NFL Combine: Saturday in review

Today was pretty disappointing.

Injury news, players not working out, bad results.

Today had the lot.

Let’s start with the big headline of the day.

Cyrus Kouandjio had a rough outing to put it mildly, looking totally unprepared for the drills and running a 5.59 forty yard dash.

All the positivity over his size and frame washed away in a nightmarish session.

But the work outs weren’t the worst part.

This is going to hammer his stock I’m afraid.

A guy who was once considered a first round lock will end up being little more than an after thought.

You have to feel for the player, but any hopes he had of going in round one are now surely a distant memory. We could be talking about a Jesse Williams-style fall here.

He wasn’t the only injury story of the day.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins didn’t work out at all because of a fractured foot. Tony Pauline is reporting he’s unlikely to be healthy enough to fit in a pro-day before the draft.

ASJ did a live interview with (you can see it here) and he revealed he hadn’t been medically cleared to work out.

The medical checks are the most underrated part of the combine. Nobody knew about Kouandjio’s knee issue, not even Seferian-Jenkins himself knew he had a foot injury.

This is a significant blow for a player who had a lot to gain this weekend. His stock is a complete mystery now.

How serious is the issue?

How does he compare athletically to the other players in this group?

Is he a first, second or even third rounder?

We have no answers.

It kind of sums up what ended up being a pretty miserable day for the big name tight ends.

Jace Amaro ran an official 4.74 forty and an average 7.42 three cone drill. He just didn’t look like a great athlete.

In fact Amaro’s athleticism was comparable to C.J. Fiedorowicz — a limited player who is expected to be a mid-round pick.

We’ve seen only three tight ends drafted in round one since 2009. Nothing about Amaro’s display today made me believe he was going to add to that list — especially in a deep draft like this.

The one positive with Amaro is the 28 reps he managed on the bench press despite his 34 inch arms. That was a pleasant surprise yesterday.

It was extremely disappointing, if not surprising, that Troy Niklas didn’t run the forty. He complained about a vague ‘strain’ on Thursday and we should’ve known that was a big fat hint towards a limited work out.

He said he was “80%” and that’s why he didn’t run.

Strangely enough he still completed the other drills — recording the worst three cone drill (7.57) and the second worst short shuttle (4.55).

Either the strain is a real killer, or he’s just not that great an athlete after all.

There’s every chance Eric Ebron will be the only tight end drafted in the first round. He managed an official 4.60 at 250lbs before shutting it down due to a minor injury issue.

This position carried some momentum going into the combine, but a lot of that has evaporated in the space of one day.


I will say this about Niklas though — Seattle likes size just as much as brilliant athleticism. His bloodline attachment to the Matthews family is also intriguing. He carries almost no body fat at 6-6 and 270lbs. Today was a disappointment with him not running, but he’s got to remain on the radar.

Before we move onto the good news, a couple of other notes on the offensive lineman work outs…

— Antonio Richardson looked sluggish and clumsy. He ran a 5.30 and challenged Kouandjio for the worst performance during drills. Great size, but this was a bit of a reality check. The mirror drills were cringeworthy.

— David Yankey is another player who just looked so limited today. He ran a 5.48 despite being 20lbs lighter than Richardson. A lack of athleticism here follows an average bench press performance (22 reps). He’s got mid-round pick written all over him.

— I wasn’t blown away by Morgan Moses today. He looked OK. That’s it.

So what about the positives then? Let’s have some good news.

— Greg Robinson should be the #2 overall pick at worst. He ran a 4.92 at 332lbs with a 10-yard split of 1.68. Add that to the 32 reps on the bench press yesterday with his long 35 inch arms. In the drills he looked stunning — flashing superb footwork and mobility. Robinson is a superstar in the making.

— Jake Matthews had a good day to keep his name in the mix for a top-ten spot. His work out performance was a big improvement on Luke Joeckel last year. He ran a solid 5.07 forty with a 1.70 split. For me Robinson and Matthews are going to be the top two tackles off the board.

— Third on the list will be Taylor Lewan. Somehow, he managed a 4.87 forty and a stunning 1.64 split. Known as a terrific run blocker, I’m not sure anybody expected to see this show of athleticism from Lewan. He can book a place in the top-12.

— I thought Florida center Jonotthan Harrison really looked the part today. He looks ripped, he’s technically sound on tape and he moved around very well today. He’s also a big time leader and worth tracking in the mid or late rounds.

