Combine Monday review & Seahawks notes

Aaron Donald had a fantastic day at the combine

Here’s what I got out of today…

Aaron Donald (DT, Pittsburgh)
Without a shadow of a doubt, he’s a top-15 pick. He ran an official 4.68 at 285lbs with a 1.59 10 yard split. He had the fourth best three-cone drill (7.11) — superior to Jadeveon Clowney’s 7.27. Let’s just put this into perspective — he’s 19lbs lighter than Clowney, his split is only 0.03 seconds slower, and he has a better three cone. Don’t call this guy undersized. Call him a beast. He ticks every single box — production, athleticism, attitude, relentless nature, he’s a skilful technician. The only thing stopping him being the perfect three technique is an inch or two in height. Which is nothing. Draft the man.

Kony Ealy (DE, Missouri)
He’s one of the toughest players to judge on tape, so today was about finding some clarity. Mission:unaccomplished. I’m still left asking — what is he? He ran a poor 4.92 (with splits of 1.66 & 1.72) at 6-4 and 273lbs. For a player tipped as a possible outside linebacker, that was disappointing. His vertical jump was 31 inches — an inch shorter than Aaron Donald’s (despite a height and weight advantage). And yet despite all this he ran the fastest three cone among defensive linemen. In fact, he ran the third fastest three cone since 2006. Here are comparable performers in the drill since ’06: Bruce Irvin, Barkevious Mingo, J.J. Watt, Cliff Avril. He’s also long — with 34 /14 inch arms. He tests like he plays — sometimes mediocre, with flashes of quality.

Demarcus Lawrence (Boise State)
I came into the combine wondering if he could be an option for the Seahawks. He has great length (6-3, 251lbs, 33 3/4 inch arms). He recorded a 34.5 vertical jump — among the best on the day. Yet his official 4.80 forty is disappointing and a 7.93 three cone was worse than 326lbs nose tackle Zach Kerr. To get into the first round mix he needed to be closer to a 7.05 in the three cone and hit the 4.6/4.7 mark. Players like Marcus Smith at Louisville simply outperformed him on the day. Back to the drawing board here.

Ra’Shede Hageman (DT, Minnesota)
Another player who tested brilliantly in some categories, and not so much in others. He’s a former basketball player and managed the seventh best vertical (35.5 inches) at 6-6 and 310lbs. He had 35 reps on the bench press despite his long 34 1/4 inch arms. His 5.02 in the forty isn’t amazing, but it’s about right. Yet his three cone drill (7.87) was among the worst for defensive linemen. Will Sutton, who struggled badly all day, managed a 7.93 in comparison. His two 10-yard splits were 1.81 and 1.75 — again, among the worst. He coasted through his forty without any real running technique, and he was hit and miss in the drills. He’s going to need some coaching up. If he’s willing to work, he could be fantastic. I still think he’s a first round pick.

Jackson Jeffcoat (DE, Texas)
A lot of people expected Jeffcoat to run in the 4.7/4.8 range. Instead he managed an official 4.63 and had the second best three cone — only beaten by Kony Ealy’s historically good attempt. He had the sixth best vertical (36 inches) and he’s got really good length — 6-3, 247lbs, 33 7/8 inch arms. He’s a former 5-star recruit and he flashed some of those skills today. Tony Pauline really likes this guy. He has NFL bloodlines — his father Jim Jeffcoat was a standout defensive lineman for Dallas and Buffalo. You have to wonder if he’s due for a bit of a rise up the boards.

Louis Nix (DT, Notre Dame)
He admitted he’d dropped 20lbs for the combine — we’ll never now why he let himself get to 350lbs on a compact 6-2 frame. Was it an overreaction from Notre Dame, after getting beaten up by Alabama in the BCS Championship? Was it ill-discipline? He’s not a top-15 nose tackle with unbelievable athletic qualities. He ran a 5.42, only managed a 25.5 vertical, had a lousy 8.29 three cone and didn’t compete in the bench press. Vince Wilfork (6-1, 323lbs) recorded a 5.08 forty, a 7.62 three cone and had 36 reps on the bench. Wilfork went 21st overall. It’s difficult to see Nix topping that, but he might find a home at the end of round one. It’s no guarantee, though.

Anthony Barr (LB, UCLA)
At no point in the last two years has Barr looked like anything but a work in progress. He’s got a great lean off the edge (big positive) — but his hand use is really poor (big negative). He lacks core strength in the upper body and struggles in 1v1 combat. He looks like a guy who made a late transition from full back. 15 reps on the bench press is below average for the position, and he needs to get on those weights. His forty time at 4.66 was OK — but he’s only 244lbs. He did run the third best three cone among the linebackers with a decent 6.82. He’s a project for me — and not an obvious top-ten pick. He should go in round one, but I doubt it’ll be as early as a lot of the mock drafts are suggesting.

