Draft notes 04/10: Howard Cross, Tyler Guyton, Ray Davis

Howard Cross (DT, Notre Dame)

This is the third time I’ve watched Notre Dame and on each occasion Cross has impressed me far more than some of the other big name DT’s eligible for 2024. I was put off a little by his size (6-1, 288lbs) but it’s time to get over that and talk about his talent.

Cross has everything you look for in a disruptive interior force. He possesses great quickness to gain position with his first step and he bursts beyond sluggish blockers. He asks questions every single snap. I’ve not seen anyone better at shedding blocks to create pressure within this class.

It’s not just about quickness and athleticism either. Cross is a warrior with his hands and he can play with great base, anchoring on contact then disengaging. It’s no exaggeration to say he’s a nightmare to defend. He’s relentless in his playing style, not giving his opponent a minute’s peace. If it’s not a great get-off to simply burst through an opening, he’s battling and fighting to the whistle or driving blockers into the pocket.

His lack of size, as with a lot of shorter linemen, helps with leverage. He also keeps his legs moving so everything is a forward motion. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a DT give this much effort down after down and he does it with a high number of snaps too (more on that in a moment). I don’t know how he’ll measure for length but there’s hardly any evidence of him getting washed out. He actually initiates contact well and drives through it — rather than exposing his chest and being driven out of position.

Further to this, he can bench-press blockers and keep himself clean with his eyes in the backfield to read the play and react. There’s very clear tape where he controls the block on contact and you can see his eyes in the backfield, waiting to determine his next move.

Double teams can get after him which isn’t a surprise at 6-1 and 288lbs but the fact Duke at the weekend had to resort to that speaks volumes. He’s always on the move trying to find answers when he doesn’t get the initial win and he plays to the whistle.

As an athlete, Cross looks like he has great agility. I think he’s a very interesting, potentially exciting player. He will need to test through the roof to be a high pick at his size but I wouldn’t rule out a great short shuttle or explosive traits.

Cross’ pass rush win percentage of 18.2% leads college football among players who’ve played +50% of snaps. This is important because while other interior rushers have a higher win rate, they’re playing fewer snaps. Cross and Illinois’ Jer’Zhan Newton (17.5%) are both in the top-three for pressure percentage among players playing +50% of the defensive snaps.

Other big names who are excelling are playing less. The following are all playing between 20-49% of the defensive snaps:

T’Vondre Sweat — 23.5%
Rylie Mills 22.6%
Byron Murphy — 17.9%
Michael Hall Jr — 15%
Tyler Davis 13.8%
Kris Jenkins 12.7%
McKinley Jackson — 9.5%

It’s something to consider. Cross and Newton are winning at a high rate while playing a lot of football.

Size and length has always been important for the Seahawks up front so this might be an issue projecting Cross to Seattle. However, as we saw again this year, they’re all-in on attitude, effort, grit, leadership and physicality. That is Cross, even with a smaller frame.

I’ll also say that re-watching the Duke vs Notre Dame game just convinced me even more that Riley Leonard has so much potential. It’s good to hear his injury is a high ankle sprain and nothing more serious because it looked ugly.

I want to keep stressing the point that it’s a lot easier for a quarterback to play in an prolific spread system where they’re hardly sacked and they get easy reads throwing to talented receivers. The quarterbacks who face a lot of pressure, play in variable systems and complete difficult passes into tighter windows — they are easier to project to the next level.

Leonard, as I said at the weekend, was far from perfect against Notre Dame. However, he put his team on his back in the second half and dragged them from a 10-point deficit to a winning position. He ran with skill and athleticism and he completed big plays in critical, high-pressure situations. That type of game against a tough opponent, playing without your left tackle, can show a lot more than a player sitting in a nice, clean pocket spraying bombs around the field to the tune of 400 yards and five easy touchdowns.

Tyler Guyton (T, Oklahoma)

Increasingly we’re seeing athletic, very capable right tackles starting in college. Darnell Wright was an example this year and Abraham Lucas the previous year. Guyton has a great opportunity to be another high pick as a productive right-sided blocker.

He’s light on his feet but heavy in the way he controls blocks. He handled 1v1’s in space against Iowa State and Cincinnati but also showed he’s very capable of driving people off the line. He can get out on the move in space with ease so pulling is no problem and he can be effective on screens at the next level.

Guyton has very easy footwork and agility to get into position then drop the anchor. He’s a very impressive right tackle with top-45 potential. I’m looking forward to watching him against Texas.

