Curtis Allen’s week six watch notes (vs Bengals)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

Now here comes a proper test.

At 3-1, the Seahawks have a loss to an inferior Rams team, a close win over a competitive Lions team and wins over two teams that are in utter disarray. Have they gained muscle mass from their three-game win streak or is that bulk just fat from an all-cupcake diet? Time to find out.

It is very possible that this game against the Bengals could prove to be a turning point. A win would take them to 4-1 and give them enough momentum to consider the next five games as winnable (Cardinals and Browns at home, a trip to Baltimore, a home game against Washington and a road trip to play the Rams again).

That in turn would give them enough mojo to take on the serious tests the rest of the way (a home and away matchup with the Niners sandwiched around a game in Dallas followed by a home game with the NFC Champ Eagles coming to town). An 8-2 record going into that stretch would be far more confidence-inspiring than, say, 6-4.

Now is the time to get started on that run.

This week’s game could be an ideal scenario to start it. The Bengals are a beatable team. Despite Joe Burrow apparently returning to health and putting on a scary display with Ja’Marr Chase last week, their offensive line is a bit of a mess and they can neither run the ball nor defend the run very well at all, ranking next to last in the NFL in both categories. The Seahawks must exploit these weaknesses in order to win this game.

They will also need to contend with themselves a bit. As a team, they are a bit of a walking contradiction.

They are 0-3 coming off a bye week the last three years. However, in that same span they are 7-3 in 10am games. They are the #6 scoring offense but cannot convert third downs and too often leave opponents in games. They were one of the weakest pass-defending teams in the NFL in the first three weeks and then exploded against the Giants and their disaster of an offensive line two weeks ago. They have two very promising tailbacks but have not fully deployed them as a critical part of their offense yet.

I suppose all teams have these types of contradictions. And yet, the ones that end up succeeding are able to reconcile them on the good side of the ledger. This game presents a prime chance for the Seahawks to do it.

The Seahawks Need to Play a Clean, Smart Game

The highlight reels from the Cardinals game were rightfully focused on Chase’s three-touchdown day, including a 63-yard bomb where Chase made a fantastic adjustment to the ball in the air. The offense seemed back in prime form and cruised to a 14-point victory.

Let’s be right – the Bengals were nowhere near their best. The Cardinals were their plucky selves and were in the game well into the fourth quarter — but made several tactical mistakes that doomed them.

They were leading 14-10 deep in their own zone with a minute and change to go in the half. They just needed to burn the clock and get into the locker room with a lead. Instead, Josh Dobbs threw a horrible pick-six to give the Bengals a 17-14 lead. Burrow then came right out of the locker room and hit Chase on that deep pass for a 24-14 lead.

That is a big swing to recover from. They very nearly did. Arizona drove for a touchdown and then intercepted Burrow on the very next drive. With the help of a 41-yard trick reverse run play, they drove deep into Bengal territory. They sputtered at the Bengal 16-yard line and faced a decision: Kick a field goal to narrow the lead to one point or go for it on fourth and one.

They chose poorly. They called a Joshua Dobbs run. Not a sneak – a run. He got into the flat and Jermaine Pratt stopped him for a loss and a turnover on downs. The Bengals drove the field for a touchdown to make it 31-20. On the ensuing drive, the Cardinals, with time and options, fumbled the ball and the Bengals recovered. Ballgame.

This is what good teams do. When they are not having their best game, they still find ways to win. The Bengals took advantage of the opportunities the Cardinals handed them. The Cardinals did not.

The Seahawks have excelled in turnover differential this year with six takeaways and only one giveaway (the Geno Smith interception intended for Jaxon Smith-Njigba). Playing a tough opponent on the road, with one of the NFL’s best quarterback-wide receiver combos on the other side, they cannot afford to give them extra chances — be it from turnovers or challenging play calls at critical times of the game.

They also must solve their third-down problems. Sustaining drives keeps Burrow and Chase on the bench. I guarantee you, against those two, every three-and-out the Seahawk offense gets is playing with fire.

If only there was some way the Seahawks could simultaneously move the ball down the field, while eating the clock and scoring points…

Feature the Run Game and Do Not Get Away From It

Another contradiction. While the Bengals gave up 142 yards on the ground to Arizona on only 22 attempts on Sunday, the bulk of those yards came from three explosive runs. They got 87 yards on those three runs and the other 19 runs gained them 55 yards.

This continued a trend of sorts by the Bengals defense. They are next to last in the NFL in rushing defense but those yards come in infrequent, big chunks of explosive plays and are sandwiched around several small gainers. Have a look at this chart of their four worst rush defense games this year. Notice the pattern.

Cincinnati’s defense is not one that gets routinely gashed for 7-9 yards on every run. They surround good solid stops with undisciplined, explosive plays.

Have a look at the NextGen charts for Nick Chubb, Gus Edwards and Derrick Henry against them in their games:

Look at all that green. Gorgeous. It’s there for you if you want it and are willing to commit to it, Seattle. You just have to be smart enough and determined enough.

One more bit of dumping on Arizona: in the second quarter they forced the Bengals to punt. They had a 14-10 lead and at that point had rushed for 49 yards on the ground already. Starting at their own 30-yard line, they chose to throw the ball three times — all incompletions. They punted. Burrow drove them to the 1-yard line before failing to score and then Dobbs threw that ugly pick-six from his own end zone.

After that, the Cardinals got the ball back. They ran James Connor for six yards but threw two incompletions, leading to another punt and the Bengals nearly got another shot at the end zone before the half was over.

I am not saying conclusively that all that happened because Arizona did not run enough on those series. However, when you are running the ball with success on one of the worst defenses in the NFL, why in God’s name would you stop?

And that is exactly what the Seahawks need to remind themselves of in this game. Why are we choosing not to run? They’ve played some pretty porous defenses so far and for some reason have elected not to base their attack on the ground game. The ground game they have invested two very high picks in.

That needs to end Sunday.

Defend the Short to Intermediate Passing Game – Win the Adjustment War

All right, one more dig at Arizona.

Last week, the Cardinals were getting after Burrow in the first half. They’d sacked him three times and pressured him at other times. Cincinnati’s offensive line was letting rushers through without much blitzing.

Zac Taylor and the staff made an adjustment at halftime. After Burrow came out and hit that 63-yard beauty, they cut back to a quick passing game with timing and rhythm. You saw the Chase highlights but there were many other plays they were so in-sync, Burrow could have walked the ball to him for 10 yards. He ended up with 15 catches.

It was mostly a slant or a simple in-breaking route. A typical crosser that teams see all the time. Yet his deep speed and the memory of that big touchdown kept the corners at arms’ length and Chase (and to a lesser extent Trenton Irwin) had free reign to run over the middle.

Burrow is brilliant at these routine throws. Most young quarterbacks are able to do the spectacular right out of the gate but struggle with these ‘this is what wins games’ type throws. Not Burrow. He reads defenses, sees where receivers will be open and delivers the ball with heat and accuracy.

He is currently one of the quickest pocket throwers in the NFL, averaging only 2.1 seconds in the pocket. On those average plays, unless there is a complete jailbreak on the offensive line – which is a possibility – the defense will have to be very selective on when they blitz and take full advantage of those plays Burrow needs more time to make his throw.

With Coby Bryant and Artie Burns injured, it appears that Devon Witherspoon will primarily play at nickel and Mike Jackson and Tre Brown will line up outside opposite Riq Woolen.

I wrote last week that the defense will need a find a way to slow down these short passes that keep them on the field, whether that is through timely blitzing and winning the pass rush battle or smartly covering these routes. Or both. That is just as true, if not more so, this week.

Pete Carroll and Clint Hurtt have had a bye week to examine what is happening in pass defense and make adjustments. Do not doubt that Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow have been studying them as well.

It is time to see what this team is made of.