Jadeveon Clowney (DE, South Carolina)
The media narrative has been particularly negative throughout the combine. Mike Mayock has been extremely critical of Clowney, while other pundits have questioned whether you can trust him at the next level. I understand those concerns — Clowney is incredibly laid back. You get a vibe of entitlement. And you do have to wonder whether he truly wants to be ‘great’ — or will he just accept being rich and ‘good’? The thing is, it’s difficult to watch him run a 4.53 and not get excited. However critical people want to be about this guy, it’s going to be so hard to pass on him — whether you need a quarterback or not.

Timmy Jernigan (DT, Florida State)
On tape, Jernigan doesn’t blow anyone away. He’s not an explosive speed rusher, and that showed up today with a 5.06 forty (he didn’t run the three cone drill). He’s in between 6-1 and 6-2 at 298lbs — but he doesn’t get close to the type of athleticism flashed by Aaron Donald. He only had a 29.5 vertical and an 8.6 on the broad jump (9th worst). He doesn’t have much length either — with 31 5/8 inch arms to go with a compact frame. I’ll say this though — I kind of like the way he plays. He’s edgy, he has a good motor. He actually tires out sometimes because he tries too hard. He can manage that situation better and it cost him some crucial snaps at the end of the BCS Championship. I just have a really hard time placing him in the first round without the brilliant physical skills or the big-time production.

Players making an impression

Marcus Smith (DE, Louisville) — I’m going to watch tape on this guy tonight. Ran a 4.68 at 6-3 and 251lbs. He’s got 34 inch arms, managed a 35 inch vertical and a 10.1 broad jump. Doesn’t have Bruce Irvin (4.43) or Cliff Avril (4.51) speed, but he’s someone I want to get a closer look at.

Kevin Pierre-Louis (LB, Boston College) — ran a 4.51, made a 39 inch vertical and a 10.8 broad jump. He looked terrific in drills too. This was an explosive performance from the 6-0, 232lbs linebacker.

Larry Webster (DE, Bloomberg) — former basketball player. Lacked polish during the drills, but could be another Jameson Konz project with the ability to try-out at multiple positions (although he’s not a 4.38 guy like the Konz). He ran a 4.58 at 6-5 and 252lbs. Managed a 36.5 vertical and a 10.3 inch broad jump. A 7.29 broad jump is in the Jackson Jeffcoat range.

Caraun Reid (DT, Princteon) — Really shone in the drills — looked smooth, mobile and effective. Ran a 4.91 at 6-2, 302lbs. Nice three-tech prospect. Has 33 inch arms.

Telvin Smith (LB, Florida State) — any team trying to find a rangy, hard hitting safety should think about converting this guy. He’s 6-3 and 218lbs — but ran a 4.52. There’s a lot of potential here.

Anthony Johnson (DT, LSU) — Made the biggest impression during drills when the first group of defensive linemen were working out. Strong, violent hands. Effortless in the club/rip session. Solid looking frame, extremely powerful. Another player I’ll go back and re-assess. Could be a very solid mid-round type who develops into an effective run blocker.

Several big names missing

Stephon Tuitt told’s live feed that his medical picked up a stress fracture on his left foot. He says he intends to delay surgery until after his pro-day, which could take place on March 6th.

Dee Ford was advised by combine officials not to participate. The medical exams revealed a problem linked to a 2011 surgery regarding a herniated disc. That could be serious.

Brent Urban hurt an ankle during the Senior Bowl and didn’t take part in the forty or any of the drills today.

C.J. Mosley didn’t run the forty and there were some concerns relating to his medical.

Ryan Shazier pulled out of the forty after hurting his hamstring doing the broad and vertical jumps. He did run a three cone — and made a decent 6.91.

Thoughts on Seattle and the defensive linemen

I think it’s pretty likely they’ll re-sign Michael Bennett, but they’ll lose Red Bryant (discussion coming up below) plus possibly Tony McDaniel and Clinton McDonald. Chris Clemons is also a potential cut.

There are existing players on the roster who will get the opportunity to step up (namely Jordan Hill), but they’ll likely have to re-stock the defensive line — even if they manage to keep one or both of McDaniel and McDonald.

There are players with length and athletic upside in this class that’ll be interesting if they make it to #32. Ra’Shede Hageman is a good example, while Kony Ealy’s three cone effort piqued my interest.

It’s debatable either will be available, while Aaron Donald will be long gone (sigh).

There probably isn’t a LEO you’d take in the first round — and there weren’t any pass rushers running in that 4.4/4.5 range today.

I still see Brent Urban as an option for the Seahawks, it’s a shame we didn’t get to see him work out.

