Curtis Allen’s first quarter report card

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

Record: 3-1


Being a Seahawks fan is truly an experience. You run the gamut of emotions from one game to another, sometimes from one quarter to another, even from one series to another. This first four games were no exception.

The team started out flat with one of their worst games in Pete Carroll’s tenure. Alarm bells were rightly ringing.

They have since won three games in a row, displaying the grit and determination needed to escape such a poor opening game. An overtime thriller against a rising Detroit Lions team provided some equilibrium for the fans and two as-expected wins against the seriously offensive line-challenged Panthers and Giants has provided momentum.

There are a lot of good things to enjoy and a lot of things that need improvement if the Seahawks are to be a true contender in the NFC.


1a Jarran Reed

Take Reed off this roster and what do you get? A defensive line in chaos. Instead, we have a defense that is gelling somewhat, is consistently good against the run when tested and Reed has done more of his share of pass rushing from the inside.

He’s on pace to equal or surpass his great 2018 season where he finished with 10.5 sacks, 50 tackles, 12 tackles for loss and 22 pressures. In fact, he is on pace to obliterate his tackles (68) and pressure (34) numbers. His 71 PFF grade so far speaks to his impact beyond the counting stats.

Incredibly, he is only playing 60% of the defensive snaps so far this season. He played through pain and had what Pete Carroll called his career-best game against the Panthers in Week Three.

Reed may end up being a serious free agent steal for the Seahawks if he keeps playing like this. The team has a grand total of $4.1 million committed to him for this season and next, with an all-in number of only $9 million.

Another quarter like the first four games this year and everything the Seahawks get after that is pure, unadulterated profit.

1b Bobby Wagner

2023 is not some feel-good farewell retirement tour for Wagner. He is bringing a very good level of play for the Seahawks so far this season.

The stats: An 86.9 PFF grade, 50 tackles (third in the NFL), two sacks, two pressures and two QB Hits.

It should be noted that in a sample size of four games, he has not been effective in pass coverage. Asking him to cover slot receivers (like he did on Adam Thielen in Week Three at times) seems more of a scheme problem and a misuse of his skills.

Wagner is on track to blitz about 59 times this year, which feels about right. The Seahawks need to utilize his skills a bit better, asking him to go forwards to attack gaps instead of backpedaling in zones and coverages.

His value though is not all in stats. He has contributed leadership, giving a fiery speech to the team after a very poor effort in Week One – one to which most players and coaches pointed to as a reason they had a course-correcting win against Detroit the following week.

He also makes Jordyn Brooks better. Brooks seems more solid without the run-the-defense role the middle linebacker usually has and is freer to be the hunter-killer type that seems more suited to his skills. He has already a career-best two sacks on only nine blitzes (the Seahawks only blitzed Brooks 17 times last year) and his pressure rate is way up. He also has 41 tackles and three tackles for loss which are top-10 numbers for his position. This is no doubt partly due to Wagner taking some responsibility off of his shoulders.

3 Geno Smith

Smith has been a puzzle this season. Not quite the accurate, dazzling Geno of early 2022 but neither has he been the hold-your-breath high-wire act Geno of late 2022. More somewhere in the middle.

A quarterback has more influence on a team’s success than any other position and Geno has good numbers and the Seahawks are 3-1. Ergo, his place on this list.

The counting numbers so far are good: A 68% completion rate, five touchdowns against one interception and being sacked only seven times while playing most of the quarter without his starting offensive tackles is commendable, all things considered.

However, he has had whole halves of football where he looked indecisive and mistake-prone and the offense – while being very good overall, mind you – has sputtered in the red zone and has yet to reach its potential.

If the Seahawks have designs on taking a step beyond a Wild Card one-and-done, they need more. Mistakes and settling for field goals are fine when you are playing the Panthers and Giants teams of the world and the margin for error is comfortable. If they want to truly run with the upper echelon teams, that margin shrinks considerably. They will need more from Geno.

Honorable Mention: Michael Dickson, Uchenna Nwosu

If you want some real candidates for underrated Seahawks players on the league stage, it is these two.

Dickson is leading the NFL in punting average with a wild 53.5-yard average and we know it is no fluke.

Week One, in the fourth quarter with the Seahawk offense struggling, they punted from their own 27-yard line. Dickson blasted it into the Rams’ end zone for a punt of 73 yards.

Week Two, late in the Detroit game, Geno Smith had taken an incredibly ill-advised sack to pull the offense back to their own three-yard line. The Seahawks brought Dickson in, and all he did was blast a 64-yard bomb from his own end zone.

I have said this for years. There is not much more the Seahawks can ask of Dickson. He is a weapon that will likely be appreciated better when he is retired.

Uchenna Nwosu. He had a great season last year, signed a $45 million contract extension this offseason, his star is still rising and still it feels like most Seahawks fans and general NFL fans do not fully grasp his impact yet.

He has two sacks, 13 tackles, four tackles for loss and five pressures so far, for a 78.4 PFF grade. Ho hum.

One more stat: he has two forced fumbles and they were both meaningful. One sealed the game against the Giants, and the other flipped the game in Detroit. The Lions took a 14-7 lead into the locker room and received the kick to start the third quarter. Nwosu stripped David Montgomery, the Seahawks recovered and two plays later the game was tied.

Rookie of the Quarter

1 Devon Witherspoon

Concerns about passing on Jalen Carter, the pre-draft testing, the calf injury, the contract and lack of practice time have been answered emphatically.

Three games. 23 tackles, two sacks, two tackles for loss, three quarterback hits, 15 catches conceded in 30 targets (10 targets per game!) for a 50% completion rate and a 75.3 QB rating when targeted.

Oh right. And a 97-yard pick-six.

And yet, it is not just the numbers and the big plays that make Witherspoon so special. It is the smarts – disguising his blitzes, body-positioning himself to make tackles around the edges and immediately adapting to playing zone defense and the nickel position, something he had not done much of in college. Lesser players often struggle for half a season to get up to speed on these concepts.

Plus the toughness – he is putting runners, receivers and quarterbacks on notice that he is not to be trifled with.

The Seahawks have been a victim of their own success, having not been able to draft in the top-five for over a decade. It was fair to wonder what the team would do with a top pick. With Witherspoon, we know they knocked this one out of the park.

2 and 3 Everyone else

Zach Charbonnet: So far, he has about a full game’s worth of carries, with 21 runs for 105 yards, a perfect five yards per carry. He has also added 4 catches for 23 yards. But the mentality he brings to this offense is what makes him special:

Anthony Bradford: After not getting much work with the first line in camp and preseason, he has just about supplanted Phil Haynes as the starting Right Guard. After Haynes got hurt against the Giants, Bradford came in and offensive line play did not drop at all. In fact, Pete Carroll commented after the game that the Seahawks had planned to job-share that position with Haynes and Bradford.

Brian Baldinger likes him, and surprisingly Bradford has rated as well or better in pass protection than the run game so far, despite having a classic run-game mauler profile.

Jake Bobo, Cam Young, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Derek Hall, Olusegon Oluwatimi: We have been able to see enough from these players to know the Seahawks had another very good draft behind their star #5 overall pick.

Bobo has not just been a training camp and preseason darling. His run-blocking is legitimately great and he has added a touchdown catch and been seen running great routes that have yet to be exploited by the quarterback.

Young has played only 61 snaps but has been seen standing up blockers, taking on double teams and even occasionally spending time in the backfield. Having missed so much camp and preseason time with injury and then losing Mike Morris for the season, the interior defensive line was looking mighty thin. Young has rewarded the Seahawks’ faith and patience and if they are wise, they will keep finding more snaps for him as the season progresses.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba has been lost in the offensive depth and playbook thus far. The Seahawks have not utilized him well, deploying him as an at-the-line of scrimmage type player for wide receiver screens and simple crossing routes. His play is fine but his use in this offense thus far is something that needs to be addressed if they are to get real value for spending the #20 overall pick on him.