  1. Samprassultanofswat

    This game is a measuring stick for how good the Seahawks defense actually is. When Joe Burrow is on his A-game he is as good as any QB in the NFL. That includes Patrick Mahomes. Don’t know why. But the Bengals pass blocking since Burrow has been in the NFL has been horrible. Protecting Burrow should be the Bengals number one priority. But sadly their pass blocking has been a nightmare for Burrow.

    For me the two major keys for the Seahawks to win the game ( besides winning the turnover battle). 1) How well will Seahawks run the football? They need to run the football. They must sustain drives. Keep the Bengals offense on the sideline. The less opportunities the Bengals have the better your chances are of winning. 2) Can the Seahawks put pressure on Joe Burrow? Not only put pressure on Burrow but sack him. To me the Seahawks have some of the best CBs in the NFL. But it doesn’t matter how good your CBs are. If you give Burrows time he will pick you apart. Joe Burrow and the Bengals are actually 3-1 against the Chiefs. So when they are right they can beat any team in the NFL. I just don’t understand why the Bengals don’t do a better job of protecting Burrows. For the Bengals the key to winning the game is protecting Burrow.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Can the Seahawks put pressure on Joe Burrow? Not only put pressure on Burrow but sack him.

      I think this might be important today. Seahawks pass rushers have done well in sack totals this year, but they’ve been knocking on QBs’ doors a lot more than they actually get home. Burrow is the kind of QB who can still make plays with a defender in his mask.

      It won’t be enough to harry him. They need to put him on the turf.

  2. Samprassultanofswat

    One other point. This is a humongous game for the Bengals. They need this game very badly. After this game the Bengals have a bye. But after the bye they opened up with the 48ers and the Bills. It doesn’t get much easier after that. On their remaining schedule they have the Steelers twice. A road game against the Ravens( a team they lost to at home.). They also have the Jaguars and Chiefs on their remaining schedule. Plus a game against the Browns. For some reason the Browns have the Bengals number. So this game is a turning point for the Bengals. The last thing the Bengals need is a 2-4 record and then have to play the 49ers/Bills right after their bye. But if they win. They will have their bye. Get healthy and have some momentum after their bye week. So as you can see this is just as important to the Bengals as is it for the Seahawks. Maybe even more critical for the Bengals.

  3. Big Mike

    Thanks as always Curtis. Outstanding breakdown. Run the damned ball Hawks!
    Tee Higgins back this week I think I saw somewhere.

    • Peter

      Exactly. Let’s not find out if Burrow is back or not. Geno’s been sluggish and is still recovering from an injury from the Giants game.

      Also….no more passes to JSN with a depth of two or less yards. I’m over it. We’re over it. I’m sure he’s over it. The excuse making is absurd at this point. It’s actually hurting the offense regardless of reason: he’s injured, the oline is mess…but everyone else is getting decent depth of target, or my *favorite* 4d chess reason….they are saving him as a surprise for later. That has got to be one of the dumbest takes I’ve ever read. No team “saves,” a first round talent for a surprise later. Imagine saving Witherspoon….to play gotcha! Later in the season.

      • Hawkster

        Is it me or is CIN explosive/solid run defense not unlike KW’s running? So they mostly contain him except a home run outa nowhere.

        It would be awesome if this game wasnt an essay on Wagz trying to cover the big middle and getting shredded by Burrow.

        • Hawkster

          As always I let SDB put my posts/reply wherever the AI sees fit

          • Peter


            But I’m hoping Witherspoon begins to solve our long national nightmare of being Charmin soft in the middle. Less Bobby covering anyone and more ‘spoon patrolling that area.

            Love Charbonet but I feel like you that Cincy’s run defense and a HEAVY dose of KW feels like the right recipe for the day. Last year I just felt like if he got to the 17th or so carry of a game he’d brak a big run off.

        • Big Mike

          It would be awesome if this game wasnt an essay on Wagz trying to cover the big middle and getting shredded by Burrow.

          THIS, X1000!

  4. Peter

    Cha….yet again great stuff.

    With x, y, and z out Witherspoon looks to play nickel. Are any of us sure that he should ever play outside? The days of the shutdown corner in the traditional sense have been over since Pete Carrol became the coach.

    I’d argue moving forward ‘Spoon at nickel forever or at least until further notice.

    I’d go so far as to argue looking to find a long, rangy seahawky corner in next draft as an upgrade to Brown and Jackson and roll out with three great corners, if possible.

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    Thanks cha love the graphic of Nextgen RB stats against the Bengals defense. We should see lots of heavy run sets to the left side, what with Cross back.

    Since Lewis is out, do we know if Brown slides to LG and Oluwatimi gets the start? Or will Phil Haynes start at LG with Bradford at RG?

    Also read Coby Bryant is out long term (IR). That’s disappointing. But I’m in agreement with Peter that Spoon should play a while at nickel. Actually, he’s almost a nickel-safety.

    So which Seahawks trend gives way today? The 0-3 record post bye week, or the 7-3 record for 10am road games?

    • Peter

      I’d like to see Adams play just a little tiny bit more controlled. I’m not so dense as to not see how great it could be if Adams and Witherspoon were on the field together.

      Bummed to hear about Bryant. Had hoped for a world where they begrudgingly played him outside and we could see if that was his real spot.

      Brown at LG, Olu at C is my preference. I’d say start Haynes at RG and leave Bradford as the backup ( though I think by seasons end Bradford will have taken Haynes’ job)

  6. Denver Hawker

    Penix finally showed me something yesterday.

    He was under more pressure and took more hits than I’d seen in other games. He missed throws, had at least one batted, but also threw it away when he needed and delivered bullets before getting drilled. Impressed to see his decision making and accuracy (mostly) hold up under pressure.

    He also looked battered at the end. Gripping different body parts in pain. He is a more slender frame and I’m concerned about his durability in the NFL.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s hard to get excited about a high draft pick on a quarterback that you think will get injured. But Tua is still playing for Miami and playing well. Maybe the key is not to fall in love with them. Use Penix while he’s on his rookie contract and let him go! He probably won’t last for 4 years anyway.

  7. Palatypus

    This week’s larceny.

  8. cha


    Artie Burns
    McClencon Curtis
    Raiquon O’Neal
    Devin Bush
    Damien Lewis

    Devin Bush a healthy scratch?? Rhattigan is that important to special teams? Zuh?

    • Rob Staton

      Put money on Brooks or Wagner getting hurt now

      • cha

        Internet is saying its because they’re ‘using Jamal Adams as a linebacker’

        Say hello to Jerrick Reed

      • Peter

        Rob coming in with the dark version of fan duel and prop bets no one wants.

  9. Sea Mode

    Oh, no.

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Colts may have to wait until 2024 to see more of QB Anthony Richardson. Sources say season-ending surgery is being strongly considered, perhaps the best option to fix his shoulder long-term.

    • Peter


    • Big Mike

      Feel so bad for the kid going to that franchise

  10. Sea Mode

    What the actual…

    • cha

      And Adams is the one that looks like a normal human being.

      Are we in the correct timeline?

      • Peter

        Seahawks social media team needs to 86 this idea of pregame fashion shoots.

        Seems like a curse for JA.

    • Peter

      Folklife festival: wherever you go, you’re already there.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Pregame psyops

    • Romeo A57

      Somebody has spent too much time in the PNW:)

    • jed

      He dresses like my 20-something Korean colleague. She usually has a 90s vintage tee (like Green Day) or something if it’s too hot. Or a hoodie with bedazzled beads, but the same general vibe.

      I wouldn’t wear it either, but my kids are closer than I am to DK’s age.

  11. cha

    Malik Willis in at QB for Tannehill. First series, he has a nice quick dart, a run to Henry and then has a couple Malik Willis classics. “my first read isn’t open, so I am going tuck and run because I’m a great athlete and wait a second these guys on defense are fast in the NFL oh well let’s punt.”

    • cha

      Malik Willis cannot play NFL football.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Vrabel:Whatever you do Malik, do NOT take a sack

        Willis: Gotcha coach

      • Romeo A57

        What does it say about Levis being behind Willis on the depth chart? Is this just a true Redshirt season or something else?

