Instant reaction: Seahawks blow Bengals game

The frustrating thing about this game is how winnable it was.

The Bengals have been one of the AFC’s best for the last two years. For whatever reason, they’re stuttering and stalling. After a couple of really good initial drives, Joe Burrow and the offense fell asleep. Defensively, they can play far better than they have done so far.

Yet the Seahawks couldn’t capitalise thanks to an awful offensive display.

They had absolutely no answers in the red zone. The Bengals just had to bring pressure and that was it. Job done. Seattle had no way of working anything out when one play over multiple red zone visits would’ve won the contest.

After a concerning start on defense, the unit turned things around and were superb. They deserved for the offense to get the job done. They failed, badly.

It was painful to watch frankly. There was very little creativity or problem solving. The red zone work was so brain meltingly bad. Geno Smith was hesitant and jittery, taking key sacks or holding on to the ball in big moments.

A friend of mine who isn’t a big NFL fan happened to watch the game. He text me immediately just saying, ‘your QB needs to throw it mate’. Too true.

We said this game would be a gauge for the team. So it proved. I think today we received evidence that Smith is merely a bridge quarterback. He is not the answer. He is not going to get this team to where it needs to get to.

The hesitancy was paired with bad decision making, avoidable sacks, an inability to diagnose the blitzing and find solutions. He had several opportunities to get the job done and he couldn’t do it.

His first interception was a horrendous decision. What did he see to think throwing into blanket coverage to Jaxon Smith-Njogba was a good idea? It very much felt like he was desperate to get JSN more involved, so just threw it his way anyway. What a horrible miscalculation, given it robbed the Seahawks of three points in a tight game.

The second pick was a complete miscommunication between Smith and D.K. Metcalf. I’m sure blame can be apportioned both ways but either way it was ugly.

Shane Waldron isn’t absolved of blame. The red zone issues are on him too. You have to find some answers.

However, this season is a big one for Smith. As we’ve documented, he’s due anywhere between $31.1m and $41.1m next year. He has to show he’s worthy of that salary.

That doesn’t mean he has to match Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen. He can’t be a key reason why you lose though. On a day like this, doing the little things well would’ve been enough. He couldn’t do it.

We all want the Seahawks to be great, not good. Smith has to be the placeholder to someone who can deliver greatness.

The roster is being built nicely. The Seahawks might lack blue-chip elite players like the 49ers but it’s a developing roster.

They need a quarterback who can win games like this.

Yes, the Detroit performance was excellent. Now we’ve had a poor display here, a horror-show second half against the Rams, a bad first half against the Panthers and a forgettable performance against the Giants where he spent the second half wanting to fight everyone.

He has five touchdowns and three interceptions in five games. The Seahawks are 3-2. Let’s embrace it. Quarterback is a need, has to be a strong consideration in any draft thoughts for 2024 and the Seahawks need to find someone who can win games like this.

There are positives from the game, mostly on defense (with a shout-out to Jake Bobo). The defense was great. It’s hard to focus on positives after watching the offense though.

There’s a big difference between 4-1 and 3-2. The late part of the season is such a murderers’ row of opponents that dropping games early is going to be a problem.

Blowing this game is going to make for a difficult week. It’ll be difficult to get over.


  1. Zach

    Agree that the offensive performance in the red zone simply isn’t good enough, and continues a multi-year trend of struggles in that area.

    At the same time, this is the first game in a long time that I’ve watched and felt like the Seahawks had the makings of a defense good enough to win a Super Bowl. Given how the season started (and frankly how the game started), that’s quite a silver lining.

  2. Peter

    It’s a weird feeling trying to remember the last time the defense kept us in a game and the offense kept snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  3. JP

    With the Seahawks luck, teams like Dallas will suddenly become ravaged by injuries towards the end because its a long season and we’ll win games like that and sneak into the playoffs. Geno will return as the starter for another 2 years. Basically happened last year with the Rams collapsing from injuries.

  4. ShowMeYourHawk

    Geno has the skill and touch to keep us in WC consideration but that’s hardly an endorsement for keeping him on the roster after this season.

    Hell, at this rate with the cap issues we’re going to have, draft two QB in 2024. One in the late first to make your guy, one in the 4th or 5th to teach up as a capable backup. Ditch Geno, let Lock walk.

  5. Don

    Tell me why I’m wrong. I probably am. But shouldn’t we have gone for a FG on that 2nd to last red zone debacle? We had 2 timeouts and the 2 minute warning. Trust our Defense and then try to get down in FG position for the second kick at the end?

    • IHeartTacoma

      This has been a weekend of leaving points on the field, college and pro.

  6. cha

    Playing a tough opponent on the road, with one of the NFL’s best quarterback-wide receiver combos on the other side, they cannot afford to give them extra chances — be it from turnovers or challenging play calls at critical times of the game.

    Sometimes I hate it when I am proven right.

  7. Thomas

    My fear is that Pete will stick with Geno even after we are eliminated from contention. I think we’ll be picking up Geno’s salary next year. It just feels like that’s going to happen whatever their record.

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Pete has proven he sticks with “his guys” whether it’s players or coaches way too long. And to prove they’re worth their trade & contract like with Adams, or draft pick if it’s a 1st like with Collier or the RT from a few years ago. Geno is his guy and just signed a big contract.

