Instant reaction: Seahawks lose battle of the bad D’s

Another year, another season where Seattle’s defense is DOA.

Pete Carroll, a defensive-minded Head Coach, needs to find some answers pronto.

Yes — this is a rebuild year. Yes — there are going to be growing pains along the way as they figure this out.

Yet for the last however many years, the Seahawks have started badly on defense. They’ve felt unprepared, incapable, impotent. There’s no consistent pass rush. They struggle to force turnovers. Their run defense is bad.

Why does it keep happening?

Today they played a defensive unit that was equally awful. Seattle and Atlanta combined to produce a defensive performance so poor, it was akin to watching the Big-12.

Neither team could do much of anything. Atlanta’s pass rush was so anaemic, it almost felt like they’d left it on the plane. Seattle, meanwhile, gave up explosive plays galore.

Yet at the end — a Grady Jarrett sack (a moment of quality from a great player) enabled Atlanta to do just enough to escape with the win. All after Marcus Mariota had threatened to chuck it away with a botched hand-off.

The Seahawks have changed their defensive staff completely. They were supposedly tweaking the scheme (although Carroll keeps insisting things aren’t that different).

No kidding.

Too many of the same problems have remained over many years. Basic things too — such as poor tackling. What is Carroll doing to rectify these issues? Why do they come out of camp and pre-season suffering in the same way every year?

Why are the Seahawks so easy to play against on defense?

Why do they annually fail to produce a serious pass rush despite relentlessly talking about needing to fix it?

It’s not good enough and goes beyond the fact they’re in a rebuild. They have veterans in the front seven. Players like Jordyn Brooks who get talked up big time and for what reason, exactly? How did Quandre Diggs play today? The man they are paying a fortune to play next to the other expensive safety who is injured again.

This should’ve been a victory. Atlanta couldn’t do anything defensively themselves. Geno Smith had one of the easiest days he’ll have to lob passes across the yard. Let’s not pretend it was anything other than a very easy day for him (although he easily could’ve had two interceptions before the late fourth down desperation heave).

It wasn’t a victory because the defense is hopeless.

They can’t even do one thing right. At a bare minimum — take away the run. Nope. A career day for Cordarrelle Patterson (17 runs, 141 yards). It was embarrassing how easily he ran through Seattle’s defense.

The worst play, arguably, was the Drake London touchdown. Pre-snap you could easily see he was wide open and nobody was covering him. How did they not address that? Even before the snap, I thought, ‘I could complete that pass’. Horrible.

How can fans invest faith in the rebuild if the defensive Head Coach can’t even produce a barely competent defense?

In the grand scheme of things this result — against a rival for draft position — isn’t a bad thing. But in the context of the people in charge remaining in charge to oversee this build, it is very concerning.


  1. Dave1401

    Worst for me was how easy it was for the Falcons to convert that 3rd and 18 (first half). Honestly if I’m playing the Seahawks, I’m just going for it on every 4th down that is under 10 yards. We are hopeless.

    In the fourth quarter they showed Aaron Curry on the sideline and I thought to myself- he would improve this defense!

    • Zach

      Yeah that play stood out to me too, especially because it appeared as if there were three defensive players in the flat/on the underneath route which given the down and distance made zero sense

    • 12th chuck

      that has been an issue for many years, and there is no excuse 3rd and long is a first down more than 50% of the time with a Pete Carrol d

      • Peter

        Exactly. Third and long whether penalties, execution, or other feels like a first down coming around the corner.

  2. Gross MaToast

    Trying to think of the one constant for the defense over the years and just can’t seem to pinpoint it.

    • Peter


      A little shorter than normal but got a good solid chortle from me.

    • TomLPDX

      Missed tackles.

  3. SEAhemoth82

    There is NO leadership on this Defense. As reported before halftime, the Defense was “freelancing”.

    If there is no defensive leadership on the field, then there is no accountability. Players are out of place, assignments aren’t being communicated.

  4. Jabroni-DC

    A close, hard fought game (maybe? I didn’t see it), lost in the final minute…perfectly planned execution.

    That’s the recipe for bottom bouncers.

    • Peter

      A hard fought game that you didn’t see is right.

      Colts and dolphins had hard fought games.

      This was two teams circling the drain trying not to be the last team to mess up and we got caught with the short straw.

