Curtis Allen’s week three watchpoints (vs Atlanta)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. After the game today tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel

A euphoric nail-biting win followed by the worst loss since the 42-7 drubbing by the Rams in Week Fifteen of 2017.  

The 2022 Seahawks:  Welcome to Wherever You Are.

Familiar patterns keep emerging each year, particularly on defense.  

Can the coaching staff avoid a sluggish start on defense for the third season in a row?  

No they cannot.  

2020’s excuse was, “We’re getting hands on the quarterback just not taking him down for sacks.”  

2021?  It was, “The guys are doing everything we need to see in practice just not executing on Sundays.”  

This year, it is, “The defensive linemen and linebackers need to work together better.”  At least Pete Carroll is acknowledging that this year’s defensive problem will need time to fix.

Can this team get a reasonable return on their investments at the safety position?  

No they cannot.  

Jamal Adams is injured and out for the season.  Quandre Diggs has dropped an interception and missed tackles.

Can this defense get off the field?  

No they cannot.  

They are bottom-10 in plays, sacks, first downs conceded, yards and penalties that result in first downs.  On top of that they are on pace to surpass their league-history worst mark last year of yards conceded to running backs in the passing game, allowing 11 more yards per game so far this season.

It is troubling and continually underlines that this team is lacking creative thought and a mindset that will get them going in the right direction.


In that context, it is somewhat comforting that Atlanta is coming to town.  Any list of the three least talented teams in the NFL must include the Falcons.  No one is surprised that they are 0-2 at this point in the year.  While they have had two one-score losses against New Orleans and the Rams, their inconsistent play has doomed them in both games.

In Week One they blew a 16-point lead by getting outscored 17-3 by the Saints in the fourth quarter.  To add insult to injury, they held the ball for 10 of the quarter’s 15 minutes.  They had a lead and could control their own destiny but failed badly.  The Saints cut through Atlanta’s defense when it counted most and squeaked by them.

Week Two saw a flipped script, with the Falcons doing the 17-3 outscoring in the fourth quarter against the Rams.  However, that is after they ended the third quarter down 28-10 due to poor play.  Their late scoring flourish was not necessarily a strong product of their competency, as they were helped along by Los Angeles, with an interception, allowing a blocked punt to be returned for a touchdown and a strategically conceded safety.

While the Falcons will provide a test this week, a Seahawks team who have hopefully been awoken by the hammering at the hands of the Niners should be able to handle them.  

This game could be like the Week Eight game last year against Jacksonville, where they cruised to a win and everything felt just a little better after losing three in a row.

Or it could be like the Week Sixteen game against Chicago, where most everyone expected an easy win and the visiting team rode a plucky veteran quarterback performance to beat them.

What will be the difference?  They will need to perform well in these areas…

They Cannot Fail on the Fundamentals Again

Last week this site covered three critical areas the Seahawks need to excel in in order to beat San Francisco.

While it is gratifying to correctly point out the key issues the Seahawks faced leading up to the game, it is extremely disappointing to see that they could not have played worse in these areas and it all added up to a terrible performance.

They were not ready to play mentally

Pete Carroll said they could see the signs all week leading up to the game and that he needs to do a better job managing that.  The trick plays felt like an acknowledgement that the team needed a spark, some kind of easy yards and points to give the squad a charge.  Unfortunately, they backfired badly.

As an aside, what ever happened to “every week is championship week” in Seattle?  In the heyday of the team, they displayed a steely calm that had fans and the press believing they could take on any challenge.  

When asked, they all mirrored one thought from Pete Carroll on down to the lowliest special teams player – that every week is treated like it is of the highest priority.  Therefore, no moment was too big for them.  

The last three seasons, we have seen more than one player publicly acknowledge they were not properly focused and that it hurt the effort on the field.  Pete Carroll has taken to blaming the short week for their challenges more than he ever has.  

When they are not ready to play, that leads to mistakes…

They did not play smart

Three turnovers, all of them a different variety. One of the everyday sort (Geno Smith’s interception), one that was hard luck (Tyler Lockett’s punt muff) and one patently absurd (Deejay Dallas’ half back option interception).  

They also got flagged for 10 penalties for 106 yards.  

Baffling coaching decisions also abounded.

They got obliterated on the ground

They gained 36 rushing yards and allowed 189.  They recorded 11 missed tackles.  It is no wonder that San Francisco possessed the ball a full quarter more than the Seahawks did, beating them by 17 minutes in time of possession.

It does not matter if you are playing against a Super Bowl contender or an also-ran.  That performance and those numbers will get you plowed.

Another week of “the dog ate my homework” simply will not do.

Stop The Falcons’ Run Game

The Seahawks’ front seven are likely sore after Sunday’s performance against San Francisco.  After observing that the run defense needs to get better on the edges following the Monday night game against Denver, the Seahawks got absolutely gashed in between the tackles by the 49ers.

They will need a quick turnaround in order to improve their performance Sunday.  Why?

The Falcons are currently averaging an impressive 146 rushing yards in their first two games, good for 7th in the NFL.  Cordarrelle Patterson is leading the way for them.  

He is one of the more fun stories in the NFL right now.  As a 31-year-old kick returner who never really realized his potential as a wide receiver, he has been reborn as a converted running back.  At 6’2” and 220lbs and wearing #84, he is a compelling curiosity lining up behind Marcus Mariota.

It is not just his position that has changed.  His skill profile has changed completely.  Whereas he has always been known as a speedy game-breaking type who operates in the open space of returning kicks or running routes as a receiver, now he is making a living using his size and strength as a runner in the trenches.  Most of Patterson’s runs have been between the tackles.

The front seven will need to be ready for him.  How can they succeed?

First off, there is a simple way to get better — play a weaker opponent.  Few offenses are as well coordinated and executed as a Kyle Shanahan offense.  Not only did their star players like Deebo Samuel make some great individual plays Sunday, they functioned very effectively as a unit.  The Seahawks should naturally show better by playing a team that is simply not as talented or as well-coached as San Francisco.

Secondly, they will need better individual performances from their defenders.  

Pete Carroll spoke of their front-seven woes as an issue of getting the defensive linemen more in sync with the linebackers so everyone functions as a unit.  He also stated that it does not happen overnight.  It needs time to really come together and make that work.

