Curtis Allen’s off-season positional reviews: RB

This is the fifth part of a guest-post series written by Curtis Allen

#5 Running Backs

Roster Notes

Players under contract for 2021: Rashaad Penny, Travis Homer, Deejay Dallas

Players under contract for 2022: Travis Homer, Deejay Dallas
Restricted Free Agents: none

Unrestricted Free Agents: Chris Carson, Carlos Hyde, Nick Bellore (ST), Alex Collins

Exclusive Rights Free Agents: none

Practice Squad/Futures Candidates: none

Salary Cap Notes:

2021 Cap Commitment: $5.2 million (2.96% of $178m cap)

Franchise Tag

The 2021 numbers have not been finalized yet, but we can look at the 2020 numbers for a good idea of approximately what they will be:

Tag for Running Backs in 2020: $10.278m exclusive, $8.5m transition

5th year option on Penny

A new, much more complicated procedure was signed into effect with the new CBA in 2020 for the 5th year option for first round picks and this impacts Penny. There are more tiers of pay now, based on snap percentage and Pro Bowl appearances.

Penny is eligible for the lowest tier (the average salary of the #3-25 players at his position) to determine his 2022 option salary. According to OTC currently, that average stands at around $6.76m now, so call it $7m.

The 5th year option must be picked up by May 3 and if it is, it also makes the fourth year fully guaranteed, which converts about $1m salary from non-guaranteed to guaranteed. Meaning, picking up the 2022 option increases Penny’s potential cap hit for 2021 by another $1m or so if he is cut or traded in 2021.

Available Free Agents

2020 Season Overview

The running backs had a 4.4 yards per rush average on 327 attempts in 2020. That is the lowest number of attempts since the injury-disaster season of 2017.


One big factor is the early season splurge of passing. Another reason for the low attempts was injuries to the unit.

The top four running backs on the depth chart missed 21 games of play this year. Add in Rashaad Penny’s 13 missed games and you have 34 total missed games between the five runners.

The offense paid the price. Without a stable run game, consistency was difficult. They had a stretch of games where Russell Wilson was the leading rusher and another where they had a mix of street free agents and rookies starting. They manufactured rushing touches to David Moore.

Chris Carson missed four games in 2020 and was used very lightly in two other games. That is six of 16 games he could not make it a full go, after a 2019 where he appeared in 15 games but had a serious injury late in the season and missed the playoffs.

Carlos Hyde had a particularly difficult season. Added to the team in late May as a scheme complement and injury protection for Chris Carson, he missed six full games and had a very limited role in four other games. His best game was easily Week 11 against Arizona, where he had a rushing and receiving touchdown and bowled through the light-package defense the Cardinals put out and helped the Seahawks feel like themselves again after losing three of the prior four games.

Deejay Dallas and Travis Homer struggled to have any impact in the running game.

Alex Collins was brought back and had some nice contributions.

Pete Carroll insisted at his end of season press conference that they needed to run the ball more in 2021.

If they are going to recommit to the run game, they have work to do. It will be very interesting to see what moves they make at the running back spot this offseason.

Offseason Questions to Address

1. How can they field a healthier unit going forward?

The Seahawks are in a precarious position. They prefer tough, physical backs but regularly struggle with fielding a starting quality unit due to injuries. The Seahawks have had a routine of needing to bring in running backs off the street for critical games. This impacts the offense far too frequently.

It highlights how amazing Marshawn Lynch was for the Seahawks. His durability was beyond reproach.

A review of every process they have regarding the running game is in order:

-Their play concepts

-Evaluation of the running style and the durability of potential players

-The medical and training staff’s evaluation and treatment regimen

-The offseason program and in-season practice load management.

All of it needs to be looked at and questioned.

Too much is at stake to continue the way they have been in recent seasons. The team simply cannot be hamstrung because their top three runners can’t stay on the field.

2. Will they bring Chris Carson back?

In 2020 Carson was a first down machine. He gained a first down on a fantastic 32% of his touches — a healthy increase from his 26% number in 2019.

