Flowers & Kendricks show Carroll can still work his magic

For the first time this season, there was a vision for the long term. Suddenly, you could see players fitting into a newly competitive Seahawks team.

That Dallas win, coupled with flashes from the defense against Chicago, showed what was possible. Probably not in 2018 — but certainly in 2019 with another off-season.

For me two players stand out as possible additions to a new-look core that already includes stalwarts like Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and Doug Baldwin and clearly now also includes Bradley McDougald, Shaquill Griffin, Jarran Reed and Frank Clark.

The rookie cornerback exceeding expectations

Tre Flowers will be tested in future games. The games against Aaron Rodgers, Matt Stafford and Kirk Cousins won’t be the same as the contests against Case Keenum and Dak Prescott.

That said, it’s impossible not to be impressed with Flowers so far. He’s holding his own. He isn’t giving up big plays, he’s competing for the passes thrown his way, he hasn’t been exploited so far.

I can remember watching the combine live, seeing Flowers testing with the safeties and immediately thinking, ‘that’s a Seahawks corner’. His frame and length were so obviously ‘Seahawky’. It’s why we mocked him so often to Seattle. It was obvious. They were always going to recognise his potential and fit.

Flowers was a project though. A convert. Someone who needed time.

The fact he’s out there immediately and hasn’t been a liability is a credit to Flowers and the coaching chops of Pete Carroll. We discussed this after the Dallas game. Whatever you think about the offense, whatever you think about some of the bizarre things that have happened to this team over the last four years — don’t be quick to write-off Carroll. He is, once again, delivering a productive defense. Once again, he’s turning water into wine with a defensive back plucked from obscurity.

Furthermore, it was great to see Flowers being so chippy against Dallas. He was seen jawing and jostling a couple of times. Toughness, size and length. A ‘prototype’ for Carroll.

Flowers will have some rough moments no doubt. But the early signs are encouraging. Along with Shaquill Griffin, again the Seahawks have reloaded at corner. The scheme helps. We have to remember that. But it’s not a plug-in-and-play situation. These guys have quite a strict technique to learn. It’s not easy. Time and time again, Carroll delivers.

Griffin and Flowers could be the future — and they cost only a late third round pick and a fifth rounder.

Can they keep Mychal Kendricks?

Who knows what’s going to happen to Kendricks? He’s set to receive a suspension from the league it seems. Is he going to jail? Nothing is clear at the moment.

If he isn’t locked up and if his suspension is fairly minor, the Seahawks should work to keep Kendricks on this team.

It’s his 28th birthday on Friday. He’s entering the prime years of his career. He has looked fantastic against Chicago and Dallas — registering sacks, working well in coverage and the mistakes have been limited.

He looks the part. And the Seahawks have badly needed some depth at linebacker for years. Here’s a reminder of Pete Carroll’s words immediately after the 2016 season:

“We need some youth at the linebacker spot now. Bobby and K.J. played 1000’s of plays this year between the two of them and were extremely successful but we need to address that. We didn’t really get anybody that made a difference in the last couple of years that can really fight to take those guys job. Think if somebody could battle K.J. and Bobby for their starting jobs? That’s what we need to draft towards, so we’ll be looking there.”

Kendricks might not provide the youth in his late 20’s but he certainly provides proper competition and relief to Wagner and Wright. Imagine being able to play all three, or switch them around. Finally a legitimate solution to try and preserve the two star linebackers. And look at the difference between the Chicago game and all the other times Wagner and Wright were absent. Kendricks filled the void emphatically.

He’s the player they’ve needed since the end of that 2016 campaign. If Wright leaves in the off-season and doesn’t sign a new contract, Kendricks could also act as a replacement (although personally I’d like to see Wright return and this be a position of strength).

Again, much will depend on his availability. And admittedly that is a huge question mark. I hope for his sake a longer contract in Seattle is a possibility in the next six months.

With Flowers and Kendricks adding to the likes of McDougald, Clark, Wagner, Wright, Reed and others to emerge in the last year or so, there’s a clear path to the future emerging. And it’s time for Carroll to receive some praise. We’ve all been critical after a difficult start to the season. Yet look at the way McDougald in particular is playing, or the development of Griffin and Flowers. Positive signs are emerging. They need to keep the momentum going against Arizona.