Derick Hall is getting the Seahawk Rookie Defensive End treatment, only playing 104 snaps in 4 games so far. He has not looked out of place and occasionally flashed. He has four quarterback hits and three pressures. With Darrell Taylor’s run defense still an issue, there may come a day soon where the team decides to give Hall more of his snaps and deploy Taylor as a situational rusher.

Oluwatimi got a handful of snaps in the Giants game and acquitted himself well. The team did not misfire on offense, nor was Geno Smith running for his life from the Giants’ interior defenders. It is very hard not to see Oluwatimi as the starter in 2024 at center, if not later this fall.


1 The Pieced-together Offensive Line

Andy Dickerson, Shane Waldron and Pete Carroll deserve some serious praise for what they have done.

Go back to before the season started and let me tell you the Seahawks would be without Charles Cross and Abe Lucas for three of the first four games and Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan would make the starts in those three games.

Oh, and by the way, Phil Haynes would miss most of two games and Damien Lewis would miss three quarters of a game.

Then listen as I tell you the Seahawks won all 3 of those games and stand as one of the NFL’s best scoring offenses.

Did those linemen play against cream puffs? No. Aidan Hutchinson, Alim McNiell, Brian Burns, Derrick Brown, Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams and Kayvon Thibodeaux are all legitimate defensive line talents. And yet, the offense did not just scrape by, but excelled. Unreal.

The team may need to seriously think about giving Andy Dickerson contract extension with a raise with the promise he will not leave Seattle anytime soon. That kind of work will get rewarded by another team if the Seahawks refuse to.

2 The defense in the Giants game

The Seahawks just have the Giants’ number on offense for some reason. Last year they bottled up Saquon Barkley, sacked Daniel Jones five times and forced two turnovers in a ‘where has this defense been’ win.

They decided to up the ante this year. In conceding three points, they brought their scoring defense ranking from near last in the NFL to middle of the pack.

They sacked Daniel Jones an incredible 11 times.

They pressured him 25 times.

Let’s pile on – they almost sacked Jones four more times, as he had runs of no gain or one yard.

They had 14 Quarterback Hits. 10 tackles for a loss.

Four different players each had two sacks and seven different players overall recorded sacks. Five other players who did not get a sack got a pressure. That means 12 different defenders recorded a pressure or a sack.

Witherspoon’s pick-six and hammer hits.

Giants fans exited Met Life before the fourth quarter had even started. The Giants getting the ball back with just over a minute to play and just calling two run plays to kill the clock and run the game out. The offense just conceding defeat.

The Giants are an injured, ineffective, unmotivated mess right how. You can definitely put a chunk of the Seahawks’ defensive performance on that. Yet the Seahawks were there, ready to take advantage and they had the motivation, the talent and dare I say the scheme to take advantage.

And it was gorgeous.

3 The Pass Catchers

First, something to know – none of the Wide Receivers or Tight Ends are on track for some amazing career-high season at this point. That seems odd to start a kudos with but I want to demonstrate how the numbers we have seen so far from this group are just scratching the surface of what they can become.

D.K. Metcalf is sporting a 144 quarterback rating when targeted. Last year he had an 88 rating. He is getting more first downs, running more varied routes and not making mistakes (he has one drop and no fumbles). His body control and chemistry with his quarterback have ascended to match his giant size and blinding speed.

Tyler Lockett. Every time I think I’ve run out of ways to say he is amazing he does something else. He is getting an average amount of targets and catches but they are not very deep afield at this point. He is averaging 6.7 yards of air per catch, easily a career low. His longest catch this season? 23 yards. That’s it. This is the same player who caught 35-yard and 40-yard bombs this time last year against New Orleans. And yet, he is on pace to match his best touchdown catch seasons this year. Is there anything he cannot do?

Noah Fant is leading all NFL Tight Ends with 16 yards per catch. Take back that monster 51-yard catch and run against the Giants and he is still third with 12.11 yards per catch.

Colby Parkinson? Right behind him at 14.5 yards per catch. All of his catches have produced a first down except for one.

Here is the craziest stat of all – Lockett, Metcalf and Jake Bobo are the only players who have a receiving touchdown so far this season.

This offense has so much potential it is thrilling.


1 The Week One loss

This loss was one of worst displays of football we have witnessed in years from this team.

How did this happen?

Pete Carroll has a well-earned reputation as a motivational coach. The Seahawks came into 2023 having won their season opener four years in a row. They often came out strong and focused on Week One, throwing tricks and wrinkles opponents were not prepared for and catching them off guard.

This year, they were beaten by a Rams team that featured a collection of castoffs and veteran retreads on defense and a brilliant gameplan on offense that exploited a defensive weakness with surprising ease.

Bobby Wagner played the game as if it was any other game, rather than being the fire-breathing defender ready to prove something to the team that cut him.

Team leaders like Geno Smith and D.K. Metcalf said after the game that the Rams wanted it more. It took a Bobby Wagner motivational speech to get this team focused for Week Two.

The Seahawks went out and added safety Julian Love in the offseason, knowing Jamal Adams would miss time. They talked up Love’s versatility and that Quandre Diggs was fully healthy and was a team captain on defense. Yet they looked uncoordinated, unprepared and unable to communicate effectively on the field against the Rams. Pete Carroll actually said the defensive backfield had trouble with the Seattle fans’ crowd noise when on the field. Seriously?

The offense had its moments in the first half but had to settle for field goals more than they would like, starting a pattern that has bled into future games at times. The second half featured three meaningful yards gained by the offense. Three.

Again, this is a team with Aaron Donald and ten other guys even regular Rams fans would be hard to name. They made halftime adjustments and this Seahawks offense could not move the ball on them at all.

It was stunning.

2 Pass Defense

Up until the Giants game, this defense was near the bottom of the NFL in passing yards conceded. While it is easy to point to all the defensive line changes the offseason brought, there is really no good excuse for the product this team put on the field this quarter.

Miscommunication. Listless tackling. Blown assignments. Offensive coordinators somehow getting their shifty targets matched up with linebackers.

Seahawk defenses in years past were predicated on keeping the ball in front of you, not allowing the offense to make explosive plays and then punishing dinks and dunks. This defense has not been able to even tackle properly after dinks and dunks, allowing teams to both deploy safe, low-risk passes and gain more than just short yards. It eats the clock, puts pressure on the offense and wears the defense out.

In a way, that Rams game modelled for the rest of the league how to attack this defense. There is no reason to even look Riq Woolen’s way when there are so many opportunities elsewhere.

The Giants game appeared to be an improvement but their utter failure of an offensive line masked some of the problems the Seahawks are having. Teams like San Francisco, Dallas, Cincinnati and others have far more potent offenses and you can believe they were taking notes on this defense.

The investment at the safety position needs to provide a much, much better return. At this point, with an emerging pass rush and Devon Witherspoon terrorizing defenses in a number of ways, even just a league-average return would be acceptable.

3 Utilizing their talent on offense

The Seahawks are having a problem that other teams wish they could have. They simply have more talented players than touches available currently and it shows.

Every game in a 3-1 quarter has been followed by questions of why certain players are not getting more involved in the offense.

The running backs are an inexplicable #22 in the NFL in number of rushes. Ken Walker and Zach Charbonnet are just waiting to explode. Every single time one of these players run the ball, the announcers trip over themselves to explain that running the ball is a foundational piece of Pete Carroll’s core identity and that he loves it.

