Podcast: Combine review & free agency

Reflections on the combine and thoughts on free agency:


  1. Sea Mode

    Sounds like nothing much of interest went down at Purdue pro day yesterday. Today Alabama, Oklahoma, Colorado, Temple, Marshall, and Kentucky.

    Where will the Seahawks scouts primarily be? Maybe at Temple to get a closer look at Dion Dawkins and see if he improves his numbers to meet TEF. Plus, who wouldn turn down a chance to watch Reddick and dream what could have been…?

    Colorado has the 3 DBs and LB Jimmie Gilbert.

    Keep as far away from Oklahoma as possible; you’ll see enough headlines about that anyway…

    • Rob Staton

      JT in the other thread highlighted Jason King the Purdue guard. He had a 31 inch vert, 9-0 broad and 35 bench reps at the pro-day. That’s a TEF of 3.30. So he’s interesting but he tried working out at center which makes me wonder if he has short arms.

      • Sea Mode

        Missed that, thanks.

    • JT

      DeAngelo Yancey, WR – also had a strong Pro Day performance at Purdue yesterday.

      6’2, 220 lbs
      4.46 dash, 21 BP reps
      10’1 broad, 35.5″ vert
      6.84 3-cone, 4.27 SS

      Yancey caught 49 balls for 950 yards and 10 TD’s last season. Tony Pauline & Gil Brandt reported/projected him as a day 3 prospect, who is likely to be drafted.

      As for the Center/short arms thing, I was surprised when looking at the Hawks’ history at the C position. Unger, Patrick Lewis & Joey t-rex Hunt all have reported sub-33″ arms. The Hawks are also interested in FA Brian Schwenke, who also has sub-33″ arms. Perhaps Center is the one position on the offensive line where the Hawks don’t prioritize arm length.

      • Rob Staton


        • nichansen01

          Anyone have any explanation for Schwenke interest? Is it just that they have no faith in Hunt? Britt turned into a pro bowl lineman when he switched to center, so we obviously aren’t looking for a starter.

          • C-Dog

            Schwenke has played guard, so it’s very possible that they move him switch back to that in Seattle, or there’s an outside shot that they have Britt switch for the fourth time in four years, which if I were Britt, I would be very hard pressed not to say “Stop. Just stop it.. okay, fine” if asked about another move.

          • Rob Staton

            Schwenke might be a hedge if Britt is asking for too much money. Plus could compete at G and C.

            • Hawks22Fun

              That sounds likely Rob…wanting to be sure Britt doesn’t ask for too much $$$… then Odhiambo perhaps becomes swing tackle…

    • D-OZ

      DT also.

  2. Sea Mode

    Rob, taking advantage of the early morning quiet, I wanted to ask you about Bowser. (forgive me if you discussed him in the podcast; I have a tough time finding moments to listen and do better with reading)

    You mocked him to Seattle yesterday in R2. Is that just based on athletic upside and the elite split they have looked for in the past? I find it tough to get a good idea of how he would look off the line since his tape is at DE. I certainly didn’t like much of what I saw of him there. Seems he just got constantly swallowed up at first engagement with blocker and it was over. I also don’t see a lot of football instinct I want to find in a LB.

    In comparison, how do you view Watt, Phillips, any others for this role? Thanks.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he has all the tools to be an ideal SAM/LEO. Length, twitchiness, elite split. Some of the clips of him working specifically in coverage suggested there was potential there.

      There are a handful of players who could play SAM from this class. Chances are whoever they take will need some refinement and time. Although they may abandon the SAM in favour of getting another inside guy and picking someone like Melifonwu to retain the 4-2-5 we saw a lot last year.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, I’m still torn between Obi/King in this sense. I made the case yesterday for King, but Obi is unique and exactly what you need in today’s and tomorrow’s NFL. And are they satisfied with one of those CB projects that have been developing for a while now such that an early CB is not as huge a need as we currently project and they would be satisfied adding one later as our draft trends have indicated? Very possible that’s where the value will be.