The Seahawks might not be big contenders in 2018. They still, to me, look like a seven, eight or nine win team this year. But they could be an off-season away from being right back in the mix.

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  1. Nick

    Great article. You can tell they like Akeem King and Tre Flowers enough to get rid of Dontae Johnson midway through the season. Very exciting times. The D may not be top 10 this year, but next year? Certainly a possibility.

    • Rob Staton

      Especially with this draft class which is loaded with front-seven talent, plus a possible free agent market with some intriguing defensive players at a good age.

    • EranUngar

      With both Johnsons cut and with Ed Dickson losing half the season with NFI designation that effects his status in the compensation picks calculation, we are suddenly one cut away from an extra 4th round pick. (if one of Stephen/Mingo/Flucker/Brown is cut by week 10)

    • Elmer

      And I’m wondering how much (for the future) they like Simeon Thomas, the rookie CB who is on the practice squad.

  2. Douglas Fletcher

    I never did lose faith in Pete’s ability to coach up a secondary. This D group is going to continue to improve throughout the season, barring injuries. Let’s see where Seattle is at the bye: a likely win at Arizona this weekend, and then? If Seattle pulls off an unlikely upset of the Rams, then beats Oakland in London, to get to 4-2 at the break… this will be a playoff team by December. None of the NFC teams is without a glaring weakness–even the Rams have issues now at CB.

  3. Edgar

    I’m not gonna lie….if they had squeaked out a win in either Denver or Chicago I’d be feeling pretty excited about Flowers and Kendricks for 2018. When your team plays mainly close tight 4th quarter games, having already lost 2 against average to bad QBs makes the room for error paper thin the rest of the season.

    • joel

      I don’t get this rationale at all. Flowers playing well is a huge plus. Those were team losses, mainly due to the offense playing poorly. That’s fixable because they have Russell Wilson and some talented veteran weapons on offense, and it has little to do with Flowers. The defense played well enough on the road to start the season, creating turnovers and giving the offense opportunities. And let’s not forget that this team usually starts the season really badly, so expecting wins was a fool’s errand considering the injuries and other issues they had to contend with.

  4. EranUngar

    I have been all in on Flowers for months but he exceeded my lofty aspirations for him. His press on the LOS is a bit hit and miss, his reaction to inward cuts is still to slow (but improving) and it will take him time to learn how and when to look back for the ball (Griffin is only now learning to do it properly). However, he is having a perfect start with defending the rd line and not allowing anybody to beat him deep outside (the first rule or a Carroll CB). Baring injuries he will be a great asset for years.

    As for Kendricks, a savvy hard hitting 4.47/1.53 runner with 10-7 broad jump that did not become a huge liability starting instead of the best middle LB in football 3 days after joining the team is almost too good to be true. However, the NFL will hand that suspension soon. He can appeal it (he is not n the commissioner’s exempt list) so that should gives us a few weeks. After that it is not likely that he will have a future with us. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan 24th. and the realistic estimations are 1-3 year in jail.
    Added to Wags and K.J. he could complete the best 4-3 LBs group in football.

    You should add Lockett to the “stalwarts” group and Dissly, Dickson to the future core members. I also like what i see from T2 playing 15-20 snaps a game in the last 2 games.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      I really like the adds in the last paragraph. They will be here for sure while Frank Clark may not. The double D’s are my favorites.

      Lets also note that the corner backs always look better with Earl Thomas in there. He makes the scheme work better. Are they ready to play this well with someone else in there?

      Most important to the defense is a ball control offense. Three and outs wear the defense down during a game and over a season, and may lead to more injuries. I would rather see three tight end sets than three and outs.

      On that note, could George Fant play some tight end? Imagine Fant, Dissly and Vannet at tight end and Ed Dickson at fullback.

  5. Adam B.

    It’s interesting to think just how much of an impact the prosecutions decisions will make on Kendrick’s career going forward.

    Apparently (according to this Yahoo Sports article anyway; ) his charges could lead to a prison sentence of up to 25 years, but given his admissions and seeming contrition and cooperation, this being his first criminal indictment, the high-profile nature of this case, and extended jail time being an especially onerous punishment for an athlete with a finite period of playing ability, I’d imagine it behooves both the prosecution and defense to try and reach an amicable settlement that maximizes monetary recompense and minimizes any prison sentence.

