Combine measurements: OL & RB + live Google Hangout

Here is today’s live Google Hangout Q&A, plus some thoughts on the running game. Thank you for your questions!

Today is a big day. The O-line and running back measurements are key. In particular, we know the Seahawks like their runners to be between 5-10 and 6-0 in height and approximately 210-225lbs in weight. They also like explosive runners — the RB’s will test on Friday.

Here are some highlighted prospects:

Kerryon Johnson — 5-11, 213lbs
Royce Freeman — 5-11, 229lbs
Rashaad Penny — 5-11, 220lbs
Sony Michel — 5-10, 214lbs
Nick Chubb — 5-11, 227lbs
Derrius Guice — 5-10, 224lbs
Saquon Barkley — 6-0, 233lbs
Ronald Jones II — 5-11, 205lbs
Bo Scarborough — 6-1, 228lbs

There are no big surprises here among the main group. Sony Michel is a few pounds lighter than expected while Derrius Guice is quite a bit heavier. The expectation was that Michel would weigh 220lbs (perhaps he dropped weight in an attempt to run faster?) while the projection for Guice was about 214lbs.

The good news is, that’s a long list of quality running backs that fit Seattle’s apparent preferred size/weight profile.

I’m going to spend tonight watching Tennessee’s John Kelly. Despite being expected to weigh about 205lbs, he came in at 216lbs and only a shade under 5-10. He’s a tough runner.

Ronald Jones II is lighter and would clearly be a deviation from their previous plan. However, he’s not 190lbs or anything. He’s still reasonably sized at 205lbs for the kind of runner he is. Jamaal Charles weighed 200lbs at his combine. It really depends what Seattle is looking for.

The Seahawks could sign a veteran running back before the draft, either to add experience or to act as a hedge. The Panthers released Jonathan Stewart today and he could be an option.

As Jonathan Jones from the Charlotte Observer notes, Pete Carroll is a fan:

“He looks like he did running in high school. He’s just been ripping,” said Seattle coach Pete Carroll, who tried to lure Stewart to Southern California before he chose Oregon. “I watched him and recruited and tried to get him way back then.”

Before Seattle’s NFC Divisional round game against the Panthers during the 2014 season, Carroll also had this to say about Stewart:

“He’s a fantastic football player. I’ve always loved this kid the way he runs. He’s always been a guy that has a knack to just keep getting through tackles.”

Perhaps Carroll will end up working with him after all? Stewart turns 31 in March.

The offensive linemen also had a good day, with several showing good size/length.

Isaiah Wynn — 6-3, 313lbs, 33 3/8 inch arms, 78 7/8 inch wingspan
Connor Williams — 6-5, 296lbs, 33 inch arms, 77 7/8 inch wingspan
Braden Smith — 6-6, 315lbs, 32 3/8 inch arms, 78 1/8 inch wingspan
Martinas Rankin — 6-4, 308lbs, 33 6/8 inch arms, 81 3/8 inch wingspan
Frank Ragnow — 6-5, 312lbs, 33 1/8 inch arms, 78 7/8 inch wingspan
Billy Price — 6-4, 305lbs, 32 inch arms, 75 2/8 inch wingspan
Brian O’Neill — 6-7, 297lbs, 34 inch arms, 78 4/8 inch wingspan
Chukwuma Okorafor — 6-6, 320lbs, 34 1/2 inch arms, 83 3/8 inch wingspan
Kolton Miller — 6-8, 309lbs, 34 inch arms, 82 1/2 inch wingspan
Mike McGlinchey — 6-8, 309lbs, 34 inch arms, 81 inch wingspan
Jaryd Jones-Smith — 6-6, 317lbs, 36 2/8 inch arms, 88 1/2 inch wingspan
Quenton Nelson — 6-5, 325lbs, 33 6/8 inch arms, 82 5/8 inch wingspan
Will Hernandez — 6-2, 327lbs, 32 inch arms, 77 6/8 inch wingspan
James Daniels — 6-3, 306lbs, 33 6/8 inch arms, 80 2/8 inch wingspan
Tyrell Crosby — 6-5, 309lbs, 35 2/8 inch arms, 83 2/8 inch wingspan
Austin Corbett — 6-4, 306lbs, 33 1/8 inch arms, 78 7/8 inch wingspan
Jamarco Jones — 6-4, 299lbs, 35 1/8 inch arms, 85 1/8 inch wingspan
Orlando Brown — 6-8, 345lbs, 35 inch arms, 85 1/8 inch wingspan

Georgia’s Isaiah Wynn (who won’t work out as he recovers from a torn labrum) isn’t as small as some expected. For me he has a chance to be a Zack Martin level player at the next level. Billy Price has short 32 inch arms that might limit him to center at the next level. It’ll be interesting to see how teams react to that.

There’s incredible length and size among this group. Look how many players are in the 6-7/6-8 height range with vines for arms. Jaryd Jones-Smith has a freakish 88 1/2 inch wingspan which is just incredible. Orlando Brown is a mountain of a man and Jamarco Jones has legit tackle size/length.

For a full list of results I’d recommend visiting Mike Loyko’s spreadsheet throughout the combine.

Plus don’t forget to checkout our extensive combine review.

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  1. Drew

    Jaryd Jones-Smith w/ 36″+ arms! Holy cow!

    Chubb seems to me a little heavier than I thought he’d be. I’m assuming that he’s bulked up for the combine a bit, and is going to blow everyone out of the water.

    • Overtime

      I am interested in Bo Scarborough. I remember how he ran over, around and through the Huskies. He is a little bigger than we usually target but I think that may work. We need a guy that runs through contact. Does anyone have any insights from looking at the film?

      • Hoff

        Agree. Scarborough is intriguing to me too. He reminds me of his old teammate Derrick Henry. I wish Seattle would stop with the size/length requirements and pick guys who can play.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I like Scarborough and Washington’s Coleman as bigger backs that should be available in the 6th round or later. Coleman may be available as UDFA.

  2. Bill Bobaggins

    Jonathan Stewart cut by the Panthers. Worth a look? Hometown kid who might still have something left in the tank.

    • Christian

      Nah Bilbo nah, rather get a rookie on a cost controlled contract, whose ceiling I can dream about rather than giving the veteran minimum, to a guy whose floor I’ll be having nightmares about.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        He’s injury prone and on the wrong side of an RB’s age for sure. But in the spirit of competition, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in camp. This isn’t an Eddie Lacy scenario, IMO. Still had nearly 700 yards and 6 TD’s last year splitting time with McCaffrey. Worth a look, to me, but I get your point.

        And it’s just Bill.

        • peter

          Feels like a lock for a vet min contract. Pc has lived him forever. And Seattle rarely goes to the draft without a free agent signed as a hedge.

          Frankly sesttle s running back corps is terrible and there’s no guarantee that Carson comes back full stength. should but may not. If go after him for a vet minimum.

          • peter

            I will add there is a large pool of running backs that at a fair price could add some value. None of the free agents excite me based on my guess for their contract. Meaning Hyde per example I think is going to cost more than his benefit will be.

        • Elmer

          Not Lacy for sure. Based on his 2017 with Seattle, slow footed and tentative are not the traits we are looking for.

    • Patrick Toler

      If it’s a cheap flyer that would allow you to cut him painlessly? Sure. Anything else and I’ll pass.

      • Ben

        Yep. There’s gonna be enough vet running backs we better wait out the market. I really don’t want them to set the market again.

        That said I’d love to JStew in Seattle. Cj Anderson I’d still be willing to trade like 5th for even with his salary, he’s my one exception.

  3. Nick

    I’d also put John Kelly RB from Tennessee squarely within their range. He checked in at 216 pounds. He could be a mid-round option. Very violent runner.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep — definitely going to watch more of him tonight after seeing that weight.

      • Nick

        Rob, I think you’re really going to like him.

    • Patrick Toler

      Kelly at 216 is a big deal. One of the 6 best RBs in this class in my opinion. Great feet, quickness, and he runs with a similar determination to Guice. Have fun watching him tonight.

      • Ben

        Earlier this year someone mentioned him, and after watching I still come him to an AP life. Lacks the 3rd and 4th gear that makes AP so amazing, but the upright attacking style and how Kelly cuts really reminds me of him.

        • Ben

          Oh does anyone know what Kelly’s fumble rate was? Was it a part of that study that was recently posted (I can’t remember who made it, maybe PFF)? It seemed like it could be bad based on his occasionally fighting for too long for yards.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s listed at ‘above average’

            • Ben

              Thanks! That’s a good sign for his chances as a Hawk. Might be a pretty good mid round optio =n if we miss out or choose to skip the late first/early second group.

          • Patrick Toler

            His fumble rate was above average, at one fumble per 123.3 touches per fumble, per

            He also is a decent pass blocker and a nice weapon as a receiver.


            • Patrick Toler

              And players with “red flag” fumble rates include Sony Michel, Kamryn Pettway, Kalen Ballage, Akrum Wadley, Roc Thomas.

              Not that you would automatically strike these players off your board, but you would want to look closely to see if some unlucky fumbles skewed their numbers, or if ball security is really an issue for them.

