Curtis Allen: A critical off-season from a financial perspective

This is a guest post by Curtis Allen…

In anticipation of a very intriguing offseason, we have covered the Seahawks’ salary cap situation from the summer to the fall.    

As has been stated several times, the Seahawks do not have as much cap space for 2023 as has been discussed in the general media.  In fact, some difficult decisions are going to need to be carefully considered by the Seahawks.  Every option should be thoroughly explored.

With the season over, it is now time to take a serious look at what the team is facing.  Decisions made this year will have a ripple effect into 2024 and 2025, which will be crucial years for the franchise.  Particularly given the young, talented and inexpensive base the team is currently building.  They could set themselves up in a timely manner for much bigger things or handcuff themselves badly.

We will get into that shortly.  For now, where do the Seahawks stand as far as cap space is concerned?  Get out your knife and fork and let’s dig in.  

Here is a brief snapshot to get started with:

There is a lot there.  Let’s start from the top and work our way down.

Overthecap (OTC) projects the salary cap and deducts the known information of contracts already on the books for 2023.  They have the Seahawks with 36 players on their roster and have $48 million of cap room available to spend on 15 players to fill the roster out to 51.

Before we get into any player transaction discussion, we need to update that cap number with a couple of contract adjustments that OTC has yet to account for.

Damien Lewis gets a Proven Performance Escalator for 2023 for his playing time on his rookie contract.  Lewis has earned the RFA tender amount of $2.629 million plus $250,000 for his playing time, for a total salary of approximately $2.879 million.  Add that to his bonus proration and Lewis’ cap hit in 2023 is approximately $3.16 million, an increase of $1.6 million on the cap.

Geno Smith has $3.5 million on the cap for incentive money earned in 2022.  Where did that come from?  If you recall, Smith signed a one-year contract with the Seahawks last year for $7 million.  We found out later that $3.5 million of that was salary and the other half was earnable through incentives.  These incentives are classed as Not Likely To Be Earned (NLTBE) incentives and as such are charged to the 2023 salary cap.

Bob Condotta confirmed Geno earned all the incentive money.

Moving on, we have the draft picks.  This year, with the quantity and quality of their picks, the Seahawks need more cap room than normal for their draft pool.  OTC projects their nine current draft picks as costing them $16 million on the cap.

Ryan Neal is a Restricted Free Agent and with his excellent year is a lock to be tendered this offseason with a contract to keep him a Seahawk in 2023. I chose to give him the Second-Round tender of $4.3 million instead of the Right of First Refusal tender of $2.629 million, given his excellent play and the extent of Jamal Adams’ injury. They will want to protect their interests should Neal get a healthy offer from another team.

That brings us to a subtotal of $23 million in cap room with 46 players under contract.  They need 5 more players to fill out the 51-man roster.

I set aside $10 million for a contingency fund.  The Seahawks need to keep some money on the books during the season for practice squad players and to replace players that go on Injured Reserve.  There is also some churn at the bottom of the roster during the season – an $800k player replacing a $775k player in the top 51 that count towards the cap, etc.  

It is also beneficial to have a little bit of a slush fund to cover some incentive bonuses and acquire some players through trade or as street free agents during the season.

Next, we come to what I am calling ‘Key Players’.  Those five spots on the roster are important, if not critical.  I put in $18 million spent on those guys.  Where did I get that number from?  I took it from the 2022 cap hit of players and positions not currently on the 2023 roster but had key roles on the team:  Jason Myers ($5m), Rashaad Penny ($5.6m), Nick Bellore ($2.75m), Cody Barton, Tyler Ott and Travis Homer ($1m each) and rounded up for inflation.

All those players will need to be re-signed or replaced.  It is a reasonable expectation that the Seahawks can do that for a cumulative total of $18 million.

That leaves us over our cap limit by $4.9 million.

Are All These Numbers Carved in Stone?

Absolutely not.  For one, the cap is always fluid.  We are just working with what we have at this moment in time.  There’s also some fat built into the projection.  I will also never claim to have every single inch of the ins and outs of the cap covered perfectly.

There are some areas where I am likely overestimating the impact.  The league might provide a salary cap number higher than what OTC is projecting.  The Seahawks’ cap rollover from 2022 might be more due to some incentives not being reached (the prelim number is $1.59 million).  The team might trade down in the draft, reducing the cap impact.  Having $10 million in the contingency funds might be too excessive.

Maybe they feel Ryan Neal’s market will only merit the $2.629 million tender?

And those Key Players?  Perhaps the Seahawks can use some rookie players in those roles – costs which are already accounted for in the draft pool money.  Maybe they offer Penny a contract for far less and he accepts it.

You get the idea.

When we are looking at the big picture though, overestimating is a healthy exercise.  Having some cushion for expenses is always wise. As is building team depth. 

For instance, the Seahawks could not have possibly budgeted their 2022 season in January on starting a fifth-round rookie, a fourth-round rookie and a street free agent at cornerback.  They put $5 million into the position by getting Sidney Jones, Justin Coleman and Artie Burns.  All of them ended up being mostly unnecessary but it was wise to have some depth on the roster for coverage.

So, a little sandbagging is in order.  Budgeting on the razor’s edge is not a fruitful exercise.  

Also, in most instances, a million saved here and there is beneficial but in the big picture it does not tip the scales and turn a team into a Super Bowl contender.  

In fact, it pales in comparison when you consider…

The Seahawks Need a Quarterback on Their Roster

That’s right.  You probably have noticed the Seahawks do not have a veteran quarterback on the roster or in this plan yet.

They have already overextended themselves in this projection and they will need to find some money to bring in a veteran.  That is where the challenge lies and some tough decisions need to be considered.

Geno Smith.  His best play might be to stay in Seattle.  The system, the talent on the roster and the coaching staff presents him with the best option for success.

The Seahawks’ best play might be to bring Geno back for at least another year.  He has demonstrated chemistry with the receivers and the tight ends and knows the system.  Even if and when the Seahawks draft a top quarterback this spring, having Smith on the roster benefits them in a number of obvious ways.

The question is then:  Can the Seahawks craft a contract he would consider that pays him market value, does not cause too much damage on the 2023 cap and has some options in 2024 for the Seahawks to move on?

Yes they can.  

We have worked up a contract that can meet all those requirements.  Granted, it is bold and very aggressive.  But the framework of the deal presents a workable path forward for both sides.

Let’s select the 3-year, $75 million option and put Geno Smith down for a $9 million cap hit in 2023 (we will address the big cap hit in 2024 shortly).

With our earlier deficit, that means the Seahawks now need to find $13.9 million of cap room on the roster in order to get their heads above water.

Where can they get that kind of cap room?  Let’s go to work.

The Options Available to Them

The first option to gain cap room is by cutting Gabe Jackson.  He has an $11.2 million cap hit in 2023 and $6.5 million of that can be reclaimed by cutting him loose.  

This appears to be an easy choice.  He has struggled to stay on the field this year, frequently splitting reps with Phil Haynes.  In fact, he was only able to play 100% of the snaps in five games in 2022.  His PFF grade (54.8), his age and his large cap hit all make for some low-hanging fruit.

The second option is in a similar boat but is a harder choice to cut:  Shelby Harris.  I personally like Harris but he will count for $12.27 million on the cap in 2023 and the Seahawks can gain $8.9 million by cutting him before March 22, when a $2 million roster bonus is due.  They likely would do it well before then in order to give Harris a chance to get a jump on the new league year that starts March 15th.

Between those two players the Seahawks will have created $15.4 million of cap room, enough to handle Geno Smith’s cap hit, cover the deficit and give the team about a $1.5 million surplus.

The concern though:  Cutting players to save cap dollars is an obvious option but it should not be taken lightly.  There is a downside, in that you now must replace those players on the roster.  Which usually means more cap outlay.  

If there is one lesson we all must understand about the salary cap more clearly, it is this:  when you pull on one lever oftentimes that moves another lever.  Actions and reactions.  Rarely is anything done with just one simple motion.

Perhaps both Jackson and Harris’ spots can be covered by draft picks.  Perhaps Jake Curhan is ready to step in as the starting Right Guard? Perhaps the Seahawks can bring Exclusive Rights Free Agent Myles Adams back for less than a million dollars and he can step up in a major way and take most of the 55% of defensive line snaps that Harris’ exit has created and provide consistent play?

As we discussed above though, it can be a very dicey proposition to plan on young players making big, big leaps in the upcoming season.  Even more so when you figure that the Seahawks’ biggest weaknesses in 2022 were the interior lines of both sides of the ball.

Planning to weaken the lines and then fill them with mostly untested players would very likely result in the same kind of play in 2023 we have witnessed the last few seasons.  The Seahawks need more.  Particularly when you consider the potential of 2024 and 2025.

They would be very wise to explore all the options available to them for improving both lines and thus the team.

Which brings us to our two favorite punching bags.  The Seahawks have 100 million reasons to strongly consider their future with the team right now.

The Options with Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs

Adams and Diggs will account for $36.2 million on the cap in 2023 and $38.7 million in 2024.  Adams also has an additional $24.61 million commitment for 2025, making it a staggering $99.51 million of cap space for these two players.

Considering recent performances, injury history and the Seahawks’ lack of resources for other positions, it would be negligent if we did not work through what the options are going forward.

We covered the options for Adams extensively in this post:

Cut Adams outright.  That means all $23.89 million hits their cap in 2023 and they are clean going forward.  There is no cap saving in 2023.  In fact, that is about a $5.8 million extra hit on the cap.  Doable — but that restricts your available room.

Cut Adams with a June 1st designation.  This would split the dead cap between the next two years, with approximately $9.69 million hitting in 2023 and $14.2 million hitting in 2024.  This would open up $8.44 million for the team to spend in 2023 after June 1st.

Contact Adams and initiate talks to renegotiate his contract.

Cutting him outright is not advisable at this point.  It would cost them extra money on the cap in 2023.

The other two options have potential.  Cutting him with the June 1 designation and splitting up the dead cap is doable.  If the Seahawks choose to make a move this year, they could easily reason that they have given Adams three seasons to reward their faith in him and made the hard choice to move on.

Renegotiating could be a way to give Adams another chance to stay on the roster and rehabilitate his value with a good season free of major injury.

For instance, the Seahawks could tell Adams that he will have to play on his guaranteed $2.56 million salary if he wants to stay on the team this year.  For 2023 that would create the same $8.44 million in savings as if Adams was cut June 1.  In fact, it might be a better option since it would free the cap space immediately, whereas the June 1 cut space would not be available until June 2, after the draft and the bulk of the free agency season is completed.   Even better if Adams rewards them with a good season.

Admittedly, getting Adams to agree to that amount is a whole other conversation though.

Again, I cannot emphasize this enough:  the Seahawks must address Adams’ contract in one way or another this offseason.  There is no justification for not considering all the options, no matter what Pete Carroll says about looking forward to having Adams back this fall.

What about Quandre Diggs?

He will count $18.1 million against the cap in 2023.  Given his performance this year – even accounting for plenty of time to recover from a leg injury and that crucial interception in the Rams game – that big cap number bears a close examination.  

Pete Carroll made a little Freudian slip two weeks ago when commenting about Diggs’ interception and his celebration during live play in the Jets game when he said Diggs ‘has come alive with his playmaking’ – a tacit admission that the Seahawks had long stretches with pedestrian play from their star free safety.  Indeed, the number of missed tackles and the lack of sparky plays add up to make 2022 not one of his better seasons, despite the Pro Bowl nod.

