Danny Shelton could be 2015’s most overrated prospect

Danny Shelton is considered by many to be a likely first round pick

If Danny Shelton is going to be a first round pick this year — and I’m not convinced — he’ll need to prove he’s more than just a run stuffer.

Remember Louis Nix? About this time last year he was being touted as a likely first round choice. The usual things were said, “there aren’t many people who can do what he can at his size.” In reality, that wasn’t really true. He was pretty average at the combine, carried too much bad weight, had some character concerns and flopped into round three.

There’s a reason the word ‘rare’ is place before the words ‘nose tackle’ when trying to describe the type of player who does go early in the first round. Dontari Poe was the #11 overall pick in 2012. He was 345lbs, 6-3 and looked in terrific shape. He ran a blistering 4.97 at the combine. He really was a freak of nature. That’s your rare nose tackle right there. Not just any type of big guy with production. Recent history shows (more on that later) that there just aren’t that many nose tackles going in the first round.

Shelton is not Poe. Far from it, in fact. He’s 339lbs but looks fatter. Poe is as chiseled as a 345lbs defensive tackle can be. Shelton has a flabby midriff and doesn’t have the same foot-speed or general athleticism. Would anyone be shocked if Shelton’s forty time is nearer to Nix’s 5.42 than Poe’s 4.97?

Of course it’s not just about athleticism. The tape and what you’ve done on the field matters too. He had nine sacks in 2014 and 16.5 TFL’s, which is impressive. But stats can be manipulated any way you want. You can make the case that his production is a major positive. Or you can point out seven of the nine sacks came in the first four weeks against Hawaii, Eastern Washington and Georgia State. In the same three games he had 9.5 of the 16.5 TFL’s. In the PAC-12 he had half a sack against Oregon, half a sack against Washington State and a sack against Arizona. That’s it.

I’ve kept going back to Shelton because it’s almost assumed he’ll be a first round pick. I keep thinking I must be missing something. So I keep looking. After last night’s Citrus Bowl, I think I’m done with my conclusion. I just think he’s overrated.

Oklahoma State didn’t run the ball particularly efficiently last night — they managed less than 4 YPA even if they churned out +160 yards. But every time they ran at Shelton I kept seeing a similar trait. He was being turned, time and time again. It’s subtle. The O-line didn’t use a double team against him, but they found a way to manipulate his body to create space up the middle. Rinse and repeat.

Given his size the very least you want to see from a first round pick at this size is great run defense. He can’t be moved that easily with blocking technique. If he’s going to get moved off the spot, it needs to be because the opponent has keyed in. Double teams, schemes, running away from the inside. Not in the Citrus Bowl. ASU ran up the middle. They ran at Shelton. No answer.

I’ve seen games (eg Hawaii) where he does play with a solid anchor and you see plenty of upper/lower body power. He can play with heavy hands and he can work through traffic to get into the backfield and create a splash. But there are other games where he just looks average or slightly above average. I could live with that if he was an explosive pass rusher, but he isn’t. He just isn’t.

For me he’d be best served losing weight. Get down to 320lbs and play lighter. Gain more mobility. There’s bad weight on that frame that he can shift and not suffer any loss of power. At the moment he looks sloppy (was he asked to gain weight quickly this year?) and wherever he gets drafted — and by whoever — he’s going to go straight on a conditioning program.

Teams can find big-bodied DT’s later on. The pressure to go big early just isn’t there. Look at the first round defensive tackles taken in the last five drafts:

2014 — Aaron Donald, Dominique Easley
2013 — Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotulelei, Shariff Floyd, Sylvester Williams
2012 — Dontari Poe, Fletcher Cox, Michael Brockers
2011 — Nick Fairley, Corey Liuget, Phil Taylor
2010 — Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Tyson Alualu, Dan Williams

Of the 16 players listed above, Poe, Dan Williams and Phil Taylor are the closest to Shelton in terms of style. We’ve discussed Poe. Williams played lighter and looked better in terms of body shape — he was 6-2 and 327lbs at the combine and ran a 5.19. He was the #26 overall pick in 2010. Taylor was 339lbs but in a different league in terms of athleticism and mobility. He carried the weight superbly and flew around the field — even chasing runners and receivers to the sideline at Baylor. He ran a 5.14 and had length — 34 inch arms and 6-3 in height.