      • CHaquesFan

        Adams played well today had some great tackles

        • Big Mike

          He did, but not worth 18 million and never will be. Poor resource allocation for the entire Safety group

    • Nathan

      Not to disagree with quarterback play in the red zone because special can overcome th issues, yet I feel offensive line play really factors into the loss.
      Running was a struggle and Geno started to try and force it.

  8. Lord Snow

    I want to avoid what the Vikings have with Kirk Cousins. Sadly I fear that that’s where we’re going.

    • HOUSE

      I agree with you. That to me would be settling for mediocrity at QB with Geno next season at his cap amount

  9. Pran

    Tough pill to swallow is there are no adjustments on offense from coaches to players. Bengals D is not great or exotic either.

    on the flip side, our D played decent not great with equal credit going to Bengals offense for poor execution

  10. Hawkcrazy

    With the dirth of good qb’s in the nfl Geno has proven he is a starter qb but needs everything to go well to make him look top 10-15. This seahawk offense has lots of weapons so he should be able to convert some of those red zone chances. Geno just is not a qb who you have faith will to overcome obstacles and when he does manage to do so (ie Detroit overtime drive) it is surprising. When the game is on the line I really don’t think many of us feels it is comfortable having Geno being the guy.

    • Lord Snow

      You’re describing a game manager. The question is can you win a Super Bowl with a game manager?

      • SEAhemoth82

        Many considered Russell Wilson to be a game manager when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014. Wilson was greatly aided by Marshawn Lynch and that season’s historic defense.

        • BK26

          And then he turned out to be a top-tier quarterback.

        • Jeff

          People misremember 2013. Russ was a top-10 QB that year. He was definitely more than a game manager!

  11. Ben

    The defense really buckled down and played well. Jamal and Witherspoon together brings some juice, the line generated some good pressure. Tre Brown had some big plays again. The soft zones are forever frustrating.

    The offense is severely missing YAC guys. Can’t depend on Walker on check downs. Lockett and DK are so much better vertically than in short area, and JSN, while making some plays today, hasn’t come into his own.

    Geno’s got to let it go. Good pass rush, limited route options seemed to make it tough. DK to Carolina for Burns anyone?

  12. Zane

    Not sure why Waldron didn’t do more to help the o-line once it was obvious we couldn’t protect one-on-one. Needed Dissly or Charbonnet in there in chipping. And we need Lucas back.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Agreed. I also would love to see screen passes to counter the rush. And some play action to TE’s on short yardage or red zone. .

      • Jeff

        Seahawks are inept at screen passes, they are the *last* thing you want to see!

  13. GeorgiaSeahawks

    KW had 10 rushes for 46 yards in the 1st half. He had 9 rushes for 17 yards in the 2nd. Wonder if ZC was injured? Seems like we should’ve used the bigger back Zach near the goal line instead of Walker, and overall in the 2nd half when KW was ineffective.

  14. Mick

    Geno’s not more than a backup who overperformed. We need a starter. Drew Lock isn’t the solution either, might make sense to rotate them with the hope that one catches a better day.

    I’ll put it on Shane too, and eventually on Pete , impossible to lack a plan for a TD with so many weapons.

    Good news is the young guys are playing, the corners, Mafe, Bradford, Walker.

  15. Hawkcrazy

    Crazy 49ers lose after missed 41 yd field goal. Purdy marched them down to field goal position without McCafferty and Samuel … Purdy finally loses a regular season game… although they should have won.

    • Elmer

      A weakness! The 49ers need a FG kicker. Blair Walsh reincarnated.

  16. Donovan

    Winnable game is right. Just so ineffectual in red zone. Multiple chances. Some of that has to reside on Waldron.

    • Hawkcrazy

      and on Pete. Just kick the field goals and we win.

      • CHaquesFan

        Not on Pete, going for the dagger on 4th down is a good decision
        On Waldron for bad playcall x2

        • AlaskaHawk

          They passed on three field goals. Either losing the ball or just failing to make a 4th down play. That’s nine points they could have had.

  17. CHaquesFan

    Wonderful defense though they played great today especially in the second half

  18. neil

    Geno way too indecisive and Cross had a terrible second half.

    • GeorgiaSeahawks

      Totally agree. How do we play better the previous 3 weeks without our ’22 top 10 pick LT Cross than with him this week? He wasn’t the only one who looked lousy on the OL though. Saw some highlights on the NFL network, and those sacks Geno took late in the 2nd half there were DL coming through at several areas for the Bengals.

      • Alfred

        No LG Damien Lewis is the problem? We have Haynes playing LG instead of RG, while backup RT Curhan is playing with injured foot. Cross looks rusty.

  19. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Go Browns! Beat the 49ers 19-17. At least some good news on the day

    • Bmseattle

      Except it makes our loss even more frustrating

      • pdway

        still glad to see the Purdy hype train take a break….

        • Bmseattle

          Well…he *did* lead them on a last minute drive to set up a makeable/winnable FG

    • neil

      I see it as just insult to injury

      • CHaquesFan

        Yup could’ve closed the division gap but alas

  20. Henry Taylor

    I’m weirdly zen about this loss, obviously annoying to lose and long term concerns about whether any seasons with Geno is ultimately just going to be OK and never a true contender.

