Combine work outs: Day one (OL & TE)

Today the work outs begin, with the offensive lineman and tight ends running through drills.

Unfortunately I have to work today so we’re going to have to use this as an open thread for now. Later on I’ll sit down and watch the replay and put some thoughts in writing.

Thankfully I’ve got the rest of the week off and I’ll be live blogging on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as events unfold in Indianapolis. So I hope you’ll join us for that.

For the time being you can watch the combine via the NFL Network or live via by clicking here. Use the comments section to react to everything that’s going on.


  1. Hawkspur

    Greg Robinson. Nuff said.

    • bigDhawk

      And Taylor Lewan is blowing up the SPARQ scores – huge high and broad jump scores.

      • Kyle

        I’m dying to know what the SPARQ equation is. I haven’t been able to find a calculator or basic equation anywhere, but I’m sure those scores will be posted somewhere.

        • Hawkspur

          Robinson is going to be a Ram, isn’t he.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Looking at the physical scores, I like Taylor Lewan, Trai Turner, and most of all Greg Robinson. from Auburn.

    • seahawks509

      This guy is a future star.

      • Colin

        He just looks the part. He has the aura of “I’m future HOF badass and you better take me”.

        I seriously hope the Rams don’t get him.

  2. Eli

    Joel Bitonio is a kid who I liked with Nevada and he is showing some excellent physical skills. Physically he has that ‘pit bull’ in in pads kind of look and he’s got a nasty tude’ ala Breno. Would look great in a Hawk uni.

    • CC

      He looked good – as did Patchan from BC

      The athlete and red flagged guy Sentreal Henderson is an athlete – if Petey thinks he can get him focused, and in a good locker room, this guy will fall a bit, and I won’t be surprised if Seattle drafts him.

      • CC

        Forget about Henderson – his effort looks to be lacking in the timed events and drills!

        Wesley Johnson – Vandy looked solid

        • bigDhawk

          I like Johnson. He is a rock solid technician and versatile. He has played all across the OL for Vandy and at LT against SC this season he completely shut out Clowney. I would like to see him give Unger some competition at C.

    • CC

      Also – Urschel from Penn St a zone blocker, lower round prospect.

      • Elijah

        The one thing I remember watching about Urschel is that he is a math major with a 4.0 GPA, or something along those lines. I like that kind of stuff, especially for O-Linemen

        • CC

          You’re correct – smart young man – and given that he was in a pro style offense with O’Brien as his coach – I hope he is a Seahawk. But I won’t be surprised if the Texans get him.

  3. rrsquid

    And according to Draft Insider, Martavius Bryant (6’5″; 200) is supposed to run high 4.2s or low 4.3s. That should put him in 1st round talks.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      If he does test that high, he’s the slowest 4.3 guy I’ve ever seen on tape. He doesn’t translate that speed on film at all. Either that or his pads weight 50 pounds.

      I hope he does go R1 (before us).

    • seahawks509

      Bryant will probably be a 2-3rd round pick. I doubt a first rounder with all the talented WRs with size this year.

  4. bigDhawk

    ASJ and Niklas not running the 40.

  5. Eli

    Lyerla, Rob I understand how you feel about the guy, but a 4.47!!!!!!! And he made it look effortless. I will say though, I wonder if he is still on the ya-yo, he looks like has lost a lot of weight.

    • David Mast

      I don’t think so, he said he has been training super hard to make up for his off the field mistakes. I would LOVE for the Hawks to take him in the 6-7 round, I doubt he will last that long because of his talent, but you never know what teams will think cause of his off the field issues. He is fast though! It would be awesome, him and Willson on the field. Thats some speed at TE

    • bigDhawk

      4.47 was the unofficial time. I saw somewhere on the webcast an official time of 4.61, much less impressive.

      • David Mast

        Yeah 4.61 is his overall time, he had a bad split in his 2 times. He finished .1 behind Ebron

        • Eli

          and tack on 36.5 vert and 10’6 long jump. He’s got crazy athletic ability which is undeniable, unfortunately the question remains will he go Hunter S. Thompson on a team.

  6. CC

    Marcel Jensen Fresno State TE is another interesting prospect 4.75 40 but good bench reps – 6’6″ played basketball – might be a nice compliment for Willson.

