Curtis Allen’s week fifteen watch-notes (vs Eagles)

This is a guest post by Curtis Allen…

The Seahawks and the Eagles find themselves in very similar circumstances as they prepare to face off tonight.

Although the Eagles are far better positioned – having already secured a playoff spot at 10-3 – they find themselves not playing very good football. They have been playing to a level that is less than the sum of their parts.

When faced with some of the NFL’s better teams, the defense has not been able to match up with them very well in terms of scheme and execution. Their tackling and effort have been off and their linebackers and safeties have been easy targets for enterprising offensive coordinators. They currently are the worst team in the NFL at getting off the field on third downs.

As a result, in the last six games, they have allowed an average of 428 yards and 30 points.

It is not completely the defense’s fault though. The Eagles in that same stretch have starved their running backs of carries and put the lion’s share of their offense on the shoulders of the passing game. Therefore, the defense has been on the field far more than they should be and the team is routinely behind in time of possession.

They come into this week’s game looking to get back on their feet and recalibrate to get on track for the stretch run and the playoffs.

Is any of this sounding familiar?

While the Eagles and Seahawks do not have a direct rivalry by nature of their geography, they often find each other at a bit of a crossroads for both franchises. They usually meet at a time when they are struggling with their division mates and trying to confirm their status as a contender. Tonight is no exception.

Pete Carroll has long come out ahead in these sorts of encounters. He has never once lost to the Eagles in his Seahawks tenure. That might bring a measure of comfort to Seahawks fans but the truth is, many things have changed since these two last met in November of 2020.

Nick Sirianni has taken over as head coach, Jalen Hurts has become a fixture at quarterback and they punctuated their ascent with a Super Bowl appearance last season.

Meanwhile, Seattle has been one of the NFL’s worst defenses in that stretch. The addition of a ridiculously priced safety team to the detriment of the defensive line combined with a lack of coordinators that can scheme up the talent they do have has conspired to crush any hopes of making a deep playoff run.

The Seahawks are most certainly at a crossroads. Having lost four in a row, they limp into the final leg of the Quadrangle of Death stretch of their schedule with very dim prospects.

A talent-stacked defense looks shaky and slow. The offense struggles to support it by either turning the ball over, three-and-outing or ironically, scoring too quickly. Questions of motivation from Pete Carroll, the job competency of both coordinators, game planning and the handling of internal matters are dogging this team at the worst possible time.

This matchup is the Eagles’ typical strength against the Seahawks’ typical weakness: trench play. The game has many stars like A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf, De’Andre Swift and Kenneth Walker. But the battle is won or lost on the lines and the Eagles have a decided advantage there.

Which, according to the Magic-eight-ball-like way the NFL operates, means the Seahawks will put together a solid effort and make this game competitive.

Let’s look at how that could happen.

Attack Philadelphia with the Passing Game

I have spent a ton of time in my previous posts beating the drum for the Seahawks to employ their investments in the running back position more liberally. The Seahawks have been unusually pass-happy this year, going into this weekend’s slate of games as the #5 offense in the NFL in play selection being the pass.

Yet they have an opportunity to really control this game by taking advantage of the Eagles’ weakness in defending the pass.

First off, the personnel: Their best corner (Darius Slay) will not play due to injury. That means that they will likely roll out 31-year-old Bradley Roby (who has been more of a plug in nickel/safety type the last couple seasons) or rookie Kelee Ringo (a fourth-round size/speed prospect Rob scouted extensively), who has 28 NFL snaps of experience at defense in his spot.

Their other starting corner (James Bradberry) is hitting age 30 hard and has yet to adjust to losing a step in his speed. Currently, Bradberry has given up more touchdowns than any corner in the NFL with 10. Quarterbacks have a 111 rating when targeting him and he is conceding 11 yards per reception in coverage.

New acquisition Kevin Byard has only one interception this season and is sporting a 109 QB rating when targeted and Reed Blankenship is still trying to fill out in his first year as a full-time starter. If the Seahawks manage to get Blankenship isolated on a receiver – any receiver – that should be a win for them.