He is not wrong.  However, if individual defenders display fire and desire to attack their assignment, it can minimize the impact of the defense as a whole not being as tuned as tightly as a Formula One race car.

Let me show you an example of this.  Have a look at this 20-yard run by Ty Davis-Price in the first quarter on Sunday.

Awful.  Just awful.

Where could the Seahawks have minimized the damage with just one individual displaying a better effort?  It is obvious.  Quandre Diggs making the tackle there ends the play after just five yards or so and keeps the offense just outside of the red zone.  He has made that tackle many, many times in the past, often giving the runner a pretty good pop and leaving him with second thoughts about meeting him in the hole again.

The truth is though, with several better individual efforts on this play, the runner never makes it to Diggs.

Start with Boye Mafe.  The rookie falls victim to a clever block fake by Brandon Aiyuk and loses his balance and stumbles.  If he comes in clean and gets any push at all on Kyle Juszczyk, that hole gets narrower.  Davis-Price has to hesitate just enough to allow the streaking Darryl Johnson to catch his ankles and stop the play for no gain.

Mafe will learn.  It is his second professional game.  He only played nineteen snaps last week, let’s give him a break.

Al Woods is next.  He is initially double-teamed by the center Jake Brendel and the right guard Spencer Burford.  Brendel quickly turns 90 degrees and Woods allows it.  Brendel is in perfect position, with his butt pointed toward the gap.  But Woods does not read the play well or quick enough and Brendel is able to hand Woods off to Burford and block Jordyn Brooks, who has read the play and is moving like a guided missile towards Davis-Price.  If Woods reads that better and forces his attention on Brendel, Brooks stops the play for a small gain.

Finally, we come to Cody Barton.  What is he doing on this play?  Seriously.  The hole develops right in front of his eyes less than a heartbeat after the snap.  Brendel and left guard Aaron Banks’ body angles are literally signaling where the runner is going.  Holes do not get bigger than that.  There is no trickery in the exchange as Lance pitches it to Davis-Price right in front of Barton.  And yet he laterally drifts out of the hole and is swallowed up by Banks.  It is possible he locked on Kyle Juszczyk and mirrored him right out of position instead of concentrating on the runner.

It would be fantastic for Barton to read that play, jump into that hole and stone Davis-Price cold.  That would fire his teammates up something fierce.  But honestly, all he really needs to do is occupy the hole.  Aaron Banks’ job is to help Trent Williams with Jefferson and then disengage and take Barton on.  If Barton steps up into that hole, Banks has to get in front of him.  So even if he is blocked by Banks, that physical space is taken.  Davis-Price then gets redirected and does not go for 20 yards.

Any number of those players providing a more thorough effort and that play ends up with a much better result for the Seahawks.

But it is not all negative in this instance.  Let’s conclude with great examples of individual effort from the backside of the play.

Darryl Johnson is unblocked, reads the play, accelerates all the way across the backfield and just barely misses the runner.  If he has a 10-yard split like an Avril or a Taylor he probably makes that tackle.

Watch Josh Jones on the play as well.  He has a coverage assignment on a tight end, who stays in to block.  Jones engages him, reads the play, disengages and chases Davis-Price down from the other side of the field.  That effort ends up saving four points early in the game, as the defense then held San Francisco out of the end zone.

Those are the kinds of efforts that the Seahawks need Sunday.  Everyone may not be on the exact same wavelength but if they let their coaching, desire and athleticism take over, they will be able to make plays to keep the Falcon rushing attack from controlling the pace of the game.

Pass to Set Up the Run On Offense

The Falcons had the worst pass rush in the NFL last year.  They recorded a league-low 18 sacks as a team.  

How bad was that?  The Eagles were the next-worst team with 29 sacks.  T.J. Watt (22.5) and Robert Quinn (18.5) each out-sacked the entire Falcon defense.  

The Falcons’ team pressure rate?  A league-low 16.7%.

They missed out on the top 3 pass rushers in the draft and opted to take Drake London at #8, which has been a very good pick for them so far.  But that does not help the pass rush.

They do have 5 sacks in 2 games.  But their pressure rate has dropped even further from 2021, standing at a putrid 14.3%.  Put another way, they are not pressuring the quarterback 85.7% of the time.

We all know the typical way to address not having effective pass rushing coming from your top four players.  Blitz.  A lot.  The Falcons are sending extra rushers at a pretty good clip so far, with 25.33% of their plays sending a blitzer.  How is that working out?

They have recorded one sack.  But they have conceded 9 first downs on 18 throws, three touchdowns, and a 132.9 quarterback rating.  Those are disastrous numbers.  Just about all they have accomplished in blitzing is taking another pass defender out of the play.

It is showing up in the individual stats for their defensive backfield:

-CB A.J. Terrell has conceded three touchdowns and a 75% completion rate on passes for a whopping 138.9 QB rating

-CB Casey Hayward is a little better with 60% for a rating of 87.5

-SS Jaylinn Hawkins is surrendering 70% for a rating of 123 (hello tight ends)

-FS Richie Grant is the best of the bunch, conceding 50% for a 59 rating

Those numbers are reflected in their PFF scores as well.  The average score of their starting backfield is 61.2.

They cannot get pressure with their front four.  They get burned badly when they blitz.  The defensive backs are vulnerable.

The Seahawks must take advantage.  There is no game on the schedule quite so obvious as this one.  With the receiving weapons they have and a quarterback who can be accurate when he is not being pressured, the game plan should be clear.  Pass to get the tempo set, get a lead and then help your vulnerable defense by controlling the game script.


  1. Peter

    Great stuff as usual.

    Really hard getting my head around who wins. Vegas has it nearly even and that feels right.

    Strange that Geno has been so accurate this far. An eye opening 81% completion rate. Then we turn to the tape and he’s still the geno of old. Very low yards/yards per attempt. “On pace,” for a very low amount of yards and tds for a starting qb.

    This game is as un-instructive about this team as anything. Three games in and what will we learn about them even in a close win?

    Whether we are “working on some things,”…”just needing to clean a few things up,”…”just got to execute on game day,”….my concern is that what if this team just isn’t good? It feels as a fan, homer, what have you that this is Atlanta lads, we got this.