What’s more, the teams the Seahawks have faced are not known for being tough in the running game. Ken Walker has averaged two explosive runs per game so far this year.

So then why is it not happening?

There is some good news here. In a recent press conference, Carroll stated that is not happy at all with the running game and said it in a way that you know he is determined to fix it. But averaging 24 carries per game is not the way to do that. They need a game where they threaten the 35 or 40 carry mark. Just let the defense rest up a bit, let Geno be his efficient self without needing to carry the whole show, and dominate their opponent.

That is not the only area that needs improvement though. Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Jake Bobo are not being featured enough in the passing game. The tight ends have also gone from prime touchdown creators back to the guys the team turns to when they need a spark.

Smith-Njigba has been plagued by a number of play designs that do not feature his strength. The Seahawks seem intent at this time on giving him only wide receiver screen passes and simple crossing patterns, rather than deploying him to run routes and use his natural skill to create separation.

Perhaps they are handling him with kid gloves due to his wrist surgery?

Perhaps Geno Smith has not been making great decisions on pass plays? We have seen data that says Smith-Njigba is open after creating separation from his defender, so maybe it is just a matter of getting game familiarity with his quarterback. Yet the team needs to unlock this incredibly valuable asset soon.

Next Quarter Games

Cleveland (throwback jerseys!)

Second Quarter Goals

1 Offensive Identity & consistency

As you saw above, this offense needs to get more players involved. There may actually be a simple solution: just create more first downs. More first downs mean more snaps with the offense on the field. Spreading the ball around becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Despite their high-scoring offense, the Seahawks are currently #31 in the NFL in third-down conversion percentage on offense. It is the feast or famine model they are currently running on.

It may all simply improve with time. Perhaps the offensive line will provide some improvement when their tackles come back and the interior players get more intuitive with one another.

One thing that seems a factor here is Geno Smith’s decision-making. He seems to be favoring more short passes that gain yards but do not get the Seahawks a new set of downs. His strength in 2022 was throwing the ball downfield while still maintaining a high percentage of completions. Shane Waldron and Pete Carroll badly need him to return to that sweet spot.

This bye week is an ideal time to study their tape and see how defenses are attacking him and develop a focus on routes that can keep the chains moving.

2 Defend the middle of the field

This is going to be very interesting to watch. Devon Witherspoon has been targeted ten times per game so far. After that impressive performance against the Giants on a national stage, teams may not want to throw his way nearly as much anymore.

On the other side the Seahawks have Riq Woolen, who teams already do not want to throw to.

This may force teams to push the ball even more towards the center of the field. How will Diggs, Love, Bryant and the linebackers adapt to this? Will there be solid communication and improvement after the bye week?

We can only hope.

Because this defense, with two very impressive corners, a pass rush built from depth and a solid first quarter of run defense, could be the league-average unit this team so desperately needs.

If they can rectify this big, ugly deficiency.

3 Heal

I know that’s a hard one for a team to implement. “Ok guys, in the game Sunday we’d like no more players to get hurt, ok?” Yet this team has had so many injuries it has bordered on ludicrous.

The old ‘get their injuries out of the way early and be healthy down the stretch’ hoping and wishing strategy seriously applies to the 2023 Seahawks.

This team is in a precarious position. They have depth in many areas, even enviable depth. But the best depth will not survive if they keep suffering so many injuries.

Jamal Adams needs to come back strong.

The tackles cannot miss many more games (as good as the backups have been, it feels like playing with fire to have them in much longer).

John Schneider cannot afford to have that seemingly annual phone call this year where he rings a running back on the couch and says “hey, all of our guys are hurt. Do you want to unretire for our biggest game of the year and help us out?”

They need a healthy, clean run of games in the upcoming quarter.


  1. Big Mike

    Wonderful breakdown Curtis. Those of us that frequent this blog are really fortunate to have both you and Rob writing great articles. You both make me a smarter fan and I appreciate it.
    You highlighted what to me is easily the biggest story of the season, the job the coaching staff have done getting good play out of what is essentially a 2nd team offensive line. Give Dickerson more dough indeed.

    You should be hired by the Seattle Times or some such place and Rob should have a daily radio gig in the area.

    • cha

      Thanks for the great feedback Big Mike!

      • Island Hawk

        +1 Curtis, this was gold, and your insight and hard work are highly appreciated. There is an alternate reality somewhere where you and Rob are working for the Seahawks organization and they are leveraging your keen analytical talents.

  2. David

    Nice summary! Thanks!

    I’m looking forward to the week six game. Not sure, but we could have a fully healthy team by then. Here’s what I’m focusing on…

    1. The impact of Adams’ return. Seems to me Adams & Witherspoon have that same kind of on field demeanor (energy and aggression) that’s infectious to their teammates. It would be most excellent to witness those two teaming up to transform the Seahawks defense into one that truly gets after it. Leaves their indelible mark on the game. By that I mean bruises and lumps on opposing offensive players. I remember no one wanted to play us ten years ago. That’s because we would literally beat them up on field. With attitude. That’s what I’m hoping to see.

    2. The rise of Waldron. He’s got so many weapons the team has yet to figure out how to use them all most effectively. But it seems like they’re on their way. Ironically, after surviving multiple o-lines due to injuries (kudos to PC & Co’s drafting & coaching prowess). I’m still wondering if further disruption is what’s needed (eg Lock starting). Maybe Lock would do better than Smith at integrating all those pieces? Not saying I want Smith to get injured, I do not, but who can say? Who would’ve picked Brady to replace Bledsoe like he did? Whatever, whomever, how Waldron’s offense develops will interesting and a big key to their success this season.

    3. Exorcism of Myers. WTF! So far it hasn’t cost us a game, but this crazy every other year thing has got to stop. I’m looking to Bellore to conduct an interview, a seance, whatever to make this go away. I would pay good money to see that! Lol!

  3. pdway

    Love the write-up – – and I’m with you on most of it.

    But I’ll disagree w you in a couple areas. To me, Bobby’s PFF scores is really one that undermines the credibility of their system – b/c the eye test, for me, tells a really different story. I think he’s just too slow to operate in any space now – and maybe b/c of that, he’s lost his willingness to aggressively jump into plays. I get that he’s valuable as a leader, but I think on the field he’s become something of a liability. I’d slot Mafe into your list of best defensive players, he’s jumped out to me this year – and looks like he may be that thing we’ve needed so so badly – a consistent pass rusher. Really glad to see it.

    The other area I disagree is in a stated need to get the ball to JSN and Bobo – sure, ideally, we’d be using our 1st round pick better – but as noted – there are a lot of options, and things for the most part are working. I’d much rather let it play out, than start forcing targets to a player that I don’t know to be better for the Hawks than DK, Lockett, Fant, etc.

    Anyway – nothing wrong with a 3-1 start. Feeling pretty positive these days.

    • Peter

      Which will beg the question on JSN….was that the right pick? If we’re not going to use him or can’t, WR isn’t completely like DT where it takes years to get to speed. See: metcalf with 900 yards or Lockett with mid 600 yards as a rookie on around the sane number of targets as JSN. Only difference is JSN is looking at around less than 300 yards on a whopping 60 plus targets. That’s actually bad. If they aren’t going to use his skills sets ( space ) it’s hard to argue this is a future’s pick.

      As I’ve said before he’s not a comp to Lockett if/when he retires. So it’s not about finding their future at the position.

      I’m still waiting for Waldron to put his thinking cap on and remember five yards forward from the LOS is better than five yards parallel to the LOS. Need a quick passing game because the oline is banged up? It’s almost like it would be great if we had a WR who excelled at short routes in traffic…..moving forward.