All of the other 13 defensive tackles above were pass rushers or three-techniques. There really isn’t a deep history of big nose tackles going early unless they flash the kind of rare athletic qualities I don’t think we see with Shelton. If he’s going to convince a team to spend a high pick, I think he has to show he is athletic. That he is more than a space-filler. And I’m just not convinced.

You can find two-down tackles and run stoppers later. If you’re going to draft a run-stuffer in round one you pretty much accept you’re taking a player who faces limited snaps every week. What’s more, they don’t necessarily play the money downs. What team in the league is saying today, “if only we had a big fat run stuffer in there?” Very few — and the ones thinking it probably aren’t looking at round one. There are just better ways to spend a first round pick.

For me he’s more likely to follow the path of Notre Dame’s Nix — especially if these quotes, credited to a NFC West scout and reported on NFL.com, have any legitimacy:

“He really scares me because he has major talent, but I also wonder if he’s on his best behavior because it’s a contract year for him. What happens when he signs his contract? Scouts are concerned with Shelton’s personality and work ethic. More than one scout has said the previous coaching staff at Washington had issues with Shelton’s surliness and selfishness. Shelton’s weight has to be monitored in the pros, and he could stand to play with more consistent power, but big nose tackles who can cave pockets and pursue running backs from sideline to sideline are rare. Shelton’s tape will ultimately tell the tale, but if there are worries about his character or work ethic, it could cost him spots in the draft.”

The scout is much higher on Shelton’s potential than I am, but the possible character concerns add a dynamic to this debate. A selfish, surly defensive tackle who needs to monitor his weight isn’t a great combination — and it’s part of what hurt Nix.

Personally I thought Washington’s defensive line appeared more threatening last night when freshman Elijah Qualls spelled Shelton. I’ll just call this as I see it. For me, Shelton is getting pumped up too much by the media. We’ll see how he performs at the combine. We’ll see how the off-season unfolds. It wouldn’t surprise me if, by April, he’s seen as a second or third round option rather than the celebrated first rounder many believe at the moment.

A more likely first round nose tackle for me would be Oklahoma’s Jordan Phillips. He’s leaner, more athletic and has major upside. Expect an excellent work out in Indianapolis. The main concern is an injury history to look into — but he flashed several times during the Sooners’ fast start to 2014.

On the other hand — how good was Dante Fowler Jr today in the Birmingham Bowl? He had three sacks against East Carolina, a couple of QB hits and lined up all over the place. He’s athletic enough to drop into coverage, he can rush the edge and he even has snaps on tape rushing from the inside. He’s a complete defensive player and should be a top-10 pick.


  1. CC

    I tend to agree with you on Shelton – at times he is absent and OSU manhandled the defensive line last night. He’ll need to go to a team that can motivate and mold him. If he goes to a bad team, without leadership, it could doom him. I thought Hudson played best of all the lineman.

    Kikauha also did not look good last night – he was neutralized. Again, likely will have to go somewhere and learn – and work with a good defensive coach to help him develop.

  2. Elliott

    Rob have you looked in to any PR/KR’s the seahawks could go after in the mid rounds? I really don’t think there’s any chance we keep Walters around next year. And Paul Richardson hasn’t been great at kick off returns either. I personally really like Kansas State’s Tyler Lockett he had really good game against UCLA last night and currently he’s projected as a third rounder but it looks like is stock is rising so he could possibly go in the second, which might be to early for the Hawks to take him.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t because it’s hard to judge a PR/KR guy in terms of the NFL. I mean, I can’t see them drafting someone just for that role. I think they’ll more than likely continue with the plan they undertook this year — see who they’ve got and open up the competition. Walters in the end earned some level of trust there on the punts — and Richardson is doing it because Harvin was traded. I know Lockett is getting props but there are concerns with his play in general that put me off. I wouldn’t draft him just to return kicks.