              • peter

                What round do fans of Kelly think he’s going in? 5,6th? He’s intriguing and the comps to guice are fair.

                Looks more explosive in the field but I wonder about him in a zone or modified zone scheme. Just watched the Georgia tech highlights and he wasn’t very patient inside. Very quick. Very quick. But seemed to run right into or close to his blockers instead of seeing blocks developing.

                He had a good game btw in that clip. I like his overall passing game.

                • Nick

                  Peter, I think he’ll be a Rd 3-5 option. I can see someone picking him in Rd 3 if they really like him. He has 3 down potential.

                  • Patrick Toler

                    Yep, I have a hard time seeing him drop any lower than the early 4th now that he’s weighed in at 216, especially at 5’9. Probably goes in the 3rd and will be great value there, IMO.

                    I’m very interested to see how explosive he tests. He’s quick, which is in part due to his great footwork, but he doesn’t necessarily wow you with explosive, powerful cutting, like Jones or Chubb.

                  • peter

                    I think it’s going to come down for him to the combine. His numbers in school are good. A bit less yards per carry than his former teammate, kamara.

                    I was just going over some quick third round research and the guys that go in the third round are downgraded big time performers such as Kareem hunt who was a big time star at a lower level. David johnson also a beast and a top performer at the combine.

                    Oddly Kelly is not that far off from his teammate kamara but he was one of the best performers at the combine last year.

                    I wonder if there being so many good options at running back pushes Kelly down a bit? I’ve seen several sites projecting chubb and Freeman in the third. which I think may be plausible.

    • Patrick Toler

      I’ve been banging the drum pretty hard for Kelly. Watch his games against Florida and Georgia Tech and it’s hard not to get excited about him. He runs all over those defenses. His game against Georgia too – he’s bottled up a fair bit because that front is much better than Tennessee’s offense, but his talent shows through.

      • Nick

        His game against Florida is damn impressive. Dude looks so good catching out of the backfield, too.

        • Volume12

          He’s a good back. Complete back. Another Kareem Hunt. Cant pass protect worth a lick, but who cares. Was never small. 5’9, 205 is nice and compact. Although TBF, some coaches are probably off put by it. Might end up hearing ‘character concerns’ or ‘red flags.’ Pay it no mind. It was weed in his car.

          What else is new? Another RB from Tennessee that was miscast or misused?

          • Volume12

            If I’m Jacksonville? I draft Kelly on day 3 and pair him with Fourmnette. He can act as his MoJo.

            • john_s

              That would be a great pairing.

          • peter

            Butch jones…..heck of a job…..

            The weed to me is no problem.

            • Volume12

              Me either. I saw off the field stuff and was like ‘what is it? Don’t remember hearing about that.’ And then looked it up. Then proceeded to roll my eyes.

  4. HawksBill

    I doubt the Seahawks will risk another 1st or 2nd round pick on a character issue player, but will they be willing to gamble a 4th or 5th on a ‘boom-or-bust’ super athletic O-Lineman with some red flags like Desmond Harrison ?

    • Patrick Toler

      I think it depends on the character issue. Frank Clark has worked out. Bruce Irvin worked out okay – I think he was mostly squeezed out due to an overwhelming glut of defensive talent at the time. Christine Micheal didn’t work and most likely McDowell won’t either (though there is a chance). I would hope they would take each case individually and if there is a player who is falling due to “character concerns”, they could find value. Obviously character concerns can mean a lot of things…

      And I agree, once you get in the mid rounds, risk becomes much more acceptable. Most of those picks don’t pan out anyway.

      • Hawk Eye

        way too early to write off Malik. His accident was an……… accident. I cannot for the life of me see why guys call him a character risk that is proved by him having an ATV accident. The kid is 20 years old and there are a lot of teenagers who drive these things all the time. Now I have driven them and cannot believe there is little to no regulation for them, they are not easy to handle and I can easily see them being accident prone, especially by kids on bad terrain. Not like there is some big campaign out there to ban them or anyone in government talking about their dangers and the need to regulate them. It is not like he tore up his knee running out of a crack house that was getting raided. The kid had an accident, that is not a character issue.
        What if Russell plays an exhibition game for the Yankees and has an injury? Is that a character issue? or just an accident? (by the way, I would expect the Hawks to call the Yankees and them them NO WAY!)

        • peter

          Agreed. Wish he wasn’t so indifferent in college but as someone who is currently recovering from a brutal femur break……turns out accidents do actually happen.

          No one cares when a player does goofy crap in the off season until they get hurt. Jared Allen famously hunted and ranched in his offsesson and as someone with tons of horses I can say every day you work around large animals, stack hay, etc you are risking hurting yourself. I

          Heck even big walter Jones was lauded for pushing cars around his property instead of being in a gym with a trainer. That sounds cool until you get hurt doing it and then people would have been up in arms.

        • Mac

          ….you may want to see Malik’s mugshot lol That arrest itself shows big character flaws. Atvs are fun and I get it, not producing that much in college due to lack of surrounding talent but drunk and disorderly at a night club harassing the police and being a menace is unacceptable. I have huge doubts with McDowell.

          • D-OZ


        • Thomas Wells

          The issue is with his football character, not personal character. There is ample evidence to question his decision-making and how it might reflect poorly on his dedication to playing football/being the best player he can be. The guy has immense physical tools but mailed in his last year in college. He followed that up by deciding to engage in a leisure activity with little upside (it’s fun!) and tremendous downside (could be seriously injured). While many 20 year olds display a similarly questionable risk/reward decision making process, most of them aren’t getting paid handsomely to be in peak physical condition. So in many ways his accident confirmed some of the concerns about his football character. And his arrest for disorderly conduct in December did nothing to put those concerns to rest. At a time when he should be on his best behavior and rehabbing his injuries, he’s out at the club making a dick of himself, cursing at police and telling them he is better than them because he makes more money than they do.

          In short, his lack of maturity and football character are a pattern at this point.

          • peter

            See: marshawn lynch. Hit and run incident followed up with a later arrest of felony gun possession.

            also famous for funny (for me) and scolding (by many) college videos of riding around fields with he trainers carts……

            Not trying to McDowell is lynch but let’s get real about “immaturity issues.”. He was extremely immature and so was seahawk s fan favorite, lynch.

        • Patrick Toler

          Definitely too early to give up on McDowell. And character means making good decisions off the field. Maybe it was a good decision and just an accident that could have happened to anyone, but ultimately you took a risk on him, and so far it’s not looking too good.

    • HawksBill

      I have read that some scouts think Harrison will not get out of the 2nd day of the draft, probably too early for the Hawks anyway. I am interested in seeing his combine workout.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    Mel Kiper’s first round draft picks just published on Yahoo. He thinks seahawks will pick safety Derwin James at 18. It just reinforces my belief that Seahawks need to keep Earl Thomas for at least this season. There is a high likely hood they can find one safety to replace Chancellor, but two safeties would be too hard. Especially without draft picks in second and third.

    I prefer they play Thomas this year, then evaluate him and let him test the free agent market at the end of the 2018 season. Mainly due to possibility of injury this year like Chancellor has suffered through, Seahawks can’t afford another injury contract.

    • Drew

      I think they found Chancellor’s replacement last year in either McDougald or Hill. I don’t think his replacement will come from this draft.

      • Del tre

        Where’d you get all the tape on Hill? Because we don’t know what youre saying at all, the Seahawks dont even like starting early round safeties, Kam was only used in goal line situations, and if you guys were all so content with captain JAG at SS then we probably do have an upgrade in Hill, as he can tackle and has range.

        • Drew

          If you watched Hill’s tape at Michigan, he was a great tackler and runs a 4.4. He played both SS & FS at UM. After a year in the system I fully expect him to be in the competition for a starting spot vacated by Kam this year.

    • Christian

      For my Hawks New Year Resolution:

      I resolve to accept whoever the Hawks pick up in Free Agency, and the draft. Cause it’s not like my disagreement with the front office is going to matter one iota.

      So if they move on from Thomas, Sherman, Chancellor, Bennett, Avril, ok…..I get it, it’s the end of an era, the only question is how prolonged that good bye is going to be.

    • Rob Staton

      Thomas says he’ll hold out without a new deal

      • Patrick Toler

        Which was the tipping point for me starting to be okay with a trade if that’s what happens. I still think you try to re-sign him first, but if he demands the moon, go ahead and see what you can get.

        • cha

          That’s about where I’m at with Earl.

          If he wants market resetting safety money, gauge the trade market and see what you can get in return, then make a decision to fight or live to fight.

      • peter


      • AlaskaHawk

        Its just a negotiating tactic. He can sit at home for a year if he wants to.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks can’t afford for Earl to sit at home all season.

          Something has to give, one way or another. Either he signs very soon or they deal him. And it’s trending one way at the moment. Nobody wants to see Earl leave. But equally we don’t want to see another year of drama and a messy divorce, especially if they can get some value now.

          • AndrewP

            Rob- Did the Peters trade influence your Earl thinking at all? After all, if they could only get an 18/4 and 19/2 for a top-5 CB, maybe the market will be more bare for Earl than anticipated… Might it lead you to lean extension, and perhaps giving a bit more $$$ to Earl than you had hoped?