The Eagles are a bit stuck with their personnel. The linebackers are just a step ahead of Bobby Wagner and Jordyn Brooks in coverage and offenses have “caught” them on the field in passing situations often and taken advantage.

If I had to guess, the change in defensive coordinators means more man coverage than zone. Sean Desai ran out an extraordinary percentage of zone and without elite corner or safety play, teams were able to find their holes rather easily and exploit them regularly.

Now the stats. The Eagles are the NFL’s worst team in defending wide receivers. They have given up 206 catches and 23 touchdowns — both of which are league-bottom. Only the Washington Commanders have given up more yards to wide receivers than the Eagles have. You might recall that Geno Smith and the Seahawks had a season-best day throwing the ball against Washington, recording 369 yards through the air.

Are they covering Tight Ends any better? Not really, no. They have conceded six touchdowns and are allowing a 75% completion rate when Tight Ends are targeted.

D.K. Metcalf. Tyler Lockett. Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Jake Bobo. Noah Fant.

Someone on the Eagle defense is going to be overmatched every time one of those players is on the field. While it seems easy to say the quarterback’s job will be to find the mismatch and exploit it, there is no matchup he should be concerned about, save for a double or triple team.

In truth his biggest job will be to make sure he makes himself available to throw the ball cleanly.

I am guessing that Matt Patricia will dial back the blitz a bit and be more selective. Consider this a “shooting fish in a barrel” move because the Eagles are one of the NFL’s worst defenses when they blitz: They have no interceptions, have conceded a 69% completion rate for an average of 8.7 yards per attempt and eight touchdowns. They only have 10 sacks on the blitz but are one of the better teams in the NFL when it comes to Hurries and Pressures (both #2). Some of that is a function of them not getting off the field properly, as their Pressure Rate is 23.4%, good for #9 in the NFL. That sounds good but another pedestrian game like the streak they are on will have them dropping into the teens.

The NFL is trending towards quick throws and yards after catch to defend the pass rush. The Seahawks will need to employ both of these things and their quarterback will need to discern when to get rid of the ball and when to use his feet to ascend in the pocket to create time for options and deeper routes to open up.

Another way to take advantage of the defense: get a lead early and maintain it. This defense has recorded only six of their 37 sacks this year when behind on the scoreboard. That may change with Patricia but this defense loses their teeth when trying to get the team back in the game. Add in their poor third down record and it creates a bit of a cascading loop the have not been able to escape from lately.
There is no excuse for the Seahawks to not take advantage of their weakness.

Stop De’Andre Swift

I imagine that Eagles fans are as frustrated as Seahawks fans about their use of running backs this year. Old friend Rashaad Penny has been an afterthought, only being active for two games and getting a grand total of six touches in 2023 so far.

Especially lately, their choices on offense with feature back De’Andre Swift have been very confusing.

Swift got a meager 11 touches against Dallas in their big loss last week, after recording only eight touches against San Francisco the week before.

Lately the Eagles offense has devolved into three main options: running Jalen Hurts, liberally throwing to A.J. Brown on the slant play that was his bread and butter when with the Titans and taking deeper shots with DeVonta Smith (only five WR’s in the NFL have more targets deeper than Smith).

It has gotten a bit stale and predictable and opponents like San Francisco and Dallas have sniffed it out and taken advantage of their lack of diversity.

When Swift is used liberally and properly, he is an engine that makes the Eagle offense go. They have used him wisely at times and then decided to limit his touches at times, despite him not appearing on the injury report even once this year (not even after getting absolutely rocked by Kam Chancellor, I mean, Deommodre Lenoir).

With questions of Jalen Hurts’ health and the potential of backup Marcus Mariota stepping in tonight, it is logical that the Eagles would turn to Swift to carry much more of the load.

The defense will need to be better in between the tackles and react decisively when they try to gadget Swift up with some plays to loosen the linebackers and safeties up for deeper shots.

Play Better

This is more of a gripe than a watch point.

