Wednesday draft notes: TEF target, LB & SAM discussion

Firstly, if you missed our post-combine podcast, don’t forget to check it out:

Purdue lineman adds to TEF options

According to Nathan Baird at the Lafayette Journal & Courier, we have another name to monitor on the O-line. Purdue guard Jason King recorded a 31 inch vertical, a 9-0 broad jump and managed 35 reps on the bench at his pro-day.

His TEF score is a 3.30.

George Fant (3.35) and Mark Glowinski (3.34) had similar scores. If King had recorded these numbers at the combine, he would’ve been the most explosive tester among offensive linemen (beating Forrest Lamp’s 3.23). He’s a name to watch.

What are the Seahawks going to do at linebacker?

This is what Pete Carroll said about team needs during his end of season press conference:

“We’ve gotta get the corner thing squared away… we’ll certainly be looking at that in the draft. That’ll be one of the areas. We need some youth at the linebacker spot now. Bobby and K.J. played 1000’s of plays this year between the two of them and were extremely successful but we need to address that. We didn’t really get anybody that made a difference in the last couple of years that can really fight to take those guys job. Think if somebody could battle K.J. and Bobby for their starting jobs? That’s what we need to draft towards, so we’ll be looking there. The offensive line will continue to be an area of focus and it will be. We’re looking at everything but I’m trying to give you guys something that you can walk out of here with. That’s probably the obvious focal points.”

Carroll doesn’t talk about drafting a SAM linebacker. Instead he specifically talks about drafting players that can push Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright, or at the very least ease their workload.

If they want MIKE and WILL depth and competition rather than finding a starting SAM, it could be indicative of a plan to draft someone like Obi Melifonwu and run a lot of 4-2-5 again this year. Jeremy Lane had 71% of the defensive snaps a year ago. If they take Melifonwu early, he could inherit Lane’s and Mike Morgan’s snaps and be a full-time ‘Buffalo’ nickel offering Deion Jones size and defensive back athleticism.

Even if they draft Kevin King instead, his first role as a rookie could be ‘big nickel’ considering how well he tested in the short shuttle and three cone. His learning curve might be to start in the slot while he develops the outside corner technique. Either way you’re putting Melifonwu or King on the field at the expense of the SAM.

It’s also not unfair to assume if Carroll intends to add a SAM as a priority, he would’ve stated it. Instead he made specific references to Wagner (99.35%) and Wright (97.41%) playing virtually every defensive snap in 2016 and needing help at their spots.

Here’s where it becomes interesting though. What does history tell us about the possible MIKE and WILL fits in this draft?

Community member JT put together this spreadsheet detailing Seattle’s previous draft picks at the various positions, including linebacker.

The biggest takeaway might be the variety of the linebackers Seattle has entertained.

On the one hand, you’ve got a ‘Greek God’ of an athlete in Bobby Wagner at 6-0, 241lbs with 4.46 speed, an 11-0 broad jump and a 39.5 inch vertical. It’s remarkable that Wagner lasted as long as he did in the 2012 draft.

This is off-set though by K.J. Wright — a 6-3, 246lbs bigger linebacker with incredible length (35 inch arms) but only 4.71 speed, a 34 inch vertical and a 10-0 broad.

They’ve drafted smaller, faster linebackers (Malcolm Smith, 4.4 speed) and medium sized, explosive linebackers running in the 4.5’s (Kevin Pierre-Louis).

It suggests they’re not tied to a ‘type’ quite as strictly as they perhaps are at cornerback, running back or the offensive line. A fit at this position could be a player who runs a 4.4 like Wagner or Smith — but it could also be a player who runs a 4.6 or 4.7 if they have other appealing traits like K.J. Wright.

That could be important if they want to fill this need because it’s increasingly likely Haason Reddick will find a home in the top-20. Jarrad Davis, who won’t workout until his March 28th pro-day, is also being tipped to go earlier than many are projecting.

So while they probably prefer to draft a really dynamic athlete at linebacker, a compromise might be needed.

I’ve been thinking a lot since the combine about what the Seahawks are looking for. And while they’re certainly looking for those freakish athletes — they also want players who love football. Their first two picks in 2016 were junkyard dogs in college. Jarran Reed, their second round pick, wasn’t a big-time athlete. But he was their type of guy. Intense, gritty. He fit into the personality of this defense.

That might be the key at linebacker this year.

For example, Zach Cunningham had a middling combine overall. He tested well in the jumps (10-5 broad, 35 inch vertical) but had a mediocre forty time (4.68). He’s only 0.03 seconds faster than K.J. Wright despite being 12lbs lighter.

So he’s off the radar, right?

Not necessarily.

He has 34.5 inch arms — so similar length to Wright. And a couple of quotes in this piece by Chris Low are interesting:

“He’s in love with the game of football, and you see that every day in the way he prepares,” Marve said. “He’s always putting in extra time, but he also does a lot of things naturally that you don’t see in a lot of players. You hear guys say they want to be great. Zach practices that way and approaches every game that way.”

Vanderbilt was playing Georgia, and Cunningham on three occasions tackled Todd Gurley in one-on-one situations. “It was Zach and Gurley one-on-one. It wasn’t Zach and somebody else and Gurley, just Zach, and he made the play all three times,” Mason recalled. “Guys in the NFL don’t tackle Gurley in that situation, and it made me realize how special this young man can be. He sees things before they happen and has so many dimensions to him as a player, but what separates him is his ability to close and finish.”

If the Seahawks are convinced he loves ball and get the sense he’s a physical, committed linebacker that fits the personality of this team — he could be a consideration at some point, even with a 4.67 forty.

It’s also possible other options will emerge on the pro-day circuit. For example, reports from the Oklahoma pro-day today suggest Jordan Evans had a really good workout:

The broad jump would ideally be +10-0 but the other numbers are right up there. He’s faster than Cunningham with a better vertical and a similar short shuttle (4.28 vs 4.29). Evans managed 19 reps on the bench. Another name to keep an eye on.

SAM linebacker options

Let’s suppose the Seahawks don’t seek a ‘Buffalo’ like Obi Melifonwu and want to draft a more traditional SAM instead. I spent some time watching T.J. Watt, Tyus Bowser and Jordan Willis last night to consider the options.

Firstly, I think Willis is a pure EDGE. He’ll also be an interesting subject when the draft begins. Physically he has a fantastic profile. His 1.54 10-yard split is the best for a +250lbs player since Cliff Avril’s 1.50. When you look at his combine workout, you can imagine a team in the top-50 taking a shot.

That said, Avril lasted until round three. So did Justin Houston. Occasionally, these fantastic athletes do last into the middle rounds. And when you watch Willis’ tape you do see a tendency to struggle getting off blocks. His hand technique and repertoire needs work. Coaching can get him there — but he’s a player who might need time.

To some extent he reminds me of Donte Moncrief. Both players are tremendous athletes. Both had good plays on tape. Both needed time. Moncrief was being tipped to go in the top-50 after his great combine in 2014 but lasted until round three. Could the same happen to Willis? Don’t rule it out. But I suspect he’s an EDGE rather than a SAM/LEO.

Tyus Bowser and T.J. Watt, on the other hand, appear capable of playing SAM. They’re not as fast as Bruce Irvin, Malcolm Smith and Mike Morgan (all 4.4/4.5 runners) but they’re really explosive, move well in space and can set the edge vs the run.

Bowser has a freakish physical profile and it feels like we’re only just starting to see him truly develop as a player. His ceiling might be as high as any of the top players in this class. As a ball of clay waiting to be moulded, coaches are going to love this type of project.

One word to describe my style is gritsays T.J. Watt in this video. That will appeal to the Seahawks.

He makes good use of his ridiculous 11-inch hands and controls defenders, winning with power. He also has the agility to stay skinny when attacking his gaps and he finishes. He’s not a quick-twitch speed/athlete (4.69 runner) but he’s quick enough and agile enough in space.

Cassius Marsh, a 4.70 runner, has featured at the SAM for Seattle in part because he has rare agility for his size. How do Marsh and Watt compare? Here’s how they performed at their respective combines:

Name: Cassius Marsh
Height: 6-4
Weight: 252lbs
Arm length: 33 inches
Forty: 4.89 (he ran a 4.70 at his pro-day)
Three cone: 7.08
Short shuttle: 4.25
Vertical: 32 inches
Broad: 9-0

Name: T.J. Watt
Height: 6-4
Weight: 252lbs
Arm length: 33 1/8 inches
Forty: 4.69
Three cone: 6.79
Short shuttle: 4.13
Vertical: 37 inches
Broad: 10-8

Marsh’s agility tests were really good for his size — and Watt beats him comfortably in both cases while also proving to be extremely more explosive.

It’s worth noting the Seahawks never made any firm commitment to Marsh at the SAM. It was tested but Mike Morgan started when healthy. I bring this up purely to emphasise Watt’s fit as a possible SAM — although it’s entirely possible he’ll be viewed as a pure 3-4 OLB (and a potential target for Green Bay and Pittsburgh).

Even so, it’s something to consider over the coming weeks. Especially if any reports emerge of King and Melifonwu going earlier than we’re currently projecting.

Free agency outlook

Jason La Canfora is consistently on the money when it comes to the Seahawks, so this is worth paying attention to:


  1. Ed

    Awesome stuff Rob. Hawks are a top tier organization because (as I mentioned in earlier post):

    They scout well. They draft well. They resign in advance and with caution. They don’t chase expensive FA.

    Would love to see Hawks go S (Obi) and CB (Douglas) or CB (King) and S (Luani). Then get a LB that can rush on 3rd down.

    • Rob Staton

      It certainly feels like the year to get 2-3 pieces that can help form the future core of the defense and keep the unit at the top end of the NFL.

  2. D-OZ

    Nice read Rob!!! Spot on as usual. Thank you for the insight and time. I know you are a busy man these day’s. LOL!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks! 🙂

  3. DLep

    Sounds like Wagner off the market and is signing with the lions

    • DLep

      9m per, I guess not totally unexpected but certainly steep.

      • Hawks22Fun

        Is $8-9 million a year for a quality RT really too much?

        How much did it cost us that Russell got hurt twice last year…

        We need to protect Wilson!!!

        • nichansen01

          I have to agree with this, that contract doesn’t sound too bad. We really need to make some signing…

        • vrtkolman

          Wilson getting hurt had nothing to do with the O line though, it was mostly him running around and extending plays.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Wilson has shown signs of staying in the pocket when he has protection. But he also has an issue with holding onto the ball too long = and sometimes running backwards until he gets tackled.

      • vrtkolman

        Not a bad deal at all for Detroit.

    • lil'stink

      Is Wagner really a huge upgrade over Reiff? That’s what makes it feel a bit odd for me.

      • RealRhino2

        What does this do to Reiff’s market, ya think?

        • Lil'stink

          Probably means he’ll get paid more that initially thought. Unless teams run out of money first 🙂

          • RealRhino2

            Maybe the bad teams will run out of money 🙂 Is the consensus that Wagner would get more? Or Reiff? I can’t seem to get a good handle on that.

            • lil'stink

              Consensus was that Wagner was going to be the more sought after player. And the Lions just drove that home. I’m hoping that the teams that have the most money left after Friday are the least tackle needy ones.

  4. Nick

    We’ve spent a lot of time ogling over Jarrad Davis (and rightly so). But what are people’s thoughts on Raekwon McMillan?

  5. nichansen01

    I’m not too enamored with any of the free agent runningback options. Blount is coming off of 300 carry season, where he averaged less than 4 yards a carry. AP doesn’t fit our running scheme. Cunningham is a bit of a nobody.

    • nichansen01

      I say forget the runningbacks and the dts. Invest whatever cap space we have in the O-Line please…

      Guys like later round raft picks, Garrison Smith, John Jenkins can fill in our d-line. Bring in some more rookie runningbacks.

      We really need quality vet presence on the oline. Apparent all year.

    • Phil

      I’m trying to figure out what the Seahawks running game is going to look like this year — not so much from who will be carrying the ball, but whether they are going to be running more read-option like they used to, or less like they did last year after RW got hurt. The running game was really productive when the QB keep — off the read-option — was a threat, but once RW got hurt, opponents could more or less ignore RW and just focus on the RB.

      So, assuming that RW recovers completely from his injuries, will the read option still play a prominent role, or do the Seahawks coaches feel that RW’s days as a running QB are over?

  6. cha

    Rob you wrote in the mock draft a couple pieces down:

    “The players taken between #11-20 are going to have a slightly better grade than the players taken at #40-45.”

    How does this compare in your mind to last year’s draft? I remember we had several discussions about how once you hit that second tier, teams have a lot of options well into the 2nd round, which of course supports trading down.

    I don’t think this is some secret market inefficiency that teams are exploiting but there would some to be a really good case for trading down again.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a better overall class. Deeper, better players. Less of a drop off in round two.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Where are the ‘shelves of talent’ in your opinion.

        Maybe 12 and 46 or something?