            • cha

              I’m not Rob, but Peters’ troubling behavior appears to have really impacted his market value. It was pretty heavily reported that only a couple teams were interested in him, and it’s notable that the personnel guys that drafted him and moved on to other organizations didn’t make inquiries about trading for him.

              While Earl’s greatest transgression was a personal foul for hugging a ref in the New Orleans game. LOL remember that?

              • Patrick Toler

                Agree. I don’t think you can really use Peters’ value as a gauge for anyone else. His behavior clearly had a major impact. Reportedly there were only a couple of teams interested at all. I don’t think that would be the case with Earl.

              • AndrewP

                This is true… But to play Devil’s Advocate, if I may…
                – Hinted last year at retirement
                – The Dallas incident
                – The Pro Bowl interviews

                Early hasn’t been a ‘dream’ over the last 16 mos, either. Through in his age and having missed time the last two years…

                I don’t envy Schneider:
                – Pay more than you are comfortable to an 8-year vet
                – Not get a ton in return for a first-ballot HOFer…

                not an easy choice either way.

                • cha

                  C’mon Andrew. Peters and Earl aren’t even on the same planet when talking about troubling behavior.

                  • AndrewP

                    Like I said, Devil’s Advocate.

            • Rob Staton

              I’d be interested to see what market exists for Earl. I underestimated what a pain in the arse Peters is and thought they would get a R1 for him which they clearly didn’t. But Earl isn’t a disruption and won’t be if he’s paid handsomely.

              • peter

                I hate being this way but I feel like the team has been there and done that with another safety. I love earl but I think value at this point is a 2nd and a fourth.

                I wish it was more but a holdout for a big contract going into his thirties with injuries (maybe) building… just doesn’t portend to a fair contract for Seattle moving forward.

                • Del tre

                  Ah so you are fine just making the team worse? We don’t have another option at free safety, especially not for 2nd and 4th.
                  Idk how you can compare Kam and Earl, completely different playstyles and Kams injury was a freak occurance that could happen to anyone, even a 2nd rounder at another position. Projecting injuries is something the hawks dont do because its senseless, considering Earl was an all pro this year the team will not be better over the next 3 years without Earl.
                  Peters is not Earl, he isn’t sherman, he gets burned a lot by average receivers because he takes so many chances. He’s like T.O at CB

                  • peter

                    It literally doesn’t make the team any worse than signing a third contract on a hold out and then having him sustain more injuries.

                    Just like I can’t predict he will to get injured year to year, you can’t predict with reason that after two years of injuries and style of play that he will play out a third contract.

                    But since you insist on taking this stance at every earl post I’ll go big and say it.

                    Just trade earl. The team won’t be worse than if they count on a player who does get injured, than if they accept that it’s time to move on now rather than pay and be on the hook for a massive contract in line with Eric berrys contract while then not having any back up plan, nor contingency besides throwing in some rando like Terrell in a pinch.

                    Earl has been/is great. But the team with tons of needs doesn’t need a 6 year 78 million/ 40 million guaranteed contract for a player going into his 30’s. Oh and earls by the nature of things will be even greater than that.

                  • Eburgs

                    Doesn’t make the team any worse by trading the best free safety in the league hahahaha. Let’s not sign anyone to a contract because they might get hurt.

                  • Donald

                    Trade Earl. Better to trade high than wait a year and trade low. Earl will not make the difference in a superbowl appearance, and there are many more needs to fill.

                    Signing him to a big expensive contract now will be like a rock hanging from the Seahawks neck for years, it will make him less attractive in a trade, along with diminishing results on the field with injuries.

                    Trade him now while he has value and an affordable contract. Let him sit on someone else’s injury list.

                  • Michigan 12th

                    I agree, if you can’t get a really good trade package for Earl he needs to be resigned. What good is it to have money if we are only going to spend it looking for another safety that gets paid half as much as Earl but does not perform half as much. I understand the sediment to trade Earl, especially if he is going to be stubborn about his new contract, but I don’t get trading him just because he costs money. All players do, and first contract players are more miss than hit.

                    JS/PC will not just give him away unless there is an underlying issue, which is possible given the Dallas game, and the soon release of all his brothers in the secondary.

              • Hawk Eye

                Peters was devalued because he has major issues and only 2 teams were willing to bid (SF and LA). And not 2 GM’s who had in in KC, which is very telling.
                Earl has different reasons to be devalued.
                1. He already makes big money and wants more, Peters is on rookie contract
                2. He is older than Peters looking for 3rd contract. But not real old at 28
                3. He has one year left on his contract, Peters has 2 (if you include his option)

                so it will be interesting to see if they trade him how that all compares

                • D-OZ

                  Earl’s age doesn’t diminish his value, he is in his prime.

              • FresnoBrad

                Rob I watched Peters on NFL total access. Peters seemed bull headed & uncoachable I think that’s the primary reason for the cheap trade not his outburst. In other words you probably didn’t underestimate anything, you were unaware of the Chiefs secret.

      • Del tre

        He’s using the only leverage he has, i mean the seahawks are in a really bad spot without him. This logic doesnt make sense as it could actually lower his cap hit for this season, could allow us to resign sheldon.

  6. Todd

    Looking at Kalen Ballage highlights and he looks like Leonard Fournette at times. Anyone following ASU have thoughts? Not sure why he hasn’t been talked up. Speed, power, patience. Ran a lot of wild-cat.

    • Rob Staton

      He is a great athlete, good size. But his college career was very underwhelming. Hasn’t played up to his potential.

      • HawksBill

        Tony Pauline wrote about Ballage back in December as: ‘He best turn it around quickly or it will be a “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” situation.’

        But I think he will probably shine in the combine workouts.

        • Patrick Toler

          Agreed. He’ll look good in the workouts and someone will pick him in the 4th or 5th. I hope to hell it’s not us – and I’m pretty sure it won’t be. I don’t know how Pete watches him and could see a Seahawk.

        • Hawk Eye

          workout warrior, but missing INSTINCTS

          why do we mostly not consider instincts to be part of talent?
          Like Cristine Michael, if a guy just cannot find the hole and perform his assignment, it is because he lacks THAT talent
          That is why some guys with great numbers at the combine don’t make it and guys who lousy at the underwear olympics make it. Some guys can play football and some guys can’t

      • D-OZ

        I think it might have been more on ASU than Ballage. He certainly looked good @ the SR Bowl.

        • HawksBill

          Last year ASU had a 3-headed running attack (2 RB+QB), that’s not going to help their individual season stats.

  7. Trevor

    Since I have been following the blog Isiah Wynn is my favourite prospect whom the Hawks have a legit chance of picking. I know JS has spent a lot of draft capital on the OL but if they make a trade back into the late first and he is still on the board I really really hope they take him and lock down the left side of the OL once and for all. Him and Duane Brown could be incredible in both pass pro and run game.

    Wynn has the one thing every OL prospect JS has drafted lacks. Consistency and incredible technique. If they want to fix the run game he should be step #1.

    • Ishmael

      I’m with you man. Get him in and then forget about the OL for the next few years.

      • D-OZ

        Yeah, I’m all in on Winn!!!!

    • Matt B.

      I am definitely in agreement on this one, looking at the FA market value for even guards at this point, taking a Guard in the 1st round seems to no longer be a bad value proposition. I also think people have been assuming he’s just a guard given his height, but when you watch his tape at Tackle and see his arm length, I could see him being insurance at LT as well as a stud LG. I’d rather trade back and grab him and a RB in the third round (with the trade back) then grab a RB at 18.

  8. Trevor

    Since I have been following the blog Isiah Wynn is my favourite prospect whom the Hawks have a legit chance of picking. I know JS has spent a lot of draft capital on the OL but if they make a trade back into the late first and he is still on the board I really really hope they take him and lock down the left side of the OL once and for all. Him and Duane Brown could be incredible in both pass pro and run game.

    Wynn has the one thing every OL prospect JS has drafted lacks. Consistency and incredible technique. If they want to fix the run game he should be step #1.

    • vrtkolman

      Amazing how the combine can change someone’s take. I was all in on Billy Price at 18, and now it’s Wynn for me. I agree.

      • peter

        Prince’s length won’t be a problem inside.

        I’ll say I’m way higher in Wynn than I am on price. I think it’s more important for a good/great left guard that can play tackle and wynn held his own against the best defensive players in the country at left tackle, than Seattle needs a right guard (possible price spot) and get another center backup.

        If Seattle is looking for a center backup guard combo I’m still higher on Radnor than price…..only because of draft value.

        • Trevor

          I agree the great thing about Wynn is he is the best prospect at a position of greatest need LG. He is also a legit backup LT. Drafting him gives the OL so much flexibility.

    • SoCal12

      My worry with Wynn now is that with his better-than-expected size is he going to go earlier than we can take him now? Especially if we trade back?

      It’s such a weird dilemma I have with the combine. Like Im excited to watch these prospects do well and get hyped about the possibilities, but the anxiety portion of my brain always worries they’re too good for us to even reach at them now.

  9. Trevor

    Jemarco James is a legit OT prospect. Really surprised he has not gotten more buzz. I think he will be this years big riser for OT prospects.