The value in the mid-to-late rounds could be more attractive than what’s available at #32. Can you get an Anthony Johnson to plug into that line as a run stopper? Do you consider adding a Marcus Smith to your pass-rush rotation? Is Urban going to be there at #64 so you don’t have to look at him too early?

Any team wanting a top defensive lineman better get in there early. There’s quite a talent drop after the first 4-5 players leave the board. If we see a little rush early on, this won’t help the Seahawks if they want to go DL in the first round.

I’m loathe to keep ruling out options at #32. Having already poured cold water on a tight end in round one, I don’t want to necessarily do the same with the defensive linemen. I do think there are prospects that would be very attractive to Seattle, but the idea of a mini-rush on pass rushers seems plausible, limiting the options at the end of day one.

This might be an area they address in the middle rounds — where the value is greater.

And maybe this is just me getting carried away, but I think there will be opportunities in free agency similar to the deals for Bennett and Avril last year.

Players want to play in Seattle — and with a deep draft upcoming, not everyone’s going to get paid.

They might be able to find another impact rusher on the open market, on a bargain one or two year deal.

That possibility increases if they cut Sidney Rice, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons and Zach Miller — and the cap is set to increase by $8-9m too.

Free agency begins on March 11th.

Nailed on first rounders

After three days of combine work outs, these are the players I think are assured of being first round picks:

Eric Ebron, Greg Robinson, Taylor Lewan, Jake Matthews, Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney, Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack.

Which takes me on to my next point…

Unpredictable first round?

This is a very deep draft, and things might settle down over the next few weeks.

But I think this is going to be one of the more unpredictable first rounds this year.

After the top 10-12 players, there’s about 30-40 players who probably have very similar grades.

It’s a draft that has a bit of everything, too — so we might see teams attacking needs early knowing they can still find starters in the middle rounds.

Bill Polian is even saying tonight he thinks Jimmy Garoppolo could be an early pick.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be that shocked if it happened.

I’ll do a new mock draft on Wednesday where we’ll go into this in a bit more detail.

Pauline: Seahawks covet Beckham Jr

According to Tony Pauline, “If the Seattle Seahawks had their choice of player with the last pick of round one it would likely be Odell Beckham Jr.”

I guess you could say there are 31 other teams who’d be willing to draft Beckham Jr in that range too.

He’s a terrific player, a definite top-20 talent and has no business being on the board when Seattle’s on the clock. Speed, competitive nature, a playmaker, capable of high pointing the football and competing in the air. You’d be shocked if the Seahawks weren’t all over Beckham Jr.

Ultimately though he isn’t going to be there, as Pauline admits.

Earlier in the week he also reported Seattle liked Aaron Donald.

So basically, they’re willing to take the best players in the draft.

That’s reassuring.

Red Bryant the next high profile cut?

Late yesterday this report emerged out of the blue…

Cutting Bryant would save $5.5m. Add that to the saving made when Sidney Rice is officially released and you get a total of $12.8m.

Bryant’s departure wouldn’t be a huge shock. He averaged 29 snaps a game, playing in less than 30% of the Super Bowl snaps.

He’s been a valuable role player and leader, but they clearly believe he’s just not worth the $8.5m he’s due in 2014.

There’ll be more decisions like this to make in the future.

The Seahawks could afford to splurge in 2011 to try and get the rebuild going. Keeping Bryant and Brandon Mebane was key — and so was adding the likes of Zach Miller and Sidney Rice.

At the time they had plenty of cap room and were on the verge of adding starters in the later rounds of the draft. Overpaying a little for Bryant, Miller and Rice wasn’t a problem.

But is it now.

This is all about paying the people who are having the biggest impact on what is now a Championship team. Michael Bennett is criminally underrated — he did as much as anyone to take Seattle’s defense to another level in 2013. Losing him would be devastating, and the Seahawks know it.

Bryant’s role as a two-down run stuffer just cannot compare to the impact Bennett provides as a relentless pass rusher. So it’s pick your poison time. Where you going to spend the money?

On the pass rusher, of course.

The Seahawks spent four years trying to get their rush right. Now they’ve finally achieved it, they aren’t going to let it slip away.

They’ll face similar dilemma’s soon. Zach Miller is a great run blocking tight end, but a great run blocking tight end isn’t worth $7m. If you can keep Miller and do everything else you need to do, fine. But if you can save money on that position and pay an Earl Thomas for example, you’ve got to do it.

Releasing Chris Clemons also saves $7.5m — but it’s interesting that despite speculation relating to Rice, Miller and Bryant — none of the national pundits have name-checked Clemons as an expected cut.

I wonder, after four years of trying to get the pass rush right, whether they want another year of Clemons, Bennett and Cliff Avril working in tandem?

Going back to Bryant, the debate now is — how do you replace him?

I’m not convinced they’ll go in search of a cheaper big man. I’m also not sure they’ll look to promote a Jesse Williams into the same role (and really, he just has to get to a point where he can take the field again).