Spotrac has a note on Diggs’ contract: his 2023 salary becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day after the waiver period begins (after the Super Bowl).  OTC usually has these kinds of notes but does not for Diggs.

What does that mean?  Two things:  the Seahawks will have to decide on Diggs very, very quickly.  In the next few weeks in fact.  Secondly, the June 1st cut is not an option this year.  There is no practical benefit for 2023 to be had with it because his salary locks in as guaranteed.

It does force a decision though — and soon.  The Seahawks can pick up $9.9 million of cap room if they cut Diggs before February 17.  It also gets his dead money handled in 2023 and off the 2024 books.

A trade is not a great possibility, unless the Seahawks can talk a team into trading for a 30-year-old safety and paying him $9.9 million guaranteed.  A renegotiation is possible but hard to visualize with Diggs. 

Cutting or trading Diggs and renegotiating or June 1st cutting Adams would at the most net the Seahawks $18.34 million of cap room for 2023.  With the surplus from the other moves, that would get them about $20 million of cap money that is free and clear.  They could spend it all in the market if they like.

Of course, they would need to dip some money and/or draft picks back into the safety position to replace those players.

Yet with Adams missing so much time and Diggs being invisible for large chunks of 2022, I am compelled to ask – could the Seahawks not get the same level of play or better with Ryan Neal, a mid-level free agent and a draft pick, for far less on the cap?  Particularly when you consider that Sean Desai and Karl Scott have been able to steer Neal to a great season and develop three young corners into starters 2022?  

The question is worth some serious consideration.

Using the cap room gained, they could refocus their resources on both lines by bringing in some strong free agents and drafting young talent to pair with them.

Perhaps they consider pairing a top free agent center or guard with one of the strong centers or guards available in this draft class?

On the defense, perhaps a top free agent defensive tackle paired with a draft pick could have a profound impact in the middle of the defense?

The thought of shifting resources back to the trenches is extremely persuasive.  If the Seahawks can be more effective in those areas, that would provide all kinds of benefits to their whole pattern of play and bolster their core principles of running the ball and stopping the run to a degree they have not experienced in recent seasons.

If they decide to move on from both Diggs and Adams, it opens up all kinds of options to both dramatically increase their competitiveness now and clear the decks for 2024 and beyond.

Investing in the trenches is always wise.  A home run strategy.  Even if that home run strategy does not produce home run results, we have already seen the results of investing heavily in the linebacker and safety spots – year after year of poor defense.  Returning to their roots by utilizing their draft capital and the ability to manufacture some cap space to invest in the lines is an unimpeachable decision.

However, there exists an option within that strategy that is also particularly enticing — adding some low-cost free agents in the trenches for 2023, developing their core young players further, keeping some cap room intact and pushing the surplus into the following season.

Freeing themselves from the two safety contracts and rolling a cap surplus allows the Seahawks to set up a real war chest to make serious moves in 2024.  Let me explain.

The Impact of These Moves on the 2024 Cap

The importance of 2024 cannot be overstated.

The Seahawks can be largely free of their wayward spending on expensive, underperforming veteran players in recent years.  Their biggest free agents will be Jordyn Brooks (I am guessing they will decline the $11m fifth year tender for 2024), Damien Lewis, Noah Fant, Colby Parkinson and Uchenna Nwosu.  Some would be replaced in the draft; some would be let go.

The excellent 2022 draft class will have their training wheels off and be ready to exert some dominance in their third season.  The 2023 class will have cut their teeth and have a year under their belt.  A good portion of their roster will be on rookie contracts and contributing at key positions.  

They have their bookend tackles, a dazzling running back, a corner who has already turned his immense physical gifts into serious production on the field and a pass rusher who has shown in limited stretches he belongs in the NFL.  Imagine the impact of adding two first-round picks and two second-round picks in 2023 and two more high picks in 2024 to that group.

Put another way, they will have some of the most expensive positions in the league covered with quality players on rookie contracts.  If they draft a quarterback with their top pick this year, they will have had him on the roster for a year and ready to take the reins in 2024 and complete the puzzle of matching immense talent to value at the most difficult positions in the NFL.

Take a look at where the Seahawks stand for 2024 using the same chart I had for 2023 and we will do the same exercise to true up their projected cap room:

OTC has the Seahawks with $127 million for 19 rostered players at this moment.  The 2023 Draft Class will take a chunk for the second year of their contracts, and the 2024 Class less so since the Seahawks will most likely not have four high picks in the top two rounds again.  I added $30 million for eight ‘Key Players’ plus two of those lower-cost trench players we discussed, tendered Darrell Taylor at the Second-Round rate and gave the tender a raise and put in another $10 million for the rainy-day fund.

That leaves approximately $52 million of cap room with 47 players rostered.  That is very, very good.

However, if they have cut Adams and Diggs loose in 2023, that adds another $24.49 million to OTC’s number.  Now we are at $77 million of room with 45 players rostered.

We are not done.  If the Seahawks decide to roll over any of the $20 million surplus gained by cutting Jackson, Harris, Diggs and Adams, that adds to the total.

It would not be the whole amount.  Let’s be conservative and roll over just third of that – $6 million – and call that $83 million of cap room for six players.

We do have a wildcard that needs discussing though and that is Geno Smith.  If the Seahawks sign him to the contract with a very cheap $9 million cap hit in 2023, they will have a price to pay in 2024.  His cap hit under that contract for 2024 would be $31 million.

That takes the cap down to $52 million of spending room for only five players.  However, the options we built into the proposed Geno contract give the Seahawks opportunities to reclaim some of that $31 million.

They can tear the contract up and renegotiate.  Or…

  • If they want to keep Geno, they can restructure the roster bonus and gain $9 million
  • If they trade Geno, they can recoup as much as $21 million
  • If they want to cut Geno with a June 1st designation, they gain $17.5 million in June

If I have completely overvalued the Geno Smith contract and the Seahawks get him for much less, there is even more room to operate.  

If they move on from Geno in 2024, they will need six players to get to 51.  But the lowest number in this projection is $52 million to get those six players.

You see where this is going.

With the young and inexpensive talent at critical positions filled already, any available cash can be utilized to shore up any weak spot on the roster or just to add even more talent to the trenches.  Or another offensive weapon.  Or both.

Think this is too pie in the sky?  It very well could be.  Maybe I am too optimistic.  Let’s address that.

Let’s cut that in half and take the available cap room down to just $26 million for the six remaining roster spots.  Call the other $26 million wasted money, inflation or bring back a couple of their own free agents.  

The Seahawks can still add two very good free agents and some key veteran role players to this young talented squad with that much money.  

Remember, we have already accounted for our draft picks, some important veteran spots and the injured reserve contingency fund.  This is money they can spend every dime of.  The beauty of it is, we are not proposing mortgaging the entire future for a shot at a championship run in 2024.  

In 2025, they will still have all those critical players on rookie contracts plus another $24.6 million of cap room from the last year of Jamal Adams’ contract being handled already.

Also, I have just talked about a couple ways to create cap space.  There are others available to the Seahawks if they desire them.

For this discussion though, a great chunk of that flexibility comes from the Seahawks deciding to add $67.44 million to their cap by freeing themselves from the contracts of Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams as soon as possible and using it strategically to benefit the team.  You can draw a straight line from that proposed $26 million of 2024 cap room to the $24.49 million you gain in 2024 by ridding yourselves of these two players.

Considering the great potential of the 2024 team and that precious Super Bowl window opening wide, would a 31-year-old free safety with a $15 million cap hit and a 29-year-old strong safety with a $23 million cap hit and a history of season-ending injuries really fit on this team?  Honestly.

The classic phrase ‘better a year too early than a year too late’ perfectly describes the situation with these two.  Moving on jumpstarts the next phase of this rebuild.  Not doing so could hinder it.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a lot to process, I realize.  If you have made it this far, you deserve a hearty handshake for sticking with me.

I want to be clear about something – this is not what I think the Seahawks will do.  My taste and ambitions for team building have long leaned towards being more aggressive than theirs are.  I am also very good at spending other people’s money.  It’s a gift.

And let’s be right, there is a reason the front office has their jobs and I do not.

It also needs to be acknowledged that there is an assumption that the 2022 draft class continues their ascent and the 2023 class delivers a similar impact.  As well as a desperate hope that Pete Carroll will not block any more young talent with expensive, marginally impactful veteran players in the future.

On the whole, this work-up has been an attempt to show what is possible within the framework of the current cap situation for the Seahawks.  If they make hard choices.  If they draft well.  If they avoid the pattern of overpaying veteran players whose best years are behind them and not developing their young talent more.

There is a lot of dead money involved in this plan.  The Diggs and Adams moves I propose leave over $30 million of cap room as dead and unusable between 2023 and 2024.  Geno Smith will incur some dead cap money at some point if the contract we outlined is signed.

Those are costs that need to be weighed and counted.  

How bad is dead money?

Regularly collecting dead money is never an advisable strategy but we also need to develop a balanced viewpoint about it.  It is not the anchor weight to a franchise that many view it as.  It can actually be an effective tool when utilized properly and young talent is developed.  

The Rams won a Super Bowl with $46 million in dead cap money.  The Eagles this year are carrying $65 million of dead money and are one of the best teams in the NFL.  Our own Seahawks carried $56 million and they squeaked into the playoffs.

My point is dead money on the books does not automatically translate to losses on the field.

I also want to briefly address a narrative that the Seahawks are conservative when it comes to the salary cap.

While that may largely be the case, it should be noted that the Seahawks have leaned toward being more aggressive in their moves the last three seasons.  

In August of 2020, they traded two first-round picks for a pass-rushing safety without securing a long-term extension in the transaction.  That was beyond aggressive.

The following year they gave that safety a market-bending contract.  Aggressive.

They also utilized void contract years in 2021, in order to make up for the salary cap shortfall due to the pandemic’s effect on ticket revenue.  That was a strategic procedure change borne out of a need to adapt.

They bucked their typical structure for the large Diggs and Adams contracts, making them light on the cap in the first year of their deals and heavier later.  Another necessary change.

They removed two franchise icons from the roster in the span of 48 hours in March last spring and committed to eating almost $30 million of dead cap to do it.  After being such a strong point of contention, absolutely no one is upset with the $26 million of dead cap for Russell Wilson 10 months later.

So there is evidence of this organization acting boldly in recent years.  They need to do it again in 2023.

This offseason, the team stands at the threshold of a completely new era of Seahawks football.  More options are open to them than ever before.

Money is not the problem.  Draft capital is not the problem.  Cap room is not the problem.  

In truth it is simply:  Does this organization have both the desire and will to act?  To take bold steps to push this team to the level of being a bona fide Super Bowl contender?

They have a chance to definitively answer that question this offseason.

Fans of all teams absolutely love to speculate about what you can do with a star quarterback on a rookie contract and rightly so.  We should be doing more of that when we talk about Seattle’s future plans.  

If the Seahawks wait until they have had that quarterback on the roster for a couple of seasons and ready to contribute before they start clearing up their finances and planning accordingly, they will not be able to effectively maximize that small window of premium cap room.  

They got a fantastic start in 2022 by making two very tough decisions on popular players and followed it up with a smashing draft class.  I am proposing they do exactly that again this year.