The Seahawks have failed to make their fans proud of the way they play for much of this season.

Poorly timed penalties, losing their cool, bad play calls, ‘what were you possibly thinking’ mistakes, turnovers, bad angles and worse tackling have all been regular features of games we have had to endure this year.


There is a stink over this franchise currently and perhaps it is one that can only be solved by regime change.

But for one game – even in a loss – this team needs to reward fans’ patience with a solid, well-put together effort that can give us some reason to keep intently watching for the rest of the season.

The whole nation will be watching tonight. Can they deliver it?

We will see.


  1. Rokas

    Thanks, Cha.

    I expect a close game and hoping for something good to happen which would be worth to celebrate.

    • cha

      A DK game like the 2020 MNF one (10 catches / 177 yards and Slay shaking his head after) would be a very welcome distraction.

  2. KennyBadger

    Looks like sloppy weather tonight Curtis, I’ll be curious what the attitude in the stands will be. Thanks as always for an informed write up, I think the Seahawks squeak out an ugly one.

    • cha

      Looks like sloppy weather tonight

      Adam Nathan gonna get the full Seattle experience.

      • Big Mike

        Well it is mid-December after all. Try to “weather the storm” Adam.
        Thanks Curtis greatly appreciated as always.
        I remember when Monday night football games got me excited now it’s just total apathy, sadly.

    • Rob Staton

      I know what my attitude would be if I was getting soaked…


  3. cha

    Jeff McLane
    Jalen Hurts is at Lumen Field and will be active to start at QB for the #Eagles vs. the Seahawks, an NFL source said.

    • cha

      Boy that darn “groin injury” just won’t go away.

      Bob Condotta
      Drew Lock and Sean Mannion warming up. But no sign of Geno Smith.

      • cha

        Geno is now warming up with cleats on. He may actually go. Why is another matter I suppose.

  4. Kyle R

    We are always passing and the Eagles are a passing poor defense. Sounds like the Seahawks are going to be out to establish the run tonight.

    • Peter

      I don’t know if this was supposed to be this funny but had me chuckling.

      The one area Philly is decidedly better than us team wise not player wise is their run defense.

      • Kyle R

        It was definitely gallows humor sarcasm. My take on the awesome game planning this coaching staff does which is usually the opposite of Curtis’ great write ups.

  5. Palatypus

    I’m not sure we have an “enterprising” offensive coordinator. It’s more like Star Trek: Lower Decks.

    • Elmer

      Or the Titanic. The Titanic.

  6. cha

    Seahawk inactives (Geno smith active)

    Jamal Adams
    Myles Adams
    Dee Eskridge
    Devon Witherspoon
    Kenny McIntosh
    McClendon Curtis
    Raiqwon O’Neal

    • Kyle R

      Witherspoon hurts otherwise nothing major. Love Adams ass riding the bench.

      • Big Mike

        Totally chickenshit that they inactivated him because of a ‘knee issue’ when he should’ve been sat down last week due to the Twitter crap.

        But hey, maybe they can show him cheering hard on the sideline like earlier this year. (whatta ya wanna bet he’s nowhere to be seen tonight?)

        • cha

          He wasn’t in the pregame fashion show tweets, thank goodness for that.

          • Big Mike

            Well not playing and not in the pregame fashion show, that’s called double bonus

    • KennyBadger

      Dee’s absence will be devastating. In the 1 End Around For Negative 3 Yards Department. Also the Department of Me Looking At Who Else We Could Have Drafted In 2021 When I See Him Play.

      • Big Mike

        But we kept him from the rams and that’s what matters

        • KennyBadger

          Yes the classic subtraction by addition.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I was listening to KJR while I was out running errands. They said there was good news and bad news for the Seattle D. Bad news was Spoon is out injured. Good news is that Adams is out injured. They were pretty harsh on him all day. sounds like the local media is starting to turn against him.

      • Rob Staton

        Bravo KJR 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. Anthony

    Is Geno being active Pete’s desperate hope for a win? If he loses tonight, he seems much rather to sink with the ship when his guy (Geno) is playing, rather than someone the FO preferred over Geno the whole time (Lock).