I think they’ll adjust and adapt. They found a role for Bryant and made it work. They’ll have a plan to move forward, and when the draft and free agency have been and gone — they’ll simply work out a formula that suits their personnel.

This is a team that’s constantly evolving. It might not be a case of looking for another 323lbs lineman. It might be more about continuing to look for length, power and the ability to play the run particularly well — whether you’re 290lbs or 320lbs.

Brandon Coleman met with the Seahawks

No big surprises here.

We’ve talked about Coleman a lot, so we don’t need to go over old ground. I suspect they’ll have a degree of interest in him — really it’s just about the grade he gets. Do they see him as a first round option, or would they only take him later on?

We’ll be back for the final day of the combine tomorrow, featuring the defensive backs.

Join us for the final time for the Live Blog from 6am PST.

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  1. Beanhawk

    Excellent thoughts here, Rob; it was a great read! Just a quick hypothetical question for amusement’s sake…

    Aaron Donald or Sheldon Richardson (for the Seahawks)?

    • Rob Staton


      • Beanhawk


  2. CC

    Thanks again Rob – the conundrum at 32. I hate to say it, but I think OL might be the way to go, unless someone wants to trade back up into the first to 32. There are some second round OT and OG that may make sense since our next pick is at 64. I was hoping that there would be a WR or DT, but I’m not sure there is value for either of those based on the combine.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m going to go back and look at more Xavier Su’a Filo this week.

  3. LantermanC

    Great stuff as always Rob. Your insightful analysis is why I get 90% of my draft analysis from this website. Rather not taint my thoughts with bad analysis. I really want Donald now, but will be excited to see who the Seahawks draft at 32 regardless.
    As for that guy who called you an amateur in a post yesterday, I think anyone who’s read this blog over the past few years can easily verify that this blog is a cut above the rest.
    Hope to see Kip back as draft time nears as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Chris.

      • DavidinBellingham

        If I remember correctly Rob is a professional writer who lives in London. I don’t know if he writes about sports when not writing for the blog, but I think it’s hard to make a convincing argument that someone is an amateur when they are paid for their work. As for the quality of Rob’s writing here, I agree it is top notch: thoughtful and observant. We get the occasional person here that blasts past civil debate into ugliness, but I guess that’s just the internet.

        • Phil

          David – here’s some more info on our favorite blogger, and a picture too!

          • Rob Staton

            Haha — I wish I looked that good now. That’s three years ago…

  4. Bill Bobagins

    You know what I absolutely love about this write up? The fact that you didn’t get drawn in like the rest of the media and talk ad nauseam about MIchael Sam. He performed poorly today and looks like the player we thought he was…a middle to late rounder. I was so taken back by the fact that, during the build up to the combine over the past two weeks, he’s all of the sudden mentioned with the likes of Clowney, Manziel and Watkins. So silly. Good for the young man to be true to himself…but the media coverage has been ridiculous.

    I digress…give me a TE or a big bodied WR at #32 and I’m pumped. I really wonder how much they’re looking at ASJ. To me, he’s your prototypical TE who could very easily step in a replace Miller. He’s a red zone wizard and at 6’6″, 260 lbs, he’d be a match up nightmare for any DB in the game (even one from the LOB). In my opinion, he has so much Tony Gonzalez in his game. That’s a lofty comparison, but they play so similarly. Take this kid at #32 and I’m a happy Hawk fan.

    • Brik

      All the scouts about ASJ have said the same thing. Hes a lazy POS. Definitely not Hawk material and with as many that have said that about him, 3rd rounder.

      • Brady

        Suffice to say, Pete and company have the lowdown on ASJ from Sarkisian. Beyond him playing college ball in the Hawks back yard, I’m sure we know as much about ASJ as any team in the league. If they were to draft him, I’m sure Pete and JS are confident they can turn him into a player, and it would prove they value some of his stronger characteristics (what he does well).

      • Bill Bobagins

        Hmmm…haven’t heard anyone refer to him as a POS. Not sure where you’re getting your info.

  5. Hay stacker509

    Rob, Great write up brother! Two questions, if there’s a rush on pass rush specialists and tackles off the board then in theory Coleman and company could be there for us so that’s something to ponder and 2; if Bryant leaves could Anthony Johnson be a person of interest that could upgrade the position over Bryant? I’m also in the opinion that Jesse Williams won’t ever take the field, and if he does it probably would be a 1-2 snaps a down player who we don’t need

    • Rob Staton

      I think whatever happens we’ll have a really good option at #32. Such a nice draft class. As for Johnson — I actually think he’d be a nice eventual replacement for Mebane. More of an inside guy than an end like Bryant. Good run stopping potential. As noted in the piece, I’m not sure they’ll necessarily target a direct replacement for Big Red.