— Seantrel Henderson struggled to earn a start in college, had major character red flags and was a complete headache for the coaches in Miami. Yet today’s performance made you think, ‘what a waste’. He looked incredibly agile and did all the drills well. The character and attitude problems are a concern, but he’ll make a nice project for someone. He could be anything — mid rounder, UDFA.

— Xavier Su’a-Filo, as expected, showed a ton of upside. He’s the best pure guard in this class and it’s not even close. He’s a bundle of potential. It was no surprise at all to see people jumping off the Yankey bandwagon today and leaping swiftly onto the Su’a-Filo cart. The tape told you everything you needed to know.

For all of today’s combine numbers, check out Walter Football.

Defensive linemen/linebacker measurements

Here are some of the headlines. Remember, length and speed are key here when it comes to Seattle. You can see a full list of the defensive line measurements here.

— Demarcus Lawrence, a player we touted for Seattle at #32 this week, has 33 3/4 inch arms and is listed at 6-3 and 251lbs. This is prototype LEO stuff we’re talking about here. Let’s see how he runs on Monday. Lawrence is a player we have to take seriously.

— You just know Pete Carroll would love to coach Jadeveon Clowney. 6-5, 266lbs and 34 1/2 inch arms. Majestic. He’s also dropped a few pounds to record a dynamite forty time. He reckons he can crack 4.4 — but a solid 4.5 would still be beastly.

— Aaron Donald is 6-1, 285lbs and has 32 5/8 inch arms. He could’ve been tagged at 5-7 and 125lbs for all I care — the guy can play.

— Stephon Tuitt needed to lose weight before the combine and he managed it. He’s 6-5 and 304lbs with long 34 3/4 inch arms. He’ll be one of the more fascinating players to watch on Monday. If he runs well at that size, he’ll be back in the first round mix.

— Brent Urban has Seattle-size at 6-7 and 295bs with 34 1/4 inch arms. Some teams will be turned off by his personality, but physically he’s exactly what NFL teams should be looking for.

— Kaleb Ramsey is one to monitor out of Boston College. He’s had a horrendous injury record but he’s going pro and is undoubtedly talented. He came in at 6-3 and 293lbs.

— Dee Ford has actually added weight (9lbs) since the Senior Bowl. He’s now 252lbs. He clearly wants to try and prove he can stay at defensive end, but will this have a negative impact on his forty time?

— Louis Nix, at 6-2 and 331lbs, was both shorter and fatter than expected.

When I looked down the list of linebackers today, I was pretty underwhelmed. We’ll keep an eye out for the fast, depth guys as usual.

Brandon Coleman benches well…

We’re still waiting for the full list of receiver bench press numbers, but Brandon Coleman put up some impressive reps today…

And if you want to get your hopes up…

Tomorrow I’ll be live blogging throughout the drills and forty runs. Join us from 6am PST.


  1. Ben

    I want Mike Evans so bad. Speed is overrated, and with his size and length he would be perfect for Russell Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      He could run a 4.4 tomorrow. 4.5 at worst for me.

      • Ben

        I’m more referencing the fact that he’s been criticized for lack of straight-line speed. But yeah, he could run much faster than commonly expected.

    • Cameron

      Let’s all hope he runs a 4.55 or worse. Probably still won’t make it to us though. A pity.

    • Nate

      Yes, please. 😉

      • House

        Benjamin just ran a 4.59 unofficial. He looks good in College Navy/Volt with a side of Wolf Grey

  2. Kenny Sloth

    Chris Smith and Marcus Smith of Arkansas and Louisville respectively each had 34+ inch arms and have the required get-off and size to be prototype leos. We should be able to grab a fantastic leo in this one if we go that route early.

    I put Lewan and Robinson miles ahead of Jake Matthews.

    Sad about Cyrus Kouandjio.

    Excited to see how the receivers run. Jordan Matthews has a lot to gain.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Kyle Van Noy disappointed in the length department.

      James Morris had short arms, too, but he’s more of an ILB.

      Definitely keep your eye on Preston Brown from Louisville, though.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Put Michael Sam in that LEO category, too. Have to see him run.

    • Ben

      I love me some Jordan Matthews. He’s gonna be really good.

  3. Nolan

    When you say teams won’t like Brent Urbana attitude what is his attitude?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s his personality, not his attitude.

      It’s hard to describe. I’d recommend going on youtube and watching one of his interviews. He’s kind of laid back, yet constantly agitated. It’ll turn off some coaches. Sad but true.