    • Tony

      Not sure how I feel. I want the team to be competitive and lose close to gain some draft status. But watching the defense be bad again is not rewarding. It just reinforces that it’s pete and the staff. So we get our qb, but the same problems persist next year only with a rookie qb. Not exactly something I look forward to.

      • Peter

        Tony I think you nailed it. Close and competitive. Sure it was that. Except ATL is apparently one of the worst teams in the league so where does that put us?

        • Jabroni-DC

          Very close to the bottom.

          Which is where many of us & the odds makers had the Seahawks entering the season.

        • TomLPDX

          ATL is better than SEA, so that should put it in perspective. I like Marriota and hope he is successful and ATL gets more wins this year than we do.

  5. Romeo A57

    Well, I guess Seahawks fans can root for a 9ers victory to pin another L on the Broncos. Root may not be the right word, tolerate?

    • Peter

      Got to be honest here. Just me.

      I’m kind of over hoping for a denver high pick. I like this last draft but where’s the evidence that the FO that brought us this lame, tired performance today is going to magic those picks into something meaningful on the field?

      • yimba

        I get what you are saying.. But the higher the pick the less likely it is to mess it up (usually).. *fingers crossed* so we should be rooting for denver to lose in general..

        • James

          This is the same team that decided Chubb was better than Penny. They’ve made two good first-round picks in 12 years, and they were both 12 years ago and in the same draft (Thomas/Okung). Not exactly inspiring anyone.

          • James

            was not better*

  6. 12th chuck

    sad and pathetic d performance, but by all means pete, if they buy into your message, that is all that matters, not performance

  7. GoHawksDani

    Let’s be fair. First half Geno played really well. Yeah, it’s not like against a top5 D#, but his passes were accurate and had some “deeper” (10-15 yard) throws. They played with good tempo and Smith was decisive.
    Second half instead of doing the uptempo they slowed down…why?
    Not saying Geno is a good or great QB, but he wasn’t a huge issue in this game. Running was bad. Remove a couple of bigger runs and our RBs averaged around 3 yards.
    But it should be an easy win if it was up to the offense.
    This Falcons offense shouldn’t scored more than 10-14 points.
    Passrush? Not existing.
    Internal push? Nah
    Setting the edge? Nope
    Interior run D#? No
    LBs? Were they even on the field?
    CBs? Youngsters who play like they still belong to college
    But probably the worst, safeties. Diggs is hands down awful.

    My top 3 prospect for a wall of shame: Taylor, Barton, Diggs

    Bright spots: Walker’s run was cool, passpro was good in the first half, Geno is not that bad as I anticipated before the season (thought he’ll end with like 30+ INT, 15 or less TD, 55% comp with 7 yards avg), TEs getting involved

    We’ll need a franchise QB. But I’d shoot for it after Pete is gone. Right now I’d trade back to get like 3 R1, 3R2 and would draft 6 guys for this D# (DT, OLB, DE, ILB, S, CB)

    • Peter

      It’s a weird time when Geno isn’t the problem. Great, no. Good. Not really. Serviceable, sure.

      Before the season I had him at: 3500yds. 20tds. 12 ints.

      Current pace: 4000 yards. 23 tds. 12 ints.

      • Mac

        Geno will become Derek Carr lol

  8. KennyBadger

    This has been said here many times before and will again, but what good are high draft picks if Pete is the one making and coaching them?

    In no way am I rooting for the Seahawks to lose but losses are easier to handle knowing it gets Pete closer to the door. There is no more success to be had on his watch.

    • Peter

      Yep to this

      • Big Mike

        Ditto from me too

    • seaspunj

      maybe Sean Payton will be coach this team in 2 years although I suspect he’s Dallas Cowboys future coach

      it’s quite possible that PC will walk away because I just cant see 2 more seasons like this

      • Rob Staton

        My money is on Payton in Denver

        • DriveByPoster

          I don’t recall one recently but have you done an article on possible future HC’s for the ‘hawks, Rob? Is it time to start scanning through the likely candidates?

          • Rob Staton

            I think it might just wind us all up.

            ‘What you could’ve won’ type of stuff

            I don’t think Allen will fire Carroll and I don’t think he’ll walk

            • Big Mike

              Sadly, I entirely concur Rob.

            • Marcus

              Agreed. No need to wonder about what could’ve been. Holding the current team/coaches accountable (as most folks here have been doing) is more important than daydreaming.

              Maybe the press will ask the questions that need asking this week (sarcastic voice)…

        • Denver Hawker

          My money is on the Chargers or Cowboys

    • DriveByPoster

      I wouldn’t put it in quite those terms but I am in general agreement.