Ray Davis (RB, Kentucky)

Wow. Physical, elusive, forceful. He had a prolific performance against a mediocre Florida team and I can’t wait to watch more.

Davis shifts his weight to change direction with ease. He was slippery and evasive when he needed to be and he was putting his head down and getting the tough yards too. This was one of the best individual running back performances I’ve seen in a long time. Every time he was on the field instead of one of the other runners, the difference was noticeable. He was the Kentucky offense.

It wasn’t just about brute force and breakaway speed either. His patience to let blocks develop and then the decisiveness to exploit opportunities was so impressive. Once he’d taken advantage of his blocking, time and time again he would make at least one defender miss to get even more yardage or he’d run through contact.

Davis even had a couple of really good pass-pro reps.

The Kentucky O-line played its part and Will Levis will be wishing he could’ve played behind this line for returning OC Liam Coen. However, Davis is a genuine benefactor of Kentucky upgrading both their line and their offensive coordinator and he looked like a NFL runner in this game. He destroyed Florida. He embarrassed them.

I can’t imagine the Seahawks will be spending another high pick on a running back but I guess it’s worth noting that Kentucky are back to running an offense inspired by Sean McVay.

Maason Smith (DT, LSU)

I keep seeing Smith being projected in round one and I just don’t see it. I know he’s coming off an injury but he just looks too rigid and almost a little bit clumsy. There are definite flashes where he executes a nice swim to break into the backfield but more often than not he’s a non-factor.

At the moment I’ve got he and team mate Mekhi Wingo slated for early day three as potential rotational rushers. I reserve the right to adjust those grades down the line but it was just so easy for Ole Miss on offense on Saturday. We’re not seeing enough impact up front from the LSU D-line and they just look ‘OK’.

I think McKinley Jackson, Byron Murphy, Howard Cross, Tyleik Williams, Michael Hall Jr, Jer’Zhan Newton and T’Vondre Sweat have shown far more early round potential.

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  1. Denver Hawker

    Deep cut for any moonlighting Mariner fans here: https://x.com/johndavidfraley/status/1709419211616039398?s=46&t=cOHU3a7sncZq-_1QP4M1Og

    As funny or triggering as they might be, it brings up an old debate about whether fans would rather have perennial wild card teams that maybe get lucky and win a playoff game/series or go all in on a championship and follow it with years in the dumpster. I’m sure the answer isn’t as binary and baseball (no real salary cap) is not football, but as a Seattle sports fan it’d be nice to have a great team again, if only for a brief moment. Winning the big one cements an entire generation of fans who will enjoy the tear down/rebuild. Middling in mediocrity only breeds contempt.

    • Big Mike

      DiPoto’s statement about doing the fans a favor was reprehensible particularly in light of the fact that the Mariners had the largest profit margin in all of MLB. Screw him and screw Stanton.

      • Ben

        Like a little more tact. We’re all pissed to have missed the playoffs. I get it, you don’t want to hamstring the future. But MAYBE when plugging holes just spend more on 1, 2 year contracts that only cost short term money than trading prospects to do it every time.

        We’ve never even made a WS. Like cmon. You don’t need to go all in every year, an approach can be sustainable winning to lead to more chances to a WS, I accept that. But like it emphatically has to be the goal that we win a WS. To say anything less, as a team that has never won anything, is unacceptable.

        • Big Mike

          Agree all the way around
          47 seasons and counting….

    • jed

      I’m so glad I’m not a Mariners fan anymore.

      But, I’d prefer the Rams style of going for it and tearing it back down than a slightly above average team hoping for good injury & random luck. Even in down years you can point to new, young players that could be part of your championship team and you’ll know the team will go big in the years they can contend.

    • Mad Dog

      I have to say that football is not baseball. It’s far too violent a sport to go all in then tank. Players need to know they’ve got a chance to win to stay engaged. And as many teams have shown, it can take decades build back up. And then there is the disservice this does to STH’s. TV fans can just turn it off for a few years and come back when they are winning.

      The Patriots way is superior IMO. Get a good QB and keep trying to draft well and get value for your soon to be free agents.

  2. Denver Hawker

    Hard to not like Cross- looks like a violent, twitchy linebacker with a belly. Interesting player to project given his size. Like his frame could bulk more for interior play or drop some to look like a thick middle linebacker. Tough motor, dependable effort, and joy to watch.