    • D-OZ

      There are certain sites where Jones is getting the buzz though.

  10. Trevor

    Rob will you post a link or something for Google hangout?

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah it’ll be at the top of the blog to watch live. Depends how many questions I get though

  11. Scott Mc

    How about Jordan Wilkins from OleMiss? He measured in the Seahawk-y range and looks like a Prosise-like pass-catching RB.

  12. Ground_Hawk

    Great work Rob! Thanks for the link to Loyko’s spreadsheet. Used it to find TCU’s OL Joe Noteboom measurements- 6-5, 309lbs, and 34 5/8 inch arms.

  13. Christian

    Both Price, and Hernandez, were getting lots of love Senior Bowl time, with 32″ arms does this knock either of them down a round in your perspective? Historically how have Seahawks Linemen fared in this regard?

    • Christian

      and to a lesser extent Braden Smith with 32.25

      • Volume12

        For some it’s hand size. Others? Arm length.

        Has anyone ever looked at the hand size for the O-lineman that Seattle has drafted? That would be super interesting.

        • Christian

          Name Year Arm Length Hands
          Russell Okung 2010 36 10.5
          James Carpenter 2011 34 9.75
          John Moffitt 2011 33 9.5
          JR Sweezy 2012 34 9.625
          Ryan Seymour 2013 33.625 10.125
          Michael Bowie 2013 34.25 10.38
          Justin Britt 2014 33.5 10.25
          Garrett Scott 2014 34.75 9.875
          Terry Poole 2015 33.25 9.5
          Mark Glowinski 2015 33.125 9.75
          Kristjan Sokoli 2015 34 10.375
          Germain Ifedi 2016 36 10.75
          Rees Odhiambo 2016 33.25 9.625
          Joey Hunt 2016 30.5 couldn’t find
          Ethan Pocic 2017 33.125 10.125
          Justin Senior 2017 34 10.25

          • peter

            Just looking at this list it makes me realize how strange it is to not have any real idea what Seattle is looking for in an linemen this off season.

            I mean there’s some huge tackles some big guards with arm length isssues.

            does small hand size have anything to do with anything? Serious question. does it take Wynn off the board?

            • Christian

              I wonder about the hand thing too, I mean ok but can he anchor, or will his little baby hands be easy to smack away or break their hold. Everybody was like he’s got great arm length great tape, yeah I see it, but baby hands man.

          • DCD2

            Looking at that list, I hope they can find some additional means of evaluation. Half of these guys aren’t even in the league anymore. Maybe with Cable gone, they will focus less on hand size and more on things like blocking ability

        • D-OZ

          There have comments in the past about O-linemen getting their big mitts on you. I can’t remember whether it was Cable or Carrol.

  14. cha

    Rapsheet says Jets just released Mo Wilkerson

    • Hawk Eye

      I saw that
      similar to Sheldon, but even better when motivated. Sometimes even less motivated.
      I would kick the tires, one year prove it contract. No comp pick.
      Let Sheldon go, get a comp and get a guy with similar talent and question marks at a lower price.
      Getting him at a good price would mean keeping Bennett. Don’t want Mo to be the leader of the D line.

  15. Millhouse-serbia

    Rob , one question for tonight. If you could choose, who would you take…carlos hyde, jonathan stewart or demarcco murray?

    • SoCal12

      For me it comes down to the price. With our currently limited budget, I probably wouldn’t spend more than vet min or like 2 million max for an RB with a lot of tread on them. I think past that point you’d be better off taking fliers on draftees and UDFA’s to compete for cheap.

  16. Jason

    Had some time to mess around with a mock and after a couple trade downs and a trade up in the 3rd I came up with this scenario.

    33: R2P1
    83: R3P19
    101: R4P1
    141: R5P4
    146: R5P9
    168: R5P31
    226: R7P8
    248: R7P30
    250: R7P32

    • Volume12

      That’s actually a really nice mock. Not sure if Chubb and Keke last that long, but I get what you were going for and I respect it and agree.

    • Patrick Toler

      I would be doing backflips. But would be surprised if any of Davenport, Chubb, Corbett, Coutee, or Smythe last that long.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Literally none of those guys will last that long imo

  17. Volume12

    So ya’ll gonna cross Kerryon Johnson and a couple others off your list now or…

    • Volume12

      And what happens if Guice outperforms his HS testing #’s or improves on them? Change ya’lls minds?

      • peter

        I think it only changes for pc. He seems like the type of would like but they are super form with their explosion numbers.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, I don’t think Pete pays any mind to what a guy did as we know. He’s a ‘what can you do for me NOW.’

      • Rob Staton

        Better testing would help for Guice but I’m not anticipating it. Happy and prepared to admit I was wrong if he does well. Still paying attention to some teams’ concerns about character though and the fact he looks a lot like Rawls as a runner.

    • Eburgs

      What’s wrong with Kerryon? 2 pounds too light?
      Guice is a stud regardless of his 40. The fact he runs like Rawls make me think we are much more likely to draft him than not. Pete loved the way he ran and his style when he was running effectively. I’m pretty sure even Pete said his ideal Rb runs like Rawls but is bigger.

      • Rob Staton

        Running style is important — but they haven’t drafted a mediocre, non-explosive athlete at RB inside the first two days of the draft purely on running style. Rawls was, after all, an UDFA. So Guice still needs to run well and ease concerns about character flags in order to be on the radar. Friday will be fascinating.

        • Eburgs

          Great points. I’m really feeling Nick Chubb after trading down. Would love to buy a Chubb jersey haha.

  18. Volume12

    So, the Vikings drafting a starting QB or try and sign Cousins? They have a lot of cap space, but enough for Cousins? Gotta pay some of their more recent draft picks.

    • Jason

      I would stay away from Cousins if I were them. I think Mason Rudolph should be an option for them. Spend the money on the key players while he is on the rookie contract.

      • Volume12

        I agree. Gotta think Cousins might take a cut to go play for a team that’s so close though. If Minnesota even wants him that is.

        • Mark Souza

          Nothing Cousins has shown indicates he’ll taker less from anybody. If two offers were the same, then who’s closer to a Super Bowl might be a deciding factor.

          • DCD2

            I doubt he’s that greedy. The question is probably: how much of a cut. If you’re talking 5/120 vs 5/125, ya it’s $5M, but it’s a lot easier to turn it down, if you’re making $120M? All of his offers are probably going to be in the same ballpark.

            Take off a couple of zeroes and put yourself in that situation. Would you take a job that pays $120k, but is a great place to work, seems well run, etc. Or would you say, F it, I’ll take the extra $5k to work for a company where everyone is miserable, and you know management will screw everything up anyway?

            • Hawk Eye

              oh, I think he is that greedy. Would be shocked if he did not sign a contract for more the JG.
              But not always about the money, if he thinks he has done more than G, he will want more

              • DCD2


                He has made $45M in the last 2 years and is driving a van he bought from his grandma. Whatever contract he signs this year, he’ll be set. His agent on the other hand, will milk it for all it’s worth. Cousins will tell him where he wants to play, and the agent will make sure it’s the biggest contract ever.

                Cleveland could throw $35M/year at him and I doubt he’d take it. He’ll end up in MIN or DEN because that’s where he has the best chance at a ring (and WR’s), not because it takes his net worth up 2%.

    • cha

      Cousins is one of those strange NFL cases. He’s not a top 5 QB, and probably not a top 10 QB but he’s available.

      Whatever he ends up getting, it feels like one of those contracts where everyone knows he won’t live up to it but the team has no other choice.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I have a hard time believing anyone will pay him over 20 million a year on a long term contract. Did he lift the team into the playoffs? What magic has he performed on the playing field?

        • Matt B.

          I will be absolutely shocked if it’s less than 30/yr. He didn’t lift a team into the playoffs, but name 10 better QB’s than him that are currently in the league. It’s tough, I was converted into a bit more of a believer with him this year after I saw him put up strong numbers and solid performances even with pretty much his whole O-Line in tatters.

  19. Mexican Hawk

    All things considered I have leaned Wynn over Price, the thing that tilted my thinking in the last couple of weeks was the mean streak and consecutive starts/injury free (for now) career path that Price has had. Also his leadership, as Urban Meyer has said, is off the charts. Should be a tough decision, maybe the arm length comes into play. Wynn did look mean at the Senior Bowl, though. Classic trade back scenario if that is the case.

    • Volume12

      Something to keep in mind. TC is gone. Mike Solari is gonna go about this differently. We don’t really know yet what he wants or how he sees things.

      • Trevor

        Agreed I think he will bring Fluker in from the Giants as well. He really helped the Giants run game when Solari inserted him at RG last year and it seems like all these coaches like to have at least one vet guy they know and are comfortable with .

      • Mexican Hawk

        Good point V12. We will wait and see and more intriguing is whether he gets as much say as Cable presumably did in evaluations. Gotta keep trusting your people that has been Pete’s mantra. Why synergy between coaching staff and evaluation dept. is so in sync and not acrimonious like in other organizations.

  20. Volume12

    Who bites on ET and/or Sherm as trade bait?

