Curtis Allen’s week ten watch notes (vs Commanders)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

Time to prove your mettle, Seahawks.

After a severe faceplant against the Ravens, Seattle badly needs a game that highlights their strengths and keeps their weaknesses to a minimum, lest they become an afterthought in the race for the playoffs.

Expect to see tweets like this every week for the rest of the season:

With this game and a trip to Los Angeles to play the Rams before their brutal four-game stretch, they have no time to casually work out their many issues. They must get back on track right now.

Washington provides an intriguing opponent at this stage in the season. They too have gone 2-2 in their last four games, with wins against the Falcons and Patriots mixed in with competitive losses in division games against the Eagles and Giants.

Offensive Coordinator Eric Bienemy has been working with quarterback Sam Howell and they have done a nice job using all of their offensive weapons — and lately minimizing the impact of having a porous offensive line. Defensively they are in a rebuild of sorts, having traded Chase Young and Montez Sweat. Safety Kamren Curl is their leading tackler which is generally not a good sign.

Control the Game with the Offense

The Commanders are rolling out one of the worst defenses in the NFL currently. They are conceding 28 points per game, an average of 252 yards per game (good for #28), and 4.3 yards per rush (#26) for an ugly 5.7 yards per play total (#29). They are conceding nearly 40% of third downs.

They have holes on every level of their defense and nothing to really hang their hat on. This matchup is just primed for a game where the offense deploys several different weapons and challenges the Commanders’ offense to keep up.

The pass rush is only getting 20.8% pressure on the season and that includes the 11.5 sacks they traded away in Young and Sweat. The offensive line has a great chance to redeem themselves from a poor performance in Baltimore against this line.

In pass protection, the numbers are showing that quarterbacks have time to pass on this defensive backfield. Emmanuel Forbes is conceding a whopping 19.5 yards per completion on 21 catches (one of the worst numbers in the NFL), Kendall Fuller 11.4 yards per on 39 catches and has conceded 6 touchdowns.

Blog favorite Benjamin St-Juste is playing well though. He should provide a good matchup for D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett.

Tight ends are feasting on this team, catching five touchdowns so far and being targeted regularly. That was even before old friend Cody Barton and his 126 QB rating conceded in coverage landed on IR.

The point being, the Seahawks should have the freedom to plan their game as they see fit to attack this defense. It is less about where Washington displays their strengths and more about the Seahawks strategizing and executing well.

There is, however, one area of concern for the offense to monitor…

Keep the Turnovers Down

The Commanders have forced eight turnovers in their last four games. The Seahawks offense has had nine in that same span (and we all know they should have had many more…

This pass defense is performing poorly but that is not an open invitation to get wild and take chances passing the ball. A measured, effective passing game will do wonders for this offense. Geno Smith has got to take advantage of this break from tough defenses to get his head right and build up his confidence.

One press conference where he says he needs to play better is admirable. A great statement of accountability and a display of leadership.

Two is pushing it.

Three is damaging.

Four is an open invitation for criticism and opening the door for all kinds of talk and questions the team does not need right now.

This is the game where you “play better” instead of making excuses and trying to be a stand-up teammate.

Keep Sam Howell from Being Effective

Eric Bienemy has worked well with Howell and is getting results.

The Commanders’ offensive line has been a disaster this year. Howell has been sacked 44 times and the offense has suffered as a result.

Lately though, Bienemy has dialed up several short, quick passing plays designed to blunt the pass rush and get the ball out of Howell’s hands so he can stay upright and in the game. It has been working.

In his last two games, Howell has ‘only’ been sacked four times, while being pressured 18 times (a vast improvement for Washington), while throwing for 308 and 388 yards. The vaunted Eagle defensive line only managed one sack and a 12% pressure rate on him.

How are the Commanders doing it? They are running out a 23/46 run/pass split, with half of Howell’s throws being within five yards of the line of scrimmage and nearly half of those being behind the line.

That does not mean everything is dink and dunk. He also has mastered an early-season Seahawk weakness: the slant and in-breaking route. Howell has the legs to move around in the pocket and let his receivers further down the field uncover for deeper throws. He has the arm and accuracy to make these throws that punish a defense that has fallen asleep by his many screens and short drop passes in the flat.

The other challenge is, Bienemy has Howell using all of his weapons. Terry McLaurin is obviously the feature wide receiver but when you watch game and highlight packages, you see him using Jahan Dotson, Jamison Crowder and Logan Thomas liberally as well.

This game is going to come down to who can control it with their offense.

The Seahawks’ safeties are going to be critical. Jamal Adams is going to need to help bottle up the run game and be a force on these quick drop passes. Julian Love needs to be stickier in his coverage of players like Logan Thomas. And Quandre Diggs needs to patrol the deep middle with force and better anticipation than we have seen from him so far.


  1. Big Mike

    ….minimizing the impact of having a porous offensive line

    Dear Shane Waldron and Pete Carroll: if necessary, please go back to doing this especially considering you did so successfully this earlier in the season

    The Seahawks’ safeties are going to be critical

    So in other words, they need to actually earn those salaries? Got it. Color me skeptical

    Thanks cha. Good stuff as always.

    • Peter

      One of the better teams at explosive plays vs maybe the most apathetic safety group….probably, not could, going to be rough today.

    • Elmer

      I’m expecting Terry McLaurin to expose the pass defense. I can only hope that Mafe and co. can keep pressure on the QB.

  2. Mick

    Thank you cha. I’m scared of this game, we have lost in similar situations before, should actually win it but manage to find a way to mess it up. I hope we use more TEs for blocking and we run the football more efficiently (Bradford proving an important puzzle piece there, in his absence). An ideal scenario would be a DK touchdown to calm the noise.

    • Peter

      Less worried for me than frustrated that a bunch of nerds on a very niche website can see the keys to victory but….give me strength if they run three WR’s all afternoon and do a 60+/40- pass to run ratio today.

      They may have lost young and sweat. But their interior dline vs our interior oline…could be rough.

      I know a lot of us roll our eyes at Walker dancing but that may be what the doctor orders today.