      • Radman

        I don’t think anyone would draft him just for PR/KR. Personally I think he’s a good WR prospect.

  3. Ho Lee Chit

    I think you nailed the analysis on Danny Shelton. Personally, I love the kid. He is a Husky. The broadcasters last night reported the coaches indicated he is well over his listed weight of 339. He is probably more like 350+. All of our DT’s are 310. Mebane gets praise for his ability to make tackles sideline to sideline. The first criteria to be a Seahawk is ‘speed for the position’. None of this leads me to believe Danny Shelton will be a Seahawk. He must get on a conditioning program and diet between now and the draft to have a chance. Else, he will be one of those guys who we thought would go in round one and drops to round four. If he dropped the weight he could be special. But. I fear he has already eaten himself out of the league.

    • Volume 12

      Got to agree with everyone myself. Ho Lee Chit is right in that I do root for the kid, because he is from U-dub, but nothing has really stood out to me when I watch. He’ll make a great play in pursuit one play, and then washed out of the next few. Too inconsistent with no upside IMO. I have to disagree on Mebane though, I think he’s bigger than 310, more like 320 lbs.

      Florida DE Dante Fowler, Jr. is a flat out monster! How unique is he? Definitely think a unique pass rusher is a need. I’m kind of hoping teams think Flower’s is too much of a ‘tweener’ and he ends up falling down the board. However unlikely it is (probably impossible).

      Pure run stuffers, 2 down players, whatever the term may be that is used to describe them should be drafted in the mid to late rounds, at least I think. Especially nowadays with most of the league having adopted heavy passing attacks as their game plan’s.

  4. j

    While we are on the topic of local schools – have you had the opportunity to look at DE Xavier Cooper and WR Vince Mayle from WSU? Wondering what your impressions are. Mayle slimmed down to 220 this past offseason and I think it really helped his game.

    Right now I’m hearing both are projecting as mid-round options. I’d be happy with either in that range.

    • Rob Staton

      I only had access to one Washington State game this season — and it coincided with a big time off-day for Mayle. I don’t like to comment on players I’ve watched once so I’ll reserve judgement for now. Honestly — didn’t focus on Cooper so can’t offer much here. I’ll add him to a growing list of players I’ve promised to look at.

      • j

        Cool, thanks. I know you have a lot of tape to watch.

  5. MarkinSeattle

    Rob, I noticed that Nelson Agholor from USC declared. Thoughts on him as a possible second or third round option? Not overly tall, but fast and quick.

    • Rob Staton

      Really clutch player over the years at USC — just always had a knack of making key plays. Knows how to get open and a great competitor. I believe he’s a bit of a film room junky and a gym rat. Has dropped a few passes in the past but has many more positive plays. Wasn’t overly keen coming into the year in terms of early round and I’m still dubious — I think he’s soundly in the middle rounds. Not a big guy at all. The team that drafts him will get a very solid prospect they can work into an offense.

      • Volume 12

        Rob, have you ever got to check out Iowa St TE EJ Bibbs? He remind’s me of a poor man’s version of TE Vernon Davis. Could be a really good steal in the mid round.

  6. Ehurd

    Rob have you had a chance to look at senior DT Terry Williams out of ECU (6’1 353.)

    I posted this awhile back but IMO he is a perfect 1-tech for the Seahawks. Williams reminds me a lot of Mebane in how quick and sudden he is for his size. Every time I watched ECU this year he has single handedly killed teams running game. Hardly ever gets washed off the spot and the times he did he took himself out the play by being overly aggressive. Plays with a fantastic motor for his size and I believe he played center in High School… Thoughts?