    • Trevor

      Maybe the Raiders might want to make a splash and sign Earl but I don’t think either guy is traded this weekend.

      What do you think?

      • Jason

        Hopefully some inept front office like the redskins ponies up.

      • Volume12

        I think they’ll try. I think if they do find a suiter one of them, not both, will be moved. We’ve seen crazier though.

        Dallas is the obvious speculation. Maybe a package deal? Like to Miami for WR Jarvis Landry and a draft pick?

        • Volume12

          Dan Quinn is out here talking about he don’t want too many projects. Would Atalanta make a deal for him? Do they try and move them outta the NFC?

          • Drew

            If they do, they better take top dollar only if they trade him to an NFC contender. 1st & some change to go to ATL.

        • AndrewP

          I’ve thought Houston would be an intriguing option… They have two 3rds this year and two 2nds next, so they have some capital to work with despite not having a 1/2 this year. They also don’t need a franchise QB, so not having picks on Days 1/2 wouldn’t be absolutely crippling to them.

          SEA gets:
          – HOU 2018 3rd
          – HOU 2018 4
          – Conditional 2019 (whichever ends up being higher of the 2nd RDers)

          HOU gets:
          – Earl

          That gets a conversation going between the two teams, at least.

        • Patrick Toler

          I’ll pass on paying Landry.

          I still think San Diego makes perfect sense. A team built to win now with an older QB. A terrifying pash rush to match perfectly with Earl. And they are in the AFC.

    • Mark Souza

      We definitely know Sherman won’t be in play. Nobody knows what they’ll get. What will he be when he comes back from his injury? If an offer does come in, I’d expect it to be some kind of super lowball shot in the dark to see if Seattle will bite.

      • Drew

        Maybe a 3rd or 4th this year, and then depending on how many games he’s active for maybe we send back a 5th or something next year. Gives us a middle round pick this year and cap relief.

        • Mark Souza

          I would think a 6th or 7th, and nothing next year. Any team vying for him knows they are rolling the dice. Win, and you have a great corner for a couple years at the end of his career. Lose, he never plays again and your out a draft pick that was a long shot to make your team anyway.

  21. Ashish

    @Rob Question for hangout
    I see Hawks trade down from 18th (multiple times) to get 2 second or 1 second and high third. And then select Guard and RB in any order. Your thoughts?

    • Del tre

      Considering the weights of the runningbacks i doubt they are comfortable drafting one at 18, I’d expect linebacker and runningback to be their first two selections. The seahawks value defense, they will probably select multiple runningbacks one early a few late round guys, with their early picks i honestly think they go with a linebacker. KJ is great on downs 1 and 2, but they probably dont want him on the field for 3rd down as much, having a linebacker thats fast and can take the pressure off of bobby will be a huge asset and will probably win us the division if it improves our run stop. I’m comfortable with a healthy carson coming back and starting but the competition will be good. Perhaps a superstar emerges.

      • Rob Staton

        Linebacker is currently the only position on the team other than QB they can really rely on, so not sure that’s the direction they go early.

        • Del tre

          They got blown out with Kj out, i would not say thats reliable. Stopping the run is #1 for Carroll they didn’t do that this year, it will be a bigger priority than you think.
          They have a young d line, they have a great up and coming CB who should make big strides in year 2. Hopefully Delano hill will be an upgrade with his tackling and comparable in coverage. The defense is getting younger and faster but needs an extra boost, too much is being put on Bobby to stop the run.
          They can get a big wide receiver late in the draft, they can draft multiple runningbacks with major talent between rounds 2 and 4.
          They plan for their future and i refuse to believe JS compromised this draft for a few trades.
          Trading from 18 to the middle of the second can get us the draft capitol we need to draft a few guys like Penny, Johnson, or Scarborough while also gaining much needed speed on the defensive side of the ball.

          • Rob Staton

            There’s a difference between adding depth to the LB and spending your first round pick on depth.

      • Patrick Toler

        They do really need linebacker youth and depth. But I agree, their needs at Guard and RB would seem much greater. Maybe if they add two decent veteran guards they could pick up a line backer with an early pick. Or maybe if they feel like they can get a talented RB later. I think Ashish’s proposal is the most likely scenario.

  22. Volume12

    As mentioned, decent size for Ronald Jones.

    ‘Over the past 15 years, just 7% of all RBs 5’11 or taller at the combine weigh 205 or less.’- Graham Barfield-

    ’03: Sultan McCullough- 6’1, 202
    ’04: Josh Davis- 5’11, 200
    ’05: Noah Herron- 5’11, 200
    ’07: Lorenzo Booker- 5’11, 191
    ’07: Kenny Irons- 5’11, 203
    ’08: Chris Johnson- 5’11, 197
    ’08: Jamaal Charles- 5’11, 200
    ’10: CJ Spiller- 5’11, 196
    ’10: Joe McKnight- 6’1, 198
    ’10: Andre Dixon- 6’1, 205
    ’11: Taiwan Jones- 6’0,194
    ’11: John Griffin- 5’11, 205
    ’13: Joseph Randle- 6’0, 204
    ’18: Ronald Jones- 5’11, 205

    • Jason

      We talk a lot about a player like Pocic getting in the weight room during the offseason and adding weight/strength. Can’t the same thing be done with RB’s like Jones? I would think a season with an NFL team a player could add weight and not lose a lot of speed and agility.

      • Drew

        Only thing though, how much does he need to bulk up before he starts losings some of his quickness?

      • Patrick Toler

        Jones already has really strong lets. If he adds anything it will be in his upper body. He could probably add some strength to his core for durability, but I think he is already plenty strong in his lower half.

        • Patrick Toler


  23. Heliopause

    Virtually any 7th rounder or UDFA you pick up will produce at least as much as Stewart, and for half as much money. I’d sooner bring back Lacy for another go than Stewart.

  24. Rob Staton

    Got only two questions for a possible Live video tonight — unless I get to about 10 questions I’ll just answer on here and we’ll do the Google Hangout another time. If you have a question reply to this comment.

    • Christian

      1. Considering other than Joey Hunt no OL drafted by John Schneider has had shorter than 33″ arms. Does measurements knock Price, and Hernandez, and Braden Smith off their board?
      2. If it doesn’t knock them completely off their board does it knock them down a round.
      3. Does Isaiah Wynn only having 8.5″ hands bother you? smallest at the combine for his position group. Would he be able to punch
      4. What is arm length and hand size indicators of with Offensive Linemen?

    • Trevor

      Does Ronald Jones weight at 205lbs a cause for concern as he seems to light compared to any other RB PC/JS have drafted.

    • Jason

      What are your thoughts on Kolton MIller? I have seen some mocks where he gets into the 1st/2nd round conversation.

    • Trevor

      What player are you most interested in seeing test at the combine? Why and what tests / measurements are most important for that prospect?

    • Trevor

      Have you watched any tape on Jemarco Jones and what are your thoughts? He looks like the prototype size.

    • Sea Mode

      Won’t be able to catch the (possible) Hangout live, but in whatever format you end up doing, I’d like to eventually get your thoughts on Ole Miss RB Jordan Wilkins once you have a chance to watch him.

    • Christian

      Is there a good resource to see who the Hawks are meeting w/ at the combine, and Pro Days etc Walter Football only has the Hawks meeting with Waddley, and I heard elsewhere Jesse Bates.

      • Christian

        also heard Austin Corbett

    • Patrick Toler

      I would definitely like to hear your thoughts on John Kelly if you will be watching him prior to the hangout.

      I’d like to hear if there are any lower round offensive or defensive lineman we should be watching for in the lifting and jumps?

    • Veryal

      Is crosby still carrying bad weight. #s above look decent

      • Rob Staton

        Have to see his frame at the workouts. At the Senior Bowl he didn’t look in good shape.

    • Ben

      1. If S Richardson is leaves in FA, we’ll be very lean at DT. Are there any midround guys you’re excited to see combine numbers for? Do you think adding another run stopper or interior rusher will be more important?

      2. Is there a QB you could see the hawks targeting as a late round back up?

      One a little different

      3. Imagining a world were this team is entering the offseason like 2012, what would your plan be any favorites of yours among the top guys? Trade up from 18? Mid round options plus a FA?

      • Ben

        Oops, meant to say like 2012 with no QB entering the offseason. Any favorites at the top for QB?

    • Mexican Hawk

      1. 2018-2019 George Fant and how you think that plays into offseason thinking.

      2. Thoughts on WR situation post 2019 and planning a year ahead? What they lose with Jimmy how do they replace. Even if he never was a blocking back, his RedZone #’s are hard to find elsewhere. am against drafting a WR in round 1 (usually) and this year there appears to not be one worth staying put for, but if there was a viable player I would not mind them pulling trigger.

  25. Rob Staton

    Thoughts on John Kelly — very fun to watch. Plays physical. Clearly wasn’t 216 during the season so will be fascinating how he tests with the extra weight. He is the only player I’ve seen to actually embarrass Chauncey Gardner. Absolutely dumped Gardner on his backside on one play, then made him miss twice in the open field. Gardner could be a top-10 pick next year as a safety. Not a feature back type IMO. Not someone like Chubb who will wear down an opponent. But he could be a really nice compliment to someone like that. If the Seahawks take a runner early and then wanted to add another in the R4 range, Kelly would be a fine option. And really, they should be looking to come out of this draft with two RB’s.

