Instant reaction: Seahawks well beaten in Munich

Every week feels like a gauge on what the Seahawks really are and yet, ten weeks in, I’m not sure we still have any idea.

Clearly it’s been a season of defied expectations. Yet this game had a bit of everything. The extreme good and bad.

A defense incapable of stopping anything in the first half — but finding turnovers in the second to make a game of it. Yet when they needed one more stop to give the offense a chance, they couldn’t find it. They didn’t really come close.

Offensively it was a similar story. Awful in the first half. Geno Smith was flustered and his body language was poor in the first half. Just as he threatened to drive Seattle back into the game in the third quarter, he had a horrible fumble on a poorly timed QB-keeper.

Yet he ended strongly and with a couple of impressive scoring drives, suddenly found himself a defensive stop away from having a potential game-winning moment that sadly wasn’t to be.

Such was the one-sided nature until the end — by the time the third quarter ended with a long, punishing run by Rachaad White (dumping Quandre Diggs on his backside in the process) — it was almost a surprise to look up at the scoreboard and see it was only 14-3 to Tampa Bay. This felt like a blowout. A hammering. It was in every sense, apart from the scoreboard.

The Buccs ran at will — their offensive line actively shouting at the sideline to ‘let them eat’ they were dominating so much. That opened up the passing game and Tom Brady needed little invitation to dissect Seattle’s young secondary.

It feels when Seattle’s front can’t be disruptive everything else becomes completely exposed.

On offense this is the second week in a row where the offensive play-calling has started conservatively and produced pedestrian results. It didn’t cost them in Arizona because things opened up late in the game. Here, it took until half-time to get things going when they were already 14-0 down. By the time they’d got into a rhythm — unlike last week, they’d run out of time.

It did kind of leave you wondering what could’ve been.

The Seahawks are now 6-4 and facing the prospect of losing their NFC West lead during the bye (San Francisco will claim first place with wins against the Chargers and Cardinals). That record, to be fair, is still way beyond what anyone expected after ten weeks.

How they rebound from this in a fortnight will be telling. The next couple of games — against the Raiders (H) and Rams (A) — will reveal quite a lot.

Now — it could just be one of the days. The Seahawks have arguably earned the benefit of the doubt. They looked jaded and sloppy early in this game but they aren’t the first team who’ve suffered on one of these trips. There have been plenty of blowouts in London over the years and this is an even longer trip.

Either way, it was a long way to come to watch a mostly disappointing performance.

The instant reaction live stream will be a little less instant this week. I’m not sure what time I’ll be back at the hotel but stay tuned because we are doing a stream.



    No excuses! Out played in every facet except punting. But wow! Horrible field conditions.

    • Big Boi

      Bucs had 161 yards on the ground to our 39. Blaming the turf ain’t the answer here.

      • MCOHawk

        UM… what part of “no excuses” do you not understand? It was just an observation as to the field conditions. I am sure Bayern Munch FC will not be happy with how the NFL leaves their field!

      • LouieLouie

        The turf issue may have given a slight edge to Tampa Bay. They play on natural grass in Tampa Bay, and probably have more experience as to which cleats to wear on sloppy turf. It’s a small thing, but could have affected the Hawk’s d-line in run defense. The Hawks did change cleats later in the game and played better, but still couldn’t stop Tampa Bay’s run game late in the 4th quarter.

    • Austin Hall

      A field that poor is the great equalizer. Really not a whole lot to gather from this game other than the Hawks unsurprisingly aren’t suited to do well on a slow field.

  2. DriveByPoster

    I missed the first half of the game due to faily committments but the second half, & the fourth quarter in particular, the Seahawks seemed to really miss a quality pass rusher. I saw a lot of clean pockets for Tom Brady & that never not bodes well. But then, the Bucs also ran the ball down Seattles throat as well. Clearly there is some room for impovement on the D line.

    On the other side, one of the things that had me still a little sceptical about Geno was that he hasn’t really been put in a position where the game is on him late on. Say what you like about Russell Wilson but his ability to lead a fourth quarter comeback drive was outstanding. I thought Geno handled it well in the end. No, we didn’t win & he didn’t get a fourth quarter comeback win on his record, but I thought he ( the rest of the offense) did enough to make me stop worrying about it over much.

  3. Big Mike

    Did not like continually running Walker into the pile when TB was clearly focusing on stopping the run. As cha said in his pregame notes, they are very vulnerable to TEs and we didn’t take advantage of that until the 2nd half.
    Run D was utterly abysmal today against a team that has badly struggled to run the ball.

    • Big Mike

      Pete is gonna have to allow Waldron to open things up earlier in games. Every team is going to pay us like this imo.

    • Tony

      Why the hawks didn’t come out and dink and dunk using TEs heavy at the start is just baffling. It’s like the hawks out think themselves repeatedly.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes – they are reverting to Pete ball. Do nothing the first half and then go after the 4th quarter win. There is a reason why the previous QB has so many come from behind wins. The play calling ensured that!

      • Peter

        Of the many separations from a good seahawks team (which it still is) and a great team (which it isnt)

        Is this endless need to feel out a game.

        Why this isn’t 2012 is though we have some good/great wins and some killer individual performances this team rarely feels like it imposes its will on teams.

        • Marcus


          The team was mostly consistent in coming out of the gate with a solid plan to attack during their recent streak of wins. They obviously didn’t do that this time around and they, quite frankly, aren’t good enough (yet) to wait and react.

          However, I did like their offensive adjustments after the half. It just wasn’t enough with the Bucs imposing their will on the clock with their ground game.

          • Peter

            Disagree slightly.

            Against AZ though they eventually opened the doors and it didn’t feel close at the end the first half was slow and stodgy.

            When I bring up 2012 if people don’t recall at the end of the season Seattle hung 150 points on AZ, Buffalo, and the niners however unlike against Detroit this year they also only surrendered 30 points in that span.

            I don’t necessarily need the team to boat race teams. But I would like them to get a decent jump on a few teams and keep it the whole game. The adjustments have generally been good.

      • Big Mike

        Agree completely

  4. 12th chuck

    Lack of pass rush/qb hurries is a constant problem for years now, what a shame. chalk that into another loss. Can’t stop 3rd down conversions is another long-term problem. It was looking good for a few games at least.

  5. cha

    On offense this is the second week in a row where the offensive play-calling has started conservatively and produced pedestrian results. It didn’t cost them in Arizona because things opened up late in the game. Here, it took until half-time to get things going when they were already 14-0 down. By the time they’d got into a rhythm — unlike last week, they’d run out of time.

    Agree. It smells of 1-playing it safe and 2-letting the opponent dictate the pace of play.

    This is a regression to the old PC style – circle around them, let them jab at you but don’t take any shots. Then feel them out and adjust.

    You can’t rely on Brady to not be clutch late in the game. You just can’t.

    • Big Mike


  6. Peter

    Seahawks still on track for 10 wins. Much better than I could have hoped for.

    Good shot still at wining the west or getting a wild card spot. Doubt the nfc east sends three teams when all is said and done.

    Way too soft on defense. Not sure there’s a silver lining to this game.

    I know Rob has written great pieces about this draft and up til say Wednesday people were talking about a TE for this team as a possible first round pick….I guess if this team is going to go back to doing what they had been doing.

    On the one hand I don’t want Seattle to press at the draft. On the other with Harris, woods getting pretty old I think Seattle really needs some young blood on the interior dline.