It will take some moves that are very clearly aggressive.  However, the potential reward could be historic:  Completely rebuilding a Championship-worthy roster without the painful experience of several seasons of treading water at the bottom of the NFL hierarchy.  


  1. Steve Nelsen

    Cha, this is great stuff. Thank you.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I think you have identified some of the key decision points for the off-season. Gabe is low-hanging fruit. Shelby is a tough call. Framing the Diggs decision in the same way as Bobby Wagner is spot on. Jamal Adams – pros and cons.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Wow Cha, wow that’s a lot of good information. Thanks.

    • Tommy Boy

      We have some bad contracts.
      Why did we pay Dissly? The whole Adams trade and sign is a travesty.
      Get rid of both Diggs and Adams
      Barton is worthless. Brooks can go. Penny is a joke.

      Carroll needs to retire. I can just see him going into halftime at SF saying”just keep doing what we’re doing, guys”. While Shanahan is an art of war reader. He knows the Hawks won’t change their attack so he makes a few adjustments with Purdy and the rout was on.

      Why didn’t we take a page from Wink Martindale and put 10 on the LOS and blitz from the edge while dropping DE on McCaffrey. Where’s the safety or corner blitz?

      How come Woolen, with an incredible first step doesn’t come off the edge. The Hawks are so vanilla and have zero strategic foresight. PC would be the worst chess or poker player. I’m sick of him!

      I’d keep SHarris. He’s one of the few front 7 bright spots. Jason Myers needs an extension.

      A lot of holes and needs.

  2. Troy

    Nice article Cha, it will be very interesting to see who the hawks cut. Gotta imagine gabe is 100% gone but I could see them holding onto Shelby due to him being good and them not wanting to weaken an already bad dline.

    100% agree some action is needed on at least one of the safeties, having both is an anchor. Guess we will see how they play it, I would love to cut both and spend a 1 or 2 on the position to play with Neal but I don’t see PC/JS cutting both.

    Really tho it’s all gonna come down to this next draft class, if they hit on it like they did the last one this team will have a bright future. Really hoping they mail this class, cause they could be Super Bowl contenders if they do.

    But if they fuck it up the cap won’t matter, really all comes down to this draft. I really hope they come away with 5 of the following: qb of the future, center, true pass rush player, linebacker, safety. If they can hit those positions we could be in business for a long time.

    • Seattle Person

      Cha made a great point in his article. Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs combined for a decent amount on the cap this past season. Next season they both will account for over $18 million each.

      Woolen, Jackson, Bryant were better and more productive players making a lot less. There is just no way around this. Unless your safeties are Earl and Kam they shouldn’t account for over $36 million with a chance to be more against the cap.

      You have to be ruthless here.

      • Troy

        Ya I literally said I would cut both but I don’t see PC/JS doing that. Just the contract of Jamal makes it unlikely, the hawks usually don’t do post June 1 cuts, they seem to like to take all their medicine same year. Diggs seems more likely with a 10 mil savings, however he has had his moments and obviously been more productive than Jamal. I see Jamal’s decision being easier to make next year assuming he is hurt or unproductive again.

  3. no frickin clue

    Cha – this is an excellent summary. Thanks for getting your hands dirty with the cap data so we don’t have to. 🙂

    I see one key question which for now remains unanswered:

    Are Pete and John prepared to acknowledge that this team is not, at present, seriously capable of challenging for a title?

    If they can acknowledge that we are not close, then it yields a host of decisions that can set the stage for 2024:

    – cut Adams
    – cut Diggs
    – avoid a major commitment to Geno
    – draft a QB of the future

    If they aren’t willing to do that, and keep trotting out some version of the narrative that “hey, we’re so close”, then the following occurs:

    – keep Adams
    – keep Diggs
    – keep Geno, even if it means a multi-year deal with the heavy cap lifting being pushed out into the late years
    – focus on the DL with that #5 pick as that one game-wrecker to transform the D

    I have absolutely no idea which way they go. I suspect we’ll find out by Feb. 17 with the Diggs decision looming. However, the experience with Russ tells me that the comments Pete makes ahead of time are irrelevant. Everything was supposedly fine with Russ right up until the day he got traded.

    • Brennan

      If the Hawks move on from Diggs there are good options in the draft:

      Brian Branch, Alabama
      Ji’Ayir Brown, Penn State
      Chris Smith, Georgia

      Skinner in the draft is a nice option to pair with Neal at SS next year if they move on from Adams. Financially that could help the Hawks a lot.

      • Seattle Person

        You need someone like Skinner. The 49ers and their weapons ran right through defenders on Saturday. Someone like Skinner to scare the crap out of ball carriers is very much needed.

        • Brennan

          Agreed. Our defense is soft and needs some hitters. Especially at linebacker. Skinner would be a good start though.

  4. Ryan purcell

    Great read. Thanks! I love Diggs but I can’t disagree. Too much $$. Not enough production.

  5. ShowMeYourHawk

    Fabulously explained, Curtis. We’re so lucky as a fan base to have Rob and educated fans such as yourself that help the rest of us get up to speed. Much appreciated!

  6. Romeo A57

    With these numbers it should be obvious that the Franchise Tag on Geno would destroy the Cap space projections. It just does not seem feasible to do that and try to improve the roster at the same time.

    Curtis’ work on this is excellent and appreciated.

  7. TatupuTime

    Super informative article. A lot of this had kind of been swirling in my head – but it’s nice to have it all pulled together. Any idea how to distill this all down to a tweet that can respond to all the fans that are giddy about all the cap space available and contemplating franchise tagging Geno?

    Holding my breath that the team makes the difficult decisions that will set them up for success (including a new coach) – but preparing myself for another year of the same.

  8. Robert Las Vegas

    It’s kinda of weird that is of today that no Seahawks players are under contract after 2025 and isn’t that when Pete contact ends as well? And a lot of teams use void years on contracts but not the Seahawks.i wonder how the Seahawks use the cap.

  9. Cysco

    This is seriously good. As a fan base, we are extremely lucky to have this site.

    • Big Mike

      Very lucky

      Fantastic breakdown cha!

  10. Stuart

    Excellent work Curtis and perfect timing. The last 3 years show how PC is concerned with the hear and now. The future does not much matter to him. Look at ashes he left behind at USC.

    PC is a Seattle legend that has stayed 5 years too long.

    The only 2 ways PC will retire:

    1. He feels that right now his legendary status is peaked-best possible time

    2. Meeting with Jody and she tells JS that Pete needs to retire now

    When will that meeting with Jody Allen, JS PC be?

    • Rob Staton

      When will that meeting with Jody Allen, JS PC be?

      Last year it was four days after their final game of the season

      • Glor


  11. Rob Staton

    Brian Daboll & Doug Pederson

    Two of the coaches talked about a LOT

    • Big Mike

      Watching Daboll turn Daniel Jones in to a quality NFL QB makes me so jealous.

      • Kyle R

        He has Daniel Jones looking like the second coming of Steve Young

        • God of Thunder

          Except bigger and faster. But not as good as a passer.

          Happy for Daniel Jones. He always had potential.

  12. Palatypus

    But where is the money to re-sign L.J. Collier?

    • Romeo A57

      He gets to keep whatever loose change he can find in couch cushions and vending machines around VMAC

      • Palatypus

        “Has anyone seen my Louis Vuitton coffee cup?”

        • Big Mike

          Wish it was over in the unemployment line.

          • Palatypus

            It will be if Collier steals it.

          • Kyle R

            I’m just imagining Adams in a soup kitchen line now with his Louis Vuitton cup hahaha

  13. dand393

    Cha thank you so much this is so helpful and I’ll be sharing this on all my social media, the more hawks fans understand the situation the easier it is to understand what is at stake in the coming years
    Great article and thanks Rob for all the great content I look forward to refreshing this page every day

  14. Big Mike

    Cha said: “As well as a desperate hope that Pete Carroll will not block any more young talent with expensive, marginally impactful veteran players in the future.”

    THIS is what I sadly have little doubt will happen if Carroll stays. And that goes for Adams. If Carroll is still here I have little doubt will start next year while Neal is riding pine.

  15. Roy Batty

    In a few weeks, the Diggs decision will tell us a lot about who is in control of the purse strings.

    • Palatypus

      That’s an astute observation.

  16. Palatypus

    Did you see that?

  17. Romeo A57

    Looked like Baltimore was going to take command of the game but Huntley got too careless with the ball. That was crazy.

    • clbradley17

      What a turnaround. From a goal line TD chance for the Ravens to a fumble and 99 yard return for the Bengals. As I recall, Rob had high praise for Hubbard after he blew it up at the combine. Another good DL we should have drafted and passed on.

    • bmseattle

      I know that Linderbaum had a very good rookie year. But he’s not having a great game tonight. Getting pushed around… a lot.

  18. Rob4q

    Excellent work Cha, really appreciate all the work that went into this!

    So what happens if Adams can’t pass a physical? Would there be an injury settlement and release? Just wondering…

    • cha

      Great question.

      The short answer is nothing.

      Long answer: He has $2.56 million guaranteed this year. The NFL has an injury protection benefit available for players who are cut with a failed physical designation that allows them to collect up to $2 million of their salary if they do not get resigned by another team. $1.2m of that charges the cap.

      Adams already has $2.56m in the bank so not a factor.

      • Rob4q

        Thanks Cha!

        I do think there is a possibility this is where it ends up – he’s had two surgeries in the shoulder and it could be one of those things that’s never right again. Add in the hand injuries and the latest was a knee…f the team doctors don’t pass him during the physical, he could be done in Seattle!

        So follow up questions – would that then mean that the rest of his salary for the next two years comes off the books?

        • cha

          Correct. The $2.56m this year is the last guaranteed money.

          However – if they do nothing and Adams is on the roster Week One that guarantees the rest of his 2023 salary – all $11 million.

  19. Buff

    This guy is the most annoying part of Seahawks Twitter.

    • Andy J

      Way more pathetic to be jealous of Rob’s successful hobby than Rob rightly pointing out that Jamal is a diva. Epic eye-roll.

      • Rob Staton

        People like that aren’t worth worrying about

        He’s wasting his own time, we don’t need to let him waste ours too

    • Scot04

      If we put the Mug on the field it may atleast trip up a player & probably has less chance of breaking.

  20. Daniel D.

    Fantastic assessment. I’m intrigued by the idea of rolling cap into 2024 and taking a shot then. That said, I don’t think the Seahawks will do it for a couple of reasons. First, if Pete’s back, they’re in always compete mode and won’t be willing to start rookies everywhere needed to make it work. Second, the Seahawks have always prioritized and paid their leaders on the defensive side of the ball. I think that means that Diggs is back. He’s seen as a core part of a reportedly strong culture. Whether it’s Kam’s last contract, Bobby’s deals, or the ill-fated extension for Jamal, they’ve paid their defensive leaders. It might be too painful from teambuilding approach to cut they guy that everyone looks up to.

    I do think they’ll cut Adams, with a small chance that he comes back on a renegotiated deal. Neal deserves every chance to start. I also think that the team will fill in holes (DL, LB) to try to rebuild the defense with a new vision. Pete will have a tough call to make with Clint Hurt. Something has to change.

    I’d be ok with the middle-ground approach of keeping Geno with modest guarantees beyond ’23, keeping the standards up and competing, but prepping the roster to build around a whichever QB falls to five. That, to me, is the sensible approach.

  21. Roy Batty

    I wonder if the Carroll cultists even noticed that the Seattle game was the only blowout. Every other game has been exciting to watch, right up until the final minute, or seconds.