    That said, Roger Goodell will also have a decision to make in terms of just how he approaches and punishes “white collar” crime in the light of many of his recent debatable suspensions in more “violent criminal” cases.

  6. SoCal12

    Great write-up once again Rob. The way this young secondary has looked so far really does give me hope for the future. I think if we draft well and make a few good free agent signings this off-season our defense will be back to being elite again, which will put us right back into contention.

    On that note I’m wondering if there are any good free agents coming up you are eyeballing that might give us a boost? I know you’ve mentioned Clowney a couple times, but, while I would love to have him, I don’t really see the Texans letting him walk so easily not mention he’ll be expensive. I think someone mentioned Grady Jarrett as a potential pickup, which I really like. Would like more pass-rush help that’s for sure.

    Also any ‘Seahawky’ prospects you like in the draft so far? You totally nailed it with the Tre Flowers pick, so I’m wondering you’ve got any more visions in that crystal ball.

    • Rob Staton

      Jarrett and Clowney are the two standouts for me. Both talented, both at a good age.

      I like D’Andre Walker at Georgia a lot. Brian Burns at Florida State. The Clemson quartet. Isaiah Buggs keeps making plays. I could list about 10 front-seven defenders.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        How do you like Demarcus Christmas?

        Add Raekwon Davis and DreMont Jones to the list for me. I know we need help across the DL, but the interior seems more vulnerable so far this season.

        • Rob Staton

          Christmas a mid rounder for me.

          I like Davis but want to see a bit more dominance from him than we’ve seen so far. Jones has had a very productive start this season but I have a couple of concerns with him.

  7. Darnell

    I’d add Justin Coleman to that group too.

    • Rob Staton

      An exceptional acquisition. Yet out of contract by the end of the season. Hopefully they find a way to keep him.

  8. Sea Mode

    Credit where credit is due. When PC football works, it works.

    Pete Carroll Mic’d Up vs. Cowboys “Ref Just Told Me Can You Keep Your Guy From Flexing?” | NFL Films

    Add to the names above maybe a Dion Jordan comeback if he can finally get fully healthy and rolling, plus a R1 pass rusher to add to the mix, and we really might be talking again about a top defense as soon as next year, as you say.

    Honest question. At what point is Earl actually worth $13m/apy to the Seahawks for the next 3-4 years if our defense continues to trend upwards this season?

    On a side note, pretty amazing that our 10th highest paid player is Justin Coleman at $2.9m.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they will ever pay Earl $13m a year.

      Their concern is being left with more dead money. Which is a legit reason. Look at what they’re paying Chancellor this year, plus Bennett, Sherman, Cliff etc. Earl threatened to retire not so long ago. He’s an odd cat.

      I would urge fans to enjoy his time in Seattle because one way or another it appears limited. We’ll see at the end of the season whether it was worth holding on to him and not getting anything in return. As I said in the podcast — I think it’s time to either commit to him or move on.

    • McZ

      Considering the serious backfield talent entering the draft, including two S from he Huskies? Considering what season the Jags get out of Ronnie Harrison?

      Not in the entire world will they pay north of 10m.

  9. dave crockett

    Flowers’ play is also a pretty direct reflection of what both ET & McDougal are doing at safety. Flowers and Quil know somebody has their back and all they have to worry about is playing their technique well enough to stay on top of routes. What I’ve noticed is the execution on WR hand-offs has seemed quite crisp. That used to be a bit of an Achilles heel but I think Seattle is asking the safeties to manage the handoffs.

  10. Trevor

    Great write up Rob and agree completely.

    Add Coleman in the slot and by time next year if Flowers and Griffin continue on their current trajectory you could have one of the top CB units in the league.

    If they can keep Kendrick’s and Wright at LB and then add an elite DE in Rd #1 and perhaps target a DY like Grady Jarrett then this Defense could be elite again.