    Until you see that we are still standing at the bottom of defensive performances and for a few years running (pun I suppose) this team can’t run.

    When you’re a near pick’em against the do nothing falcons and you can’t find any stat, phase of the game, or objective metric that says we win that’s a serious problem in team building and coaching.

    Things to hope on for the game: a freaking interception. Mariota is sloppy and Woolen has been a very bright spot for me. And any runs to the outside because ATL is as bad at stopping the run as we are.

  2. CaptainJack

    Won’t be watching any more Seahawks games this season. I’ll check out who we draft. But I firmly believe it’s tank time.

    • Jordan

      Fair enough.

      Just don’t return whenever times are good again.Those are the worst type of people.

      • Rob Staton

        Jack’s off on one today

        Posted loads of messages that are OTT and quite childish

  3. Palatypus

    Maverick: “Can Geno Smith choose what plays are tactically questionable.”

    Kendicks: “No he cannot.”

    Maverick (to Cha): “Did you order the code red?”

    Cha: “YOU DAMN RIGHT I DID !!!”

    • cha


      “You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about on message boards, you want me talking about the run defense – you need me talking about the run defense.”

  4. AlaskaHawk

    Wonderful analysis Cha.
    I understand what your saying about passing to set up the run. But the passing game has been a failure despite having an 81% completion rate.

    They have two great running backs. I would like to see them use them. Even if they fall behind. They need to pound the rock over and over until they LEARN how to block and run the ball. That is the only sustainable thing they can do. If they don’t learn how to run the ball – supposedly one of Pete Carrolls goals along with using the tight ends, they will continue to fail miserably. If not by poor offensive performance then it will be by the time of possession and the Seahawks defense wearing out.

    • Peter

      Don’t disagree with this. Need to get the run game going. Will be gard with fuller at center (?) Feels like it has to stay the focus for this game and going forward.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m watching the Patriots vs Ravens game. Pretty good so far. But it reminds me of something about offensive plays. There are no trade marks or patents on play design. Any coach can steal any other coaches plays (winks at Belichic). So why should the Seahawks have vanilla plays? Either the coaches don’t want to use them or the players can’t perform. But all the different plays are on TV each week. There are no secrets.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      It’s easy to forget because Wilson was such a revelation at QB, but Seattle built its SB run on the legs of Marshawn Lynch and the backs of big nasties blocking for him.

      Didn’t matter if an opponent stuffed the box with 8 defenders, Beast ran ’em down and ran ’em over behind the likes of Giacomini, Unger, Carpenter and Sweezy.

      Oh yeah, that was the f^ck your feelings crew for sure.

      Point is, commit to your philosophy. Don’t play to win, play to run. Play to impose your scheme. Play where your mouth is FFS.

      Otherwise, you’re just making noise.

  5. JimQ

    Anyone want to consider a sleeper @ LB????
    LB-Ivan Pace, Jr., Cincinnati, 6-0/235 – Currently ranked as UDFA, 4 games into the season has 46-tackles, 11.0-TFL, 4.5-sacks, 3-QBH, 1-FF, Career so far 32-TFL & 15.5 sacks, likely unranked mostly due to his 6-0 height as well as he was a transfer from Miami for his senior season joining his brother, also a LB that is currently and questionably ranked in the 180’s with lesser stats (I think the media has the brothers mixed up). A hustler that overcomes his lack of length with instinctive play. I suspect he’ll be moving up from his current ranking. May be a player at a position of need that could be available somewhere in middle of the draft with some pretty decent stats. He’s also a lot of fun to watch, reminds me a bit of Lofa T.

    See also:

    • KD

      Big fan of Ivan Pace Jr. as well as his brother Desmond. Desmond is listed at a LB, but has played SS. Very good tackler and blitzer. If the Hawks wise up and dump Adams, Desmond Pace could be a nice replacement.

      • Seattle Person

        Even if they don’t dump Adams — they need to start getting new guys in at safety.

  6. Stuart

    Excellent write up! There are 2 things that stuck out to me.

    1. Pete Carroll has got to go

    2. Wide receievers can make great running backs, see Deebo Samuel and now Cordele Patterson

    Its weird that i want to win the game today but its actually better to lose to improve our draft pick position.

    That could be moot if JS blunders as he is proven to do more often than not.

    The World Cup starts in November and if Rob could do a write up, we would all benefit immensly.

    Ironically-what if its Robs soccer write up that finally brings him the recognition he so greatly deserves?

    Go SDB family!

    • Jed Simon

      “i want to win the game today but its [sic] actually better to lose. . .”

      Is it, Stuart?

      Yes, with a talented front office and a sound organizational structure that breeds accountability, high draft-positioning could be strategically exploited, and the stay at the bottom could be brief; the quick turnaround has been managed a few times this past decade alone. But is one solitary good draft (2022) in the post-LOB era enough to sustain your confidence that PCJS and the Vulcans will repeat the achievement in 2023? Do you believe the Seahawks have a talented front office and a sound organizational structure that breeds accountability? I guess it is possible that the post-Russ reset enables them to turn back the clock a decade and return to their former team-building mastery, but their chronic inability to treat glaring team ailments ought to give one pause.

      Stuart, perhaps the reason you’re conflicted is that, deep down, you believe that the Seahawks had better not sink too low, lest their stay at the bottom be a long one. For every one time a franchise pulls off the quick turnaround, there are many and more times franchises do not. This isn’t doom-and-gloom, but rather a suggestion that the more Ws the Hawks pile up between now and the REAL franchise reset—when ownership is stabilized and a proper front office house-cleaning is executed—the better things will be for Hawk fans.

  7. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m not a Kentucky Wildcats fan (sorry if you are), but I’ve been watching a lot of Kentucky football this season because I am a Will Levis fan.

    And I’m also a Deon Walker fan now. This true freshman – 6’6′ 330lbs – looks like he’s something special.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Watching Bills at Miami and the Dolphins look like they’re for real y’all.

    • UkAlex6674

      Yeah they look good. Back breaker drive though by the Bills

      • Blitzy the Clown

        But they held to a FG and then a missed attempt. Only 3 points separate and a little less than a quarter to go.