With Carson, the offense has a different feel and performance to it, as more of a complete unit than a one-man band with Russell Wilson scrambling to make things happen. While he is no Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks look to him as a definite tone-setter. His strength, push, mentality and soft hands in the passing game make him a player that fits Pete Carroll’s vision of the offense like a glove.

They need a player of his quality to balance their offense and close the circle and play complementary football. It would appear the best option is to have Carson on the roster in 2021.

However, his health issues cannot be ignored. So if the Seahawks are going to invest in Carson, they will have to continue to invest in depth as well to protect the offense.

Can they afford to do that? This season in particular, they cannot. If they feel that Carson is the best option, they must be able to work out a reasonable contract. Giving Carson a big contract and then not having him available for large chunks of the season is not an option.

The franchise or transition tag seems unlikely for Carson for several reasons. The Seahawks do not have the cap space to carry a large one-year cap hit in 2021. If they want to invest in Carson, they would just sign him to an extension with bonus money they can prorate.

Carroll, when asked about Carson near the end of the regular season, made comments that indicate the Seahawks will allow Carson to explore the market and establish his value.

Carson will be 27 when the season starts. This will be his best bite at the apple. What kind of contract would work for both parties?

Likely a three or four year contract with some nice bonus money and the first two years of salary guaranteed and the remaining year or two non-guaranteed would get the job done. That way Carson gets a nice payday and is rewarded for his value to the team and the Seahawks have options to re-evaluate his status after the second and third season and decide on him with only the prorated bonus money being the cap hit if they decide to move on.

3. What about the rest of the players on the roster?

Rashaad Penny will be fighting doubts he can carry the load as the featured back until he does it.

Penny would seem an obvious choice to refuse the 5th year option on. However, the timing of the option period (ends in May) allows the team to see where they are after the initial free agent period, the draft and get a look at Penny and his knee in the OTA’s.

The Seahawks might feel that around $7m is not a bad option for a one-year contract in 2022 (when they have more cap room) if they decide they want to commit to him. But it is doubtful they would want to commit such a large amount to a player coming off a major injury. They’ll likely decline the option and let Penny test the market in 2022.

Carlos Hyde has some similar traits to Carson but spent 2020 copying Carson’s worst trait – his lack of durability – more than his best ones. He might be agreeable to returning to Seattle in 2021 on a near veteran minimum contract to reestablish some value after a rough season. But another $2.75m deal would likely not be a smart investment.

Travis Homer seems to have hit his ceiling. He likely has a spot secured on the roster but expecting any more than what he provides now would be a mistake. He can be used on kickoff returns, special teams coverage plays, is a great blocker and can occasionally get you a first down in the passing game. But he is limited in the running game — to the point where teams could be tipped that a pass play is coming when he joins the huddle. If Deejay Dallas develops in his protection pickups, Homer may be relegated to special teams and only used on offense as injury protection in 2021.

Dallas didn’t show much in 2020 to get excited about. When the others in the group were injured, Dallas got one game as the starter. While he performed adequately, the team did not hesitate to bring in Bo Scarborough and Alex Collins and place them ahead of Dallas on the depth chart. He has shown some sparky feistiness at times but needs to be more decisive hitting the hole and work on his balance and ability to break tackles. He also needs to work on his blocking, as most young running backs do.

Alex Collins rejoined the team mid-year and contributed some nice touches. He has a toughness and vision the Seahawks crave. He runs with a sense of purpose that Dallas and Homer lack. It is very likely that if he wants to come back and play in Seattle the Seahawks would be happy to have him back on the roster.

Rob’s Draft Position Overview and Potential Draft Targets

The position lacks the kind of depth we’ve seen in recent years. At the top of the board, Javonte Williams is the best running back in this class for me. His combination of tough, physical running and explosive power makes him an ideal fit for the Seahawks. However, he will likely be a top-35 pick.

Najee Harris has incredible physical talent and can be an all-rounder capable of being used in so many different ways. Few running backs can run a slant like he can. He’s a Rolls Royce of a runner but I do wonder about his explosive upside looking at his jump cuts (underwhelming) and he lacks great straight-line speed.