    • Ben

      You’re talking about Pete Carroll who leads the front office and Drew Lock who couldn’t get a job elsewhere?

  8. Palatypus

    Cha said,

    Poorly timed penalties, losing their cool, bad play calls, ‘what were you possibly thinking’ mistakes, turnovers, bad angles and worse tackling have all been regular features of games we have had to endure this year.

    I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  9. dand393

    Looks like riq is benched for Jackson

  10. nfendall

    Amazing 3rd down defense over the middle.

    • Peter

      Tbf the turf had some elite run defense.

  11. Peter

    Right between two defenders….


  12. BrandoK

    Its tough watching Bobby play slow to react to everything

    • Big Mike

      How good is Bobby Wagner?

      Seriously everybody is sad because he’s a sure fire hall of famer. I wish you were just retired

      • Guillermoman

        I still love that clip from one of the post game recaps where Rob says ” and there he is, Bobby Wagner with another talent, first ballot hall of farmer “

  13. Troy

    This defense is unwatchable. No resistance whatsoever…

  14. Peter

    Imagine if you did nothing but throw to the middle?

    600 yards? 700?

  15. Troy

    What is entertaining about this football team? Hard to watch..

  16. Palatypus

    I picked the wrong week to quit plugging bath salts.

  17. Big Mike

    Top notch defense

    • Troy

      It is beyond pathetic.

    • Peter

      4/4 on 3rd down.

      Defensive head coach.

  18. Hawkster

    So Riq getting a ‘not buying in bad apple’ benching???

    • Big Mike

      Yeah and Pete is covering for Adams by calling it a knee problem rather than benching him for poor play like he did Woolen
      Carroll has become truly pathetic

  19. RomeoA57

    Looks like the same old defense on the field. No one capable of making an impact play.

  20. 12th chuck

    sucks that Jaylen was giving himself up to avoid contact, yet they still give him a td

    • 805Hawk

      Looked like he was diving for the end zone, not giving himself up.

  21. Big Mike

    Is first play 5 yd penalty
    Good job seahawks

    • Peter

      Uncle Will….

  22. Big Mike

    Am I hearing boos already?

    • Palatypus

      I’m sure they are calling for Michael Roos.

      • Big Mike

        Eastern Washington University’s finest

    • Hand of God


  23. Hawkster

    Actually no, DK is average in terms of “hard to bring him down”

  24. Troy

    88 yard TD drive incoming..

  25. RomeoA57

    Sure hearing a lot of boos already coming through the tv. Reassuring that the fans in the stadium are not happy with this team.

    • Big Mike

      It’s past time that the worm turned with this fan base but it may actually be happening

    • Dave

      Good, hopefully it gets some national media attention. Start some internal fires

    • Peter

      Probably the smart play but Seattle isn’t built to give up a lead and fans feel it.

  26. 12th chuck

    Waldron trying to play smash mouth “run right at you”, and it hasn’t worked for a LONG time

  27. Dave

    Hahahah love it

  28. Peter

    Wyman… sure is incredible how many net yards Dickson has this year.

    You said it Dave. You said it.

    • Big Mike

      What’s funny is he doesn’t even get what he said

      • Peter

        I don’t know how Steve does it honestly.

        • Big Mike

          Gotta be a chore

  29. IHeartTacoma

    Shane and Clint not saving their jobs so far.

    • Noah

      Clint Hurtt’s defense has been an absolute waste of time. Can count the amount of seriously good defensive games on one hand.

  30. Troy

    Short punt. Run up and fair catch the damn thing!!!

  31. nfendall

    The discipline on this team is appalling.

  32. BrandoK

    Pete led team getting penalties what a surprise.