        • Rob Staton

          Probably earlier than 12. And then about 45. I think quite a drop off just after round three too.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Steeep day 3 bubble

          • Kenny Sloth

            Who of those top 10 grades are most likely to clip iyo

      • cha

        Thanks. It would seem to support a similar notion to last year, with a guy like Reed with a top 15 grade by many slipping into the 2nd round and a team trading up to nab a slider.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’m increasingly convinced that if Obi is available at 26 (and Reddick isn’t) SEA will make him their first selection, either at 26 or after a trade down to very early R2.

    I stress if because Charlie Campbell ( reports that 5 teams have shown strong interest in Obi – SEA, HOU, NOS, PHI, and CAR. I think CAR, NOS and PHI all pick too early to take Obi in R1, but HOU certainly could.

    If Obi gets past HOU and SEA, then I think he’s on the board until 40 (CAR), which means SEA could still take him if they find a trade partner between 33-39.

    I spent some time last night trying to conceive of a way SEA could get both Obi and King and it’s doable if they find a couple of willing trade partners.

    For example, they could trade 26 to CLE for 33 + 108 + 145; then trade 58 + 90 + 106 to JAX for 35 (or CHI for 36).

    That would leave them with 33, 35/36, 102, 108, 145, 210, 226.

    33 – Obi/King
    35/36 – King/Obi

    Something like that.

    Also FWIW I checked out Javancy Jones DE/OLB from Jackson State. SEA met with him at the East-West Shrine Game. His production is impressive. It’s hard to find stats for him but if I’m not mistaken, he had 107 tackles, 25.5 TFL and 9 sacks in 2016. He plays mostly 4-3 DE with his hand in the dirt, but he looks like he has the athleticism to play OLB. One to monitor for Day 3.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Forgot to add Jones was a core special teamer for JAXST. And of course his backstory fits perfectly with SEA.

    • Hawks22Fun

      If JS could trade like this and get these 2, it would become a LEGENDARY draft in NFL history…


    • nichansen01

      The fact that this draft is so deep might work to our advantage as far as finding trade partners.

    • RWIII

      Eric I have been saying this for the last couple of weeks. The Hawks did it last year. They traded down and took Ifedi. Then in the 2nd round traded up and took Jarran Reed. Obi Melifonwu is ideal mainly because he can play multiple positions. The Haeks must take a DB (corner or safety) with one of their first two pics

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        They also could do the trade with NEP – 26 for 32 + 96
        Then trade back up with JAX or CHI – 58 + 90 + 106 for 35/36

        Leaving them with 32, 35/36, 96, 102, 210, 226

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they also dealt someone for a R5 pick (someone like McCray or Seisay, maybe even Damontre Moore).

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Would be nice to trade down but still pick in R1 for the 5th year option on Obi or King.

  8. LeoSharp

    I think Obi Melifonwu could also take direct snaps away from K.J. Wright. There were a few instances last year he was replaced by Steven Terrell in dime coverage situations and I think those could become more frequent simply due to his size and ability to play the run.

    He could also be used in Bandit packages the Hawks have used in the past.
    They have used a Big Nickel in the past which Melifonwu should be able to play.
    He adds some versatility to the deep coverage as he is certainly fast enough to cover the deep third, freeing up Earl Thomas to play closer to the LOS as a robber.

    He serves as an eventual replacement at SS which is arguably a more important position than CB in Seattle but also has the physical capability to play CB. Compared to Kevin King I think the position versatility and is much higher with Melifonwu.
    The Seahawks have consistently succeeded with CB’s who don’t have excellent agility but are long. I can’t think of a reason that his athletic measurables could allow him to be a better corner than Sherman. I’ve always thought playing zone is more of a mental game but the opposite is true for man-to-man.
    Where in Seattle’s scheme do those athletic traits really show up?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Obi is the Michael Bennett of the defensive backfield – able to play (and make an impact) from multiple positions.

    • Sea Mode

      “Where in Seattle’s scheme do those athletic traits really show up?”

      I’d say jumping out in front of the WR and intercepting the ball or breaking up the pass, for one. Changing directions and mirroring the receiver as well, for example.

      Obviously, you are right on and without the mental side and technique none of the athleticism matters. They will have to scout that potential for themselves and it will come before athleticism in their evaluation, but of course a faster and quicker guy with the same length as Sherman has a chance to end up being as good or even better at corner.

      I wish Obi would have done the agility drills as well, just for comparison. Anyone know if he plans to do them at his Pro Day by chance?

  9. DLep

    Pauling reporting that Pete giving Robinson a hard look at pro day. Please no.

    • Rob Staton

      No harm in a closer look. Doubt they pick him.

      • DLep

        Totally. And I think/hope you are right.

        • drewdawg11

          You all are crazy. Robinson is an instant upgrade to our run game and he has the length and power to develop into a good pass protector. His technique was poor at times in this regard. He’s talented, though. I would be happy if he fell to 26 and we got him.

          • PDXBen

            Too unathletic – Looks like ANOTHER tackle turned guard. We need someone who can play tackle ….and if the retort is move Ifedi to RT I would then say take a guard in the 3rd rd not the 1st imo

    • nichansen01

      Due diligence

    • Trevor

      I just love the fact that Pete is one of the 3 HC’s there at Alabama’s pro-day along with Bill B. Does anyone love the game more than Pete. Man I pray everyday I can have that kind of energy when I am his age.

      • Volume12

        Just like last year, 90% of fans will be disappointed about this draft. Its inevitable

        • Kenny Sloth

          We gonna take DaMarcus Walker in the first xD

  10. Hawks22Fun

    So Ricky Wagner gets at RT contract at over $9 million a year…

    So that probably prices Okung out of our range, like most say here, just because of the WEAKNESS of the O line market…

    We all believe that Seattle won’t spend much on a FA O lineman…

    So who seems to fit on that ‘lesser money’ contract?

    NO on Mike Remmers…he was horrible last year…
    DJ Fluker?
    Menelik Watson?

    This tendency to overpay O linemen might push almost all of these FA OUT of our reach…yikes!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Someone brought up Austin Pasztor yesterday. He’s a possibility. I think his TEF is 3.22 or something.

      • Hawks22Fun

        He only made $1.7 million last year…not much experience though

      • Rob Staton

        Pasztor is a 3.00 exactly.

        • Hawks22Fun

          Rob, how would you scout Pasztor? Can he play? RT? LT?

          • lil'stink

            Mainly a guard who got shoved over to RT due to need. From everything I could gather from Cleveland media and fansites he actually played fairly well in the second half of the year after a rough start, which is a nice sign. Cleveland has Shon Coleman and at least one other player waiting in the wings at RT so the front office is in no hurray to re-sign Pasztor. Found a couple of mentions from people thinking he would be a decent fit for a zone scheme, FWIW.

            Seems like he would be worth at least kicking the tires on. Really good depth guy who could possibly start at RT. I imagine he might get an offer that we don’t want to match, though. He only has 15 games at tackle, but if he wants to get paid like a starting RT it could take a leap of faith by the team signing him. So much money to spend in FA this year so you have no idea what will happen, but he definitely doesn’t seem like a tier 1 choice so maybe that works in our favor.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The first big signing or two usually gets more than the rest. Rates will settle down by April.

  11. Overtime

    Even if we select a big nickle like Obi early we still need a 240lb LB to backup KJ and Wagz. In this draft we would be foolish not to select at least two DB’s and given we are not re-signing Coyle and Morgan we need two LB’s also. In order to zero in on who they might select R1 we need to predict who will be available later to fill those other spots. If we miss on Obi then a guy like Josh Jones 4.41, 6-1, 220, Kevin King, Montae Nicholson and others become interesting options. This draft is too deep to even reliably predict who will go in round 1. John Schneider is going to earn his money in April.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      There should be some options on Day 3. For example, Javancey Jones, JAXST 6-1, 245lbs. Let’s see what his numbers are after his pro day.

      • Sea Mode

        For more example: Marquel Lee, Elijah Lee, Jimmie Gilbert, Donavin Newsom

  12. AndrewP

    Buffalo comes to senses, agrees to contract with Taylor.

    Rob- Does this clarify or muddle the draft for you?

    • nichansen01

      No-brainer decision.

      • AndrewP

        Agreed… That it ever got this far is mind-boggling [although; there’s a reason some franchises continually struggle (see Sea ’89-’98)].

        Tyrod Taylor might not be a top-8 QB, but he’s in the discussion to be anywhere from 9-24. You can make the playoffs with that kind of talent at the QB position, provided you do right at the rest of the roster.

    • Trevor

      After watching him against us last year I had no idea why Buffalo was always talking about moving on from him. MOst logical thing they have done in years.

      • vrtkolman

        With the twitter age, there is such an onslaught of reports about every possible outcome. First the player is going to move on, then contract talks are close, then a trade is imminent, and finally they sign. It’s hard to believe what is actually going on behind the scenes.

    • Rob Staton

      Muddle. No idea where the QB’s go now (apart from maybe Arizona).

  13. Sea Mode

    I think what Pauline reported about the narrower bench affecting players’ bench press totals at the combine could carry some weight to it (see what I did there…?), especially for the big guys. It’s beyond me why they would change something like that at an event where everything is so standardized for the sake of historical continuity and comparison.

    So we could conceivably see quite a few more OL meet TEF (or +90wTEF) just by bumping up their press by 5 or less reps:

    -Dorian Johnson: 2.92 TEF, 21 reps, needs just 2 more
    -Antonio Garcia: 2.89 TEF, 24 reps, needs just 3 more
    -Taylor Moton: 2.86 TEF, 23 reps, needs just 4 more (would jump from 91.32 to 96.04 wTEF @319lbs)
    -Will Holden: 2.84 TEF, 23 reps, needs just 5 more
    -Ethan Pocic: 2.81 TEF, 26 reps, needs just 5 more (for 2.99 TEF)
    -Dion Dawkins: 26 reps, needs just 4 more to hit 90.88 wTEF @314lbs.

    I hope they choose to bench again at their Pro Days.

    Plus, there are still these guys with +33in arms who did not perform the jumps at the combine:
    -Aviante Collins, 33.375 arm, 34 bench
    -Jermaine Eluemunor: 33.25 arm, 34 bench
    -Ryan Ramczyk: 33.75 arm, 25 bench
    -Roderick Johnson: 36 arm!, n/a bench

    I suspect the TEF/wTEF-qualifying class from the combine prospects alone will grow from 5 possibly all the way up to 10.

    • JT

      Great stuff SeaMode. These players and others will have the opportunity to improve their other testing results as well, potentially increasing their TEF and Sparq scores up to standard Hawks-target levels (3.00 TEF, 110 Sparq).

      • Cysco

        would be great to see some “re-benching” and compare the numbers to see if there’s some consistency in any increase between combine and pro days. If so, an exercise of increasing everyone’s bench score from the combie by the average increase seen at the pro days could give us a more accurate TEF score.

    • Trevor

      I am really anxious to see Aviante Collins Pro Day #s. I think he is going to be a TEF 3.5 +

      Also he has injury issues but his tape what little I could find is decent. Also Joey Hunt and Boykins have to know a ton about him for inside info.

      For me as a late round guy he seems like the ideal ZBS lineman.

      • Josh emmett

        I like him too, the horned frogs don’t run the ball a ton but it always seemed to be in the right side where Collins was at the point of attack or he was pulling to the left side with counter action. I thought he moved pretty damn well. He looks like a nasty dude, got tats all up his arms and seemed to DE’s pay in the run game. I’d love to see:
        RD 1: Kevin king CB
        RD 2: Tyus bowser LB
        RD 3: Avainte Collins RT
        Comp: Robert Davis WR
        Comp: Brian Hill RB
        Haven’t gotten deep into the bottom end of the draft but I’d love to see the hawks take advantage of this drafts depth and get a couple starters on defense and get some athletes to compete at WR, RB, and oline.

  14. Vista

    So it sounds like Chandler Jones is going to get a 5 year extension.

  15. Trevor

    Rob I am with you 100% in the thinking that our 1st pick in 2017 will be King or Obi. They just fit what the Hawks want in a DB perfectly.

    What happens if somehow Forrest Lamp or Ryan Ramyzk are still on the board? Given the complete lack of OL talent coming out of college does that not push up these guys value in a huge way? Would the Hawks not be better grabbing the rare commodity if they can and then focus on defense later?

    I am torn because I really like Reddick, King and Obi but a starting OL prospect in the draft now is almost like a unicorn.

    • Rob Staton

      If Reddick is there it’s a no-brainer you take him (he won’t be there).

      Ramcyzk is OK. Not blown away by him. Lamp has a lot of upside but will need time. Not keen on LG in R1.

      • millhouse-serbia

        He will not be there at 26 but maybe he will be there at 21. In that case would you trade 26 + 102 for 21?

        • Rob Staton

          I think Reddick will go top-17.

          • Trevor

            I think he could go as high as #9 to the Bengals. They could sure use some speed at LB and Reddick just seems like he was meant to play in AFC North with Bengals or Ravens.

            Would so love to see him with Wags and KJ though. Wow!

            • Ground_Hawk

              What about the Browns drafting Garrett at R1-1 and Reddick at R1-12? I think that would help their defense tremendously.