  3. UkAlex6674

    Thanks Cha.

    I think we will have enough to win this.

    A classic rebound win – show enough flashes to make us think have we taken another step up?

    But at the same time remind us we aren’t as close as we think.

    No score prediction but Seattle win by 10.

    • Peter

      By 10? Nice.

      I think it’s like detroit. 7 points. But I can’t find the winner yet.

      Getting to 6-3 would be great and much needed before some serious defenses come knocking.

    • whit21

      Not looking close so far. No idea why Geno is still playing… 4 3rd &5/3rd&4 and Geno is going down the field not even trying to get a first. Dont know who is at fault right now. Is this how they want to attack 3rd and shorts or is he trying to do too much?

      Sanchez is the worst QB to be commenting on decisions, but even he is saying where there’s other options to pick up first downs.. Im lost for words..

  4. Romeo A57

    Thanks cha, I would like to see at least 125 Yards rushing by the Seahawks. I would also like to see a few carriers by McIntosh for the first time.

    • Peter

      I don’t care which of the recievers need to ride the pine. Both teams are bad at stopping the run and their running attacks are bad.

      Get the TE’s out their early and often and run the d— ball.

      What I actually expect is a shootout being decided by last team with the ball is the winner.

      The fading fumes of: top three offense!! Top running defense!! Top anything!! Have almost all gone away. Eight games in have revealed that we very much are a mirage. I wouldn’t say time to find an identity. More like time to switch identities going forward. Turn geno into a game managers, game manager and limit him to about 25 passes.

  5. PJ in Seattle

    I’ll take a win however we can get it, but I think this could be the game where JSN breaks out big time, with the run game getting back on track as a result. Would be awesome to come out of this game with the whole NFC nervous about the five-headed hydra of an offense up in South Alaska that is finally starting to gel.

    • Peter

      I like the optimism.

      I expect Seattle to put up 31-34 points. I hope the run game gets going. I actually hope jsn, dk, and Lockett have lame games as the secondary key after running the rock is to try to figure out why the TE’s are getting around a target a game ( each) recently.

      The TE room vs where Washington is bad should be an easy mismatch in our favor.

  6. ukalex6674

    Oh boy.

    I can smell the stick from Frankfurt here in the UK……

  7. cha

    Last time these teams met, this happened:

    One of the rarest plays in the nfl

    • Big Mike

      A play and a name i’d completely forgotten about. Good stuff man

  8. Forrest

    I predict Witherspoon will show up in a few flashy plays to blow up short passes today. He’ll be a difference maker!

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    Tight ends are feasting on this team, catching five touchdowns so far and being targeted regularly.

    I sincerely hope they go back to more 12 and 13 personnel looks, which worked so well against the Lions and Giants.

    Feels like the move away from that was mostly (solely?) to manufacture targets for JSN. But hey, he’s going now. No need to force anything and put the offense in a worse spot for it.

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    At least the Huskies defense picked the right half to totally suck yesterday. A bit reminiscent of the Seahawks defenses of late.

    But seriously, impressive win (minus the abysmal first half defensive showing) for UW

    I hope they make the CFP

    • Big Mike

      Defense definitely picked it up in the 2nd half. Need more of that if they’re gonna make the CFP

    • Elmer

      First they have to get past Oregon State. In its final year the PAC-12 is strong. Too bad.

      • Big Mike

        May be a more difficult game than Utah was

  11. sten

    This game feels like it could easily turn into a shootout or be one of those ugly games that makes us say we are who we thought we were

  12. Big Mike

    Man alive it could be worse, we could have Mac Jones as our QB. I know, faint Geno praise but good Lord Jones is terrible.

    • BK26

      I honestly don’t know if he’ll ever start again after the Pats let him go. He might not even get picked up. Maybe the least physically talented and a dirty player.

    • 12th chuck

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up here as a reclamation project. I also think the patriots will draft Penix

      • Elmer

        I wonder if Coach Bill will still be around.

  13. Troy

    As cha highlights, this should be a game where our offense comes to play and puts up points. You can probably pencil in 1-2 INTs by Geno, but if he can counteract it with say 3 TDs, but more importantly keep the offense on track with long extended drives then we should be able to get it done.

    I would put our odds at playoffs at 0% if we lose this game, this is one we should win, and with the gauntlet coming up we have to win these to have any shot.

    I’m sort of relieved cause after this game I’ll know whether it’s worth it to keep being as invested as I am currently based on the result.

  14. Rob Staton

    49ers look back on track

    Got a feeling by the time Thanksgiving comes around, we’ll know who the top dogs are in the division

    • Joseph

      Unfortunately, it’s looking like the 49ers are. One thing I’m worried about: Washington has Seattle’s number in the regular season. Last time Seattle won at home vs them was the wild card round in 2007-2008.

    • Scot04

      Young looking like a pretty nice addition.

      • Rob Staton

        Good value trade from a team in position to be aggressive on a rental

        The Seahawks were neither in that position, nor did they get value

    • Big Mike

      If Kyle can just be conservative with his offense that’s all the niners need to win a lot of games. Keep Brock from turning the ball over let the defense lead the team

  15. Henry

    Rob, is it now time to consider Bo Nix as a better QB than Drake Maye? Maye won yesterday, but also plays against janitors and high school teachers.

    • Joseph

      I think Spencer Rattler and Quinn Ewers are QBs Schneider would be more interested in.

    • Peter

      Bo nix I’m a little intrigued if the ducks get into the CFP.

      After all the talk of Penix and Heisman, Nix in an admittedly easy offense is putting up numbers.

    • Rob Staton

      No, Bo Nix isn’t better than Maye

      He plays in an extremely easy environment for a QB

      Oregon are now giving up fewer sacks than any other team in college football (0.4 per game). The offense is so easy to manage. It’s a ton of quick, high-percentage throws. Then the occasional big play to 4.2/4.3 runners when everyone cheats up. We’ve seen what Nix looks like in a tricky environment (see: Auburn).

      Maye might be overrated in the media but he makes some great plays and is showing way more potential than Nix. For comparison, UNC give up 2.4 sacks per game.

