Congrats to Austin Davis

Without wanting to linger too much on a success story for a rival NFC West team, I do want to take the time to congratulate Austin Davis for making the St. Louis Rams roster. He played very well during pre-season and beat out #2 quarterback Kellen Clemens. It’s worth noting Clemens was the only quarterback on the Rams roster with experience in coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s system, so it’s a significant move. I had the chance to interview Davis a year ago and was extremely impressed, and he deserved more credit for his achievements at Southern Miss. Congrats, Austin and all the best.

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  1. Mark

    I was speaking with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and we noted that pre-season football is really a sport’s fan’s version of reality television. You have your highly regarded draft picks being put under a microscope, your late round sleepers trying to make a name for themselves, your aging veterans trying to hold on to their jobs, your second and third year players who were once yesterday’s promising youngsters who now have to show something. Add a quarterback controversy here, an aging superstar attempting a comeback there, and the tension of the final cut down day…it’s actually quite compelling.

    So congratulations, Mr. Davis. I wish you success…after you move onto another team. Preferably not in our division. Also, congratulations to Chandler Harnish, who made the Colts’ roster as the 3rd quarterback. Finally, Indianapolis fans have a rookie quarterback to get excited about!

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