      • Connor Jackson

        Hey Rob youve mentioned Urbans attitude on more then one occasion so I finally decided to go and check out a couple of his interviews and came away impressed. Hes definitely laid back but I never saw him irritated or annoyed like you mentioned above. I actually thought he seems like a cool dude and was kind with the media. With all do respect I guess im completely missing whatever your talking about… care to elaborate?

        • Rob Staton

          Again, I did not mention his attitude. I said his personality.

          As I already said, it’s difficult to explain. I’m not the only one to make this point though.

          And I’ve discussed my appreciation for his on-field ability much more than his personality. Let’s not forget that.

      • JamesP

        I just see someone who’s not comfortable doing media stuff – lack of eye contact, answers that sort of tail off to nothing etc. I don’t think that’s a necessarily a negative, just a kid who’d rather be doing something else other than answering questions. Who knows whether that would translate to interaction with coaches. I guess prospective teams would have to ask those questions of the Virginia coaches – e.g. how coachable he is, what his locker room demeanour is etc.

        • woofu

          Give him a snickers next time.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If he prefers skittles you know he won’t be talking to the media.

          • Connor Jackson

            Sorry I switched personality with attitude I knew you said his personality and that’s what I mean to debate. Again I guess this is just splitting hairs and we disagree I just don’t see what some of you guys are seeing personality wise. I think he handles the media well and again from what I can see I think he has a cool personality and looks like a good guy.

  4. Attyla the Hawk

    Filed under next man up:

    Joel Bitonio killed the combine this year. His scores for the 10 yard, shuttle and 3 cone was


    That may seem like a stupidly contrived example. But we know these drills measure agility which is important for players that play on the line. I’d invite people to go back and look at the prospects that scored as well on all three combined agility/burst drills. There’s only 7 of them (including 3 this year). You’re going to be shocked at how small that list is and what kind of agility it takes to produce those scores. And what kind of company Bitonio is keeping. All under the radar.

    • Rob Staton

      Have you got the other names who achieved those numbers just so we can compare?

      • Rusty

        Not sure who all Attyla was talking about, but the first name that came to my mind is Lane Johnson:

        10 yard: 1.69
        3 Cone:7.31

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Yes ( assume 1.7 10 yd, 4.45 shuttle and 7.4 cone )

        Bitonio (1.68 10 yd/ 4.44 Shuttle / 7.37 3 cone)


        Taylor Lewan – 1.64,4.49, 7.39
        Jake Matthews – 1.64, 4.47, 7.34


        Eric Fisher 1.70, 4.44, 7.59 (close)
        Lane Johnson 1.61, 4.52, 7.31
        David Quessenberry 1.72, 4.45, 7.49 (close)


        Matt Kalil 1.70, 4.65, 7.33


        Anthony Castonzo 1.8, 4.40 7.25 (close)
        Nate Solder 1.72, 4.34, 7.44


        Jared Veldheer 1.72, 4.51, 7.40

        These are all the guys that hit that mark or came real close. Honestly if you look at it even casually, you’ll see the mean is around 1.78, 4.75 and 7.9.

        These values really look like they are a better indicator than simple 40 times.

    • Eli

      ‘Pit Bull’ is a rich man’s TJ Lang. I think he has that look of the swiss army knife like swing tackle/guard that Cable likes. He was a little light in the bench but his tape showed some pop and aggression. Would love him to don the Blue, green and white.

  5. Rooky

    I find it hilarious and somewhat hypocritical that leading up to the combine all we as fans hear is guys can help their draft stock with a good performance but, they can’t hurt their stock because of a bad showing. Almost using that as an excuse to influence these players to compete yet when some of them do have a bad day and don’t meet or exceed expectations for whatever reason they are automatically ‘dropped’ in perception even before their pro days and etc.
    I’m not pointing fingers at anyone person and I’m a huge fan of this site and watching the combine but just think it’s interesting the ‘before & after’ perceptions. GO HAWKS!

    • Rob Staton

      I can only speak for myself, but I would never argue a bad performance at the combinewon’t hurt a prospect. There’s clear evidence over the years that this is very much the case. Take a guy like Andre Ellington — someone who we all believed could be a second or third round pick. He ran in the 4.6’s and ended up being a late rounder. Now look at him.

      We’ve spent a lot of time discussing prospects such as Jace Amaro with great anticipation of this day. Finally, we get to find out what kind of an athlete he truly is. Now that we have a better idea, we can make a sounder judgement. He gets dropped not on a whim, but because we’ve been waiting for this day for clarification for some time.