        And what if Jarrad Davis does end up falling to #26 due to Foster, Reddick, and injury concerns pushing him down? So tough to decide between these guys and what direction they will want to go (4-2-5 or 4-3-4). On the flipside of the coin, the fact that it is so tough is a good sign as well, since it means there will very likely be at least one top notch player available to us no matter what!

    • D-OZ

      Don’t sleep on Willis, who tested well and had comparable Split. I like Hendrickson and Rivers also. Taumeopenu is one to monitor.

  3. millhouse-serbia

    I am so sad that I didn’t find this place earlier but I am so glad I have finally faound it.

    Thank you Rob.

    21 – Haason Reddick (26+102)

    58 – Kevin King

    90 – Taylor Moton

    106 – Jordan Willis

    • dnc

      King’s not making it to 48, let alone 58

  4. Trevor

    Really enjoyed the podcast Rob!

  5. Trevor

    If the Hawks have Joe Mixon of thier draft board then I really really really hope we are not even considering AP. Legendary player but this is a man who was literally charged with beating his own child with a switch excessively. You can argue a parents right to discipline but this is a charge that is so rarely made much less prosecuted that it should be huge concern. I do a lot of volenteer work with abused and at risk kids with sports camps in the summer and these things are like virus that gets passed on so I am sure it was probably how AP was raised / disciplined but still want nothing to do with him on the Hawks. Lots of other options available.

    • Rob Staton

      I think we need to park the Mixon talk.

      I know some people want it to happen, but there’s a difference between wanting it and the reality of the situation.

      • Trevor

        Rob I am with you that was not a suggestion I wanted Mixon simply that I did not want Mixon as his past is every bit as disturbing.

        • Trevor

          Meant to say Did not want AP either

  6. BV Eburg

    Just curious, what draft position could Richard Sherman return in a trade? You do a great job here Rob and thought this site would be able to answer.

    • Rob Staton

      Probably impossible to get value for him with the depth at corner in this draft.

      • BobbyK

        I’m trying to wrap myself around having Sherman AND King in the same defensive backfield. I’m starting to talk myself into King being the guy for me over even Watt (who I love).

        • D-OZ

          I’m a Watt fan too. For me it would be Obi or Watt. There are some long fast corners in this draft that aren’t even getting talked about. I also think King will be gone by #26 anyway.

          • D-OZ

            King and Lattimore are the two best corner’s in this draft.

        • Reggie Williams

          I agree man his natural ball skills is what we have been missing on the other side!

      • BV Eburg

        Hadn’t thought of it from that angle.
        Was thinking more of how the Patriots do business. If Reddick available at 12 see if Browns would swap #12 pick for Sherman. We then pick Reddick and with the freed up cap space sign Cincy tackle. The tackle is somewhat short term but our window is now.
        With our 26 pick we go King and heavy on Db’s the rest of the way with draft depth there.
        In this scenario our D gets a much needed facelift and our Oline gets a high quality veteran to stabilize it.
        Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching Sherman but I really find it intriguing how the Patriots handle expensive players versus draft capitol.

        • BobbyK

          A problem is right now we have zero CBs if we don’t have Sherman. Then after drafting King and Reddick in the first round – we still only have one CB. That’s our biggest weakness and it would be an even bigger weakness if we traded Sherm and replaced him with King. There’s no way King will outperform Sherm this upcoming season.

          • nichansen01

            King COULD outperform sherm. Sherm has been regressing each year and King has oh she much potential and the perfect attitude to approach it.

          • BV Eburg

            That’s why I mentioned drafting multiple db’s in this draft which is db heavy. I also think King could outperform Sherm. Also would be less drama
            Yes there would be inexperience at the db position but Kam/Thomas could keep them aligned on the field/mentor.

            If not Sherman could the same concept be used with KJ? Trade KJ/draft Reddick at 12/free up cap space for cincy tackle. Then follow Rob’s mock starting with King at 26.
            Again this scenario frees up cap space for quality o lineman and gives D major facelift.

            • cha

              Just a thought, Whitworth will have signed with some team long before draft day. So to work out your scenario the Hawks would need to first sign Whitworth, then work on a trade for Sherman to relieve the cap situation, which would weaken the Hawks’ bargaining position.