          • pqlqi

            Is there a specific game that has you so high on Reddick?

            With his absurd combine athleticism, I feel like I should see him dominate much more against the competition than he does – Temple plays some pretty bad teams, teams that don’t send any players to the NFL for years in a row, and Reddick, a freak athlete, is pretty contained on the vast majority of plays. I can’t get excited about Reddick in any of the 2016 games at

            I don’t see him as more than a mid 2nd, Bobby Wagner had far better college tape, against better competition, and posted a higher pSPARQ, and he was picked 47th in the draft (in hindsight, should have been a first rounder, but…lucky us).

            I believe you were at the senior bowl. Was Reddick a completely different player that week than he had been through the rest of his senior year? Am I otherwise missing something in the games I’ve watched?

        • McGruff

          I would do that in a hot second . . . I think Reddick is going to be one of the top 5 most impactful players of this class.

          • Volume12

            He says 3-4 ILB to me in every single way.

  16. Nick LOB

    I think more and more Pete wants more depth at LB. Not necessarily a 1st rounder but at least quality depth. Not giving Brock Coyle a tender, Mike Morgan being a UFA –what depth is there? KPL and Marsh? Getting either a starter at SAM or a guy who could back up a few positions will be important

    • Volume12

      What I took away from his interview? He wants someone to ‘push’ and compete with Bobby and KJ so if they go down the defense doesn’t fall off. Someone that in 2-3 years could play big minutes for them.

      • Nick

        Plz Jarrad Davis.

        • Sea Mode


      • Nick LOB

        I agree. We all saw what happened a couple years ago when bobby went down. Coyle at SAM wasn’t great either this year

        • Volume12

          I’m looking for a Korey Toomer. Someone that can play all 3 spots.

          • Nathan

            Toomer’s a free agent.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Jordan Evans Oklahoma

  17. Trevor

    Cross Whitworth off the Vet OT list he signed a 1yr extension with Cincy

  18. teejmo

    What the heck is going on in Washington? McCloughlan’s being pushed out? How dumb is the front office over there?

    • Hawks22Fun

      the epithets are super dysfunctional… their QB Kirk just wants OUT!

      That’s pretty bad…I feel the owner snyder is a poison and ruins whatever glimmers of hope pop up…

      (PS ‘red skins’ is not about color of skin, but the scalps of dead natives being turned in for money.$$$ They should change it)

      • nichansen01

        keep the name. Just change the mascot to a potato.

      • RealRhino2

        PPS – No it’s not.

    • DLep

      And Im thinking from a Seahawks perspective, does John reach out to McCloughan to get the band back together? Assuming he isn’t having personal issues again.

      • Sea Mode

        I think if they are parting ways, the Hawks try to bring it back to how it was before. They paid him $75,000 per scouting report as a private scouting agency working from his home.

    • John_s

      The problem is Bruce Allen and his ego. He can’t take that Scot is getting so much shine

    • Phil

      I live in Redskins country and the buzz is that McCloughan’s personal problems have surfaced again. When a guy can’t answer the bell, I don’t think it’s the fault of Snyder this time around. Too bad because he (McCloughan) seems to be otherwise well thought of.

      • Kenny Sloth

        The sad thing is he didn’t really burn bridges along the way.

        Everywhere he’s been has seemed to want to help him. Or at least want what was mutually best for both parties.

    • Ishmael

      They’ve been pushing him out for about a month now, it’s going to get pretty ugly. I hope the Hawks reach out to him.

  19. Volume12

    Or is PC checking out ‘Bama CB Marlon Humphrey?

    • Volume12

      That makes more sense. Think about it.

      He’s a DB coach.

      • DLep

        Yeah I hope so Vol, more so than Cam obviously. Off topic, but have you watched Blair Brown any? If so, thoughts?

        • Volume12

          I haven’t.

    • Phil

      Casserly has Seahawks picking Tim Williams “second best pass rusher in the draft” at #26.

  20. Ed

    With Church signing with Jax, I really think that leads to my thoughts for awhile that they should go Fournette. They drafted Ramsey (CB) last year and spend big on Church (S) this year. Their defense was getting better, receivers are great, but the running game was horrible and of course so was Bortles with all his turnovers.

    • Hawks22Fun

      Good call Ed. Fournette is build to lead that team…Bortles would benefit the most…as would his 2 dynamic WR’s…

      • Ed

        I hope for them it is. Going any other position would be a waste with LF sitting right there. Imagine play action with him.

        1. Garrett
        2. Trubisky
        3. Thomas
        4. Fournette
        5. Adams

    • Misfit74

      I wonder if Solomon Thomas would be in play for Jax?

  21. rdgaydeski

    We often look at the draft for holes that need to be filled this year (and rightly so) but PC/JS are also always looking into the future. Look at the Vannett pick last year, took some of us by surprise but makes total sense thinking we would lose Willson this year. Looking at who we could lose next year two big expiring contracts would be Kam and Jimmy. That really makes me think we will prioritize Obi if available as he could see snaps in sub-packages immediately and then possibly replace Kam if necessary. It also convinces me we will tap into this ultra-athletic TE class fairly early.

    • Overtime

      Moving on is pretty tempting when the team will receive 3rd round comp picks for both of them.

      • Ed

        If they sign big deals. If both play to their potential, then yes they will get good money. If they get hurt or have a down year, doubtful they get big money because of their age.

  22. astraeus

    “Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was salivating over Alabama OT Cam Robinson and DE Jonathan Allen. SEA has the 26th overall pick.” per local Alabama reporter

    • nichansen01

      *salivating* … I don’t buy it…

      • DLep

        I dont either and of course I hope he is wrong

      • vrtkolman

        I don’t buy him salivating for Cam Robinson… maybe Jonathan Allen. Maybe he thinks he could fall to 26, you would have to think really hard then despite the shoulder arthritis issue.

        • Volume12

          I kind of do.

          Tony Pauline is almost golden when it comes to the O-lineman Seattle likes. He nailed Ifedi & Odhiambo last year, Terry Poole the year before.

          This might have more legs than you guys think.

          Personally? I like Cam Robinson. Nasty dude.

          • Volume12

            PC loves this program.

            Robinson, Tomlinson, Humphrey, expect one of these names to be a Seahawk.

            • Rob Staton

              I think Humphrey will be gone, Tomlinson I like but too much like Reed and Robinson (meh). Not sure why Pete was there but it might all be a smokescreen. He’s probably happy for the league to think they’re going OL first.

              • Ground_Hawk

                Lol. It’s definitely that time of year, Rob! Thanks again, for your work here!

            • nichansen01

              It’s not that I DISLIKE Robinson, it’s just that I love King and Obi so much more…

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            From a purely physical perspective, he’s a very intriguing RT prospect, as would be a right side of Robinson and Ifedi. Talk about big off the bus.

            Let’s not forget he started every game at LT for three straight seasons on the number one CFB program in the nation, in the most competitive conference, going up against the best edge rushers like Garrett. He’s a decent pass blocker but he excels in the run game. Talk about a road grader.

            • Volume12

              Nailed it.

              They like different O-lineman than the fans do.

              • Volume12

                He’s got a lot of upside. Big time future in front of him.

                Nasty strike/punch, his big issue? His stance. Inconsistent.

                • peter

                  just seems like admitting that the explosive requirements adhered to the last few drafts were just a test and not necessarily any kind of principle. An experiment as it were. If they draft Robinson who didn’t test particularly well.

                  Also I think Robinson gets picked in the first so it would bum me out to pass on a King/Obi type for a guy who is better then Gilliam but, to me, doesn’t bring enough to warrant a first round grade. If he falls…sure I’d consider him.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Not necessarily. Robinson would need to put up 33 reps on BP to hit 3.00 on TEF, which isn’t out of the question. And if he could do that, his wTEF would be a very respectable 97.00.

                    I agree with you about wanting them to go defense early with Obi and/or King.

                    In fact, that’s what I think they’ll do, regardless of what Pauline reported today, which I totally believe btw, at least insofar as that’s what people saw. But nobody knows what PC actually thinks, and it’s possible that was all a smoke screen. He could’ve been at Bama’s pro day to scout another prospect, and there’s nothing wrong with doing due diligence on Robinson.

                    Having said all that, however, if the did take Robinson at 26, it wouldn’t be the worst pick in the world. It would mean they see something they like in him. Firstly, he has elite size/length – 6-6 322lbs with 35.5″ arms. Second, as I wrote above, remember his pedigree – started every game at left tackle for Bama while he was on the team (43 games) … one of Bama’s 3 unanimous All-America selections … also earned first-team honors from Sports Illustrated … Outland Trophy winner … SEC Jacobs Blocking Trophy winner … first team All-SEC selection by the conference coaches and the Associated Press … midseason All-American by Sports Illustrated, CBS, ESPN and Sporting News.

    • Misfit74

      You mean puking over Cam Robinson.

      If he was salivating, there must have been cheerleaders nearby.

    • Rowlandice

      Maybe Pete was just having a bad “gum” day…

  23. Dutchenstein12

    Another awesome write up Rob. This is hands down my #1 place to go for Hawks draft insight.

    IMO I think the Hawks are going to try and add a dynamic chess piece in the first round in the form of a safety like Obi, Peppers, or possibly Budda (I know his measurements aren’t ideal). I think we go this route instead of a corner like King for a couple of reasons.

    1. I think offenses are starting to figure out our defense. Even when we were fully healthy last year, it still felt like teams weren’t intimidated by us. iIf we add a chess piece like a buffalo or a guy similar to the honey badger I think it would change our dynamic. The players we have put at the SAM or covering the slot these last 2 years haven’t scared anyone. Adding a guy like Obi, Peppers or Budda would change that.

    2. IMO our lack of depth at safety was the 2nd biggest thing that derailed our season last year (1st being oline of course). While losing your starting 2 safeties would hurt any team, I still believe we need to start grooming replacements for ET and Kam. Our depth at corner is concerning as well, but we have shown the ability to consistently mold solid starters opposite of RS. So grabbing one of the 3 rookies I named above would not only help make us more dynamic in the short term, but it would also give us much needed insurance for Kam/ET that we haven’t had.

    • Nick

      Excellent analysis! I couldn’t agree more.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I pretty much agree with you, except I think they will try for Obi in the first and if he isn’t available they will pick King instead. Then pick a linebacker in 2nd round and safety in third round. I’m thinking there will be some good safeties available in the third. It is even possible that Budda Baker will slip into the third.

  24. nichansen01

    49ers get a QB in hoyer.

    Pierre Garcon and Marquise Goodwin both signed with San Fran. Kerley resigned.

    Bethea cut.

    So… do the niners go safety round one? I think defense at least. Or is QB still in play?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again. Any team that needs a starting QB and passes on Watson is acting foolishly. No matter how bad they want some other player.

      • Hawks22Fun

        I agree AlaskaHawk.

        A winner is a winner…his combine was solid…

        Just please anyone but the Browns!!!?!!! HAH

        Jets at 6…why not???

        That HUGE NY market takes the NCAA Champion QB!!?!!

        I bet that market would freaking Love it, and freak out!!!


      • Misfit74

        I love Watson.

        We know Hoyer is a career backup, who didn’t even complete 57% of his passes under Shanahan with the Browns.

    • DLep

      And they just give over 5m a year to a fb …

    • lil'stink

      The Hoyer deal is just for him to be a placeholder. If they don’t go QB this year, they almost certainly will next year. Smart move by SF – they probably aren’t going to win much this year regardless of who they have at QB.

    • Trevor

      I think they go Safety for sure with Malik Hooker and it will be a great pick. He is the second most talented player in the draft IMO.

  25. AlaskaHawk

    Latest Joe Mixon report from pro day:
    Mixon measured in at his workout at 6-foot 1/2 and 228 pounds, with 10 1/4-inch hands and a wingspan of 34 1/2 inches. He then went out and ran a 4.43-second 40-yard dash, according to multiple reports, which would have ranked him fourth among combine running backs. The three backs who turned in better times all weigh far less than Mixon. LSU’s Leonard Fournette, who checked in at 240 pounds, ran a 4.51; Florida State’s Dalvin Cook ran a 4.49 at 210 pounds.

    In addition, Mixon put up solid to strong numbers in the vertical jump (35 inches, which would have been tied for seventh at the combine); broad jump (118 inches, which would have tied for ninth); the three-cone drill (after flubbing his first attempt: 6.96 seconds, fifth); on the bench press (21 reps, tied for sixth); and the short shuttle (4.24, fifth). Mixon’s on-field workouts are upcoming.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I know it’s not popular, but if he can be had for a third I would not be in the camp that is mad about it

      • Misfit74

        We might have to beat them pack and use our late 2nd to land Mixon, if he’s on our draft board. I’d be fine with it, if so.

        • peter

          I’m a mixon fan, skill wise. But he comes across as a bit of an imbecile in his interviews towards his actions. That said I think it would be pretty gutless of JS to get high on the land about not drafting a someone who hit a woman but write a check for a pro athlete built like a god who felt the need to beat his kid with a stick.