    • Hawk Eye

      not on the Grady Jarrett train.
      Great value as a 5th round pick, but not great value at what he would cost as a free agent.
      he is good, but streaky and not great

      • Volumes12

        This D-line class is so good you can double dip. Seattle always drafts a certain position at least twice anyways. Can grab an EDGE round 1, interior D-lineman with your next pick or vice versa.

        • Trevor

          If they can somehow recoup a 2nd I think that would be a great idea Vol as given the depth in this class there should be some great options.

          • Mark Souza

            It’s why if Dallas is offering a 2 for Earl, you take it. A Cowboy’s 2 is likely to be close to the back of the first round.

  11. kevin mullen

    Resign Wright & Kendricks to 2-3 year contracts could do the trick, but it brings me back to 2008 when we had Tatupu/Hill/Curry as the most expensive LB core in the league (obviously correct me if I’m wrong).

    I always thought Kendricks belonged here, scheme wise. It’d be tough to resign both Wright/Kendricks without looking at reinvesting in the DLine/OLine we desperately need (PFF scored us the 2nd worst OLine for week 3, worst DLine for week 3).

  12. Trevor

    Cooper Kupp is good at football. That Rams offense is scary good but the defense has not looked that good tonight missing Talib.

  13. Hawktalker#1

    Holy cow. Goff is playing like an elite all pro. I haven’t seen a quarterback throw that many high level of difficulty dimes in longer than I can remember. Impressive.

    • Drew

      It helps that the Vikings havent got any pressure on him. Both these defenses dont look very good, especially the Vikes secondary. Cornera are getting beat like a drum.

    • Volume12

      I remember when I was told that Jared Goff wasn’t that good.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Flacco until proven guilty

  14. BobbyK

    I love the optimism with Clark (assuming he’s resigned), Reed, the LBs (Wright [fa], Wagner, Kendricks [fa or jail] and Griffin in a situational role). Love what Flowers has shown since early at training camp. I met and talked with Gregg Bell prior to the Vikings/Seahawks third preseason game and the guy he was most impressed with all camp in terms of where he came from (draft) and where he was going (soon to be starter) was Flowers.

    But if there’s no ET roaming the back end, they’re going to need to do something there. Maybe they draft a FS in the 1st round who won’t be as good as a rookie and burn that pick to pass on a great pass rusher (and no 2nd round pick to tap into this DL class).

    Or maybe they draft a stud DL and yet get burned repeatedly with a poor FS (make no mistake, there will be a major drop-off at FS if/when ET leaves).

    I just don’t see them taking a step forward defensively (in terms of being Super Bowl contenders) if Earl Thomas leaves. Sure, they might/will get better in a position (maybe pass rush if they use their #1 pick on DL) but I doubt that will outweigh, overall, losing a generational talent at FS. If ET isn’t worth paying top dollar to (based on his on-field performance), then perhaps we should just want to get rid of other players (Wagner, Bobby) who can say they are the best or almost the best in the NFL at their position because they’ll make too much.

    They say the safety market is dry based on recent contracts and I agree in that statement. But not wanting to pay premium dollar for the best at a position is like saying Steve Hutchinson shouldn’t be franchised because he was “just a guard.” We all saw how that worked.

    • AlaskaHawk

      There is more than one way to get to the superbowl. I don’t want to see Earl leave either = but the whole relationship is tainted. Seahawks won’t sign a long term contract because they keep getting burned by injury clauses = and he will certainly want guarantees. Earl doesn’t want to become a year by year rental with the franchise designation. That amount must be getting lower anyway – with the drying up of the safety market.

      This is rather like a first romance turned into bitter divorce. At least both parties are holding up their end of the contract this year.

  15. Hawk Eye

    the rams O looks as good as KC. Friggin hate the Rams.
    Their D does not look elite, and where is Donald? Don’t notice him and he does not have a sack this year.
    Maybe he is saving them for his next game???
    might have to just hope they melt in the playoffs. I cannot handle a Rams SB win.

    and what happened to Minny D? They have not looked good for a few weeks, little pressure, not covering the wr’s, not many big plays. Maybe they get too comfortable covering Treadwell in practice and don’t realize other wr’s can catch the ball.

    • Drew

      Helps that WRs are running around wide open.

    • BobbyK

      Donald had two sacks. That’s not too shabby.