    • BK26

      He doesn’t throw the ball over 15 yards and they are much better than most teams. He’s pretty boring and the tape he is putting together doesn’t show much. Underwhelming, long career. I don’t want him as an option. System, system, system. He’s not close to Maye, let alone some other guys.

      Winning isn’t the big mark in college football as a takeaway.

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Jaguars got punched in the face by the 49ers early, but they’ve held on defense the last couple of series.

    Let’s see if Lawrence can put up some points

    • Blitzy the Clown


  17. cha

    The Niner corners might not be all-world, but they sure can tackle runners downfield.

    You watching, Woolen? Diggs? Love?

  18. Rob Staton

    Browns actually putting up a fight vs Baltimore

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    Lockett showed up to Lumen today looking like Neo from the Matrix

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Maybe I’m thinking of Morpheus

  20. Rob Staton

    Yep, 49ers back on track

    • Big Mike


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Freight train rolling

    • Don

      Seahawks shouldn’t even show up for Thanksgiving with the bloodbath that their DL is going to put on this patchy OL

  21. Mick

    McIntosh is inactive, so are Eskridge and Myles Adams

    • Big Mike

      Eskridge hurt again?

      Wonder if we’ll ever get a look at McIntosh?

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    Not a bad challenge strategy wise by Shanahan but that’s a catch by Kirk

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    Jaguars seem a bit shambolic

    • Big Mike

      So are NFL officials

      That was the right call but they should have explained it

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    Njoku turned into a right proper TE

  25. Big Mike

    Amazing how good the niners look now that everyone is healthy again. Go figure

  26. Blitzy the Clown

    Browns making a game of it vs the Ravens

  27. Scot04

    Exactly. Couldn’t believe people thought we were the new favorite after the Leonard Williams trade.
    Now if we win our next 3 games we can revisit.

    • Scot04

      Meant as reply to Big Mike

    • Rob Staton

      Just a shame that at the front of the line of people getting carried away were Pete and John

      • STTBM

        Sad, but I guess we should expect it. Look how long they kept trying to make Collier look like anything but what he is: a bust. Same with Eskridge. To say nothing of Jamal Adams…

  28. cha

    Did the Browns just face-doink an interception???

    karmic justice?

  29. CL

    Hey Peter and geoff u, before our game starts, I’d like to reiterate my insane disappoinment regarding C.J. Stroud!

    Felt so bad.. the whole offseason he was kind of out of range for us anyway and juuust before the draft so many negative news hit, that it felt like there’s a chance he drops to us.
    Kid is playing lights out.

    • Peter

      That’s awesome. Fills me with pride in my eyes to see him be not just a top rookie but playing like a top qb in the league.

      Big win. Two ints for the whole season. Incredible.

  30. Rob Staton

    We managed 37-3

    Browns beat the Ravens in their own backyard

    • Big Mike

      We only gotta get a couple of things cleaned up though Rob

      • Kyle R

        Better coached and prepared teams

  31. Troy

    Texas beat Bengals in their backyard too. We couldn’t muster any offense in that game either.

  32. Blitzy the Clown

    Woolen kid gloving it to start

  33. Big Mike

    If there is a perfect example of something you don’t see in the box score that could make a huge difference in this first possession. Woolen failed to make a tackle that would’ve put Washington third and 4 instead they get a first down

  34. ShowMeYourHawk

    Woolen may be the worst tackler ever.

  35. Blitzy the Clown

    JFC Adams if you’re gonna blitz you need to make the freakin play

  36. nfendall

    How did Adams completely whiff that?

  37. Big Mike

    Jamal Adams unabated to the quarterback whiffs on the sack and costs his team 6 points. There’s your 18 billion dollars folks

    • Big Mike


    • Peter

      He does all the little things big Mike.

    • Kyle R

      He’s right there just needs to clean a few things up

  38. BrandoK

    Terrible defense again

  39. cha

    Jamal Adams, when you blitz, you actually have to bring the QB down.

  40. ShowMeYourHawk

    Looks like a “high-paid salary Safety” type play. Sweet Christ on a cracker…

    • KnoxHawk

      That okay makes me very very mad. A little arm tap is all he could muster? That’s embarrassing. Body awareness is at an all time low

  41. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m so glad they traded a R2 for Leonard Williams only to continue blitzing the safety

    What an excellent allocation of resources

    • Big Mike

      It’s awesome that we traded 2 1sts and a 4th for a guy that can’t even tackle and double down on it by paying him 18 million dollars this year

  42. Kyle R

    Maybe the Seahawks should look up on youtube that video Hawk tackling I think an NFL team put out like 10 years ago.

    • Peter

      Comedy= tragedy plus time…

      This is too soon for jokes like this.

      • Kyle R

        I’ve gone through all the stages of grief the last 5 years or so. I’m at acceptance now. Acceptance that nothing is going to change until Pete is gone and that isn’t going to happen anytime soon so all I can do is laugh.

        • Big Mike

          I keep trying to get there Kyle but I end app angry every time I watch Jamal Adams fail yet again

          • Kyle R

            Come on Mike go all Doctor Strange Love with me and just sit back and learn to laugh and love the bomb.

  43. AlaskaHawk

    Ruh Roh, Washington came to play. Seahawks better snuff their ambitions like a candle in the crypt.

  44. Denver Hawker

    Adams too much juice again all jacked up

  45. STTBM

    I’m afraid Seattle is going down the toilet. We’re about to see just how bad it can get when an entire coaching staff is inept.

    But I have faint hope they can turn it around. Pretty dim after Adams play there though…

  46. Big Mike

    Hey Peter, What did our boy Dave Wyman blame the Adams whiff on? Had to be something that wasn’t his fault right?

    • Peter


      I’m a little late to my date With Wyman.

      But I’m going to clock into my shift with Wyman in about 15 minutes…..

    • Romeo A57

      I was listening and Wyman was incredulous that he missed that sack. Keeps mentioning it also 🙂

  47. Blitzy the Clown

    Not a fan of that 13 play action. If you’re gonna set it up heavy, run the ball

    Nice pass to JSN on the next one tho

  48. Blitzy the Clown

    Lockett jumped up quick because he doesn’t want to go through the protocol. But I bet he will anyway

  49. ShowMeYourHawk

    Terrible ejection. Flag warranted but kicking him out? Bogus.