          Or would JS just argue semantics…one is a draft, and he didn’t explicitly ever say he had a problem with hitting your kid?

          • AlaskaHawk

            I really don’t think it will matter – other than being clickbait for a weekend article. Lot of people whine and moan about their morals and how horrible his actions were. At the end of the day he has already paid for his actions or will be paying if the civil suit is successful. I’ve seen a lot worse stuff done by high school kids that never saw any jail time.

        • AlaskaHawk

          He is definitely third round material. He could go higher, but so many teams have devalued the running back position that it is hard to say where he will land.

  26. Misfit74

    I listened to a podcast by NDT scouting (after 3000 NFL Mock Draft, or course) and they thought Willis’ problem was turning the corner/bending the edge. They said that could be solved by not forcing Willis to do what he struggles with: playing with his hand in the dirt. Moving him to an off-ball player being their solution to put him in position to ‘win’.

    • Volume12

      He can’t. He’s an effort rusher. No technique. No idea how to run the arc. Footwork is all wrong as it is on most DEs in college.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Enticing, no?

        • Volume12

          Yes and no.

      • Cameron

        Willis has no moves. He shows no counter, no bull, no spin, no nothing. Just run up the field 5 yards behind the pocket and he eventually gets by the tackle in time to turn around and see the ball out of the qb’s hands.

        He’s probably a 3rd rounder and would be extremely enticing if he lasts that long. He’s a project though.

        • Kenny Sloth


        • Jujus

          we need a leo project that can be groomed instead of Marsh and his 1 career sack.

    • Rob Staton

      Perhaps. I think he’s a potential attack dog at DE but he needs to have better hand technique and ideas. That can be coached but maybe limits his stock.

    • Misfit74

      “On the other hand, Jordan Willis tested like a freak. We all saw how athletic he is in a straight line, but he rarely made the most of that advantageous position, taking far too many steps upfield and running around the pocket rather than turning the corner once at quarterback depth. His agility scores state otherwise. Perhaps his flexibility is fixed. If so, he is a first round pick. A Danielle Hunter comp seems logical.”

      ~Josh Norris (via

  27. Volume12

    What if NC St S Josh Jones is a LB prospect?

    • Cameron

      Need more tape all DB has is that crappy hurricane game vs Notre Dame that field was so gross.

  28. Sea Mode

    I’m going to change the sense of this being a “football” blog for a second.

    Holy smokes, did all you soccer fans out there see what my Barcelona just pulled off!!! Woohoo!!!

    • Kenny Sloth

      How about Christian Pulisic with the aggregate tying assist and the go-ahead goal in the KNOCKOUT ROUND of the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

      AT 18!!!!

      The Future of American Soccer is bright!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Also he did the LeBron James celebration after.

      • Sea Mode

        Sensational finesse on that shot to put it away from a tight angle and past the keeper. What a week he has had! Hope he continues to get playing time instead of sitting behind Reus and Schurrle. (esp. Schurrle, cause Reus is good).

        And when he’s on, Aubameyang is truly a force to be reckoned with. If I had to bet, I’d say Real Madrid will probably pay big for him this summer and sell Benzema. Hope he sits tight, cause Dortmund have some really nice young pieces and I’d like to see them finally give Bayern Munich some competition again in the Bundesliga.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Yeah rough starts have doomed BVB in the past, but their young talent rivals anyone in the world imo

          How Pulisic chipped that so gently running at full speed I can’t even comprehend. And the awareness to get in position.

          I also hope he can stay with Dortmund and earn a consistent spot in the gameday XI. CL starts are invaluable experience.

          Youngest Dortmund player to score in CL. Only American to ever do it in the knockout rounds

      • Del tre

        Two of the kids that i went to school with have been on the sounders so far, i played with one of them in gradschool. Go Yedlin and go Wingo!

    • Hawkfaninmt

      Underrated play of the game was Barca Keepers save when 1v1 with Cavani with 3-1 lead… amazing!

      • Greg Haugsven

        How about PSG caving like a cheap tent.

        • Sea Mode

          Falconic collapse is the only way to describe it, yes!

          • Kenny Sloth


    • Kenny Sloth

      Where do you smart guys get your world soccer analysis?

      Especially usmnt

      • sdcoug

        I wanted to amend your “future of American soccer is bright” comment, but didn’t want it to sound the wrong way. We need 3 more Pulisics before I can agree.

  29. BobbyK

    I remember talking to Dave Krieg when I was writing the Easley story for the Hall of Fame committee. Krieg basically said the exact words about Easley that Rob just wrote about Cunningham. He talked about how he loved football and saw things before they happened, in part, as a result of being so football focused with instincts and anticipation (like Cunningham taking down Gurley over and over). A natural who outworked everybody, too. Those are the exact guys you want. With the Cunningham 40 yard dash being subpar, I think there’s a real chance we could steal him with a pick after our first rounder. Yes, please.

    • Robertlas vegas

      What about Zach Cunningham game against Georgia where I think he got 19 tackles is was incredible performance

    • C-Dog

      I would be entirely happy if Zach Cunningham becomes a Seattle Seahawk. No problem with that, at all.

    • Ukhawk

      Great option if we go DB in R1

  30. Volume12

    For those that care, Seahawks at Purdue pro day, Temple pro day, Colorado pro day, and we know they’re at ‘Bama’s & W.Alabama.

    • DLep

      Thanks Vol, definitely a few players from those schools have been identified by Rob and the blog as potential targets. Reddick, Humphrey, Weatherspoon my personal favorites. Wonder if they are giving Gilbert a look too?

      • C-Dog

        I can totally see them taking a look at Gilbert.

    • Sea Mode

      Good info, thanks. No stone unturned. In a deep draft like this, some unexpected falls could take place and you have to be prepared to take full advantage.

    • Trevor

      Vol who should we know about at West Alabama?

      • nichansen01

        They have a really good tight end, Gerald Everett. That’s probably who they’re looking at.

    • peter

      “those that care!” Good one. You’ve basically added to the knowledge of the board these last years by demonstrating pro days and vmac visits are super important.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Dude You’re so awesome.

      I really want to see your compilation of these just before the draft!

  31. DLep

    Wow, Browns offering 11.5 per to Zeitler, 30m gteed. Any hopes of the Seahawks competing for him you can pretty much kiss goodbye it would seem.

    • Trevor

      I figured he would get 4/$50 mil with $25 guarenteed. Makes sense he is the only pro bowl level OL on the market. Would be a great signing IMO.

      • DLep

        Yeah they have a ton of cap space and he is a good, young, proven player. They have to overpay to attract talent, he would be a good get for them.

      • Ishmael

        Bingo. Starting to put pieces together now.

        Collins, Zeitler, take Garrett at 1, get your hands on Watson somehow… Can start to get a serious program going.

        • RealRhino2

          And then they go and do something like offer Kenny Britt 4/32. What are they doing? I liked Britt as a lower-cost option for the Seahawks, but for the Browns this seems another dumb half measure.

          Not a good look when a team drafts FOUR WR in a single draft, spending a 1st, 4th, and two 5ths, and the very next year spents $8MM/year on a 29-year old WR who averages about 40 catches a year.

  32. Sea Mode

    The Colts are set to trade tight end Dwayne Allen to New England, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, via a source informed of the prospective deal. The Colts will receive a fourth-round pick in exchange for the tight end, while the Patriots get Allen and a sixth-round pick.

    • nichansen01

      Questionable trade by the pats. Trading for a tight end, before this class?

      Or you could look at is as this tight end class devalued Allen, so the patriots actually might have gotten a steal here…

      • Sea Mode

        Knowing Belichick’s history with trades, it’s more likely a steal, as you say.

        Word is they were always super high on Allen since he came out.

  33. Sea Mode

    NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Buffalo agreed in principle with Falcons fullback Patrick DiMarco on a four-year deal worth $8.5 million.

    Later in the day, the Bills announced that they’d come to terms with former Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert.

    The 49ers ended up agreeing to terms with Ravens fullback Kyle Juszczyk on a four-year deal worth up to $21 million

    • nichansen01

      Why sign two fullbacks? I don’t get it.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Tolbert is maybe the most talented FB in the league

        (well maybe 3 years ago)

      • Ishmael

        They run an insane amount. And those two are both decent in the passing game. Could probably run some wild three back sets, could be fun to watch.

  34. Sea Mode

    Exerpts of notes from Pauline on Oklahoma pro day:

    Samaje Perine slightly improved his combine time of 4.65s in the 40, clocking under 4.6s on a number of watches. I thought he looked better than Mixon in ball-carrying drills, as he was looser and quicker. Mixon had a large edge during the pass-catching drills.

    Dede Westbrook was impressive running the 40 and looked like a Sunday receiver in position drills.
    He clocked in the mid-to-high 4.3’s in the 40 (4.36s) and reached 10-feet-even in the broad jump.
    His pass-catching workout was exceptional.

    Linebacker Jordan Evans won’t receive the headlines of Mixon or Westbrook, but one can argue he improved his draft stock more than anyone else.

    Evans, who entered the season graded by scouts as a street free agent with 4.8 speed, timed in the low-to-mid 4.5s in the 40, 7.03s in the three cone and 4.28s in the short shuttle

    He also touched 38.5 inches during the vertical jump. His vertical jump bettered any linebacker mark at the combine.

    Evans looked terrific in position drills. He was quick-footed in cover drills, flipped his hips with ease and got great depth. Presently graded as a free agent by just about everyone, there are several teams who now stamp Evans as a fifth or sixth-rounder.”

  35. Sea Mode

    I think we saw a picture a while ago and figured something along these lines, but here it is:

    “In non-free agency news, Rapoport learned that Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor had surgery to remove bone spurs from both ankles and is back to walking around now.”

  36. Sea Mode

    Tony Romo to be released tomorrow. Broncos and Texans still the reported suitors.

  37. All I see is 12s

    Very quiet day for the Hawks. I am thinking they are being overly respectful of the NFL’s new year and don’t want, in any way, to violate any FA/trade rules. I’m thinking there will be some moves.

  38. Peanut

    After seeing a few people “wanting” to trade away Kam and/or Sherman I ask, why?

    If Seattle really reloads on some solid LOB talent, wouldn’t we all want them to be around arguably the best secondary in football? See how they do things, get a bond like they have, learn some tech and skills. King hanging around Sherman for all of training camp will make him better, simply because Sherman is so great, and I believe some of the skills will transfer.

    Maybe Obi learning from Earl and Kam, a linebacker getting tips from one of the best LB duos in football.

    From a fan that loves defence, this is one heck of a draft. I hope Pete and John really take the advantage of this heavy draft and get loads of talent. By the time when LOB Gen 1 start to fall in skills and value, LOB Gen 2 will be prepared to take the reins. The next 2 year will truely decide if Seahawks is a dynesty.

    Also, the leadership that Kam, Earl, Sherman and Wagner shows ( to name a few) is beyond valuable.

  39. BobbyK

    Great point about not needing a SAM if the direction of the NFL is such that you really don’t need a third LB on most downs anymore. Why try to cover a WR with a LB if teams are going to roll out (at least) three WRs in a lot of situations.

  40. CHawk Talker Eric

    Calais Campbell is expected to sign with JAX.

    I guess that means it’s really about the money. Nobody is winning a ring in JAX.

    • C-Dog

      Malek Jackson and Calais Campbell on the same DL, though. Wow.

    • ImUrHuckleBerri

      I wouldn’t sleep on Jacksonville. If Bortles can return to 2015-2016 form and they draft Fournette better look out. That team is young and if it can put it together watch out.

      • nichansen01

        Jacksonville isn’t going to do anything this year.

        • Hawk Eye

          Az losing Campbell and Jefferson is good for Hawks.
          They have cap and age problems, so hawks should take the division again
          I worry more about the Rams with Phillips as DC, but I think their O will take a few years at least

        • Kenny Sloth

          MIGHT sniff the playoff’s

          • nichansen01

            All depends on Bortles. And I don’t have a lot of faith in him.

      • Ishmael

        Bortles still sucked in 2015/16. Classic case of gaudy volume stats while the advanced metrics said he was rubbish. Jacksonville should seriously just take Watson at 4 and move on already.

    • Dlep

      Calais getting 14m per, wow

      • Ishmael

        Fair money for Jacksonville IMO. He’s REALLY good, a tone setter, and a leader. They need all of those things. Going to be a great mentor for some of their young kids.

    • Hughz

      I know 14M is way too much but I sure would have loved to see him line up with Bennett Avril and Clark. Could have had the best DLine ever but I get it… we have a salary cap to consider.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        At least he’s out of the division and the conference.

        • Hawktalker


  41. bankhawk

    Vol-wanted to ask, as you weighed in with a positive on the Pete salivating over Robinson tweet. I get the 3 year starter for Alabama thing, and his performances against SEC calibre opponents, but guess Ive absorbed a few negative (or at least people damning him with faint praise) takes over the past couple months (and bear in mind I dont get to see much college ball).