        Willis has no Pocket Presense.

      • Big Mike

        Wasn’t he going 2nd overall right before the draft?
        Weren’t there people NOT ON THIS SITE calling for Seattle to draft him?

  12. Romeo A57

    I do see this as a measuring stick game. Can the Seahawks beat another quality team on the road? Are the o-line injuries going to limit the offense too much, again?

    The Seahawks won’t win many games if the offense is as ineffective as it was against the Giants.

  13. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Starting OL appears to be, from left to right, Cross, Haynes, Brown, Bradford and Curhan.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Well alright, alright, alright

    • AlaskaHawk

      Curhan was iffy last time at left tackle. Now he’s at right tackle? hmm This should be interesting.

      What happened to Lewis?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Curhan’s been at RT since Lucas went on IR

      • Peter

        Hand injury.

  14. AlaskaHawk

    Really impressive write up Cha, I’m so happy your able to contribute your time and expertise!

    Kudos to Curtis and Rob for their hard work.

    Let’s have an injury free game for the win. Go Hawks!

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    Phil and Nate both taking Seahawks today

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    There we go let’s let K9 eat

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Li’l RB combo early

  17. Mick

    Solid start, we can win this one. And after watching the Ravens I give us more chances against them too.

  18. Blitzy the Clown

    Love the play calls so far

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    Geno throwing on the money today

  20. Mick

    Starting to use JSN it seems.

  21. Blitzy the Clown

    There he is! JSN! And a 3rd down conversion!

  22. Big Mike

    JSN downfield!

  23. ShowMeYourHawk

    Ahhh, if K9 cuts inside, that’s 6.

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    Bradford-Curhan are a punishing run block duo

  25. Big Mike

    Wow what an opening drive!

  26. Trob

    Ken is so explosive

  27. Blitzy the Clown

    OMG an opening drive TD drive with a 3rd down conversion

  28. Mick

    One of the best executed drives this season.

    • Big Mike


  29. ShowMeYourHawk

    BIG first drive. Needed to come out firing.

  30. KennyBadger

    Well called drive. Usually that means we’re out of well called drives now.

    • James

      I’m just happy it wasn’t run, run, screen pass, punt.

  31. James


  32. Romeo A57

    Great first drive to get that TD. Geno seemed to force a few of those passes. He might be the luckiest QB in regards to Turnover Worthy Plays

  33. AlaskaHawk

    I love the play calling! Yee Haw, lets keep it up.

    I would be perfectly happy if they could just pound the ball with the running backs. But I can see they want to mix up the plays so – party on Hawks!

  34. ShowMeYourHawk

    And now…. we pray.

  35. Blitzy the Clown

    Watch them pound the run behind Bradford-Curhan from here on. Bengals don’t have an answer for that

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice play Adams

  37. Blitzy the Clown

    Darrell Taylor is a liability

    • Mick

      Wonder what we could get for him.

      • Bmseattle

        Probably someone else’s liability.

  38. Big Mike


  39. ShowMeYourHawk

    You’re kidding me. Sigh….

  40. Blitzy the Clown

    That penalty sucks but I’ll take the amped up DL early

    • James

      They’re gonna get carved up today.

  41. ShowMeYourHawk

    Bobby looks SO SLOW in pursuit.

  42. Bmseattle

    Wagner juat doesnt gave the speed to cover over the middle

  43. Big Mike

    And there’s exactly what Curtis was worried what happened Bobby Wagner chasing a receiver in the middle of the field

  44. BrandoK

    Bobby is so slow

    • Mick

      Trouble is, Jordyn can’t cover either.

      • James

        Neither can Adams or Love.

  45. Blitzy the Clown

    Adams looks solid so far. Good tackling

    • Blitzy the Clown

      And then he misses. But solid play by Boyd

      • Pack of K9s

        I just want a good safety and we arent going to get that from Diggs this year. At least Jamaal is making plays. Diggs just tackles once its too late.

  46. Bmseattle

    Nice job shedding that block by Adams

  47. Bmseattle

    We better get up and cover, cuz Burrow is getting the ball out quickly

  48. ShowMeYourHawk

    Thanks, Jarran. D was nearly off the field 5 minutes ago.

  49. Pran

    This defense is slow and toothless

  50. Big Mike

    And to think the defense could have gotten off the field if they hadn’t fallen for the hard count


    • Scot04

      Yep,poor discipline definitely cost them. They can’t afford that today vrs Burrow.

    • Pran

      That 3rd down play before was a drop from Mixon. D didn’t make a single play except the batted down pass by Witherspoon

    • Bmseattle

      Hiw confident are you that we would have stopped a play there, tho?

  51. Mick

    Don’t see it coming, but for this kind of games we need Clark.

  52. Scot04

    Well that was a very costly offsides penalty.

  53. James

    welp, the other foot dropped. We know which defense showed up today. this is going to be another “please get us 40 points Geno” kind of game…

    • Big Mike

      Sadly likely

  54. BrandoK

    What happened to the pass rush no pressure at all yet

    • James

      It’s not that anything happened to it. It’s the same bad it was two weeks ago. It’s just that the Giants are genuinely a terrible team right now.

  55. Blitzy the Clown

    I really question Devon Bush being a healthy scratch today

    • BrandoK

      Same he’s quick to the ball unlike Bobby he reacts 1-2 seconds after

  56. Romeo A57

    It seems that Seattle’s pass rush and secondary are going to get exposed by Burrow today. It is early but looks like Burrow is going way over 300 Pass Yards today.

    • Troy

      400 isn’t out of the question

      • James

        400!? Those are ANDY DALTON numbers bro!!! (chuckle)

  57. AlaskaHawk

    That was way to methodical of a Bengals Offense for my liking. They seem to have gained a lot of confidence, maybe because Burrows is healthy. Mixon is no joke as a running back so you don’t want him having a good day.

    Well the defense has got to get this figured out.

  58. Blitzy the Clown

    DK needs to hold on to those

  59. ShowMeYourHawk

    Damn, great coverage on DK.

  60. BrandoK

    Can we have less Dallas out there he brings nothing

  61. ShowMeYourHawk

    Shouldn’t be a controversial opinion but DeeJay Dallas should figure NOWHERE in the offense, unless K9 and Zach are injured.

  62. Bmseattle

    Why go empty on 3rd and 3?
    Threat of a run there seems helpful

  63. Blitzy the Clown

    A downfield pass play to open the drive and relying on Dallas to convert the 3rd down isn’t gonna win this game

  64. AlaskaHawk

    Darn this is not a good turn of events to have the defense back out on the field.

    That Bengals cornerback Taylor made a really good play to look back and still defend Metcalf. Sigh.

  65. ShowMeYourHawk

    OPI, all damn day.

  66. Blitzy the Clown

    Riq’s been rusty since his return

  67. Bmseattle

    Chase is winning so far, vs our CBs.

  68. Pran

    Oh god.. D is awful. Burrow will slice n dice and it will be a blowout soon. On the contrary our offense is not consistent.

  69. BrandoK

    Bobby is so late to react to anything

    • Big Mike

      And Cincinnati is exploiting that continuously

  70. Big Mike

    Woolen having a rough day so far

  71. ShowMeYourHawk

    Jeez…. I guess we can’t face the Giants OL every week. I smell another post-bye turd developing.

  72. Peter

    Diggs, wagner, love….2024 upgrade candidates

    • Big Mike

      Unfortunately my friend neither love nor Diggs are going anywhere next year

      • Peter

        I know my man and that sucks.

  73. GeorgiaSeahawks

    There he is…best in the nation!

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Only able to keep up via internet and it said Peacock was covering. But just saw the replay and it looks like Woolen was closer. Doesn’t seem to matter who’s covering. Burrow looks great against this defense. Where’s the pressure and sacks from the Giants game?

  74. Bmseattle

    Wow…has a QB *ever* looked that comfy, waiting for a receiver to get open?

  75. Peter

    Where is the pressure against this allegedly horrible oline.