              Then you’d have the Hawks going into the draft with no starting corners. The only remedy to that is if the Hawks hit the FA market and sign a couple mid level CB’s to fill their roster holes, and unless they’re former Hawks, the new guys will all take time to develop in the system.

              None of that sounds like the way PC/JS do business.

            • Sea Mode

              Defense wins championships. I’m not sure why you are so eager to create holes in our defense by trading away a 28 year old 3 time All-Pro cornerback and a 27 year old 2016 Pro Bowl linebacker in the prime of their careers for a 35 year old OT who hasn’t been to the Pro Bowl since 2013, will cost just as much cap space as them, and could retire next year for all we know.

              Getting Reddick would be nice and all, but you are not going to get the #12 overall pick for KJ or Sherman. Plus, do you really want to send a message to the rest of the locker room that Seattle cares that little about its core players? That LOB (love our brothers) is not so real after all? Business is business, ok, but we want players to want to come and play in Seattle. We are not the Patriots.

              As for Sherman’s perceived regression, he still allowed only a 64.0 passer rating, and we came to know that he was not 100% physically.

              It’s a no from me.

    • Ishmael

      Why do so many people want to trade away team leaders and proven superstars?

      Kam, Sherman, I’ve even seen people talking about trading Wilson… I really don’t get it.

      • DLep

        Now apparently KJ should be on the block too lol. Why should they trade away pro bow players who are still in their prime and who have not made any additional contract demands?

        • BV Eburg

          Not trying to trade anyone in particular and enjoy watching this team. But the goal is to win the SB. Yes it make take a slight change in philosophy but is this the draft to do it? Maybe not, maybe we are closer to winning the SB than I think and a few good players will get us that win.

          • Ishmael

            How far away do you think the Hawks are?

            And how does trading away Richard Sherman get them any closer?

      • Reggie Regg

        Sherman is not going anywhere! Some people really undervalue Sherm!

  7. 503Hawk

    Do you have a tab or link of the draft order that can be updated because of trades?
    Also, I saw somewhere else that NE “forfeited” the 4th round pick we traded to them last year. Know anything about that?

    Keep up the good work. We really appreciate it.
    503 SDB “junky”

    • Rob Staton

      It is true — New England lost that fourth rounder we gave them. Sadly Seattle doesn’t get it back.

      And thanks for being a SDB junky 🙂

  8. nichansen01

    I have a feeling they could double dip at linebacker with the first five picks. How about Bowser in the second and Anzalone in third… (we would be lucky for him to be there but..) Anzalone essentially upgrades Coyle while Bowser upgrades Morgan. Marsh and Bowser rotate in as pass rushers, and Bowser starts at Sam. Could Bowser ever relieve KJ at WILL?

    1. Kevin King
    2. Tyus Bowser
    3. Alex Anzalone
    3. Nico Siragusa
    3. Shaquille Griffen/Shalom Luani/some other DB

    • JT

      There’s little chance they take 2 LB’s in the entire draft, let alone the early round picks. The LB class is severely lacking in top-end athletes, and the Hawks demand great athletes at LB more than any other position:


      Anzalone for example, doesn’t match the athleticism of all other players they’ve drafted or signed at the LB position. He would need significant pro day improvement to be a realistic option.

      Additionally, the Hawks are unlikely to roster more than 6 true LB’s. I suspect they’ll re-sign Morgan and/or Coyle to go with Wagner, Wright & KPL. They need 1 young LB to compete with Morgan at SAM (and ideally win that battle). It’ll be tricky with greater needs at CB and OT, but they should get one young LB in this draft to add talent/depth.

      Furthermore, Wagner and Wright are elite LB’s locked up long term in the prime of their careers. No young blood is going to take them off the field, except for occasional rest at most.

      • Rob Staton

        Well, K.J. Wright wasn’t a great athlete and they drafted him.

        • JT

          By pure Sparq score, no he wasn’t exceptional, though his length is out-of-this world at close to 35″ arms. That length adds a lot to his overall athletic profile, and probably made him an exception to the rule. All other LB’s they’ve drafted and signed have posted great or elite athletic scores.