    • cha

      Agree 100%

    • nfendall

      Agreed. I don’t think that was targeting.

    • Kyle R

      Agreed should be a flag but not an ejection. He wasn’t intentionally head hunting.

    • 805Hawk

      I hate ejections on plays like that. Didn’t look dirty to me, just a 15 yarder. Tough for a defender trying to brake up a pass.

    • STTBM

      He celebrated the hit. I think that tipped the scales.

  50. AlaskaHawk

    Hate the hit on Lockett, but I like the penalty results!

    By the way, the news of the 49ers collapse and demise were vastly over exaggerated. They will be some stiff competition for the Seahawks.

  51. BrandoK

    Geno with another almost Int WTF is he doing

  52. Blitzy the Clown

    Thought Geno was gonna toss it to JSN behind the play but instead he saw a better opportunity with a turnover worthy attempt

  53. KennyBadger

    I’ve never seen a team so inept at the screen game than Seattle.

    • KennyBadger

      And how can you take a delay there?!!!

  54. Big Mike

    There’s some more of your excellent attention to detail by the Seattle Seahawks

    • Big Mike

      Don’t they have a great big clock facing right towards the quarterback so he knows how much time is left on the play clock?

    • Kyle R

      “Just need to clean a few things up” rinse and repeat

  55. nfendall

    Jesus Geno.

  56. Blitzy the Clown

    Geno costs Seattle 4 points

  57. cha

    Oh boy Geno, way to get the offense off.

  58. DC

    Is DK playing or benched from the “hit”?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Lockett? not sure.

      • DC

        I should say punch, allegedly hit Geno this week.

  59. BrandoK

    really a delay of game by offense how?

    • Big Mike

      We gotta get that cleaned up

      • STTBM

        They’ve pulled this so many times under Carrol, I honestly feel like an idiot for getting angry about it. Doesn’t matter who is our OC, this keeps happening.

        It’s Carrol. This is 100% on him.

        • Big Mike


    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s hard to conceive how a quarterback sneak can’t be snapped in time. shaking my head.

  60. HOUSE

    We didn’t waste the time out, but Geno cost us 4 points there. Come on

  61. ShowMeYourHawk

    If we’re not leading comfortably by halftime, it’d tickle me for the 12s to start a “Drew” chant, just to stir the pot.

  62. KnoxHawk

    I’m pretty sure Woolen just ran into the end zone when the commanders player was returning the kick lol. Cmon man

    • KnoxHawk

      Now he’s holding up the fist on second down

  63. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice PBU by Spoon

  64. HOUSE

    Spoon is such a nuisance to WRs. I love it

  65. Big Mike

    I’ll give our boys of all one thing he’s the greatest celebrator of a basic tackle in the whole NFL

    • Big Mike


    • Kyle R

      “I didn’t screw it up yay!”

  66. BrandoK

    A good play by Adams shocking

  67. KnoxHawk

    I miss the ol zone and power runs from the Marshawn days

  68. Kyle R

    I like Bobo and DK paired next to each other on the same sideline that’s a lot of beef at WR to try and deal with.

  69. AlaskaHawk

    Okay theres Metcalf.

    Can we make a new saying? Throw behind the line, die behind the line or something?

  70. ShowMeYourHawk

    Walker on his tap dancing routine again…

  71. Kyle R

    Geno had a crossing route over the middle for a 1st down.

    • STTBM

      Geno truly sucks. He’s been just awful today. Couldn’t get it above the shins on a screen to Bobo FFS….

  72. BrandoK

    Geno looks yet again today

  73. Palatypus

    So, I see that we are 21st in TD Red Zone efficiency.

    But what is our Danger Zone efficiency?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I think we’re on a narrow, winding, cobblestone path to it

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Not as catchy as “highway” but Kenny L will figure it out

  74. KnoxHawk

    Metcalf looking like adams. Man I’m feeling awfully negative. This is not good. I hope they start to prove me wrong.

  75. Big Mike

    18 million dollars

    • Peter

      Wyman…still playing too fast….I am not kidding you my friend

  76. STTBM

    JFC Seattle can’t tackle…

  77. Romeo A57

    FYI- Wyman just said that Jamal needs to fix his aim.
    There we go, problem solved.

    • Peter

      I died a little

    • Big Mike

      No. 1 Pete sycophant

    • Palatypus

      I hate it when they pee on the floor.

  78. nfendall

    Adams sure can run in a straight line fast!

  79. Blitzy the Clown

    The Commanders came to play.

    There’s a lot of game left, but I’m not sure Seattle did.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Washington played pretty well last week too. Not enough recognition by Seahawks that Wash is on the rise and the hawks are in a tailspin.

  80. BrandoK

    Is Adams one of the worst tacklers on this team he misses alot of them

  81. SEAhemoth82

    If I had to choose, I would take Mike Williams over DK Metcalf right now.

    • Romeo A57

      I might take Mike Wallace the journalist over DK and he has been dead for over a decade.

  82. Pran

    Peacock show time..

    One made tackle and bunch of missed sacks and tackles..unlimited show off

    Even a rookie 6th round safety plays better


    • Big Mike


    • STTBM

      He’s made several good tackles. But also several whiffs…

  83. BrandoK

    Damn Bobby is slow slow

  84. STTBM

    Every third down Seattles D leaves someone uncovered. Nothing ever changes…

  85. ShowMeYourHawk

    Unless he’s got an RB coming right at him, Bobby is a total liability out there.

  86. KennyBadger

    Watching our safeties makes me sick. From play to behavior.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I don’t mind them jawing and showboating, if they’re making a difference. Our safeties aren’t that.

  87. AlaskaHawk

    The tragic part is I remember Adams as being a good tackler when he first joined the team. Then he started racking up injuries and hasn’t been the same.

    Is my memory right? Or was he a bad tackler from day one?

  88. ShowMeYourHawk

    Zach spending too much time around Walker. Just hit the line, young man.