      He started slow in the sack department last year and I attribute that to him holding out all of last preseason. That’s why, imo, he hadn’t had a sack yet this year through three games. He’s got two through four games this year and last year only had one through four games. You know he’ll only get better throughout the course of the season as he works himself into better shape. Imagine what that guy is going to do in the coming years with participating in training camp (assuming he doesn’t let the money get to him like some do and lose their edge a bit).

      • Hawk Eye

        yeah, I spoke to soon.
        But I see a lot of weaknesses on their D. Linebackers and secondary don’t seem great.
        If you can stop Donald, you have a chance. Why teams don’t double team him on every pass play is beyond me. Centre and guard, just hit him all game long and wear him down

        the offence looks scary good, hoping someone finds their flaws soon and shows a blueprint to slowing them down. I think you have to take away Gurley and Kupp. I also see Goff make a lot of throws that can get intercepted if the db just turns his head. And if they lose Whitworth, I think it would really hurt them

    • Volume12

      That’s because those 2 teams are actually playing in 2018.

      Amazing that they go 1-6 on 3rd down and still amassed 556 yards of total offense. Helps when you never have to face 3rd.

  16. NickLOB

    I remember a couple snaps where Flowers has gotten beat inside with slants, but overall he looks pretty comfortable as a starter.

  17. Volume12

    The overreaction to Tre Flowers looking and playing like a 5th in week 1 was great.

    • CaptainJack

      Flowers gave up some stuff.. but he was never beat over the top. Once on a crossing route where Earl Thomas was out of position, but other than that we just gave up shorter stuff, which is fine for a beginning corner. Hopefully he learns how to make plays on the ball in the future.

  18. astro.domine

    Geeze… these Rams man.
    The Hawks’ are gonna have a MASSIVE challenge on their hands next week, even at the Clink.
    Even the OG LOB might have trouble against this unit, just disgusting what they did against Minnesota.

    Watching their offense is surreal; the timing, rhythm and balance of McVay’s attack are impeccable.
    I never really believed in Goff, but now that he’s grown up in this system and spread his wings (didn’t realize how young he is), he could be a terror.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I don’t think Goff is a terror. Gurley makes that offense work. But Goff is good enough to make teams who sell out to stop Gurley pay.

      • jdk

        Absolutely the threat of Gurley is really important to that team, but there is no way that offense falls apart without him.

        Cooks and Kupp and Woods and Goff were all on point last night and it wasn’t just because of the threat of Gurley.

        The Rams have a quarterback that can drop dimes and make good decisions, they have fantastic receiving weapons and a hard working, creative coach running perhaps the best offense in the league.

        I personally am completely jealous of what they have going on down there and it starts with McVay, not Gurley.

      • Lil'stink

        Hate to say it but Goff looked like the real deal last night. It will interesting to see if we can slow them down.

      • dylanlep

        I don’t know , Goff’s rating is 127! That’s damn good!

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Goff was stellar last night. Throwing dimes all over the place. The few times when the Vikings got pressure on Goff he crumbled. Like most pocket passers getting push and pressure is how to beat him.

        Cooks is showing how much better he is than Sammy Watkins.
        Wish Seattle had kept Cooper Kupp in the state. He’s a baller.

        Agreed- Gurley is the center piece. Truly special RB, without a weakness.
        All the attention has gone to how Mcvay has improved Goffs game, understandably so, whil Gurleys game has blossomed from 2nd year ‘bust’ to all pro level.

    • CaptainJack

      Maybe the vikings are overrated… that defense functioned as well as wet tissue paper. Or are the rams and bills both just that good? I don’t think so. I think the hawks beat the vikings rather easily this year, say 34-17? Russell Wilson will heat up as the year goes on.

      • Del tre

        I think the Vikings must have some weakness on that defense that is highly exploitable, Nick Foles is no great shakes and he tore them apart.
        Last year they might have just captured lightning in a bottle, there has been a lot of distraction in that organization lately, i’m just not so convinced that they are superbowl contenders, playoff bound? Maybe but i’m putting my money on Rodgers to win that division.

  19. UKAlex6674

    Rob – what’s your assessment of the Vikings post Rams game? Especially the D?