    How does Cam comp with Carp? You cited a mean streak-what other pluses do you see? Whats the downside? I found Carp frustrating, though his career trajectory has resolved itself in a respectable manner. Some part of me is lẻery of taking Robinson at 26, especially in a D-rich year like this. Im not sure Id be one of the ones chẻering if that was the pick, in spite of the recognizable need thêre. Maybe in rnd 2 after a trade down?

    • Volume12

      IMO he’s better than Carp was. Just turned 21 too.

      Explosive, great punch/strike, inconsistent coming out of his stance but that’s on an O-line coach to fix and when he is on it its very smooth. Strong hands, a very good run blocker. 2nd level balance is excellent. Can flip his hips get off the ball very well. His footwork in space can be cleaned up. Has an NFL level technique to counter bull rushes, can struggle with LEOs who will force him to change his base. Great body.

      He had his way with Myles Garrett. Keep in mind Garrett was only about 70% healthy (OJ Howard did help out here), but Garrett at about 70% is better than, well 70% of pass rushers in this class.

      Look I get why the idea of him being selected by Seattle may turn people off, and for the record I’d rather they went with Obi or Kevin King, but they have to fix this O-line before anything else. It won’t matter what they do defensively if they don’t.

  42. Hughz

    Any thoughts on signing Bennett? Might get a good deal considering the deep TE draft class.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Better to pick up someone from the deep class. Much cheaper.

      Love his goodbye tweet to Pats fans though:

      “I’m going to miss you Mass-Holes. T’was Fun. Thank you for the good times. To infinity and beyond…”

  43. Matt

    Cam Robinson would be an unmitigated disaster of a pick in Round 1. Below average athlete and quite frankly was not even that good for Bama. IF we did back to back picks of Ifedi-Robinson, then I will say that I’ve lost total faith in PC/JS, when it comes to the draft. They can’t afford to keep missing. Take away Lockett and Clark; and their recent drafts have been bad. Really bad.

    This really is a monstrous draft that we have to nail. We can’t afford to keep whiffing on high picks, especially on the OL. I hope we punt on OL for the first 2 days and focus on acquiring as much talent as possible, not simply trying to overdraft to fill holes.

    • Volume12

      He tested better than Isaac Asiata, Dan Feeney, Adam Bisnowaty, Dorian Johnson, Julie’n Davenport. He’s tar from an average athlete.

      Robinson is one of the few O-lineman who has the length and size the seem to want and require at RT.

      • Kenny Sloth

        But he in my estimation falls short of the mark in the more important categories of Smarts and Grit

        Strikes me as entitled and unenthusiastic.

        He plays like a mean sonufabitch tho

        • Volume12

          I don’t know that we know that. He’s got into some trouble and made some mistakes, but most of Seattle’s draft picks have. From what I read, teams really liked his interviews.

          • Volume12

            On the field? He’s got it all from a physicality and physique stand point.

            • Kenny Sloth

              On the field he’s a jerk, but he isn’t a good representative of his school or hisself off it.

              I’m not really concerned about the slip ups.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      “was not even that good for Bama”

      3-year, 43-game starter at LT (starting as a true freshman)
      BCS national champion (2015)
      3 time SEC Champion (2014, 2015, 2016)
      Unanimous All-American (2016)
      Outland Trophy winner (2016)
      SEC Jacobs Blocking Trophy winner (2016)
      First-team All-SEC (2016)

      One of Saban’s team offensive players of the week vs USC, Kentucky, Arkansas, TAMU, LSU and Auburn
      Didn’t allow a sack or a QB hurry vs USC, WKentucky, Arkansas, TAMU, LSU, MissST, Auburn and UW
      Didn’t allow a sack vs Ole Miss, Kentucky

      How much better should he have been?

      • Volume12

        Very well summed up. You said what I couldn’t or didn’t get across, which is why I missed ya so much this CFB season. His tape? Outstanding.

        Didn’t even know that about him being Saban’s offense player of the week against all that premier talent. Great info.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Me too brother. Missed it a lot.

          Robinson isn’t my first choice, but that’s mostly because I’m more enamored of Obi and King (and Reddick). But he was the first pick I wouldn’t complain.

          I think you’re right that this draft will piss off a lot of fans.

          • Volume12

            Absolutely. I’d rather they went that way as well, but would not hate the Robinson pick one bit.

  44. Volume12

    Heres our 1st VMAC visit.

    Now we know why Seattle was at Colorado’s pro day. Surprise! Its for a…DT! Josh Tupuo is a massive man. Another guy that has been in trouble off the field? I smell a Seahawk.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Heyyyy that’s a decent nod in a lacking DT class.

      Sounds like we perhaps weren’t enthused with the FA options

      • Volume12

        Certainly possible. Could be and this is just my line of thinking, they may be targeting a Clint McDonald or Jordan Hill type in FA, and then a Tony McDaniel like (not body wise) run defender in the draft.

        • C-Dog

          I think Terrell McClain could do some of that. I’ll be very curious to see if they bring Stephen Paea in for a visit, considering he had his best pass rushing production when Clint Hurtt was coaching him in Seattle. He could be a player the simply fits a 4-3 better than a 3-4.

          Zach Kerr and Lawrence Guy are two other under the radar types I’m pretty intrigued about, and they’re both fairly young guys still.

          • C-Dog

            Clint Hurrt coaching Paea in Chicago.

            • Volume12

              Hmmm… Interesting. If Paea wants to be reunited with Hurt, whether they actually sign him or not, would tell us a lot about him as a coach.

              • Jujus

                Also Corneilus washington is a name im keeping an eye on. I think he also has a connnection with hurt.

                • C-Dog

                  Absolutely keep an eye on him. Word has it he outplayed SDB favorite Jonathan Ballard last season.

    • C-Dog

      They’ve been sniffing around a lot of those big bodied types.

      • Volume12

        They really haven’t haven’t they?

        I know we both have gone back to the PC remarks about the John Jenkins signing. They wanted more size and boy do they need it.

        • Volume12

          I got a feeling fans won’t like this draft. I think Seattle is going to do some different things here. Similar to last year.

          Go away from SPARQ except for 2 or maybe 3 picks.

          • Volume12

            Im getting this overwhelming sense the theme this year will be:

            1. Size
            2. Nasty/attitude

            • C-Dog

              I think you’re onto it, and Rob hit it on the head regarding Jarran Reed in that they wanted that nasty dog mentality. If they are looking at Carlos Watkins, Big Stevie, Josh Tupou, those aren’t quick twitch fellas. Those are big beastly men who are going to grind.

              Cam Robinson? Yeah, I think they’d be looking at that size he brings to the RT position next to Ifedi, and knowing that the tackle market is thin as it is, I can see that being the pick.

            • ulsterman

              I’d be fine with that, they seem to have lost their ability to bully other teams recently.
              I also think the 2013 and 2014 drafts were so poor because they became too focused on drafting athletes they could coach up – the only problem was they weren’t very good players and it didn’t work.

          • Rob Staton

            In fairness though Ifedi was a supreme athlete. I think they might take a gritty player or two but I think that R1 pick is going to have an insane athletic ceiling.

  45. C-Dog

    Simulated Mock, the Cam Robinson Factor.

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    Pete’s drooling, folks. He’s drooling! 6-6 322lbs, former five star recruit, three year starter playing against the best CFB has to offer every Saturday. Pete’s drooling at the idea of putting him next to Germain Ifedi. Don’t tell them what he can’t do, tell them what he can; Road Grader. Dearth of talent at OT, and the crazy depth at DB makes Seattle take him ahead of SPARQy-er players at other need positions (a la Kevin King)

    Witherspoon is the consolation prize for the fans freaking out that PC/JS passed on King and Melfifonwu.

    In R3 they get a talented backer who loves the game and can play all three spots in Anzalone, a big athletic safety in Jones, and they happily grab Marquez White to double dip on corner, thank you very much.

    They take the un-SPARQy not-twitchy-at-all Big Stevie, and a rush linebacker in Jimmie Gilbert. A Stevie and a Jimmie who play defense, both from the PAC 12, which is an interesting fun fact.

    UDFA include Jehu Chesson, RB Mathew Dayes, TE Blake Jarwin, K Zane Gonzalez, QB CJ Beathard, safety Xavier Woods. and DT Joey Ivie.

    • peter

      No thanks on Witherspoon at 2. I could see Robinson at the 1. I’m not a fan of his there but just to check and see I looked at three “bigger, big boards. Everyone’s favorites: Bleacher Report, Old Walter Football, and CBS.

      2 of 3 had Witherspoon as a mid third round grade. One didn’t even have him listed in the top 100. Now I don’t necessarily agree with all of that. But that dude is a great, great cover corner. But he just does not tackle. Granted it’s three games tapes and Colorado doesn’t use him in run support, but when plays breakdown, he’ll trot along the action, or lower his whole body and shoulder towards a players legs, no arms out, and if it works great (which it doesn’t hardly ever work) but mostly it doesn’t.

      He had himself a great game against UW. But his tackling support was awful. Perhaps they could teach that up. But if a player isn’t a “dog,’ now, do they really change?

      Cam’s a big dude. But after watching tape of Clemson, UW…I wasn’t seeing anything in the run game. He has a powerful punch, and though I’m not his biggest fan I could see him improving a tackle spot. maybe it’s ‘Bama’s scheme but when they run they just seem to go right after people.

      • peter

        Also seems like shades of James Carpenter.. not a fair assessment but that’s just me and my gut.

      • C-Dog

        I hear you loud and clear that Witherspoon has work to do as a tackler, but that’s a teachable thing, and Seattle has the best DB teachers in the league. What can’t be taught is the requisite size and athleticism that they covet at the corner position. I kinda think that and what he has shown as a guy who can cover the outside might make him a R2 target for Seattle if they don’t go cornerback with that first pick, even if Walter says he’s a R3 talent. Seattle kinda marches to the beat of their own drum, don’t you think?

  46. Old but Slow

    This offensive tackle Aviante Collins is interesting, and seems a good athlete, quick, moves easily, and mirrors well, but a bit light in the bubble, so to speak. He could take some time to get bigger, which he seems to have room for, as he is built more like a TE, but it might take a couple of years for him.

    He seems able to deal with bull moves from college rushers, but would see a whole different world in the NFL. Worth a shot in late rounds or udfa, for sure, with his athleticism.

    • Volume12

      If he slips into UDFA Seattle would more than likely be all over him.

  47. Coleslaw

    I really couldn’t complain if we picked Robinson. C, RG and RT would be plus run blockers (Ifedi is smart a full year to prepare will do wonders I’m guessing.) I could also see us barely spending on the FAs or just resigning a few like Willson and Shead and a FA DT or 2

  48. Old but Slow

    Perhaps I should add that this blog has essentially taken over my life currently. I am constantly checking in here to see if anything new has been added, or if someone has a suggestion for a player to investigate (What did you know, and when did you know it?). Between here and the Breakdown to watch games, and then the check around to see what the various “big boards” are saying, and being retired (for several years, btw), so few distractions, I have to remember to do things like eat. My social life is dead (Where have you been?), my floor looks like an old tavern with popcorn and peanut shells and bottle caps, and I have piles of papers that say things like: check out the safety from Boston College.

    Thank you, Rob for taking over my life. I am loving it. Now if I could just find a kind lady Seahawks fan who is into 70 year old men.

    • Volume12

      That’s pretty awesome bro.

      I hope I’m like you in my fandom when I get older.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for being part of the community 🙂

    • C-Dog

      This is an awesome post that just made my morning, Old but Slow. Thanks for that.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Great post! It’s great to have you here!

  49. Christian

    Hauschka to sign with the Bills is the latest rumour.

  50. bankhawk

    Vol. 12-I’ve been away from the net for about 9 hours and came back to find your answer to my question on the Cam Robinson-themed tweet. I want to thank you for offering up a really good, cogent answer. On top of all that, seems my question stirred some spirited discussion on the matter (which is, after all, what I’m hoping to see!). To everyone else as well-thanks for weighing in on the matter.

    I will likely remain in that camp that is hoping to see Obi or K. King ‘under the Christmas Tree’ come late April, but I ‘get it’ better now. How does T. Moton compare to Robinson if they do ‘take the D-Road’ in round 1 and need to look elsewhere for O-Line help?

  51. Forty20

    Apparently we are interested in Jamaal Charles. Charles is expected to schedule a visit with us.

    • Ishmael

      Pleasepleaseplease. That dude is so good.

      • GeoffU

        I think he’s done for, but glad the Seahawks are having him in for a visit. Couldn’t hurt to take a look.

  52. Old but Slow

    Add me to the group who would take Robinson. Certainly not before Riddick or Bolles, and a couple of others, but I think he could be a good RT for us. The thought for me is I keep hoping for some kind of home run out of this draft.

    It looks to me as though the first 2 rounds or so could be very productive, maybe even a starter or two, which is optimistic but this could be a draft to reflect 2012.

  53. Rob Staton

    With the brilliant defensive players in this draft, plus John Schneider’s recent admission the O-line was too young last year, plus his bad TEF score, I cannot see much of a chance Robinson lands in Seattle.