  33. Troy

    Boring football. Booooooooooooooo

  34. Hand of God

    This is a small issue compared with this bad season…but I am so over Deejay Dallas. He is mediocrity personified…I swear they just keep him around because he is willing do take on the dumbest stunts for their social media team

    • BrandoK

      Pete only plays him on returns cause he just plays it safe

  35. Palatypus

    I’m thinking about tuning in to something less depressing like news from the Middle East.

  36. Hawkster

    Illegal batting?

  37. nfendall

    Can’t even down a punt correctly.

  38. Big Mike

    No, please do rant about the officiating Troy. It needs to be repeated over and over

  39. Hebegbs

    This team is pathetic, boring , undisciplined and unwatchable.

    • Rob Staton


  40. Big Mike

    TOP a problem yet again
    It’s all so predictable

  41. Troy

    Show me a worse defense in the NFL

  42. Hebegbs

    And refs this year omg. Batting the ball? Why does it matter he touches it it is a dead ball who cares how he touches it that is a rule???? Wtf? If it is…why?

    • Palatypus

      I can’t find it.

  43. BrandoK


  44. nfendall

    Oh you need 3 yards for a first down? How about a 5 yard cushion.

  45. Hawkster

    False start x2 on this drive

    • Hawkster

      2nd time right guard, thats 3. Dont these guys have to set pre snap?

  46. BrandoK

    Atleast now the people are reorganizing how terrible bobby is playing and not praising him like he’s still good.

    • Peter

      Wyman even saying kelce is killing him out there.

    • cha

      Troy Aikman said the linebackers are either “terrible” or “vulnerable” in the pass game. I think he said vulnerable.

      He’s done his homework on this defense.

  47. Troy

    6 minutes left in the half. 35 yards off offense.

    • Big Mike

      Well it is hard to gain yardage when your sitting on the bench because the defense gives up 9 minute drives

  48. Big Mike

    Ref show saved Hawks 4 points. Very ticky tacky

    • Peter

      That TOP is brutal now. 17 plus minutes to 5 plus minutes.

  49. 12th chuck

    officiating going to ruin this game

  50. RomeoA57

    Was that a mercy false start call on Kelce? Refs trying to keep the game close. That was strange.

    • 12th chuck

      It makes sense now, they did a false start against the hawks a previous game , same thing

  51. Ely

    Diggs beating his chest like he did something after Eagles drive the length of the field and got bailed out by the refs.

    • Peter

      He’s got to beat his chest for two tonight.

  52. nfendall

    They definitely talked to K9 about hitting the hole instead of dancing this week.

  53. Palatypus

    Where is Jalen Carter?

    • RomeoA57

      Inside a Jaguar doing 200kph on I-5?

      • Big Mike

        After hitting the bar?

        • Palatypus

          So, 1:19 into the game he should be around Portland.

        • icb12

          With Geno?

          • Palatypus

            Well, that’s one way Geno can take a defender out of the game.

  54. Denver Hawker

    My only hope for this game is that Drew Lock doesn’t do what he did several times as a Bronco- make a few impressive throws that ultimately help win the game and make you believe there is a future with him as a starter.

    I like Drew and think he’s a competent backup in the NFL, but we need to draft a QB. Drew might dazzle on occasion, but will undoubtedly throw a WTF interception that will make you question his optometrist.

  55. BrandoK

    We all know Pete never would go on 4th down only down by 10

    • nfendall

      He still hasn’t learned that the only team that consistently jumps offside in that scenario is the Seahawks.

      • Big Mike


      • Troy


      • BrandoK

        Yep very true

      • Tallyhawk

        The worst part about that is we had them if brown snapped the ball.

    • Peter

      Seahawks 0-3 on that stupid play to draw a first down.

      Philly taking knees to wait it out.

    • Peter

      Also….can’t win in the second quarter so why bother

  56. Palatypus

    When did Ed Begley Jr. become an NFL ref?

  57. nfendall

    Why does Deejay Dallas consistently let the ball bounce? I don’t understand.

    • Palatypus

      Because bad things happen when Deejay Dallas touches the football.

    • Tallyhawk

      It’s a real conundrum. Go signal for fair catch and catch it. But that means deejay Dallas touches the ball which is something that should never happen.