  89. Peter

    Percy butler….feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere….

  90. 805Hawk

    OL is giving Geno all the time in the world.

  91. Blitzy the Clown

    Much better series of plays here

    • Blitzy the Clown


  92. Kyle R

    Why does it feel Geno gets more batted balls this year that Russel Wilson had in all his here?

  93. nfendall

    All I can do is sigh.

  94. Kyle R

    Geno couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Depends. Is he allowed to have a drink and get in his car first?

      • Kyle R

        Aim for the barn in the middle

  95. 805Hawk

    Has Geno been pressured or hit at all yet? Nice not having to face Sweat or Young and then they lose Forbes at safety.

  96. Rob Staton

    Why is there ALWAYS an excuse for Geno??

    • Big Mike


    • nfendall

      I replied with the exact same question.

  97. STTBM

    Good grief, Geno can’t hit a barn door three yards downfield…that drive stalled because Geno is not an NFL QB.

  98. Grubberkick

    3 and Geno’d

  99. 12th chuck

    Geno is who we thought he was

  100. Quinn

    Geno. Smith. Is. Not. Good!

  101. Troy

    Geno is not it. I really hope we trade up to get our guy this next draft.

  102. Blitzy the Clown

    Spoon with another pass defended

  103. nfendall

    At least we have Witherspoon to be excited about. Dude is a baller.

    • Big Mike


      Helluva player

  104. Blitzy the Clown

    Bog Cat with the sack!

    • Blitzy the Clown


      • Blitzy the Clown


        • GoHawks5151

          Hahaha. Either works

  105. BrandoK

    William’s has more impact so far then Jones

  106. 805Hawk

    G no struggling to do anything, but we are at 17 passes to 6 runs so far. Not good.

    • Big Mike

      “We’ve got to get the run game going”

    • 12th chuck

      I’m stealing that

  107. Rob Staton

    Benjamin St Juste who knew

  108. cha

    Remember when deep balls were Geno’s thing and he was accurate on them?

    • SEAhemoth82

      Glad the Seahawks are running an offensive gameplan in an alternate universe where the pass sets up the running plays.

  109. Blitzy the Clown

    Nothing wrong with Geno, his timing, or his throws. Nothing at all

  110. Big Mike

    Hey another not Geno’s fault throw

  111. BrandoK

    Geno is not seeing the field well at all

  112. HOUSE

    Is Geno Smith trying to get our receivers killed?

  113. Trevor

    Geno is brutal and DK should be on the trade block this off season IMO.

  114. GoHawks5151

    Jeeze. Bobo open, nope throw behind DK with 3 guys on him

    • nfendall

      His tunnel vision is next level this year.

    • Big Mike

      Bobo open for an easy first down

      • Kyle R

        I’ve seen other guys wide open for first downs on just about every 3rd down today. He isn’t seen the field for shit.

  115. Seahawkwalt

    Quit forcing the ball to metcalf…

  116. Mark

    If a team offers a 2024 1st and 2024 2nd (late part of the round) for DK, do we pull the trigger?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d say… good luck getting anything like that the way he’s playing

  117. BrandoK

    I really hope this FO draft a QB this year and not stick with Geno

  118. Romeo A57

    Seahawks have 7 offensive runs so far this half. Why do they keep spending 2nd round picks on Running Backs if they aren’t going to use them? Decoys?

    • Kyle R

      Same reason we have a good trio of TEs….decoys

  119. Blitzy the Clown

    Mafe makes plays

    • Big Mike

      He and Spoon are a joy to watch

      • Peter

        Mafe and Spoon are what williams, wagner, adams, and Diggs are supposed to be.

  120. nfendall

    Mafe is another player to be excited about. Love his development this year.

  121. BrandoK

    Good play by Mafe

  122. ShowMeYourHawk

    This offseason, prioritize Mafe and Spoon on defense. Everyone else gets the “PetSmart sack of unsold cats” treatment.

  123. 805Hawk

    Mafe and Spoon give me hope. We can build off of those guys as a core. Just gotta build smart.

  124. whit21

    Going into this game KJR 93.3 talked about 3rd and 4 to 6, Geno has the 2nd worst QB rating and if he just threw the ball out of bounds, he could improve the QB rating by 30 points or something like that.

    They have punted on what, 4 3rd and shorts and 3 of them he attacks down the field on forced throws.. I cant even say its the play calling at this point.. Geno is just forcing dumb throws. Maybe he feels the heat on his own play. If they lose this game. Whats the record gonna be when the schedule gets actually hard.

  125. Blitzy the Clown


    why do we even have RBs?

    • whit21

      ya.. Geno just misses them by a mile on a short throw..

  126. Troy

    This defense should be built around mafe, woolen and spoon. By far our best defenders, uchenna as well when healthy

  127. BrandoK

    Fant was wide open and Geno misses

  128. ShowMeYourHawk

    I’ve seen enough. Have the head ref hit Geno up with the breathalyzer.

    • 805Hawk

      He will refuse and insult the ref’s manhood and have to be restrained by team security.

  129. Peter

    Is geno thinking he can still get his incentives?

    We’re almost 3x passes to runs.

  130. Blitzy the Clown

    Big dog barking!

  131. Palatypus

    …And with their pick in the 3rd round the Seattle Seahawks select Sham Bollocks, quarterback, Latrine State.

    • Big Mike

      I hear that guy doesn’t give a shit

      • Blitzy the Clown

        He wipes up the competition

  132. Big Mike

    Please run the ball again

  133. Peter

    More running please.

    • Big Mike

      Great minds my friend

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yep, just pound the rock and you don’t have to worry about Geno.

    • SEAhemoth82

      More running with traps by the Offensive linemen, always seems to be nice gains with that scheme.

  134. Blitzy the Clown

    Kick the damn FG

    Tie it up. Consider yourself lucky it’s a new game at the half and you get the ball

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Fortunate penalty

      This is the better result

      • whit21

        I thought for a second with Geno’s stance, looked almost like QB sneak.. They made them jump but, called it on his head bob.. which i dont think it was that bad.. All pro QBs get to do that..

