Maxx Williams, Markus Golden & Melvin Gordon impress

A few days ago we pondered the stock of Minnesota’s Maxx Williams. He announced his decision to declare as a redshirt sophomore — perhaps taking advantage of a paper-thin tight end class. Featuring in a run-heavy offense and used as an H-back/lead blocker on a lot of snaps, it was hard to judge his stock. How athletic is he? What is he capable of in the passing game?

Today answered a few questions. Or more specifically, the play above did. Wow.

That’s just beautifully improvised. As the quarterback extended the play he found the soft spot in behind the defense, caught the ball and turned a big play into a scoring play by hurdling two defenders. It’s one of the plays of the season for sure and hints at some sneaky athleticism and big play potential in the passing game.

I’ve watched three Minnesota games this year and haven’t seen a single bad snap out of Williams. No ugly drops (in fact, no drops period). No lack of effort. He’s a reliable target in the red zone and he’s capable of the spectacular catch. He might not be a Gronk or a Jimmy Graham in terms of size/speed — but he’s a freaking football player. He’s going to get out there and do a job every week. Not always flashy, but you know it’s there. The play in the Vine above isn’t the only example of his playmaking quality. It’s not the first time he’s hurdled a defender either:

He’s such a fascinating case. His combine will be interesting. The modest passing game in Minnesota explains the lack of targets and stats. He makes the most of what he gets — and the Seahawks love that. It’s one of the reasons they loved Kevin Norwood and why he screamed ‘Seattle’ pre-2014 draft. This isn’t an offense where you’ll get ten opportunities to make a play as a tight end or receiver. You might get three targets — so fill your boots when the time comes. That appears to be Williams’ forté.

The Seahawks have gone after production, difference making athleticism and/or size early in the draft. Williams doesn’t have great size and neither does he have the production. He might not be a difference making athlete. These are all things that could limit Seattle’s interest in the first/second round range. But you never know. He gives off a bit of a Seahawky vibe. And he could be a long term replacement for Zach Miller.

In the same Minnesota/Missouri Citrus Bowl game, Markus Golden was named MVP. He had 10 tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery. The guy is a flat out beast. He was a demon off the edge all day — he can play the run too. He has a terrific frame for the next level. Whether he has the length Seattle loves — that’s debatable. But you could just see him playing for the Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s that type. He was barking at the Minnesota players all day too — “this isn’t the Big Ten”. If he isn’t a top-40 pick this game isn’t fair.

Melvin Gordon also put an exclamation point on his college career, leading Wisconsin to a big win against Auburn in the Outback Bowl. He ran for a game-record 251-yards and scored three touchdowns. The first was a wonderful weaving scamper, cutting back and forth through traffic (see it here). He was gliding the whole way — it was such a perfect, patient, fluid run. The second (see it here) was pure effort — out-running the secondary and fighting off a DB to make it across the line.

He actually came agonizingly close to breaking the NCAA record for rushing yards in a season. For those who say he was only productive in a piece of cake Big Ten — this performance should answer some of the doubters. This wasn’t Auburn at its best — far from it. But 251-yards against a top SEC outfit is intriguing — especially after a similar display against LSU in week one.

Gordon is going to be a top-20 pick. Maybe top-15. He’s that good. He will destroy the combine with an electric forty, a brilliant bench press and excellent broad/vertical jumps. He’s a gym rat — he lives in the gym. He has a tremendous frame to go with that fluid running style. In the right offense he could be a superstar. He’s not going to grind down a team with physical inside running. But if you give him a lane, he’s a threat to take it to the house. He will be a chunk-play artist and a threat to find the edge and explode. He has some of the creativity of Jamaal Charles with the sturdier frame of Demarco Murray.

It was frustrating to see Sammie Coates underused in his final game for Auburn. He was barely on the field. Was he healthy? Was he in the doghouse for choosing to declare? Who knows.