    • Matt

      Nothing will ever be Pete or Geno’s fault. They can’t fail…they can only be failed.

    • Big Mike

      …..including Miami with a 3rd string QB nearly beating Buffalo. But hey, the Seahawks are close, right Pete?

  22. Mike McD

    Excellent write up!

    Last years off-season was extremely interesting. This years going into 2024 has a ton at stake as outlined with a bunch of options. I am intrigued/excited to see what happens.


  23. BoiseSeahawk

    I hope they

    1. Move on from Pete
    2. Cut Adams and Diggs asap and empower Neal
    3. Cut Gabe and draft a center
    4. Bring Geno back if you can’t land Levis, Stroud or Richardson
    5. Keep Shelby Harris (don’t try to replace him) use some draft picks to support him
    6. Draft JL Skinner
    7. Draft a LB to push Baton and Brooks

    • Peter

      Like harris but financially for us us and fair to him I think we cut him.

      Let him play for a good team. He’s a little old to build with.

      Draft keion white to replace him.

    • TatupuTime

      I wouldn’t even bring Barton back. Good ST player and that’s it. If there aren’t options you like in the draft it’s OK to just get competent veteran linebackers to hold the fort for a year.

      Love Harris the player and as a leader. But $8.9M in cap space is too much for me to think keeping him is a good option at this point in a rebuild.

      Bryce Young scares the bejeezus out of me. But for me I’d take him if he’s there at 5.

  24. Bankhawk

    Only one word for that post, Cha:’masterful!’ Thanks for that, man!

  25. Jabroni-DC

    Quite the final 4 of AFC QBs.

    Patrick Mahomes
    Josh Allen
    Joe Burrow
    Trevor Lawrence-Targaryen

    Those guys are going to be duking it out for years to come.

    • Palatypus

      You know, there were some missed opportunities in House of the Dragon. Like, when Aegon Targaryen was masturbating out of the window of his ivory tower they should have cut to a scene with the commoners below all carrying parasols along a promenade. Then they should have had a cameo close-up shot of Meghan Markle saying, “How come everyone has an umbrella but me?”

  26. Jabroni-DC

    It’s going to be an interesting 24 hrs. We’ll know whether CJ Stroud declares for the draft and whether we are picking Sedrick Van Pran at #19 or #20 by this time tomorrow night.

    • TatupuTime

      Man, the number of good centers I’ve seen the Seahawks pass on since trading Unger… There is no way I’m going to allow myself to dream on someone like Van Pran. I’ve been hurt before and I’m not going there.

      • bmseattle


        I’m with you on the Center issue.
        After the way they’ve addressed the position over the past decade, and them bypassing excellent prospects in the draft, now imagining they will spend a top 20 pick on one is extremely wishful thinking, imo.

  27. Peter

    Geno passing + run game including k9, Dallas, + geno scrambles…..

    357 yards.

    Daniel jones own yards = 379 yards

    • Palatypus

      When he didn’t look like Kurt Warner, he looked like Curt Warner.

      • Peter

        Nicely done.

        • Big Mike

          Ditto. Very Seahawks good Palatypus

    • UkAlex6674

      You failed to mention the Seahawks were up against the no1 D. Daniel Jones up against the 31st.

      • Peter

        It was more that Daboll is some kind of coach to take almost bust afterthought daniel Jones and get him to perform at that level.

        It’s pretty impressive.

  28. Stuart

    Yah but the first half we were up. Tag Gino and trade up to number 1 for Carter. He will be the difference. Lock up LB Barton. He is a tackling machine. Bring em all back.

  29. Stuart

    That was meant as a response for Caroll Cultist.

    • Peter

      Dave wyman?

      • Big Mike

        Unlikely cuz there was no excuse making for the pompous peacock

      • Palatypus

        Dave Wyman is the Black Pope of the Sacred Order of the Mollusk.

        Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn

  30. Peter

    It’s honestly no joke been a good one with Pete.

    Thank him for the superbowl. Such an amazing game. The LOB. Lynch. Wilson going off that fateful preseason before he started.

    But for the health of the franchise its time for someone new.

    • UkAlex6674

      100% this.

      He can leave knowing he made the playoffs without RW, and leaving the team in a healthy state draft capital wise, and a good class of year 2 players.

      Hopefully he sees it this way!

      It’s (been since 2017) time for fresh. Although I will say it seems like he wanted to freshen up (Allen/Mahomes).

      For me though the worst part of the last few years is the pissing away of cap space and terrible drafting/draft maneuvering. Borderline criminal.

      • Peter

        It’s what worries me greatly from Cha’s piece to what they do with the pucks that this team. Which has been stuck for a while, could get mired deep into that 7 to 9 win purgatory for years if they aren’t planning for some kind of future.

  31. Palatypus

    By the way, I give this article five out of five Chas.

    Which makes it a Charo !!!

    Kind of like a hat trick.

    • swedenhawk

      Cuchi cuchi? In all seriousness, this is a brilliant piece Curtis. Appreciate you.

    • God of Thunder

      Thorough and smart cha! Thanks

  32. UkAlex6674

    Cap and finance of a team is something I really struggle with, so thanks so much for such a comprehensive report! Great stuff.

  33. UkAlex6674

    Even though the on field part of the season is over for us, this blog ensures that it doesn’t end at all off it.

    I only discovered this blog in time for the 2017 draft and it has 100% changed my outlook on the draft and the months leading up to it.

    At the moment I am as excited as the opening day of the football league season over here in England and going to watch my teams first game. And this will be the feeling right up to draft day!

  34. SoZ

    49ers vs Seahawks
    PFF grades (left) and Cap Numbers (right)

    92.9 Trent Williams 27.36
    62.3 Arik Armstead 24.35
    83.2 Fred Warner 18.525
    82.7 George Kittle 18.092
    90.9 Nick Bosa 17.859
    80.1 Charvarius Ward 16.405
    87.6 Christian McCaffrey 12.0
    ? Trey Lance 9.301
    75.8 Deebo Samuel 8.830
    61.9 Kyle Juszczyk 6.589
    75.7 Jimmie Ward 6.395
    82.0 Dre Greenlaw 5.707
    ? Javon Kinlaw 4.928
    79.7 Brandon Aiyuk 3.987

    ? Jamal Adams 18.11
    71.8 Quandre Diggs 18.1
    77.9 Tyler Lockett 16.75
    77.7 DK Metcalf 13.72
    72.6 Uchenna Nwosu 13.01
    74.8 Shelby Harris 12.211
    54.8 Gabe Jackson 11.262
    70.8 Will Dissly 9.19
    64.5 Noah Fant 6.85
    47.3 Quinton Jefferson 6.485
    69.9 Al Woods 5.42
    63.1 Charles Cross 4.860
    52.8 Jordyn Brooks 3.893

    Yeah I’d say Hawks need to make some tough decisions unless we want to lose to them 3 more times next year. 8 49ers players higher thanthe highest Seahawk on this list. The Seahawks great players are…crickets.

    • Rob Staton

      This just highlights how far away we are

  35. Andy J

    Great article Curtis. Making me feel hella pessimistic though.

    You make a great case why we should make the sacrifices now to set up the future. We honestly won’t be competitive for a trip to the big-time until 2024.

    That being said… I hate to see all the money go up in flames, all for nothing, to essentially pay players to play against us. It makes way more sense to cut Diggs next year (dead cap wise). I honestly pray, irrationally, that Jamal will renegotiate, but that contract is truly an albatross and seems inescapable.

    Based upon your math… I don’t think Geno is worth that price for a one-year rental. Regardless, I hope and expect him to be back. He seems like the most likely person whose contract we will be grumbling about in 2 years time.

    Add Woods, Jefferson, and Mone to those in threat of getting cut. I don’t see how you pay anyone of that D-line big chunks of money. Anyone know if they can be cut after the draft / training camp???

    Once again, this analysis makes clear why the organization hierarchy matters. If Pete Carroll is year-by-year (I’m not convinced this is the case) or is making the decisions, you have to see him hating the idea of a Seppuku before the season even starts.

    Let’s also hope that they don’t keep making these stupid decisions… signing old journeymen to 2-3 contracts with dead money. It’s like bandaids that cause infections.

    • God of Thunder

      Andy railed it. We will (legitimately) be complaining about Geno’s contract if we hand him a 3+ year deal.

  36. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Can we now say Bruce Irvin is done? Please?

    • Big Mike

      Probably, but if Carroll’s back he’ll just bring in some other well past his prime up vet to take playing time away from a young player.
      Knock knock: Benson Mayowa, is that you?

      • Hawk Mock

        I’d be cool if he brought back Marshawn and gave him Barton’s job.

    • Zeke

      Is he really that bad? 12% pressure % and 4 sacks in 12 games

      • Big Mike

        Somewhere in here someone posted the overall numbers for him and Boye Mafe. Mafe’s total numbers (pressures, sacks) were nearly the same as Irvin’s with literally half the playing time.
        Make your own judgement.

        • Zeke

          But Mafe only had 5% pressure, Irvin 12%

          • Zeke

            Mafe 424 snaps
            Irvin 400 snaps

            • Peter

              Wherever we are getting our numbers is jacked.

              Irvin less snaps than mafe but she sure has him with a higher percentage of snaps.

              Also 12% pressure rate on 400 snaps is what like 44 combined qb hits, sacks, tfls? If Irvin did that he’d be in the mix for DPOY.

              The big picture though that you might not be getting is bruce irvin means zero for the team. Not this year. Not next year and it was a wasted year for mafe by playing bruce as much as they did.

        • Peter

          That was me.

          Literally every time Wyman cheered “old man bruce,” or “sure looks good for 35….:

          I shed a tear that he was literally taking snaps for a net loss mind you over playing mafe to be the future.

    • Pran

      Waiting for Bennett and Mayowa to be signed up

  37. schuemansky

    Pick 5 got more valuable. CJ Stroud declared!
    So let’s hope we take a QB!

    • Big Mike

      Very, very good news!

  38. Troy

    Cj Stroud declares for the draft!

    • Rob Staton


    • bmseattle

      Really want either Stroud, Levis, or Richardson.
      Worried that none will be there by #5, however.
      Damn, pick #3 would have been nice.

    • Jabroni-DC


    • Cysco

      LFG Boys!

  39. HawkfaninMT

    Phew… welcome to the NFL CJ Stroud

    • UkAlex6674


  40. Mr Magic

    What about Dissley? I believe we could save 5-6mln ish by cutting him as well.

    • cha

      Dissly isn’t a real viable option to gain much.

      $3m with $6m dead if you cut him right now.

      Feb 10 his salary becomes guaranteed so a June 1 cut is worse. $8.74m dead and $510,000 of cap gained, with another $3.1m dead in 2024.

      • Mr Magic

        According to OTC we save 6.09mln with a post June 1 cut.

        • cha

          They don’t take into account the guaranteed money until it hits the date. (hover over the little icon on Dissly’s page under 2023).

      • Seattle Person

        Dissly might not be an option but Noah Fant certainly is. He has no guaranteed money and has zero dead money. He probably won’t fetch much in the trade market but he’s someone that should be considered if they are tight on money.

        • cha

          Fant’s 2023 contract is fully guaranteed.

          • Seattle Person

            You’re right. He was traded for and was given the 5th year option. I don’t know how I got this mixed up.

