Curtis Allen’s week ten watchpoints (vs Buccaneers)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. Later today tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel at a slighter later time due to the fact I am attending the game. The best way to know when we’re going live is to subscribe to my channel and select the ‘notification’ button. 

The Seahawks captured the NFL’s attention in Week One with a hugely satisfying win over Russell Wilson and the Broncos and they have done so again with an impressive four game winning streak. They are playing as well as any team in the NFL right now.

Tampa Bay is not. At 4-5 they sit atop maybe the NFL’s worst division and are not playing particularly well. They did snap a three-game losing streak with a gutty drive to beat the Rams last week.

And yet we all know that Tom Brady can deliver when he steps onto a big stage.

Pete Carroll’s teams are no slouches in that area either. They came to London in 2018 and dominated the Raiders. Since that game, however, they have an uncharacteristic 11-8 record in prime-time games including a horrid 0-5 last year.

Everything about this season feels different though. The infectious energy that led them to take on the NFL’s greatest challenges and win in years past has returned to the team this year. Belief is more than just a buzzword spray painted on a locker room wall.

Led by a young influx of great rookie talent, a quarterback staging a late-career renaissance and some excellent additions that are fitting right in, this team is going to be a tough out on Sunday for Tampa Bay.

How can they beat the Buccs and go into their bye week a sparkling 7-3? They will need to combine disciplined play mixed with a heavy dose of patience.

Defend Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the Buccaneers offense. Their total rushing attempts are near the bottom of the NFL and Brady is on track to shatter the all-time records for both pass attempts and completions in a season.

Given how vital he is to the offense and that the Bucs have a banged up offensive line, how in the world are they managing to keep Brady upright and so clean? He is only being pressured on a league-low 13.3% of passes and is in the bottom quarter of the league in times sacked with fourteen.

It is definitely not due to his scrambling ability. He only has two recorded scrambles this year.

Tampa has employed the strategy that has become increasingly popular around the NFL — get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands as quickly as possible and let your receivers make plays. Brady is averaging an extremely slim 2.1 seconds in the pocket to get the ball out, the quickest number in the NFL. It solves many things — it keeps Brady from getting hit or injured, which let’s be honest, at his age is a bigger factor than other quarterbacks. It also keeps the pass rush from teeing off on him, considering they are one of the most lopsided pass/run teams in the league.

What is the tradeoff of this strategy? They are more predictably horizontal than vertical. Brady is averaging career-lows in average depth of target (6.8 yards) and completed air yards per attempt (3.4). In effect, they are substituting screens and other dump offs for a running game and relying on slants and short back shoulder throws to make their offense go while mixing in the occasional throw past the sticks.

Here is the good news. The Seahawks match up very well with this style of play. They have faced several teams so far this year who employ this quick-passing horizontal style. Among them — Arizona (twice), the Giants, the Chargers and the Niners.

Overall, how has the defense fared defending this style of passing? Remarkably well. All of those teams have had dreadful days passing the ball against this defense. They all experienced either season-lows or near their season low in passing yards against this defense. Only San Francisco was able to rely on their running game to pick up the slack.

The Seahawks know how to defend this style. They have patient defenders who can make tackles when needed and keep the game in front of them.

I say that with full knowledge that the Seahawks had a troubling game last week with tackling against the Cardinals. Yet this team overall has done much better than in previous seasons. It is also noteworthy that the offense is supporting them as well or better than they have been, which makes it easier to work around the occasional mistake.

So, this will require a team effort to be good at tackling. Tampa has many weapons to defend and Brady excels at finding matchups that he likes and exploiting them.

For instance, Josh Jones is currently one of the worst tacklers in the NFL in his limited time on the field, missing 22% of tackles. He will have to be better, as the Seahawks seem to have found a player in Ryan Neal and want to keep a lesser player (Cody Barton) off the field, particularly this week given the Bucs throw so much.

With a game plan so terribly focused on quickness, the key will be taking away Brady’s first read. If defenders can jam, reroute or simply stick to their men and present Brady a murky picture, their chances of having a successful down go up exponentially.

The Bucs sputtered badly against the Rams last week whenever Brady had to go to a second read as the pressure started to accumulate around him.

Everything about it was bad — Brady’s form, his decisions on where to go (frequently short of the sticks on a critical down), his throws did not lead the receivers as much as they should and his receivers did not help him out (Tampa leads the NFL in dropped passes this year with 23).

On the other hand, whenever the Ram defenders played 5-6 yards off the receivers (which they especially did on the final game winning drive), Brady is happy to throw simple routes and take the free 5-7 yards, thank you very much.

So how can the defense force Brady into these types of decisions? Stopping him in the early downs is key. Forcing the offense into a third and five or more will do wonders in keeping this offense in check.

One area that seems very intriguing for the Seahawks to keep an eye on is their running game in the early downs. Tampa runs on first down 40% of the time but it is almost out of obligation, trying to keep up some semblance of offensive balance to keep the defense guessing.

When they run on first down and they gain less than five yards, that sets up the defense to have a good second and third down.

That is true when you are playing against any team. So why is that any more important on Sunday? Answer: You give yourself a little more field to work with and defend against a conversion. On a third and six, if Brady completes a dump off, you have three yards or so to get that defender to the ground instead of maybe just one yard or a half yard.

And if you can get that ‘take away his first read and bring the pass rush’ combo, you can force Brady to just throw the ball away. He might be the most patient quarterback in the NFL. He does not fret over having to punt. However, the tradeoff is he has got to make the plays late in the game when he needs to. This season, it is not happening as much as it typically has. If the defense can force a few of these wasted series early and the offense can build up a head of steam, it will be too late to mount an effective comeback.