        • UkAlex6674

          But the point is the Time the D has been on the pitch.. Will it come back to haunt them?

  9. Seattle Person

    I’m hoping the defense finds faster adjustments in order to stop the run. Last week they ran odd fronts and got ran all over in the first half. Poona, Mone, Harris were all ineffective. The 49ers centers, guards, and fullback got to the LBs really quickly and wiped them out.

    There were adjustments in the 2nd half but I’m hoping Hurt and company install better game plans today.

  10. Rob Staton

    Justin Fields isn’t good

    Lot of people on Twitter should own that one

  11. KD

    Good lord, Justin Fields sucks

  12. Blitzy the Clown

    Rousseau got the sack but he was clearly lined up in the neutral zone prior to the snap

  13. UkAlex6674

    Saints the most over rated team in the NFL and its not even close.

  14. Palatypus

    A quick thought on Mark Ingram of the Saints. Mark Ingram once got suspended by the NFL for taking DHEA. DHEA is a naturally occuring compound in the body that breaks down into the components that produce either estrogen or testosterone. In men, your levels of DHEA and testosterone peak in your late teens and then gradually decline until you die.

    I am in my early 50’s and have been taking one tablet a day for years. You can get a bottle over the counter for about five dollars at Walmart. By itself, it does almost nothing.

    How much DHEA does someone in their 20’s have to take to be suspended by the NFL? Did they think the sample came from a whale?

  15. GoHawksDani

    I just want them to improve on a single thing.
    Is it the run D? Or passing? Passrush? Running the ball? I don’t care. But make that a priority without shifting too much resources (like blitzing crazy for example), and emphasize it until it’s good.
    Run 50 times until WRs, TEs and OL can block well. Run 30-40-50 times every game until it works.
    This is obviously a bit OTT but something like this. If OL and WR, TE group could block well we could start next year with a great rungame which could help a young QB.
    Or work with all they got on the screen game.
    Or just make the defense even more simple until that level of scheme works. Then we could mix other things in. Forget turnovers. Learn to tackle first. Forget passrush and twists, learn to set the edge first.

    My only wish for this year is that players to learn the fundamentals super well. Something we could build onto

  16. Seahawkwalt

    Great work Cha.
    Felix Anudike-Uzomah K State DE is a beast. Listed as OLB at the next level. Levis, Felix in round one works for me

  17. AlaskaHawk

    I’m really enjoying the Ravens / Patriots game. Lamar Jackson is running and throwing like a champ. Mac Jones started throwing well but now has two interceptions. Very competitive game until 4th quarter.

  18. UkAlex6674

    Another great stop by Miami.

  19. cha


    Artie Burns
    Sidney Jones
    Justin Coleman
    Joey Blount
    Jake Curhan
    Dareke Young
    Shelby Harris

    Damien Lewis & Austin Blythe good to play

    Sidney Jones a healthy scratch. Huh

    Myles Adams active for Harris. Now let’s get him in the rotation.

    • Mick

      Sidney Jones might not be up-to-speed with practice. Glad we have our Oliners. We’re having fun with rookie DBs again. I hope we don’t expose them too much. This game we should have a shot, too bad I don’t trust Geno and Waldron for it.

  20. Blitzy the Clown

    Miami wins

    • Blitzy the Clown

      That was a crazy ending

      Lord help me I might have Mike McDaniel envy

      • Blitzy the Clown

        And former OU Duck Jevon Holland has turned into a helluva pro

  21. Romeo A57

    I need Atlanta to cover to complete a 4-team parlay.
    This is probably going to bring good karma to the Seahawks today.

  22. Roy Batty

    Poor Carson Wentz.

    He’s been downhill since Clowney pounded him into the turf.

    Today he was sacked…NINE TIMES.

    Dude, just retire.

  23. Kyle R

    I know it’s early and the Falcons are terrible but yes just run the damn ball! Be who you say you are and want to be especially with Geno fucking Smith as your quarterback.

  24. KD

    Dude, on that Metcalf catch, Lucas just straight up shoved a defender to the ground. You love to see it

    • Roy Batty

      Lucas is a rare breed.

      Plays like a bully, driving men into the geound.

      Then he hits the presser and sounds like he could give a theoretical physics lecture.

  25. Chris

    Did mafe start?

  26. Roy Batty

    Barton in loose coverage.


    • Nick M

      Cody Barton should not even sniff the field as a linebacker. He’s so suspect in coverage and on run plays he immediately finds an offensive lineman to hug. It drives me nuts watching him.

  27. Roy Batty

    Hey, Pete.

    See how a screen is properly run?

    Paying attention?

  28. Chris

    Kyle pits is gonna have a career game

  29. Kyle R

    I see were are using the hot knife through butter defense strategy.

    • Mick

      Two penalties per drive. No way you can get turnovers that way.

      • Kyle R

        I haven’t had faith for the last couple years in the Seahawks defense creating turnovers.

    • AlaskaHawk

      LOL – It’s not a good sign when the announcer says “The seahawks are thin in the secondary”

      • Elmer

        Sidney Jones a healthy scratch? Is he being traded or something?

  30. ShowMeYourHawk

    I thought Hurtt was a Fangio protégé? You’d think he was using KNJ’s playbook.

    • bmseattle

      Maybe Pete took back control of the defense already?
      You know he can’t keep his hands out of it.

  31. Roy Batty

    Gonna be tough to win this game if they have to match TD for TD.

    Atlanta bent and didn’t break. Seattle broke.

  32. Chris

    This is what a defense looks like when you have the worst defensive front 7 in football

    • STTBM

      Jesus, this isn’t a personnel issue: it’s coaching. Nobody knows what they’re doing. Even a bad personnel group well-coached wouldn’t look this lost.

  33. Rob Staton

    The defense is officially no different than before

    Still no pass rush

    Still too easy to play against

    Started slowly again

    Still crap

    • seaspunj

      Seahawks Dee so soft

      trying to gauge any future Dline keepers to build around… Dline losing the battle of the trenches

      Also DBs getting killed in crossing routes

  34. 805Hawk

    They were relying on the “Don’t Break” part of their defensive strategy again, but it didn’t quite work out.