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    Size and length has always been important for the Seahawks up front so this might be an issue projecting Cross to Seattle. However, as we saw again this year, they’re all-in on attitude, effort, grit, leadership and physicality.

    Can’t speak for length; that seems to be a pretty firm criterion. But as for size, Jones and Edwards Jr suggests they’re flexible on size.

    I’ve only seen Cross’s highlights, but them’s some good highlights.

  4. Blitzy the Clown

    Congrats on your tweet making the Seahawks’ promo page Rob!

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    Corbin is sharing some All-22 film from Monday’s win vs the Giants.

    Here’s DK “Late Hands” Metcalf’s TD


  6. Blitzy the Clown

    Man, we 12s are everywhere!


    • Big Mike

      Hey just saw this. Very cool Blitzy!! Thanks for posting.

      • Blitzy the Clown


  7. Peter

    Dang Rob. Appreciate these notes.

    Going to be a pretty interesting day come round one of the draft for Seattle.

  8. Ben

    Man, Davis is a pure runner. Love his balance and power, tons of patience, and the cuts are stellar. Just enough to keep momentum and get the defenders off balance to run right by. And 280 yards, you’re not kidding!

    Any draft eligible inside linebackers standing out? Could use some more spark from the linebackers even if we shouldn’t use a ton of draft capital.

    • Peter

      With pick #22 in the 2024 draft the Seattle seahawks select…..

      Today it’s hard to find the definitive position Seattle should target at that spot.

      Probable needs:

      Inside LB
      More DLine
      Safety would actually be in this list but money is the issue

      I’d say QB but this is going to be a weird pickle. Geno may not make his escalators, thus not expensive but also not very dynamic. Then there’s Drew Lock. A Schneider type who has been trained up in this system. Is he really the future? Can they give him a budget prove it deal?

      Is Brooks in what I think is a contract year going to finally pay off on his first round grade and price himself put of Seattle?

      • Peter

        Or…..get real weird and get another Corner early and keep spoon at Nickel forever and lock down the outsides with Woolen and other.

      • BK26

        It had better be quarterback. Has to be quarterback. But…I wouldn’t put any money on it. I don’t think that Geno has been good enough to be safe keeping the job. And Lock…no.

        I’m with you. Just can’t be sure what they will do. It’s a position that they have handled…uniquely the whole time.

        The team as a whole hasn’t done anything to make me think this season will be any different than what I initially thought. Monday was a very good game, but the offense didn’t look good and should have dominated. The defense did what they were supposed to, but I can’t remember seeing a team so beaten down as that Giants team. Should have been MUCH more convincing. That kind of play isn’t going to get too far against even a good team, let alone one of the elites.

        • Peter

          Had them at 9 wins. Moved them to 10 for now. Good to get the wins now to get momentum.

          If I’m feeling positive I could see 12 wins. Are the Browns anything? Washington? AZ is trying hard but still not doing it. No way the rams get us twice…..

          But, there’s the side of me where the Detroit win was last team with the ball wins plus a pinch of luck.

          Carolina was a boring slog for most of the game.

          And the giants game. I get it folks. Bad oline. Pretty sure most of the offensive weapons showed up.

          The schedule looks like it has a few trap games. AZ. Washington can go blow for blow with the eagles.

          • LouCityHawk

            12 wins? Now you’re starting to sound like me! Although I’m still at 11 as the most likely wins total.

            What was my preseason ceiling? 13 wins?

            I pounded the over 8.5 wins in the preseason, and am thrilled to be 1/3 of the way to a nice pay day. Thought 10.5 should have been the o/u.

            I’m still on the same preferred path (no reaches, take BPA).

            1. QB
            2. DLine
            3. Off ball lb
            3. TE
            4. DLine

            • BK26

              I’ve got to to with 11 at the most. Either way, 8, 9, 10, +, it will be touted as an amazing ceiling, Pete coaching amazingly with this group and the team playing better than expected. There is nothing to think otherwise.

              But still not in the ball park of the Eagles, 9ers, Cowboys even. Real teams that are good all around. Defense hasn’t really been tested and the offense hasn’t shown anything to think elite yet.

              Still 100% agree with your draft list, within reason (who falls, how it all plays out). I’d even throw safety in there as well.

              • Peter

                I don’t actually think 12 is the real number btw.

                Very stoked after the giants game but these tuneup matches against two teams back to back who by years end might be battling for draft position aren’t really instructive.