Meanwhile some interesting players declared for the draft this week — Oklahoma’s massive, athletic nose tackle Jordan Phillips could easily be a high pick. He’s much more agile than guys like Danny Shelton and the type of interior space-eater that goes early. Mississippi State running back Josh Robinson also declared. He’s a little bowling ball of power, similar to Michael Turner in his better years. He’ll be great value for someone.

There could be bad news for Tevin Coleman. Tony Pauline is reporting the Indiana running back has a foot injury and might not work out at the combine.

Ohio State’s impressive receiver Devin Smith has received an invite to the Shrine Game:

You can see Smith in tonight’s Sugar Bowl vs Alabama.

Finally — a quick thought on the Rose Bowl playoff game between Florida State and Oregon. Neither of the star quarterbacks played well. Marcus Mariota had an ugly interception before half time and looked antsy early on. He settled into a rhythm in the second half. But Jameis Winston showed why I didn’t put him in the first round of my first 2015 mock a few weeks ago.

After a bad fumble returned for a score virtually ended the game in the third quarter, Winston was pictured arguing with Head Coach Jimbo Fisher. You didn’t have to be a lip reader to notice Fisher state, “Jameis, if you don’t calm the (expletive) down, you’re going to the bench” (see for yourself). For all the talent. For all the potential. He is just immature. Off the field and on the field, the way he conducts himself is not how a franchise quarterback should act. It doesn’t matter how talented you are — he doesn’t look like a guy you want to go to war with. Don’t underestimate that, especially with Johnny Manziel’s shocking rookie season and all the off-field drama dominating NFL headlines this year.

Some players you just take the stance — “let someone else draft him”. Winston is a classic case there. If I was a Head Coach I wouldn’t want to deal with him. If I was a GM, I wouldn’t want my franchise depending on him. On the field he’s been a turnover machine in 2014/2015 to compound matters — and that’s before you get into all the nonsense off the field. It’ll take a brave team to invest a high pick here.


  1. rowdy

    I wouldn’t be mad if the hawks took Maxx at the end of the second. He’s everything they need in a te but not everything they want. Minnesota used him just like the hawks use miller and he should fit right in. GORDEN is my favorite college player and would love him on the hawks, even more then Gurley.

    • Bruce M.

      But can he BLOCK? I don’t understand these references to Miller if the man can’t block. Nor in fact do I understand an analysis of a Miller-type TE, especially in Seattle’s scheme, without an analysis of his blocking.

      We’ve got Willson, who is athletic and fast, albeit with questionable hands. We have Helfet, who lacks Luke’s speed but is athletic with better hands. We need a TE that can block as well, especially if we continue with our “just good enough, with Russell as our QB, to win” philosophy on the OL…

  2. Volume 12

    Absolutely agree on Melvin Gordon.

    Rob, I’m glad you ended up seeing some of the things in TE Maxx Williams that me and you were discussing in the last post on him.

    Regarding Markus Golden. Anyway he lasts until the 2nd round? And if he does, is already too much like what we have in Bruce Irvin, with Golden being a former LB and all. He’s got a great back-story as well. Your right, the kid is a beast and I love me some trash-talking and swag. Does he have Melvin Ingram type arms?

    • Rob Staton

      He doesn’t have fantastic length that’s for sure — but probably not as bad as Ingram. I think he could last into the second but for me he should be a first rounder.

  3. Michael (CLT)

    Jamie’s most likely to stay in school. His first love is baseball.

    • Michael (CLT)


    • Rob Staton

      Perhaps, if he wants to play baseball. Personally I think FSU will encourage him to turn pro…

  4. Ishmael

    Hey kids, been lurking for a while but figured I’d stop by and join in.

    Just on the play in that Vine, as athletically impressive as it is, why do so many defensive players insist on trying to bring down an attacker like that? As soon as the defender leaves his feet he takes himself out of the play, it’s just stupid. Why they don’t just stay low, track the hips, then drive with the shoulder is beyond me.

    Williams looks good, but do we really need a TE – especially with our first?