  41. Mr Magic

    I like the idea of keeping Adams. I think he has something to prove and is still young-ish. Work on a restructure. Even if it doesn’t work out and you cut him after next season there is still plenty of money to save. I believe he will have a big year personally, his career is basically on the line. Cutting JA after June 1 saves 8.44mln, well cutting Dissley saves 6.09. Id rather cut Dis, keep JA, net cost 2.35mln, not a killer.

    I would then move on from Diggs outright, go with Neil and picks/fa in that spot. Harris try to restructure, hes a good rotational piece, if he can be had at the right value otherwise cut. Jackson is gone.

    • bmseattle

      Adams is damaged goods, unfortunately.

      A safety who’s value is playing at the line of scrimmage, blitzing and stopping the run…who has a shoulder that is a ticking time bomb…is not going to last long.
      And when he *does* play, we will see his play less impactful while he tries to avoid direct hits on his shoulder.

    • Jabroni-DC

      As sorry as I am to admit this, I believe our current defensive scheme was adopted with Adams skillset in mind and if he was ever consistently healthy he might become a key contributor using more 3 safety looks (not to mention massive personnel upgrades elsewhere on D). I’m so frustrated by the amount of draft capitol & cap space dedicated to his paltry time & effect on the field that he’s become my lightning rod for every mistake that Pete & John have made since they got here. So there’s an internal struggle between wanting Adams wiped from the books and my memory vs hoping he actually gets healthy & fulfills his highest potential on our defense. So I’ll say this…turn it around beeyatch or get the **** out.

      • DC1234

        If they changed the defensive scheme to suit Adams, then I fully blame Pete and John.

        They should know Adams have been injured the past two years. Should at least draft a safety/LB hybrid in the draft for insurance. Like how they drafted walker III for penny being hurt insurance.

        Please just get rid of adams this offseason.

        • Jabroni-DC

          From Pete’s end of season presser,

          “[q] How much D change with no Adams? “Last 3 years has effected us. Plan to utilize him. He’s terrific player, big factor. Design of scheme set up with him in mind. Not blaming things on that. Take adv when we have him again.”

    • Big Mike

      Well if Carroll is back I think you’re gonna get your wish, unfortunately.

  42. Daniel D.

    Stroud declaring makes it like you’re drafting at 4 instead of 5. Makes it much more likely that you’re getting Richardson or Levis. I’d love to see the Seahawks’ slack channel– they must be thrilled.

    Thinking about the pathway to be a contender– you’ve got to be exceptional at something and good enough everywhere else. Given the quality of the receiver room, TEs, K9, and the tackles, it’s easy to envision the Seahawks having an elite offense with a dynamic QB. It’s much harder to see them acquiring, developing, and deploying the talent they would need to be elite on the defensive side of the ball. I’d also argue that in the playoffs, and acknowledging that balance and competence is necessary everywhere, that elite offensive playmaking is more vital than elite defense. Emphasis on playmaking, which can be the QB, or as we’ve seen with Kupp, Deebo, and others, can be a combination of well-used skill players and QB competence.

    All of this for me means one thing: the Seahawks should reboot their defense and use this draft to add talent, but pick 5 needs to be a QB. The team is perfectly positioned to bring Geno back and build on this year’s success, to redshirt a high-ceiling QB prospect, and to turn over the keys to an offense with potential to contend in ’24.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Call me crazy but I really like the idea of going heavy on offense early in the 2023 draft. It’s going to take 2 years of great work to be contenders so set up the QBs for success now by cementing the offensive foundation. Make the defense the higher priority in 2024.

      3-4 DE

      After QB the rest can be in order of opportunity. Defensively, step one is to find a badass 3-4 DE (our Cowboy).

      • Daniel D.

        I like that approach too.

        Seahawks have tried to fix the defense by pouring in the resources (pick and money for adams and diggs, the first round picks for collier and brooks, second rounders for taylor and blair), Obviously you’ll have hits and misses but draft capital alone doesn’t get you to an elite defense. It could make the offense a real threat.

        Also like what you said about being opportunistic. Nail QB at the top and then let the rest of the draft come to you. If you’re building toward contention in ’24, you’ll have more resources and another draft to fill in the gaps. For now, build around the best available players.

      • Matt

        I’m all in with this approach. And a rookie QB will let you splurge elsewhere.

        Stop overpaying above average players. Pay elite or play young.

      • bmseattle

        I wonder if there are more high draft pick “busts” on the defensive side of the ball?

        The mentality you need to play defense in the NFL, seems more in line with the “chip on your shoulder”, “got something to prove” mentality that is more likely to come with being “disrespected” and feeling unappreciated.

        The best defensive players we’ve had on this team have almost all been of that type.

        Max effort is just so important on defense. Guys who feel entitled, or have always been more physically gifted than their peers, seem more likely to underachieve at the highest level.

        Point being, it might make sense to focus on offense early, and find the hungry, pissed off, defensive guy later on in the draft.

    • Matt

      What a great post. You nailed it, IMO.

      It’s near impossible to be great at everything. I think the best way to build is make your great to Elite. And the other side of the ball to compliment that. If you have a high flying offense, the goal shouldn’t be an elite defense, but rather an opportunistic one. Meaning…if you are going to put points on the board, focus on players who are good in coverage. If you’re an elite run offense going into every game like a street fight – you need disciplined brawlers on defense that maybe aren’t the greatest playmakers.

      Complimentary football is where it’s at. Most importantly, it’s a realistic way to build.

  43. Thomas

    Sigh of relief…

  44. Trevor

    Listening to Pete on Brock and Salk and he his being surprisingly honest about the difference in talent level between the two teams particularly up front. He came right out and said there is a significant gap. Sounds like a guy who wants a game wrecker up front badly though. Hope that is not an omen for the 5th pick.

    He does not sound like a guy going anywhere however.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d like to hear John’s view

      • Big Mike

        We’re gonna know John’s view on draft day.

  45. Trevor

    Sounds like they are going to let Geno test the market though for sure.

  46. HOUSE

    Thoughts on Quinton Jefferson being released? Dead Cap would be $2M, but would free up $4.485M

    • Hoggs41

      Personally it felt like he was one of the positives. Your losing Collier, probably Ford and Im guessing Mone and Harris. That leaves you just Woods, Adams and QJeff. Im guessing he stays.

    • Daniel Dietz

      Release. He did some nice things but the line was so terrible overall and he’s not getting younger. You can’t justify that cap hit.

    • Andy J

      Would be great to know if he (or Woods and Mone) could be cut anytime. Hopefully Woods retires. But might it be best to see if you find replacements in the draft and/or make Jefferson or Mone earn their spot.

  47. Joe

    Stroud declared for the draft. Definitely a relief.

  48. cha

    Pete Carroll Show on 710

    “We’re already starting the bounce to get going. The whole place wants to turn and head to the future. Players, coaches, optimistic about what’s coming up. The draft is enticing. We went into halftime feeling ready to roll. They got rolling and we couldn’t stop it. We really had a shot. Expected weather and elements, and nothing. Kinda cheerleading for the storm. Looking forward to what’s coming up.”

    [q] SF team? “Terrific club. Deebo big factor. Different than other guys. Our guys couldn’t tackle him. Goes 70 yards on a regular play that shouldn’t happen. Mistake. Enough firepower that a young QB can do a great job. Enough opps, he is really resourceful. Inability to get him sacked difference in game. Running all over, dumped ball off in flat. Those plays could have been sacks. Very difficult team. Teams in playoffs have tough time.”

    [q] How far away from Niners? “Distance there. Front 7. LBs together. Tufanga excellent factor right out of nowhere. Guys up front really make a different. Armstead and Bosa problem every snap. Sigh of relief when they need a break. Big difference from what we have.”

    [q] Who on your D is problem on every snap for other teams? “Brooks, Tariq becoming that. To really be effective it needs to be up front. Every snap. Like the factor that Aaron Donald brings. Overwhelms the game plan. Teams with big time, one guy you really have to contend with.”

    [q] Clarity on where you are vs top teams? “Gotta beat teams if you want to win the whole thing. Couldn’t capitalize. Faltered in fourth Q. Stay on top of that and win that game, there’s no stopping us. It is a marker. They’ll be the best team in the NFL when it’s all over. It’s OK with us. We know them as well as anybody.”

    [q] QB situation in 2023, how feel? “I do know how our guys felt. Love our guys, love Geno. Time of his life. Like nothing more than to be here. Drew great first year. Relationship heightened for positive. Looking forward to getting that done.”

    [q] Can you afford a big QB salary? System team? “If you want one of the top, you have to go get it. Geno’s aware of situation, wants a good team around him too. Try to figure out best way to do that. Geno hasn’t been approached yet. He knows it’s the best place for him. Leadership, team, coaches, big love fest. Figure out. Can we afford to? Want a great player you have to pay. We know where we’re going with this thing. Try to make the right choices. Difficult choices. Johnny’s running this end of it. Knows what we’re up against. Difficult decisions. Beautiful opp in draft. Put us in position to have a real impact.”

    [q] Retrospective on Geno pleasant surprise? “Has surprised me. Didn’t realize he could go this long this well. Knew talent. Loved competitiveness. Extended our expectations. So together. Complete competitor. Deal with his personality. Feisty guy, gets pissed, can work against him. Dave Canales incredible job. Finding connection to greatness Geno has. Consistency. High level of poise. Could have got caught up in excitement. Handled one opp after another. ‘That’s our guy man! Look at him!’ Niners 9 for 10 in first half. Executed butt off against defense in playoffs. He’s a winner.”

    [q] Started convo’s yet with returning? “Preliminary setting up timeframe but not yet. Feel assured John’s all over it.”

    [q] Defense, switch to 3-4 still? Feel? “Yeah continue to grow. 3-4 thing not the issue. We didn’t’ transition as fast as we needed to. Took too long. Struggled. So much newness, complexity, just too hard. Break a frickin run fit and he goes 60 yards. Connection of scheme and players. We can be so much better. So much newness in the mistakes we made. Young players don’t make right decisions all the time. I’m diving in as deep as I can to make sure this defense is our defense. Starts up front. Didn’t control concessions we made starting out. It’s right in front of us. Scheme wise guys gotta get better. So much improvement from young guys. Tanner and Cody trying to figure out, a lot to take in. Inconsistency is something I can’t tolerate, I hate it. We’re gonna get this fixed up.”

    [q] Assess clint Hurtt’s season? “Large amount of growth available. Clint has it nailed. Command of what it takes to run the whole thing. Consistency and disciplined. Now need to built it all up. Personnel with too.”

    [q] Pick at #5, what traits looking for? “Not gonna tell you anything LOL. 1-2, 1-2, enormous opp to hit it. Opp so rare. Always picking at the bottom. 25th or 26th. We hope to really capture this. Opps galore. Dream come true for Johnny. Cap in good order to support us through free agency. Team knows that. Fans know that. Gotta do a good job. Still a frickin crapshoot. Looking forward to it.”

    [q] Biggest takeaway from exit interviews w players? “Stuff I’m not gonna tell you. Probably the number of guys I got to feeling their attitude about us. Not just one guy. Feeling about being a Seahawk right now strong as I can remember. Gratitude about being on this team. We had a freakin blast. Just didn’t get us quite to where we wanted. Young. So much growth. Charles and Abe know much better about the game next year. Clarity awareness, sight. Not just one or two guys. Seven or eight or nine. Including vets that had their first year this year. So excited.”