    • Pedestrian

      I’m not rob, but I’d say pretty good considering the talent they faced. They could have played a better game sure, but the rams are probably the best team in the nfl right now. Not good news for us in next weeks matchup.

      1. Rams
      2. Chiefs
      3. Vikings
      4. Saints
      5. Bucs (surprise team this year)
      6. Eagles

      It’s still early in the season and a lot can change. But right now, those look like the teams with best shot at the playoffs. If dolphins and browns win convincingly again this Sunday, they will have a more proven team than Seahawks and cardinals. Two teams who have been at the top of the league for a long time. Any teams from that list anyone thinks Seahawks could beat? My answer is no, it’s a transitional year.

    • Rob Staton

      My assessment hasn’t changed.

      They played the best offense in the league (yes better than KC) on the road and the Rams put up a ton of points.

      Just like they will most weeks, including next week in Seattle.

      I thought Cousins and the offense were terrific and gave Minnesota a chance to win. I came away feeling like my opinion in the podcast was absolutely validated.

      • Sea Mode


    • AlaskaHawk

      After watching last nights game, I wouldn’t rank the Vikings at #3. They are a very good team, perhaps a little better than Seahawks at this point in the season. I see them as ending up in the mid range of drafting by the end of season. So a small bit above average. Loved Cousins play.

  20. Georgia Hawk

    Just listened to the podcast with Rob and Kenny, and got to tell you Rob…I dont know how you keep doing those without completely losing your mind. Kenny gets 15 minutes to monologue and ramble aimlessly while you wait patiently. The words into your rebuttal and he interrupts. I’m aggravated for you and really don’t know how you do it.

    Vikes made it a game against the Rams, to me that validates everything you said Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree on the Vikings. Thought they were impressive. Rams are a real force this year and yet Vikings battled and almost took it to OT.

  21. Bankhawk

    Rob, it really frustrates me to contemplate entering such a defense – rich draft talent – wise in such depleted state with rêspect to our draft stock. What ways (if any) do you see that the situation can realistically be improved between now and May? In other words, how would you approach it if you were in J.S.s seat?

    • Rob Staton

      There are only two realistic solutions. Trade Earl and cut players to get comp picks.

      I think they’ll only trade Earl if by the bye week they are 2-4 or worse. Comp picks? Again it depends on the record and whether they decide to cut Dickson, Stephen, Brown etc.

      • Sea Mode

        I like what Jaron Brown is bringing and think he will only continue to grow into this offense as Marshall fades out. Wouldn’t it be enough to cut 2 of the 3 to get out comp picks back? (Dickson and Stephen)

  22. DC

    One version of the 2019 off season…

    Seattle re-signs UFAs Frank Clark, Justin Coleman & Fluker if health, plus RFAs Fant & Hunt as priorities. (Thomas, Wright & Kendricks are in the ‘grey area’ of the crystal ball)

    The big fish landed in UFA is Atlanta DT Grady Garrett, a ‘must have’ imo. Seattle also adds value depth at S should the ET situation end poorly.

    Seattle makes a significant trade down in the 1st round of the draft & adds a 2nd round pick.

    1 — Josh Allen/DE-OLB/Kentucky

    2 — Tyler Roemer/T/San Diego State OR Kaleb McGary/T/Washington

    3 — Montez Sweat/DE/Mississippi State

    4 — Kris Boyd/CB/Texas

    5 — Collin Johnson/WR/Texas

    2020 Draft

    ? — Tee Higgins/WR/Clemson (Get this guy for Russ!!!)

    Between Clark, Garrett, Reed, Green, Allen & Sweat hopefully we can develop a lethal pass rush. We add another quality T to the OL, more quality depth/competition at CB and the first of 2 big targets for Russ. Higgins will be the guy though when he comes out.

    • cha

      Why RFA on Hunt? Do you think the Hawks would move him or Britt to guard?

      Unlikely he’s going to be a back up on his RFA number – that would be like $1.8 million.

      • Rob Staton

        Britt flopped at guard and settled at center — they won’t move him again.

        Hunt is a decent backup but nothing more. The likelihood is they don’t give him the tender and he just comes back on a cheap deal. They’ll be able to keep him if they want to.

  23. Tecmo Bowl

    Like Allen, McGary and Sweat a lot. Sweat could slide to the 3rd in a loaded DL class.

