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  1. James

    …a couple of interviews yesterday provided some clues about Russell Wilson’s chances to earn the starting job for the Seahawks. First, Darrell Bevill, the OC, was interviewed and said that their offensive philosophy is obviously to run the ball, but that will certainly lead to opposing teams putting 8 and 9 men in the box. He said that their solution to this is play action and deep strikes, to force the D to move backwards. Then, Brock Huard noted, after observing practice in Wednesday, that Flynn is strictly a “15-yard-QB” meaning that he handles the shorter routes of under 15 yards well, with exceptional accuracy, but that Matt does not have the arm strength to complete the deeper routes, many of which require a 40 yard bullet on a rope. Brock also said that Tarvaris simply does not have the accuracy to consistently complete these passes, and too often makes poor decisions that lead to turnovers. Only Russell has the arm strength to make the deeper throws, combined with the accuracy, the decision-making, and the mobility to run the play-action sprint outs. In other words, of the three QBs, only Russell has the attributes to run the offense that Pete and Darrell want to run. The only question in my mind is when do they hand him the job? Would Russell be better off letting Matt begin the season while Russell has more time to prepare?

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