      • pdway

        “Which will beg the question on JSN….was that the right pick?”

        fair question. i suppose way too early to say, is probably the right answer. but you’re right if we aren’t going to use him much/at all – then we should’ve addressed another position.

        • Peter

          And I want this as heavily stressed as possible. I like the player and I yet do not think this is all or even mostly him.

          Hopefully when the tackles come back they revisit how they are employing him because him just over the top of the dline making gard coverage choices for the defense could be deadly.

    • cha

      b/c the eye test, for me, tells a really different story. I think he’s just too slow to operate in any space now – and maybe b/c of that, he’s lost his willingness to aggressively jump into plays. I get that he’s valuable as a leader, but I think on the field he’s become something of a liability.

      I figured it would be a controversial choice. But after that lackluster Rams game he’s picked it up in my estimation. And I added that he has made Jordyn Brooks better, which, let’s face it, he was pretty awful last year.

      The other area I disagree is in a stated need to get the ball to JSN and Bobo – sure, ideally, we’d be using our 1st round pick better – but as noted – there are a lot of options, and things for the most part are working. I’d much rather let it play out, than start forcing targets to a player that I don’t know to be better for the Hawks than DK, Lockett, Fant, etc.

      This is a misinterpretation of what I wrote. I apologize if that was not clearer.

      I am not making the case for the Seahawks to start ‘forcing’ the ball to those receivers. I actually stated a solution that has nothing to do with that – stop being so god-awful on third downs, and the reps and touches will flow naturally. More conversions equals more chances to spread the ball around.

      I’d also argue that in practices, the mock game and preseason, JSN was a natural third-down converter and safety outlet. Running a 5 yard route with an option based on the defender’s angle, and even suggested somewhere in my preseason notes that the Seahawks should use that to warm him up to the NFL.

      • Peter

        A note about “forcing the ball,” JSN, and what is going on.

        Some raw numbers to muse for you all:

        (Rookie stats)

        Tyler Locket: 69 targets. 51 catches. 664 yards

        DK metcalf: 100 targets. 58 catches. 900 yards.

        JSN ( on pace #’s) 85 targets. 51 catches. 262 yards.

        So they are spreading it around and while not forcing it are certainly throwing to him. 85 targets by seasons end for 262 yards…..this is a problem folks.

        • pdway

          didn’t mean to overstate what Cha wrote. I guess I have bad memories of times we tried to make sure DK got enough targets (as much to keep him happy, as to benefit the offense), and some years ago, same thing w Jimmy G. And while I get that sometimes you do need to make sure you are getting your playmakers involved, there’s enough playmakers on the team, that I’m not worried yet about getting JSN targets.

          The point Peter made above – about whether we should then have picked a differnet position at #20, is a fair one.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Corbin K. Smith @CorbinSmithNFL

      Proof that Bobby Wagner may not be human… He’s on pace for 212 (!) combined tackles in his 12th NFL season and per @PFF, his average depth of tackle is 1.9 yards.

      By my charting, Wagz has 22 run stops netting two or fewer yards this year. Or nearly half of his tackles.

      For some perspective, Wagner’s average depth of tackle (1.9 yards) is tied for fourth best in the NFL among qualified linebackers with Roquan Smith, who is playing at an All Pro level this year.

      He’s still got it. Generational player.

      12:59 PM · Oct 6, 2023

      It would appear that the numbers belie your eye test.

      I’m not saying his play stands out, but he’s making and assisting making plays, play after play after play.

      • pdway

        do you disagree w my take though?

        I’ve just seen him sort of slowly chasing plays too many times this year.

        • Jed Simon

          Seems versus is.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I think you are both right. Bobby looks slow and past it when he is put in a position where he has to chase the play (pass coverage) but looks fantastic when he gets to play the right role. As long as they use him like the Rams did last year he is still a valuable player.

  4. Peter

    Great write up Cha.

    I would switch K9 for Geno under the first quarter mvp.

    Somehow we are the top six scoring offense.

    Geno’s counting numbers as of now aren’t that good.

    68+% completion percent while great aren’t instructive. I know I take heat for this all the time but let me simplify by being overly reductive:

    Geno is a near 69% passer. Kyler murray has had killer years. You know who sits at 66%….mahomes. what you do with the passes is more important than 2-3% change.

    Going back to K9…..

    He’s on pace for 21.25 tds this year. Do I think he gets it? Most likely no.

    You know who else is in that pace? Geno.

    So while we can assume K9’s numbers will go down ( though it’d be cool if it didn’t) we are going to need to see a big uptake from Geno. Or this will truly need to turn into the LOB incarnate to make a push in the post season.

    We can win with a 5:1 td/int ratio even if gets to around 25 tds. But the defense can ill afford games like the rams going further.

    What’s most odd about this is people are going to type out “the oline!!!” But how do you explain the run game? Especially with guys like Bradford being better pass blockers thus far than run blockers?

    Plus we all saw the shuffle begin with the rams but the pass game seemed pretty good against Detroit.

    It’s this conservative, overly cautious game I worry about against much better run and pass defenses. Such as the eagles, niners, cowboys, even the bengals.

    • cha

      Geno’s counting numbers as of now aren’t that good.

      68+% completion percent while great aren’t instructive.

      I did quantify that with concerns about his performance by saying he’s had stretches of concern with poor decision making.

      switch K9 for Geno under the first quarter mvp.

      He’s on pace for 21.25 tds this year

      I considered Walker but 3 of his 5 touchdowns are 1-yard plunges. Another is a 3-yard run. And while those are good I just did not deem them as overly valuable to the MVP discussion.

      • Peter

        I think he’s making good decisions overall. I’d just like to see a bit more pressure downfield.

        I get K9’s tds aren’t all equal but turning those chances into six points instead of leaving it at the hands of Myers has been a huge benefit.

        • cha

          Huge benefit? I don’t agree. Charbonnet or Dallas would have similar chances to convert those runs.

          • Peter

            Vs. Myers kicking.

            I see what you’re getting at so I’ll make an addendum. The running game is the offensive mvp over geno. Because right now the running game and the defense getting takeaways ( hello Detroit game) are why we are 3-1.

    • BK26

      My takeaway is more this: are there really any stand outs? Geno has been…fine… K9 has been very effective, but hasn’t had a true impact (Carolina somewhat with 97 yards).

      Reed and Bobby’s impacts have been very clear. Some with Witherspoon. But the players have all been more or less individually the same as the team overall: fine. Good enough.

  5. Romeo A57

    Great read CHA, it seems that the Seahawks are incapable of properly utilizing a 3rd WR. They seem to function better in multiple tight end sets. It is very early, but it sure seems that pick would have been better spent on the trenches. JSN seems to just be backup if something happens to Tyler or DK, or if one of them leaves after this season.

    • cha

      It’s hard for me to reconcile too.

      Especially since I went to so many practices and the mock game and saw firsthand what they could do with him.

      I won’t say it’s a disaster, but it bears watching. If we are having this discussion on the next report card, it will have graduated to a deeper concern.

    • Jed Simon

      Slow starts for bigtime receiver prospects was an NFL norm for decades. This does seem to have changed in more recent years, with quite the string of premium rookies having come in and done well early, however I still don’t see Smith-Njigba’s rough introduction to the league as anything out of the ordinary. He hasn’t played meaningful gameday snaps in two years, and his nine-on-seven season at the VMAC only went so far in readying him for combat. The greater priority is getting the run game going, anyway. Do that and he will begin to shine in due course. The team absolutely must get to its identity if it’s going to have any hope of postseason contention, and they can’t do that without integrating the rushing attack to a satisfactory complementarity. You can go ahead and calibrate your Smith-Njigba worry-o-meter at zero and feel good about it.

