Week 1 – wide receiver watch & thoughts on Winslow release

It’s way too early to tell, but this could be Seattle’s greatest need next April depending on how things play out. So it’s worth looking at some of the receivers working under the radar. Jordan Matthews could be the best wide out in the SEC this year and he had a good start against South Carolina. Cordarelle Patterson is new on the scene but eligible for next year’s draft as a JUCO transfer. He made some big plays for Tennessee in week one against NC State.

NOTE – The Seahawks waived Kellen Winslow today. It’s believed he refused to take a pay cut and that was the end of that. Another tight end is going to be added, but I think the main motivation is the play of Anthony McCoy. He’s shown real progress this pre-season and has chemistry with Russell Wilson. When I scouted McCoy at USC he looked like a first round talent, but dropped in the draft due to off-field concerns. My guess is McCoy’s progress made Winslow’s large contract expendable. It’s a position to keep an eye on in college football this year, but the last few years have been lean at tight end.


  1. Don

    I definitely see WR, along with OLB and OLine depth, being a focus next year. At TE, I’m hoping, somehow, that Seattle will have a shot at Austin Sefarian-Jenkins when he comes out. The only problem is that by then the Seahawks ought to be good enough that they won’t have a shot at drafting him due to his skill level. Doesn’t hurt to dream.

  2. Stuart

    What does the Winslow cut really mean? They knew his salary when they got him, check. They knew his injury history, check. They knew what he could bring to the team, check. It must have been a combination of many things, the play of McCoy and McGrath, attitude challenges in the locker room and not buying in 100%. It’s a shame on the surface but I trust PC/JS totally.

  3. James

    It’s odd. During the game Thurs night, I was thinking about how overpaid the TE position is. Zach Miller is being paid like an All-Pro but is not performing at that level. Winslow is also overpaid, especially with it being a 3 yr, $13+mil contract. You would think they would have renegotiated with Winslow earlier, maybe even at the time of the trade, if that was a sticking point, instead of AFTER naming him to the 53 man roster? Miller will need to stay healthy and perform better if he wants to keep earning $6 mil/yr. I know that if I was constructing the roster, I would go with McCoy and McGrath at about $1 mil, vs Miller and Winslow at about $10 mil, and put the extra $9 mil into a couple of Pro Bowl free agent types (WR, etc). …Is this going to be an internal distraction on the team? I suppose it will put the fear of the reaper into everyone, if you can be whacked like this, at a time like this.

    • Tim

      Miller is doing everything that is asked of him. Don’t forhet how banged up our O-line was last year. He was basically just part of that line.

  4. Stuart

    Just read the Seahawks have signed “Evan Moore”. He was just cut my Cleveland. He played in all 16 games last year starting in 4 of them. What was exciting was the coment by the Cleveland side. They said Moore is 6’6″ and has hands like glue but not much of a blocker. The guy went on to say that Cleveland underutilized the guy and that he would not be surprised if he blew it up in Seattle. This makes me feel good, real good.

    Good points about the amount the TE’s get paid. How messed up is it when a player will refuse 1.5 Million Dollars and accept ZERO instead? I wish somebody would offer me 1.5 Million Dollars to play for 16 games.

  5. James

    Evan Moore is exactly in the mold of Winslow, and will be the perfect replacement. John & Pete have a plan. (ps – the next time they ask you to take a pay cut, take it)

  6. David

    I like the kid from Clemson, i want to say hopkins? number 6 for them, he is doing pretty good.

    and do you think we could go CB nexy tear? i know we need WR but damn the CB for Alabama Dee Milliner i believe, is looking good, i know its against Denard Robinson but hes still looking pretty good for a 6’1 200 LB Corner, i just thought id say.

    I like Browner but if he doesnt fix his PI penalties id really like to go CB to replace him.

  7. James

    From here on, contract costs will be more of an issue for the Seahawks. For the past couple of years, it has been easy for Pete and John, because virtually the entire team is playing off their first contract, many of which are middle to late round low-cost deals. Over the next couple of years, the key players will have to be re-signed to much bigger deals, so the Seahawks have to plan accordingly, and even roll over as much money as possible into the cap for next year. This process began this year with Big Red, Beast Mode and Max Unger. Guys like Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, and KJ Wright will cost 10x as much per year under their upcoming deals. Russell Okung and Earl Thomas will be signing mega-deals in a couple of years. Russell Wilson will get a huge raise in a couple of years if he is as good as we (and Pete) hope. Kellen Winslow, as a part time player, would have cost too much money. Other high price vets, like Leon Washington, Sidney Rice, and Zach Miller, will have to produce at a pro bowl level or they will have their contracts reduced, or else. Matt Flynn, unless he takes the starting job away from Russell, will be traded next year for cap relief.

  8. James

    I wish there was a good explanation/excuse for having your starting split end receiving punts in the 2nd half of the 4th exhibition game, but I don’t think there is one. Not good to start the season on such a glaring coaching error. Hope the players can pick up the coach on this one.

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