      I support Everton football team here in the UK. A traditional ‘big’ (ish) team with high ambitions. Last season they were just awful & it was just bloody painful watching them. They sacked the manager halfway through the season & the rest of the season was a struggle. They damn near got relegated out of the Premier League. This season also started off a bit ropey but you could see the improvement. The new manager has had a chance to bring in some players & they are younger, fitter, faster, more difficult to beat & better with the ball in possession. You can see that the team are focused on what they are doing & they are improving with each game they play.

      With the Seahawks they seem to be (well no, not seem to be, they actually are) going backwards. They have chopped & changed the scheme & the coaching staff, they are playing players out of position, they are weak on fundamental skills like tackling & their play on the field bears no resemblance to the way that the HC says he wants them to play.

      I don’t want to move on from Pete because of any particular weakness in the way he coaches the team & develops the players (although that obviously plays a big role). I want to move on because, by his own standards, he is failing. The product on the field is, at times, a shambles & getting worse each game. Regardless of any other factors, he is responsible for that & has to pay the price. Instead, the mantra of ‘Always Compete’ has become just a litany of excuses. If Pete were a player he would have been cut a long time ago.

      • McZ

        Fellow Toffee here.
        In general, you’re absolutely right. Even in defeat, Lampard has taught this squad to have another body language. They have that “next time” chip on their shoulders, and that’s far better than the crap we have come to be accustomed to.

        The main problem this Everton squad continues to have is scoring. Possibly, this will go away as soon as the young lads are getting more experienced. Possibly, Calvert-Lewin cannot came back soon enough.

        The thing is, I don’t trust ownership, neither Everton, nor Seahawks, for a true rebuild, a true change, that incorporates less sugar coating.

  9. Marc

    This is worst Seahawks defense in team history. They lack talent, they lack preparation and they lack effort.

    When does ownership put an end to this? Seattle will be fortunate to win three games this season.

    • Peter

      I know we are stuck with Pete but how is this defense acceptable. Denver canned fangio rightfully so, probably. But his defenses weren’t the problem there.

  10. Roy Batty

    How about that 2nd half offense, people?

    3 points.

    • cha

      That is 3 second-half points in 3 games for the offense.

      (7 points came from special teams)

      • Jabroni-DC

        Trending up!

  11. 12th chuck

    I think I have figured out what’s wrong with the d. Pete switched to a 3-4 4-3 hybrid, to take everyone out of their element a bit…… to make Jamal Adams look that much better! They catered to make him look like a pro bowler all pro hall of fame trajectory. Every press conference was going to start out with ” how good was Jamal!!!???!!” But he was out for the season in the first half of the first game, and this is what we are left with.

    • Seattle Person

      Or the players just aren’t that good…You have the same problems in the 3-4 as you did in the 4-3.

  12. Roy Batty

    Pete Carroll looks like a guy just up there cashing his paycheck in the presser.

    He has that attitude of, “I’m in charge. I’m not going anywhere and you all know it. So, let’s just go through the motions here and go home.”

  13. Romeo A57

    Three straight 3 and Outs by the 9ers Defense to start the SNF Game. It took Seattle’s Defense 3 Games to get one.

    • Seattle Person

      They are loaded with talent in the front 7. Quite the difference. The Hawks need to continue to build both trenches.

  14. Rick Mirer Fan Club

    Agreed, this proves they have way more to worry about than what QB they draft next year. They might want to just double down on some young d talent and bypass QB honestly that might be a lesser worry from watching that crummy D performance

    • Rob Staton

      They will not bypass QB

      Everything is being geared towards drafting a QB — possibly aggressively

      My worry is that increasingly it feels like the wrong Head Coach/VP of football operations is in charge of the rebuild

      • Ashish

        If hawks goes 1-16 which is very likely possible will still PC will be safe?

  15. Palatypus

    Relax, the Air And Run Pressure (AARP) defense is coming along nicely.

    • Romeo A57

      As a member of AARP, I resent that remark 😀

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    LBs and safeties are terrible. Both positions are League worst imo. And that’s despite Seattle’s salary allocation to safeties is among the League’s highest.

    Barton and BBK are two busted picks at LB. Just flat out busted. Brooks is trending the same way.

    Coby Bryant was one of the best cover corners in CFB but Seattle moved him inside and now his best plays through 3 games have been rushing the QB.