    But, for where I expected this team and the Bengals to be this year, we lost to a genuine superbowl contender by 4 points on the road. The biggest long term concern of this team, the defense, showed all the right stuff.

    Geno has to be better or serious discussions need to be had about whether to bring him back next year. But I’m otherwise not overly devastated about this one.

    • pdway

      yeah – I agree w you. This game did feel like a test – and in many ways – we passed. Our D, which has been such a subpar unit for what feels like so long – was really good today. Burrow looked normal, and we stuck him the whole 2nd half.

      It takes both sides of the ball to win, and today our QB was worse than usual, and our offense just got completely stuck. Bad as Geno was, it’s also fair to note that our O-line didn’t come through when it mattered either.

      That said – I still think we have a good offense, and on another day – if our D is actually the unit that played today – we are actually a little better than I thought.

    • Elmer

      Maybe Geno getting “hurt” would be like Drew Bledsoe getting hurt. Not saying Lock is Brady but the starter might never get his job back. Next year preseason could be Lock vs a rookie that they draft.

    • David

      I’m right there with you, Henry. Cincy is tough and this was a road game. Burrows is really good, recovering nicely, but our defense stepped up. Getting Adams back was huge… love the idea of playing him the box and looking forward to seeing how that develops. Plus Adams & Witherspoon on the field at the same time seems like an electric mix. Bobby is now way too slow to pick up WRs & RBs on passing downs, so that’s gotta be fixed. Injuries suck, and the o-line has been dealing with more than their fair share, still it’s part of the game and nobody cares about anyone’s excuses. Quality line depth, both sides, is an age old problem for everyone.

      Going into the season I don’t think anyone seriously expected the Hawks to be legit contenders. They’re an ascending team that still needs another good draft. And an elite QB would sure help. (Sadly, it turns out they don’t grow on trees as JS has previously informed.)

      So, big picture, to me at least, this season has always been about seeing who we got, how they compete, how they compete together and deciding along the way who the team needs to get for next season in order to seriously contend. And they seem to be on that track.

      The question to me is if, and if so, how to take a look at Lock in real games. Pete is way too smart to muck up the works with needless QB1 controversy. In fact, they are the opposite of that. Still, he’s gonna need to figure that out ahead of the start of next season.

      • Baron Ozzie

        They had a chance to look at Locke, without hurting Geno’s feelings in the Giants game.
        Geno was injured , and they should have started Locke in the second half, to give themselves a more realistic picture of what he could do, after a halftime of perpetration, instead of one series,being put in under the gun.
        I think they could have still controlled the game, maybe better than Geno did. Without Spoon’s pick 6
        It may have been a different ball game.

  21. AggieHawk

    I’d like to see the Seahawks double dip on qb in this upcoming draft. Have a real competition between two rookies. The draft class is deep enough to do that.

  22. Zach

    This is exactly how I feel…plus the Niners lost

  23. LouCityHawk

    Was at the game live, so I need to watch it back on TV, the defense, and particularly the DLine looked good. The Bengals fans I went were thrilled to see they had made adjustments with their passing attack to focus on short routes. Geno looked godawful, as I keep saying, the team will live and die on Geno, today we died.

    A frustrating loss compounded by the SF loss. Would have been nice to have picked up a game In division.

    I had posited that the Browns D would stop the 9ers, if the Browns had a functional offense I bet that game wouldn’t have been close, even though most talking heads were suggesting the 9ers would run the table.

    Cue everyone declaring the Browns loss a fluke (only saw the end, didn’t look fluky). Not that it matters, Geno’s inconsistency and limitations make it clear this isn’t our year.

  24. Waldo

    Surprised there is not more talk about how Seattle is running a base 2-4-5 defense with only 2 linemen. Just a few years ago, you would only see that defense in college. Most teams running nickel defense will take a linebacker off the field instead of a lineman. Maybe they know they cannot keep up with the Eagles/Niners for D-line, so they going all in on linebackers (and box safeties) instead. Impressive that they can contain the run with only 2 lineman

    Geno IS the issue with the offense. Yesterday, I watch the UCLA/Oregon State game. UCLA’s freshman QB took a sack on 4th down, and you could see Chip Kelly tell him “throw the football”…a sack is worse than an interception on 4th down. Dissappointing that Geno needs to hear the same advice

  25. Samprassultanofswat

    The Seahawks defense played a hell of a game. And Geno Smith ruined it. Geno Smith did what Geno Smith does. Two picks no TDs.

  26. Sultan

    I think it’s gonna come down to John Schneider. Can he take a step forward and take a QB that he likes? I see plenty of QB options that he should like. We need to move on from Geno, it’s clear as day now.

  27. Alfred

    Thank you, Rob. Great post-game analysis as always!

    If we draft a QB in the next draft, do we still want Geno for another year so we can red-shirt/develop the rookie QB or we can get out of Geno’s contract after this season? What’s the ideal situation with the next year cap space?

    • DarrellDownUnder


    • Rubber Toe

      Surely the answer is to have Drew Lock as the bridge next year with the rookie red shirted?