    • Troy

      This isn’t Daniel Jones

      • Peter

        Heard all week about one of their olinemen with a 17 pff grade!!

        • Troy

          We’ve had 1 decent game on defense (against Daniel Jones). Andy Dalton, Jarod Goff, and Matt Stafford have shredded us. Add Joe the list..

          • Peter

            Preaching to the choir here. Thought they were a mirage for most of this season so far.

  76. Scot04

    Anyone can throw a TD with that long with 0 pressure.

  77. Mick

    Adams better start making some damn plays, we pay him too much for his production.

  78. BrandoK

    Seattle is terrible after a bye you had 2 weeks to prepare and this is the result WTF

  79. Romeo A57

    Absolutely no pass rush. Burrow has all day in the pocket. Looks like a long game.

  80. Peter

    Really Wyman?

    They need to figure out how to shore up the middle……

  81. dragonhawk

    There goes the aimless Adams covering no one again. He needs to go.

    • Peter

      Top 10 defensive player cap hit 2024

    • James

      he’s covering grass i guess.

  82. Pran

    Thats one embarrassing play, Burrow waiting for 10secs on an island.

    No TFLs, no PBUs, No pressures, No sacks so far.

  83. Bmseattle

    Lots of local media habe been gushing iver our defense and pass rush during the bue week.

  84. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Giants game feels like a fluke already.

    • STTBM

      It was.

  85. Pran

    The only way Bengals can lose is running the ball more than necessary. On the flip side we can talk about improved Rush D.

    • Peter

      Good. Do that.

  86. Big Mike

    Set his ass on the bench for at least a 1/2 now Pete

  87. Hawks4life

    So over DK and his shenanigans

    • Pran

      Get the F out of here DK. Cant catch cant keep cool

  88. ShowMeYourHawk

    DK isn’t enough of a gamebreaker to put up with his BS.

  89. Big Mike

    Hey DJ that’s a professional you are not a professional

    • Big Mike


  90. GeorgiaSeahawks

    WTF, DK? Already getting costly penalties?

  91. BrandoK

    Can we bench DK

  92. Peter

    Dk. Come on man.

  93. Peter


    • Big Mike

      The very definition of the word professional

  94. Big Mike

    Trade his ass now

  95. AlaskaHawk

    Yes DK = your a cheap shot clown.

    Geno is getting a lot of time in the pocket but the receivers aren’t getting open.

    • STTBM

      DK been open deep twice, Geno too dumb to see it.

  96. ShowMeYourHawk

    Why is Geno allergic to running?

    • Peter

      Injured from giants game.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Nah, even before that, he’s always looked to buy himself time in the pocket to unload a pass, rather than scramble for years when the play breaks down. So many first downs missed because he’d rather risk a sack.

        • Peter

          Well he is old.

          • ShowMeYourHawk

            If Peyton could scramble for a few, Geno has no excuse.

            • Peter

              I don’t disagree. But one of those guys is a HOFer and the other our rebound partner.

    • Bmseattle

      Probably because he is slow…and has a hurt knee and ankle

  97. BrandoK

    Sometimes Geno just doesn’t see the field well

  98. Bmseattle

    He’s too short

    • Big Mike

      I thought we traded that guy LOL

      • AlaskaHawk

        At least Geno doesn’t have a hot wife to distract him!

  99. BrandoK

    If Geno doesn’t bring much to this game I would rather have Lock out there he brings a different factor

  100. Big Mike

    Here’s your chance to get off the field defense

    • Peter

      Cause of death crossing route

  101. ShowMeYourHawk

    Give me a blitz. Something to pressure, please.

  102. Scot04

    Need to start running walker right side again

  103. Big Mike

    Need a TD drove. They get the ball to start the 2nd

    • Big Mike


  104. BrandoK

    Is Dallas out there during Kick offs and Punts cause hes the safest option can’t see him breaking anything off for a big return

  105. James

    Can someone put Adams down for a nap? He’s behaving like my sleepy 2-year-old at the end of every play.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      He had his nap last game, remember?

  106. ShowMeYourHawk

    Time for Waldron to dust off his “screen passes behind the LOS” playsheets.

  107. Bmseattle

    Sequences like that bengals possession just dont make sense.
    We cannot stop the intermediate passing game or rush the passer ,so they throw 2 passes at the LOS?

    • Big Mike

      4D chess?

      • Bmseattle

        Thats a charitable guess.

  108. AlaskaHawk

    Why are they showing Llamas on TV instead of the game??? WTF?? Are the llamas more interesting than the game?

    • STTBM

      You really want that question answered lol?!

  109. BrandoK

    Run the ball with Walker and Zach

  110. ShowMeYourHawk

    Have to get this in the end zone this drive with no time left on the clock to have any shot, I think.

  111. GeorgiaSeahawks

    KW and Zach all day. They’re bad against the run. JSN looking better today.

  112. BrandoK

    JSN with another catch behind the line of scrimmage is that the only way they know how to use him

    • Peter

      Saving him as a secret weapon

  113. Peter

    Two minute warning. Let’s tie it up

  114. Big Mike

    Another 1 yd beyond the line of scrimmage pass to JSN. Difference this time was he juked the defender and made it a nice gain

    • Peter

      Gonna make that eskridge pick matter if it kills us. And if we have to use another reciever to do it.

  115. BrandoK

    It seems like Geno doesn’t trust JSN with anything other than a screen pass

  116. ShowMeYourHawk

    Jesus, we’re going to blow this drive, aren’t we?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Yes. The answer was yes.

      • Big Mike

        Picked up by the inconsistent field goal kicker

  117. Big Mike

    ISIS that Charles cross that blew the blitz pick up? At least on the left side

  118. Bmseattle

    2 unblocked rushers, huh?

  119. BrandoK

    Geno looks terrible way less mobile

    • Big Mike

      I don’t think Frank Tarkenton could have gotten away from 2 unblocked pass rushers

      • BrandoK

        Not that play exactly but an overall point of view of how hes moved around the pocket

      • Bmseattle

        I dont know…Fran was a magician

      • Gross MaToast

        Almost a certainty, Fran’s like 80 now.

    • James

      He shouldn’t have to run from 2 unblocked rushers on an obvious passing down…

      • Big Mike

        Of course not

    • STTBM

      He’s definitely not right. And he’s being too cautious, a Hallmark of Carrol-coached QBs.

  120. Blitzy the Clown

    Couple of nice plays by Woolen

    • Big Mike


  121. ShowMeYourHawk

    Get the sack, right here.

  122. BrandoK

    Wow huge difference when you can pressure the QB

  123. AlaskaHawk

    Love the way Adams smacked Burrow. Well worth it.

    As for Geno’s mobility, it isn’t great. But they have got to get some receivers open quicker. This is crazy. Why isn’t JSN crossing in the middle?

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Because he’s too slow. As Rob said before the draft, he runs in the 4.5s at OSU track, would’ve been 4.6s at the combine.

      • AlaskaHawk

        A smerf that is slow is not a first round pick = ever!

  124. ShowMeYourHawk

    Phil Haynes ain’t worth a damn.

    • Big Mike

      He won’t be back next year. The only below average players that are kept in Seattle are safeties

      • GeorgiaSeahawks

        Good point Mike. So it’s certain that we extend Love after the season, and the great Diggs/Adams duo again.

  125. Kyle R

    When Lewis is healthy there is no reason Hynes should have a starting job.

  126. Bmseattle

    Left sode of our line has been a liability.

  127. Mick

    The traditional silly sack by Geno gets out of way at the right time. I’m still optimistic about this game.

  128. GoHawks5151

    Jesus… Haynes ..

  129. Pran

    Geno is like a lotto everytime he touches the ball. Don’t understand why we cant mix Lock in there more regularly instead of treating Geno like a franchise QB.

    • BrandoK

      They will never put in Lock again unless Geno gets injured they trust him too much

    • Henry Taylor

      What team ‘mixes in’ at QB?