    A linebacker or two. Any round.

    I get the rams system doesn’t care about interior oline….but this poster does.

    And a farewell to Diggs.

    • drrew76

      The silver lining is that the offense ended the game on an upswing.

      Had they been bad all game there would be 2 weeks to worry about whether the balloon popped or not.

    • LouieLouie

      Peter: You hit the nail on the head. At the beginning of the season most 12’s (including me) thought that 6 wins was the upside of the season. They had 6 winds with in 9 games. They have massively exceeded expectations. Who could have expected the grand-slam in the ’22 draft, and Geno Smith being anything more than a game manager being used until the QBOTF was taken with one of the two high first round draft picks we were expecting to have?

  7. ShowMeYourHawk

    We needed this game to have a shot at the division. Beating SF at home and two against a Rams team that still has talent is no easy task. I’m hoping for a high wild card, at this point.

  8. AlaskaHawk

    With San Fran picking up McCaffrey their offense is going to be even stronger than before. It’s a major upgrade.

  9. Ashish

    Hawks did show fight back after disappointing first half. Young team should learn from the experience its experience of brady which was difference. Goal line fumble by Geno was huge.

    • Peter

      Brady gonna Brady.

      The difference to me was letting the worst rush team in the league hit you upside the head for 160 plus yards on the ground.

      • Big Mike

        Agree completely Peter

    • AlaskaHawk

      Geno fumble was huge, but it was matched by Bucs throwing to Tom Brady. So it’s kind of a wash on stupid plays.

  10. Romeo A57

    We need to remember that we are in year one of “The Rebuild”. The Seahawks have already exceeded expectations this year but are not ready to complete for a championship. I have been critical of the local fans and media wanting to give all of the NFL awards to the Seahawks in November. I felt it was setting up eveyone for extreme disappointment. The fact is that the FO had a great offseason after multiple poor ones which is why we are in “The Rebuild” now. The 2022 rookie class looks really good but there are still multiple roster holes to be fixed. A game wrecker or two on defense plus upgrading the IOL has to be the next step.

    Go Seahawks!

    • Peter

      I’m way with you on the premature awards season that has been going around.

      Such a good season all in all but there needs to be a reality check.

      Still think based on how you parse it a case for geno to be comeback player.

      Schneider for gm if denver (probably) keeps falling off a cliff.

      I’ve enjoyed Pete playing Mr. Peanut more than the last few years but the coach of the year talk? I dunno. Siriani, still Daboll in the mix, the vikings coach possibly, Saleh possibly.

      And the geno mvp talk…..woof. that’s not to discredit his fun season.

      • Romeo A57

        I am just overall pleased that this team is much closer to competing then I expected 3 months ago. I wanted PCJS fired in the offseason but the start to this season has maybe changed my mind. Let’s see if they can make a playoffs push after the bye week.

        • Peter

          Exactly. Unless they fall off entirely which I don’t see this is a great groundwork they are laying for next year.

          Then as a fan? Just got to get a ticket to the dance.

    • LouieLouie

      Two thumbs up Romeo. I don’t think that Comeback Player of the Year and Coach or GM of the year are out of the question.

  11. Tony

    The early drive killing penalties, early conservative play(4thand 6 punt???), not focusing on stopping the run, not changing your cleats due to field conditions, turnover in redzone….

    So many issues to list.

    Wonder if the conservative play early in games also coincides with the team getting 1st place and taking foot off gas. Almost playing scared and not to lose.

  12. bmseattle

    After listening to Jeff (Simmons) talk about how poor the Bucs offensive line was (particularly the interior), I did *not* expect our defensive front to be so utterly dominated.

    No pass rush to speak of, and constantly pushed back off the ball on running plays.

    Of all the terrible parts of this game…and there were plenty… the play of our defense up front lost us this game.

  13. Roy Batty

    Rob, did Tampa appear to be burning the clock and going conservative in the 4th quarter, and were they in mostly prevent defense mode?

    I was just curious if the 4th quarter heroics by Seattle were a reflection of those two factors, opposed to a team suddenly figuring things out.

    Regardless, I’m not disheartened much by the loss. Sure, Tampa is not their dominant selves, but neither are the Hawks a team on the downturn. Every week I get more amped at the possibilities for the future. All those picks to come. All those rookies gaining wisdom and improving technique. All the renewed energy buzzing through this franchise. They are still solidly on the rise.

    On a side note, this game is the reason they shouldn’t extend Geno until after the season. This isn’t a foreboding of his impending implosion, but it is a reminder that he isn’t top tier. Maybe he bounces back and goes back to the same trajectory he was on. Maybe he falters and degrades back to average. We shall see. I have faith he will remain solid as the season progresses.

    Money is tight next year if they extend Geno, go after a good FA and do not cut/trade Diggs and a few other underperforming players. They need to continue this retool into 2023 with fresh faces to replace them. Stay on plan and let the new Hawks continue to emerge.

    • Rob Staton

      Rob, did Tampa appear to be burning the clock and going conservative in the 4th quarter, and were they in mostly prevent defense mode?

      I’m not sure, I think there was more space underneath so it’s possible. They seemed to move the pocket a fair bit too.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m of the opinion that if they don’t make a lowish offer for Geno Smith now, then they aren’t doing your job.

      This is the perfect time. Offer him 20 million guaranteed for next year. Or 30 million guaranteed for 2 years. Let them know you may not make the same offer after the season, it may be less and not guaranteed. Put the pressure on the agent.

      • Roy Batty

        Unless the 30 million is part of a 40+ million package, I’m not sure he would sign. There are A LOT of teams with dire QB situations, and only a couple of draft prospects good enough to possibly start day 1. On top of that, I don’t know of any good impending QB FA’s. Geno could gamble on himself and get a longer, bigger contract if his stats remain top 10 through the year.

        I still believe he remains a solid QB til the end of the season and re-signs with Seattle. The fit is too perfect for both parties. It’s just a matter of freeing up cap space so they aren’t pushing massive hits into the near future. After floundering from one bad situation to the next, he could very well concede a slight discount to Seattle, but it wouldn’t be much.

        • AlaskaHawk

          The point is that if your not trying to negotiate then you aren’t negotiating. We can all speculate about what he will do, but we don’t know. It’s all hot air until the money is on the table. 20 or 30 million guaranteed right now is worth a lot more than idle speculation about what might happen someday.

          The big thing to remember is it’s just a negotiation. One that the Seahawks have lost plenty of times – for instance with Clowney. It’s actually kind of insulting not to make him a low ball offer.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Just listening to your podcast, and your question to Pete Carroll about signing Geno Smith mid-season. Pete saying they would wait till end of the season and evaluate then.

            • Rob Staton

              Which is what they should do

              There’s no point bidding against yourself

              If he goes somewhere else for silly money, good luck to him

      • Louielouie

        Hey Alaska: Geno Smith knows what it’s like to wash out and fail with a team that isn’t a good fit. I think he will stay in 12-Land for a “reasonable” contract, and the Hawks won’t let him go elsewhere. It’s a win – win (no pun intended) situation.