    [q] You validated this year? “Feel good about way taken to experience. Where we’ve been, where we’re going. Can’t feel better after losing last game as I do now. Atlanta game last time. I do feel good. I hate being 9-8. I hate that number. Not good enough.”

    [q] Media thought worst team in NFL before season? Don’t you feel good about that? “I’m glad we ended up winning last couple to get a chance to playoffs. Not satisfying though. Gotta do better. I appreciate you trying to cheer me up.”

    • Big Mike

      “Our guys couldn’t tackle him (Deebo)”.

      Um Pete, your guys can’t tackle anyone.

    • Big Mike

      “To really be effective it needs to be up front. Every snap. Like the factor that Aaron Donald brings.”

      Then why did you give up 2 firsts and a 3rd for Jamal Peacock?

    • Mick

      Thank you cha, I can’t manage to listen to Pete speaking.

      “Who on your D is problem on every snap for other teams? – Brooks […] becoming that.” OK so he doesn’t see that Brooks has 0 coverage skills and he’s not going to cut him…

      • Big Mike

        If he didn’t cut total bust Collier, he won’t cut decidedly average Brooks.

        • Big Mike

          Cutting Collier, or as you asked for, Brooks or as many of us want, the pompous peacock would be Carroll admitting those guys were mistakes. He has never done so to my recollection. It’s the same reason Dee Eskridge will be here another couple of years unless Carroll isn’t.

      • pdway

        Didn’t really miss Brooks at all post-injury to be honest.

    • Roy Batty

      Have fun with a the Rams next year, Pete.

      Stafford, Donald and Kupp all back and ready to resume the dominance over your team.

      And therein lies the crazy talk of seeing this team as anything but mediocre. The Rams had their three best players out. The Cards became a hot mess. Take away just two of those Rams wins and this team is what it should be, a rebuilding in progress, not an ascension waiting to happen.

    • pdway

      his reply on the Geno question –

      “If Geno hasn’t been approached yet. He knows it’s the best place for him. Leadership, team, coaches, big love fest. Figure out. Can we afford to? Want a great player you have to pay. We know where we’re going with this thing. Try to make the right choices. Difficult choices. Johnny’s running this end of it. Knows what we’re up against. Difficult decisions. Beautiful opp in draft. Put us in position to have a real impact.”

      Gave some interesting info. They haven’t talked about his contract yet – which makes the leak to Rapoport weird, b/c it was pretty direct that Geno was coming back. Also, Pete flagging the high first rounder in the context of a question on Geno, tells me that picking a QB there is on the table.

      • Hawkdawg

        His continuing references to the need to develop a “more dynamic front”, and regular and unabashed admiration for the NIners’ front 7, gave me the opposite feeling–high picks on DL are what’s coming up….

  49. Big Mike

    (on the 3-4 defense) “We’re gonna get this fixed up”

    That’s what you said the last several years of defensive struggles and it was a 4-3.

    • Big Mike

      “I hate being 9-8. I hate that number. Not good enough.”

      You were 9-9 Carroll. That’s a .500 team. Guessing 9-9 isn’t good enough either. A lot of us fans sure don’t think it is.

    • bmseattle

      Too bad you couldn’t get this “fixed up” during the season.

      I wonder if “fixed up” means starting off the season with another historically bad first 5 weeks?

    • 12th chuck

      one of the things that gets me the most, tackling. How can a defense struggle to tackle. How much better ( or less awful) could the defense be if they just fu$*ng tackled better ffs.

  50. AL

    Now that CJ Stroud has declared for the draft, I’m interested in what everyone thinks the Seahawks should do with their first pick.

    Should they select the best QB thats available at #5, or maybe Will Anderson, Jalen Carter or someone else entirely?

    In my opinion, staying at #5 if you want at QB could be risky as four teams do pick in front of the Seahawks. Lets consider this, these are the teams that are currently projected as needing a QB and their first round draft position,

    #2 Houston
    #4 Indianapolis
    #5 Seattle
    #6 Detroit
    #7 Las Vegas
    #8 Atlanta
    #9 Carolina
    #13 New York Jets
    #16 Washington
    2nd Round New Orleans

    Houston, Detroit and the Jets may or may not be in the market and New Orleans doesn’t have a 1st round draft pick, but that still leaves six teams that definitely are. Lets look at how things could fall in the draft.

    #1 Chicago, A trade will most likey happen and a QB will be picked here
    #2 Houston, It makes a lot of sense for Houston to pick a QB here as
    they also own the #12 pick
    #3 Arizona, This pick could be the consolation prize for not getting the
    #1 pick
    #4 Indianapolis, a QB will be picked here
    #5 Seattle, At least two of the QB’s will be gone, possibly three if
    Houston picks one. Maybe four if Arizona does a trade. *Note

    * Another thing we have to consider is Bryce Youngs size, while he’s very talented, many teams including the Seahawks may be turned off by his size.

    Keep in mind, any team that wants to guarantee themselves one of the top four QB’s, will have to jump Seattle to do so. I would have to think Arizona would have to consider offers.

    While Seattle could sit tight at #5 and hope one or two of the top four makes it to #5, there are no guarantees. If Seattle wants a QB this year, they may have to seriously consider moving up in the draft.

    If Seattle wants a defensive player, theres also a good chance Will Anderson is gone by #5, leaving Jalen Carter or someone else.

    Personnaly I’m hoping Seattle does want a QB, has one targeted and is willing to move up to get him.

    Will Anderson and Jalen Carter are kind of underwhelming to me, so I think the pick has to be a QB.

    Just my thoughts.

    • Big Mike

      Agree with you about moving up to get their QB

    • Seattle Person

      I think one of the needy QB teams will trade up for the #1. Colts make too much sense to secure the QB they want.

      – Stroud and Young will probably go 1&2 and it’s interchangeable. Whoever the team fancies more.

      – Anderson and Carter will likely go #3&4 in some order. The Cardinals need an Edge player and Anderson makes a ton of sense. If the Bears end up at #4 then Carter is a good fit for them as well.

      – Leaves #5 to us. I would probably pull the trigger on the QB I like. At this point — I really think Richardson is the right call. He’s a true Jr with probably the most upside in the draft. I think if you let him sit for a little and develop him then you’ll have something real.

      *An alternative is you see if you can squeeze for draft picks by moving down to #7. We’ll see what the Raiders do and if they sign/trade for a QB. But trading with them is ideal because I don’t think the Lions select at QB. Even if the Raiders select a QB then Richardson or Levis might still be there. Then again…you run the risk of the Lions trading with the Panthers and Falcons.

      • AL

        You really think Young could go 1 or 2 given his size? I’m thinking he might fall, but probably not far.

        I think Richardson is going to turn heads at the combine.

        To be sure tho, this is going to be an interesting draft given four good QB’s and several QB needy teams and not many blue chip propects at the top of the draft.

        • Seattle Person

          Right now as things stand? Yes — Young probably goes in the top 2. Now things can/will change from now to the draft.

        • PJ in Seattle

          That’s my take as well – I’m pretty sure Levis and Richardson will be the top QBs on most boards by the time the draft rolls around. If JS has his heart set on either one, we’ll probably have to move up to get them. Hope I’m wrong, because I don’t want to have to give up any of our first 4 picks this year.

          Levis makes a ton of sense to Indy as he’s prepared to start as a rookie. I think Young and Stroud would be next most appealing for those teams that need a rookie starter at QB. AR15 needs a redshirt year for sure, so there’s some hope there that he falls a bit and can be had at #5. His upside is simply too much to pass up at 5 if he does.

    • Rob4q

      Well, you have to think that a Derek Carr & Jimmy G will get two of those opportunities. And there are a number of other QB’s who could be on the move as well. What happens with Geno & Drew Lock in Seattle will also have an effect. What are Brady & Rodgers going to do?

      As far as Chicago in the #1 spot – what if they don’t get that offer that overwhelms them? They could be sold on Anderson, Carter or another player that has a great combine. It’s not likely and Rob has clearly pointed out that this draft has 6 true “blue chip” guys at the top. but we’ve seen teams do some crazy stuff before…

      I just have a feeling teams at the top of this draft are going stay where they are and make their picks, knowing just that – if they move out of the top 6 they’ll miss out. There just isn’t a reason for Indy to move at all unless they really like 1 guy over the others. Houston may prefer a veteran QB or may still want to give Davis Mills a chance?

      • Seattle Person

        Yup. All great points. Indy could stay pat and select a QB that falls to them. They might want one that can start sooner rather than later though. Jimmy G makes a lot of sense. They might sign a veteran QB and still draft one. They do have some pretty solid pieces already.

    • DC1234

      Is there a chance Houston fall in love with Will Anderson Jr, they will take him #2 overall.

      Maybe Houston prefers the two qb next years (Caleb, Maye) draft over these 4.

    • Andy J

      Best player available… or, if you don’t believe that they’re “the guy”, look for trade capital.

      1) Stroud
      2) Levis
      3) Anderson
      4) Richardson
      5) Carter
      6) Young

      I think the front office could fall in love with one or more, hopefully more.

  51. Cysco

    Draft Richardson or Levis
    Draft Van Pran With #20
    Focus on defense rounds 2-3

    We would be in a position to have the an elite offense in 2024 with likely the youngest and most talented offensive line in the league. A stud at QB and RB. Metcalf and Locket still in the fold.

    Clean up the cap on the defensive side and reinvest in D-line and LB. Make it the goal to be a bang average defense at worst in 2024.

    That team should be legit contenders in a couple years.

    • Seattle Person

      If Calijah Kancey is still there at #19 or #20 then I really want him. There are other centers in the 2nd or 3rd you can get.

  52. dand393

    💯 exactly this, but I fear from Carroll’s comments we may be doing the exact opposite

  53. Trevor

    Myles Garrett and Nick Bosa are every bit as rare as Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow. Why do so many fans think it is a given that the Hawks cab draft a guy like that at #5 when from what I can tell there is no one like that in this draft?

    • Volume12

      Knowing what we know now, remember, he was dominant for a long stretch and had 17 sacks in 09. Would u draft Elvis Dumervil? Not Bosa or Garrett but still a very, very good pass rusher.

      Point is, that’s who I think Will Anderson will be in the NFL.

      • Jabroni-DC

        V, you think that Lukas Van Ness is maxed out weight wise?

        Really hoping that we can identify & acquire that 3-4 DE that wreaks havoc up front and frees the OLBs behind him to do the same.

        • BK26

          Van Ness? Probably. He’s already 275 or so. Would love to get him.

          One thing that Iowa does: puts guys in the trenches into the NFL and they usually get through their first contract. It’s always irritated me as a Hawkeye fan that Seattle never tapped into Iowa, especially when they get some of the best o-line and d-line coaching in college. O-line, d-line, TE, and DB.

          Would love La Porta as a later round TE as well.

          • Jabroni-DC

            Volume12, our decade plus pro scout called out Van Ness earlier this season to having some “Cowboy to his game” in reference to the old 49ers nemesis. Justin Smith was around 290 playing as a 3-4 DE. Van Ness would be ideal size for a 4-3 DE but maybe he could pull it off in our current scheme being a bit lighter. Definitely looking for someone like him for our DL.

            • BK26

              The one thing that I will say about anyone from Iowa is that their strength and conditioning is almost maxed out at the college level when they leave. They come in small and 1 or 2 star recruits, redshirt and work out, and then have good careers at the next level. Justin Smith is a good comp.