  58. Scot04

    They should have let the clock run off

    • Scot04

      Disregard that

    • Big Mike

      At the very least put us out of our misery sooner

  59. Troy

    This team barely has a pulse. So boring.

    • Big Mike


      • Palatypus

        …and her ugly sister Morbid.

  60. nfendall

    Can we move this game along to halftime already?

    • Palatypus

      Who is the half time show?

      • nfendall

        Not sure but even weiner dog races would be more entertaining than the Seahawks so far.

      • RomeoA57

        Taylor Swift?

        • Palatypus

          Yeah, where is our look-a-like wearing an Eagles jersey?

  61. James Cr.

    This game is soooooo boring.

    • Rob Staton

      Dull, dull, dull

  62. RomeoA57

    I am absolutely bored with this game. Must be some cats around here that need to be washed. Maybe I could look through some old tax forms.

    • Palatypus

      Got any paint? You could watch it dry.

      • RomeoA57

        No, but I could spit on the floor and watch it dry.

    • Troy

      17-10, but feels like 30-3.

  63. 12th chuck

    I hope the offense can at least get one first down to start the half

  64. Palatypus

    Could anyone find that illegal batting rule?

    • nfendall

      Rule 12, Section 5:

      It is an illegal bat if:

      any player bats or punches a loose ball in the field of play toward his opponent’s goal line
      any player bats or punches a loose ball (that has touched the ground) in any direction, if it is in either end zone
      an offensive player bats a backward pass in flight toward his opponent’s goal line

    • RomeoA57

      From what I am reading it is illegal to bat a loose bal forward towards the goal line but legal to bat a ball backwards

      • Palatypus

        Didn’t Earl Thomas, twice, bat a ball forward and out of bounds through the endzone for a touchback?

        • RomeoA57

          Didn’t he get flagged for that or is my memory shot?

        • DC

          Towards our own end zone, not the opponents

  65. DC

    I’m just mad Diggs wasn’t benched with Jamal.

    • BrandoK

      Pete can’t do that cause Diggs is a Capitan of the defense somehow

  66. Big Mike

    Incredible run by Walker

  67. Mick

    Yey now that I woke up we start scoring… Well done Walker. And so good to see Adams missing.

    • Big Mike

      The old addition by subtraction

  68. RomeoA57

    A run heavy drive, with TE catches sprinkled in, that Curtis writes about.

  69. Scot04

    Multiple TE sets & running the ball; what a concept.

  70. Troy

    If history is any indication, expect the defense to be in a giving mood this drive

  71. BrandoK

    Riq still benched?

  72. nfendall

    They need to resign Leonard Williams to make that trade not a total disaster. He has done his part since being acquired.

    • Troy

      Agree. But, why would he want to play here? This defense is among the NFL’s worst year in and year out.

      • nfendall

        Fair point.

      • Peter

        Can honestly see the Rams. Started as a joke I said but it makes a bit of sense to me.

  73. Mick

    Cut Adams, keep Williams, tell Bobby it’s time to retire.

  74. Troy

    So predictable. Offense finally does something. Defense gives it right back.

    • Big Mike


    • Scot04

      So much of the same Defense going on 6 years now. Sigh….

  75. Troy

    Serious question. Is it possible for this team to end with 8 consecutive losses?

    • RomeoA57

      Titans are awful and Levis is hurt. Stealers are a shambles. Arizona is not great.

      I will be difficult for the Seahawks to lose out

      • Rob Staton

        They have three very favourable games to finish

        Titans have a vibe of ‘get the swim shorts packed’ now they’re out of playoff contention.

    • Big Mike

      If Pickett isn’t back for Pittsburgh I would say yes though Arizona may well surprise us and beat us unexpectedly
      I fully expect a loss next week traveling across the country on a short week

      • Big Mike

        Oh I didn’t know Levis was hurt

        • Big Mike

          Of course considering our history versus backup quarterbacks….

          • RomeoA57

            Levis sprained his ankle late in the game yesterday. He has been very inconsistent behind an awful looking oline.