  28. Palatypus

    Geno Smith looked like Caleb Williams.

  29. neil

    For me Geno isn’t the answer going forward. Some were thinking M Penix might be the answer in the draft. For me, his injury history is a big concern, as well as his inaccuracy when forced to scramble. If it were up to me I would be looking elsewhere next year.

    • Peter

      That’s as spicy as some of the wings you’ve been cooking lately.

      • Peter

        Fail to palatypus.

    • Lord Snow

      I didn’t hate it when Seattle overpaid in draft value for Charlie Whitehurst and I didn’t hate it when they overpaid money for matt Flynn. Because they were looking. What I’ll hate is if they don’t look when they clearly need to look.

  30. GoHawks5151

    That JSN pick was brutal. There were 2 guys open underneath in Parkinson and Walker. In fact, it you threw to Ken, Parkinson would end up a lead blocker with no one around for 5 years.

    Also charbonnet needs to be in on goal line

  31. Joseph

    It’s time to look for Geno’s replacement. I like Waldron but he needs to be better dialing up redzone plays cause 5 redzone chances with only 10 points is beyond frustrating. It’s still frustrating to see him not utilizing Smith-njigba and the TEs. Cross looked rusty and the interior O line just got bullied. I really hope Abe Lucas comes back because Curhan really needs to be back on the bench. Once again multiple receivers open that geno didn’t see. Getting flash backs to Russell doing that. Penalties even though we cut down on them, still remains a huge issue.

    Tip my hat to the defense. Thought it was gonna be a long day for them given the 1st 2 drives. But kudos to Clint Hurtt and the defense for making the half time adjustments.

    Very frustrating loss and the redzone offense has been an issue for awhile dating back to last year.

    • Lord Snow

      If they somehow get a future potential franchise quarterback in the draft I hope they move on from Waldron. I’m not convinced he’s anything special. If you’re going to keep Gino you might as well keep Waldron. Because you’ve hit your upper ceiling and a new coach isn’t going to bump that up.

      • Joseph

        Still a little bit early for Waldron. If he doesn’t figure out the redzone issue then maybe we should move on. It’s weird how he’s good at getting them in the redzone. Let’s see if he can figure it out. But everyone was a problem today except for Locket. This team really lacks discipline.

        • Jeff

          It’s Waldron’s third year. How many do you propose he be given?

          • Joseph

            I say 1 more year. But the truth is eve if we get another offensive coordinator, it’s still gonna be the same type of vanilla offense with very little creativity. Which is exactly I say Pete has too much control of the offense.

        • David

          DK lacks discipline. Dude is way out of control. Has been for a while. If I was JS/PC and could get a 1st for DK he’d be gone soooo f’ing fast heads would be spinning.

  32. Happy Hawk

    I wish we would have taken advantage of the Wilson trade over the last few years to get our Qb of the future on the roster already.

  33. Robert Las Vegas

    Did you know Jim Schwartz the defense coordinator for the Cleveland browns is 9-1 lifetime against Kyle Shanahan.

  34. James Z

    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Walker and the dancing/waiting nonsense, Rob, hit the damn hole! He’s a big guy, and fast, too. No excuse and I hope the RB coach tells him what’s what after this game.

    • Troy

      Worse yet, we spend a 2nd round pick on a tough, N/S, between the tackles runner build for those short yardage and goal to go situations. 2 carries for 5 yards today. SMH…

    • James

      The line is crap and Walker isn’t a massive guy at 5’9 (5’8 with shoes off) and generously listed at 220 (closer to 210).

  35. Robert Las Vegas

    I was thinking I can’t blame the defense for this loss and I can’t blame Myers or Dickson, I think force feeding Kenneth Walker at times was questionable.why doesn’t Zach C get more touches near the goal line

  36. Nick

    It’s time for more Zach Charbonnet. He didn’t get one drive just to himself this game. Inexcusable — ESPECIALLY when the run game wasn’t working in the secondl half.

    • Pack of K9s

      Listening to the stream now. I am in full agreement, they muddled their way through the game with the run. I like the plays Waldron calls but its like they think they absolutely have to pass if a run goes for 2 yards. Im way better with going 3 and out with 4th and 1 where we fought for all 9 yards instead of whatever this crap was.

      They should have spent quarters 2-4 running the ball 40+ times. Stupid not to when the run is working well. A 2 yard run is still a success over an incompletion

  37. Nick

    I think Seattle needs to consider trading DK Metcalf in the offseason.

    He’s a really good WR, but he’s expensive, really up and down performance wise from week to week, and god damn am I sick of him making bone-headed mental mistakes that set the offense back.

    We could get some pretty solid draft capital out of a trade for him? A first perhaps? I dunno…maybe an overraction but I’m kinda over his volatile play style.

    • Jeff

      No one is trading a first for DK. He’s not in that league. Tbh given his contract not sure you even get a second.

      • Nick

        I think second is the absolute lowest you take…so if that is indeed the case that teams don’t want him for that price, definitely keep him.

    • David

      110% agree on dumping DK. Dude’s got all the potential in the world, but he’s a certified dumbshit who can’t keep it together. Been going on for way too long. Watching him trying to grow his leadership has been excruciatingly painful. Now he wants to be an actor… just another sign that it’s time to move on.