  6. Rob Staton

    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 8m
    Don’t be surprised if AZ and MIA have at least some level of interest in Chiefs OT Branden Albert, who’s not expected to return to KC.

    — This is interesting by the way. Perhaps suggests neither team sees a logical OT option at #19 or #20?

    • DavidinBellingham

      Poor Branden Albert. Stuck on crappy KC teams for years, then wooed by Miami (train wreck) and Arizona (have to face NFC West DEs).

    • Cameron

      In fairness, Miami needs multiple tackles. Not a bad idea to draft one and land one in FA

  7. kevin mullen

    Next year, would love to see the tandem of Staton/Cosell in the booth, ala Eisen/Mayock.

    Patriots meeting with Coleman really scares me, even though defense should be their first pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll even let Greg buy the first round of beers after…

      • kevin mullen

        In your honest opinion, if the ‘Hawks were able to land any receiver in this class, which would be the best fit scheme wise? Meaning not necessarily the obvious that we need a tall receiver, but the player that can absolute contribute right away without the learning curve that WR’s usually encounter their first year. I think Beckham would and could be the “best fit” as he could literally take over Tate’s role and PR duties.

        • Rob Staton

          Beckham without a doubt is the most prepared to come in and play right away. I think Mike Evans playing with Manziel would help him be a factor with Wilson scrambling around and making plays. But to answer the question — it has to be OBJ.

      • DavidinBellingham

        So you think Cosell in the first round? After that BPA (best pint available)?

        Mock draught.

  8. Ben

    Big time Seahawks fan who is a die hard LSU boy! I haven’t missed an LSU game in the last 10 yrs. so you can say I was pretty stoked when our Seahawks acquired the likes of Matt Flynn, Spencer Ware, Tharold Simon, and Levingston. Some food for thought on Anthony Johnson who is known as “The Freak” down here. Most of LSU nation had high hopes for him. He did perform relatively well, but he never really seemed to reach his peak. He’s extremely talented, but he never had that Glenn Dorsey/Tyson Jackson motor for me. He’s got a lot of talent and would be an extremely good get, but when I think of Seattle acquiring guys that compete, Johnson doesn’t really come to mind. That’s not to say that maybe we couldn’t light a fire under his butt, but I think there are better options and wouldn’t be surprised to see us pass on him. If we do get him though, I’ll be extremely happy that our Hawks’ got another LSU boy!! I’m hoping we land OBJ or even Jarvis Landry in the 2nd round. Landry does NOT drop anything and had some of the sickest catches I’ve ever seen this year! OBJ is a wizard at high pointing the ball, ESPECIALLY with his freakishly huge hands. Seriously they’re insanely huge. Both those boys know how to go out and get a football. That’s not being biased either.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the info Ben.

      OBJ is one of the best players in the draft for sure — an absolutely great person and player. Whoever gets Landry is going to get a steal too.

      • Cameron

        Of note Rob, Anthony Johnson’s name appears on the infamous LSU Strength Coach ‘Attention NFL Scouts’ photo. Also of note: So do Tharold Simon and Spencer Ware

    • red

      Hey ben you got anything on Ego Ferguson? Lamin Barrow?

      • Ben

        I was waaaaayyy more impressed with Ego Gerguson than The Freak. I was actually coming back here today to tell y’all that, so it’s funny you mention it. I though he got a lot penetration than Johnson did. Maybe Anthony was just double teamed more I’m not sure. But Ferfuson DOES have that motor that I was referring to.

        • Ben

          Damn iPhones!

  9. Kyle

    Rob, before you start saying that so-and-so won’t be there at the end of the first, just remember that there are more dumb front offices than smart ones.

    • Rob Staton

      Oh there are plenty of those. But I think even the most conventional group of thinkers in the NFL isn’t daft enough to let Aaron Donald drop to the end of round one.

      • MarkinSeattle

        Agreed, not after the 40 time that Donald ran. With his size, that speed is quite rare and special. You could even put him out as a DE with that speed.

  10. John

    I like Marcus Smith, but most of his pressures came from standing up rather than as a down linemen. He looks like a SAM and we already have a more athletic SAM in Irvin so I wonder what kind of value he has for the Seahawks.