  54. Peanut

    Seattle and Jamaal Charles seem to have mutual interest, thoughts? Either AP og Jamal could be the big brother in that backfield. I prefer Rawls above anyone still, love the guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Makes sense. Won’t cost much. Probably can cut him if he isn’t up to much (see: Winfield 2013). Low risk, high reward.

    • Andrew T.

      I personally prefer this option over AP. Always been a big fan of Charles. Yes, he has some injury concerns, but he still has half the tread on his wheels compared to AP. I think he can still run.

    • C-Dog

      I think JS has always been a big time fan of Charles. If he can somehow stay healthy, it would be pretty awesome watching him mix in with Rawls and Prosise.

  55. JT

    Noooooooooooooo. Hausch is likely signing with the Bills.

    I know he gets ripped on a lot on this blog for this past season, but we’ve been spoiled with having such a reliable kicker for years. Even last year he hit 89% of his FG’s, and 4-ish of his XP’s were blocked.

    I’m going to miss Hausch.

    • Peanut

      Blair Walsh can become the player that Hausch was. The person on the other hand, maybe never. Will be missed.

    • Rob Staton

      Who ripped him??

      • JT

        Many users have commented with a lot of negativity throughout the season. Hausch missed 1 huge kick against Arizona and had a bunch of XP’s blocked. Even at his worst last season, his performance was still far better than the 2 horrendous seasons Walsh has had in his young career. Walsh has talent, but no consistency, and needs competition in camp. Hauschka’s reliability will be missed.

        • Rob Staton

          He wasn’t reliable in 2016 though was he?

          I like Hausch but those missed XP’s were becoming a problem. And Walsh is going to have to compete.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Remember how bad Mason Crosby was that one year and he fought back. Walsh could do the same

  56. Sea Mode


    Former Vikings’ OT Matt Kalil expected to sign with brother Ryan’s Panthers if no snags in final talks, per sources. Kalil brother reunion.

    2:16 AM – 9 Mar 2017

  57. Sea Mode


    Correction: Dolphins gave WR Kenny Stills a four-year, $32 million deal that includes $20 million guaranteed.

    5:19 PM – 8 Mar 2017

    Pauline was right. The speedy WRs are getting paid.

  58. Sea Mode

    Dion Dawkins only re-did vert jump at pro day. Improved just 2in from 26 to 28.

    wTEF @314lbs now up from 86.23 to 88.25.

    What also jumped out at me that I had not noticed before was his superb 3-Cone time. Bolles led all with 7.29, Dawkins–at 17lbs heavier– was right behind him with 7.3 flat. That’s 98 percentile in entire NFL!

    His size (6040, 314) and length (35 in arms) might appeal to Seattle next to Ifedi on the right side, and the plus agility should appeal for our ZBS, so I would put him on Seattle’s radar in R2/R3, even if he remains slightly below TEF marks.

    What do you guys see from him on tape? I took a quick look at vs. SFU 2016. Positive were a nice strong punch that jolts defenders back when he makes contact. He also knows how to put his long arms to use. Negatives were it seemed to me he gave up on a lot of blocks after the initial punch, and most especially he looks to me to be stiff in his bend. I remember that being a key factor for Cable in evaluation. The TEF standards, and he has to “bend the right way”.

    • JT

      I need a re-watch of Dawkins to finalize my eval of him, but he was the most disappointing OT I watched on tape (relative to expectations). I watched 4 tapes of him.

      He has a solid blend of size & athleticism, and I’m not surprised at all by the 3-cone time – he moves his feet well. That’s where the positives end for me. Like you said, Dawkins constantly loses quickly after the initial punch because his hand usage is awful. His pass pro technique is a complete mess, which led to consistent pressure on the QB on multiple films.

      The worst part is his ineffectiveness came against fairly weak competition. His toughest match-up was Penn State edge rusher Garrett Sickels, who woefully tested in the 3rd percentile among edge players at the combine. Sickels made him look silly for much of the game, as Dawkins struggled to handle him in pass protection.

      Someone will take a chance on Dawkins on day 2 in this weak OL class, but I see him as more of a Round 4-5 prospect.

      • Sea Mode

        Thank you! Your take coincides exactly with what I thought. Didn’t want to warp others’ opinions by slamming him in the first comment, but I really hated what I saw.

        I feel when I have to push myself to make it through a game tape and have absolutely no desire or interest to see any more, that’s not a good sign. Being just an amateur scout, I like to check my take with others though to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something.

        At first I’m like, “ok, even the best get beaten once in a while”,
        then I’m like, “ok, every OL gets caught holding here and there”,
        next I’m like, “maybe he was suffering from illness that day”,
        finally I’m like, “I probably just chose the one game where he didn’t play to the whistle…”

        and that’s when I move on to the next guy on my list.

    • peter

      Apparently Seattle was at Temple’s Pro-day. Oline is a hard one this year to figure out. The lack of talent in the draft and in FA makes it feel like every player is going to get picked round too early.

      Negatives for me against Penn st. : Let’s rushers get inside him too quickly at times making him fight off balance.

      Positives: Gets to the second level super fast on designed run plays.

      I like Dawkins and that 3 cone is pretty quick. He seems like a good player but maybe not a mauler. Which is what I think Seattle prefers. Moton and Asiata look like they can wrestle bears. Dawkins seems like he would be great in an uptempo passing offense. Like a peyton manning offense from five years ago.

      • Sea Mode

        Good stuff, and agree we need to look for someone nastier.

    • Overtime

      The idea of finding a mauler is counter intuitive with the ZBS. ZBS linemen are usually mobile an light. For that reason I like Pocic. From what I remember of his tape he was very good blocking in space. They used him to pull and lead block from the center position. Some scouts have suggested he could play LT or any of the five line positions but like most college linemen, he needs to get stronger for the NFL. Then at the combine he put up the bar 26 times. Just under the benchmark of 27. He ran a solid 5.15 forty at 310lbs with a 10 yard split of 1.82. He seems to fit the definition of a ZBS lineman. What do you guys think of Pocic in the 3rd round?

      As for Dawkins, I like him, too. I have read scouts like his mobility and strength for the tackle position but feared he would be too short to stay outside. At 6-4, he seems to just make the cutoff for the tackle position. Maybe he can stay outside. I hate to select a linemen that cannot play tackle in the early rounds. We have more than enough guards. Dawkins seems like more of a power blocker while Pocic is better in space.

  59. Cysco

    Does anyone remember pete’s comments last year about needing the right personality fit for the team? That it takes a real alpha male player who plays with a chip on their shoulder to (my words) to hold their own and make it on this team?

    I seem to remember us discussing what that meant after last years draft and how it would/should effect our evaluations going forward.

    This could help explain Tony P’s comment about Carol being excited about Robinson. That dude plays mean and would fit right in with that locker room.

    I don’t think personality trumps physical ability, but I’m pretty sure it’s a strong metric for the team. For that reason, I could see some interest in Robinson, and it makes me wonder if Obi has the right personality to excel in that environment. (admittedly I don’t have any real insight into Obi’s personality other than the interview at the combine and what I’ve read) Basically, how would Obi react when Sherman gets in his face in practice or in a game?

    • Rob Staton

      I hope Richard Sherman doesn’t make it his business to get in the face of a rookie. He might not want to do that against a 224lbs, 6-4 monster either…

      I think Obi can handle himself. He’s softly spoken but not a shrinking violet.

      • nichansen01

        *stoic* is a word I’d use to describe obi’s personality.

        • Rob Staton

          I think that’s fair. Not overly emotive. Business-like.

          • Jujus

            he had a good interview during the combine I listened to seemed confident and professional.

    • lil'stink

      We have Glow-Britt-Ifedi, and all accounts are that Ifedi is going to be a guard, not a tackle. We all wish Ifedi would make the move to RT, but I really don’t think that is the plan.

      If Robinson can’t play tackle in the NFL, even right tackle, then you just made an absolutely horrible pick that would be a huge setback for the team considering how deep this draft is. You could probably put your top 5 defensive players available at #26 on a board, throw a dart, and end up with a good player.

      Is Robinson going to cut it at tackle in the NFL? I’m not so sure. I don’t think we can afford to take a tackle with our first pick unless you know he can play tackle.

  60. Rad_man

    I’m sitting here hoping the Hawks sign Cord Patterson to a 2/4 deal or something. I think he’d be a great add to the offense despite his limitations as a WR. He’d be a great fit for Bevell’s bubble screen fetish, a good mixer to the Running game, and he’s a real weapon on special teams. I’ve always felt like he’s a poor man’s Percy Harvin ( or a rich man’s dennard Robinson ?) and would like to see him in a more functional offense with more fair expectations.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I’d be good with that. Low risk high reward. Plus hs a beast on kickoffs

  61. JT

    Crap – great job by the Rams to sign Whitworth. 3 years, 36 million with 15 guaranteed is a lot of money for a 35 year old, but it’s worth it in this market for an All-Pro LT that will solidify their O-Line.

    • vrtkolman

      No way Seattle would have matched that.

      • JT

        Nope – just wish he didn’t go to a division rival.

  62. Dlep

    Connor Barwin released, hope John gets in on him

    • nichansen01

      Eagles have no cap-space

      • DLep

        Yeah ESPN just posted a stat, most disrupted dropbacks since 2011. Watt first by himself then von at 84.5, justin houston 84 and Barwin 83. Disruptions being sacks, ints, pass deflections. And Barwin seems to have a couple good years left at least. He would be a great fit I think.

    • Ishmael

      That could be fun, worth kicking the tires on him.

  63. nichansen01

    I don’t see the point of Charles. No knees.

    • Ishmael

      An ACL is totally different today than what it was 15-20 years ago. With modern medical advances, and the magic of modern ‘sports science’ there are plenty worse injuries to have. I’d be more scared of guys doing achilles, or having weird problems with feet, even chronic hamstring issues are potentially more worrying.

  64. Trevor

    Looking a the Free Agent contracts these OL are getting I am starting to sway a little in my thinking.

    I was all for King or Obi with our 1st pick but if Forrest Lamp or Ramzyk are still on the board given the shortage of OL across the league I think they have to be the pick.

    There are other CB and Safety that can be had in Rd #2 and 3 who could likely contribute early. The same cannot be said about OL. There truly are 5-8 in this entire draft who will play significant minutes next year IMO.

    • JT

      Lamp & Ramczyk are strong options, but just wait until the top CB’s like Bouye start signing on the dotted line. The FA deals are going to appear out-of-control, but it’s just the new reality of the rising cap in this market

    • vrtkolman

      Yep, the OL market is absurd. Matt Kalil reportedly turned down $10 million a year from Minnesota. One of the worst LT’s in the league the past few years by the way. I still don’t think Seattle should take Ramzyk or Lamp in the first though, the defensive prospects are too good.

  65. vrtkolman

    Campbell is close to signing with the Jags. Him and Malik Jackson on the inside is going to be nasty.

  66. CHawk Talker Eric

    Not sure if the interest is mutual, but Brandon Marshall said SEA is one of 4 teams he’d like to be with in 2017. The other 3 are NYG, PIT and NEP.

    • DLep

      Already signed with Giants

    • Rob Staton

      He’s already signed for the Giants.

      • CHawk Talker Eric


  67. Dinosaw13

    Connor Barwin just released nice Sam candidate if we can afford him. One of your possible predictions for Seattle Rob.

    • DLep

      Definitely, want this to happen. Imagine rushing Barwin, Avril, Clark, Bennett on third down.

      • nichansen01

        Let Morgan walk and bring Barwin in.

      • Radman

        eh, another 30+ year old pass rusher. Not too interested

        • Sea Mode

          I’d take another Cliff Avril…

  68. STTBM

    From rumors and reports out there on the net, seems Seattle is interested in C/G Brian Schwenke, most recently of the Titans. Also possible interest (pure speculation here) in Mike Remmers of the Panthers. Im on board with both–they both are leaps and bounds better than Sowell and Webb, and if we can get them for a reasonable price that would add to the Competition at G and T, and provide a backup C. Joey Hunt is nowhere near ready to step in for Britt, as was blatantly obvious last year.

    Still think Seattle is targeting Asiata at G in the third, and the new TEF guy Rob mentioned later on is a surefire possibility. In between, its looking like Melifonwu/King, then a LB like Bowser, another DB…plenty of DB’s with amazing size and speed, so Seattle should add at least two, maybe three DB’s in this Draft and in UDFA ranks. I also think Seattle adds a back, whether or not they nab Jamaal Charles. Would like to see them add a really big WR (at least 6′-3″ and 210 lbs plus) like Jehu Chesson (there are other WR’s who will go later who are the same size and a bit faster, but Chesson is used to blocking and playing in a run-first offense).

    I also think they wont ignore pass rushing DT’s if they can find one in the third or later.

    Really excited about this Draft, seems like the first 3-4 rounds are loaded with guys who fit Seattle’s metrics and personality profiles.

    Thank you Rob for all your work, really enjoyed reading your guesswork on Seattle’s possible targets and your reasoning. It all sounds pretty spot-on to me. Maybe they get the line to gel this year and I can stop driving you nuts with my rants about the lines performance dragging the team down lol!

    • vrtkolman

      Ugh, Remmers is awful. He would be on the same level as Webb/Sowell.