    I think, inconsistent and injured though they might have been, we’ve managed to get enough out of the Miller/Willson/Moeaki commitee over the last year or so. I’d like to see either a trade down or a bit of a freak difference maker – someone like Coates or Gurley. And on Coates quickly, his left knee is apparently a bit banged up – could easily have sat out but he wanted to play.

    • Volume 12

      If you take a look around the NFL and college, tackling as a whole is BAD! Everyone is so concerned with 40-50 passing attempts, its seems as though coaches aren’t teaching it properly and that starts at the high school level. Just another reason why I LOVE the Hawks. PC teaches theses guys the way to tackle, with your eyes, not with your helmet.

      I’m beginning to wonder if Zach Miller is breaking down?

      Love Sammie Coates as well. Gurley on the other hand, while he is special, IMO I don’t think he’ll hold up to the punishment in the NFL. I’ll say it again, he’s a guy I have a feeling we’ll all sit back and say ‘what if?’ I could be wrong, and if so, I’ll be the first to eat some crow.

      • Ishmael

        Yep, agree completely. I think there’s an obsession with making a huge ‘hit’ to bring a player down. It really isn’t efficient though, and leads so often to guys being hurdled or stepped that I find it hard to believe coaches still teach it. That’s a story for another day though.

        I think Miller probably is breaking down, but I can’t say I’m massively surprised to be honest. A big bodied guy given all the responsibilities he was, it was going to happen sooner or later. It’s a very punishing position.

        I’m kind of with you on Gurley really. With Turbin and Michael, and hopefully Lynch for another year, he’s certainly not a ‘need’ pick and he does come with some risk. Still, it’s not often a Superbowl contender/winner gets to add that talented a player in the draft. I’m developing a sneaky hope that he might drop into the second, at which point we might be able to use our big stockpile of picks to move up and grab him there. Probably a long shot though.

        On Coates, he might be limited now but those physical gifts are just so immense it’s hard to look past him.

    • mister bunny

      Is Maxx projected as a first round pick? No way should we take him then. I would be open to a third round TE. But generally only the most electric TEs get taken in the first.

  5. matt509

    Mariota reminds me of a more aggressive Russell Wilson. His decisions making and football IQ is incredible. The only player that has the decision making he has is Wilson. Even Rodgers forces balls, but that’s because he’s the best in the game right now. I just don’t want to fully commit to the comparison because Mariota attacks the defense rather than scrambling conservatively to try and make a play like Wilson. He has a great future in the NFL and if your article a while back comes true about him going to Philly… Oh my. Absolutely lethal. Mariota and Matthews could become a special connection for years to come… Even Mariota to Evans would be scary.

    • matt509

      Oh and Amari Cooper is a stud. I’m thinking Oakland? I know Carr would be thrilled.

    • Rob Staton

      Even Lovie Smith can’t fail to put out a productive offense with Mariota & Mike Evans. Well, maybe…

      • OZ

        The coaching staff and front office would be run out of Tampa Bay on a rail if they didn’t select Mariota.

      • JeffC

        I’m glad Mariota won’t be in St Louis. What I don’t understand is the proposed upside of Winston. Mike Golic and Damien Woody still insist he’ll be the #1 pick because of “upside.” Am I missing something? Nothing in his game looks comfortable and his release looks awkward to me.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he has the potential to be quite an accomplished passer — but he’s like a 13 year old boy who’s been praised too much in his life. He lives without responsibility and entitlement and that transferred onto the field this year. He became sloppy. I wouldn’t go anywhere near him personally. He’s just not worth the hassle.

          • CC

            Well said!

            Someone will have to draft him, but boy I would hate to be in that fan base!

          • dave crockett

            He could stand to play another year of baseball. Some dudes just need to grow up. He is one.

          • matt509

            Sums it up perfectly. He has the potential to be extremely good but in the end all I see is Ryan Leaf.