  35. Roy Batty

    TE useage at an all time high.


    • Mick

      The O seems to have a good start. Let’s not jinx it though.

      • Roy Batty

        I’d say I just up-lucked it.

        Is that a word?

  36. Chris

    Pete is a snake oil salesman. Promise a new exciting aggressive defense and we get the same old crap

    • 12th chuck

      absolutely amazing, such a bad d for YEARS from a d minded head coach

  37. Kyle R

    Yes we actually have TEs and decided to use them!

  38. KennyBadger

    Colby Parkinson sighting!

  39. Trevor

    On the plus side a 2-4 win season all but assures a top 3 pick to get Stroud, Levis or Anderson. It also almost assures Pete moves on and new coaching staff, maybe even front office can look after the rebuild.

  40. ShowMeYourHawk

    Uncle Will getting his before he falls apart by midseason. Nice play call, though.

  41. Hawkster

    Classic SEA, a TE centric drive for 6.

  42. AlaskaHawk

    See we just needed a weaker team to practice on! Go Hawks!

  43. Chris

    I’m not sure Atlanta is a weaker team

  44. Trevor

    Nice to see the Hawks go back to focusing on the double TE sets. It worked so well the 1st half against Denver I don’t know why they got away from it.

    That being said these two defenses are awful.

  45. Matt

    Geno is able to execute great scripts against bad teams. Curious to see if the trend of off-script being a disaster, remains or not.

  46. Chris

    Our defense has maybe 1 or 2 players who would start for another team

  47. Roy Batty

    Haha, two backup level QBs and we might get a Big 12 style shootout.

    Such bad defenses.

    Very entertaining.

  48. Hawkster

    good commentary: “The torch of greatness ably passed from Ryan and Wilson to the NexGen greatness of Marcus an Geno”

    • Elmer

      Don’t blame everything on Geno. The defense looks cognitively overmatched.

  49. ShowMeYourHawk

    If Woolen’s hands could catch up with his speed, he’d be all-world. Amazing closing speed.

  50. Chris

    Atlanta doesn’t even need to run the ball

  51. AlaskaHawk

    I like Jackson and Woolen playing, they hustle for the ball.

  52. Roy Batty

    Good for Bryant.

    Kid needed that.

    • Mick

      Yeah so glad for him, hopes he gets more confidence now.

    • AlaskaHawk

      That was a great hit.

  53. Chris

    Finally some creativity

  54. ShowMeYourHawk

    Bryant showing that Adams-esque “dangerous as a blitzer, liability in coverage” swag.

  55. Chris

    Mariners are crapping the bed

    • bmseattle

      Yes, if you are one who is jaded by past Mariner failures… don’t tune in.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      For 20 straight years. Are we surprised, anymore?

  56. Jordan

    Way more entertaining of a game than last week’s arduous slog.

  57. seaspunj

    I say this series after Koo FG Geno takes a play action deep ball shot

  58. Roy Batty

    Please, please, please let this be tied 40-40, then end with a last second TD in OT.

    I want to be entertained.

  59. Romeo A57

    Seahawks Red Zone defense came through that time. Nice to see a sack. Looks like we are in for a shootout.

  60. Mick

    DJ doing a nice job on those returns.

  61. Roy Batty

    Geno and Kenneth having words…

    • bmseattle

      He and Walker have had a few of those mishaps this year.

  62. Roy Batty

    Normally that coulda been a pick 6, but DK woulda destroyed him within 20 yards.

    Still, that’s a Geno to DK no matter the coverage snafu right there.

  63. bmseattle

    Nice job by Mafe to hold the edge and make the play.

  64. Seattle Person

    The edges are doing a much better job setting the edges today. Mike Jack can’t get up his outside leverage like that.

  65. ShowMeYourHawk

    Mike Jackson against Denver? Smooth Criminal.

    Mike Jackson against Atlanta? Bad.

    • bmseattle

      He needs to look at the man in the mirror

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        He makes me want to Scream.

        • GoHawks5151

          Do you remember the time… when he was playing good

          • ShowMeYourHawk

            I do. I suppose his rough go today is just Human Nature.

        • Kyle R

          If he plays bad for a few more games Pete might tell him to beat it.

  66. Chris

    Mafe stout in the run game

  67. Chris

    Only the hawks give up a 3rd and 19

    • UkAlex6674

      Buffalo gave up a 3rd & 22 earlier……

  68. GoHawks5151

    ATL Left tackle jumps early almost every pass play. Jeeze…

    • Seahawkwalt

      Yes saw that as well

  69. Mick

    Tough life with this D…

  70. Chris

    Seriously is anybody coaching this defense?

  71. Kyle R

    As Vader would say….”all to easy”

  72. SeaTown

    Ken Norton sitting back and laughing.

  73. Henry Taylor

    What was Cody Barton doing on that play?

    • Sea Mode

      I noticed exactly the same thing.

    • Roy Batty

      Observing and reporting…I think.

  74. STTBM

    What in THE hell was Cody Barton looking at on that Patterson TD run?! That was HIS hole! Plug that Sh$t!

  75. cha

    Cody Barton did it again. Literally saw the hole and moved away from it and Patterson ran right into the end zone.

  76. Hawkster

    Youza, Barton demonstrating anti-diagnosis.

  77. SeaTown

    Sadly the clowns who have overseen the demise of this team will get to pick in the top ten next year.

  78. Seattle Person

    Barton got completely suckered inside by following the fullback. Patterson hits the jets after the outside opens up. Barton has to hold contain there and force Patterson back inside. Bad football.

    • Seattle Person

      Plus Jones’ lack of explosiveness shows there.

    • seaspunj

      makes no sense how Barton missed that

      • Seattle Person

        Makes perfect sense. Atl ran a counter play to the weak side. The FB led the charge the other way. Barton followed the FB and got fooled. Jones doesn’t have the speed to get to Patterson on time.

  79. Chris

    How can you justify having a defensive coach when the defense looks this lost?

    • STTBM

      So Carrol can have someone to blame…

  80. Sea Mode

    Man, letting them out of those 3rd and longs is like shooting yourself in the foot.