In large measure, that approach is working. Brady is only throwing for a 57.7% completion rate on third downs and the running game is not helping very much, therefore the offense is not nearly as effective as we have come to expect from a Tom Brady team.

Stay Balanced and Patient on Offense

Tampa Bay’s scoring defense is currently fifth in the NFL, allowing only 18.3 points per game. That is commendable, but also needs some context.

Four of their games have come against bottom-10 scoring offenses. They have also played well against division opponents with decent offenses but when faced with a really good offense, they have struggled.

They have had two games against top-five scoring offenses. The Chiefs hung 41 points on them and the Ravens two weeks ago put 27 on them. In both games, the Tampa defense could not stop them from moving the ball and the offense could not score enough to hang with them and they ended up losing those contests.

I am not saying the Tampa defense is not good – they have a lot of things to respect – but the Seahawks currently have the #4 scoring offense in the NFL and high-functioning offenses have done very well against this defense in 2022.

Teams that provide a real challenge to Tampa are playing incredibly balanced football:

— Kansas City only got 228 yards passing, but ran for 189 yards.

— Baltimore had an almost identical setup, with 222 yards passing and 231 yads rushing.

— Carolina smoked them 21-3 on the strength of 170 yards passing and 173 rushing.

KC and Baltimore owned the time of possession category in their games against Tampa, winning by nearly 17 minutes. Kansas City did such a great job forcing the Bucs to be one-dimensional, Tampa came away from that game with only three yards rushing. Three!

The punchline being, it is easy to look at excellent Tampa defenders like Vita Vea, Shaq Barrett, Lavonte David and Antoine Winfield Jr and their team scoring numbers and think that this is a serious defense for the Seahawks to contend with.

The truth is, if Shane Waldron and Geno Smith can keep up with the kind of performance they have shown us so far, they should be able to play the game they want to play. They will just need to stay patient and know their shots will come.

Some keys…

Tampa Bay is one of the five worst NFL defenses against tight ends. The Seahawks have been attacking teams and making them cover at least two tight ends and sometimes three on every play. Geno Smith has been able to find options frequently. And not just moving the chains type options but big strike plays like we saw Noah Fant make last week against Arizona. The mixing of plays and using the field from sideline to sideline will greatly help them in attacking this defense.

What about in the run game? Tampa is conceding an average of 122 yards a game in their losses. You can run on them. Baltimore had four different players have explosive runs. Even for a good running team like the Ravens, that is impressive. The Panthers also had four explosives.

Opportunities will be there for the Seahawks to move the ball on the ground.

One caveat: Tampa Bay leads the NFL in tackles for loss. They get about 5-7 per game. If the offense can accept that this will occasionally happen and stay patient, they will have chances for some big gains, especially on the ground.

Where should the Seahawks send their runners? I’ll answer that by showing you the run charts for the Carolina’s D’Onta Foreman and Baltimore’s Gus Evans for their games against Tampa:

Look at all those green lines running to the right side against the Bucs defense. Abe Lucas might have a really big day in the run game.

There will be multiple opportunities and ways for this offense to move the ball in this game. They have ascended from being a younger team with a questionable quarterbacking situation to a fully functioning offense with a near-complete arsenal of weapons.

Time to show it to the world.


  1. Mick

    No Mone, no Collier. Goedeke is also not playing, I hope Mafe, Irvin and Nwosu get to Brady a couple of times each.

    • Sea Mode

      Don’t count on it. But forcing him off his spot should be enough:

      Brady Henderson

      Seahawks GM John Schneider, talking about Tom Brady on his pregame radio hit with @RaibleKIRO7: “You’ll see the ball coming out real, real fast.”

      Brady is getting the ball out in 2.40 seconds on average, the quickest time among 34 qualifying QBs. Bucs have allowed only 14 sacks.

      Brady Henderson

      Pete Carroll to Raible on the need to collapse the pocket to get Brady moving: “If he doesn’t move at all, he’s going to tear you up.”

      My guess: Myles Adams is active because Seattle wants a quicker inside rusher. Mone’s run-stuffing is less important vs. a pass-heavy offense.

  2. Hawkster

    Thought the piece was heading towards the idea that the success of the D against the horizontal underneath game came from Barton basically taking away half the field, but alas it didn’t.

  3. pdway

    let’s go early birds…..GO HAWKS!

  4. Eduardo Ballori

    Appreciate the context Curtis. Stat game on point.

    Saw their TE Brate might be out. With Brady playing 5-7 yards at a time, not having that TE safety blanket might hurt.

    Also read this on Ken Walker:

    “Among NFL running backs, only Cleveland’s Nick Chubb spends more time behind the line of scrimmage. Chubb averages 3.11 seconds behind the line per carry, according to Next Gen Stats. Walker’s next at 3.07 seconds, a strong indication of his ability to let blocks develop before surging ahead”

    Anytime you our linked with Nick Chubb on a RB stat, that’s no joke and speaks to the patience this young pup has to let the yards/game come to him. I agree with you that Abe might have a big game.

    Kicking off now! Go Hawks


  5. Mick

    Great start! Brooks seems to be able to play coverage too.

  6. Bmseattle

    Offense looking uncharacteristically confused, early

  7. Big Mike

    Do they not reset the play clock after the penalty is marked off? That’s horse shit

  8. 805Hawk

    Started strong and now some bad communication going on. Seems loud in there and maybe they weren’t ready for that.

