Colorado trio continue to impress

I’m all in on three Colorado prospects this year. Quarterback Steve Montez, linebacker Nate Landman and playmaker Laviska Shenault Jr. They put on another show against UCLA on Friday, taking the Buffs to 4-0 for the season.

Montez is legit. He’s 6-5 and 235lbs. I want to watch more of Justin Herbert at Oregon but I haven’t seen a more talented draft-eligible QB than Montez so far this year. His mobility, his size, his downfield accuracy and his playmaking quality are top level. He’s avoiding big mistakes, making sensational plays and elevating his team. And that’s a big thing to look for. Has a player put a team on the map? Have they taken a team into contention? Montez has done both.

Colorado are challengers in the PAC-12. We’ll learn a lot about them in the next few weeks. They host Arizona State then go to USC and Washington. It’ll be a great test for the Buffs as a team and Montez as a draft prospect. I think he looks like the real deal.

He’s no doubt helped by Shenault Jr who is just an incredible playmaker as a runner or receiver. Line him up anywhere. He’s a headache for defenses, a tremendous athlete and has a knack of making improbable catches. He himself looks like a first round talent. A quick reminder — he’s 6-2 and 220lbs and squats 475lbs. He’s extremely explosive. Alabama and LSU showed some interest in him as a recruit. It’ll be interesting to see if Montez opts not to declare this year to play one more season with Shenault Jr in 2019 before both turn pro. They’re a great double act and there isn’t a better quarterback-weapon combination in the conference.

Like Shenault Jr, Landman isn’t draft eligible this year. He led the team in tackles against UCLA and is a typically intense middle linebacker with great physical skills, quickness and ability to read/react. He had a 37-inch vertical in high school. Going into the UCLA game he had seven TFL’s — as many as Montez Sweat and 0.5 more than Clelin Ferrell. The TFL numbers haven’t been released yet for last nights game so he might be credited with more. He also has two interceptions. Great prospect.

This trio are making Colorado practically unmissable this season. The next three games will be fascinating. Don’t be surprised if they continue their great run and these three become very intriguing NFL prospects for the draft.

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  1. McZ

    Herbert had a rough game vs Stanford. A lot of botched snaps, and you begin to ask what they teach those centres nowadays. One of those basically turned the game. All in all, great vision, precision, strong arm. Not as well in quick-huddle situations, but who is. California/#24 will be a test.

    Jalen Jelks could be a complementary mid round pick at DT. When it comes to LB, Husky Ben Burr-Kirven is having one heck of a season.

    The game to watch this weekend IMO is LSU vs Ole Miss. Greedy Williams vs Meltcalf and Lodge.
    Also interesting will be WVU vs Texas Tech, Will Grier trying to rip a SEC power with their starting secondary back.

    And, of course, Ohio State @ Penn state and Stanford @ Notre Dame. Will be interesting to see, how Nick Boca plugs a peer power.

    • Duck07

      A “rough” game? He was practically perfect passing before OT and if he hadn’t made as many precision throws as he did, Oregon may not have had the opportunity to fumble the game away in the 2nd half. Calling it a “rough” game is harsh.

      If there is ONE game of Herbert’s to watch, especially as a Husky fan like Rob, go watch his first start as a true freshman on a garbage Oregon squad up against the Huskies best defense in the last few decades. Word is though he is planning on staying another year to play with his little brother who is a TE. 1st Round money talks though.

      Jelks is a DE who is now getting work at OLB in some packages, he’s much more what Miami wanted to draft in Dion Jordan than he is DeForest Buckner who is a legit DT inside.

      • Rob Staton

        FWIW I am not a Husky fan. Don’t follow a college team. Watched UW twice live but prefer to keep an open mind.

      • McZ

        Don’t want to miniscule Herberts greatness.

        The roughness stems from the botched snaps.The second of which basically turned the tide in this very winnable game. I think, yesterday’s game against Cal was almost perfect.

        I think, over the last 4 years, Herbert and Grier are the best QBs in this class.

  2. David Ashton

    How high do we all think Justin Simmons will go given off field issues?

    • Rob Staton

      If he gets drafted, day three

      • David Ashton

        Where do you think his talent sits if it weren’t for the incident?

        • Rob Staton

          Never been blown away by him. And kind of don’t have much time for him based on what he did. Not someone I covet for the team.

  3. AndrewP

    CUs opponents are a combined 1-14.

    That being said, there’s definitely value in building confidence and expecting to win, so it’ll be interesting to see if the Buffs can take one (or even two) of these next three.

  4. Pedestrian

    Wow that was a good game. I thought Colorado had some really creative plays. It’s been a slow start for most of the pac 12 as everyone has played at least 1 or 2 non-conpetitive teams so far this year. I think UW and and Utah were over hyped, Washington state and Colorado not hyped enough. Ultimately we need to see two more weeks of play to really get a sense of where everyone is at because of the cupcake games.