      • Peter

        I think you may be misconstruing the issue. It doesn’t feel like anyone is worried about JSN.

        One wonders for a team that is very successful utilizing TE’s and never successful at a third reciever and using him the way they currently are, which is terrible.

        Perhaps a pick like Sam LaPorta for a future thinking pick might have made more sense. Two te’s set to hit free agency, plus the often missing Uncle Will. Future casting for how the team plays would TE or other fit in better?

        I hope he will shine. Truly. I don’t get the sense anyone thinks he’s groan inducing dee eskridge, other. He’s getting targeted ( lots of them actually) But you, me, and anyone watching the games can see that the shots are him standing at the LOS and hoping he turns and burns.

        • Romeo A57

          Peter, I completely agree. I am not as much worried about JSN as much as I am puzzled about how they are using him. Why would they spend so much capital on a WR3 to just throw him 2 yard outs all game long?

  6. cha

    I can think of worse uses for a practice squad spot

    Matt Maiocco
    The 49ers are releasing Kerry Hyder to make room on the roster for Randy Gregory.
    2:13 PM · Oct 6, 2023

  7. Blitzy the Clown

    I love a thorough breakdown like this. Gives me a perspective reset.

    To start the quarter, I was most worried about the DL, particularly the IDL. No depth, players seemingly miscast in what was described as a 3-4 front.

    But other than the CB group, or the EDGE group separately, no other position has been as solid.

    Reed is a revelation. They said he bulked up, and he looks like he’s eating well. But he hasn’t lost a step, nor has the fire in his belly waned. He’s a straight up dawg and like cha said, this defense would be lost without him.

    Edwards has been the biggest surprise to me though. Who knew this undersized journeyman, former Florida St blog crush, would be all but matching Reed, stat for stat, impact play for impact play?

    I read Mike Morris’s name and remembered he exists.

  8. Gaux Hawks

    “a 4000 word chicken is in the pot” …thank you cha, absolutely delicious !!

  9. Gaux Hawks

    would be great to hear thoughts/analysis on Mafe, feels like he is on the brink of “breaking out” after watching game highlights

    • Rob Staton

      It depends how you define ‘breaking out’ though

      He’s contributing and it’s great to see after he pretty much got the redshirt treatment a year ago

      I don’t get the sense it’s much more than that at the moment though. He’s doing a nice, disciplined job for the team. Breaking out IMO means becoming a bit of a X-factor as a pass rusher and I don’t think he’s there yet

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Thought this was an interesting observation

        -Boye Mafe surprised me. Went and watched his wins. One weakness of PRWR is a high and outside rush where a defender gets past blocker vertically but is too high to affect QB – you can get a cheap win that way. He had a couple cheap wins like that but mostly I was impressed.

        • Gaux Hawks

          ^^ this sounds right

          feels like this matches with my untrained eye test (look at the 11 sacks, you often see him very close but maybe just too high in the pocket to finish)

          hope he makes a (big) jump soon

    • Jed Simon

      Mafe could have a breakout on any given Sunday, thanks to the massive point swings D-linemen are able to inflict via backfield damage (especially on late downs). However, posting a breakout performance and becoming a breakout player are two very different achievements. I think we’d need to see, what, maybe three or four games of quantifiable impact in the same season before contending that Mafe has broken out.

      —Unless you were talking about complexion, in which case please just disregard this.

  10. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Here is what I find encouraging. The OL, a source of consternation for many years in Seattle…. appears to have depth and has shown up and shown out in the first 4 weeks. Surviving 4 back-ups playing meaningful snaps. Bradford and Olu look like they belong and do not look over matched.

    I can honestly say, I have not felt this way about the OL since 2015 or so. Truly impressive scouting and couching up the young men to perform. Once this line is reassembled and healthy, watch out NFL. 😀

  11. LouCityHawk

    I had been reading this blog for a long time before I figured out that excellent analyst Curtis Allen was the same as prolific commenter CHA. Face meets palm.

    I had predicted a 3-1 start, with a loss at Detroit, so we stole one in Detroit to compensate for that stinkbomb in week 1. Things have gone very much the way I thought they would, the most pleasant surprise has been the OLine play (under the circumstances). The DLine is exceeding expectations at the moment – it will be interesting to see if this play is sustainable. Crossing routes and checkdowns are still kryptonite. Geno’s play has concerned me, but mainly because I expected him to stake a step forward – I’ve had a lot of smart people tell me that the lack of starting tackles is the cause of his approach during the first 4 weeks.

    My belief is that Geno is lacking chemistry with JSN and Bobo, and the bye week should give them time to work – so that should get better. The third down conversion rate is a real problem on offense, as is red zone efficiency. JSN seems tailor made for third down conversions and Bobo seems like a red-zone machine. This offense has top 5 potential, it’s failure to realize this will be a major determining factor in the Seahawks season.

    The defense needs improvement, Hurtt’s seat has cooled, but it should have been nuclear hot before the NYG game. I’d start that improvement by sending Taylor out, he is an absolute liability in the run defense, and continues to make boneheaded plays in the pass rush. Witherspoon, Riq, Hall, Young – all should improve, Love needs to bring with he brought in New York every week, Adams needs to get on the field. This defense looks like it could sustainably be a 10-20 ranked D, which should be good enough to get the job done.

    My expectation for this next slate of games is a 3-1 record, preseason I thought 2-2, I’ve moved the Bengals game into the win column however. The Bengals game is similar to the Giants game, a struggling squad, with a QB who prefers to buy time (the difference being Burrow’s elite weapons). The Cards game is a tough, divisional game. The Browns have a scary defense – one that might end the season as the league’s best, but the offense has been bad – this will be Waldron/Geno’s first big test of 2023. The Ravens game feels like a guaranteed loss, but will be the first major test of the run D, as well as testing the entirety of the team against an assured playoff team.

    A shot at 6-2 after the 2nd quarter of the season? I think most fans would take that. Especially if that record was coupled with the improvements that CHA outlines. The best this team has to offer doesn’t put it on the same level as the 9ers, Eagles, Bills…but being on the tier just below that is doable, and that means they shouldn’t be blown out by those teams ,-‘d should have a shot at winning.

    • Peter

      Because I’m feeling confident I’ve moved bengals and commanders into handle your business territory. Browns as well. Side bar: is Watson the greatest beneficiary of Wilson being a lightning rod? That guy actually sucks. That contract is ridiculous and the draft stock spent…woof.

      • cha

        $64 million per year the next 3 years. All fully guaranteed.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      But the Ravens match is a 10am east coast game.

      Those have become Seahawks’ money

      • Peter

        Switch. Ravens is a Lock but AZ is a loss…home, divisional opponent, punching above their weight.

        • Blitzy the Clown


    • Romeo A57

      As soon as Lock came in he tried to hit JSN downfield. Since Geno doesn’t seem to target the rookie receivers downfield, is it just because he isn’t comfortable with them?

      • LouCityHawk

        That is my feeling….

        But I’ve been told by others that the problem isn’t Geno.

  12. Peter

    2nd quarter watch points today:

    Something weird is going on with the passing game.

    Crunching numbers I see that Geno is still on a good pace for attempts ( three per game less than last year). While Fant is getting less targets he’s making way more with them. ( I know, the Lock play but still) Parkinson is getting more targets and also making more with them.

    Tyler is getting nearly the same targets, on pace for 3 total less targets than last year but is waaaay down on yards. Trending to the mid 600 yards by years end.

    Then in a weird twist DK’s catch rate is the highest its ever been. He’s looking at having another plus 1000 yard 8 td season. His yards per catch are a healthy 14.9. But….they are targeting him 2.5x less per game than last year. 2.5x seems like nothing but in a season it’s a difference of 1130 ish yards/8tds vs. 1650 yards and 12 tds.