  14. Joshua Smith

    I know they are professionals but something has to be said about starting a football game at 630am PST. That means they probably got up at what, 2a? I honestly don’t know when time they get up on a game day?
    But they came out looking flat, with Waldron calling an incredibly boring game to start. Looking exactly like the Pete ball team we’ve grown to hate. And why would you WANT to keep the game close when it’s Brady vs Geno. It’s still Tom Brady …
    I’m still trying to wake up myself but it felt so blah. The whole game until the last 10 minutes. The Bucs did what they could to make it a close game but other than a few late mistakes by them, they completely handled us.

    • Peter

      They got there on Wednesday.

      I don’t have anything that remotely looks like world class training and it took me one day to recover from jetlag and be nine hours ahead when I just went to Europe.

      Not saying it would have seemed normal for them but it shouldn’t have felt like 6:30 am.

      Plus if true it should have been rough for the bucs as well. Still a six hour swing for them.

      • Big Mike

        Bucs didn’t arrive til Friday. They didn’t look jet lagged.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          They have 3 hour advantage.

          Jet lag is a spectrum that ranges from knock you down in bed to barley perceptible. And everyone’s different.

          And at the world class level, on any given Sunday, barely perceptible might be enough.

          Like I said in my comment below, Geno was off today. Most — not many, most — of his passes were wobbly, or short, or long, or high, or… you get my point. From a QB who’s been League-best so far this season? How many passes has he thrown this year that surprised you? I can’t count how many for me, but I don’ think suddenly today he’s crap just because.

          And he’s not the only one. Just the most obvious one.

          I don’t think it’s unreasonable or unusual for top athletes to perform sub-optimally when their internal clock is 180º from normal. Or that it takes longer than 5 days for them to adjust.

          • Scandichawk

            This. I expected us to lose this game, or at least be at a big disadvantage energy-wise because of ‘body clock.’ It’s a big advantage for the east coast teams. I live in western Europe and travel a lot for work and leisure to the west coast, also the east coast. East coast either way for my family and I is maybe a couple days to adjust the body clock to the location time in Europe, or America. It’s pretty easy, also for my kids.

            West coast, that 9 hour difference is a real bitch. One needs to remember that in continental Europe, the day is ending…. when in the west the day is just beginning. 8AM on the west coast is 5pm in Western Europe. Your day is completely flipped inside/out. I read in The Seattle Times that the Seahawks went over on Thursday – I thought ‘that’s not smart.’ Rob’s comment about the team looking like they ‘didn’t have much energy’ at the half (paraphrasing) is exactly what I expected. West coast jet lag for my family and I is like getting hit over the head with an anvil – when the urge to sleep hits you it’s like a tsunami. You sleep walk through the first few days, trying not to fall asleep during the day. This was a 6:30 AM start time for the west coast players! Tough enough on its own, and for the Bucs it’s a 9:30AM start, not that bad. (pre-game, our players are probably up around 4AM for transpo to stadium, taping and warm up. Fisherman time.)

            The NFL should always have the American teams competing in Europe coming from the same time zone, west coast/west coast or east coast/east coast. I’ve done it so many times now I adjust my work schedule to not have meetings in the first few days if possible…. and try to adjust fully over a weekend.

            The good thing is that the Seahawks haven’t been over here long enough to really change their inner clocks to Western European time, so they’ll adjust back to west coast time pretty quickly.

      • Joshua Smith

        I would argue that you might be an outlier in terms of jetlag and being asked to perform at your best while having your sleep patterns being rocked. Changing your normal sleeping patterns doesn’t happen in a few days.
        I would also argue that 630a to 930a is a pretty big difference in terms of on field performance.
        Im not blaming the loss on the time difference. I’m trying explain the very blah performance AFTER playing so well for 4 straight games. And, yes, I believe that the time difference affected the Seahawks more then the Bucs. To be clear..the BUCS thoroughly out played the Hawks. Just trying to parse the game in my brain..

        • Peter

          That’s fair.

  15. Big Mike

    I know it’s likely Goddell doesn’t care, but maybe watching golden boy Brady slip and fall on his ass will nudge he and the powers that be to see to it that better field conditions prevail in these games (looking at you Mexico City).

  16. Ryan Purcell

    Both Mone and Collier were healthy scratches. Seems like we could have used some of that beef in there. We were hammered in the run game all day.

    • bmseattle

      I believe the theory was that we wanted quicker interior lineman, to get some pass rush in the middle of the line.
      The Bucs have been so bad at running the ball, we likely thought we could stop them anyway.

      Instead, we got zero pass rush and couldn’t stop the run either.

    • Hawkdawg

      Yeah, that gamble did not pay off. They could have used Mone. Run D would probably sucked less. But it was awful to watch as it was.

  17. 509 Chris

    This reminds me of the Buffalo game a couple years ago. The bucs haven’t been running well so Seattle’s defensive plan assumed they wouldn’t run. Mone is inactive, and when they come out run heavy we have no answer. In general I can’t figure out how the d line performed so poorly. Tampas line has been dinged up and terrible all year.

    • Big Mike

      Never thought of that but think you’re on to something.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe part of the problem is that when holes are opened up in the line the linebackers are blocked out of the play and aren’t there to fill the hole.

      • Mick

        Not the first time today that I see our opponents block Brooks and there goes our run D. We need more depth at LB.

        • 509 Chris

          Absolutely the case. It’s a better problem to have than many though. A couple pieces away kind of thing. The coaching problems however are much harder to fix. I’m excited for a lot about the staff now but the same problems keep popping up. I’m so tired of the punts at the 40.

  18. mantis

    the Hawks played like a young team that has won 4 in a row, they just thought they had to show up, if they learned a lesson from it, the loss might be worth it

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    This team will only go as far as their poor tackling will allow. It’s the main anchor holding them back.

    How many missed TFLs in this game? More than a handful I think. How many yards after contact for White and Fournette?

    Not the only problem today be sure, but I think it’s fair to consider the 6:30am game time as a factor.

    For example it was Geno’s worst game of the season, splash plays notwithstanding. Most of his throws were off. He missed high, behind, low. A bunch of lame duck spirals. This from a guy whose passing accuracy thus far has been, in a word, surgical. Additionally, his decision making was, at times, “classic Geno”.

    But I bet playing a prime time playoff atmosphere NFL game at 6:30am instead of 6:30pm might make you a little off.

    The “no excuses” crowd can bugger off. I’m not making excuses. I’m looking for explanations.

    Also on defense, any team playing Tom Brady will only go as far as their D can generate pressure without blitzing. If you give him more than 4 seconds, he’ll pick you apart like he did today. If you blitz him, he’ll kill you with his legendary quick release. His dink and dunk to counter the blitz is death by a 1000 cuts. At least they didn’t try blitzing him.

    But they did forget to pack the pass rush. The Buccs OL is a poor unit. And we made them look solid today.

    Overall, despite the frustrating nature of the game, it was enormously entertaining. The splash plays on offense, the takeaways on defense — good on ya Cody Barton for your best overall game as a Seahawk. Right as Brady was taking the snap after Brooks went out I said to myself this game is over. Couldn’t stop em with Brooks, there’s no way we can stop em without him and literally as I finish that thought Barton makes his INT.

    Shut me the hell up.

  20. Justaguy

    My quick take is DK Metcalf is not involved enough

    • Peter

      He’s on pace for 81 receptions. Second highest total in a season.

      987 yards. Not outstanding but pretty good. 7 tds.

      Just from viewing they seem to be using DK a good amount. Just differently. Looks to me it’s a lot more move the chains and less wide open let him run style plays.