  9. Rob Staton

    Mike Evans always does well against us

    • Mick

      Rob are you allowed to wear a Seattle shirt or cap, or you must keep it neutral? 🙂

      • Rob Staton

        I am not wearing anything Seahawks related 🙂

        • Big Mike


  10. sgtPeppy

    When will DJ Dallas learn to just catch the dang punt? Might be the 4th time in the last few weeks he lets it bounce for an extra 15 yards smh

    • Rob Staton

      Very frustrating

      Every game he gives away about 10 yards per punt. And when he did catch it last week, he muffed it.

    • cha

      PC had just about every WR, RB and CB take punts in camp (Eskridge hurt). Nobody must have stood out.

      Can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss David Moore. He just caught the punts.

      • Rob Staton

        Who was that guy in 2014 who was basically on the team to fair catch every punt?

        • cha

          Bryan Walters I think.

          • Rob Staton

            That’s the guy

  11. Seahawkwalt

    Brady will be picked this game..

    • Mick

      I think so too but I change my prediction from Woolen to Brooks.

  12. Hawkster

    Eisen goes auf Deutsch … Nein, wide right.

  13. Kyle R

    Nice job by the D there… move Brady off his spot and now we have good field position and need to capitalize.

  14. Seahawkwalt

    Slippery field.. advantage Walker. Expect a big day

  15. Hawkster

    That was a really crowded box to run on

  16. cha

    Tampa stacking the box to stop the run on early downs.

    Need to play action and catch them overpersuing on a first down.

    • Mick

      The three TE formation doesn’t seem to scare them.

    • Big Mike

      And the short passing game is working I don’t understand running as much as we are

    • Rob Staton

      Very noticeable here how much they are stacking the box and attacking

      Looks a lot like the Bowles defense we faced in Arizona for years (unsurprisingly)

      We need to get them out of that

  17. Kyle R

    Damn penalties killing offensive drives

  18. Vanhawk

    BS penalty play still going and a TB player pushed a Seahawk from behind to the ground after Lewis” play

  19. Rob Staton

    Tampa Bay have settled in quicker

    • Rob Staton

      Their O-line getting a lot of push

  20. cha

    How does the defense not see the strong side and have to be adjusted presnap on that 3rd and 1? Bucs ran right through them like wet tissue paper.

    • Rob Staton

      Buccs O-line shouting at sideline to keep running they think they’ve got Seattle’s number up front

      • cha

        Run the ball / stop the run.

        Seahawks better adjust or it’ll be a long day.

      • Big Mike

        So far they do

    • Mick

      Missed tackle by Jackson on that play.

      • cha

        Not really. He secured the edge to move the runner inside. Brooks and Barton got blown off the ball.

  21. Bmseattle

    Brooks sure is good at tackling 5 yards downfield.😑

  22. Big Mike

    They haven’t run on anyone all year and they are running on us

    • Bmseattle

      Their run defense has been awful, as well.

  23. Bmseattle

    Good thing we pinned them deep.😐

  24. 509 Chris

    I want Pete to wrote lines. 100 times on the chalk board, “I won’t punt from the 40. I won’t punt from the 40. I won’t pumt from the 40.” Have some faith in your qb.

  25. cha

    All right Seahawks. You’ve taken one square on the jaw.

    How will you respond?

  26. Rob Staton

    Just terrible defense so far

    Could be a long game

    • Big Mike

      Very terrible. If they don’t turn it around soon it’s going to be a long day

    • Robbie

      Not sure what Brooks was doing on that TD. He didn’t cover Julio running across the field, he just stood there and let him run by in the zone. He didn’t cover his zone, he knew there was no back side help so I’m confused what he’s doing there.

      • Big Mike

        Looks like he was covering his zone and it was on Bryan. Excellent analysis by Warner

        • Big Mike


        • Robbie

          On the other side Woolen went with his guy as well. I think CB’s were supposed to go while LB’s covered the flats.

  27. Mick

    I question the decision of leaving Mone out. And I can’t believe Brooks didn’t catch that ball, turned an INT into a TD.

    • Big Mike

      It’s not an easy play because it was thrown fairly hard but it’s the kind of play that leads to winning football games if it’s made

      • Bmseattle

        Brooks needs to come up with a big play at some point…right?

  28. cha

    Geno, you have nothing but green in front of you. RUN IT

    • Rob Staton

      Might be mistaken but here it looked like if he’d have tried to run he would’ve been flattened by a group of waiting defenders

      • cha

        He’d have made it.

        This team needs a spark.

  29. Bmseattle

    He could have just run for it!

  30. pdway

    worst start for our offense in a long while

    • Mick

      I blame it on the play call, little imagination.

  31. 805Hawk

    Run the freaking ball, Geno! Easy 1st!

  32. Rob Staton

    Every yard gained feels like a struggle for Seattle

    TB moving the ball fairly easily

  33. Denver Hawker

    What’s up with the field? Looks like lots of stutter stepping and slipping.

    • Rob Staton

      It doesn’t look good

      Weather has been crap here in days going into the game

      • Mick

        If there’s one thing I don’t miss from Germany, it’s the crappy spring and autumn weather.

  34. Bmseattle

    So, anytime Bryant is on Evans, we know where the ball is going.

  35. pdway

    we look flat. really need a spark somewhere…

  36. Gary

    Hawks not getting anything done rushing four and Brady has all day!

  37. Rob Staton

    Seahawks very low energy

    • pdway

      feels like it on tv too…none of the usual jumping around energy on D

  38. Hawks4life

    Evans and Julio always dominate Seattle, this isn’t looking good

  39. Bmseattle

    Im so tired of watching Barton get swallowed up by blocker, every run play

  40. Troy

    If you can’t STOP the run game, you are beat!!

  41. ShowMeYourHawk

    Maybe all the stupid promotional antics and team videos were poor substitutes for practice and sleep?