      The combine for me is a fantastic tool for judging players and finalising assessments.

    • Michael M.

      I tend to think that the idea of guys “rising” or “falling” in the draft is a little overblown. I have to believe that people who do this for a living, and have the kind of access we can only dream of, have a much better idea of what a player is capable of athletically. I think as often as not, a player that “tumbles down the draft board” of all the fans and pundits, was already down there for many NFL teams.

      Now of course there are still surprises – especially medically – but I doubt they are as shocked by an individual players performance as we are.

      • xo 1

        I agree with the general point that the effect of rising or falling may be perception based more on our limited information to begin with than actual movement on teams’ boards. However, I note as well that the limited information is shared by teams with respect to underclasssmen and, as you note, with respect to medical. Movement with underclassmen may be more real, that is.

        The Combine is also akin to a job interview, where a poor performance that flows from a lack of preparation can be a tell tale sign that a player lacks the motivation or discipline to properly prepare for the hyper competitive environment of the NFL.

      • Rob Staton

        I think we concern ourselves too much with worrying how accurate we are as fans/pundits/media in relation to this. We’ll never have the access the teams have, and you’re right that by the time we discover things it won’t be having a major impact on real NFL boards.

        But there’s not much we can do about that, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the media or fans as we all are saying, “this guy is rising/falling”. Because to us, they are. We’re just a little later to the party.

  6. House

    2 guys I was impressed with today were JaWuan James (OT, Tennessee) and Jon Halapio (OG, Florida). Both looked fluid in the rabbit shuffle. Very nice footwork. James looked poised in his interview yesterday as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Jon Halapio looked good — definitely agree there.

      • House

        Halapio has a 3rd-4th Rd grade on him. I think he’d bring the nasty and could push Carpenter from the jump

        • bigDhawk

          He played RG for Florida. Not sure if switching sides would be problematic for him. He seems well suited to a ZBS scheme like ours where he can blow stuff up in a crowd. His video does not reveal a great puller or a blocker that can win in space. A definite mauler, which I like, that once he gets his claws into you, your going which ever way he is going.

          • House

            That’s very true. I think he has very good footwork and the change from RG to LG wouldn’t be too drastic for him. Tom Cable can do wonders with OL and someone who seems to have an already good base could turn into a great player.

            Do you have an opinion of JuWuan James? I’m impressed with him and I know others aren’t too high on him.


            • bigDhawk

              He is solid, if not spectacular. He had a good showing in his position drills today. If we end up looking for a Giac replacement in the draft, we could do worse. He would probably be a slight improvement over Giac in pass blocking, though his run blocking looks somewhat flaccid on video.

              James is certainly a ‘safe’ pick over someone like Seantrel Henderson. I feel like between Bailey and Bowie we already have a capable replacement for Giac in house if he leaves in FA, so I would rather see us take a chance on a really high upside pick like Henderson later in the draft over a safer pick like James.

              Another tackle that had a decent SPARQ-y workout today was Matt Patchan. He looks like a slightly smaller, slightly more athletic version of Giac and could be a guy to watch.

              • xo 1

                Thanks for the scouting reports bigD. Very interesting stuff that’s well beyond my scouting eye.

        • Michael (CLT)

          Cool thing about these Florida guys is that Dan Quinn will have the 411.

        • xo 1

          After the Moffitt debacle, I wonder if Seattle would value a guard highly enough to pop in the 3rd or 4th round. My guess is that the player would have to be special to be a mid-round target for interior line; otherwise, I suspect the Hawks will be content to continue sifting through late round and UDFA candidates for Cable to coach up. That might be overstated – a potential starting center who can also compete for playing time at guard might represent sufficient value – but typically Seattle seems to believe guards and centers can be manufactured. Tackle may be a different beast – left tackle for sure – because of the rarity of that sized athlete.

          • Rob Staton

            Great points.

  7. Brad

    What is the story on Dan McCullers? A defensive tackle from Tennessee, listed at 6’7″ 351lbs with 35 5/8″ arms. This guy is other worldly huge, I thought the nephalim were killed off in the flood. Could we slide this guy out and groom him as a big red replacement in the not too distant future?

    • Rob Staton

      He had a horrible 2013 season. Kind of a ‘looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane’ type.

      • Brad

        Some other Brad over at Nfl draft scout said the same thing about Bobby Wagner.

        • Rob Staton

          About Wagner? I thought he had a fantastic final year at Utah State.