    I know the oline. I get it. Geno’s not been murdered back there like a former qb used to get/ do to himself. I get staying on schedule. And everyone’s favorite “take what is there.” But Parkinson, Fant, and Metcalf are all showing the ability to stretch the field more than they have either in the past or normally.

    Hoping when Cross and Lucas get back we can see some deeper routes. And a much, much better use of JSN. Because right now if you amortize players out put vs. last year…Seattle is leaving a ton of yards ( around 800-900 by seasons end ) and several TD’s (4-6) on the table with what they are doing now.

  13. Forrest


    You absolutely nailed it!

    “The Seahawks are currently #31 in the NFL in third-down conversion percentage on offense.”

    This has been an issue for YEARS now (along with the inability to convert a screen pass into YAC). They have a perfectly timed bye to get healthy and this should be a focus on offense.

    Combine that with this fact: the Seahawks are currently #31 in the NFL in opponent third-down conversion percentage!

    This has also been an issue for YEARS now as well (along with the inability to STOP the screen pass). I’m sick of watching 3 defenders standing around a WR who catches an easy pass over the middle in zone. The answer is easy – play more man on 3rd down. Disrupt the route with press coverage! You literally can’t do any worse in defending on 3rd down. Switch it up! If you play zone, tell your safeties and LBs to have an internal clock. Play zone for the first couple seconds, but stick the nearest WR if things break down and the pass rush doesn’t get home. There are WAY too many conversions on 3rd and long.

    Address these two glaring holes during the bye!

  14. Volume12

    I love watching the CFB community discover a prospect for the 1st time. Mizzou WR Luther Burden has everyone in awe. He’s different. Move him up your boards.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Jayden Daniels in this game 👀 👀

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    Glad we’re not on this list

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    Highest-paid RBs in per year average:

    🏈Christian McCaffrey: $16.01M
    🏈Alvin Kamara: $15M
    🏈Jonathan Taylor: $14M
    🏈Derrick Henry: $12.5M
    🏈Nick Chubb: $12.2M
    🏈Josh Jacobs: $11.79M
    🏈Aaron Jones: $11.5M

    9:22 AM · Oct 7, 2023

    • bmseattle

      I understand the rationale behind not spending high (1st or 2nd round) picks on RBs…but if you want to go that route, along with not keeping them on a 2nd contract, then that *is* a way to continue to spend less money on a de-valued postion.

      Of course, one could argue that the high draft pick is already “spending” a lot, in the first place, so that’s a counter to the above.

      I guess, ideally, you find a Chris Carson, late in the draft, every few years…and don’t extend him.

      It really sucks that RBs wear down so quickly, and/or are so prone to serious injury. Seems like it was less the case a couple of decades ago.

    • Peter

      I’d agree with this sentiment minus CMC.

      He’s on track to have more total yards from scrimmage than DK and Tyler combined and more total tds than both combined. I’d pay 16 million for that. As long as he stays healthy.

      • Big Mike

        Likewise. He’s worth every penny IF he stats healthy. So far he has.

  16. Peter

    Drats Big Mike,

    I see the course of the pac 12 firing squad got the cougs.

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    Louisville ain’t messin round

    They’re firmly in control, even if it’s a low scoring game so far

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Go figure the Irish start turning it around right after I post that

      At least it’s a game

      • Palatypus

        I thought that #24, Jaylin Alderman, might be that box safety we have always been looking for. But Ourlads has him listed as a middle linebacker, at 6010, 230 lbs.

    • Palatypus

      “If we can get past Ohio State we should have two easy games against Duke and Louisville.”

  18. Saul G

    Does anyone else get a Drew Lock vibe with Quinn Ewers? Can make the prettiest throws, but you’re always craving more and he toes the line with turning over the ball.

    One Int was not his fault today, but one was into triple coverage while locked onto his target and a bad fumble. At best he’s a late 3rd to 4th rounder if he declared. But I think he should transfer and play one more year with Arch Manning breathing down his neck..

    • Palatypus

      The many personalities of Quinn Ewars:

      1) Quinn Ewars

      2) Quinn Skewered

      3) Quinn Sewers

      4) Quinn Dewars Scotch Whiskey

      • Palatypus

        Ewers, damn I am off my game.

  19. Big Mike

    USC is very unimpressive thus far.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Arizona playing out of their minds

      • Peter

        Penix increasing his heisman odds by simply not playing with Williams dropping a dud this week.

        • DriveByPoster

          That was no dud. In a tough game, Williams put the team on his back & carried them over the line. USC may have been unimpressive but Caleb Williams was mightily so.

          • Peter

            3 ot’s are fun.

            3 ot’s against an unranked team….

            When I typed the first comment it was a one point game, a struggle against a pretty bleh team.

            When you said “put the team on his back,” I checked the box score. He got the tds which is cool from an accounting stand point but the passing and the running weren’t that impressive when they start on the 20’s. I was thinking as I read it that he went off.

            He’s still qb one in the draft but USC is a bit of a fraud as a team.

            • DriveByPoster

              Yeah, I get that the stats don’t look great but when your receivers can get open then you’re not going to put up gaudy numbers. But leadership doesn’t show up in the stats & when I was watching the game (at a ludicrous hour of the morning here in the UK) it seemed clear that USC’s game depended entirely on Williams’ decision making, will to win & class as a player; which is a roundabout way of saying I agree with you about USC being a bit over-rated!

              Also, I agree with Blitzy. I thought that Arizona put in a fantastic team effort.

              • Peter

                USC being overrated is about how they actually have good recruits everywhere but Riley can’t field a defense, ever. And would most likely get taken to the woodshed by Michigan, Georgia, and a few others.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Only if Shadeur Sanders doesn’t declare

              Ima keep saying this more often, because it’s true

              • Peter

                I’m assuming he won’t. I expect coach prime to have an awesome recruiting cycle.

          • Jed Simon

            USC was bailed out repeatedly by game-changing late down penalties against Arizona, some of which were terrible calls. That roughing the passer call was a shameful insult to the game of American football, and the personal foul on that outrageously late slide by Williams was even worse. The contest turned into a WWE-style flopfest, a truly embarrassing product.

        • Fat Lad

          Just don’t sleep on Drake Maye

    • Romeo A57

      The last 3 plays by USC at the end of the game were surprising and comical.

  20. Willy

    UW fans are obnoxious, thinking Penix will go over Caleb Williams in the 2024 NFL Draft. And thinking Penix’s knees are no problem at all because he throws for 450 yards and being in the Heisman race guarantees him to be a top 10 pick.

    Rob, please help. Lol

    • Big Mike

      I believe he will be a top 10 based on the need for QBs in the NFL and his arm. Williams will still be number 1.

      • Peter

        Top 10. Most likely. How he does, who knows. But I’m in the minority in that I don’t know how Williams does in the pros either. I see a great college qb. Have and will have for some time doubts about Riley’s scheme. I see tons of cool stuff with Williams but in a post Wilson, then post mshomes world seems a lot of qbs move around and throw across their bodies. I’m also a little concerned by two things:

        1. His size. Don’t love it. Don’t love his build.

        2. Generational (groan) talent….

        No one said Stroud was a generational talent. But he’s in the rookie wheelhouse as best rookie start since Luck/Wilson. If he does that is he not the “generational,” talent conversation?

        • Peter

          Or a more recent comp: more yards than Herbert. A few less TD’s but way less Ints.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I thought the final 2 pt conversion, on which USC won the game, was ridiculous to watch in a bad way

          I think Williams is an excellent QB prospect. He’s probably the top QB in a class without Shadeur Sanders. Yes, I said that and I stand by it.