  38. Forrest

    Four trips to the red zone in the second half and 3 points.

    I’ll continue to say – this team lacks discipline! Can someone in the media please ask EVERY week until he changes his destructive behavior why DK can’t avoid completely bone headed 15 yard penalties? Hold Pete accountable for all the excises he makes for that guy! …and why did Dk quit on his route for that pick?

    Once again, it looked like a 4th down where a defense planned to draw us offsides or call a time out – and we jumped again! That cost us 7 points! Again, discipline!

    Why did we waste another time out this week on the first play of a drive?

    Clock management looked like it lacked a plan as well. You get a first down at the 7 yard line and snap the ball with 25 seconds left on the play clock with over 2 min to go? Why does this happen so often with Pete? He’s always been awful at leaving too much time on the clock after our last drive.

    It’s only a matter of time until teams realize Bobby Wagner is a liability in coverage. Watch for San Fran to exploit that regularly if they have McCaffrey and Samuel.

    …and throw the ball on 4th down X2!

    • DC1234

      All the redzone trips, why cant DK use his big frame to postup a corner for a catch? Whats the point of having a big/strong receiver if you are not gonna use him in the redzone.

      Im getting sick and tired of DK. He needs to be more consistent as a 1a/1b receiver.

  39. Dave Thompson

    After the draft I thought with all the fancy toys Waldron could use on offense, the offense would be so effective that other teams might want to poach Waldron.
    Now with the apprarent reclamation of the defense, might Clint Hurtt be sought by teams wanting to improve their defense? Or will teams say it’s Pete who’s in charge of the defense?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Who’s in charge of sending the field goal team in? They need a good smacking!

      I’m in agreement with most people that Geno Smith would have to play a lot better to be around next year. I really don’t even care if they have to muddle through with Ahlers next year. I just don’t care because they probably won’t even make the playoffs this year.

  40. Mr drucker in hooterville

    If trading Metcalf can help us get draft capital for a QB, I’m for it.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Denver would be interested! 🙂

    • DC1234

      Im ok moving DK if you can get at least a 1st round pick. To me he is a tier below AJ Brown. AJ Brown is more consistent and doesnt have boneheaded penalties.

      When Lockett retires, I dont want DK to be the sole leader of the WR group. Two times this season he throw in a cheapshot when the ball doesnt go his way.

      Pete needs to sit him out for at least a series to set an example that you cant do that.

  41. OnBig Mike

    Adam said on the stream that it’s too soon to go to Lock but is it? Geno has been at best average since that Tampa game in Germany, the mid-point of last season. I have doubts that Lock would be better and I don’t think for one second Carroll would do it but otoh I question whether UT is too soon.

  42. Big Mike

    Adam said on the stream that he thinks it’s too soon to go to Lock but is it? He’s been for the most. part mediocre since the Tampa Bay game, the mid-point of last season. I don’t necessarily feel like Lock would be better and I don’t think for one second Carroll would change without injury to Smith, but I have to disagree Adam. I don’t think it’s too soon even if it isn’t going to happen.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t think Lock will be better but he is more mobile. I just want him to play because all these Geno Boo Birds will turn on Lock even quicker!

    • Adam Nathan

      I just think he’s very bad, tbh Mike. There hasn’t been any suggestion for 18 months that he could be a suitable starting QB for us. If we’re 3-4 at one point, maybe consider it. Right now I think Geno deserves the keys to the vehicle

      • Peter

        I agree with Adam and Rob here. I don’t want us at 3-2 being a team that starts flip flopping qb’s. Those teams are a ness. Think mike white or Denver never settling on qb.

    • Gross MaToast

      It’s unlikely that Lock is better, but how much worse could he be? Geno’s $30m+ salary probably assures that he starts for as long as he’s standing. We have almost a full season of Geno regressing to the mean since the “I didn’t write back” comment during his hot (for Geno) start. Maybe he should start addressing that letter, btw. Another couple of weeks looking like he did today and we may find that Geno has a “legit hand” or something and he has to sit for awhile. You can’t keep running him out there.

      • DC1234

        I want the seahawks to play Lock. Especially since Geno’s mobility dont look as good with the injury from the Giants game. I feel like that is why all the redzone pass plays are in the pocket. No moving the pocket at all.

        But they will never bench Geno. Unless he is seriously hurt. You have to factor in the locker room chemistry. I dont think it will sit well with the team if he is benched.

        I was hoping Geno would sit out the second half of the Giants game. But I bet Geno did not want to lose his starting job. And he needs to hit his incentives. So Geno will play if he is not 100%. And that might cost the seahawks some games like today.

    • Jordan

      Geno doesn’t seem right , I think the ankle/knee is worse than they’re letting on. If he’s not out there as healthy as possible he might be hurting the squad. There’s bin a sharp decline since that moment in New York

  43. AlaskaHawk

    Eagle’s Hurts had 3 interceptions on the way to losing to the Jets. So there are no undefeated teams left.

    • Jordan

      Such a fun league

  44. Spectator

    Spencer Rattler or Quinn Ewers (mainly say this because of the JS name dropping him) will be the Seahawks QB next year, and I’m all for it.