  42. Big Mike

    Their o line is just pushing our D line all over the field

    • Mick

      Let’s cut Mone, they won’t run. Did they ask themselves what happens if they do?

  43. Tony

    Looking completely outmatched today. Haven’t looked this bad since 9ers game

    • Big Mike


  44. Rob Staton

    Absolute arse kicking

    • Big Mike


  45. Pran

    DL sucks, no pass rush no penetration..

    • Big Mike

      And they can’t stop the run either

  46. Rowdy

    This game is ugly and is about to get a lot uglier

    • Big Mike

      I have a bad feeling you are correct

  47. Troy

    Brady is taking us to the woodshed.

  48. Gary

    If Geno had just taken the two yards of green grass in front of him this drive wouldn’t be happening.

    • 206

      For real, he had been taking that all year. Frustrating

  49. ShowMeYourHawk

    So glad I woke up early for this….

  50. pdway

    are we jet lagged? this looks like a low-energy flat, different team than we’ve seen the last 4 weeks….

    • Big Mike

      Maybe, or did we get 4 weeks worth of wins against inferior teams and this one despite their record isn’t?

      • pdway

        nope I don’t think so- – i think we’re a good team….those wins did not have the look of flukes….

        was worried about his game – broke the good rhythm we’ve had.

  51. Trevor

    Can’t stop the run and can’t get any pressure on Brady. Going to be a long game if they can’t fix that at the Halftime.

  52. Pran

    One of the worst team is kicking our arses.. yes back to old ways.

  53. Tony

    Seahawks getting asswhooped on national TV could be a good refocus for this team. The hype train gets derailed.

  54. Mick

    Trying to stay positive, it’s just 14 points, the way we play could have been much worse.

  55. GoHawks5151

    Everyone loves young players til it’s time for the growing pains. Coby getting worked. Abe and Cross no push. Walker waiting to long. Time to grow up a bit gentlemen

  56. AlaskaHawk

    I just woke up and What the ???? Seahawks look like I feel – We both need a Triple Espresso.

  57. 805Hawk

    Looks like the early season defense is back. Curious which one is the reality.

    • Tony

      Both. Young teams gonna have ups/downs.

  58. Big Mike

    Tell em Bruce

    • Mick

      Love that he’s addressing the vets not the rooks.

      • cha

        Quandre looked like he couldn’t be bothered.

        • Bmseattle

          So, his standard response this season.

  59. Tony

    Irvin looking like all hawk fans right now lol

  60. Trevor

    Turf conditions have really neutralized the team sped difference and the Bucs are kicking their asses.

    Need to score here or it could get ugly.

  61. 206

    Eskridge looks like a potato chip waiting to get crunched every time he touches the ball

  62. Rob Staton

    Geno is not playing well today

    • cha

      Indecisive, jittery.

      • Rob Staton

        As composed as he was after the pick-six last week, he’s the opposite today. Looks panic-stricken. But Tampa Bay are all over our routes, there’s zero running room. It’s a total and utter arse kicking on both sides of the ball.

        • Big Mike

          Yes pretty obvious hes struggling to find an open receiver

        • cha

          Tight ends neutralized

      • Troy

        And whiny demeanor…

  63. Dragohawk


  64. Big Mike

    God this is utter shite (nod to Rob)

  65. Bmseattle

    When was the last time we threw to DK deep?
    Serious question.

  66. Tony

    This is pathetic. We can’t do anything lol.

  67. cha

    Can the team get a spark from their….punter?

    • Big Mike

      No. They’ll still drive 97 yd for a touchdown or at the very least get a field goal before the half

  68. ShowMeYourHawk

    Hot garbage. Maybe it was too much to ask for Geno to make it to the bye before reverting back to Pumpkin status.

  69. GoHawks5151

    We are playing a more talented version of the Arizona style defense that has given us problems this year. Need to figure out something at half

  70. Gary

    No semblance of an offence. Do we still have tight ends on the field? Geno looks like the old Geno. No confidence, no poise, no command of the offence.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s interesting that they don’t seem to be doing anything that has worked in recent weeks

      Seems very predictable. Some attempted outside runs, then some intended runs, or throw to wherever DK Metcalf is

      • Tony

        Definitely bad gameplan. Hope we adjust well.

  71. KD

    I got up at 6:00AM on a Sunday for THIS? 🙁

    • AlaskaHawk

      Drinking coffee and thinking about going out to shovel horse shite.

  72. Tony

    Well good news is we get ball starting at half.

  73. Peter

    Some keys to the game…..

    Tampa sucks against TE’s

    So let’s definitely not do that. Wtf

  74. Big Mike

    Well then look what pressure up the middle does

    • Mick

      Harris showed up, almost forgot about him today.

  75. Bmseattle

    Fair catch?!?!?

  76. cha

    Dallas, what are you doing out there?

  77. Big Mike

    He needs to return that that was a joke it’s time for a new punt returner get him out

    • Pran

      DJ still on the team? Pete shows favoritism all the time!

  78. ShowMeYourHawk

    Christ, just take a knee and kill the clock.

  79. Tony


  80. Bmseattle

    So obvious they were going to run there.😑

    • Bmseattle

      Even if he gets the 1st, you have to kill the clock or call a timeout.
      Just stupid

  81. gary

    Drive over.

  82. Mick

    Walker has 7 carries for 8 yards.

  83. GoHawks5151

    Hit the gas K9

  84. ukalex6674

    Welcome to The First International Punt Bowl

  85. Tony

    Dickson only guy showing up.

  86. Kyle R

    The three interior linemen can’t be bothered to get any kind of push for running plays or passing.

  87. Dragohawk

    Curt Warner is enjoying himself in the booth, can’t stand that guy.