  81. 12th chuck

    d is garbage AGAIN. how many more years of this. I hope pete can’t stomach this and retire

    • SeaTown

      Pete is going no where. Jody Allen is absent and until she sells the team, Pete will continue to run it into the ground.

      • 12th chuck

        I am 100% afraid you are correct 🙁

  82. Roy Batty

    An early sighting of open-mouthed, clueless Pete.

    • SeaTown

      I can hear the CB post game now. “Goll-Lee that didn’t look like us. I don’t recognize that. We play so great in practice. Geno is on it. Just got to clean up a few things. So close.”

    • mtpgod

      Yea that was getting old when we were good, now we’re bad it’s really hard to watch.

  83. bmseattle

    why doesn’t DK stop there and draw a flag, at least?

  84. ShowMeYourHawk

    DK is going to go apeshit on the sidelines by the 3rd quarter, at this point. Geno just can’t hit him on the outside.

  85. Chris

    Shit effort by d.k on that play

  86. Mick

    2 yds, go for it on 4th now

  87. Roy Batty

    Holy crap. A third receiver who isn’t a TE?

    What am I watching here?

  88. ShowMeYourHawk

    Finally, some chutzpah.

  89. Roy Batty

    And that’s why you paid DK.

  90. Seattle Person

    D.K “I high-point now” Metcalf. That’s great to see.

  91. Chris

    Well, it’s an exciting game!

  92. Sea Mode

    If DK could do that consistently…

    Nice throw too by Geno.

  93. AlaskaHawk

    Pretty exciting game! Nice to see Goodwin out there, he made a good adjustment and catch over the shoulder. If the Seahawks could develop him into a #3 = watch out.

    • GoHawks5151

      Young OTs providing time, Coby gets a sack, Mafe solid on edge. Also using TEs and getting ball to DK. This is nice

  94. Chris

    Our pass blocking has been excellent this game

  95. Blitzy the Clown

    Well props to the offense for opening things up it’s definitely better.

    Defense, man. I don’t know what to say. Barton is just awful. So bad he’s dragging down Brooks who can’t make up the difference and is spread too thin.

    Has Taylor played today? I’ve seen Mafe and Johnson at SAM but not Taylor. Might have missed it though.

    • Seattle Person

      He’s playing but probably not 100% of the snaps on running downs. I saw him setting the edges a little bit better today. He’s at least holding his ground today.

  96. Jordan

    DK has really improved his technique in contested catch situations. Love when a physical talent like that continues to improve on his game even after getting paid.

  97. Seattle Person

    Was that the first 3-and-out in the season?

  98. Chris

    Wow is that a 3 and out

  99. Chris

    I believe it was the 1st of the year

    • 12th chuck

      if I remember right, I think they had 2 against denver. not too many outside that

  100. Roy Batty

    I’m thinking the first turnover decides this game.

  101. Chris

    Mariotta and geno are looking like hall of famer’s out there. Thanks to the crap defenses

  102. Roy Batty

    Lockett concussed?

    • bmseattle

      If so, we’re really going to have to sign someone this week, so there is no chance of playing Eskridge.

      • Kyle R

        Eskridge was running on the field to replace Tyler but he pulled something and had to be helped off the field.

  103. Seattle Person

    Tough break for Tyler. Looks like he hit his head pretty hard.

  104. Chris

    Waldron really likes to get away from the running game

  105. GaiusMarius

    I hope Lockett is okay. Love the guy, but there’s a reason tries to avoid contact. Most of the defenders can blast him into next week.

  106. Roy Batty

    I said it the last two games and I will say it today; it’s so nice to have a QB who doesn’t get to the line with only 4-5 seconds on the play clock.

    It’s the one thing Geno is much better at than Russ. He routinely has 14 seconds or better on the clock.

    The defense can’t rely on starting their rush via the play clock, as in past years.

  107. ShowMeYourHawk

    Why couldn’t I have been born D’wayne Eskridge? Trust fund kids have harder jobs than that guy. Is he “work from home” today?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s playing the game via Zoom

      • SeaTown

        And the guys that brought you Eskrigde get multiple high round picks next year.

  108. Chris

    I can’t help think that if they keep letting geno air it out he will throw a critical interception.I would like to see a bit more balance.

  109. Roy Batty

    Why no timeout called?

    God Pete is terrible at clock management.

    • Jordan

      Short of getting a touchdown, leaving Atlanta with as little time as possible is exactly what you wanted there.

  110. AlaskaHawk

    Highly entertaining so far!

  111. mtpgod

    I wanted to give Eskridge some time this year while healthy before passing judgement, but Goodwin is obviously ahead of him as wr3, and when Tyler went down for a bit, Geno goes to Penny Hart. Not a great sign.

  112. Trevor

    On the positive side the rookies have had a solid game. The two OT and Mafe in particular. The lack of veteran talent on the defensive side of the ball is shocking however. Outside of Al Woods has and veteran looked even remotely good to start the year?

  113. Blitzy the Clown

    There it is!

    Woolen gets his first INT

    • AlaskaHawk

      Very Nice. He’s had some highs and lows this game, but I like him. He just needs to keep his eyes on the ball.

      • AlaskaHawk

        OOps, it’s Jackson that needs to track the ball. Woolen is great!!!

    • Trevor

      I thought he has been our best player in the secondary through 2 1/2 game which is shocking given how raw he is. He has legit potential to be a very high quality NFL corner.

  114. ShowMeYourHawk

    Damn, didn’t realize that the Raiders fell to 0-3 today. Good thing for that awful extension they gave Carr, or we’d have more competition for a QB in the first round.

  115. AlaskaHawk

    This is it. The time when the coaches and players huddle together and make the changes to offense and defense that will be so critical for the win. Petes half time strategy = Hold my beer and watch this!!!

  116. 12th chuck

    I know he is a rookie and all, but I was hoping more from walker. 3rd game in and hasn’t even had a decent run, has he?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Has Walker played today?

      • mtpgod

        Yes but invisible so far. Every time he gets the ball, he has a defender in his face 4 yards in the backfield, I don’t recall him having any decent hole yet.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      You were asking… 😁

      • 12th chuck

        ok, hear me out…. has Geno hit Metcalf for a 60+ td yet?

  117. Chris

    We are letting geno cook today. Not many opportunities for rb’s

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ll be mad if they don’t work on their running game in the second half.

