietly talking to agents, etc..

    Simply put, it’s a possibility that makes sense, need a season first though.

  21. Hawksfan33

    New favorite seahawks site! the seahawks blogs nowadays are really getting good. Seahawks draft blog, fieldgulls with Dan Kelly, and 17power are making it alot of fun to be a seahawks fan these days.

    Thanks for all the work you do Rob!

    • Rob

      Thanks for the kind words.

  22. Hawkfin

    I agree with Don completely……. We need to build this team through the draft and not lose more draft picks!
    We are a long ways away from any type of championship, so the rent a player makes no sense. We already appear to have taken a step back with the Whitehurst move and losing lots of draft value/picks.

    We don’t need Palmer (OR KOLB)
    If we can’t resign Matt to a good deal for us, then move on with Whitehurst and whatever young QB we draft. (I prefer Mallett)
    But Kap is growing on me if we can get a 3rd rounder and still get him.
    (But NOT Ponder/Dalton)

    Palmer sounds nice and the season would feel better for the short term, but not at more draft pick cost. A 5th rounder is one thing, but adding a 3rd or higher is not smart. And it would probably take higher. More like 2nd rounder at least.

    If Cinn is that stuck with Palmer and his demands, then we should hold out.
    Palmer for a 5th rounder – PERIOD. Or similar to the Lynch deal.
    But, no 3rd or higher or multiple picks.

    • Alex

      A few things.

      QBs are expensive. If you ask the FOs of QB needy teams, they would trade a 3rd and 5th in a heartbeat for Palmer. Kevin Kolb who is a complete unknown entity with only youth as his advantage is worth 2 2nds. Schaub was the same before he became the top 10 QB he is today.

      2nd, holding out destroys the goodwill of the team when both sides clearly know who’s winning in this deal. It’s frankly a douchebag move if they’re follow your suggestion.

      Finally, the 3rd round pick is supposedly conditional on performance, which is just fine. If he gets in the playoffs or is a Pro Bowler, hell, I would gladly sacrifice the 3rd round pick.

      • Don

        Palmer would only make sense if the Seahawks had talent everywhere except QB, like the Vikings. But the Seahwaks don’t have talent to be contenders, so why spend picks on a QB that won’t make any difference anyway?

        Palmer will only make a poor team average, so instead building with high draft choices we end up in the middle of the first round again. You can forget about any franchise QB’s in the draft.

  23. Kip Earlywine

    Oh crap. The cat’s out of the bag now. Hope this doesn’t in any way compromise a deal down the road.

  24. Nick

    As a Hawks fan, I love the idea of getting Palmer and Locker/Kaepernick to sit behind him and learn. QB is the most important position and Palmer would give us some much needed stability there. I’m not expecting to get anything from Whitehurst.

  25. Kip Earlywine

    More info about the Palmer rumors at 17power. Great read from another “deep throat” source, this time a USC alum in contact with Palmer:

  26. Ed

    if we do get palmer, i don’t want to use an early pick on a qb (unless locker falls). whether we can trade back or not our 1st 2 picks should be:


  27. Hawkfin

    We need a whole lot more talent everywhere on this Seahawk team.
    So gaining Palmer and say Locker/Kap – Let’s add it up:

    We would have No 1st rounder this year – Tied to QB pick of Locker or Kap
    No 3rd rounder this year – gained Whithurst
    No 5th rounder this year – For Palmer
    No 3rd rounder NEXT YEAR – Palmer (Since we don’t have a 3rd this year to even give)
    We moved 20 spots last year in the 2nd round or whatever it was – Whitehurst

    All this for QB’s? And I am still Not satisfied of the QB position after all that?
    Palmer is not all that and is still 30 and has been throwing to far better wides then what we have/Oline. Wasn’t Whitehurst old enough for you guy’s already.

    And we need to be thinking a future “young” QB – So whoever said we get Palmer and not draft a QB makes some sense, but still leaves us with a huge problem in the future and our rebuilding of the franchise. Palmer would actually set us back.
    We probably “wouldn’t” draft a QB in the top 4 rounds for the next 3 years.

    It would also probably cost more then a 5th and 3rd in reality. More like our 2nd rounder.

    • Alex

      a franchise QB trumps all other needs. It’s as simple as that. If it means sacrificing what you listed, I would do that. The truth of the matter is that QBs are expensive and a 3rd and 5th is a great deal for an at worst average QB who showed signs of returning to Pro Bowl form at the end of last year when TO and Ocho were switched out for the younger receivers (San Diego game against the #1 defense last year).

      Further, you have to see what the 5th and 3rd round pick will be. Most 5th rounders aren’t long terms starters. Most long term starters come from the first 3 rounds. So in the most probably case, you’re trading one player who won’t last 5 years and a solid starter in a position not as important as QB for an above average QB that can buy us more time to rebuild for the next QB.

      And don’t speculate. 5th and 2nd? Really? If you don’t trust the info, then don’t bother to be around.


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