  8. Austin

    I know it goes against everything we have seen out of the hawks since Schneider and Carroll came, but if a top prospect (Evans or Donald) they like is still sitting there mid first round is there any scenario you guys see where we move up?

    • Rob Staton

      I really wish there was, but with such a deep draft I think it’d make a lot of sense to try and make the most of the picks we have and possibly increase that number. Seattle is going to have to re-stock and replace players going forward — they won’t be able to re-sign everyone. This is as good a draft as any to start doing that because of the sheer depth on offer.

      But as a huge fan of Evans and Donald, it’d also be great to see them both in Seattle. But I suspect a really good player will be available at #32 anyway.

  9. Jason S.

    Any thoughts on Colt Lyerla who’s listed as one of the tight ends Mayock found disappointing? He didn’t participate in all the drills and his bench press reps were disappointing but he had the highest vert. jump, tied for highest broad jump, and had an official 4.61 time on the 40. I know of his problems at Oregon but if he’s clean/sober I’d like to see him get a chance late in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he looked small, had some drops, didn’t run a great time for his size and is undraftable based on what we know about his background.

      Unfortunately, this isn’t just a guy who made a random mistake. There are major issues here that are going to be very difficult to manage. Very difficult. Personally, I think the best thing for Lyerla is to move as far away as possible from the PNW.

      • dtrain

        Well said about keeping out of the NW. Let him get a fresh start as far away as possible (Gus/Jax)? I liked the Fresno TE today. Big man who ran smooth routes and caught the ball gracefully. The Utah hybrid Denham looks like a good late round project too…smooth routes, natural breaks. More fluid than old Mike Williams. What did you think, Rob?

        • Rob Staton

          I really like the upside of Jensen at Fresno State. Liked him all year, he just flashed something in a couple of games, even though his production was really inconsistent. Nice length and athleticism.

          Denham is another one on tape you can see something in there. Later round guy. Worth a flier.

      • Michael M.

        I don’t know about “as far away as possible from the PNW”. Wouldn’t mind seeing him give Harbaugh something else to stress about.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m down with that!

  10. bigDhawk

    Rob, as sort of a comp between Demarcus Lawrence and Brent Urban, do you have any thoughts on Kareem Martin? I was looking at the DL weigh-in measurables and he jumped off the page at me: 6’6″, 272#, 35″ arms. He has some video on draftbreakdown and I came away intrigued. You can tell he has all the physical tools, but his technique needs coaching up. His motor flashes at times, others not. He looks all the world to me like a taller, longer Michael Bennett, with room to add muscle. When he wants to, has has a little quick-twitch burst that I don’t think a player like Urban will ever have. Of course we’ll know even more in the next few days as he works out, but just curious if you had any thoughts yet.

    • Rob Staton

      I found Martin’s tape had some positives but more negatives. Not a great hands guy, average pop off the snap, doesn’t fly round the edge. Not sure he’s going to test brilliantly. But then he’s a good character guy and a hard worker. Far from a bad player and has the length you want to see in abundance. In terms of pure size, he fits Seattle. Could be a mid or late rounder they look at. It’ll be interesting to see how he runs on Monday.

  11. Stuart

    Lyerla, his name, that is the big reason for my interest. But really, there are so many better prospects. We will end up with a TE who will have the same upside as Willson and we will all be excited and glad he is a Seahawk.

    It likely would not have happened anyway but I feel relived that TE Amaro bombed so now there is ZERO chance the Hawks take in in R-1.

    The mocks will certainly look different next week.

    • Rob Staton

      Mocks will be totally different next week. And a lot of them will be identical with all the same changes.

    • bigDhawk

      I’m persuaded Crockette Gillmore will be a better pro long term than Amaro. I would actually love to have Gillmore if he is still on the board at round 4 or later.

  12. CC

    I thought Sentreal Henderson looked like he didn’t put forth the effort – I had hopes for him, but wasn’t overly impressed.

    On the TE side I thought Marcel Jensen looked good for a bigger guy – good hands, Grimble too. They aren’t the speed guys, but look like big targets, who block and can catch.

    I agree that most of the TEs were unexciting. Lots of drops, not getting to the ball – ugh. Amaro looked slow – so not sure what happened there. I’m sure he’ll be picked before 32, but I think he’ll fall a bit.

    OL – I liked the look of Wesley Johnson and John Urschel a lot. Especially Urschel – but I’m betting the Texans will grab him before we want to take him.