    • Nick

      Very fair analysis. Before the combine, it seems like Chubb makes the most sense for their first RB pick. His value, play style, and physical measurements all seem to line up really well w/ Sea’s position. I think Ronald Jones is going to go in the 20s…and I just don’t see Seattle sticking there at this point.

    • Patrick Toler

      Yep, good analysis. The thing that stands out to me is his feet. Quick and coordinated. He is a pretty good skateboarder, which is all about foot control and balance. I see his perfect role being a guy who can carry the ball 10 times a game, featured as a receiver out of the backfield, and be an average to above average pass blocker. I do think he could carry it 15+ times successfully if you needed it. Lots of value there, IMO.

    • FresnoBrad

      This means we will be drafting 10 plus players

    • AndrewP

      I’ll bite and say I disagree. I think the move is:
      – FA bargain
      – Get one early
      – Hope one of Davis/Prosise/McKissick can also be contribute

      Too many other needs for impact (starting , depth and developmental) throughout the roster, and too few picks, to say two is a must. If the opportunity arises and the value is too good? Fine. Or, pick one early and then UDFA? I’m on board. But to say earmark two picks for RB? Can’t get on board.

      • Hawk Eye

        yeah, lack of draft picks makes me think they draft an RB in first 3 rounds (after some trade backs) and get a FA vet for cheap and look at some UDFA’s. They will have medical reports on Prosise and Carson that we don’t have, so harder for us to guess.

        • Patrick Toler

          I think you have to leave yourself flexible. If Kelly is there in the 4th and he ends up making an approximation of the impact Kamara made (which I think he could) then he’d be a bargain, regardless of whatever needs you have.

  26. EP

    In my opinion it’s honestly crazy that the first thought on some people’s minds when it comes to Lamar Jackson is a WR. Yes it’s true he has WR size/weight/athleticism but he’s a QB, plain and simple. Granted he has some accuracy issues but so does Josh Allen, they’re not the first and won’t be the last guys who come out with questions about their completion percentages. Jackson has improved each year against difficult opposition, Allen has not. Not bashing Allen either because he definitely has potential, I just find it very disrespectful that he isn’t being given his dues. The guy is electric. Rant over.

    Was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on QBs we may take with our day 3 picks. Not really sure about Davis/Boykin or any other vet out there. Might be good to find a pretty decent project and maybe get some trade interest in a few years time as well as having a solid back up to Wilson.

    • Nick

      I dare say there is a racial element to it.

      • Ishmael

        That’s the long and short of it. Just have to look at Bill Polian. Jackson is too small to play QB, but Johnny Manziel has the magic and teams needed to go get him. It’s jokeshop stuff.

        • EP

          I know I tend to agree, just didn’t want to say it. The thing that annoys me about Allen is that he has this perfect story. The prototype QB, the Tom Brady and the Peyton Manning. The guy looks the part. And as to his background, he’s a guy who got barely any offers and had to go to Wyoming for his only shot and he might wind up being the number 1 pick. Think about how much they’d run with that and beat the narrative into ground. Fair enough he might end up being good but I think they let stories get in the way of the sporting merit.

          • EP

            The good thing is however, that I’d imagine the teams don’t do that and neither does Rob or anyone on this sight. That’s why this is great.

            • Ishmael

              Teams absolutely do it, the NFL isn’t a meritocracy. Christian Hackenburg got drafted in the second round because he looked like a quarterback, Josh Allen is cut from the same cloth.

        • peter

          Bill polian came off like an angry grandpa at a golden corral.

          Lamar Jackson needs to go to the right team and I doubt Coughlin will be interested but they could do some serious damage has they not extended bortles.

          I think Cleveland could really get interesting with Jackson as well.

          • Ishmael

            Imagine what Jacksonville could do with him with Fournette in the backfield… Could get absolutely wild. Similarly the Browns if they managed to grab Barkley.

            I actually wonder if the Steelers might be interested in him

            • peter

              the Steelers now that would be interesting with big Ben talking about retirement.

    • FresnoBrad

      I’d be very happy if we drafted Jackson

      • 503Hawk

        From the “thinking outside the box” principle to acquire more picks…
        If Jackson or Mayfield are there at 18, instead of trading down and getting a third, draft one of them and feature them heavily during the preseason. The Hawks will either have their QB of the future or will be able to cash in on a trade.

    • D-OZ

      Newton had accuracy issues coming out of collage and he was #1 overall in that draft.

  27. Ishmael

    230 pounds for Barkley… He’s an absolute specimen. I’m wildly jealous of whichever team he goes to, probably the Giants at this rate.

    Nice to see a few options popping up. Jones would be a pretty massive departure from what they’ve gone for before, but if Pete feels like bringing back the glory days with Thunder and Lightning…

    • Greg Haugsven

      W/ speed. I could see a bunch of guys making business decisions not to tackle that guy.

      • Ishmael

        He’s ridiculous, made from different stuff than the rest of us

  28. Rob Staton

    The Google Hangout is now live at the top of the page for people to watch. Some thoughts on the running game and your questions in the Q&A.

    Let me know what you think of the video and whether you want more of these during/after the combine. Constructive criticism is VERY welcome — would rather know what you really think!

    • DCD2

      You’re British!?!?

      • Rob Staton

        I am, hope that wasn’t too surprising or off-putting. Used to live in Vancouver.

        • DCD2

          Surprising to me, for certain. I’ve met quite a few Brit’s and most are completely indifferent to American football. Never would have guessed that one of our most knowledgeable and trusted sources for the topic would in fact be British!

          Appreciate all of the hard work!

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks DC, appreciate it.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Catch Rob while you can, before he goes “off to Bedfordshire” ;D

    • Trevor

      It was awesome thanks!

    • Patrick Toler

      Really great job Rob. This was fantastic and I hope you will do more of these!

  29. Trevor

    Really appreciate the Google Play answers to questions it was great!

  30. CharlieTheUnicorn

    All I can say is FREAK

    Jaryd Jones-Smith — 6-6, 317lbs, 36 2/8 inch arms, 88 1/2 inch wingspan

  31. peter

    Rob, excellent piece! I think you’ve set yourself up for a hectic week of you’re doing hangouts.

    If have to think the questions are going to like on up as more positions measure and test. Stoked for tomorrow just to get some extra measurements going. Not that the bench means much but I think there’s going to be some big lifters tomorrow.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Peter, happy to do the videos as long as people get something out of them!

  32. Mike L

    Jack Cichy is an interesting LB prospect (Wisconsin)…played lights out as a Soph/Jr (I thought he outplayed TJ Watt)..tore his ACL before his senior year..qualified for a medical redshirt but passed it up to go into the draft (which tells me he thinks he’ll be ready to play this season). Might be worth a late round flyer by the Hawks if he’s around..

  33. Coleslaw

    Bold prediction of the day.
    Deserving or not Schotty and Solari will get a reputation for fixing Seattle’s offense and taking Russell Wilson to new heights.
    Schotty will eventually step up in place of Pete.

    • peter

      Future Scott frost says otherwise! I like a bold choice like you made but my net for coach of your 2020 seahwk s is Scott frost. that’s my bold take.

      I will say that I think there’s something to the new hires that I think Seattle will be better organized and I’m giving schotty the benefit of the doubt because he’s never had a talent like Wilson and pc loves to run and I think he does as well.

      I’m super interested to see if it’s bad picks, bad scheme coaching, or just simply disorganization that led to the overall product.

  34. taxspecialist

    Loved the google hangout – thanks Rob. Awesome as usual.

  35. Patrick Toler has an interesting piece about Schneider and his staff working with the new coaches. One of the key quotes from Trent Kirchner:

    “This is the first time in seven years that we haven’t been looking for the same thing every year. We knew, for the most part, what our coaches were looking for, so this is the first year in a long time where we’ve had to transition into learning something new. It’s going to be very important for us to communicate with them as much as possible, make it as clear as possible what their expectations are for us. We know it’s still fast, tough, smart, reliable guys, but now it’s, what physical attributes are we looking for?”

    It sounds like Pete drives the defensive physical ideals (no surprise there), while Schottenheimer and Solari will drive the offensive ideals. This seems like implied confirmation that we may see some different prototypes on the offensive side.

  36. Jeremy

    Good stuff (as usual)! Thanks Rob

  37. Aaron

    Been looking into the offensive linemen Solari drafted while with the 49ers. Six of them have enough information like height, weight, arm length, and hand size for us to get a picture of what Solari looks for in an o liner. Here’s what I found all courtesy of the NFL’s own draft profile site.