Travis Etienne has remarkable speed and explosive traits. He’s also well sized. He’s not an up-the-gut runner who will necessarily get the hard yards but if you create space and openings he’s a threat to break off a chunk play every time he touches the ball.

Later in the draft, there are a lot of question marks. Chubba Hubbard was always very overrated and lacks the size and punch to start in the NFL. Trey Sermon has limited playing time in college and while he’s very explosive and agile — there’s some concern about whether he’ll be able to carry a big workload.

Michael Carter is undersized but talented. Javian Hawkins has incredible speed and explosive traits but is tiny. Kylin Hill has some talent but he’s a player you really need to see testing numbers for to determine upside. Rhamondre Stevens has great feet for his size but is he explosive?

Khalil Herbert had a strong Senior Bowl and could be one to watch. Chris Evans was once really highly rated by scouts but continued to underwhelm in his college career. He has the talent but why hasn’t he put it together?

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  1. Ben

    Good write up cha. Despite the doom that was the Seahawks RB position in 2020, I enjoy reading your thoughts. In addition to the prospects you listed, Jermar Jefferson could also be a mid round target for the Hawks.

    • Kris

      Am I wrong or is Jermar Jefferson being highly underrated?

      • TomLPDX

        Probably so. OSU is a smaller school and even though he had some amazing games, it ain’t Alabama. He fits the size (5’10”, 217#) and is projected to be a day 3 rotational back. I personally loved watching him when I did get to see him play. Sure looks better than DeeJay or Homer.

  2. Mick

    This somehow sounds less bleak than I expected. Do you think Alex Collins is a viable option? I liked his style but I don’t know if he can be consistent. My first approach would be to try and get some rookie via draft, someone who’s not beat up physically, and develop him into a starter. But we’ve tried that with Homer and Dallas and the results aren’t so great. So it’s either invest in a high pick, or try to sign someone via FA, and let Carson, Hyde and perhaps also Penny go. Mike Davis is an option, Fournette another one, Aaron Jones would be a steal, and I wouldn’t be too shocked if the new LA coaches go for Malcolm Brown as a backup.

    • TomLPDX

      Penny is still on his rookie contract through next year and the real question is do you pick up his 5th year option.

      Penny showed us nothing this past year because he didn’t get back in time to have an affect. This coming year will show us what Penny is all about. Let’s hope he excels, but this SDB crowd is pretty somber about him to this point so it will most likely need to be spectacular or he’s done.

      • Rob Staton

        Let’s be right… if there was a number less than 0%, that’s how much chance Rashaad Penny would have of seeing his fifth year option.

        • TomLPDX

          My response was in regard to letting Penny go this year, as stated by Mick. My only reference to the 5th year option was that it is the ONLY decision they have to make about Penny this year…and at this point you are right, it ain’t gonna happen. What will happen is how well he performs and what his future THEN will hold with not only Seattle, but the entire NFL.

  3. cha

    I posted this a few threads down but it bears repeating:

    Chris Carson only managed 20 touches in a game once in 2020.

    • Elmer

      1. Is Scarborough a FA too? (Practice squad IR). I thought both he and Collins showed flashes of being able to help, more so than Homer and Dallas.

      2. Rolling with Penny is not the way to achieve a balanced offense. They need to bring in help.

  4. New Guy

    I would so trade Jamal Addams for even the opportunity to try to draft Javonte Williams and Quinn Meinerz…


  5. Sea Mode

    Hypothetical: if trading Adams to Miami, would you all rather have #18 (287 pts.) or #36 + #50 (281 pts.)? I know we would be glad to take either package, just curious what people would prefer.

    #18 could be Najee Harris, or trade down to the end of R1 and replenish a couple picks in the mid rounds. Only problem is, I’m not sure you will get great value since the true blue-chip talent will be gone anyways by #18.

    #36 could be Javonte Williams and #50 Quinn Meinerz, for example.

    P.S. @swedenhawk: Robbie’s mic. looks like maybe a Blue Yeti Pro.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d take #36 and a third next year.

  6. Sea Mode

    Haha, this one is actually funny!