          • 503Hawk

            I would also add; although KPL scored high, he is a below average “football player”. I have never seen his athleticism translate onto the gridiron.

      • Misfit74

        I do think the athletic guy with special traits will apply to most, if not all positions with regards to our 1st round pick.

        We know we can source under the radar players at CB, S, LB, etc in the 2nd round on, while we’ve traded 1sts for Harvin and Graham who are unique, special athletes. I don’t think we’ll be locked into a position so hard that we overlook certain athletic thresholds. Perhaps there will be am exception

        • Misfit74

          I do think the athletic guy with special traits mantra will apply to most, if not all positions with regards to our 1st round pick.

          We know we can source under the radar players at CB, S, LB, etc in the 2nd round on, while we’ve traded 1sts for Harvin and Graham who are unique, special athletes. I don’t think we’ll be locked into a position so hard that we overlook certain athletic thresholds. Perhaps there will be an exception if a player’s tape is really great (Dalvin Cook, etc).

  9. EranUngar

    A general observation regarding FA:

    One of the most common “knock down” remarks regarding free is that they were not good enough for their previous team to keep around. While it’s true that player become FAs because they were cut/not resigned, it is an unfair evaluation.

    A simple example would be the likes of BB, WTIII and others released from our 2013 roster and others like Okung, Irvin, Mebane released last year or Willson released this year due to cap situation. Those are all valuable players the Seahawks could not keep at their market value.

    Similar remarks were made regarding D.J. Flucker. He was released by one of the most cap strapped clubs in the NFL. Read the following article to get the full picture – http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000791026/article/la-chargers-release-brandon-flowers-two-others

    I know that GMs always “talk nice” about departing players but this is what general manager Tom Telesco said in a statement released by the team. “Parting ways with men I’ve gotten to know and respect is the toughest part of this job. Few players have shown the amount of passion and dedication that D.J. has shown for us the last four years. D.J. was the ultimate teammate who gave every ounce of effort he had to help our team. I will have great memories of D.J.’s time with the Chargers and wish him the best of luck with his career”

    He may not be the right guy for us but this guy deserves better than “But they cut him” type of remarks.

    • Rob Staton

      You’ve completely missed the point I made on this Eran, simply repeated the claims that I already countered with no new points and then suggested the whole argument was only ‘but they cut him’.

      Not cool.

      • EranUngar

        It’s your blog Sir and you do admiring job at it.

        It’s better that i do not say more on the topic.

  10. Phil

    IMHO, what the Seahawks do at #26 depends heavily on what is happening behind the scenes with the negotiations with Kam over a contract extension. If the Seahawks have made what they believe is a good offer and they are getting any inkling that Kam is going to hold out again, then I think it’s time to see what we can get in a trade, maybe coupling him with our #26 to move up, or just using #26 to pick up a safety.

  11. Greg Haugsven

    About Brian Schwenke, the more I read about him the more I want him in Seattle. I’m a big fan of Zeigler but I believe the value would be better. He could play guard and be a back up center. Turns 26 this month. Still means that Glow could lose his spot or Ifefi would have to move to RT

  12. DLep

    Pete is at Bama pro day today. Looking at Humphrey and Tomlinson specifically perhaps?

    • Rob Staton

      Could be anything. Smokescreen, genuine interest. I remember he went to the Arkansas pro-day to watch Ryan Mallett back in the day.

  13. Sea Mode

    Brandon Marshall signs 2yr/$12m with Giants. I would have gone for that.


    • DLep

      I would too but sounds like Marshall wanted to stay in NY, if a guy has a certain place he wants to go, tough to overcome that.

    • KingRajesh

      Just for reminders, we’re slated to pay JERMAINE KEARSE $10.8m over those same two years.

      For perspective:

      Last two years for Brandon Marshall with journeymen and scrubs at QB: 2290 yards, 17 TDs, 13.6 YPC.

      Last two years for Jermaine Kearse with an elite QB: 1196 yards, 6 TDs, 13.25 YPC.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He works for Showtime which is based in New York. That decision was easy for him.