    And I’m not totally against moving DK, which I’m only bringing up because of the talk on here. Then draft Keon Coleman.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      I am watching McCarthy in MI.

      • Spectator

        I have watched a few full games of MI, and I don’t see it. He’s not asked to do a lot. The scheme is run first, and he is able to capitalize on that. Efficient for sure. But he’s also played nobody with a pulse, very little adversity, and still has a 3 int game. We will see when he plays Penn State and Ohio State and then in the playoffs.

  45. Dubb

    You have to be kidding about trading DK. If anything, he should be asking for a trade. He’s a $20M/year WR, constantly running free in the secondary with a QB that is either incapable or unwilling to throw him the ball. On another team, he has pro bowl potential.

    I don’t condone the penalties; but, I understand the frustration level. It’s infuriating as a fan.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Your paragraph 1 is in a judo match with paragraph 2. DK isn’t a Lockett.

    • Spectator

      Don’t think anyways is arguing DK isn’t good… but 20 mill a year, not being used correctly, and back breaking penalties.

      It’s never about not liking DK or wanting him. It’s about team building for the future. We may be 3-2, but are we a Super Bowl team? Are we winning a playoff game?

      What are we?

      • Nick

        Agreed. And let me reiterate: I don’t think it’s a good idea to trade Metcalf DURING the season, but afterwards I think we need to look at how we build this team going forward. Has JSN emerged? Does Tyler have another productive year left in him? Is Jake Bobo an every down WR?

        • Peter

          Tomorrow’s stats today -or- jsn and bobo would need to magic up something incredible to justify trading metcalf.

          Jsn and bobo stats combined for the year. Current pace:

          70.7 catches, 547.4 yards, 3.4 tds with jsn on pace for zero.

          Dk: 74.8 catches, 1145.8 yards, 6.8 tds.

          I like bobo and jsn but as of today neither are in metcalf’s wheelhouse.

          I know we hate the penalties. This team is worse without DK. Next year unless they find a starting qb and a good WR this is a net loss of a trade.

          DK for just a second rounder…..pass for me. Again I like bobo and jsn but both guys are almost non factors in this season.

  46. dragonhawk

    Starting to wonder if the reason Geno didn’t write back is cause he can’t read.

    Not progressing through reads to the point of missing open receivers and taking dumb sacks that kill drives. He did it last year, he’s been doing it this year, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this show before with a certain diminutive QB we shipped off to Denver.

    Geno’s done some good things, but this game emphasized the negatives he’s shown since last season. For those saying this performance isn’t enough to warrant the reaction, can we remember 2 weeks ago vs the Giants?

    Joshua Dobbs went 21-31 for 228 yards and a touchdown vs them. Geno managed 13-20 for 110 yards and a TD while taking 2 sacks…. Is Geno not (supposed to be) better than Dobbs?

    We also forgetting the ‘regression’ towards the end of last season when we played better defenses? Not to pile on, but this is what Geno has always been. Gonna be a long season.

  47. Matt

    Geno’s last 12 games:

    2022 (7 games): 13:7 TD:INT, 7 YPA, 90 QB Rating
    2023 (5 games): 5:3 TD:INT, 7.1 YPA, 90.7 QB Rating

    Combined: 18:10 TD:INT, 7 YPA, 90.3 QB Rating

    He’s been remarkably consistent in those 12 games in that 2-3 have bolstered his stat line from being a borderline disaster. Make of that what you will – but IMO he’s a high strikeout hitter who had a fluke first half last year and what we’ve seen for a year is the real thing, which makes sense considering the turnover worthy plays were so incredibly high last year.

    • Matt

      I sincerely did not expect the numbers to be dead even, but that matches the eye test for me. That makes it even more worrying.

    • Romeo A57

      Unfortunately the narrative around Geno Smith is that he is a Pro Bowl caliber QB who was able to turn around a tough start to his NFL career.

      Those of us watching the Seahawks every week see him as a hot or cold player who seems incapable of raising the Seahawks to be a legitimate contender.

      His hot-headed antics against the Giants after that hit were brutal. He only got away with that because the Giants are in shambles. H

  48. Hawkster

    I only watched snippets mike in with home improvement, and when I looked Curran wad getting owned and SEAwas in basic 5-protection. No help offered. Couple that with Geno seeming sluggish in the feet and head, and it looked … unimaginative.

  49. Peter

    A lot of weird comments about trading DK.

    He’s inconsistent? Have you all seen his qb? He’s on track for over 1100 yards and 8 tds while geno is on track for 17 tds. That’s not too shabby.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Which is why you consider trading him before he implodes or gets fined. This team aint winning anything with him. Explore. If not happy with offers, don’t

      • Peter

        We’re 3-2. It’s not fire sale time. Losing dk isn’t trading the teams outcomes. At best we get maybe a 2nd for him.

        I get he’s annoying but he’s pretty far from the problems.

        • pdway

          thank you — we’re 3-2 and just lost a game to a contender type team — it’s a super annoying loss b/c it was there for the taking – but it’s not sky is falling time.

        • Nick

          I’m not saying fire sale. I specirfically said after this season is complete we should look at the possibility. Sell high?