    Vs. VTeh 2013 (junior year) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjmQq7KepA4

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Terry Williams appears to be a powerful load in the middle of the ECU defensive line. He has some impressive weight room numbers and looks to be more fit around the waist than Danny Shelton. Williams had two suspensions his Sophomore and Junior years for drugs. The first one was for dealing. As far as we know he stayed clean his Senior year. At this time there is only one tape on him from last year. He appears to be off the radar and headed for UDFA status. He is an intriguing prospect with his medical reports clear him on the drug issue.

      • Ehurd

        Thanks for the response.

        I really don’t see the drug issues being a factor IMO just based off the fact the issues are two years removed. Especially knocking him out of the draft completely. Plenty of athletes selected mid round in the past with similar history who it didn’t effect. IMO if he has a great combine, doesn’t test positive for any substances (as you pointed out) and kills his interviews I think he goes between rounds 3-6.

        • Volume 12

          I’m a huge fan of DT Terry ‘Swamp Monster’ Williams, but wasn’t he suspended for the bowl game against Florida? As much as I like him, the 2 suspensions, which some is rumored to be buying marijuana, while others say he sold it, I’m not sure Seattle would take a chance on him anymore. If this was a couple years ago, but with the emphasis on ‘character’ on AND off the field in last years draft I just don’t know. They still take troubled guys, I get that, but this could be top much.

          • David M2

            Volume 12,

            It seems PC has a pretty liberal stance on Marijuana. Considering that the Swamp Monster’s issues were Marijuana related, do you think that the Hawks may have more of a tendency to overlook a players issues if they were Marijuana related v.s. other drugs, personality issues, violence or alcohol related issues?

            • CC

              Well, I’m not so sure that PC is okay with marijuana because if you get caught using you get suspended. Walt Thurmond and BB both were suspended and both were not resigned. If you’re not available to play, Seattle doesn’t want them.

            • Volume 12

              Yeah, I do think they have more of a tendency to overlook the marijuana issue, but at the same time as CC said, Seattle not re-signing Browner and Thurmond makes me wonder if that was the reason.

              I have a feeling PC is fairly lenient on if his players use it, as long as it doesn’t become a ‘selfish’ thing, drop their production, or hurt the team on and off the field.

              DT Terry Williams is one of my favorite mid to late round run-stuffer/nose tackles and I would love if Seattle took him, because he is one of the more unique 1-techs in this class, but this may end up being a continual problem and that scares me off. His interview process at the combine will be HUGE.

  7. Ehurd

    Looking at Terry Williams this year another player on the ECU roster jumped out to me and that was WR Justin Hardy (6’0 188.)

    Not very tall or that 6’6 jump ball threat but simply a fantastic athlete. I watched almost every ECU game this year and Hardy was always good for one fantastic play to top his great production. Great hands with special body control to go up (even at his frame) and high point the ball. His 40 I believe is 4.4 to 4.5 but for some reason when I watch him he looks faster because of his route running. He competes, very gritty and plays with fire.

    Highlights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggjPwmOAG-w

    • Ben2

      Wow, good body control and great hands – plucks the ball out of the air. Doesn’t seem like a sudden athlete; hard to tell from a highlight video. Cool looking prospect….I like the way he plucks the ball. Thx for sharing!

    • JaviOsullivan

      The ECU WR Justin Hardy (6’0 188) and Cam Worthy (6’2 220) are very interesting.

      Justin seems bigger than your measurements

  8. peter


    Thanks for the wrote up about Shelton. He frankly looks fat to me. And disproportionate in where his weight sits. That list about the early Dt’s is cool its interesting to see the pattern of the trim, fit DT’s going early and the run stuffers going basically mid rounds.

    it was strange to watch a huskies game…Im from Seattle but don’t follow the huskies since I’ve moved. Got to say a lot of guys people talk about failed to impress…kikaha (?)…meh….Shelton….but Mickens…that guys a gamer and id love to see him in wolf grey one day. Also wtf happened to Kasen Williams? I get the injury but holy crap I personally can’t think of someone taking a nosedive from the heights of his ceiling to I guess his floor. Its crazy that Gurley could still be a 1st round pick, Tevin Coleman could be a second…Marcus Lattimore can gave a gruesome injury and still get drafted but Williams (I know he’s a WR and I referenced RB’s) had 9 months to get right and to me would be lucky if he got drafted in almost any round.