      • DLep

        Yeah though I doubt Kearse sees anything beyond this year of his current deal. Unlikely but maybe he is even cut this year (I think cap savings are minimal to none if done this year).

        • Reggie Regg

          Forget the cap space we can use his roster spot. BUM!

          • Ishmael

            Man, come on. That sort of take is just nonsense. He’s got incredibly deep knowledge of the Hawks scheme, he’s an able blocker, decent route runner, and pulled down some freakish catches at crucial moments. He should be targeted far less in the red zone IMO, but I blame Wilson for that as much as I do Kearse. If it wasn’t for that, he’d be ignored by Hawks fans in the same way that most other role players are.

  14. Josh emmett

    Any Robert Davis fans? Wide out from Georgia state? I just can’t help but think of where the hawks are at the wide out position. They have Baldwin and that’s it. I know locket, kearse, and Richardson are there but Lockett is coming off major injury, kearse had the worst year of his life, and Richardson hasn’t impresssed. Davis is a sparq freak and looks like Julio. I’m going to see if there is any tape on him today. I just watched the highlight reel and he looks rad.

  15. Sea Mode

    The Panthers have scheduled a private workout with John Ross. – Joe Person, Charlotte Observer

    • DLep

      Ross is kind of like a Ted Ginn who can catch so it makes a lot of sense for them with the arm Cam has.

      • Hawks22Fun

        At first I just wanted the Jags to take Fournette so the Panthers would NOT get him!

        Now they may take the fastest WR in modern history! Darn it!

        He would replace Ginn with excellence… Glad we don’t play them this year for a change…GeeZ

    • Ishmael

      That would be a pretty wild fit, especially if they can get their run game going again.

  16. Sea Mode

    Known players Seattle has met with so far per Walter Football:

    Isaac Asiata, G/C, Utah (SR)
    Antony Auclair, TE, Laval (EW)
    Budda Baker, S, Washington (COM)
    Zach Banner, OT, USC (COM)
    Javancy Jones, OLB, Jacksonville State (EW)
    Shalom Luani, S, Washington State (COM)
    Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut (COM)
    Carroll Phillips, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Illinois (SR)
    Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson (COM)
    Dalvin Tomlinson, DT/NT, Alabama (COM)

  17. DLep

    La Canfora reporting Hawks are monitoring both RB and OL free agent markets (AP, Blount, Cunningham at RB and Okung, Whitworth, Lang on OL). Sounds like they are taking a measure approach.

    • DLep


  18. Mike

    Hi Rob,

    In my opinion, one of the issues with the Seahawks last year that received less focus was the underperformance on special teams (beyond Hauschka’s issues). We know Carroll cares a great deal about special teams and I believe it will be a focus of this offseason. Do you see the Seahawks considering kick/punt return skills as a factor in who they might choose in the first two rounds of the draft? It seems to be a weakness on the team considering the injury to Lockett. If not in the first two rounds, do you see them addressing it later in the draft? Are there any specific names that you think might be a good fit for this role in the draft?

    Thanks for all you do on this site, the offseason coverage is incredible and your time is much appreciated.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s quite likely they add someone who can return kicks, as a hedge for Tyler Lockett’s health. That makes a lot of sense.

      • 503Hawk

        You would think… But remember after SB48 when Tate left in FA. They tried all sorts of people (for punt return specifically). It was a glaring weakness of the SB49 team all year. Hopefully they learned their lesson.
        BTW; was watching some tape the other day… Would love for Hester to stick around for one more year!!!

    • NathanM

      They also didn’t tender Brock Coyle as a RFA. With all the freaky athletes we’ve just heard about I expect upgrading the ST coverage group will be a target with late round and UDFA DB, WR, LB, and Edge types

  19. Ukhawk

    Have watched a bit of tape on Bowser & Willis and (as opposed to Obi) I’ve not seen their athleticism translate into any flash plays. Haven’t watched all the tape yet & and its limited on Bowser but not really feeling it with these 2 and I’m really trying to….

  20. Knights who say Ni

    Looks like Wagner is going to the Lions @ 9Million per year


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