  118. Chris

    A Darrell Taylor sighting

  119. mtpgod

    LB Johnson should already be taking snaps from Barton in two LB sets imo. And if we sign Schobert as a fa, I bet Barton goes back to special teams duty, he just doesn’t look like a capable starter.

  120. Hawkster

    Barton is exceptional and finding somebody to block him.

    • SEAhemoth82

      He’s proving to be a very selfless player.

  121. OP_Chillin

    Pass protection has been basically flawless.

    • Ben

      It helps when your quarterback throws checkdowns consistently.

      • OP_Chillin

        Geno getting it out on time and there have been multiple plays where he has held the ball for 4+ seconds comfortably.

    • cha

      Good but hard not to expect that.

      Atlanta has the worst pass rush in the NFL but a wide margin.

  122. ShowMeYourHawk

    Ken is such a fresh breath of air. Vision galore.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Vision, patience and balance. Great combo

    • Seattle Person

      That was a great way to use Walker! Such an easy touch for and you get to steal some yards.

  123. pdway

    kinda the best we can hope for this year in a way – – an entertaining and close game.

    i like the playcalling, and I know Geno has and will continue to make a couple bad throws every game, but he can also definitely sling it on a line too. it’s fun to see them get DK involved when it doesn’t feel totally forced.

  124. AlaskaHawk

    Yes, finally get a good run out of Walker. He’s not going down easily.

  125. Seattle Person

    I’m really digging some of the more creative looks to generate touches for the offensive guys. Some lay-ups for Geno.

    – Walker on the Jet Sweep
    – Lockett in the backfield and getting him an easy catch

    • AlaskaHawk

      and using their double tight end set more often.
      and Goodwin sighting!!

      Geno and Metcalf are having good games.
      Blocking has been pretty good.

      Lots to like!

  126. bmseattle

    Our run defense is hilariously awful.

  127. MattG

    It’s more fun to watch when the offense can repeatedly move the ball. Not just grimacing at a hapless and tired defense making mistakes all day.

  128. AlaskaHawk

    Oh Lordy, Pete is playing conservative, and the Seahawks defense looks like butter.

  129. KennyBadger

    I literally think having Barton on the bench and playing with 10 guys on defense would generate the same results. He really is terrible man.

  130. Blitzy the Clown

    Woolen doing what Barton couldn’t in driving Mariotta out of bounds

    • Big Mike

      That kid can flat out play.

  131. bmseattle

    Is it just me, or has Diggs been playing very… soft.

    • bmseattle

      I think it’s pretty rare for a defensive player to keep playing with intensity once he gets paid, especially once they get to the age of 30, or therabouts.
      Paying Diggs what we did was a risk, especially considering his injury and age.
      I realize that veteran leadership has *some* value, but so far I am failing to see Diggs as a net positive this season.

      • Kyle R

        I know this is just my simple opinion, but if I’m in charge I always go young on defense and more veteran heavy on offense when building a team.

        • bmseattle

          I agree.
          makes sense for a number of reasons.

  132. JN

    Is it just me or has Matthews gone early a LOT

  133. cha

    Stop The Falcons’ Run Game

    133 rushing yards on 20 runs conceded through 3 quarters.

    • SEAhemoth82

      Against Cordarrelle Patterson.

  134. seaspunj

    here’s hoping Seahawks come draft time get their QB1 as well as some impact Dline help.

    I cant stand how soft the dee is and how easy opponents can run on the Seahawks

    • bmseattle

      they are soft at every level of the defense, unfortunately.

  135. Kyle R

    I figured the defense would take a while to get going with the age at some of the position and the transition to 3-4 but my God this is uninspired and terrible play and just simple things like gap integrity and tackling.

  136. Chris

    It all starts with the d-line in my opinion.

  137. Kyle R

    You want to be the best and get paid like that Metcalf you gotta catch that ball.

  138. ShowMeYourHawk

    My word, the defensive efforts on both side are scrimmage level.

  139. mtpgod

    Man can I just say how cool it is to have two stud rookie OTs. Makes this dumpster fire of a season worth while, along with Mafe/Walker/young cbs.

  140. AlaskaHawk

    Lewis didn’t hold him, if he had held him the guy wouldn’t have tackled the running back.

    • bmseattle

      yep… he beat him too bad for him to hold him even if he had wanted to.

  141. Chris

    And now we lose the game with our defense

  142. SeaTown

    I’m petrified that PC and Waldron might get their hands on a Will Levis or a top 5 QB draft prospect. Absolutely petrified.

  143. OP_Chillin

    Geno playing quite well overall, but that’s the second interceptable pass the opposing defense has dropped.

    • bmseattle

      He seems to have a couple of those a game.

  144. Chris

    Pete did a good job bringing Russ along. Geno even looks better than he actually is. I’m not that worried. I’m more concerned with the defense and personnel decisions.

  145. bmseattle

    there’s Poona… making a tackle 11 yards downfield.
    Had such high hopes for him, and he’s been a no show.

    • 12th chuck

      all this 3-4 4-3 hybrid has done is take everyone out of their element

  146. SEAhemoth82

    As told to the viewing audience from the Fox Sideline Reporter (before Halftime I believe), Carroll had to remind the Hawks secondary to stop “freelancing”. Where is the veteran leadership and who is making the calls?
    *cough Diggs cough*

  147. Chris

    Our defense is just embarrassing at this point

  148. ShowMeYourHawk

    Patterson is BeastModing this sh*tty, sh*tty defense.

  149. Chris

    It’s funny how many times they show opposing players having career days against our defense

  150. SeaTown

    Honestly, bad losses like ths at home to bad teams like ATL might be the only way to get rid of Pete this year.

  151. Chris

    I wonder who is flying the drone over the stadium’s this weekend? Gotta be the same person

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Jody Allen, trying to stay interested in the owner’s box.

      JK, no way she’s actually there.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s not legal to shoot them. I wonder how long before NFL gets a special permit to shoot them down?

  152. Tallyhawk

    That drone is the only thing stopping the Falcons in this game.

    • Gross MaToast

      The Drone just signed for 3/$68.5m.

  153. Chris


  154. Seattle Person

    Why would Atl do anything else but run??