            • Big Mike

              If the Hawks make it 5 straight losses tonight and then have to travel across the country and play early on Sunday it’s gonna be a big ask

      • Big Mike

        * If Pickett IS back

  76. Palatypus

    Bobby just kicked someone in the nuts.

  77. Mick

    I don’t get not throwing to DK all game when you know he has something with the Eagles and their best corner is out.

    • Big Mike

      Wonder if they’re bracketing him?

    • Troy

      Drew Lock

  78. Big Mike

    Cool 2 wasted time out

    • Big Mike

      And because we didn’t get to Playoff in time now one that’s having to do a fg try

      • Big Mike

        *get the play off

    • Troy

      And give Philly a chance to win a challenge. This team and COACHING is a joke!

    • RomeoA57

      Definitely, that was a sack by Carter. A FG attempt is coming up here.

  79. nfendall

    God damnit Pete why?

    • Bmseattle

      He’s very afraid that Lock will screw up.

    • nfendall

      Pete just mouthed “What happened?” cause he is clueless.

  80. BrandoK

    Pete is terrible

  81. Whit21

    Jeez… pete doing pete things.. didnt have to waste a TO… now theyre gonna win that challenge for a sack..

  82. Troy

    Pete Carroll must go. These in game mistakes happen all the time.

    • Big Mike

      Should have already been gone 3 or 4 years ago

      • Troy

        I hate being this negative fan, but my god is this team so undisciplined, sloppy, and boring.

  83. Robert

    Pete just shot himself in the foot.

  84. KennyBadger

    Well played Peter, well played.

  85. HOUSE

    What a HORRIBLE decision to call timeout there. Why? 🤦‍♂️

  86. Mick

    So us to get 12/14 yards on 2nd down and to cough on the last two yards.

  87. pdway

    In a season of plenty of dumb, self-inflicted wounds – came here to commiserate on the dumbest one I can remember. Sweet jesus.

  88. icb12


    What a ridiculous sequence. How do we not seem to know if we are going for it on 4th down or not? Why is that so hard?

  89. Troy

    Will the defense do the expected here? I know where mg money is…

  90. nfendall

    Julian Love!

    • Mick

      And this was the end of Jamal Adams.

    • RomeoA57

      Thank goodness he was in for that play an not Adams.

    • Orcas Viking

      Yes, but did you see Diggs just sort of standing off to the side making no effort to get behind the play. He is a joke. Shame on JS for giving him the money.

      • nfendall

        Can we not just enjoy a good play?

  91. Easy Answers Hard Choices

    And there you have it. A microcosm of literally 10 years of clock mismanagement by Pete Carroll. He calls TO, realizes what a bumblebrain move he made. And the dialogue. “What happened?”. Do we get our timeout back? The dialog was priceless….

  92. Denver Hawker

    Are the Hawks playing sorts kinda okay or are Eagles trending not sorta okay?

    • DC


    • RomeoA57

      Both can be true.

      • Big Mike

        I think that is the case

      • Hebegbs

        Best news to come out of this game (hopefully). Bye bye J Adams.

  93. HOUSE

    Nice INT by Julian Love…

  94. 805Hawk

    Julian > Jamal

    • 12th chuck

      Julian> Adams and Diggs combined.

  95. Mick

    I could imagine Waldron being fired after this game.

  96. Troy

    We won’t see the ball again in offense

  97. pdway

    Im kind of glad Lock got the start – i know two games isn’t a huge sample size, but i feel like i’ve seen enough to know he’s not better than Geno. Geno ain’t great – but he’s better than Lock.

    • RomeoA57


    • Lord Snow

      Is he 30 million dollars better?

      • pdway

        Hard to calibrate on QB’s that exact salary-wise…Geno gets above the average bar, Lock below it. But yeah, of course I wouldn’t give him a 5 yr 150M deal. Just noting we can check the Lock-Aint-It box.

        • Lord Snow

          Are you SURE Gino is better?