  6. john_s

    Dane Brugler had the same comps for Maxx Williams as I do, Jason Witten and Kyle Rudolph. The kid is just a football player. IMO the kid is going to run 4.65 – 4.7 with a 30+ vert with great hands. Does that make him a 1st rounder? I don’t know considering his limited opportunities in the Minnesota offense, but I know that regardless of where he is picked, he will end up playing like a 1st rounder.

    “Dane Brugler @dpbrugler

    Maxx Williams’ NFL comp is a blend of Jason Witten and Kyle Rudolph IMO. Why he has a good chance to crash the 1st round party”

    • Rob Staton

      Fair points John.

    • dave crockett

      The only knock I see is weight, but his frame can clearly hold more. We know he can run block. That’s on tape. His catch rate has been low, but that’s all about having a sub-50% passer. The Citrus Bowl is an indication of Williams’ playmaking ability. His QB was hot and that allowed Williams to do his thing.

      Add to that, Missouri’s been pretty good vs. TEs this season. On that play in the Vine, he’s running away from Kentrell Brothers, who is a 3-down, draftable LB — not some bum.

  7. HOUSE

    Maxx Williams had a good game and I think he’s fighting his way into a Top 50 pick. Like you said, the kid is consistent, durable and hard-working.

    Melvin Gordon is a MONSTER. I see no way that he is available for us. With teams like MIN and BAL in RB-needy situations, I say he’s going to either of those squads.

    Markus Golden: He’s a guy I’ve watched a lot this season. My buddy is a Mizzou fan and he was always talking him up. I personally think Golden could slide a bit (for most teams) due to size, but who knows.

    Devin Smith: I liked what I saw from him on tape. Very agile and screams “BOOM play”. I think Richardson fills the similar role for us already so I don’t know if we’d take a shot on him.

    The coolest thing about our team is over the past 5 drafts, Pete/John have accumulated so much YOUNG talent and competition has forged such a foundation to build from. Our picks at this point are not from NEED, but YOUTH IMPROVEMENT and competition

    • dave crockett

      Golden’s most clear NFL comp in terms of size and style is Trent Cole. Both are 6’3″ and in the #260 range. I bet a bunch of 3-4 teams will like him at OLB, but that tends to depress stock.

      Golden isn’t super long, but he’s longer than Melvin Ingram.

    • Phil

      House — I would add “cost” to your list of “YOUTH, IMPROVEMENT, and competition. It is not going to be sustainable to have a team of players who are at the same points in their careers. Using the draft to find “cheap” replacements for some expensive veterans is an obvious, but essential, ploy.

      • HOUSE

        I completely agree Phil. Finding inexpensive depth @ CB and DL will be vital for sustained strength

  8. Cysco

    I can’t see Seattle going Maxx Williams in the first. If this were any other year, where the TE position wasn’t so thin, he’d be talked about as a 2nd/3rd round guy. (which is probably where he belongs.) I can’t see Seattle making what would essentially be a reach pick most years for an undersized TE.

    It may be easy to slap a Jason Witten or Kyle Rudolph comparison on him but you also should then look at where those two players were drafted (3rd round and 2nd round respectively.) And both those payer are/were bigger than Maxx.

    Seattle tends to swing for the fences with SPARQ monsters with their first picks. They go for the massive upside. Williams won’t raise any eyebrows with his SPARQ score. Now, if he happens to be there at the end of the 2nd or 3rd round, then yes, I could see the Hawks having interest.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see the Witten/Rudolph comparisons that have been thrown around the last two days. For me he’s not that type of player. I think he might be more akin to Zach Miller.

      • Volume 12

        What about the Ohio St TE Jeff Heuerman? I did in’t get to watch the Sugar bowl last night, so I have no idea how he played and his production was WAY down this year, to be fair though, he did play through multiple injuries. Ohio St essentially uses him as a 6th OL. Sounds familiar huh?