                I’m still at 10 wins.

                I am with LouCity on draft needs. Seeing a few posts about OT/guard and I suppose if Lewis walks but I’d put that at round 3 not round one for a guard.

                I’d still maybe add CB early. If I’m being generous perhaps this million DB room that Seattle has built and the absence of resources on Dline is their way to mitigate how hard it is to get a payne, cox, jones, q. Williams, and if you truly create the best backfield it let’s “lesser,” players shine up front.

                I don’t think Tre Brown or Jackson have shown enough to think they are truly good to great corners. Short of my pipe dream of letting Thorpe award winner Bryant play outside to see what he has part of me thinks getting yet another awesome Corner could be a pretty devastating recipe leaving Spoon in the nickel forever.

  9. Jordan

    “I want to keep stressing the point that it’s a lot easier for a quarterback to play in an prolific spread system where they’re hardly sacked and they get easy reads throwing to talented receivers. The quarterbacks who face a lot of pressure, play in variable systems and complete difficult passes into tighter windows — they are easier to project to the next level.”

    All excellent points re: QB evaluation. QBs excelling in the league – guys like Mahomes, Hurts, Allen, Burrow, Stroud all played their college ball in challenging situations. Being an overcomer is a big green flag.

    • Brian G

      What exactly do you mean by that? Mahomes and (at Oklahoma) Hurts were in air raid while Burrow and Stroud has amazing all around offenses…

      • Ben M

        Agree. None of those QB’s were in challenging college situations. Maybe Burrow before the amazing 2019 season (pre cutting edge OC)? Two of them transitory get PT.

      • BK26

        Mahomes sat for a little over a year to learn and Hurts spent most of his time in Alabama.

        Burrow ran his own offense. Had to grow himself. He wasn’t very good when he transferred. Stroud had to prove that he could play out of that offense: it is one that makes it easy for the qb. Basically show that he could do it himself. And Big 10 defenses are no joke.

  10. Jamie

    Does anyone know if we got Denver’s 2024 3rd round pick or the NO Saint’s 3rd round pick that they hold, or some qualifier like the higher or lower of the two?

    • Gaux Hawks

      lower of the two

    • j

      At the time it was reported as the worse of the two. However I can’t find anything clarifying that on the web. Hope its Denvers native 3rd, which might not be far off from our native 2nd.

  11. Romeo A57

    In 2024 we all know that the Seahawks will draft another Running Back in Round 2. In Round 1 I am guessing a Tackle or DL. Round 3 a QB and a TE.

    • Peter

      Tackle in round one? I hope Lucas doesn’t have Greg Oden’s knees.

    • Jordan

      I can’t envision RB that high again until Walker is in the final year of his deal.

      I hope nothing happens with Cross or Lucas that would lead them to take a Tackle in the first.

      I definitely agree with DL in the first.

      I was thinking interior oline – Van Pran and Beebe are nice players. But I think the Hawks might have a reasonable amount of quality there even with Haynes heading for free agency. Bradford, Olu, Evan Brown have all been pretty solid.

      This is a good safety class and it might be time to reset that position group. KInchens, Nubin, James Williams, Dejean all have different things to like about their games.

      TE, yes, could be in play too. Post-Jimmy Graham the Hawks are clearly only going to go with guys that can play on the line of scrimmage and contribute as blockers. So that is something to keep in mind, and not look at the jumbo slot type TEs; but the true Ys.

      • Samprassultanofswat

        Rob. This is something you may or may not want to check out. Today Brock Huard was talking about the Giants. Specifically Leonard Williams. Brock was speculating on Leonard Williams contract. If the Giants fall out the race in the NFC EAST they might be willing to move to payroll. Brock said Williams contract is favorable.

      • Romeo A57

        I could see the Seahawks drafting a Tackle and moving Lucus or Cross to Guard. Also can see them wanting to go young a cheap at TE.

        I was being a little silly with another 2nd round RB, but McIntosh has contributed nothing, and I have never been impressed at all by Dallas.

        • UkAlex6674

          Mcintosh is on IR.

          And no – the time for moving o-line players around has long gone.

    • Charlie TheUnicorn2187

      TE, LG, ILB are all strong candidates for early consideration.