  11. Ely

    2 things. I would be surprised if the Hawks are ready to move on from Clemons this year. They old rule of thumb was that it takes a full year from ACL injuries to get the full explosion back and it seemed to me he was showing signs of doing just that during they playoffs exactly a year after his injury. I think Pete really wants to roll out Bennett, Avril and full strength Clem all at once. I think Clem will have a bounce back year in a big way.
    Secondly, should we be talking more about Dri Archer? I’m sure people will argue that we already have Harvin who is just maybe a bigger version. The only box Dri doesn’t check is size. Having Dri and Lynch in the same backfield with Harvin and Tate on the wings would just be awesome and scary as hell for opposing defenses. At 173 is he just too small for the NFL game? If Tavon Austin can go 8th overall why wouldn’t Dri at least be in the first round conversation? Are people writing him off strictly due to his size or is there more too it? It seems odd that there has been no mention of him despite his insane combine and explosive tape.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s a concern as to where Archer lines up at the next level. No doubt he’s an athlete, but you’d need to put in a whole package of plays just to accommodate him. St. Louis took a chance on Austin (then misused him) but Austin had a fantastic body of work/production to fall back on. Archer had one decent year in 2012. I suspect his primary role will be as a return man. He’ll get a chance in the round three range I think.

      • Ely

        But you have to respect that speed. Putting Harvin on the field opens up the rest of the field for all the other skill position players . What happens if you put a player even faster than Harvin on the field at the same time? The more the D has to think the better. I think Seattle would be the perfect team for a player like Dri to go to. He is not a player you can solely rely on like they hoped for Austin in St. Louis. But if you have the skill position players in place to where You can mix Archer in sparingly I think just his presence on the field changes the dynamic. I totally agree that Seattle needs a beast but not many beast make it to pick #32. Archer can possibly be had at #32 maybe #64. It’s unconventional for sure.

        • Ely

          Here is just one of those crazy stats that mean nothing but just boggle my mind.
          Per Rotoworld: Dri Archer ran his 4.26 second 40-yard dash in 18 steps, tying Calvin Johnson’s NFL Combine record for fewest steps.
          Keep in mid archer is almost a foot shorter. Weird.

  12. Kenny Sloth

    So disappointed by the majority of this DL class.

  13. Ed

    I see “deep draft” thrown a lot for 2014. At least one contrarian that I respect on Twitter thinks that is BS.

    I guess the bigger question is: What defines a deep draft?

    I thought that 2013 was a deep draft in that good if not great players could be obtained from rounds 1-7. Especially relative to the 2012 draft.

    Is that the case for 2014? Or does deep here mean that there are excellent players to be found in the first 3 rounds?

    I guess there are a multitude of definitions. What do you have in mind?

  14. Bjammin

    Very nice Rob, cheers. To whomever referred to you as amateur, gimme a break. Love how reasonable and professional your Hawks centric (hallelujah) take on the draft is.

    For what it’s worth, I’m getting that draft man crush on B Coleman. I’ve heard Pete and John mention unique measurable a and skill set so many times. If he’s there, I think they get him. One thing about Russell is he can throw a little high often. He just seems to like having Golden and Baldwin go up and get it, which they do pretty good for their stature. Dude’s SIX SIX(!!)

    I know you’ve gone over Coleman a lot but rough and all, what could he do in wolf gray? And his combine seems like a mixed bag but anything about his performance this weekend rule him out at 32?

  15. James

    Rob, like you I am coming around to the idea that the Seahawks might keep Chris Clemons around for one more year. Their pass rush is well nigh unstoppable with him, Avril and Bennett, and if the Seahawk’s pass rush is unstoppable, then they are probably looking at another Super Bowl.

    I just don’t see a market for Zach Miller for more than $4 mil/yr, so they should be able to renegotiate with him. Bryant is way overpaid for his snaps and his production. Dan Quinn rotates more than Gus Bradley did, so that slot can be filled for huge savings. Brenno will have to come cheap or will have to go. Tate has real value to this team, and besides Bennett, he is the re-sign they will target, especially with the surprise cap dollares available. Earl Thomas will re-sign for sure, because he is already a $5 mil cap hit, so a new contract could almost be cap neutral for the first couple of years. The 2015 money for Russell and Sherm will come from releasing Mebane, Lynch and Clemons (if he stays this year).

    Initial impressions of the combine suggests that the Seattle R1 and R2 picks will come from DT, OL or WR. Probably even another DT and OL in mid to later rounds, as well, because we need to develop those guys and let them compete for starting jobs in a couple of years.

    And finally, we can absolutely forget about any Leo or OLB who does not run 4.4 or 4.5… hasn’t happened, won’t happen and will never happen with PC running the ship.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ditto on the speed at Leo and LB. We’ll probably pick up some guys that we’ve never heard of late that tested really well at the regional combines or in the Dallas superregional.

  16. Nate

    Would it be unorthodox and we pick a DB first round, unless Donald, Hageman, or Su’a-Filo are there? Jeff Janis, later round WR. Joel Bitonio, mid round LG prospect.

    • Morgan

      Thurmond will probably be gone, which is a bit disappointing seeing as how we’ve stuck by him for so long waiting for him to become the player he is now. We got a Superb Owl out of it, though, so I guess I can accept it. I always pictured Jeremy Lane as a better outside guy than a slot guy, but I would assume he’s next man up there as Tharold Simon is an unknown quantity at this point and also seems to have more of an outside skillset.