        Anyways, he’s got good size at 6’5, 255 lb., runs 4.6-4.64 40, 37 IM. vert, put up 33 reps on the bench press (more than any of the OL on his team), 24 pull ups. He’s one of their leaders and according to coaches ‘is the ring leader for Ohio St in terms of work ethic.’ He’s a former jr. Hockey player, his dad is 6’8 and either played basketball or football, can’t remember which, and his little brother is a TE for Notre Dame. He’s got a real Gronk like personality to him, hanging out with porn stars, dating bikini models, he’s incredibly outspoken, at the Sugar bowl media day he grabs a mic from a reporter and proceeds to interview his teammates and HC Urban Meyer. Seems like he’d fit right in.

        Not a 1st rounder by any means, more of the 3rd-4th round range, although I’ve heard he could be the 1st TE of the board. Doubtful, but he’s kind of ‘Seahawky.’

        • Rob Staton

          From what limited action I’ve seen, I wonder if he’s a good enough blocker to play the Miller role and a good enough athlete to act as a joker or red zone target. I need to watch more.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      I agree with you Cysco. One thing we know about Carroll and Schneider, they draft guys that tilt the field. In the first two rounds, especially, they are looking for guys that can be difference makers. I just do not see that guy in any of the TE prospects. I see us shopping for a TE about round 3.

      We do not have too many pressing needs. IMO this will be a Best Player Available draft if there ever was one. We could see a guy taken at any position because Schneider is always two moves ahead on a trade or contract negotiation.

      • Volume 12

        Great point. And it almost always seem to be a guy that we all go ‘What? Who? Why?’ W

      • Volume 12

        Great point. And most of the time it seem’s to be a guy that we all go ‘What? Who? Why?’ We could of got that guy in this round, or should of taken this player. But then we do a little more digging, hear a little more on the pick, and then when the season rolls around and said player takes the field and starts to produce, makes game changing plays, we all go ‘oh, o.k. I see why they took him.’ Again, you right in the sense that PC/JS are always thinking a step or two ahead.

  9. Ben2

    Golden sounds kinda like Courtney Upshaw from a few years ago. That’s the year we drafted Irvin – the Ravens took Upshaw. Hawks went for speed/SPARQ, which is telling. I’d be happy with: a 1st-Devante Parker, 2nd- maxx Williams, 3rd- offensive or defensive line, etc

    • Volume 12

      I think WR DeVante Parker may end being the no. 1 WR drafted this year, if his leg checks out.

      • Ben2

        I am kinda hoping cooper & white go & Parker falls to us….read he has an 80 inch wingspan!

  10. HOUSE


    I am watching the Armed Forces Bowl and a player that has stuck out is Deontay Greenberry. He’s a Jr WR that just declared for the draft. Hes’s 6’3″/205lbs and reminds me a lot of Sidney Rice. During the game, they have talked him up a bunch for playing well this year with mediocre QB play. Any thoughts on the guy as a mid-rd pick?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll take a look.

    • Volume 12

      House, IMO WR Greenberry is very exciting. He is a lot like Sidney Rice, isn’t he? He seems like a ‘Seahawky’ WR from the limited tape I’ve watched and what little I know about him, He’s a pretty intense competitor with some fire in his game. Could be a steal. Just my 2 cents worth.

      • CC

        Greenberry played big! Nice find House!

  11. Volume 12

    Is it just me or does Georgia Tech WR Darren Waller seem like that big bodied guy with upside that Seattle tends to take in the 4th round?

    How about Boise St HB Jay Ajayi the other night in the Fiesta bowl? He’s right in the Seahawks wheelhouse in terms of build or size they like at the HB position. 5’10-5’11, 220-225 lbs. This guy is growing on me. Melvin Gordon is my favorite HB in this class, but Ajayi may just be my no. 2.

    When Seattle takes an OL or two in this draft, probably in the 4th-7th rounds, what about grabbing one of the Arkansas OL? 3/5ths of the their OL are under-classmen, but one guy who stands out to me is RT/G Brey Cook-6’6,320 lbs. Cook is a mauler in the run game, has a nasty/mean streak, moves well especially at the 2nd level, is extremely strong and almost always gets good leverage. Could be a classic Seahawks ‘coach ’em up’ type pick on the OL. Or he may be able to slide right in.