    As of now though
    1. Stanford
    2. Colorado
    3. Oregon (not confident they’ll hold here or be better)
    4. Cal
    5. WSU
    6. UW (Browning is awful)
    7. Arizona
    8. USC
    9. Utah
    10. ASU
    11. UCLA
    12. Oregon State

    • AndrewP

      I’m a Coug, and even I LOL @them over UW

      • Pedestrian

        I said as of now.. huskies don’t look the same as last year on offense with Gaskin carrying them on his shoulders. I wouldn’t consider an offense so reliant on one player and no depth behind him as particularly good. Defense has been a bright spot.

        Watch the game tonight, BYU will give browning a hard time.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Gaskin has been a workhorse for his entire career. 1300+ yards each of his 3 season, on 222-237 carries. Epitome of consistency. He has more than proven he can literally carry the offense. Ahmed behind him might be even more talented. It’ll be interesting to see what Ahmed can do with 20 carries a game next year. His burst is legit.

          • Pedestrian

            I’d like to see Ahmed get some more snaps. Though not likely behind Gaskin.

        • Elmer


          Browning 23 for 25 passing against BYU. Not too much of a tough time.

          Final score UW 35, BYU 7. Would have been 35-0 if not for a muffed punt late in the game.

    • Nathan W.

      Hahahahahahaha. Cougs, Cal, Colorado over the Dawgs? Come on 😴😴

    • CaptainJack

      Let’s calm down about Colorado. They have not played anybody. UCLA is an absolute dumpster fire this year. Yes Colorado blew them out, but so did FRESNO STATE.

      If Washington played Colorado today, they would blow them out. Just as they have done every year since Colorado joined the PAC 12.

      Right now Washington and Stanford are the top two teams in the PAC. Washington dominated, maybe not score wise, but physically dominated both Arizona State and Utah, both teams who could probably beat Colorado. Washington WAS CLOSE to dominating Auburn, if not for some horrible decisions by the coaches and players in the redzone, combined with some awful referee work.

      It is utterly laughable, and I mean LAUGHABLE, to suggest that Cal, Wsu, Colorado are better than Washington right now. With Oregon and Stanford, there could be an argument made, but I don’t see it. Washington will run the table and win the PAC 12. I think this post just exposed that you know very little about the state of football in the PAC 12 conference.

      • Rob Staton

        Washington might beat Colorado. I doubt they’d blow them out though. We’ll find out soon. But this is a good Colorado team.

      • Pedestrian

        So much confidence, it comes across as arrogance and dawgma… What makes you all knowing about the state of the pac 12?? How can you be so sure? Provide some valid points and stats that your HOME TEAM is better than 11 other teams.

        Don’t talk about your team coming CLOSE to winning unless it was unexpected of them and something to measure. It’s a bad look and is just excuse making to fit your narrative. Beat Stanford, Oregon, and Colorado and get back to me, Jack.

        • Rob Staton

          Chill out dude

          • Pedestrian

            Alright. I’m done. Just took a lot of guff because I didn’t have a high enough opinion of the Huskies.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    I would move UW up to #4. Carry on. Should be an interesting Apple Cup this year – which is the ultimate decider on Washington teams.

  6. Volume12

    Oooh man. Florida DE Jachai Polite (6’2, 260 lbs.) is exciting.

    Watched the Florida/FIU game last night on DVR. Keep an eye on him. High effort, get off, bend. Yes please!

  7. Volume12

    Colorado LB Drew Lewis not getting any love? That kid is freaky athletic with bloodlines.

    10’6-10’10” broad jump, 1 .50 10 yard dash spring testing #’s.

    • CaptainJack

      From “the area” also.

      His play declined as the year went on for Colorado last year, just because they had zero depth at inside linebacker and he and Gamboa had to take all the snaps there.

      He is more of the “hard worker type” but I don’t think he has the NFL body.

  8. Pedestrian

    OK, well clearly you’re being a homer. I said as of now, considering win/loss records and quality of opponents, yeah, that’s how I see it. After this weekend, that order can change.

    As good as huskies are, they’re not as great as you think. Watch the game tonight. Browning will struggle.

    • CaptainJack

      You have to be trolling… look at Colorado’s opponents, and then look at Washington’s so far… Nebraska hasn’t won a game yet.

      I will be watching the game tonight for sure, Browning will play fine, just as he did last week.

  9. icb12

    I think an argument could be made for stanfords Costello/Arcega-whiteside as a equivalent qb/weapon combo in the pac 12

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen them — and to be honest — I think Montez and Shenault Jr are on a different level. Arcega-Whiteside is a jump ball specialist. He’s good at it… but Shenault Jr is a complete playmaker and a weapon in any scenario. And Montez is a legit pro prospect at QB.

  10. Volume12

    Can’t believe Jimbo Fisher. There’s no place for that in today’s game.

    • Rob Staton

      What did he do?

      • Volume12

        Grabbed a kid by the facemask and rag dolled it.

  11. Volume12

    Duke QB Daniel Jones broke his clavicle 3 weeks ago and is starting tonight?!? What a gamer. He must be on that good sh*t.

  12. Nathan W.

    Jake Browning is really struggling tonight

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