    • House

      I think Jensen will be productive in the NFL. Like you said, he’s a willing blocker and has good hands.

      I want Lyerla to succeed and put his past in the rear view. A late Rd pick (6th-7th) on him couldn’t be a bad thing. Make him earn his spot and we have a FO that won’t tolerate shenanigans.

  13. Bjammin

    Rob what if Anthony McCoy is back? Resigned? He was hurt really early in training camp or Ota’s. if the te’s in draft are underwhelming, him healthy looks pretty good to me whether Miller is back or not.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’ll get a camp for sure. Too good to just let go.

  14. red

    top 3 Bench from WR

    1. Latimore 23 Reps

    2. Coleman 21 Reps

    3. Mathews 21 Reps

    Mathews starting to look like a top 40 pick.

    • Mattk

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see Matthews run a great 40 time, either.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I have to say, I’m seeing Matthews as somewhat closing the gap between the tier 2 and tier 1 WRs.

        He has virtually all the attributes physically and attitude wise that would portend a very successful career at the X receiver position. Notwithstanding his elite level production on a team with middling talent against the best competition/conference in the NCAA — he really looks like a guy who isn’t everything he will be, but is also the most likely of all of the WRs in the entire draft of being capable of developing the most.

        He is going to be so much better than he is. He should fit perfectly in our team culture. And he has the size requirements to fill our vacant X position.

        I’m not even sure I wouldn’t prefer him straight up to Kelvin Benjamin. I can’t even be reasonably assured that Benjamin will be as good as Matthews is right now coming into the league. The gulf in ability between the two is that great. And Benjamin hasn’t really developed THAT quickly as a 23 year old sophomore receiver (Matthews is actually 15 months younger than Benjamin).

        • xo 1

          Good stuff, Attyla.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d temper some of the expectations on Matthews. Not a fantastic athlete, the tape is all right. He’s solid not spectacular. Benjamin has the potential to be elite.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            I’ve always thought that Matthews had deceiving athleticism. Part of that is due to his natural smoothness. Everything seems fairly effortless with him.

            I think Matthews performance in the burst/explosion/speed and physical measurements have to be considered shocking to those in the ‘not a good athlete’ camp. The numbers he’s putting just doesn’t jive with a prospect saddled with that label.

            I would think Matthews performance merits a closer examination of his tape. That’s not unusual for guys who perform considerably better than expected.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure about Matthews. Bench press is impressive, so is Coleman’s. But that’s not going to put either in the top 40 alone.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Agreed. Both prospects really surpassed their expectations going into the combine.

  15. CC

    Bishop Sankey with 26 bench press! They keep talking about him not being able to shed blockers… He reminds me of Ray Rice before he decided to punch his girlfriend in the face. I could see the Ravens maybe the Raiders going after Bishop. I like what he did in college and I think he’s going to have a good NFL career.

    • Barry

      Yeah one thing about Sankey is he possesses great balance, the report about him not shedding tacklers is pretty lazy scouting.

  16. Barry

    Donald is the hot topic right now and we would all love to have him. But I wonder still how healthy Easley is, still a intriguing player.

    • Rob Staton

      His injury history is the problem really. Two ACL’s in quick succession. Fantastic player but hard to place him too high with those flags.

  17. House

    Coleman just ran a 4.5 @ 6’6″/225lbs
    Benjamin just ran a 4.59 @ 6’5″/240lbs
    Evans just ran a 4.5 @ 6’4.75″/231lbs

    • House

      Size/speed is an understatement!

  18. Robert

    #’s are in and I am still drooling at the thought of Russell Wilson zinging high balls to Kelvin Benjamin, who is open on EVERY play because of his phenomenal catch radius and dominating physicality. The faster big WR’s are enticing, but I think PCJS want the package of catch radius, high pointing AND physicality of KB. The other guys just do not demonstrate the same current or upside potential for that physically dominating match up nightmare factor that is unstoppable ESPECIALLY when you have one of the best ball placement QB’s in the NFL! KB and Percy Harvin are both extremely unique players in their ability to create match-up nightmares and distract multiple defenders from focusing on their assignments on any given play. This is a lethal combination with a Healthy Oline + Beast game and talented play-makers everywhere. Additionally, KB will dominate in the red zone where we are struggling to be efficient. I wonder how he came across in the interview with PCJS???

    • Rob Staton

      There are some frustrating parts to Benjamin’s game, but it’s hard not to get excited about the thought of him in Seattle’s offense. The guy’s a beast.

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