    I don’t understand why everybody seems to want Grady Jarrett. He’s a solid player and all, wanted JS/PC to draft him or Tyeler Davison on day 3, but is he an upgrade over Reed? They play the same spot basically. Really liking the progression of Reed.

    Resign Clark. Sign DLaw. Draft DLaw. Something like that…maybe I just want 2 DLaw’s on the DL. Haha Would be a imposing and versatile DL though.

    • Volume12

      Who’s a FA pass rusher that has never lived up to expectations? That’s who Seattle will sign.

      ‘Real fired up about this guy’
      ‘Jacked that we were able to get this done’

      • icb12

        Aaron Lynch -Chicago?- classic underacheiver. Could PC light a fire in him?

        Maybe Allen Bailey- KC?
        Josh Martin- Jets?

      • Sea Mode

        lol you’re so bad, Vol…

      • Ground_Hawk

        Sounds like J. Clowney from Houston.

    • GerryG

      Yeah not a fan of spending big on FA DT addition.

  24. Largent80

    Flowers has the perfect name.

    He’s a bud now and is already blossoming.

  25. Coleslaw

    Reserving any real judgements until the bye week, but the secondary is a bright light so far. Kendricks would be a terrific pickup long term, maybe he strikes a deal to serve jail time after a few more years of football. Who knows at this point. Clark is worth 14-15M/year. This defense is a couple pass rushers away from being really good. Which makes me think if relations with Earl can be resolved enough for him to finish his career here, it might be best for us to just extend him.

    On the offensive side, we’ve looked a lot better on the ground with Fluker in there, he could be a priority free agent. We could also look for another guy like him too, un case of injury and what not. Lockett has been very impressive with Baldwin out. I’m excited to see Baldwin come back and have those 2 out there, Russell should feel a lot more comfortable, especially with his growing rapport with BMarsh. Think we’re missing a receiving threat out of the backfield? McKissic should be back in a few weeks, dont forget how good he looked.

    Russell is learning a new offensive scheme with almost all new weapons so far, growing pains should be expected. The signs are pointing upward IMO, for the offense and defense. By the end of the year this team might look like a contender, even if we are out of the hunt by then. And we’re in good position to improve for a couple years. The rebuild is real boys.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they’ll look like a contender at any point this year. My hope is simply that they find a few players to build a new core around. It might take two off-seasons to get back in contention. After all, they only have four draft picks at the moment in 2019.

  26. EBurgz

    I never gave up on ole Pete. I think Coleman and McDougald ( and flowers and Thompson maybe) are the true testaments that Pete can still develop talent on defense (at least in the secondary). Kendricks has always been good, glad we have him for now.

    I’m most excited for our OL at the moment. We have a group of maulers and we have depth if someone goes down. Fant, Pocic and Hunt are the next guys up if someone gets hurt, pretty good if you ask me. All our starters this week are plus run blockers.

    Duane Brown- pro bowl level left tackle, best player on the line.

    JR Sweezy- BAMF. he’s athletic, violent and experienced. Hope the penalties stop as he settles in.

    Britt- He’s a huge friggin center and he’s a pro bowler, hope he comes back from injury ok.

    Fluker- massive dude with a nasty attitude, hope he can stay healthy. So physical. Best run blocker on the team.

    Ifedi- Big athletic mauler jackass, he’s been playing well IMO considering the guys he’s been going against.

    Then add a good blocking tight end like dissly. I wish we had a badass fullback like Khalid Hill.
    Sweezy and Ifedi are possible weak links but if they suck just sub in Pocic or Fant. I think we could have a top 5 run blocking unit in the league given the opportunity. I’d rest Carson this week and run penny 20+ times against the cards this week and see what we got with our first round pick. I want Carson healthy and starting against the rams regardless.

    My hopes for the season are that we run the ball well and resign earl. If the defense continues to ball and Russell Wilson plays like we know he can I don’t see why we can’t be a playoff team. We could still win it all.