      • STTBM

        Remmers was playing out of position at LT last season, due to need. He is a halfway decent RT though, and shouldnt be as bad as Webb/Sowell at least.

        Wouldnt mind taking a look at DJ Fluker, depending on price. He’s huge and young, and by all accounts not lazy at all. You’d think he’d at least be a candidate for G depth.

  69. AlaskaHawk

    Bears signing FA QB Glennon for 45 million with 19 million guaranteed. Wow! Either a good move or extremely bad move. Seems way too much money for Glennon. Heck 49ers got Hoyer for 6 million per year on two year deal.

    • Ed

      That’s what everyone keeps saying, but the 19 guarantee means two years 9.5 million, which is pretty good for a bridge QB. They still get QB by 2nd round. I like it.

  70. DLep

    Sounds like McClain going to the redskins for about 5 per.

  71. CLB

    According to, “The Redskins are set to sign defensive tackle Terrell McClain to a four-year deal, Rapoport reported.” Too bad. Thought it was us and the Falcons vying for his services.

    • C-Dog

      Tons of DL are in this market, figuratively and literally.

  72. Ed

    Really surprised NE is getting Gilmore than trading Butler. Give FA money over a guy that came up from your organization and was an elite CB. Kind of weird.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes it is weird, I’m assuming Gilmore gets paid well since he is still under 30.

      • vrtkolman

        $14 million a year is what I heard, which is pretty ridiculous.

    • vrtkolman

      Belichick is ruthless. Gilmore gives up on plays so I’m very surprised Bill wants him, but maybe he thinks he can coach it out of him.

  73. CLB

    Even if we don’t sign anyone today, here is an uplifting story about one of our players.

    From, “On Thursday, with dozens of NFL players signing deals worth millions and millions of dollars, news broke that Bennett will be donating all of his endorsement money in 2017 to rebuild minority communities.”

    • STTBM

      Thats really cool!

  74. Nathan W.

    Hey everybody! Taking a break from finals to catch up on the draft. Any chances of nabbing Melifonwu even after his amazing workout by trading down into the top of the second round to pick up some additional picks in the 3rd or 4th? Wouldn’t mind that at all, in addition to drafting a nice addition at LB with R2P26, and then investing at DB, RB, OL in the 3rd (Siragusa and Tomlinson).

    • RealRhino2

      My opinion? Yes. But you know what opinions are like…..

      Too many people out there are iffy on his tape for it to be a sure thing he goes in the 1st. Somebody in a previous blog post in one of the 473 comment threads dedicated to Melifonwu/Reddick said it best: if you see him as a FS, can you coach play instincts into him that you don’t see on his tape, and if you see him as a SS, can you coach the physicality into him that you don’t see on his tape?

      IOW, on his tape he lacks some things that make you comfortable he can actually play a position well (other than “chess piece,” which I am not creative enough to figure out). That could be enough to cause him to drop.

      • Kenny Sloth

        It only takes one team more confident in their creativity than you are in yours.

  75. Nathan W.

    Also, I’m gonna join in the praise here – Rob, at this point, being a Brit probably wouldn’t shy John Schneider away from hiring you on to his staff. The amount of resources you have dedicated to this blog is incredible, and the insight you give to your regular readers enables better discussion on the draft, not only for the Seahawks, but for the NFL at large. You have our collected gratitude!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 🙂

  76. Greg Haugsven

    So much for 4 ET. This tampering period is a joke.

  77. DLep

    So the broncos are signing ron leary. And may be in on calais campbell for 13m per?

    • STTBM

      I liked Leary, but he sure got paid! Broncos know their D has to be elite with the mess they have at QB–unless and until they get Romo–and he’s made of glass nowadays.

      • vrtkolman

        $8.5 million a year for Leary, my goodness.

  78. Sea Mode

    Eagles sign Torrey Smith. Kenny Britt close to 4yr Browns deal.

  79. Sea Mode

    Highlights from Pauline of Colorado pro day:

    • Sea Mode

      “The team’s other cornerback, Ahkello Witherspoon, sat on his combine numbers but did position drills. He was another who met with the Lions, and I’m told the Jets are showing strong interest in the potential third-round selection.”

  80. Sea Mode

    FA rumors:

    The Raiders are very interested in Martellus Bennett. – Jeff Howe, Boston Herald

    Kirk Cousins has asked Daniel Snyder for a trade. – Chris Mortensen, ESPN

    Multiple teams have already contacted the Redskins for Kirk Cousins, but the Redskins have declined all offers. – Adam Schefter, ESPN

    The Eagles and Colts are pursuing Alshon Jeffery. – Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

    The Patriots and Saints are discussing a trade that would swap Malcolm Butler and Brandin Cooks. – Dianna Marie Russini, ESPN

    The 49ers have interest in Connor Barwin. – Albert Breer, MMQB

    The Titans are interested in Dont’a Hightower and A.J. Bouye. – Terry McCormick, Titan Insider

    The Bears have made a strong offer to A.J. Bouye. – Jeff Dickerson, ESPN

    The Lions and Bills are showing the most interest in Jared Cook. – Mike Garafolo, NFL Network

    • DLep

      Wow and I just saw the niners also have interest in bennett

      • Volume12

        I think Hauschka is going to Buffalo as well.

        • Hawks22Fun

          Looks like Buoye might go to the Jags…

          Coughlin, a good 2017 draft, and that Jags Defense might be elite!

        • RealRhino2

          So far, the Seahawks being “aggressive” in FA is akin to my teenage son being “aggressive” in looking for a job….

          • STTBM

            Theyre just getting priced out. Which was to be expected. They will do their damage–ie, be aggressive–in the second and third tier FA pool. Wait and see, they will sign 3-6 players to add depth to the O line and defense. Just not during the first wave…

            • AlaskaHawk

              I don’t like that strategy because they end up losing draft picks for players that so far have not been good enough to play.

              • vrtkolman

                Gone are the days of getting an Avril or Bennett for $5 million.

                • STTBM

                  We win another SB, it will happen again.

          • Volume12

            Nice. That had me cracking up.

            • Volume12

              Rhinos line about his son. Sounds just like when I was a teenager. I’m still not, nor do I work a 9-5.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seems like Kirk Cousins would be one of the more sought after free agent QBs. If Washington isn’t letting him go then they must be discussing salary with him, or arranging some grand player swaps with another team. Who could that be? Denver or Houston perhaps?

      Tony Romo is in play too.

      • STTBM

        Cousins wants to play for Shanahan in SF. Snyder is a douche and still hates the Shanahans Jr and Sr and doesnt want to do anything that might help them. WA is beyond dysfunctional–they are the new Raiders under the aged Al Davis. Cousins cant want to stick around with them losing McCloughan, Garcon and D-Jackson.

        • Volume12

          I think LB Malcolm Smith ends up in SF too.

        • AlaskaHawk

          At least he gets a 24 million dollar franchise tag.

          • STTBM

            He wants to win. He knows he’s gonna get paid regardless, he just wants out of WA. Get your popcorn, Snyder wont do him or Shanahan a solid, and will try to screw him. Cousins can simply wait to sign his Tender till just about Labor Day, then come in and be smartass in meetings all he wants. WA will lose the pissing match, no question, and Cousins will still end up in SF next year. Snyders only option is to trade him to SF, but he wont do it.

  81. Volume12

    I would really like Jamaal Charles. He’d a lot to this RB core as a leader and mentor for Prosise. JS wanted him in GB in the 2nd, but was told they could get him in round 3 instead. He’s very close with ET and after the loss @ KC in 2014, PC was raving about him.

    We wouldn’t be getting vintage Jamaal Charles, but that’s alright. He still has a lot to offer. Comes from a very similar scheme in KC too.

    As for his injuries? Has Seattle ever cared about those in terms of FA’s or draft prospects? Nope. They trust their medical staff.

    • Volume12

      * add a lot

  82. AlaskaHawk

    Rob- not sure how you feel about posting field gull links. Looks like Haushka is going to Buffalo, and other NFL news:

    • Volume12

      AJ Buoye to Jacksonville IMO is the best move so far by any team.

      • Volume12

        If he does I should say. Tennessee would be a great landing spot for him too.

        • mishima

          Same. I like what Tennessee is doing; should make the playoffs, 2017.

  83. Volume12

    Where’s QB Jay Cutler end up? Arizona? Houston?

    • Volume12

      BTW. Do O-lineman even want to sign in Seattle?

      • DLep

        Hmm …

      • vrtkolman

        If Seattle was willing to spend $12 million a year on a Whitworth or $9 million a year on Leary I’m sure they would want to sign in Seattle. Too many teams are sitting on mountains of cap space, and combined with the rising cap every year these contracts are getting out of control and the smart teams cannot compete.

        • Volume12

          For one I don’t think they’d ever offer a O-lineman that amount. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them let Britt walk next year.

          Secondly, I think NFL guys realize how hard it is to block for a QB like RW and a coaching staff that wants ‘controlled chaos.’

          • vrtkolman

            You might be right. Personally I think Cable’s ZBS is being phased out of the NFL as well. The athletic gap between offensive and defensive linemen keeps widening.

          • Volume12

            Its a very odd offense.

            The route concepts, reads, most of the formations are very collegiate, simplistic like. But they seem to want big, strong, old-school throwback O-lineman for a ZBS. And TC demands a ton out of vets. To me its almost become apparent that TC prefers younger O-lineman.

            • Volume12

              There’s more leeway. He’ll allow them to make mistakes as he should because that’s how they’ll learn and perhaps most importantly? He can mold them, teach them good habits instead of breaking bad ones and put his stamp on them.

              • vrtkolman

                I hope that isn’t the case.. maybe he thinks veterans will negatively influence the young guys? Maybe even go against Cable’s teachings?

                • Volume12

                  Possibly. I’m not basing this off anything other than what I’m seeing, thinking, and there has been rumors he’s not fond of older O-lineman.

        • Josh

          For too long the CBS turned the middle class into a missing person, now it is now being built back up.

      • Trevor

        I really don’t think a Vet OL man wants to play in Sea unless it is a last resort. As Rob has said million times on the Blog. Cables scheme is hard on them physically and results in more injuries. Okung and Unger were always hurt here. They leave and don’t miss a game. It is not a coincidence.

        Just another reason it baffles me that after 6 years of bottom 1/3 OL results we are in the exact same situation with the same scheme, coach, question and fan base praying that somehow a bunch of guys who were garbage last year are going to make huge improvements in year #2.

        Seahawks fans definitely want JS to sign at Veteran to help they OL. Anything to offer a little hope. Instead we will likely sign some bargain bin journeymen for competition, in Camp we will hear about what great potential this group has and how Cable thinks it is hi best group yet. Then when the season starts Russ will be running for his life and the fan base will watch in digust as another year in this championship window is lost because of poor OL play. Everyone will say it is because Cable had no talent to work with or we draft too late in Rd #1 to get a good OL prospect or that they just need another year to gel. Bottom line is it will be another year of bottom 1/3 OL and another year of excuses. That is how Jeff Fischer lasted so long too.

        Is this a negative defeatist attitude about our OL. Absolutely but based on 6 years of the exact same results to feel any differently without change would be the definition of insanity.

        • vrtkolman

          Cable has never had a pass protection unit that ranked higher than 28, whether he was HC or line coach. With our growing emphasis on passing the ball and investment in Russell, I would hope at some point we address this in a big way. I get that Pete wants to get back to running the football, but as the defense ages and gets worse we will be in more shootouts and will need to be able to throw 35-40 times a game. The same thing happened with New England, their Superbowl defense aged or left and the offense had to take over.

    • Overtime

      Arizona has one more year. As soon as Carson Palmer and Fitz retire the bottom will drop out. Their defense is a little long in the tooth, too. They will go through a house cleaning and rebuild. Arians could retire, too. I do not see them reloading with a veteran QB like Cutler that has worn out his welcome twice. They should be looking for youth in the draft. A WR to take targets from Fitz would help. A QBOTF should also be on their shopping list.

      • Volume12

        I agree. I think they’ll take a QB at some point too, but they are in win now mode.

        Their GM is actually one of the better ones in the league.

  84. Sea Mode

    Saints closing in on a ‘big-money’ deal for DT Nick Fairley per Rapoport.

  85. Sea Mode


    The Browns are taking care of their own first, re-signing 2014 second-round pick Joel Bitonio to a hefty six-year, $51.2 million extension, a source informed of the situation told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. That amount includes $23.7 million in guarantees.

  86. Volume12

    Seahawks at OK St pro day.

    WR Jhajuan Seales hit a 41″ vert, was clocked at 4.37-4.42, 20 reps on the BP, and a 10’4″ broad jump. At 6’1, 206 lbs.

    TE Blake Jarwin has apparently been impressive too.

    • CLB

      Great numbers for Seales, but he has tons of red flags. He was busted with another OK St player drunk and passed out in a fast food drive-thru lane with the keys in his hand October 2014, not sure how he didn’t get a DUI at that time. He didn’t learn any lesson and actually got a DUI almost a year later on Halloween 2015.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah that’s at least CP in most cases (except local football players I guess)

      • Volume12

        I don’t even think he’ll be drafted. Well worth it as an UDFA though.