    Anthony Davis (OT)
    H: 6’5″
    W: 323lbs
    Arm: 34″
    Hand: 10 1/8″

    Mike Iupati (OG)
    H: 6’5″
    W: 331lbs
    Arm: 34 3/4″
    Hand: 10 5/8″

    Daniel Kilgore (C)
    H: 6’3″
    W: 308lbs
    Arm: 32 1/2″
    Hand: 10″

    Joe Looney (OG)
    H: 6’3″
    W: 309lbs
    Arm: 32 1/4″
    Hand: 9 3/4″

    Marcus Martin (C)
    H: 6’3″
    W: 320lbs
    Arm: 34″
    Hand: 10″

    Brandon Thomas (OT)
    H: 6’3″
    W: 317lbs
    Arm: 34 3/4″
    Hand: 10 1/2″

    We should definetly be on the lookout for o linemen with 34″+ arm length and 10″+ hand size, with the exception of centers. He seems alright with sub 34″ arms but stays with the 10″ hand size. Haven’t looked at his time with the Giants, but I’m curious if the trend continues there. By the way, here’s all the 34″ arm length and 10″ hand size guys from Rob’s and Mike Loyko’s lists…

    Geron Christian
    Tyrell Crosby
    Des Harrison
    Chukwuma Okorafor
    Kolton Miller
    Mike McGlinchey
    Jaryd Jones-Smith

    • Aaron

      Update: Only o liner drafted by Solari while with the Giants was Adam Bisnowaty in 2017. Here’s his measurables…

      H: 6’6″
      W: 304lbs
      Arm: 33 7/8″
      Hand: 11 3/8″

      Pretty much follows the trend with the 49ers, with a slight wiggle room on arm length. Again, center has the most wiggle room. He seems to be okay with the likes of a Billy Price type at center and not just a Pocic, Britt, and Unger taller center type.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Interestingly enough we bandied about Adam Bisnowaty on this very blog. He was a guy Seattle might have had an interest in…. so perhaps, the things they are looking for are not to dissimilar from the past. He was also a SPARQ underachiever. He also was a 2.51 TEF. Which is not that hot…… Rob mentioned Breno as a NFL comparable, just to put the number into context.

        So, we might have to really watch what they say and try to have some of our “scouts” home in on where Seattle has been focusing their time this off season.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Interestingly enough, most of the guys mentioned were drafted 3-5 rounds.. except for Iupati (1 # 17) and Davis (1 # 11).

      I did some sleuthing on pro football reference. More or less, Solari very rarely takes an OL prospect early, unless he is high up in the first round. Most of the time, he tends to take the mid round guys. This might put a cold blanket on the Price pick at #18 : /

      It was interesting to note, that in 2016 the Packers drafted Spriggs, which was the draft after Solari left… but I wonder if he had some input before being shown the door. Spriggs was a 2nd round pick, but blew the doors off the combine.

      • Aaron

        If that’s the case that Solari tends to take o liners in the mid rounds unless picking high (top 20) then I’d only see one option for the Hawks at 18 on the o line, Mike McGlinchey. Price isn’t a first rounder imo. He’s likely gonna go from mid 2nd to mid 3rd. I’m not high on McGlinchey and kind of get uncomfortable seeing him occasionally mocked to the Hawks at 18. He’s a fringe 1st rounder imo, probably will go between 35-45 unless someone is high on him. He just looks like a RT to me and not athletic enough for LT in the NFL. Also his 6’7″ size has me worried. I like tackles that are no taller then 6’5″ because of leverage in the run game.

      • DC

        If it was in fact Solari making the selection of a future Pro Bowl OL at #17 would it be a huge stretch if he were to draft a future Pro Bowl OL at #18?

        Regardless of whether we select him or not, Wynn wouldn’t be a shock to go at #18. Zach Martin went at #16. How many guys are out there where you don’t have to guess whether or not they can actually play on the line?

        • Mark Souza

          Exactly. +1 DC.

    • AlaskaHawk

      What I notice is they are all over 300 pounds and probably average 315 or so. He likes big guys that can block.

      • AlaskaHawk

        They average 318 pounds.

        • Greg Haugsven

          11 3/8 inch hands. Those are like Mickey Mouse gloves.

  38. Del tre

    Can’t respond directly to Peters comment for some reason but here are the numbers we have without Earl
    Also, you’re still vying for saving money by creating a hole at one of the most important positions on the team. Yes it makes the team worse to trade an all pro, especially with no legitimate options to replace him. It does make our team worse than signing a 3rd contract, because we wont have the best free safety in the league anymore.
    The holes on our roster can be filled without trading Earl. That trade wreaks of panic and fear, the Hawks went 9-7 and missed the playoffs with an insane amount of injured players and were a fieldgoal kicker away from anywhere between 10-6 and 12-4. We just got rid of one of the worst play callers in the league and it will help the Hawks start winning the time of possession battle, the Hawks dont need to spend 2 first round picks on offense to fix it, theres already talent there.
    You keep acting like 8 million in cap space just makes the team better, the truth is we can keep earl this year and draft his replacement next year with more options, and that draft pick will still be on his rookie contract by the time Earls contract is up. And then the Hawks will get that precious cap space back.
    Honestly doesn’t seem like trading Earl is about holes in the roster, it feels like people are starting to dislike Earls unique brash nature. The argument you are presenting to me is a fallacy, you dont plug the hole in the bottom of your boat by cutting another hole to cover it.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s nothing to do with how people view Earl.

      It’s everything to do with people simply discussing a topic that is valid during the off season.

      Earl could be traded. It’s possible. And the reasons for it are quite plausible, whether people want it to happen or not.

      • Mark Souza

        Agreed, Rob. Earl is nearing the end of his career. He has one more big contract opportunity. Whoever gets him is getting a great player who will be worth the money at the beginning of the contract, and will likely be hugely overpaid by the end of it, at which point moving on from him leaves dead money against your cap.

        The question is, do you move on from him now, which you’ll have to do eventually anyway, while he still has value and can bring needed assets to the team (and I’m not ignoring the hole he’d leave behind)? Or are we going to be that team that gives him that last big contract, and seriously overpay at the end of it.

        • peter

          People should review the details of Eric berrys contract because I think earl is worth every dollar plus of that. But basically it’s a six year 78 million deal. Here’s the thing the chiefs are on the hook for three years 42.5 million/8 million dead cap penalty.

          Since everything goes up what do you think earl gets? 5 years/65 million but 46.5 million guaranteed. Because the guaranteed if he has an agent with half a brain will be higher than berrys.I

          I don’t care how you slice earls value and I don’t understand why fans take this as a personal affront but that is a ton of money to be paying a player going into his thirties.

          • Mark Souza

            Peter, I agree with a lot of what you are saying. And I don’t look on the dollars as an affront. I look on the dollars as limiting what else the team can do. Next year and the year after that, who are you going to have to let go because you don’t have the cap space to get deals done? There is a bigger cost to keeping Earl than just dollars. It is time for this defense to get young, lean and hungry again, and trading Earl could be a part of that. He’ll never have more value down the road than he has now.

            • Rowlandice

              And don’t forget they need to even out the spending between defense and offense.

            • peter

              Mark, apologies for the confusion it seems fan of earls are mad when trade talks come up. Door me per exsmple , earl is one of my favorite hawks ever. Up there with larger from when I was a kid.

              I meant to gear as you have surmised that the dollars will be very limiting to what the team can do moving forward.

              I honestly wish there was a reasonable way to retain earl. But with talk of a holdout plus the cost….plus again I want to heavily emphasize I think earl should make more than Eric berry in the future I just don’t we how this team swings it.

              • Del tre

                Peter, i thought we both understood that this was a football conversation, I’m not mad at all, if i thought we were in a great position to trade Earl, i would be all hands on deck, in all honesty i wish we would have traded Sherman last season because the CB talent was there, I am baffled by your rational though. The idea is neat for getting more picks, as you have said we could feesibly get the best draft value for Earl this year, but we can with certainty say that the Hawks will get significantly worse in coverage, much more than any guard or running back combo could compensate for. In Bobby Wagner’s best season, Earl going down made the defense fall apart, what happens when Bobby misses a few games? Thats a lot of pressure to put on Bobby to make plays when these young and inexperienced players come in and make mistakes.
                Do you really feel comfortable with Bradley McDougold starting for 16 games? Look trading Earl is 8.5 million in savings, signing McDougold cuts into 4 or 5 million of that. I don’t like that trade off. Jesse Bates? The Hawks arent starting a rookie safety unless its out of desperation, look at last season, don’t you think Delano Hill would have helped a bit more in run support than McDougold? Kam didn’t start, Earl got benched, they didn’t even start Griffin at CB this season.