              I feel like our ends are missing any kind of power; the kind that will just wear you down. Epenesa wasn’t quite what I projected him to be, but man, talk about power. Kittle, Hockenson, Marshall Yanda, Bulaga,Adrian Clayborn, Mike Daniels. Even Blythe has made a career out of being a late-round

              At Iowa, you don’t play if you aren’t sound at your position and bust your ass. I think Van Ness will be smart enough and coached well enough that be able to translate.

              • Jabroni-DC

                Thanks for the 1st hand scouting. Assuming that Seattle goes QB with the early pick I could see Van Ness in play with a subsequent pick. He recorded as many sacks as most draft eligible DL’ers as a rotational guy. There’s potential for a hit at a position of great need.

              • Rob Staton

                Van Ness is too pretty

                Needs to get himself a black eye or something before the combine, go full skin head or something

                • Jabroni-DC

                  What if he just keeps his helmet on at all times ala Ricky Williams? Add a reflective visor?

                  • Rob Staton

                    That might work

                    I just think a big scar or a few missing teeth would be better

        • Volume12

          I think he’ll probably be 280 or so come the combine. Definitely think he could add some muscle mass

  54. cha

    Pete Carroll Season Ending Monday Press Conf


    [q] Why didn’t changes on D produce results expected? “We didn’t play well enough. We just didn’t do well enough. Too many things we didn’t get sharp at. Things in waves. Consistency wasn’t there. I totally have to own that. This is me not getting right fast enough. Weren’t completely getting issues solved. Not clean at LOS. Too many small errors that became big things – Niner game run messed it up. Consistency – that’s where I need to get better.”

    [q] How many inconsistencies attribute to you? “I’m taking it. Me.”

    [q] Easiest fix there? “Growth. More consistent doing things right. A lot of inconsistency errors come from not understanding how to be on it. More errors and teams consistency. LOS, scheme sharp, make good decisions consistenly.”

    [q] Adams rehab? “Finally starting to move. Up on treadmills. Still a long recovery. Into the summer with him still coming back. Not one that he’ll be ready next month. Take him a while.”

    [q] Brooks? “Hasn’t been operated on yet. 19th operation. Know nothing until then.”

    [q] Young players should be most proud of? “They survived. So much to gain in first year. Monster of issues and concerns. Noise quiets. Vision expands.”

    [q] How much D change with no Adams? “Last 3 years has effected us. Plan to utilize him. He’s terrific player, big factor. Design of scheme set up with him in mind. Not blaming things on that. Take adv when we have him again.”

    [q] Brooks impacts plans for D? “Count him ready to go with all optimism. Long recovery, late in year, race against time. Welcome addition, good worker, hard mentality. Big factor. Needed time as we changed principles. He’ll be better, much improved, just like first year guys. Hopefully back and fit together. We got business issues this time of year. Who comes back and who doesn’t. Who do we bring in. Jordyn’s a centerpiece. Such a good player. Fingers crossed makes it back.”

    [q] Geno growth meant to team? “Great story what he did.”

    [q] Gap with Niners, how bridgeable is it? “Took them a while to get that good. 3 LB play all time, years together and you can tell. Bosa and Armstead real deal. Picture hot defenses around league, players make a difference from what else is going on. Aaron Donald made everyone better, Bosa Armtead like that. In some shape or form, gotta have guys factor. Not the way to get it done but A way to get it done. Gotta get better. Chenna caused problems, Jordyn, Tariq. Diggs got back to going had his effect. We hope Jamal part of that. One guy great year hasn’t shown up yet is Ryan Neal. Really effective. Numbers good, need guys to be issues for opponent.”

    [q] Dissly recovery? “Don’t know. Waiting to see how he heels in regards to surgery. Couple months of rehab to see if heals up. Never had injury before. Unusual place, no background on it. Wait and see. Feeling well, on crutches and stuff. Not know for a while.”

    [q] Defense struggles, is that frustrating? “Killing me. Become more dynamic up front. Same mode. More production, more factors. Make position more competitive.”

    [q] Foundation for future, growth in 2023? “Meetings we had, connect with guys. New place, different feeling. Lost last game, his way of manifesting. Guys feel like just getting started. Coaches feel like that. Big transition last year. Factored in. We can feel it. Momentum. Hopefully be able to cash in. Last year’s draft so effective, hopes are high tag and build on that. 9-8 losing last game tough. Halftime lead. 23-17 after 3. Couldn’t finish it. Thoughts and focus it would turn our way. Didn’t. Not enough to knock mentality off.”

    [q] Downfield Lewis penalties after looking at tape? “So close. Brush of a foot and timing.”

    [q] Niners chirping about the call during game? “No, not that I know of.”

    [q] run D good in 2021, bad in 2022, how does that happen? “Yeah. We did change some stuff. We need to find a blend of what’s best for us.”

    [q] More dynamic on DL what mean? “Rush passer better, split double teams. Guys busted their tails but need to be more of a factor. Early season made adj really helped us. Four or five week turn. Recapture that. Make it more competitive as well. Need to upgrade.”

    [q] Diggs recovery and year? “Bad injury, remarkable turnaround. Just to get back out is one thing, confidence to hit and drive is another. Took him a while to gain confidence to return. I don’t know he would have sensed that, but that’s reality of it. Once he got going he cranked it up and was all over.”

    [q] Most proud of? “Challenges, setbacks, came out with mentality moving forward. Winning record, playoffs a plus. Struggle to get there. Easily been positioned better by what we did early in the year. All the way to fourth Q in first game. A million miles from what we could be doing this week. All the work to build that trust in one another. Belief things happen for good, that’s what I take from season.”

    [q] Ryan Neal eager to work, Geno in weight room? “Fans can feel it too. Supports us in community and fans. That’s great, but we gotta do something with it.”

    [q] Drew Lock this year? “Positive as you can hope a guy with no chance to play. Coaches, talent, work ethic. Support of Geno. Buddies through the whole thing. Doesn’t know what’s coming. Love to have him back.”

    [q] System for QBs good? “You saw it. More yards and passes than anyone in franchise. 1000 yard receivers, rookie RB 1000 yards. Keep adding to it. Know what we have coming back. Geno’s play shows you system in order. Need to get better. Geno first to tell you he needs to do more right.”

    [q] What on the defense tells you you’ve got the right system? “Love what these coaches have done. More of a process than I wanted. Transitioned in a way not as good as we needed. Not because we weren’t on it. Better at it. More time. Better offsesason. Guys can sense why we need to. Smarter, sharper, more in tune.”

    [q] How new players integrate? “Everything. Not 3-4 vs 4-3. Not the issue. More coverage stuff this year. Helped us. Allowed good pass rush, covered well. Guys kept bringing it. Didn’t tie it together with a running game too.”

    [q] Run game D, 2 OLBs outside and 2 ILB? “Commit differently than we did this year to solidfy that.”

    [q] Penny ? “Really good progress. Wanted to play if we made it deep. Ankle repair intricate.”

    [q] Hurtt first year DC? “Managed it well. Kept guys fighting for each other. Worked well with Sean, Karl and John. More progress. Shot a little too high for trying what we tried. I take responsibility for that. Better fundamentally up front to move forward.”

    [q] OL play other than tackles this year? “Good group. Blythe smart, solidified it. Guards, Lewis nice job overall. TE’s better as the season went on. Colby P had a great season.”

    [q] Draft picks excited? “Fired up, John too. Been in conversations.”

    [q] Bruce this year? “I thought he did really well. Didn’t look aged player. Solid football. Active down stretch. Brought psoitive factor. Connected us with past. Fun to have him around. I love Bruce, way he plays, didn’t disappoint us one bit. Better than we thought. He and Chenna made things happen. Told them before playoffs game I trust them. If you have a shot go for it. Make mistakes, I don’t care. Really valuable to us.”

    [q] BBK? “Making progress. Busting in weight room. Always with us. Nerve issues intricate. Needed good attitude to stay in fight and he is. We’re gonna give him every chance. Upbeat positive, making improvements.”

    [q] Tyreke Smith? “He should be fully recovered ready to go. Good hopes. Active football player.”

    [q] Haynes starter? “Starter caliber. Physical, consistent. Great kid. He and Gabe rotated with his knee. Phil be a starter. High hopes real factor for us.”

    [q] Poona Ford this year? “probably overplayed him this year. Like him playing over Center more. A lot of 3 and 5. Not familiar with. Busted his tail. Wore him down I think.”

    [q] Al Woods? “Spectacular. Older guy, got banged up. Unusual palyer. Nose tackle. Real deal.”

    [q] Mone? “Difficult surgery. More than we thought. Old stuff. Good battle to get back. Don’t know time frame. Take a while.”

    [q] DK and Tyler this year? “A lot of credit to shane and coaches and Dickerson. Look at the game DK had [in SF]. He’s just finidng it. Just getting started. Feisty competitive tough. Finding his place. Realizing impact he can have. Toughness and style. Tyler one of his best seasons. Phenomenal again.”

    [q] Alton Robinson? “Issues with his return. Taken him a while. Don’t’ have specifics, but been struggle. Still in process. Ways from being back to full speed. Knee complications taken time. Working out hard, not full speed running yet.”

    [q] WR depth? “Really liked Dareke. Real chance to be a factor. So many things toughness-wise. Work on ST was excellent. High expectations for what he can contribute. We have to help him in his belief in how great he can be. Really smart kid. Dee eksridge coming back. Explosive, dynamic athlete. Struggled with process bringing him in. Like Golden. Very similar. Ready to go, healthy now, needs good healthy offseason.”

    [q] Factor Dee show up? “Plays fast. See him being more catch and run guy. Get the ball in his hands and let him do with it. He needs to be consistent. Still wide open for him. He’s got to do his part too. Find his way to good health. Settle in his position, not do too much. Fully recovered, very cool.”

    [q] Which WR position for Dee? “Talking about that.”

    [q] Desai asked to interveiw with Browns, brought? “He’s already out there [interviewing in Cleveland]. Coaches nickles, and safeties, unique role for him. Wish best, want him back.”

    [q] More staff changes? “Staying with our guys. Solid.”

    [q] What Tariq need to grow year 2? “See the game more clearly, game better. One on one he’s fine. The rest of the game. Raw as you can be. Seeing the running game. Experience, discipline, come with more reps. Will see so much more than he sees now. He will be a complete player. Alignments and positions.”

    [q] Combine different all the top picks? “Different attention from other teams interested in moving around. Always looking at top 15-20 guys where they will go. More clearly connected to opps. For John this is a dream opp. Pumped about it. Enough experience wide open to options. Players at the top or opps to move, we’ve done it all. Never chosen this high except first year.”

    • Rob4q

      Good stuff Cha, thanks!

      Interesting of Pete to compare Eskridge to Golden Tate…I do remember Tate struggled his first couple years before breaking out. Seems like back then we were talking about how it took WR’s a few years to settle into the league and now that’s all changed – they need to produce right away or they are busts! I guess the immediate success of some make it that way. Same thing with young QB’s maybe…

    • Pran

      Reading through Pete’s conf and 710 show,more the same continuity, growth and all that usual crap. i am not sure Pete is doing any critical review. still too early to call but…

    • TJ

      “Become more dynamic up front” While I agree 100% that this is something the team needs to do, this comment sounds ominous to me with regard to the draft. Anyone else feel that way? I hope Pete doesn’t screw up pick #5 thinking the team is only a defensive player or two away from contending.