      • Peter

        No maybe 15 million. But that market doesn’t exist

    • 12th chuck

      Hard to gauge how well he did with borderline shitty play calling.

  98. Troy

    Our defense is hopeless. Game over

  99. nfendall

    Surely that panic timeout that Pete called with the offensive play clock running down won’t bite them in the ass.

  100. 916MikeD

    Can we have a team full of Leonard Williams ? Is that too much to ask for ?

  101. pdway

    Leonard Williams is a baller. Hope we do figure out a way to keep him. Looks like he’s got plenty in the tank the way he’s playing.

  102. RomeoA57

    JSN and DK with some great catches!

  103. Mick

    Yeahh that’s it Drew, DK and JSN.

  104. Mick

    But I’m afraid with our D we’re looking at OT.

  105. Whit21

    I want you all to apologize when I said drew lock should start over Geno when he was struggling bad..

    • DC

      I’ll take it for $4M a year

    • Whit21

      So badly wanted them to lose this game.. but its nice to see a comeback win

      Amazing pick by Julian Love

      • Dustin

        I’d roll with lock the rest of the year. We know what Geno is and that’s uninspiring

    • RomeoA57

      Geno is a better starting QB than Drew Lock.

      • JC3

        Yeah, but can he finish the drive?

        • Orcas Viking

          No, Geno would not have finished that drive. Lock played pretty solid tonight…I would like to see him start the rest of the season. He played with more confidence in the pocket and for the most part got the ball out quick…he didn’t do the Geno “statue” stuff.

      • Dustin

        I’d roll with lock the rest of the year. We know what Geno is and that’s uninspiring


  106. Big Mike

    Exactly what rob feared would happen is about to
    Welcome to 2 more years of mediocrity

    • Lord Snow

      What are you talking about? Pete fixes everything. You get a whole week to watch Pete be cocky and Pat himself on the back and win forever. In fact Jody is writing up the Methuselah contract right now Pete will be your coach for 1,000 years

  107. RomeoA57

    Who had the better catch JSN, DK or Love? What an exciting end to this game.

  108. nfendall

    Our worst nightmares are coming to fruition. Seahawks get to 9-8 and back into the playoffs.

  109. Mick

    No way Geno and Adams should start next week.

  110. GoHawks5151

    Gotta say, good on field calls by the refs this quarter

  111. Big Mike

    I don’t understand Philadelphia’s approach their field goal kicker is good from long-range they had time outs and only needed about 15 yd

  112. pdway

    it’s still fun to win……

  113. DC

    This next week is going to be nauseating

  114. BrandoK

    I don’t know if i should be happy seattle won or mad they won.

    • Mick

      Always happy they won for me, even if I want Pete gone.

    • Whit21

      Winning like they did.. ill take it.. made watching this game fun.. to get that late td.. thats what watching sports is about.

    • Ross

      I always want to win, no matter what. I can’t root against my team

  115. pdway

    I mean – Jamal ain’t making either of those picks….Love had a game.

  116. pdway

    WR talent still there for us in the end – DK making that tough catch to get the last drive going – and JSN w just fantastic f-ing hands to get the go-ahead

  117. Red

    It’s weird being a fan. Cant root against the hawks, I want them to win every game but I also know changes up top should be made and one game isn’t going to change that. But hell that was a damn fun ending and there is no tomorrow, so I’ll enjoy it tonight!

  118. Ryan purcell

    What an ending. Loved the emotional interview Lock gave after the game. It was such a tedious game for most of it. Mostly I felt a lack of hope that they could pull it out. But they did! You have to give the credit for keeping the faith. Mine was pretty tenuous there. Playoffs here we come! (I hope.)

  119. Orcas Viking

    Did Pete just say the team has gone through a tough stretch against great teams but that “we were in each game but just had to get over the hump” or something to that affect…the spin is already starting…just what Rob feared most…

  120. Tomas

    Jody has instructed her lawyers to draft an agreement for Pete’s extension. Any small pressure to replace Pete has evaporated with this win.

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