      • Dave Thompson

        How many had a db as first choice last year? I think once like last year it’s going to be the FO’s highest rated player. Doubtful that will be DB again, I’d like to see OT or IDL chosen day . Hopefully a QB will be picked before round 4.
        Or the team can tank and hope they could get Drew Allar, maybe Caleb Williams or Shedeur Sanders, assuming all three will be in the following draft

  12. Henry Taylor

    Just from watching the condensed game against Duke, Cross certainly pops. Perhaps speaks to his quality that I went into it without looking up his number but figured out who the man to watch was pretty quickly.

    • BK26

      I’m glad that I recorded it to watch when I have time now. I did it just so I could finally watch Lenard, but getting to watch Cross will make it even better.

  13. RomeoA57

    It looks like the NFL might punish Jamal Adams for his tirade against an NFL Concussion Monitors. I don’t feel like piling on Adams. Can we really blame him for being angry right after having a brain injury?

    That being said, if the NFL were to suspend Adams for any games, that would sure help out this suddenly exciting defense.


    • Big Mike

      Seems lousy for an understandably emotional reaction but we don’t know what was said so….

    • Peter

      Seems a lousy thing to do to Adams. He’s already missed over half his time here. Now if he struck the evaluator, sure. But if it was just words I don’t know that you should be punishing a guy for the heat of the moment.

      • James Cr.

        Punishing a guy for acting irrational with a brain injury. Makes total sense NFL.

        • Troy

          Fining a player for his behavior after being diagnosed with a brain injury? I can’t believe a story like this was even leaked by the NFL as a possibility. Bad look for Goodell & Co.

        • Big Mike

          Good point James

        • Romeo A57

          James, I completely agree that is lousy of the NFL to consider even going after Adams.

          I don’t want to see Adams on the field, ever, but not because of some NFL BS.

          • CD

            Disagree with most on this point. He deserves some punishment. The doctor was just doing his job. Adams was concussed. I don’t believe in ‘the concussion made him do it’. He’s a high energy guy, what he did/said needs to be owned by him without using an excuse. Nobody would allow their employees to take this so why should this doctor who is there to help. NFL will make an example of this so it doesn’t happen again. My guess is 1-2 games.

            • Romeo A57

              Adams had a concussion. One of the symptoms of this concussion is irrationality and irritability. I think it is a bad look to punish Adams any further. Adams also made a classy apology.


              Like I said, I don’t want to see Adams in a Seahawks uniform again, but think he should be given a break here.

            • Peter

              We don’t even know what Adams did or did not do.

              I’m a lot over the NFL arbitrarily making examples without a uniform code of conduct. 1 game suspension for yelling at a doctor? How about a zero game suspension for driving drunk, excessive speeding, and belligerence as long as you are a starting qb?

              Maybe college actions should be punishable by suspension upon arrival to the pros? Maybe not?

              We all love football but if we’re a little honest with ourselves it’s a bit of a scuzzy business that fancies itself the code of conduct administrators.

              • Big Mike

                Tyreek Hill’s son agrees with you.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              The only thing that would justify a punishment would be if Adams threatened the doctor in some way.

              If all he did was yell, curse, and swear, then this is the stupidest thing the NFL has done this week. And that’s saying a lot.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Ah, even removing any semblance of fault or responsibility in this matter, we can all comfortably rely on Adams and the drama around him to be the gift that keeps on giving.

  14. Peter

    Slow week = goofy posts.

    Read am eagle wire article about Carter being #1 for DROY in their rankings.

    He’s having a very solid year. For a DR rookie. Even very good.

    I think four weeks is a bit premature even for Spoon, to really know where he’ll land.

    But the part of the article I took umbrage with from this fan site was they were trying to argue not only DROY ( possible ) pro – bowl ( probable) but….All pro nomination ( mind blown )

    Again he’s having a great start. But the all pro votes are a mostly pure numbers game. Any rookie to get an all pro nomination is going to have to have huge numbers. I love witherspoon but he’d need quite a few more games like that against better teams before I’d even consider that.

  15. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Odd start to 2023 season

    J Carter has 1.5 Sacks

    D Witherspoon has 2 Sacks

    This really blew me away when I read this stat, since I’m not really following the Eagles that closely.

  16. Samprassultanofswat

    If anyone should get fined it should be the tackle by Isaiah Simmons on Geno Smith.

    • Nick

      Do I think it would have been a flag if it was Tom Brady? Yes.
      Do I think it was malicious? No.
      We can’t in one breath say “let the boys play” and then get angry when it happens to our team, ya know?