  27. line_hawk

    In 9 yrs, PC has never gone after a high end free agent. They are always after the 1-2 yr prove it deal. Bennett, Avril, McDougald , McDaniel, Lacy, Joekel, all the free agents this year ; they all started with short term prove it deals. The most expensive free agent they signed in 9 yrs was probably Rice & Miller. And even they were not the top of the market players. It might be tempting to want Jarrett & Clowney but that’s not Pete’s philosophy. He likes to see how guys fit in his scheme before signing them to a big contract.

    • lil'stink

      If next year is Pete’s last perhaps player personnel decisions will shift to JS this offseason. I’m convinced that many of our recent poor draft choices (Malik McDowell and Rashaad Penny, in particular) were unilateral PC decisions. He’s been reaching and overreacting in order to put one last run together before his contract runs out.

      If we make any big FA splashes this offseason I think it will be at the direction of JS or perhaps even Paul Allen. I can’t imagine an owner is going to let a head coach in the last year of his deal make any huge FA moves.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Gotta agree with this. Also, if they let former R1er Sheldon Richardson walk at $8M/yr, I don’t see them signing R5er Jarrett for about the same, which will likely be his market.

    • 12th chuck

      good points, some of those decisions will be after evaluating how well we do this year with the pass rush. It seems like it is having more of an impact this year, at least the qb hits and int’s are up. the last few years we got the sacks in bunches, so the #’s are deceiving.

    • Rob Staton

      This isn’t strictly true.

      Because trading for Harvin and paying him is a bit like a big FA move, ditto Jimmy Graham.

      • line_hawk

        I don’t consider Harvin & Graham in this list as they were not negotiating with them with other teams in the mix like in free agency. But even if we consider them, that’s four receivers/tight ends in 9 yrs. Hardly a large set. And none of them finished their contract in Seattle (except Graham) or played for more than 2-3 yrs in Seattle.

        • Rob Staton

          The thing is though, with Miller/Rice in 2011 those were big contracts at the time. They were splashes. And Seattle has made other splashes — either big trades or in Harvin’s case a big trade plus a huge new contract. So I don’t think they’ll be unwilling to spend in FA on the right guy. It’s possible. It just depends who actually makes it to FA and how much they have left to spend after extending Clark.

  28. line_hawk

    The top of the 2017 draft is such a whiff. These are the players drafted between their original pick & the one where they chose. So many amazing players there, it’s crazy we missed so bad there.

    1 26 Atlanta Falcons Takkarist McKinley DE UCLA Pac-12 from Seattle [R1 – 8]
    1 27 Buffalo Bills Tre’Davious White CB LSU SEC from Kansas City [R1 – 9]
    1 28 Dallas Cowboys Taco Charlton DE Michigan Big Ten
    1 29 Cleveland Browns David Njoku TE Miami (FL) ACC from Green Bay [R1 – 10]
    1 30 Pittsburgh Steelers T. J. Watt OLB Wisconsin Big Ten
    1 31 San Francisco 49ers Reuben Foster LB Alabama SEC from Atlanta via Seattle [R1 – 11]
    1 32 New Orleans Saints Ryan Ramczyk OT Wisconsin Big Ten from New England [R1 – 12]
    2 33 Green Bay Packers Kevin King CB Washington Pac-12 from Cleveland
    [R2 – 1]
    2 34 Jacksonville Jaguars Cam Robinson OT Alabama SEC from San Francisco via Seattle [R2 – 2]
    2 35 Seattle Seahawks Malik McDowell DT Michigan State Big Ten from Jacksonville [R2 – 3]

    • Kenny Sloth

      Cry me a damn river.

      Only TJ Watt of those is even barely painful to have not gotten.

      Such short sighted analysis

      • line_hawk

        I disagree. White, Ramzyk, Robinson had solid rookie seasons. McKinley has been good when he is not hurt. Watt has been great. Njoku & Foster have flashed and have a high potential. Only King has been average so far. That’s a great set of players for end of round one. Any of them would be a starter in Seattle and would be deserving to be on Rob’s list of future building block players.

  29. LouieLouie

    I thought that with the two grizzly vets at guard, the interior o-line was improved. It wasn’t great, by any means, but improved over the first two games.

    • Rob Staton


      For all the annual calls for highly drafted rookies on the OL, you can’t beat proven vets with size and experience. Especially with college not producing barely any linemen prepared for the pro’s.

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