    • Trevor

      Wow those are awesome #s for Seales. What is your take on him Vol? I know you mentioned the Hawks had scouted Ok St quite a bit this year.

  87. Hawks22Fun

    Browns sign RG Zietler at $12 million a year!!! WOWOWOWOW

    It takes a MAJOR overpay to get someone to play in Cleveland…

    • vrtkolman

      Who’s left? Reif?

    • Hawks22Fun

      …with Bitonio resigned, the Browns O line is getting some talent…

    • vrtkolman

      I don’t even think that is an overpay. Zeitler is probably the only free agent linemen that is close to elite and still in his prime age. It’s market rate IMO, the market is just inflated.

      • Hawks22Fun

        I can see that…just crazy to think we spent half that for the WHOLE line last year…HAH

    • Trevor

      Disagree it is an overpay. Young pro-bowl OL man who has been durable with no injury history. Sounds like a great deal to me. The Bitonio deal is far riskier given his injury history.

  88. Sea Mode

    Nobody can compete with these teams in FA, gosh. (I’d rather win the SB than FA though…)


    Cleveland plans to give Kevin Zeitler a five-year, $60 million deal that includes $31.5 million guaranteed, per source. Highest paid guard in NFL history.

    11:43 AM – 9 Mar 2017

    • Hawks22Fun

      Exactly! No way to compete with these mega $ flush teams…

      $12 million a year for a RG!!! Man, this growing cap space is craZy!

      Now I’m hoping to just have a shot at Pastzor, Fluker, Schwenke, or Watson…

      Does anyone know if Pastzor can play? what spot? RT or LT? G?

      • Volume12

        Luke Joeckel

  89. Sea Mode


    After considering Denver, Calais Campbell is going to sign a 4-year, $60 million deal that includes $30M gtd with Jacksonville, per source.

    11:38 AM – 9 Mar 2017

    • vrtkolman

      If Jacksonville drafts Fournette, they will be my 2nd favorite team. Their defense is stacked.

      • Hawks22Fun

        With signing SS Church, and now Bouye, it looks more and more likely that take Fournette!!

        …and I agree with you vrtkolman that the Jags will be seriously formidable going forward…

        They DESTROYED the Packers in the season opener last year, but the refs couldn’t believe the Jags ‘existed’ and cheated them out of a victory…

        Seriously…I watched, and the NFL admitted to “missing” 14 —
        FOURTEEN!!!! penalties that would have made the game equal and fair…anyways…

  90. Sea Mode

    Dianna Russini ‏Verified account

    Wide Receiver Ted Ginn Junior is signing with the New Orleans Saints per sources

    8:47 AM – 9 Mar 2017

  91. Sea Mode


    Barring any snags, Robert Woods intends to sign a 5-year, $39 million deal, including $15 million guaranteed, with Rams, per sources.

    8:14 AM – 9 Mar 2017


    • Hawks22Fun

      I think Robert Woods, AWAY from the ‘off’ Bills will have a career bounce back…he is a solid WR2 IMO.

      • Kenny Sloth


      • vrtkolman

        That’s a lot of money for someone who only had 1 touchdown last year…

      • Sea Mode

        But for $8m per…?

        • Hawks22Fun

          The Rams have ZERO at WR, so with that much cap space it makes sense I guess…

          Goff I feel will become the next Ryan Leif, but hey- gotta get ‘someone’ for him to throw too…

          How Les Snead kept his job, especially after giving $11 million per year to TAVON AUSTIN, one of the biggest R1 BUSTS in recent history, is beyond me…

  92. Sea Mode

    Useful 2017 state tax map. Teams in states with taxes have to bid even higher to attract FA.

  93. Sea Mode

    Bengals OL losing Kevin Zeitler and Andrew Whitworth. I think it’s safe to pencil in OL for them @ pick #9.

    • Hawks22Fun

      Bye bye Garrett Bolles…


    • vrtkolman

      If Bolles is gone, do they reach for Ramzyk or Lamp even?

    • Ed



      All spots with teams with big OL needs before Hawks. For sure Bolles/Lamp/Ram gone by 20.

    • Rob Staton

      They drafted OT in rounds 1-2 a couple of years ago. Think they’ll give those guys the shot personally and draft a DE.

  94. vrtkolman

    #Panthers will sign left tackle Matt Kalil to a five-year, $55.5 million deal with $25 million guaranteed, source said.

    • vrtkolman

      This one takes the cake for me. What a surreal free agency period.

      • DLep


      • Hawks22Fun

        Larry Warford to the Saints…

        another RG gone…

        • STTBM

          Really thought Seattle might be interested in him. He had a great rookie year and is a Hoss. He’s young too. Guess not. They got Joeckl instead.

    • Aaron

      Hawks have $25 mil cap space but if you take out money for draft picks and set aside money for injuries, they have $15 mil tops. That doesn’t include possible resignings of UFAs or extensions for either Kam, Britt, or Jimmy that they may want to do. NFL teams are desperate for o liners, and are paying through the roof for middling or old talent. I’m glad the Hawks are letting this FA cash dump take its course

      • Ed

        Yep. Said it way earlier, the Hawks do it right. Scout well, draft well, lockup your players, don’t overpay for others.

  95. DLep

    omg Kalil – 11m apy w 25gtd.

  96. Ed

    Osweiler to Cleveland. Romo to Houston probably a lock.

    • McGruff

      The Texans are giving Cleveland a 2nd roun d pick just to take OSweiler off their hands.

      I can’t imagine the league will approve . . . the NFLPA? Anyone?

      • DLep

        This is awesome, free agency is fun

      • cha

        And it sounds like Cleveland will eat some of Osweiler’s contract and trade him elsewhere. Stupidly close to those NBA deals where you trade contracts not players.

        Give Cleveland credit for using their huge cap number creatively.

      • Coleslaw

        The league has no say in it. We could trade Russell, Sherm, Kam and Earl to the patriots for nothing and it would be a valid trade.

      • teejmo

        The NBA does it all the time, and since NBA draft picks can be “protected,” often times the team doing the dumping gets – and knows they’ll probably get – nothing.

        Personally, I think it’s a great move by Cleveland. They have to spend their money somehow – doing it on a quarterback they already figure has no future with them while getting another second round pick in one of the deepest drafts ever is just plain smart. Hell, if they want, they can still try to get their true franchise QB this year.

        • DLep

          I think its a second next yr but agree on your take

        • teejmo

          Ah, I made a mistake. It’s a 2018 2nd-rounder, which is kind of a shame. Meh, still a good move by the Browns.

          • RealRhino2

            One possible sign that GMs are getting smarter. Still astonishing to me how many people in and around the league talk as if they have no understanding of concepts like sunk costs, player value, etc.

  97. Robbie

    Browns trading for Osweiler, must mean Romo is on his way to the Texans.

  98. Bill Bobaggins

    Osweiler and 2nd rounder to Browns – they should use the pick to go get Garapollo

    Romo to Houston? Probably

    Cutler and RGIII are now on the market as well

  99. DLep

    Sounds like Hawks are sniffing around Remmers

    • Trevor

      My god I hope not.

    • Hawks22Fun

      I hope not… Remmers was supposedly horrible last year…


      • STTBM

        Again, Remmers was playing out of position at LT last year. He’s ok at RT, and Ok is a lot better than what we had at RT with Sowell and Gilliam. They were hot garbage…

    • CLB

      Much rather have Okung or Beachum. Remmers was a revolving door against Denver in SB 49 and very bad vs. many other teams. Okung knows the system – if he’s affordable, let’s get him for a reasonable 2 year deal. Beachum was decent in JAX, but like Denver with Okung, they didn’t want to keep him on the team for a huge payday they’d agreed to if kept beyond the 1st year.

      • CLB

        Sorry, SB 50 for Remmers, still trying to forget 49.

  100. DLep

    we are signing joeckel

    • teejmo

      1 year prove it deal. They might as well.

  101. Trevor

    Dolphins giving S Reshad Jones a 5-year, $60 million ext that includes $35m gtd, per source

    Do you think perhaps it would have been advisable for JS to lock up Kam prior to free agency? Why has his deal not gotten done like Bennett? Makes no sense to me. Going to cost them a lot more now.

    I have a feeling Kam wants to see what the market is for his services next off season.

  102. Vista

    Alshon Jeffery to the Eagles and the Browns trade for Osweiler and a second round pick.

  103. Hawks22Fun

    Cleveland is super smart…they take Osweiler and lose $14 mill, but that 2nd rounder in 2018 they will trade in THIS draft to get Deshaun Watson…

    Browns #1 – Garrett
    they trade #12, This #2 next year to the Titans at 5, and get Watson…

    I’d pay $14 mill to be able to move up and get Deshaun…

    • Hawks22Fun

      …or they use #12 this year, and that R2 next year for Garoppolo…

  104. Trevor

    Riley Rieff signing with Vikings.

    • Volume12

      Trev, you asked me about WR Jhajuan Seales? I haven’t really paid attention to him. IMO they’re there for RB Chris Carson.

  105. Trevor

    Rob I guess we are signing Luke Joeckel to a 1 yr deal.

    I know you discussed him last year and did not seem like much of a fan. What did you think of him coming out of college? Anyone know how he played last year at G for the Jags?

    • DLep

      On the bright side we are getting a visit from tj lang

      • Hawks22Fun

        Hmmm… at least we signed someone with a pedigree…

        Revival of his career I hope we can create!!!!

        We shall see… I wonder how much $… 4-5 mill??

    • Volume12

      Not good. All this is? A hedge in case they don’t get their guy in the draft.

      Still young enough for TC to work with. Looks like Gilliam is gone.

      • DLep

        Well apparently he can earn up to 8m, hopefully heavy on incentives

    • CLB

      Joeckel has been a bust for Jax, hope we can also still sign Okung or Beachum at a 1 or 2 year reasonable deal, along with a couple good 2nd tier DL and/or cheap RB/WR, plus extend Kam. Let’s not waste $ on bargain basement garbage on the OL like last year. That’s why we didn’t want Remmers, and Joeckel is also a disappointment.

    • STTBM

      Joeckl got hurt 4 games into the season, missed the rest of the year. Jury still out on his ability or lack of it at G.

  106. Christian

    Joeckel is a Seahawk! (Apparently)

  107. Owyhee Lerf

    Rob, when will we see a list of who the Hawks met with at the Combine?

    • Rob Staton

      The info often doesn’t get out. The thing to monitor is who they set up visits with at the VMAC. Very important.

  108. Jesse James

    Luke Joeckel 1 year deal

  109. Ukhawk

    Hawks sign Joeckel to a 1 year incentive laden deal for up to $8m – good deal!

  110. STTBM

    Glad to hear we got a young guy like Joeckl. I kinda thought they would be after Larry Warford, he’s huge and strong. But evidently Joeckl was their guy. Or at least at whatever price they got him to agree to!

    Wonder what position they intend to try him at? LT? RT? Regardless, he’s got potential and is a nice pickup. Good job JS!

  111. Ed

    Latavis Murray visiting. That would be a nice piece

    • STTBM

      Raiders happy to let him go for nothing. I hate to say it, but there has to be a reason they didnt keep him around. This draft is loaded at RB too, so why bring in a retread when you can draft a young buck late?

      Only want him if he’s CHEAP!

      • Ed

        I’m with you, money has to be right, but Murray has proven it in the league, where as the draft picks may or may not work out.

  112. OCDavid

    We have a signing! Luke Joeckel on a 1 year deal. Worth up to $8m apparently.

    I’m less excited about Latavius Murray coming for a visit – hopefully we’re just researching all the options (like a good front office does).

  113. Hawks22Fun

    I think the Raiders should go after Luke Wilson…

    Carr and Luke’s speed…dangerous… hah!

    • Kenny Sloth

      They Martellus Bennett

  114. rowdy

    Apparently Eddie lacy is coming to visit too. I also heard there’s mutual interest with just charles

  115. Hawks22Fun

    What a fun day!

    Okung ends up in LA…the Chargers…

    Luke with us, in Seattle…

    …the Browns spend $16 mill on a 2 R draft pick…will it work???

    • CLB

      Rob, what’s your take on Joeckel, and what rb would you prefer among the group of Lacy, Murray, Charles or Peterson?

      • Rob Staton

        I thought Joeckel was a technician. Didn’t spend much time on him because he was going to be well out of range for Seattle in a draft where they didn’t have a R1 pick.

  116. Vista

    There is a report out there that Hauschka is signing a 4 year deal with the Bills

  117. Kenny Sloth

    Not only are the Seahawks dedicated to getting their players to be the best they can, that philosophy seems to run deep.

    Tom Cable has seemed to grow so much as a leader and a person.

    After breaking an assistant coach’s jaw and admitting to striking his first wife with an open hand back in 2010ish we have had no issues with discipline or even the anger.

    You can tell he’s one of those hot headed guys, but these days he speaks with so much control and ease. Like a different person.

    Just thankful for our organization

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