    • ukalex6674

      Kurt or Curt?

    • cha

      This announcing team is just not very good.

      • Dragohawk

        Its God awful just like the rookies who thought its Ockoberfest this week

      • pdway

        I like Eisen

        • cha

          So do I but he’s not cut out for this without more practice.

          Half the time he’s not telling us what is happening on the field.

          Doesn’t help he is stuck in a booth with three guys who love to talk.

    • Big Mike

      Kurt with a K
      Our Curt had a C

      • Dragohawk

        Really dude???

  88. Henry Taylor

    Late getting back and just caught up to live. This is going dreadfully

    • Big Mike

      Nice that you’re going so easy on the Seahawks. “Dreadfully” is being kind.

  89. Bmseattle

    I wonder if Dallas was mandated to fair catch that last punt?
    Doesnt make sense he didnt return it, otherwise.

  90. ShowMeYourHawk

    Nice try, NFL Network. Based on the first half, “Seahawk” in German is “scheisse.”

    • Big Mike

      That’s damn funny

    • Sea Mode

      Nice one! (sad but true in this case)

  91. Tony

    Either we wake up or it’s full blowout.

  92. pdway

    really a big error by Deejay on that punt. we should have had it at our 45; nobody covers a 64 yard in the air punt.

    it’s been errors all day – that first delay of game penalty, that personal foul, if we just had any points on the board, this game feels much more in reach.

    we seem flat though – just feels like it’s not our day.

    • Bmseattle

      Unless Pete told him to fair catch, no matter what.
      Then a 60 yard punt, unexpectedly happens.happens

  93. Peter

    Good to see we are punting down two scores with 30 seconds to go.

    • pdway

      you want them to go for it on 4th there? TB still had a TO, and would have gotten it at our 40.

      • Peter

        Yeah actually I do.

  94. AlaskaHawk

    Wow = like watching classic Seahawks. Offense can’t block and defense can’t stop anyone.

  95. cha

    Remember those days when the Seahawks couldn’t get anything going in the first half and came out crisp in the third Q after adjusting in the locker room?

    Pete Carroll is going to have to have a very good halftime to make that happen.

    • 12th chuck

      I hope Pete remembers whatever he said at halftime during the Pittsburgh game to get them to start running the ball

  96. Mick

    Today we’ll see how good our coaches are. Yes Geno doesn’t look great but we have to give him a better plan to execute.

    • Big Mike

      You need receivers to get open quicker too. Where’s Tyler today? TEs?

      • Peter

        Listening on the radio. Very detailed on alignments. Mot heard once the 3 TE sets.

  97. Big Mike

    “More penalties and more punts than first downs”
    That’s as bad as it gets

    • Peter

      Generally enjoying the season but that’s some get dumped in the first playoff game kind of energy

  98. Rob Staton

    There’s a mixed zone between the press room and the field where the Seahawks team have to walk past to get to the locker room. I was there when they all walked past, including the coaches.

    They all looked stunned. Very quiet. Low energy.

    • 206

      Someone/some group has to step up and make some positive plays to get the juices flowing through this team

  99. AlaskaHawk

    Rumors that Brady is washed up and should quit have been greatly exaggerated.
    Someone needs to light a fire under Seahawks tail feathers. More penalties than first downs? what

    • cha

      Brady’s only thrown 16 passes.

      They have run 24 times.

      Brady’s ability has far less to do with why they are successful so far.

      • AlaskaHawk

        He’s human like every other QB – a good running game compliments his passing. He’s made the throws he needed to make and his receivers hung onto the ball. The worst play I saw from him was when his line didn’t block a guy coming up the middle.

  100. Big Mike

    The seahawks lack of energy today reminds me of our team during 10 AM games under Holmgren

    • Peter

      Hey now. That was some kind of terrible for how great he was as a coach.

  101. Sea Mode

    The whole team looks jet-lagged. Especially Geno looks jittery. We had better come out strong and put some points on the board, or this is going to get ugly really fast.

    • pdway

      yep – agree w all that.

      Kind of don’t see it happening – this game has a bad feel to it. we are so flat and low energy. that explains the D for me, but I don’t know why our offense is this hapless…feels like we are being outschemed too.

      Let’s just go to the short passing game to open things up. The run game is getting stuffed right now.

    • Big Mike

      We are jet lagged but they are not? Flight time from each city to Munich was the same and we arrived before them. I’ve called that an excuse

      • pdway

        they’re a couple time zones over

        I dont know, you’re mostly right, but it does feel like we are low energy compared to our norm.

  102. Sea Mode

    Send this man into our locker room right now!



  103. cha

    PC: “I don’t think we’re on yet.”

    No kidding. At least he’s being honest.

  104. Peter

    Ahhh dee eskridge…..questionable hand injury.
    We hardly knew you

    • Big Mike

      Yet again:
      Creed Humphrey

  105. cha

    Wow. Quick passes to get ahead of the pass rush.

    • Big Mike

      Novel concept. Been calling for that since our 2nd offensive series

      • Big Mike

        Their strategy is obviously to stop our running game

  106. AlaskaHawk

    Wow = Let Geno Cook

  107. Big Mike

    Bullshit LATE call

  108. 12th chuck

    Dk walking away, ref runs up to dk, then penalty wtf

    • 805Hawk

      That’s what it looked like to me. If the ref lets him walk away there’s no problem. Red went up and put his hands on DK. WTF?

  109. Robbie

    For F sake that was a late BS late call.

  110. cha

    I’ll take the 3 points but man that last sequence by Geno was bad.

    That throw to Colby was a very strange decision. And the throw to DK was the right decision but Geno had the whole sideline to throw to DK’s back shoulder and throw it inside.