  135. ShowMeYourHawk

    Idiot. Just dive forward.

  136. BrandoK

    red zone offense has been abysmal

  137. Big Mike

    The officials never should have blown the whistle so they have to make some sort of call because they did and we got screwed in the process

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s too bad they couldn’t have picked up the flags and just had them redo the play.

  138. BrandoK

    Can we bench Geno already

  139. nfendall

    The 4th and 1 ineptitude is unbelievable.

  140. AlaskaHawk

    Never seen such a failure to launch on Fourth and One.

  141. Peter

    Has Seattle drawn anyone offsides?

    • geoff u

      Yes. Themselves, multiple times

  142. SEAhemoth82

    Sorry Sanchez, but Geno should study Philip Rivers, not Drew Brees in regards to trying to bait the Defensive line.

    Put this Offense on a Milk carton, please.

  143. MarkN

    Why does it seem when other WR/TE catch a ball at or near the 1st down marker they plow ahead and gain the yards? The only that does this for the Seahawks is DK everyone else gets tackled super easily to prevent the 1st. Parkinson’s should have just plowed ahead for being such a big guy. Are we too finesse?

  144. Blitzy the Clown

    Finally, Woolen with a PBU

  145. nfendall

    Nice play by Woolen.

  146. Palatypus

    I predict before the end of this game Geno will be flagged with pass interference on himself.

    Then Pete will lose the challenge.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Did you see how angrily DK caught that pass?

      He definitely clocked Geno in the kisser

  147. Blitzy the Clown

    Throw the damn ball! WTF is wrong with him?

    Penalty bailed him out

    • Big Mike

      Yes Sanchez said he missed a couple of guys that he could have thrown to
      Just not seeing the field

  148. Big Mike

    Geno checked into that run outstanding work there

  149. Blitzy the Clown

    Man Damien Lewis just cleaned out the defender to spring Charbonnet on that last run

  150. nfendall

    We’re in scoring range! Phil Haynes – “hold my beer”.

  151. BrandoK

    Geno holds the ball way to long

  152. Blitzy the Clown

    Take a shot at the end zone or side line. Two if you’re quick. Have the FG unit ready to run

  153. Troy

    Geno has been off but it’s been nice to see us move the ball better than last week

    • Pran

      WAS is playing without their starting edges and safety

  154. Big Mike

    You’re in field goal range Geno how about just throwing the ball away if your first read isn’t open?

  155. BrandoK

    really Geno WTF

  156. Kyle R

    Geno really wanted to take the sack there and cost the team points

  157. nfendall

    How is Geno’s situational awareness SO bad this year?

  158. KennyBadger

    Geno is literally sabotaging this team.

  159. Kyle R

    HAHAHAHAHAHA GENO IS fucking amazing

  160. Big Mike

    You just cost your team 3 points Geno

  161. BrandoK

    Geno Smith what a play

  162. 805Hawk


  163. Big Mike

    Hey Rob, what are the Geno excuse makers saying about that play?

  164. Pran

    This should put a nail on the head for Geno and Shane. Both are goner end of season unless Pete pulls more BS

  165. AlaskaHawk

    This is a historic play in Seahawks history! The day they almost scored.

  166. HOUSE

    Are you kidding me? These damn boneheaded plays by Geno… Delay of game on the 3rd & 1, the False Start on 3rd and 1 and now this stupid Intentional Grounding… WTH is going on???

  167. DC

    At this point if we want to win any games bench Geno. I don’t see how we win any games rest of the year except against the Cards.

  168. STTBM

    Seattle DESERVES to lose. That last sequence, with Seattle once again going all conservative once they were in scoring range, was simply criminal. My God, it’s as if Carl Tater Smith were the Head Coach…

    Absolutely, hilariously awful final play call and execution.

    Pete Carrol must go–and take Geno with you.

  169. Romeo A57

    Odds that Lock starts the Second Half?

    I got it at 15%

    • Donovan


  170. Tony

    How does Pete watch these awful plays by geno and think itll change. Just watching that final play, we all can see it coming. How does Pete not see this???

  171. nfendall

    I was not one calling for Drew Lock previously, but if Geno is going to continue to play like this there really isn’t much to lose.

  172. Ely

    How much worse can Lock be? At this point I’d rather see Rypien.

  173. Hawkster

    It wasnt pretty, but was effective, … no I mean it wasnt effective but it was pretty, no, it was just khack.

  174. whit21

    I held it in earlier in the game.. but now I will say it… How with Geno’s decision making, can you say Drew Lock would make the same level of bone head plays? Or could he make better decisions and a few head scratchers.. Im saying he would make better plays than Geno right now…..

    Just bench him already. Who cares about team moral, hurting Geno’s feelings, or anything else.. Dude needs to sit.. Its atrocious level of bad plays.. Just gave up a sack and no FG chance? Mark Sanchez is telling this dude what hes doing wrong.. MARK FREAKIN SANCHEZ….

    • BrandoK

      Totally agree with you

    • Kyle R

      Hell Lock might take off and gain a couple first downs with his legs too. However, Pete will never take Geno out of the game or replace him unless Seattle is out of the playoff race and even then I have my doubts.

  175. BrandoK

    I hope we get to see Drew Lock this game

  176. Kyle R

    Ok this is for the 5 year olds in the back. If you have no timeouts and 10-15 seconds or less left and are in field goal range already you throw the damn ball away past the line with time to spare. You don’t take a sack or commit a flag worthy play that can result in lost of time or yardage.

  177. Peter

    Moyer thinks we should be up two scores….

    Maybe he’s watching another a game.

    Said the pass protection had been great so that sort of screws up the normal talking points….

    • Kyle R

      I think with a better QB and coach we would be up two scores so in that way he’s not wrong.

      • Peter

        Not wrong when we think of it that way.

  178. Troy D

    If anyone has Geno’s kompromat on Carroll can we please hand it to Lock quickly Im so done with this guy. We have a chance to be okay with even competent QB play. We are no where near competency right now.