          But that last play to win the game, was only won through trickery and Williams’ innate athletic ability. It was the right play to win the game (because it did), but it was a sad, pathetic, anemic showing for Lincoln Riley and the Trojans overall. He should be embarrassed that’s how he had to win.

          It was a very disappointing end for this CFB fan, not the outcome mind you (IDGAF about that)

          And no, I’m not really a Williams fan, even if I acknowledge his talent.

    • Romeo A57


      There are 2 things that most SDB commenters don’t want to hear about:

      1. Penix had a season ending injury in all of his first 4 college seasons. Didn’t make it more than 6 games through any of them. Who knows what lingerimg issues he has from this. I don’t see how an NFL team could look at using a first round pick on him because of his injury history.

      2. Colorado is not a very good team this year. All four FBS schools in Washington and Oregon are much better teams and only get around. 01% of the publicity of the Buffaloes because of the hype train.

      I acknowledge the greatness of Coach Prime and Penix.

      • Willy

        The main people I talk to keep referring to “what the mock drafts are saying.” Yet they are silent when it’s mentioned that Malik Willis was hyped to go in round 1 the entire offseason during that draft. By their logic, Graham Harrell would already be a better QB than everyone in the league.

        Add on the fact that coming into the league his knees will be as bad if not worse than Todd Gurley’s. This is even when he is among the least hit QBs in college football. I haven’t even mentioned the shoulder injuries and that ever since the knee injuries Penix never uses his lower half to throw the football. He’ll get medically red flagged immediately at Indy

        • Romeo A57

          During the offseason, Combine and Pro Day, Penix’s health and athleticism will be properly evaluated. Right now people are just looking at the 400 yard passing games.

          All of us fans are some level of obnoxious. Penix, if healthy , should make the Heisman Ceremony. Let the UW fans enjoy that journey. As Seahawks fans, we just hope that Schneider would take multiple looks at Penix’s knees and shoulders.

          • Willy

            Good point, Romeo. I think a lot of the disconnect stems from people believing that players that are good in college will automatically be good in the pros. It’s okay to be a great college player and not translate to the NFL. The list of those guys is super long.

            What I love about this community is the ability to look at things objectively. I am a UO alumni and have heard so many say how Bo Nix is a lock for the top 10. He is having a good year and UO fans should cheer him on like how UW cheers on Penix. But that shouldn’t cloud judgment on projection to the next level.

            • Romeo A57

              Willy, I am also an UO fan. Nix has been great for the Ducks, but I don’t anticipate him being one of the first QBs selected in 2024

  21. CHaquesFan

    What a weekend of college football, starting with the wonderful Red River rivalry game and ending with ‘Zona taking USC to 3OTs

    Cowings looks great but USCs defense looks horrendous

    • Rob Staton

      Should be fired

      • Big Mike

        What an unfair advantage for Jacksonville to be able to stay in London all week.

        • Peter

          I think JAX needs all the advantages it can get.

        • Palatypus

          You think Trevor Lawrence surfed the Thames?

      • Big Mike

        Should’ve been fired after the game and put on a separate flight.

        • bmseattle

          apparently Mario has made a similar decision in the past (against Stanford when at Oregon), that also resulted in a lost fumble.

  22. Big Mike

    This game is nearly unwatchable. There’s a flag about every other play. Just awful.

    • Rob Staton

      First half felt like it would never end

  23. UkAlex6674

    NE stinks so bad I can smell them over here in the UK

  24. geoff u

    Your qb gets injured in nearly every game on the year. The solution? Call more qb run plays.

  25. LouCityHawk

    Imagine being a Patriots fan right now…

    This is why you want to end things in a high note….

    • Big Mike

      So if you are the owner of the patriots do you tell bill retire or you’re fired?

      • LouCityHawk

        I can’t think of another coach more deserving to call his own shot about how he leaves.

        I wouldn’t force Bill out or even tell him he has to go.

        If I was Belli, I think I’d have wanted to go out before this…

  26. PatrickH

    Based on last night’s game, Notre Dame LT Joe Alt seemed more like a day-2 pick than a first rounder. The two times he got overpowered and knocked down by the Louisville pass rusher looked bad (and Sam Hartman ended up being sacked on both occasions).

    • LouCityHawk

      Was watching at field level for this one (crowd was insane, great environment), Alt’s lack of bend showed here, people talking about him as a RT might be right. Overall the Irish looked sluggish in pregame – this might not be the game to base evaluations on. Cross might not measure 6-1 at combine, looks smaller than I thought he’d be. #99 for Notre Dame, big man, big frame, looked like he might be a late round pick worth looking at.

      Thrash is a name to put on your radar for a mid round WR. The Louisville D had a couple other guys who popped, I haven’t looked up their names yet.

      Notre Dame just got handled in this one, if you didn’t know their rankings you would have assumed Louisville was the top 10 team.

  27. Jordan

    In retrospect, all that “Patriot Way” stuff seems silly. The QB was the answer to the question, and now he isn’t there.

    A mediocre to poor operation both prior and after Brady.

    • Peter

      I don’t get this. The coach got there in 2000. In 2001, 2004, 2005 Brady was a poor to Mediocre qb in those years. People remember him lighting it up. And pushing Tampa to the top. But forget when he was a bad qb but they still won the championships.

      Bills just been around too long and is no longer a good gm.

      • Rob Staton

        They’ve just done a crap job rebuilding the roster

        It doesn’t change anything about NE and the way they achieved all of those titles

        And Belichick DEFINITELY played his part

  28. ShowMeYourHawk

    Bengals aren’t looking like world beaters against the Cardinals but certainly good enough to smack around a lackadaisical, post-bye Seahawks team next week. Boys had better be ready from the opening kickoff.

    • pdway

      Burrow looks pretty much back to normal. Won’t be an easy game.

      • Troy

        Burrow isn’t Daniel Jones. The Bengals aren’t the Giants. Next week is a loss.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Well then, no point in playing it. Or even talking about it

          See you in a few weeks?

          • Troy

            Sorry. As a Seahawk fan, I guess I am not allowed to predict a loss. Until this defense shows up itself against an elite QB, I will remain unconvinced.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        He’s still favoring that leg. Making him uncomfortable in the pocket will be essential to avoid getting Chase going against a poor pass defense.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m glad Burrow played better today

        I want to see how good we are, not win games against banged up, underperforming opponents

        • 805Hawk

          Agree. I still don’t know what this team is. I don’t want empty wins like the Giants and Panthers. Let’s see what these boys are all about.

  29. Gaux Hawks

    Cha, what’s our club control for TE Brady Russell?

    I can’t find anything on Spotrac or OverTheCap…

    • cha

      They have full control over him for 2024, 2025 and he will be a restricted free agent in 2026 so they control that too..

      • Gaux Hawks

        good to hear (although still early), thanks cha!

  30. cha

    Arizona loses, Rams lose, Niners playing Dallas tonight. An 0-3 NFCW result during the Hawks’ bye week would be a nice little perk.

  31. pdway

    ah man, that was a real bummer end of game for Russell. sucks seeing him go out like this.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, Denver’s O-line is appalling

      • Peter

        Broncos going to go 4-13 with a qb throwing 37 tds to 6 ints…..pathetic team.

  32. Trevor

    SF is going to smoke Dallas tonight I think.

    • Palatypus

      You are correct, sir.

    • Palatypus

      At the end of the first quarter, SF has a 6:1 advantage in time of possession.

      And CMC is probably better than every player on the Cowpies except #11.

      • Trevor

        Hate to admit it but SF are the class of the NFL now. Dominant offense and defense. Really sucks.

    • Romeo A57

      Seahawks fans should not be watching this SF vs Dallas game if they want to believethe Seahawks will win the NFC West. Dallas had zero first downs in the First Quarter.