      You can never have too many corners so I’m sure they will draft one, but I’m thinking maybe someone with more slot skills and not necessarily a giant that we’ve become notorious for. An agile speedster that can close on the ball. Kyle Fuller would be a dream but the draft board would have to fall really weirdly for him to targeted by the Seahawks given our hierarchy of needs.

  17. Michael

    Well I agree with most posts including a little man crush on B. Coleman at 6’6″(Evans is my perfect draft pick for the Hawks but Im so sure Carrol and co wont give away that many picks). I really believe Caroll and co are going to sign tate and look for those late round coaching up major upside picks at TE, DL, OL, CB, and RB and not draft a WR. As sad as it sounds for draft hype, I bet you seattle trades out of the first round this year for more quantity in camp. I doubt they let Giacomini go either and just a side note of Mcdanials or Mcdonald my money is on Mcdonald coming back.

    • Robert

      McDonald can be more easily replaced by Hill, who was drafted in #3 last year. But PCJS like tall 3T’s and we only have McDaniels on the roster. And he will be a Free Agent in 2 weeks…

  18. Nate

    Thoughts on Miles Austin as a FA?

    • bigDhawk

      I have the displeasure of getting to watch the two games a year he is healthy here in Dallas. Heck-to-the-no.

    • Hay stacker509

      We have same size wrs already in better shape and form. Look for him in NE or SD

  19. plyka

    The Dlinemen from LSU was my personal favorite. This guy was an absolute BEAST. Anthony Johnson. He looked like a bigger, meaner and faster Clubber Lang out there. And yet he is only a “mid round” prospect?

    If you’re like me you have scout “instincts” where all of a sudden you get a feeling on a guy. It doesn’t happen all that often like it does to real scouts, but it does happen at times. I got that feeling with this kid today. I think he is going to be an absolute STEAL if he goes in the mid rounds. Here is to hoping that Pete/JS go for this guy. He is a beast, both at the combine and on the tape. I just watched the Auburn v LSU tape, and his motor is non stop, he is ultra aggressive, and you just can’t block him with 1 guy.

    My favorite value guy of the entire draft.

    For WR, I love Kelvin Benj, Coleman –one of these kids should go to the Hawks at 32. Aaron Donald was also impressive.

  20. Martin

    Hey Rob I had a thought today and was wondering if I could get your opinion on it. I’ve given up ever trying to guess what Pete and John will do in the early rounds so I’ve been looking at some late round possibilities. Specifically looking for a backup for Kam I had an interesting idea, converting Montana OLB Jordan Tripp. They have extremely similar measurables and combine numbers. He seems like a guy who could be a great special teams contributor and has an attitude that just seems really “seahawky”.

    Just would like your thoughts.

  21. bigDhawk

    Kevin Pierre-Louis looks like Malcom Smith 2.0. Baller. He has a video on draftbreakdown now:

    Would love to keep Clem but his cap hit is substantial. Likely gets cut and hopefully brought back on the cheap. Maybe a restructure. If he leaves look for Mayowa to take his spot.

    • Robert

      Late in the year, Clemons finally started to play like he did in 2012. They say it takes a year to come back to form after an ACL surgery. The other factor in his favor is he plays the run much better than Irvin or Avril. The Hawks sure do have a lot of young DL talent simmering on the roster. I am eager to see how Boatright, Brooks and Scruggs compete!

  22. ivotuk

    I don’t get the hype around Clowney. To me he is Albert Haynesworth 2.0. I couldn’t believe how overboard everyone went on the play last year where he blew up a running back. So what, he was unblocked, any defensive lineman worth his salt should be able to blow up a running back if he comes unblocked.

    Sure the guy has great physical traits, but 3 sacks? If he is so elite, how is it he couldn’t get off double teams at the college level? Where do you find 2 offensive linemen that good on every team that South Carolina played this year?

    Haynesworth, 2.0

    Rob, I liked what I saw of Larry Webster in the Shrine Game. Looked pretty good for a small school guy. Ethan Westbrook from West Texas A&M looked even better. Here’s a site with info on him

    It’s too bad about Tuitt, I really like him and was hoping we could get him at 32 but he’s probably going to fall now so maybe we can trade back and still get him 🙂

    I still think we need a Tight End and would be ecstatic if we could get ASJ in the 2nd or Colt Lyerla in the 6th. I think Colt is ready to make amends for his past transgressions and would be a steal if he pulls it together.

    Gilmore Crockett is a great pass catching tight end and I read that he blocks well too so I wouldn’t mind him if we miss out on the others.