    Rob, if guys like Texas DT Malcom Brown, Oklahoma DT Jordan Phillips, Arizona St DT Marcus Hardison (if he turns in a great combine like most say he will), etc. are still on the board, would Seattle take a DL like this in the 1st? I’m with you in that Seattle usually takes DTs in the mid rounds, but with this more than likely being DT Kevin William’s last year, DT Tony McDaniel having 1 year left on his deal, and Seattle obviously having a need for another interior pass-rusher or hybrid DL, again, I’m just curious if you think they’d pull the trigger on a unique DL with their first pick?

    • bigDhawk

      Though they’ve underachieved as a team this season, pretty much that entire Oklahoma Sooners OL are seniors and of high NFL quality. Dionte Savage and Adam Shead are two massive, physical, athletic guards. Tyrus Thompson and Daryl Williams are equally massive bookend tackles (Thompson literally looks like James Carpenter’s twin). I think these guys will test well individually at the combine and see their draft stock rise. I wouldn’t mind one of them to replace Carp.

    • matt509

      I’ve been a supporter of Ajayi. I really like him. The GT WR Waller is a huge kid. He’s extremely big. A team will take him extremely high because they might find a Megatron resemblance. I’d take him

    • UKhawk

      Agree we could go quality DT as they are very hard to find. Success with lower round picks like CB and LB and lack thereof at DT, depth, age, injuries (Mebane) may dictate it.

  12. Volume 12

    Just saw that Penn St DE-LEO Dion Barnes declared for the draft? He’s got the length Seattle likes at 6’4, 255 lb., but other than that don’t know a whole lot about him. Does anyone have anything on him?

    Another sleeper at the LEO position, who just continually stands out to me every time I watch them play is Oregon LB/DE-LEO Tony Washington. He’s got a great back-story, but I wonder if he has the athletic traits that the Seahawks look for at the position. He’s definitely intriguing though. Thoughts on him as well?

    • bigDhawk

      Another Oregon defender I really like is DE Ark Armstead, 6-9, 290 (a junior likely to declare), a player very similar in body type to Shawn Oakman who has decided to return to Baylor for 2015.

      • bigDhawk

        Edit – Ark should read Arik.

    • OZ

      I like Washington a lot. Armistead had a great game against Florida St.

      • Beanhawk

        As an Oregon fan who watched all of the Duck games, I think Tony Washington’s pro prospects are rather limited. I think he might get a few looks in the late rounds, but most likely be an UDFA that gets a few camp tryouts.

        Arik Armstead, like Oakman, has the potential to be a manchild if he has the drive (also, don’t rule out his ability to switch to offensive tackle in the pros… was hyped as a generational offensive tackle talent coming out of high school, but he wanted to play defense- would be the ULTIMATE Cable conversion project- if he slips to Seattle’s pick in the second round, I would be highly tempted to try such a maneuver). He has absolutely manhandled and ragdolled linemen at times the past couple of years, but then disappears as well. I don’t think he’ll ever be a really effective pass rusher, but he is a solid run defender who is stout at the point of attack.

  13. Ho Lee Chit

    K State’s Tyler Lockett is having a nice game against UCLA. So far, he has 8 receptions for an 11 yard average and 1 TD, 2 PR for 41 yards and 2 KR’s for 12.5 yards. He had another punt return of 60 yards called back due to a penalty. The kid is the real deal. Kansas State is feeding him the ball. Still at 5-11, 175 how long will he last in the NFL? He reminds me of Harvin. UCLA has no one that can run with him. He appears to have 4.3 speed.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Brett Hundley tilts the field in the Alamo Bowl.

      • CC

        If Philly has a shot at Philly, he looks like someone Chip could have some fun with. He’s not Mariota, but with weapons he might work out well there.

    • Phil

      I could see using a 3rd round pick on Lockett as a PR/KR and slot receiver. The knock on him seems to be his size and his small hands, but he seemed to catch everything thrown his way.