  179. 805Hawk

    ‪Could Drew really be any worse at this point? Geno and the Hawks have one TD in the last 9 quarters…and that was a screen pass. ‬

    • AlaskaHawk

      That’s an interesting stat.

      Looks like this 4-5 team is pretty eavenly matched with the Seahawks, I guess we know what level we are at, and it’s not playoff worthy.

    • Peter

      That screen game finally getting right.

  180. Peter

    Positive takeaway……run defense is back baybee!!!

    Just need teams to only run 5x a half.

  181. Anthony

    /Will anyone ask Pete some variation of “What will it take to make a change at QB?”

    • Big Mike

      No, they’ll be too busy asking just how good Bobby Wagner is

      • Anthony

        Apparently the Seahawk PR team instructs them to abstain from asking questions like those or they will lose their credential. Totally wild

  182. Pran

    Pete is killing the confidence of Luck by waiting as long as he can and then when he comes Luck will throw a pick or two and you all will be screaming for Geno. Sneaky fox Pete!

    • Peter

      I’d take retired Andrew Luck at this point….😀

  183. 12th chuck

    on the plus side, the seahawks aren’t playing their best football yet this season… that happens when Lock plays

  184. Leo

    It does feel like the general opinion on Geno has finally turned, most of the commentary on Twitter and Reddit is finally critical

  185. BrandoK

    How much more do we need to see Geno play

  186. Kyle R

    The glass half full thinking is I’m glad Geno is shitting the bed this game. I was worried he’d look halfway decent and put up some good stats against Washington and then most people would be back on the Geno bandwagon. That’s not happening now and it’ll only get worse with the next teams we play.

  187. nfendall

    Geno just can’t process the field right now.

  188. Kyle R

    Geno “I don’t know what a 3 step drop is”

  189. Rob Staton

    Just checking…

    Are you still just confirming your priors if you don’t think Geno’s the guy?

    • Pran

      It’s Pete’s plan to get a better draft position. Geno is fine

    • Kyle R

      It’s like that line from Jurassic Park from Ian Malcolm when the T-Rex leaves the pen. “Boy oh boy I hate being right all the time!”

    • Peter


    • whit21

      JS priority should be trading DK and finding a way to get Xavior Laggette and Spencer Rattler…

      I think Lagette could be a rookie version of DK at this point.. and they need to free up cap space.

      • Peter

        I think Rob said the dead money is way too big.

        • whit21

          Dumping other money then still going that route would be good.. Not sure how they can pull it off… Lagette is starting to get 1st round grades

          • Peter

            Him and rattler. A guy can dream.

    • Romeo A57

      Priors confirmed, Geno Stinks!

  190. BrandoK

    Hold on to the ball way to long

  191. Peter

    Pete gets it. Says he wants to get back to our strength…..

    Weird that he forgets every year we are supposed to be a running team.

    • geoff u

      It would help if this team had a strength

  192. Troy D

    We dont have a passing game anymore. Its kaput.

  193. AlaskaHawk

    The 49ers defense will eat Geno’s lunch and steal his getting home money!

    • geoff u

      So same as last year.

  194. BrandoK

    Don’t have twitter or X is Seattle media finally turning on Geno?

    • 805Hawk

      Finally, yes.

  195. Kyle R

    Howell is the much better QB in this game and has a worse offensive line.

  196. Peter

    If you squint the defense seems okay….

    Then Howell does that.

  197. nfendall


  198. BrandoK

    Mafe again

  199. Peter

    Good bye Taylor we literally hardly knew ya

  200. Troy

    Ok I can’t stand geno anymore, 100% in favor of his getting benched. We should at least see what Drew can offer

  201. Kyle R

    I honestly believe this defensive could be in the top 1/3 with better coaching. There is some talent there.

    • Peter

      Unfortunately the coaching is going to be a big hurdle to overcome

      • Kyle R


  202. Big Mike

    Mafe easily a Pro Bowler

    • Peter

      So impressed. Can’t wait to see what find we get in the second ro…..oh, nevermind.

  203. Romeo A57

    He a definite life boat for this team in a sea of ineptitude.

  204. Craig

    Remember praying for a middling Defense because our offense was so good?

    • Big Mike

      Good times

    • Aaron Bostrom

      Ugh yes! Man, if we could just be decent in both sides

  205. nfendall

    Pacquiao MVP of this game.

  206. AlaskaHawk

    Yee haw! I was wondering what everyone would say if Geno led them to a decisive victory in the second half.

    • Romeo A57

      Get the ball to Walker more 😀

    • Peter

      4 point lead against a team that is almost literally not running….

  207. Ely

    Geno MVP

    • BrandoK


    • Sea Mode

      All those TDs he’s throwin’… 😂

  208. dand393

    Genos back baby, haha just kidding he sucks but nice job by walker

  209. Kyle R

    If Geno needs to only throw it 4 yards and doesn’t have to think or look down field we might have something to work with.

  210. Big Mike

    Gotta give credit, Geno checked into that play

  211. Sea Mode

    Well, whadayaknow? Get the ball to your offensive weapons and good things can happen!

  212. nfendall


  213. Big Mike


  214. Peter

    There it is.

  215. Kyle R

    Witherspoon and Mafe stepping up big for the D this year and are difference makers

    • nfendall

      They are building blocks for this defense moving forward, no doubt.

  216. HOUSE

    Spoon is a DOG!!!

  217. Peter

    Diggs making a play.

  218. Peter

    7 penalties. Cripes.

  219. Big Mike

    Evan Brown with the whiff

    • Peter

      Better than blythe but not much so

      • Big Mike

        I’m struggling to not mention Creed Humphrey

        Looks like I failed. And hey Eskridge was inactive today. Win

        • Peter

          Olu for the future.

          Time heals all bad draft picks.

          • KennyBadger

            Not Dee.

            • Peter

              That time people thought we could get a draft pick for him.

  220. Kyle R

    Well the offense took advantage of that turnover and field position….for Christ sake.

  221. Peter

    Fumble recovery turns into nothing. Awesome.

  222. nfendall

    Outside of the 2 outlet plays to Robinson this defense has been good.