    • Big Mike

      Agree with both

    • pdway

      true – but I didn’t like the call, low percentage play.

      do we think that was a busted play on 1st down? took us out of the first rhythm we’ve had on O all day

  111. Big Mike

    Baghdad Mike, shut up

  112. Big Mike

    Picking on Michael Jackson today and with some success

  113. STTBM

    NFL made it so I can’t see the game without paying. How is that good for business? Oh well, looks like I’m missing nothing. Sounds like Pete Meddled in the game plan again–as if that’s ever a good thing.

    I can’t stand Brady, I hate they are losing to him.

    This team may be a mirage. If they can’t beat the Bucs or Ninets, they don’t belong in the playoffs.

  114. Troy

    Can’t stop the run. Game over

  115. Big Mike

    If we play defense like this the next time we play San Francisco they are going to run for 250 yd on us and that is not an exaggeration

    • Big Mike

      Kyle will have Jimmy throw it about 10 times and we will lose by 3 touchdowns playing this kind of defense

  116. 206

    Brooks does not close like he has 4.5 speed like they say

  117. cha

    Tampa’s OC: Let’s find a way to get #57 on the field and then go right at him.

  118. SEAhemoth82

    In the terms of Boxing, the Hawks are taking it to the body right now. The defense is being kept on the field for way too long and steadily being worked against the ropes.

    Hawks as a team need to now realize that they have a target on their back since they have exceeded expectations and the Media considers them a legit contender. Moving forwards, every team will be bringing their best every game.

  119. cha



    How do you call that when you’re dominating so thoroughly?

    • Big Mike

      Absolutely insane. As bad as the DJ Dallas pass that we tried to throw earlier this year

    • Tony

      Woolen baited them from earlier in drive leaving brady open

    • pdway

      oh my god…to BRADY of all people?

      That is a crazy call….they just gave themselves bad karma and joojoo, we have a chance

  120. Hawks4life

    Wtf was that, TB just decided to give us the ball

  121. Big Mike

    There is a play as dumb as us trying to run our punter from our own 15 yd line

  122. Tony


  123. Henry Taylor

    That was hilarious 😂

  124. AlaskaHawk

    Snickers ! I heard Brady was declining! Sure not going to make it as a wide receiver.

    Best play of the game for the Seahawks!

  125. 206

    I was expecting Brady be Tariq today, but not in that capacity LOL

  126. Kyle R

    All that happened in slow motion it seemed and you can see it coming as soon as it started hahaha

  127. swedenhawk

    U trippin bro?

  128. Big Mike

    I’ll take it but that was a terrible call

  129. STTBM

    If Rob is ok with it, could you guys describe the big plays? Im not sure what happened–a trick play backfired on TB and Woolen picked it?

  130. Kyle R

    Keep beating them over and over again with the TE

  131. cha


    That penalty woke the beast

  132. pdway

    i love how DK runs angry

  133. Hawks4life

    We have to come away with a TD this drive

    • Big Mike

      Even a feel goal would have been better than that outcome

  134. Big Mike

    Put a forecast

    • Big Mike

      put a fork in us

  135. Hawks4life

    Wtf is Geno doing…

  136. Troy

    Now that’s what you call low Quarterback IQ…

  137. cha

    Another busted play or a designed Geno run, that was terrible either way.

    Seahawks are fighting their game plan today.

    • Big Mike

      Regardless we have a chip shot field go he simply has to hang on to the ball there and live to fight on 3rd down
      He has had an extremely poor game outside of not throwing an interception

    • AlaskaHawk

      He kind of retreats into his head when things dont’ go well. Geno had time to throw it away.

      • Troy

        EXACTLY. Throw it away and live cor the next down.

  138. Tony

    Not our day. Wow. Good job hawks.

  139. 206

    Great design. Great fumble. Jesus

  140. Henry Taylor

    As well as Geno has played this year, there are still moments that are just god awful

    • Matt

      My fear with Geno has always been what he does against good defenses.

  141. AlaskaHawk

    Darn it. Tampa Bay is going to ride this two score lead till the end of the game.

  142. pdway

    looked like a designated run play to me. why go away from the quick passes?

  143. Kyle R

    Why the hell are they doing these QB designed runs? Beat them over the head with the quick intermittent passing game especially with the TEs

  144. 805Hawk

    What was that? TE working, DK working, but let’s run the QB. Terrible.

    • Big Mike

      According to Warner it was not a designed run the 1st read was covered and Gino panicked. Considering he played at an elite level I believe him

      • 805Hawk

        You are right. Clear from the replay that everyone else was running a pass play. Not sure what Geno was thinking there.

  145. cha

    That might be Brooks’ first TFL this year.

    • Bmseattle

      His 2nd, i believe.
      He had one a couple of weeks ago that i think was his 1st

  146. Pran

    It’s called torturing fans while losing

  147. pdway

    it’s just by far Geno’s worst game of the year. really needed some points there.

  148. cha

    Quandre, we need to have a talk.

    • Bmseattle

      Just pay the man!!
      Oh…we already did.😑

  149. Hawks4life

    Diggs lmfao

  150. Lupe Green

    That stiff arm seals it.

  151. 12th chuck

    Diggs flat out sucks

  152. Kyle R

    Diggs on that play….just wow. He has a new Daddy now

    • 12th chuck

      He will probably have a new daddy against the raiders lol

  153. Robbie

    Instead of attaching the runner, run 10 yards first with him then get shoved over. LOL cool.

  154. 12th chuck

    its going to be a long 2 weeks.

  155. Mick

    Barton also very slow, can’t we find an average LB somewhere?