  130. BrandoK

    Can we move Evan Brown to LG and have Olu Olu at C cause haynes looks bad

    • STTBM


    • Big Mike

      I’m in

    • Kyle R

      That’s the move I would do

    • Peter

      Same. Seemed better last week.

  131. STTBM

    Seattle very lucky they are only down by 4. Could be down 14 easily.

    Defense doesn’t seem to know what they are doing. Nwosu has gone from being a great pass rusher to utterly invisible this year. Part of Carrols Run Stopping Obsession?

    The DC changes every 3 years, but the same problems persist every year. Why can’t we hire a competent DC? Is it really that hard?

  132. Romeo A57

    Geno is “The Governor ” and not special. His lack of running ability limits the effectiveness of this offense.

    However, he plays well enough and makes enough good throws to not get benched.

    • BrandoK

      And that sounds like Mediocrity

    • Troy

      Geno has been average (at best) this season. Too much talent on this offense to be just average. Need him to step up.

  133. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Finally saw some highlights on the NFL network. On the long J. Chase reception on the sideline, Love missed at first, then got up and tackled him. Woolen was steadily backing away from him, not going towards Chase to tackle him at all. Is Woolen afraid of contact or still injured?

    In the SF game, Browns are staying close 10-7, and Deebo and LT Williams went out with injuries. Purdy not looking great today so far.

    • Big Mike

      Cleveland defense is really good
      we’re gonna see that real soon

    • James

      The issue there is coaching. They’re CBs are not disciplined because they are so athletic. They like to play off to bait throws, but sometimes they just need to play lockdown defense, run, and make a hit. Choosing when to do what and ensuring the player makes the correct decision is a coaching problem.

  134. Blitzy the Clown

    Boom there it is! Brown with the INT

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Dude’s had a nice stretch of play this season

  135. Big Mike

    Fantastic corner back play

  136. AlaskaHawk

    This is what the Seahawks need. Now push that ball into the endzone!

  137. KennyBadger

    Great play by brown. Wow.

  138. Blitzy the Clown

    There’s plenty of time in this one score game.

    Reassert the run now. Keep the defense off the field for a while.

  139. BrandoK

    So glad to see Brown finally fully healthy

  140. Romeo A57

    I was slow getting back after Halftime and missed it. We need to get 6 here.

    • Bmseattle

      Me too.. glad they showed it again.
      Great play

  141. Peter

    Alright Geno and offense here’s that freebie to get you over the hump.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Petes Half time plan: get three face masks and move down to the end zone!

      • Bmseattle

        An underutilized plan

  142. Blitzy the Clown

    More Bobo!

    • GoHawks5151


    • Romeo A57


      • Bmseattle

        Ummm…it’s pronounced Bobo

  143. Big Mike

    Give Gino credit on that pass to Bobo he threw right to the vacated area when he saw the blitz

    • Big Mike

      And as soon as I say something nice about him he does that

  144. BrandoK

    BoBo is awsome

  145. KennyBadger

    Bobo for president.

    Pres for dog catcher.

  146. GeorgiaSeahawks

    This is where you run Zach, right?

  147. Peter

    Bobo….so solid. Such a good get.

  148. Blitzy the Clown

    Dumb dumb dumb

  149. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Why do we always shoot ourselves in the foot? We were on the 3 and get a 15 yard penalty

  150. Big Mike

    Good Lord Geno

  151. AlaskaHawk

    What the, the guy held up and Walker never touched him.

    Ouch, this is not going well, a very poor decision to throw that ball there.

  152. GoHawks5151

    Geno is bad

  153. Romeo A57

    Unfortunate Interception that Geno was overdue for…

  154. Hawks4life

    Geno in a nutshell, he’s not good enough.

  155. ShowMeYourHawk

    Both INTs for Geno were passes to JSN. That doesn’t bode well for confidence in the young WR.

    • Pran

      Threw short and in to double coverage…its all Geno

    • STTBM

      How was that JSNs fault?! Double covered and flat-footed, and Geno threw a low pass straight at the defender. 100% a terrible play by Geno.

      • Rob Staton

        It is 100% completely Geno’s fault

        Dumb throw

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Not saying it’s JSN’s fault. Just in terms of Geno’s building confidence in his WR. Geno needs to get that ball there better.

  156. dand393

    Geno is single handedly losing this game for Seahawks

  157. Tony

    Terrible read by geno.

  158. Peter

    Give me strength.

  159. BrandoK

    Terrible play by Geno double coverage and still throws it there

  160. Trevor

    Would love to see Hawks give Drew Lock a chance this 2nd half.

  161. Pran

    Enough of Geno..pls bring competition

  162. AlaskaHawk

    I’m not putting it all on Geno, the Bengals secondary has been all over our receivers and the play calling hasn’t helped one bit.

    • Big Mike

      But you have a sure 3 points you just don’t throw in the double coverage in that situation throw it away take the field goal if you have to

    • BrandoK

      Alot of it on Geno tho Double coverage and he still throws it there

    • Rob Staton

      It was ALL Geno

      Terrible decision/throw

  163. Mick

    Our corners looking good though

  164. Romeo A57

    I fear a back breaking 97 yard 15 play drive here by Burrow.

    • Romeo A57

      Or maybe the Seahawks pass rush gets home a few times 😀

  165. Blitzy the Clown

    Finally someone gets to Burrow

    Figures it’d be Reed

  166. Sten

    Wow love is awful in man coverage

  167. AlaskaHawk

    That last play, Burrows had three receivers open. When has the Seahawks had that many receivers open?

  168. Blitzy the Clown

    Pash rush stepping up when it counts

  169. Big Mike

    It’s really good series by the defense to step up when the offense turned it over

    • AlaskaHawk

      The defense has to step up or they will be totally worn out in the 4th quarter. Nice bull rush by Jones. Shows how a good line helps against even a QB with a quick release.

  170. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Finally some pass rush! Was just going to say before that last sack that J. Reed seems like a better FA signing that D. Jones. Then Jones gets a sack too.

  171. BrandoK

    Is that the first time hearing Jones name this whole game

  172. Mick

    Another chance, gotta make use of these

    • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        Really need a touchdown drive here
        Run game hasn’t done much for the last quarter

        • Blitzy the Clown

          No but they did stick with it to keep the offense balanced. I expect some of the rush attempts in the 4th quarter to pay bigger dividends

          • Big Mike

            Hope so

  173. Blitzy the Clown

    What’s up? Why the TO?

  174. STTBM

    How do you end up burning a timeout on first down after a punt?! Good grief…

    • Tony

      Pete not used to seeing 3rd down stops. Wasn’t ready.

  175. AlaskaHawk

    Probably a commercial timeout?

  176. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Great return by Dallas! He’s excellent on STs, not on screens.

  177. Blitzy the Clown

    K9 channeling OBJ

  178. Trevor

    Browns are giving the Niners a game. First team to match them physically so far.

  179. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Don’t fizzle out or turn it over like the last 2 times.

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      And no costly penalties!

  180. Blitzy the Clown

    Great catch, not so great throw

  181. Blitzy the Clown


    And the foul. Nasty hit

    • nfendall

      More Bobo!

  182. Big Mike

    Don’t hang your guys out like that Gino

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Geno’s not on his game today. He’s not off it either.

      He’s just sort of ok.


      • Big Mike


      • ShowMeYourHawk

        “Okay” isn’t good enough for the pay bump he’s due to get next season.

  183. BrandoK

    What a catch by BOBO

  184. Henry Taylor

    More Bobo!

  185. GeorgiaSeahawks

    There goes our FA possession receiver that 1st rounder JSN was supposed to be…

  186. BrandoK

    Does Geno trust BoBo more than JSN?

  187. ShowMeYourHawk

    This team’s red zone offensive is all K9 or bust. Disgusting.

  188. Big Mike

    Good Lord
    So bad
    And a very good observation by Charles why is your biggest strongest wide receiver not in the game on third and goal from the 3

    • Big Mike

      Oh now we know

  189. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Why not your big RB Zach here near the goal line, instead of the 5’9″ little guy?