    Sucks actually with his size and earlier production he could have been great perhaps as a hawk. Instead we all have dig up every 6’2-3″ 220ish Wr we can find to future cast their spot on the roster!

    • Eric

      Kasen’s problem was that Silar Miles can’t put any zip or accuracy on his passes. Williams is a go up and get it receiver but doesn’t get much separation, and Silar just can’t put it in a place where he has a chance to get it.

      • peter

        Thanks man. I remember watching his highlights thinking he’d be a great fit for the hawks then it all sort of went away. Hope he does well at the senior bowl

    • Pablo Honey

      This is why you shouldn’t judge players by a single game. Mickens has been really maddening with his inconsistency his first two years — dropped balls and dancing around getting dropped for losses on screens and fly sweeps. They say he’s their best receiver in practice but I think most fans look at him as inferior to John Ross (the guy the current regime decided to stick on defense even though his kick return was just another example of how explosive he is).

  9. Volume 12

    Since we’re on the subject of big DTs/Nose tackles, check out USC DT Antwaun Woods-6’1,325 lb. We know how PC likes him some of those L.A guys. He’s only a Jr., but I’m hoping he will declare. He’d be a great mid round type pick/backup and eventual replacement for Mebane. He’s got some attitude and swag that’s for sure. There’s a great story on him on YouTube titled ‘Getting to know USC’s Antwaun Woods. I tried to post the link, but couldn’t. For those that are interested you should definitely check it out.

  10. bigDhawk

    Good analysis of Shelton and I tend to agree. His production shows there is potential in there somewhere, but it could go two different ways. Either he squanders it with a bad attitude and/or a bad NFL situation or he can decides he loves the game and hopefully goes to a team that will accentuate what he is capable of doing well. He’ll be interesting to follow.

    Rob, it’s probably about time for the annual Seahawks DB project analysis. We all know predicting Seahawks high-round draft picks is especially…unpredictable. The only thing we know with a high degree of confidence is they will pick at least one secondary prospect in every draft. Last year it was Pinkins, before that Simon – so who will it be this year?

    We usually pick our secondary projects in the later rounds, so we probably won’t have a shot at a player like Ladarius Gunter. Another DB who fits our profile that might be around in the later rounds is SR Oklahoma CB Julian Wilson, 6-2, 201. He has underachieved this year, on an entire roster full of NFL talent that has underachieved. But he had at least one Brandon-Browner-eque highlight early in the year against Tulsa where he obliterated a little screen pass, which showed me he has the kinds of raw physical tools we covet. I haven’t unearthed any major character red flags, and he could be a great redshirt candidate.

    What are sme other obscure, Seahawky DB prospects we need to know about?

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Jeron Johnson is a free agent at the end of the season. He really is a SS rather than a FS but has been the primary backup to Earl Thomas. Fortunately, ET has never missed a game or our defense would really take a hit. It is time to find a true FS with the speed to play cover one in the NFL.

      Meet Jamal Golden from Georgia Tech. 5-11, 193, with 4.43 speed Golden is a fifth year senior. While a capable FS, he has made his mark as a returner. He returns punts and kickoffs and won the Jet Award as the best returner in the country as a junior. Should Golden make the team as ET’s backup and become the primary punt returner, we could go in another direction with our 5th WR spot. Golden will probably be available in the middle or late rounds.