    Not much to be positive about there.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I cannot overstate how ridiculous and unacceptable the situation is at both safety positions. Damn near gets me apoplectic

    • 12th chuck

      don’t forget about Collier as a bust, and it isn’t looking good for Eskridge

      • Malc from PO

        Eskridge, allegedly our speedy, shifty guy, doesn’t get to return kicks but is out there to block on jet sweeps. Maybe as a decoy? He put is a good effort blocking but no, not looking good for him in a catches, runs, yards, and touchdowns sense.

    • GoHawksDani

      But, but, but “Brooks has 2113431413413431 tackles, he must be great”

      • Rob Staton

        ‘Tackles’ seem to be a great distraction from actually needing to analyse linebacker performance in Seattle (for media and fans)

        • Big Mike

          Brooks has never been more than decent imo.

          • GoHawksDani

            Maybe it’s an illusion for the media. Barton is sooo awful, that he makes Brooks to look better.
            But I never understood the last couple of years’ hype with Bobby either. Sure, he made some tackles (although less then previously), but there is a difference between tackle and tackle.

            If you make a tackle for no gain that’s awesome. If you make a tackle for 3 yards that’s great. If you make it for 5-7 yards that’s not that good, and if you make it after 10 yards that’s horrible.

            Brooks although sometimes can flash and make a TFL or for no gain, mostly in the 5-7 yards category. He’s an OK LB with some upside but probably not even in the top15-20 ILBs in the league

            • Sunjay Jayachandran

              I saw Wagner live at sofi against Atlanta. He had a couple of sacks and 5 in total. He looks better than anything on our defense. the common denominator is Pete.

        • L80

          While all of us were salivation over the prospect of getting Tindall in the draft and were in position to take him, this F.O. had visions of Cody Barton patrolling the spaces behind the line…..They also said to themselves, let’s put him out of his best position just like we do with our O-Linemen.

          Getting rid of RW and Pete should have been hand in hand. Trying to run these stale concept with even normal decent players would yield the same results.

          I was hoping to see at least SOME sort of a defense but this isn’t fun to watch in the least.

  17. Forrest

    Why do you need to call a time out to kick a field goal? That was bad management again and a third TO would have been nice at the end.

    I’m sick of watching zone coverage. Press man was fun for years. That’s Pete’s bread and butter. How can three defenders be around a receiver who’s open? After 3 seconds, you should stick someone, not stay idle occupying a space around no one.

    How could you possibly go into this year with our CBs? It’s embarrassing. We have no chance.

    I’m sick of Cody Barton. Brooks and Taylor also look to have regressed and should be showing up more.

    How can all three of the teams we have faced design plays where blockers are out in space in front of the runner, but we can’t?

    Where’s Poona Ford? He’s disappeared for three games.

    On the plus side, we did use some TEs at the beginning and “took what they gave us” on short passes.

    Can we clean up the undisciplined O line penalties?

    • Malc from PO

      The defensive front seven is just getting annihilated. Outside linebackers not strong enough to contain, line gets shoved back into the linebackers, eliminating them from the play over and over again. It’s rough.

    • mtpgod

      I keep waiting for the “we signed Joe Schobert” article. Johnson should already be taking snaps from Barton.

  18. Trevor

    Is any Seahawks fan watching the Broncos and thinking that trading Russ and his $250 millon contract was a bad idea.

    The Hawks suck but with a change at the top if they bring in a quality coaching staff / front office they have the draft capital and cap space to rebuild in a couple of years. This year is going to be awful but at this pony I would prefer 2-14 to 8-8 as it might force Pete out and would ensure us a top 3 pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Why do we always have to go back to Wilson??

      All I know is we are crap

      And I don’t have faith in the HC to make us not crap, with or without draft picks

      • Matthew

        I think it’s fair in a rebuilding year to look to the situation with Wilson through the ENTIRE season to determine if moving on was the right call. So far, it 100% was. Regardless of if JSPC are capable
        of rebuilding properly, we wouldn’t be much better off with Wilson at QB, he so far has shown he can’t elevate a team by himself anymore. What else can we look to in a year like this? I’m fascinated by it all, and so far, it seems both PC and Wilson were better off together, but both are probably past their prime. Happy the Seahawks are not hitched to Wilson, but still watching for evidence that Wilson’s shortcoming were caused by PC, or his own limitations.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think it’s relevant any more

          Wilson is gone

          The key is the future of this team, not the past

          The only relevant thing with Denver now is the picks we get from them. That’s it

          We need to talk about what actually matters to the Seahawks and this rebuild

          • Matthew

            In your opinion. Which is obviously of more importance on your blog! Still, Let’s not pretend we’re not human, and there isn’t an emotional component to all of this. We need answers to move on, so far, they’re very clear. That aside, I’m happy to see Denver falter since the Seahawks have their first and second. Finally, you’ve been ahead of all of this, so totally understand how annoying the constant Wilson chatter is. It really is beyond the nuts and bolts of the current Seahawks team.