    • Seattle Person

      Atl…all you had to do was hang on to the ball and it’s a TD…

  155. bmseattle

    defense “causes” a turnover!

    • Blitzy the Clown


  156. AlaskaHawk

    Oh yes = Atlanta is just as screwed up as we are!!!!

  157. Chris

    Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good

  158. AlaskaHawk

    That 8 minute break iced both teams.

  159. Blitzy the Clown

    Man Cross just got ate up

    • bmseattle

      he really needs to get stronger

      • Blitzy the Clown


      • SEAhemoth82

        He can’t handle the Bull Rush.

      • SEAhemoth82

        His overall hand fighting and timing too will help immensely as well

      • Paul

        Seems like conditioning later in games is something to improve.

  160. Matt

    2 fumbles from 0-3…instead we will be 2-1 and look absolutely atrocious

    • bmseattle

      don’t speak too soon.

  161. Chris

    Lol, cross is the least of our problems

  162. Blitzy the Clown


  163. KennyBadger

    Why are we trying to beat the 2 minute warning?!

  164. Henry Taylor

    Am I the only one who can’t see how that was a hold?

  165. bmseattle

    Blythe on Jarrett… not good odds.

  166. Blitzy the Clown

    Right on cue

  167. Roy Batty

    Pete Carroll’s Seahawks, ladies and gents.

  168. SeaTown

    ATL beat them. At home. Pete Must Go!

  169. ShowMeYourHawk

    There’s the Geno we know. Not that he was helped by Lewis or Blythe (Fuller?) that drive.

  170. Kyle R

    I like how our run first bully mentality is to have Geno Smith throw the ball 44 times.

  171. Chris

    I’m so glad Pete burned a t.o to kick a f.g

    • bmseattle

      It would just be more infuriating if Pete was suddenly good at clock management, when we suck and it doesn’t matter.

  172. AlaskaHawk

    The Seahawks finish with a holding penalty, a sack, and an interception.

    At least they are still on track for a high draft pick.

  173. bmseattle

    offense played about as well as we can expect, at home, vs a terrible defense… and we get 23 points.
    that’s not going to win us many games.

  174. Hawkster

    Just a bad call on 3rd down, and then Geno trying to draw on his inner Russ on 4th, and well, he ain’t Russ.

    • bmseattle

      Not many are.
      heck, Russ isn’t even Russ anymore.

  175. ShowMeYourHawk

    Hate to lose but the high first round pick is the long goal. Meh.

    • Ben

      Do tiebreakers matter in draft position? I don’t think so, but if they do we have the tiebreaker over (under?) ATL now.

  176. Chris

    Geno played a good game against a bad defense, but the lack of a commitment to the run game is puzzling.

    • cha

      That’s not the problem.

      Execution on the red zone is.

      The Falcons executed, the Seahawks didn’t.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Holding calls took away two long runs!

      • pdway

        Both of Lewis’s holding calls were absolute killers.

        Geno played well. I’m not going to hold a 4th and 18 desperation pick against him.

        Defense was mostly terrible all day. I thought our DT’s would be better than they are this year. Lots of work to do on that side of the ball.

  177. seaspunj

    entertaining game for the most part

    seeing how bad this dee looks is not encouraging

    I dont even think next year’s draft can fill these holes on dee

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s tempting to draft heavy on defense and roll with
      Geno Smith another year! ha ha ha

    • bmseattle

      That’s what makes Taylor and Brooks’ play this year, so concerning.
      We absolutely *need* them to step up.
      If we need a starting edge and MLB on top of everything else, this rebuild is going to take even longer than we thought.

      • seaspunj


        this team has so many holes that it cant afford to miss on any prospects. OLine picks are fantastic and huge wins so far.

        need to see those snaps with Mafe/Taylor/Brooks to really know if they can ve depended upon

        draft a QB is a must hopefully Levi’s

        and if they can grab a1 to 2 Dline disruptors it masks a lot of things.

        Easier said than done … looking forward to Wednesday on 710am with Brock and Salk + KJ Wright may have Mebane on the show.

        Mebane was called a glue guy by KJ and right now I think the Seahawks need that for the Dline plus some type of pass rush

    • Hawkster

      There was a lot of LB talent in the last draft. I am all in on Walker, but wanted a trade back, take an LB, and pick up Pierce after that. Walker then still may be the better choice. But their 3-4 with that ILB core is miserable. They should just toss one of their TEs in there for Barton. If they had twice as many picks then one of the linebackers, maybe Pascal at DE and blah blah blah

  178. Roy Batty

    To be totally honest, I watched this second half with ZERO emotion.

    I just did not care.

    I watched a bad Atlanta team March down the field, multiple times, smashing the Hawks right in the mouth.

    Pete Carroll needs someone…anyone, in that press conference to start lighting him up. Start asking some very pointed questions about the future of this team.

    Next week in Detroit might well be worse than the Niners game. This team is that bad.

    • bmseattle

      Detroit actually plays with some passion and intensity.
      They will push us all over the field.

      • SEAhemoth82

        The Detroit game is gonna be a Knuckle Sandwich, and the Hawks will choke on their teeth.

  179. SEAhemoth82

    This Seahawks season is the movie Unnecessary Roughness, in Real Time.

  180. God of Thunder

    A loss … and there will be more. However, there were some bright spots. We played a number of rookies, and they will presumably learn from their mistakes. If they don’t show a capacity to learn, replace them. Walker had a scintillating run. Metcalf was prominent. Lockett had some good catches. Above all, Penny looks very good: strong, fast, patient.

    We’ll have a decent first round position.

    The bad: couldn’t stop the Henry-esque 6-3” 230 lb Patterson. There were too many missed tackles. Geno Smith is at his ceiling, playing about as well as anyone can reasonably expect from him. He’s in his prime (or close), he’s made some decent throws, he’s floated some passes but also wired some throws, but damn, he’s limited. He’s been asked to play it safe and I guess that’s because he’ll never do something spontaneously brilliant. Eskridge? Imagine having that pick over: yes please.

    Stop calling for Pete’s head. You know it’s not going to happen. This is what our season will be like. Win one lose a few, repeat. Did you expect anything different?

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