    Thanks for grinding it out on here and keeping us informed

  23. Vu Nguyen

    Brian Billick Toxic plays
    I would like to draft players that have toxic plays combination of explosive plays +- turnovers differential so that is my mock draft

    • bigDhawk

      That online mock draft simulator is messed up. In one mock I got Johnny Manziel for the ‘Hawks at 32. Brandon Coleman is ranked so low he is always available for me with the first 4th round pick, And I can always get Crockette Gillmore n the 6th. Many other players have wildly bad rankings.

  24. House

    My thoughts on our 1st 3 picks

    1st: DL (Donald/Hageman/Urban)
    2nd: WR (Coleman)
    4th: OL (Halapio)

    • Michael (CLT)

      Really like 4 of your 5 hopefulls.

      That said, I think it is time to put the brakes on Urban. People are not going to like this, but I am getting the sense that Urban may go undrafted. Aside from Rob, I have read nothing that leads me to believe that the NFL thinks this guy can hold up in the NFL. Urban has great size, length, but I doubt his measurables will be “seahawky”. Classic Jesse Williams, perhaps?

      Just my two cents.

  25. dave crockett

    On Kony Ealy,

    the NFL player he most reminds me of is former Packers and Dolphins DE/DT Vonnie Holliday.

    Ealy is in the 275# area, where Holliday was 290#, but I don’t think Ealy is done growing.

    He’s probably best as a guy that plays outside on standard downs and moves inside on passing downs. I felt he was most disruptive on the inside, cutting across the guard’s face. He had a game-saving pressure against Ole Miss from the 3 tech where he got into the QB’s faced and forced a major overthrow on 4th down.

    To me, the Indiana tape shows the versatility.

    When rushing from the end, he’s athletic but you can see the need for better technique work. He plays too high, through his chest. He’s reasonably long, but doesn’t use his hands and length nearly enough. He’s far more disruptive at 3-tech, where his burst out of his stance is difficult to handle. (He played between 20-25% of his snaps there, btw.)
    Also, as an aside, that Ealy vs. Indiana tape is good for checking out Indiana WR, Cody Latimer. I believe he is #3 and usually plays outside on the offensive left. A lot of safe slant routes in that game. Good hands. Good speed.

  26. Paul Goode

    Re Red Bryant, it seems to me that the issue isn’t the number of snaps he defends but how much value the Seahawks place in stopping the run, how integral Bryant is to that, and how readily he can be replaced. If a run stuffer does his job, the opponent will abandon the run and Red won’t be on the field as much. If that reduces his value, hasn’t he penalized himself by doing his job well?

  27. Jim Q

    I think DE-Kareem Martin, North Carolina, 6-6, 272, 4.72/40 has had a VERY good combine performance to go along with his 2013 production of: 11 sacks, 21.5 tackles for loss, 3 forced fumbles, 3 passes broken up and 14 QB hurries. Yet, nobody is talking much about him, how come? Looks pretty Seahawky to me. Projects to be a round 2-3 selection. Where’s the love?

    #1 of 56 in the DL group in 10-yd split with a 1.53, isn’t this supposed to be important?
    #1 of 56 in the DL group in broad jump with 10′-9″ – indicates great explosion?
    #2 of 56 in the DL group in arm length at 35″ behind only the 6-7 McCullers.
    #7 (tied) of 56 in the DL group in vert jump with 35.5″ at 272-lbs?
    #8 (tied) of 56 in the DL group in 3-cone drill with a 7.20 at 272-lbs?
    Lots of the other players in this combine, regardless of position, haven’t been able to put up those type of numbers. This DE really deserves further review of his tape.

  28. Michael (CLT)

    DL and OLB is where I find depth in this draft. OT is deep, but will go fast, so will not show itself across the entire draft. WR is top-heavy. I would suggest the TEs in this draft are awful… undraftable. I actually see corner as balanced (love Cockrell out of Duke), especially for slot. SS/FS is almost non-existent.

    I would think you could pick up a Deandre Coleman after the 3rd. There are a ton of LEO potential guys out there running 4.6, but with legit 1.6 10 splits. I doubt very much Clemmons runs a 4.5 today. Irvin probably does. Which one sets the edge and still plays LEO 🙂

    The more I examine this draft, it is not deep. It is young. I can imagine moving up in this draft for the sheer fact that there will a ton of UDFA that are of similar value to 5th round picks.

    So, this draft is deep in reserve players… perhaps?

    • Michael (CLT)

      So, my point to that whole rant. MOVE UP! Get Beckham! Go get Donald! Go get Lewan! Then bring in 20 UDFA.

      Probably far fetched… but maybe not?

  29. House

    Here is my thought on Beckham. Superb athlete that has monster hands and can high point the ball. Would he be a target if Tate leaves in FA? If Tate sticks around, do we even look at Beckham? With the potential of possibly losing Baldwin this season/next, I think he could be on our board… Thoughts?

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