      • Roy Batty

        There are a few games left on the schedule where he could very well pad his stats. Raiders and Panthers could both easily be 100 yard games for him. I would be shocked, especially if Goodwin is playing, if he didn’t ball out.

        A good 3rd WR against those two teams would free up some safety coverage on DK.

  21. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Broncos ruled out WR Jerry Jeudy due to an ankle injury.

    Shame that. Probably won’t make it easier to beat the Titans

    • Roy Batty

      Looks like they’re stacking the box on Henry, containing him. Hopefully they get tired like the Hawks did and Henry feasts in the 2nd half.

      • 206

        At the titans game right now

        • Roy Batty

          What a glorious finish.

  22. AlaskaHawk

    Let’s not forget DJ Dallas and his nonexistent punt returns.

    Also amazed that Geno Smith has a higher QBR than Tom Brady after that game. 115 to 111 QBR. Maybe they don’t count fumbles

    • Mick

      Brady has an INT (and that magic play as a WR).

  23. Rob Staton

    We are live streaming now — join us

    Video posted in the article

  24. Bradley

    I think this game kind of showed us who the seahawks are. In the first half they couldn’t run the ball and that meant they were behind the chains and Geno got flustered (we’re a good offense, not great, so that’s what we are). The defence couldn’t stop the run (this was the ‘weird’ part, don’t know what happened there). In the second half we changed tactics and became exactly the offense we can be at our best). Defensively we improved but weren’t quite good enough (which is what we are). I think this game pretty much showed us what we are, with the exception of run defence – we’ll have to see if that’s a trend.

  25. Rob Staton

    Can I just say — as disappointing as the result of the game was, that was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

    The crowd, the stadium, the opportunity to be there in a media capacity, the chance to ask Pete Carroll a couple of questions.

    Just a pleasure.

    • Peter

      You getting to ask carrol questions ruled

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Indeed. Even from thousands of miles away

    • TomLPDX


  26. Big Mike

    Vikings just ran a beautiful misdirection that led to a touchdown and it made me stop and wonder where were our misdirection plays today? Is the Tampa Bay defense simply too quick and too disciplined for those to work?

  27. Ukhawk

    Same here.

    Was a great day and weekend all around. Munich did a great job hosting, fans were very friendly and fun to be with. Loved the atmosphere and really positive crowd in terms of cheers, waves and songs. Met fans from Switzerland, Israel and all over.

    Yes, they could’ve played better, more aggressively but it’s a young team with some growing to do.

  28. Robbie

    UNREAL finish for Bills vs Vikings

    • Robbie

      WOW and it’s not even over LOL

      • Big Mike

        Absolutely insane

        • TomLPDX

          I love it! Go Bills, screw the Vikings!

          • Big Mike

            With you there Tom

  29. Big Mike

    Denver lost

    • TomLPDX


  30. Blitzy the Clown

    Thanks to the Titans, Tankathon has our Denver pick at 7. That’s in range to trade up into the top 5 for our native R1 + depending how high up.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      IMO team needs as follows

      DL/DT and QB

      ILB, IOL, S, WR

      RB, OLB/DE, TE, PR/KR

      I wouldn’t advocate trading up for either Jalen Carter or Will Anderson. But I would take either at 7 (in that order of preference) if neither Levis or Richardson are available.

      I would trade up for either Levis or Richardson. While I still think Levis is the top QB in this class, the most pro-ready with the highest floor, I’m becoming more and more convinced Richardson is so special that he’s worth the gamble over Levis. I’ve seen all of his games this year and I see growth over the course of the season that make me very bullish on him. And that growth is multidimensional.

      I think Rob said in a recent comment that he wouldn’t be surprised if Richardson is working himself into the #1 pick. I agree. But I think it will either be him or Levis to go 1-2. Just wait until underwear olympics season. Richardson and Levis are going to be the guys.

      I think I’m a pass on CJ Stroud or Bryce Young unless it’s with Seattle’s native R1 pick, provided it’s in the late teens/early 20s range. I wouldn’t be opposed to taking a chance on Bryce Young with our OTs, but I would only want him if they pick one of the top centers with one of their 3 R2/R3 picks.

      And none of this “wrestling type” little guy that fits a scheme bollocks. Go and get the best C on the board regardless of his size or type. And then use one of the other R2/R3 picks on a RB.

      I wouldn’t be as concerned about Young’s size with an OL like ours provided we have the C to match the OTs. That combined with a strong running game with Walker and one of Charbonnet or Gibbs in R2 or Rodriguez or MacIntosh in R3 (very different RBs but just an example of talent and range), would do a lot to minimize hits.

      I wouldn’t love it but I wouldn’t hate it. And I think I’d prefer Young to Stroud.

      • Elmer

        I would put IOL into the primary group as well.

    • Roy Batty

      They only have two bad teams left to play, and those teams are not gimmes for this Broncos iteration. The rest of their schedule is brutal. His sack total may approach record levels for that franchise. And Jeudy might be out for the year.

      On top of his bad play, bad coaching and general malaise of the fan base, other bad teams in the league continue to gift wins to each other. That trend may very well make their pick our first top 5 in a long, long time.

      And the NFC, in general, isn’t looking so hot for the foreseeable future. This franchise could set itself up to become something special.

      • BK26

        That is what I want: set up for a few years. To get back to knowing that we are seriously competing and having a chance every year.

  31. Trevor

    If the Hawks had Denver’s defense they would be a Super Bowl contender.

  32. Hawks4life

    This Bills Vikings game is amazing!

    • TomLPDX

      That was a fun game.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes – very entertaining.

  33. Peppapig

    Russ looked demoralised.
    Tankathon has the Seahawks picking Levis.😆

    • TomLPDX

      Or at least Richardson.

    • Elmer

      In his first 7 pass attempts RW had 1 completion.

  34. Not so big Mike

    Rob thanks for the work you do for us it’s greatly appreciated. I have a question about Calijah Kancey how would you compare his game to Ed Oliver ? I know they’re similar in size what about their play ?

    • Big Mike

      Love your user name 😀

      • TomLPDX

        I thought that was you Big Mike, being snarky.

        • Big Mike

          Nope. I’m not that creative. 🙁

      • Not so big Mike

        It’s a shout out to you

        • Big Mike

          Appreciate that. I come by the name honestly, I’m 6’6″ 265 lbs

          • Roy Batty

            So it’s not a reverse Robin Hood thingy?

            You aren’t actually 5’2”, 129 pounds.

            • Big Mike


              • Big Mike

                TomLPDX and I will get together one of these days for a beer and he’ll be able to vouch for me. 🙂

                • TomLPDX

                  My bad, big Mike…let’s make it happen! Any other Portland/Vancouver fans here?

                • God of Thunder

                  What? “a” beer? And you call yourself Big Mike?🤣🍻

            • bmseattle

              Who’s next?
              “Size doesn’t matter Mike”?

              • 509 Chris

                I always pictured Big Mike to be a small dude. Ironic names always make me laugh. He’s a zags fan though so he’s good in my book either way!

                • Chris

                  Medium Mike

  35. Big Mike

    Buffalo will not go to the Super Bowl this year. Too many games lost late, 4th red zone interception by Allen in the last 2 weeks. They just keep finding ways to lose when then game is on the line. These things will take up residence in their heads and if you can’t win close games, you ain’t going to the big game.