            • Rob Staton

              We don’t need answers though

              Because you can be 100% validated in making a trade and still be a crap football team

              The only topic in town should be how this team gets back to contention

              • Glor

                The problem there is that the way to do it is a pipe dream.. ie get rid of the current staff. Think we can see the genius want pc or JS, it was probably Scott Fitterer

              • Matthew

                Denver losing, and confirmation Wilson is cooked are part of that. JS has made spell bad decisions, PC too…but it seems JC is in charged of personnel now. Seeing a enormous trade like this be win for Seattle is part of that conversation.

                • Glor

                  He should have been fired after the JA trade.. there is no coming back from that.
                  Sheldon, Percy, JA, so many firsts wasted, let alone the picks he made…

                • Rob Staton

                  Nobody has won or lost the trade three games in

                  Especially when one team should be 3-0 and the other 0-3

                • Kaesotullius

                  I agree it’s a topic for discussion. But, you’re never gonna be able to do much more than idle speculation. We can’t know what the seahawks would be like were we to field Wilson, nor how Denver’s fortunes affect Wilson’s season. Too many what if’s.

            • ukalex6674

              but there isn’t and there shouldn’t be….he has gone, move on, crying over it isn’t going to help anyone and has no value whatsoever.

              • Group Captain Mandrake

                Counterpoint. After his year, I don’t give a damn if RW is all world and wins three super bowls in a row (Unless Seattle is playing in them which ain’t happening). But this year Seattle gets their first and second so the worse they do, the better it is for Seattle. I don’t hold anything against Russ. He did what he thought was best for him. Fair play to him. But I want the Broncos to do poorly this year and he is part of that.

      • Ross

        Because that’s the biggest trade in this team’s history? I think this year we can rightfully to debate it’s merits (like we do most big trades after the fact) and it seemed like the right move in April, and it still does now. I’m excited for Denver to continue losing and the rights to their first two picks.

        • Rob Staton

          I can tell this is going to be a painfully dull topic people keep bringing up

          When we should be focusing on what THIS team does to become good again

          I don’t give a crap about validation for a trade if we end up being a hopeless team for years

          • Seattle Person

            I think the conversation needs to be geared towards the current players on the team and their progress.

            I tend to agree. I don’t care about Wilson anymore. I’m more interested in seeing whether Hurt or Waldron are decent coordinators. So far, they haven’t shown to be innovators.

            I’m more interested in certain players that can be building blocks for the future. Nearly a quarter through the season and it’s hard to see who those players are on defense. The offense seems to have more keepers.

            • Ross

              I do too. The current team should be the priority topic. However, the trade did happen and it’s something that can be discussed by fans of the team. That’s it. I don’t think it has to be a big deal or a major topic.

          • mtpgod

            I feel like validation for the Russ trade is relevant, bc I’m already sick of seeing/talking about how we got killed on the Jamal Adams trade every week, it’d be nice to get a W on the Russ trade, AND take baby steps towards contention by next year. It’d be nice if the Wilson trade isn’t mentioned alongside Adams, Collier/Eskridge/Blair busts, Taylor/Brooks not performing at all, qb woes, etc.

            • Sunjay Jayachandran

              Wilson is playing badly yes. But he had his clutch drive and beat the Niners and their great defense. in the end Denver would have lost that game without Wilson. He will improve. At least Hackett got an assistant to help him out.

    • McZ

      Wrong question.

      Watching Mike McDaniel, whom I proposed as early as after the Adams trade, turns the Fins from a dark horse into a true SB contender gives me real pains.

      We need another leadership, new ideas, a fresh approach. We are treading water. Not a single player has shown enough advances to be able to carry the team.

      • Starhawk29

        To be fair, I believe we went after McDaniel as an OC a few years ago, and the 9ers blocked him from interviewing. My guess is they’d do the same if he was interviewing for HC too. So while I’d love to have Mike McDaniel setting up next year’s rookie QB, I think it was never going to happen.