  17. MontanaMike

    Hi guys, I don’t comment very often as I lurk often instead. In my opinion JSN is obviously still not recovered from his hand surgery, I know they want to see the first round pick out there, but if he’s not healthy then don’t put him out there. I think Bobo would be a lot better and get valuable experience and reps until he does get healthy, when he is healthy I think he’ll progress and show massive improvement by seasons end unless he has a setback. I really think he rushed back to his detriment.
    Jamal Adams was playing good until he got hurt, but he was reckless and showed why he gets injured so frequently. I won’t knock him for strutting around after a few plays, his attitude is good, but dude needs to back it up with staying on the field and playing smarter. The O-line played great and using all the TE’s to help out with the blocking was brilliant, moving Evans to Left Guard and bringing in Olu was something brilliant too. I loved watching all the close ups of Giants fans during the game, I almost felt bad for them, they looked traumatized. The Giants looked dirty when they started losing and even worse when they were really losing.

  18. samprassultanofswat

    Montana: Bobo made some really nice blocks against the Giants. Talk about someone unsung. Bobo is exactly what you need. Someone who is willing to do the dirty work. Someone who is willing to do whatever is asked of him.

    • 509 Chris

      Absolutely. Plus blocker and a red zone threat. Its like what they wanted with Jimmy Graham

  19. LouCityHawk

    I’m going to be at the Irish/Louisville game, will be paying close attention to Cross. I will admit I was hoping he would be one of those really good DLine who might slip into Day 2 or Day 3. It sounds with testing he might be a top 40 pick…usually Rob being in on someone is a forerunner of their draft stock skyrocketing (but see Lucas)

    This really feels like a good draft to double dip in the interior DLine.

    I am wondering, as it is a bye week, what positions might be getting targeted for a trade.

    • Volume12

      Keep an eye on L’ville WR Jamari Thrash (6’0, 180 lbs.) too. Probably a day 3 guy, but tough to bring down in the open field due to his play strength, good YAC guy, can make all the contested catches, and averages 20 yds per reception.

  20. MontanaMike

    He was great and will only improve, for sure he was a steal as an UDFA.

  21. MontanaMike

    What did I say to kill the blog?

    • Peter

      More likely a killer game followed by two weeks of nothing and taken the wind out of the sails.

      Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure Rob said he, Adam, and Robbie were going to do a long stream discussing where the seahawks are at the quarter mark with special guest Cha coming in to talk honest notes about the future of the cap and a lengthy discussion about the draft over this extended bye. 😀

      One can dream.

      • cha

        First quarter report card coming soon

      • Rob Staton

        I have another very, very hectic day job week

        • Peter

          I’m totally joking good sir. I thought the superchats were going to kill you on the solo pod.

    • STTBM

      Lol Montanamike!

      I think most are ruminating on whether the defense really is getting their poop in a group, or if it’s a mirage.

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    What’s your opinion on Justin Fields?

    Is he coachable? I’m not asking for the Seahawks. Just curious if maybe a change of coaching staff/organizations/rosters wouldn’t help.

    Like Atlanta for example. I think a Fields-Robinson-Pitts trio could be difficult to defend.

    • Peter

      Atlanta makes a ton of sense.

      Coachable? Hard to know. It’s not like Chicage has a good team or coach(s). Some of those clips of him drilling olinemen in the head and the three completely open recievers are rough.

      But the south is soft and if they acted now they could probably make some noise there.

      Side note. Shout out to Canales in Tampa Bay for getting early season run about becoming a future head coach. Like his results basically everywhere and his story about he and his wife supporting each others goals as to why he’s taken a pretty circuitous route with his career.

      • UkAlex6674

        Speaking of Fields I need some SDB expert advice if this is allowed Rob!

        I have Herbert and Geno as my fantasy QBs. Obviously they are on bye this week.

        I am thinking Zach Wilson or Justin Feilds as my week 5 QB.

        But which one??!

        • Peter

          Hope you went Wilson. That broncos defense is rotten.

    • Hand of God

      The issue with Fields is (and has been since college) that he holds on to the ball for an abnormally long amount of time – I remember this being raised by most analysts during the draft process, and its evident to this day. That, plus his inaccuracy.

  23. Zane


    Super encouraging that we’ve managed to do this while vastly improving our run defense.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, the Giants deserve a major assist for this 🙂

      • Zane

        True… but guess who the 2nd & 3rd team also played? Lol

        • Rob Staton

          The Giants are a very generous team!