    “oohhh I don’t know, Jim…” 😂🤣😂🤣 🍻

  7. Rob Staton

    Quick message to all those who shared the Jim Nagy interview on other sites/forums — could you possibly do the same with Quinn Meinerz?

    • millhouse-serbia

      I posted it on Matt Miller private discord group 15min ago, when it was 968 views and now its 995. Maybe its from that group, that is not small. Hope it could help a little bit.

  8. millhouse-serbia

    Adam Schefter

    Eagles are expected to trade Carson Wentz in the coming days in what would be the latest blockbuster QB deal to rock the NFL, sources tell @mortreport and me. The most pertinent questions now become where, when and for what. But it could happen as early as this week.

    • Sea Mode

      I’ve seen guesses of Chicago and Indy, but not sure either would really believe in him.

      • Rob Staton

        I would imagine those are the two most likely destinations.

        Carolina might be an outside bet.

        • Sea Mode

          Just seeing now people are saying John DeFilippo, who played a part in Wentz’s success in 2017, is the QBs coach in Chicago. So maybe the Bears think they have the inside track on fixing him. And in the process, the Bears could package Foles back to the only place he had success. I guess it makes some sense and would be an upgrade on Trubisky.

          I’m most curious to see what the Colts are going to do. The rest of the roster seems ready to compete and they have a ton of cap space. Tyrod Taylor, maybe…? Who would you all go for if you were them?

          • Rob Staton

            I’m surprised the Colts weren’t more aggressive for Stafford.

            • Sea Mode

              Maybe they were, just didn’t sell the farm like Rams to unload Goff.

              Cap hits for acquiring team are reasonable IF Wentz can return to a serviceable-good level:

              Field Yates
              · 26m

              A team acquiring Carson Wentz will take on 4 years and $98.4M left on his contract ($24.7M per year).
              His cap hits would be:
              2021: $25.4M
              2022: $22M
              2023: $25M
              2024: $26M

              Philly would eat a $33.8M dead cap hit in 2021, the largest in NFL history

            • TomLPDX

              If I’m the Colts, I go for Watson, not Wentz. The have the team already in place and the money to afford it.

              • Rob Staton

                The chances of Houston trading Watson in the division are nil.

                • TomLPDX

                  That team is so out of touch that I’m not sure they even know what division or conference they are in!

                  I know you’re right, Rob. Indy is on the brink of being a major contender for a while and their GM is one of the best in the league right now. I’m not so sure it is wise to take a chance on Wentz considering the horrendous year he just had.

                  • Rob Staton

                    I’d be very wary of Wentz.

                    I’d rather have Mariota and push the problem down the road again.

          • Sea Mode

            Wait, I just realized the DeFilippo thing makes little sense given that Frank Reich was his OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR during the 2017 Super Bowl run. You would think if anyone knows whether Wentz is worth another shot, it would be the Colts, right?

            • Big Mike

              I’ve been saying here for the last couple of months Wentz to Indy because Reich will feel he can get him squared away since he had great success with him as the OC in Philly, I’m standing by that prediction. Of course I lose nothing if I’m wrong so there’s that too. 😀

    • BobbyK

      The Colts have a stable front office and their job security isn’t in question. The Bears front office is desperate because they’re without jobs if they suck in 2021. They will mortgage anything they can and worry about the consequences later. If they win – great, the first round pick will suck and they keep their jobs. If they lose – who cares if the Bears don’t have good picks? They won’t be around anyways.

      • Sea Mode

        Good point. Desperate coaches make desperate, short-sighted moves.

        Also, I’m not sure anyone is going to offer anything close to this:

        The Eagles are said to be looking for, in the words of one well-placed source, “a Matthew Stafford package” in return for Wentz.

        That “well-placed source” is very likely the Eagles front office…

        But the situation with Wentz, as with Watson, seems to be already past the point of no return on the part of the player. They aren’t going back, so might as well get what you can for them now while the market is supposedly hot.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah there’s no going back now.

          Presumably the Eagles are leaking the likelihood of a trade to drum up some last minute fervour, knowing they’re about to take whatever the best deal on the table is.