  36. DC

    After watching the highlights, Brady picked on our LBs and kept hitting passes right behind them. Aside from Barton’s picks, both him and Brooks were liabilities in the pass game, but also our pass rush wasn’t great. Also Diggs is a net negative still.

  37. AlaskaHawk

    Rob – while your teasing us about a big board – could you throw in your favorite long shot 7th round quarterback picks? Just curious who you favor, or perhaps if it’s PAC QBs for the end of the draft.

    • TomLPDX

      I’m really looking forward to the Big Board.

    • Luis

      Longshot for late round QB was Grayson McCall. He looked like the best QB in the world though against **very weak** competition. However, he got injured and out for the season and now it’s not even given that he will declare for the draft. Probably plays his senior year and maybe even enter the transfer portal to increase his stock.

  38. Simon McInnes

    Consoling myself with the CFL conference finals. Eastern final was good fun, and the Western has started well too.

  39. Ashish

    Anyone noticed the field was not great many players tripped. Same Sh!t like Arizona? I failed to understand why ground staff are not learning to adjust what spike players need ahead of game?

    • Rob Staton

      The field was terrible

  40. Robbie

    ok I have to admit, I’m this petty. But I went to some Broncos fan forums to read thoughts about Wilson…….not good. Calling it the biggest fleece trade ever and wanting to know what the return policy is 🙂 lol. I know I know…it’s petty but it just shows the grass ain’t always greener there Russ.

    • Peter

      Fingers crossed broncos fans stop acting like half baked Dallas fans and that they are some great legacy that got duped. They are not.

      They’re a big obnoxious fan base with no real regional rival to take up space. Got fleeced? Russ sucks and so does their coach. Heck maybe so does tge GM.

      Alternately can’t wait for Seattle to hold the Lombardi by ’24 or 25′ or this trade…..won’t have mattered one iota…. as this great draft class will either be getting paid big old bucks or heading to free agency.

    • JimQ

      I predict we will soon hear a new RW quote: ” I didn’t really know how good I had it in Seattle”.

      • TomLPDX

        I think we already heard it….

    • Balint

      I watched the Broncos game this weekend. And it was so painfull. 2 really bad offenses.
      Wilson’s situation was everything but enviable. Immediately collapsing O-line in half of the snaps with nr 3 center and nr 3 and 4 offensive tackles trying to keep the Titans D-line, which was also without their 2 best members.
      I barely see any receivers getting open when they used skycam. Non-existing running game. And also the terrible playcallings.
      This forum embraced the trenches million times so rightfully. Wilson maybe over his prime, but his O-line the playcalling of his coach is even worse than he ever had in Seattle.
      I am just so happy that we have 2 promising starting caliber OT’s in Lucas and Cross!

  41. Peter

    Hackett should/will probably get the axe soon.

    But if McDaniels can’t beat the fighting Jeff Saturdays he should have his office packed up tomorrow morning.

    • Big Mike


    • Big Mike

      Thing is, Mark Davis has less money than any other NFL owner and I don’t think he can afford to fire him and pay him for like 3 years to not coach. Which btw, may benefit our team in a few weeks when we play them if they’ve quit on him.

      • Big Mike

        And the Raiders did lose. Just wow.

        • Peter

          McDaniels needs to send Hackett a nice card thanking him for being a bigger national talking point.

      • 12th chuck

        there is a possibility that he might pay Jon Gruden some money as well, lawsuits been filed

  42. Big Mike

    Rams losing to the Cards by 14 at the half. Man if they don’t come back, the collapse will be in full swing. Can we PLEASE beat them this year Pete?

    • Peter

      Exactly. What a year to catch the rams.

    • Robbie

      And to a Kyler Murray-less team. All Colt McCoy does is Win LOL

      • Big Mike

        Rams don’t have Stafford either. But yeah, freakin’ McCoy man. I’m still pissed about that loss to the Giants with him at QB a couple of years ago.

        • Luis

          And then he beat us again with Arizona. And before that, he was the backup QB for Washington when they beat us. Good thing we already sweeper the little beaks.

      • Robbie

        I didn’t realize John Wolford was starting for the Rams….I’ll see myself out.

        • Big Mike

          Please don’t. It’s n ice to have someone to talk ball with. The wife is busy paying no attention whatsoever to the game I’m watching.

          • TomLPDX

            I’m only getting the Cowboys/Packers game here. Would have rather watched the Rams/Cards but not available. I hope the Rams get their ass kicked!

      • Rushless pass

        Colt McCoy is a stone cold killer

  43. Big Mike

    By the way, I’d like to point out that the NFL once again handed the stealers an easy win by making the Saints play Monday night and then travel to play the stealers early on Sunday while the stealers were coming off a bye and had 2 weeks to rest. Earlier this year they conveniently scheduled them to play in Miami a night game so they wouldn’t have to wear their black uniforms in humid, 90 degree full sun weather in Miami.
    If you think these things are mere coincidence, I have some fabulous ocean front property in Nebraska I’ll sell you.

    • Luis

      As scheduling Tom Brady’s international game against a West Coast team.

  44. BobbyK

    Best part of the day was the Broncos losing. I don’t hold any ill feelings towards Wilson and I’ll probably wish him well in ’24… but I really want those two Broncos picks to be as high as possible in the 1st and 2nd rounds.

    • Rob Staton


    • 12th chuck

      same with you BobbyK, it is sad to know that he is tarnishing a long h.o.f trajectory career that he had here

    • Julian L

      The idea that the Broncos won’t deliver us a Top 5 pick, resonates of what we have in the English Premier League of when there’s talk of teams being too good to go down, who are then subsequently relegated!

      The Broncos are crazily close currently to given the Seahawks a Top2 pick, according to Tankathon, another Raiders, win, with a Broncos loss (and they beat the 49ers remember!) and they’d be in the position giving up the Second Pick overall!

  45. cha

    Heck yeah for Calijah Kancey.

  46. Palatypus

    Raiders got taken to Saturday School. Just like The Breakfast Club.

    Also, if Kwity Paye is the leader of your defense, does that make them a bunch of Kwitters?

    I’ve long thought that name sounded like a Damon Wayans character.

  47. GoHawksDani

    They should be ashamed. Especially Pete, but that ***** will probably say: “It was close, we just didn’t start quick enough”…duhh, until like Q4.
    I really try to like PC, but stupid moves like this makes impossible.
    And I put the H1 gameplan mostly on him. On offense for sure.
    I have no idea on D#. The unit played awesome lately. Now they were awful. Just embarassing. No run defense, no passrush, bad pass D. Only Brooks and Harris came to play. Rest of the guys were bad to awful. Kudos to Barton for the INT although that was a bad throw from the NFL’s golden boy, but nice hands. Diggs is the worst. That dude does NOTHING.
    On offense this OL is mediocre. I know everyone is head over heels from the OTs…and they’re rookies and I give them that the passblocking is pretty good but they suck at run blocking. But the OTs are the less of an issue. The iOL is awful and it was for every game. Like almost 0 real holes for interior runs. Blythe is so bad it hurts. Lewis is completely broken the other OG whoever plays right now sucks too.
    And I don’t think K9 will be someone special. He dances too much. It might be because the OL sucks but I never saw him hit the hole quick. He always make a cut or stop’n’go or do something around the LoS. It can be that there are no holes like ever or he can’t get skinny or no idea, but unless he breaks free with speed he’s between 0 and 2 yards. If that’s the case we could use Goodwin for RB.
    DK had good catches but that boneheaded flag for cursing the official or whatever 🤦‍♂️ They didn’t use Lockett enough and why not throw some to the TEs in H1?
    And what the heck is up with the time management? It wasn’t an issue…but delay of game then time out??? And Geno could’ve get 2-3 delay of game flags. Why not go up-tempo earlier?