  190. Blitzy the Clown

    Color me impressed with blog fav Cam Taylor-Britt

    • Big Mike

      Color me unimpressed by our red zone offense today

      • GeorgiaSeahawks

        Now our best hope is the D keeps playing well and we win it on FGs?

        • Blitzy the Clown

          One PC special coming up!

  191. GoHawks5151

    Geno just locking in on 1 guy. Read the field. shit

    • BrandoK

      He’s a one read guy when in the red zone

    • Troy

      Playing like the career backup he has been

  192. Mick

    God damn it, must score a TD there.

  193. Troy

    We need to be using Charbonnet on the goal line.

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      I’m there with you…been saying it all game. He’s supposed to be the thunder part of the RB room and why we drafted him so high. So use him on short yardage and near the goal line!

    • STTBM

      And maybe not run the first two downs. It keeps not working, but we don’t adapt.

  194. Pran

    Bengals committed to stopping run and Geno cant make them pay

    • Big Mike


  195. STTBM

    Cincy D is fast. Seattle not bouncing any runs outside, running it up the guy but it’s not working.

  196. STTBM

    Wagner playing with quicksand boots. He’s washed up.

  197. Hawkster

    That spin move by wagz was somethin

  198. AlaskaHawk

    Oh and for all you Lock fans, he has a wrist injury. If Geno goes out, Ahlers was called up from the practice squad. He’s a wild card but fun to watch.

  199. ShowMeYourHawk

    If we’d been able to take the lead on the last drive, I’d feel much better about our chances. The game is there for the taking, though.

  200. dragonhawk

    Pretty vanilla red zone offense, that needs to change. Too predictable

    • Pran

      Saving for SB

  201. Troy

    The defense has done enough to win this game. This game is on the offense.

    • Big Mike

      Since the first 2 drives they’ve played very well
      I agree with you 100%

  202. Blitzy the Clown

    We held

  203. Big Mike

    why would you not at least try the hard count we failed last time

  204. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Pulling for the Browns to upset SF. They tied it at 10-10 and just intercepted Purdy.

  205. Bmseattle


    • Romeo A57

      Yeah, Brooks of all people making a big play.

  206. Mick

    If we lose today, it won’t be because of the D.

    • Troy

      Time for Geno to step up right now!

      • Troy

        LOL. This aged well.

  207. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Go Jason Myers. Another 5-5 game like vs. the Panthers and we win it!

  208. Big Mike

    Do my eyes deceive me?
    JSN downfield twice this game

    • Blitzy the Clown

      3 times if you count the ill fated TD target

    • Peter


  209. Peter

    It’s been a bit ugly but agree with most here….the defense is doing it again.

  210. Blitzy the Clown

    WTF was that?

  211. Big Mike

    So sad
    I hate wasting a really good effort by the defense

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      And it puts Burrows in a great spot to score

    • Kyle R

      I agree Big Mike at this point its on the Offense and Geno and not the D

  212. STTBM

    Go home Geno. You’re done. If we don’t draft a QB first, I’m going to cry.

  213. ShowMeYourHawk

    Sigh. DK making Taylor-Britt look like Deion Sanders.

  214. BrandoK

    Geno is loosing us this game

  215. Trevor

    It’s Drew Lock time. Geno is not the long term answer and has been brutal all year outside of the Lions game.

    • MarkinSeattle

      Agreed, unfortunately I don’t see PC doing that unless we get several 2-3 INT games.

    • Troy

      I’m almost there..

  216. Big Mike

    Wouldn’t have been a first down anyway and the defense again steps up

  217. Blitzy the Clown

    What a stand by the defense. Solid

  218. ShowMeYourHawk

    The Bengals WR are keeping the Hawks in the game.

    • Whit21

      For real.. Healthy burrow.. WRs dropping balls out there for him.

  219. MarkinSeattle

    Two ugly picks today by Smith today, even if DK makes that cut (which he probably didn’t because of his hip injury), he was still well covered.

  220. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Well that was quick. It may be a FG game to the end.

  221. Romeo A57

    The Seahawks Defense is keeping them in the game. I am surprised about that after the First Quarter.

  222. Trevor

    Is there a better cornerback group in the NFL than Woolen, Witherspoon, Brown and Jackson?

    • GeorgiaSeahawks


      • Trevor

        Who? Please don’t say the Jets.

        • Peter

          The bengals?

          • STTBM


  223. Troy

    Bravo to this defense! Now can Geno Smith do something??

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      He’s done plenty. Just, not much of it has been helpful.

    • Whit21

      Doesnt look likely.. NY Jets Geno is playing for seattle right now..

  224. Mick

    Russ would have got us two TDs more by now. We need a QB.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      …as well as scramble into about three sacks.

    • James

      Not according to evidence of his actual play this year…

      • Peter


        Unfortunately for us Geno is turning into a dozen mid 30’s qb with one good season.

  225. Big Mike

    Never thought i’d say this after the first 2 drives but boy a fantastic day by our defense

    • Peter

      Unpopular take. If they win that’s three games the defense steps up to get the win. Yes. I am including detroit with the forced fumble to set up a td. And the pick six.

  226. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks fans worried about whether they can win the game.

    Bengals fans got to be thinking – if we let the Seahawks hang around long enough – they will do damage.

  227. AlaskaHawk

    More of a case of the Bengals offense misfiring and dropping balls.

  228. Pran

    Time for Shane Waldron to step up…zero creativity till now

    • dragonhawk


      • Pran

        Looks like Pete’s type of play calling…game is close, lets not do much..hope we will come thru kinda game,

  229. BrandoK

    Defense has done a good job at stopping Cincy so far but the offense looks terrible with Geno at the helm

  230. KnoxHawk

    Would like to see more of Zach C honestly. I know K9 is great, but he looks slow to get going a lot of the time. CMC and Deebo are hurt over in Cleveland.

    • Peter

      Pro: niners coming back to earth

      Con: our offense vs browns defense is gonna be ugly.

      • Big Mike

        VERY ugly

    • Kyle R

      I agree. I think Cincy is quick enough to stop K9 cuts, however, I don’t think they could stop the punishment of Zach C.

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      And saw that their LT Williams went out with an ankle injury

  231. Dinosaw13

    Sorry Geno just not good enough can’t pay him 40mill next season….

  232. Big Mike

    Don’t like the cab we will take it

    • Big Mike


      • AlaskaHawk

        It was the correct call, the refs are just inconsistent about calling it.

  233. BrandoK

    How many excuses are they going to make about Geno after this game

    • Peter

      All of them.

  234. James

    If I were the Bengals, I’d take a few penalties and hit Geno too. He’s wounded.

  235. Kyle R

    So Geno is check down Charlie except when he wants to throw an interception then he’ll gun it down field.

  236. GeorgiaSeahawks

    So that’s 2 illegal blocks by Walker that cost us, one was near the goal line before the 1st interception. He can’t pass block and has been getting very little this half. Why not try ZC more?

  237. Palatypus

    The Browns think that Brock has a purdy mouth.

    • Big Mike

      Squeal boy

  238. ShowMeYourHawk

    This game was winnable and the damned offense is going to sandbag it.

    • Peter

      That hasn’t worked or been fun to watch since about 2018.

      • Peter

        Fail. Talking about geno scrambling or any seahawks qb scrambling.

  239. BrandoK

    Geno thinks he is fast enough to escape the Dline and running back 20 yards

  240. Peter

    Wyman starting with the oline excuses…..

    • Big Mike

      Why do you listen to him?
      He’s such a sycophant

      • Peter

        Radio. Goofing around in my shop.

    • Palatypus

      We need to start spelling it” Whyman?”

  241. Pran

    if we lose this game its all because of Pete, Shane and Geno. they are wasting all the talent on offense.

    • BrandoK

      Geno gotta get most of the blame terrible decision makings

  242. JP

    Geno looks awful. If he’s too hurt to play, just get him off the field.

  243. Mick

    Imagine we win on a pick 6 and the D bails us out.