    If anyone has watched tape, I’d appreciate some thoughts

    • Eli

      He was an underutilized weapon for the bulldogs for sure. He was as big as a house and never understood why Carr didn’t through to the kid more. Hands looked to be reliable but could have used more polish on his route running.

      • Eli

        sorry, throw.

      • CC

        Thanks for your take – he looked pretty good in the passing drills – not slow, not fast, but caught the ball well. He probably is day 3 guy, but I like the look of him.

        • Eli

          He does look good. I like Xavier Grimble from USC as well, he was underutilized big time. Similar situation as Jensen. Would love it if we grabbed either.

          • CC

            Me too on Grimble – and I’m betting Petey knows a bit about him. He looks solid and underrated. He’s one of my day 3 guys for Seattle.

  7. Eli

    AC Leanard a 4.43 unofficial! Both he a Lyerla have some startling off the field stuff but either 4th or 5th round I say we take a flyer on the one least likely to have their personal lives implode.

    • bigDhawk

      Leyerla had a big split – 4.47 and 4.59

  8. Milwaukee hawk

    Why didn’t ASJ run? They never even talked about it on the coverage, only talking about Niklas.

    • Eli

      Mayock, said he had a foot injury. What was the deal with Niklas?

      • CC

        They said a small groin issue – would only be able to run at 80% so didn’t do the 40

        • Eli

          yeah but he did the passing drills. I get it running a 40 isn’t the same but he and ASJ not doing everything cast a lil bit of shade on things.

      • Rob Staton

        Niklas mentioned a “strain” yesterday during interview. Very disappointing he didn’t run.

        • Nolan

          Asj has fractured foot most likely won’t have a prod at either

  9. Milwaukee hawk

    Not sure, all i heard was them saying over and over again about how they didn’t know what kept Niklas from running

  10. Josh

    Clayton today tweeted that the salary cap will be $132M. I think that means we will re-sign Tate. I also think that means we will not grab a WR very early, unless one is just hands down the best player available, like Cmike was in the 2nd.

    • CC

      If it gets to 132m – that will make a lot of things possible! Maybe that means you can get some extensions with Sherm and Earl as well! Restructure a few others, Red and maybe Zach make keeping them possible.

      • Eli

        If we were able to ‘keep the band together’ it would be epic. Prelude to SB run number 2, back 2 back.

  11. Kyle

    Wow, did Cyrus Kouandjio have a horrendous day. There’s quite a possibility that he’ll be out of the first, or even second rounds all together. It’s all here:

    • Eli

      Ian Rappaport tweeted, a lot of teams took him off their draft board because he has an arthritic knee. Tough break.

      • CC

        Another Bama player who is worn down. I wasn’t high on him at all.

  12. Stuart

    As GM Stuart, I would pass on any player that shows up at the combine out of shape and overall sloppy, unless that first round talent falls to the late 3rd-4th rounds. James Carpenter is proof. I cant remember his combine but I can remember every training camp.

    Totally agree on the biggest job interview of your life part. The combine is a players chance to shine in front of all that NFL personal, what a stage.

    Disappointed in watching Antonio Richardson. I would think players would be practicing their brains out in advance. I know that if any us had this same opportunity, we would give an outstanding effort at everything.

    • Cysco

      I imagine most player do practice and train like crazy, but there’s always going to be those players who feel entitled and don’t feel they need to put in the effort. I’m incredibly confident that those players get removed from the seahawks’ board. This team has no room for the lazy or unprofessional. What’s crazy/funny is that there are teams that will draft them thinking they’re getting great value. Not our team though.

  13. James

    The only two positions that I would be shocked to see PCJS select in the first two rounds are quarterback and running back, for obvious reasons. I would also be surprised to see a safety or linebacker picked that high, but do expect them in the middle rounds, to back up Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright. Otherwise, WR and TE could clearly use more talent, and the OL is the weakest unit on the team, may need someone to fill Brenno’s position, and is a position of strength at the top of the draft. DE/Leo is stocked for next year, but Avril’s heir apparent may be selected. DT is a position of real need after next year, when I expect Big Red and Mebane to be gone after the coming season so the team can pay Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman. Another CB is needed for down the road, because the team may not be able to afford to re-sign Maxwell and Lane. I think it will be OL, just based on the level of talent still available at #32. Look for a DT or WR in R2. I would love to pluck Jared Abbrederis in R4 or 5, since he and RW can read each other’s minds.

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