          • Sea Mode

            Yup. Exactly.

            And putting out that you “won’t trade him except for the right compensation” prepares your fanbase for the upcoming: “we got an offer we felt was an opportunity for our football club to get better and we both thought it was in our best interest to move forward and go our separate ways.”

            • Sea Mode

              Greg A. Bedard

              Eagles are asking for two 1s for Carson Wentz, which has led to some dial tones, including from one team previously perceived to be a favored landing spot.


              First reply is PERFECT! 🤣

          • pdway

            what do you figure they get for Wentz at this point, a 2nd rounder at best, right?

            • Rob Staton

              I think a desperate team will offer more.

              • Scot04

                When it came to 2020. The Definition of Desperate Team you would find the Seahawks.
                Unhappy Safety sure we’ll give you whatever u want and then some.

                • Big Mike


                  Tears of sadness flow from my eyes…………..

      • Rob Staton

        The problem for the Colts is they’re a bit stuck. They are primed to be a challenger, apart from the QB situation. And they never pick early enough to get a in the top end of the draft.

        So they’re in that horrible position of no-mans land at the most important position.

        I think they’re smart enough to wait it out. They’ve got to wait for the ‘right’ guy to trade up for (eg KC and Mahomes or Houston and Watson). But they’ve got to be ready to pounce when they guy is there.

        In the meantime, it’s stop-gap city. If I were them I’d call the Raiders and check-in on Mariota.

        • Sea Mode

          Good article here. The stats between Wentz in 2017-2019 (even through injuries) and in 2020 are really something:

          If there’s any chance Reich can get him back to where he was, then I think they have to take a shot at getting an above-average QB signed for just $25m/apy for the next 4 years. That would be a huge advantage over the $35m/apy that even average QBs will soon be making.

          Besides, he could just be the stopgap if it doesn’t work out, since the Colts would only be on the hook for guaranteed salary-cap charges of $25.4 million in 2021 and $22 million in 2022.

          IMO that’s not crippling as long as you are not giving up multiple R1s for him.

          Mariota’s definitely interesting as another option, though.

          I will say this, though: if I’d bet on anyone to draft the right QB when the time arises, it would be Ballard. They’ve been killing it the past couple years and their video series “With The Next Pick” was really cool for an inside look.

        • Big Mike

          Even though I’m predicting Wentz to Indy, it has seemed to me that Chucky has never been entirely happy with Carr. I could see him rolling with Mariota and trading Carr to Indy.

          • Rob Staton

            There were rumours last week they might trade Carr to acquire the ammunition to go for Watson. But it seemed a bit far fetched.

          • TomLPDX

            Actually, Carr would be as good as Rivers was for them last year and a good stop-gap until the finalize the position. Like the idea of Mariota as well. Heck, even Jameis would do in a pinch!

  9. DW

    If I had my pick I’d go with Rhamondre Stevenson or Jermar Jefferson.
    Taking both skill level, profile and draft price into account I think both these guys could be well within the realm of possibility.
    Stevenson is a large man and runs like it. He has great pop behind his pads and surprising agility and burst for a guy his size. Teams will likely be wary given his route thus far and his poor academics but on the field there’s no doubting his talent.
    Jefferson to me looks like one of the top backs in the class and was productive from the day he stepped on campus. He also has the size the Seahawks want at 5’10 217.
    Both of these guys could likely be had with a mid round pick and save our 2nd rounder for a lineman.
    I also wouldnt mind seeing Demetric Felton in a Seahawks jersey. Not the same profile or style as a typical Seahawks back but an athlete with a background as a slot receiver (5’10 200)

    • Gohawks5151

      Jermar is great but I want to see the numbers on him. I would also like to see a little more play strength from him at times. I have compared him to a broke man’s Arian Foster. I do wonder if Pete will like him as he has a little bit of skill overlap with Penny

  10. New Guy

    I keep wondering if Rashad Penny is being looked at by the new OC as a possible Offensive Weapon (maybe given his minuscule output to date I shouldn’t have capitalized that term), given his speed and propensity to run outside.
    He does have some talent even though it didn’t come thru in Shotty’s scheme.
    Frankly given his lack of snaps so far, I don’t remember how his hands are for catching.