  244. Troy

    What a pathetic showing by this offense.

  245. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Geno is still nursing the leg injury from the Giants game and Lock has a wrist injury. Seems like we would’ve brought in an experience veteran during the bye week in case they both went out, instead of throwing in a FA rookie.

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Or having Ahlers as our only option if Geno gets injured worse in the game and can’t play, and Lock’s already down.

  246. Palatypus

    Based on what I am seeing on Red Zone today, I think there is a market for quarterback pinatas.

  247. Troy

    Here comes the Joe Burrow dagger drive…

  248. Anthony

    If the shoe was on the other foot and Lock was in the game, there would be uproar. But since it’s Geno no one bats an eye and blames the OL or Waldron.

    • BrandoK

      Thats so true

    • AlaskaHawk

      Give it a rest. We been bitching about Geno for half the game.

      It’s time to root for the offense!

  249. ShowMeYourHawk

    Credit where it’s due. Jamal with a great tackle.

  250. Mick

    Mafe with a huge sack and then Adams.

  251. Blitzy the Clown

    Great tackle by Adams. He’s been alright today

  252. Big Mike

    And the defense steps up yet again
    For the love of God come on offense do something

    • Peter

      I know. Bengals are playing us by leaving us in the game for forever.

  253. BrandoK

    Will Seatlle ever bench Geno

    • Big Mike


      • BrandoK

        Thats so sad to hear

        • AlaskaHawk

          The only other QB available is Ahlers.

  254. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Mafe with the sack and Adams showed up! Now just need our O to drive, still time to score those 2 FGs to win.

  255. Mick

    I want to see 4 yds throws, not more not less, involve all TEs.

  256. Bmseattle

    Why cant we run against this defense?

  257. Blitzy the Clown

    Beautiful connection

  258. Mick

    Don’t score too fast. I’m glad for DK.

  259. AlaskaHawk

    Good throw Geno. Good 10 yard run Geno. That’s our QB – you haters have to deal with it!

    • Sten

      He had lockett wide open :/

  260. ShowMeYourHawk

    SEE?!??!? Geno can scramble forward when he needs to. Don’t know why he won’t do it more. We don’t need designed QB runs but he should move when he can.

  261. Peter

    Turn it into six

  262. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Wasn’t just with us. Cody Barton just had a roughing the passer for Wash., and heard this past week he’s dead last in PFF LB ratings this year.

  263. Blitzy the Clown

    Fantastic play call vs the blitz

  264. Big Mike

    Throw the fucking ball away

  265. nfendall

    Please Geno don’t let us have another wasted drive

  266. Troy

    Geno Sucks!

  267. Peter

    Here we go…..

  268. Kyle R

    Jesus call some fucking quick passes when we’re inside the 15 yard line damn it

  269. BrandoK

    Geno thinks hes more elusive than he actually is

  270. GeorgiaSeahawks

    If you get down there near the goal line, run ZC this time. Not KW for a 1 yard gain or loss, or more likely a 10-15 yard blocking penalty

  271. ShowMeYourHawk

    Here’s game, gents.

  272. Peter

    Come on. Need the td.

  273. nfendall

    Throw the ball!!!

  274. Blitzy the Clown

    “I guess they just wanted it more”

    • Big Mike

      “We were right where we wanted to be in the 4th quarter “

      • Peter

        It’s just sucky there’s only 4 quarters. One more and I’m sure we get it done.

  275. Kyle R

    Fucking Geno cost us this game

    • dragonhawk


  276. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Of course another sack when we need a TD.

  277. Romeo A57

    Gee-No! he had JSN wide open for a TD when he instead scrambled for the First Down.

    • GoHawks5151

      Yep. He has locked in to one receiver all day. No even looking

  278. Peter

    Come on.

  279. ShowMeYourHawk

    Geno = 🎃

  280. dragonhawk

    Geno fuckin smith wow

  281. KennyBadger

    FFS Geno

  282. Palatypus

    Don’t sugarcoat it. Give it to me straight.

  283. HOUSE

    You can’t take a sack on 4th. The only saving grace is it happened before the two minute warning.

  284. Peter

    Give ne a bleeping break!!

  285. BrandoK

    Geno is god awful

  286. Pran

    Fucking Geno sucks….cant even give a chance for others to make a play

    • Pran

      Shane Waldron has no balls to adjust play calling…

    • Whit21

      You would think they would dial up the play call… but instead stares down double teamed Metcalf and gets sacked on 4th down.. just throw the damn ball to someone… ITS 4TH DOWN…

  287. Kyle R

    “Was looking for DK the whole way but he was covered” Well fucking get off your first look then like a NFL QB should.

    • Big Mike


  288. Hawks4life

    Geno needs a reality check! Play to your strengths, don’t play hero ball.

  289. Whit21

    My god.. throw it somewhere on 4th down.. what was that Geno.. wow..

  290. Blitzy the Clown

    If the play wasn’t designed for Geno to pass the ball within 2-3 seconds, it was the absolute wrong play for 4th and goal from the 3 or wherever

    So either wrong play or Geno blew it

  291. Sten

    How is it that the line gets worse when cross gets back in the game

    • Big Mike

      “We’ve got to clean some things up”

    • Bmseattle

      Lewis out has hurt.
      Haynes having a bad game

  292. Peter

    Big Mike.

    This is why I listen in my shop. These games are easier to deal with with open cans of lacquer, mineral spirits, and brake cleaner…..

  293. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks have passed up at least two field goals in this game. Considering the way the offense has sputtered, they should have taken the field goals.

    • Peter


    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Great point. They needed 2 FGs to win. This could’ve been one of them.

    • Troy

      Super excited about this defense. Now, the offense needs to win this game!!

  294. STTBM

    Curhan was simply awful today, all day long. And Geno needs to not lock in on DK. If he’s going to do that, he should at least for the ball out quick and give him a shot.

    Also sickening to watch an injured Curhan given no help from a TE or a RB on most plays. That just terrible coaching. And it lost us the game.

  295. BrandoK

    They’re going to be so many excuse from Geno and Pete after this game

  296. Sea Mode

    Throw the dang ball. At least put it up high and give DK a chance.

  297. GoHawks5151

    Geno has killed at least 2 red zone drives. Refusing check downs for shots. This is rookie shit. He ain’t the guy

    • Pack of K9s


  298. Palatypus

    Tell me how you really feel.

  299. Pack of K9s

    Geno is not the guy. We saw it this game. If Schneider thinks the decision is hard at the end of the year it shouldn’t be. Move on, if you can get a 2nd for him midseason (unrealistic as can be i know) they should do it. Locke is the same if not better

  300. Dinosaw13

    Geno cost us this game finally showing true colours. Please don’t keep him next year.

    • Dragonhawk

      Geno the big FRAUD

  301. Blitzy the Clown


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Fantastic play by Tre Brown

  302. Big Mike

    And yet again the defense steps up

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Wasn’t this offense supposed to be unstoppable? Top 5 or 3 even?

    • Romeo A57

      The defense has been outstanding the last three quarters of this game.

    • Sten

      What year is it again?

  303. ShowMeYourHawk

    Defense wants this. Offense seems indifferent.

  304. Peter

    Why didn’t we roll with brown, olu, bradford.

  305. Palatypus

    Go Ducks!

  306. BrandoK

    I know we’re getting the ball again but I just don’t believe in Geno at all

  307. Bmseattle

    Too bad we didnt take the FG before

  308. Blitzy the Clown

    Does Geno Smith not realize when to take advantage of a free play?


    • Blitzy the Clown

      And then he goes and does something wonderful

  309. Pran

    Give D its due… adjusted and played well in 2nd half. ofcourse Bengals had some drops and didnt play good enough.

  310. Peter

    Alright Geno. This is the difference between JAG and franchise player.

  311. AlaskaHawk

    dang we actually have a shot at this! Good throw and catch.

  312. ShowMeYourHawk

    Nightmare scenario. Red zone for the game?