          • pdway

            I know we’re all tired of DK’s immature penalties – but I think overall he’s been really good this year – the drops have gone way down, and he’s made some really important, physical catches. I think without DK, our entire offense loses a ton of physicality. And while I also know he’s not at the top top tier of WR’s in the league, there also aren’t many DK’s out there – he’s a pretty unusual combo of traits for the position. I think we’d miss him.

    • DC1234

      I dont think he will control his immaturity issues. How many years has it been?

      He will eventually cost the seahawks a pivotal game in the future.

      Sell high when he still have value. But wait for the offseason to do it.

  50. Hawkster

    Opposing teams are focusing on DK, the kind of thing one can take advatage of if there is other talent available.

    • Peter

      One thing about DK that I’ve never understood, people fret about jimp balls with him but why are we not using his track speed for YAC? I know you can’t always make it happen but it’s so rare ( not never I heard it once today) to hit him on the move. It often feels like it’s out to the sidelines then up. I don’t know. Old dogs and beware tricks I guess but I’d have him running crossing routes or something else to mix it up.

      • Jeff

        A couple of reasons.

        First: Pete doesn’t like YAC. Through three OCs we have never seen a passing game designed to generate YAC. People blamed Russ for this (can’t see the middle of the field!) but at this point, the common denominator is Pete. My theory is that Pete thinks that crossing routes are inherently dangerous, too easy for a corner or LB to jump them for a pick, so he restricts the passing offense to stick to the outside.

        Second: DK is soft at the point of catch. He’s not a guy who’s comfortable using his frame, he’s not a guy who fights well through contact. He’s a protypical X receiver, with all the advantages and limitations that come with that description.

        • Peter

          Great points. Makes a ton of sense about jumping routes for interceptions.

  51. Peter

    Some thoughts in no order:

    On the endless excuse making about the oline. Is Evan Brown so much better at Center than Olu that it necessitates Phil Haynes to play guard? I like Brown. I like him so much as a pro that it seems like cross, brown, olu, Bradford, curhan would have been way better than today.

    Two. I brought this up on the stream but maybe Waldron really isn’t it.

    Not sure when your fandom started but I can honestly say I don’t remember a skill position unit that looked like this on paper:




    I can remember when one or more olinemen would go down and it would be lights out for us. Of course the oline is a mess but there’s nothing you can come up with for those other nine good, yo very good, to almost great players to do to open up the offense.

    Three. Hats off to the defense for locking it down. Why would couldn’t pay Reed is a forever mystery. Heard Witherspoons name a bunch in coverage. Still think a young Bobby is what the middle needs. Fairly meh on Adams. A little tackling. Hopefully he picks it up. The safeties generally feel like a liability still to me.

    • pdway

      I think that b/c Geno’s play was clearly poor – that we are mistakenly leaving the O-line out the conversation, And really, they couldn’t run or pass block in the second half – and especially not when it counted. Coaches should have given them help w blocking scheme and quicker plays — but, they also could have done much better. Bengals aren’t some powerhouse defense.

      • Whit21

        Without watching the all 22, it seemed that pressure was getting there quick.. didnt seem like the play calling adjusted at all.. didnt give geno many checkdowns or quick route plays…

        No real adjustment. Which i dont think is an OC problem.. its always been a staple of a PC team.. when they struggle.. they will stuggle all game long.. * exception is when they spread out and RW would make plays and throws.. then fans would be like “well.. why didnt they play like that alll game?!?!”

        Thats the difference between Russ and geno.. Geno doesnt have the ability to not have pressure and INTs affect his play.. Russ could do that. Even if they still lost, you would see something more than Geno did today and other frustrating low score games.

  52. Romeo A57

    I know that we are all disappointed with Geno this year and the offensive plays and production in the red zone today.

    I do want to point out that the defense was great again today. I fully expected this defense to be one of the worst in the league and it seems that I was way wrong.

    • Peter

      The shift in defense is pretty great. Still need something else to rush four consistently. It’s been a while that the defense has stepped up this early in the season.

    • pdway

      Mafe is a different player this year, and then of late Dremont Jones looks good too. Witherspoon is undeniable. And then also – Jamal is good in this role. For me at least, I’m sort of done worrying about the crappy trade, and just focusing on what he can bring to the team this season. He helped today.

    • Hawkster

      In no particular order:

      Fwiw, that was basically my (sarcastic) point. With attention DK gets, it should be easy to scheme plays in e.g. the red zone where the whole world is keying on DK.

      At the 2:03 sack tthe back, Charbonnet? basically dodges the rush (soon to be sack) to roll into the flat.

      On occasion over the weeks you see TE heavy sets where they get rather creative, less so today. When the field gets short they seem to go vanilla.

      It seems when it works for Waldron, it works, but when it doesnt he doesnt seem to adjust on the fly. They were getting crushed up front and did nothing about it. I would think Waldron has a role in that.

      Its all pretty hard to tell (how much may be Geno) Rewatched the highlights there was some good football. But in the redzone Geno just seems to slow down. Body, mind, he seems to be playing afraid. And yes he is just not getting the ball out.