    But yeah, we desperately need someone to run up the middle with vision, patience and skill.


    • Rob Staton

      They’ll definitely be treating 2021 as an opportunity for Penny to come out and show what he’s made of. His career is on the brink, to put it bluntly. It’s kind of now or never for him. So let’s see if he can deliver.

      But they need at least one other runner, maybe two, in the mix with a legit chance to start. If Hyde and Carson move on, I think they need to be replaced. Personally I hope it’s with a reasonably high draft pick and Mike Davis.

    • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

      Interesting point about the outside zone running scheme. Does the new OC change the prototype for the Seahawks Running Back? Maybe not the size/power/BAMF aspect, but a different style? Penny might be just right, but like Rob said, we still need two more.

  11. cha

    Man U. Sloppy play around the goal has killed them.

    c’mon boys.

    • Robby

      Hey rob. Your stupid is amazing. Don’t let your daughter to turn out same way others
      Wise she will become a prostitute. Even if you are stupid its not too late for your daughter.

      • Rob Staton

        Just so people know — this is a post from our good friend “Sunil”.

        Just to shed a light.

        • TomLPDX

          Hopefully you decide to remove it. Disgusting, juvenile BS. Get a life, Sunil.

        • Rob Staton

          Also, my daughter is four years old.

        • Big Mike

          What a human pile of shit

        • ElPasoHawk

          Dude should be flat out embarrassed. Unfortunately the anonymity of the internet allows people to say disgusting things they would never say to your face. Hopefully you have a member who can moderate this type of crap so you don’t have to deal with it. Totally disheartening and sorry you have to deal with this personal dung.

        • Ashish

          Rob, please remove this post from the comment section. This is disgusting. I’m surprised someone can post this kind of message.

      • ElroyNumbers

        Total girly man move to say stuff like that on the interwebs. I am sure in real life you wouldn’t say squat to rob if you saw him in a bar. Get a life.

        • TomLPDX

          Rob is 6’4″ and built like a Mack truck. No way would he say this to his face. A decent person wouldn’t say this to anyone!

          • Ulsterman

            was just going to say the same, you just know this is the type of person that would never have the balls to say anything to your face. pathetic.

      • Kyle

        You know I feel it’s important for everyone in their life to get their ass kicked once. It’s a humbling experience and a life lesson to carry with you. It teaches you when to open your mouth and when not to and how to treat people. It’s a shame you haven’t seemed to have that happen to you yet, but I feel there are many here who would love to help you out in that area.

  12. Brik

    Is there any viable options in free agency or trade? Possible guys getting cut. I feel like there’s a serious lack of stable talent at the RB position around the NFL. Gotta hope for a miracle.

  13. L80

    I was enjoying Bo Scarborough and his ridiculously unfortunate injury took away all of that, to me he could be a guy to keep around if he healed. What a fluky injury. Remember it?

    He was running hard and very well right before it happened.

    • TomLPDX

      Yeah, I remember it and thought “crap! He had a real opportunity to shine.” He was playing well and that freak accident just undid him. I hope they bring him and Collins back to at least compete.

  14. Scot04

    Think we could trade Adams straight up for Orlando Brown Jr?
    Would you do it?
    Too think of the opportunities Seattle would of have of they hadn’t made that horrible trade.

    • Sea Mode

      We need picks.

      • Scot04

        I understand that. But a young potential franchise type LT doesn’t come around often. Lets say we only get a low 1st for Adams. I don’t see us draft anyone better. The reason the Adams trade was bad is because it wasn’t a premium position, LT is. Maybe he’ll play RT one more year if guaranteed the job next year. Or heck you can turn around and trade Duane Brown. I was just proposing an alternative. Adams is a fit for the Ravens defense. There’s no guarantee we’ll get good value in picks. Orlando Brown is good value. Extend him, I’d rather Extend a young LT than an overpaid safety. We also still have Wagner to trade. Plus the key is building the trenches. He fits right in with that goal.
        At this point I’ll take any reasonable offer for Adams. If we can land a long term starting LT why not. He’ll likely cost other teams a 1st and more.
        Anyway just another idea to think about. No one says we can’t trade Adams for players who fit our team better.