        • Rob Staton

          To be fair, I believe we went after McDaniel as an OC a few years ago, and the 9ers blocked him from interviewing

          I don’t recall that being the case

  19. OP_Chillin

    Masterclass in the field position game tonight haha.

    • Palatypus

      The Giants are beating the Rockies 7-5.

      • Big Mike

        Mariners blew an 11-2 lead and lost 13-12 😞

        • Big Mike

          (sorry but I had to vent)

          • Scot04

            Vent away Big Mike.
            I couldn’t believe you dont let your newly extended Ace try to finish the 6th even after the walk in an 11-4 game.
            Then it got even uglier.
            Seahawks Defensive is embarrassing & unfortunately not showing any improvement.
            Then I sit with my nephew visiting from Cal to cheer on his 49rs. Ugh…
            Felt like 3 big gut punches today.

  20. Glor

    Jimmy G is looking a hot mess, glad we didn’t trade for him

  21. TJ

    If I was to author my own rapid reaction article, it would very less eloquently mirror everything you said. Forget all of the Geno or third wideout discussions. Whether we are playing a good opponent or a bad opponent, our run defense has the consistency of wet tissue paper. I have been relatively supportive of the Carrol/Schneider regime, but if you can’t fix something as basic as your run defense, it is time to give someone else a chance.

    • Glor

      Yup, I am fine with the offense sucking…. But seeing the D this bad…. Heads need to roll

      • Pran

        We should have seen this coming. Clint was on staff for few years when D was bad…elevating him coupled with Pete’s influence is not helping. Hope Pete sucks all the way for a top 3 pick and the retires.

  22. Donovan

    Genuine Q: Did the two deep safety look essentially “solve” RW3?

    The “Let Russ Cook” season got off to a blazing 6-0 start, and then D’s switched to two deep safeties to stop the deep ball. By end of season, Schotty was fired – unfathomable just three months earlier.

    And to my untrained eyes at least it seems RW3 has never been the same since.

  23. Ok

    Just logging in to say that I wholeheartedly agree with what Ron and a few others are saying: hawks bad, who cares about Wilson!?
    Local media (Salk) has really gone above and beyond to stay fixated on Wilson, instead of asking obvious questions like: ‘what is your team philosophy, and how well is it being implemented and realized? Why is the team so bad at tackling? As a defensive minded HC why is the defense so ineffective?’ Etc, etc ad nauseam. It is gross.
    Gross much like the Seahawks defense. It’s one thing to struggle with Geno. Fine. But that isn’t what is happening. The team looks broken on an organizational level. No incoming player has the capabilities to fix this mess. The team cannot hang their helmets on anything, there are no consistent successes.
    I cannot fathom PCJS fixing this. Talent acquisition had been too bad for too long.
    The schemes are not doing any favors. The coaches are not providing an advantage.
    Wilson isn’t playing well, for sure. But no wonder he wanted to out! Hawks are going nowhere good.

    • 805Hawk

      Well said. I’m so done with Salk. He’s excruciating to listen to any longer.

    • Romeo A57

      Seattle apologists like Salk will continue to beat the drum that trading Russ was great especially after another poor showing tonight by him. They want to ignore the important question of whether the Seahawks have an organizational plan to make this team a contender again.

      Several days ago PC said he thought this years team could go undefeated. If he truly believes that, and it wasn’t a phony motivational ploy, he should be fired immediately. That means that he is totally clueless.

      Claiming victory on the Russ trade is nothing more than a distraction from what looks like a lost season.

  24. swedenhawk

    Woke up and checked out the box score. Atlanta’s defense may be bad, their secondary poor. But Geno Smith attempting 44 passes compared to just 21 run plays seems absurd, especially for a Pete Carroll led team. (And only 3 of the latter going to the team’s prized 2nd round RB.) If there’s a silver lining it’s perhaps that Pete really has ceded some control of the offense. Will watch the game later today, but my what a joke this team has become!

  25. Palatypus

    While everyone is contemplating whether or not this is a turd burger or a shit sandwich, I suggest we embrace a new term from the science fiction novel I am working on. Poisson de Merde. Which is French for “shit fish.”