    • king

      I was certain people would do this. I liked the aggression from the defense today, but it was not a great defensive effort. Burrow was awful after the first two drives. Seattle sells out to stop the run and competent quarterbacking will shred this defense, as we saw early. Burrow made unforced errors on nearly every drive. He consistently threw behind open receivers. Seattle got a gift of playing an elite quarterback who couldn’t hit water from a boat after the opening drives and the offense couldn’t capitalize.

  53. Rob Staton

    Wrote a 2000 word article tonight because I couldn’t switch off

    Will be live at 4am Seattle time on Monday

    • Palatypus

      You are a madman. And I love it!

    • Bmseattle

      Can’t wait!👍

  54. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Thank you for your insights, Rob. It has made me a more knowledgeable fan.

  55. Whit21

    My question is how long do you stay mediocre in play calling and QB play before you try something else?

    I understand Drew Lock isnt tha answer. But when do you try something different instead of banging your head on a wall? Geno has been average since last year.. they lost 4 winnable last year and you can add this to the pile. All players and coaches are competitors and they will try and try until they’re eliminated from playoffs, but this just shows they were afraid of walking from Geno or obligated to give him a fair deal.

    This schedule isnt as fair as last seasons. The division is better than last years. Rams and Cardinals are better than people think, or better than their records are.

    If this season ends at 9 and 8 or worse.. whats the future look like? Last 5 years RW was here, they had a QB but not a good enough roster.. Now they have a good roster but not a QB. How many years does PC get to then develope a QB?

  56. Erik

    Question for Rob and not sure if this will be addressed in a QB piece this week, but how concerning is Penix’s thiner lower body? Oregon brought quite a bit of pressure and it was the most pressure he probably has ever seen and was he getting up very slow after every hit. A lot of his throws were sailing when defenders were in the same zip code or were batted down.

    If he had played behind Levis’ or Spencer Rattler’s offensive lines, he wouldn’t last a half. Combine that with Todd Gurley knees and his older age. No team is going to take him in round 1.

  57. swedenhawk

    How much should we attribute Geno’s success last year to Dave Canales?

  58. Mick

    Wouldn’t be too shocked if the Rams challenge us for the second place in NFC West. I think after this game, D. Lewis should be getting paid, we wouldn’t have looked so poor in protection with him on the pitch.

  59. JimN

    Do we sense any real “confidence” in Geno? Or real, get it done FIre in the Belly? I don’t see it. Not that he is bad, but i contend Lock would bring that. Get him some real reps. Last time he entered, a new energy seemed to emerge on the offense. I like Geno, but i think it is Locks turn. Lets see what we really have, not just repeat that he is washed out based on Denver film.

  60. London Seahawk

    In a way this game was quite freeing as a Seahawks fan.

    We had confirmation this team isn’t ready to win big games vs. play-off calibre teams, even when opportunities to do so are gifted to them.

    So the ‘maybe the Seahawks Superbowl moonshot will happen’ thing in the back of your head can fully dissipate now and you can look at games more realistically and pragmatically about the future.

    That is quite emotionally freeing for fans who spend a lot of time and mental energy thinking about the team.

    We also had confirmation that Geno is not the QB to take us where we want to go.

    So we can start thinking practically about how we get to where we have to be at the QB position.

    Lots to discuss and think on…

  61. London Seahawk

    The immediate question for me becomes about how can we manufacture that ideal ‘red shirt’ bridge QB situation that Rob has talked about a lot… the Smith-Mahomes axis.

    Is it financially feasible to keep Geno next year to play that role or does his new contract price him out of it ?

    Half a season of Geno and half a season of a new rookie QB next year to set ourselves up for a 2025 run feels the most solid bet.

    If Lock is the bridge, then at some point you have to give him some games…

    A rookie thrown in at the deep end feels risky and un-Seahawksy… but i guess it all depends on the profile and character of the guy you’re chucking in.

    • Peanut

      I think the dream for the Seahawks was Richardson at 5 to sit behind Geno (even though i am very happy with Witherspoon)

  62. Peanut

    Trading DK because Geno sucks was not on my “hot takes found in the seahawksdraftblog comments” bingocard but here we are.

    I’ll take DK as is over Geno as is any day of any week. I need Seattle to draft a QB in 24 simply because it’s fun to see a young one grow into potential superstardom.

    Does it become a homerun like Mahomes? Probably not.
    Does it become a “sometimes good, sometimes not so good” like Fields? Maybe
    Is it atleast a shot at aiming to become a long term winner in the NFL, over more than just one season? For sure it does. I’d rather the team take a shot and fumble, than hover around a “maybe we can scratch to a wildcard” season after season.

  63. Pack of K9s

    I think its time for Pete to do some of his classic meddling and force the offense to run the ball. I think we win the game if they run Charbonet 4 times in a row right up the gut from the i formation. If Geno is not it, that is tough but it doesn’t mean you can’t win with a game manager. You just need to make your offense less QB dependant. Yes everyone will hate it some weeks but I thinknit will lead to a better record overall.
    What sounds more realistic at this point, beating the 49ers while Geno has 350 yards and 5 TDs or beating the 9ers 21-17 while walker goes for 120 off 30 carries?
    Im not saying either is likely but there are ways to win when you are limited

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