    Ugh, sloppy disgusting game. Flight to home is not short but I hope it’ll even feel longer for them after this “game”

    • Rob Staton


      • TomLPDX

        Thanks Rob. Geez…

    • Peter

      I know the loss sucked but Walker is special.

      On pace for 997 yards. 12 tds.

      And he wasn’t even the starter.

      • Luis

        I don’t expect KW3 to be a Hall of Famer, but he’s still a rookie and will learn when to dance and when to pound. Even the not so good case scenario, he becomes a Le’Veon Bell type, who also loved to dance, but was solid, sometimes a difference maker.

    • BobbyK

      I hope you got that out of your system and tomorrow you realize:

      KW3 is already special. He’s a stud. Barry Sanders had statistical days like KW3 did today.

      I’m not going to complain about the rookie OTs one bit. They’re good. I’d be willing to bet every NFL team would trade OT situations with us in the NFL – in part knowing their age and their contracts are modestly under team control for years ahead.

      I think the early start hurt the Seahawks more than it did the Bucs because they’re a number of time zones closer to Germany. Not an excuse, just saying after 4 wins in a row… a game like this can happen.

      Yes – DK can be a fool. A talented one, but not someone I have an over abundance of respect for as a leader by example. But there’s an awful lot of good.

      If the Whiners lose tonight (down at half), we’re in 1st place no matter what when we play again. I never would have thought that possible.

      I know you’re mad… but I honestly didn’t care because I prepared myself for this to be a worthless, wasted season. The fact it’s mid-November and you’re that worked up about the game… that’s actually a good thing.

      • Peter

        Nailed it on the tackles. Two starters. One solid to good. The other with real big time potential.

        • Big Mike

          Nailed it on DK too Bobby

      • GoHawksDani

        Yep, I was pretty mad. If they’d suck I’d be OK with this. But this was an easily winnable game and they dropped the ball (like the peacock did so many times). They seemed disinterested which triggers me.
        Walker could be good, but doesn’t feel like a given. Maybe need more time, but for my taste there are too many 0-2 yard runs. I’d rather have a Carson-type (with better stamina) who won’t break a 50-60 yard run ever but won’t have a start like 7 runs 9 yards. Feels like Walker is a dynamic RB2 who can run on 1&10 sometimes and 3rd downs where you either try to run big or make a screen or need to passblock. Like an A+ Travis Homer. I want a Nick Chubb. Maybe Walker can be that or maybe we need another guy for 3rd&1-2-3s
        Rookie OTs might be pretty good. But I’m not a fan of the current run game. Sure 10-20-30 yard runs are great but I don’t trust K9 or this OL to make a 3rd and 1-2 with a run…which is sad
        As for DK…or others…I just hate unecessary penalties.
        I thought this would be a 4 win season. I’m not angry because of the lost game. I’m angry because of how they lose. But yeah, I was mad yesterday. Not saying I feel totally different, but maybe I should trust more the young players

    • Romeo A57

      Geez and I thought that I was a Seahawks pessimist. They have already exceeded expectations for the year and are further along to being able to compete for a championship than anyone thought. If you thought at any point this year that they could make a deep playoff run then you were going to be severely disappointed. This year is just a setup for success in future seasons. They still have too many roster holes.

  48. AlaskaHawk

    Other than the Seahawks game it’s been a great day of football on national TV with two games going to overtime. I enjoyed watching the Vikings beat up the Bills. And Dallas getting taken down a notch by Green Bay.

    • pdway

      super clutch game by Rodgers and the Packers. may not end up saving their season, but felt like another loss was about the end of it. as ambivalent as I am about the Packers in general, I found myself rooting for them.

      • Simon McInnes

        Root for anyone playing the Cowboys

    • AlaskaHawk

      I was rooting for the winning teams both times! And now I’m hoping the Chargers screw our division rival 49ers up!

      • TomLPDX

        I have a feeling they will

  49. 12th chuck

    hearing Jarron Reeds name help the packers today, is a little salty. Wish he was still here, and would’ve definitely help on days like today

  50. TomLPDX

    Go Chargers!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Hmpphhh – 49ers offense is heating up and they got a lot of weapons.

  51. cha

    Khalil Mack almost single-handedly took that drive over.

  52. Romeo A57

    I was just about to post something similar. He is exactly what the Seahawks need. I would trade our starting front seven just for him.

  53. 509 Chris

    Before the season I was really hoping Denver would fall flat, Russ would under deliver, and that pick would be high. (I didn’t think it was likely but also wasn’t putting Denver as a superbowl favorite) I have to admit though watching it happen hasn’t given me much pleasure. I know Russ is kind of a douche and super corny, but that was our guy. Really hoping another coach can get him back to form. While it does now seem like Pete knew a few things the world didn’t, you can’t fabricate his success with coaching or masking. Pete is not a qb whisperer, Russ really was good.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They were like an old married couple that couldn’t agree on anything. They should have parted ways before the last contract – which ended up costing the Seahawks a lot. But hindsight is 20/20. I’m not saying anything about talent and abilities – it just wasn’t working anymore.

    • AlaskaHawk

      As long as I’m ranting – the whole Adams pickup and contract was a direct result of trying to keep Wilson happy and give Pete another shot at the superbowl. Just one more key player! Well that didn’t work out at all.

      • BobbyK

        Worst Seahawks trade in over 40 years. Not even close. At least Percy ran a kickoff back for a TD in the Super Bowl.

    • Peter

      Good for us for the great picks. Extra picks from Denver really got this thing going the last time and looks to have done so again.

      Agree with Alaska they should have parted sooner.

      In unrelated news I worry for burrows that he is going to get David Carr’ed like the former qb here did do to himself and the atrocious line that we used to watch.

      Watched a long breakdown of Denver today. Hackett should be let go. Maybe the former qb is cooked. Probably. Possibly. But they guy has no clue what he is doing as a coach. Featuring Gordon who actually sucks. Running tons of shotgun with third string oline. Not practicing during the bye. Etc. Etc.

      Like I said before. McDaniels should thank Hackett for being a bigger screw up story. And Hackett should thank Wilson and his weirdness for taking the broncos sucking off Hacketts shoulders and onto Wilson’s high knees.

  54. AlaskaHawk

    I was hoping the 49ers would lose but no such luck. They are going to be our main competition for the Division. And they look pretty darn good.

    • Peter

      If Seattle shows up like today than any game I thought might be winnable is going to be a nail biter.

      I haven’t seen one thing from the niners this year that makes me think they are better than the seahawks that just got the glowing (rightfully so) second quarter grades from Cha.

      Just hope they can find that form after the bye.

  55. Romeo A57

    I think that you are forgetting that the Seahawks and niners already played this year and Seattle got their ass kicked. The Seahawks offense looked like the Chargers in the second half tonight, absolutely dreadful.

    Of the seven remaining games, thev niners and chiefs games look real tough but the other 5 are winnable. Hopefully the rams keep sucking and the Seahawks can win a game or 2 against them.