      • bigDhawk

        Nice. I like GT’s program. They seem to churn out some quality NFL players every season on both sides of the ball. I think the Seahawks have Pinkins pegged to take over Johnson’s role at backup FS/SS, plus we have Shead who can play either safety spot as well. But you’re right, we really don’t have a true backup FS in the image of Thomas. Finding a player roughly in that mould with plus ST ability would be a quality find.

      • Volume 12

        Georgia Tech S Jamal Golden will be a fast riser here in the next coupke of months. Probably 4th round, bigDhawk is right about Pinkins as well. Plus we’re stashing S Dion Bailey as well. IMO Seattle will take a S as a priority UDFA.

    • Volume 12

      Oklahoma CB Julian Wilson is somewhat intriguing, but seemed to disappear after the first coupe of games. Miami, Flat. CB Ladarius Günter really doesn’t seem to have anything but the size Seattle likes. At least when I watch him play. Here are some names.

      BYU CB Robertson Daniel-6’1, 198 lbs., 4.50 40, has great length, former JUCO guy from Brooklyn, New York. He is extremely confident, is a film junkie, says he loves to play the run, great length, has tons of swag. There’s some good interviews with him on YouTube. Seems like he’d fit right in with the LOB.

      Miami, Ohio CB Quinton Rollins- 6’0, 200 lbs.,4.4 40, again has the ideal length, played 4 years as the starting PG on the basketball team, has only played 1 year of CFB, fantastic athlete, ball hawk, when scouts went to watch him they thought he’d have flaws in his game from being so raw, but were blown away. Doesn’t have many bad habits. Unfortunately will probably be taken in the 3rd or 4th round.

      Georgia CB Damian Swann, 5-11 or 6’0, 188 lbs., 4.4 40, fantastic length, gritty, great ball skills, tons of swag, some say he’s a ‘thug,’ but weren’t the same thing said about Sherman, Browner, and Simon coming out of college. Had a huge year in 2012, 2013 was awful for him, but this year in 2014 he rebounded in a bug way. Has that mentality to put things behind him. Shows up in big games. May be my favorite of this list.

      Texas A&M CB DeShazor Everett- 6’0, 195 lbs., low 4.4/maybe 4.3. Big, big time athlete. Is highly aggressive, absolutely loves to hit, again has the requisite arm length. He struggled with inconsistency and with his technique. He needs a lot of work, but if anyone can ‘coach ’em up’ it would be the DB wizardry of PC and his staff. Great character as well.

      Virginia Tech DB/S Derrick Bonner-6’0 or 6’1, 198 lbs., 4.3 40. Highly versatile DB, have heard he will have a great SPARQ score. Can play nickel or S. Seems ‘Seahawky.’ Plus VA Tech always send good DBs to the NFL. Has the length, the athleticism, is an intense competitor. He’s my pick for a priority UDFA.

      Utah CB Eric Rowe-6’1, 205 lbs., 4.4 or 4.5 40. Played S for Utah the past few years until this year when he moved to CB. Checks all the boxes, plays the run, always gets his hands on balls (PBU), good technique, good competitor and character. Unfortunately, he may be a fast riser as well.

      Ole Miss CB Senquez Gilson-5’9, 183 lbs.,4.3 or 4.4 40. Plays bigger than his listed size. Former baseball player, which we know PC/JS seem to like those guys. He may be the most intriguing. Had a great year statistically, was 2nd in CFB in INTs. Doesn’t have the Seattle height for CBs, but may have the arm length. Is gritty, has swag, and man what a ball hawk! May need to improve his support in the run game, haven’t seen a lot of his game. I know he’s small, but so was CB Antoine Winfield, and Seattle took a chance on him. I’m not saying he is Winfield, more of a port man’s version, but his competitive nature and uniqueness is highly intriguing.

      Of this list CB Damian Swann and CB Robertson Daniel are my personal favorites.

      Just some food for thought here and some DBs that have stood out to me so far or more accurately seem like they have that ‘Seahawky’ vibe and swag or length/size about them.

