David Amerson (CB, NC State) vs North Carolina

Amerson recorded 13 interceptions in 2011, an incredible number that unsurprisingly topped the NCAA. It’s created a little bit of hype going into this year, with some listing him as a potential top-10 pick. I’m not quite sure he’s good enough for that, and he may not get the chance to prove otherwise.

When you make 13 interceptions in a season, you stand out. Teams are probably going to stop throwing in his direction this year which will limit Amerson’s chances to prove he is such a big-time playmaker. Yet he’ll need to keep making plays because at 6-3 and 194lbs, he doesn’t have the required speed to be a top-echelon draft pick for the position and a move to safety is very likely. The only way at that size/speed he’ll be a top choice will be if he keeps making multiple interceptions. I listed him at #25 in the top 40 watch list for next season.

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  1. Jake

    Interesting that he doesn’t play any press coverage at all. Looks like strictly zone. I’d need to see him in some man coverage, specifically press coverage to know if he has a chance at CB. I’m less worried about speed since 6’3 height and long arms can close a gap just as well as 4.2 speed can. As it is, he would be a very good FS – he has great instincts in zone and fills well against the run. But to leap into the top-10 he’d need to be a legit cover CB and shows very good fluidity and press skills against WRs.

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