    • Big Mike

      If the Hawks win 3 of those 5 winnable ones they obviously get to 9-8. Win 4 of them or surprise by beating KC or SF (more likely cuz it’s a short week at home) and 10-7. I think that gets the team a wild card. A playoff berth for these young guys would be invaluable in team development. Can’t play like yesterday though..

      • Ashish

        Great point Big Mike. Just getting experience playing play off game will mean something to this young team. We do carried away with good performance and expect more which is fine. I’m sure Sunday’s loss will help team grow and If PC started poking around offense is the result of bad first half, he needs to kick out from the game plan meetings.

  56. Forrest

    This was a great game to have before the bye, as we got exposed in a number of areas. The Bucs came in with the plan to exploit our weaknesses on defense: specifically Cody Barton in the run and Mike Jackson in the passing game. In the first half, it looked like they planned runs that depended on the middle linebacker to make plays. Then they put Evans on Jackson, creating a mismatch. Our defensive line also looked old and slow. On play after play where initial contact was made at the line, the Bucs got 2 or 3 more yards.

    On offense, the Bucs planned to stop the run and take away the deep pass. It took a whole half of football before the the Hawks adjusted and took the short passes that were offered.

    We continue to watch Barton seeing ghosts, taking bad angles and getting swallowed up, Diggs missing tackles that shouldn’t happen for a man with his contract size and DJ Dallas proving we need a better returner. Mike Jackson also needs to be upgraded and the D line needs to get younger and better.

    • Peter

      Mike Jackson needs an upgrade? Wasn’t he borderline tge unsung hero of last week’s victory?

      Dline needs a major upgrade. This off-season. In the Pete Carrol era it’s almost always been a collection of bodies. Whether it’s a freaky player like Bennett was that could play all over for 75% of snaps and be good in pass and run or if it’s a more traditional big guy that can move double teams it’s my big dream this draft.

      • 509 Chris

        Ya Jackson has a bad game and someone wants to run him out of town? Pump the brakes. What’s he getting paid anyway? (A quick search online says $825,000)I’d say we’ve gotten amazing value there. I thought this game had the makings of a trap. Take the lumps and move on. Maybe that loss can be avenged in the playoffs!

  57. Noah Parker

    Pass rush got totally exposed. Gawd, did we even have a pressure? Run game looked weak.. what did you see there? Vita just owning the interior or was there a particular OLineman that struggled to block the run today?. Me no likey…. scary if this begins to trend. Please tell me it will NOT….

    • Peter

      It’s not a trend yet. But it is a worry for me about how important interior oline is and how Seattle goes about fixing it.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’ve seen enough of the “wrestler type” C that features in the McVeigh/Rams’ offensive scheme.

        Maybe it’s ok if a team lacks the draft capital or cap space or whatever to add a proper C (like Seattle did in the last offseason).

        But C is a huge need on this team, probably behind only DT and a long term QB solution. And we have the capital and the prospect field in this draft to fix that hole.

        • Peter

          Agreed. Center that can move the trenches is preferred over this approach.

  58. JC

    I think once we heard Brady on the podcast complaining about the Bucs’ effort, we were most likely going to get their best shot this season, or much less likely given Tom’s stature, they’d tune out Brady and resent his comments… we got the former. It probably required nearly no mistakes to pull that out, so the Geno fumble was brutal, the DK magic words to the ref could have been brutal, who knows what could have been the result of the Lewis PF that killed their lone first half drive of substance, and the D took a step back. I’m happy Pete and Shane recognized the run game was about pointless and didn’t wed themselves to it.

  59. RedHawks

    Good performance by Tampa – kept Seattle off balance for long stretches.

    At this point, I sort of see our draft fate looking something like:

    Seahawks: 9-8 (17th)
    Broncos: 6-11 (6th)

    Obv guesswork, but that is sort of how I see it atm. Probably out of range of the top 2/3 QB, which I think we’ve sort of been preparing for now.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      9-8???? You really think Seattle will win only 3 more games?

      I’ll take that bet.

      I don’t think you’re alone, though. I’m surprised by how many of us still think that Seattle really isn’t that good and the game in Germany exposed this.

      Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, but I think it’s incorrect not to see the particular problem of a 6:30am game start, combined with a poor pitch.

      But it’s the same game time and turf for the Bucs you say?

      Not so, I say. Bucs’ game time was 9:30am, not 6:30. Also, the Bucs play on natural grass at Raymond James. Not Seattle in Lumen.

      Anyway, not trying to pick on you specifically.

      • Peter

        I think four more wins.

        I’m dubious of start times and pitches.

        I think Seattle has a soft dline and made errors setting their roster.

        Maybe it’s time and pitch.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          But it’s the same DL that was pretty dominant vs the run the past 3 weeks.

          And Tampa Bay were the worst rushing team in the League going into the game, and by a wide margin.

          I’ve been saying, and I’m not the only one, that DT is the team’s number one need in the upcoming draft, so the soft DL is acknowledged.

          But again, it’s the same DL that all but shut down Saquon Barkley, Austin Ekeler and James Conner the previous 3 weeks.

          So if not time and pitch, what then?

          • Peter

            Mone was inactive against the bucs. So it’s a little different.

            I just love tge time and pitch argument. Athletes at the Olympics, the world cup, and in cycling compete in sub optimal conditions all over and I’m sure that effects them greatly but it can’t be the sole reason they are thwarted.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              I think we may be talking crossways but agree

              Not saying time and pitch are the sole reason Seattle lost. Nor is it some sort of excuse. Good teams find a way to win.

              But the poor condition of the pitch amplified the weakness of our DL, which recently has relied on single gap upfield aggressiveness.

              Poor pitch also attenuated (eliminated?) Walker’s cheat code level agility. Sure Blythe was a hot mess and Vea is a true two gap plugging monster. But ain’t nothin for Walker to bounce outside and reach the second level. That’s his bread and butter. But not on that surface.

              Anyway, we’ll know more in two weeks.

              • Peter

                Words, man they can be tricky.

                Meant to say “i don’t love the argument.”

                But instead made a wiseass comment.

                My bad.

                • Blitzy the Clown

                  Not at all man. We good.

                  And I’m not trying to be a homer defending my team from any criticism.

                  I’ll say it again, good teams win.

                  Another reason why Walker couldn’t get going is Devin White. And Lavonte David. Now that’s a LB core.

                  TBB are strong on their D where we’re weakest on ours.

        • Henry Taylor

          10-7 feels right to me. Some wiggle room to get to 11 though

          W LV Should beat a hapless team that can’t finish and lost to Jeff Saturday
          L @LAR I still fear this game more than any other on the schedule
          W CAR They aren’t very good
          W SF Big game, revenge game. Home team on a Thursday Night works in our favour
          L @KC They are very good
          L NYJ Feels like one that we might get beat up in the trenches and lose frustratingly
          W LAR I imagine they’ll be out the running by this point and have one eye on their summer plans

      • RedHawks

        They have a pretty tough schedule down the stretch, but I would equally not be surprised with 11 wins tbf.. the NFL is really whacky atm.. I would not have thought Green Bay would win… that Vikings-Bills game was insane… Detroit winning 2 in a row suddenly again… I don’t actually subscribe to the Bucs game being particularly indicative of anything, although maybe blitzing more unpredictably and often is smart move against Gino – its more just the simple schedule and I also think a little bit of regression to the mean (maybe Hawks aren’t an 8-3 team and maybe Rams aren’t quite as bad as we have seen, for example).