      • Gaux Hawks

        You could easily argue that the other two teams have had easier schedules to this point…

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Originally it seemed like the Hawks were a glass cannon (good O, bad D) but it’s really hard to tell what they are right now. Is the defense actually good? Is the offense actually good?

    • cha

      Has anyone ever clearly defined a pressure?

      PFF and PF REference have radically different numbers.

  24. TomLPDX

    Does anyone else get crappy reception for TNF on Amazon? Second week in a row that the image sucks big time.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Yes Prime is the worst quality stream

    • Big Mike

      Ditto for me. Usually not great.
      Not watching tonight cuz, well Bears v. Commanders

  25. Blitzy the Clown

    Commanders’ offense is hot garbage

  26. 509 Chris

    Cha or Rob or anyone who might have something to add… what do you think a Damien Lewis deal looks like? I know hes not a top 5 guard but hes been damn steady and this line is finally looking young, deep, and without any serious holes. It’d be a shame if he walked. With money being tight, what do you think he could get and will it be possible for Seattle to match or get close?

    • cha

      Denver signed LG Ben powers in free agency. He’s 27 and and had three effective years of starting experience in Baltimore with the Ravens.

      He got a 4y $52m deal with $27m guaranteed at signing. First year cap hit of $5.25m.

      I think that’s Lewis’s neighborhood in terms of value.

  27. cha

    Miami Dolphins

    TRADE | We have agreed to terms on a trade with the Chicago Bears for WR Chase Claypool and a 2025 seventh-round pick in exchange for a 2025 sixth-round pick, pending a physical.

    • Henry Taylor

      Low key kinda intruiged by the move. Complete contrast to their existing weapons. Maybe they use him as kind of a disguised fb

  28. Gaux Hawks

    sheeeeeeeesh, forget how tough it is to get through the bye week
    just miserably desperate for some good chunky seahawks content

    • cha

      A 4000 word chicken is in the pot

  29. pdway

    got a couple football-related stories to fill some time on a bye week –

    Got to go to the USC/Colorado game last week, and through a work connection, got to be on the sidelines for pre-game as well. What a scene. Felt like a rock concert. A lot of people you could tell were famous milling around, dressed up like it was a night out (even though it was a 10:00 am game) – I didn’t recognize many of them, but then Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett showed up, and you can’t miss them. The game itself was really fun, it’s a fairly small stadium so you can really see the game from everywhere, and it was very cool watching Williams operate. I’m not the college QB appraiser some of you are – but he struck me as a jack-of-all-trades playmaker type. The variety and creativity to his game is what stood out most to me.

    You forget how long TV timeouts are – and at every one, you could see Deion in the middle of a giant group of Colorado players, doing his best to rally the team. And it worked, their comeback made it a fun time for the crowd. Was also my first time in Boulder, and man, what a beautiful place.

  30. Gary


    I can’t thank you enough for this amazingly comprehensive first quarter summary, what a great read and gift during the bye week. Can’t disagree with any of your observations and was particularly gratified to read your comments re Bobby Wagner. I normally just read every word here and don’t post, but I have just never understood the anti-Bobby Wagner sentiment in a large segment of this community. I consider myself a moderately knowledgeable football fan and what I read here concerning Bobby never lines up with what I’m watching on the field. Granted he’s not the player he was when he and Luke Kuechly were the 1 and 1A linebackers in all of football but what 33-year-old player is? You have highlighted all of the ways he is making major contributions to this team, and while I’m still not over his one-year dalliance with the hated Rams and visions of him playing against us in those godawful uniforms, I am glad he’s back and still playing well. I would argue that dropping into coverage has never been a strength of his game even in his prime but doing what you need a linebacker and a captain of your defence to do behind the line of scrimmage I still want him out there. Let’s all just appreciate the player he has been for this team, and as Curtis points out, continues to be, without constantly ripping on him for his decline.

    Also very happy to see the love for Michael Dickson, who I would argue has long been under appreciated. I recall people ripping his draft selection as a waste of a pick, since who drafts a punter, but his value to both the offence and the defence can’t be overstated. Long may the Aussie punt for the Hawks!

    Thanks again Curtis for an amazing writeup!

  31. Kyle R

    Really interested in this Eagles vs Rams game and how the Eagles offense attacks the Ram’s defense.

  32. Samprassultanofswat

    Bengals 34. Arizona 20.

    Looks like Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals have righted the ship. It appears the Bengals are back. The Seahawks defense is going to be in for a real challenge.

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