  313. Blitzy the Clown

    Inside run inside the 10? When the inside run hasn’t been there the entire 2nd half?

    Cmon man

  314. GeorgiaSeahawks

    If they’d have kicked that last FG on 4th down a few minutes ago. we’d be driving for the winning FG. Have to blame this on Pete as well if we lose.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree, it would have made three times they could have kicked a field goal.

  315. Pran

    what a 2nd down play call as if you are a redzone juggernaut

  316. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Another sack coming up

  317. ShowMeYourHawk

    He’s gonna take another 4th down sack here, right?

    • Big Mike


  318. Bmseattle

    Surprised the bengals didnt want that TO, in case we score

  319. AlaskaHawk

    They are using up Bengals Time outs.

    • Pran

      and do what?

  320. nfendall

    For fucks sake.

  321. Big Mike

    How sad to waste this kind of effort by our defense

  322. AlaskaHawk

    Okay , that’s it. Haters you may now unleash the fury.

    I thought the defense played much better. Offense not so good.

    • James Z

      The offense was not just ‘not good’, but pure kaka… Red zone calls and executions throughout this game were just uninspiring. That’s on Waldron and Geno. Let’s hope Smith is a bridge, and a short one at that.

  323. Kyle R

    How many time were the TE actually used this game?

    • dragonhawk

      Was thinking the same thing, wrong to put it in Geno the fraud’s hands

  324. JP

    Geno playing like he’s a backup QB…

  325. Bmseattle

    Why not adjuat with quicker developing plays?

  326. ShowMeYourHawk

    Another post-bye loss. Save me your silver lining platitudes, Pete.

  327. dragonhawk

    It doesn’t matter this team won’t beat the 49ers

  328. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Terrible game by Geno, Pete and Shane. Should’ve won on FGs if they called it right, even with the turnovers.

  329. Pran

    Pete ball sucks…add Geno to rub the wound

  330. Kyle R

    What a waste of a very good defensive performance

  331. BrandoK

    This game confirms it Geno is not the guy he’s not the answer either see what lock is or draft a QB

    • Whit21

      Thats what iv said for awhile.. i get told that Lock isnt the guy either.. but who know.. maybe lock could actually throw the ball on 4th down..

      • BrandoK

        Plus he can run and more elusive than Geno

  332. Whit21

    No call on Roughing to end the game..

    Geno again fails to even throw the ball on 4th down…


  333. STTBM

    No help for Curhan, yet again, and yet again it costs them.

    Love how tight Concys dbs played, love their aggressive D. Just wish Seattle Red Zone offense was as aggressive, instead of being milquetoast.

    Fitting end to a very sad sack performance by Seattle offense, led by a simply horrendous game by Waldron, Geno, and an injured and ineffective Curhan.

  334. GoHawks5151

    Jesus. Do. Something. Different. Teeing off. Rollout, screen anything but the same shit

  335. pdway

    well – that’s the worst game of Geno’s seahawks career. late all day. there is no excuse in the world not to give some receiver a chance on two 4th downs inside the 10. what an annoying loss on a day where our D really stepped up.

  336. AlaskaHawk

    So two thoughts for Pete Carroll.

    They had three opportunities to kick a field goal and didn’t take them.

    And they need more quick developing pass routes.

    Thank you for playing JSN downfield.

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      100%. FGs would’ve won this game if they took them. D played great in the 2nd half against Joe Burrow who looked fantastic the 1st half, but had no support from the offense.

  337. Palatypus

    What’s that smell?

    Dave Wyman, is that you?

    • Big Mike


  338. MaxInVan

    Shane Waldron is now to blame for the 2 losses this season

    • BrandoK

      So Geno getting a pass on the losses too then?

      • MaxInVan

        Waldrons play calling in the red zone cost the team the game

    • Pran

      Pete, Shane and Geno can their sorry asses some where along with Safeties.

    • nfendall

      The play calling was very uninspiring, but Geno was awful today.

      • MaxInVan

        Geno wasn’t great in the red zone. That is where an OC can shine imo. You have to be creative or exceptionally strong in the trenches

  339. Peter

    I’m not “out,” on Geno. But he’s turning into a non factor.

  340. Troy

    Geno was bad, but our offensive line got worked today. Very pleased with the defense.

  341. dragonhawk

    Too bad they couldn’t find a Brock Purdy type qb

    • BK26

      We don’t have a system to have a system quarterback to play in. We can pick up a 7th round qb and see how that goes.

  342. Peter

    Big Mike,

    Indeed a total waste of a surprisingly tightened up defense.

  343. Henry Taylor

    Didn’t get into the endzone after the first drive. Story of the game, positive display from the defense.

    • Pran

      Offense is playing crap all along except Detroit game

  344. Dustin

    It’s time to see what Lock has to offer. What’s there to lose?

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Pete won’t do it unless he’s injured and out. He won’t stray away from his guy, not only to possibly split the fans, but they won’t admit when they’re wrong ever. Jamal Adams is just 1 example.

  345. HOUSE

    I’m not going to overreact, but finishes like this tell me Geno isn’t the guy for around $40M next season. He is hit/miss in these situations. The 2 sacks for turnover on downs, the defense gets them the ball back and he can’t punch it in.

    Nice balls to DK and Lockett downfield with touch and almost threw that INT to Hill (aiming for Parkinson).

    This is one of those performances that Rob has been warning us about being his fear. Gino isn’t horrible, but he’s not “the guy” either. Run-of-the-mill mediocrity doesn’t warrant a $40 million contract next year.

    • pdway

      yeah – it’s not time to bench Geno – the team is 3-2, and he’s been more good than bad as a starter, including mostly good this year. but today was just awful.

      • BrandoK

        So are you willing to pay him $40 mil just to be mediocre

    • Peter

      40 million? He’s not going to hit any incentive and I’m currently very out on paying him his base of around 30 million.

      His “on pace” stat line as of today is unsignable levels of bad. 17 tds to 10 picks….

      • HOUSE

        *Upwards of $40M… I still don’t think he’s worth $30M next year.

        I’m not saying bench him tomorrow, but this is not the franchise quarterback, moving forward, and I hope the front office sees this. With the Hill that we’re stuck in because of the Safety position, we gotta get a premium position at a reduced cost and that imo is the QB

  346. dand393

    Geno legit lost us this game he missed metcalf wide open for a touchdown in the early game then overthrew Lockett for touchdown then missed a wide open JSN for a touchdown I get the O line could have played better but this loss is on Geno

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Geno played bad, but I put this just as much or more on Pete and Shane for not kicking FGs when they had them multiple times. Just the previous one when Geno was sacked on 4th at around 2-3 min. left, combined with a FG at the end could’ve won the game.

  347. dragonhawk

    This team is made for a mobile get out of the pocket QB

  348. pdway

    I don’t blame us for not kicking the FG’s – each one made sense to me at the time. We didn’t know we’d get the ball right back.

    Just unbelievably hapless play from us inside the 10 yard line today. Can’t believe how bad we were. Just no answers. And Geno way too slow w the ball today. that was 4-1 just sitting there for us right there….f**k

    • Big Mike

      Agree 100%

  349. JP

    I’m not gonna look up the numbers, but it’s odd how much Geno struggles from the eye test. RW, for all the height, criticisms, he felt automatic down there as he entered his prime years. With Geno, there’s a sense of despair in me unless they can just punch it in with the RBs down there.

  350. dragonhawk

    Has Geno regressed? Has Geno reverted back to being the QB that the whole NFL is already accustomed to seeing? Is this the real Geno? Or is he a fraud and had the benefit of a system that made him look as good as he was in the first part of last year? Does he have control of this offense? You tell me, but wow what a lost opportunity

    • BK26

      Is this who he’s always been? Probably.

  351. Zane

    Not sure why Waldron didn’t do more to help the o-line once it was obvious we couldn’t protect one-on-one. Needed Dissly or Charbonnet in there in chipping. And we need Lucas back.

  352. dragonhawk

    This game was lost in the red zone which is un Seahawk like

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