  156. Pran

    You cannot win a game without 3rd down pass rush unless the other team sucks more than ours

  157. Troy

    Can’t defend the run like this in the NFL and expect to win. Storyline of the game…

    • pdway

      and just inept on offense…after such a great run on that side of the ball all year.

  158. ShowMeYourHawk

    You can’t convince me this team isn’t already on its bye.

  159. cha

    What were Brooks and Barton doing within arms’ reach of each other on that deep completion?

  160. pdway

    zero pass rush today…

    brady totally in rhythm and comfortable

  161. pdway

    i guess if brady wants more time on the play clock, he can just ask for it and get it.

    • Big Mike

      Apparently he can bitch about an offensive passive interference penalty and get that flag picked up as well

  162. Kyle R

    Hey at least the Seahawks got to see the sites of Germany on their two week bye

  163. 805Hawk

    We may have gotten a little to high on this defense playing subpar QBs most of the season.

    • Peter

      Brady has been sub par this year.

      Just a bad defensive plan

      • 805Hawk

        I think the Bucs have been subpar. Brady is second in passing yards and only has 1 int.

    • cha

      I don’t think so. It’s all about the trenches.

      The Bucs OL has dominated the Seahawks DL today.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Bucs defense was terrible until last week. Now they have solidified.

      And Brady is still the GOAT = he isn’t going to fail for us. The only was there is a fail is if his receivers don’t catch the ball.

  164. Troy

    The helpless feeling of watching a team run all over you. Dominating performance by TB in the trenches..

  165. cha

    Brady has all day to throw.

  166. Big Mike

    You know referees it’s not like Tampa Bay needs your help and you cheating for them

  167. Henry Taylor

    Good week for a bye next week. Team is gonna need to readjust.

  168. Ukhawk

    At the game and from my Birds Eye view, we may need to score a touchdown or 3?

    • Big Mike

      Hope you didn’t overpay for your tickets to watch this performance. Oh wait if you paid a pound you overpaid, never mind.

  169. pdway

    their O has been good – but 21 pts and 340 total yards is not a crazy performance.

    It’s even more that our offense has been so ineffective today. 3 pts won’t win you any games.

    • Big Mike

      The worst thing has been the run defense. Just horrible

    • Mick

      I think it’s their really solid D that created us problems today.

  170. Kyle R

    I can’t believe I got up early for this. I now understand at least a little how you folks in Europe feel when you stay up late into the hours of the morning watching a terrible Seahawks game.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Seahawks should be handing out consolation gift certificates to Starbucks to their fans.

  171. jed

    So how much is Geno Alex Cousins Tannehill Smith getting paid this off-season?

    • Big Mike

      I would say hes lost 5 million today

      • jed

        To me, it’s still amazing that he’s even that good. I just don’t want that as the peak potential for a long term QB.

  172. OP_Chillin

    Some said MVP of the league. Not sure about that w Mahomes doing his thing and with this performance today.

    • Peter

      Comeback player, sure.

      People talking mvp even before this game were high or disingenuous.

  173. Big Mike

    That is the best screen pass I’ve seen this team run in 10 years and that is not an overstatement

  174. ShowMeYourHawk

    This is the defense we really have. The past few weeks have just been the best case scenario but not sustainable with this coaching or the lack of game-changers.

    • Peter

      Lack of game changers is right.

      Easier to hope than find but I do hope they get one this draft

  175. Kyle R

    I think the saddest part is we’ll be 0-3 against NFC south teams.

    • Tony

      Wow that is really sad

    • Big Mike


      • Kyle R

        Gotta watch out for the Panthers now

    • OP_chillin

      They can’t lose to the Panthers though. Can they?

  176. cha

    Taking advantage of the D’s aggressiveness with the Walker dump offs.

  177. cha

    Man that drive was like the laxative finally kicking in.

    • Big Mike

      Thanks for the reminder man. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow morning so you know how my night is gonna go and go and go and….

      • cha

        Leave it all out on the field man..

    • Kyle R

      No that’s just the coffee for me

  178. ShowMeYourHawk

    Likely too little, too late. Hoping I’m wrong, of course.

    • Peter

      Want to be hopeful but counting on Tampa to drain 5 minutes off the clock.

      • pdway

        brady is so good in these situations

  179. AlaskaHawk

    Yeah Lockett!!!!

    They should have started the game with these plays , throwing to Walker downfield, etc. The running game failed them.

    • pdway

      yeah – we were slow to adjust on offense. that, and a few crucial screw-ups cost us the chance to make this game competitive.

      if geno doesn’t fumble in the red zone on that goofy play, we kick a field goal, and this game is now 21-13 – and we have a chance.

      • Big Mike

        Way too slow to adjust and that is coaching

    • cha

      Too slow to adjust.

    • Kyle R

      Too slow to adjust the game plan and also that fumble on the ten was a huge swing. Could have been 14-10 at that point.

  180. 12th chuck


  181. Mick

    When you have DK, Tyler, so many TEs, and you design a 2-point conversion to Penny Hart…

    • cha

      They didn’t design it to Hart. The play was well covered by TB.

  182. 12th chuck

    Diggs needs a turnover to redeem himself

  183. Big Mike

    That play sums up the entire day

    • pdway

      it really does.

      oh well…we’re still playing w house money…..this season has been fun

      • Big Mike


  184. Bmseattle

    As mediocre as Brooks had been…if he is hurt,we are in big trouble at LB.

    • Big Mike

      Yes because mediocre is still better than poor and that’s what we’re gonna get

  185. Henry Taylor

    We just had to have that play.

    • Troy

      That play sums up this game perfectly

  186. Kyle R

    It’s not an excuse and I don’t think this is why we lost the game but this field did no favors and totally neutralize our athletic and speen advantage.