        • Sea Mode

          Oh for sure. The idea makes sense and I didn’t mean to “shoot it down” with my short response. I was just expressing my desire to replenish our draft stock.

          Honestly, I’m not familiar with Brown and how well he’s played in the NFL. I know he’s insisted on social media that he’s a LT (i.e. he wants to be payed LT money regardless of which side he’s actually playing on). But if someone has access to PFF or other analysis to get an idea of how good he really is, that would help sell me on the idea.

          It could make a lot of sense for both sides to swap young, talented players who simply don’t have a great fit on their respective teams right now.

          • Scot04

            Unsure on PFF numbers
            Only 24 years old. Was Pro Bowl at RT in his 2nd year and Probowl last year at LT. He only costs 980k on the cap next year which is alsi important.
            Good bloodlines, his dad was also a great player for the Ravens. Only negative was his combine numbers. But he can play football. I think many were to focused on the combine numbers and Baltimore got another great O-line guy. A true mauler in run Game

            • Rob Staton

              Brown’s PFF grade was a 77.7 — fourth best on the Baltimore offense but only 24th overall among offensive tackles.

  15. Big Mike

    One thing you all should keep in mind with Scarborough and Collins……they came into their opportunities with fresh legs playing against defenders that did not enjoy the same. I’m not saying they couldn’t help cuz I believe AC could for sure as a depth guy. But he’s bounced around the NFL for a reason and there was a bit of an advantage when he did play. I don’t see anyone here saying they’d be an answer but still wanted to mention this. Mike Davis as Rob mentioned would imo be a better option.

    Thanks for the write-up cha. Very enjoyable reading as always.

  16. cha

    i meant to post this in the podcast on Jamal Adams thread but I forgot.

    Anyway. Yeah. Not paying big $ for this.

    • Big Mike

      So below the tweet you’re referencing (good stuff btw) I see a tweet from Gov. Inslee praising Pete and the team for no positive Covid tests this season. Definitely an accomplishment but why do I think the Seattle media will slobber all over themselves to stroke Pete on this while he’s announcing a new contract for Adams at like 20 per?

      • TomLPDX

        Because they have nothing else to slobber over.

        I would love to see how much it cost the league this year to do daily testing (and associated lab work) for all 32 teams. I’ll bet it is directly related to the reason there will be no combine this year. The costs have to be enormous!

        • Sea Mode

          I’d think that expense would fall on each team, and would amount to relatively little in the grand scheme of things on the scale that is an NFL operation.

          (But that’s just my guess, I haven’t read anything regarding that.)

          Cancelling the Combine seems like a misguided PR move to me.

  17. bmseattle

    As much as I love Carson when he’s at his best, I have very little confidence in him going forward.
    He’s been asking to be taken out of games ever since his rookie year.
    You think that’ll improve once he gets paid?
    He has moments of greatness, but sadly, they are becoming less frequent as time goes on.

    • cha

      I do remember Gregg Bell hitting a nerve with PC when he asked about Carson coming back quickly to play in the Miami game (after the dirty rollover in the Dallas game) if Carson was more motivated to prove durability in a contract year.

      • bmseattle

        Yeah, it does seem like it was on his mind at times.
        But he also removes himself from the games with notable frequency.
        I can’t really blame him, though, considering how the Seahawks do tend to run their backs into the ground.

        I distinctly remember the Baltimore game a few years back, when Rawls was at his pre-injury peak, and we ran him 8 or 9 times in a row, effectively moving down the field.
        I actually voiced out loud to my friend that they risked injuring him, using him so much. And like clockwork, he gets injured right afterward.

        It’s a tough job, being an NFL RB, playing your best years making no money, and then realizing no team wants to sign a “used up” 27 year old RB to big money.