  60. Mr Magic

    well that sucked and we were still right there. If Brooks doesn’t slip on that 3rd and 9 we have the ball with 2 minutes+ a few time outs down 5 with momentum. Happens. Field was atrocious but cant blame that, if anything that kept it closer in first half. NFL however should have serious issues with that. THe Germanic folk seemed to enjoy it however, so that is good.

    Hey we are 6-4 into bye, get rested, beat up on LV in 2 weeks and we are back on track.

    • Peter


      While the nfc is falling apart.

      As long as that game stays in Munich I think the team is still doing pretty well.

      • Mr Magic

        yep and it seems there are 7 good teams in the NFC and 7 teams make the playoffs… im confident we make the playoffs and end up with 10-11 wins.

    • Pran

      There is no excuse for the filed. Bucks managed but Seahawks could not.

      Problem is with game plan. one of the worst run offense ran over our D while our best run offense cannot run over a faltering Bucks run D(over the last few weeks).

  61. Peter

    Alright Rob.

    It’s not like you’re busy with travel. A job. A wife. Kids. A life. (I kid)

    Horizontal board week?

    Very excited to start looking at it.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It would be fun to start some sort of fan guessing pool on who and where players will appear on his board. We could have a list of 100 players and let people put them on their own board. Closest one to Rob gets a gold crown by their name.

    • cha

      Give Rob a week off. He’s been tortured by the most vicious sadist in the German army.

      His commanding officer would have to be stark raving mad to refuse his request.


    • Rob Staton

      Might publish it today

      I’ve written 4000 accompanying words already in the airport

      I’m back home now so will get working on it again. It’s going to be a behemoth of an article

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Four thousand words [insert Homer drool meme]

  62. JimQ

    Due to the fact that the Seahawks NEED to upgrade the LB position in the coming draft, here are a few 2022
    “Statistically productive” LB’s that may be of some interest to the Seahawks?

    LB-Drew Sanders (45), Arkansas, 6-5/233, 2022: 10-games, 86-tkls, 12.0-TFL, 8.5-sacks, 3-PBU, 6-QBH, 3-FF. — Currently projected to go in mid-Rd-2 – (Productive, Good size, long, speed=?) One to watch?

    LB-Ivan Pace Jr. (132), Cincinnati, 6-0/235, 2022: 10-games,98-tkls, 19-TFL, 9.0-sacks, 3-PBU, 6-QBH, 2-FF
    — Currently projected to go in Rd-4 (undersized but likely really twitchy, w/motor like Lofa?)

    LB-Jacoby Windmon (198), Michigan St. 6-2/250, 2022: 8-games 49-tkls, 10.5-TFL, 5.5-sacks, 2-PBU, 5-FF,
    — Currently projected to go in Rd-6 (decent size, speed = ?, Combine important, will his game convert?)

    LB-Nick Herbig (195), Wisconsin, 6-2/228, 2022: 9 games, 42-tkls, 15,5-TFL, 11-sacks, 2-PD, 2-FF
    — Currently projected to go in Rd-6 (underrated? a real sleeper on day-3?)

  63. Ross

    Hey Rob, i don’t watch a lot of college FB but I tuned in to watch UW vs OR. Is Bucky Irving an NFL prospect at this point? He’s a little small at 195 lbs, but he looked almost unstoppable and has averaged 7 yards/carry this season. Interested in your take on him.

    Thanks for your work on SDB. Love this place.

  64. cha

    PFF Team

    • cha

      PFF Offense

      Damien Lewis 2nd week in a row in the 80’s

      • cha

        PFF Defense

        Ryan Neal still trucking

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Cody B’s grade would be ok for a S.

          But not a LB

        • Ryan Purcell

          Ugh. I think this will be the last time Mone is left off the active roster.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Someone help me understand how Blythe graded at 75.4 run block?

        • cha

          Ken Walker graded a 40.9 on runs. PFF seems to think the blocking was adequate and Walker’s choices were poor.

          • Rob Staton

            I thought Walker was very tentative early in the game, as he was last week too

            • cha

              I’ve seen that too. His fun shiftiness can be a drawback.

              I wonder if that is something he has to work through or if it something that Pete Carroll and/or Rashaad Penny have nurtured a little.

              Pete talked last year about misunderstanding Penny over the years. He was patiently waiting for bigger holes to open instead of just burrowing into the line. Once they worked it out (and Penny got on the field), the Seahawks seemed ok with a handful of bust runs in exchange for some booms.

      • Kyle R

        cha forgive me, but I’m a newbie to understanding PFF grades. How can the offensive line grade so well on the run blocking metric when that sure doesn’t match with the eye test?

        • cha

          I’m not an expert either, but see my comment above. They put the poor performance more on Walker than the OL in run blocking.

          • Kyle R

            Of course I just saw that after I hit submit! Sorry for the duplicate question. I mean I guess I see that a little bit Walker did seem to dance and hesitate a little, but there wasn’t much of anything there to run through either so I question it some.

    • Mick

      By these grades, we had a pretty usual show on O with bad run and a terrible D. My impression watching the game was that I wish we had a D as good as the Bucs. But the O didn’t produce anything in the first half, so I don’t know, I wouldn’t say we’re close to the Giants game.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Speaking of saving money by cutting vets next spring, Gabe Jackson is slipping lower and lower. Lets see if the Seahawks cut Jackson, Adams and Diggs, how much money can they save?

        I would not part with Woods! They need the big guy in this defense.

        • cha

          $6.5m saved if they cut Jackson next year. Doesn’t matter if pre or post June 1.

          $9.9m saved if they cut Diggs pre June 1 / $14.10m saved if they cut him post June 1.

          No savings ($5.8m extra on the cap in fact) if they cut Adams pre June 1 / $8.4m saved if they cut him post June 1.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I know which two players I’d designate as my post June 1 cuts

            I’m increasingly certain they’ll either cut or rework Diggs (hoping for the latter). Not so sure about Adams, but mostly because both parties are stubborn SOBs. Admas probably thinks he can make it back to best in the nation and Carroll won’t ever acknowledge the failure of that trade.

            I hate to say this, I really do. But from a purely roster construction perspective, the best outcome is Adams fails his physical or even retires because he can’t play anymore. Not competitively at least.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Ooops I meant the former for Diggs. I’m hoping they cut him as a post June 1 designation

              • TomLPDX

                I was wondering. Nice clarification and I agree that it is time for Diggs to ride off into the sunset.

  65. TomLPDX

    Hey Rob, thought you might enjoy this from Brock and Salk:

    • Rob Staton


      I think it was a question worth asking

      Glad they were able to talk around the answer

  66. Blitzy the Clown

    Reese’s Senior Bowl

    Officially Accepted! OLB Tyree Wilson @Tyreewilson77 from @TexasTechFB is headed to the 2023 Senior Bowl!🔴 #WreckEm #TheDraftStartsInMOBILE™️
    @JimNagy_SB @PaniniAmerica #RatedRookie


  67. David Thompson

    Thank you Rob, for all the work you do, and for providing Hawk fans and others with so much information. This year Seattle should be able to get 4 of the current top 100 players. Lots of chances for the team to improve the quality of players and depth of the roster.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks David

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