      • Big Mike

        Count me in for feeling that way

  55. DC1234

    After watching all the wildcard games over the weekend, do any one think Shane Waldren is a good OC??

    I see more creative offensive scheme with other playoff teams. Some even have less talent like the Giants.

    Are we impressed with Waldren because the offense look competent/better because we are so use to Russ ball.

    Sometimes I see screens pass play that work so well with other teams, while Seahawks only get a couple of yards. I just dont find the offensive scheme that impressive or innovating.

    Ben Johnson made Goff and the lions offense look inpressive.

    I think seahawks should consider finding a new Offensive OC to pair up with a roomie QB

    • DC1234

      **rookie Qb

    • Pran

      By far the worst team of the playoffs. Defense is the worst while offense is marginally better than defense.

  56. L80

    C.J. Stroud declares, this is great news if the F.O. is going QB at #5

    • BobbyK

      Good for us!

  57. Rob Staton

    Heading home from work now to listen to the PC press stuff and write an article reacting to it all and the CJ Stroud news

    • Big Mike

      Please address whether you think his comments mean there’s no chance of drafting a quarterback at number 5.

  58. TJ

    CJ Stroud has declared for the draft.

  59. HOUSE

    I understand that Pete wants to be a man of his players, but this Uber positivity crap is what is hurt us for the last 6-7 years. I will be one to say that Gino definitely surprised me, but our defense was dog shit. Point blank. We got a couple young guys in there that show some bright promise, but the unit overall was trash.

    • JimQ

      I watched a lot of Blyth at Center in this playoff game, and I must say, he’s a big liability on the Seahawks OL. He doesn’t seem to block rather he gets blocked and knocked around easily. He was obviously overmatched for the whole game. I guess the coaches may like his pulling abilities but that doesn’t come into play very often. The new Center that I hope they draft is Van Pran, a player that blocks very well and pulls and gets downfield to block. Sand in the pants & grit are very much imperative for a Center (and Van Pran has it), especially on a run first team -IMO.

      • HOUSE

        I completely agree with you. Blythe is a “you get what you get” type of player. I think that center is in need of a huge upgrade. Like Curtis mentioned above, Gabe Jackson, at right guard, needs to go as well.

  60. Bertelli

    Great write up Curtis. I was wondering how you broke down the 3-year 75 million (by year) that you propose for Geno and have it only count for 9 million in 2023? I know you can spread the signing bonus over the entirety of the contract, but I’m still having trouble figuring it out. Does he play for just part of the signing bonus in 2023 with no salary? Thanks in advance if you have time to explain.

  61. JP

    I have a terrible, terrible feeling about this off-season already.

    This organization is so poorly run, there’s really no reason to buy in right now. Say what you will of the Seattle Mariners being total cheapskates, but that’s a team that had a vision, has a vision for long-term success. Seahawks are being held hostage by a 70 year old coach that already failed one rebuild but he won a Super Bowl once so he gets to coach forever.

    Just look at how the Mariners dealt with Jesse Winker vs how Pete and John doubled down on the failure of Jamal Adams. Night and day.

    • Big Mike

      I have a bad feeling about this off season as well. I don’t see a quarterback at 5 because all he talks about is getting tougher up front which of course is needed but it feels like that’s code for we’re gonna draft a defensive lineman imo.
      My only hope is that I’m wrong about that since John is still with the franchise. I just don’t understand why he would stay if he had little say in the draft which is what GMs thrive for.

      • TJ

        To think that a year ago, we would have all thought drafting Will Anderson was an impossible dream. This year, we have a legitimate shot at him and most of us (including me) would be disappointed because our sights are laser focused on quarterback of the future. All I can say is that if Levis, Stroud, Richardson, and Young are all off the board, Anderson would be my next choice.

    • DC1234

      I think Pete lost his edge. He is not as ruthless anymore.

      Remember he cut Lendale White in the preseason. Traded for Percy Harvin and signed him to a massive contract. Only to trade him a year later to the Jets. Cut a fourth round wr in Harper early in his rookie year. He didnt care about what other teams thought about him. He did things his way. Always compete.

      Now, he keeps Jamal Adams around to justify his horrible trade and extension he made. Kept LJ Collier around for years cause he is a 1st round pick. Keeps starting Barton when he should of been demoted to special teamer. The joke of a competition in the preseason between Lock and Geno. Lock barely got any first team reps in training camp. So Lock lost the competition because of Covid? So ridiculous.

      • Big Mike

        Lost his edge or let his ego get the better of him?

        • DC1234

          Probably let his ego get the better of him.

          Its like a complete 180 the first half of his tenure to his second half.

          His identity first half of his tenure is run the ball, dominant defense. Bully ball. All about the ball. Winning turnover battles. Picked players that suite this.

          Second half is completely opposite. Jimmy Graham, Rashard Penny, not drafting both sides of the trenches. Dee Eskridge. Jamal adams. No one is imitating in the defensive side of the ball.

          • Big Mike

            It is a complete 180 isn’t it?

            • BobbyK

              Sadly, when we judge Pete based off his actions you’re both right – he had a vision over a decade ago. They clearly have no vision anymore.

  62. Big Mike

    I obviously want Carroll gone but if and when he comes back and he trots the pompous peacock out there for another less than stellar couple of games before hes injured it’s at least gonna give me some comedy relief.

    • Simo

      Pete running Adams back out next year will certainly validate your intense scrutiny of him, but deep down you know it’s going to happen. My guess is there’s less than a 5% chance they dump JA this offseason, and less than 20% chance Diggs is gone!

    • 509 Chris

      I might eat these words but I have faith Adams will be dealt with. I give Diggs 50/50. I know a lot of people here are worried about the coming months but if last off season is any indication, things won’t go back to how they’d been run pre 2022. We’ve faced a lot of let down in the past though so I understand everyone’s reluctance to trust this fo.

  63. HOUSE


    Thank you for the in-depth read. I really like how you laid everything out and talked about the future as well. I know the goal is to try to make things great as quickly as possible and the realism is that it most likely is not happening in one year. Letting things grow and continue to develop in 2023 with, the hopes of improvement heading into 2024 makes things so much more palatable and provides so many other options.

    Great work!

  64. Thomas

    Well, I’ll be optimistic for now. Don’t forget that Pete wanted to draft Wilson in round 2 and John said they could wait until 3.

    Maybe they could even trade up with some guys they would have had to cut. Probably not, but who knows?

    • Jabroni-DC

      It was the other way around regarding Wilson in the 2nd round.

      “(General manager) John (Schneider), he wanted to go in the second round with it,” Carroll told fans at Wednesday night’s annual Town Hall meeting, via the Seahawks’ official website. “He was willing to do it and take him right there. We had had a plan to wait until the third round. But as the first round came and then the second, John was starting to get antsy because he just didn’t want to miss (out on Wilson).”

  65. Jabroni-DC

    Even though he is a duck I would get our finances in order to make a play for Arik Armstead whether he becomes a cap casualty or reaches free agency in 2024.

    Poaching the 9ers is usually a good time.

    • Rushless pass

      As long as Kris Kocurekcomes along with him

  66. Forlorn fan

    So deflating to hear the general sentiment of the Seahawks press conference being so optimistic about things that were obvious failures, such as Hurt, Addams, and scheme. I hope it’s just that a meeting with the boss hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve never been more in favor of PC calling it a day after reading the load of crap he had to say in the press conference. It was better than expected this year, but not so good major changes aren’t needed to get to the level of contenders.

    • BobbyK

      Only cares about being mediocre so he can keep his job.

      He’d obviously prefer to win over mediocrity, but he isn’t good with having a vision anymore. When he first came to Seattle, he gutted the roster, looked for anyone/everyone who could play ball, wasn’t too proud of resigning “other” guys like Mebane and Unger who were part of the previous regime. He basically traded anyone he could get value for if they weren’t part of his scheme (Tapp, Wilson, etc.). It was clear there was a vision when we judge his actions.

      What do we get the past half decade?

      A bunch of crap each offseason. We load up on BJ Finney, give Bruce Irvin snaps that a guy like Mafe could have used, and he complains in the press conference today how there’s nobody in our front 7 teams have to game plan for.

      Hello?!?! Who has been responsible for this roster NOT having any of these good players?

      He says he wants to fix the defense every single offseason for a half decade. How can you not improve a terrible group in a half decade? Can someone please explain that to me?

  67. 509 Chris

    Cha, you’re an amazing addition to SDB. I’ve never seen this kind of in depth analysis of a sports franchises finances anywhere. Main stream or otherwise. Seahawk fans are spoiled to have this site, obviously with robs takes and long hours spent watching the upcoming players as well. The only drawback to this plethora of information is how upset I get when the organization goes the other way lol. Thanks guys!

    • cha

      My pleasure

  68. BobbyK

    I echo what a number of people have already said about having a bad feeling about this off-season.

    If Pete still has full control over everything, we’re genuinely screwed. If John got more pull, as I feel may have happened, then I would feel so much better that he’s got the long-term vision needed to navigate this franchise properly.

    I’d be nice to know if it’s John with final say these days because we know he’ll do what’s best moving forward. If it’s Pete, you know damn well it’s going to be more crap band-aid marginal players and no QB in the draft.

    • Matt

      His presser and interviews…my God it’s depressing. It’s the same shit, every GD year with this guy.

      • Wilson502

        And noone in the soft ass Seattle media will call it out either, too many ass kissers in the Seattle sports media.

  69. SeaTim

    I had been convinced by Rob that Pete was seriously likely to move on but the post-playoff game comments from Pete don’t really sound that way to me.

    I wish him lots of luck if he does move on and even more luck if he stays.

    I may be missing something in the dynamics but don’t think things are well set up to find a great new coach to replace him. Specifically, any new coach will have only a couple of years to prove to the unknown new owner-to-be that they should be retained. It’s a no-win from the get-go unless they bring down a SB before the team is sold. Only a coach with rock solid past success, like a Sean Payton, is likely to have the juice needed to disregard that issue. Bright young coaches will wait it out to be brought in by a team ownership that selected them.

  70. BobbyK

    cha – Just a random question re: finances… Could the Seahawks trade for Derek Carr and make it work financially?

    • cha

      Sure but it would eat up all the room they’d create and leave them pretty strapped.

      He’s got 3y and $116m left on his contract but none of it is guaranteed, meaning they could restructure and play around with it or just tear it up and give him a new deal.

      They would have to figure a way to fit him under the 2023 cap and that would require some serious gymnastics which would hammer the 2024 and 2025 caps. Unless they could talk him into taking a massive pay cut.

    • HOUSE


      It’s worth noting that Carr has a no trade clause and he has zero reason to allow a trade to happen. Raiders did him dirty (I know it’s business), but he’s got no obligation to allow a trade to happen when he could force their hand.

  71. Denver Hawker

    Diggs and Adams man- the trade, the contracts, the injuries. They haven’t elevated the defense even when on the field.

    How on earth can they look at those two cap hits and say, meh, it’s fine.

  72. BoiseSeahawk

    I’ve seen so many mocks where the Hawks end up with Jalen Carter and Anthony Richardson.

    there is no way this is possible. I would love it though.

  73. QAgrizzly

    If Seattle went tight end early, is Fant worth a 3rd round pick to the somebody like the Giants for one year?

    • Rob Staton

      No way we’d get a third

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