        • Rusty

          Rawls rushed on 6 of the first 10 plays, getting injured on his 6th rush and the 10th play of the first drive. Tbh I don’t think there’s a ton to Seattle ‘running their backs into the ground’. They’ve generally seemed pretty willing to let the 2nd or 3rd guys get involved. I thought 2019 they did run Carson a bit too much but Penny was in and out of the lineup with hamstring issues

  18. Denver Hawker

    – Rodgers MVP, predictable, but still impressive for his 3rd and a year after GB drafting a QB in R1, played pissed off and led to a #1 seed, kudos
    – Donald DPOY, this tweet says it best:, unreal
    – Russ Payton Man, it’s a nice honor and cool that the NFL promoted the off field work

    How the hell is John Lynch in the HoF?!? I’m sure there is a reasonable case, and I certainly enjoyed watching him play the game, but I didn’t think his resume was good enough.

    • Mick

      Maybe I missed the news: did anyone hear Rodgers saying last summer how he wants to be great, MVP, create a legacy and win the SB? Because Russ just started daydreaming again and this is getting ridiculous.

    • Big Mike

      Questionable for sure but if Atwater is in, which he is, you can make an argument for Lynch.

      I was really pleased to see Alan Faneca get in. Look I hate the stealers, but dude was All-Pro 7 times and beyond worthy. O-linemen don’t get a lot of run (e.g. Tony Boselli) so glad to see he got the recognition.

  19. DC

    Kylin Hill has intrigued me for years, especially if he can be had in the bottom of the 3rd round or later. I don’t believe he embodies Pete’s ideal for a ‘runner’ but he would be a great weapon. Dude has decent power, can stress the field laterally & looks to have good functional speed. He has made some amazing catches. He might not be the proverbial ‘work horse’ but he is a 3 down back. You don’t lead the SEC in rushing by accident.

    I could see Russ loving Hill as that ever present outlet. If the defense plays back to defend the deep ball then you go to Hill over & over & over & over again until it gets respected & then you light’em up deep. Kinda like the infuriating way that Rivers & San Diego used to take little bites of our defense all f’ing day! Drove me crazy. Hill would be a great option to have in the tool belt.

  20. Sea Mode

    I just feel like I need to make a point to say it, given I often bring up RW’s off the field quirks: he is an absolute legend for his consistent charity and deserves every bit of this recognition for the work he’s done in Seattle.

    Thanks for being a genuinely good dude, Russ. I’m glad we have you.

  21. Sea Mode

    BobbyK don’t click…

    • Sea Mode

      (not saying he actually has a case against AD, just that he’s putting up some great numbers)

    • Big Mike

      Where would the Hawks be if they just draft TJ and Chubb, just those 2 choices?

      But hey, we’ve got the 45th ranked Safety that can’t cover anyone. Go Hawks!

  22. Sea Mode

    Hard to disagree…

    Charean Williams

    Come on: One person didn’t vote for Alex Smith. Really? They should name the award after him.

  23. Rob Staton


    • Trevor

      Seattle has become the 3rd or maybe even fourth most desirable landing spot for free agents in the division behind the Rams and SF. Players recognize McVay and Shanahan are coaches players want to play for.

      • Big Mike

        But, but, but……………Pete’s culture!!??

        • TomLPDX

          It’s getting a little long in the tooth.

      • Rohan Raman

        I’m not sure how you can say that based off of Alex Mack. He’s played with Shanahan twice in Cleveland and Atlanta. In Cleveland, he was an above-average starter and in Atlanta, he was the second best center in football. He’s familiar with the scheme, has experienced success in it and he’s 35. Probably not exactly a great time to start trying new stuff.

      • BobbyK

        For the most part, people don’t care about “desirable” landing spot. They care about who offers the most money. It’s not hard. There are maybe 5% of guys who care and sacrifice money for destination but most take the money.

    • TomLPDX

      I am so glad I’m not a Texans fan. That organization just sounds like a mess and only getting worse. This all falls on McNair, not Easterby, although he is the one doing the damage. Cal should fire Easterby and try to regain some legitimacy but I don’t see it happening.

  24. Scot04

    The Rams could really push up ahead of us this offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      They’re arguably already there.

      Beat us twice in the season, including the playoffs.

      Just upgraded at QB.

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