    You see, when we colonize Mars everything will need to be recycled as a matter of survival. Mushrooms will grow in feces and cacti will be grown to conserve water. This is where I got the title “Martian Tequila.” But what inspired it was an article by a Japanese scientist suggesting that loach, a scavenging bottom fish, could be a useful source of protein that would essentially live in your toilet.

    So in my book, the main character gives it a French name to convince himself to eat it. Because, hey, everything sounds more appetizing in French, right?

    So, when Pete Carroll does his press conference consider what he is serving up. It is Poisson de Merde filet braised in a savory mezcal sauce served in a shiitake mushroom bun. Bon Appetit!

  26. JC

    This is gonna be an important L in the last week of April ’23. Niners and Jimmy G unfortunately didn’t provide us more good draft news. We mostly won the box score after being dominated statistically weeks 1 and 2, but the defense is a years long concern.

  27. cha

    Rob I hope you know I wasn’t intentionally trying to break your brain @ 17:00 by posting that PC quote.

    You’re correct to question it. That is why I felt compelled to follow it up with “that’s a real PC quote” lest there be any doubt he actually said it.

  28. Mick

    Can’t be happy about it but it’s the kind of games I expect to see. Some positive development to keep it a tight score, enough mistakes and lack of skill to lose us the game. But you can’t be a whole quarter four points away and not produce any points. I think there’s no chance we use our first pick on anything else than a QB. I hope we don’t see Mike Jackson and Josh Jones anymore, they simply don’t have what it takes. Glad the rookies are showing signs of life. What I fail to understand is what were they thinking when they used 2 draft picks on WRs that end up not playing. If you were gonna give the picks away, better try to use them in a trade up and get a linebacker. The Barton experiment is a disaster.

  29. Robert Las Vegas

    I have been lately thinking why the Seahawks can’t stop running game.i can’t really blame Geno but has ever had come back and won it all the end victory as a Seahawk I don’t believe so..the one time I root for the 49ers and Kyle and Jimmy G disappointed me.russ is playing like crap the San Francisco defense gives up 9 points and Francisco lost the game .I calling it now I know it’s early but I predict the Detroit lions will beat the Seahawks next Sunday if we can’t stop Atlanta what evidence does anyone have that we can beat Detroit on the road

  30. Robert Las Vegas

    One more quick thought the San Francisco defense gave Russ Wilson 8 three and outs Sunday many times has the Seahawks defense forced three outs this year in three games once I think? Brutal

  31. Gomhawk

    I think we should give the Falcons O their due. They’ve put up 26, 27, and 27. Those first two were pretty good Ds. They looked good to me, even if we didn’t make it hard on them. Their D is definitely holding them back.

    Unrelated, was Blair rly looking that bad in camp/preseason? I thought he looked good in his limited opportunities in the past, albeit that’s a lot of injury to bounce back from. Our safety play was pretty bad…I’ll give Jackson some credit, he plays hard, looks like a solid CB 3 or 4 who can fill in for a starter but not a starter.

    • Rob Staton

      The Falcons have some good players

      But you can’t give up explosive plays galore like that, show the same issues we’ve seen early in the season for years and get a pass

      • Gomhawk

        Ya for sure, I thought the pass rush would be better than it has been. It seemed like besides the 3 sacks we didn’t produce any pressure.

        • Gomhawk

          And on that note, I was really hoping Kayvon Thibodeaux would have fallen to us somehow.

  32. Rob Staton

    On a positive note…

    House of the Dragon is freakin’ awesome

    • ukalex6674

      It really is!

  33. Big Mike

    On a negative note, apparently they were going to go for it on 4th down before calling time out and settling for a FG late in the 3rd. Carroll said they were gonna go for it but that “we got a little screwed up” and “guys on the field weren’t ready so we called time out”. Geno said “we were a little mixed up there so it was probably best to take the points there”.

    Now there’s some grade A coaching right there.

    • Tomas

      Didn’t Jody sign Pete through the 2025 season? Or is it 2024? Depressing either way, as it seems unlikely Jody will replace him with a sale drawing near. I fear Pete won’t quit no matter how bad the on-field results … because he’s borderline crazy in his optimism. While PC/JS are accomplishing the tear-down in good fashion, the re-build starts when the new owner replaces both Pete and John.

      • Big Boi

        He’s signed through the 2025 season, so three more years after this one. He will never quit as that would be $10 million less a year in his pocket. I think he might be fine with getting fired since they have to pay him, which is exactly why Jody never will. So enjoy the Pete Show. Ain’t going nowhere.

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