      • Del tre

        “Earl could be traded” Russell Wilson could be traded, Bobby Wagner, who is more injury prone could be traded, do either of those sound like a good idea? I mean goodness at least if you traded Bobby for a first you have talent at linebacker to replace him.
        Its not a valid conversation, it was a rumor started by seattle media and fans, not the F.O it was almost exclusively tied to Earl Thomas’s “come get me comment”
        The Hawks can’t stop the run right now, and you want them to hit a 100+ passer rating. That doesn’t sound like Pete Carroll’s M.O hes not going to sacrifice the defense for the offense.
        They aren’t going to move away from cover 3 either, i dont understand how we aren’t regarding this as a bored seattle news media trying to make a story. When Sherman was on the market it was well known.
        I mean look at the comments below, they are looking at this as a cap space battle when the Hawks have a bunch of players coming off the books in the following season, Earl isn’t the only roster spot you can save space on. Move on from Doug Baldwin you could probably get better production from a rookie, thats far more likely than getting an adequate replacement for Earl.
        He’s not 35, he’s 28, Bobby Wagner is 27, safeties can have longevity especially a safety with 6 full healthy seasons with playoff appearances, hes missed 7 games in 2 years mostly because of a broken leg.
        You can’t overpay the best safety in the league either. At this point the conversation obviously isn’t centered around making the team better in the present or the future, because its obvious that it wouldnt.
        The hawks have never traded high value players for draft picks, only actual player compensation because an a draft pick gives you 0 guarantees when it comes to their play on the football field.
        They’ve made awesome trades which were draft pick for draft pick but they cut guys when they reach the end of their career.
        I just think the idea is uncharacteristic, and unrealistic. Unless someone is willing to give a Herschel Walker type load of draft the Hawks aren’t in a position to benefit from this

        • Rob Staton

          It is a valid conversation. A perfectly valid conversation.

          I hate to say it, but I think you’re too invested emotionally in Earl being with the Seahawks. It’s quite possible to be a huge Earl Thomas fan and understand why this is a talking point.

          • Del tre

            As i said above, this is about the seahawks getting better. If i felt trading Earl would do that, I’d very happily join in. The seahawks arent in a great position to get another free safety. But thats too bad you think its emotional, even though I’m providing statistics and basing my rational on previous decisions the seahawks have made, I’m directly responding to the things Peter and you are saying as well.
            Look at the patriots last season, they traded away their draft picks for players and went into the draft with holes in their roster all along the D line. They knew what they had, the Seahawks made their choices and it feels like we are second guessing those decisions from them.
            The seahawks will do what they do, we will see how things play out, and only time will tell 🙂

            • Rob Staton

              The only reason I suggested it’s emotional is because frankly I can totally understand an argument that aggressively says ‘I don’t want to trade Earl Thomas’. What I don’t understand is why you don’t get why it’s being discussed or contemplated. It’s not just a non-story cooked up by a bored media. It’s a thing. One way or another, it’s very likely he’ll be signing a new deal or be moved before the draft.

  39. SheHawk

    We have to let the Earl contract talks play out. We are much better with him but he may demand too much $$ and we can’t withstand a hold out….
    I’ve seen talk that honey badger and AZ cardinals may be heading for divorce… Article sited the draft of budda baker as a reason why the cards have options…..Earl himself was pounding table for Baker but we got too cute and went for McDowell. This husky still not over it….IMO the only player that I think could replace earl is Mathiews and still I’d rather have earl.

    I’m also watching my Coug Hercules… he will be fascinating to follow during draft process. To see who drafts him and my guess is whichever team figures out how best to use him is going to be VERY happy. I’d love it to be hawks…. possible SAM???

    • DC

      IIRC Budda was my “official” mock pick to the Hawks last draft. Oh well.

      I’m a little confused SheHawk when you write “This husky” & “my Coug” in the same post. Not as confused as if it had been “my Duck”. Probably would have had to flag that one as inappropriate, lol.

      • SheHawk

        I’m a husky married, a coug now living in Pullman!!. Love both and have kids that graduated 1 from UW and 1 WSU. True ” house divided” but Apple Cup I am dawg for sure!

  40. Millhouse-serbia

    Rob, thank you for answering the questions (mine and all the others). I think that this is great idea and i hope that you gonna do this on regular basis.

  41. EP

    Great stuff Rob, would be great to continue with this. Easier to get across more information speaking it rather than typing it.

  42. BobbyK

    Please say no to any of these veteran running backs. They are modern day versions of TJ Duckett, Julius Jones, Edgerrin James, etc. Eddie Lacy was bad enough.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness though, Carlos Hyde is the same age as Mark Ingram. Could create a New Orleans style backfield if paired with someone like Ronald Jones II.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He would be the only one but that deal would have to be low money and low years. He will be 28 and that is where the cliff starts for RB’s. Personally I would vote no for Hyde but get the idea of him.

    • C-Dog


      I would expect a veteran signing as a hedge, and then use the draft to find a young player with tiit the field potential.

  43. RWIII

    Earl Thomas is one of the greatest free safeties of all time. With that said. In my opinion without a 2nd or 3rd round pick in this draft it is time to trade him. I hope Schneider learned his lesson when he gave Chancellor a new deal. The Seahawks got burned BIG TIME wwlhen they gave Chancellor a new deal. I was against giving Chancellor a new deal and I am against giving E.T. a new deal. Bill Walsh said it is better to get rid of a player one year to early than one year too late.

    • UKAlex6674

      ………except has more than one year left in the tank. He is only 29.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I think that everyone believes they are going to get 100% of Earl for the next 3-4 years. If the Seahawks believe that then pay him. If they dont then trade him. He has started to miss games and that usually gets worse not better. Im good either way but I would be for trading him.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If it was some other position besides safety or middle linebacker, I would extend. But those positions have to make the most tackles. Far more than any other position. All those hits take their toll. And only a few are superman. Much as I love Earl Thomas and what he brings = the Seahawks could be putting the final nail in their cap space coffin if they extend him.

  44. Trevor

    I really hope Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph have amazing combine performances! If we hope to trade back and get value they might be the key for teams wanting to move up.

    The Hawks supposedly had genuine interest in Pat Mahomes last year. Is there any chance they would actually consider Lamar Jackson if they are able to move Sherm and ET for significant draft capital?

  45. Kyle B

    The google hangout was dope. Was a blood pressure lowering device for me late last night. Thank you Rob!

  46. Sea Mode

    FYI all.

    Thursday, March 1
    9 a.m.: Head Coach Pete Carroll Press Conference

    Friday, March 2
    8 a.m.: GM John Schneider Press Conference

    (all times PST)

  47. Millhouse-serbia

    PC said nothing on his press 😀

    • Drew

      Except Sherman had a clean up surgery on his other Achilles. Only new info.

  48. Trevor

    How consistent was Isiah Wynn in his college career in the SEC against some of the best pass rushers in CFB.

    He allowed all of five pressures this past season, and only 26 in his 2,609 collegiate snaps. That is 1 pressure every 100 snaps.

    • AlaskaHawk

      He would be a huge upgrade to Seahawks offensive line.

  49. Trevor

    WR Auden Tate
    Height: 6-4 7/8
    Weight: 228
    Hand: 9 3/8
    Arm: 33 6/8
    Wingspan: 79 2/8

    He should be our big Red Zone target IMO if we get some additional draft capital on Day #2

    • Trevor

      Option #2

      79. #NewMexico WR Jaleel Scott
      Height: 6-4 6/8
      Weight: 218
      Hand: 10
      Arm: 33 4/8
      Wingspan: 81 2/8

      • peter

        Interested to see both of their short area testing. Jaleel Scott send like he is a long strider but then at times he can cut pretty quickly for his size.

        Interested to see the drills from the other tall recievers. On tape a few of them seemed like plodding jump ball guys, to me. Lazard in particular….

  50. Trevor

    Ideal measurements for a TE this guy is going to be a big riser if he tests as well as expected.

    TE Dallas Goedert
    Height: 6-4 5/8
    Weight: 256
    Hand: 10
    Arm: 34
    Wingspan: 80 1/8

    • peter

      I’m a fan of Samuels the player but what on earth was he thinking showing up to the combine at 5’11 225 as a TE.

      Is he trying to not get drafted?

      • Nathan M

        He played all over in college at TE, RB, H-back. Regardless of his workout group teams will have to look at him as a versatile offensive weapon and decide if they have a spot in their scheme for him as an athlete.

  51. East Side Stevie

    Heres a link to a tweet about Ohio St Billy Price’s combine injury

    • peter

      Yikes hope it’s not something serious

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Florio just said bicep/tricep injury on NFL live. 1 rep

      • peter

        Either can be extremely tedious to heal from. Not necessarily miss the start of the season but certainly possible depending on year severity to rehab for many months. Hopefully he was just listening to his body and shut it down before it got worse.

      • white-salmon-hawk

        it was adam sheffner not florio

  52. neil

    Not so sure I get the emphasis on long arms for o linemen. They have to keep their arms within the frame work of their body. Reaching and grabbing just get’s you a penalty.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think the theory is that if the defensive linemen gets his hands on you first then the defense can initiate what ever he wants to do. So the short arm guy has to counter the defense first move, and his second move, etc.

  53. Misfit74

    I think you’ll see some good things when you watch Kelly.

    The success rate for RBs under 215 is pretty rare. I have to think our chances of drafting R.Jones is slim.

    Guice, Chubb, Freeman with an outside shot at Michel, Kelly, or some others. I’m still fully in love with Guice’s game and still feel he’s the closest thing to Marshawn Lynch in some time. I hope he tests well, but even if he doesn’t blow up the combine there’s plenty of film to like. Im glad he weight as heavy as he did. Chubb has me more excited than I’ve been in previous months. These workouts and testing drill are going to be fun to see.

    • Rob Staton

      The success rate for 5-10 quarterbacks is also rare.

      And i’ll never ever make that mistake again, using totally unrelated players to judge a prospect.

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