    • Big Mike

      Very poor field conditions

    • cha

      Again, Seahawks too slow to adjust.

      I’ll never understand how you don’t have guys out on the field testing things out before gametime and adjusting cleats accordingly.

      How do we just hear that in the 2nd half, the whole defense is changing their cleats out?

      • Kyle R

        Oh I agree 100 percent…they should have checked the field yesterday and before the game no excuse not to

  187. GlastoHawkUK

    This pitch has been as bad as the Seahawks

  188. AlaskaHawk

    This has been a tough game all around. But we shouldn’t underestimate Tampa Bay. They will be in the playoffs and they do have an elite quarterback and a very fast defense. We can play the what if Geno hadn’t fumbled game. Without defensive stops it wouldn’t have changed things.

  189. 12th chuck

    Barton> Diggs

  190. Mick

    Barton, yey! First good play all season, I know I’m wrong.

  191. Denver Hawker

    OMFG- Barton

    • Denver Hawker

      Sick play- gets up and snags it, but then runs backwards and shush’s the crowd lmao

  192. Kyle R

    Who had Barton INT on their bingo card.

  193. Robbie

    Holy shit did Cody Barton just get a pick! MIND BLOWN.

  194. AlaskaHawk

    Yes Barton, well he screwed up Brady’s record attempt LOL

    • Mick

      Do I recall correctly that Brady was on a record streak when Thomas and Sherman intercepted him, the U mad bro game?

  195. ShowMeYourHawk

    New life and Geno is going to turn over on downs, right?

  196. Big Mike

    We have life

    • Big Mike


  197. Big Mike

    I’ll say it again referees Tampa Bay doesn’t need your help picking up flags

  198. ShowMeYourHawk

    WTF happened to the screen game?

  199. cha

    Now there’s the Geno we’ve gotten used to this year!

    • Big Mike

      And if he stays healthy there’s our number 3 receiver that we’ve been wanting for some time

  200. Mick

    Way to go Goodwin, we need that turnover now.

    • Big Mike

      I will settle for 3 plays and punt

  201. AlaskaHawk

    I would be happy with Goodwin as the #3 receiver.

    • Peter

      Goodwin is a great quiet get.

      But he’s on the older side

    • Kyle R

      I agree he’s the solid number 3 in my eyes. If Pete truly still believes in competition he’s earned it.

  202. Robbie

    HELL of a catch by Goodwin!!!

  203. Tony

    Giving credit to hawks not giving up. Incredible to get this close.

  204. Big Mike

    To have any chance to win we have to stop them the next 2 plays and make them punt

    • Big Mike

      And the Achilles heel run D burns us again

  205. ShowMeYourHawk

    We give up one more first down, not sure we gave ourselves the time to come back.

  206. bmseattle

    Is Brooks in the game?

    • Big Mike

      Don’t think so

    • Mick


  207. Tony

    Well that sealed it.

  208. Trevor

    If you can’t stop the run you can’t win an NFL game.

    • Big Mike


    • bmseattle

      You don’t touch the opposing QB even once…you can’t win an NFL game.

      • Big Mike


  209. sgtPeppy

    Can’t be playing two safeties deep, 20 yards back when they’re trying to run out the clock. Miss Kam

  210. ShowMeYourHawk

    Bryant getting beaten like a drum. He’s a liability in covering the middle of the field.

  211. Big Mike

    Our defense was dominated today

  212. Tony

    Pathetic d to end it. Nice.

  213. AlaskaHawk

    Bucs have had at least three open catches down the middle of the field.

    I like this German audience!

  214. Troy

    Better team wins this one…

  215. ShowMeYourHawk

    Dismal run defense today. Dismal.

  216. Denver Hawker

    This games seems decided by Bucs winning in the run game and our failure to do the same.

  217. Kyle R

    Would Mone or Collier made that much of a difference in the run game today for the D?

    • Peter

      Money? Think so

      Collier, meh

  218. AlaskaHawk

    You mess with the GOAT you get the horns.

  219. cha

    Darrell Taylor & Uchenna Nwosu barely heard from in this game.

    The interior DL got dominated.

    Diggs was Diggs.

    The offense didn’t adjust enough.

    Tampa had a better read on the field conditions than the Seahawks did.

    • pdway

      yeah – among other things – where was any pressure on Brady? they weren’t all quick throws.

      Even w all that momentum, our D coudn’t come close to stopping them on that final drive. If you don’t pressure Brady, he’ll make accurate throws all day.

      glad we made that little comeback at least, takes a bit of the sting out of losing a big nationally watched game.

  220. Henry Taylor

    That was a pretty deflating end to a decent comeback effort. Came out looking like shit, too little too late. Glad they have a bye to reset.

  221. AlaskaHawk

    It’s surprising but Geno Smith has a good QBR of 115 from this game. Better than Brady’s 111, though not as effective overall.

  222. Mick

    Win some, lose some, and I can have understanding for Bryant, Lucas and Cross, Walker and even Woolen not playing like they usually do. I have less understanding for our play call in the O, the fourth quarter looked way different, we couldn’t establish the run at all. And I have even less understanding for not being able to stop their run, it was almost like they didn’t prepare for it. Not sure it would have made much difference, but leaving Mone out wasn’t very smart. In the end, their D is way better than ours, they won the run and they were solid in the passing game, so if you get 2/3 and least tie in the third, you will win.

  223. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks missed an opportunity when Geno fumbled on the 10 yard line. But Tampa Bay made up for it by using Brady as a receiver and Woolen getting an interception. So that evened out.

    The defense only had one significant stop that I can remember, when they stopped the Bucs near their own end zone before the half. But couldn’t capitalize .

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