    • Big Mike

      First one should have been a sack but Adams failed

      • nfendall

        True story.

  223. Tony

    Tre brown has been amazing. Really impressed how he’s looked this year.

  224. Peter

    Was wondering when WAS was going to find the middle of the field.

  225. BrandoK

    Did Jones just make a play wow

  226. AlaskaHawk

    The defense is gaining confidence as they play Washington. Nice to see all the good plays. Like Brown, wow.

  227. geoff u

    I totally forgot who Jones was an had to look it up. This his first game?

  228. nfendall

    Loving this running game right now.

  229. Peter

    The pass D is doing well.

    A little cold water though this offense is as unbalanced as Carolina. 9 rushing plays through 3 quarters.

  230. nfendall

    Oh no, it’s 4th and 1.

  231. Blitzy the Clown

    Walker and Charbonnet are one helluva RB combo

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes, I wish I saw them more often! :_)

  232. KnoxHawk

    Thankful for Zach C, mix it up with K9.

    Geno just missed a wide open JSN for a touchdown if I’m not mistaken, was a little hard to tell.

  233. nfendall

    I complained about odd year Myers early in the year, but he has been money since the first few games.

    • Peter

      Myers good for over 25% of our points. Glad he’s found his way.

  234. Big Mike

    So if DEL Rio has made adjustments to stop us on third down where is our coaching staff making counter adjustments based on what they are doing? One for their last 10 on third down

    • Sea Mode

      I’m sure someone will hold them accountable…


  235. nfendall

    Wagner in coverage… Oof.

  236. Bmseattle

    Mafe totally held there.

    • Big Mike


  237. Trevor

    Bobby looked old and slow on that drive.

    • Hawkster

      Not the best from Brooks either

    • STTBM

      Seattle getting out schemed, as usual.

  238. AlaskaHawk

    This is turning into a nail biter of a game!

  239. Anthony

    Why does Brooks want over $15 mill again? Resigning him would be like if we would have signed Shaq Griffin instead of letting him go to Jacksonville. Don’t pay money for mediocre players!

  240. Sea Mode

    Was that Mafe again inches away from a big play?

    • STTBM

      He was held twice.

  241. Big Mike

    Yet again they blitz on third down and we do nothing to counteract it

  242. STTBM

    Utterly awful, scaredy cat call on third down. Horrible playcall.

  243. Kyle R

    Saved by the flag hahaha

  244. Blitzy the Clown

    Personally I thought that was pretty good coverage by St Juste. But I’m happy for the penalty bailout

  245. Blitzy the Clown

    All he does is…


  246. AlaskaHawk

    Geno and Lockett are heroes! Teamwork! Geno Forever!!!

  247. GoHawks5151

    Maybe they won’t play Drew Lock because of the haircut. Yeeeeesh…

  248. Kyle R

    “Are you a QB that can’t throw accurate or get flustered very quickly?” Here is your get out of Jail Free card and his name is Tyler Lockett.

  249. Matt

    This win feels like getting the 7th seed…it’s just so obvious to see we are nothing more than a slightly above average team that’s not a real contender. I’d never root for us to lose, but these types of wins jusg have me thinking “status quo is safe for another year.”

  250. Troy

    Imagine if we didn’t have Lockett…this offense would be horrendous. By far our most valuable player on offense

  251. AlaskaHawk

    Yes talk about starting a tough day getting your bell rung , and here he is making winning catches. I hope Lockett can retire as a Seahawk.

  252. Blitzy the Clown

    ngl I dig those salute to service team hoodies like Pete’s wearing

  253. KnoxHawk

    Jarren Reed is playing awesome.

  254. Scot04

    Need D to step up here. Don’t want Washington to get an opportunity to go for 2pt conversion and the win.

  255. Hawkster

    Addams gets the fertilizer treatment

  256. Big Mike

    They sure are throwing at Bobby Wagner a lot

  257. Blitzy the Clown

    Still can’t close it out on defense

  258. Big Mike

    Absolutely no pressure on the quarterback

  259. BrandoK


  260. Blitzy the Clown

    Wow I’d have thought they would’ve tried the 2 point conversion to win

  261. Pack of K9s

    Having Diggs as your starting safety is kind of like not having a starting safety at all

  262. nfendall

    Good thing our safeties are elite. /s

  263. AlaskaHawk

    Ran through a bunch of secondary.

    Seahawks are lucky that Wash missed their first extra point.

  264. GoHawks5151

    The one time we didn’t bring pressure

  265. geoff u

    It’s geno time. 50% excited 50% scared

  266. Scot04

    This is not a team that should have been trading valuable picks away at the deadline.

  267. Big Mike

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we had that field goal that Gino blew at the end of the first half?

  268. Hawks4life

    We’re hard to watch, Geno is terrible, Pete has been done for 5 plus years, we don’t know how to use our weapons, the defense still can’t tackle. This team is no different than last year. We need change

  269. AlaskaHawk

    Wow two key catches by Metcalf. Nice.

  270. Blitzy the Clown

    What a win! Even if we should’ve anyway.

  271. nfendall

    Sanchez criticized DK for fighting for yards, but he got 10 more and they had plenty of time to clock it.

  272. Romeo A57

    Geno was terrible in the first half but did enough in the second half to win this game.

  273. BrandoK

    Even with this win Geno’s play was still terrible

  274. AlaskaHawk

    Free drinks for everyone! lol Good win guys!

  275. Anthony

    Seahawks Twitter said that Geno is fixed because of the second half and we had almost 500 yards of offense. You can stop scouting QBs now, Rob. We have the second coming of Tom Brady.


    • geoff u

      Called it.

    • BrandoK

      Is that really what they are saying

  276. Matt

    Win for the season. Loss for the long term future of the organization. We are going to get that 7th seed off the back of barely beating dog shit teams.

    Sorry fellas…I hate status quo when you’re middling.

    • geoff u

      Hey now….we might end up with the 7th seed because the rest of the NFC is that bad

      • geoff u

        I mean 6th

  277. king

    Sigh. Another year of 9-10 wins. Another playoff also ran. Geno and Pete gonna do just enough to stick around.

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