      • Volume 12

        Edit: should be *Detrick Bonner not Derrick. And should be *Golson not Gilson.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m a big Damian Swann fan. With the right coaching, the kind he’d get in Seattle, I think he could be special.

      • Volume 12

        Rob, glad you like him too. Good point there in regards to the right coaching. Everything about him says ‘Seahawk’ DB to me. His length, character, competitive nature, ball skills, ability to play his best under the bright lights/in big games, and most importantly he ‘moves’ like a Seattle DB. Seems to me Seattle likes these so called ‘thug’ or ‘mugger’ types at the CB position.

        At the VMAC during training camp in August, if anyone has ever gotten the privilege to go and see it, when you watch the DB group they all move the same. Laterally, in their back pedal, the ‘click and close’ ability, how they get their arms up in contested situations, how they all try to punch the ball out, and how they pin the WRs to the sideline.

        Rob, why do you think he struggled so badly in 2013? Was it just a down year for him? Didn’t respond to the coaching? Or was it scheme? I know it’s hard to say, but I’m curious as to your thoughts on the situation. IMO it was a case of not ‘what does he do best?’ but instead the coaching staff rode him hard for ‘what or he can’t do this.’

        • Rob Staton

          Georgia’s defense was a shambolic mess in 2013. On several snaps they had no idea where to line up, what the call was. It was a joke. No shock at all Georgia went out and got a proper defensive coordinator this year and the results were instant and emphatic. No shock at all that suddenly Swann was back to something akin to his best. Without the disorganized chaos he was back to making plays. He’s instinctive, plays the run well, is just shy of 6-0 and plays the ball. He’s not the finished article but with Seattle coaching he can be a top, top player IMO.

  11. Pablo Honey

    Anybody heard anything about Shelton being hurt in the bowl game? I thought he actually looked pretty good the 1st quarter, but he missed a good chunk of the 2nd quarter and seemed like a different guy in the 2nd half — definitely didin’t play well. However, I think if you look at his performances against Arizona, Oregon St, WSU, he played much better.

  12. Jae

    Man, i couldn’t disagree more on your opinion on Shelton, and you quoting that Scout about Danny discredits most of your post. This is the same “scout” that reported Marcus Peters strangled an asst. coach 2X in the same day, which has since been denied by everyone, including the coaching staff.

    Also, i feel that you are basing Danny mostly on his bowl game. In cased you missed it, EVERY HUSKY played like crap that night…they went scoreless until the 3rd QTR. It was an all around poor showing in every facet. Danny never had the stats like he had last year, which is encouraging. Yes, most of them came from inferior opponents, and he got double teamed all year (conference play), while the Dawgs played a hybrid 3-4 front, dropping 8 in those times. It was frustrating to watch us rush 3 on 3rd downs, leaving 5 OL to block 3 guys is always in the OL’s favor, especially when you had the Hudson’s in there, who only need a blocker each. That leaves 3 guys to deter Danny.

    And most would disagree with him being out of shape. Is he fat? Yes. But who moves. IN fact, he moves better than LAST year, when he was lighter. His stamina has increased this year as well, allowing him to play more snaps.

    Its fine that you think he is overrated, but we wont know until he actually plays. And to leave him out of your mock draft is ridiculous, becuase you said yourself he most likely will go first round. So im not sure if your mock draft is some fantasy or what you HONESTLY think will happen. Because i will bet you a crisp $100 most of what you projected will NOT happen. At all.

    • Rob Staton

      1. The quote from the scout comes from a NFL.com source. I have no reason not to believe that and of course it doesn’t discredit the entire post.

      2. The Bowl game solidified my opinion. I usually only base a firm opinion after three games. It’s impossible to watch 7-8 games on every prospect, I think you can find a solid viewpoint at three. I’ve seen four Shelton games. That is the basis for my take.

      3. I didn’t say he “most likely will go first round”. I don’t know where you’ve seen that quote.

      4. You’re a Washington fan, right?

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