      • Ben2

        Except for the TD through his hands

      • Volume 12

        What a dynamic player K-St WR/KR Tyler Lockett is! However those small hands kind of scare me. One other name to throw out there for the same type of role, is a guy who plays in the same conference. W. Virginia WR/KR Mario Alford. If I were a betting man, which I’m not, I’d bet that Alford is even faster than Lockett. Plus Alford could be had much late and has better size. Just another ST/KR type player to keep an eye on.

  14. dean

    Oklahoma DT Jordan Phillips 6 5 329 NT ,Preston Smith 6 5 DT&DE TYLER LOCKETT WR&PR&KR. PHILLIPS IS a red B clone with a huge upside. smith can play all DLINE a great rotation player. LOCKETT AS PR&KR is what Seattle needs most out of this draft . we have no return game at all .

    • Ben2

      It’s really hurting our field position on a regular basis

    • Volume 12

      Jordan Phillips and Preston Smith are very exciting prospects. I wonder how Jordan Phillips back is going to check out at the combine.

      One guy who I’m extremely high on, and who I’ll keep bringing up, is Arizona St DT Marcus Hardison. Highly unique and at 6’4 , 290 lb., runs a 4.7 40 yard dash, and is expected to blow up the combine. He’ll be a fast riser. He need’s to work on his hand technique a little bit, but with coaching, playing in a rotation, and Seattle’s tendency to bring along their early round/freak athlete picks slowly, he’d fit in terms of what they look for in the position. This kid can rush from the DE position, stuff the run, but is a great 3-technique prospect. He’d be a great replacement for DT Kevin Williams. His coach’s rave about him and say how fun it is to coach him, and how they love his spirit and character. He’s also highly mature.

      • dean

        AS long as we get a BIG DT who can get double team on passing downs. so all of are pass rusher can get one on one Red Bryant is so miss on this line DT Williams is 36 . and every one knows there is three teams . we are going to have 10 to 11 picks please fix the RETURN GAME .ARE DEF WORKS IT’S BUT OFF TO GIVE THE OFF GOOD FIELD POSION ALL WE DO IS FAIR CATCH!!!! there is a reason the call it special teams WE NEED A RETURN GAME. KICK OFF AND PUNT RETURNS

  15. Alaska Norm

    I saw a article that mentioned Virgil Green from Denver is a sleeper free agent this year. Incredible athlete , solid blocker and could blossom into a pass catcher. Might be a cheap option if we miss on Maxx or Fuchess. Jay Ajai is becoming my back of choice if Lynch is gone. I like Gordon but would rather spend our first round pick on a big reciever or a DE. Ajai should be there in the second round.

    • Volume 12

      I’ve got a buddy of mine who’s a Broncos fan and really liked TE Virgil Green. Kept saying Denver couldn’t find a way to get him on the field, whatever that means. Interesting FA for sure.

      Rob, what round or where do you see Georgia Tech WR Darren Waller going?

      • HOUSE

        Virgil Green was an intriguing guy coming out of Nevada. Good size for Joker (6’3″/250lbs), good speed (4.6), but hasn’t quite gotten it all together.I don’t know if he offers anything we don’t already have with Helfet or Moeaki

        • Alaska Norm

          Speed and the ability to stay healthy. I like Helfet but he has missed a lot of time. Moeaki has been a great find this year to get us through the rash of TE injuries. Virgil just seems like a PC kind of athlete. He was super explosive in the combine. It will be interesting to keep an eye on him this off season. The more I see of Maxx the more intrigued I am. Another guy to keep tabs on.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          If the Hawks are going to move Zack Miller off the roster for any reason they have to have a blocking TE. These move TE’s are intriguing but you cannot go into the season expecting to use Alvin Bailey as your sixth inline blocker.

          • Alaska Norm

            Vigil is a blocking tight end. Not much of a pass catcher but could turn into one given the chance. I was just looking at options if seattle does not draft a TE this year.

      • Rob Staton

        I watched Smelter, not keyed in on Waller yet.

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