    • Big Mike

      So far, you are correct

  33. Palatypus

    That fumble recovery by SF was a Legion of Boom worthy thing of beauty.

    BTW, what do you think of “Legion of Spoon”?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Spoolen? Witherwool?

      • Palatypus

        I can’t remember which pundit I heard say it.

        Witherwool sounds like a bad Oasis song.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Woozle wuzzle?

          That’s what passes for entertainment these days?

          • Palatypus

            “Because maybe
            You’re gonna be the one that saves me
            And after all
            You’re my Witherwool”

  34. Blitzy the Clown

    It’s the Fred Warner show

  35. Big Mike

    I know they just gave up a touchdown and of course it happens but man do the niners tackle well.

  36. 805Hawk

    That December 3rd game between the 9ers and Phili is going to be one for the ages. I’m glad we play on Thursday so I don’t have to flip back and forth between that game and the Hawks. I’m not sure who beats either team before then.

    • Big Mike

      Well could be for HFA and the bye

  37. Palatypus

    Random thought I had this week.

    Remember when the New York Post hired that Jessica Simpson impersonator to troll Tony Romo and then she showed up for a game with the Seahawks?

    There are LOTS of Taylor Swift impersonators out there.

  38. AlaskaHawk

    The 49ers look good tonight. The offense is running over Dallas.

    I remember wanting McCaffrey when he was coming out of college. He still looks great!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Plus no one can guard Kittle.

    • cha

      The talent is great, the scheming is great. But what I can’t get over is the drive and motivation the Niners play with. They whipped the Giants because they wanted it more. They dragged tacklers down the field.

      And they’re doing it again tonight on a pretty tough Dallas team.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Indeed. They’re pissed off for greatness

  39. Blitzy the Clown

    George Kittle sez: take that mister Pfizer!

  40. Big Mike

    Barring major injury we might as well just put Philadelphia and San Francisco in the NFC championship game

    • pdway

      they really do seem a full level above everyone else. Purdy looks really good running this offense – there’s no denying it. seasons go through ups and downs – but if the game was being played today – I dont see anyone beating the Niners. Bleh.

    • cha

      We will see if the Niners can keep it up or if they’re peaking too early.

      • Peter

        They are 17 of the last 18 with 15 straight regular season wins. Hard to see this as the peak.

        Do I see them undeafeted? No. But do I see the nfc team that is better than them? Also no. The only afc team in their air would be the bills and they aren’t this complete.

        If the seahawks defense is real I think we could be a problem for them. If the excuse making stops on offense. And detroit if they play perfect.

        • Rob Staton

          The only team who can stop the 49ers winning the SB this year is the 49ers

          • Trevor

            Agree 100%

            Barring major injuries or some sort of implosion they look like a lock.

            Great coaching, young cheap QB who can really play, incredible playmakers on offense and a tough OL, the best RB in the game and finally tough as nails defense that plays with incredible passion.

            They are the best and most complete team I have seen in a while.

            • Rob Staton

              They have every ingredient, sadly

          • Pack of K9s

            I emphatically agree, and i think they will. Winning in the nfl is hard and making 0 mistakes is great but eventually you will. With the sudden death NFL playoffs all it takes is for that mistake to come at the wrong time

  41. Sten

    I wish for nothing more than for us to beat them on thanksgiving

    • cha

      Never missed a Niners game in Seattle in the PC era, and I’m not missing this one.

  42. Palatypus

    I think Leighton Vander Esch just got a concussion. Now, he is Leighton Vander M.C. Escher and walking through the impossible stairways of his mind.

    • Big Mike

      Good stuff man. Very creative

      • Big Mike

        And to be clear I NEVER wish injury on any player on any team.

      • Palatypus

        I used to have that poster on my dorm room wall.

        • Big Mike

          I had the incomparable James Marshall Hendrix on my wall.

  43. Palatypus

    How many sacks is that?

    Are they close to 11?

  44. Mick

    I think we have two things to envy when it comes to the 49ers. First is the roster construction, they spent their money at premium positions and on difference makers, not at safety and on fringe players (looking at Dissly first of all). Second, with all due respect, is their game plan. I think their roster won’t perform at same level with our staff.

    • Rob Staton

      Kyle is a genius

    • Big Mike

      they spent their money at premium positions and on difference makers, not at safety and on fringe players

      What a concept

      • Big Mike

        And yeah, the Dissly contract is bad but the Safety expenditures are abysmal

      • cha

        The idea that they have an absolutely loaded defensive line, and then went and got Randy Gregory and booted Kerry Hyder hurts my head to think about.

        They’re getting great low-cost production at QB, S, OL and are plowing resources into positions that matter.

        The Seahawks should get credit for drafting OLB/DE’s high, signing Dre Jones and Jarran Reed. They really should. But that doesn’t mean they should stop plowing resources into the DL. It just shows how far away they were when they decided to start building.

  45. Palatypus

    I find today’s AP Top 25 poll a bit puzzling.

    Sure, I can see why Louisville at #14 is ahead of #21 Notre Dame, but dropping eleven spots past even Duke (sans quarterback) at #17 to #21? They played a 3-0 Ohio State team, followed by a 4-0 Duke team, and then a 5-0 Louisville team. They have a combined record of 14-1.

    Alabama at #11? Are Washington at #7, Oregon at #8, and USC at #10 all better than Alabama?

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      The polls have never made any sense. It’s all about the record, and the key is when you lose . Lose the first game and drop out of the top 10 and you still have time to climb back in. Lose a game at the end of the year and drop 10 spots. How is a team worse because of when they lost the game?

      • Palatypus

        Notre Dame at #21 though is extremely harsh. I would expect teams between 21-25 to be a target for a service academy to beat. Notre Dame beat Navy 42-3 in their opener, much to my chagrin.

  46. AlaskaHawk

    Anthony Richardson, QB for Colts started and was injured in the second quarter with an AC Joint sprain on his throwing shoulder. So far Stroud is the winner of the rookie QB tryouts in the NFL.

    I’m thinking a little more about the 49er team. Yes the team has been constructed well with several future hall of famers on the roster. Aside from that, they really lucked into and developed Brock Purdy as their third string future QB. What he is doing is amazing! Sooo it’s pretty apparent the difference in having a QB with premium abilities to deliver the ball, and the surrounding great team.

    • BK26

      He’s in the perfect system: get the ball out fast. Amazing defense, great weapons, good line. One of the best offense-minded head coaches.

      There is a reason that Garapollo worked out there and that Purdy was still the last pick in the draft. They aren’t asked to do too much (which is a huge part of the coaching and allows them to get by with less). He’s got to do a lot more to show me that it’s really him.

    • Ashish

      I wanted the Hawks to draft Richardson, and missing out by 1 pick made me sad. But now how Richardson is throwing himself around, I would not be happy. Again, Pete would have coached much differently and would not have started till next year unless required due to Geno’s injury.
      In nutshell just enjoy Witherspoon, will have our chances with QB in the next draft. I agree, CJ is the clear winner as of now.

  47. AlaskaHawk

    and a reminder of how hard it is to stay on top. There are some parallels with the Seahawks struggles for Belichick and the Patriots:

  48. Trenchtown

    On Bobby Wagner, the stats back up that Wagner is contributing on the run. Via Aaron Schatz
    Best average depth of tackle/assist on runs, min 15 run plays, off-ball LB only

    E.Roberts PIT 1.6
    D.Barnes DET 2.2
    B.Wagner SEA 2.2
    D.Long MIA 2.3
    Z.Cunningham PHI 2.4
    N.Landman ATL 2.6
    I.McDuffie GB 2.7

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